Red Dog: True Blue (2016) Movie Script

Monday morning feels so bad
Everybody seems to nag me
Coming Tuesday I feel better
Even my old man looks good
Wednesday just don't go
Thursday goes too slow
I've got Friday on my mind
Oh, no!
Gonna have fun in the city
Be with my girl,
she's so pretty
She looks fine tonight
She is out of sight to me
I'll spend my bread tonight
I'll lose my head tonight
I've got to get tonight...
- Hi.
- You're late.
You said seven.
You'll have to feed the boys
at the cinema.
What cinema?
What are you talking about?
You promised to take them
to a film.
Yeah, but what about this?
I'll buy them a pizza, they
watch a movie on the telly,
they get to bed early.
I've got a ton of work to do.
They've been ready to go
for an hour.
And try to be happy around them.
- Smile more!
- I smile!
Wait, wait, wait.
What am I... What am I seeing?
Oh, just some doggy flick.
Oh, Christ. Kill me now.
I'm not the one
that promised him a puppy.
No, I didn't.
It was a misunderstanding.
He's lonely.
New city, new school,
no friends.
He cries every day.
Isn't he a bit old to cry?
Why not get him a dog?
Because they... smell, you know?
And... and they lick things.
Dead things in alleys
and... and...
and then their own bum,
and then your face.
- Gross!
- Right.
And they crap everywhere.
They get fleas.
They die.
It's a bad idea, trust me.
- You promised.
- No, I didn't promise.
It was...
Can we not talk about it,
please? Alright?
- What's that'?
- Hmm?
I'm just happy to be out
with my boys.
It's a smile.
You're scaring me.
Can you tell him to be quiet?
Do you mind?
PJs and brush your teeth.
On, Nicholas!
Oh, crikey!
Alright, time for sleep.
Did you like the movie?
It was alright.
You cried.
No, I didn't.
I saw you.
It was hay fever.
Come on, get your head down.
Dad, I saw you crying.
Son, I'm too old to cry.
Now, come on.
But wouldn't it be great?
To have a dog.
A dog like Red.
Lights out.
- Blue.
- What?
His name was Blue, the dog.
Not Red.
You mean the movie actor dog?
His name was Koko.
No, I mean the real dog.
The one the movie was based on.
How do you know?
'Cause he was mine.
I called him Blue.
And he was the first real mate
I ever had.
When I was about your age,
I was living in Sydney
with my mum, your nanna.
And my dad, your grandfather,
had just passed away.
We were both very sad,
but your nanna was...
well, she was very, very sad.
So it was decided she should go
to a special place
to try and relax for a while.
Like a holiday?
Yeah. Sort of.
And I was sent to stay with
my grandpa, your great-grandpa.
He owned a station,
Warndurala Station,
way out west in the Pilbara.
Just south of Dampier,
where the movie took place.
It was so far away, I had to
take three planes to get there.
Watch the snakes!
It was mind-blowing
to be in such a new place.
It was like Mars.
Red. Huge. Fantastic!
This is totally stupid!
I know it's hard to imagine,
but back then, as a boy,
I was different.
I wasn't what you'd call
the outdoors type.
And truth be told...
I was scared.
And then there was Grandpa.
Why are you riling up my horse?
H-he was trying to kill me!
What's wrong with it, Grandpa?
Tallulah was hit by lightning.
She hasn't been the same since.
She's blind in one eye and now
she thinks she's a bull.
In future, you don't go
in that paddock, understand?
OK. Yes, sir.
Come on.
Does lightning hit
a lot of things?
But it's crazy dangerous
when it does, right?
How do you not get hit
by lightning?
- You be careful.
- How do you be careful?
Can you tell by the clouds
or something?
So you just stay inside
when you see those clouds?
- Are there any crocodiles'?
- Not many.
- They can eat you?
- Yes.
And the worst snake
is a death adder?
What happens if you get bitten?
You die.
But not from the spinifex snake?
Which is different
from the king brown?
And you can die
from a red-back spider?
It's like everything out here
can kill you or something.
I don't remember
you talking so much before.
Well, last time you saw me,
Grandpa, I was two.
