Red Billabong (2016) Movie Script

note , BILLABONG:a type of lake
formed from the former river flow changes
Give me the map,
Are you able to get
yours, is that it?
I already took care of everything, I've
change his will, I've formed a tribe,
You're doing all this useless,
No, probably not in vain,
I could say goodbye,
Away from me,
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Come on, you,
Tristan, go!
What are you doing?
Where's your stupid uncle?
Tris Hey!
Max! Max! Wait,
Max! Max!
You're a jerk!
- I think you can say anything good,
- What is this?
- That is what we call a dead kangaroo,
- Very funny,
What happened?
That, I'm not too sure,
Oi Max, already!
Ah, whatever it is, sir Skippy in
Here's lifeless, huh guys?
- Welcome to the countryside friends,
- You having fun?
By the way, I'm happy,
Nice to meet you,
- Wash your hands first,
- You coming?
You got water? Or whatever?
Uh no noble, nothing except the beer,
Is that all you've got,
It has been here for 2 seconds and you
already told me, that's a record, man,
I may have told you to shower too,
So why did you call here?
Yes, right to the point, my goodness,
Okay, so a few days
then I got a letter from his grandfather,
This is it,
It came out a few months before he
death, Thomas gave it to me,
Okay, so why do you need to see me?
Oh, I thought you might be a little interested,
Oh, she said to us both,
so you have to see this,
Tristan and Nick, I hope
you two are okay,
I'm sorry I can not be with you both, I
sure you two have become a grown man,
You might get
this letter as my will,
That will I give my land
the local aborigines,
Even with the great expectations
my research with my best friend,
Tristan ,, Tristan ,, I handed
land and the decision to you,
I believe you know what
you have to do,
Nick, I want you there as when
the other is always there for you both,
I'm trying to give you guys
both a decent life,
With all the competencies that will
make your situation better,
I love you,
Grandpa ",
I love you, too,
basic old fool,
- Aboriginal tribe?
- Oh, I do not know,
I mean, when I arrived at this place there are a lot of papers, books
and the boring stuff and then I mengemasinya but ,,
Boring stuff?
Okay, so what's the problem?
So there is a local developer,
- He wants to buy my land,
- So you understand,
Property grandfather has been in
family for generations,
Yes I know it,
- So it would be a sad, man,
- Yes, they will pay dearly,
- How many?
- Lots,
But obviously you know the warning grandfather, so I
think I'll find out what you think,
It's him, it's his,
Up to you,
Up to me,
You're driving hundreds of kilometers
and said it was up to me,
Okay, that's good, It's really worth it,
glad you came, Thank you friend,
Where are you going?
Up to me,
Hold on, help me pack,
you do not want to help?
How? Max, wait,
Manual work, eh?
Listen, I'm sorry earlier,
I just ,, I do not want to tell you,
What would you do?
I do not know Nick,
Be like brother
at all times, help me,
First I think you should
do what his grandfather wanted,
- What do you think?
- The culprit?
Yes, a swimming creature
so far alone? I doubt,
I think anyone who
to do this, this is a warning,
What do you mean warning? For who?
The house is filled with valuables,
That's ridiculous, come on, tell
me who did this?
This has happened before,
What have you got in there, Tristan?
Only Wape, cocaine and meth,
- Please tell me you're just kidding, Max,
- Be quiet, so?
I can not believe this, you know?
- You're an idiot, stupid,
- It's just you care about,
- If you do not shut up I had to turn it off,
- Max!
- Of course I care about friends,
- Very?
Come on, anything that kills
kanggurunya still here,
- Has this ever happened before?
- No,
It was incredible,
- Yes, do you feel better?
- I've never, thank you,
Who gave you this?
Yes, because you messed it up,
Then what?
Is this the end? Here you be?
- I'm talking to you,
- Be careful,
Good morning,
Garvey's my name, you must Tristan,
- I'm Nick, it ,,
- I'm Tristan, what's up?
Your grandfather talking about you two,
did not expect you here today,
- Do you expect us to ,,
- Hey, it's okay,
I think I see things grandfather,
Your grandfather was a good man, yes,
a very good friend,
That's why I
want to talk to you,
Well, I'll leave you two,
Well, you know, let's here,
So you can send me a letter?
- Okay, so you were sent,
- Yes, yes,
Grandfather asked me to hand it over to someone safe
and to his house and given to the local time will come,
All right,
What do you think about cash, because
can be found on the developers who want to give ,,
You know the land here, this is part of us, our part
from him, not separate, you can not let go of each other,
where we stand now,
Listen, your grandfather wants to believe in you,
I know you will
make the right decision,
- What if the call when it's ready,
- Yep,
Thank you very much,
He said he was told to
grandfather sent the letter, of course,
And he was gone,
- Yep,
- Are you going to answer?
