Red Devil (2019) Movie Script

(bird cawing)
(birds chirping)
- [Interviewer] Do you believe
that you can ever quit Red Devil?
- [Interviewee] You can't quit
this shit, it's impossible.
And even if you could, why the
fuck would you even want to?
- [Interviewer] So,
you don't want to quit?
What about for the sake
of your two children?
- [Interviewee] Once you've
tasted the devil's cum,
everything else is dull and numb.
(upbeat Western music)
- Relax, Theo, it's all
just an urban legend.
(gunshots banging)
(upbeat electronic music)
- You know who we are,
and you know who we want.
- The Red Devil and the
money, you sons of bitches.
- Quick as you can.
- He's got it.
- Danny, Danny, can you swing around?
No, no, no, no, Danny, Danny, no!
(Riley whining)
- Don't you get it, darling?
There's no more Red.
It's gone, as quickly as it came.
And quite frankly, I'm glad it's gone.
It's the devil's potion.
- You're making me so
fucking wet right now.
(upbeat Western music)
- They hit us last week, cleaned us out.
And they killed little Franko.
- Fucking hell, man, who?
- You try anything funny,
and I assure you, I will kill you both.
- What do you mean, who?
Ella and fucking Oscar.
- Ella and Oscar are urban legends.
They're created by the media
to strike fear into the underworld
and get the fucking Red off the street.
- Darling, fuck me.
- I'll tell you one thing now, right?
There is no such thing as a married couple
running around killing
fucking drug dealers.
Fucking ridiculous!
- These motherfuckers,
baby, kill them good.
- Oh, baby, if you insist.
(woman moaning)
- No, no!
(gunshots banging)
(sombre choral music)
(trumpet blaring)
- Theo?
- How you doing today?
Good to see ya.
You're looking good.
Looking good.
- Excuse me, sir, can
you spare some change?
- I'm so sorry, man.
Just, I have my own habits
to support, you know?
Next time, eh?
God bless you.
- Dear God, it's just us,
Oscar, Ella, and bump.
Hope all's well on your end.
I can feel the task you've given us
is close to being complete,
and I want to thank you for believing
that we were worthy
enough for such a task.
Please forgive Ella for
doubting the vision,
and for doubting her husband.
And please look out
for my brother William,
wherever he may be, and rid
him of this evil addiction.
I've done a lot for you.
I've taken a lot of lives,
and I've eradicated Red
Devil from Covet County.
Some might say you owe me that much.
Anyway, must dash, have your work to do.
All the best, amen.
- Amen.
(passionate opera music)
- Baby, let's go kill some sinners.
- I fuck love you, baby.
- I fucking love you, angel.
- Please sir,
please, I'd do anything
just crumb of that Red.
I just need crumb of Red.
Please, sir, please!
Fuck, you can take it all, look.
Yeah, everything I've got,
man, please, just one pull!
- No, fuck off.
- Please, I just need
one hit, man, I beg you!
- No, there's a drought on.
- Give me the fucking Red, man.
Give it to me, give it to me,
or you're a fucking dead man.
I'll fucking blow you away!
- Take it!
(gunshot banging)
- Brother, brother.
(Riley yelling)
Gimme a pull, gimme a pull.
- You, get the fuck out!
Get away from me!
- Just give me a dab.
- Get the fuck away!
- Give me dab.
Please give me a dab,
please give me a dab!
Will you give me a fucking a dab?
I only want a dab!
(brooding Western music)
(trumpet blaring)
- There he is.
The man,
the myth,
the legend,
My friend.
- Who's tall, thick,
faithful, and fearless?
You guessed it, me.
(door banging)
I see you put my gift to good use.
- I could never shoot anyone.
But I don't half feel dangerous
when I smoke bud out of the barrel.
I'm like John Wayne or Jesse James.
- Please tell me you keep
the piece loaded, at least.
- Uh...
- Oh, Hugo, I've told you before,
you can never be too careful
in your line of work.
That's why I bought you the gun.
Covet County is a dangerous place.
But worry not, my friend,
the Beast will keep you safe.
The Beast will keep us all safe.
- You have got to try this.
Now, it's a...
It's a mashup
of Green Dream, Ice Cream
Haze, and Triple Dipper,
and I call it Triple Cream Dream.
- This is a thing of beauty.
It's like the sun rising
on a cold autumn morning in the Amazon.
(thunder cracking)
- That's what I tell 'em.
- You, my friend,
will become a true master
in the art of botany.
This is like the yin to the yang,
the Michelangelo of marijuana.
(thunder cracking)
(rain splashing)
(laid-back music)
(woman laughing)
- All right, there old man.
- Morning, Riley, you wanna be plugged in?
- Not today, man.
- What, you is a fucking
wanker then, aren't you?
- Hey, listen, dude,
I know you told me not to ask you, man--
- If I told you not to ask
me something, don't ask me.
- I just need to see if you
can get hold of any Red, man.
- Get the fuck out of me pub.
- Ah, sorry, man.
Now, man, now!
- It's not overkill.
Calm down, man.
You know I'm no flab, man.
- If you're even thinking about asking me
about that Red shit, I'll
tell you something now.
I going thumping, and
I am blood that mouth.
- I don't touch that shit, man.
- Well, all right then,
what would you like?
