Red CobeX (2010) Movie Script

Red Cobex is coming!
Red Cobex is coming!
Yopie, take that goat.
What is this?
Are you trying to rip me off?
Yesterday you're crippled,
now you're blind?
Do you think I'm stupid?
Well, thank you for that!
I'm sorry...
- Are you crippled or blind?
- Blind.
- Are you blind or crippled?
- Crippled.
How dare he lied to Mama Ana?
Attention please, this is an important
announcement, listen!
If anybody tries to cause ruckus,
committing crimes and or immoral acts.
We, Red Cobex, will exterminate them from
this planet Earth!
Do you understand?
How dare they. Mey Mey!
- Be careful when you attack, it hurts!
- Whose head?
- My head, it hurts, you!
- Don't be such a baby!
I said just give up, dude!
Good job, Mey Mey!
You dirty faced, pervert minded man!
You sex fiend, how dare you tainted this
village by selling this kind of DVD?
All of these movies don't have good moral
messages, didn't you know?
Ci, if you want to make business on
your own, better go to Glodok.
Don't mess with mine! Good moral
messages, in this economy?
What? Bastard! Crook! Jerk! Damn you!
Where are you going?
- Hey, what's the rush?
- You wretch!
What am I going to do?
I have no people to fight with!
Where are you going?
How dare you mess with us?
- Ma'am...
- Where did you say you're going?
I'm going to teach
Qur'an reciting, Ma'am.
- What?
- I'm going to teach Qur'an reciting.
Who are you?
I'm going to teach Qur'an,
I'm Ustadz Jefri.
Ustadz! By all means, go on your way.
- It's okay, Assalamu'alaikum.
- Wa'alaikum salam.
Come upfront and fight me!
Finish him, Mama Ana!
What the hell!
How dare you come and fight me?
Don't you know, alcohol is forbidden!
Well, all good things are
indeed forbidden.
Shut your mouth!
Stop singing, Mey Mey!
Do you think this is a concert?
Where are you going, butthead?
I'll beat you up until you feel numb!
Hey, stop! How dare you! Stop!
Hey, where do you want to run off to?
Just wait and see, I'll kick their butt
when we catch them.
Hey, crazy man! Don't run!
You're not massaging
it hard enough, Yopie.
Mama Ana, what a good life we're
living right now.
Hey, Lisa, my crackers business
is also going smooth.
I just bought this sunglasses and it's
already sagged easily on my face.
So much for branded stuff.
Hey, where did this thug come from, hey!
Don't you dare to touch Aminah!
I can banish you out of the village!
Aminah is still a little girl!
She can't even read yet!
Her pants are still sagging, her nose is
still full of snots!
Are you out of your mind?
I'm sorry.
Hey, man, half of these are mine,
so don't you dare calling the police!
Just think of it as an alimony!
After he took all the good
things, he throws you out.
Watermelon with sirih leaves.
All those sweet memories meant nothing
to him.
It is definitely Watermelon with sirih
Bariah, what the heck are you saying?
The important thing is, he got my point.
You got my point, right?
I'll take all of these now!
Take it, take it all!
Great, you basically wore nothing
so guys could see all of your body.
You're confidently naked!
But the moment you got a cold.
- Daddy.
- You're crying for your daddy.
- Daddy.
- Hey, who's crying?
- Daddy.
- Daddy.
You're just like those soap opera actress!
Hey, listen, you should be thankful
if he's going to be dead soon.
That means you could get the down
payment of his inheritance!
Dear, young kids these days.
I think she's good at math.
Do you hear us?
Basically women like you are the ones who
ruined other people's marriage.
Why do you think aerobic and body language
classes are a hit in my village?
Those are the effort of the married women
to prevent skanks like you!
- You're right!
- Do you understand?
Hurry up. Take it all.
Take it all.
- What was that?
- How could it be like this?
Easy there, officer.
Goodbye, Bleki. Take care of yourself.
- This world is would be cruel to you.
- Hey! Hurry up!
Patient, I want to have a chat with my
boy first!
Remember Bleki, be careful with strangers.
Especially the ones with uniforms.
Just remember that, all right Bleki?
Hey, hurry up! Hey, hey! Move it!
- Bleki.
- Stand up and walk!
- Bleki.
- Follow me, quick!
Wait a minute, officer. Sir, can you
postpone this arrest until tomorrow?
I need to go to a wedding now,
I even bought this expensive dress for it.
Do you think police have nothing better
to do?
What did you say? We're elites!
We won't accept this treatment!
We won't accept this treatment!
This is defamation!
You can talk more in the police station,
now move it!
Lisa, you said you're not afraid.
Don't you push me around! I'll sue you for
violating my human rights!
You nudged my arthritis hips earlier,
now you're pushing it?
You talk too much! Move it!
- Now move it!
- Okay, okay!
But I haven't take out my crackers
from the sun, how could I sell it later?
I have a dream to become a singer at
someone's wedding, now it won't happen.
Yu, just be patient. All of this would
lead to something better.
All of this would lead to something better
huh? You're too Indonesian!
Move it! Move it!
Ramli, thank you for being so kind and
picking me up.
I have nothing now.
