Red Letter Day (2019) Movie Script

No, wait, wait.
What do you
want in a neighborhood?
What do you want in a home?
At Harrison Homes, we build
beautiful award-winning homes
and develop dynamic
new communities.
With numerous awards and over
thirty years of experience,
Harrison Homes has
become a household name.
Our rich legacy,
born from hard work,
a devotion to quality and
customer empathy ensures that
you find the perfect new home
for you and your loved ones.
We know you have a special
connection with your family
and want a home that
feels just as special.
You have many choices
when buying a home.
That's why we've built a
company that builds
so much more than quality homes.
At Harrison Homes
we don't just build homes,
we build community.
They forgot to mention the
depressing unfinished lots.
Morning Kiddo.
Coffee ready?
We're out of the ergo chuck, but
we still have some instant.
Right, I almost forgot
you inherited your
father's coffee snobbery.
Maddie up yet?
I dunno.
You should ask me something.
Like what?
I don't know.
Isn't there something new
you want to learn about me?
Or, I don't know.
No, I think I've got you
pretty much figured out.
Here I was thinking
I was all was all
dark and mysterious and shit.
Favorite movie?
Reanimator, that was easy.
Favorite non-horror movie?
Oh, that's a good one.
Ahhh, I wanna say,
Weekend at Bernie's.
No, Weekend at Bernie's part 2.
That one's sick.
Is that the one with the
dancing dead dude on vacation?
Yeah, it's awesome.
You've never seen it?
Sorry old man but
you're the only one
who knows it exists.
Ah, Maddie.
Alright, double feature
next weekend.
And what are you
going to do for me?
I'll introduce you to
two comedy classics?
- And?
- Pizza?
Now, you ask me something.
This is actually kind of fun.
Favorite band?
You already know that.
Something harder.
If you could kill anyone
and get away with it,
who would it be and
how would you do it?
Likely everyone's
first choice, Hitler.
It's got to be someone real.
Hitler wasn't real?
Like someone you know.
A family member or
someone from school.
I'll go with no one
then, you creep.
Why, who would you kill?
Still can't believe I'm
letting her date an older boy.
I should probably check
to see if it's even legal.
I Googled it.
It's totally legal.
Still super gross though.
I guess she is nineteen.
She can pretty much
date whoever she pleases.
I mean, I'd
let her have this one.
She's got enough drama with
the move and everything.
Interfering now
would likely cause
some kind of Romeo and
Juliet situation.
I know.
I don't like moving
any more than you kids, but
I think we can make
this place cool, right?
It's a thousand times
better than the townhouse.
You did good, Mom.
When did you get so mature?
I take it back!
You little pig.
It is a pretty nice
place though, isn't it?
Nicest place I've ever lived.
Yeah, but we're
not exactly surrounded
by the coolest of people.
There's some cool people.
Alice is cool.
She's cute too.
Don't be gross.
Morning, Maddie!
You trying to get rid of me?
I feel so used.
OK, seriously, my Mom's
gonna hear you.
OK, just one more.
OK, I'm gone.
I've got to pee!
Nice view.
You pervert!
Hey, I'll see you later.
Looks like Grandpa
Sandy without his dentures.
Be nice!
Messaging Lucifer?
And it's none of your business.
I just think it's cute you
found someone as emo as you.
Don't you have to school today?
No, I got Fridays off, remember?
Don't you have work?
What does it look like?
Considering we all
have the day off,
would you kids like to
do something together?
Like what?
There's not really
much to do around here.
We could go to the zoo.
No thanks.
Didn't you read about the
eight dead penguins last week?
It was just a
suggestion, Maddie.
She's just worried the reptile
exhibit will remind her
of her ex-boyfriends.
At least I have an ex.
Kids, it's early!
Put a pin in it for a sec.
Is everything OK, Maddie?
You seem a little on edge.
I didn't sleep very
well last night.
I'm sorry to hear, but can
you at least try to be nice.
Sorry, Mom.
Is it too early to play?
I just love you, is all.
I made you from scratch.
Go a little easy on me, hey?
Whatever, you kicked
my ass last time.
We both just died I think.
Too serious.
Way too young!
Why would this child even set
his range as high as mine?
How do I get this stupid
thing off my phone?
Hey guys, there's
some dude running around
barefoot out there!
The young ones are
just on a 'cougar hunt'
and the men my age are
looking for girls half my age.
