Red Joan (2018) Movie Script

"Inspired by a true story"
Sir (William Mitchell)
Head of the Foreign Office "
(John Elizabeth Stanley)
Are you resident at this address?
- Special Intelligence, you are in detention
what is happening?
You are charged with 27 violations of the law
Official secrets, will accompany us now
In other news
The investigation is ongoing
In the killing of former President of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sir (William Mitchell)
He will deliver a statement to parliament on Friday
Please sit here
- "(London), May 2000"
- I do not want a lawyer
I have not made any mistake - You are accused of betrayal, Lady (Stanley)
Unless you can prove otherwise, your name will be broadcast
To the House of Commons on Friday
There is a case against Sir (William Mitchell)
Your involvement is strong
If you offer a defense, it's better
To do so before Friday
- There is nothing to defend
- There is a file about you!
Starting in 1938
When the University of Cambridge
Lady (Stanley)?
"Sewing for Spain"
My room is on the third floor
I can not climb that height
I went out tonight to enjoy and drink Are you also a first year student?
English Literature?
- Natural Sciences, Physics
Your pillow covers fooled me
I study modern languages
Do I borrow a bag?
If someone grabbed me, I could say
We drank cocoa
Is it a mink fur?
Terrible, right?
My cousin ...
No, not outrageous ...
But different
I will return it tomorrow
thank you very much
Wait a moment
She is the girl I was telling you about
I climbed into her window
Things have happened a little hurriedly
My mother was very busy asking My bride's college organ is so ...
We did not buy any of the applied science equipment
Not to mention the prescribed texts
So is your parents opposed to coming here?
My father was very pleased
And your parents?
I am an orphan
I'm so sorry
No, it's been a long time
Because of the flu in (Russia)
So I went to live
With my cousin (Leo) in (Germany)
He had just moved there
When Leo came here she followed him
- Is he a student here too?
- At St. John's University
Do you know? I think I made excuses
To justify what we are greater than the rest (Russia) and (Germany)
There are modern languages
After the first three cigarettes
Everything becomes really easy
By the way, we are Jews
- I have never met ...
- Congratulations, I met one
Excuse me?
Do you want to come?
To watch a movie with me tomorrow evening?
I would like that but I have
Evening session
Let's go!
That (William)!
(William Mitchell)!
It is Vikont or something of that kind
Karak is an Indian prince
- Are we the only ones here without a title?
(William)! (Karak)!
It's great to see you
That's my cousin (Leo) - Your clothes are luxurious on night movies
- Can not socialists sparkle?
You must (John)
I (Leo)
Sonia said you saved her life
not exactly
I hope you enjoy the movie Oh ...
- (John)!
- "We will live and die under its banner"
"Although cowards are reluctant
Traitors mock "
"We will keep the red flag flying here"
Lady (Stanley)?
He knew about you at Cambridge University.
That you are correct Communists
And attend their film presentations
Is this the essence of it?
Everyone has done so on time Even if the movies are awesome
We could not say this but ...
It was popular
The world was very different at the time
You have no idea
If, tell me, lady (Stanley) ...
Would you describe your father as a socialist?
Oh my God!
Hassan, was a school principal
Pay attention to the normal human order
He saw Garo's protests pass through the town
- But my socialist? No!
- Who has politicized you?
That's an amazing way to express it
My family fled from anti-Semitism
In (Russia) to settle in (Germany)
It was not the right decision At the time the university entered
It was impossible to stop them
But I did not hide from them
Not because I was a hero
But if I did not stand up to them, who would he do?
- Well done, sir
- The small ...
It can be attached to someone else's pet
So we have a movement
- That's right, yes
It's a wizard, is not it?
We all have to decide in which row we are
- Call for war!
- Let him speak
- The war has already begun
While they say peace at any price
We are dragged into the future by the forces of darkness We must unite together
And we deny our enemies
Enemies of aversion and hatred
We are bringing together our allies
Allies of hope
Courage and honor
- Act!
join us!
- Wonderful Speech (Leo)
- Well done, young man
They tried to dump him
- The Nazis?
- Extend a hit
They threw him off the bridge
What do you think?
very Influential
- Influential?
- I wanted him to be an instigator
- very good show Oh (Liu)
Thank you
- Yes, you did well, Comrade
If I had not already joined
I rushed to the spot
It was the best times and the worst It was a time of wisdom
And the time of folly
It was the era of faith
The era of doubt
It was the season of light
And the season of darkness
The story of two cities, the first book
His address was sent to life
- That's communism
- He (Dickens)
I thought about English in a way
It is hard to understand
So, what made you want
Study physics?
