Reclaim (2014) Movie Script

a country brought to its knees.
A 7.2 magnitude earthquake
has hit Haiti.
The capital, Port-au-Prince,
was literally torn apart.
The earthquake lasted all of a minute.
The intensity so strong,
within seconds a cloud of dust
covered the city.
And many people are still
trapped in the rubble.
Some may still be alive,
but getting out alive will be
a very desperate effort.
There's truly no way of knowing
just how many people are dead.
Bodies are reportedly stacked
in streets.
It's feared the number of people killed
could now reach 200,000.
200,000 children
without a mother or father
even before this earthquake.
A country which only seems
to know the worst of times
- is tonight just trying to survive.
- Mama! Mama!
But it is the human losses
which are most shocking.
Mama! Mama!
"My name is Nina.
I am seven years old. "
I can't believe we're finally here.
Are you nervous?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I mean, I'm excited.
We got to be close, right?
I hope so.
- Hello, hello, I'm Gabrielle.
- Hi.
Mrs. Reigert, nice to meet you finally.
- Steven.
- Shannon.
- Shannon, how are you?
- Excited.
I don't think
I've slept in a couple of days.
But we made it and we're here.
Well, let's delay no longer.
Um, actually, I'm gonna tip our driver.
Oh, no, no, that's all taken care of.
The car will wait for you.
Come on.
- Great.
- Okay.
AII I need is one more week
to secure her passport,
but all the Haitian
and Puerto Rican documents
are signed and sealed officially.
This is my office.
My assistant Maryanne.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Please make yourselves comfortable.
I'll just go and get the little one.
All right.
Do you realize when
she comes back, we're parents?
- I'm gonna take a picture.
- Okay, of course you are.
Okay, this way.
I'm Shannon.
- Bonjour.
- Bonjour.
- Merci.
- Bonjour, Nina.
Do you remember this guy
I showed you on the computer?
Boy, oh boy.
We've been getting to know each other.
Haven't we, ma petite?
I believe congratulations are in order.
Okay, squeeze up.
All you have to do now is have fun,
relax, get to know Nina.
And if I can,
I'll come down on Sunday
just to see how she's settling in.
Oh, I don't know that that's necessary.
In fact, you know, maybe it's better
- if we just spend some time...
- No, no.
They get separation anxiety.
Not that I coddled her,
but they do form attachments
in a very short period of time.
And, uh, the passport?
That should be ready
Wednesday the latest.
Well, it's so nice of you
to put us up like this.
Oh, it's all part of the service.
In my experience,
a nice quiet place by the beach
is just the right environment
for these children to bond.
To get the sense
that everything's okay now,
if you know what I mean?
I'm gonna...
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
We just became parents.
Look at this.
Hey, guys.
Let's walk down
and check out the beach.
Great idea.
The guy at the front
said it was 83 water.
Is that what they said?
You swim?
You guys going down to the surf?
- Yeah.
- Oh, it's beautiful.
It's beautiful here.
I just got here,
I'm gonna go get my trunks
and go in, I think.
- Okay.
- I'm Benjamin.
Hey, Steven Mayer.
- Nice to meet you.
- This is my wife Shannon.
- Hi, Shannon. Pleasure.
- Hi.
And our daughter Nina.
Hi, Nina. How are you?
- Where are you guys from?
- Chicago.
Chicago, Illinois. Nice.
Yeah, I was gonna say...
I'm born in Minnesota,
but yes, Chicago.
I'm a Chicago girl now.
- Yeah yeah, sure.
- That's where we met... art school.
Oh, Art Institute of Chicago, right?
Yeah, yeah,
I know it well.
You on vacation or...?
Yeah, one of these
corporate swag-a-thon things.
You know, a little work, little play.
We're just staying
right there though. It's beautiful.
Beautiful suites.
Oh, we're in that one.
Oh, great, neighbors.
Well, maybe I'll see you around
later for a drink or something.
Thank you, that's nice.
I think, um, we're just gonna
have an early night tonight
- and spend some time as a family.
- Yeah.
Great. All right.
Leave you to it.
- All right, man, see you around.
- Enjoy it.
Have a great day at the beach.
It's nice to meet you, Mi...
- it's Nina? Nina!
- Nina.
- It's our neighbor.
- Yeah.
- What's a swag-a-thon?
- Yeah.
These I got for you.
I thought they would look good.
Oh, they fit.