Be patient, Mom.
It's a numbers game.
That's very nice Maddie,
but I'm not going to rush into anything.
Especially not
with Russell here.
His profile picture is a pizza!
If you guys are done, you
should just quit so I can play.
Don't interrupt, Nerd.
OK, well whoever
dies first, I'm next, OK?
No, I'm gonna take my time,
I'll try dating
the old fashioned way.
Who knows, may Lewis
knows some people.
Not likely!
Lewis? That guy sucks.
Remember how mad he
got at your fortieth
when you let me
and Tim have a beer?
He called you so many names.
Immature, rebellious,
Can't those jerks go one
morning without construction?
I told you this neighborhood
will never be finished.
I think he even called you a
dirty hippie at one point.
He was very drunk that night.
He apologized.
Yeah, like months later.
Even just last week, he got
so angry when we left those
cardboard boxes on
the lawn overnight.
Dude is so anal.
Did you know that term
comes from when babies won't
poo as an act of control
over their parents?
I don't even want to
know how you know that.
I read.
You should try it sometime.
I do read, you turd!
Kids, sometimes
you have to be nice
to people that you don't like
in order to stay friends with
the people that you do like.
Lewis may be difficult
but Alice is worth it.
I'll say.
God, you're gross.
No package from your dad today?
It's early still.
I bet it shows up later.
I don't know why
you don't just stream it.
Do they even make DVDs anymore?
A, it's a Blu-ray
and 2, special features.
Speaking of your father,
can you guys have him pick
up that box of random crap
when he comes to grab
you next weekend?
Why don't you just
tell him yourself?
What was that Maddie?
What are those?
I don't know.
You didn't even look.
Those red envelopes,
what are they?
I'm guessing some junk
telling us how to become
millionaires in
three simple steps.
You are no help.
Weird, it's addressed to me.
The others are for you two.
Wedding invitations?
Pretty creepy choice for
a wedding invitation.
Wait, are you and
Lucifer getting married?
Shut up, loser!
Oh my God, I can picture it
now, black candles,
a Nine Inch Nails cover band
playing 'Hurt' as you walk
down the aisle, hands bound
together in black leather
and Dad standing there, shaking
his head in disappointment.
I said shut the fuck up!
Did you just throw
a banana at me?
You need to relax,
I was only joking.
Jokes are supposed
to be funny, Asshole.
Stop it you two!
What are those,
wedding invitations?
Very funny.
Here, there's one
for each of us.
So, what is it?
Hang on.
Hang on.
Is this some kind of joke?
What does it say?
Who would send such a thing?
Tim, Honey?
Does that letter tell you to.
Kill someone?
Sure does.
Red Letter Day.
How much do you trust the
world outside the comfort
of your manicured reality?
How well do you know your
friends and neighbors outside of
the safe bubble of
your online persona?
Welcome to Red Letter Day.
Your instructions
are as follows:
kill this person
before they kill you.
The person in this photo has
been selected using data
from your online activity.
You have been matched with
someone with conflicting beliefs
within five kilometers
of your residence.
They too have been
sent this same letter
with your image and address.
Happy hunting and good luck.
Then there is an address
below Alice's photo.
Mine says the exact same thing
except for it's just a picture
of some random bald dude.
Maddie, what does yours say?
I'm not opening that.
Knowing my luck,
you probably got me.
Don't you dare!
Chill out, Maddie.
It's just some dumb prank.
Chill out?
We received letters
telling us to kill people!
I'm sorry,
if I'm finding it kinda difficult
to take this seriously.
I mean look at this dude!
The only thing he's murdering is
a full series of
Firefly in one sitting.
This isn't funny, Tim!
OK, just calm down,
OK, calm down.
For all we know, we're the only
people who received these.
OK, let's just open your letter
then I'll call the police.
I want no part of this!
If you guys want to play this
stupid game, then that's on you.
Me? I want nothing to
do with this shit.
Maddie, come-
How about we just give
her a minute to calm down, hey?
You're probably right.
It's likely just
some dumb prank,
but I should call the police.
Give me a minute.
911, what's your emergency?
I think my family
has been threatened.
We received letters
telling us to kill somebody
before they kill us.
Who the hell is this dude?
Is there anybody in
your home threatening you presently?
No, not presently.
Thank you.
Connecting you with the
Lakeview police department.
Hello, I'd like to
report a threat on my life.