I wasn't talking yet.
Try and remember that.
Thank you.
Who else was gonna take you?
So, Dad, were you
a cowboy? A jackaroo?
- A real jackaroo'?
- No.
Well, not at first.
So, what did you do?
I swept.
I also watered
Grandpa's orange tree.
Which he loved
more than life itself.
And there was homework.
Correspondence sets
I was supposed to complete.
Peter paid no attention
to his grandfather's words.
Boys like him
are not afraid of wolves...
But mainly, I listened
to Grandpa's records.
Peter paid no attention
to his grandfather's words.
Boys like him
are not afraid of wolves.
Jimmy Umbrella was our cook.
He hated the sun
and always carried an umbrella.
He cooked for everyone.
Righto, boys, here we go.
The stockmen ate
out by the cookhouse.
There was the helicopter pilot,
Bill Stemple,
and brothers
Little John and Big John.
The blackfellas ate at their
camp, called Gujarala.
There was Durack and his family,
Mrs Abby and the girls...
Thank you, my darling.
And then Taylor Pete, who was
only a few years older than me
but never copped to it.
He was a rootin', tootin'
Comb your hair.
Jimmy Umbrella cooked
three meals a day -
bully beef for breakfast,
cold beef for lunch
and hot beef for dinner.
What's the matter?
Nothing, sir.
You're not talking.
You don't like me talking.
Never stopped you before.
What is it?
It's my birthday.
What do you want for a present?
A salad would be nice.
What else?
I was thinking
my mum would call.
She didn't.
Could I try to call her?
We're not going to talk
about your mother.
Come on.
Happy birthday.
Oh! I thought it was
gonna be a horse!
A horse?
How old do you think I am?
This was 1969.
Horses were out. Motorbikes
and helicopters were in.
Did you know how to ride
a motorbike?
Of course I knew how to ride it.
Oh, nooooooo!
The fact was,
it was lonely being in a new
place without any friends.
Seemed like everyone had
a companion already.
Big John had Little John.
Jimmy had his umbrella.
Stemple had his guitar.
Those warriors at Wave Hill...
Taylor Pete had his politics
and land rights issue.
Gonna be a big one, boys!
Get in! Get in!
Durack, get in there!
What's going on?!
Cyclone coming!
And Grandpa...
had his gramophone.
The roof is anchored
to half-inch pipes
fixed by 18-inch U-bolts
to vertical railway lines
spaced 10 feet apart all
the way around the perimeter,
sunk three feet
into solid concrete.
So we're not gonna die?!
- Stemple?
- Yeah?
Get into the air. First off,
we've got to find the mob.
Help those that are bogged
or trapped.
Little and Big,
you get out to the west end.
Durack and Taylor Pete,
you come with me
to the northern plateau.
What about me?
You look for the loose chickens.
Who's gonna drive?
I won again!
Where did you come from?
OK, OK, don't worry.
I'll get you down.
Oh, you're a mess.
Do you have a name? No?
I'm gonna call you Blue.
Because you're blue.
Blue! You're red!
You're red!
I have a good feeling about us.
I think we're gonna be
best mates.
Where'd you put him?
I know you're not asleep.
You even know whose that is?
He's nobody's dog, Grandad.
I found him. His name's Blue.
Looks more red to me.
His name is Blue,
his colour is red.
- That makes sense to you'?
- Yes.
He's from Gujarala.
Durack's cousin's visiting
from Wyndham.
The pup's from his bitch.
I'll talk to him.
Thank you! Thank you, sir.
On one condition.
Dogs don't sleep in the house.
Where's my bloody shaving cream?
Oi! Oi!
Nah, that's
strychnine poisoning.
Plain as day, Jimmy.
Are you a vet now?
No, but I bloody well know
strychnine poisoning
when I see it.
- Could be rabies.
- Don't think so.
Look at the foam on his mouth.
A What?
That fella,
he's a trickster marlunghu.
He is.
OK, come on, boy. Come on!
Honey, hi
Mmm, honey, ho
Well, how are you?
You alright
Babe, I can fix you up
Well, come on,
let's see what we can do... r
There you go.
