Recreo (2018) Movie Script

- How are you?
- Good.
- How are you?
- Great.
At one moment
we got lost, but...
Oh my gosh.
He's so beautiful!
And you look great.
You're happy, right?
- Yes, I'm happy.
- Does he sleep?
He's already sleeping
for 3 or 4 hours, a luxury.
Totally, what a luxury.
And the breastfeeding?
Good, good.
He's my little cub.
Yes, he's big.
How much does he weigh?
He weighs 5.2 kilograms.
- He's gigantic!
- Yes.
Come, I'll show you the room.
- Okay.
- Tell me if you need anything.
Uncle Leo and I
bought a present.
I bought you
an amazing piece of lamb.
But I don't eat meat anymore.
I haven't eaten meat
for three months now.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, I am.
I'm sorry, just throw
some vegetables on the grill.
- Do you drink wine?
- Yes, of course.
You know, I read this study...
It says that wine has
a substance that controls
a protein that is related
to the destruction
of cancerous cells.
That's new. I hadn't heard
that wine cures cancer.
I'll send you the link.
No, it was at the MoMA.
That's where we saw it.
- Was it? Yes, the MoMA.
- I don't really like the work.
I prefer
a different kind of artist.
Like those who
are ahead of their time.
It really gets to me
when you see an artist and think
this guy was 20 years
ahead of his time.
You know what I like
the most about the MoMA?
The glasses in the shop are the
most sophisticated thing there.
I didn't realize you two
travelled to New York.
Yes. How long ago
was it, my love?
A month and a half?
For some reason I thought
you travelled to Costa Rica.
Yes we did, but we went
to New York by ourselves.
Some trips shouldn't
be taken with children.
Fefe stayed at Santi's
house, his best friend.
They adore each other.
And we had a great time.
That's great.
- No, thank you.
- Enjoy your meal.
- How are you, Ramn?
- Good afternoon.
That piece of lamb
looks great, Ramn.
Hey, what happened
with Betty's application?
Betty, his daughter,
will start the first grade.
- Oh.
- That's great.
What did they say?
They said they'd
call back next week.
Well, great.
Go take a look.
I'll go and speak
to the principal.
It's an amazing rural school.
It looks like it's from a movie,
it has the bell at the door,
the kids arrive on horseback.
It looks like an advertisement.
Is it like a Waldorf school?
My dad always sent
me to a Waldorf school.
Lots of contact with nature,
awareness of the other.
Totally, that's why
you got into advertising.
He's sharp, isn't he?
You made it easy for me.
What is he doing?
He's building a clay oven.
How beautiful.
He can't stop building.
He's not stepping on clay.
It's horse poop.
Have you thought
of a kindergarden for Jero?
He's three months old.
Yes, but you have
to reserve one now.
Otherwise there won't
be any places left.
Don't let that slide,
I'm serious.
They've arrived.
I was distracted,
I didn't hear you.
- Hi, Leo.
- How are you?
Is that Ramiro?
Ramn, come help her.
Wouldn't it be better
to lay them down in the room?
- Can you watch him?
- Yes.
What is he bringing?
- Hey, Nacho!
- How are you, Leo?
- Do you need anything?
- No, I'll be right back.
This looks beautiful.
How are you, Nacho?
- How are you?
- How's it going?
- How are you?
- How are things?
- What is he doing?
- Don't even ask.
No, Rami! Those are
sparks, they're fire.
- Be careful, my love.
- Rami, get out of there.
Help me with the fire, Ramn.
I'm starving.
Here's some bread.
The meat is almost ready.
I don't care about the meat.
Pour me some wine.
I told you
not to bring anything!
Oh, come on!
Who put the watermelon here?
Leave it.
It stays fresh in there.
I have two fridges.
No, Manu. Don't do that.
Rami, come.
Sol, don't you want to put
your bathing suit on?
I'll watch them.
I'm fine, thank you.
I'll go in a bit.
Yes, but you have to comb
mommy's hair slowly.
- Take this, Bauti.
- Mom, I'm hungry.
Make yourself a sandwich,
there's meat in the fridge.
I want one with sausage.
We're all out.
I tried waking you up earlier.
Slowly, Manu.
Mine is a stuffed animal.
It doesn't matter,
it still hurts.
Did you go see him?
He got bitten.
By the birds.
But is he alive?
Who's thirsty?
I am. Thank you.
Wait, wait.
Let me help you.
Me too. Me too.
I'll serve you now.
But I don't want it with lemon.
I'll go get you
something you like.
I don't want to drink the lemon.
What do you want to drink?
- No, I want to drink...
- I want water!
Sol, aren't you feeling hot?
Don't you want
to put a bathing suit on?
No, I'm fine. Thanks.
Did you bring a bathing suit?
I can lend you one, I have many.
I have one, but I'm fine
like this. Thank you.
Really? What a shame,
it's such a beautiful day.
Absorbing some
vitamins is good for you.
I'll go get you one.
She's so insistent
about the bathing suit.
Well, she looks great.
Look at her.
