Reckless Moment, The (1949) Movie Script

This happened last year,
a week before Christmas,
The family lived in Harper
quiet place called Balboa,
... about 80 kilometers
Los Angeles.
An early morning ...
Mrs. Harper was ...
drive to Los Angeles y ...
Mom? Mom, where are you going?
- Mr. Darby is Ted?
- His name?
- Mrs. Harper. I want to see him.
- One moment.
If you have a call, excuse,
already know where I am.
Ok, I will.
Mr. Darby Quere
to wait at the bar.
At the bar?
This time will be talking ...
This guy has it.
Yesterday saw my bet of 50.
I do not think the game was clean.
It is too early
to serve something, miss.
- No problem.
- Do not take. Ten minutes.
Good day.
- Good morning. Where is it?
- You're at the bar.
- Mrs. Harper?
- Yes
Ted Darby. Pete, let them.
- So you're the mother of Bea.
- Yes, sir Darby and ...
I did not know she had
a mother so young.
They look very similar.
- I can not offer anything.
- There came a social visit.
What I have to say
be quick.
Continue, please.
I do not want to return
to see my daughter.
This is not that Bea should decide?
I do not think. It's just a girl.
- Has 17 years.
- 18 next month.
Seventeen, Mr. Darby.
And it is clear that no age
to know what suits you.
Mrs. Harper, nothing happens.
Bea likes to get out and meet
interesting people. I'll give you that.
You can leave without you. I do not want
that Bea skirt with people like that.
Hope you're not judging
this temporary situation.
- ... Mrs. Harper. My apartment ...
- I know what kind of person you are.
- I've been checking.
- What Bea thinks of all this?
Do not say anything and I will not do
because you will not see her anymore.
Yes, and I'll do whatever
necessary to prevent.
- I think we should talk about it.
- There's nothing to talk about.
Sure. You were very
frank. And I will be.
I did not know how much it bothered
to come out with Bea ...
And now ... I know, I
collaborate, want to help.
I think in agreement
We can hit everything.
Why is it so important to you
who miss Bea?
- Very important.
- I mean in monetary terms.
Otherwise I can not promise
I shall not return to see her, ma'am.
Do not worry, Mr. Darby.
Facilitated me things.
Can I talk to her and not have
that worrying about nothing ...
And know when ...
what you feel for her.
Goodbye, Mr. Darby.
Call me with Balboa.
Harper 2626. Miss Harper.
Mom, How was Los Angeles
without telling us anything?
He had things to do.
- I'll put a new horn.
- It's late. Poe shirt, David.
How's it going?
Why not say it would
to Los Angeles this morning?
I wanted to go to a store
before that had a lot of people.
Sybil, or turn it off? I hear
the outcome of races.
I do not know that
wants to hear, Mr. Harper.
Hello, Mrs. Harper.
Never won.
- Sybil, where is Bea?
- I have not seen during the afternoon.
It is the fourth lady
using the shower again.
- Is that you, Mom?
- Yes, Bea.
When finished showering
I want to talk to you.
I know.
How do you know?
Mom. how can I
so humble, going to see Ted?
It was also humiliating for me.
I'm not used
to deal with people like him.
- Do you know what kind of man is?
- Yes I know.
- Will you tell me that looks bad.
- Yes
Who lives in a small hotel
dirty and horrible.
When Ted called, commented
would you say that.
A moment.
I spoke to expect, Bea.
He also said that is
not willing to see you again?
Economically ... if you make it up?
I think not.
Do not think that will invent
something like that, right?
Ted said he made a drama,
He was very nervous ...
angry. You misunderstood.
Do not misunderstand.
He made clear his intentions.
Mom, do you think it means
people ...
But ... is very antiquated.
I could not understand
a man like Ted.
Neither want.
- Sybil, have spent my blouse?
- I have not had time.
I asked an hour ago.
Bea, do not talk well with Sybil.
Sybil, do not need
clean down there today.
Let's not lose your cool.
Let's be reasonable, this man ...
Mommy, I do not want to discuss it anymore.
The issue is not willing to discuss.
Not come to see this man.
Promise me.
I can not promise you, mother.
So do not come back to Los Angeles.
Send you to a hospital.
- Would you make such cosa.
- I just do.
This does not separate us.
We'll see you in some way.
Bea, to represent. There should
back to see him. Ended.
Dress up and store your clothes.
Mommy, can not trust me?
I'm not having an affair
with him, if that's what you think.
Bea, I made the mistake
to indulge.
Your father wanted
it was the university ...
And ... I went in his favor for
it was the art school ...
