Recently, My Sister is Unusual (2014) Movie Script

MD4Allz Media Team | Translated By HiDeYuKi KaKaShI
Sleep really soundly.
So sweet.
Let's do it, brother.
What do I do?
I ...
Quick stop!
My body is getting hot.
Stop It!
Hell No!
What are you doing?
One entered the room.
Brother, this is not what you think.
Would not it be nice if,
... The relationship proceed?
No, he's not my family.
My family was just Mom.
If you could choose ...
You can not use my body without permission, especially when my brother was sleeping.
Pardon Me!
Because when your brother sleep, she looks so sweet.
Is not it also can, increase your levels of TST?
TST [Chastity Belt].
Great, it added a lot of content.
Time will pass quickly.
You want it quickly, right?
What are you doing?
You want what?
Basic obscene!
Do not be!
Mitsuki, you obviously want to be fulfilled.
Women with small breasts, usually sensitive once.
What are you doing?
You did not say anything.
What an idiot!
How do you know, if you have not tried?
Do it anyway!
How does it feel about this?
Chastity belt.
From medieval.
A tool used the army, to ensure a woman's chastity.
So apparently.
Starting from a month ago.
Where do I put this stuff?
Put there.
I'm done, excuse me!
Why, thank you.
Biar people.
No, thank you.
Let I picked up another item.
Yes alright.
You've come?
Yes ma'am.
What is my room?
I do not want to be here.
How can I talk to you? You're stubborn.
But it's attic!
New coming already complaining.
Do not be presumptuous!
We exchange only, let me here.
Do not bother.
I would put this in the room below.
Sister were amazing.
I'll take the other.
Since we moved here, she decided to get married again.
It's getting accustomed to Mizuki?
Yeah, not bad.
Trying to adjust myself, with a new family atmosphere.
My mom and I are from Osaka.
It did not take long for the mother occupies a new position,
... And go meniggalkanku together, a man who is not so familiar.
You do not eat breakfast, Mitsuki?
I used to eat bread this morning.
Do Not.
Really tacky.
Vocal lessons.
Here you are.
Next week we will repeat. The first of February,
... Now, let's discuss it.
Mother lied to you.
You are all shocked, right?
We will continue to hold, practice field, right?
Thank you.
Today quite up here.
Stand Up!
Give respect.
Before classes begin,
... It helps you to see this.
You know, why I can video DDE?
Because I recorded with mobile phones while, watched their concert.
Nice, right?
Nobody likes them in this school.
They have not already heard the song?
... You can borrow it.
... Wow, well done!
You've bought the ticket, right?
Of course I was.
Alas, I have not been able,
... They keep forgetting get tickets for me.
It's hard to get it,
So you're lucky,
... How I get, huh?
You dropped it on the porch.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
In wait, huh?
Only 200 yen.
Please chosen.
Very busy people in the store.
After school.
I lazy to go home.
Not good for you.
You're worried.
Do you need help, huh?
Who are you?
You're surprised to see me, right?
Yu-ya, Mitsuki has been realized!
You are okay?
You fell from the bridge, remember?
Why did it happen?
Nice One.
Brother, Snow was the one who brought you, and call an ambulance.
Sister, Snow who?
Yu, you did not tell him?
We are a small time lover.
Oh, I see?
Sorry, I have to go.
Thank you.
Hot, right?
I would open the window.
What happened to you?
Do you feel comfortable?
Finally I can see you.
Sister ... I want ...
What happened to you, Mitsuki?
Do not you miss me?
I have no problem with the fall.
Why are you acting so weird?
Strange about that?
Do you want to see?
Country ...!
What happened?
Brother, I've had enough ...
Do you?
I do not know how to end it.
As not me anymore.
What is this?
There must be a mistake.
What it means?
While in the hospital ...
You're no longer alone.
Of course.
Because that's what I want.
Hey, how are you?
Hiyori my name ... and,
... I was a ghost.
I can drift!
Do not ...
It's mine.
You're really good.
I now live.
But this chest is too small.
But pretty well.