Is there someone threatening
you in person right now, Miss?
No, not presently.
I received a strange letter.
A letter?
Yeah, this letter tells me
to kill one of my neighbors
before they kill me.
It says that they
received the same letter.
Have you tried discussing
this with your neighbor?
I literally just received
this, and thought that I should
notify you first in case any
other letters had been reported.
It's likely just a prank.
Do you have children?
Yes, I have children.
Look, I really don't need
to be patronized right now.
What would you like us to do?
Your job maybe?
You could, I don't know,
look into this or something!
I am cooperating, just please.
I'll give you any
information that you need.
OK, we can send an
officer out to look into this
tonight at six.
That's nine hours from now!
Your life isn't
in any immediate danger?
Well, yes.
I'm not in any immediate danger.
Well, if that status
changes, contact us again
and someone will
be there in moments.
Well, that was horrible.
What did they say?
They're sending a cop at six.
Are you gonna see if
Alice got the same thing?
I'll give her a call in a bit.
First, let me see your letter.
Joe Dennis?
Are you sure you
don't know this man?
Never seen him
before in my life.
Wait, is this the guy that
walks his cat?
You know, the weird balding one?
You know, I remember the cat
but not the dude.
I think this is pretty close.
Well, I did just
unpack my telescope.
I'll be there in a second.
we're going to spy on the
neighbors, want to join?
OK, let's take a look here.
Holy shit!
That's totally a fluke Mom!
We bought you this
to look at the stars.
Not to be a creep.
Honestly, I haven't used that
thing since I unpacked it.
I swear on my life.
Do we need to have another
discussion about consent?
I believe you.
Come on, Creep.
Let's get creeping.
Looks like Professor X
hasn't checked his mail yet.
Just kinda looks like
another boring morning
in Aspen Ridge, doesn't it?
Hang on a sec.
I think this is him.
Let me see!
That's totally him!
Oh good, it looks like
he's leaving for the day.
One less thing to worry about.
Does he have a
letter in his mailbox?
Can't tell.
It's one of those
old school ones on a post.
You know, this is
actually kind of fun.
Aside from the creepy
letters and everything.
What's sporty Kevin
Smith is up to over here?
Damn, looks like
he also got a letter.
Let me see.
You know, now would
probably be a good time to
give Alice a call.
Hey Ali.
Hang on a sec.
I'm guessing you received
one of those stupid letters too?
Yeah, pretty messed up, hey?
Oh God!
Looks like I'm dealing with
a bit of a Poo-naumi over here.
You have my sympathy.
Lewis, a little help over here?
Sorry about this, Mel.
Look, do you mind
just swinging by
for a cup of tea or something?
Visit me and this stinky baby?
Sure, I can come
by in a little bit.
OK, chat soon.
You made a big mess.
You made a big mess.
Yes, you did.
Mom, please.
You don't need to do this.
She's just a few houses down.
I'll be ten minutes,
fifteen tops.
But what if-
Maddie, come on.
This is Alice
we're talking about here.
At least, take this.
For protection.
Tim, put that back right now!
I think we should just call Dad.
OK, come on, look,
whoever sent these letters
is trying to get us
to behave irrationally
for their own sick
pleasure or whatever.
I think we should just call Dad.
He would know what to do.
I can assure
you that your father
would not keep his cool
in this situation.
He would likely just
barricade all the windows.
Maybe that's not
such a bad idea.
It's better than
what you've got!
Look, just stay here.
I'll be back soon.
We good?
I love you.
I love you too, Tim,
but let's not act like it's
the end of the world, OK?
Take care, Maddie.
Oh, and lock the
door behind me, OK?
Hey, you're probably still in
the air but I just wanted to
let you know there's some
really weird shit going on.
I'm sure once you land,
you'll hear all about it,
but we just didn't
want you to worry.
We're safe for now, even if
Mom did leave us home alone.
Call back when you get this.
I think you're being a
little too hard on Mom.
She's trying her best.
What kind of parent
leaves her children alone
during a time like this?
Give me a break, Maddie.
I mean, she's literally
ten houses down in Aspen Ridge.
Maybe the lamest
neighborhood in the city.
You might be taking these
letters a little too seriously.
I don't think you're
taking them seriously enough.
people are sure
going nuts over this.
Holy shit.
Daria just posted a video
of her Dad fighting.
Really? Let's see.
You try to act
like you're innocent!