He did not like the ...
people who would be exposed.
I was wrong thinking that
choose better friends.
He was right I did not.
It would not have known it
if he followed his father.
It's hard to understand you
because it is still a girl.
I would have done the
even at your age.
The difference is that today
17 years ...
I stopped being ... girl.
Bea, I will not be
all day discussing it.
- Do not do this again ...
- Mrs. Harper!
- Never again will see ...
- A call. Philadelphia.
Is your father.
How's son?
Do not tell me, Tom
- Fantastic.
- Can I speak to your grandfather?
One moment, son.
David is here.
Hello, Dad, good.
- You have to see it, this ...
- Let me talk to him, David.
Wait, is in Philadelphia.
He was speaking of his car.
Tom? How are you, darling?
Well, all right.
There's only one small problem.
Bea wants a Christmas tree
artificial and we had a really.
What do you choose?
It will not be here?
In Berlin?
Tom, can not leave
coming for Christmas.
Okay, Tom They
four years without this bridge.
May be further two weeks.
Sorry I know that's what we wanted.
It's wonderful.
- Go to Berlin.
- Yes, it's here. Wait a minute.
Here you go.
David just told me.
We'll miss you.
Yes, I'm fine.
The art school?
I'm fine.
I did not see. I saw no one.
I've been very busy.
Mom wants to talk to you.
Check back soon.
Tom? What?
I think that is taking the
art school very seriously.
I will. Do not worry
for nothing. We'll be fine
Tom, already be sufficient
out three years during the war.
You know that yes, Tom
Write to you tonight.
- Yes?
- It's me, Mom.
A moment.
Can enter.
- I wanted to say goodnight.
- Why not take sneaker?
I did not think.
- Good night, dear.
- Good evening.
I wanted to see fully
Already writing the daddy?
What makes the calls!
Spoke to him in the afternoon.
I do not understand.
- What do the calls.
- Good evening.
- David fedes the garage.
- Take a bath every morning.
Yes, but I have to sleep
you every night.
Tom, I need you.
Bea closes in the fourth, ...
with rebellion
and upset me.
If these mothers were
tolerant of films ...
But ... I'm not.
I hate this man.
If David were an adult or your father
younger, but not so.
I have to take
all alone.
If you were here
get rid of this beast. "
"Dear Tom:
With all things
around the phone ...
I can not say ...
how I love you. "
- Where are you?
- Here. In the shed.
- Where
- Here, Bea.
- Where?
- Here.
- Do not see you.
- Here.
When he returned home
was furious.
He said he had to
promise not to see you again ...
Do not want to know ... me
they just want money.
What if you paid
would never see me.
Is that right?
The truth, Bea ...
I'm desperate ...
to get money.
- What a horrible thing.
- Look ...
If your mother ... gives me money
not mean ...
- ... Do not see you again.
- Me Loose. Out.
But. Bea does not mean ...
Bea, you do not understand.
Bea, Where were you?
What happened?
I heard a noise.
Who was it?
Who was it?
Who did you see?
It was Ted.
Mom, you were right. I know ...
Tell me what happened.
I was in the attic ...
He said that only
cares about money.
- I hate it.
- Honey, Where is he now?
I do not know.
Sobe. I'll be back.
- Can I help you, Mrs. Harper?
- No, thank you, Sybil.
- Was there?
- No, I was.
Mom should not
I called you.
Do not wanna talk about it. Ended.
Go to sleep.
Come on, Bea.
It was horrible.
- I did not want to go through that again.
- No need.
I promise.
Put a bag of water
hot. Will help you sleep.
- What are these races, Lucia?
- Nothing. Bea is not well.
I'm growing.
I need sleep.
Go back to bed, David.
He said to go back to bed.
Mommy, can I have some
pie and chocolate?
Good night, David.
Good day, Mrs. Harper.
- Good day, Sybil.
- You're up early.
- I could not sleep.
- I serve coffee?
No thanks. Go back to bed.
I'll take a walk.
Yes, ma'am.
Mom, you should not go out on the boat.
Why not?
Not yet put
new sails;
Sure, I bought with
my money and I should 55 cents.
I'll pay. Lowers the cuffs
and closes the jacket, David.
- It could have been without motor.
- Did not happen, do not worry.
I'll put the candles right now.
- How is he left at dawn?
- Dad ...
- More coffee, Mr. Harper?
- Sybil, knows that I drink tea.
Lucia, risked
that boat too.
I think David
're disassembling the engine.
Probably put
almost everything in the car.
It could have been adrift.
- Ms. Harper ...
- Yes?