My house has been confiscated. Bleki was
eaten until his last bone.
I don't know where to live right now.
It's okay, you can stay at my house.
Ramli! You are really my best friend!
But I already have a wife now,
she's a local here.
Just make sure you don't mention your
past to her.
She's a paranoiac, easily jealous and
Your wife's personality
is the same as Bleki?
Just come.
Is it good?
What a voracious eater you are.
Take it slow! All these food should
last for dinner as well.
Sorry, I haven't had a good
meal for a long time.
Why is that? Are you poor?
Remember Bleki.
What are you doing?
Why do I never know you're Ramli's friend?
Where did you live?
What the heck are you doing?
Are you losing your mind?
There's no such thing
as good food in prison.
Only tofu and tempeh everyday!
I'm bored of it.
What? Jail?
Bleki! Come on and go for a run!
I'm a member of Red Cobex.
Red Cobex!
Ramli! You bumhead! You bring a thug to
stay in our home?
He's a Red Cobex member! Everyone knows
they are a notorious gang!
We all feared them!
His mum is indeed a thug, but Yopie is
kind of gullible.
Listen to me.
Asih, the sixteen year old who is married
to Mamat who already...
... has three wives now that is gullible.
Komeng who bet all of his belongings for
lottery texts on TV, that's gullible!
Personally I think there's a thin line
between gullible and stupid!
But when you say a person who robbed
jewellery store gullible? What does it mean?
Is it you who are gullible?
Or you just simply stupid?
It's not like that, Ipah. I know him long
before I moved into this village.
How dare you, insolent man!
Don't you ever think just because
I'm old, you could push me over!
- Got you!
- Oma, be calm, please.
Oma, Oma, am I Oma Irama?
But we're all relatives, right? So your
chicken is mine too!
Just so you know, as long as Yopie stays
here, you won't get any sex from me!
Ipah, how cruel of you.
And watch it, don't use too much soap!
Nowadays, soaps' are expensive!
Oh, dear.
You can't just take people's belonging
like it's your own.
But my mum always said,
we're all relatives here.
So what they own is mine too.
The world should be this way.
Mum said it's for the world's
fairness and prosperity.
Send my regards to your mother,
I like the way she thinks.
Why don't you all just live in the
President's house?
Just say, we're all relatives here,
Mr President!
Now move over! I want to watch the TV!
Listen, this TV is mine. Don't you ever
think it's yours.
It's up to you who you want to play
relatives with, but count me out of that.
Ipah, close your legs, have some shame.
I'm going to do whatever I want!
Don't you dare touch this bolster.
It's a mark for our sleeping territories.
Don't cross it. Danger!
I think you should change the carburettor.
Well, it's an old motorbike, it broke down
a lot. I planned to sell it.
Oh, I see...
It's the same everywhere in the world!
If you eat, you pay!
You have eaten three plates of food, and
now you just want to leave like that?
Pay for them first!
I have said thank you!
Back when I ate at a diner with my Mama
Ana, everyone is already content!
It's actually an honour that I'm here to
eat at yours!
Do you think I'm stupid? Do you think
just a thank you will cover everything?
What happened? Calm down, Sir.
What happened?
My diner has been covered in infotainment
Many celebrities has come and eat here.
Even those celebrities paid for the meal.
A commoner like Mama Ana should too!
Hey, Man. Watch your mouth. Mama Ana is
an elite.
Elite, my foot. I only know Mama Lauren!
It's okay, Sir, I'll pay for them.
Don't do it, Ram.
Listen, Man. I can burn this diner down
along with you.
How dare you insult my Mum!
Calm down, Sir, calm down.
Here, I'll pay for it!
- Yopie, come with me.
- Wait.
- Yopie.
- What did you say?
What! What did you say!
Yopie, you have to know that nothing is
free in this world.
You have to let go of your old lifestyle.
From now on, you have
to change to a new Yopie.
Not Yopie the thug anymore.
Okay Ramli, I understand.
Hey, we're relatives here! Our skin is
dark, our hair is curly.
Why do you want to charge your own
relatives? Aren't you ashamed?
I'm sorry, Ramli. I slipped up.
Why do my feet felt itchy?
And look at these celebrities, married
and divorced as they will.
It's like their hobby or something. Damn!
Hey, what are you looking at!
- Ipah.
- What?
Let's do it.
It's been a long time, Ipah.
I don't think I can hold on any longer.
You know my terms and condition.
As long as that curly head stays here,
you'd be celibatarian!
But it's an emergency, Ipah.
Doctor Boyke said
it could ruin our marriage.
Why do you trust a movie star?
Just go to sleep!
Movie star?
Yopie, you grow up so fast.
You also got cuter!
While I'm in prison, you live well, right?
I have put some people
to keep you in check.
Nobody is messing with you, right?
Stand up. Stand up first. Yopie!
Turn around.
Yopie, you're still a virgin, right?
Goodness, Mama! Don't embarrass me!
I'm serious. I could kill anyone
who dared to touch you.
Yopie, where do you live right now?
I live with Ramli now.
The one with the tattoos?
Don't do that Yopie.
Don't befriend the poor people
with tattoos.
It's bad luck, you might
get scraped by the police.
Not that Ramli, mum.
