Red Carpet (2014) Movie Script

Best New Director Award goes to
Jung-woo Park!
An Officer and a Nurse
was written and directed by him,
which is notable for its fresh
and youthful qualities
He's a rising star who will lead
Korea's film industry.
We would like to congratulate you
once again.
I am Jung-woo Park.
I practiced this every night,
thinking of this moment,
but my mind is completely blanking.
-First of all, I'd like to thank...
No, the jurors...
-That feels good.
-That feels good.
I've had this dream for 10 years,
I'm a porn director.
I'll cum if you move!
-That's a cut! Let's move upstairs!
-Sir, water.
Windmill, either take it off or change.
It's fugly.
-Lights upstairs.
-Sir, I'm an actor.
Dude, what about scene 17?
Medium shot from the side,
and a close-up on
her blanket clutching hand.
-Let's think upstairs.
Summer! This isn't a sauna,
put some clothes on.
-Which one?
-The red one.
Let's get full shot here.
Full shot?
-It's good.
-No place to hide mic.
Yo, Windmill!
Strawberry! How much longer will it take?
Five minutes!
We'll shoot in one min!
Move your asses!
Why's he always like that?
Take your time, no rush.
Can 15 years' worth
of imaginary training...
be put to use?
-It can.
Okay, we're ready to shoot!
Quiet on the set!
-What the hell?
Something moved...
What's up?
I had a horrific thought.
I have claustrophobia...
Get back in.
-I'm an actor, not a crew member!
-God damn it.
Director, can we add more
masturbation scenes for him?
Director, I'm sweaty!
Can I redo my vag patch?
No, no crotch shot this scene,
so suck it in.
How can you suck in sweat?
You've never tried, give it a shot!
So annoying... You suck it in.
-Hey, Strawberry!
Who was that...
you look like that actress...
The cute one, you know.
-Pretty and hot body...
-Hye-kyo Song?
Hye-kyo Song! A doppelganger!
I don't really see it,
but people are saying.
Can't tell her apart on the monitor.
Camera's ready.
-Okay, Hye-kyo!
I'm sorry, I got you mixed up.
Let's get it over with. It's only one cut.
It's hot, but okay.
Let's do it before the sun sets!
Okay, ready!
Camera's rolling!
Aren't you eating too many dumplings?
It's perfect for getting into
Old Boy character.
Try one.
So hungry!
Uh-oh, I don't have chopsticks.
Impeccable manner as always.
Thanks, Jun-su.
What do we do with the hammer scene?
Exactly as written in the script.
But the space is...
too tight for the shot.
We have to do it in a long take?
It's a must,
even if we tear down the wall.
This scene is dedicated to
director Chan-wook Park and his crew,
for their work.
It's my note of appreciation
for creating this masterpiece!
But they'll never watch our film.
I don't care, that's fine.
Long take, no argument!
Got it?
Sir, you do a lot of spoofs lately.
Do you know what happens
when you do one thing for ten years?
Become master of that craft?
You run out of ideas!
Kimchi Soup $15
Dumplings $20
Get yourself in the shot.
Sorry for this every time.
But as you know,
she'll divorce me if she finds out.
Don't forget! This is a medical company,
-Suk-bong's team lead! You're manager!
Windmill's the rookie,
Summer's the waitress, okay?
Cellphone's rolling!
Everyone, get in position.
Oh hello, everyone!
-Hi honey!
-Hi! How are you doing?
We got company dinner.
You'll be quite late then?
Don't wait up.
-Watch Se-eun play.
-You're so pretty!
RED CARPE You guys go ahead,
I haven't been home in three days.
I gotta do some writing too.
Okay, call me later.
What the...
Did I leave the door open?
Who are you?
Wait, don't move! I said don't move!
You must've underestimated me
because I live alone
but you broke into the wrong girl's place.
Who are you?
-Don't you dare move! Stay down!
-Wait, let's just talk!
I think you made a mistake,
this is my home.
Why... is...
woman's panties hanging there?
Ow, my head...
You pervert!
I used to have black belt in taekwondo!
What's that got to do with a frying pan?
I, I'm gonna call the police! Don't move.
Hurry, call them right away!
-Hello? Is this the police?
-Help! She's trying to kill me!
-It's East District...
-Central District.
-That's right.
Yejang-dong! 700-2.
Yejang-dong, 700-2.
Right, you got it.
Was this premeditated?
No! It looked like
you didn't know the address.
How do you know that?
I've lived here for three years.
Still got a year left on my lease.
I'm so scared...
I'm the one scared!
All tied up and beaten with a pan!
-I said don't move!
-Oh, no!
Just arrived from Spain?
You should've checked
the registration certificate.
I know, eh?
Can you catch him?
How can they catch him?
He planned this to a tee.
My deposit! Can I get my deposit back?
You won't see a single cent back.
See that? She hit my head with it!
-Bam, bam!
-Okay! Sit down please!
You two should settle this.
No, I won't. I'll follow the law.
I'm not just talking about your beating.
I'm saying it's best
if you two settle this.
What is there to settle?
Why did you steal her panties?
From your jacket pocket,
we found this!
But, why is that...
Listen here.
She was startled because
you barged in with that!
I'd be too.
Hey! Look at me!
Where did this come from?
Why are you doing this to me? Why?
What the hell?
Look what that bitch did to director Park.
No! Don't hit my head!
It hurts too much!