- She's adorable.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, yeah?
- Oui.
- Oui?
- Yeah?
- Oui.
- She says, "Get over here. "
- Okay.
- Papa should get over here.
- All right.
That's our house.
Our house.
And that's your room.
It's yellow. What's yellow?
- The water nice?
- Yes, feel.
You said you were gonna get in.
I will, I will.
This is...
she's so adorable.
We know what we're doing, right?
Whatever we don't know
we'll figure out.
Stupid people have kids every day.
It works out, right?
Right? Right?
Tragic, but true.
And we're not stupid, so...
To not being stupid.
- I love you.
- I'm sorry if I... it's Steve?
- Hey.
- Steven?
Steven and Shannon.
- Veronica and Salo.
- Hi.
Hope we didn't keep you up last night.
We were a little over-served.
- We were a little loud.
- Oh, don't worry about it, man.
- All good.
- Okay.
See you later.
Jeez, is he going north later?
Nina. Nina!
I want to see
if you can do this, okay?
You know what a...
you know what a cartwheel is?
I took high school French.
I don't know.
You like that?
Watch this one, watch.
Keep practicing.
Yes, yes.
Your crazy daddy.
And... voila!
You want to decorate it?
That's a good idea.
That is perfect.
Nina, regard.
Over there,
across the ocean...
that's where our house is.
- La maison?
- Mm-hmm.
Soon as we get your passport,
we'll go there.
That looked so good,
I had to join you.
Nothing like a cool drink
on a hot day. Cheers.
Cheers. Yeah, they do a good
Virgin Mary if you like those.
- Not bad.
- You... you don't drink?
Need a little hair
of the dog, you know?
I just needed a minute from the sun.
She's really beautiful, Nina.
You must be really excited.
Yeah, we're insanely lucky.
She's, um...
she's adopted I take it, huh?
Where from?
- From Haiti.
- Haiti.
Why Haiti? Do you know?
I mean, do you have any...
We didn't really specify.
It was more just...
do something good for someone in need.
And anyplace where it's bad,
it's even worse for children.
I was in Haiti.
I know how bad it is there.
You were in Haiti?
Yeah, working with an NGO.
Terrible there.
Anyway, the reason
I asked you is because I admire you.
Thank you.
You know,
because I was adopted.
I was a foster kid.
You know, it's tough.
- Oh, I was adopted.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Wow, cheers.
The world's a lot better place
for you and your husband doing it.
Thank you, that's nice.
What's your tat?
It's a poem.
Let me see your hand there.
- "Invictus. "
- "Invictus. "
Look at that life line.
Nina, looks good.
- C'est bon.
- C'est bon.
You've reached
International Rescue Adoptions.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Hey, Mrs. Reigert,
it's, uh, Steven Mayer.
Um, we had a great
couple days at the resort,
but we decided to move
to the Caribbean Hotel.
It's closer to Old San Juan,
and there's more stuff
for kids to do here, so...
Hi, Steven.
Oh, hey... hey, Gabrielle.
Um, yeah, the neighbors
were a little loud last night,
so we kind of decided we'd move.
Oh, that's not good,
keep you awake.
No, no, no. It's fine,
and we appreciated being there.
It's just, um...
The Caribbean Hotel, you said?
I know it well.
It's beautiful.
You're gonna love it there.
Hey, any word on the passport?
Oh, still Monday or Tuesday
or even Wednesday I'm afraid.
It'll come by registered post.
How's Nina?
She's just, uh...
she's great.
We're all very, very happy.
Feels like she's been with us forever.
Good, good.
Well, you have a great time.
Enjoy yourselves.
Okay, catch up Monday.
Okay, thanks.
She picked the pink one.
- I think I did all right.
- I like it.
I did good, right?
Want to see? Tu veux voir?
I should take...
You're asleep already?
I'm so tired.
Like mother, like daughter.
Baby, I'm kind of wired.
I think I'm gonna take a walk.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I'll be back.
Love you.
Love you too.
And here's the weather for Chicago...
Baby, it was only a few drinks.
It's always only two drinks.
- Steven, come on.
- What?
All right, just...
let me give her a kiss, okay?
And you have
the best mommy in the world.
That's true, but...
but Mommy's trying to get us home.
And you've had too much to drink, so...
Low of 46.
On Sunday, partly sunny...
- You guys are everywhere.
- Hi.
- What are you drinking?
