Reborn (2018) Movie Script

That'll show you who's the man!
These days seems like
all the girls look alike.
The chicks in the games
all look like cyberstars.
Ah, what a world...
So, you've got a girlfriend,
but I'm still friggin' single.
"A blue and white striped shirt guy
stole my cellphone! Please help!"
"A blue and white striped shirt guy
stole my cellphone! Please help!"
A blue and white striped shirt
and black baseball cap...
Some math genius who once said that
math can bring the greatest pleasure,
more excitement than any
other kind of climax.
It's pretty much the same for hackers.
Catch a target, find a loophole
and control the world
from behind the screen,
the pleasure is hard to describe.
But I'm not much of a hacker,
and for sure not out to save the world.
I've got loads of time and not much to do.
So I just want to do the things
that might bore others, but matter to me.
Anyway... some day someone
will understand me.
"Target locked"
Thief... catch the thief... quick!
I've already sent each casino owner
their year-end financial statement.
It has been a very
profitable year for them.
Now is the time to bargain regarding
our service fee.
Our online casino services are
very profitable this year.
I guess in that case...
You won't mind if I increase
the commission fee by 10%?
Hello, Zeus
Hello, Zeus.
I hope you don't mind me taking over.
The fee has just gone up.
It's now 50%
what? 50%? Bullshit!
You son of a bitch!
Get away from me!
Give my money back... give my money back
Oh my god!
What the hell... what did
you just freaking do?
Yes! Yes! Ok! Oki
Go hell!
Where do you want to celebrate
when we get to Kuala Lumpur?
The food stalls, of course.
That's the real food.
and food stall snacks!
Only you could be that extreme.
It's called perfectionism.
Mr qiao fei.
Mr. mori is very satisfied
with your recent efforts.
He's looking forward to seeing you.
This way please.
Mr. mori.
Now that the underground casino
has been settled.
I'd like to increase our activity
in money laundering
and bitcoin trading on the black market.
Black market trading
is too small for your skills...
I have something much bigger and
more interesting in mind for you.
I want you to hack oasis.
The park shin-il system.
That's virtually impossible.
Everyone, everything has a weakness.
I trust you will find the flaw
remember, time is of the essence.
To complete a job of this scale
I'll be needing an extra partner.
Masculine, feminine, old, young,
demon, incarnate and ghost.
Every mask has a unique spirit.
Choose one that appeals to you.
It means the real you is a shadow.
That makes perfect sense.
Everyone wears a mask on the Internet.
Hackers are invariably ghosts.
They are everywhere.
Electronic ninjas of the ethernet.
This is your fate.
Which one would you choose?
I am just a painter of masks.
Find someone you trust.
Of course you will let me evaluate him.
Per the usual rule:
The tighter the deadline,
the greater the money.
For this new mission
I'll be doubling my fee.
No price break for an old friend?
I just hope you'll have time to enjoy it.
How he enjoys himself is
none of your business.
So, another big job.
You must take me on a
vacation when we're done.
Must! Absolutely!
I'll make sure you'll enjoy it.
You're really not hungry?
I'll just have water.
I know just who to hire.
The only person
I ever lost a hacking contest to
was back in my college days.
I was so confident I'd win first place
in my final competition.
But I dropped my guard,
and suddenly a dark horse showed up
and beat me.
Captain pirate! He's the one!
Check, please.
"Cyber-hero is born!"
Sos, sos, sos.
Is she looking at me?
No... no...
She's looking at the milk.
No, wait, she's looking at me.
No, still looking at the milk.
But why so long?
What's going on?
How come.
Do you have cash?
Sorry. I can't buy it.
Put it on my bill.
You can pay me back later.
Thank you!
It's weird... l used it this morning.
Maybe your account has been hacked.
Let me check for you.
Try it now.
It's working!
You're a genius!
Can I add you on wechat?
Let me scan your qr code.
"Su yi"
thanks for your help today.
No biggie.
Call me if your phone has problems again.
Asia's most secure operating system,
oasis global,
has contracted with
all public transport in Malaysia
to become the country's
exclusive operating system.
For air traffic, railroads and roadways.
In addition,
qasis 2.0 will soon be
released online.
Qasis ceo park shin-il
to officially launch
the new system in Kuala Lumpur.
I met a very cute girl today.