I want to add something on the list
purchase we made yesterday.
You are here.
I know. Pocketed
not to forget like last time.
Mom. the anchor was
on the boat this morning?
- I do not know.
- Someone stole.
- Who would steal an anchor?
- I do not know, but yesterday was
- If Mom did not.
- Gives the same, David, will buy another.
- Bea?
- Yes, mom, good morning.
Bea, I have to talk to you.
- David and grandfather know ...
- No, do not wanna talk about it.
Bea told someone
Darby was dating Ted.
- No.
- Good
As I let myself cheat
for this type?
Enough, Bea, I know how you feel ..
But ... do not have to talk
ill of him, or him, to anyone.
Nor should mention
his name ... get it?
- Nobody knows who knew him.
- Bea.
Something of yesterday ...
do not tell me?
No, nothing.
- Are you sure?
- Yes
- Scroll down for coffee
- There comes?
Lucia, we have to see more.
- ... During the holidays.
- Madam, could ...?
- Try.
- My daughter will return tomorrow.
The college ... and I know
Beatriz want to see.
- We think the same.
- We can not have it so.
- Beatriz always wanted.
- I know.
What? I did
best I could.
Okay, lady.
but the best is not enough.
What I want this
office is action, not philosophy.
Take a look.
A stirring.
- Lucia, do not think that is right?
- I think he does not know. Catherine.
Take rope that table,
at the window.
- What happened?
- An art dealer murdered.
- What do you think? A murder
- Seals of three cents, please.
- Here they are.
- A murder? Where?
- Across the road.
- A murder here in Balboa.
- The next day.
- Who was he?
A man named Darby.
Whatever this letter?
- For Berlin. How much?
- I regret that.
Has adhesive paper in this office?
They say they did that?
No, but they know something.
They know everything that Darby.
Here is your change.
- Gimme a.
- Here you go, Mrs. Harper.
Beautiful tree.
Already prepared for Christmas.
- What did you say?
- What has already prepared Christmas.
Stabbed in the back
Sybil, the tree is in the car.
Want to tell David or
Mr Harper to bring?
- Yes, ma'am. A person waiting.
- Who?
One such gentleman Donely.
I hope Mrs. Harper.
I'm Mrs. Harper.
My name is Martin Donely.
I want to talk to you.
About which
Will want this, Mrs Harper.
What is it?
Do not know what you're talking about.
Are letters he wrote
his daughter to Ted Darby.
The price is
$ 5000.
"Ted, dear ...
Was not alive ...
until I met you ...
But you got ...
like a fresh breeze ...
Ted, I do not know if
do what you asked me yesterday "
I ask you to go
Mr. Donely.
Whether you call the police?
I instead
Mrs. Harper would not do that.
"But I feel proud
for asking me ...
And to think ...
who had the courage to do.
Ted, I thought.
I'm not sentimental,
you know ...
But it is hard to break ...
completely with the past. "
- Hello, Mom.
- David!
I'm in a bathrobe. Hello
- This is my son, David.
- Hello
Today I learned a new
song, want to play?
Another time, David.
I'm busy.
This well.
Mama, do not enjoy music.
- Leu murder?
- Yes, David.
Elegant girl, finally something
excited for you.
- Found a corpse.
- Excuse me a moment.
Who? Who is?
A former art dealer.
Ted Darby.
- Give me that.
- What are you doing? Gimme.
Now call your friends
artists from Los Angeles ...
And what will ...
happened near his home.
If not us
discontinue, continue.
There has to continue.
Because these letters
mean nothing.
She's only a girl.
Mean nothing.
Mrs. Harper,
seems not to understand.
The recipient of these
letters was murdered.
For police
vai very interesting.
"Ted, dear.'m Hysterical.
The other day I told my mother we
and it was horrible. Does "
How to get it?
Darby wanted
to lend money.
I did not think the cards
were worth something ...
But he could not ...
I offer nothing more ...
So accept ...
until he could afford.
A kind of bail.
You could say that we
Luckily he was murdered.
Because the cards now ...
worth more than the loan.
How would Mr. Nagel:
"You have to sell the shares
when the market is high. "
Mr. Nagel is my partner.
It is a good dealer.
Wherever you place?
This is Mr. Donely,
Tom's office
Know my son?
Fantastic be sent to Berlin?
How are you?
I regret that it can not
stay for dinner.
- It will not stay for dinner?
- No.
Sybil made pie kidneys.
But Dad ...
You are very kind
but are waiting for me.
- You're from Oregon, you Donely?
- I was born there.
So we have something in common.
I'm from Boston.