Only if you want it, come on,
Help a nice, unusual,
- Some more?
- Yep,
Oh my goodness,
- Wait, it's too early for you, right?
- That's funny,
The previous question, do you
Remember when I saved you?
You know, when a neighbor boy
and you're still about 6 years?
Geez, what is it?
Yes, but when we were children,
And where? In my house?
When you jump back, jump
to the largest child and beat him ,,
Yes, so I took the bench
and beat everyone,
- You're always fighting,
- Yes,
What does he mean by research?
- What?
- In a letter grandfather,
He said aborigines
local help in research,
- What? He did not say anything?
- No,
But like I said,
I've packed up everything,
I'm more concerned with
what he says about you,
You know, help others,
I have a feeling about this,
You know, even the father
help when he was gone,
Leave me, Nick, I and my mother,
You can overcome it,
What is that?
- We better get in,
- Yes, yes, uhuh,
Max, come in!
Max, Max!
I'll take care of you later, go,
- Look at that,
- Did you bring the bat,
You ,, you're older,
Did you hear that?
Wild dogs,
- You're obviously ruined tonight, man,
- You too,
For God's sake,
Get out of here,
What do you think,
- Some sort of opossum?
- Yes?
Perhaps the same creature
who killed a kangaroo,
- I hope we deal with that,
- Please tell me you had a gun?
Yes, in the barn,
The gun and drugs, combinations
perfect, Tristan, you're alone,
I think so,
Who is this?
- Oh shit,
- Fuck,
- What is the good news?
- News? What,,
You called, remember?
You said you've been selling
stuff, invited us to a party?
I do not remember to call you,
Then? You can not sell my stuff?
Yes, I sold it, I just
do not remember calling my fault ,, ,,
Not okay, okay it's okay,
Let's party,
Hey hey, Nick bitch!
Where have you been?
Good day BJ,
So how about ,,
You and you, just you and me,
Yours with Tristan ended,
He's out,
Hello, so this is definitely his brother,
I Bec,
- I'm Kate,
- Hi Kate,
Anya, hi,
- How are you?
- Good, I guess,
- It has been a very long time,
- Kupercaya,
- Hey, sorry about BJ, he just ,,
- Bastard?
Well, if you say so,
Hey, girls, come on,
- Wow, look at that,
- It was very beautiful,
I forgot how beautiful this place,
I understand, This rural,
Trees and other things,
This is boring,
Come party,
Jays, let's go grab my stuff in the trunk,
- Hold on, I just ,,
- Now, motherfucker,
- Sorry, bro,
- All right, man,
No, no, it's okay,
Hey, Kate, Want to come along?
- Sorry, BJ, she was just tired,
- No, Kate, you do not have to apologize,
Every time,
Go, huh?
Friend, sunset,
- I could make you feel better,
- Good,
You know, helped, yes,
BJ, there's something I
need to talk to you,
First of all, he might come back anytime
and now he likes to see Rebbeca,
- Yes, well, you're, you're right,
- Rebbeca suck yours,
Honor set aside,
OK, Ah, Becky, dear,
Give him a massage,
I do not know,
That's not what I said,
What? You're going to give me?
You want to borrow my balls balls?
- Decide,
- Problem guy, he a real man, BJ,
Why could not you have me do?
Great idea,
Fun for everyone,
- Well, except Nick, Because she's a little jerk,
- Yes,
For a brother, he did so,
I'll always be here
for you, pal, You and me,
- We native brothers,
- Yes, You are right,
- The other party begins,
- Yes, right,
- So, what do you think?
- About what?
About me? About you and me?
You're kidding, right?
You do not menongkrong together many girls, right?
No, a girl like you, no,
Has been acting, BJ?
This is not true,
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What is this?
- Let's toast!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Ah, it was tasty,
Uh, okay,
- OK, It begins,
- Starting with me,
- OK,
- Will be obtained,
- Okay, The next round, I might,
- Let's try it, Okay,
Yes, all right, Oh, oh, Oh,
It was started, It was aggressive,
All right, kids, into the room,
- It's okay,
- How strange,
You want in?
- Yes,
- Hey!
Nice experiment, Good boy,
- There you are,
- I'll just give him a quick tour,
- Yes, okay,
- Yes, yes, stick with it,
You are stallions,
How about you?
You want to get into bed?
Ah, yet? Why?
You go and wait for me?