So pretty.
What is that?
You're awake?
Cool, right?
I've been thinking...
I already paid all the utilities.
So until that bastard is caught
and I get my own place,
let's call it even.
Call it even?
When the sun sets,
don't' cross this curtain.
Have a good night.
I like my eggs over easy.
Fine, I'll give you a week.
That should be enough, right?
Why come to Korea?
I doubt you're traveling.
You really don't know who I am.
Watch out for the flu!
Brush, brush, choco, choco!
Kid's Choco Toothpaste!
Do you remember?
I remember the toothpaste...
Just that?
-Mom's Dream on MBC.
-Mom's Dream...
Didn't you have a TV growing up?
Never went to the theater?
What was that?
I'm not eating.
Tell me, what was that?
Eun-su Jung...
She's listed.
Bad Behavior Caused by Her Folks?
Attempted Suicide?
What's with the awkward look?
You look possessed, totally.
Hey, over there, you can see it here.
Don't you get dizzy
from looking at it all day?
Let's go eat.
I'll pass.
The censor deadline is on the 13th.
-Control your pace.
-What'll you have?
I got the corporate card,
so something expensive.
Like what?
I'll be the King of Burgers!
Wanna go eat?
Jung-woo, it will be hard
to invest for your script,
An Officer and a Nurse.
The story's too obvious,
it's not cinematic.
You said it was really good.
It is! But it's also too obvious.
Write something else,
something stimulating.
Kidnapping, locked away,
stabbing, stuff like that.
As I told you, this isn't porn...
Precisely! That's why
it's difficult to sell!
Write something scandalous!
I'll back you up so hard!
You said the same thing last time
and went with a NYU-graduate.
He totally owned you.
Asshole, I was being courteous!
He came from so far! From New York!
If he's from NYU,
tell him to go shoot in NYC.
You idiot, don't talk so subjectively.
How the heck am I so subjective?
You tell us to shoot porn,
and hire NYU idiots for features.
You're subjected to superiority complex!
What are you saying?
You mean "inferiority complex"?
That's what I meant!
I'll help you debut no matter what.
But before then, focus on the porn.
Cheaper! And in bulk! Got it?
Good bye.
Can you understand him?
Let's look on the bright side.
We're in a recession,
we get salary ever month,
with full benefits too.
We'll get our chance when the time comes.
Dude, it won't come like that.
And was full benefits your dream?
Was that it?
Dad, I'm here.
Dad? Holy cow!
-Why do you always sleep here?
Hi, sweetie.
Where's dad?
I think they took him to exercise?
Why take sick people to exercise?
One, two!
One, two!
Dad wants you to bring him your resume.
That again? I got a full-time job!
You know, his barrack successor
who works at the TV station?
He replaced dad so long ago,
and doesn't he...
run a snack bar there?
Just bring one! It's an order, he says.
Dad's right, sweetie.
How long will you shoot indies,
they don't even show it on TV.
I've told you before,
my film's for the theaters.
Then why don't they show it?
There're so many theaters.
-At times, better to retreat...
-Not that again!
I'll make it big
and let you live in luxury.
Don't worry about me...
and look after your health.
Are you moved?
Cut the horse crap and bring your resume.
It's his order.
Hey, what are you doing?
Oh this?
I was looking for something...
I saw this one,
director Kang's A Lucky Day.
The script's really great...
Do you work for a film studio?
What did you make? Are you a writer?
The sun's down! Stay on your side.
So childish.
You know that script
An Officer and a Nurse?
What about it?
Never mind.
Why bring it up then!
What about the script?
really good.
There's something missing.
Which part? Where?
Love must be honest.
Her misunderstanding drifted them apart!
And is he stupid?
Why throw everything away?
I hate this type of men! Hate!
This type of men really hate you too.
Forget it, give it back.
When do you shoot?
Lead actress casted yet?
Who do you have in mind?
Let's see...
Ji-Hyun? Tae-hee?
Geun-young Moon?
You know her?
Of course! She's my junior.
Then use her full name.
I bet she's happy
to have you as her senior.
Don't sit around, go to some auditions!
I'm Eun-su Jung, you forgot?
I'm so above that!
What a load of horse crap.
At least rookies feel fresh,
you don't even feel earnest.
I do too!
Then go to auditions.
If you find a good film,
toss your pride and chase it.
Then again, auditions aren't easy.
Of course they are.
Because I'm so pretty.
You have...
no sincerity.
-Why the hell not?
-Girls like you never do.
What do you mean by girls like me?
You take that back!
I take it back.
I want an apology.
I apologize.
Dang it...
Forget it.
This script...
Do you know the director
of An Officer and a Nurse?
I do.
Very well.
I believe the best edited film
is Citizen Kane.
Favorite DP is Darius Khondji.
I see.
Which films do you like?
I... uh...
Public Enemy and The Man from Nowhere.
The Man from Nowhere...
With Won-bin.
I love Jean-Luc Godard films.
Right, Jang Luke...
His films are art, even the titles.
What was the working title
for When in Her Puss?
-A Sorry, I'm Cumming.
-Where is it?
I'm in an interview.
It's an interview?
I thought we had guests.
I'll do it.
Find A Tale of Two Titties and Booberella.
There's Titties Festival next month.
-Schindler's Tits, too?
-Anything with tits.
How old?
Schindler's Tits
and A Tale of Two Titties...
Public Tits.