She just works it at the gym.
Yes, yes.
But you also need time
to be able to look that way.
And money above all.
I have two stretch marks here.
Two stretch marks on my belly,
and I can't get rid of them.
Two stretch marks?
Do you know how many I have?
Do you know what you
could do with my whole body?
Play a boardgame.
- Shut up.
- I'm serious.
Where do you think those
three kids came from?
From in here.
I didn't know that you
had already left the agency.
Right when the baby was born.
I had enough of it.
I'm not in the mood
to market flavored water.
I had to move in a
different direction, and I did.
I gave myself a deadline.
In two months
I'll launch something new.
Something new?
Like a new agency?
The idea of an agency is old.
That doesn't exist anymore.
No, it's something else.
I'm putting a concept together.
We need to start thinking
from a different angle.
More from here.
Who are you?
What do you want?
What do you feel?
It's not about what
you want to sell.
That's great,
that takes a lot of courage.
Things are well at the studio.
We've got plenty of work.
Things are good. We...
Do you know what's
concerning me a bit?
Not moving my money,
my money is staying still.
I should look for
an investment fund.
I'm going to ask
Guadalupe, she'll know.
She hasn't been
on her game lately.
Don't even mention it to her.
Don't mention it, she'll want
to help but won't be able to.
She'll get upset and...
Did something happen
at the financial agency?
No, they're
desperate for her to go back.
But she doesn't know anymore.
One day she says she
wants to go back there,
another day she'll say
she wants to move away,
that all of this is shit.
Yes, they pass by
here all the time.
What's going on with her?
Some postpartum depression?
No. Well, I don't know,
it's a challenging moment.
You do know that
if she kills you
the postpartum
depression is an attenuation.
She's not far from that.
No, no, Bauti.
That's enough.
Bautista, I'm serious.
Nacho, we're ready.
Nacho, the towels.
Hey, the sunset is beautiful.
Do you want to go
for a walk with the baby?
- Come here for a second.
- What?
Come here for a second.
Doesn't his head
suddenly look too big?
I'm going outside with
the laptop. Are you okay?
What an expression.
As if they were incapable
of lighting up
in the thick darkness,
white reflections
from the paper
bouncing in certain...
We are not the same
in different situations.
But it's still you.
Otherwise we're all crazy.
Obviously it's always you.
I think that what
he's saying is that one...
Also adapts
to certain situations.
It's like with the animals,
otherwise you get eaten.
That's not what I
was saying though.
But it's true that you
have that kind of thinking,
it's logical. Right?
I think that the world...
Is in it's most
conservative moment
since the beginning of humanity.
I don't agree with you at all.
I can tell you about
thousands of customs
from the past that were
used to censor and repress
very intuitive and
very natural aspects for people.
Things used to be much stricter.
There were ridiculous rules.
When exactly?
In the beginning
of civilization.
But if you go back further...
Everything was pure.
It was all instinct,
it was all certain.
I think this
is getting too abstract.
Listen, what I mean
is that within
what is considered
modern liberty,
there are many traps,
taboos, and contradictions.
Like what?
For example, violence.
Violence is everywhere.
War is something that
is extremely public.
You turn the TV on,
and it's there.
And suddently it feels
like a collateral effect
that is necessary
for civilizations.
It's totally respected,
it's naturalized.
Yes, but I think it's horrible.
Stop, stop.
Let me finish my thought.
Otherwise I can't speak.
You won't understand me.
You think it's horrible.
But if you see a war scene
on TV you think it's logical,
you think it's acceptable.
You don't find it
pornographic or obscene.
You don't cover
your children's eyes.
Wait, I don't want
my son to see that.
But you don't cover his eyes.
But you would if you saw
a couple having sex on TV.
Well, that's obvious, Mariano.
My question is why?
Why is bombing
okay, and sex isn't?
- I don't know.
- Well that's the issue.
We don't know.
Nobody knows.
I jerk off at the office.
Everyone got quiet,
there are nervous laughs.
If I said I beat someone
while serving in the military,
maybe we'd all have a chat,
you'd find it interesting.
You jerk off at the office?
You jerk off in the shower.
And it's fine, my love.
Stop it. What are
you talking about?
My point is that we
are all very conservative.
- All of us?
- Yes.
You're generalizing.
I know many people
who have a sex life
that is completely open.
They have no issue
with talking about
the things they do.
They want to try new things.
Who do you know
that is like that?
People, people, people.
Give us names.
Give us names.
For example, Pichu.
I can't believe you.
Pichu is the example?
Pichu is a fat sexopath.
He is not a free being.
He is mentally ill.
Leo and I experiment a lot.
I don't know if a lot.
Just a normal amount.
That's great, that's great.
Just normal.
I'd love to experiment.
Like what?
Do you know what I'd try?
First, sleep for
8 hours straight. That's it.
I need to try that.
She had the best ass in Quilmes.
How is that related?
What do you mean?
Of course it's related.
I remember I'd go
pick her up on my motorcycle.
- This is so embarrassing.
- Remember my blue motorcycle?
