Red Dawn (1984) Movie Script

- Thanks for the ride.
- Okay.
What's the deal?
Get going,
we don't have time for breakfast.
Are you working or what?
Yeah, I'll be at the station all day.
You'll have to hitch a ride home.
- All right.
- You got practice today?
After that, we're on double time.
- Triple.
- You should be ashamed of yourself.
You think they'd take it down.
Come on, bud.
You lost a football game once yourself.
- What?
- I don't remember.
I do.
- I think you're lying.
- Catch you later.
- I never know when to believe your mouth.
- Likewise.
- Later, bud.
- See ya, Jed.
- So, did you do your history?
- Yeah, some of it.
MR. TEASDALE: And the great hunt
would always begin
with the armies spread out
in a semi-circle,
I would say about the size of Rhode Island.
Then they would ride forward,
driving everything before them.
Beasts, men, even bugs.
Now, the ends would kind of
close in to form a shrinking circle.
Everything within that circle
panicked to get out.
When the Mongols could see each other
they had worked themselves up
into a pretty good frenzy.
Now, when this killing started,
it'd last for days, weeks,
even months.
And it went on
until the young son of the Khan
asked his father
that the last creature alive
be allowed to go free.
Well, now, my friend.
- Well, now.
- GIRL: They're all over.
BOY 1: Check it out.
BOY 2: All right.
BOY 1: They look pretty cool though, man.
MR. TEASDALE: I would say
they were way off-course.
This is very unusual.
Then do something, Mr. Teasdale.
What's going on, my friend?
Daryl, come on. Let's go.
Get in!
Get down, get down!
- Get in!
- Wait. Hey!
Everybody down!
Run! Get in!
Stay down.
Papa! Papa!
- Get down!
- My father's back there!
ROBERT: Dad! Dad!
- Dad, they're in town.
- What's happening?
They were shooting at me!
They're shooting at everybody!
We're going to the mountains.
Getting out of here.
MR. MORRIS: Who are they,
near as you can tell?
BOY: I heard some of them
speaking Spanish.
- Did you see any of them?
- DANNY: With Spain?
MR. MORRIS: Who are they?
- BOY: Come on, man, just relax.
- Oh, my God.
BOY: Just take it easy.
Get in there and get sleeping bags
and food. Right now. Come on.
Come on.
- Let's move it!
- Come on, son.
Take the dry stuff. Don't
mess around with candy or cookies.
Got it. Yeah.
- What should I get?
- Plenty of Kleenex.
- .308.
- JED: Somebody get some lanterns.
.38 Specials.
Grab some toilet paper.
I ain't using leaves.
MR. MORRIS: The.22's. Carry a lot of that.
Take a lot of batteries, boys.
All the batteries you can carry.
There's a shotgun there.
JED: Get those down jackets.
Matt, look!
Get down! Get down!
Lay down!
Is it ours?
- I love you, boy.
- I love you, Dad.
- Tell Mom I love her.
- Yeah.
I'll take care of him.
All right, come on, boys,
just get out of here.
Come on. Don't come back here.
No matter what you see or hear,
don't come back.
I'll come and get you soon enough.
Open the glove compartment.
- Is it there?
- Yeah.
Load it.
It's already loaded.
Give it here.
- Want these also, Jed?
- Yeah, put them in my pocket.
JED: Oh, Jesus Christ!
MATT: Oh, my God!
Oh, Jesus! Oh, Jesus!
I'm gonna turn off quick.
ROBERT: It's a helicopter!
It's ours!
Get in! Get in!
- Get it?
- Yeah.
That's got it.
Only thing is we got one problem.
We don't have any water.
How about pissing in it?
- That's a good idea. Get up here.
- How do you know it'll work?
How old are you, kid?
Fifteen. And the name's Danny, not kid.
Well, when you grow up,
you'll know these things, Danny.
Now get up here and piss in the radiator.
(IN SPANISH) We've got Yankee tanks
coming in from the plains.
We've lost most of our night vision
and have only a few anti-tank missiles left
for shooting at night.
Put your best men into hunter groups
armed with RPG's.
Keep 100 meters between each group,
dig holes,
wait until the Yankees approach to strike,
find out from where they attack, then
combine your groups and attack them.
Yes, Mr. Bella.
I want some anti-aircraft here.
We're working on it, sir.
This... This is a madhouse!
(IN RUSSIAN) Do you want to see me?