The smart answer is that when they discovered
Nitron in 1932
The whole world has changed
I wanted to be part of that
But the truth is that tadpoles are the cause
When I and my little sister were gone
To the pool and take her with us to the house She smelled a little bad smell
We rubbed it with hot water
We accidentally killed her
- You are wild
She made me want to understand
Now I'm studying physics here
I want to show you something
Let's go!
from here!
Tell me if all this ...
The whole world will be destroyed ...
What would you save?
- Perhaps the tower (Eiffel)
- Did not those things?
Have not you saved any of them?
Perhaps this is an opportunity
To rebuild civilization from scratch
A whole new way
My little companion
Will I see you at the meeting?
Lady (Stanley)? I (Zinoviev) would like to repeat that I am guilty
Fully and fully
I am guilty because I was the organizer and Thalia
(Trotsky) only to try to kill (Stalin)
Do you think (Stalin) forced him to confess?
of course not
He made his statements freely
The only ones who claim the opposite
Members of the Western press
Their mission is to discredit the Soviet Union
But surely you can see what they say
Some confessions are unbelievable
who are they?
- Most people in Britain
They serve the interests of criminals
And enemies of the state who cultivate confusion The last words of his partner in the plot
(Kamenev) clearly shows:
Whatever my sentence, I consider it fair
Together with the people
Follow where he leads you (Stalin)
thanks thanks very much
I wanted to ask if anyone would come
To the pub (eagle)?
What a strange thing
About you and (Leo)!
What about us?
- Are you in a relationship?
- (Sonya)!
What are you waiting for?
You will laugh but ...
I think people should be seductive
You see?
Hey you silly girl!
the love?
It is not the way he works (Leo) If I waited for him to tell you "I love you"
You will be a virgin
In any case
It does not matter now, does it?
what do you mean?
- He's going next week
to where?
Russia)? For three months?
We can communicate
No, I think it's a fantastic opportunity
I'll give a lecture and they'll take me
I toured the factories for my thesis
(Leo) ...
I'll miss you
My little companion!
Hi! Mom?
Here you are!
Listen, I've heard the strangest topic
I have been your advocate
Does the pain of the sciatic nerve recur?
I received a call in the bar Confidential information from the Public Prosecution Department
Which someone heard in some way
From the Office of Military Intelligence
It is very silly
So much so that you will laugh
I do not think you heard
About a man named Sir (William Mitchell)
Who recently died
Well, they think he was a communist
And it was probably a part
From a spy network at the University of (Cambridge)
But that is not the funny part, but it is
They think you might be involved
That's nonsense, is not it?
is not it?
What speeches?
What did they do to you?
It's like a nightmare
I can not believe it's happening (Nick) - They put me under the control of the regime
Sir (William) at the University of (Cambridge)
We were there in the same period
That's an absolute disgrace
I'll talk to Bernard directly
I will eliminate them
How dare
Put this device on you?
The British Home Office announced that it must
Attendance of all foreign nationals directly
With their passports
- "(Great Britain) at war"
- to local police stations to be registered
This will apply first to German citizens
- Residents of Great Britain
My dear!
I am very sorry because I'm late You know how Alistair can be
- (Alistair)? I thought that (Angus)
- This was (Angus)
- This (Alistair)
- Your evening, what do you want, Madam?
Chaya with flat cake please
Coffee please
Have you received news from Leo?
I have not received a word from him in weeks
They will let him in (Britain), will not they?
Do not worry about (Leo)
Our passports make it difficult for us
- But he can be very persuasive
- It's a war (Sonya)
His lover (Stalin) is an accomplice to the Nazis
Who wanted to kill him
Do you see the agreement? - That's just a tactic to gain time
- Not us, but you
We are not in the same class anymore
"Dear (Leo) ..."
Joe Joe)!
I miss you so much
did you miss me?
Yes, but not as much
Reddish flesh in Eagles
- Dirty!
How did you enter Britain?
- I told them that I ...
I have to finish my studies
But my stay may be for a short time
International Communism or Comintern
That was the name of the organization
- I was never a member
- From the organization?
from anything
why not?
- I did not agree with what they said - When will you understand that you are wasting your time?
Because we do not waste our time
Is not it, Lady (Stanley)?
(Leo Galic), you are in detention
As a national of an enemy State under the Emergency Law
- Must come now
- It's in our class
- Can I take anything?
- One box
Do not you know anything?
The Nazis tried to kill him
I was expecting that
- Do not make a fuss
- You young woman, he's German
(John)! (John)!