Would you like some jam
with that? It's the melon one.
Whoa, boy! That was fast.
You know,
if we could figure out a way
to make money from fast eating,
we could get mighty rich.
Don't be a scaredy-cat.
It's probably like
all the other caves.
Nothing big, nothing scary.
You see this, Blue?
You go first.
I'll go first.
No big deal.
Blue, you gotta get in here
and see this.
It's amazing.
We can use this as a hide-out.
We'll be the Ned Kelly
of the Pilbara.
I'll be Ned, that is.
And you'll be my best mate,
Joe Byrne,
scourge of the North West.
We'll bury our gold in here
and have orgies.
It's an awful snug place
for orgies, I reckon.
Not exactly sure what they are,
but I know all true robbers...
Don't do that!
What's that?
What is it, Blue?
Let's get out of here!
That was scary, Blue.
You're late.
Sorry about that.
Can you keep a secret?
Only me and Blue know.
Well, I can keep a secret
if a dog can.
He doesn't like
to be called that.
A dog?
We found a cave
in Gregory's Rock.
That's not a place
for whitefellas.
- You know it?
- Of course I know it.
That's Mukkine's Cave.
Only Bunaga men go there.
Manguny place, that is.
How do you know it's Dreamtime?
'Cause I've been there.
On Walkabout.
Is walking about hard?
I mean, all that walking...
Don't be daft. I didn't walk.
I took me ute.
Well, did you notice anything
strange in the cave?
What did you see?
There was a white stone
in the pool.
I tried to get it,
but Blue started barking
at something fierce,
something I couldn't see.
That's not very good.
What do you know of Mukkine?
Mukkine was a great ngarluma,
a magic man.
Many years ago,
he shot this humbug constable
who chained all of Mukkine's
mob by their necks
and pegged them to this tree.
Mukkine shot him dead.
Plenty of coppers came from
all over just to kill Mukkine.
But Mukkine made fools
of all of those coppers.
They needed a blackfella
to track a blackfella,
and they got one.
Parker Knight from Roebourne.
Parker Knight, he shot Mukkine,
but you can't kill a Maban man
unless you take his spirit.
So as Mukkine lay bleeding,
he put his spirit
into that water,
into Yirramala pool,
in that cave.
That's what Blue saw
and was barking at.
Mukkine's spirit.
I tell you true.
That white stone
that you found in the pool,
that's Mukkine's stone.
That holds his power.
A weapon, it is.
He points that thing at you
and you die. Cursed.
And now that he knows you,
he might take his stone
and he'll come looking.
Why would he come
looking for me?
- You stole his land.
- I didn't steal nothing.
Your family, Mr Hudson, you
whitefellas take everything.
I don't want no spirit
coming after me and Blue.
You're gonna need a token
for protection.
This is it.
Very strong magic, this one.
What's in the tin?
His name's Ted.
He's our pet.
Blue has a pet?
Well, yeah.
- Trade.
- Done.
Crazy wadjbala bloke.
On, yeah!
We skipped the light fandango
Turned cartwheels
cross the floor...
I was feeling
kinda seasick...
The crowd called out for...
Would you shut up?!
The room was humming
What do you think you're doing?!
He won't shut up.
When I sing, he won't shut up.
Must be the dumbest dog
I've ever met.
Hey, what are you talking
about? He's smarter than me.
That's not a recommendation.
Can he do any tricks?
Can he sit?
He's already sitting.
No, like sit down,
shake hands, roll over.
No? Nothing?
What about play dead?
Can he play dead?
Hey. Hey, Blue.
Can you be dead?
We'll start off with
a few of the easy ones
to shut him up.
Like sit. You know how to sit.
Everybody knows how to sit.
Ready, set, sit.
OK, OK. You probably don't
understand the process.
I give a command, you perform
it. That's what a trick is.
I'll show you how it works.
You give me a command
and then I'll do it.
Then we can switch places. OK?
Go ahead. Give a command.
See? Easy. Try something else.
Jimmy! Another plate.
We're going to be having
Michael, this is Mr Hancock.
So, you're Cate's boy?
- Yes, sir.
- Yeah.
