Red Light (1949) Movie Script

"This is the tragic spectacle that
greeted our newsreel cameramen."
"When their plane arrived
over the lonely countryside .."
"Where the mountain train
leapt from the tracks."
"24 people were killed. 42 injured."
"When huge passenger cars hurtled down
an embankment like so many matchsticks."
"Other cars were smashed into crumpled,
mangled and smoking heaps of metal."
"Volunteer rescuers grimly fought
against time and twisted steel."
"The miracle is that there were any
survivors at all in this rail disaster."
"One of the most tragic accidents
in the nation's history."
"Captain Jess Torno, chaplain and hero
of the famous Hito prison camp epic."
"Returns to his native San Francisco."
"Military officials had planned
to form a reception for him."
"But this excited
latecomer broke it up."
"Then newsmen witnessed
this heart-warming scene .."
"Of two brothers reunited
after a long separation."
"Military formality went AWOL as the
chaplain was welcomed by his brother."
"San Francisco businessman, John Torno."
Johnny Torno.
Ain't that the guy who got
you board and room here?
That's him.
Very glad to see your brother, Mr Torno?
- You can say that again.
That Johnny is sure nuts
about his brother, eh.
Yeah, he sure is.
What do you think about San Francisco
after being away for five years?
Well, according to the boys in my outfit
San Francisco is a suburb of heaven.
Well, I agree with them.
This way, gentlemen.
Nick Cherney?
- Yeah.
I got a warrant for your arrest.
Why the pinch?
- Embezzlement.
It's against the law. Haven't you heard?
Come on.
- Get your hands off me!
Now look chum, this isn't a
parking ticket. This is a felony rap.
What's the idea, Johnny?
I told you I'd make good the loss.
Tell these guys to lay off.
I covered your shortage once, Nick.
Now you're in it up to your ears.
I get it.
You squealed. You spilled your guts.
- He did not.
The auditors found this shortage.
And the bonding company
swore up the warrant.
Johnny, you got to give me a chance.
You'll get thirteen.
One judge and twelve jurymen.
Get him out of here.
"So, despite the weather, great
crowds of people line the streets."
"They silently bare their heads
as the funeral corsage .."
You get out soon, eh Rocky?
Yeah. Monday.
Good behaviour.
How you fixed for dough?
Do you want to give me some?
You could use some couldn't you?
I sure could.
"From Miami Florida.
The latest styles in bathing suits."
"To say nothing of
what is in the suits."
I sure could.
Morning, Warni.
Hiya, Jess.
Think I'd forgotten you?
- That will be the day.
Come on, get busy and check these.
- Hey, wait a minute. We're visiting.
He's my brother.
- You two haven't changed a bit.
I can't say the same
for the plant though.
It's wonderful what you two have done.
It's half yours no matter
how you wear that collar.
Hey, what is that?
It's a surprise for Jess.
For me?
- Sure.
Open it.
Come on.
Like it?
It's wonderful.
You still remember that Christmas Eve.
Don't you?
I was twelve years old.
I saw a clock just like this in a
jewellery store window on Powell Street.
I guess I never wanted anything more.
With less chance of getting it.
That night he said ..
Don't worry, Jess.
You'll have one just like it someday.
It's a little late.
It isn't even Christmas.
That's funny. I thought it was.
I've thought so ever since you got back.
Like it, Jess?
Get a load of them colors.
Makes you feel like you were
standing at the end of a rainbow.
Beautiful, Johnny.
So was the price.
Twenty grand.
That's a lot of refrigerated fish.
Well, Johnny.
This one will atone for the
neighbors' windows you broke ..
Playing baseball in the parish yard.
Those were the day, eh Jess?
It seemed whenever I hit a ball
it went hunting for a window.
Even if it had to go around
a corner to find one.
Anyhow Johnny, I must thank you
again for the gift of the window.
Forget it.
I played a long-shot and it won.