- Do we have a moment in private?
- We will be abroad
You should be ashamed of yourselves
(John), Come on! come! Please do not accept it so badly
I can not stand it
This is not John I know
When all this is over we will be ...
We will be together
In 1940
Sonia went to (Switzerland)
Liu was briefly detained
On the island of (Man)
- I had lost contact with him in that period
- No, you correspond regularly
So I started working on the YouTube project,
In Cambridge in 1941
So, did Leo Galic secure that work?
Pouch please Miss
(John Smith)!
Very accurate in your appointments
I (Max)
Good, follow me You have been highly recommended
Certificate of First Class
In the natural sciences
Specializing in theoretical physics
We will work with the Americans here
So Nadine (Max) only
- Do you have any idea what we're doing here?
I received a message saying
I have to come here for an interview
Yup! We employ
By personal recommendation only
from here
"Professor (Max Davis)"
Looking for personal help you print
Arranging in files and so forth
But more importantly
Someone who understands science
This is important because you may be a party Everything happens here
So before we speak more I will need you
To sign on one of these papers
It is a pledge that requires absolute secrecy
"The Official Secrecy Act
1920-1911 "
Do you have a pen?
If our name is (YouTube) ...
Do you have any idea what it means?
I will assume that you are developing metals that do not corrode
For oil drilling or gas pipelines
But I do not know how that applies
With the work of secret war
(YouTube) is a symbolic name
Even some members of the Council of Ministers
Do not know what to do
May I know what you are doing?
Our goal is to break the corn - and to touch the specter of matter
- What does that mean?
You will know after your test period
The critical mass is smaller than anyone thought
That can not be true
Uranium 253 ...
I'm sure we'll get better answers
Once we obtained Uranium 235 data
But getting enough of it is difficult
Central Extruder?
- Very sorry, I studied gases
- Say that again
- I studied gases
- No, the other part?
Well, I'm sure you thought so but ...
But central centrifugal force
It can separate the gas mixture of the two pairs thats good
It's an interesting theory
Go and talk to Spencer
That's exactly why I wanted a graduate of science
The first to be paid as an aid
And not just a pretty girl
I mean of course ...
I do not mean you are ugly
- Can we start again?
- Please start
Imagine if that were possible
Separation of the two
And you have a critical mass
For pure uranium 235 is isolated
One atom broke
This will generate more nitrons
Then more uranium will break down
The result will be a self-contained chain of interaction
- Bomb?
- super bomb If we have a small chance to win this war
We have to get the Germans to invent it
Now I want you to read these summaries
See if you can paint me
A preliminary plan understood by the ordinary man
We do not have much time
An important mission will arrive, not just scientists
Deputy Prime Minister (Atly)
In addition to Mr. James Chadwick,
- (James Chadwick)?
That is right
Nobel Laureate
To discover neutron?
I hope you are painting well
A few shares ...
Listen, if you want to go
For the next stage it would be good
(John)! (William)! Hi
I have come a long way
Of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
I came to see your old teacher
before he dies
- Have you heard of anyone?
- Sends (Leo) messages
Sonia knows my new address
But I did not hear a word from her
The cat that she strolled to
- Do you enjoy your work?
- Working with science is all I wanted to do
- Which is exactly?
Scientific Research
In what?
- You know I can not say
- Let it be you (Jojo)
Now we have resumed
I may visit you next week
- You might see me in your office maybe
- Laboratory We may have lunch together
I can not
- Let it be
Has been sent abroad at any moment
- We may not have enough time
- (William) ...
I have to say only that ...
- I'm not thinking of you that way
- Any way?
You are a good husband
My God! (John)!
I'm engaged
Do you remember (Karak)?
We have been with each other for years
If (William) knew what you were doing
At YouTube, is not it?
- Did you tell him?
- No, I did not tell him! I did not tell anyone
Who is Trick Miss?
It's my cousin, Fitzpatrick.
He came to ... To establish an intimate relationship with me
Help me build a shelf for books
If you can not tell me the basics even?
no I can not
It's the laws
We are in the same class now
- Even Churchill says so
Will not tell you
I left the party
- Did they force you?
It's easier on Comentran.
- I can continue my work in (Canada) ...
- (Canada)?
- I do not consider a threat to security
Would you go to Canada?
I need your help
Joe Joe)
- That is why I came for it
- I thought you came to see me
Come on
- That's a concept without saying it - Try to say sometimes
My little companion!
When the Soviet Union entered the war ...
Churchill promised that it would be shared
All technological developments
He did not fulfill that promise
We need documents ...
