Recall (2018) Movie Script

[atmospheric music]
[somber music]
[dramatic electronic music]
- [Marco] He's got stuff
going all across his face.
It makes me sick.
- Not for nothing.
I'm no Giorgio Armani,
but where the fuck did
you get that shirt?
- What do you mean, what's
wrong with my shirt?
- It's a fucking J.C. Penneys.
- J.C. Penney?
- No shit.
- Fucking JC losers.
What, d'you fucking
rob a homeless woman?
- [Mob Goon] Did you trim?
- I don't believe this guy.
What's next, Velcro shoes?
They're gonna [loud
ripping] like that?
- Unbelievable.
- Fucking your mom
fucking dresses you?
- All right, all right,
all right.
- I swear to God,
sometimes, I wanna
fucking smack you
right upside the head, you know?
Today it's the shirt, tomorrow
it's fucking Velcro shoes.
You look like a
fucking homeless woman.
[siren blaring]
[jazz music playing]
You've got this look to you,
the shirt, the stupid
napkin in your chest.
- [Marco] You always make fun
of my shirt, it looks good.
- [Bruno] I wouldn't even
wipe my ass with that shirt,
I wouldn't even wipe my
fucking ass with that shirt,
you know that?
- Fuck off, come on.
- I swear to God, sometimes,
there's something about you,
I wanna fucking smack you
right upside the head.
You look like an idiot.
- Enough, all right.
- [Bruno] Velcro
shoes, what is it,
your fucking Velcro shoes?
- No, he's got boots.
- I got boots on.
- [Mob Goon] A lot of
money for J.C. Penneys.
- Anyway.
- Nothing wrong with my shirt.
[glass clanging]
- A lot of money
for J. C. Penneys.
- Oh my goodness.
A lot of money.
- I'd like to say a few words.
thank you for welcoming
me into your family.
You've always been
like a brother to me.
- So is everything set?
- Yeah, but I need
to know how much.
You didn't exactly tell
me on the phone and...
I'm not risking my probation
for something small.
- Trust me, it's big.
- How big we talking?
- It's buy an
island kind of big.
Only issue is,
I think we're gonna
need another person.
- What?
Alex, that wasn't part of
our plan and you know that.
This is the same shit that
fucked me up last time,
you keep on doing
this, you can't--
- Babe, babe, relax.
We'll never have to work
again if we pull this off.
Look, you said you
wanted to be done
with all this low level shit,
well, here's your chance.
- So a toast to you.
- [Together] Salut.
- Please, please, sit down.
Tomorrow is a new day
for the Vertucci family.
You're here in this room with me
because you all made sacrifices.
Took a lot of sweat and
blood to get where we are,
and I always reward loyalty.
[in Italian] I take
care of my family.
2 million dollars,
let that sink in.
For one coke deal.
So let's be clear,
there will not be any mistakes.
Are we clear?
That's all for tonight.
Vin, you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay, Unc.
- Please don't tell
me it's fucking Mikey.
You know he hates me,
he's the last person
who's gonna help us out.
- What do you want me to say,
that I know 20 people
I could call up?
You're lucky I
even know someone.
I'm going to the washroom.
[foreboding music]
- Vin, come here.
- [Vinny] What?
- You're my blood.
I trust you with my business,
I trust you with my life.
If your father was still alive,
he'd be very proud of
you, you know that?
- I know.
I know that.
- Aye, Vinny, Vinny, Vinny,
I don't know what's going on,
but I can't have you of all
people dazing in and out.
I gotta know I can count on you.
- You can count on me, Unc.
- Don't bullshit me.
Is there something
you wanna tell me?
- I don't know, I mean,
you think we can
trust these guys?
We've never dealt
with them before.
This thing is moving real quick.
- Vinny, life is
all about risks.
Smart ones, stupid ones.
I'm not a man to
take stupid risks,
and this deal will set
our family up for life.
- But Unc, it's $2 million
of the family's money.
We don't do business
outside of the family.
I just think maybe you should--
- I didn't ask what you think.
Just stay strong
and make sure everything
is set up for tomorrow.
- Yeah, but my dad--
- Zitto!
This conversation is over.
See you tomorrow
night at midnight.
I love you.
[tense music]
[car engine revving]
- Hi stranger,
where've you been?
You don't love me anymore, huh?
Why you stay away?
So good to see you.
[kiss smacking]
- It's nice to see you too.
I was just in the area,
thought I'd come say hi.
- How you been?
- I been okay.