Well, I remember your mum
when she was
no more than, Oh, yea high.
She had the prettiest smile.
Comb your hair.
Oh. Allowing dogs
in the house now?
Oh, Blue has privileges.
You're getting soft.
Mr Hancock here
is up at Mulga Downs.
When he's up at Mulga Downs,
which isn't so much these days,
he has other,
more important interests.
What are your other
interests, sir?
Allow me.
Now, that -
that is the future of this land.
Not that mob of wild shorthorns
in the bush out yonder.
Your grandpa thinks
he's a futurist
'cause he got rid of his horses
and now he musters with
motorbikes and helicopters.
But I call a spade a spade,
and you can't make a spade
without that there.
- What is it'?
- Iron ore.
We have iron ore
on the property, Grandpa?
Not enough.
But if you go
180 miles thataway,
they're building the biggest
mine on the planet,
Mount Tom Price.
And then they're gonna run
the railroad
straight through
your grandpa's property
to get to Dampier.
- Is that good?
- No.
Isn't it our land?
I can't stop it.
Not if it's in the public's
bloody interest.
- You could sell it.
- Ha!
Taylor Pete said
it isn't even our land.
Taylor Pete?
This is our land.
I have the deed to prove it.
But it was their land.
Haven't you got
anything stronger
to go with this tucker, Ronald?
Take your meal into your room.
Yes, sir.
I've neglected
the boy's education.
Oh, he'd be off to school
in the big smoke
soon enough, wouldn't he?
Next year.
Cate's still in that, uh...
They released her
six months back.
And didn't come and see her boy?
Nope. Disappeared into Sydney.
Not even a postcard.
Well, does the boy know?
I don't understand her.
My daughter's a
bloody mystery, way she thinks.
Got more twists and turns
than the Fortescue!
No matter how hard
the duck tried to run,
she couldn't escape the wolf.
He was getting nearer, nearer,
Hey, I love this!
Peter and the...
Are you OK, Mr Hancock?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Come on, dog, get off, get off.
Sorry, Mr Hancock.
Blue gets very territorial
about his sitting spots.
I wouldn't try to move him.
It wouldn't be safe.
Yeah, well,
we'll see about that.
Feeling himself caught,
the wolf began to jump wildly,
trying to get loose.
Hey, Lang!
Where are you, old man?
You've fallen down
and can't get up?
I'm coming.
Well, you two... carry on.
What a strange man.
OK, no cheating this time.
You count to 50, and no peeking
where I hide the duck.
- YEP-
- Yep-
- You ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready.
Here we go.
Come here, Blue!
Hey, not fair.
No going into the paddock.
That was crazy!
What's that?
Everything alright, Ronnie?
" Ow!
" Ow!
I know the boy can be foolish,
but I counted on you
to have more sense.
Hey, Blue.
- Rock'n'roll
- Whoo!
Oh, it's just a matter
of time
Before I whip you in line
Come over here!
Come on! This way!
It's just a matter of time
Before I whip you in line
Come on, baby
Will you say maybe?
How long will you tease?
I'm wearing a frown
And, baby, I'm down
on my knees...
Bit sore, are we?
I've been scarred.
That's not a scar,
mate. You want to see a scar?
Vietnam, baby. Vietnam.
That little thing?
Wow. Did it hurt?
Don't be daft.
Of course it hurt!
Dunno if self-inflicted
counts, mate.
- Yeah, well, I didn't do it.
- Was it a punishment?
I'm getting that too.
Grandpa thinks
I'm not properly educated.
He's hired some old woman
from Perth
to come live with us
and make sure I do
all my correspondence sets
all day long.
At the mission schools, all
the sisters look like goannas.
Yeah, I bet she has warts.
Hair growing out of them.
On her nose.
I don't even want an education.
I remember this one boy
that the nuns had taught
a thousand lines of the Bible
all up in his head.
He become an idiot, he did.
No worries.
Between you and your dog,
you're already halfway there.
- Hello, Doctor.
- Mick.
Have a vaccination for the lads.
Gonna need to
gather them all up.
I was told to meet my new tutor.
Mrs Marble. ls she in there?
Supposed to help her
get situated.