And she'd show up wearing
these tiny light jeans.
They'd go up to here,
and they were so tight.
She'd hop on the back,
and rest her boobs on me.
No, stop it.
I'd drive the highway from
Quilmes to Buenos Aires
totally hard.
And I'm not talking
about the speed.
- I can't believe you.
- Stop, stop it.
- That was 15 years ago.
- She'd walk into any bar...
80% of the people would
turn around to look at her.
You were smoking hot.
I'm embarrassed.
You "were," you "were."
I still get hard
when I look at her ass.
Enough, you made your point.
That's beautiful.
I would've loved to be
looked at like a sex bomb.
I was never looked at like that.
Shut up, you're beautiful.
What I mean is that I never
worked towards that.
I didn't do the work,
you have to work.
And I could never do it.
He's like that,
Mariano is like that.
- How so?
- You're seductive.
You arrive at a place,
and show all your feathers.
Mariano was always
a hit with the girls.
I couldn't stand him
in school, he'd talk them up.
Was I a chicken?
The girls died for him.
Well, that wasn't my case.
I'd sit on the
bench at the back.
I didn't want anyone
to look at me.
I liked looking at everyone,
but I didn't
want to be looked at.
The most hidden ones
are the craziest ones.
She did have a crazy side.
When I met her she liked
getting her hands tied.
- Wow.
- No.
I love getting tied up.
Who doesn't like that?
I'm not into that.
I don't like getting tied up.
You like being ordered
around like a geisha.
My goodness, what
is going on with him?
It's crazy how in sex
there's this game between
the dominating
and the dominated.
The sadomasochist
culture is very impressive.
Isn't it?
It grew a lot.
I'm serious.
Clubs, organizations,
codes, rules.
- Code words.
- You know a lot!
Well, hit me...
Don't hit me...
- Wait, stop it. Stop!
- If I say the code word...
- For stop hitting me.
- Wait, what if...
Without going to an
extreme situation, we...
Either way, you like
one of the two options best.
One of them makes you hornier.
I get off by dominating.
Both. Why only one?
How smart.
I think I like being dominated.
Because it is more
predictable to dominate.
Oh, I have to say it too?
Is this a vote?
but dominated with affection.
I mean, all of this about
the leather that you put on,
and all those things...
The leather whip that
they spank your ass with.
Oh, I want to kill myself.
Who is it? Will you go?
Daddy is on his way, my love.
Come on, my love.
What were you doing?
We were just having a chat.
- That's all.
- Are you going to stay?
Yes, I'll stay.
Get to sleep, or you'll
wake your brothers up.
Close your eyes,
and get to sleep.
Wait, I can't think of the word.
Wait, it's not stalker.
- Harasser.
- No.
- Chaser.
- No.
- Abuser.
- No.
- Come on!
- It's not the word.
Enough! We've said all
of the dictionary's synonyms.
There aren't any more
words. That's it.
I don't like
not remembering a word.
Come on, continue.
It'll come to you.
It ends in "-er."
It doesn't matter,
the thing is that...
It was very hot, and we
wanted to go to the pool.
And there was
this bald guy in the pool.
He had abs.
Well, it was very hot.
- That's enough!
- Enough.
- No, no.
- Well...
That's not the point,
what I wanted to say
is that I think it's fine
for us to have secrets.
I don't mean keeping
secrets from your partner.
I mean one's own secrets,
secrets from our own intimacy.
Things that you really
feel you will never say.
Well now, go ahead.
No way.
Come on, tell us a secret.
Fine, I'll tell you.
- Is he asleep?
- Yes.
Did yours wake up?
Yes, but he's asleep now.
Are you well?
I'm fine.
And you?
I'm fine. I guess so.
So we're both fine then, right?
Let's go.
- Wait...
- What?
Something happened,
we looked at each other...
And after a moment
we couldn't...
We couldn't stop being
together all the time.
We were always together.
I'm embarrassed.
And eventually we
went back to Buenos Aires.
And she disappeared,
we never saw each other again.
Neither of us did anything
to try and see each other again.
And it really was very...
It was very intense,
everything that happened.
That's so intense.
Why didn't you see her again?
We were embarrassed
to show what we had felt.
It really was very powerful.
Of course.
That's what I meant.
Do you want coffee?
Do you want to drink more?
I'll have champagne.
- Okay then.
- Okay.
Should we open the bottle?
- Yes?
- Me too.
Yes, me too.
- Should we open another?
- I'll bring it.
- That one.
- You want that one?
You'll die for it.
- Let's see.
- Yes.
I feel exactly the opposite.
Growing up helped me a lot.
It was a relief,
a total liberation.
Well, with that
family of yours...
Any option was a liberation.
The first years
that I lived on my own,
coming and going at any time,
putting the music
at any volume...
It was a 30 square meter
apartment downtown.
Man, I remember that apartment.
- You had a cat?
- Iris, she was amazing.
Then I arrived,
and put you in a cage.
No silly, not at all.
I met her, the most brilliant
woman I've met in my life.