Guess what?
ISIS don't mean shit
to me, Motherfucker!
Listen, just get out of
here before I call the cops!
ISIS don't mean shit to me!
You try to scare me?
ISIS don't mean shit
to me motherfucker.
ISIS? What are you
even talking about?
I was born in this country!
My parents were born
in this country.
I'll bet it was
you ISIS fucks that
even sent those letters, huh?
You wanna kill me?
You wanna fucking kill me?
Come on, take your best shot!
You're a loser.
You're not even worth my time.
What the fuck did
you just say to me?
What the fuck did you?
Jesus Christ.
What the fuck is
wrong with people?
I knew this was the type
of shit that was hidden
underneath the surface.
I just figured most
of it was in the U.S.
Rednecks like that are just
always looking for an excuse.
People are shit.
Try not to get too
cynical, Maddie.
I mean, there's
plenty of good people.
We're good people.
Whatever you say.
I just hope Daria is okay.
Looks like there's a group
taking credit for the letters.
The Unknown?
There's a video.
Welcome to the
inaugural Red Letter Day
presented by your
friends at The Unknown.
Each of you has been
assigned one person to kill
before they kill you.
What you do next is up to you.
For too long have we been
categorized and separated
in the name of
profit and control.
Today, we engage.
Will kindness and manners
prevail, or will the true
self-serving nature of
humankind rear its ugly head?
Stay tuned and happy hunting.
What the fuck was that?
Maybe we shouldn't have
let Mom go to Alice's.
Play it again.
It's just Mel,
ya big scaredy cat!
Come in, come in.
Somehow your house has
become even more beautiful
than the last time I saw it.
Oh Mel, you're sweet.
I don't think that much
has changed.
Hello Lucy.
How's my favorite
little lady doing?
Looks like someone
missed their Auntie.
Green or black tea?
Green would be lovely.
Here, let me get that for you.
Has he been getting
enough sleep lately?
I'm sorry, he's been
like this all morning.
Make yourself useful and
put a kettle on for us.
I hear you made a
little mess this morning!
The little stinker.
How is it only
nine AM and you've already
managed to roast a chicken?
I've been up since
four with Lucy.
We're trying to
cut out deli meat.
I read about another Listeria
outbreak on Facebook.
One more reason to
become vegetarian, I guess.
I would try, Lewis is more
of a red meat kind of guy.
Residents of the
Calgary neighborhood of...
Crazy start to the day, huh?
Yeah, this is so messed up.
Has anyone, you know?
Not yet, as far as I know.
They say to just to sit
tight until the police figure it out.
If the dickhead I spoke
with this morning is on the case,
I have no hope
of it being resolved.
Have a little compassion.
Imagine putting your
life on the line everyday
only to be treated
like an A-hole.
Didn't you date a cop once?
Thanks, Louie.
Uh huh.
An anarchist group
calling themselves the Unknown
are taking responsibility.
God, the news is so
depressing these days.
Mixed with all of
these dystopian TV shows,
you'd think the world is ending.
We're not evening getting
cable in the new place.
Pinching pennies are we?
The kids don't
even watch it anymore
and I'd rather read a novel
or do something outside.
To each their own.
That's the picture
these Weirdos decided to use?
You look good!
So, which picture
did they use for me?
You were doing Yoga.
Tim said you looked cute.
Well, that's flattering.
Crazy to think they
can just gather all our
information on the internet.
It feels like such an
invasion of privacy.
I know.
It's a strange new world.
All your most intimate details
up to the highest bidder.
It makes you want to
move to the mountains.
I'd last about two week.
Yeah, I guess we need to adapt.
I mean, can you even remember
what you used to in a line-up,
or the waiting room or in the
bathroom before you had a phone?
Oh yeah.
I guess it's the same
thing, just digital.
And now you can voice
all your thoughts without
an opinions column.
I try to stay away
from all that garbage,
but sometimes you just
get sucked in.
I just learned what
a cuck was last week.
I don't even want to know!
So, who did Lewis
get in his letter?
I mean, you don't have to
if it's uncomfortable.
Mrs. Miller.
I don't know if you've met her
yet, but she is the cutest.
Goes around every
Christmas with a tin of cookies
for everyone in the community.
Strange he'd be paired
with such a sweet old woman.
I know, I mean I can't
believe their data or whatever
paired you and I together.
I mean you do vote
Conservative but.