The childhood friend that I know.
Ramli the snot-filled nose kid?
I remember now.
Also, snot is safer than tattoos.
Is his nose still filled with snots?
Not anymore, Mum.
Ah, it's an unfortunate.
Hey, turn down the noise!
I'm catching up with my son here!
I need some privacy!
Girls, go control the situation.
My patience is running low here.
I want this place empty! Now!
- All set, Mama!
- Check! Test!
Everyone, please clear the space quick!
Please clear the space quick!
Kick out all of them!
Out, everyone, out!
Could you please bring me karaoke machine
VCD? I want to show off my talent here.
I don't have any money Mum.
Since when does it need money?
You're already this big but
still use pacifier?
Bariah, you stupid.
What Mama Ana means is not pacifier
but why is Yopie skinny now?
Yopie, you didn't eat well?
Oh, you buttheads.
Kepeng was a comedian
in the Srimulat show!
He's Gepeng, not Kepeng!
All right, cut it out! You make me want to
eat a human!
Don't eat us, Mama, our flesh are tough.
Mum, I don't want to steal anymore.
Ramli said I must change.
Because nothing is free in this world.
Hey, why is that?
Stealing is a sinful thing, Mum.
Yopie, don't talk sins with me, I'm a
religious person.
I don't tell you to steal, just take the
goods from an electronic store.
It's the same thing, Mum.
Yopie, I think you ate something strange.
Hey, watch your mouth!
My son don't like to eat poop! Do you?
You buttheads, if you all eat poop, I'd
already make a business out of it!
You crazy woman, a poop business?
I'm actually already bored here, so you
must bring me a karaoke machine VCD.
Yes, so people can be happy here.
They can sing and dance!
Yopie! It's really you!
You have gone out from prison? Oh, deary!
Brother, look at Yopie! Mama Ana's son,
is out of prison!
Yopie! You act like you don't know me!
I'm your uncle!
Hey, Yopie, welcome, Man!
Long live Mama Ana!
Our prayers are always with her.
I bet it won't be long until
Yopie takes over. Horas, Yopie!
- Horas.
- Horas Yopie!
- Horas!
- Horas Yopie!
Yopie, without any
disrespect to your Mum.
I haven't got time to visit her in prison.
Prison is scary for me.
If they know I visit the prison again,
there's no doubt they would catch me.
I'm a fugitive, Yopie.
Hey, why are you so glum about?
Brother, I'm kind of lost. Mum told me to
bring her a karaoke machine VCD.
But I have no money yet.
Fret not, Yopie! Togar!
- Yes Bang!
- Come here, you!
Take Yopie to our base camp.
Give him whatever he needs!
If anybody refuse, kill them!
Roger, Abang!
Did you say kill, Brother?
Yes, kill!
I don't tell you to tickle them!
Roger that!
- Yopie!
- Yes, uncle?
- Don't be glum anymore.
- What happened?
Come with me, come with me.
Look at this, look at this stuff!
Where do you think this stuff come from?
Is it just fall from the sky?
You're too much, Ramli. You brought that
repeat offender to our home.
Who knows, this house will
be a crime headquarters!
And watch it, I don't want our house
to be busted! You sleazeball!
I didn't steal it, Ramli.
It was given to me.
Ramli. You have to trust me.
You're right. You're not stealing it
But receiving a stolen
good is the same thing.
So what am I suppose to do, Ramli?
You must get out of your old circle.
It's not healthy for you.
And you must find a job.
So when your Mum asked you for things,
You can buy it with your own money.
Together, dancing together.
Mama Ana, take a look at my body.
I have a bodies like Poco-poco aerobic.
Gorgeous, right? This is hot!
Pass it over, pass it over Bariah!
Why are you blocking me, move over!
Hey, what happened?
My sweet pumpkin pie is here, Yopie.
At last, you bring me
the karaoke machine VCD.
This is DVD, Mum.
DVD? It's even better!
Thank you, Yopie.
You're a the best son for any parents!
- DVD.
- Mum.
I want to live the righteous way.
I want to look for a job.
I want to leave the dark
world that I was living in.
Hey, watch what you're saying, Yopie.
We're dark skinned people,
don't give us a bad name.
That's why I want to prove it to them...
... dark skinned people can
get a nice, righteous job.
You must think this through.
The world out there
is cruel to people like us.
Hey, pick pocket! Pick pocket!
Please help me, pick pocket!
Hey, where are you going!
There he is, the pick pocket!
Stop! Why are you hitting me!
I'm not the pick pocket here!
- You got the wrong guy here.
- Who else if it's not you!
- Yeah, beat him up!
- You scoundrel criminal!
Why are you being the pot calling kettle
black! You should just confess!
- He's lying, get him!
- Stop!
The pick pocket is not him,
he's actually the one who wanted to help!
What did I say earlier?
I'm not the criminal here!
- You all hitting me blindly.
- Then who's the real pick pocket!
He is the pick pocket!
- I'm the pick pocket? Lies!
- Don't lie! Give me back my bag!
So you're looking for a job?
I think there's an opening
at the restaurant I'm working in.
If you're interested, I'll inform my boss.
How about that?
Is it possible?