I was so mediocre.
Oh, come on.
I was so structured.
Pure brains.
I met you, and I relaxed,
I became more human.
- More human?
- Yes.
I don't know how you do it.
You have a 12-year-old son.
You love each other,
you're attracted to each other.
I find it miraculous.
How do you do it?
Hello there.
I'm hearing all of this.
That's not what I meant,
I was speaking in general.
I get it, she's not
referring to you.
99% of couples don't
have what they have.
We try to be flexible.
To hear each other out.
What does the other one need?
What makes you happy?
I think that's what works.
And to look for new things.
Things that are fun for us.
What new things?
Share your knowledge, please.
We had a lot of success
including a third person.
- Seriously?
- What?
Excuse me?
We love trying new things.
Things that open our minds.
But not just as architects.
But also as people.
The last time
that we went to Italy...
We met someone in Venice.
In Florence.
And the three of us
spent some days together.
And it was great,
it was very natural.
Very relaxed.
And you had done this before?
And this specific situation
in Italy was with...
With a person who we met there.
Yes, I can imagine
that it was with someone...
- But was it with...
- An Italian man.
So, with a man?
With an Italian.
Italy, how beautiful!
Italy is one of my
favorite countries.
- I love Italy, and Rome...
- I'm dying to go there.
You have to start
with Rome, but Florence...
How about the other
times, Andrea?
What about the other times?
They were always men?
I think that's great.
It's great, it's really great.
Well, one day you'll
try with girls. Right?
Sure, what do I know.
I mean, they say
it's great with girls.
Yeah, I guess so.
I don't know.
It's not about gender.
It's about
the people that you meet.
In the future our grandkids
won't realize
this was even an issue.
They'd find this crazy.
Did you ever
invite us to participate?
What should we do?
Should we start?
Are you okay?
- I can't believe it.
- What's your problem?
- I don't believe it.
- Why not?
This is crazy,
I don't believe them at all.
I think it's ridiculous.
Ass to ass with another guy?
You think we're stupid
to believe that?
I simply don't believe it.
What's your deal? Are you
feeling a bit homophobic?
What does that have
to do with it? Are you crazy?
Come on. Why are they
telling us this anyway?
Are they just showing off?
Are you jealous?
Leo? Oh, you don't know
how jealous I am of Leo.
I don't know. I want to sleep,
and you've been talking
for hours. So please,
tell me what is wrong with you.
Does it bother you that
they have threesomes?
Does it shock you that Leo
goes to bed with another man?
You're the liberal one here.
Mr. "I jerk off at work."
Hang on, why are
you mixing everything up?
- I'm talking about...
- Shush. You'll wake him up.
It's bedtime.
If he's a faggot,
then he should say so.
At least try it on.
Come on, the kids
will be up in four hours.
Come on, it was so expensive.
I want to take a shower now.
We'll shower together.
That's enough.
I want to wash my hair.
Please, come on.
I want to see you put it on.
- Is it a medium?
- What?
You bought the small.
You're not a small anymore?
I haven't been
a small in a long time.
Do you want me to put it on?
Should I put it on?
You're making too much noise.
Do you want me to come?
Come, come, come.
Go ahead and come.
No, my love.
I'll wait, I'll wait for you.
No, no, no.
The cereal goes inside the bowl.
That's why the bowl
is there. Sit there.
Sit there, sit there.
Here you go, change his diaper.
He took a poop.
Look at him.
I'll kick you out if you
keep throwing things.
- There's no poop.
- Train your nose.
No, you threw everything out!
You're throwing everything out.
We don't have to be
yelling so early.
- I'm exhausted.
- You've been tired for 4 years.
Did you rest well?
Not really.
Rami woke up 15 times.
I woke up 14 of them.
What did you find?
I found something
that belongs to Manuel.
Does anyone want toast?
We're not home, please behave.
Why are you naked?
Go put something on.
Where is dad?
Your dad is sleeping,
we had a terrible night.
Is he okay?
He threw up all night.
He's fine now,
but he needs to rest.
Don't use bad words.
I need you to put cream on
his butt, his skin is chapped.
If you don't use cream,
he'll feel pain later.
Where can I throw this out?
- In the trashcan outside.
- Where would that be?
Ask Ramn.
Good morning.
Have you seen the rifle?
- The rifle?
- You don't know what that is?
Yes. But how should
I know where the rifle is?
See? He's lying still.
He breathes.
- Should I touch him?
- No.
He'll get up
in a bit, you'll see.
Shouldn't we cure his injury?
It'll heal by itself.
I left him sleeping,
I'm going to take a walk.
I have to work.
I know, I'll have to
breast-feed in an hour.
I'll be back by then.
- Okay.
- It's just for a bit.
- Sure.
- Bye, my love.
Mariano, the baby.
He doesn't drink formula milk.
We haven't tried
the baby bottle yet.
I don't have any of that
at home, not anymore...
I don't have anything either,
mine don't drink it anymore.
She's being an idiot.
She's being an idiot.
Calm down, it's fine.