Do not tell me.
If not staying for dinner,
then serve a drink.
Thank you.
Mom, can I talk
a moment with you?
Yes I can wait.
- You know all about it.
- Not here, Bea.
- He was in prison, Mom.
- I know.
It has nothing to do with you.
- What happened to this man ...
- It is good that he is dead.
Do not say that.
Do not re-tell.
- Mom, something that has not told you.
- Bea ...
... What happened to this man
has nothing to do with you.
No one knows.
Just you and me.
- Stop thinking about it.
- Wait a minute.
I wrote a lot.
Find the letters.
No, they will not find.
- No one will find anything.
- I think not.
- Prepare for dinner, Bea.
- I do not want dinner.
This well.
Then bring something.
This man will stay for dinner?
No, and I hope Dad
do not ask again.
David, be quiet
and dress for dinner.
Sybil is ready to
serving dinner.
- Well ... I al.
- I believe.
Gotta go.
- If we had had the time ...
- Daddy, tell you everything later.
We'll meet again
Mr. Harper.
Mrs. Harper will help me
looking for a house here tomorrow.
Lucia, who took
the newspaper?
I want the result of the fourth
race at Tropical Park.
Gold Admiral. Pays 6-60.
Mr Harper, Caliente on Sunday
in the fifth race winner.
- Are you sure?
- Yes
- Good evening, Mr. Harper.
- Good evening.
I can not see you tomorrow.
Where shall we meet?
You can not come here,
I do not want you in my house.
I do not have to come
if give me the money now.
I need time to think.
- You can talk to your husband?
- No.
- Your father.
- Do not have $ 5,000.
I think a way to get it.
I'll meet you in front of the estate.
Tomorrow. On standing
next to the shopping center.
- At 9 o'clock.
- At 9.30.
Okay, Mrs. Harper.
Good evening.
Bea was stuck in the room
and does not want to go down.
- I know.
- What happens lately with Bea?
The art is
up in the head.
A nice guy.
If Donely calls?
Donely, David. Do not place
so butter.
- Where did you meet him, Tom?
- I do not remember, Dad.
- Tom knows a lot of people.
- In the office of Tom?
I'm not sure.
- What have you got?
- Headache.
David, told
do not put so much butter.
Do not you think you should stand up, Bea?
All are taking
coffee. It's late.
I do not want coffee.
I'm tired of questions.
Say it is not going down.
Come on.
Take a shower and go take
coffee downstairs with others.
I do not want.
Could not go to some
place for a few days?
I do not know, Bea.
Where to go? What would find if
you leave on vacation?
What would you think David and Grandpa?
You can go to Lake Toho ...
Aunt Edna with ... ...
Would be well
and would not think anything.
Please talk to her
see if you can.
I want to talk with Lake Toho.
Call staff.
My number?
Talks to whom, Lucia?
Let, operator.
I will not.
I thought we were going to see
in front of the real estate agency.
- Pass 9:30.
- I'm leaving.
You have to eat something
before leaving.
- I can fix that.
- Neither knew I had horn.
- Ready.
- You understand cars, Mr. Donely.
It was mechanical.
When were difficult to achieve.
David enters
and just coffee.
- Thank you, Lord Donely.
- Sybil, can clean the house.
Come home.
Why did you come here?
The meeting was in town.
I hit it
- Yes
- We'll have to hurry.
- Here they are. I'll take off my car.
- We'll use mine.
- But ...
- We'll use mine.
Have you thought
how to get the money?
Take me to the mall.
I have to make a call.
It is a connection that
I can do from home.
I understand.
- It's bad for your health.
- What?
Smoke heavily.
It will be difficult to go
Los Angeles to get the money.
I promised Dad and David
that would have the car tomorrow.
If using, me asking questions.
I've been to Los Angeles
Once this week.
And that means ... more questions.
Not sure how family
sometimes you exhausted.
No, I do not know.
I need time to think.
I can not get the money as well.
- Hello, Mrs. Harper!
- Hello, Mike.
- I was going to call, ma'am.
- For what?
We have to check the roof
before there is more work.
'll Talk about it
Mr. Harper back.
Should have caught my car.
Turn left.
It has less traffic.
Ossp is empty.
My son worked here in
last summer. Worked great.
You do not know what that is, right?
Hamburg sold.
Gathered $ 40.
Never walk away from your family?
But Edna, Bea does not care where
vai sleep while you're here.
It's not hard. Bea is not so.
Edna, I know the house is full
at Christmas, but Bea is not well.
No, not sick,
but I want to leave here.
In February?
No, Edna, you ...