Good morning.
-Where's Jin-hwan?
-In an interview.
Seen any porn films?
-Got a boner or no?
-Did you get a boner?
-I got a boner.
A comedy must make people laugh,
a sad film must make people cry,
and porn must make people get boners.
That's the point of commercial films.
No boner without director's permission.
Got it?
I got it.
So do you want to do this or not?
-I'll do it!
-On whose authority?
-I'll learn a lot!
-This isn't school.
-Of course not.
-Can you drive?
Yes, I did valet parking
for Big Beef Broth.
You start immediately, no questions.
Want lunch?
But I...
already ate.
Okay, while we're out for lunch,
watch our past works and get acquainted.
Even though no one's here, don't jerk off.
We know...
because we're pro.
Don't jerk off.
Your first task.
A strange man may drop by later.
He's an infamous pervert.
When no one's around,
he jerks off and cums everywhere.
On your shoes, watches, even on glasses!
If you spot him, stop him at all costs.
What does he look like?
You'll know when you see him.
-Director, how are you?
-Who is this?
-It's Eun-su, Eun-su Jung.
I played Yoon-hee
in your '93 movie White Bird.
I remember!
Brush, brush, choco, choco!
-Eun-su Jung!
-Yeah! Remember?
So, is she hot or not?
She was so cute as a kid.
Is she hot now? Answer me that.
But why is that kid staying with you?
Am I talking to myself?
I told you, she was scammed
and lost her deposit.
So she's hot! You're taking her side!
That's great!
It's a gift from God
for living so earnestly.
Thank Him and date her,
always pray before kissing.
It's nothing like that!
She must be ugly then.
No, she's not ugly...
Forget it.
There's something! What is it?
I'm just...
You're supposed to.
There was a crazy girl in my town,
I'm still curious about her.
Forget it, why did I even bother.
Oh yeah, how's the new kid?
He's a little dumb,
but excellent work experience.
-What did he do?
-He was a valet at Big Beef Broth.
That's perfect.
But can he last long?
He's from Arts University.
So what?
He's like an elite.
Fuck all that.
I gave him a task suitable for an elite.
We'll find out.
Who are you?
I'm the boss around here!
Oh my gosh.
I've had enough.
Hold on.
Don't take it off! Stop!
I know what you're up to, pervert!
Put your hands up!
All dead ends!
New Actor Audition 4PM
- Secret Productions
So you gave up acting, and only managing?
I didn't permanently retire from acting.
Once I retire, a new generation will grow.
A hot star like you shouldn't retire.
If you ask nicely,
I'll come running anytime.
I'll give my girls
pep talk on the set too.
The middle one with full cheeks is Plum.
The skinny one in sunglasses...
Cherry, take it off.
Your sunglasses!
She's confident.
And lastly...
She hasn't got a stage name yet.
She's from Japan, what'd be good?
Don't they all use fruit names now?
What's left?
Come on.
Sincerity has to be in the name.
Isn't it obvious?
I like it, Melon!
I love it! I love melons so much!
Goes with summer breeze!
What name should I use?
Use your real name.
Come on, how can I do that?
Director, what fruit do you like?
I like mango.
Mango? That's great!
You're Mango now.
That's not a name!
I actually thought of a few good names.
How's Richard Yum? Dick Yum?
She's got a great pair.
Or Jack Hammer?
You're Mango, you look like it.
Camera's ready. Mango, come in.
But I...
Not Mango, let's do Plum first.
Short intro and topless screen test.
Hello, my name is Plum.
Pleased to meet you.
Her body is a work of art,
not a shred of exaggeration.
She'd good as a jail bait.
Hands up.
Next up is Melon!
Hello everyone! My name is Yuko.
She's a heavyweight, very top heavy.
Thank you... very much.
Undress please.
Very good...
I don't believe it.
-So annoying.
You fucking idiot!
What did you stab me with?
Move your hands.
I'm fine.
You're fine?
I'm really fine.
I was the one violated, and you're fine?
Move your hands, move them!
You dirty bastard! Look at him!
Dae-yoon, go make us some coffee.
Did he jizz on my shirt?
He's still a baby.
I feel so dirty.
First time's always the same.
Someone else's here for an audition.
One moment please.
It wasn't an open casting call,
how did you find out?
I'm very close with the writer
of An Officer and a Nurse.
I see.
Are we doing a topless?
Yes, we should, because...
it's hot...
Go outside.
It's hot in here.
You worked on a lot of films.
When I was a kid, I did some acting.
I don't know if you know
about our production,
but we make arthouse films here.
Stripped down arthouse, if you will.
Take me now.
We bare our soul for art.
Auditioning for a sick patient.
I see...
Isn't she great?
She's so good that she's already casted.
So what we want
to create is this soul-baring film.
Mankind's pain!
Emotions and wrath!
And where our soul came from
and where it's going.
Psychological discernment,
and our psyche with the universe...
Did she die?
Go ahead when you're ready.
Aren't I suppose to get a script?
Yes, usually.
But we'll go with impromptu acting.
-Thank you!
-Good work, sir!
How did you like them?
They're all really great.
So that's your type!
Yuko, I mean, Melon,
she knows belly dance!
-She can really move.
-See her out.
-It's hot.
-This way please.
-Off you go!
-See you soon!
Let's go!
Take care!
-Stop it...
Stop it! Just stop!
I was only five. I never wanted it.