I'll be right there,
after this, I promise,
Dude, you made her try,
Instead, the Jays,
He know, He knew BJ untouched,
And when he found out, It will happen,
It was very exciting,
Besides, if he
wrong with me ,,,
What was it?
Jays, let's check it,
Oh, man, I'm drunk,
- No,
- Hey, you're there check,
Or do you live here with
man you said no,
So you want to try again?
- He's upset,
- Good boy,
Oh, dear,
- Goodbye,
- Be careful,
Okay, my turn,
Yes, this is it,
Why do not you call him?
I'm fine, Thank you
for his attention,
What are you doing out here?
BJ wanted to sleep in the van,
Seriously, I'm happy for you,
I do not,
What do you mean?
You know what I mean,
That's when you agree with me,
Yes, when you make your decision
and I made my decision,
Fair enough,
Nice to meet you, Anya,
So, what's up with Jay and Shagonwagon?
You have been traveling in Australia?
- You really want to know?
- Yes,
I really want to know,
Now you're pushing,
I'll take it,
- Oh, Hah?
- It's ,, It's happening, huh?
- Yes?
- Hah?
BJ had a problem about staying
somewhere for a long time,
Happens when you break the rules,
Local police desirous
catch you, that sort of thing,
Do you realize that wherever he goes,
he sent me a message,
No you're not,
I have to continue,
So you continue to see him,
You're always very good at this,
What is that?
- What happened?
- Help!
It was the sound of Jason!
It was the sound of Jason!
Jason, talk to me!
Where are you?
Are you okay? Hey, look at me?
Are you okay? Look at me!
Hey, you're just too drunk,
You fall ,,
Hey, come on, buddy, Wake up,
We have to go, Get up!
We have to go!
Tristan? Beck? Something happens,,
Sensation! Hey! Come out!
I'm sorry, man,
Ah, something happened to Jason,
you better get out,
- Wait a minute,
- Listen, maybe two minutes,
Ah, I guess, Nick came out looking for him,
He already ,, um ,, Yes,
- How long did he go?
- Lama,
Hey, will be back,
Knock the door first, you know,
Troublemakers appear,
- You ,,
- Wow,
Well, I like him,
I'll ,, I'll finish,
- What he's back?
- Not both,
- You do not want to help?
- No, why so?
What? Jason?
Okay, ready?
What happened to you?
Oh, fuck this crazy partnership task, BJ,
We should go from here,
He was a little drunk,
He could not see anything,
Did you see anything?
- Oh,
- Stand up for yourself!
Seriously, no more drugs for him,
Well, a small party ends,
Let's go inside,
Thank you for finding it,
- Come on, princess,
- No,
I'll be out here for a while,
I would not be outside the door
if I were you,
I stay in the house tonight,
Can not be trusted,
What? A man hallucinating
and everyone fled,
As for what exactly?
To be honest, this is a party,
Fuck you!
Well, this is my party,
Mahsun / font max / font
Rather strange, I live here, remember,
It is okay,
I am used to,
I do not know what to say, But,,
It often happens to me,
You know you ,,
You know why BJ makes you behave,
I really do not know,
I want to make you breakfast,
I do not have anything in the fridge,
Unless you'd like a beer,
- No, Do not worry,
- OK,
So I'm going to town with Nick,
That will give everything
what you want, Whatever in the world,
As long as you wait,
I really liked it,
Yes please,
Hey, you should check out this property,
Yes, for sure,
- Morning,
- How are you?
You are let alone,
Lady, first,
Check this out,
You're both a little too late,
- Where are you going?
- City,
Hey, Nick, can we ride into town?
Sure buddy, Do not rush, Come,
- Come on, Nick!
- Come on, Nick!
Hey! Hey!
Yes, it is true,
Becky, keep our goods,
It looks just like you and me, right?
All right, you buy what you need,
come back in 20 minutes,
Where are you going?
- Buying myself Thai Latte,
- Oh, milk skin hot,
What the Thai latte?
Science animals still unproven
Expert-Cryptolog Clyde Marshall
claims to find a mythical creature
Yes, of course,
we'll stop by when I go home,
OK, See you later,
See you later,
Is that your wife is calling?
Ah no, It is a business,
- Is it true?
- Yes,
- I'm a grown man now,
- Oh,
Meanwhile, there is nothing between you and Nick?
- What?
- Do you have a spark of light,
Are you,,
Me and Nick, is pleased
I met her, After a long time but ,,
I do not know,
- You guys have to talk about it?
- Have you?
- Nothing to talk about, What?