- This guy here.
- Grab a table, Salo.
- Good to see you again.
What do you want, man?
What are you drinking?
I think I'm on my way out.
Don't worry about it.
I'm buying, so...
might as well have one.
A near beer.
- Non-alcoholic?
- Yeah.
Uh, four, one...
No alcohol?
Not tonight.
Are you guys from here, the island?
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- Locals.
- Beautiful place to live.
Not as good as America though, right?
I wouldn't say that.
It's amazing here.
- It's fucking amazing here, right?
- Yeah, I love it.
I like Puerto Rican Chinese girls.
Here you go.
Go easy on that one there.
Yeah, I don't drink much anymore,
but I still like
the taste of beer, so...
I don't know, man.
I... I quit for a while,
and then I realized
I really wanted... alcohol.
Steven here is on a mission of mercy.
- A mission?
- Well...
He adopts needy kids
from Dante's inferno
and whisks them back to America.
We're adopting one.
The little girl
you saw us on the beach with,
she's a Haitian refugee.
And we're adopting her.
- Oh, that's lovely.
- Isn't it?
Did you ever spend
any time down there? Like...
No, not that region.
Yeah, I spent some time down there.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. I was doing like a...
working with security
for this place called PNC...
guards medical supplies.
And it was kind of a...
- After the earthquake?
- Yeah, mm-hmm.
Yeah. Anyway, here's to you.
It's a great thing
what you're doing, man.
- Cheers.
- Appreciate it.
All right, guys, I told Shannon
I'd be five minutes,
so I'm gonna head out.
- You can't go now, man.
- Why can't I?
You can't walk out on your round.
It's basic Puerto Rican manners.
We get you a round,
you get us a round.
You owe us a round.
See, we got you the first round.
Now, you get us the second round.
I understand, okay.
I can... I can do that.
Salo's got a lot of rules.
That's not a rule.
Come on, man.
Can I get another round
of what he ordered?
There's etiquettes everywhere.
Is it expensive?
- What's that?
- Well, the whole process.
You know,
cutting through all the red tape.
Um, I suppose if one does,
but we went a more
straightforward route.
No, I mean, is it hard...
like, do you have to need an expeditor
or do they bilk you
for more and more money
or anything?
I mean, you know, I...
I can't speak to that.
The waiting is difficult.
You know, but...
- There it is.
- You guys having another?
Yeah. Here, brother.
You got to drink that.
Um, let's see.
Um, this should cover
both rounds.
You guys have a great evening.
All right, bud.
- Is that for me, dude?
- We're not good enough for you?
- Shannon, it's not what you think.
- Have you lost your mind?
I didn't do anything, I promise.
I didn't know where you were.
You call me from a police station
in the middle of the night.
They wouldn't let me just
walk out of here on my own.
I had no choice.
It's the way they do things here.
Have you been drinking?
No, the guy dumped beer on me.
It was the weird people from the cabin
that we keep running into.
They just twisted the story all around.
Sir. Sign here, will you please?
Is this really happening?
Are we really back here?
I didn't do...
Nina, um...
Nina, I'm sorry
Mommy had to wake you up
in the middle of the night.
I hope you can forgive me.
Heard it was the wild,
wild west out there, huh?
It was, um,
a misunderstanding.
Yeah, you had a run-in
with some troublemakers, I understand?
Yes, actually, I did.
I was attacked for no reason.
I tried to explain that
to your officers.
Yeah, well, a nice family like you
shouldn't have to deal
with that type of nonsense.
Life shouldn't have
to be that complicated.
That's my card if you need anything.
And who might this little florecita be?
It's our daughter, Nina.
Well, look,
we really love tourists here,
so please enjoy yourselves.
Do yourself a favor...
stay out of bars for awhile, okay?
Yes, sir.
You up?
Baby, I'm sorry about last night.
It won't happen again.
Do you know what I...
what I really think would make
everything better?
- That's easy.
- I'm the world's cheapest date.
You order pancakes,
I'll see if Nina's awake.
Nina, honey.
Nina, honey.
She's not up here!
What do you mean she's not here?
Nina! Honey?
Her shoes are gone!
The door was locked.
She's not here.
- Nina!
- Nina!
- I'll ask reception.
- Okay.
- Nina!
- Nina!
I'm looking for my daughter.
She was in her room.
She's been missing...
I don't know for how long.
- Nina!