It's what you wanted me to do.
Even at that age, I wanted
to please you and went to sets,
but once I got used to it,
you two got divorced,
and took me to Spain.
You threw me away.
But what? You want to see me on TV again?
How could you burden me
with your last breaths?
I'll be an actress,
a real one.
Not because of your will.
I want to show you
that I can do fine on my own.
End scene.
What movie was that from?
That wasn't from a movie.
We'll be in touch. Great work.
Could I meet the director?
I can wait, I really want to meet him.
He's out of town on a location scouting.
Tada! Here's the director!
Wait! Hey, wait up!
Come on...
Where the heck did you get that dress?
-Is this funny?
-No, not at all.
It looks good on you.
I know! I'm sorry, I should've told you.
But you came unannounced...
Sure, I told you to audition,
but why here?
I didn't advise you
to come here, am I right?
You said to chase a good project!
Do you really want to do this film?
To be honest, we aren't a regular film...
We are... How should I put it...
What I'm saying is... we make...
Po... porn...
Jin-hwan, bring me today's audition tapes.
And Jun-su,
print out all open casting calls,
and could you find me some scripts?
-Bring them to me.
Get the tapes.
No vacancy anywhere...
Going somewhere?
I saw your audition tape.
Pretty good.
There's a big audition coming up.
I'll help you.
Stay here until then.
Pretending to be cool.
I like Silver Bell
and Morning in the Castle too.
Zombie Korea has its merits.
Read all those scripts today,
and select tomorrow.
We'll schedule it accordingly,
and practice.
How do I use this?
The manual's not there for show.
What should I do?
Should I do everything?
You need to focus!
Don't divert your attention,
one at a time.
I pick Morning in the Castle.
All right! This is it!
So where should we
practice starting tomorrow?
You're asking me to act?
Forget it, screw that.
Don't directors have basic acting chops?
As a director, that's a given...
No, I won't do it.
Our workflow shifted from 4-3-3,
to a 4-4-2 format.
Four actors, four crew members,
two shoot days.
Kiddo, you're the driver,
and boom operator.
Jun-su, you're the DP,
and equipment manager.
Bulletproof prep today,
exciting shoot tomorrow.
Scene-by-scene time.
-How many copies?
-Make four copies.
No, never mind! Make it three copies!
Learn from our director.
He's already studying the script.
-Make it four.
Good afternoon, welcome.
-Got a party room?
-Yes, we do.
Let's get things rolling!
And we'll wrap early! Let's do this!
a conspiracy.
The killer is here.
Don't move!
-Don't move!
There's a conspiracy...
-Don't move!
Do you know why I stopped?
How's it looking?
Not sure, focusing is hard on this.
Why's he so perky today?
Yeah, he looks upbeat.
He's weird. He keeps laughing.
Look, he's laughing as he talks.
The killer is one of you, so look uneasy.
Ready, action!
I'm so sorry!
As you were!
Let's go one more time!
-Roll camera?
Doesn't it feel nice to be out?
Do you remember? From where we were...
Going well?
No, I can't get into character.
This part takes place in Mt. Nam,
but I've never been.
That's Mt. Nam there,
look at it while practicing.
Looking at it and going there
aren't the same.
Why don't we go there right now?
Sure, go ahead.
You lectured me about sincerity!
I really want to go, but I'm so tired.
Dang it!
You really have never been?
Wow! It's great here!
You come here often?
Blue Dragon Awards ceremony
takes place there.
-I come for that.
When I watch the live broadcast from here,
it feels like I'm there.
Why did you want to be a director?
As a kid, my family always
watched Sunday Classic.
They'd wake me for it
if I went to bed early.
Our family of three gathered
around the TV,
laughing and crying together.
So when I grew up,
I wanted to make a movie
so that I can watch with them.
If I get the part, I'll treat you.
How about a projector?
You can't afford a projector!
You're penniless.
Oh yeah...
Top Actress Eun-su Jung
Casting Coupon
You won't be able to buy this later!
Such a privilege!
Don't be nervous, just show them
what you've got. Be confident!
Applicants 109 to 112, please standby.
We'll move now.
Hello, my name is Eun-su Jung.
Eun-su Jung...
Eun-su Jung...
Dude, I checked the footages,
and focus was out on one bed scene.
We gotta do an extra shoot.
What did you say?
We have to do an extra shoot.
Let's shoot tomorrow.
Or we'll miss the deadline.
Can we do it at your place?
Yeah, sure.
I changed my mind.
If you need it, then I'll give it to you.
Because, I like you,
but I'm penniless.
Wait! Which script is that from?
It's Morning in the Castle.
It's a period drama.
For that reason alone,
must I deliver the lines so formally?
Wouldn't they have talked like we do?
They're peasants.
Weren't you... a child actress?
How come it wasn't mentioned?
I didn't...
think it was important.
It's not important.
When I was auditioning...
my heart fluttered.
Nervous, probably.
You think so?
Were you scared?
I was scared that
I wouldn't even get a shot,
even though it felt so good.
Don't feel too bad,
this is just the beginning.
Right? Just the beginning.
Everything'll be okay.
It'll be all right.
Yeah, it'll be all right.
By the way, Eun-su.
I noticed that...
you're sober.
You okay?
Want some water?
good night.
Can I kiss you?
What's up?
I'm stripping you.
Should I do it?
No, I can do it.
It's not easy.