Pure euphoria, the fuck of your life,
killing spree, secret spying?
I even got a special on reverse gang bang.
- Uh, man, um--
- Come on, son, make up your mind.
- Uh...
I've been told to...
- You decide what you want yet, young man?
Or you prefer the colour
for any marksman's opinion?
- Man, I don't want any trouble.
- This is all I fucking need.
100 VR lounge in all Covet County,
and this cunt want to set up
his residency in one of my lounge?
Didn't I tell you not
to come back here again?
If I see you come back to
this Velvet Lounge again,
I gonna hurt you.
This is a place of escape.
You're putting people off their fun.
What is it you want?
You want the kiddies' stuff, or something?
- Of course not.
- 'Cause I don't care how much
you fucking weirdos are willing to pay,
I will have nothing to do with it.
- Let me tell you something.
I'm not a fucking pedo.
- Listen, man, you've
been umming and ahing
ever since you got in here.
What exactly is it you want?
- I'm looking for Ella and Oscar.
I've been told to meet them here.
- No one of that name have
anything to do with this lounge.
Unless you want to be
plugged in, you can leave.
You're giving me a headache.
- You know what, don't
worry about it man, cheers.
- Who the fuck told you you can come here?
- A fucking priest.
He told me to come here at two o'clock.
- His name?
- Who?
- The priest, his name.
- It's Barry, but don't worry about it.
- Your name, please?
- Alfie.
- Come with me then, please, Alfie.
(sultry opera music)
- Give me the fucking pipe!
- Charlie, is that you?
- Just gimme the fucking Red,
or I'll cave your fucking head in.
- Charlie, it's Riley, it's your cousin.
- I don't give a fuck who you are.
Just gimme the fucking Red now.
(gunshot banging)
Please, Riley!
Just gimme a fucking hit on the pipe!
I'm your cousin!
(gunshot banging)
(tranquil guitar music)
- Hello, Alfie.
Excuse the mess.
Please, come in.
Take a seat.
- [Alfie] Thank you.
- So, I understand our friend Barry
has been speaking with you
about a situation we might
be able to help you with.
- So, it's true.
It's actually you two.
Ella and Oscar, wow.
- Charming to meet you.
- You do realise, you've caused
the biggest drug drought
in Covet County since,
I don't know, since ever.
I promise you, I thought
it was an urban legend,
until I met Barry,
and even then, I had my doubts.
- So, who is the target?
- Okay, just the business.
He's a dealer.
- Red Devil?
- Yeah, he got his
fingers in lots of pies.
- Did Barry not tell you
we would only be interested
if he's a supplier of Red?
- So, that what this is with you guys?
A vigilante crusade on Red Devil?
- You could say that.
- Okay, with all due respect, Mr. Oscar,
there are hardly any Red dealers left.
They have either been dropped, killed,
vanished off the scene in terror.
You might be able to score a
little bit in Peccancy Street,
but it's mostly chilli powder.
Every dealer in the entire county
is afraid
of being killed or robbed
by you two.
- Except this character, it seems.
So, you have our attention.
Tell us everything you know.
(slow Western music)
- My little babies, huh?
(trumpet blaring)
How are ya?
- Hi, Hugo, how's everything?
- Good, good, come in.
Yes, good to see you.
- I was just after an eighth,
so I though I'd give you a knock.
- Well, I'm glad you did.
- You got company?
- Oh, it's just my good friend Gabriel.
He's tall, he's fit,
he's fearless, and he's faithful.
- I can come back another time if you--
- No, don't be silly, no, you'll like him.
He's like family.
- Where, where is he, then?
- Gabriel!
Probably gone for a shit.
- Oh.
- Either that, or he's
heard a woman's voice,
and he's probably sneaked
off to leave us alone.
- Ah.
- He's always going on
about me meeting someone.
Not that I'm interested in you.
- Oh, right.
- No, I don't mean that.
I ain't got time for a girlfriend.
Yeah, um,
I'm really busy right now.
- Yeah, I can see that.
- It's called Triple Cream Dream.
It's beautiful.
- It looks it.
- You can stay if you want.
- No, I better go.
- Well, another time,
- Yeah, maybe.
- How, how much do I owe ya?
- Oh, please, no charge.
- Sweet!
- It's just,
just maybe, you know,
come round, have cup of coffee,
listen to some Purple Rabbits.
- Purple Rabbits?
That's awful, depressing music.
- Right, you better go.
I've gotta feed the kids.
- You have children?
- No, me plants.
- Oh, right.
- You should really give
'em a chance, you know.
- Sorry?
- Purple Rabbits.
They influenced a whole generation.
They're the main reason
I moved to Covet County
in the first place,
after hearing one of their songs.
- Which one?
- "Covet County".
Covet County
- All right.
Roll a fatty
- Good to see you, Hugo.
Chiff some charlie
(door banging)
(tranquil opera music)
(upbeat music)
- Got anything on ya?
- No, I haven't got anything.
- Wait, I've got money.
- But I haven't got--
- I've got money on me.
- I haven't got anything!
- Babe, have you got any Red on you?
- Hey baby, lemme give you the
best blowjob you've ever had.
- I don't want a blowjob,
right, I want some fucking Red.
- Hey, where you going, big boy?
Wanna have some fun?
- Can you sort me any Red?