A long-shot?
Johnny asked that prayers be
offered for your safe return home.
And if you made it .. we'd get that.
Expensive gambling, wasn't it?
You're back all in one piece.
And that's worth a thousand windows.
We can't use that many.
Maybe Jess could use a
few in his new church?
New church?
Up in Redwood.
Northern part of the State.
I have to leave tonight.
Why are you sending him so far away?
The bishop is sending me, Johnny.
And it's not far away.
We'll see each other often.
Sure we will, kid.
You always wanted your own church.
I'm glad you got it.
I'll drive you up.
We'll both take a look at it.
Maybe it does need a few windows.
I have to see Bishop Gannon before I go.
Could you pick me up at the
hotel about 8:30 tonight?
I'll be there ahead of time.
Good day, Father.
Who is it?
What do you want?
I got something for you.
A little present from Nick.
You got something for 812?
Yeah. He's checking out.
He just phoned down for his
bill and now he won't answer.
Look, anything he gets here is on me.
Wait here.
- Okay.
Oh, Jess?
Get a doctor.
Hang on, Jess.
A doctor is coming.
Who did it, Jess?
Tell me.
Who, Jess?
You've got to tell me his name.
I'll get him like he got you.
What's his name, Jess?
Tell me!
What's his name?
In bible.
Don't leave me, kid.
I heard about Jess.
It's terrible.
Anything I can do?
I'll handle this myself.
Strecker, what are you doing here?
- Just waiting to see you, Johnny.
This is my partner, Jim Ryan. Homicide.
Found out who did it?
- Not yet.
You got any ideas?
A bellhop at the Carlson Hotel said your
brother was alive when you found him.
Johnny, did he say
anything before he died?
"What's his name?"
"Tell me."
"What's his name?"
"In bible."
Did he say anything before he died?
- Are you sure?
Sure I'm sure.
- Don't get sore.
We're looking for a motive. Your
brother wasn't even robbed of anything.
Only his life.
What did you mean when you said ..
"I'll handle this myself"?
You know Johnny, I watched
you and Jess grow up together.
I know what he meant to you.
If he was my brother maybe
I'd feel the same way.
But it's the wrong way, Johnny.
Now I don't know anybody
who would hit that low but ..
Maybe you do.
You know Johnny, when you play
solitaire you can only beat yourself.
Hello, Vincent.
I told you not to bother me.
- Yes, I know you did.
But work's piling up. Figures on the new
furniture contracts and the new trucks.
Handle it.
It's important that you check them over.
The only thing important to me is this.
Why are you reading that bible?
What are you looking for?
I got a job to do. When it is done ..
Then you will know.
That stuff isn't going to help.
My old man always said.
Liquor doesn't drown your troubles.
It just teaches them to swim.
You ought to eat something.
A liquid diet is bad.
That reminds me.
The fellow who has been on an awful
long diet is back in circulation.
Nick Cherney.
Yep. He is out.
As big as life.
He's bowling at the Casino
Alleys on Market Street.
He telephoned me at the office. He said
he wanted to talk to me about a job.
Can you imagine?
He steals us blind and then ..
Talk about luck. You must
have been living right lately.
Where I've been they won't
let you live any other way.
Come here.
Think I'd forgotten you?
Well I did for a while.
You know, Johnny.
I've been away.
For a while.
Where were you last Friday night?
The same place I've been for four years.
You're a liar.
What do you mean?
You lied to me once and you'd lie again.
Johnny, take it easy.
I know what you're thinking
but you are all wrong.
We checked on Nick and on the day
of the killing he was still in jail.
That's what I was trying
to tell you, Johnny.
I was in prison.
But I only got what was
coming to me so I can't kick.
I ..
I got no hard feelings, Johnny.
It's a lot safer in
San Quentin, ain't it?
Where you going now, Johnny?
Look, you haven't eaten for days.