What? Operator?
Wait, Edna.
I need more coins, wait.
I need coins am
in the middle of a conversation.
I think I need another.
"Less nicotine
less tobacco stains "
It's beautiful.
- Sells a lot of it?
- Filters? Many.
It would be easier
if not sell cigarettes.
- You are with Mrs. Harper?
- Yes
- This is yours.
- Thank you.
Of one thing I am sure ...
... If they are two or three
The tubes of toothpaste.
- I do not know.
- Then put three.
I'll take one of those.
- I put in the account
- That I paid.
- Leave.
- Anything else?
Remembered by the ax
my father?
We place?
Yes Here's the change.
And three ... a dollar.
- Ready?
- Yes
Goodbye, Mrs. Harper.
Goodbye, sir ...
Stop here. Yes.
something with the phone call?
I did not call for the money.
I have an aunt in Ohio ...
... and wanted to take care
Bea for a while.
Maybe you'll change your mind about
apply in touch with her husband.
Going to do?
I have already spoken.
Can not do it.
- Why?
- It would take weeks to find it.
I did not know she had
places as remote.
Is traveling.
Send a telegram
the boat, or train ...
Whatever we do? That
write saying, "Send me money
They are blackmailing me. "?
My husband will make contact
me as soon as I can.
- I do not think we can wait.
- Will have to do.
Not think raking
money, if it were not so Bea ...
Good ... if she ...
Have to be careful.
Young people dramatize things.
- This case is justified.
- This is ridiculous.
His letters mean nothing.
We know.
Undoubtedly're wanting
that police check.
Just because you think ...
Ali vai police.
They are looking for
who killed Darby.
- If you see these cards.
- On Wednesday, please, sir Donely.
The bank is closed
the weekend. I can not ...
- It is very.
- And the car. I told you.
I can not go by car
the Los Angeles again.
My family distrust.
Unable to return soon.
- Is a prisoner, right?
- I do not feel like one.
On Wednesday, Mr. Donely.
In those years
I'm with Nagel ...
I saw him do ...
many blackmail.
Believe me, Mrs. Harper.
You better treat me.
My partner does not
is as patient as me.
Socio ... I do not think that has a partner.
Could recognize that.
No, I am not alone.
All we are concerned with the
too much one way or another.
You have your family,
I have my Nagel.
How can you say that?
You and Mr. Nagel, if there ...
Are not ... more than a couple
of blackmailers, united ...
By desire ...
robbing people.
I tried to collect the money
but it will be a blow to Bea.
Is fortunate to have
a mother like you.
Everyone has a mother like me.
Surely you also had.
- When I get the money?
- I will contact you.
- I'll call.
- Believes that can not call me?
I will do everything possible.
I give,
but wait until Wednesday.
Then I'll know what to do
I will try.
- We had lunch there?
- With you? No.
- Me is saved
- Let me on the other side.
- How will you get home?
- Do not worry. Me arrangement.
Nagel has one, my word.
Thank you, Mr. Harper.
Thank you.
I regret not being able
Lt. help more ...
- ... But at home nobody knew.
- I'll see you, Mr. Harper.
Fooled me completely.
I thought I was dead in
Los Angeles and brought him here.
We know that it was not so.
Says he knows
who was killed with an anchor?
Good therefore
and other things.
Do you think he was murdered
here in Balboa ...
- Lieutenant ...?
- Could be.
If so, we will
all possible help.
You see, when I was in the army
always interested me ...
- ... The fight against crime ...
- Thank you, Mr. Harper.
- I'll see.
- Goodbye, Lieutenant.
Goodbye. Come with me.
Come on.
Do not fall behind.
Come on, go ahead.
- What are you doing here?
- Had movement.
- The police just left.
- You lost, Mom.
- The police?
- Yes, about that Darby.
- Questions routine.
- What did they know?
If anyone knew
or had heard of him.
What I do not understand ...
Is what I did ...
this type here.
- What fear!
- Should not be here.
Go home.
The other also.
Want to come home?
I got some new discs.
No, go to the house of another.
I would like to be lieutenant
but I'd rather be a firefighter.
Come on.
Why the police came here, Dad?
Well now you know
Who was that man.
Why investigate
in a private home?
They think they could have
something with someone in the neighborhood.
- Why?
- He was killed with an anchor.
As you know that
was with an anchor?
The shape of the wound.
They know that the body was taken
to swamp a small boat.
A small boat
would have to come here.
Any idea?
Not tell if they had.
Someone saw you
out there this morning.
The lieutenant wanted you.
To find out if anyone saw.
I said I had mentioned.