How do you know?
- About the project?
- Nothing to do with you and me
- It is about saving the revolution
- Want me to run away?
- To steal it?
No! No! No!
- To participate
- No, O (Leo)! No, I will not do it!
This new weapon is on a level
Completely different, right?
- Help us
- No, absolutely Do you know, Jojo?
I expected you more
Do not you see that you are in a privileged position?
You can change the world
- No, love of God! I'm not one of your festivals
- Listen, Jojo.
No Ya (Liu), I will not do! I will not
You did not have to ask me
Just leave
Kelly's rash
You behave ethically and stubbornly
- Without any reason
- Just go
I have to respond to the call
At 12:30 the interview was stopped
You never told me you worked on the bomb
I could not
You have signed the Official Secrets Act
I'm not angry, Mom I'm just surprised
I thought you were the best educated
From being a librarian
Like I do not know you
I am your mother
Did you know?
What can the bomb do?
We knew it must
We have to reach it before (Germany)
Just imagine if they got to it first
We knew we were doing something worthwhile
In the long run
- Uses of energy
- Did my father know?
Yes, that's why we moved to (Australia)
I thought you met
On the boat going there
Well, we knew each other before but ... - We thought it better to pretend ...
- Did anything you told me really true?
Yes, everything about yours is true
Deputy Prime Minister!
Professor (Chadwick)!
I present to you Professor (Edward)
Professor Jenkins,
good morning
good morning
- Professor (Thornau)
good morning
- Professors (Holloway)
good morning
- This (Donald Hastings)
good morning
He is responsible for quantitative and qualitative analysis
Are you responsible for tea?
You have made great progress
Not enough sir We have to build a plutonium-generating reactor
- Canadians?
- If we can share with them ...
- We have to go there
After your approval sir?
If you succeed
Do you understand what that means?
We will have a say in the decision
How can we sleep at night?
Currently their purpose is only deterrence
This is called to build a deterrent to ourselves
Otherwise, the Americans will decide on everything
We need a bomb now ...
And we need to bear
Flag (United Kingdom) at the top
I was late and the owner of the house came in with me - It is wonderful to see you
- And your vision
Three years!
- Thank you for your interest in my fund
- There is nothing wrong with that
I am married
From (Jimmy), I met him in (Switzerland)
Winter Last Thanks (William)
He is a leftist and a British
That's why I came back?
- Where will you live then?
- In (Eli)
Do you know what happened to the fur-makers?
It has disappeared
I will go to (Canada)
- I hope you are on board a naval convoy
- On board a destroyer
It's terrifying
Hassan, with some handsome scientists?
Is there a potential husband?
All of them are married
- (Sonya)!
- Let it be Do you know? (Leo) in (Montreal)
in the University
- You can see it
- (Montreal)! I do not think so!
Imagine how much he would get (Leo) if he discovered
You are having a relationship with a married man
Stop it!
What a great trip!
Is there anything else to do?
Only to have great relationships
I thought I'd take a book
- Become explosive
- That's why the reserve reactor ...
Is a generator reactor
It's a lot of stuff
Chemical and if combined all ...
Heterogeneous reactor
Uses much less heavy water If you take the platonon of uranium
Or uranium 233 of thorium?
Or from borium?
O Christ!
Listen to me, I'm sorry, I did not stop
For talking about work since we left
There is a lot of time to go into this
Will your wife miss you for five weeks?
I'd be surprised if she even noticed I left
To toast not to blow
Yes, I receive!
No, I'm afraid she disappeared again
We married very early
- But you were seductive?
no I do not know
I do not think so
Did you love anyone enough to ...
There was someone ... I loved him and I think he loved me
I thought I would marry him but ...
He never asked me
He seems to be an idiot
Professor (Davis)
- (Taylor Scott)
nice to meet you
- Please, please, from here
- They will take you to your moon later
- Cockroaches?
Your dormitory but first
You have to meet (Kirl)
I have met him previously in London
That makes it easier
There is something for the little lady
Called towel clothes
- For isotopes?
- Not even for washing
I do not mean that you will be able to do so
We rotate all for 18 hours Are there any American scientists here?
No, no, stop sharing research with us
When they started the project (Manhattan)
They think that we strangers are a danger to security
They have entered into their minds that we Canadians
- We want to get into the Russians
- It may not be a bad idea
The Russians saved us, we could not
Than to withstand the missile battles
- Thank God that (Hitler) conquered them and did not dare us
- Do not let anyone else here know that this is your opinion
They are our allies
Now we have excluded them from research
Not surprising
That makes them more terrified Americans want to get there first
They do not trust anyone now
They are looking for no excuse to close our center
Professor (Kirill), I present to you
Professor (Davis) and his assistant ...