I'm gonna sort you out if you can.
- Oh, you don't need any Red.
I'm gonna suck you until you're dry.
- Maybe another time, darling, all right?
- What you mean, another time?
- I'll even swallow.
- [Women] Hi, Steve!
- Oy, leave the old bloke alone, man!
- Won't you go fuck you, bitch.
- Watch your mouth, little boy.
Leave the tramp alone.
- Sorry, Steve.
- Get the fuck out of here.
Makes my heart bleed
when I see the state of the youth today.
Don't let adolescents get in the way
of your little private party tonight.
What are you after?
I've got coke, brown,
speed, weed, girls, boys.
What you need, cuz?
- I need some Red, man.
- There's a drought, it's gonna cost ya.
- Well, is it good?
- Straight from the source this morning.
It's beautiful, but it's expensive.
I'm paying well over the
odds for it at the moment,
so the circle of life
being the circle of life,
it means if I pay more,
my customers pay more,
i.e. you pay more.
- What's expensive, man?
- Where you going, big boy?
I see you looking at me.
What do you need?
- I don't want anything, all right?
- Oh, come on, come with me, white sugar.
I'll stick a big black
dildo so far up your arse,
you won't walk right for a month.
Is that what you're into, baby boy?
Did mamma guess
your desire right?
- What? No!
Just fuck off, you dirty fucking whore!
- What the fuck?
Who the fuck do you
think you're talking to?
Don't think 'cause I'm a woman
out here of these streets
that I won't fight you, you know.
What, so this man thinks he's brave, yeah?
- I say you leave it, yeah?
Can't you see we're
conducting business here?
I'm sure once we've
conducted our little business
he'll consider a nice relaxing blowjob
in front of a nice warm log fire,
listening to the beautiful
sounds of Nina Simone,
whilst he sips on a glass of brandy
and enjoys his contemptible
buzz supplied by yours truly.
But until then, if you
don't mind, princess.
- Watch yourself, fucking fool.
- How much is it, man?
- How much do you want?
- Well, it depends on the price, man.
- It's addictive this shit, innit?
- Fly me, bruv.
- Red Devil changed the game, boy.
They say one hit on that shit
and you're hooked for life.
Well, was that how it was for you, eh?
One hit and you're hooked for life, yeah?
- Some things help heal
the broken-up, man.
- I've never tried it myself,
though I have to admit,
I have been tempted a couple of times.
It has a way of tempting
a person, don't it?
See, I'm one of them rare people
who haven't even smoked a joint.
But there's something about
that Red stuff, innit?
Just really tempts you, don't it?
They say it takes away
a guilty conscience.
Was that how it was for you?
- Dude, how much is it, man?
- 220 a gramme, but it's lovely.
- Can you deal a do for a,
do a deal for a quarter, man?
- Seven grammes?
You got the money on you, yeah?
- I'm up for the seven, man.
- I'll do you up for 1,250.
- Okay, good, done, I've got the moneys.
- You got the money on you?
- Yeah, I got the cash, bro.
- Good buy, come on.
(dramatic music)
- [Man] Hey, Dreamer,
where you going, man?
- Not now, right, I've
gotta handle some business.
We'll talk in a minute.
Come on, this way.
I keep it at a mate's house.
You can't be too careful nowadays,
what with all these Ella
and Oscar type characters
running around killing folk.
- It's just urban legends.
But I'll tell you what ain't urban legend.
If this is a fucking setup,
I'm gonna end your life, brother.
Just gimme the Red,
I'll give you the cash.
- Put the fucking gun away,
all right, this ain't a setup.
You've made your point, all right?
Your point has well and truly been made.
I make love, not war.
Now, come on.
This way.
Give me the fucking money
now, little prick, huh?
Now, before I blown your fucking head off!
- But sir, is there any Red Devil?
- I don't deal with that Devil shit.
(gunshots banging)
(Riley yelling)
Don't come back round, do you hear me?
No one calls my wife a
whore, you little prick!
Fucking waste, man!
Next time I'll put one between
your eyes, you little cunt!
(tranquil music)
- Can we go, Oscar?
- Yes, of course, darling,
but, try to be nice to her.
This might be the last time we see her.
She's just old.
Please be patient.
- I don't like her.
- Mother, this is Ella,
your daughter-in-law.
Remember Ella?
- Hello, Mum.
- I don't have a
daughter, I have two sons.
Now, scarper!
- Do you mind if I smoke
a cigar around you?
It helps me relax.
- By all means.
- She's a Polack from Poland.
- Yes, I know, Mother.
Remember, I hired her and pay her salary.
- You know, you can never
really trust the Slavs
due to their incredible stupidity.
You can't trust the stupid any more
than you can trust a wild animal.
Their stupidity makes them
unpredictable, you see, dear.
I once had sexual relations with a Polack.
Big, muscular chap named Lucas.
Thick as two short planks,
but wonderfully handsome.
- Fantastic.
- His penis had the most incredible girth.
Of course, I was still married
to your father at the time,
so it was all very hush-hush.
- Lucky Daddy.
- You know, your father
never could perform sexually.
Even on our honeymoon in Haiti,
he was as shrivelled up as a prawn.
Who is this vulgar woman again?
- I told you, Mother,
this is Ella, my wife.
Remember our wedding?