When are you going to stop
grilling me about that?
Last time, I promise.
So who did the kids get?
If you don't mind
me asking of course.
Classic Maddie.
She just ripped hers up and
stormed off to her room.
Tim got this weird balding man.
You might have seen
him walking his cat.
That guy?
Oh he's so weird.
That cat barely moves.
I swear, I see him carrying it
more than I see it walking.
So, is Maddie still
seeing that older boy?
Yeah but I can't blame her.
I mean, I went through a
bad boy phase myself.
More than once.
Hell, I married one!
I shouldn't stay long.
I just wanted to say that
I'm not taking
this letter seriously.
Like, at all.
I appreciate it.
I was going to
call you right away,
but I had to calm
Lewis down first.
You know how he gets.
the kids are freaking out too.
I tried telling them this was
likely just some dumb prank.
Here's hoping.
I should get back to the kids.
So how are they adjusting to
the move and everything?
Tim is taking it
like a champ but Maddie.
I think she still
really misses Kris.
It's hard enough being 19.
Just give it time.
You got this.
Thanks Ali.
Here's hoping they
finish that new complex soon.
It would be great to
have a cinema nearby.
Oh gees, I cannot remember the
last time we went to a movie.
Not since Lucie was born anyway.
Lewis, what was the last
show we saw in the theatres?
Melanie, can you please
explain why you brought
a large knife into my home?
Lucifer still hasn't responded?
I wouldn't worry about it.
His coffin likely hasn't
let in the morning light yet.
Oh fuck, looks like they're
reporting a murder in town!
"A custodian was attacked by
a masked man using a hatchet"
at the Bass Pro Shop at
Crossiron Mills this morning.
Police Services suspect that
this is the first known murder
to occur in what is being
referred to as Red Letter Day.
Police remind citizens to stay
inside and to keep all doors
locked until more
information is known.
Follow updates online using the
hashtag #YYCredletterday for
"more breaking news
as it happens."
Bass Pro?
Chances are this murder isn't
even related to the letters.
It's wild.
Just wild.
Oh fuck!
Holy Fuck! Holy Fuck!
Who is that Tim?
Oh my God!
Maddie, I need you go upstairs
and call the police, OK?
Go upstairs, lock the bathroom
door and call the police!
Who is that man, Tim?
Why is he here?
It's the man from
my letter, Maddie!
What the fuck,
why is he outside?
Quickly Maddie!
Please go upstairs
and call the police!
What are you going to do?
Come with me, please!
I'm going to lock the
doors and close the blinds, OK?
I'll be right behind you.
Why is this happening?
Please Maddie, now!
I'll be right behind
you, OK, just go!
Please just hurry.
He's in my house right now!
I understand,
please stay where you are.
An officer will the
there in fifteen minutes.
What the fuck am I
supposed to do until then?
He's here now!
My brother is still downstairs!
Please stay where you are ma'am.
They will be there
as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, there is an
extremely high demand
for officers right now.
I wish we could
do something sooner,
but it is simply not possible!
Hello Madison are you
still with me?
Please just come help us!
Alice please!
I can explain.
Tim tried to give me that
knife before I left the house,
just in case something
happened and he must have
slipped it into my
purse without me noticing.
Right, and you just
didn't happen to notice
a gigantic carving
knife in your purse?
Well, I'm so fucking sorry
Lewis, but as you may have
noticed there's a lot of really
weird shit going on today.
Stop it!
Stop it you two!
Mel, why would Tim put the knife
in there if he knew you were
coming to my house?
He's just a dumb kid.
I'm sure he thought he
was doing the right thing.
I'm trying to believe you but
does Tim think we're bad people?
Do you think we're bad people?
That's rich coming from
the Edwards family.
Excuse me, Lewis?
What is that supposed to mean?
What do you think it means?
Lewis, can we please just
discuss this upstairs?
Do you have something
against my family?
Oh, where to start?
You let your teenage
daughter date a grown man.
You leave trash
all over your lawn
and you're enabling your
son to become an alcoholic
just like his father.
And you're one to talk!
Don't think I don't know how
much you spend on webcam models.
What was it last month, Alice?
Four thousand dollars?
Five hundred dollars for
just a pair of used panties.
You told her about that?
That was a secret, Melanie!
I told you that in confidence!
Well I guess it's all
out in the open, now!
And to think, me and my
low-class family spent
Christmas with you last year.