- I do not know, the fact you're still mad at him,
I do not hate him,
You know what it's like after father
and mother divorced, He could have ,,
Go to our parents and decide,
No, she began wreaking havoc in the city,
And your father did not hear
about it at all?
No, I did not really expect, but at least
he sent money for our survival,
Um, are we finished here?
Or do we continue to take a walk alone ,,
What? We must not walk and talk,
tells the story of life?
Besides, we have not discussed
about you and Beck,
And we've been talking about,
You know it's different with you, right?
Why? Because the only brother
which could have a grudge?
Why do you rush? He remained there
when you get back,
Shut up,
All I'm saying, if you want to close
with Nick, I think now his chance
With him,
Thank you, Dr, Phil,
Nice words,
I counted 3737, thank you,
Do you know, In the dictionary of Nick,
Nice words mean,
- Really?
- Yes,
I do not know you're an expert in women ,,
I certainly ,, Skipping time,
Yes, well,
Now I'm an expert,
Look, I know we
leave this boat, but ,,
It was too much history between
both of you to be left off,
What did you do with the ring?
I do not know, I sold it,
Where are you going?
Like what seems?
- Come, Kate?
- Oh, no, thanks,
I swam straight to the bottom,
- You sure you do not want to go?
- Yes I am sure,
Can you stay with me?
Hey! What the hell?
"Oh, oh, help me, I'm drowning,"
- Basic you bastard,
- What?
Ah, your cock?
Are you naked?
- But I want to be with Tristan,
- You do not want to be with Tristan!
What the hell? You really want to!
Becky, come on!
I miss you,
No, you had your chance,
I will not sit and wait
you're fed up with Anya,
I'm finished,
- Whatever! You're going back!
- Fuck!
You always come back,
"I will be with Tristan,
I love her, Oh, "
- How to Beck?
- That bitch did it to me!
When we return,
you can find new friends?
What do you think?
You invited us ,,
And you seem, it is not
disturb you, you continue to cover it,
I honestly do not remember inviting you,
but seriously, I must be stoned or something,
Yes, Nick, sometimes I was stoned,
I learned from the master, Hey, brother Nick,
Hey, mayor of the city,
he's just drunk,
Sorry, I had many thoughts,
Oh, that reminds me, can we
popped into the office building next door?
- DE, Yes,
- Nicol,
Take the money,
I thought you wanted me
Saunders gave it to it ,,
I know what I said Tristan,
Gosh, you might cut off his head,
I'm sorry I ,, I just do not
want you to stay there again, okay?
I'll just say
What did he say,
It's not a big deal,
It's um ,, In front, there,
- What are you doing?
- Come with you,
- Are you okay?
- I think I'll be fine,
This is good, alive with a bulldozer
is a common environment,
- Are you going to talk about?
- I guess money,
The money was good,
I mean yes,
Do I look professional?
Monday, Monday, Hey Tristan
glad to see you again,
- Yes,
- Yes,
- Who is this guy, you guard?
- He was uh ,, My sister,
- Oh ,, Okay, family, John, Come on,
- Nick,
- Okay,
- Not fancy, but this is home,
to design your future
Yes, I'm sorry about the little fly, it
part of this, I'm afraid, so ,,
You are ready to sign this paper and you can
go to home shores, and surf all day,
- You surf?
- No,
How about you
Nick, you surf?
Oh okay, 2 of 2, Well whatever
you do from now on, you uh ,,
You will do it with style,
Next you're already sold
uh ,, Last Taxis today,
Um ,, And this developer I would
see uh ,, um ,, Would be
Well, I never gave it
to the client, so that he can ,,
To build something new, 60-foot bowling lane
if he gave the cash as it was, right?
- Yes,
- Am I right?
And uh ,, um ,, What's What
This hole, intent here,
Oh it's just ,,, It
Australia scenery um ,,
The title is lost, so what else is on
property at time of sale, is owned by the purchaser,
So ,, What do you mean is, water tanks, car
old, building, nothing there, it got them,
Okay, cool,
It all sounded pretty
good to me, so uh ,,
Do you think Nick?
I think you should take 1 day,
To see her,
- Um ,, I think you said in the car ,,
- No, I know what I'm saying,
So yes I would um ,, Take 1 day
to think about it and then ,,
So I thought I
will call you tomorrow?
Yes, of course, do not you just ,, Download
all the time you need,
What is that?
Oh it's just an aboriginal art,
There is a big part of travel
history in this section,
Yes, right,
Well I mean there might be a ,,
True meaning behind it? Special,
Uh ,, I do not know, I just ,, I just ,,
I love art, I have it ,, It's been a long time,
Well I think we're done here,
Tristan talk tomorrow,
Many construction vehicles in
here to uh ,, Line's new bowling,
Ah do not worry them
will be here,
Who's worried?