Was she old and horrible
and hairy, Dad?
Uh... no.
Did she have those big
nose warts?
No. No nose warts.
But she looked like
a big goanna lizard, right?
Ugh! Then what was she like?
Sh-she was, uh... pretty...
I thought.
Mick. This is Miss Marble.
Hello, Mick.
Please, call me Betty.
Mick will see you situated.
And Who's this?
Blue, Mrs...
Miss Marb...
Bet... Marble.
Just Betty.
Do you have bags... Betty?
Two. But they are quite heavy.
Oh, I'm stronger than I look.
Come on. What are you doing'?
Doctor's giving shots.
It's enough
to make one a believer
in our educational system, eh?
It's gonna be
pretty embarrassing for you.
- Taking a shot in the bum.
- No way.
Look, mate,
men take shots in the arm,
children take shots in the bum.
It's the way it is.
- I'm not a child.
- So you'd like to believe.
Roll up your sleeve.
Yeah, it's just a bit tight,
Doc. This might help.
Don't think we've met.
Uh, Bill Stemple.
Hello. Betty.
G'day, Betty.
Welcome to Warndurala.
Have to give you a tour
round the station sometime.
Course, the best way to see it
is from the air.
You ever taken a ride
in a helic...
Not in the bum.
Can't hear you.
Not in the bum!
For God's sake, speak up!
He said not in the bum!
Just use them
when you need them.
And give us a holler
if it gets worse, Ron.
Will do.
- Make sure you take 'em.
- Yeah, yeah.
The sun on the red dirt.
Beautiful. You'll love it.
I'll have to check my schedule.
Betty. Walk with me.
Ron's a good man,
but if I could give you
a piece of advice?
What would that be?
Avoid helicopter rides.
I'll try to remember.
When I see your parents,
I'll tell them you're fine.
It's going to be fun.
- You're not afraid'?
- Of what?
Lonely men on a lonely land.
I like lonely.
- Boys.
- Thanks for the shots, Doc.
Good morning, Mick.
Good morning, Betty.
Ready for a brilliant day
of education?
You bet.
What's that...
awful smell?
Oh, Blue has digestion issues.
Don't worry, you get used to it.
There's no way
to get used to that.
My God! It's intolerable!
He has to go.
But Blue has privileges.
I can't kick him out.
It's his house too.
It's me or the dog, Mick.
Out. Go!
So we have Tom and Sally
from Summerhiil
and Mick from Warndurala.
- How are you all doing?
- Good. Over.
Good, thanks. Over.
Right, today,
we're going over geometry,
so can you all find
your maths workbooks?
Now, let's start off with
the area of a rectangle.
Let's just say you're
planning a garden.
Your garden is 4 ft. long
and 12 ft. wide, How big is it?
Jump in my car
I wanna take you home
Mmm, jump in my car
It's too far to walk
on your own
No, thank you, sir
Ah, come on
I'm a trustworthy guy
No, thank you, sir
Oh, little girl,
I wouldn't tell you no lie
I know your game
How can you say that?
We only just met
You're all the same...
What are you doing out here'?
Eh? What are you doing?
No, you didn't,
I was catching my breath
And look,
it's starting to rain
And, baby,
you'll catch your death
Well, I don't know...
You sly devil.
Bit of a ladies' man,
are you? Eh?
You'll arrive home
nice and dry
Mmm, jump in my car...
Let's go.
I wanna take you home
Come on, jump in my oar
it's too far
to walk on your own.
I know.
Know what?
I know why you're looking
out that window.
You do?
You want to be out there.
Oh, yes.
Somewhere else.
Somewhere exciting.
You stare out there
and you think...
"Why can't I just run away?"
I-is that what you did?
I got out of Perth.
It's a start.
But I want to go to Paris,
In San Francisco,
they just had something
called the Summer of Love.
Isn't that wonderful?
Don't you want to have
a summer of love?
I mean, yes!
Yes, of course. Yes.
Are you alright?
S-stomach. I have to go.
Oh, sorry. Of course.
It's the end of the day anyway.
Serves you right
for being a degenerate.
Alright, don't get your tail
in a twist.