Why do they care that someone
was in the water at this hour?
They know more or less at this time
took the body to the swamp.
Mrs. Harper!
I saw no one.
Mrs. Harper!
- Sybil is calling you, Lucia.
- On the phone.
Thank you.
- Hello, sir Donely.
- Is Mr. Donely?
- Yes
- Invite him for dinner.
Okay, Dad.
I know you can not talk.
I just called to say he
not wait until Wednesday.
Whether the money
later than Monday.
And has a Nagel.
I think so.
Do not believe me?
Listen to me.
One achieves the half ...
There has to gather ...
Already told Nagel
I do not want my part.
And I want you to know
if I had money ...
Would pay ...
and all end.
Are you there?
Did you hear what I said?
It would be good if I believed.
So things would be different.
Only one good thing came out of it.
I met you.
How vai come to town?
See you at the terminal.
Where is the game tonight?
I do not know. I will not play.
Say the match
will be in the room 120.
- Did you talk to her?
- Yes
- Has the money on Monday?
- Will try.
Do not come with these.
I spoke to leave
accepting excuses.
- Will I better talk to her.
- That I'll take care.
You do not meddle.
Do not approach her.
- No?
- No.
This lady
is not on your level, Martin.
I think not stand me because
'll always remember what you are.
There is respectable, Martin.
Relax. calm.
More ... the provision of home
more taxes ...
More ... phone bill,
the piano ...
More ... bill,
More water ...
Madam, not experienced.
Thought you might want this.
Thank you.
Sybil not kept what
bought in town, can ...
How we save
when you need to?
You can not increase
the small numbers, right?
Sybil, we have to decrease
the bill.
Always leave
the lights on.
- Will cancel the dress I ordered.
- We can save something, lady.
This was not on the list.
You bought these filters?
No, I will return.
- Good night, Mrs. Harper.
- Good evening.
I hope you understand,
Mrs Harper.
- For this loan ...
- Hello, Mrs. Harper.
- Hello
- For this type of loan ...
Your keys, please?
Need ... the signature of her husband.
I understand.
If the prior warn
would be a matter of days.
We would have sent
a telegram to her husband ...
- ... and everything would be neat.
- Does not matter. I understand.
Could you help me?
Who got to see that ...?
I want to see someone
for a loan.
A moment.
Miss Loin is free.
It is the third table.
- Between.
- Thank you.
How are you?
- Sit, lady ..?
- Mrs. Harper.
- Harper.
- Thank you.
- H-A-R-E-P-R?.
- Yes
Growing in my garden.
What can I do for you?
I want to ask, do not ...,
apply for a loan.
- How much you want to ask?
- Five thousand dollars.
I understand.
And what is the purpose of
loan, if I may ask?
I need the money.
And for that money?
His announcement said. "No questions asked"
We know that
the purpose of the loan ...
And how do you pay for ...,
is normal, no?
Name and occupation of her husband?
I thought it was just
signing a promissory note.
As I think you can pay per month?
- Fifty dollars.
- Mrs. Harper.
He imagined the time ...
It will take to pay ...
the loan as well?
I think a long time.
We can not accept you.
You can get a guarantor?
A car would not be enough ...
- ... Put your home ...
- No, but I have jewelry.
Sorry, we can not borrow
money on jewelry.
We do not have license
the pawnshop.
- It's a state law.
- I understand.
Not bother more.
Thank you anyway.
Merry Christmas
Here, madam.
- I commit some jewelry.
- Okay.
Are mine.
They are well. Pretty close.
- This is undated.
- Yes
- How much you want for it?
- How can it be?
- Can I give 700.
- 700? But worth much more.
- Eight hundred.
- Thank you.
Will put on display
No, those are the ones that showcase
were not regatadas.
- Or not paid the signal.
- I understand.
It's late.
Your receipt, ma'am.
- You will need.
- Thank you.
Careful, miss.
Open your eyes.
Is closed.
Bus from San Francisco
entering the platform 2.
Sorry to be late. It was
harder than I thought.
- Does not matter.
- Yes, just got $ 800.
Will not take the money.
Pulled out of the bank?
- There was. Endeavored some jewelry.
- Then retrieve all.
- Nagel now you can not do anything
- I do not understand what you mean.
The police know who killed
Darby. It's stuck.
- How?
- Do not worry. It's nothing.
They arrested someone?
Have a coffee.
His concerns
finished and I'm glad.
Do not let the girl
if this goal.
- She had nothing to do.
- Lord Donely ...
... listen to me, please ...
Suppose this man
had nothing to do.