I been good.
- Hey, come and sit, let's chat.
Business sucks.
I got time coming out of my ass.
Let's sit, chat, catch up.
Sit down.
- I can't, I can't,
I got, I got,
I got stuff I gotta do.
But next time, I promise.
- How's that girl of
yours, how's Nicole?
You still together?
What's going on?
- Yeah, we're still together.
You know, just kinda dealing
with some stuff, you know?
- Oh, what kinda stuff?
- I just found out we're
having a kid.
- Ah you?
A kid?
The kid's having a kid?
- Yeah.
- I don't believe it.
that's wonderful.
- Kind of a lot to
handle right now.
- Sure, that's life.
You grow up, [laughter]
you have babies.
- Yeah.
- [Tony] You're gonna do great.
Ah, you're gonna be fine.
- Mikey, come on.
- Okay, what do you want, Dale?
- I need your help.
- I'm not interested.
- Just hear me out.
- Here we go again.
- Wait, this time
it's different.
- Yeah, right.
You always say that, and
yet it's always the same.
- Last time didn't go
exactly as planned, okay?
Shit happens.
Okay, anyway, not
enough time to explain.
Tomorrow night, one
move, $2 million.
Enough money for the
rest of our lives.
[dog barking]
[tense music]
Mikey, at least let me explain.
- The more you explain,
the worse it always sounds,
and like I said,
I'm not interested.
- Look, we've been watching
these guys for a while now,
trust me on this one.
- We?
Who the fuck's "we"?
- Me and Alex, but I called
you because I know that you--
- Wait a second.
The fucking waitress you're
seeing from that restaurant?
you fucking called me up
to rob the local mafia?
- Well, no, not exactly.
- Look, if I really
wanted to kill myself,
which, trust me,
Dale, there are days,
I'd just fucking overdose.
It'd be a lot simpler
and most importantly,
it wouldn't be with you.
- Whoa, relax.
When did you start caring
whose money it was?
- Um, I don't know, when it
became the mob's fucking money.
- Look Mikey, I really
need you on this one.
I can't do it without you.
This is what I thought
brothers were for.
- Step-brothers.
I'm tired, really tired,
of always helping you out.
I said I was done.
What part of that
don't you understand?
- All right, you don't wanna
do it for me, that's fine.
Do it for yourself, Mikey.
Split the profit, go
our separate ways,
you'll never have to
hear from me again,
and who knows, it could
be that fresh start
you've always been
talking about.
I mean, I don't
see you in years,
and you come to me for help,
and I help you out.
So in a way, you kinda owe me.
- Owe you?
Owe you?
I don't owe you fuck all, Dale.
You know, you're even lucky
I'm fucking here right now
listening to this bullshit.
All those stupid fucking
jobs I did for you.
I was finally
starting to move on,
then I fucking called
you, now look at me.
I can't fucking sleep.
I got this shitty fucking car,
and it's because of
you that I'm hopped up
on drugs all the time.
Do I look happy to you?
So no, Dale, I
don't owe you shit.
- Look, I know it's
none of my business,
but you never told
me what happened.
- I don't remember it all, Dale.
And you're right, it is none
of your fucking business,
because you're the last
person in the fucking world
I would tell anything
important to.
- Sorry for caring.
- You don't care about
anybody but yourself.
It's all about Dale,
fucking Dale, Dale, Dale.
- Look,
I know I screwed up
a lot in the past,
and who knows, maybe this job
will be the best thing that
has ever happened to you.
It's $2 million.
Please just think about it.
- [Mikey] Fine.
[tense music]
Okay, Dale, let's get
to the fucking point,
what's the job?
- Okay, so you know that
black gang, the Suits, right?
From what I know is
that they're having
a large coke deal
with the mob so--
- I'm sorry, what?
- Having a large coke
deal with the mob.
- Yeah, Dale, I fucking
heard that part.
I'm talking about
the fucking Suits.
What, you just chose
to leave that part out?
- I didn't think
it was important.
- You didn't think
that was important?
- Hey, hey come on.
Okay, I should
have mentioned it.
- Screw you.
- You just can't leave,
I need your help.
I thought this
would help you out.
- Help me?
How the fuck does
this help me out?
What, are you
fucking kidding me?
First you tell me we're
fucking robbing the mob,
and now you're telling me the
fucking Suits are involved,
are you fucking
hearing yourself?
- Yeah, I thought this
would help you out,
what's your problem?
- My problem?
You're my fucking problem,
you are always my
fucking problem.