What do we do with this?
Hello, Miss Abby.
It's a lovely day, isn't it?
Come here.
I found a snake this big.
If that came into my room,
I don't think I'd come back.
- Here, I'll get that for you.
- This looks nice.
What's he doing here?
- I invited him.
- Why?
Because I wanted to.
You know, I asked Bill
what they did on the station
besides work.
He said all they did
was play ping-pong.
I get the boys movies
every other month.
And there's fishing
and swimming.
And Roebourne has other
socializing amenities.
Well, as I've said,
we've all gotten very good
at playing ping-pong.
As will you.
I'm already an excellent
player, thank you very much.
Is that a challenge?
It is.
- Thank you, Jimmy.
- Stemple sings.
Really? What do you sing?
Uh, rock'n'roll.
Bit of guitar too.
Well, you should
sing us something.
- Oh, later.
- Well, don't be shy.
Yeah. Please?
Uh... OK.
Sounds a bit different
with my guitar, but, um...
We skipped
the light fandango...
Blue only howls
when the kettle goes off
and it hurts his ears.
And when Stemple sings.
Isn't that hilarious?
Yeah, well, everyone's a critic.
Ever been to Paris?
- I have.
- What's it like?
They like cheese.
- How about San Francisco?
- Nah.
- Don't you want to go?
- Why?
It's... it's where
it's happening.
It was 'happening'
in Saigon too.
You want me to grow my hair
long and become a hippy.
- You'd like that, eh?
- Perhaps.
Ay, ay, ay,
ay, ay, ay, ay
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
My, ay, ay...
Eugh! Gross!
Yeah. Exactly.
Why would you even care?
She was so old.
Well... I had that
all worked out.
I know there's an age problem,
but it's just six years
between me and Betty
and six years between
Betty and Stemple.
So the way I'm figuring,
it's all sort of a wash.
I was engaged age 12.
Wow! How did that happen?
Family arranged it.
Do you think it's stupid?
All love's stupid,
mate. It's what love is.
Do you want to know a secret?
Me and Big John,
we're not brothers.
You're not?
No, we're close.
In fact, we're so close that
people think we're brothers,
so we let them.
You understand what I'm saying?
She doesn't like me
or think of me that way.
And I don't mean the pregnant
way. That's disgusting.
But she thinks of Stemple
in that way.
The pregnant way.
What should I do?
You're gonna have to fight him.
You got a weapon?
No. Do you have one
I can borrow?
What about that stone?
You know, Mukkine's stone.
You said that was a weapon.
- I could get that...
- That magic is not for you.
Not for some little love-drunk
wadjbala boy.
Hey, look at that!
Blue's clearly a republican!
And he breaks down
and he tells her
"The pub's got no beer"
So, it's a-lonesome away
from your kindred and all...
This is how it looked
in the old days, Michael.
When the camp was full.
People everywhere and...
hard work and sweat.
Good times.
Really good times.
Of a pub with no beer.
Why don't you go
and have a good time?
Go on.
It's getting near dawn
When lights close
their tired eyes
I'll soon be with you,
my love
I've been waiting so long
To be where I'm going
In the sunshine of your...
Mate, we need to talk.
What do you think you're doing?
What do you think you're doing?
I'm doing what I do, OK?
What men do.
Shouldn't you be off
playing with your Tonka toys
and your painted wagons?
Afraid of a little competition?
This isn't competition, mate.
You know the age difference
between me and Betty
is the same age difference
between Betty and you.
Jesus, you're as bloody crazy
as your mum!
Just because your mum's in
a loony bin howling at the moon
means that everybody treats you
like a poor lost orphan.
- Take it back!
- Just telling the truth, mate.
What do you think you're doing?
- Fight!
- I'm not gonna fight you.
- Fight me!
- It's not happening, OK?
Fight me.
I lay a hand on you,
your dog's gonna bite me.
Stop staring at me!
Blue, I'm gonna fight Stemple.
Stay clear.
I want you to do nothing.
You hear?
But if I lose...
rip him apart.
This is stupid. You're stupid.
Your dog's stupid. The whole
bloody station is stupid!