She must be nearby.
Okay, okay,
let's start calming down.
It was impossible, impossible.
Don't bring the gun
into the house.
We don't have any baby bottles.
Otherwise I'd tell Ramn
to go buy baby formula.
She says the breast milk
immunizes him,
that cow milk is for calves,
and whatever else...
- Nothing's going to happen.
- But she can't disappear.
She just went for
a walk with her tits.
Wait, let me try this.
I found a pacifier.
Oh, my love.
Let's try this.
If I had tits it would be fine,
I'd be the back up.
If you're the only idiot who
has tits you can't just forget.
The day I manage to hunt
something I'll get it embalmed.
Leo, go look for Guadalupe.
She left and hasn't returned.
The baby is hungry,
go see if she is okay.
What could happen to her?
Maybe she went into town.
You really think she'd
walk all the way to town?
Oh, over there.
They're looking for you.
- Yes, I know.
- The baby.
Everything's fine.
Thank you.
- Everything's fine.
- Thank you.
There we go.
What happened to you?
I was sunbathing,
and I fell asleep.
- Look at me.
- What is it?
- Look at me.
- What?
You can't, can you?
Not even for your son.
You want to breast-feed him,
but you can't stop
smoking pot. Poor boy...
What are you saying?
I fell asleep.
You fell asleep
because you're high.
What are you saying?
We were looking for you
while you were getting high.
And now you're feeding
all that to the baby.
That's great.
We'll talk later.
If you're going to do this
in front of everyone,
then listen to
what I have to say.
You either breast-feed him
or smoke pot, idiot.
The doctor told you,
not just me.
You can't take care of him
if you're smoking pot.
You're a mess, you're always
distracted. Don't you notice?
You don't process anything
that goes on around you.
The keys, money, the phone.
You lose everything.
You think you're watching
the baby, but you don't see him.
You can't take care of him.
You can't breast-feed him,
you can't do the most
basic thing a mom does.
You're crying all day.
- Do you realize that?
- No.
Don't you realize that?
You cry in the supermarket.
At my mother's birthday,
my work dinner.
Do you think that's
good for the baby?
Do you think it's
good for the baby
to have a mom like that?
You don't process anything.
For weeks I've been asking
you to give me your
opinion about my project.
I sent it to you four times,
you never opened it.
You don't know what it's about,
you don't know what I do.
As soon as your head starts
working, you go smoke pot.
Go smoke your pot, you idiot.
But let me
take care of the baby.
You're a temperamental kid,
you want everything,
but you can't do anything.
That's enough, Mariano.
- What?
- That's enough.
Don't get in the middle of this.
Come on, don't get
in the middle of this!
You're also a dad,
put yourself in my place.
Wouldn't you be
embarrassed about this?
That's enough, you've said
everything you needed to say.
Go relax outside, get some
fresh air. Look at her.
Are you okay?
You have to take turns.
It's okay.
- I'll hold him.
- No, I'm fine. Thanks.
Take this, my love.
What's going on?
Maybe when the kids go
to bed we could play cards.
I'll pass, I'm too tired.
I'm exhausted too.
I have to work.
We can't play with three.
They let you drink beer?
When you grow up
you'll be allowed too.
You stole it, didn't you?
When I go dancing
I also drink beer.
You go dancing?
You don't go dancing.
When I stay at your place
I don't, there's nowhere to go.
There's nothing here.
But I go out in the town.
A lot.
Do you want some?
When you go back to town
your parents will find out.
You're already heading back?
Why did you wake up?
Let's go to your room.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
It's really late
for you to be doing this.
Go to your room, come on.
Let's go, Nacho.
Hey, get up. Come on.
It's already 1 p.m.,
you should enjoy the day.
Could you try to
take care of things?
Did you know that
this is worth money?
- What?
- Fefe.
- He's asleep.
- You didn't wake him up?
I wasn't able to.
What do you mean
you couldn't? This boy...
Don't you want
to go on the walk with us?
No, you go ahead.
Have a good time.
Enjoy yourselves.
We'll be back in a bit.
Let's go boys!
- Let's play soccer?
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Will you let me pass?
- Yes.
Why don't you sit down
and rest for a bit?
No, it's a mess over here.
A mess?
To be honest,
I don't see a mess.
Guadalupe, you should rest
when the baby is asleep.
When you say that
you sound like my mom.
I'd be a great mother.
I don't know.
I see you as a pretty lazy dad.
That's what I mean,
I'd be a much better mom.
You've got a lot of nerve.
You're a good mother.
Thank you.
Sometimes I can't stand it.
Take it easy.
I'm serious,
don't be so hard on yourself.
You're doing just fine.
That was good, but
you can try a bit harder.
Don't run!
Gather sticks
for tonight's bonfire.
- Up, up.
- Again?
- Will you learn to walk?
- Yes.
Stay here.
What is it?
Is it dead?
- Mommy, is he dead?
- I don't know, my darling.
Is the dog about to die?
No, no, I don't know.
Did you go crazy?
How could you do this?