(IN RUSSIAN) Yes, yes.
Go to the sporting goods store.
From the files obtain forms 4473.
These will contain
descriptions of weapons
and lists of private ownership.
DANNY: But our families, huh?
What about them, huh?
ROBERT: We gotta stay up here
and hide awhile.
I just wanna go home.
I don't wanna hide.
If I hide, they'll never find me.
Check it out.
Stopped a bullet
that would have hit somebody.
I got these.
Those'll do us a lot of good.
We've got no radio.
I mean, how long do you think
we can survive up here
on olives and Rice Krispies?
What else are we gonna do?
As Calumet Student Body President,
I forward the motion
that we give ourselves up.
I second the motion. We can't stay here.
We need stuff and...
Sit down, Danny.
You're not going anywhere.
It's too dangerous to go into town.
- I say we vote on it.
- No.
This isn't the big game, Mr. Quarterback.
He can go wherever he wants.
You're such a goddamn jock!
Hey. Come on, guys. Knock it off!
You want to go so bad.
Here, haul ass. Take your shit.
That goes for the rest of you.
This is your chance. Get walking.
It is World War III down there.
People are being killed.
Those could be Russians.
What about your family, huh?
I don't know.
But I'm alive.
And I'm staying here.
My family would want me to stay alive.
Your family would want you to stay alive.
You think you're so smart, man.
But you're just a bunch of scared kids.
What do you think you are?
Alone, I guess.
No, you're not.
Here, bud.
What do you say?
I'm with you.
JED: All right.
The rest of you get going.
All right, but if you stay
you're gonna do exactly what I say, okay?
- Huh?
- Yeah.
So come on over here and get warm.
Me too, man.
Matt and I've been coming up to these
mountains with our dad all of our lives.
We can hunt, we can fish,
we can stay up here a long, long time.
How long, Jed?
Till we don't hear that no more.
I got him!
You got him.
- Gonna eat good...
- He's still breathing.
Never shoot twice.
Shoot twice, they can find you.
He's dead, anyway.
How do you know?
I used to read a lot about
Jedediah Smith and Jim Bridger.
The Blackfeet, if you shot twice,
would know right where you were.
My dad named me after Jed Smith.
This is your first time, isn't it?
Yeah. What?
You gotta drink if it's your first. We did.
What's it taste like?
It's not too bad.
It's kinda salty like a steak or
when you've got a nosebleed, you know.
You gotta do it. It's the spirit of the deer.
When you drink it, you'll be a real hunter.
Bottoms up.
Go. Go ahead.
Go. Go for it, buddy.
All right. All right.
You did it.
His blood is yours. You know,
my dad said that once you do that
there's gonna be something
different about you. Always.
It wasn't so bad.
It wasn't that bad.
Wasn't so bad.
That's the last of it, except for the olives.
We've still got plenty of meat left.
Just stuff you shot.
So tell me, dork,
where do you suppose
hamburgers come from?
Nobody shoots them.
We need food.
We need to know.
We do.
All right.
We'll go into town.
JED: Jesus.
There's no one in here, either.
It's like it's been here for 1,000 years.
Come on.
Hey! The stores are open.
There's people everywhere.
Maybe it's over.
Hey, hey, hey!
- Don't go anywhere.
- Those aren't our troops.
You can't tell from here, Jed.
MATT: Jesus Christ.
JED: What is that?
- I've never seen a tank like that before.
- I don't know.
ROBERT: Yeah, but they're packed.
That means something.
JED: Let's stash our stuff.
- Leave it all here, okay?
- Good idea.
That's the mayor's car.
They got Daryl's dad's car.
- Look at the size of that tank.
- Jesus.
Louis, how you doing?
Was he scared of us?
Let's ask Alicia. She'll know.
Six toothbrushes, please.
- Oh, Jed.
- Hi. How's your sister?
- What? Where'd you come from?
- The mountains, we've been hiding...
Are you crazy? You gotta get out of here.
We will, but first
we gotta find out what's going...
You don't understand.
They know who all of you are.
They're looking for you.
- Who?
- The KGB.
- The Russians?
- And the Cubans.
The Cubans.
Look, have you seen my father?
I called, there was no answer.
I went by the station, it was empty...
Okay, listen.
I'm gonna tell you something
I'm not supposed to talk about.
Nobody is, but...
But what?
They took a lot of people away.
People that they thought
were gonna make trouble for them.
People that had guns or things
they wanted. They just took them away.