Tonight's brother.
What about you? Alright?
Come on brother!
Close the first door.
I always want around you.
You are okay? What happened?
You're hot?
You have a fever?
The Heat.
You have a fever and chills!
Very terrible!
That girl!
The girl?
Oh, I see?
You're sneaky!
We're going to the hospital to check.
Or me to call an ambulance?
All Right,
... One ... two let stand!
I've had enough!
Do not like this!
Nice One.
Very quickly feels good.
Contents quickly, awesome!
Apparently all your doing.
Thus ended.
How does it feel? Tell me, huh?
I do not feel anything!
But you can still sound like it.
Why did you come back?
I also did not want.
Well, I'll tell you!
Time Machine!
Bring us.
This illusion!
Is it possible?
I ...
I am dead?
Now, you're not dead yet.
Only I had.
Only me.
I was at the intersection point, the tragic accident happened.
At that time, I do not want to die. I can live with the condition.
Honestly, I see the confusion.
From a distance.
Can not change it through surgery.
So, I let you help.
What do you say, I do not understand.
Dear sister of my favorite!
I will not calm before, I told you about this.
You know, that night with brother Kazuya?
I do not know.
Because there are no memories.
I remember only a dear brother Kazuya.
What is all this?
Precisely if you could be my contacts so I can become a Buddha (go to heaven).
So, please lend me.
Borrow what?
Your Body.
I do not want!
I will not force.
However, if I can not become a Buddha,
... Then the TST will not be separated.
It is very troubling.
Finally, no matter what happens. I'm going to hell.
Hell is beneath it?
What should I do?
For example, you have to kiss her on a date.
Kiss? That's impossible!
It does not make sense!
It was almost full.
You still do not get it.
Time tunnel contains more than one level.
Where can I get the ladder?
Sorry, I was wrong entry.
Bad game.
You do not just sit there, you should come.
You should be able to play basketball.
Many say that basketball, a sport that bad.
Today there is a job for me.
Should I exercise alone.
What are you doing? Do not use my body, this is not fair.
I can not move!
Mitsuki so very nice,
... Too fast.
Oh God!
... He was your brother!
Not just cute.
But also plain.
... You're really great!
... And also very agile.
Is It True?
Thank you.
Come exchange, you make me ashamed!
Nona Mitsuki!
You're so thirsty I could understand.
But the floor was so wet.
Come on, come on.
Mother Teacher, maybe he's a little fever, I would take him to the clinic.
I know.
Now safe.
If you need help, speak!
We will live together.
I know, thank you.
What happened, Mitsuki?
Oh no! Not now!
I really feel a fever.
Then, I have to carry you.
I can not help it.
All Right.
Take your time.
His shoes sister.
Thank you.
I will contact the teacher.
Get close to Kazuya's brother.
Hey, what's up?
Hurry, can not be delayed.
What do you mean?
Difficult to say.
I already can not help it!
I'm dying.
Do not be!
Remove only.
What are you doing?
Open only.
It's great now been sorted out,
I'm going to the toilet,
... To urinate.
Wear it, to contain it.
What no one else?
Looks like this only.
Come on hurry up!
This is what you need, right?
Teacher, Mitsuki not ...
Do not look!
What is wrong?
Let's go home.
Excuse Me.
What book?
She wears a chastity belt.
Hey girl.
But where is it?
What is wrong with you?
Where are you from?
He had often passed through here.
A little familiar, right?
Later he looks confused.
Pardon Me.
It is okay.
Please give me toast!
... The delicious one.
I've seen people get married.
Finally I made a mistake.
I'd love to go back, so a normal high school student.
All like a dream every day.
Say the numbers one to ten.
When itunya enter yourself.
How could it happen?
TST, is the end of everything.
Together chastity belt.
Chastity belt?
Do not exacerbate the situation.
You do not feel it.
How can?
Let me help you.
It's beyond my habit.
What are you doing?
Just imagine, you do this, your brother.
Not like that.
That night sister ate with gusto, his mouth full of cock.
After it here.
Hey, belt disappeared.