The hook's in the front.
-Should I do it?
-No, I got it.
Off to part-time job, see you later!
This is she, who is this?
Please decide by tomorrow.
Give us a call, even if late.
This isn't...
a scam...
So hungry...
-Great work!
-Don't skip meals, sir!
Do you want a hand?
-It's okay.
-All right.
-Dae-yoon, good job.
-You too, sir!
Careful on the way down, it's steep.
You really don't want a drink?
I just wanna rest today.
If you change your mind, we'll be nearby.
-Got it!
-Call me!
The call cannot be connected...
The call cannot be connected...
Come on!
She's not answering?
At least she didn't change her number.
You two were doing fine,
until she passed an audition.
What could that mean?
She's not like that.
Listen to yourself! Seriously, dude!
Yeah, you were born to be
others' stepping stone.
You're a porn director, she's a top star.
Look here, I guarantee you.
Never, it'll never work out.
Never, ever, she's never ever!
The Return of Korea's
Original Little Sister!
Korea's little sister,
the it girl, fashionista...
Your name comes with many labels.
Which one do you prefer?
Simply... actress Eun-su Jung.
By the way, our readers are dying to know,
if it's okay, could I take a look
at contents of your bag?
There's not much.
This one.
I used to have the same recorder.
Do you... trust me?
Yes, Nick.
I trust you.
Then spread your arms.
I am...
the king of sauna!
Feels so good!
Wasn't this supposed to be a comedy?
Why is it so serious?
Move on?
Next cut!
Let's have a man-to-man talk.
Jung-woo, what's up with you lately?
The actors love coming to our set.
Because we wrap so early.
Because you're so out of it,
Jun-su's wasting his time.
Come on, don't say like that.
What's wrong?
He's in love with Strawberry.
I love strawberry too.
I'm serious!
It's the most delicious thing
in the world.
Fucking idiot!
I'm not kidding.
I ate it yesterday too.
-Grab him
-You're dead.
Why were you born?
-Fucking idiot!
-I won't eat it anymore!
With a spectacular cast
and compelling story...
think straight.
Let's say you two are dating.
She's naked before us,
wouldn't you be embarrassed?
An actor grabs her boobs and...
It's not just us!
-He'll get boner...
-That's enough.
Let's visualize.
She pours oil all over her body.
Stop it!
And she's riding an actor like a bobsled.
-And you're shooting it.
-That's enough!
Don't hurt me.
-I'm older than you, bastard!
-So nasty...
Snap out of it.
We're here with Eun-su Jung.
-Hello, Ms. Jung.
-Hi, there.
-You're even more beautiful now!
-Thank you so much.
Forget her, idiot.
Haven't even started.
Right, we haven't even started.
I think we look similar.
Bull crap, you said you slept with her.
we did start.
do you know what love is?
Love is...
the thing about love is...
it hurts.
It hurts...
Nonsense, you sound like our boss.
Do something about it,
don't just sit there.
All right! I'm going!
-Holy cow...
How far is that set?
-Is this okay?
-I need some help over here!
-Okay. I got it.
Those not changed, come this way.
Clean it up.
Over there, yeah.
Step aside please!
-Hey! The sun's setting! Let's get ready!
-No, wait!
-Come here!
-But I'm...
Get him changed!
Everyone get ready!
Camera ready?
Eun-su Jung!
-We're ready to shoot! Quiet on the set!
And action!
-Who's that!
-Turn that cellphone off!
Turn it off!
Hey! Grab him!
-Grab him!
Did you see the horse that was tied up?
Some actor took off on it.
No one should...
ride her...
She's in heat.
Hey! Stop!
This is the highway!
Don't take photos! You moron!
Help me!
Since I laugh all the time,
you think I don't worry at all?
Jun-su's dying to date a porn star,
Dae-yoon's a certified idiot,
and the boss is an ignorant bastard
who's incommunicable.
I endured it all, because you had my back.
But now you too?
Guess what the most searched term is now.
Highway Admiral Yi.
Fuck off.
Dude, listen.
And the 2nd most searched term?
Highway Admiral Kim.
Is it Kim or Yi, could you clarify?
-Okay, fine.
Different one, maybe?
Want some food?
-I don't want any, asshole.
-Okay, no food for you.
Dude, is it real?
You're the highway admiral?
You jerks! Shut that damn door!
I was right, wasn't I?
He loves the attention,
ranking top two on the search engine.
-Congratulate him, he deserves it.
-Yes, you should.
Yeah, I agree.
Have you seen this?
It's the horse from our set yesterday.
Holy shit...
Admiral Sun-shin Yi.
Isn't it awesome?
Don't say that!
Of course, that's such
a subjective thought.
I'll convince director Park.
Just because he wrote it,
doesn't mean he has to direct it.
I know plenty of directors
who studied abroad.
In all honesty, I need Park
to continuity to shoot porn
so that I have steady revenue...
I told them it has to be you
and no one else.
And he said he can't
because you're a porn director.
He just wants the script.
At that moment, I was mad like hell.
"No! I won't sell you the script!"
I told the investor! On your behalf!
-That's good.
But if you wanted...
to sell the script,
I'll let go of my privacy,
and reach out to them.
No, you did the right thing.
Yeah, sure.
Think it over, Jung-woo.
I'll never sell the script.
It's for me to direct.
Everyone has their turn!
By the way, do you want to take the staffs
and check out a feature film set?