- She's seven years old,
- She's about this tall.
- Excuse me, sir, can I help you?
Yeah, our daughter's missing.
Okay, how old is she?
Uh, she's seven, she's Haitian.
Maybe you saw her
come through the lobby?
I'm sorry.
- She was wearing...
- She was wearing, uh, pink pajama pants
- with polka dots and a blue t-shirt.
- Okay, calm down, calm down.
You know, the little ones,
they go where they want
and suddenly they turn up, so...
- Oh my God, Steven!
- ... not to worry.
- Sir? Sir?
- The pool!
- She's in the pool!
- Sir?
This isn't happening.
Someone on your staff had to see her.
Mr. Mayer,
there's certain protocol
that we follow here,
and we're doing that.
Getting angry with the staff?
It's not gonna help.
- What about security footage?
- We're looking into that.
She can't have just disappeared.
Children do wander off.
A seven-year-old with a complex past,
brand new set of circumstances,
bewildered, overwhelmed.
We're looking into every possibility.
And considering
the conflict the other night,
we have to investigate that.
Can you make a list
of other places you've been
since you arrived
and the people that you met?
And also,
do you have any photos of Nina?
I'll get my computer.
If she did wander off alone,
she's probably out there hungry by now.
Someone has to notice
a little girl all alone.
What about the adoption agency?
- How well did they know her?
- We've been calling them.
We're waiting for Nina's
passport to come through.
They didn't answer yesterday.
I'm trying to bring up her
profile picture on the website, but...
there's no website.
How much did you pay
for this adoption?
Excuse me.
We'll be in touch.
I'm sorry.
We've been parents for 48 hours.
She couldn't have
walked out on us, could she?
What do you mean?
I mean, she couldn't have
wanted to, right?
She seemed so happy.
AII I ever wanted to be was a mother.
Pretend with my little sister,
I'd... bathe her and feed her
and tuck her in at night.
I swore that when I had kids of my own
I would never abandon them
the way that my birth mother...
mother abandoned me.
So we have to find her, okay?
We will, okay? We will.
I just... because...
because I don't know what to do, Steven,
and I don't know where she is.
I'm going back to that office.
You think that that's a good idea?
No one's answering the phone,
the website's down.
I'm gonna go confront her directly.
Maybe we should just let
the cops handle that.
The cops don't care, Shannon.
We're tourists.
They got enough problems of their own.
- Just... just keep looking.
- Okay, go. I'll keep looking, okay.
What the fuck?
- Mrs. Mayer.
- You had some new info?
Well, we contacted the consulate
and your paperwork was never processed.
No Gabrielle Reigert
or Nina Duvalier.
That has to be a mistake.
Let me guess.
She told you she would contact you
when your passport came in,
so all Nina had to do was wander off
at the appointed time
into her waiting arms.
No, um...
No, our room was locked.
We would've heard the door open.
The scam is called reclaiming.
And, unfortunately, it's not rare.
What they do,
they get as much money as they can,
take the kid back,
on to the next victim.
New web site, new city, new country.
It's very hard to track.
- It's all over Asia now.
- This website had, um...
it had all these, uh,
links, and it had testimonials.
Well, websites will do that.
Where's your husband?
Sir, sir...
No, no.
uh, just keep that.
Thank you.
I don't know exactly.
He's out looking for her.
Yeah, we heard about
a break-in in Old San Juan.
I don't know anything about that.
We don't need vigilantes.
We're gonna find the girl.
Comandante, this, um...
this scam that you're talking about...
it might be true...
but it also might not be.
- So you have to keep looking for her.
- We will keep looking.
- You have to find her.
- We will.
Sorry, have you seen this little girl?
Sorry, I'm just looking
for this little girl.
Can you just look at the photo?
Esta Nia.
Um, have you seen her?
Esta Nia. Can you...
no, you haven't seen her?
This little girl, have you seen her?
I did a really stupid thing, Shannon.
We did a stupid thing.
No, I did.
You looked so happy.
We just finished painting her room.
Everything was set.
And then I get an email out of nowhere
saying the whole thing fell apart.
What are you talking about?
She said she could make it go away.
She... she said no one would know...
so I paid her.
We'd already paid.
I paid her more to make it work.
How much more?
Another 30.
Fuck, Steven.
Steven, you're telling me you bought
our daughter on the black market.
No, no. No.
She was
an official expeditor, Shannon.