Re-education camps.
That's what they call it.
The drive-in. I heard they took
a lot of people to... Jed?
I pray for you.
MAN ON PA: America is a whorehouse
where the revolutionary ideals
of your forefathers
are corrupted and sold in alleys
by vendors of capitalism
You grow fat
on the pledge of freedom fighters
- Hey.
- Yeah?
Could you find my dad, Tom Eckert?
I'm Jed.
- Jed? Matt?
- Mr. Barnes?
Laddie, I'll go find your dad.
I know where he is.
You know Morris' Market?
The one on the highway.
Can you see if Mr. Morris is in there, too?
I'll look around for him, too.
It's all right. I can stand up.
MATT: Daddy...
Don't talk. Don't say anything.
Let me look at you.
Yeah, I knew I was right.
I knew it.
You're alive.
I was tough on both of you.
I did things that made you,
made you hate me sometimes.
You understand now, don't you?
What happened, Dad?
Why are you here? What'd they do?
Doesn't matter.
One way or another,
one reason or another, we're all gone.
It's all gone.
Remember when you used to
go in the park and play?
And I used to put you on the swings,
and both of you were
so damn little that...
I remember. I remember all of it.
Well, I ain't gonna be around
to pick you up when you fall now.
Both of you got to
take care of each other now.
We'll never see you again, Dad.
Yes, you will.
I don't want to hear that, Mattie.
What happened to Mom? Where is she?
We can't afford to be crying anymore now.
I don't want either of you
to ever cry for me again.
Don't ever do it.
Not as long as you live.
Where's my dad, Mr. Eckert?
I don't know, son.
I don't know.
You all get going now.
Get out before they find you.
I love you.
I know you do, Son. I love you, too.
Avenge me!
Avenge me!
Come on, Tom.
I'll be damned.
- Get in here before somebody sees you.
- Mr. Mason, how're you doing?
- Good to see you.
- Hello, Mr. Mason.
- I'll get you boys some soup.
- We got us some outlaws here.
Wow, a house.
Boys, find a chair.
I haven't been in a house for five weeks.
You look it.
Who you got out there with you?
We got Danny, we got Daryl...
Well, we all figured you boys
were headed for F.A. By now.
What's F.A.?
Free America. That's the safe zone.
Where are we?
Hell, you boys is in occupied territory.
You're 40 miles behind enemy lines.
Right smack-dab in the middle
of World War III.
What are you boys doing
fooling around town anyway?
We've been looking for news, Mr. Mason.
We haven't seen or talked to anybody
since it all started.
Wait here just a minute.
I wish there was more.
Thank you, Mrs. Mason.
We really appreciate it.
Here, this'll keep you boys warm.
Use this to see where you're standing
from now on.
A radio? Mr. Mason, we can't take this.
That's all right. I got another one.
Now, you boys listen to me.
Don't go to Calumet no more.
How come?
Because there's been
some attacks up there.
People waking up with their throats cut.
- Word has it, it's you.
- No.
What happened to my dad and mom?
Your daddy's dead, Robert.
They shot him.
The Russians found some guns missing,
so they shot him for aiding guerillas.
What do you mean '"aiding guerillas'"?
He never aided anybody.
- We took the stuff.
- We killed him.
They killed him, son.
Made him an example.
Now, you boys listen to me
and let that burn in real good.
I don't know
where your mother is, Robert.
I ain't got nobody now.
You boys need food, a bed,
you need anything, you come here.
I got a couple of heirlooms
I want to hide with you.
Jack, no!
My granddaughters.
They spent two days sneaking here.
Those sons of bitches
tried having their way with them.
Toni, Erica, this is Matt and Jed Eckert.
They're gonna take care of you.
I don't wanna know where they're going.
Bye, Grandpa.
- Mr. Mason.
- Yes. Thank you.
Well, Mr. Mason.
Good luck, son.
Here's a box of ammo
for your granddaddy's pistol.
- Thanks.
- Good luck to you.
I'll take care of them. Don't worry.
WOMAN: It's 11:59 at Radio Free America
This is Uncle Sam
with music and the truth until dawn
Right now, I've got a few words
for our some of our brothers and sisters
in the occupied zone
The chair is against the wall
The chair is against the wall
John has a long mustache
John has a long mustache
It's 12:00, Americans,
another day closer to victory
And for all you out there
on or behind the lines,
this is your song
Things are different now.
- They're coming up.