Really nice.
But, I still have not become a Buddha.
But what else?
He came back again.
As before.
How does it end?
TST reaction in the toilet and will disappear when the same reaction.
Love incontinence.
Mitsuki you're a virgin.
I'm not a virgin anymore.
To be able to love each other and sharing experiences.
I'm angry.
You want what?
How can I be like this?
I'm really confused.
Mizuki, you look terrible.
We've gone too far, do what must be in akukan.
I do not understand.
Always like this.
Tomorrow, and the day after.
Never satisfied.
Mitsuki, how do you do it?
How Do?
How does it feel?
Very delicious.
Are you cold?
I will try another time, with my time remaining.
It's really cold today.
What about here?
Do not be scared, just enjoy it.
How Do?
This one?
Was here.
Just let me,
... I am dead.
Not Yet.
That day ..
... In the well.
The well what?
Mitsuki not like it.
I feel a bit fail.
I'll make breakfast.
No sense, no ghost wants to shower.
Of course there is.
Before the ghost, I'm just a girl.
That's ridiculous.
Well, I'll come out ahead.
Bad day and it looks, with a breakdown of this door.
The door can not be opened.
I wonder why?
Try to pull it firmly.
What is wrong? The door is jammed?
May Be.
Yesterday was not anything.
I also wonder, why can not open?
I'll help you out, and open it from here.
Now I'm going to push to open it.
You want to peek, huh?
Of course not!
I'm going to open it now.
What happened?
You want what?
You want what?
No, do not do!
Both of us are brothers, we can not do it.
I heard mother never said that, you've no grade.
I do not want the school.
I also never leave school, they also have a classroom.
At that time my body is less healthy.
Today in the school clinic ...
I want to apologize.
You do not need to apologize.
I ...
... Do not know how to get along, with sister in the family.
I was in kindergarten when Mom died.
Sorry if you often get angry.
Do not matter.
It was myself that normal
I ...
Initially normal walking alone however,
... After my father died,
... In a car accident.
Many memories of Dad.
My mother actually unhealthy,
... And is being treated in hospital.
It was the memory of my mother.
Dad was busy working,
... Until they are very lonely.
Now I'm happy to have members, a new family.
I just feel we are not brothers.
I really do not like.
My Mother.
Suddenly he change so diligent.
But look, he's like the people who can not do anything.
People who live together so far, it does that.
Indeed, there is some good.
However, not all of them.
Not as expected.
Do not say such a lonely word.
My father was not like that.
So what?
Why leave us here?
That's because the job.
Basic parents.
Only concerned with their own desires.
We both became victims.
Playing at home as brothers.
We both will always, be brothers.
If Mom and Dad changed relations, this just in case.
Never mind.
Especially with sweet words.
I no longer trust, the family said.
A true family.
Sister say.
No matter what happens between brother and sister.
I want to be a sister, good for you.
Only it can tell you.
Is there anybody out there?
We confined inside.
Somebody out there!
Anyone who is outside, please us.
Sorry an earlier incident.
No problem.
You're sure of that?
Just say the word, I do not care.
Do Not.
You're not going to die.
Tell me.
Tell me.
Tell me, I really do not know.
Actually, something has happened, right?
No, nothing.
There is what Mitsuki?
If he is not a family. What do you think will happen?
I do not know.
Come Mitsuki.
I woke up the morning vigorously.
Let's eat together.
I will eat bread.
You will be strong by eating rice.
Not suitable for me?
Hell No!
First stop!
You forgot to wear pants?
Huh? Ouch how is this?
It's too late to go back.
Go buy it in the store.
We will do it.
You forgot to wear it.
Mitsuki ... Mitsuki!
Sister wait for me.
I hate.
It was evidence of American music, good for physical and mental.
I feel unworthy.
Americans can make interesting music, Mizuki. It is an advantage for you.
So ...
Do not do things like that.
Honestly, wear your underwear ...
You fools!
Take your time, dangerous!
Let go of me!
Slow, stupid!
You can hit.
You want to die, huh?
Pardon Me.