She had...
you saw her credentials,
and that office.
Baby, we were so close.
What was I supposed to do?
What about run it by me?
I wanted everything to work out.
And so what?
You decided that you would
just take shortcuts as usual?
We were on a waiting list
back home, remember?
Another two to three more years.
I was fine to wait.
Oh, sure, you were fine to wait.
If you already paid her,
why didn't she just not show up?
There were...
additional fees... this week.
The money came through yesterday.
- I guess she was waiting...
- Are you fucking serious?
...and the passport story
was there to just string us along.
More than the 30?
Not as much... another 10.
We're never gonna see her again.
Maybe she was never ours.
- Maybe none of this was real.
- It was real.
You felt it too, didn't you?
Yeah, I thought I did.
But... is she...
does she even belong to us, legally?
If this is a scam, if they're criminals,
- do we even stick around?
- She's a little girl.
She's out there somewhere
with God knows what kinds of people.
She was supposed to be our daughter.
Doesn't that mean we're supposed to try?
Of course it does.
let's drive around some more.
I just... I need some time, okay?
You drive around.
Hey, Shannon. Shannon?
It's Benjamin and Veronica.
- I just wanted to say we're really...
- I know that.
...sorry for what happened
the other night.
It was just a misunderstanding,
I know Steven didn't pick
a fight with you.
He's so passive,
he wouldn't hurt a fly.
He didn't pick a fight with me,
it was my buddy Salo, anyway.
We just didn't know
that he didn't drink.
Look, my daughter's missing,
so I don't...
can we just not?
You're daughter's missing?
Where is she?
Yeah, it's all...
it's all part of some scam.
A scam?
Yeah, these people,
they just... they, um...
they give you a little girl,
they get a 100 grand from you...
and then they take her back.
100 grand? Oh my God.
Well, what are you gonna do?
Did you talk to the police?
- Yeah, I called the cops.
- What did they say?
- I mean, what's the next step?
- Will you excuse me?
How do you not tell me
about something that big...
Shannon, I knew if I told you
about the money you would've just...
If you told me about the money,
I would've said it was a bad idea.
Yeah, okay, well, I thought
I was making a good decision for us.
This isn't about doing something good.
It's about your
complete lack ofjudgment.
A marriage is a partnership, okay?
You never talk to me!
We are still gonna talk about this.
I know where she is.
- I'm calling the police.
- Wait.
Benjamin has her.
- What are you talking about?
- I can take you to her.
Why should we trust you?
We don't have another option.
Is she okay?
She's fine. She's just scared.
- Why are you helping us?
- Yeah.
Because I don't want to be a part of it.
Say a fucking word I'm gonna
blow your head off, okay?
- Go to the wall.
- Put your hands up on the wall.
Against the wall now!
Hands down.
Shh. Put your hands
behind your back.
Get the tape.
Be quiet.
Thank you. Okay.
All right, stay there. Wallet?
All right.
Hotel room key.
Check them out,
you drive their rental car.
See you there.
Let's move.
Feet up.
Welcome to your Puerto Rican
vacations, motherfuckers.
Get the fuck out! Hurry up!
Move. Move.
Move, you fucking gringo.
Move, you motherfucker!
Sit down. Sit the fuck down!
Sit the fuck down!
Motherfucker, I will shoot
your fucking brains out.
What did you do with Nina?
She's fine, really.
Nina's fine, no problem.
Please, just tell us what you want.
All in good time.
So you got somebody in Chicago
that looks after your money?
- Our money?
- Yeah.
Shannon, you come from money.
And you had a big fucking pile of it
even before the accident, right?
There's nothing left.
$2.9 million settlement?
Think I'm a fucking moron?
August 12th, 2010,
"Chicago Sun Times,"
"Chicago woman receives
civil settlement in city tragedy.
Late afternoon it was ruled
that the Cooke County
Department of Public Works
was at fault when a waste disposal truck
collided with Shannon Mayer,
27, of Oak Park... "
Please, stop it.
"... claiming the life
of her unborn daughter. "
- That's enough!
- And you lost
the ability to bear more children.
All right, so you have money.
What did you do with it?
I mean, you don't strike me
as the extravagant type.
We... we bought a house.
We, um... we rebuilt a life.
We started a charitable trust.
- We adopted Nina.
- You know what you did?
You invested.
- Right?
- He's a... toy designer.