We are not fucking friends.
Why do you think I left?
Yeah, thought so.
You know, nothing
ever changes with you.
See you round.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I fucked
up last time.
What else can I say?
- Dale, I don't wanna
talk about it, okay?
- Look Mikey, I know
we're not close,
but we're still family.
I called you because
I needed you,
and if you don't
wanna help me, fine,
walk out the door.
But then it's my
life on the line.
- Fine.
But we're done after this.
And from now on, you're going
to fucking tell me everything.
- Okay.
- Good.
I'm gonna get my drink.
- Yeah, like how you
tell me everything.
- What was that?
Dale, I fucking
tell you everything
I fucking want to
tell you, that's it.
The rest is none of
your fucking business.
- Well, I'm sorry that you
can't fucking remember.
Maybe if you talk about
it, you'd be able to.
- Oh, so now you're my
fucking psychiatrist?
Well, this night just
keeps getting better.
Is there anything else
you'd like to say?
- No I just thought, like--
- Oh, oh, oh, you just thought,
oh wow, now you know what it
feels like to fucking think.
- Well, sorry that all I
know was that you were in
some type of accident and
she's not around anymore.
What's that mean?
What, you guys break up?
She broke up with you.
Wow, I fucking knew it.
That's why you're acting like
such a dick all the time.
- Excuse me?
- Yeah, you heard me, just
'cause she dumped your ass
doesn't mean you have to act
like a dick all the time.
It's been a fucking
year, Mikey, move on man.
- [Mikey] Don't
fucking touch me.
- Hey!
You guys wanna get rough,
you get the fuck out of my bar.
Buy a drink or get the fuck out.
- Yo Mikey, you need to chill.
- Don't ever fucking
talk about her again.
- Okay.
- Because you have no idea
what I've been through.
- I'm sorry.
- I need a cigarette.
- Girl problems.
- That's why I
leave mine at home.
- [Dale] Can I have two beers?
- Yeah, sure.
[somber music]
- Hey, sorry, we're just
closing up right now.
- Sorry, um, I was really hoping
I could get something
for my girlfriend.
- Wait, Nicole, right?
- Yeah.
- You're looking at
engagement rings.
Yeah, you know what?
Okay, I think I got
a minute for you,
do you wanna come over here?
Is there anything
you were looking at
that caught your eye?
- That one, can I see that one?
- This one right here?
- Yeah.
- This one is so pretty.
Okay, let's see your hand.
Here you go.
There you go.
This ring is so pretty.
- She's gonna love it,
she's gonna love it.
It's, er, a bit more
than I can spend.
- For you today.
How's that?
- It's still too expensive.
Do you have
anything a little
bit more reasonable?
- Just of all the
engagement rings,
this is one of the lowest.
I'm so sorry.
- It's fine, thanks,
thanks for your time.
- You know what though?
Wait a minute, I have an idea.
I might have something
else for you.
Yeah, it's still here.
It's a little bit different
'cause it's not an
engagement ring,
but it's a wedding band.
It's still very
special, very pretty.
Just it's not about the
diamonds and the money.
It's the thought that counts.
[somber music]
- Another sex tape, man.
- Let's go!
- [Marco] It's locked!
- It's locked!
Lift, you pussy!
Come on, there we go.
- [sighing] There's
so much stuff here,
it's gonna take us forever.
- Us? [laughter]
No us.
Let's go, princess, out of
the fucking truck, come on.
Unload the truck.
- I do everything around here.
Imagine me at the MTV Awards
Next to Kanye
laughing at a year ago
Imagine Dr. Dre
saying fuck the cops
Rick Ross used to be one
now they give him props
The rap game is upside down
And now I'm writing
letters to you
Trying to figure this out
Eazy-E fucked with Mexicans
2Pac mentioned us
I bet that in Compton
you lived next to us
So why the fuck
can't we get in
I got stories gangs and drug
[foreboding music]
- Can I help you?
- Yeah, you gotta be
this tall to talk to me.
- Oh, you must be
looking for my dick then.
- Right, Mr. Vertucci.
- Mr. Vertucci?
Ah, what about him?
Hm, hm, hm?
- Welcome Mr., um?
- Tyson.
Call me Tyson.
My uncle just wants to make
sure everything is ready.
You know we're good on our end.
- Oh yes,
everything'll be
ready for tonight,
I'm a man of my word.
- Good.
My uncle is very excited
to do business with
you, Mr. Vertucci.
You know, we usually
don't sell outside.