(John Smith)
We met once before
Yes, I admire your work at Cambridge.
First, we will not know if we
We have enough plutonium
So we get the reactor guide
In a dangerous situation uses heavy water
I will leave you to work on it
We eat together every night so see you at dinner
Second, we plan to closely follow the experience
(Oak Ridge) to the company (DuPont) Using chemical separation techniques
The phosphate process (Bismuth)
Now regarding that extension
It's really fun
If I get the news I'll need
Assistant Graduate of Science in Cambridge (Cambridge)
Which has the fastest minds in atomic chemistry
So maybe you can wait?
(Peter Kirill) is a genius
But he is too tired, do not know why
A man can not speak naturally
Thank you for defending me today
That was the truth
It's nice ... to work together
- Do not worry, I promise not to tell anyone! - No, that is not the reason
I love you
Do not be silly
- I loved you from the moment ...
From the moment I told you
You are not ugly
But my wife ...
You will never let me go
That's why I do not want to
To establish a relationship with you only
Not like this, do you understand?
I love you
you deseirve more than that
Maybe ... one day
Last thing, my colleagues want to take you
On a tour of the University of Montreal
the University? No!
I mean we do not have time
I asked them to come round for you
There was tension between us and the university
Regarding financing You have to meet Brigadier Latifa
Good, thanks
- I am pleased to meet you
- I (Max Davis)
- From here kindly
University of Montreal
- This Professor (Smith)
- (Max Davis)
Joe Joe)!
what are you doing here?
- Tell me that you are visiting the university
- I was going to hide in the ladies' bathroom
- True, no one can see us together
Are you on a research trip?
- Do you dare to question?
I should have found you (Jojo)
I can not stop thinking about you
My little companion!
You must share the bomb The Russians deserve to know
The Allies will do something terrible
Do not be nave
I have destroyed your poisonous past
Was any of them or our relationship real?
- (John)!
- I'm fed up with your constant manipulation of me
You suddenly appear when you need something
It never appears when I need you
Is everything okay?
- They are waiting to start the tour
I'm coming
You misunderstood me
If you change your mind, call (Sonya)
Have you met Leo in Montreal?
What about post-war in Cambridge?
Lady (Stanley)?
108 tons longitudinal Launches the equivalent
22 thousand tons
Of TN Successful bombing in New Mexico
One chance to do it right
They did
What now?
- They will use it
Well, they'll warn them first, will not they?
I went to the cinema last night
I saw the documents about the concentration camps
We had to use them on the Germans
But unlike the Germans
The Japanese will never give up
- That would mean the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people!
- Do not think that way
We are scientists
Our mission is to do physics correctly Leave politics to politicians
Now, listen
It is no secret that America has the bomb
The news will certainly spread
That we are trying to make one
Stalin will also want one
- What will they do in this regard?
- You will be engaged (Russia) in working on them
Well, they will, right?
I do not think so
- But we are allies!
- At present but knows later
- But when we were in (Canada) ...
They will not allow (Stalin)
To obtain such a weapon
Why? If it is used?
As we can?
I will tell you something
Forget all this talk! Lunch at the bar on my account
Afternoon break, what you say?
good job
Very good work
The first atomic bomb was thrown
By US aircraft
On the Japanese city of Hiroshima
President Truman said the bomb
It was two thousand times stronger
Of the biggest bomb was used
Until that date at all
"Chemical reaction chain"
President Truman announced that it had been done
Second bomb hit Nagasaki city
74,000 people were killed
At least one such casualty was injured
That was what Hiroshima looked like after the bombing 4 square miles and a half mile
Of the densely populated city
Burned completely
135,000 people died
Either killed immediately
Or because of the impact of radiation
Following the bombing
No one knows how many more thousands will die
In the coming years due to radiation
The world has not seen destruction
By such magnitude
- (Eli) 4 3 6?
- (Sonya)
- (John)?
- I have something for you
We prepare the document (E)
Let's finish the interview, we've reviewed everything
I have denied all that you claimed
I will pass the document (E) to the culprit
Do you distinguish this? "Report: fluctuations in effectiveness
Factory Deployment, 2 September 1945 "
This report was written by the Division
(YouTube) at the University of Cambridge,
In 1945 immediately after the end of the war
It's confidential
Yet somehow they found their way
Russian intelligence files in Moscow?
- attributed to the customer (Lotto)?
- Who is the client (Lotto)?