That's why we're here today, Mother.
We have something important to tell you.
- I thought you were after something.
- Mother, Ella is pregnant,
we're having a baby.
- [Elizabeth] You're having
a child, did you say, dear?
- That's right, Mother, you're
going to be a grandmother.
- Oh, my dear boy, she's
absolutely disgusting.
She'll make an awful mother.
Once again you've managed
to shame our family name.
- At least I didn't drive my
husband to commit suicide.
- What an embarrassment that was, suicide.
I didn't know how to explain
it to the neighbours.
I just had to tell them all he had sorta
sudden bout of cancer.
- Any news from William?
- William?
- Yes, Mother, my brother.
Your youngest son, William.
- Oh, I thought you were talking about
the perverted old fool from number 68.
- My brother, Mother, has he called you?
- My son William, he's a drug addict.
- Yes, have you had any
news, has he called you,
has he been round to visit you?
- Well, he's a mess, isn't he?
- So, you have seen him, he's been around?
- Who, dear?
- William!
- He's a drug addict, dear.
Me and your father found a
Red Devil drug in his bedroom
and threw him out.
- That was years ago, Mother.
Try to think carefully.
Has he been round to visit recently?
- He's probably dead, dear.
Drug addicts tend not to live long.
- You're talking about your son.
Don't you give a shit?
- How old are you, Ella, 35, 37?
- Mother!
- A woman in her 30s is far
too old to be having children.
- Are you really going to let your mother
speak to me this way?
- The child will be born a
mongoloid if you're not careful.
You do know, mongoloids upset
me greatly, don't you, dear?
- [Ella] Oscar.
- Are you gonna lock
your child up in a cage
if it's a mongoloid, dear?
- Ignore her.
She's old and crazy.
- She's talking about our child.
- What would you have me do?
- Putting her out of her misery
would be the kindest thing to do.
- She's my mother.
- I wished I wasn't your mother.
I wished the same about you and William.
You were both such ugly children.
How I envied the other mothers
with their beautiful, handsome boys,
and how I was always so disgusted
by the sight of you two.
- You really want to, don't you?
- Where's that Polack, it's
time for my medication.
- You had your medication 10 minutes ago.
- Rosemary, Rosemary!
- Yes, Mrs. Knight?
- Where's my medication?
- You have just taken your medication.
- Is she always like this?
- She's getting worse, Mr. Knight.
- She's always been a little bitch.
- Where's my medication?
- She has to be in a special facility.
- I am not locking up my
mother in a old people's home.
- It is the best place
for her, Mr. Knight.
- I can think of a better place for her.
- If it's more money you
need, please, just ask.
- Six feet under.
- [Elizabeth] Bring me my
medication this instant,
or I shall scream.
- You see what I have to put up with?
- Please just be patient with her.
(Elizabeth screaming)
(upbeat music)
(tranquil classical vocal music)
- Fuck!
(Riley screaming)
Somebody, help me!
I need some Red!
(upbeat music)
- Ah, Oscar, Ella.
How the fuck are ya?
- So, any word from my brother William?
- No, sorry, Oscar, nothing.
So, Oscar, tell me, how's things?
Are you looking after my little sis?
- Barry, you and I both well
know that Ella is the one
doing the looking after
in this relationship.
- Good girl.
(men laughing)
- But Barry, we have some wonderful news.
You gonna tell him?
- Shall I?
- Go on.
- Well, you know, me and Oscar
have been trying for a baby.
- Oh, really?
- We're having a baby!
- Ah, you've actually done it, Oscar!
Well done, mate, well done.
Ah, you know, I always thought
your swimmers were like, you know.
- Limited.
Yes, but with a little help from
our favourite gynaecologist,
and a lot of faith in the man upstairs.
- Amen.
- You're gonna be an uncle.
- Whoa!
Butch, champagne, just
two glasses, please.
- [Butch] Yes, boss.
- So, I think it's time
you two should retire.
I mean, you must've made a
fortune over this past few years.
What's it been 80, 90 robberies?
I bet you got yourself
a nice little nest egg.
- Once we've finished this final chapter,
taking care of this Hugo fellow,
that's exactly what we'll do.
- Forget Hugo, forget Red
Devil, Ella's pregnant.
You can't do another job.
She'll miscarry, for Christ sakes.
- Hey, fuck you, Barry,
I'm only three months.
- What's wrong with you two?
Oscar, you should know better.
- We must finish what we've started.
- Which is what?
- To rid the streets of Red Devil.
- Ah, Jesus Christ, you're not
going on about that vision?
You do realise, you sound like a madman
when you talk like that, don't you?
- I couldn't give a shit
what anybody thinks.
- I know my husband, Barry.
He wouldn't make something like that up.
If he says God came down and spoke to him,
he came down and spoke to him.
- You're both as fucking
crazy as each other.
- I know what I saw.
- So, God came down to you in a dream,
and he said, "Rid the world of Red Devil"?
- It wasn't a dream, it was a vision.
- Oh, was you awake, though?
- I was wide awake.
I was more awake than I've ever been.
God came to me.
- What, like a man with a big white beard?
Please, elaborate.
- His voice, his touch,
the light, it was,
it was indescribable.
And I knew right then and there
that Ella and I were born
this way for a reason.
And our reason to be is
to rid the streets of Red.
