Recovery (2016) Movie Script

You're nervous.
Well... I don't know
what to say.
She likes football players,
Why don't you just tell her
you're trying out...
For the team next year?
I'm not.
God forgives the white lies.
Don't give her a chance
to say "no."
You're a good catch.
You just find that confidence
deep inside you...
And all shall see it.
Buddy, you gotta lose the pin.
It's gonna make a bad first
I'll train you.
She's the one... go get her.
Welcome gift from the girl.
He is not worth it.
What the hell? Let go of me.
I don't even know you.
No, but we feel the same way
about that whore.
I caught my boyfriend mounting
her in the pool house...
An hour ago.
God... I'm-- I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go tell him
she's got three nipples.
And now we're relocating.
Okay... wait. Actually, I have a
better idea. Come with me.
I'm Jesse, by the way.
Oh, Kim... I got to Ben Wilder
Ah, I was wondering why
i hadn't seen you before.
Oh! What's up there?
Ahh. The good stuff.
Seeing as this is now my soon
to be ex-boyfriend's house...
I think I'm inclined to treat
myself to some spoils.
Don't you?
That's a little inflammatory,
don't you think?
Not as inflamed as he'll be.
She's had chlamydia twice.
Do you think I should delete it?
No! Fuck him.
Yeah! Fuck him!
Uh-oh! Stupid bitch problems
go in room 102, ladies.
What the hell? What do you want,
What do you want?
Dr. horvath's Percocet,
yoga Emily's dexedrine...
Or my dad's sublimaze?
Let's get out of here.
One minute.
So, boys, what do all
these make me feel?
The pills?
The perco is gonna numb you and
then lift you. It's intense.
And then this one, uh...
Kinda is the same thing...
But it's an inactive kind
of numb.
So, you know, don't operate
any heavy machinery.
Yeah... so, what about
the minocycline?
What's that gonna make me do?
Yeah, that one is--
I wouldn't take more than
one half of one pill there...
Because it hits you fast,
and it fills you with this--
Yeah, it's weird, because when
Kim's mom gives it to the cat...
It doesn't seem to do shit.
Yeah. You know, there's nothing
sexier than a guy...
Who doesn't know what the fuck
he's talking about.
You guys need to stop selling
animal drugs to teenagers, okay?
We're out of here.
Later, douche bag.
Nice work, man.
Oh, my god... that was brutal!
Screw all of them. I can't wait
to get the hell out of here.
Wait, do you graduate tomorrow,
Yeah, 10:00 am sharp.
Oh, my god, wow.
You know, I just want my last
night as a high schooler...
To be a good one,
you know what I mean?
And if that means me, this here
bottle, then so be it.
It sounds like you want
to wallow.
do you trust me, Jessie?
Don't answer that.
This short skirt, high-heeled
combo is not going to waste.
Let's go dancing, you and me,
looking like this, single...
Now? No-- i-- this isn't exactly
club attire.
You're right, you're
overdressed. Take off the shawl.
Okay, yeah, you want me
to take it off?
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.
I'll be like this...
In the club, dancing by myself,
little half-naked action.
Oh, that's good. Uh-huh.
Yeah, you like that?
Okay, all right, you know what?
Let's do it.
As long as I can go home
first and change.
I like you, Jessie.
We're gonna have so much fun.
We better. Wait, what's your
Twitter handle?
I will hashtag us
"two scorned girls".
Uh, I deleted mine actually.
There are like way too many
creeps on there.
Oh, god, don't I know.
I think I'm in too deep
to delete.
Although, I think it would do
more damage tonight...
If Kent got to see the picture
that I posted.
You're genius.
I know.
All right, let's get out
of here.
Okay, what club do you think
we should go to?
Um, oh, there's that place
downtown called hyperdrive.
Never has a long line...
And it doesn't look too trashy
or discriminating age-wise.
That's a plus... all right.
Who are you texting...
While driving?
Who'd you just invite
to the club?
I know that mischievous look.
Okay, fine, uh, it's this guy
i met a while back.
He graduated last year.
He was super into me, but you
know, not in a creepy way.
Ooh, is he, um...
Is he a theater nerd?
A quarterback?
Your principal?