Oh, there you are!
You're missing all the...
I knew it was wrong.
But I was angry
and I didn't give a damn.
Come on!
That night,
it sounded like all the spirits
of the Pilbara
had been let loose.
And in the morning,
when I woke up,
there's! been a death
at the station.
What happened?
Hit by lightning. Again.
It's a fact.
Lightning never strikes twice.
Well, she seems seriously
uninformed of that fact.
A very unlucky horse.
One I paid $2,648 for.
Nothing you can do
about unlucky, boss.
Ain't that right, Mick?
Come gather round,
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
around you have grown
And accept it that soon
you'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
is worth saving
Then you'd better
start swimming
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times,
they are a-changin'.
I can't do it, Blue.
What's with the dog?
Oh... uh... toothache.
Uh, about the other day...
I didn't mean to impugn
on your mother's sanity.
The crazy one was me.
Betty, she...
she really got me stirred up.
We had a big old row and...
She wants me to be
a hippy in Sydney.
Play music on the corner
for coin.
But what I do is fly.
And I like this country.
It suits me.
With Betty leaving and all,
there's no point
for us mates to be spitting
at each other all the time.
Wait... she's leaving? Why?
Mate, there's nothing for her
to do here employment-wise.
She teaches me.
Well, she can't much do that
if you're not gonna be here.
Oh, Mick! I'll miss you!
Men are dumb, mean
blocks of wood.
Whatever you do, promise me
you'll never become a man.
Is it true?
Sit down, Michael.
I received a letter
from your mother.
She's in Melbourne now.
She wants you to come back.
You're going to be sent to
Victoria Grammar School.
Will I live with my mother?
Um... no, you'll board
at the school.
But... she'll see you
on weekends.
When would I leave?
In a week.
Blue can live
at the school with me.
No, that's... not allowed.
Is Mum's house near the school'?
He'll stay with her.
Your mother's not in a house.
She's in a... facility.
She can visit you at school,
but she's not allowed
to keep a dog.
I can do my school here. I'll
do it really well. I promise.
All boys your age leave
the stations for education.
And your mother...
my daughter... she's trying.
She wants to eventually...
make a home for you.
She... she wants
what's best for you.
She has no idea what's
best for me! She's crazy!
Michael Carter!
You'll do as you're told!
We all have our
and yours is to your mother,
and you'll respect that
and you'll respect her.
Blue can stay here.
I'll take good care of him
you'll see him when you visit.
He won't stay here without me.
Why do you say that?
Because I wouldn't stay here
without him.
This whole place
can just go to hell.
Come on, Blue.
You got a plan?
- We do.
- What be it?
We're gonna push to the
territories and become outlaws.
Maybe after a while,
we'll find a ship.
We're gonna work our way
to San Francisco.
That's in America.
Yeah, I know where it is.
You can come with us
if you want.
Tempting, it is,
but I'll be headed soon
to Wattie Creek and Wave Hill.
My uncle is a Gurindji man.
We're gonna take back our land,
we are.
I wish you luck.
Dear Betty,
Thank you for the education.
I hope we meet again,
perhaps across the seas
in a summer of love.
Most sincerely yours,
Mick and Blue.
Mr Hudson?
Mr Hudson!
I think Mick has run away!
Come on!
Oh-ho! Yeah!
It's heading towards
the homestead, Blue.
Mr Hudson,
we're running out of water!
- Grandpa!
- Michael!
Michael, you go
with Taylor Pete.
Help him refill the drum.
Thought you would have been
a fearsome outlaw by now.
How did it happen?
I don't know.
Angry spirits, maybe?
What do you reckon?
How would I know?
They ain't my spirits.
That fire's a Gurindji, it is.
Everything's a Gurindji to you.
Only when it's trying
to kill me!
I'll be back.
Where are you going?
There's something I have to do.
This has brought me
and everyone else
nothing but trouble.
I was wrong to take it.
I hope, Mr Mukkine, sir...
you can accept my apology.
You've never
experienced true darkness.
There's always some light.
An exit sign or...
a light from a phone or a TV,
or even the stars.
But blackness -
true blackness -
has a power all of its own.