- Well, you succeeded.
Alfie's the first fresh lead
I've had for Red Devil in two weeks.
You've won, there's no more Red.
Mission accomplished, loves.
Your God is very happy that
you've killed so many people,
and flushed millions of pounds
worth of product down the toilet.
- Relax, Barry, you are so dramatic.
- If I had known you were pregnant,
I would've never introduced you to Alfie.
Thank you, Butch.
- Congratulations.
- Shut up, Butch!
- Thanks, Butch.
- Speaking of whom,
may I ask, were you
that fond of that Alfie?
- Alfie, yeah, he's a good man.
Why, what have you done now?
(upbeat Western music)
- So, you're absolutely
sure that's everything?
- That's right, man.
Just, where is my money?
(gunshot banging)
- Snap out of it, Hugo.
Give the customer his
weed, and let him leave.
- Hugo, you're hallucinating.
- I think I'm hallucinating.
- Oh, now, I understand
the psychedelic sojourn
into the parallel universe of your mind.
- I love the new look, mate.
- Why, thank you, rouge
is all the rage this year.
- Whatever, mate.
- Why don't I entertain you with
a story to help you on your new voyage?
- Oh, I love stories.
- I am from a small mountain
village called Phantasmagoria,
at the foothills of Mount Wraith,
an ancient and noble
people of immense faith,
but limited technology.
One cold April years ago, when
I was barely out of puberty,
we heard news from the city that soldiers
were heading to the village
to slaughter and kill us,
for reasons too sophisticated
for us to understand.
We had sticks and stones,
the soldiers had AK-47s.
As was our custom,
we consulted the eldest
man in the village,
a wise old man called Hellion.
Well, Hellion pondered deeply.
Finally he told us of a tale
told to him by his grandfather,
the tale of a magical
plant called the Tiabolo.
This plant has been blessed
by Ares, son of Zeus,
and God of War has a way
of protecting the village from Nemesis,
god of ill will and revenge.
Hellion told us, just eating
one of the plant's many leaves
would provide every man
with the strength of a lion,
and the power of immortality.
The problem was that the sacred plant
could only be found in one
place in the whole world,
and that was at the peak of Mount Wraith,
the steepest mountain
in all of the village.
A near impossible climb
to reach the summit,
but what else could we do?
We were outnumbered and outgunned.
- Suicide is your only option.
- Suddenly everything was clear to me.
And in that moment of clarity I saw
a small shrub of weeds by my feet.
This may not have been
the fabled Tiabolo plant,
blessed by Ares, but I considered,
did anyone of my village actually know
what this plant looked like?
I filled up my satchel with the shrub,
and called out loudly to
my village, "I have it!
"I have the plant of Ares!"
Oh, the village,
they cheered and danced,
and my satchel was snatched from me,
and taken to Herius
to verify the authenticity
of the sacred plant.
Well, Herius opened the bag,
and he looked at me.
Standing nervously at the back of the hut,
he smiled at me,
nodded his head,
and told the village that this
was indeed
the fabled plant of Ares.
The men frantically began to
rip leaves out of the satchel,
and eat them, eat them.
Some ate two, three,
and immediately I saw these
desperate people become
fearless warriors of valour
within two chews.
The soldiers, unsuspecting
of any resistance,
were met with a force beyond
what mortals are capable of.
3,000 highly-trained,
highly-equipped soldiers
were slaughtered by a barrage of spears,
sticks, and rocks.
- So, the plant you grabbed
was the real Tiabolo plant?
- Well, what is real?
If you believe something is real,
you can see it, you can touch it.
Is that not real?
It was real enough for my
village of peasants to slaughter
heavily-armed soldiers.
- Well, so, so what happened then?
The army whatsits just left you alone?
- Well, the leader, he heard of the use
of the sacred Tiabolo plant of
Ares and its mystical powers,
and sent an army of 10,000
heavily-armed men, tanks,
bazookas, and rocket launchers.
Well, he thought
that with the plant's
power at his disposal,
he could, well, he could
take over the whole world.
- Yeah, yeah, but the village,
they fought 'em off because they,
they believed that they
had the magical powers.
- Of course not!
The army wiped out the entire
male population of the village
within about a minute.
They idiots charged at the
tanks with spears and sticks,
believing they were invincible.
Well, I,
I hid in the trees with the
elderly and the children.
After all,
survival is the most basic human instinct.
(spooky organ music)
(woman chanting in foreign language)
- Mum, Mum!
- I told you not to call me that before.
You call Queen Beelzebub
like everybody else.
What makes you so special?
- Sorry, Queen Beelzebub.
- Well, take off your shoes.
(Riley whimpering)
Oh, what do you want?
- Mum, Mum.
- What did I just tell you?
- Sorry, Queen Beelzebub,
I need your help.
- Oh, surprise, surprise.
- I've been shot, Mum.
I'm fucking losing loads of blood.
- Oh, and what do I look
like, a fucking doctor?
- I just need some Red, Mum.
Please, just to help me knock the pain.
Look, just help me, please, Mum.
- Oh, poor Riley.
Haven't you realised yet, Red
Devil doesn't exist anymore.
He's taken it back, he's gone.
Submit yourself to him, son,
submit yourself to Satan,
and everything will be okay.
- I don't believe in this
voodoo black magic shit, Mum.