Yeah, I know you're busy.
I'll tell Jin-hwan to take them.
Why did you come to my set?
To see me?
I wondered...
if there was any misunderstanding
between us.
Not for me.
Is that so?
I see.
So my suspicion was correct.
I lost sleep over for nothing.
You're on a roll after the audition,
why did you call?
You really don't know
why I refused your calls?
Why else would I ask?
-I saw it that day.
-Saw what?
Do I need to say it out loud?
Here're the drinks you ordered.
Eun-su, you're here early.
Morning, director Kang.
I also came early to have coffee,
and work on today's blockings.
How long has it been?
Last time was at my office last year.
Porn films going well?
Eun-su, how do you know him?
I don't know him.
He said he was a fan,
he wanted an autograph.
Don't pretend to be so busy.
Give me your business card.
Porn directors don't carry one?
Do you have to direct this?
This is a different field.
But I wrote this as my own debut feature.
It's too good a script for a first timer.
I'll put in a good word
to my boss about the script.
Thank you, sir.
You didn't show this to anyone, right?
Don't show it to anyone.
Once it goes around,
it'll be hard to contain it.
It's a hassle.
Remember that resume
I mentioned last time?
Please stop, I'm not interested.
He says you don't need any experience,
let's have an interview first.
If you don't need me, I'll get going.
Dad wants you to sit down, it's an order.
this isn't the military.
Don't order, just ask me.
You need to be realistic
in order to dream, honey.
Have you two ever had a dream?
When does this shoot end...
Boss is not answering.
What shoot?
There's definitely something between them.
Director Kang,
why are you so curious?
She said it's nothing.
I'm just giving you a friendly heads up.
He makes porn films.
Shouldn't you have someone
follow her around?
As you know,
if she gets involved in a scandal...
So what?
An actress is a person,
what's wrong with a scandal or two?
There was a rumor that
A Lucky Day was plagiarized.
Worry about yourself.
Watch it!
That bitch!
I fucking had it! I'll fucking kill her!
That fucking whore!
I'll never visit another film set.
We couldn't even move
for ten hours in the rain.
12 hours.
Corpses shouldn't move anyway.
Don't features feed extras?
I was dying to go to the washroom.
Oh yeah, what about our pay?
I have to give it to my wife.
Beyond that, when we were acting,
they all loved it, laughing and cheering--
You fucking moron!
Don't you get it?
They were making fun of us
because we make porn.
They weren't laughing with us,
they were laughing at us!
We're supposed to get paid
and get food too!
And washroom... Fuck this...
Fucking bastards...
Excuse me.
Aren't you an actress?
Could we take a photo?
Thank you.
I'll take it in three.
One, two,
-How dare you!
Hey, what's going on?
-Don't do it, it's not worth it!
-Who the hell are you?
Can't you tell? They're pornographers.
What's the big deal about grabbing a tit?
Don't you sell your body
for a living anyway?
Holy shit!
What the hell! So fucking annoying.
You didn't throw it away?
My palm won't open.
So you kept it the whole time?
You'll get arrested
for illegal weapon possession.
-Watch it!
I'm not kidding, you chicken shit!
An Officer and a Nurse...
Should we do it?
-The wind feels so good.
-Hand inside!
You know, with the hand outside,
the wind feels like
plump breast in my hand.
Frigging idiot.
Go get a license already.
A gift certificate?
Resignation letter.
What the hell!
It's too early for a joke!
Thank you for everything, kind of.
Your debut is just around the corner.
I'll shoot my own film from now.
Jung-woo, have a paid vacation.
Jin-hwan, what's up with him?
What about you, boss?
What? How dare you!
this is a huge opportunity for you.
Do you have a pen?
That idiot...
Stop that!
Hey, idiot!
FILM IDIO That's nice!
A pig's head!
Jun-su Kang
Shooting starts next week.
I'll send you the script and schedule.
Come on man, give us a better deal.
I was at your wedding,
your wife was real hottie.
It's my director's project,
find me five good extras
on the standby list.
Okay, thank you!
Chicken shit,
you got some clout at school?
-I was the class president.
-Who cares, move the car.
-Sure thing...
-Got a complaint.
Eun-su, I'll head back to the office.
Have you seen a porn film?
Well... you know...
A few...
Do you know...
director Jung-woo Park?
Jung-woo Park?
How do you him?
And you?
Have you seen...
his films?
Almost all.
As his second feature,
he showcased fresh new take
on comic-action genre,
and received rave reviews from
critics and audiences alike.
It's almost over.
Penthouse, your shack, or here,
the views are the same.
I didn't know you were shooting that day.
I'm sorry.
I'm the one who should be sorry.
How about Sunny as the lead?
Isn't she pretty good?
Everything but acting.
-Dude, what about Cherry?
Come on...
Then Strawberry as the lead,
and get a new support role?
There's no lead or support,
they're all stars.
Cut that shit out!
The shoot begins in two days!
What do you think?
How about Melon?
Change the character to a Korean-Japanese.
Then who?
Tell me, who?
Eun-su Jung?
Perfect choice, right?
Then for pedestrian 1,
give it to Suk-kyu Han,
and Do-yeon Jeon as cleaner 2.
And with Eun-su Jung,
the cast is complete.
That was easier than I thought.
One, two, three!
Okay, let's do a table read.
I'm sure you came prepared.