Let's got to Fisherman's Wharf. I will
order a meal that will last you a week.
Or how about a meal at my place, huh?
That's it, Johnny.
Spend the night at my place.
Or the rest of the week.
Forget that bible that you ..
Run my business but not my life.
What are you trying to do?
Wreck both of them?
Johnny, you've got to
straighten yourself out.
You are off the track.
You've got to get back on again.
[ Door knocks ]
Mind if I look around?
- Hey, what's the idea?
Where is the bible?
- Bible?
Yeah. A Gideon bible.
There is one in every hotel room.
Somebody took it.
Who took it?
There's only two kinds
of customers in hotels.
Them that steals bibles
and them that steals towels.
Do you know how might have taken it?
So many come and go.
And most always they take something.
How many people have had
this room in the past week?
About five.
Not including them.
- Thank you.
Oh, sorry to interrupt.
Hey, is Mr Torno around?
Hey, Mr Torno.
Well, I got them, Mr Torno.
The people who had room 812.
That first one is a woman. Carla North.
She left a forwarding address.
Ken Murray's Blackouts.
- Yeah, that's it.
That second one is a sharp
character I've seen around town.
I don't know what racket
he's in but I think he's hot.
Bert Adams. San Francisco.
He could be Joe Blow.
He paid for his room in advance.
Because he had no baggage.
He only stayed five minutes.
Then took a potter out
of the side entrance.
The elevator man heard him say ..
"I got the book back".
If I spot this guy again
I'll let you know, huh?
In a hurry.
Well, Mr Torno, it's kinda
against the rules.
I know, I know. You can lose your job.
Yeah, that's it.
- But if the cops say anything ..
You say noting.
I'm speechless.
What's this?
- Carla North.
What about her?
- Mr Murray?
What can I do for you, partner?
Do you know Carla North?
- I sure do.
Is she still in your show?
No. The act she worked
in closed last night.
You know where I can find her?
What about it, Bert?
Her forwarding address
is the Samson Hotel.
It's a place where they stick you in a
sleeping bag and hang you on a hook.
It's over on Las Palmas.
Does that help you?
Have you got a Miss Carla
North staying here?
Yeah, she's in 210 but she ain't in.
You know where she is?
- Not me.
Hey, are you a Dick?
A friend.
Oh. I didn't know she had one.
She never talks to anybody.
She lives alone, eats alone.
She is about as chummy as
Leo Durocher with an umpire.
[ Telephone ]
Excuse me.
Do you mean to tell me that
thing is stopped up again?
What do you people put in it?
Well, if you're in a hurry you can
use the one in the basement.
I say you can use the
laundry tubs in the basement.
No, they're not stopped up.
The plumber just fixed them.
Carla North?
Who are you?
- Come in.
Not until you get out.
I'm staying until you
and I have a little talk.
Look, Miss.
There's some questions
I want to ask you.
And it's very important that
you give me the right answers.
About three weeks ago you occupied room
812 in the Carlson Hotel San Francisco.
Did I?
Did you take the Gideon
bible from that room?
Alright, Miss North. Start talking.
Look, Mr Gideon.
I didn't take your bible.
And if I had I'd certainly
give it back to you.
It might improve your manners.
Did you see a bible in that room?
- I told you, I don't anything about it.
You're lying.
I said I wanted the right answers.
Now give them to me.
Explain this.
Why, that's mine.
Give it to me.
- Why?
Because it ..
It means a lot to me. It's ..
All I have left of someone
I love very much.
- My brother.
Your brother?
He was killed three days
after that picture was taken.
It was sent to me with his belongings
by the chaplain in the outfit.
The man in the center.
You know him?
He was my brother.
Didn't you know he was dead?
Oh no.
If you plan on leaving,
where will you go?
East, maybe.
Looking for a job?
- I have to eat.
Like the food in San Francisco?
It's wonderful.
Only one thing wrong with it.
It costs money.
I can fix that.