- I'll tell you the man is a liar,
- What about Nick?
- He just met her, - Yes, and I'm sure
if he is the person who sneak in your house,
- Yesterday evening it was Jason,
- And the night before?
- Hey bastard kill kangaroos,
- Yes, of course,
- Why not?
- Kangaroo what, what are you talking about?
When the child is up in the city
Here, we find a kangaroo that has ,,
Well it's dead, all right, but I
do not think, if it's a real estate agent,
Will sneak around the house,
trying to scare citizens,
Why does he have night-vision goggles?
- Where?
- In the box next to you, idiot,
- Nick! Quiet,
- I do not know,
Hell, last night
when I found Jason,
I look to the bush, and there is a shadow
dark with red eyes staring right at me,
I do not know what it was at the time, but
binoculars in his office are the eyes that I saw,
Ah we start again, you will know
when Nick did not tell anything,
That's okay because it's muscle
will save the day, right?
- Well I saved as usual,
- Shut up Tristan!
The man was up to something,
Now please think, Maybe he's trying to scare you,
This place makes you to sell on the cheap,
Bung gini ,, Go back there with me tonight
this, and I will prove to you,
Yes then what will happen?
Taking off his mask, ah see monster
it turned out to Richard during this time!
- Oh friends, stop,
- Why not, right?
You know BJ's right, you're not brothers,
You only think about yourself,
Go to hell, man,
- He just still mad about you
leaving him, - Ah you think so?
- What are you going to do about him?
- Shoot him,
Yes it will work,
I'm going to learn,
See if I can find an excuse
Richards bastard that roam here,
Okay, let's go,
Let's go,
- What? - Oh no, just Nick,
Itulah who tried kukatakanpadamu bung,
Hei fella, what happened?
- Oh not much, hey where Bec?
- I'm sure she swam,
A few hours ago
Now, wow where is she?
It was just swimming, really,
- Bec!
- Bec!
Hi Danny, better
go back to your mother's okay,
And I'll catch you later, okay?
Do not go,
Come with me,
Come follow me,
Having fun?
What do you think?
He was the uncle you now,
Try to enjoy this trip,
- When was the last time you saw him?
- What is this, an interrogation?
- When? - Wait, I told you the last time I
see him go into the billabong and swim,
We must continue to look for it, And
I'll go grab the torch,
What are you doing?
- You know what Kate, I do not think I like
you, - If I know you're doing something,
- I'll go to the police,
- Wow,
You do not like this yesterday
night, when we were making out,
It really wasted a lot of my time,
Just because we did not find
nothing, it does not mean I'm wrong,
- Are you alright?
- Bec missing,
- What? Since when?
- Since we went this morning,
- Is it true?
- If you'll look, take Max with you,
Oh I could take the dog
you? But you're not coming?
Frightened by the housing agency huh?
I will go to him now,
Better than you think,
Come on Max,
- I have to go with him, they will need
help, - Hey wait, I need you,
Help, I need your help,
Oh basis asshole!
Jason I need to talk to you,
Last night, I do not even know ,,
- Anya! He should not take the van!
- Anya went with Nick,
The bitch knows where
I kept the key,
In the ignition,
- Talk nonsense again,
- Damn!
- Hey why do not you go ,,
- Hey folks! Silence for a moment understand?
I do not care what happens to you, but
we need to focus and try to find Bec, okay?
- Now I say we start looking ,,
- No, no, do not you know?
- I'm going to run it, so
we could finish, - What?
Leave here,
Man, I really have a plan,
Listen I'm trying to help find
bung your girlfriend, but if you do not want my help ,,
Oh man, not like that,
No I'm just worried, because if you do not
know the bush, it is easy to get lost,
And at night
day, I do not know ,,
- As Nick would not survive as usual,
- Yes that's what best can be done Nick, is not it?
What's the plan?
My feelings tell me
This person is behind it all,
You want to find Bec?
This guy knows,
And you need me ,, what?
Well he had seen me,
Distinguishing, facial features, but you know,
He did not see me,
Does it look like
Is anybody there?
Does it look like
I have X-ray vision?
I did not see the car,
Where is he in the middle of the night?
I think it's safe,
Yes uh ,,
Um ,, I'll uh ,,
Checking, sector here,
And ,, and you know what to
do if someone comes?
- God is so cliche,
- What?
What would you do
If you find something?
Well, I do not know, I'm gone,
Fast, oh God, Back, fast!
- Who is that?
- I do not know,
Keep my head down,
Hey how are you?