I fucking need your help.
- You won't even live
till the morning, son.
Go, I am with my real children.
(chants in foreign language)
(tranquil choral music)
(Riley weeping)
I'll see you on the other side, Riley.
(chants in foreign language)
- I couldn't save your
money, though, Hugo.
I did try, man, but,
as I went and got your money
out of the cash machine,
some big black blokes, they
came out of nowhere, man,
took all me wages.
- Fuck, mate.
- Hugo,
I was lucky to get away with me life.
(upbeat music)
How's things, man?
- Things good, man.
- Yeah? Good.
Can I get the threesome with
the two women and the one man?
- Excellent choice, as always, young man.
- Cheers, buddy.
- Chair number four.
- Same, thank you.
- Did you just see that?
- See what?
- That pervert looked at me
like he wanted to fuck me,
right here in front of everybody.
- Baby, a lot of people look at you
like they want to fuck you.
You're beautiful.
- He's cuckolded you.
- Jesus, Ella!
- He's cuckolded you right
here in front of Dylan.
Aren't you embarrassed?
- Lord, I think I go and
take me break now, right?
- Okay.
Take your time.
Ella, we do not have time for this.
We have to get ready for the thing.
- So, you're not gonna defend my honour?
- Uh.
- You're gonna let me, your pregnant wife,
get sexually abused by
some little pervert,
and you're just gonna
stand there and do nothing?
I've never been so dry in all my life.
- Fine, I'll get him outside, okay?
- You're defending your wife's honour,
and your manhood isn't too
much of a hassle for you?
- You're so fucking dramatic sometimes.
- There he is, look at him.
Fucking pervert.
I mean, here I am, carrying
your unborn fucking child,
minding my own fucking business,
and someone eye-fucks me
in front of my husband,
and what does my husband do?
(gunshot banging)
Well, that was a bit sexy.
- You can't carry on like
this, it's not normal.
- Maybe not to you.
- You can't keep on killing people.
- Barry, would you ask a lion
to stop hunting wildebeest?
- Yes, but you're not a
lion, and neither is she.
- We can't change what we are, Barry.
- Oh, well, so you think
it's all right to go around
killing people just to satisfy
your own sexual perversions?
- Barry, you really must join us
on holiday in Peru this summer.
Wonderful place, and
such an ancient culture.
The Peruvians have such an incredible
insight into the human mind.
(speaking in foreign language)
Do not search for faults
in one's fucking gifts.
- Peru is amazing, Barry.
You wait until you try the ceviche.
- The what?
- Freshly-caught raw fish
marinated in citrus juices
and spiced with chilli peppers.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- It's truly divine.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, listen.
That Peru, it doesn't
sound like my cup of tea.
- Ah, you're so fucking miserable, Barry.
- Oh, fuck off, you.
- Fuck you off!
We came you to tell you
about our good news,
and all you have done is moan, moan, moan.
- You can't go around and keep
on killing people, can you?
You crazy fucking bitch!
- Are you really going to
let him talk to me like that
in front of you?
- Barry.
- And the same goes for you, too, Oscar.
Listen, you two, the
killing, it stops now!
- Don't talk to my husband like that!
- Listen, you're gonna be parents.
I mean, what kind of an
example are you trying to set?
- Ah, fuck you, you know what?
You are uninvited to Peru.
- Oh, fuck off, you.
That Peru sounds like a
load of fucking shit anyway.
- No, you fucking little cunt.
- You see her, she's been
crazy, you know that, Oscar?
From the first time she arrived, right,
at the orphanage from Brazil,
it's all been, like, her main slaughter.
Well, I'll tell you something
now, enough is enough, Ella!
- Hmm-mm, fuck you!
Just now because you're a priest,
that doesn't make you a saint.
Do you remember Mother
Monica at the orphanage?
- Yeah, yeah, what about her?
- You hated Mother Monica,
you wished she was dead.
- Ella, you poured gas on Mother Monica
and set her alight while she was asleep.
You crazy fucking bitch,
you nearly killed the woman!
Oh, what, you're gonna say, like,
it was, like, the same as
Oscar's excuse, was it?
"God come down, and he
just said, you know,
"he said, 'You got to burn the bitch.'"
- Leave my husband alone, okay?
- I told you, it was not
a dream, it was a vision.
(ominous Western music)
- I'm glad you came today.
Honestly, Gabriel.
- What you talking about?
Pleasure's all mine.
- No, I appreciate that you
choose to chill with me.
I'm honoured.
- Someone's feeling sentimental.
- Well, you know.
I get lonely.
I mean, the only reason I
sell my babies to the public
is for the company.
I don't even make enough to pay
for the food or the electric.
- What you need is a woman.
- No, I haven't got time for that.
Who'd look after the babies?
- You know, it's not too late
to start a real life for yourself, Hugo.
- What's wrong with my life?
I'm a self-employed businessman.
See, I'm one of this
country's interpreters.
- You mean entrepreneur.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Ever thought about
getting yourself a job?
- Fuck that, man.
It's just too late to start something new.
- If I ever hear that kind
of defeatism from you again,
I swear to God, I'll blow
your fucking head off.
(tranquil choral music)
(Riley moaning)
(Riley weeping)
- Lift your head up, sir,
lift your head up.