I got a job for you.
What sort of a job?
Well, it's ..
I'll explain when we get up there.
Why can't you explain down here?
John Torno.
Torno Freight Lines, San Francisco.
It's strictly business?
No strings?
Never use them.
Well, if I don't have to drive
a truck, I'll take a chance.
Get packed. We'll leave
on the first plane out.
[ Buzzer ]
Oh. Afternoon, Mr Torno.
Vincent, this is the young
lady I phoned you about.
Miss Carla North.
- How do you do.
How do you do, Miss North.
I am to stay here?
Better than a hotel, isn't it?
It's lovely, but ..
The rent may be more than I care to pay.
- There won't be any.
No. Don't worry about it.
Excuse me.
He just works for the exercise?
He goes with the place.
[ Buzzer ]
Excuse me.
Hi, Mr Torno.
Listen, I just went to a bookie's
place to make a bet for a guest.
And I spotted him, that sharp
character who had 812.
Right after her.
Brett Adams?
Yeah, only his name is ..
Only his name is Max Appleby.
He runs a horse parlor on Power Street.
The Parlor.
I hope I can make that bet.
I got about three more minutes.
I can make it. Thanks a lot.
Well. Do you like it?
When you ask questions Mr Torno,
you want the right answers.
And so do I.
This is your apartment isn't it?
It was.
Now it's yours.
I want you to work from here.
You're in the trucking business.
You have an office.
Why don't I work there?
This job has got nothing
to do with the company.
Like I said.
It's something personal.
Too personal, I'm afraid.
Yes, Miss?
- Get my bags please.
So soon?
Hold it, Vincent.
Look, Miss North.
I'm trying to help you
because you can help me.
But I want you to get this straight.
I don't want any more from you than
I do from the rest of my employees.
So, if you still want
Vincent to get your bags ..
Just say so.
Alright, Mr Torno.
What are my duties?
I want you to locate some
people out of the city.
I'd do it myself but I have
to stick around town.
You have my office number where
I can be reached at any time.
I've been here three times
looking for Max Appleby.
For the third time I'm
telling you he ain't here.
Where is he?
In Florida, getting a tan.
Why didn't you listen to me you fathead?
I said, if it was a shorter bet
we'd have got track odds.
Track odds. Take a
little, leave a little.
Goodnight, Max.
Max, eh?
Blow, will you. I ain't answering
no more dopey questions.
You are Max Appleby!
- Listen, shyster. I ain't talking.
Where is the bible you took from
the Hotel Carlson two weeks ago?
Where is the what I took when?
- Spill it!
When you left there you
said: "I got the book back".
Oh no.
Wait. You heard wrong.
I said I had to get back
to my book. I left it here.
This book.
Every bet I take is written in here.
If I lose this I'm out of business.
Why did you take a room
only for five minutes?
I wanted to hide out there.
Because my ex-wife hounds me for back
alimony, chases me with process servers.
Why do I have to tell you?
Ain't you her lawyer?
Did you take it or see
a bible in that room?
I didn't see nothing or take nothing.
Except myself out of there in a hurry.
Like I said, I had to
get back to my book.
Forget it.
What was the beef, Max?
Do I look like a bible thief?
A what?
That character thought I snatched
a bible from the Carlson Hotel.
The Carlson?
I wonder why he wants it.
Who cares?
Long-shot players in the back
room taking the book apart.
Out here, screwballs.
Maybe I should better go back to Ethel.
Nothing but trouble since.
Did ballistics check the bullets?
- Army issue.
Like a million of them these days.
- None.
So, it looks like Jess
walked in on a sneak-thief.
Or maybe it's a psycho case.
Some warped mind.
Sure, we've bumped into
plenty of those psycho cases.
Remember the guy down on Pacific Street?
He's a taxidermist. You know,
he stuffs birds and animals.
But he's got a mother-in-law who is
always eating and stuffing herself.