We have this file
From a newly dissident Russian client
What does it have to do with me?
I became very English
I crave tea
- (Sonya)!
- You mean this! We thought it was time
It has been much easier than ...
from what?
Than I expected
He (Jimmy) was fantastic
"Tea Lounge"
if! You have something for me!
- What if it went wrong?
- Russian intelligence will kill me with bullets
I mean here
The British will hug you
On treason, right?
Stop scaring yourself
- We'll be fine
- I'm not brave like you
No one will doubt us
we are women
I almost forgot
- Happy Birthday, my dear
- But it is not ...
I know it's a little early
So do not open it here, keep it what happens...
After I give it to you?
Tell (William)
Then I can send some of it wirelessly
- Can not some monitor transmission?
- I'll tell him first
Do it normally
Do not pretend tension appears to you
Thank you
We need files, reports and drawings
And graphs
We always have to meet in public places
It is very dangerous to come to my house
Make an additional copy of the new information
Do not hide it
Keep them with original files
So be ready to bring it to me
If you have to hide something Do it in a place that makes it easy to see
Preparation for improvisation
And if you think you are pursuing
Enter a ladies' shop
No man will follow you there
Hello (Katia)
Client (Lotto)!
You did it, did not you?
What did I think?
- (Nick) ...
- How did you manage?
Let everyone come to my office now!
I was informed by the Military Intelligence
That (Peter Kirill)
The world I worked with
I and (John) in (Canada)
Has been revealed as a Russian spy
The Russians gave an unexpected gain
Which may speed up their manufacturing of their own
So I ask everyone Excessive caution please and full vigilance
thank you
Do I have a word with you please?
It seems that (Kirill)
He was not a clumsy person at the end
They gave me a list of potential suspects
Who were identified in (Canada)
Which may be one link (Kirill)
One of them is Leo Galic.
I know from your file that you met him
When he was here
It's not that you talked about, is it?
On the boat
When I said that there was a man who did not ...
It was a very long time ago
By the way, I still think he's an idiot
I did not mention it in my report There is no need to mention it, right?
The police here
They conduct a kind of inspection
Who has the key to this treasury?
Please open it
Open this door, sir
They bring all notebooks and accounts
Records and staff plans to my room
Oh my God!
What a fuss!
(Karen), do you have any
Additional sanitary napkins?
I have had a period of menstruation
- I left a box in the closet in the bathroom
Sorry Miss
The professor said you might be here
We have to look at some files
- Do you like tea?
sorry? - You must be thirsty
- We are not in service
- If you do not need to ...
- Would you mind if I took a look?
of course not
Sanitary napkins"
Sorry, Miss
Do not worry, for your permission
Do not be afraid
It's just me
I do not know how to be so relaxed
Police searched the headquarters of YouTube Today
Kirill was one of your men, was not he?
Sign up more easily than you
He was angry at the way he was excluded
Soviet Union of research
They are following you
Military Intelligence put your name on a list
Well, I'm a part
Of Russian intelligence now Will be complacent in their work
A bit if they did not discover me
They gave me a paper published at King University,
In London on Soviet planning policy
- This is the reason for your return if!
for you
I want you to be careful
- I'm cautious
Joe Joe)
Be more careful
You have no idea how important you are
Inside is a key
My address in London and my telephone number
Call me anytime
Better to go
It is late
I actually thought that I wanted to stay overnight
I'll get some blankets
The sofa is a bit lumpy but with some pillows ...
I have something for you "St. (Albert), we protected"
He is the saint's patron saint
You are?
- Religious?
- We all have a patron saint
The Apostle is Saint (Christopher)
Saint patron of travelers
Compound (Corar) toxic muscles
Put it in the fold of your elbow
Can not be tracked
Keep it with you all the time
Will I need it?
If you start your relationship with Leo Galic again?
I saw him a lot during the months that followed
Sorry, I have a terrible headache
At 3 pm and 23 minutes, the interview was suspended
Well, we'll take a break
And see what we can find for you
I am very sorry (Nick) - What did she do or because he discovered your order?
- On all this
The word "sorry" never meets the point
There was something I wanted to ask you
Can you or do you want to defend me?
When the case reaches the court?
I will admit guilt
I do not ask you to lie for me
Well, because we're done
In prison we both would have done
Your only chance is mitigating circumstances
- I knew you would understand
- I do not understand
- How did you manage to do that?
- (Nick)!
I became a lawyer because you believed what you were doing
Well I did
So, with all your grudges, you decide you will be saved The world sends our secret documents to a tyrant dictator?