- Yeah.
Let's go tell the others.
(IN RUSSIAN) Oh, how beautiful.
What is written here?
You studied English. Translate.
American history. I know this well.
'"Arapaho National Battlefield.
'"Here was a great peasant uprising
in 1908 of wild Indians.
'"They were crushed by
President Theodore Roosevelt
'"leading imperialist armies and cowboys.
'"The battle lasted all winter.
'"More than 35,000 were killed.
'"It was the greatest battle
of the American West.'"
Yuri, stay here. I'll take a photo of you.
African baboon.
Now you.
Come here, my friend.
Hurry up, you fool.
Look at me, Yuri.
Look what I've found.
An arrow.
An Indian arrow.
What a philosopher you are.
I did not know the Indians used steel.
Sure, you fool, they used the melted
sabers of Federalist Cossacks.
Did these Indians work in plastic, too?
You idiot, this is bone, polished
to a high sheen. There must be more.
Near the brush.
(IN RUSSIAN) Stop! Keep your distance.
She has a weapon.
(IN RUSSIAN) Stop, dammit!
Quickly. Catch him!
Take cover!
(IN RUSSIAN) Help me, comrades.
Grab him!
I got him.
(IN RUSSIAN) I'm dying.
(IN RUSSIAN) God help me!
God help me!
But they were people.
Yeah, well, so was my dad.
What was it like?
It was good.
One thing is for sure now,
no one can ever go home again.
Why don't you make yourself useful?
You wash it!
We're never doing your washing again!
Me and her is as good as any of you!
So what's up your ass?
Shut up!
Don't you ever say that again!
Hear me? Say that again, I'll kill you.
Hear me? I'll kill you.
So what did I do?
What you said was wrong.
(IN SPANISH) From now on,
all troops are forbidden
to travel outside secured areas
in any group smaller than squad size.
Then call Bratchenko.
Tell him sector eight is now active.
Right away, Mr. Bella.
And I want some interrogations made
starting with the Mayor.
I'm sick of his pleasantries.
Consider it done.
Daryl. He wouldn't hurt a fly.
I know my son, Colonel.
He's not the guerilla type.
According to the records, Mayor,
your son is a prominent student leader.
Yes. Well, he is a leader,
but not in a violent or physical way.
No, you see, Daryl is more
of a politician, like his father.
A member of an elite paramilitary
organization, Eagle Scout.
Yes, but that's not military.
Now look, Colonel, if he's alive,
he's scared, he's hungry,
and he's just as anxious to avoid conflicts
as you and me.
He's not a troublemaker.
Then who is?
Well, let's just say
it runs in some of the families.
This community is indeed fortunate
to have a shepherd like him.
Well I, I just want to see
this thing through, Colonel.
If you have any more problems, call me,
night or day.
Thank you.
We're finished...
for now.
Don't cry! Hold it back!
Let it turn to something else.
Just let it turn to something else, okay?
Listen to me! Listen!
Don't cry. Don't you ever cry again
as long as you live.
As long as you live, never do it.
You hear me?
DANNY: They're gonna kill us! All of us!
So why should we be different?
Let it turn to something else, Mattie.
Let it turn, let it turn.
(IN RUSSIAN) Take gasoline.
Hey, girl, what are you doing here?
Hey, beautiful, where are you going?
(IN RUSSIAN) Forget the broad,
just get her stuff.
Where are you going?
You're so beautiful.
Wait, what's wrong with you?
Let's get her.
Run. This way.
(IN RUSSIAN) It's cut... It's cut.
I've seen them before.
Nicaragua, El Salvador,
Cambodia, Angola and Mexico.
But these are my men!
(RUSSIAN ACCENT) Miss, maybe you speak
at me for a minute.
I'll be right back, okay?
- You bring girlfriend?
- Yeah.
Okay, I be right here. Bye.
(IN SPANISH) What is a '"Wolverine'"?
like a badger, but terribly ferocious.
It is also the name
of the local school sports collective.
They're beasts, Ernesto.
You must kill
every one of them eventually.
It's the same as Afghanistan.
They'll never stop.
Look, I was always
on the side of the insurgents.
I have no experience in these matters
but it would seem necessary
to win the support of the people.
As our opponents used to say
in Vietnam,
'"Win their hearts and minds.'"
And they lost, Ernesto...
That is true, General.
Things are paralyzed at the front, Ernesto.
Morale is crucial right now.
Keep the men in the secured areas.