(Riley moaning)
- Careful, fuck!
- I'm applying pressure
to stop the bleeding.
You'll die otherwise.
- I've got more important
things on my fucking mind.
What's your poison, man?
What's the reason for you being
in the situation you're in?
Red Devil?
Me too.
So, I'm thinking, if I
gave you some money now,
you'd go straight back to Peccancy Street,
and score some Red.
- I'd spend it on food.
I'd get a room for the night.
I'd clean myself up, and
I'd go and visit my mother.
Then, I'll find my oldest brother,
and I'll tell him how much I miss him.
You see, sir, under normal circumstances,
you'd be 100% correct.
Under normal circumstances,
I'd be in some doorway somewhere,
Red running through my veins.
But for the first time
in years, I'm clean.
I can't understand why, but,
suddenly I can see beyond my next fix.
- So, what happens when
the drought's over?
Will you go back to the doorway?
Nobody can give up Red.
- I have, I've given up Red.
- I'm sure you think you have.
- No, no, you don't understand.
Earlier tonight, I was
on my search for food.
I was head first inside a dustbin,
and I found this, I found this.
I found this.
I haven't even had the slightest urge.
I can't understand why.
I was gonna throw it away, but,
I thought maybe I could exchange
it for some bread, maybe,
or some noodles, or something.
(brooding Western music)
That's okay.
- What's your name?
- It's William.
- William, where did you get
this, huh, where has it been?
- It was, um,
it was just outside the weed house.
- What weed house, where?
- You know, Hugo's greenhouse
on Apparition Avenue.
(tranquil music)
- My big, strong, handsome man.
- What's got you so chirpy?
- Defending my honour.
Are you ready for tonight?
- I will be once I've
finished reading the news.
- Right, I'll let you
read your stupid news.
- No, it's not that, it's just,
there are lot of important
things happening in the world.
Just keeping abreast.
- Do you think I'll make a good mother?
- Ella, I think you are going to be
the most perfect mother
in the whole world.
Oscar, I have a confession to make.
- What is it?
Please don't tell me the child isn't mine.
- What?
I'm not your mother, don't
speak to me like that, okay?
- All right, I'm sorry.
- How fucking dare you?
- I'm sorry.
- I love you, Oscar, don't
talk to me like that.
- And I love you, Ella, with all my heart.
What was it you wanted to tell me?
- I don't want you getting upset.
- What is it?
- It's about your vision.
- What about it?
- Do you think Barry might be right,
that you were just dreaming?
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Just, that I know you're
enjoying doing what we do,
but it's okay, I like it, too.
- Ella, I knew long before
we we're ever married
that I have a lust for violence.
And I knew from the instant I
saw you all those years ago,
as I tortured your former lover,
and you laid masturbating on the floor,
that you are an erotophonophiliac.
But the instant God came down to me,
I realised it was our calling.
This whole thing is our destiny.
- It just sounds a little
crazy when you say it out loud.
- You're overthinking.
Besides, you heard what Barry said.
This is the first fresh
target in over two weeks.
Our mission is almost complete, so,
let's have a little fun tonight.
- Fun?
Why, what are we gonna do?
- You know what I'm gonna do.
- No, I don't, say it.
- I'm gonna take every
gramme of Red that cunt has.
- Not that.
Say what I like.
- I'm not gonna say it.
- Say it!
Say it, Oscar.
- I'm
going to blow
brains out.
(ominous music)
(trumpet blaring)
- Johnny.
- Anthony.
- Anthony.
- I want an eighth.
- Yes, no problem, well, come in.
Take the weight off your feet.
Want a cup of coffee?
- No, that's the thing, I
don't wanna come in, Hugo.
I don't want a coffee,
I don't wanna hear about
the bullshit stories,
the ancestry of your plants,
anything to do with your plants.
Fuck your plants, and fuck
Purple Rabbits, actually.
The thought of you and me
sitting around in that shithole,
listening to Purple Rabbits,
is my living hell, mate.
You do sell the best
bud in town, don't ya?
Yeah, you do.
So, here I am tolerating you
for the minimum timeframe
that I can possible endure you for,
'cause, I have had a really
long, hard day, mate,
and I just wanna get stoned.
So, I'll have an eighth of
your strongest, man, please.
- Fuck!
- Oh, no, please!
No, please, please, please!
- If you ever come round here again
with that level of rudeness,
I promise you, I'll kill ya.
- I'm really sorry, mate.
Just take what you want, I'm
sorry, it won't happen again.
It was just a rough day.
- You respect your elders,
you hear me?
- I hear you, man.
I hear you, I hear you.
- Good.
Can I get that eighth,
though, at all, please?
- Fuck off.
- All right.
- What's his problem, man?
- These kids nowadays, they
got no fucking manners.
See, the problem lies at home,
with a lack of discipline.
And sometimes life has
to hand out those lessons
that his father should've told him.
Now, you keep this on
your waste, close to you.
See, Covet County is a dangerous place
for a man of your work.
Now, you're special, Hugo.
You know that, don't ya?
And everybody out there
wants what you've got,
so you protect it.
- I'm lover, not a fighter.
(trumpet blaring)
(tranquil Western music)
No, it's just, he's just a kid.
He's just after bud.
- Hugo, hey.
How are you?
Nice seeing you, hot guy, come here.