We don't really make that much,
and I haven't worked since the accident.
What kind of fucking toys do you make?
All right,
you didn't work after the accident?
I'm telling you, man,
there's nothing there.
you're supposed to be a smart guy.
I know all about you.
All right,
we have something in common here.
You know this woman,
Gabrielle Reigert?
That's not her real name.
Her real name is Angie.
So this funny, little woman
comes up to me in some shit-hole,
business-class airport lounge
and says, "Come do this thing. "
"Who is this woman?" I'm thinking.
"What is she, fucking Intel?
What is she, Blackwater?
Christian Outreach?"
I don't give a fuck.
She says, "I pay cash.
$25,000 a pop. "
So to be fair to you,
it's not just you
and your bank accounts
that I don't altogether trust.
Like maybe she burned me a little bit.
And after your wife and I had
a little get together in town...
nothing untoward, brother,
nothing untoward...
well, I decided we had
to check out a few things.
See, usually we just take the kid
and you leave the island
burning in shame.
But necessity brings us
together one more time.
And while we're here, you know,
we're gonna do this other thing
because this is, after all,
what we do for a living.
You're wasting your time.
I don't think I am, Steven.
Okay, we want to do
Bank of America or Citibank?
Bank of America?
Okay, Steven,
now we need the passcode,
so it'll all go a lot easier
if you just give it to me.
I'm telling you,
you are wasting your fucking time.
All right,
now I think you're Iying to me.
And I don't think you're
the only one who's Iying to me.
But I'm telling you something,
I'm sick of being lied to,
so let's be really clear about
what the stakes are.
Those are the stakes!
We'll blow her fucking brains out!
- Leave her alone!
- Blow her brains out next!
- Leave her alone!
- Tell him the fucking password!
- Leave her alone!
- The password! Shit.
All right, okay, all right, all right!
Okay! All right.
- What is it?
- 7-1-2...
Is that it?
- Hold on, just...
- Let go of her.
- Let go of her.
- Let her go!
- Shut the fuck up!
- Hey, hey, come on now.
- You piece of shit.
- Shut the fuck up, motherfucker.
Hey, calm down.
Everybody take a deep breath, okay?
Baby, I shouldn't have been
so drunk that night.
If I wasn't and you didn't
have to come get me,
none of this would have ever happened.
We wouldn't be here.
I know I can't change the past.
- God knows I wish I could.
- Baby, this is not your fault.
But I can get us out of this,
I promise you.
I promise.
Good morning.
So, listen...
I got an email from Jerry,
your man in Chicago.
Uh, what's his name,
Rosenberg something?
Anyway, he emailed,
the transfer's gonna take 48 hours.
So today is gonna be
kind of a lay-around day,
you know, nothing to do.
Look, I'm not a monster or anything,
I'll bring you some food and water,
and maybe you can even
take a shower or something.
How do you live with yourself?
I'm sorry.
What was that?
How do you live with yourself?
Yeah, you know, it's rough, Shannon,
but, just... I do what I can.
What happens to Nina?
You can have her when this is all done.
I don't give a fuck about the kid.
If things go smooth, the kid's yours.
How do we know she's alive?
Well, that's a fair question.
Let me get back to you on that, Steven.
Answer the fucking question!
You're gonna get to see your daughter.
She's in that house,
Shannon, I know it.
- They're gonna kill us, no matter what.
- No, no, no.
We're gonna get the money.
They'll give us Nina back.
- They can blindfold us and...
- Nobody even knows that we're here.
Shannon, we are getting out of this.
You go into the bank.
You have to tell them everything.
No, baby, no.
No, we have to give them what they want.
It's only money.
They're after the money.
They'll let us go.
Somebody help us!
Somebody help us!
Help! Somebody help us!
They think you want to kill them.
Nina showered, ready for bed?
You want me to check on her?
A little bit to the left.
Left, over here.
- Here?
- Yeah.
All right.
I've got anotherjob for you
- Starting next week.
- Oh, yeah?
It's a west coast couple,
San Francisco,
arriving Saturday.
Listen, Benny, um...
this job's not as good
as the one we're doing now,
but I'm still confident
we'll see about 15 out of it each.
- Price is going down?
- Well, just a little.
It's still worth it.
I might be able to squeeze
a little bit more out of them.
So, I'll see you
in a few days with Nina, right?
- Of course.
- Okay.
Everything okay?
Oh, Waldo.