It doesn't just swallow light.
It's like it swallows your soul.
How'd you get out?
He saved my life.
He pushed close
and I held on to his tail,
and he led me out.
Stemple, up here!
Here, Jimmy!
Here! Take this!
Over here!
We fought it
up to the base of the ridge,
the homestead on the other side.
Nothing we did could stop it.
And then - I don't know -
maybe the spirits
changed their mind.
The wind turned
and the fire pushed back
on itself.
As suddenly as it had started...
"it was over.
I'm sorry, Grandpa.
For running away
and other things.
Don't know about
the other things,
but we all run away
some time or other.
It's how we return
that means something.
Shows who we are.
I'm a stubborn man.
On a hard land.
Never told your mother
just how much she means to me.
But know this.
You may go away,
but there'll always be a home
here for you, with me.
Just know that,
'cause that's the truth.
I know.
OK, then'?
OK. I guess we'll...
Write when you can.
Aren't you taking me
to Port Hedland?
No, Stemple is.
OK, then.
You're taking me
to Port Hedland Airstrip?
Yeah. I've got to pick up
some parts.
Rub hard.
Rub nice and deep.
Now it'll never come out.
It may disappear,
but it'll always be there.
To remember.
I'm going away now
and it's gonna be a while
before I can come back.
I need you to stay here.
I promise I'll come back
as soon as I can,
but please stay.
Stay for me.
Stay, Blue, stay!
Please stay!
He didn't stay, did he?
For a while,
he hung around the station.
Then I heard he visited
Miaree Pool.
The northern plateau.
And even hitchhiked rides into
Roebourne and Port Hedland.
But his wandering went
further and longer...
and then one day...
he didn't come back.
He was gone.
And Blue became Red.
Well, I don't know for sure,
but I think so.
That town really cared for him,
so I hope so.
- And you, Dad'?
- Me?
Well... you know
what happened to me.
I... I finished school,
I finally made it to university
in San Francisco...
and then...
One summer,
I met and fell in love with...
this amazing girl from Sydney.
Your mum.
I came home, got married,
started work and...
"eventually, we were
lucky enough...
to have two fantastic
little boys.
You see?
Not all stories end sadly, Theo.
Change isn't always bad.
The good memories we have,
we get to keep.
I love you, Dad.
Love you too, Theo.
Oh. Hey.
How was your night?
- Mmm.
- Mmm!
I'm guessing it was good.
Listen, I was thinking -
and please don't
fight me on this...
I think we should
get Theo a dog.
What do you say?
- Mmm.
- Is that a yes?
Well, it's alright
Ridin' around in the breeze
Well, it's alright
if you live
the life you please
Well, it's alright
Doin' the best you can
Well, it's alright
As long as you lend a hand
You can sit around
and wait for the phone to ring
At the end of the line
Waiting for someone
to tell you everything
At the end of the line,
of the line
Sit around and wonder
what tomorrow will bring
At the end of the line
Maybe a diamond ring
Well, it's alright
Even if they say you're wrong
Well, it's alright
Sometimes you gotta be strong
Well, it's alright
As long as you've got
somewhere to lay
Well, it's alright
Every day is Judgement Day
Maybe somewhere
down the road a ways
At the end of the line
You'll think of me and wonder
where I am these days
At the end of the line
Maybe somewhere down
the road, when somebody plays
At the end of the line
Purple Haze
Well, it's alright
Even when push comes to shove
Well, it's alright
If you've got someone to love
Well, it's alright
Everything will work out fine
Well, it's alright
We're going
to the end of the line
Don't have to be ashamed
of the car I drive
At the end of the line
I'm just glad to be here,
happy to be alive
At the end of the line,
of the line
And it don't matter
if you're by my side
At the end of the line
I'm satisfied
Well, it's alright
Even if you're old and grey
Well, it's alright
You've still got
something to say
Well, it's alright
Remember to live and let live
Well, it's alright
The best you can do
is forgive
Well, it's alright
Ridin' around in the breeze
Well, it's alright
h' you live the life
you please
Well, it's alright
Even if the sun don't shine
Well, it's alright
We're going
to the end of the line.