So what a beautiful creature
in a place like this so far?
Oh um ,, My car can not be fired, but
um ,, Thank you, thank you for asking,
- You need help? - No, no, everything is fine,
fiance was here, I just talk to him,
- Fiance,
- Yes,
It's been two months today,
Well I hope he comes soon,
You do not know what's in here,
- Lions and tigers and bears,
- Oh my goodness ,,
Oh my goodness ,,
Oh my God, where were you
find these people?
Are you alright
there detective?
- I thought you were great in the city,
- Certain,
I like stories about your fiance,
Why do you think I could be a hindrance?
God ,, Not
I know you still love
Kate, Last night,
Well I'm not going
say anything but ,,
You know maybe like
in an open relationship it,
Hey she's really good to me
when you go,
He's really a good guy this time,
You continue ,,
I have regretted that decision
every day in the last 7 years,
And why did you go?
Tristan, your mother, I am, You just ,,
You just disappeared,
And then,,,
Who does that?
It was the hardest thing
I've ever done,
- But she left us,
- Who,
- Seth,
- Your father?
Tristan was very young
when the mother's head hurt,
They did not find anything,
But the bastard took my family,
One must go,
Someone has to provide income,
Tristan was just a child and ,,
I know of no reason,
But I do not have the guts
to see your eyes,
It's been a long time,
I think the rain has stopped,
You need ,, Maybe sign
before he returned,
So it's time for me to break through with ,,
Big red master key,
- Well Tristan master key,
- I do not want to know,
We'll talk about it later,
All right, J, Kate, you're down
there into the creek, huh?
- Tributaries to this direction,
- Well, well,
I do not believe that whore,
People shit like that,
- He said something to you?
- He just said they were delighted to see it,
What is that?
It pisses me off,
Gosh deserted once,
Yes, well this country,
The best man in it,
I mean this is really quiet,
Never quiet as this,
No ,, Well kangaroos and the like,
can not kill, except for bison,
People facebook
Similarly, I see it ,,
Very wild and will
destroy us with that gear,
What happened?
BJ doing something
him, you know that right?
I do not know anything,
What you up to now?
Look, even if he did something, what
it will do to us, if we say it?
Moreover, it seems you can
get Danny pants last night,
Jason, I said I was sorry,
I was drunk, And he was flirting with me,
As he does every girl, God does not
Can you see, he always cheat us like garbage,
He is a poison, and you're a man
good, but you have to stand alone,
Is that a dog?
Kate! Run!
What are you doing here?
We are looking for you everywhere,
Come with me,
Come with me,
Come follow me,
Bec! Bec! Bec!
Come out!
Back home!
What happened?
- Dude what happened?
- Kate!
- Swim Kate!
- Swim! Come on you can do it,
- Kate! Swim Kate!
- What is that?
- Come on!
- Swim!
Oh, God,,
- Very helpful, you were,
- The creature's out there, you know it,
Oh you know, we've had enough,
Yes thanks for your advice, I
listen to everything you say,
It's a little personal, as well as the
this, No offense,
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What happens here Gabi?
What is this?
Is Richard tried to
scare my brother? That is all?
Ridhard not a problem,
You know it is already underway
for a week now,
I do not know what happened?
No ,, That is nonsense,
It's not nonsense, boy it
true, we need your help,
- Hey, are you okay? They hurt you?
- No, no, what's he talking about?
It turns out my grandfather
is a cryptozoologist,
A what?
He examines the mythical creature,
And he studied Bunyips,
- Well I know it sounds crazy, But it's true,
- True and you dragged me here,
And do not say anything more, and you
expect me to believe a fantasy story that you ,,
This is not fantasy, lady, it is a reality, And if
we want to stop it, we need him, now!
You can not lie to me,
in fact, I do not believe it,
This ,, I do not think
you would believe me,
- The hell I do not know ,,
- Immediately, shit I'm an idiot,
Hey let's remember who kissed me okay?
Is everything okay?
- Who is that man?
- Shut BJ,
- Dad what are you doing here? - Hey reunion
great, now come on man, we should go from here,
We're not going anywhere,
Hello Tristan,
Oh, shit!
Okay, what exactly
is happening here?
My boy, you and I need to talk,
Father, huh?
There is good news?
I apologize for 20 years
I did not call you,
But why now?
And how do you know Richards?
Look, things happen pretty fast,
so you have to keep after him,
These creatures ,,
Are creatures who killed your grandmother,
And finally grandfather,
Now host Richards just want to stop
this creature before it kills again,
And I agreed to help,
Because I know how
how to do it, son,
You have to believe me,
Why not Richards or you
notifying this to me?