By the way,
I think that soldier likes you.
It's nothing like that.
We're like... friends.
I think my lines are missing.
Yes, I removed it.
Your glance alone works the best.
Scene 37, in front of the hospital.
Dae-yong runs over to Suk-hoon.
-Sir, we got a situation.
-Where's nurse Jung?
Scene 38, inside the car,
thunder and lightning...
-That was good.
Okay! Let's set up next scene!
Was that good? Okay!
Could I feel your nose?
Wanna see if you had a nose job.
-Sure, go for it!
-Such confidence!
So you didn't get it? It's natural?
-We're filming here.
-Just one, please.
It's okay, I'll sign it. Give me a pen.
Thank you so much.
-Aren't you Strawberry?
I'm a huge fan, could I get an autograph?
-On my back.
Good angle?
That's Plum! One sec...
Ms. Plum!
I am sorry to bother...
Cut seven, take one!
Cut! Okay!
Cut one, take two!
Cut! Okay!
-It was good.
-Cut and okay!
-Let's move!
-Ah, it's heavy.
Jun-su, let's do a 360-degree shot.
But we don't have the gear.
You can spin, we'll hide behind you.
My scenes are over now.
How many shoots left?
Only about two to three days.
It was tough, right?
No, I had fun.
Should brief acquaintances be forgotten
And never brought to mind?
We became fond of you!
Must you leave?
-Great job!
-Blow it!
One, two, three!
Eun-su Jung in Porn?
Seen with Pornographer
Did something happen?
So many reporters downstairs.
This is what you did on your vacation?
Ma'am, our film isn't what you think.
When it opens, people will realize it--
"Our film"?
You think it'll get a release?
Let me ask you this.
Do you want to be an actress...
or live as one?
The agency can help you become one,
but it's your job to keep it.
From here on, trust us,
whether you like it or not.
Seal your lips, eyes, and ears.
-Mr. Park!
-Jung-woo Park!
Mr. Park!
What's your relation with Eun-su Jung?
Is it between a porn star
and a porn director?
There's a rumor that
you two lived together!
-A statement please!
-Mr. Park!
Where are you going?
Mr. Park!
-A statement please!
-Stop running away from us.
-Please give us a statement!
-Please stop!
-Mr. Park!
-Mr. Park!
-Mr. Park!
Jung-woo Park!
What's the degree of her nudity
in the film?
Are you on your way to see Ms. Jung?
Where are you going, Mr. Park?
To the convenience store, dammit!
Who the hell?
-That's not Jung-woo Park.
-Who are you?
I'm on my way to buy salt, is that okay?
-Who are you?
-Who the hell are you?
-Who are you?
-Where's Park?
This is the only way...
to save Eun-su's career.
After that our PR team will spin it.
We'll be responsible for her.
We know you don't have
the means to do that.
You must be proud.
From whose head did this plan come from?
We came up with it...
and Eun-su agreed with it.
Let him go.
He'll do it.
Say it's Jehovah's witnesses.
There's no one here.
You can speak.
Didn't want to be a burden, I'm sorry.
I'm the one who should be sorry.
No, don't be.
That's what I came to say.
None of this is difficult for me.
I just think...
we took a wrong turn.
You have a career to build.
And I got films to make.
What about An Officer and a Nurse?
That was just a warm up.
I'll do real features now.
put it on the big screen.
Don't say what you don't mean.
I really do mean it all.
For us...
this is the end.
Take care.
Can I hug you?
Good bye.
Just read what's written.
I am...
pornographer Jung-woo Park.
Firstly, I have no relationship
with Eun-su Jung.
I sincerely apologize
for harming Eun-su Jung's image...
for my personal gain.
My crew...
and I make porn
in less than ideal environment,
and the money...
My crew and I...
...have never been ashamed of what we do.
Are you not ashamed of
almost ruining her career?
Was this a marketing scheme
for your porn film?
An official statement will be released
at a later date.
That is all.
Tell us, Mr. Park!
Was this just a show?
Are you proud of ruining
an actress' image?
Shame on you!
Shall we try it?
Yes, I couldn't pick up
because I was working.
I'll send you the late rents altogether.
Isn't that him?
He had a scandal with Eun-su Jung.
-The porn director.
-She must be a porn star.
Didn't he use Eun-su Jung
to make his own film?
-She has some nerve.
-I wouldn't do it even if they paid me.
Quiet on the set!
Camera's rolling.
She's shameless.
Cut three, take one!
-It's him?
Yes, It's him.
-This is from her.
-They keep shooting.
Cut, okay.
-Next angle is...
Jung-woo, have you eaten?
Are you in good health?
You didn't have to come.
We're shooting, so let's talk later.
Sure, honey.
It's the money we saved up
for grape farming.
We know you can take care of yourself.
We trust you,
but we want to help.
You asked us if we ever had dreams.
How can we dream,
when you are it.
Don't cry.
I'm sorry, father.
It's a melodrama.
97 minutes long.
But we only distribute mainstream films.
This is an indie,
but it's not an arthouse.
Good afternoon.
I called earlier.
And one after lunch.
How many submissions?
We submitted to all.
All the eligible ones, locally.
The chicken shit's looking
into overseas ones.
But not a single call.
How can there be so many film festivals?
More than films produced.
Which festival?
Film... festival!
-Yes, I see.
-Which one?
Yes, of course!
-Be quiet. Shut up!
Thank you.