She's always eating.
One day she's sitting
at the table still eating.
So the guy blows his top,
grabs a meat cleaver and wham.
And there she is, still sitting.
With a piece of buttered
toast in her hand.
And no place to put it.
If you guys don't know nothing why don't
you go home and polish your badges.
We know a few things, like
you're going to Hollywood.
And you are living here while
a girl has got your apartment.
It's my apartment and my business.
Johnny, look at this place. Look at you.
Holed up here like a wounded animal.
You're giving yourself a beating.
You're cracking up.
I'll last long enough to get the dirt ..
- We got a gas chamber for that.
You'll have no-one to put in it if you
sit here on the broad end of your back.
We might have a little more luck if you
remembered something we could use.
A dying man usually says something.
Especially to a brother.
Let the law handle it, Johnny.
I can't wait that long.
Well, hello Nick.
Hello, Strecker.
What do you want?
I wanted to see you, Johnny.
It's kinda tough getting work
once a guy has done a stretch.
You know.
People kind of put the finger on you.
Are you blaming me?
Or us?
Johnny, you know how it
is when a guy is down.
"Mr Torno."
"Miss North is on the line.
Says it's important."
Johnny, I ..
I need a break.
A job.
Anything to help me get started.
I'll think about it. See me later.
Yeah .. sure, Johnny.
Your next stop is Reno.
These names.
They are all part of the
same thing, aren't they?
That bible.
Oh, I keep forgetting.
You don't like to explain things.
Don't let it worry you.
- But it does.
You said I could help you and I'd
like to because you need help.
There is something
bottled up inside of you.
Something driving you.
Hurting you.
If I only knew what it was.
You'd better get something
to eat and turn in.
And catch the morning plane to Reno.
As soon as you spot this
Walter Stoner, phone me.
Give you a job? You, here?
Give you another crack at the books?
Johnny would never stand for it.
He said he'd think it over.
If you just put in a good word for me ..
- I know, Nick. I know.
Let it ride for a few days.
Johnny isn't seeing anyone lately.
He's still that upset, huh?
I know how he must feel.
Losing Jess hit him pretty hard.
Yeah. I'll bet.
Okay, I am on my way.
[ Buzzer ]
Yes, Johnny?
Come in a minute, Warni.
"Yep. Right away."
You spoke to him about a job?
Yeah, he .. he said he'd think it over.
Well I don't get it.
But I'll see what he says.
Are you leaving town again?
- I just got a call.
I have to run over to Reno.
- Reno?
But that is not our territory.
- It's ..
Are you still looking for that
bible from the Carlson hotel?
"You have a right to do as you like but
you're letting it get you down, Johnny."
"The business is going down with you.
It's a one-man outfit, Johnny."
"Without you it will fall apart."
That's why you've got to stay here.
I guess I owe you an explanation.
You're the only one that knows that
when I found Jess he was still alive.
"Yes. I know."
"When I asked Jess
who shot him .. he said .."
"Written in the bible."
"What did he write?
The murderer's name?"
"In the Gideon bible that
was taken from room 812."
"But why are you going to Reno?"
"I'm going to see a man
named Walter Stoner."
"He's one of the few people who
had that room after Jess died."
I don't want to butt in but why
don't you let the cops handle it?
I'll handle it my way.
If you need me for anything, call.
I'll be here tonight. Working.
[ Telephone ]
[ Telephone ]
[ Telephone ]
[ Telephone ]
[ Telephone ]
[ Telephone ]
[ Telephone ]
[ Telephone ]
Stoner is in there.
He is a short-order cook.
Is he on duty now?
- Yes. He works nights.
But don't eat there.
They serve bicarbonate for dessert.
Wait here.
Coffee. Black.
Is Walter Stoner here?
Hey, Wally!
Front and center.
You want to see me, son?
You are Walter Stoner?
- Yes, sir. That's me.
Son, you selling insurance?