I'm only an elementary school graduate.
If you're applying to be a waiter, any
graduation certificate is not necessary.
Are you sure?
Well, it's a different story If
you're applying to be the marketing.
What's marketing?
Oh, it bounced off.
Oh, another one.
Looks comfortable,
let me lie down a little.
I'm so tired and it's really hot in here.
- Oh, dear, it's so hot. right, Hon?
- Yes it is.
Astaghfirullah al adzim!
You haven't shaved your armpit, Ipah?
Why! Is that a problem!
If my hair is okay to be long,
why not my armpit hair!
Well, anything for you, Ipah.
No, I'm not in the mood anymore!
It's cancelled! You ruined it!
Ipah, I just read this
in an adult magazine.
It said that having sex...
... will preserve our youth.
- Is it really?
- Yes it is.
- Is it really?
- Yes it is.
- Is it really?
- Yes it really is, Ipah.
Is that so? In that case let me...
... run out real quick to make
a funeral for you!
Because it seems your
life won't last long!
Astaghfirullah al adzim, Ipah.
Tonight is Friday night.
it's the Prophet's sunnah.
Prophet's sunnah.
Men, when it comes to their libido...
... they wouldn't hesitate
to use holy verses.
Now you're suddenly religious?
You don't even have the pre-eating prayer
What are you doing, man!
Do your work right!
Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't do it on purpose!
I'll clean this up in a minute.
I want to take you out on a walk,
are you up to it?
Walk? I don't think I'm strong enough
for a long walk...
... I often have to catch my breath.
I'm also kind of lazy to do work out.
What I meant isn't just walk.
But also get some food,
watch a movie...
... or an amusement park.
Oh, that's what you meant!
Yes. Well, how about it? If you don't want
to, I'm also fine with that.
I won't force you to do anything.
Who said I don't want to? I won't refuse
any invitation for a meal.
Yopie, I want to pee, I'll look for a
public toilet first.
- You're a jockey?
- What is happening! Jockey?
Shut your mouth, move it!
But I'm not a jockey! I'm Yopie,
Mama Ana's son!
I don't care whose son you are!
Now move it!
You can check my identification card,
my name is Yopie Papilaya!
I don't know any jockey!
Hey, Mam, you again. Aren't you tired of
being a jockey?
Don't you know it's illegal
to be a jockey?
Sir, if I could be a celebrity,
I wouldn't choose to be a jockey.
Don't make excuses, Mam!
How long have you become a jockey?
I have never been a jockey
in my entire life.
Don't lie! Everyone won't
confess when we asked!
I'm tired of this crap!
Now answer truthfully!
Okay, I'll confess.
I did rob a jewellery store, electronic
store, a diner...
... Baba Liong's gambling house,
Mr Hotman's palm wine house...
... but I have never been a jockey!
Do you want to know why?
I can't ride a horse.
I want to apologize.
Do you know how worried I am yesterday
and looking for you like a fool?
You're just like a ghost,
disappearing as you wish!
But it's not my fault, I was raided
by the authorities.
They thought I'm one of the jockeys.
I have explained that I'm not
a jockey, but Yopie Papilaya.
But they don't believe me.
So you were falsely raided?
They thought you were a jockey?
Yes, that's how it was.
I think we have similar experiences
I was also falsely raided once...
... they thought I'm a transvestite.
I have to jump off to the river.
Why do you have to jump into the river?
Well, everyone was
doing that at that time.
But Astuti is not a Mama Lemon.
You're not a transvestite.
You're right.
It's so hard to get on a bus,
we need to work hard for it.
Be patient.
Come on, Astuti.
- Move it! I'm in a hurry!
- Well, that makes the two of us!
- Where's your respect for the elderly!
- It's not just you, buddy!
Yopie! Don't forget me here!
Why did he leave me alone?
- That's my seat!
- Screw you, it's first come first serve!
- Sir, follow that bus, Sir!
- I'm not a taxi bike, Miss!
It's okay, I'll pay you either way,
now catch that bus!
Young people these days, have no respect
for their elders.
Elders these days are too
crazy for these respects!
- Yopie! It's me, Astuti! Yopie!
- What!
Sir, please nudge the man
beside you for me!
- Me?
- No!
Be careful!
It's a rare occasion for you
to take a bath at night, Ipah.
Yes, it's hot.
The world has become too hot these days,
don't you agree?
I'm also become hot, Ipah.
Would you pull my zipper up?
Slowly, please?
Goodness gracious, thunder attack!
What are you doing here!
Did you sneak in to get some from me?
You couldn't keep it in your pants?
You're the one who asked
for help from me!
Not from you! From my husband!
All of this body are for him,
not for you!
What happened, Ipah?
Don't ask me what happened!
Where were you?
You can't take a little foreplay without
running off to the bathroom first?
Oh, you sleazeball! You too, sleazeball!
Sorry? It's easy to say sorry. You see
these? This one wasn't for headache.
This was from when I chased you with the
motorcycle, and it fell to a sewer!
You couldn't imagine
how embarrassed I am!
Be patient.
Give me some time to imagine that.
You don't have to take it literally!
How could you ditch me like that?
I slipped up.
My body is not tiny,
how could you slipped me up!