My friend died here.
What is his name?
Is he human?
Maybe she's a girl?
And he's on the call Hiyori?
It was so long ago.
You're forgetting something important?
Really attention.
That's ... a very beautiful childhood.
Maybe before entering elementary school.
His name is what ya ...
What's that in the call cosplay?
Special underwear.
Here you are.
What are you doing in this place?
I'm looking for a gift for my sister.
I just try to dress it.
You're only wearing underwear!
Oh, sorry. I'm naked.
Pardon Me ...
Giving a birthday present for your brother?
Clothes that are too attractive.
The statement did not happen anything.
My sister looks weird lately.
You do not have to be shy, Yuya.
You can take me to your house.
You dare to say it, huh?
So what?
Let's just say we are dating.
What do you mean?
What is he doing?
The teacher has big breasts.
What else?
I do not know and are not interested.
One teacher even dare to seduce your sister.
Remember this day, talk objective alone.
Who are you?
It is he who has large breasts, dare to seduce brother.
Can you take out your breasts?
Do not be!
As punishment, I will be at your ass.
You must be thinking of your sister!
Seen from the look on your face.
I have an idea.
That ordinary happened.
Because I'm a ghost?
That is not what I mean.
You violated my privacy.
Pardon Me!
But ... it's called jealousy!
What might you love your brother?
You do all sorts!
Well, are not you?
It is not like that!
You love him!
Yes, it's obvious.
You're still pretending.
It is not like that!
You can not fool me,
... Like that.
You fool!
What is this?
Your birthday.
You know I had a birthday?
Snow and I were chosen.
It turns out that, yes?
Do Not.
What do I do?
Since this afternoon she was not there.
Finally happening.
Travelling with my sister. To do practice exams
Starting tonight we will, stay at the inn.
Tonight, something will happen!
What is wrong?
Do Not.
Well, it looks like tonight you will only be mosquitoes.
Oh no!
I'll help you carry your bags.
Sister Yu-ya well.
But, the weight also.
No problem.
Be Able?
Too heavy baggage.
I told you.
Thank you.
Why did your brother brought women with large breasts like that?
Let it be.
Sister seems obsessed with, women with large breasts.
That's what makes him not so, a date with me.
Behave yourself.
Really nice place.
It looks delicious.
For the sake of health, I will eat tuna.
I want to shower, let accompany! I'm afraid of being alone.
You like women only, base coward!
Hey, you want what?
Meat or fish?
I do not know,
... Lately I feel, plus my weight go up much less,
... If I eat it.
Feeling overweight?
Eat eggplant alone.
The original of the eggplant and eggs.
Asin is always tasty,
... It feels really good.
There rice in cheek.
Teachers mother always told us,
... Not to eat,
... With the orderly,
... And tonight Yu-ya do.
Sorry, I'm going to the bathroom.
I do not understand their thoughts.
Women really complicated.
A, Yu-ya.
Oh, Brother Snow? You want what?
I heard there was in the shower,
... Coincidence I also wanted a shower.
We take a shower together.
Why did you turn away?
Yet as a child, we often shared bathroom.
As an adult feels funny, a little embarrassed.
Time for lesson practice, almost over.
After that, we will split up.
What if ...
If ...
I need to ...
I ..
It's not what you think!
He looks angry.
Snow Excuse me.
I am sorry.
Mitsuki wait!
That's not what you think.
Never mind me! I am fine.
Pardon Me!
Do not look at me, dirty view like that!
Dirty? I do not like it.
Just do as you please, I do not care.
Why are you angry like that?
You are okay?
Come on, hop!
I'll take you to the room.
I am fine.
Come here.
I am fine. I just wanted to sleep.
Tomorrow we will go from here. We'll see how it goes.
How Do?
Today you will go with Yu-yes, to see a giant aquarium?
Do not go!
I really want to see a giant aquarium,
... And also see the fish.
Obviously I hated brother, the incident last night.
Do not say hate.
But this afternoon he will always be with me.
You feel happy with it?
Oh, The door is getting close!