Like she popped out of a computer game.
Why you looking at me like this...
I can't just stay single forever...
A no-name nerd?
Why do we have to watch him all day long?
What's this?
On the surface, just a
pair of ordinary rings,
but in fact they're also very useful...
For our work.
I'm leaving.
Li haoming?!
Is it really you?
Long time no see,
old classmate.
Ah... who are you?
None of my classmates are so old...
But naturally old classmates are... old!
What's wrong with you?
"Camera on your bag, put
it down, go to toilet."
Who the hell are you?
How do you know my name?
I also know you're
an elite-level cyber-genius called
captain pirate.
Started writing programs when you were 13.
You've got the wrong person.
Stop right there!
What do you want?
I'm a cop.
The Shanghai police helped me find you.
- Show me your ID.
- Here.
Hong Kong information safety bureau
section chief chow tseng yuan.
There are lots of fake ID's in China.
I don't believe you.
Do you remember "zebra"
from the hacking context?
I haven't heard anything
about him for years.
I don't think about him much.
He's one guy I beat that I never met.
But he did leave a strong impression...
I remember the hacking contest that year...
I thought I could win in an hour.
But that zebra
was very hard to deal with.
He was so tough that
we fought it out for 12 hours straight.
Can you imagine?
I nearly broke my fingers and felt anoxic.
But finally, I just wore him out.
Of course, I was exhausted too.
You were so passionate then
as pirate captain.
But now you're just a shut-in geek.
What a waste.
So what?
Nothing illegal about that.
Sure, being a shut-in geek is legal,
but zebra works in the dark net.
He hacks for international criminal gangs.
He showed up in Hong Kong a few days ago.
What's that got to do with me?
We've been informed that
he's come to Shanghai
to get you to collaborate.
Collaborate with me?
As a cop, you should go catch him
and protect me!
This "zebra"'s very slippery,
like he's got greased wheels on his feet.
I've been following him for a year
but still have no trace of a crime,
no evidence.
Now that he's set his sights on you,
we want to beat him at his own game.
Don't. Don't. Don't.
There's no way I could do this.
I'm so young and...
I have heart disease, high blood pressure
and a kidney deficiency...
I am also hormone deficient
and I fear of heights.
And... recently... my leg...
You really think
I'm that gullible?
I'm not even a good liar!
Find someone more suitable...
He will definitely come for you.
There's nowhere you can hide.
It's not a big deal, just be our
undercover... our eyes and ears.
Call me.
What?! You're spying on me?
"Captain pirate, good evening!"
Damn! What a day!
"Need your help please."
"Who are you? I don't know you."
"We will meet up soon."
My god! He's everywhere!
What that bear cop said is true!
Am I really in danger?
I'm such a well-behaved citizen,
why is this happening to me?
Li haoming.
Our secret training is very professional.
His real name is qiao fei.
By the time he started at Oxford
he was already a top hacker.
Later, he secretly moved to Europe,
where he even worked as a mercenary.
Though his fees are very high,
he's always at the top
of every crime ring's list.
If I were to encounter someone like him
I'd be done for.
Brother hao ming,
are you free today?
Thanks for your help that day.
Can I take you out to dinner?
Is my phone broken?
No way.
Several fortune-telling apps say
I'm headed for romance,
so why does she ignore me?
Instead of love, my
fortune's only brought me
that annoying Hong Kong super-cop.
What should I do?
Am I foolishly sentimental?
But she seemed... pretty interested in me.
Her phone must be broken.
Su vi.
Her background is unclear.
Rumor has it she's an illegal immigrant,
and an orphan to boot.
She met qiao fei a few years ago
on an illegal mission.
Now they are partners and lovers
she's a seasoned criminal.
"Su yi"
Where are you now?
I will be right there.
May I
check your phone first?
So, we finally meet,
captain pirate.
You are...
Come, have a seat.
Paype is a popular online payment system
help me to hack into it
in one minute.
One minute?
Are you kidding me?
I don't have time for kidding.
I'll give it a try.
It's got an aes standard,
protection system...
30 seconds.
You're a hacker, you should know.
There's no way I can do this alone.
Their firewall design
is incredibly complex!
You're serious!
20 seconds.
Ok, ok, I'll try again.
This sort of site always has
a 24-hour counter-hacker team...