I don't know what
she was thinking. I'm sorry.
It doesn't matter, Ramn.
I'll take him now, call Greco.
Tell him not to close
the vet's clinic,
I'll arrive in 10 minutes.
- I'll call him now.
- Look at me when I'm talking.
How long have you
had him like that?
Answer her.
Did I teach you that?
Look at me when I talk to you.
Don't yell at her, Lucy.
Explain this to us.
This is not how I educated you.
Do you realize that
you're grounded now?
Come here!
I want to talk to you.
Could you stop?
Where are you going?
Come here right now!
Did you hear me?
Could you stop?
Where are you going?
- Let go of my arm.
- I won't.
I won't let go until you
tell me what you were thinking.
- Why did you do that?
- I won't explain anything.
You won't understand.
You never understand anything.
Don't treat me like an idiot.
You almost killed an animal.
We kill animals all the time.
Your clothing is dead animals.
And what we eat too.
What are you saying?
I don't walk around
torturing newborn puppies.
It's not the same thing.
Go with your guests.
What is going on with you?
Why are you mad at me?
Why do you always mistreat me?
When you were little
you kissed me, you hugged me,
you loved me.
You were so sweet,
you were good.
I was good?
I was good?
When I was little, you were
always in a good mood.
You'd hug me, you'd kiss me,
and all those things.
You know what?
I didn't kill him.
I knew he wasn't going to die.
What were you trying to do?
I wanted to try.
He was the strongest
puppy, I chose him.
- Is he asleep?
- Yes.
Did you check on the boys?
- They're tucked in and asleep.
- Thanks, Mariano.
Can I take this?
Well, I thought
we weren't drinking wine.
To be honest, I'm ready
to move to whiskey.
I have some.
Here, get your lips wet.
This is kind of strong.
Come on, it won't
do you any harm.
Let's roll a joint?
- Do you smoke pot?
- No.
But I feel like smoking pot.
Is it not allowed?
Hey, Mariano.
- No, don't.
- Hey, Mariano.
- Stop it.
- Mariano.
Do you mind if we
smoke some pot?
I have nothing to do with this.
Oh, come on.
He's like the dad
at the graduation trip
that you have
to ask permission to.
Relax. Yesterday you
drove her crazy.
Come on. Things are not
as serious as you see them.
Do whatever you want.
Go get it.
You scared me.
Where did you come from?
From the little hill.
Oh, you woke up early.
No, I haven't slept yet.
You spent the night out here?
What were you doing?
Just relaxing.
I remember
what it's like to be your age.
I remember everything.
I remember my house.
The clothes I wore.
Sometimes I remember
what it was like to be a baby.
Just like him.
That's crazy, right?
I think that sometimes
I remember too.
It was this feeling
of being so small.
I don't like it.
- You'd like to be grown up?
- Yes.
I want to be 18.
Do you want me
to tell you something
that the grown-ups
will never say?
is done wrong, we're mistaken.
What we've built is a jail.
Starting with schools,
everyone in uniforms.
Memorizing useless things.
How many years?
Whole years that are just lost.
We're little soldiers,
we're all formatted.
And then comes the money.
You can't eat without money.
If you don't eat,
you get sick, you die.
Do you understand me?
How can it all be so arbitrary?
And love...
It's diminished, it's censored.
Pleasure is limited,
it's restrained.
And thousands of
absurd agreements.
Monogamy, fidelity.
Guilt. Being a grown-up
means feeling guilty.
Guilt is everywhere.
And sometimes you feel like...
Sometimes you feel so lonely.
Don't grow up.
Stay a kid.
Stay the way that you are.
Even if it's just inside you,
without anyone noticing.
Today I'm going up
on one of those balloons.
You asked if anyone
wanted to go. And he said yes.
He's a jackass.
Why is he coming?
I don't know, he must want
to see what it's about.
- You asked if anyone...
- You already said that.
I can't believe that it's
so easy to drive this thing.
- Tell me something...
- Do you...
Who do you think you are,
telling me how to treat my wife?
You know what the issue is?
You don't know your wife.
That's your problem. She's your
wife, but you don't know her.
- Do you know her?
- Yes, I do.
I don't even need to talk
to her in order to know her.
She's a completely
transparent and pure woman.
You don't see that because
you only think about yourself.
- You really think so?
- Yes.
Yes, I think so. But it's not
just me, everyone thinks that.
You think you're so important.
I mean, it's exhausting
to listen to you talk.
It's so boring,
it's really boring.
Well, it's logical that
someone who only reads
the sports section
would get bored.
What do you know?
You don't know me.
You never talk to me.
You have no idea who I am.
You talk to yourself
all the time.
You get off on that.
You get off
by listening to yourself.
Do you know what that
must be like for Guadalupe?
She must feel lonelier
than a stray dog.
What's your deal, man?
What's your problem?
Do you have
the hots for my wife?
I do.
Stop bothering me,
or I'll throw you out of here.
I really like her,
and she really likes me.
Do you know how well she
would be with a guy like me?
Why don't you enjoy the trip,
and fight on the ground?