How ashamed you must have been.
What you must think of me
to believe for one second
that I was planning to
use that knife on you!
Look Alice, this is stupid.
How long have we
known each other?
Ten years?
Do not touch her!
All we know is that we received
a letter saying you would try to
kill Alice and then
you show up at our home
with a ten inch blade!
You will not lay another
hand on me, Lewis.
You got that?
Then you will keep your
distance from my wife.
This has been a crazy day
and clearly coming
here was a bad idea.
So I'm just going to
get my things and go.
You're not going anywhere.
You are gonna stay right here
until the authorities arrive.
Alice, are you really going
to let him behave this way?
Are you going to let
him treat me this way?
Look Mel, just do
what Lewis says.
Alice, stop her,
she's going for the knife!
Alice, please.
Are you fucking
kidding me right now?
My children are calling me.
They need me, Tim needs me!
I just want to answer my phone.
I'm sorry.
This is fucking crazy!
Lewis, I'm sure we can work this
out, just put down the knife!
The only solution I can think of
is to lock you in the basement
until the police arrive.
My children need me!
That doesn't
concern me, Melanie.
What matters to me is
the safety of my family.
It's OK.
So, the choice is yours.
You go down by
your own free will,
or by force.
But let's get
one thing straight,
you are not leaving this
house until the police arrive.
Lewis, I know that you are just
trying to protect
your family right now,
but I am telling you one thing,
in all seriousness right now,
if you don't put down that
fucking knife and let me get
to my phone, we are going
to have a problem here.
Just try me, bitch.
Take the baby upstairs, now!
You shouldn't have done that.
Mother, what the?
I'm so sorry, Alice.
I'm so sorry.
Oh God, I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry.
You killed my husband!
What have you done?
You killed my husband!
I'm sorry, Alice.
He was just trying
to protect me!
Tim, Honey are you there?
It's OK, Honey!
It's OK, OK?
I'll be there soon!
Is your sister with you?
OK good, that's good Tim,
that was smart.
OK, now I need
you to go upstairs
and hide with your sister.
Can you do that for me, Tim?
Can you hide with Maddie?
You want some?
Come and get it you faggot!
I don't know what
that sound is, Tim,
but I need to hang up now, OK?
I'll be there soon.
You fucks.
No one fucks with me.
No one fucks with me.
I'll be there soon.
No one fucks with me!
You fucks.
No one fucks with me.
No one fucks with me!
Why would you try
something like that, bitch?
Why would you try
something like that, bitch?
I knew you were the one
that really wanted me dead!
That letter was
just a fucking excuse.
I can't be the only one
who wants to see you dead.
Fuck you!
What the fuck was that?
You better run, Boy.
Where are you running to?
Like a little girl.
Please, you don't
need to do this!
You don't have to do this!
Please, I don't
want to fucking die!
Didn't anyone teach you
millennials how to fight?
Please, you don't
have to do this!
Please, you don't
have to do this!
No, I don't have to.
But I want to.
Please, I don't want to die!
Please, please.
Mom, Mom, Mom.
Mom, Mom.
Please stop!
Stop, please stop!
Come on, please.
Please, don't kill her,
please stop!
Please, please stop.
Please stop.
Honey, are you OK?
You shouldn't have left us, Mom.
I know, I know, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
Are you OK?
Oh, my God!
Oh, God, we need to
get you to a hospital!
Mom, you're covered in blood!
What happened at Alice's?
I'm fine, it's OK.
We need to get out of here.
Where is your sister?
She's upstairs, In the bathroom.
OK good.
Good, you did good, Tim.
You did so so good.
Is he dead?
I need you to stay here.
I'm gonna go get Maddie
and I'll be right back, OK?
It's OK.
I'll be right back.
Maddie, it's time to go!
It's safe now!
We need to get your
brother to the hospital!
Are you in there?
Open up!
It's time to go!
Where are you, Maddie?
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
What the fuck are you gonna do?
Oh, you stupid girl.
You call me back as soon
as you get this, OK?
Maddie, I hope you're OK.
Where's Maddie?
Let's see your hand.
Where's Maddie?
I don't know.
I think she's at Luther's.
Why would she leave the house?
I don't know.
I just, I don't know Tim,
but we need to
get out of here, OK?
Here, I need you to take these.
What are they?
They're leftover T3s.
They'll take your pain away, OK?
You'll start to
feel better soon, OK?