Okay, we'll be in touch!
Where! Which one is it!
-Busan! International Film Festival!
Jackpot! It's international!
-Taejongdae Film Festival!
Where does...
that take place?
You fucking idiot.
In Taejongdae, of course, where else?
Just say "Taejongdae",
don't put Busan in the front.
They really want to screen our film.
Isn't that more like a community event?
So we shouldn't.
Let's go.
Whether it's a film festival
or a community event,
we didn't make this for glory.
Let's show them our little film.
Then can I invite my friends?
I wanted to show them my film.
Of course, you can invite anyone you want.
Can I invite my kid sister too?
Is she hot?
Well... she looks like me.
Forget it! You can't come either!
Exactly like me, except for long hair.
It's cozy.
Did you just get here?
Could I see Ms. Eun-su Jung?
You can't come in here.
-Just one autograph, pardon me.
-No, you can't...
Could I get an autograph?
What is your name?
It's Jin-hwan.
Our film has been invited
to be screened at a film festival.
It's a small community festival,
but a meaningful one.
It'll only play today,
I came to tell you that.
I'm off then.
And don't ever work with Hyun-min Kang.
He's an asshole, a real son of a bitch...
Please write a good review.
Moron, what's taking her so long?
Isn't that Eun-su Jung?
Where is she going?
Eun-su Jung fled?
Where is that?
This is awesome.
Where are you off to, Ms. Jung?
Could you step aside?
I got an urgent matter.
Is that so?
Did you really write...
A Lucky Day?
Is that what he says?
Jung-woo Park?
Wanna spray me?
Go ahead, get it.
Spray me.
Go on, dammit!
Pull the pin, and squeeze it.
Go on! Fucking spray!
You think you're all that
because I treated you nicely?
Why the fuck are you swearing at me!
get it.
Ms. Jung!
Eun-su Jung!
Hurry, get in!
Ms. Eun-su Jung!
-Ms. Eun-su Jung!
The boss wanted me to take you wherever.
Sir, what are you doing?
Going somewhere?
It'll be all right.
Everything will be okay.
-Did you all have fun?
I just received a report.
A famous director joined us
all the way from Seoul.
Director Jung-woo Park, could you come up?
A round of applause!
Come up here please!
Here he is! Applause!
What a handsome fella!
He's a good looking fella, right?
If you have any questions, please ask him.
A real film director came!
First of all...
I had a blast watching it.
Anyway, it was really fun.
Thank you!
I asked for questions,
why are you talking this bullshit?
Sit your ass back down!
Any real questions?
-Eun-su Jung!
-Ms. Jung!
-Why have you left your film premiere?
-Excuse me.
Why did you come to Busan?
-A statement please!
-Ms. Jung, a comment please!
Isn't she the actress?
-Ain't that Eun-su Jung?
-Take her picture.
-Please look over here.
-Mr. Park!
-Mr. Park, a comment please!
-What is your relationship with Ms. Jung?
-Why did you come to this festival?
-No pictures, please.
-What is your relationship with her?
-Please refrain from taking pictures.
Look over here please!
No pictures please!
Jung-woo Park, a word please!
I really don't know what to say.
First of all,
I'd like to thank Jin-hwan,
-He's giving an award speech?
-So embarrassing!
and my cast...
Above all,
my parents, who gave me life,
supported and trusted me,
thank you so much.
As someone who worked in porn,
I was met with resistance
when I set out to make this film.
But rather than their prejudice,
I was afraid that
what they say would come true.
Despite all that,
I came this far...
because these people stood by me,
and trusted me.
And you are...
my first audience.
Thank you, so very much.
And finally,
with my sincere heart,
I'd like to make a confession.
I love you!
I want to cast you to my life.
Holy fucking shit! I'm getting goosebumps!
Thank you so much. Bye, yeah!
What is it?
We're invited to another festival.
Which one?
It's a bit far.
Further than here?
An Officer and a Nurse
Invited to Cannes, Berlin and Venice
Eun-su Jung receiving
Hollywood casting calls!
An Officer and a Nurse
US release confirmed!
-Is Mr. Jo not here yet?
-Let's sit and wait.
It's so dark in here.
Hey, you were in!
Mr. Jo!
-Hello ladies?
-Good afternoon, boss!
Is your production doing well?
Subjectively, it's going very well.
It's fun grooming directors.
Jung-woo didn't come with you?
Cannes Park! Subjectively, he's busy.
Inspect Her Gadget
got a theatrical release.
That's really great.
I knew he'd go far! What about Dae-yoon?
He's in a shoot right now.
Everything he touches turns into gold!
He's the Midas' hand in porn industry.
I thought this over quite a bit.
I really don't care if you're a porn star.
I can embrace your everything.
I don't care about what others say
about you.
I can date you.
But I don't want to.
You're not my type.
I only thought about myself...
These walls aren't soundproof.
What should I wear?
No undies!
can't you act in this one?
It's just one scene.
Director Kim,
I'm a DP, not an actor.
That's not what you said a while back.
Isn't this supposed to be a night scene?
Don't worry,
we'll use visual effects later.
The sky's a blue screen.
And why isn't there water in the pool?
Just pretend to swim.
We're going to add graphics later.
Don't you get mistaken for someone?
You know...
the one with hot body.
And really beautiful face.
Eun-su Jung?
Camera's rolling!
Subtitle translation by Jay Sa