It may not be guilty. Many
are stuck and are not.
But he is in prison.
Be damned.
- Forget it. It's a delinquent.
- Will be punished for what he did.
You do not have to worry.
It is not your business.
Coffee, please. A coffee.
- And if he was not?
- And if not?
But it was not.
I can not, because ...
You should not go to
prison because he was not.
Ali takes place, Let us sit.
- Want a soda?
- No, I want an ice cream.
Camellias? Buy
a camellia to miss.
- Easy, easy.
- It was not him.
Then you know who did?
Do you know?
Come on, who was it?
Do not tell me
or kill you.
Yeah, well, not.
I mean ...
See, that day
I went to see Darby.
He said he should not
back to see her.
Bea also said.
He said that if he returned
to approach, I ...
Well, tonight I went to see her.
If found in the shed.
I went there.
- There was a fight and ...
You did not kill him. I do not believe
Matei. With an anchor.
An anchor was the gun?
I pushed.
I pushed
and fell on her.
- Then I had to move it.
- As the move?
Darby was too big.
It would not to move.
But I managed.
- Do not know how, but I managed.
- I think not.
- I can not deny. It's the truth.
- Okay.
- It's a killer.
- Yes, if you wish.
But should not repeat
this story to anyone.
I want you to give me your word.
Think of your family.
Do it for them.
Bus to Manhattan Beach,
Long Beach ...
... Newport, Balboa,
Laguna may rise.
Listen. Already out
addition, do not you?
- Already out. The saved.
- But he is innocent.
Well, is innocent in this case,
but guilty in another hundred.
No matter, it's the same.
Have to look at
the two sides. His family.
With them being
will be much better.
Forget it.
Why sacrifice vai
his family, ...
By a man who ...
deserves what happens to him?
He was arrested for that, will be the
only good that ever made.
Do not try to think about what
is good or what is bad.
Is not dealing with the kind
people who know.
You are dealing with people
I know.
It is as it should be.
It's true.
Forget it. If you do,
everything will be done for you.
Tonight I will speak with Nagel ...
And ... you will recover your letters.
I will take them to his house.
No, please send
by mail. Sorry, but ...
- Okay, let in the mail.
- Thank you.
Buses from San Antonio,
El Paso, Phoenix, coming.
I'm looking Nagel.
Saw it?
At the bar.
Hello, Donely.
No. Play the same
Song again.
I need a letter
from the beginning.
- Where is Nagel?
- Touches. He just left.
- Why did you leave?
- It was a ride.
- Where was it?
- He said he wanted to see the sea.
Good night, Mrs. Harper.
- Ms. Harper ...
- Yes?
Mrs. Harper.
- A man came,
- Who?
He said he called Nagel.
Not a nice man, lady.
- Do not you think we should call ...?
- No, where is it?
He said he wanted to see her alone, then
I took him to the shed.
- I'm going there.
- You'd better ...
Before ... tell your family
you're here.
They are concerned
that arrives too late.
Alright. It takes a drink
and say that I descend so der.
Lucia, we were concerned.
He had very transit
and the bus was going slowly.
Mom, give me a dollar?
- A Dollar, David? For?
- For what? I'm leaving.
I'm a different guy.
Have a dollar in my desk upstairs.
Grab but one, not two.
- Thank you.
- Where are you?
Some friends invited
Bea and I go to the movies to eat them.
Vai whole class.
But the beautiful Bea does not want to go.
- Why do not you want to go, Bea?
- For nothing, mother.
Should go, darling
or I'll be disappointed.
I'm not in the mood.
Have you had dinner and I'm tired.
Serio, Bea,
what you should do is leave.
I am very
I tired to go ...
But would like to do ...
what I say, please.
- I can not.
- Lucia, ...
Tom ... now that is not
never speak of things.
I mean ...
- ... I'm here, you know?
- I know, Dad.
Went to sleep, but
if you want to see a movie ...
- No thanks.
- Are you tired?
Santa. that has nothing wrong
Tom did not come home.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- I rub. Sai.
- Mama, do not want to see anyone.
Do not want to see anyone
and I know why. It's ridiculous.
- Believe.
- If someone discovers.
've Talked about this
and there is more to say.
You can not leave
live your age. Come on.
- I'm not dressed.
- You are good.
Stay with my fur coat.
Looks good on you.
Got to see us before or
then it is better now.
- Mom.
It is so difficult.
- I know.
- Comes?
- Yes, David. Vai.
- Just like me. Come on.
One moment, Bea.
Lowers the sleeves.
There's something in his pocket.
- A shopping list.
- From buying?