Come here. (laughs)
Come here, give me a hug, come on.
- We just want the Red and the money,
then we'll be out of your hair
as quick as you can say "Geronimo".
- Fucking Geronimo.
- Are you fucking with me?
We want all the money
and every speck of Red.
And if you're very well-behaved,
then you won't end up dead.
- Now, guv, don't shoot, don't shoot.
Don't shoot, don't, don't,
don't, don't, don't.
(whimpers) No no!
(gunshot banging)
(gunshot banging)
(ominous music)
This is fucked up.
- Don't be such a baby.
Now, they would've taken your money,
your children, and probably
your life, so this,
this is the best outcome.
(trumpet blaring)
- It's a fucking customer.
- Just relax, and get rid of them.
A scandal like this could
hurt your reputation
amongst the middle classes.
(tense music)
- I'm not sure.
- Relax, it's just a customer.
- Hello, mate.
Is it all right if I come in?
- Oh, man, it's just,
it's a bit messy.
- Don't worry about mess,
you should see my place.
- Well, yeah, I suppose so.
Come in.
- What's all this, if you don't
mind me asking, of course?
- We're hunters.
- Hunters.
- Hunters, like pigeons and rabbits?
- Badgers.
- Badgers.
All right, come on in.
Come, come, come in, please.
Please come.
Here you go, here you go, here you go.
Come on, sit, guy, sit. (laughs)
What are you after?
- Whatever.
- I've got some sensational new bud.
It's called
Triple Cream Dream.
- Well, actually, Hugo, oh,
is all right to call you Hugo?
- Well, only my friends call me Hugo.
- That must mean we're friends, then.
- Right.
- Hugo, my friend, I need some Red,
some Red Devil.
- That's not cool, man.
Look, that drug is a gift to
the streets from the devil.
If it's not a plant you can
grow on God's green Earth,
I'm not interested, mate.
You see, well, you need that manmade shit.
Why, let me roll you a big fat one, yeah,
and you'll forget all about
that Red bullshit, eh?
- Hugo, Red actually
does come from a plant.
- What?
- A rare plant what comes
from the top of some
volcanic mountain, or something.
God, I don't know, it's
something I've heard.
- How do you know that?
- Common knowledge.
- This is my friend Gabriel.
We've been friends for, well, years.
- What happened to your arm?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- No, we'll talk about
whatever I wanna talk about.
You're in my house, you
little motherfucker,
and I make the rules in here.
- It's my house.
- Look, if you're trying to test me out
to make sure I'm on the level,
I'm a cool cat, all right, man?
You know, you'll have problems from me.
I'm regular, you'll earn a
small fortune from my custom.
Come on, Hugo, man, you'll see.
- Lemme blow this little
devil dog away now,
and we can bury him with the other two.
- My friend don't like you, man.
- Your trust will be your downfall, Hugo.
I have told you this before.
Enough with the talking,
it's time for the bang, bang.
- Oh, don't be such a spoilsport.
He seems a cool guy.
This is probably why people
don't come round here.
- Hugo, dude, who the
fuck are you talking to?
- My friend.
- So, what is it then, hmm?
You fucking tripping?
Or do you actually think
you can see someone?
You know Gabriel's not
real, don't you, Hugo?
- What is real, man, hmm?
Real is knowing when a customer's
lying to me to get free bud.
Or real is being lonely
enough to let it happen,
in the hope that someone might actually
want to sit and socialise with me.
See, real is knowing that when someone
wants to steal something from me
as precious as your children, you know,
well, even a pacifist has the
right to defend 'em, yeah?
Now, if that means I have to
hide behind an imaginary friend
to do something that I
don't want to do, eh?
Well, fuck it, man.
(dramatic Western music)
(gunshot banging)
(gunshot banging)
(gunshot banging)
(gunshot banging)
But real is knowing,
from the minute I opened the door to you,
that you was probably high on Red.
But real, you see, is deep down,
hoping that you would
want to get to know me,
end up liking me, and
wanting to be my friend.
See, we could chill out together,
smoke some Js, listen
to some Purple Rabbits.
Well, I could tell you stories.
Well, fucking no stories.
But real is being so fucking high,
I don't even know if you exist.
- It takes more than
knowing someone's name
to be their friend, Hugo.
- Shut up!
(forlorn Western music)
- So, what next?
- Well, now you've got two choices.
we forget that this ever happened, yeah,
and you flush that Red
Devil shit down the toilet,
and I introduce you to
Mr. Triple Cream Dream.
- Well, what about the second?
- You hold on to that Red,
and I'll shoot you dead.
- I think I'll leave, if that's
all right with you, Hugo.
- No, no, tell me,
what is it about me
that makes it so difficult
to socialise with?
- Wait!
Have you got any Red Devil?
(gunshot banging)
- Burn in hell, you crazy cunt.
(gunshots banging)
(slow percussive music)
(women singing in foreign language)
(trumpet blaring)
(trumpet blaring)
(brooding Western music)
There's a place where nothing grows
Only dust on the stones
And No Man's Grave is its name
There's no rest, there's no shade
Only souls with no name
The blackest hearts lie beneath
Twisted hands, rotten teeth
The hangman's rope did swing and sway
No one prayed
And No Man's Grave is its name
And No Man's Grave is its name