We did not know it in time
- (Sonya) and (Leo) and I had no idea
- They were exploiting you
(Nick) ...
- Will you defend me?
I do not know
I do not know if I can
I was thinking about traveling
to where?
Not to (Russia)!
- I want you to come with me
- I will never go there
Think about what they can offer to us
Years and years ago she told me
If there was total destruction, that is what we saw
You will build a socialist civilization
From scratch in a modern way How does Russia do that?
- All I see is repression
- Did not you help us then?
To create a just world
An equal place
I do not do that for them
But for everyone
My God! How narrow are you (Leo)
- No, that is faith
What about my beliefs then? Integrity of the world?
You broke that for me
A coverslip interface
I was stupid
This is not what love is
go away!
22 (Linhurst Valley)
(Caimberwell, London), Street 5 "
Come on, O (Leo)! Answer!
pick up the phone!
(Leo)! The police decided it was suicide
But our files suggest involvement
Russian intelligence
I should never have given up
What did he have other than that?
(Leo) Poor!
I think that is enough at the moment
We'll give you a few minutes
At 11 and 32 minutes, the interview was suspended
- I will shock you
- It's only a fainting
I still enjoy my full mental strength
Did you tell (Allison) and the children?
- I told (Allison)
But I do not know what to say to the boys
Maybe I can
There is one thing you have to tell me
I want absolute truth How much did my father know?
what are you doing here?
- It's more than one person for your information
- Did you remove his name from history?
That's what you're doing
O people usually, right?
- Does anyone care why?
- Of course we care
You know how I feel about him
(Sonya) believes he has lost his way
He was skeptical of (Stalin) and socialism
That's mad!
He wanted to go to (Russia)
(William), I think ...
The last thing I told him was ...
I did not like him
Then he found his body
Listen, everyone thinks you're
So all for (Leo) But I know that was not true
I can not start again
We are no longer allies
The war is over
Yes, with 80 million dead
20 million of them Russians
Do you want that again?
- What happens if I get caught?
- It will not happen
But if it looks like he might catch you
I can help
- I can take you out
How do?
My post is very high
At the State Department these days
They love me a lot for some reason
Did I tell you (Sonya) that I would get married?
She is my secretary, a nice girl
It is a good cover for (Karak)
Listen, John.
We need you Let me know (Sonya) to wait for your call
Please call me at number 634 at (Eli)
I apologize for the related
That number is no longer in service
- Do you want me to try another number?
no thanks
Boarding to the train!
Boarding the train now!
Platform 2
sorry! Do you know this address?
Here we are
Thank you
- Pardon my lady
(Sonya)! Are you here?
"St. (Christopher), guided us"
"(Leo), 1920"
"14. 8. 1944"
Come and drink a drink with me
I have to go
- (John)! - I thought you said you do not want an emotional relationship
I do not want
- I asked my wife for a divorce
I had asked them for years
Since we returned from (Canada)
She has always refused
Because of social embarrassment
But it will not be able to withstand forever
I offered her ...
I must be responsible for my happiness
That means that I am with you
I still love you (John)
Tell me you share my feelings
- Yes, sir!
- We are from your intelligence branch
We are here to see Professor (Davis)
One moment, sir
(Max)! The police here! Military intelligence will believe
That betrayal occurred here
The Russians have succeeded
They do the tests
How they managed it
If they had not approached us
So one must have ...
Everything I've worked for has been lost!
it's a...
I can not believe that happens!
Professor (Max Davis)?
Special Intelligence Branch
You are under arrest
I did not do anything!
We received a report from the Research Unit
Canadian for your sympathy with the Russians
- How did you allow them to arrest him?
- I thought it was safe
There was no evidence against him
I knew there were speeches, they were not I have an idea that it was based on a lie
Any lies?
My love for you or your father?
You obviously did not have any love for your country
how dare you?
You have no idea what it was like
War after war after war
All the dead and the sorrow and the broken heart
We were satisfied
I would do anything to prevent it from repeating
It was not communism or fascism
- They were exploiting you and you still do not see it?
- Who was taking advantage of?
Well, you've been a shadow in a man's world
You are invisible but ...
- In the end I was influential - betraying your country? Oh God, how ashamed of you!
I loved my country!
Well, it was horror
I lose my temper all the time
But I knew I had to do it
I knew I had to continue
Why can not you understand?
Use your heart for a time instead of your mind (Nick)
- You are a traitor
- Tired of why?
For millions more dying?
I was struggling for the living
I thought if both parties had the same
The weapon that can destroy the other ...