He's more of a bad boy.
Yeah, he's rough around
the edges... he's got tattoos.
I know.
Hey! No, no, no, no!
Don't, don't, don't!
Hands on the wheel.
"I was just thinking about you,
too! See you soon, pretty girl".
He thinks I'm pretty.
Oh, my gosh, you are
a pretty girl, aren't you?
Why, yes, I am a pretty girl,
aren't I?
Don't you dare!
Kissy face! He's gone.
Agh! Not emoticons!
I used emojis!
I hate those!
Oh, my gosh.
Dude! This club looks ghetto
as hell.
Okay, listen,
I'm a prissy bitch...
But I do not want to get
rejected my first try.
This club is a sure thing.
Yeah... yeah, no, you're right.
I mean, it's not like we're
going to Compton.
Shut up! Come on.
Hey, back so soon? We would
have saved you some dinner.
Hi... mom and dad, this is my
new friend, Kim.
Hi, Kim.
Are you girls hungry?
Oh, no, no, no, no. We're about
to go to a movie, actually.
We were sick of meatheads
doing keg-stands.
Oh, your grad gift is upstairs,
You can open it tonight,
if you want.
Thank you, guys,
i appreciate it.
Yeah, no more excuses when we
can't get hold of you.
It's nice to meet you, Kim.
Okay, nice to meet you, too.
Come on. Bye!
Bye, sweetheart.
Oh my god, I love your room!
I know, I'd never leave it
if I didn't have to.
Oh, nice.
That's it?
Do you have like a ticket
voucher to Amsterdam on there?
What? No. I'm not greedy.
I'm practical.
Yeah, and your last phone
narrowly escaped...
That comet that killed
the dinosaurs.
Shut up!
Don't talk about her like that,
she's very sensitive.
Farewell, my old friend.
That's weird.
Someone was already on.
What's wrong with it?
I don't know, hold on.
Did you guys buy me
a used phone?
No, and don't be sassy
about a gift, Jessie.
All right, wait, this is really
There's already pictures.
That's my house.
And my room?
Oh, my god.
What the hell?
That is not funny!
Oh, god, it was hysterical.
Okay, enough, miles.
Just go to your movie already.
Sorry, this is my brother.
Oh, my god, you are gorgeous,
I'm miles.
You make my heart swell, Kimmy.
Jeez, you made everything
about me swell.
Okay, you're the creepiest
person I've ever met.
You don't mean that.
Shut up, don't bother her.
Oh, my gosh, my feelings.
What else did you do to my
phone, miles?
Well, you know, just gave you
all the coolest new apps.
You're welcome.
Where is your old phone?
Oh, my god, what a piece
of shit... fuck it.
Hey! I gotta get all my old
stuff off of there!
Just give it another minute
to finish, relax.
Wait, miles, did you go
through any of my photos?
No, hell no, I'm afraid
of what I might see.
If that's what you're
concerned about...
Then you'd better go
before I start changing?
Oh, Jess, it touched my face.
So, Kimberly... what club
are we going to?
How did you know about that?
I heard you when you walked in.
You know, I'm just impressed,
You're actually gonna leave
brentwood for once.
You can't tell mom and dad.
Look, for all you know,
we're going to a movie, okay?
Jess, you know I have never
been very good at lying.
Oh, please?
Please, just for once,
don't be a little shit.
No, no, I can't oblige here,
I mean, unless, you know,
i could go to this...
You know, this "movie"
with you guys.
I knew that was coming.
Yeah, you did.
Come on, please, I'd really like
to see a little more...
Of your friend here,
if you know what I mean.
I'm sure the feeling's mutual.
He's not always this
pervy, I swear.
Okay, you can come.
Oh! Oh-pah!
But, but, but, listen, you can't
do anything, anything...
Unless I let you, okay?
I am not arguing.
But, um, hold on one second.
What is this Logan guy's
last name?
How do you even know his na--?
Barlow, why?
Because, I want to check arrest
And make sure you're not
boning a criminal.
Oh, please, come on.
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Okay, okay.
Okay, you can have it.
You know, that's what
brothers are for.
I will see you girls out front.
Can't wait. Later, ladies.
Shall we?