What about my leg?
I don't think I
should touch that.
I think I'll just make it worse.
Now, this is going
to hurt for a second.
It's going to hurt real bad, OK?
And then as soon as
we get your sister,
then we're gonna get you
right to the hospital.
You are very brave,
do you know that?
OK, let's do this.
Come on.
OK, get your foot under you.
We're going to
count to three, ready?
Good, good, good,
OK, you got this.
I've got you.
You're OK.
You're OK.
You're OK, I've got you.
We're almost there.
Almost there.
I got you.
Let's go.
We hope you have
all been enjoying today's festivities.
One thing has become apparent
during this revolution of ours.
Only the strong will survive.
With this in mind, your friends
at The Unknown have arranged
a game of death for
your entertainment.
Thank you for
calling Emergency Services.
We are currently experiencing a
higher than normal call volume
and have put you in a queue.
You are currently
sixteenth in line.
Your estimated wait time is
eleven minutes.
You should just try again.
Mom, try again, I mean maybe it
was just down for a moment.
Quiet Tim!
I just need a
second to think, OK?
People of Aspen Ridge.
We at the Lakeview Lutheran
Church are taking a group of
injured people to the hospital.
If you need help, come quickly.
Just wait here, OK?
We will be back to offer
more aid later this afternoon.
Can we help you?
Please, I need your help!
My son, he needs to
go to the hospital
and I need to find my daughter!
We can help.
We have room for two more souls.
Thank you!
Thank you so much.
You're good people.
Where will you take him?
Holy Cross and we'll
have your son call
as soon as we deliver him.
And we can have someone
help you get him out of the car
in just a moment.
Thank you.
We're not very religious people,
we're more spiritual but if we
could donate to your church
or maybe volunteer at an
event you're having.
Aiding people in a time
of need is its own reward.
If you want to just
wait with your son a moment
while we make room
for this gentleman.
You could have killed him!
You almost killed him!
What is she talking about Ma'am?
She did it!
She stabbed Lewis!
What is she talking about Ma'am?
You almost killed him!
Somebody do something!
Ma'am, get back here right now!
She did it!
She stabbed Lewis!
Somebody do something!
Stop Mom, who are these people?
Mom, stop, that's Alice!
License plate EWR-032.
She assaulted this poor man!
You shouldn't have put
that knife in my purse, Tim.
You shouldn't have done that.
Why is this happening?
We have to deal with
all of that later, OK?
We just need to get Maddie.
I think Luther's house is
just around the corner.
I can't believe this.
I can't believe any of this.
We'll get through this, OK?
We just need to push on.
This is it.
This is Lucifer.
Luther's place.
I think I'm pretty
high from these pills.
Sorry about that.
Two likely would
have done the trick.
Are you still in pain, though?
I feel like one big puffy cloud.
What's this for?
In case you need to defend
yourself while I'm in there.
Not sure what I'd do with this
considering I couldn't find
a use for a meat tenderizer.
I think you did pretty good.
Did I kill him?
No Honey,
no, I did.
You just, you saved my life.
Mom, what if you
don't come back?
Well, then you call
your Auntie Heather, OK?
She'll take care of you.
But what if you die in there?
No, Tim!
We can't think like that, OK?
- But-
- No, OK?
Do you remember
that road trip we took
to Grandma Nancy's
when you were young?
You were little.
You were just five.
Maddie would have been seven.
It was our first time ever
going through the mountains
with you kids.
You kept making
us stop everywhere
so you could pick rocks.
Do you remember that?
You guys must have
had ten pounds of rocks
back there with you.
Do you remember
what happened next?
Not really.
We were just in
the middle of nowhere.
It started to rain
and it was dark.
So dark.
That kind of dark you only get
when you're miles
away from anything.
We rounded this corner and we
saw all these flashing lights.
So, we pulled over to see what
was going on and as we rolled
down the windows you could
hear this horrible moaning
and this woman crying.
And then you saw it first but
we realized there was this
deer that had crashed through
the windshield and was pinning
the woman to her seat.
You jumped out of the car and
Maddie followed and I just had
to console you two while your
dad helped the woman out.
And we stayed with her
as she waited for help
and the whole time that deer
was just making the
most horrible noise.
This moan, it just echoed.
And you kids were
just begging us,
begging us to do something,
and there was just nothing
that we could do, you know?