Did you fuck her?
Did you fuck her?
If they fight up there,
one of them could fall out.
That would be horrible,
and they're capable of it.
You don't know what Nacho
is like when he gets mad.
He gets blind, he doesn't think.
Mariano too.
You saw what he's like.
He becomes a monster, he's sick.
At least Nacho
has some common sense.
Only up to a certain point.
He likes to be the avenger.
He likes to be the hero.
That part is not fun at all.
I swear there are some days
I think he's going to get shot.
He likes to be the avenger.
That's it, right?
Fucking asshole.
You're a fucking idiot.
Now you're calm, aren't you?
- I was so scared.
- Yes, yes.
I'm sure you were,
look at how you relaxed.
All you care about is that
she doesn't get fucked.
You don't care if
she's having a bad time,
if she feels distress
when you yell at her.
The issue is that
nobody else can fuck her.
Your property can't
be fucked by others.
Don't put that
feminist act up with me.
Save that for
picking up girls at the bar.
You know what?
That's my limit,
my wife is mine.
That's ridiculous.
Haven't you realized that
she'd be fine without a man?
They make us think
we're important,
but they don't need us, Mariano.
Maybe your wife is the
one who needs me, be careful.
Do you like Sol?
Yeah, I like her.
She's really hot.
Let her know, maybe
it'll light her fire back up.
Her fire will
light back up with me.
The thing is that
you're not her type.
She never told you about
the summer in Mar Azul?
What summer in Mar Azul?
The one when you were
10 kilograms overweight,
and you couldn't even
get up in the morning.
That's enough, just relax.
Look at where we are,
look at this.
How high does it go?
- It goes up high.
- It does, right?
If one of them falls out,
he won't live to tell it.
Have you ever thought
about what would happen
if Nacho died?
No, no, no.
I have triplets,
I'd kill myself.
Fine, but imagine if you
had a lot of money.
And you have three
babysitters, one for each boy.
And three great single sisters
who take care of them.
What would happen?
I'd have to imagine
a different life.
Okay, imagine if
you didn't have kids.
Imagine that
you never had any kids.
And Nacho dies.
I don't know, I'd suffer a lot.
For how long?
- I don't know, a long time.
- One year?
- Yes...
- Two?
- I don't know.
- Two years?
Yes, maybe.
I don't know.
Okay, you're 37 years old.
At 40 you'd be fine.
Young, beautiful, and splendid.
You'd be ready to start over.
No, no, no.
Would you be able to
move on with a little baby?
Yes, I could.
And you know that you
could with the triplets too.
It wasn't 10 kilograms,
it was 6 kilograms.
And you just wait until
I get started with Aikido.
What are you laughing at?
Bruce Lee?
Give me two months.
Two months!
Give me two months,
and come touch me here.
Give me a break.
The other day, I found
this photo by chance.
Do you remember
Pablo's country home?
- In Ezeiza?
- Yes.
I can't explain to you
what your body was like.
That never comes back, does it?
We were so good looking,
and we didn't realize it.
That's how it is.
You have things when you
can't appreciate them.
I always think about that
when I remember the
amount of free time we had.
We had nothing to do.
We did whatever we wanted to.
How did we not travel more?
How did we not fuck more?
Remember how we used
to say we'd go to Thailand?
The bridge over the Khwae River.
Son of a bitch...
- We never went.
- No, we didn't.
We were good-looking,
we were fit, and we had time.
But we had no money.
That was the problem.
We should do it now.
In 10 years we'll be 50.
You'll be 50.
Well, you're going
to get old too.
Can you imagine
two old guys travelling
to Kanchanaburi?
It's terrible.
They'll send a casket
back to your country.
It's a disaster.
You'll die on
a 20-year-old landmine.
That's why we have to do it now.
- Next year.
- Yes.
- One month in Thailand.
- No, two months.
You can't go there for
one month, it has to be two.
If we go for two months
we'll never come back.
I'll take a pair of shorts,
and walk barefoot.
I'll walk around all day
with a beer in my hand.
And your other hand on your ass.
- Let's do it.
- Yes.
- Thailand?
- Yes, of course we'll go.
- Next year?
- Next year.
- Kanchanaburi.
- Kanchanaburi.
I don't know, I guess
if the kids were older...
No, but then
you'd already be old.
Then you'd be old.
That's not my point.
What if it happened now?
He's crying.
Yes, I know. Could you
hold him for a bit?
I'm just finishing
drying the dishes.
Let me know
if you need anything.
Yes, yes.
My love...
With the amount
of men who died in the wars...
Who do you think
kept society working?
The whole economic system,
and raising children,
and moving forward.
Women do that all the time.
So why are you going to believe
that men are the ones
who hold everything up?
Are you talking about me?
No. Do you want
some coffee?
There's strudel, Leo.
You're so fat.
He's so tiny.
Are you hungry?
The most difficult part
was getting back down.
Really complicated.
That's when it got complicated.
Seriously complicated.
It got complicated
for you, just face it.
No way! That's not true.