Because if you are ..
Three weeks ago, you had room 812
at the Carlson Hotel San Francisco.
I sure did and I got swindled.
I never saw such room service.
I put my teeth in a glass of water ..
And the next morning the glass
was gone and so was my teeth.
You ever try going without your teeth?
- Not yet.
Did you take a bible from that room?
Follow me.
Get back in.
What's the idea?
- You tell me.
Drive to the Globe Hotel.
Open it.
Now get in there.
Now open that.
Open it.
Looking for a recipe?
Well you got one for trouble.
Wrong book, eh?
You were looking for a Gideon
bible from the Carlson Hotel. Why?
You got me all wrong.
I don't know what you are talking about.
You know plenty.
And I'm going to make you spill
it if I have to kick it out of you.
He takes your gun and pulls a fast one
on you and you like a dummy fall for it.
Torno is headed back for Frisco.
When we get back ..
When I hit Frisco,
I'm going to a doctor.
I'm through.
I ain't no clay pigeon. All I'm getting
out of this is a lot of bad health.
I said I'd take care of you.
- Sure you will.
But you got to get another boy.
I'm retiring.
On full pay.
You running out on me?
- No.
I'll be around often. To collect.
Not if the cops find your
name in that bible.
Maybe they'll find yours.
Yeah. I just remembered.
Before I let that guy have it ..
I said something.
What do you mean?
I said: "here is a little
present from Nick."
So maybe I ain't in a spot.
Maybe you are.
Eh, Nick?
A quick trip wasn't it, Mr Cherney.
What do mean "trip"?
I heard you on the phone this morning.
I thought you told somebody
you had to go to Reno.
No, I didn't go.
I'm sorry.
I told someone you did.
I don't know.
When I said you had to go to Reno he
left so fast I didn't even get his name.
But he was awful anxious to
see you. About a job, he said.
A little fat guy.
That's alright. I know who it was.
Has Johnny come back yet?
He hasn't.
Well, I am still at the office
but I'm going home now.
When he comes tell him
to call me. It's important.
Who is it?
[ Engine not starting ]
[ Engine not starting ]
Yes, I know, Vincent.
I just came from the office.
If you are ready to leave.
Here is the next man to locate.
Pablo Cabrillo.
Cordero Road, Monterey.
He's the last one on the list.
I got to hurry back to the plant.
After what happened in Reno last night I
want to know just what I am mixed up in.
All you're doing is locating people.
- There is more to it than that.
And I'm not locating anyone else for
you until I find out why you want them.
That's my business.
- You've made it mine, too.
I was with you in Reno last night
when you nearly shot a man.
So before anything else happens I insist
on knowing why you want that bible.
What is in it?
What's it got to do with your brother?
When I find it then I'll
know who killed him.
That's a job for the police.
It's my job.
You can't take the law
into your own hands.
Things aren't done that way.
That depends on who is doing them.
I raised Jess from a kid.
Watched him grow up to what he was.
Good and kind and sound as a tree.
He was all I ever had to love.
And I'll get who killed him
if it's the last thing I do.
Sorry I brought you into
this but I can't stop now.
You've got to, before
you destroy yourself.
If that's what it takes, alright.
- But it's the wrong way.
It's my way.
- Your way?
Who do you think you are, Johnny Torno?
Somebody who doesn't have to live
by the rules of ordinary people?
Rules. What rules?
There must be some way to make you
see that you can't go on like this.
I lost a brother too.
You must understand that you're not the
only one who lost someone dear to him.
People die every day.
Not the way Jess did.
Thinking of him is what is hurting you.
You've got to forget him.
The living have to forget the dead.
I'm sorry.
You were never sorry for
anything or anyone.
Nobody means anything to you.
All because of your blind hate for
somebody you don't even know.
Well, you're headed for
a smash-up, Johnny.
And it is bound to come because
you won't let anyone help you.