Listen to the happy laughter
of those friendly natives.
Then there's the one about the...
All right.
That's today.
It's a big day.
We're gonna go to the bank.
We'll get you the money.
Okay, we're gonna cooperate
and we're gonna get you the money...
and then we're gonna
forget all about you.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Please, just take the money
and let us go.
That's exactly what I'm gonna do.
I don't want any violence.
We good?
When you get to the bank,
Salo's gonna uncuff you,
then you're on your own.
He's gonna be following you,
but not like he knows you.
If you do anything
or if you tip anybody off,
last thing he does
before he leaves the bank,
is shoot you.
If he shoots you, that means
we're not getting our money,
which basically means,
we're shooting you in anger.
It goes without saying,
we don't want
to shoot you or your wife.
So that's it, that's the play.
It's up to you, man.
Don't fuck up.
Hey, we're gonna leave soon. Yeah?
And we're gonna do
the same thing we did before.
We're gonna pack up and travel
and maybe meet another family
and play the same game.
Okay? You're doing great.
Hi, my name's Steven Mayer.
Mr. Lopez is expecting me.
Oh, yes, Mr. Mayer,
the transfer, right?
Please, let me check your documents.
It's a long drive out here.
We're staying in...
is it "Monaba"?
- Maunabo.
- Maunabo.
There's a big tunnel out there, yeah?
Oh, yes.
Let me get Mr. Lopez for you.
Alfonso Lopez, how do you do?
Uh, Steven Mayer, thank you so much
for getting this done.
Unusual transaction.
Sometimes in Puerto Rico we have
problems with money laundering.
Oh, we're, uh...
we're buying land here,
It cost $600,000,
but they said they would
knock off $100,000
if we paid cash, so...
Excuse me.
Enjoy your property.
Thank you.
Give me the money bag.
Not until I have Nina and my wife.
This isn't time to fuck with me, okay?
I need to get to Maunabo.
Quickly please, por favor.
We good?
We got a problem.
What kind of problem?
I lost him.
We got out of the bank,
he just took off with the fucking money.
Stay there.
Pack up, laptops, everything.
Meet me at Angie's in 15 minutes.
Can I use your phone?
It's an emergency.
It's Steven Mayer.
I'm on my way to Maunabo.
Shannon's there in a shed somewhere
and Nina's there.
Benjamin kidnapped us.
Okay, Steve,
I need you to slow down.
- Tell me where you are.
- I'm in a cab.
Okay, so the place...
it's about a mile after you
come out of the Maunabo tunnel.
Um, you'll see a boat in a tree.
Okay, look, this is what
I need you to do, okay?
I need you to take
that cab to the station.
We're on our way to Maunabo.
And as soon as we find your family,
I will call you, okay?
There won't be enough time.
- You got him?
- What?
- Do you have him?
- No.
Keep looking.
Boy, oh, boy.
Nina, stay in your room!
All right,
it's gonna be a left up here.
You'll see...
you'll see a boat in a tree.
He's here.
Load the shotgun, take the safety off.
When he gets out of the car,
put him on the ground.
Wait here a minute.
I'll be right out.
- We're going back to San Juan?
- Yeah.
Lie down. Drop the bag.
Salo, you piece of shit, you lost him.
He's coming back here now.
The police will be here any second.
You still have time to go.
I said drop the fucking bag.
They're gonna arrest you.
Get the fuck out of here!
Go! Get out of here!
I said drop it!
Benjamin is on his way back.
What's he paying you?
Whatever it is, I'll double it.
I have money right here.
- Look, I'll show you.
- Hey!
Turn around!
Turn around now!
Let's go! Get in the house!
Shannon, come on, let's go!
Nina! Come on.
Good girl. Come on.
- Is she okay?
- She's good, she's good.
Come on, in you go.
Come on.
Okay, drive.
Go, go, go.
He's turning around.
He's coming.
It's okay.
Get down!
Baby, you okay?
Nobody move, nobody move.
Stay still, Shannon.
I'm gonna get out
and come to that window, okay?
- You okay, baby?
- Yeah.
Okay, Nina, you're gonna come with me.
You're gonna come with me.
Hang on to me, Nina.
Shannon, grab me.
Grab me, grab me.
Grab me, Shannon.
- What?
- You got to let me go.
You're gonna need both hands.
Steven, you've got to let me go.
You've got to save Nina!
All right,
grab onto something, honey.