All thanks to your efforts.
Very nice.
I want to leave this world, with a sweet memories.
Two nights with my sister Yu-ya, I promise.
Perhaps because it is pleasure, I can become a Buddha.
What is that?
There is something strange?
What strange fish name?
It's called sardines.
That's it!
It's called a sardine?
What's weird?
Small fish.
The little fish!
That's it!
Small sardines, I do not know.
I ...
It was amazing!
Very large.
Very comfortable if in eating.
What can eat it?
Really great.
They were always together.
That human rights.
Where have you been dear? All looking for.
I also till now, still need affection Mother
Only two days!
Two days only!
No, I'm sorry.
Pardon Me!
I apologize for that.
Your body is mine!
Instead I'll turn a ghost!
.... Forever in the darkness and floated.
I'm just kidding, do so!
It's not a joke!
I'm so hesitant to you, also your sister. as well as everyone around you!
Maybe they also like me!
Do you know it?
I really look forward biased and sister dating.
Come back to me.
Obviously I can not get back to you, no one will be.
Just do as you please!
Get out of my body.
Do it.
Come back to me.
Come back to me.
I also tried!
You're noisy at all!
He that is in your body and your brother is mine!
Wait there!
He drowned.
How about this? He can not swim.
Why do not you use your abilities?
It would not work.
I want to save my brother.
Then, swim.
Can not!
You do not have anything?
Fast, hold my hand!
You're sitting?
Stand up!
Both Mizuki.
I'm fine.
Good for you brother!
How is your condition?
Your body heat.
All Right.
Pardon Me! I will open, wet clothes.
Mitsuki, how your condition?
How Do?
Some kind attitude, I'm sorry to have to tease you!
My attitude changed frequently-fox.
I will be a good brother.
Being a part of, brother and sister.
What would you do?
Just do it.
Please only.
Hold me!
Kiss Me!
Realize Mitsuki.
Come Mitsuki.
Stop everything!
Hello, hentikan!
Do not be!
Do not be!
Do not be!
Do not be!
Strange? where am i?
Thank you.
You're daughter home side, Sakamoto?
Ah, right!
I know you!
How's your father?
You know my father?
Thank you for helping me, past the bridge.
Time passed quickly. You're an adult.
It! dorayaki name.
Are they male or female? / No, they are all fish.
What they are also human?
Then the unfortunate events that happen?
I am you!
It's time for me to do right.
Live a little, you can take it off.
Although it was embarrassing.
I was ready.
To save money, father was killed by being hit.
Mother started looking for other men, moved from one man to another man.
No more concern for you, son.
Her child needs attention and love from him.
You're stuck in life, full of emotion at that time.
And, I was born of a sense of it.
You will not be difficult to change the appearance.
I have a sincere desire.
You are wrong!
Today is a very strange day.
Wish the same to you.
You do not want to be loved.
The temptation to use my body, only to find love.
Of course.
So ...
Just because the wrong time.
Sister and I did it, it might hurt him.
You know how mendefinisikanya.
Know, because the brother did it for me.
I and sister already in love.
Do not say love that simple, that is at stake in life.
I will not let brother injured.
Because her sister who I love.
Would not let him feel sick.
It's too late, say goodbye!
Hiyori ...
For the last time, let me say it.
I love Japan and ...
I would say ...
Thank you for liberating me from the shackles of loneliness.
Thank you.
This is wrong!
Mitsuki, where the face of the first month?
It will not work if like this. I want a closer relationship.
As time went on, we will be able to trust.
Certainly could be a harmonious family.
I think so.
Why brother is so good?
Brother, we will love each other.
Who are you?
I Hiyori sister, you have good ones.
Because he's a good person.
May you be blessed.
Do not be!
Hey, believe me!
But why do I forget how, my father died?
Because you're too often hurt him.
Did you know him during the incident?
Oh God!
It was horrible!
There was an accident, there are people in a car crash!
At that time we've met.
Well-let in the works.
Because you are my brother.
MD4Allz Media Team | Translated By HiDeYuKi KaKaShI