- I respect that.
We usually don't do
business outside either.
- Fair enough.
You're familiar with
our product, right?
- Word's out that it's the best,
and I trust my sources.
- [Tyson] That's good,
but I'm here to make sure
everything runs smoothly, so
give her a try.
- Funny guy.
It's not bad.
- There's your approval.
Bruno's got a nose for
that kind of thing.
So, all thousands?
- That'd be great.
We'll see you
tonight, Mr. Vertucci.
- Tonight.
- [Tyson] All right.
- Seriously?
- Another sex tape, man.
- What am I supposed
to do with this, huh?
This guy, he keeps
making bad decision
after bad decision, and
I'm supposed to what?
Just stand around and take it?
Just go along with it?
Nothing, Pops?
All right, Dad, thanks again.
Don't worry about it,
I'll take care of it.
I got this one.
[tense music]
- Hey babe,
I'm gonna have some water,
do you want anything?
Hey, come back to bed.
I'm so excited
we're gonna do this.
Finally be able to go wherever,
buy whatever we want.
- Just do exactly
what I told you to do,
and we'll be fine, all right?
Mikey's never let me down.
He's never let me down.
You'll be there, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Really?
What, you didn't know
11 came before 12?
- Leave me alone, Mikey.
- Fuck you.
Get in the fucking car.
Fucking idiot.
Wait a second, are
you fucking high?
- What?
- Are you fucking
high right now?
- No, I'm not high.
- Well, you look fucking high.
- I'm not high!
Alexis is gonna
meet me at the bar,
we need to go, okay?
Let's go.
- I ain't going anywhere,
this car ain't fucking moving.
Dale, I tell you to do
one goddamn fucking thing.
The most basic of things,
the thing that you said
and you promised
you wouldn't do.
- Look, I'm not
fucking high, okay?
I'm nervous.
- [Mikey] Nervous?
- Look, I'm not gonna
fuck this up, okay?
I know how important
this shit is.
I can't believe you
actually think I'd do that.
- Well, it wouldn't surprise
me, 'cause you've done
some pretty fucking stupid
things before, Dale,
and this would seem appropriate.
- Fuck you, okay?
I'm not an idiot.
I told you I was gonna lay
off the shit, and I did.
I'm just wired.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, you'd better not
be fucking high right now,
because if you are, I'm gone,
I'll just fucking
leave you there.
There's no fucking way
that I'm gonna get buried
in a fucking ditch for you,
and you better know
that right now.
- Hey, I don't tell you
how to live your life
so don't tell me
how to live mine.
Just drive the fucking car.
- You know, I'm gonna be
glad when this is done
and I never have
to see you again.
[car engine revving]
[tense music]
- Why are you
dropping me off here?
The restaurant's a
couple of blocks away,
can you bring me any closer?
- Why don't I just drive
you to the front door,
and then call them and let
them know you're coming?
Oh, and while we're at
it, why don't we just
politely ask them for the money?
Get out.
- Remember, there's not
gonna be a lot of people
watching the money, so
just make sure you--
- Dale, I don't need you
to worry about me, okay?
I don't even know exactly
how I'm going to do this yet,
so the last thing I
need to worry about
is you doing something stupid.
I'll be fine.
- I'll see you later.
You know what helps
me when I'm nervous?
You know, when you chew and...
Oh, I brought you
something, one sec.
- Oh, what is it
now, a chocolate bar?
- [Dale] Mikey.
- What the f...
- Found this in the
back of my closet.
I forgot I even owned it.
I wore it for
Halloween once I think.
This way they don't
see your face.
[tense music]
[music intensifies]
- [Val] Welcome to my
restaurant, Mr. Jackson.
- Please, call me
Eddie, Mr. Vertucci,
and the pleasure's all mine.
I feel like this is the
start of something great.
- Yes it is.
Everything's in order.
Meanwhile, would you
care for a drink?
- Please, thank you.
- Gentlemen, right this way.
[muffled amiable chatting]
Yes it does.
- You could, uh, wait
out here with me.
- Touch me again and I will
break your fucking hand.
- [Vinny] Which one,
this one or this one?
- I'm getting
tired of your shit,
come on, let's go, right now!
[shouting and clamoring]
- [Eddie] Hey, hey,
hey, everybody chill.
Hey, hey, he said
it was cool, baby.
We just trying to
make some paper, okay?
Everything all right?
- You shut up, go
lock the fucking door.
- [Tyson] Go lock the door, man.
Go lock the door, man.