No party will use it
I was in a unique position of its kind
I could have dismantled their bombs So you did it right, did not you?
They did not use it
For 50 years, is not that true?
Did they use it?
Good, you can
My name is treacherous to my homeland but I ...
At least I was trying
Protect the world from mass destruction
You are just two words
Russia has been given the nuclear bomb
Ali will be eliminated when the news spreads
I can not...
Can not What?
I can not do this
You mean ...
You mean you will not stand by me?
Am I your mother?
I can not do this (Nick)
Not alone
I came!
- Of course I came - Stay away from each other
The service here is horrible
I brought you some cigarettes
I have news for you
I received a letter from my wife
If I knew that all I had to do
To let me out is to catch me
Did not you cry?
I can not marry you (Max)
- Of course you can
no I can not
- I'll get out of here, I did not do anything
- I know you did not
Give us two minutes in private
- I was an actor
- Secrets?
I'm so sorry
I'll tell them everything
nuclear bomb
My God!
I'm so sorry
You are?
How did you do that? Why?
I'll tell them everything
There is a boat going to (Australia)
I'll get on board and confess
And then become free
- Please, just a few days
But do not you see? What is the purpose?
I love you
I can not live without you
I do not want you to go to (Australia)
I love you
- Do you share the feeling?
Of course
- (Max)! What have you done?
- Let me go to trial
There is no evidence against me, I will clear my name
No, you'll have to lie about me
In court I will not let you do it
Even if you are acquitted, everyone will remember this You will not be able to clear your name
You will not be able to return to your old job
Or your old life
But do not you see? I do not want my old life
I want a new life with you here
- There may be another way
time is over!
Any other way?
I will not accept postponement any more
I sat there for over an hour
- Tell Mr. Mitchell that I will see him now
sorry! sorry!
I demand his vision ...
very sorry
It is a terrible misunderstanding
You should have
Do you do that terrible fuss?
Do you have to ignore my calls? Everything breaks down
Karak received a new post
At the Indian Embassy in Washington,
A coup must occur
But he is very attractive and the clubs are a lot
I think the pressure has come from him
But you are not here
That's why, right?
How did you let Sonya do that?
I can not stop (Sonya)
For doing nothing
- You manage all operations ...
My dear daughter, Sonya, runs the operations
I've always done this!
I did not know it was flattened
It was too late
Do you think I allow anyone to hurt him?
who is this?
- (Leo)
- Turn the photo "14. 8. 1944"
who is he?
- Son (Leo)
Who (Sonya)?
If that's why I suddenly went
Everyone knew that I was blind
You must think I'm a fool
His feelings were profound
But he did not have the words to express
Listen, I can organize a whole split program
Not to (Russia)
Australia (Australia)
- This is where I want to go
you are right
Sonia returned to Moscow,
This may be embarrassing
Australia (Australia) ...
- Hassan, give me a week or two
There is a boat departing within 3 days
I need two tickets - Must go out (Max) from prison
- Professor?
- I told him everything!
Because I will not let him rot in prison
Because of something he did not do
no I can not
It is very risky
You will have to leave him and go alone
You will not activate it!
I have a picture of your wife
A picture of the Daily Mail newspaper,
I want two tickets and two new identities
Another spy for (Britain)
Of the atomic age has finally exposed its order
The name (John Stanley)
To the House of Commons yesterday
She was personally responsible
For supplying Russia with the British atomic secrets I was accused of leaking information
To the Russians during the 1940s
Information that has accelerated their ability
To build an atomic bomb
I was accused of deceiving my colleagues at work and my family
Which I do not deny
But I was also accused
With my deceit
I'm not a spy
I do not believe in the work of man against his homeland
I wanted to be Russians
On an equal footing with the West
I'm not a traitor
I wanted everyone to share the same knowledge
Because he...
- How much did the Russians pay you?
Did you think you would be successful?
Because it is that way only
It was avoidable
The horror of another world war I think if you look at history
You will see that I was right
You should be shrouded in yourself
(John) Communism!
Mrs. Stanley does not have to be ashamed of him
I've made something real that we all talk about
But we have no idea how to achieve it
If you have more questions
To the lady, you have kindly asked me
I am her lawyer
And her son
"The film is inspired by a true story
(Milita Norwood) "
"Which was revealed as spy spy
Russian in her 80s "
"Accused of supplying the Soviet Union with research British atomic bomb in the 1940s "
"She admitted her guilt at a press conference held
In the garden of her house located in the suburbs "
"Because of her age the British government decided
Not prosecute them "
"Known as (Grandmother Spy)
Died at the age of 93 years "