How are you supposed to get some
with him hanging around?
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Excuse me?
Look, if things go rotten,
it's much easier...
If both siblings are
on the chopping block.
The punishment would be like
a lot less harsh, I'm hoping.
So, where'd you guys meet
Butt end of a...
Blonde joke.
Hey, do you have a photo of the
guy she's been texting?
I do not, but for you,
i can find anything.
You know,
it's the 21st century.
Oh god, Jess, please tell me you
did not meet him...
On a "hot or not" page.
I didn't! I didn't.
Oh, he is cute. Yay!
You seem so surprised?
Well, yeah, because I just dm-ed
him this photo of you.
When did you take that?
That is not okay.
You could've picked any number
of skank snaps from her iPhone.
Skank snaps? Do you say that?
You said you didn't look at my
photos, you little pervert!
It was an accident!
And I regret it terribly.
Jessie, you're a budding nympho,
it's okay.
Why did you send him that?
Like, we're about to pick him
up! Undo it!
It is not snapchat.
That shit is permanent.
Okay, okay, Logan is yummy...
And is gonna keep your mind off
the bullshit tonight.
Oh... she is nervous.
Okay, okay, i--
I think that's called
It's a little bit of both.
Breathe, because you
are so nervous.
Shut up.
Wait, this is where he lives?
Yeah, he's 19, he doesn't live
with his parents anymore.
Don't be a pussy, miles.
We can't all live in bel-air
behind security gates.
No, that's not what
i was saying.
I just-- I don't know anything
about this guy.
I'm worried for your sake.
Oh, thank you, you--
what kind of person do you
think lives down here?
Miles, you strong-armed me
into coming out.
Are you really gonna
knit-pick on where we go?
You can not smoke that--
okay, I'm not allowed to?
Yeah, take it from me.
Get out of my face.
Ooh, me, gimme, gimme.
And you know what? I'll probably
just pick up another eighth...
From this drug dealer
boyfriend of yours.
You need to watch your mouth,
Where we're going tonight,
saying shit like that...
Is how you get your ass kicked.
Oh, my god.
What the fuck?
Dude, I'm joking, I'm joking.
My name's Logan.
I'm fucking with you,
it's what it's like.
I'm miles.
That's miles, my brother,
and this is Kim.
See? I told you I'm come out.
I'm glad you weren't lying.
Let's roll.
What's your fucking problem,
Let's just get out of here.
So, Logan... what do you do?
I'm in school, studying
graphic design.
Very nice.
He's being modest,
he's actually really good at it.
What true value is there to
being really good at Photoshop?
How's that for value?
No shit.
Guess you're not that much
of a joke, after all.
Hey, Jess, I would have made you
one, too, but I ran out of time.
Plus, that pic you just sent me
is a little too risqu.
Uh... I didn't send that to you,
actually that wasn't even--
As cute as this is...
How about you tell us where
we're going tonight?
Um, the best downtown club
you've never heard of.
And by best, she means
the worst ID checkers.
Yes, I do.
Okay, so these two can flash
their titties to get in.
But what am I gonna do?
You could show them your dick.
Ah, don't worry about it, man,
we'll figure out a way in.
Didn't know this was
Halloween already.
Ian, come on.
Shit looks seedy.
This area may identify itself
as downtown now...
But I heard before the
It was, uh, referred to as...
The ghetto.
Oh, come on, this isn't
even that bad.
There's tougher places.
Yeah, and I'm sure we'll pass
through them...
On our way to the club.
Two-one coming in.
Thank you.
Come on, now we're having fun.
Vodka redbull, right?
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm going to go check on your
brother, okay?
I'm a little stressed.
I know.
Jessie... come on, Jess,
pick up... pick up.
Oh, my god!
Kent wants to facetime.
How drunk is he?
Drunk enough to say he's sorry.
Okay, you have to fuck with him!
No, I don't.
Yes, you do!
Hey, hey, hey, he cheated on you
at his graduation party...
In front of everyone.
I know that.
Should i--
go kiss Logan.
There's someone out here, Jess.
Jess, I'm worried someone's--
all right.
Excuse us.
Oh, my god.
You are a bad bitch.
I love you.
I love you!