- Hey, sorry man, he still has
a lot to learn about respect.
- It's fine, it's fine.
- Restaurant's closed come on.
- Yeah, yeah, we're
leaving already.
- Yeah, come on, come on.
Hey, nice dress, sweetheart.
- Oh man, it's party time.
Hey, I want a drink because I
met this girl and she gave me
the best blow job.
- Hey,
get out, we're closed.
- Wait, I want a drink!
- Get out!
[tense music]
- Let's do this.
It's locked.
- Wow, you're a fucking idiot.
The keys.
- All right.
[keys clanking]
- Oh, my lord,
let's go, come on.
- All right, all right.
Where do you put this
thing, where's the hole?
Where do you put it?
- Press the button.
- Oh, it's one of
those fancy ones.
[car beeping]
- [Bruno] Let's go,
let's go, let's go.
[zip unzipping]
- [Marco] All right.
- [Bruno] That's fucking cash.
All right, let's go, let's go.
What are we, the
fucking bank over here?
Let's go!
- [Marco] We've
gotta count it first.
- Yeah, we, no. You.
- All right, I gotta count it,
I gotta do everything
myself, I know.
- Jesus Christ.
- Goddamn it.
- Oh, fuck me.
Can I ask you something?
Why the fuck you
trying to load a car
with keys in your hands?
The fuck's wrong with you?
- What does it matter?
Jesus, fuck off.
- Fuck off? [laughter]
The fucking valet parker grew
a pair of balls on him, huh?
- Look, you wanna
help me or not?
- Hey, you better
watch your mouth,
I'd take that comment
more seriously
if you didn't have those
fucking keys in your hands.
- All right.
- Let's go.
- You wanna be more serious?
How about this?
There, how you like that, huh?
Geez, they're all wet.
- Yeah, wet like your sister.
Pick up the fucking
money, let's go.
- Hey,
he with you?
- What?
- Is he with you?
[muffled echoing]
- Does it look like he is?
- I don't know.
Prove it.
- [Tyson] Yo.
[muffled echoing]
[gunshots banging]
[glass smashing]
- [Eddie] Ty, Ty, Ty, what's up?
- [Tyson] This motherfucking
guy tried to fucking shoot me!
- Mr. Vertucci, what's going on?
- I could ask you the
same thing, Mr. Jackson.
- Yo, this motherfucker
ain't with us.
- [Vinny] Yeah, well he
ain't with us either.
- Vertucci, I don't like this.
- Excuse me?
Are you saying I had
something to do with this?
- You tell me.
- The fuck you standing there?
Go check on my money.
[music intensifying]
- Hey, stop!
Get the fuck outta that car!
Get the fuck outta that car!
You motherfucker, get that fuck
outta that car motherfucker.
I'm gonna fucking kill
you, you motherfucker.
You cock sucker!
- Who the fuck is this bitch?
- Oh no, this
fucking deal is done.
I'm taking my money, you
and these motherfuckers out.
- Excuse me?
What was that?
- I gotta say it
to you in Jamaican?
- I'm not Jamaican,
and I don't think you know
who the fuck you dealing with.
You ought to be real
careful what you say to me.
- I don't care if you're the
reincarnation of Malcolm X,
get the fuck out
of my restaurant.
- He's a funny man,
and very stupid.
- Hey boss!
Some fucking guy just
peeled off with the money.
- What?
[gunshots banging]
[glass smashing]
- [Dale] No, no, no, no, no, no.
- [John] Come on,
you little fucker!
Let's go!
- Okay, okay, okay.
- [John] Motherfucker.
- Take him to the
fucking freezer.
- [John] Get in there.
- [Val] Where's
my fucking money?
- [Dale] I don't
know! [groaning]
- Oh, you don't know.
Where the fuck is my money?
- [Dale] I don't know.
- He's gonna
refresh your memory.
Where's my fucking money?
- [Dale] I don't know!
- Come on, refresh
his fucking memory.
- Oh yeah, I'm so fucking
tired of this game, okay?
You're gonna tell
me exactly where
my fucking money is, all right?
So, did you lose
your voice, huh?
[gunshot banging]
- Ah!
- Ha, next fucking time,
I'm not gonna miss.
Do you understand?
- What?
- I said--
Okay, okay, listen,
read my fucking lips.
Read my lips!
Do you count to three?
Can you do that, huh?
I think you can.
[phone ringing]
- [John] Where is it?
- Dale, finally you pick up.
I got the money, you okay?
- So it's you, huh?