You'll see how they forget
about these '"Wolverines.'"
(IN SPANISH) Are you alright?
Yes, go and check.
You were saying, comrade?
Shut up.
(IN RUSSIAN) Get a doctor...
What's going on here?
You American?
Yeah, what's the capital of Texas?
Wrong, commie! It's Houston.
Please, darling. I'm cold.
You've seen too many movies.
Well, you hungry?
I could eat, yeah.
What kind of plane you fly?
Well, I did fly an F-15.
I'm an Eagle driver.
Here, take this.
I got this off a dead Russian Major.
- Major, huh?
- Yeah.
I guess it ought to fit on a Colonel.
You the honcho, sport?
Who are you?
Andrew Tanner, Lieutenant Colonel,
U.S. Air Force.
How did you
get yourself shot down, Colonel?
It was five to one. I got four.
I'm Jed.
How are you doing, Jed?
Good as can be.
West coast.
East coast.
Down here is Mexico.
First wave of the attack came in
disguised as a commercial charter flight,
same way they did in Afghanistan in '80.
Only they were crack airborne outfits.
They took these passes in the Rockies.
So that's what hit Calumet.
I guess so.
They coordinated
with selective nuke strikes,
and their missiles were hell of a lot
more accurate than we thought.
They took out silos here in the Dakotas
- and key points of communication.
- Like what?
Oh, like Omaha, Washington, Kansas City.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Jesus Christ.
Infiltrators came up illegal from Mexico.
Cubans, mostly.
They managed to infiltrate
SAC bases in the Midwest,
several down in Texas.
Wreaked a hell of a lot of havoc.
They opened up the door down here
and the whole
Cuban and Nicaraguan armies
come walking right through,
rolled right up here
through the Great Plains.
How far did they get?
Cheyenne across to Kansas.
We held them at the Rockies
and at the Mississippi.
Anyway, the Russians reinforced
with 60 divisions.
Sent three whole army groups
across the Bering Strait, into Alaska.
Cut the pipeline, came across Canada
to link up here in the middle.
But we stopped their butt cold.
Lines have pretty much stabilized now.
What about Europe?
I guess they figured
twice in one century was enough.
They're sitting this one out.
All except England.
They won't last very long.
The Russians need to take us in one piece.
That's why they're here now.
That's why they won't use nukes anymore
and we won't either.
Not on our own soil.
The whole damn thing's
pretty conventional now.
Who knows?
Maybe next week will be swords.
What started it?
I don't know.
Two toughest kids on the block, I guess.
Sooner or later they're gonna fight.
That simple?
Maybe somebody forgot what it was like.
Who is on our side?
Six hundred million screaming Chinamen.
Last I heard,
there were a billion screaming Chinamen.
There were.
You got a family?
I don't know.
They got caught behind the lines
down in Texas.
I like to think they're alive,
but I hear stories
about what they're doing to civilians.
- Get up.
- What?
We're taking off, we're gonna go
shoot up an armored column.
Let's go. Early bird gets the worm.
Early bird gets the worm.
Watch those claymores in the trees.
Matt, RPG!
Now, what do you think?
Not bad for a bunch of kids, huh?
Your mom would be real proud.
AND Y: You think you're tough
for eating beans every day?
There's half a million scarecrows in Denver
would give anything
for one mouthful of what you got.
They've been under siege
for about three months.
They live on rats and sawdust bread
and sometimes
on each other.
At night
the pyres for the dead light up the sky.
It's medieval.
All that hate's gonna burn you up, kid.
Keeps me warm.
are we doing right?
You've made a new friend.
She doesn't say much, does she?
Something happened to her.
All right, plane, plane, plane, plane.
Cuban bunker, Russian bunker,
munitions dump, troop tents.
Machine gun bunkers here,
here, here, and here.
Back here by the drive-in screen
are your political prisoners.
All right. We'll cause a diversion over here,
cut holes in the wire here,
fire on these machine gun positions.
The B-group comes across this area
in a flanking maneuver.
When you reach this bunker
you lay down grazing fire on this duffle-A.
I think that's pretty simple.
Anybody got any questions so far?
What's a flank?
ERICA: A duffle-A?
Yeah. What's grazing fire?
- I need a drink.
- Why don't we shoot at them?
MAN ON PA: Step into the line
(IN SPANISH) Help! Listen to me,
The Wolverines are attacking!
Follow me quickly.
Hurry, hurry!