Well you can take it alone.
Your key.
I'll send for my things.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Keep it.
Those criminal lawyers come high.
Leaving town again, Johnny?
Any law against it?
Maybe. In your case.
I have to make trips.
I run a trucking business.
With a gun?
The Reno police called us.
They found your wallet last night.
In a taxi outside of a hotel
where some shooting took place.
Know anything about that, Mr Torno?
He never knows anything.
Well, there is one thing we
want you to know, Johnny.
When a murderer is caught.
He belongs to the law.
You can have him.
After I'm through.
Okay. We're putting a
24-hour watch on you.
Right now.
Wherever you go you'll
have plenty of company.
Hey, Red. Come here.
Does Pablo Cabrillo live here?
- Si.
Which one is he?
Pablo is with Trina.
Pablo is with his wife.
Over there.
Pablo Cabrillo?
Yes. Do you wish to see me?
My name is John Torno.
Did you take a bible
from the Carlson Hotel?
Room 812.
Yes, I did.
I want it.
But Mr Torno, it means so much to me.
I said I want it. Now!
Let him alone!
Don't you touch him again.
He is blind.
In the war, Seor.
I'm sorry. I ..
I didn't know.
Why did you take the bible?
Because I was blind.
And afraid.
Mr Torno.
My people have little money, but ..
Much happiness.
I didn't wish to spoil
that happiness but ..
I knew their hearts
would be filled with pity.
I knew I could be nothing
but a burden to them so ..
When I was finally discharged
from the army hospital.
Instead of coming home, I ..
I went to a hotel.
"The door was locked."
"The windows shut."
"I was alone."
"In my mind there was only one thought."
"If I were dead."
"I would never be a burden to anyone."
"I had made my prayers to God."
"And begged his forgiveness
for what I meant to do."
"I found my gun."
"I raised it."
"Suddenly I found a
cold wind touch my face."
"It seemed like the hand of God."
"Trying to stop me."
"But despair drove me on."
"I tried again."
"But a man's anguished cry stopped me."
"He took my gun."
"This man, whom I knew only
through the kindness in his voice."
"Kept me from killing myself."
"He said there must be
some way to help."
"But I was sick with despair."
"Then we both heard a fluttering sound."
"It was the pages of the
hotel bible on the table."
"The stranger said I was wrong to
feel as I did because I was blind."
"For in the good book it was written:"
"We walk by faith."
"And not by sight."
"For a moment, there was silence."
"I will lead them on paths
that they have not known."
"I will make the darkness
light before them."
"And crooked things straight."
"These things I will do unto them."
"And not forsake them."
"He read to me a long time."
"And as he read."
"These words written so long
ago with love for all mankind."
"These words were like light."
"Driving the darkness from my heart."
"My eyes were still blind."
"But within me I began to see all
things more clearly than ever before."
"These words."
"From a hotel bible."
"Read to me by a man
whose name I never knew."
"He gave me faith and hope."
"And the courage to live again."
Good. I'm glad for you.
But the bible?
I got to have it.
Come to my house.
Pablo .. que pasa?
It's alright, mama.
Please get the hotel
bible for this gentleman.
But Pablo.
It is gone.
Yes, mister. Someone took it.
Maybe an hour ago.
What did he look like? Tell me.
It was a woman.
She asked mama about a hotel bible.
And when I showed her the book.
She grabbed it, ran to her
car and go away quick.
What did she look like?
It was so fast.
I only see.
She is young and pretty.
If you people are lying to me.
Mister Torno.
You may search our house.
What's wrong, Johnny?
Noting that you can fix in here.
Are you sure?
What did you expect when you came here
with bitterness toward God and man?
Don't give me that malarkey ..
About "do unto others as you
would have them do unto you".
Sure. Jess went for that stuff
and where did it get him?
A bunch of lilies and
six silver handles.
Faith is something precious.
Something to treasure.
Lose faith and you are lost.