- Grab on!
- I got it. I got it.
- Okay, I got it.
- Come on, it's okay. Come on.
Just look at me.
Stay here, all right?
All right, Shannon,
give me your hands.
Shannon, hang on! Hang on!
Hang on!
Hang on! Hang on!
- Grab the strap!
- I can't.
You got to do it.
- Grab the strap.
- I can't!
Come on, you got to do it,
just grab it.
Mama, Mama!
Where's Benjamin?
His car's down there.
- I think he's dead.
- Anybody else here?
The girlfriend
might still be at the house.
If you send someone,
maybe you can catch her.
You okay, little one?
You okay?
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Please, to the car.
- What's in the bag?
- Uh...
Lot of cash.
- Go.
- Sir.
Stay here and call forensics
to take pictures of the car.
I'll take care of them.
Hey, uh...
I would like to apologize
for not believing you guys
- about those two.
- It's fine. It's not necessary.
Thank you.
Well, you're safe now.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I got you.
You guys okay?
It's okay. Yeah, you?
Don't fucking move!
- Okay, okay.
- Don't fucking move!
Do not move!
- We're gonna go for a little walk.
- Shannon, just stay calm.
- No, no, no, no. Just take the money.
- Stay calm.
- You son of a bitch!
- What?
- Just take the money!
- Oh, I'm gonna take the money.
One more stop.
Go home, Nina.
Hey, you want this?
- Go on up.
- All right.
- Home sweet home, Nina.
- Ben?
- What the fuck, Ben?
- What kind of woman uses children?
- Fuck off!
- Sit the fuck down.
What the fuck, Ben?
Big day, Angie.
- Change of plans.
- Where's the husband?
Oh, he's in the trunk...
trunk of the car out there.
We got a cop car.
We got two cars I got to get rid of.
Dead bodies, cops.
I don't know where Veronica is.
Salo's dead.
These are not my problems, Ben.
What's mine is yours, Angie.
AII I'm saying is,
we should be discreet.
An opportunity arose
and I had to act fast.
- An opportunity?
- They had more money.
So, you got more money.
That's great.
Like I said, it's been a big day.
Of course.
Shannon, this is Angie.
Angie, Shannon.
Angie is sort of the mastermind
of this whole thing.
She organizes everything
and she seduces
the young couples like you
who don't want the, you know,
fresh new puppies from the pet shop.
You'll take the older ones
'cause you got a conscience.
Nina, sweetie,
will you go play in your room?
The adults have to talk.
Go on, baby.
Like I said,
it's been a big day.
Ben, I think we should do
what needs to be done.
We'll do it together.
We're partners, after all.
I'll help you... cars, bodies.
- Yeah?
- Okay.
You got my cut?
Of course I got your cut.
How much?
The usual.
50% of 50 grand.
How much you pay, Shannon?
Ben, there is
a lot more money coming in.
You're gonna get a lot
more money, sweetheart.
Every little bit counts, right?
I'm gonna give you more...
- No!
- Nina!
Go back to your room.
- Go back to your room.
- Nina!
What happened, bitch?
You hurt your ankle?
Fuck you.
You don't have to do this.
You can have the money.
You can have whatever you want.
We're good people.
I know you're good people.
I mean, I know the difference.
You know?
You would have been
really good for Nina.
Yeah, we would have been.
Yeah, we would have been.
We would have taken
really good care of her. Please.
Please, please don't kill me.
Put it down!
Put the gun down!
Or what, Steven,
you gonna shoot me in the back?
- Yes, I will.
- We both know you're not gonna do that.
- Man, I swear to God I'll do it.
- Yeah?
Your wife's got more balls than you
- and she's unarmed.
- Don't fucking test me!
Put the gun down!
I've seen the way
you look at him. I know.
It's okay. It's okay.
- Oh my God.
- It's okay now.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
- Nina.
- Nina.
Nina, no, no, no.
Put... put the gun down
on the ground.
We're not gonna hurt you.
We want to take care of you.
Nina. Nina.
- It's okay now, sweetheart.
- It's okay.
We want to take care of you, Nina,
but you have to put the gun down.
We want to take you home.
And you'll have your own room...
your yellow room, Nina.
You want to come with us?
Great job.
Good girl.
You all right?
You don't have to do this anymore, okay?
We're gonna take care of you.
Come on.
You're okay. It's okay.
Good girl.