I wouldn't have even
come out...
If my misery didn't have
such great company.
Misery? Screw that, let's get
Do you have any cash?
I do.
Fuck with this.
What is that?
Pure love and cuddles, baby.
Turn this perfect ten night
into a hundred.
I'm not like a druggie
or whatever.
You don't have to do any.
No, I know that.
I mean, miles is right. I guess
i can be kind of like a prude.
I don't mean to be!
Hey, fine, it's fine!
Don't worry! Seriously.
It's okay.
Wow. Hah! You did it.
Fuck it! I'll do it.
Okay, girl!
All right-- oh, shit!
I am so sorry.
It's fine! That's fine. Don't
worry, let's just... use yours.
Lord knows how many
bare asses...
Have banged on this sink
Thank you.
After you.
Have you seen Kim?
You want another drink?
No... have you seen Kim?
She's right outside,
she's on her phone.
Is she okay?
Never mind!
Kim! She has my phone,
my brand, new phone!
What? Wait, why does she
have your phone?
In the bathroom, we used it--
for drugs.
All right, all right,
where does she live?
I have no clue.
This is not the place for a sexy
drunk chick to get lost.
I know that! I'll call my phone.
Straight to voicemail.
Oh, shit, wait...
Did you hear about all the
sexy, drunk chicks...
That went missing from
this exact club?
I heard in-n-out burgers have
been extra meaty since.
All right...
Don't even joke about that shit.
Do you think you're funny?
Miles, when you moved all of my
stuff over to my new phone...
Did you move everything over?
Okay, okay--
what? Why is this bad?
My e-mail account, my bank
accounts, my phone numbers...
My-- my personal photos.
Well, even though some
ghetto-ass dude...
Is definitely gonna see you
And probably, you know,
steal our identity...
Your amazing brother synced the
recovery app on your phone.
So we can find Kim.
It's fritzing out, stop the car.
What do you mean?
It's fritzing out, it's not
working, Jess.
Yo, what's this dude looking at?
It's ah-- it's moved again.
You look ridiculous.
Does that even work?
Stop, it's recalibrating.
You know, big sis...
Maybe we just go home,
get some sleep...
You know, do the regular
Contact her in the morning.
Sure, we'll just tell mom
and dad that, you know...
I was chillin' at a movie...
While my phone was
hanging out downtown?
I swear to god, if I'm going
down for this I am dragging--
yo, what the hell are you doing?
Put up the window!
Put that shit up!
Hey, now don't get cute,
pretty boy...
Gimme the keys and get out
of my car now!
Whoa! Okay, what the fuck?
Drive, Jessie!
Oh, my god!
Drive, Jessie! Drive!
All right! All right!
Fuck you!
Holy shit!
Okay, all right,
that was pretty bad-ass.
Whatever, let's just keep going.
What's Kim's last name? I'll
check if she tweeted anything.
It's Garcia, but--
Ben Wilder.
Ben Wilder.
Whatever we gotta do,
I'm here for you, okay?
Thank you, Logan, that's--
that's nice of you.
No social media anything.
Not even a fucking linkedin.
Hey, bro, you can ask for her
resume when we find her.
Did you fucking say something?
Jess, Jess, the dot's back up.
There she is.
Yeah, pull over here.
Well, she couldn't have picked
a creepier location.
What do you think
she's doing here?
Buying more drugs.
Shut up.
Maybe she just, you know,
went home with a rando...
And was too messed up
to tell us.
Maybe she lives here.
Oh, come on, we can't all live
on the westside.
Look, either way, she has my
phone and I want it back.
We can just-- we can just
like wait it out.
I'll check it out.
Um, I'll-- I'll come with you.
Okay, this is not necessary.
All right, I say we check
the perimeter...
See if there's another way in.
Roger that, Jack Bauer.
Doesn't seem very smart
for a smart girl.
Yeah, well, I was stupid and it
looks like I have made my bed...
Now I have to lay in it.
Actually, I was talking
about Kim...
But if you're comfortable
complimenting yourself...
That's totally cool.
Stupid, little horse.
Did you just feel the drip?
How do your fingers feel?
That'll last like an hour
or so, you'll be fine.