Unless... unless... one hacker...
Gets in first
- and... a second hacker... follows...
- 10 seconds.
You can put a gun against my head,
but it won't matter.
- Five!
- I can't do it!
- Four!
- I really can't!
Two - come! Come on!
So the point is:
We need to work together
to hack into paype,
Paype's ceo liu kun
relies completely on his
Israel defense team.
His counter-hacking experts rotate shifts
in a fully enclosed system security room.
There are three to a group.
Every four hours a new group rotates in.
A fingerprint and Iris scan
are required to enter
the counter-hacking system.
This is always their most vulnerable time.
It is also our chance to break in.
Hello! Pastry!
What's she got here?
I think they are... cookies.
Very nice... very delicious.
Thank you. Byebye.
Oh my god, so delicious, I love cookies.
"Recognition failed."
"Recognition failed."
What's this? What's happening?
What's going on? Move, move.
Ok. Hurry up, just hurry up...
Where are you going? Get back here!
Come back!
Your turn.
Transfer a million Euros into
the following Swiss bank account,
the paype system will recover
when the money hits the account.
Make the transfer.
You two are really in tune with each other.
Of course.
We've been together for many years.
Not like you.
He must be thinking too much,
go have a chat with him.
I don't drink.
I guess I can try it...
Not bad.
No wonder you guys love drinking.
Wine is a good thing.
But be careful.
You might not feel so
good when you wake up.
Then never wake up.
Enjoy the night!
Where's su yi?
When you're reborn, you should
think carefully about what you did wrong.
No! No! No!
What the...?!
Test completed.
'Dreaming testing' is
a psychological profiling program.
We pre-script a dream,
translate it into brain waves
and input it to your brain.
Through brain analysis, we can understand
your personality flaws and deepest fears,
as well as how you might react to events.
Of course, the key is to quickly strengthen
your mental and emotional resistance.
I thought you just wanted
to scare me to death.
You were experiencing
intense emotional conflict
the part of your brain
that controls emotions
exhibited hyperactivity,
indicating an attraction not only to su yi,
but also to qiao fei.
We've modified it into
a portable Bluetooth device.
You have to switch it on to email us.
Don't worry. We'll secretly protect you
in Hong Kong.
What happens to you from now on
will no longer be a dream.
Don't believe anything
the bad guys tell you.
I'm not in a game, right?
It seems like I'm not dreaming now.
If this were a game, I
wouldn't have to die,
but this is for real.
If I run away now,
I'd lack heroic spirit, right?
Hi, hao ming. You free to meet up?
"Ok, where are you?"
At home, of course.
"Su yi"
it's weird... something's wrong.
I said in your home.
This counts as a home?
It's like a rat hole.
You awake?
Who are you?
We met each other in a hacking contest.
I lost to you.
God dealt you a great hand of cards
in the hope you could win the world.
0ok... and what you really mean is...?
I want you to work with us.
Work on what?
You'll find out soon.
And if I reject your offer?
You can get out of the car right now.
So merciless.
Where are we going?
Kuala Lumpur.
Not Hong Kong...?! No.
I mean... you are from Hong Kong... right?
Change the clothes.
I don't have a passport.
All in the bag.
Take a look.
This doesn't look like me!
I'm talking to you!
Cell phone.
Cell phone.
From now on,
you won't leak any locations
or movements to anyone.
But it's my cell phone.
This is your specially chosen new partner?
He's been living in the
virtual world too long.
He'll have to adapt to the real one.
I'm so sorry.
It's my height sickness...
Stay here. Don't wander off!
The english edition of "one piece"!
So hard to find.
Let me have a look.
Miss Mali, we've arrived.
Hey, kid.
Want to know how to pass this level?
You know, this game
has hidden weapons,
and I can tell you where to find them.
Come on, give me your phone.
This is a secret. You can't tell anybody.
Inspector chow,
it's me.
Why did they bring me to Malaysia?
I'm in Kuala Lumpur!
Don't worry.
Use the luffy WiFi device
to send me your plans.
I'll get the local police
to secretly protect you.
This is where you'll work.
We'll provide round the clock assistance.
Such a dump.
Whatever you need, just let us know.
But don't forget,
our surveillance cameras
will also be working 24/7.
Enjoy your work, guys.
Just for work.