ROBERT: Wolverines!
Move! Take it! Go!
- Come on!
- Quick! Get out of here!
Come on! Here's your chance! Move!
We're all gonna die! Die standing up!
GENERAL: (IN RUSSIAN) Children did this.
It's rebels.
What rebels? They're bandits.
Every time they shoot,
the revolution grows.
I know. I was a partisan.
And now what are you?
Now I'm like you,
a policeman.
All right, Colonel!
All right. And he's down.
Great play by Matt Eckert.
All right.
- Huddle up, folks.
- Right.
JED: That's a pretty good catch.
ROBERT: You cover Matt in this play.
Are you okay?
It's hard down on the ground, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Come on, old man. Come on.
Come down here.
How old's your wife?
How old's your wife?
What's she like?
Old like me.
What's she really like?
Like you.
Where did you meet her?
You really wanna know this stuff?
I met her in a closet at a party.
Couldn't stand her at first.
But once it took,
I loved her so bad, it hurt.
Still love her like that?
Are you quitters playing or what?
- Come on!
- Good catch, Robert.
They brought their kids.
They didn't have food
to feed them through the winter.
They want to give them to you, Jed.
This is enough, Mr. Mason.
I don't want any more.
You're a leader now.
They've heard of you on the other side.
Maybe all the way to California.
And there are some that say
they're gonna drop in some special forces
in the spring, to help you out.
Green Berets.
Spring's a long time away.
It's a lot of talk until then.
It's ours! It's ours!
How can you tell?
It's ours.
Fry 'em.
You gotta cross that.
Just part of it.
Hope our guys are still there.
So this is a battlefield.
It's a real war, kid.
It's here every day.
Come with me, Jed.
You can quit now.
Could you?
Don't give me that crap.
Wake up in the morning.
Grow old.
Move it! Come on! Move it!
Let's go! Let's go!
Get down!
Down! Down! Down!
Stay down! He can't see us!
DANNY: He's looking for us!
Sure is.
I can't stand it!
Get down!
- Get down, get down!
- Shut up!
Get down!
All right, run! Everybody get out of here!
What are you doing?
God damn it!
MATT: Coming up there!
I got him!
Get out of here, Jed!
There's a world of hurt coming down!
- Get out!
- I'm staying with you, Colonel!
JED: Take him out with the RPG, man!
ROBERT: Give me another rocket!
Eat me!
No! No!
Come on, buddies, come and get them!
Shoot straight for once,
you army pukes.
It's useless. He's dead!
Let's go!
Go! Go!
I'll never love anybody.
I'll never love anybody again.
If you didn't love anybody,
you'd never even be here.
Where are we gonna bury him?
What's left to bury?
Oh, God. Oh, God.
These were good friends.
Take them away from here.
Someplace safe
where this war's never happened.
And as we remember,
please let them forget, O Lord,
so they can be little again.
What are you whispering for?
Feels quiet.
You should get some sleep.
It's getting late.
I'm okay.
It's kind of strange, isn't it?
How the mountains
pay us no attention at all.
You laugh or you cry,
the wind just keeps on blowing.
It was bound to happen sooner or later.
You're getting pretty lean on feelings,
aren't you?
Can't afford them.
Even if that had been me?
I was talking to the group, Jed.
Doesn't look good.
They're all talking about quitting.
Seems like they lost the stomach for it.
Except for Robert.
And you?
I'm your brother.
Just make it count.
(IN RUSSIAN) Attention!
(IN RUSSIAN) Be seated, comrades.
What I despise most about warfare
is the hypocrisy it often breeds.
I've heard euphemisms
that we are containing the enemy
that our sector of pacification is growing.
These are the tactics of the lie.
Lies have the stench of death and defeat.
You can only win a war
by exterminating the enemy.
Do you know who we are fighting?
We are fighting wolverines,
small ferocious animals.
For them you need a hunter.
And you know, I am a hunter.
From this moment on,
there will be no further reprisals
against civilians.
That was stupid.
if a fox stole your chickens,
would you slaughter your pig
because he saw the fox? No.
You would hunt the fox,
find where it lives and destroy it.
And how do we do this?
Become a fox.
Danny, bolt's open.
It's jammed.
Danny. Hey.
So what if he does? You don't.
We better get out of here.
Shoot him!
What is this thing?
What is it?
Who's coming after us?
Where are they?
Rub a butt on him.
God damn for your mother!