Your Dad and I were just trying
to tell you that it was the
deer's time to pass
and then the deer,
it got like a second wind
it just started
like kicking madly.
It kicked so hard and
it like lifted itself up,
right out of the windshield
and then just bounded
off into the woods.
We were all watching it run away
when Maddie-
Maddie said something
I'll never forget.
She said-
"Good creatures
don't die so easy."
So, you're the good creature?
I hope so, Tim.
I hope so.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
I am not here to hurt you, OK?
I'm not here to hurt you.
Then why, why are you here?
My daughter Maddie.
Madison Edwards, is she here?
Madison, she's in the basement.
Did he do this to you?
Yes he did!
Has he hurt Maddie?
Has he hurt my daughter?
I don't know.
I heard screaming.
He just made a mistake.
He's young.
Please, please
don't hurt my son.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen
to the inaugural Red Letter Day
presented to you by your
friends at The Unknown.
I have a very special treat
for you lucky viewers.
I'm your host
with the most, Kyrpto,
and for those of you
who haven't heard my name
believe me,
after today you will,
because you are about to
bear witness to the first ever
Red Letter Day death.
Lucky, lucky.
The fuck?
OK, OK, down, down.
It's gone, Luther, it's gone.
Just put the gun
down, Luther, please.
Doesn't this makes things
a little more interesting.
It's going to be
OK, just stay calm.
How do you feel about me killing
someone who was inside you?
Luther, please,
you don't need to do this,
just put the gun down.
Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
I know.
Let's ask the people.
This is a democracy after all.
Right babe?
What do you say, cyberspace?
Should I kill both of
these lovely ladies?
Holy fuck,
look at those numbers.
I guess that settles it.
Shut the fuck up!
Looks like we've got
ourselves a double whammy!
Why are you doing this, why?
I'm not doing this, we all are.
Look at you, I see
the fucking blood on you.
This is a fucking
revolution lady,
and we all know revolution
can't happen without
people's hands getting
a little fucking dirty.
I've got a feeling this scene,
this fucking scene is
gonna be quite popular.
Now, stop!
I don't have another
pair of handcuffs
so if you don't mind,
I'm gonna kill you right now.
Please, no, please!
No, no, no!
Oh fuck, this is so easy.
I don't know,
I can't shoot both of you,
that seems kind of fucking
cheap, what do you think?
I know, let's ask
the viewers to help us
pick something a
little more interesting.
Hey babe?
Help us folks.
We've got death by blade,
death by fucking strangulation,
no, fuck that, that's stupid.
I know, let's have a,
a mother/daughter
game of Russian Roulette.
Fuck, that's good.
Holy fuck, I need a doctor.
You were gonna kill my child.
Live on the internet?
Well, no, I wasn't.
It's OK baby, it's OK.
This will all be over soon.
Oh shit.
How many people
are watching this?
Two million.
Two million people were gonna
watch you kill my daughter?
You were gonna watch
him slaughter my child?
Why would you wanna see this?
Mom, I just wanna go home.
Please just take me home.
Soon, Baby.
She was gonna call the cops!
She was gonna tell
them everything!
You were going to kill my baby!
Put the gun down Mom.
What were you thinking?
Mom, please!
Why were you doing this?
You filled people with paranoia.
You caused them to kill.
You caused good
people to murder!
We just sent the letters,
you did the rest.
Please don't, no.
Now, get up.
Give me the key
to her handcuffs.
You're not going to kill me?
And give those
sickos the satisfaction?
You are not lucky
enough to die today.
Pick yourself up.
You tell me everything
you know about this shit.
I can't.
I can't, the
Unknown will kill me.
Do I look like I give a
fuck about The Unknown?
Now start talking.
What's the ice scraper for?
To punish older sisters who
try and sneak out of the house.
Are you OK?
Yeah, other than a fucked up leg
and a lifetime of nightmares,
I'm fine.
Oh my God!
It's pretty gross, hey?
Does that hurt?
I'm pretty messed up on pills.
Are you OK?
Yeah, I think so.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry
for leaving you, Tim.
I know you are, Maddie.
It's OK.
What a fucking day.
Alright, buckle up.
We may have done
some bad things today,
but we're not bad people.
Remember that, OK?
We just did what we
had to do to survive,
and we came out alive,
not everyone was so lucky.
So, what do we do now?
I don't know,
but whatever it is,
we do it together, OK?
You got it?
Got it.
Got it.