Can I send a message home
telling them I'm safe?
Don't worry,
we will keep you safe.
What's this?
Prevents vomiting in pregnant women?!!!
You are welcome.
You're so sweet.
Why does it feel so gloomy here?
This Japanese guy doesn't
look like a villain.
The girl actually looks pretty nice...
Oh, no, I'm gonna puke again...
Maybe some tea will help...
Mr. mori,
this is my new partner,
li haoming.
This is tea?!
Afraid it's poisoned?
Afraid it's poisoned?
This will dry it.
No, no.
I mean, dry yourself.
He is perfect.
You'll be aware that he's the best around.
Don't forget,
I was also a hacker once...
You two will work well together.
Have everything ready for me
before the qasis 2.0 launch.
Inspector chow, I've got
close to the big boss.
I need back-up right away.
Wow, su yi,
where'd you get this machine?
It's so cool.
Bug off!
Oasis is stored on a non-networked computer
in the mainframe room
our task is to crash it
before the press conference.
We can't let anyone detect what we've done
or leave any time for
park shin-il to fix it.
How about we pretend to apply for a job
and sneak in
when park shin-il is out?
What do you think?
You're so dense
you couldn't even fool a cleaning lady!
I meant you...
The entrance tunnel is surrounded by
a magnetic field strong enough
to destroy any electronic chip.
So computers and hard drives
can't be brought in.
Only park shin-il and two of his associates
can turn it off by entering
the correct sequence of passwords.
There's no way we can do that.
We can't take our computers and hard drive,
and the magnetic field can't be turned off,
so how can we...?
Old-school walkie-talkies!
While you stay outside
we'll crack the password together.
Then I'll reprogram it manually
and implant a worm virus.
Park shin-il often invites computer experts
to come test his security system.
To confirm who will come
and when they'll arrive
he sends a personal email
to his chief of security.
Park also sends each invitee a letter
containing the date and time of their visit
as well as park's signature
and fingerprint.
They can't be faked,
because the security guards
use a matching device
to confirm their authenticity.
"Certificate of authorization"
We'll need some interview footage
of park to edit.
Being famous and constantly
giving interviews
is not necessarily such a great thing.
One thing needs special attention.
It could be difficult to receive
and send signals at the same time,
so we'll need to block
some cell phone signals.
Wait a moment, please.
I must call Mr. park for confirmation.
Breaking news.
Due to the fiber optic cable replacement,
cellular signals throughout kl have been
temporarily disrupted today.
We will keep you updated
as we get more information.
And now back to our previously
scheduled programs for tonight.
This is security, Mr. park.
Can you verify the invitation?
I approve Dr. li and Dr. chan
from the security company
to access our machine room for testing.
Sorry for the waiting. Follow him.
This way please.
Ahgb78 238
Please witness this special moment with me.
Oasis operating system has been
serving customers for many years,
giving them safe and dependable experience.
Now we have improved
the efficiency and security.
We present you.
This is oasis 2.0.
Somebody just hacked our system.
We've lost all of our data.
What are we gonna do about this?
Oasis is now the operating system
for public transportation
such as air traffic, as
well as road traffic.
We hope more people will
enjoy the freedom and safety
with oasis in the future.
Stop talking, the both of you!
Just be quiet, shut up,
how many times do I have to tell you?
All you needed was
to buckle down and get to work.
Why aren't you friggin' doing it?
Go fix this!!!
Is something wrong, Mr. park?
Who are you?
I'm here to offer you
10 million dollors for oasis.
Do you know how many billions it's worth?
Is it true
that your flawless operating system
has been infected by a simple worm virus?
Security! Security!
I'm sure not many people are aware that
the funding for your first business venture
in Seoul was provided
by you hacking into a Swiss bank.
How important is that to you for it
to remain out of the public domain?
When you go back on stage,
you'll announce that you've been collaborating
with my employer on this new system.
You'll invite him on stage, and tell the
world that he's now taken over the project.
Thank you.
I have made a new decision
about the oasis system.
I decided to sell the
oasis 2.0 I developed.
The new owner is a famous
Asian it entrepreneur
welcome Mr. takeshi mori.
Thank you.
Oasis will be more useful in my hands.
I don't want anyone else
to waste its possibilities.