I'm actually glad that
you know that.
Excellent. Hah!
Well, hello.
First time coming down?
Yeah, and last.
Yeah, I wasn't the best kid
at first...
But I figured it out pretty
Better than I did.
This is the first time
i stepped out of line,
here I am, just trying
to get my phone back.
I know it sounds-- it sounds
so stupid now, but...
That phone has more dirt on me
than anyone I know.
Oh, come on...
Don't act like you don't
have anything...
Embarrassing on your phone.
I don't know what you're
talking about.
Oh, please, I bet you're like
the king of snapchat.
The king of what?
What's snapchat?
Are you kidding me?
I'm not-- I'm not, no.
Fucking miles! What the hell?
Oh, my god.
What the fuck?
Have you even looked for Kim?
Kim? Kim!
No shit.
Dude, where did you come
in from?
Uh... here.
You didn't have to crawl
through that.
So, I'm guessing no one is
Which is weird, because--
what? What is it?
The good news is that your
phone is still here.
Okay, and... is there bad news?
I only have five percent
battery left on my phone.
Oh, well...
Just use Logan's phone.
Yeah, uh...
What is that?
You might as well have a beeper.
Okay, it's not really working.
Oh, oh, okay, yeah,
use your phone, Jess.
Oh, wait, you don't have
a phone, do you?
Shut up.
Where do you guys think we
should start first?
Why don't we ask him?
How would I know?
I don't know, you know, it's
just a little convenient...
That shit gets raw
as soon as you show up.
Wait. He didn't mean that.
I swear, sorry.
That's fine. It's fine.
What the fuck are you doing?
Fuck, who knows, he could
be a killer or something.
Now you just stop it, stop it.
I would kill for some water
right now.
Oh... hey, which shot is worse,
hepatitis or tetanus?
Well, both go in the ass,
so you won't feel a thing.
Jess, look at this!
Move over.
Come on.
How are you getting
reception in here?
Do not compare your phone
to mine, bro.
See, a tech-savvy guy like me...
Would never get a piece of shit
phone like that?
Oh, you got $200 you could
loan me?
Yes, yes, actually, I do.
Here, all right-- whoa!
Where are you going?
Smart phone, dumb ass.
Hey, wait!
Look, maybe we should split up,
find your phone faster, yeah?
Okay, but if we're
splitting up...
Absolutely no longer
than 15 minutes, okay?
I don't want to lose track
of either of you.
Fine, let's time it.
Does your sundial here have
like an alarm clock?
It's getting old.
All right, back here in 15.
Okay. Good luck.
Good... have fun!
Hello, Jesse and Logan.
Hey! Those are Kim's heels.
You sure?
Yeah, she jammed them in my shin
while we were dancing.
I'm positive.
Well, see? Maybe she
does live here.
That wouldn't make sense.
If she goes to Ben Wilder high,
then she has to live near me.
Let's just find my phone and
find Kim...
And get the hell out of here.
Yeah, yeah, leaving sounds
What is going on with all
these cameras?
See you guys later.
All right, you take those rooms
down there, I'll go down here.
Aw... oh, god, perfect!
well, hello, ladies.
What do we have here?
Felicia, Rachel... play date.
sorry, I'm sorry.
Oh, my god.
I have to show you this.
Come here.
Oh, god.
What the hell is in there?
Hopefully your phone.
This was locked a second ago.
That's fucking disgusting.
What the fuck is this?
Your guests seem nice.
Where actually are you?
Shit, is that Kim?
Holy shit, that's Kim.
Shit... it's the alarm.
Let's-- let's not leave your
brother hanging, yeah?
Wait, wait, wait...
I saw something.
Shit, run!
Are you okay?
Who are you?
How long have you been here?
What is this place?
I don't think she gets out much.
Fuck-- shit.
We're gonna get you
out of here, okay?
Everything's locked!
What the hell is going on here?
If you're family, you can't
Wait, did you see a kid
come in here?
Have you seen my brother miles?
Please, I need to find
him. Have you seen him?
Have you seen anyone?
There's a car out front!
Oh, my god, Logan!
Fuck this! Follow me!
Come on!
Where are you at, buddy?
No rush... I'm patient.