I hear a chopper and
I'm gonna blow your brains out.
Go die, Yankee! Die!
God damn, you son of...
Gorsky, Stepan Yevgenyvitch. Suck it.
No one gives a damn who you are!
- They're gonna hurt him!
- Good!
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Look!
This thing's got an arrow.
It's pointing. It's...
Where? Where?
Right here.
Where is it?
Where is it?
God damn it, where's the bug?
- They made me swallow it.
- Daryl, what have you done?
I went into town.
And got caught.
And went and got caught!
Because you said we couldn't.
ROBERT: You told them
where we were, didn't you?
You told them!
My father turned me in.
Oh, God,
they did things you can't imagine.
You son of a bitch!
You want blindfolds?
This violate the Geneva Convention.
I never heard of it!
Dogface! I show you how Soviet dies!
I've seen it before, pal.
This isn't happening! This isn't happening!
- Jed, let him go!
- Shut up, Danny!
- He was one of us!
- Shut up!
He told them where we were!
He did.
- Now, get your rifles.
- No!
What did you say?
I said no! We're not doing it!
Boy, say that you are friend
so I will not die alone.
What's the difference, Jed, huh?
- I'll do it.
- Shut up, Robert!
Tell me, what's the difference
between us and them?
Because we live here!
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
Don't shoot me, Jed.
Don't shoot me, Jed.
How many of those you got left?
No, wait. Don't. Stop.
What do you say?
You hungry?
JED: Let's get it fast
and get back to the rock.
Come on.
It's been so long.
Quiet, quiet, quiet!
TONI: Oh, my God.
ROBERT: Holy shit!
Get down!
ERICA: Toni!
JED: Stay down!
Stay down!
- Let's get out of here!
- Come on!
Come on. Get on. Come on.
Yeah. Come on!
JED: Come on, let's go!
Go on! Go on!
I'm killed, Jed.
Don't let them get me.
Because they'll make me talk.
Where's your gun?
I want you to do it.
I can't.
(STIFLING SOB) I can't, Toni. I can't.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Give me your grenade.
I don't wanna be too cold.
Pull the pin for me.
I'm just gonna stay here
and listen to the wind a while, okay?
(IN RUSSIAN) Comrade Colonel.
I would estimate enemy body count at 12.
Wouldn't you agree?
I saw only one.
But they carry off their dead.
Of course, why not?
Why do you think they are so cruel?
All right, now, listen to me.
You two are gonna wait up here
until the troops pull back into town.
You'll know when that happens.
When they do, head out for the plains.
What about you?
I gotta stick around.
Stir things up, so you can make it out.
- We're going with you, Mattie.
- No.
- We're going with you.
- Listen to me!
We are all that's left.
Someone's gotta live.
Somebody's gotta make it.
Me and Jed, we're all used up.
I'm never gonna forget.
As long as I live.
Never forget.
You're never gonna know who won.
We will.
You know, we could make it, Jed.
We've been a lot tougher than this before.
We cause a diversion, get out of here,
head back to the mountains.
I love you, Mattie.
I know.
I love you, too, Jed.
It's hard being brothers, isn't it?
Let's go.
(IN SPANISH) I can't remember
what it was to be warm
It seems a thousand years
since I was a small boy in the sun
How did I come to this high,
desolate place
where there is nothing but loneliness?
So much is lost
I want to look in your eyes and forget
It all seems so far away
A warm house
where my shadow never falls,
your long, black hair in my hands
There is no more revolution,
only you to come back to
I will post my resignation
Come on! Let's go, let's go!
(IN RUSSIAN) They're attacking
the station!
(IN RUSSIAN) Everybody to the station!
(IN RUSSIAN) Hurry, hurry!
You lose.
You can rest now.
Just hang on, Matt.
Oh, Matt.
It's okay, Matt. It's okay.
Just hang on, Matt.
Daddy will be here soon, Matt.
Hang on, Matt.
Come on, Matt. Daddy will be here soon.
It's okay. Come on, Matt.
I'll hold you as long as I can, Matt.
I'll hold you as long as I can.
You can lean on me.
I'm so tired.
So tired.
We're free now.
ERICA: I never saw the brothers again
In time, this war,
like every other war, ended
But I never forgot
And I come to this place often
Though no one else does
In the early days of World War III,
guerillas, mostly children,
placed the names
of their lost upon this rock
They fought here alone
and gave up their lives
so that this nation
shall not perish from the earth