Pleasure to meet you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome the famous Asian entrepreneur
Mr. takeshi mori.
Thank you. Thank you for coming.
I'm so happy to be here.
The earlier systems give us
the same way of thinking,
the same dream, the same future.
Now we see the possibilities
of equality and democracy
in this new Internet era.
And our system will be public soon.
I believe this brings
unbelievable benefits for the world
and I'm so proud to bring it to you.
Thank you.
Mr. mori is waiting for
you, he's over there.
Mr. mori, I'm just an executive secretary.
David li
is the president of European economic forum
and the President of the at technology
company in Switzerland.
After this forum
he will take his private aircraft to attend
a meeting in Zurich.
There will be 250 gold bars withdrawn
from the Kuala Lumpur branch of Swiss bank
in the storage hold of that aircraft.
Sir. How could you...
How could you possibly know?
All those gold bars can be yours.
This must be some kind of joke.
Have a look at your phone.
All you have to do is
to convince li to bringing these CEOs
with him to that meeting
and make sure they all travel
on his private plane together.
Captain pirate.
I've seen the news
about what's going on in kl
and have contacted
the local online gaming club.
I'll have them show up when you need them.
You know, this food stall's actually
pretty good.
How did you find this place?
Every time we finish a job in kl,
we celebrate here.
Hey, I'll tell you guys a secret,
today is...
Happy birthday!
Can't you say that
with a little more affection?
A birthday song would also be nice.
This is for you.
And a gift too?
Limited edition!
Su yi says you've really wanted that.
How'd you know?
Thank you.
Let's take a photo.
Come closer.
One, two, three.
Thank you.
This afternoon, the founder of
qasis global park shin-il
died in a car accident after
leaving the release conference
at which he had announced his sale
of the newly developed oasis 2.0
to Mr. takeshi mori,
a famous Asian it entrepreneur.
Mr. mori expressed deep
regret on learning of
Mr. park's death, and vowed to
treat the security of oasis 2.0
as his highest aspiration.
The new qasis 2.0 will be online soon...
For users to download for free.
For the first time, I feel
that death just comes too suddenly,
it's time to say goodbye.
Park's death wasn't an accident.
Things are going to be
getting very dangerous.
You have to leave.
But what about you and su yi
I've asked suyi to arrange
your return trip.
Go pack your things.
Leaving so soon?
How could good partners
part ways so quickly?
Your mission is not yet complete.
I need you to write a backdoor code
into oasis
within the next 12 hours.
You want to spy on the users!
Steal their privacy!
We don't have enough time.
- So no. Not doable.
- The tighter the deadline,
the higher the fee.
I remember you said that.
No matter what you pay, I won't do this.
Please do it.
Isn't it
worth this price?
That's su yi's ring!
Klia tower, this is hb2201
hb2201, klia tower, go ahead.
Hb2201 ready for departure.
Hb2201, cleared for take-off, good day.
Here you are.
We've done what you requested.
Our programming is undetectable.
Now let her go.
Where's su yi?!
Su vi.
Here ends the ghost.
Come on!
Bring it.
Where is the exit... come on... come on...
Got it!
Come on!
Su vi.
Qiao fei.
The exit is over there.
That's my car! My car!!
Su yi,
you need to see a doctor...
I'm ok, stop all the nonsense.
"Uploaded successfully"
"oasis system new version. Update?"
The operating system is being updated.
People have begun
to download the corrupted oasis 2.0
what do we do?
Have you ever flown a gulfstream 67?
Shall we
So, you're going to try this
on the oasis system?
Su yi,
after we finish them off,
you should go.
Just don't be with me.
Don't mess with me!
Hao ming, you go with her.
You are insane!
Contact inspector chow in hk right away.
Have him get the two of you out of kl.
So you knew...!
Mission code kl925.
Qiao fei in kl on ec3 orders,
reporting to officer Rob verholm.
The bugged oasis 2.0 has been uploaded.
We are now trying to
track down takeshi mori
I require immediate back-up.
Who are you really?
I work for europol's
special cybercrime unit,
I've infiltrated takeshi's criminal ring
to determine his sources of funding
and learn what his backers
are really after.
So you're the person
inspector chow talked about!
Where are we going?
Back to oasis hq,
we need a clean original system
there's a geostar insat 3D satellite
over Sri Lanka.