Who has my fucking money.
Because of you and
your friend here
that my nephew's dead.
This ends now.
- [Dale] Mikey...
[gunshot banging]
- You fucking
listening now, huh?
Good, because not in
your worst nightmare
can you imagine what
happens to people
who fuck with my business.
Okay, this is really simple.
You're gonna come here, and
you're gonna come here now
with my money, 'cause
if you don't, he dies,
then you're next,
and we will find you in a blink,
whatever the fuck your name is,
and I really hope that you
know how to do the right thing,
yeah, I think you will.
Your fucking friend
here has 10 minutes,
his life is in
your fucking hands.
[phone beeping]
I hope your friend knows
how to do the right thing,
'cause if not, you're gonna
end up on that fucking hook,
okay, you fucking piece of shit.
Nobody fucks with me, nobody!
[tense music]
[phone beeping]
[phone ringing]
- Looks like you made
the right choice, kid.
Your friend here is
gonna be very thankful.
- Look, you want your money,
then you can meet
me at the pier.
- Excuse me, yeah,
hey, you know what,
that's really, really
cute, but it's not the way
it works, kid.
- Well, that's how
it works for me.
So you want your
money, that's my offer,
take it or leave it.
[dial tone ringing]
- [Val] Go get my fucking money.
[somber music]
[water running]
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You're up early.
- [Mikey] Yeah,
I thought I'd try
to make you some breakfast.
- I see that.
- Well, I tried.
I'll get better.
- Thank you.
- Don't thank me just
yet, you gotta try some.
Oop, it's in my hand.
Here you go.
That's bad.
- I appreciate the thought.
Maybe we could go out?
- Yeah, we should do that.
[tense music]
[phone beeping]
[phone ringing]
- Hey boss,
we got a problem.
There's nobody here.
- What?
- There's nobody
here, no car, nothing.
He's not here.
What do you want me to do?
- Give that kid a
couple more minutes,
and get your ass back here.
Clean up this mess,
and then we'll track
down my fucking money.
If your friend don't show
up in 10 fucking seconds,
it is game over, you got it?
[door opening]
- Whoa, whoa, Jesus.
- I can't believe this shit.
I want the rest of my money,
find that fucking car.
- Boss, the car's parked just
a few spots down from here.
- What?
Okay, if you don't find
that kid, you're next.
- We don't know anything, we
don't know what he looks like,
we don't know
anything about him.
[phone beeping]
[phone ringing]
- Fuck!
- [Mikey] I'm gone, I'll
just fucking leave you there.
- Hey,
you ready?
- [Mikey] I'm gonna be
glad when this is done
and I never have
to see you again.
[tense music]
- Move, move.
Which one?
Which one?
Let's go.
You fucking move, you die.
Good luck, kid.
[tense music]
- [Dale Voiceover] I'm
sorry that you can't,
that you can't fucking remember.
I found this in the
back of my closet,
in the back of my closet.
You never told me what happened.
You never told me what happened.
It's been a fucking
year, Mikey, move on.
[glass smashing]
You never told me what happened.
Never told me what happened.
Told me what happened.
Well I'm sorry that you
can't fucking remember,
you can't fucking remember,
can't fucking remember.
This way they don't
see your face.
This way they don't
see your face.
They don't see your face.
I'm sorry that all I know os
that there was some accident
was some accident and she's
not even around anymore.
[gunshot banging]
You never told me what happened.
I found this in the
back of my closet.
Found this in the
back of my closet.
The back of my closet.
Well, I'm sorry that you
can't fucking remember.
That you can't fucking remember.
This way they won't
see your face.
You've gotta get over it.
Some accident, and she's
not even around anymore.
Some accident, and she's
not even around anymore.
Some accident, and she's
not even around anymore.
[music intensifies]
- [John] Get up!
Hey man, I'm not fucking
around, what the fuck is this?
I'm not fucking
around, get up, get up!
[somber music]
Where is he?
- I don't know.
- [John] I'm fucking
sick of this.
- [Dale Voiceover] I
know we're not close,
but we're still family.
- I don't know.
[gunshot banging]
- [Jeweler] It's not
about the diamonds
and the money, it's the
thought that counts.
- [Dale] Hey Mikey, Mikey.
I found this in the
back of my closet.
I forgot I even owned it.
This way they don't
see your face.
- A kid?
The kid's having a kid?
I don't believe it,
that's wonderful.
[gunshot banging]
[somber music]
[gunshot banging]
[somber music]
[tense music]