I have no experience with women before,
so all of these are new to me.
Astuti, you're the first lady I courted.
I'm still stupid with these kind of thing.
But I promise I will be better for you.
Astuti would never have
to fall into a sewer again!
It's not that I like to fall into a sewer.
Well, you have my words.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Do I have a chilli stuck on my teeth?
Yes. Just a little bit on your right.
Why didn't you tell me from the start!
Is that a problem?
Yes! It's a waste to let it stuck there!
Astuti, you're still the most beautiful
woman on earth.
Actually I...
Excuse me, we're street musicians.
What did you say?
- Actually I want to pour my hearts to you!
- What!
I want to pour all of my hearts to you!
What! I can't hear you!
You want to eat hearts and gizzards?
- What!
- I didn't hear what you just said!
- I like Astuti!
- What!
Do you want to be my...
... my lover?
What! Unregistered marriage?
Who did that!
Can't you guys shut up! You guys are
disturbing my privacy!
Isabella, Isabella!
I don't know her!
Take her away from me!
I can kick your butt
until you feel numb!
Now scram!
- I want to tell you...
- Hold up.
My breath smells fine.
Astuti, please hear me out.
I just want to say that I...
Are you okay!
Yopie, get up, Yopie.
How can you clash into a tree this big?
Yopie, get up, Yopie. Are you okay?
I'm okay, it's safe.
Everything is all right.
You scared me.
What did you want to talk about?
Is there something wrong?
Is there a ghost here?
I want to make sure there are
no disturbance anymore.
Every time I want to speak, there's always
something that prevented me to do it.
Well, what did you want to say?
Do you want to be my lover?
You really want to?
Now I see stars spinning around.
In my eyes?
No. In mine.
Come here! What are you doing
standing still like that? Let's dance!
Hey, Yopie, how are you! Long time no see!
Where have you been?
What are you saying, I don't understand!
Hey, Yopie! What took you
so long to visit me here?
Did you forget that you have a mother?
Did you know? I carry you in my womb for
twelve months...
... if a thunder stroke that day,
you may never be born!
Now, where have you been?
- I'm busy, Mum.
- What!
Yopie. You seem different.
I smell something bad.
- What do you mean?
- Your Mum smelt something bad here, Yopie.
Your Mum smelt something strange.
I don't understand.
- Are you hiding something from me?
- What do you mean?
You're hiding something from your Mum!
Stop it, stop it!
You don't have to repeat
after me! He's not deaf!
Yopie, you can't fool my instinct, okay?
I have a lady friend now, Mum.
And I fall in love with her.
Who is this woman you're
falling in love with?
Which gang is she from?
Is she okay with stealing?
Is she a local or mixed-born?
Does the lady have a religion? Is she
a good person? You have to check that!
The lady's name is Astuti.
What! Astuti? What kind of name is that!
She's really good to me, Mum.
She's kind, understanding
and she's a woman!
Yes, I agree that she's a woman,
but why must Astuti?
Why not Henny Maspaitella?
Or Diana Papilaya?
Or Ruth Sahanaya at least!
Ruth Sahanaya is the best indeed!
But at least she's better
than Glenn Fredly, Mama!
Shut up!
I love Astuti, Mum.
Come on, gang!
What blood type is she?
What? I don't know that.
Is that important?
Hey, what's the importance of knowing
her blood type? I don't even know mine!
I also don't know mine, Mama!
- Let's negotiate.
- We negotiate again, Mama?
Let's go, gang!
Yopie, we have our negotiation result.
I'll send people to check on your lady.
She hasn't gain my trust yet!
You don't have to do that, Mum. It's not
necessary! Astuti is a civilian!
But you have to be careful, Yopie! I don't
want anybody to hurt my son!
I'm a grown up, Mum.
I want to learn to be a real man.
All right. But remember. If she breaks
your heart in any way.
My people will cut her off!
Yopie, do you understand!
What are you looking at!
Yopie, it seems you have to move out.
Because it's for my marriage.
How do I say this?
Ramli, I don't understand where this
conversation is heading?
To put it simply, if you live alone, you
can learn more about fending for yourself.
So, where would I live?
You could live in your father's house.
But you know my Mum, right?
She would throw a fit!
I'd be branded as a traitor!
There's no such thing as ex-father.
He's still your father either way, right?
Maybe it's time for you to mend things
with your father, Yopie.
- Do you think so?
- Yes.
All right, Yopie? Please?
Why did you come here for? What kind
of disaster would you bring today?
None. I come with peace.
This must be one of your mother's tricks!
No, it's not. She doesn't know
anything about this.
Then What is it? What do you want?
- Can I live with you...
- You want to live with me?
Did you see my current condition?
Your Mum has wrecked me senseless,
and now you want to live with me?
Look outside.
Your Mum send me a funeral bouquets
every week. It's an insult for me!
She wants me dead!
Rather than sending me bouquets, why don't
she just hexed me so I'd be dead soon?
Well, I don't know about that.
Maybe she had hexed you?
Insolent kid!
Go away! I don't want any more
business with you or your mother!
Stand up and get out from this house!
Now! Get out, quick!
- Give me massage, Baby.
- Okay, Daddy.