Nothing, dear. Hurry up.
- That everything goes well.
- Thank you.
- Come on.
- See you when you return.
- Enjoy.
- Okay
- Mrs. Harper, I go with you?
- No thanks.
- Wait here if you need.
- Okay.
I'm sorry you had
to expect here, but ...
Now duchess.
took his time.
I could not come before.
You know.
- This afternoon Mr. Donely said ...
- You have to talk much.
Donely was a good man
until you stumble upon.
Now it's quiet.
Enough talk.
Where is the money?
Donely say much,
but back to the beginning.
However now he is out of it.
I'll take the 5,000 tonight.
I do not know what it is that
we are as in the beginning.
Do not know what you're talking about.
Do not know what I'm talking about?
Where is the money?
I'm not.
I could not get.
Because I'm not ready.
I'm not for that, since there
I can do anything.
You can play with Donely,
but not me.
I say it
I can not do anything.
They arrested the man
Darby killed.
It has nothing to do with my daughter.
The letters do not mean anything.
They arrested the man who
sought. I can not do anything.
I have news
for you, Duchess.
It was put
free this afternoon.
I'll do what I should have done since
the beginning. I'll call the police.
And send it
to all newspapers.
They will do the rest.
There is nothing that pleases
more newspapers ...
A pretty girl who ...
involved in a murder.
- She had nothing to do.
- So to prove.
Maybe he wanted to make some Donely
deal with you, but I do not.
For me does his daughter, his son,
her husband or whoever.
For me it is a business matter.
and not leaving here ...
Until you have ...
this money in my hands.
Then decide.
That settles his debt with me ...
Or take the cards ...
to newspapers.
This is very simple.
So enough talk.
I told you not
approach her!
Need help.
Do not give up.
Need help.
You're bleeding.
- I have to take it from here.
- No, do not do it.
- I have to take it from here.
- No you can not. It's useless.
We have to call the police.
Do not understand. Tell you everything.
Everything that happened.
I will say that the guilt
is mine, not yours.
That did it for me.
Let me talk.
- They understood.
- It's me who understand.
- They know people like me.
- You is not equal.
He was better than me.
Do not deceive yourself.
Never had killed
a man so far.
As a kid, my mother
I wanted to be a priest.
She had five children and never
I wanted to see was bad.
I've never done something decent
in my life.
Never thought to do
until you came along ...
And ... I began to think that
if I could go back ...
And start again ... ...
And what happened?
When I try to back me
encounter with it in his hands.
Follow my advice. Do not make the
same mistake my mother.
You do not know me.
The police know me well.
I can not afford to assume
and who suffers the rest of his life.
I methyl that.
It's my way of
do evil things.
I'll talk to Bea and David.
I'll talk to you.
It's the only way.
Before doing so
could bring a drink.
- It would be nice.
- I'll be back.
- I was worried, Mrs. Harper.
- Sorry.
Go up and bring some bandages.
You Donely is injured.
Be careful with Mr. Harper.
Hurry, let's go.
- Do not think.
- Okay.
- You want to go with you?
- Take the cover.
Sybil, the keys
my car quickly.
You would not have helped
with the police, Mrs. Harper.
Have lied. There would
spoken of blackmail
Like Mr. Donely.
Do not listen to me.
If I had done ...
- Where?
- Right.
Something happened.
- Donely?
- Go back to the car, Lucia. back.
- Stay away.
- Sybil!
- Sybil, takes the car
and will ask for help!
I can not move.
I'm stuck.
I could catch it.
No, do not.
Leave me as I am.
Do not even touch me.
They must not find me here.
It should go up. Listen to me.
Does everything
When find Nagel here
not know what happened.
He was with me when
had the accident.
But if you will ruin everything
find when they arrive here.
You have to be brave.
Spoil everything is.
Have been in vain.
Within a few minutes I'll be fine
And lead me
the doctor will take care of me.
But you have to get away from me.
vai quick, Lucia.
- Vai.
- None
Come on, move away.
Hurry, Lucia.
Come on, Mrs Harper.
I drive.
Lady phone.
Called Berlin.
Is Mr. Harper.
You are on the phone.
- Mom, we saw an accident.
- Quiet, David.
- Is Mr. Harper, of Berlin.
- Dad?
Mother had to stop,
police said ...
Said ... that
Man injured ...
Confessed ...
Darby killed.
Arrived before
he died.
And, mother,
they told me it was ...
- One time, Dad.
- What happens down there?
It's Dad, Grandpa.
Christmas gifts.
Let a tree.
All is well except
we feel your absence.
Yes, Tom