Seek and ye shall find.
But what have I found? Nothing.
The meek shall inherit the earth.
Six feet of it like Jess.
Listen to me, Johnny Torno.
And realize that when you do,
you're listening to Jess himself.
Save it. I know the answers too.
Sure. I read them in a book.
And they all add up to nothing.
Like the candle of the
wicked shall be put out.
The guy who digs the
pit shall fall therein.
There is truth in his words.
You must have patience.
Lots of patience .. and believe.
Believe in what?
Save all that bunk for
your Sunday suckers.
What I want is 24 hours service.
When I've finished with all that
eyewash, I'm selling out.
It's only a window, Johnny.
I'm concerned with what
is broken within you.
Hello, Mr Torno.
Yes. She just called.
She say she will send for her luggage ..
When she reach her hotel.
Did she say what hotel?
Abbot hotel?
Have you a Miss Carla North
registered there?
I was here today Johnny but
they said you were out of town.
I just got back.
Not there?
I saw the light burning,
so I thought I'd come up.
Still want a job?
I sure do.
Well, you got one.
Use the outside phone.
And call this list of hotels.
Ask for a "Miss Carla North".
I want to talk to her.
Carla North.
Sure, Johnny. Anything you say.
Aldrich Hotel?
Is there a Miss Carla North
registered there?
I'm Miss North.
Johnny has been
trying to get hold of you.
I don't blame him.
Where is he?
I called your apartment, Johnny.
Vincent said you were here.
So you took it?
Yes, Johnny.
- Give it to me.
Who sent for you?
- Bellhops talk, Johnny.
I know what you're looking for.
Go ahead, open it.
If you don't, we will.
I turned the page down for you, Johnny.
Right here.
Romans. Chapter 12, verse 19.
There is no name in it.
Nothing at all.
Well, we've got something.
After you bottled us up in the yard
today we came up here and found the gun.
Here it is.
Where did you get it?
Because this gun killed your brother.
And I had my hands on him.
Give us a description.
We'll pick him up.
When you do.
You'll find him in pieces.
Johnny, you can't.
That isn't what Jess wanted.
Can't you understand
what Jess wrote here?
That doesn't tell me anything.
It says everything Jess
wanted you to know.
It's not enough.
Don't listen to me anymore.
But you've got to realize
what Jess tried to tell you.
His last thought was for you.
He knew you and wanted to protect you.
And if you loved him ..
Then read it, Johnny.
Because it was the last thing
your brother asked of you.
Read it and try to
understand its meaning.
"Dearly beloved."
"Avenge not yourselves."
"But rather give place unto wrath."
"For it is written."
"Vengeance is mine."
"I will repay."
"Saith the Lord."
"Thou shalt not kill."
You were right.
Right all along.
Got a match?
Come on down, Nick.
I said, come on down.
A prowler. Started shooting.
I got him.
That's him.
He had that gun.
Get him.
He paid me.
- Don't move.
Yeah, Torno.
I paid for the job.
I paid him with your money.
Understand? Your money.
Money you sent me to prison for taking.
Understand, Torno?
Your cash paid for the gun
that killed your own brother.
How do you like that
for a pay-off, Torno?
Yeah, it hurts, don't it.
Now you're all cut up and bleeding.
Yeah, that's where it hurts.
That's the way I planned it, Torno.
But I got a better plan now.
For you.
I'm giving you a one-way ticket to ..
[ Gunshot! ]
[ Gunshot! ]
[ Gunshot! ]
[ Gunshot! ]
[ Gunshot! ]
[ Click ]
[ Click, click ]
"Thou shalt not kill."
"Vengeance is mine."
"I will repay, saith the Lord."
Johnny, you didn't ..?
No, Miss North. Johnny had
nothing to do with this.
I'm so glad.
Well, Johnny.
Your brother believed that ..
Somebody else .. was on the job.
It looks like he was right.