Yeah, right there,
that hit the spot...
But, isn't there no such thing
as ex-kids or ex-parents?
What are you doing,
perched on the door like that?
Perched on the door?
I'm not a cockatoo bird!
This is called warming up! Warming up!
Like they do in the movies!
What movie?
Now that your libido level is high, you
can't think straight anymore!
Okay, let's just do the deed!
Ipah! Do it, Ipah!
Let's do it!
Do it! Do it!
- Ipah, did you call for me?
- No?
- Sounds like someone is calling my name.
- Where?
Thunder attack! What are you doing here!
You can't see me be happy for once?
I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?
Hon, check all of his background.
I don't feel good about this.
I agree, I got chills down my spine
as well to be honest.
Where do you come from, son?
My parents are from Ambon,
but they're divorced.
Broken home.
Where do you live, son?
I live in Ramli's house,
my childhood friend.
Why don't you live with
one of your parents?
Well, my mother lives in...
... in prison.
What! In prison?
- She robbed my father's jewellery store.
- What!
Actually I have been prisoned as well.
For assisting the robbery.
Astuti, get my oxygen tank please!
Astuti. Can I talk to you...
Okay! So special troops for
Astuti is officially on!
Gang! Tell my people
to get on high alert!
High alert!
Hello, troops? It's a high alert
situation, copy!
Mum, calm down.
To be honest...
... this is not
Astuti's fault.
So whose fault is it? You're still
defending her after all she did?
This is clearly an insult to our family!
No, Mum. Violence won't solve anything.
Wait, Mama. Sorry for interrupting.
The troops said they need ammunition.
Our peoples' faces have been on TV once,
how can we provide from them now?
You're right.
Bariah, Mey Mey.
What happened to you?
Look there, get her!
Mum, who is she?
Hey, didn't you watch TV?
She's an embezzler!
She used millions of civilians' money
for her own entertainment.
But she got the same sentence as us.
So what we got from here?
The more you steal, the lesser
sentence you will get.
Cici, how are you? Are you fine?
You live a good life, right?
It doesn't lack anything?
I'm good, as you can see right now.
I got lots of facilities here.
All people around here are happy and
What are you two talking about?
Are you talking bad about me?
Hey, Bariah!
I'm sorry Cici, our boss
there needs some money.
Can you arrange that for us?
Do you have a tap free communication
lines? Mine are tapped.
- It's easy to get.
- You can use it all you want.
The dial tone is a Broery Pesulima song.
I bet you will like it.
- Deal.
- Deal.
It's okay Mum. Just let me deal
with it myself, please.
Okay. But if I hear any ruckus once again,
I'll burn them all!
Where did you get your
eyebrows done, Cici?
Can I get some beauty tips from you, Ci?
Just come to my cell, I have a beautician
there. You can have the eyebrows tattooed.
Oh, Bariah!
Can she do any rebonding?
Ah, no, it's illegal to do that.
- Can I get eyelashes extension?
- Sure.
Thank you.
Are you sure it's Yopie who took it?
I'm so sorry...
Sorry I'm late, Sir.
Yanti said she lost her wallet in the
changing room.
According to her, you're the last person
who got out from there today.
You know, this restaurant won't
tolerate any form of thievery.
The thief will be fired immediately.
I'm puzzled, why do you
endlessly defend him?
It's obvious that he's fired because
he's accused of thievery!
Isn't that proof enough? Why did
you say he has repented? Why!
But it hasn't been proofed, Ipah,
someone definitely framed him!
I'm suspicious.
Why are you so kind to him?
When he's homeless,
you told him to stay here.
When he doesn't have money,
you lend him some.
When he couldn't sleep.
You tucked him in and put him to sleep.
What about me! Your own wife!
Don't you care about me? Don't you?
But I'm still suspicious!
Are you cheating on me? With him!
Astagfirullah al adzim,
it's not Ipah, it's not.
Why should I? Whose your wife
exactly, me or him!
It's obviously you, Ipah.
We even have the marriage certificate.
Now you're talking! Now choose,
our marriage, or him!
Astagfirullah al adzim! What's with
the white thing on your face?
- I used some whitening cream.
- What for?
So my skin will turn lighter.
If I have lighter skin.
People won't automatically accuse
me as the bad one anymore.
If I have lighter skin.
People won't look at me
unpleasantly anymore.
This smells good. Neng Ipah's tofu soup!
There's nothing like this in the world!
Need more salt, wait a bit.
Why do I smell some goat's scent here?
Where does it come from?
Is it from your armpit, Ipah?
Damn you!
- No, it's not me!
- It's different indeed.
It might come from you?
Maybe your odour smells like goat.
- No?
- No, not me.
I don't feel good about this.
Masya Allah! Masya Allah, Ramli!
Astagfirullah al adzim!
Your friend has turned into a goat!
Don't touch it!
"Dear Ramli and Ipah."
How did that goat know my name?
Ramli! Something is wrong with this!
This is a sign of the world's end!
Astagfirullah al adzim! Masya Allah!
This is a sign of the world's end!
The goat can write a letter, Ramli!
This is a letter from Yopie, Ipah.
How did you know that? Are you sure?
It is. Calm down, wait a minute.