Your husband is a pussy.
Sir, could you please go slower?
Is it difficult to ride?
It's not that hard,
the thing is that...
The pilot got a bit scared,
he almost had a heart attack.
Mommy, come see the show.
Mommy, come see the show.
Yes, my darling.
We'll finish eating dinner,
and you can
show us what you did.
Is there more meat?
Or should we save some for Leo?
No, it's fine.
Yes, maybe.
I don't know.
- He'll be here soon.
- Where is Leo?
He's horseback riding,
he'll be back soon.
When he comes back,
we'll propose a project to him.
We're going to Thailand.
What are you talking about?
With Nacho we decided
that before we're 45,
we're going to Thailand
for two months.
To Kanchanaburi.
A project, a delirious idea...
Why is it delirious?
You were just up for it.
Come on. If we don't
insist, it won't happen.
Let's go.
We love our families.
We're good fathers,
we're good husbands.
But a man is a man.
He's made for adventure.
We're turning 40,
it's a moment...
I want a divorice.
Go to bed, you're tired.
No. When I get back
to Buenos Aires,
I'll call my dad's lawyer.
I want a divorce.
What are you saying, retard?
Come on, don't say that.
Why do you talk to me like that?
Don't speak to me
like that ever again.
Guadalupe, maybe you
should think about this.
She doesn't think...
Don't underestimate
me anymore, asshole!
Look at what I hunted!
Excuse me.
Look! My hunt!
- Look!
- What are you doing?
Did you go crazy?
What, what?
Where the hell were you?
What is wrong with you?
What is your deal with hunting?
Since when is it
so important to you?
I feel like hunting.
What's the problem?
Is there a problem? Do you
have a problem with me?
Do you have something to say?
Get that animal out of my face.
What are you trying to say?
Why didn't you
pick up the phone?
I didn't have service.
I was on the hill, baby.
And why didn't you
leave me a note, baby?
Because I'm
hunting wild animals.
I'm a bit busy.
Get that out of here.
Do you want me
to leave you notes?
Don't take that
animal into the house.
- What is it?
- Will you let Ramn know?
- What should I tell Ramn?
- That you went hunting!
I hunted a wild animal.
I don't know what to do
with this girl anymore.
Every day something happens.
I don't have
one quiet day with you.
Do you realize that?
I don't have one
fucking quiet day with you.
Not one day.
I haven't had one normal day.
You really want
to get a divorice?
Yes, I want a divorice.
Guadalupe, I think that...
I don't know, I think that maybe
you shouldn't take this decision
if you haven't
been sleeping well.
Maybe it's not what you want.
Don't get in the
middle of things, Sol.
Don't get in the middle.
If it's what she needs,
we have to respect her.
What is your problem, asshole?
Are we going to
start with this again?
Do you want me to
beat you up again?
Again? Did you
ever beat me up?
You're just talking shit again.
Don't you realize
that this asshole
wants to fuck my wife?
You know what...
- What is this?
- I think you're a bit drunk...
Why don't you check his phone?
Check the stud's phone,
he's texting girls all the time.
Check his phone,
check his phone!
Look at the messages
they send each other.
- Come on!
- Look at...
I know that they slept together.
I know about it.
But it's done.
At the time it hurt me.
But I got over it.
I've deleted it, it's over.
Was it about six years ago?
Yes, it was about six years ago.
I remember the triplets
weren't born yet.
It was before Christmas.
In an apartment your
family had in Almagro.
What apartment? I don't
know what you saw.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
- You really don't know?
- No, I don't.
- Really?
- I really don't know.
And you?
You don't know either?
You have nothing to say?
- Stop it!
- Son of a bitch.
- No, no, no!
- You think you're an avenger!
- Stop!
- Son of a bitch!
You act like it was
nothing, you avenger!
- How could you do that?
- No, no, no!
- That's enough!
- Stop it!
- Please!
- Stop!
- Stop!
- That's enough!
What is it, my love?
- Stop!
- What is it? What?
- Stop.
- Come on.
- Stop.
- Somebody grab him.
What happened?
Oh, no...
Rami, my darling.
Rami, Rami.
- Give him to me.
- Rami!
- Rami!
- Come on, my love.
No, Rami!
Come on, my love.
Lay him down.
The emergency number.
Bring it here,
it's on the fridge.
Come on, my love.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
That's it, Rami.
Cough, Rami.
He's okay, he's okay.
He's okay.
He's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Mommy is here.
Mommy is here.
Welcome to the nose show.
Just like a bird, I want to fly.
I want to escape
to other landscapes.
Just like a fish,
I want to swim.
And be able to visit
all of the oceans.
I want to run, play, and sing.
And be able to hug
when I get home.
Everything that
I love in one place.
- Bravo!
- Bravo!
They'll all fall asleep
as soon as we get on the highway
Bye, kids.
Do you know the way,
or do you want us to guide you?
You didn't leave any kids
behind, did you?
Did you close everything up?
I told Ramn to do
that. Put some music on Fefe.
My battery is dead, mom.