Come on, you think will believe this?
Now, you have to see it for yourself,
Okay, well, what
I had just seen it,
Rebecca out of the water like that,
Who was Rebecca?
He, uh, my friend, a girl ,,
Anything else happen?
Well, Nick says they shared Anya you
knew the girl who says and Kate ,,
Jason boyfriend she was dragged
into the water for granted,
What happened to your face?
Motivation danger,
I'm sure he's fine,
If Garvey told the truth, it
means Richards had everything to do with this
- It is no excuse that you're saying now,
- And if Garvey is crazy?
Richards then either
how playful,
It's all really crazy,
Or taken,
- Hey, um ,,
- Do not worry I'll be back in the morning,
- If Richards already ,,
- Stop worrying about me,
You must have a lot of questions,
So, it seems all
This operation should be split up,
- It is now split up,
- It must have one or maybe two,
Why, yes, I mean
it was absolutely perfect,
How ,, what about women in
town, Why do not we put her?
Three girls have to be connected,
I'm just trying,
We just need to have this feed,
If that goes, we can
fished out with it,
Okay, so you say
this is your game,
You know it's worth it for the company? Yes,
You test the weapon,
and under the influence,
More money than
you and I could ever imagine,
- Everybody just needs to do their job,
- Good,
So do your job,
So you have a gun?
Yes, inside the warehouse,
Dude, we still do not know
what happened to Rebecca,
There is something not right, man,
Creature that captures Kate, Now
The private military and control us?
Do not know, no nothing?
Who pays these people?
What's up, man?
Who pays these people?
Where did they come from?
What do they want?
There is something wrong ,,
With these people,
Do you want to be rich?
I'm listening,
Come back,
Thanks, uh, for taking care
family, I would need,
Support what I mean, and the money,
Glad to know there is someone
who cares because Nick does not ,,
Of course, came to help,
No, I mean really ,,,
Gosh Tristan,
cut it out anyway,
No, the dog,
Stay here,
So you understand?
- Anya will be safe for the whole time?
- Certain,
The children had been given a briefing
they will help us,
Tristan how many vehicles
do you have here?
Uh, I've got my old truck, but I
armpits know where Nick kept the key,
Well, it's okay,
We only had four, car
super, I want you to drive,
And these weapons
kill this creature?
My men will paralyze it when needed, right?
You guys, just back up, No one becomes a hero,
Then we will look for Kate?
Yes, we will find
Kate and Rebecca,
- Dad,
- Never shoot a gun before?
Yes, video games,
What happened?
Come on,
I want you to call Anya,
tell him in great danger,
Should be back here as soon as possible,
Okay, so if he is in great danger
hence why I told him to come here,
I'd better not tell
him to go as far as possible?
Did not I already tell
you to believe me? Right?
You remember you said you would
give answer to me?
You have to trust me,
You owe this to me,
And rainbow help
created this earth,
He also created one of the wise,
Beyami, He gave
force, to protect the land,
tribe and people or animals,
And he returned to the prize
take from where he came from,
One person, not like
This good behavior,
He tortured the sacred totem animal,
This angered Biyami,
Biyami decided to punish him,
During the fight, the wave
This takes the form of a spirit,
Person, tame Vanya,
And revenge to all
tribe and people across the country,
The evil spirits prey
all guards along the billabong,
He will devour anyone
who go there,
He will destroy anyone
who tried to stop him,
No one ever could,
These creatures are still out there?
As always, and will always be there,
That according to me,
All tribes and people
Vanya living under fear,
They asked for Biyami
assistance and protection,
So Biyami decided
to confine Vanya,
Ganya his water hole
it, Lenggang eternity,
Three women have decided
to test the strength of Vanya,
They fell into the water channel,
But instead of killing them,
Devouring them,
He gave them
gift of eternal life,
Make them a
his slave forever,
And they become demons,
They like water flow,
He would lure men, women,
and children,
They drown,
So you can see why your grandfather
we want to have this land,
Ganya to protect
our lifetime,
But why Richards
wanted the land?
So what could she do?
Catch it? Sell tickets?
Over the centuries
we have to take care of this land,
Mr Richards, is a fool,
Spirit is here,
- What about Sam?
- Two water spirits follow,
You sure?
Now this incident happen again,
3 girls,
2 in the spell,
Mahsun / font max / font
You should say
Sam before,
With, this is more than just heritage grandfather,
but Sam's past,
We will deal with it,
Then what happened?
Everything is your secret,
All have secrets,
Come on and get into the van,
Arrest that man,
Catch them all,
I'll be right behind you,
Hey, darling
Awaiting your fiance?