"Dear Ramli and Ipah.
Thank you for all your help."
"I'm really sorry if I caused many
ruckus at your house."
"I have to go now."
"I left you a goat and a sack
of rice as a thank you..."
"... for everything
you have done for me."
"Best regards, Yopie."
Oh, goodness, I thought it's really
the goat who wrote that letter.
Turns out, it's only Yopie!
"PS, I hope your marriage
are always happy..."
"... stormful, sleazeball..."
Hey! Why did he call us sleazeball!
What a bastard!
It's a typo, he meant happy, peaceful
and full of blessings, Ipah.
I don't know about that. Don't call us
sleazeballs, It makes my blood boil!
What happened to you?
You're crying?
You're crying! You're crying!
You crybaby! Always tearing up
from little things like this!
I have learned my lesson, Mum.
The world is indeed cruel.
Hey, don't be so down.
You make me sad too.
Mum, if I know love in real life
would be this hard.
Why do you never taught me that?
I'm the most foolish here.
I don't understand.
Hating is easier than loving.
But you're right, it's no use for me
to be a good person.
My son.
Be careful, son.
Tut, did you know? Turns out, the one
who stole Yanti's wallet is Bejo.
She saw it first hand, when Bejo's
bag and its content fell out.
There was Yanti's wallet in it.
- Are you serious?
- I'm serious, Tut.
And that's it. He just gone.
I'm also worried about him.
He seems really down last time I saw him.
I think it's all because of me.
I will ask. Sir, I want to ask.
This is it! My freedom days.
I would to go all out.
So when my husband comes home,
he'd be salivating all over me!
Where's that article
I've been practising all night?
I bet I'd be so desirable. Where is it?
There it is.
Is it like this? I think it is.
Excuse me Mam, did you see a dark
skinned man with curly hair...
- ... and protruding stomach?
- I don't think I've seen him.
No? Okay.
She said she didn't see him.
Where should we look for him?
Hey, where do you want to go?
Just stay here with us! Hey, you shy girl!
Oh, dear, I can't hold it any longer.
I think I have muscle cramp. Damn!
- Wasn't that Yopie?
- Which one?
- The one that just passed us by!
- The one with the skirt?
Yes! We must after him! Yopie!
I already donned a skirt, but why does
someone keep calling me Yopie?
Yopie! Yopie wait!
- Astuti?
- Yopie?
- Ramli?
- Yopie?
- Astuti?
- Yopie?
Stop it, stop! Why are we still here?
We better hide! Quick!
I do this on purpose.
So when I get caught,
I'd be in women's prison.
I'd be together with my Mum again.
Yopie, you're a good person.
Everyone makes mistakes,
and everyone can certainly change.
But why should I change.
If people still unpleasantly look at me.
They always thought of me
as one of the bad guys.
Then you shouldn't let them
to look at you like that.
You should prove it to them,
you shouldn't give up.
So you believe in me?
I'm sorry. I was in the wrong.
We could go back like we used to?
Surprisingly you look good.
I was stunned for a while.
Ramli, watch your mouth.
Ramli! You sleazeball!
Ladies, hurry up! We have to get going!
We know, shut your nagging mouth!
Come on, let's get going!
Gang, how do I look? Good?
Okay, cut it out! Ladies, let's go!
Ci Mey Mey! Don't forget the ring box!
Looks good. Let's go!
Ramli, you have checked
the presents, right?
No illegal goods there, right?
No sharp tools either?
Yes, don't worry.
Come on, Mama. Hey, ladies, pull her up!
Come on, Mama!
Mama, you're so heavy!
Come on, Mama!
Hey! Where did you put your hands?
It's for pushing you into the bus!
Get your hands off my properties!
Or else I'll minced you alive!
I'm sorry, Mama.
If you want to help, do it right!
Yopie, help me up first!
Oh, dear!
One, two... come on, Mama!
Good, Mama!
Hey, if you didn't clear out from
this village right away...
... then all of your properties would be
torn down without any warning!
This land is officially belongs
to PT Suap Jaya!
This land is ours! We've been living here
since our ancestors claim it!
Even if you try to buy it, we never
intend to sell it whatsoever!
Your ancestors are all sailors.
You should live on the sea!
Don't taint this land!
Oh, dear, it's Conan, Ma.
Mama's ex-boyfriend.
Oh, my, what a reunion,
could there be a celebek?
I mean, past love could flourish
once more! It could be!
- Hey, how dare you go against us?
- Honey.
If you want to fight us,
I'll break all of your bones here!
- Honey.
- Astuti! Help me! Don't just stand there!
- Come on, Tut!
- Okay Dad, I'll help with my prayers.
- It's not enough!
- Gang! Let's go!
Hey, Rambo! Conan! How dare you
mess with my big event?
Keep your puppy dog eyes!
There's no love between us anymore!
Best regards, Mama Ana.
Regards, my foot! You have insulted that
same regards! These people are my family!
This Javanese people, Mama Ana?
Yeah, why? Do you forget Indonesia's
slogan "Bhineka Tunggal Ika"?
Article three! Unity in diversity!
You're wrong Mama, that's Pancasila!
Hasn't it been replaced?