The crawl space! Come on!
Wait, did you see another girl
come through here?
My friend Kim, did you see her?
No, no, no, no!
Jessie... Jessie!
Keys! Fucking keys!
Agh! Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
There's somebody in there!
Fuck... me.
Where's that lady?
I told you not to leave.
I locked the door behind me.
I just wanted to see
the new family.
Stop playing around.
Get rid of them.
What the hell is this?
Oh, my god.
Sick fucks!
I'm gonna get you out of here,
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god! You're--
don't worry about me,
go get your brother.
Are you sure? Okay.
Hello? Hey!
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey! I'm in here!
The big guy locked me in here...
But I think they have Kim
in the next room.
Okay, I'm gonna get you out
of here, okay?
Jessie, just be careful!
Jessie? Jessie?
No, shit, shit.
We're as surprised as you.
When my son chooses a girl...
She usually doesn't come
straight to us.
What the hell are you
doing to me?
Don't worry, it's not enough
to hurt you.
The dosage is intermittent.
You'll drift in...
You'll drift out.
It's up to you to decide
what's real or not.
You're sick. Both of you.
He wants you to know,
he's not gonna hurt you.
You're family now.
My, uh, my boyfriend,
he surprised me...
Took me on a road trip up north.
It was so beautiful.
That was before he cheated
on me and... broke my heart.
You wouldn't do that, right?
Break my heart?
You want me, right?
I can be family.
My friends, they can--
they can just go home.
And you can let Kim go, right?
Because you have me now.
I would feel so much more
Without these straps on.
Oh, thank you so much.
I, um, I could do so much more
with both my hands free.
Oh, my god, I thought
I'd never see you again!
You're okay!
Oh, thank you!
Why don't you show me more?
More of the pictures
that you like of me?
On the computer... show me.
Oh, my--!
Why are we stopping?
That was Jessie screaming!
There's another girl up there.
We have to help her, too.
You would have been really
good for Jessie.
I'm sorry this had to happen.
Don't come any fucking closer!
Kim... Kim!
Thank god... Kim.
Believe me when I say this...
I'm sorry.
Oh, daddy, she's--
she's okay, come on.
This will be your bedroom.
We only just started. I wanted
you to feel comfortable.
I admit, I told a little lie.
I didn't catch the blonde
with my boyfriend.
Hell, I don't even
have a boyfriend.
I wonder why.
Jessie, you're perfect
for my brother Edward.
All the others...
They don't fit like you do.
And we're so alike, you and I.
You know that, right?
What we had tonight...
Was real.
You were family
before you even came here.
So, tonight at the club,
that was...
All just part of your plan?
my father picked me up.
It's not my fault. Her brother
just dragged along.
If you let me go--
shut up!
I didn't want miles or Logan
I made my father promise
to get you another night.
You act like this is normal,
you fucking psycho!
I am not yours to take!
we wanted to bring you home.
You didn't have to put up
such a fight.
You weren't supposed
to follow me.
I'm sorry I wasn't as dumb
as the others.
Well, it doesn't matter anymore.
You're the only one left.
What? Where's my brother?
I-- I guess that makes us even.
Dad, what happened?
What happened?
My boy--
oh, my god!
Damn it! No!
You do not deserve to be loved!
That freak... That you call
a brother...
I would kill him again
in a heartbeat.
Do you really want
to hurt her, dad? Huh?
Get her parents
and bring them here!
Oh, my god! Daddy! Daddy!
Come on, let's go!
How are you okay?
Don't stop! Come on, come on!
Go faster!
I'm trying, miles!
Go faster, Jessie!
Just-- just run!
Just go get help!
You were supposed to be family!
I was trying to save you
from those people you hate!
I like my family the way it is.
Hey, miles?
You're welcome.
Wait, where's-- where's Logan?
Oh, Jess, I'm sorry.
Oh, shit, I am in pain.
No, I know. It's okay.
What's funny?
Did you ever find your phone?
Let's not-- let me enjoy it.
I'm too heavy.
Oh, fuck.
You're supp--
Mom, what's going on?
How long have I been home?
Come here, honey.
It's okay.
Don't fight, Jessie, please.
It'll only make it worse.