- What about the wedding plans?
- That dress crazy,
Let me go!
Hello, Anya,
Please remove this,
What's going on, dad?
Tristan, please!
/ Anya, are you okay?
- BJ, what the fuck?
- Tristan, stop!
God, you remind me
on the eve of your grandfather died,
Richards, you have to stick to the deal,
Turn on the light,
What do you know
about the death of my grandfather?
It's all about jobs grandfather,
- He was not part of the deal,
- BJ let her go!
Please stay focused,
For God's sake, Richards,
Tristan, you and your friends
you back to the truck,
I really misjudged you,
What the hell are you talking about?
/ Turn on the lights!
And bring the girl,
- Get in!
- Geez, why did you hit me,
Shit! Shit!
Go to the countryside he said, have fun
all week he said, oh we will drink,
Shit! Shit!
I think we screwed up,
Must protect Anya, should seek
assistance to get out of here,
- Good luck,
- You too,
Turn off the lights,
Turn off the lights,
This is it,
- No, no!
- Oh, my God!
Turn it!
Shoot it!
Who saw it?
Gosh, go where the creature?
- Shoot!
- Shoot
Help me,
Yes, yes, we should,
You've got a spear?
Turn on the charge,
Jason, Jason, you're still alive, my friend?
Come here,
Let's go from here,
It also does not work,
not penetrate the skin!
Take the charge,
- Oh, thank God, you're alive,
- Anya,
Sorry I do not know, Anya,
Where is Nick?
Uh, there was no bomb and,
an Aboriginal and Richards
Aboriginal people?
I do not think so,
You see what I did?
I've done more than
which can be achieved by anyone,
Even more than did your grandfather,
What my father completed?
In fact, almost killed your family,
You do not know anything about the family,
Watch this!
So it is with me,
Oh shit!
Come on, quickly!
Get in!
Let kukemudikan!
Let him go!
Shit! Shit!
Go, hurry!
Come on!
Come up!
Come Anya!
- You can do it!
- Tristan!
Come on! Come on you can do it!
Wait! Wait for him!
BJ, turn directions!
Hey, darling,
We've talked about this,
Come out,
No problem,
Basic cockroach,
Basic shit!
Stop the car, stop!
What the hell, man!
We have to pick up, Anya,
Are you serious, did not see the creature?
I'm sick of your bullshit,
We do not go back without Anya, understand?
Back in the truck and turn the direction,
Come on!
All right, all right,
Come on!
BJ whatever you do
Do not turn around!
Quick, quick, quick!
BJ, faster!
Let's hurry up!
Hurry up!
- God!
- We're going into a thicket,
- Handle,
- Keep driving!
Oh Shit!
Grip comrade,
Oh, my God,
Go away from me, Stay away!
There are people here?
Max, Maxie,
Max, Are you okay?
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They disappeared,
- Let's find the girl,
- It's not just the girl,
Creatures that catch my sister,
Help me!
There is only one place
Now we can find,
- Come on,
- Great,
So how do I kill this creature?
Surely you know something, / Not now,
Hey, tell me,
He will cause chaos throughout the land,
How do you know that?
I know more than
you can imagine,
Sam, let me go! You do not need to do this,
No, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no,
Hey, come on, wake up,
This is it, You know you're where?
Why are you doing this?
Many people are willing to pay
expensive for these creatures,
You're doing this all because of money?
Do not be naive, Everyone has a price,
That's nonsense,
But, this is the time for me,
I who buy nitrogen,
So obedient girl ,,
and die,
Hey, Sam ,,
To hell with you,
This is where we find the grandfather,
Son of a bitch,
But I can not let go
girls who are under the spell,
You understand?
Take this,
Ancient weapons,
Kate, are you in there?
Has begun,
How do you know?
Come on,
Let me go!
He is died,
No, no, no,,,
Do you remember me?
We'll see you again!
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Come on,
Come on follow me,
Come on,
Come on follow me,
Come on follow me,
Come on!
Bring the girls out,
It does not matter, you alright?
We'll be fine
when we get out of here,
We have to go now,
Carefully step,
- Be careful,
- You're not coming?
I love you, you go,
Anya, come on!
Come on,
Come on,
- Nick,
- Tristan?
Nick, It never Sam,
We'll talk later, okay,
We have to get you out of here,
Forgive me,
Nick, you're hurt,
Better you dead in pools of blood
itself, rather than in his own puddle of your art,
Tristan, just go, man! I hope,
I'll meet you at home, huh?
Bunyip still out there,
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Hey guys, you guys going?