Cut the crap! Just scram!
All of you, scram!
Scram, quick!
Scram! All of you, scram!
What are you doing, you too, scram! Don't
bring up our past love! Get out, now!
- Bye, Ana.
- Scram!
Have you hide all of our
precious belongings?
- Yes, I have.
- Okay. So here's how it goes.
Ladies and gentlemen
we'll cut to the chase.
We're all here to propose your daughter.
And for that purpose,
we also bring some presents.
But the most important thing is...
Gang, where are the presents?
What is this, Pak? Why is it like this?
I don't know anymore.
Yes, that's our family's symbol. Gang.
Red Cobex!
Oh, dear, my girl.
How was it? Do you receive
our marriage proposal?
Mum! Don't be like that, it's too fast.
- Don't rush into things like that.
- What should I do?
My feet are starting to get numb because
I sit on it on the bamboo carpet.
There's no chairs!
If it goes on like this, I'd die stiff!
First of all,
me and my family thanked...
... all of Mama Ana's family for
coming into our humble abode.
- We hope...
- Yes, I know.
Let's just get down to business.
Yopie said he wants to get married fast,
because Astuti is not young anymore.
She couldn't have
many children at her age.
Mum, watch your words!
It's mostly that.
How was it, you're all agree
with that, right? Okay?
Hon, this is a proposal right?
Not some kind of fish auction?
As Astuti's parents.
We're handing the final
decision to Astuti.
She'll be the one who's going
to live her own life.
But it's better if we...
Cut it out! I'll just ask her directly.
Lady Astuti, do you
agree to marry my son?
Hey, your name is really Astuti, right?
Shame, she's pretty, but a stammer.
I feel violated, Hon.
Gang, do you smell something bad?
Have you checked the back door?
I have handled the back door, I blocked
all the exit. I have drawn the map here.
What is it?
- Mum.
- Are you sure, Astuti?
Yes, are you sure? Tut, don't
want to think this through?
- Ah, Mey Mey.
- It's okay, Mama.
- You really are sure about this?
- Yes, are you sure?
They look wild, sweet heart.
Yes, they look wild!
Come on, Dad, Mum. Let's just lock it.
Tuti doesn't want to be a spinster.
Oh, dear, looks like an emergency.
It doesn't go smooth sailing.
Yopie, Calm down.
What are you doing?
He's about to get married!
And you still want to get intimate
with him? You sleazeball!
- Ipah.
- Don't touch me!
Very well,
because Astuti already...
... feel that Yopie is the one.
Then we have no choice...
... but to give
our blessings.
- Alhamdulillah.
- Praise the Lord.
Okay, so we agree?
Yopie get married.
Mum, what's wrong?
What's wrong, Mum?
It's nothing, Yopie.
But you look so sad. Are you not happy?
Don't be stupid.
I'm the happiest person here.
I remember when you were little.
You asked me why
people have to get married?
So I answered that God
has made us with a pair.
Then you said.
Tomorrow I'm going to marry you, Mum!
So we wouldn't be separated.
I couldn't stop laughing.
Little Yopie was so stupid.
But it was a long time ago.
Now I have the adult
and handsome Yopie...
... and he's going
to get married.
All of this can happen because
of your prayers and blessings.
Many years ago.
I was a little kid.
I remember.
My mother held me in her arms.
Oh, dearest mother.
How I long to get home.
Oh, dearest mother.
You look older and skinnier.
I haven't got a chance to pamper you.
You must be tired from taking care of me.
Oh, dearest God.
Please take care of my mother.
Yopie, I hope God also
takes good care of you.
I love you so much, Yopie.
What is happening?
When will this nation get some peace?
What is this, the crowd is enormous!
They will ruin my big event!
Hon, they send other
thugs to terrorize us, Honey.
Recently why do we always
come across with...
... thugs.
Hey, what do you mean?
Nothing, your hairbun looks good, Mam,
where did you get it done?
Stop it!
Dad, Mum, what should we do?
Gang! Call of duty!
We'll bring justice around here!
Red Cobex!
Red Cobex! We're not afraid!
Get them! Attack!
What a brave soul, come on!
Yopie, I'm coming with you!
Hey, you sleazebag! How dare you
leave your pregnant wife alone!
How dare you leave
your pregnant wife alone!
Beat them all up, Yopie!
Yopie, you're my hero!
Let me fight to, Ipah!
Not you! You can't even draw a
pail of water from our well.
Now you want to get in a fight?
But I feel bad, Ipah. I'm a man!
I shouldn't just stand still!
It's a fight for the greater good, Ipah!
A fight for the greater good!
A fight for the greater good, my foot!
What if you die when you fight?
You're going to leave me alone here?
I don't want to be a single parent!
Don't be such a big head, of course
he'd go to her, not you!
You're awesome, Yopie!
Red Cobex!
Oh, Mam, thank you very much!
You're really awesome! Right, Hon?
Thank you, Mama Ana,
for saving our village.
Don't forget to take a photo!
Red Cobex!
Pick pocket!
So much work to do here,
hold on a minute, Mam!
Where? Where's that pick pocket bastard!
How dare you mess with me!
Our in laws are really awesome, Honey!
Gang, let's play it out!