Supervisor, kila control
hb2201 disappeared on the radar screen.
Our aircraft will
enter its coverage in 15 minutes.
Before that,
I'll merely swap out the video record
for the next 40 minutes.
So no one will know where the plane is
except me.
From the very beginning
it was all nothing
but lies.
I'm so sorry.
Get out.
Su yi...
Both of you, out!!
I have a message for headquarters.
I have four CEOs under my control.
When the plane lands,
I'll arrange for them to
be taken into custody.
Their absence will cause chaos
to the Zurich meeting.
And we'll control the
depreciation of the euro.
We've deviated from the flight path.
We need to contact control immediately
and find out what happened.
Come here.
What happened?
What's going on?
Have a look.
Calling hq
headquarters, something's wrong
with line signal.
"Intruders at oasis hq"
Users at these points have
updated the oasis 2.0 system
which now carries the virus.
You can write a tracking program
with the original clean oasis data
to monitor data movement and locate the
crosspoints with the most activity.
Then we can intercept takeshi.
Let me try.
I found it.
He's in one of these 10 locations.
Something's not right.
None of these servers is a terminal.
Just data transfer and storage points...
I'll forge an email you can transmit
from a transfer point,
but we can't let him
know we're tracking him.
"Qiao fei: Mori's latest secret on sale."
"Transaction confidential.
Keep it from mori."
Yes! Got it!
Stop the oasis user upgrading process.
takeshi's position has been tracked down.
The location is triangulated at m30922033,
we require immediate back-up.
Please contact all local agencies.
I need you here,
We've lost touch with the control tower.
I can't locate the destination airport.
Switch to 121.25 mhz,
try the emergency call.
Reboot the inflight navigation equipment
and route chart.
And be quick about it!
Takeshi just deleted
one flight's transfer record.
He's hijacking the plane!
The flight record he deleted
is the at company plane's.
There are four global
companies' CEOs on it.
So this is his true purpose.
I couldn't find the flight path.
Couldn't even log on to oasis.
These are all ghost terminals
controlled by the main system.
Takeshi must have taken
the real control unit with him
on a portable device.
His phone! Oasis is on his phone!
We've got to find him.
No, no, no.
Let's go, let's go!
We have any water?
Get back!
Get back!
Is your hand ok?
I found takeshi.
He's already left.
I believe the real purpose
of takashi's kidnap
is to tumble the value of the euro.
He's on the left, hit him!
Die, already!
Head down!
Takeshi's car is on the left.
Left, left!
It's one-way!
Turn right.
He is over there!
Headquarters, we're following takeshi.
Please provide local support
Guys, think of something!
Hack into his car!
Got it!
What's happening!
Su yi!
Su vi.
Quick! Call an ambulance.
Breathe deeply.
Breathe deeply.
Our vacation...
Su vi.
Breathe deeply.
Won't come true.
So sorry.
I know a shortcut. Follow me.
Try to stop the subway.
There only is enough fuel for 30 minutes.
Move... or you're both dead.
Give us the device...
I can promise... one of you will die.
You only have one bullet left.
You're right.
But I have you closer.
You're in my sights.
Use his mobile
to change the flight path.
It requires facial recognition.
Access denied.
The device will self-destruct
after another wrong try.
Not his face.
We only have one chance.
He said he was a painter of masks.
Welcome back, Mr. mori.
The route control is removed.
Supervisor, klia control,
hb2201 is back on screen.
I found it!
Now just in, breaking news
at this moment,
the Malaysia network security bureau
is holding an urgent
press conference to announce that kl's
red alert status has been lifted.
It's said that the suspect
in this incident,
takeshi mori, ceo of oasis corporation,
has been shot dead by the police.
At the same time, the police have rescued
the four global CEOs
from the hijacked plane.
Interpol unit ec3 has
launched an investigation.
On the 11th of this month
after many people in kl
upgraded to oasis 2.0,
major technical failures occurred,
causing serious breakdowns
in public services...
I still have a feeling she isn't dead.
She couldn't make it
to the end of the game in this world
so she decided to go to another dimension
and continue her journey there.
That was all I could say
to comfort the man beside me.
Yet he just stayed silent,
wearing an expressionless poker face.
But I know for sure
he feels the same way as me.
C'mon. Let's go have a drink.