Red Line 7000 (1965) Movie Script

Thank you, tom.
See you later, bud.
Hello, Mike.
You too busy to say hello?
James loomis. I was wondering
when you'd get here.
Just barely made it.
Plane was late.
Well, pat was right.
What does that mean?
Well, he had Larry frank
qualify your car.
How did he do?
You're in the fourth row.
He did alright.
I hear you did all right
in California.
How did you know?
Oh, you mean racing.
Yeah, I meant racing.
Well, I won one,
came close in a couple.
Well, what was it you thought I meant?
Well, I guess
you'll find out soon.
I met a girl.
Is that it?
I've got news for you.
We've got them here, too.
Yeah, but not like this one.
You sound serious.
Right off the deep end.
You going to marry her?
All I have to do is persuade her.
Well, with her in
California and you here...
I left her a plane ticket.
She'll be here in a day or two.
Hi, Jim. Glad you made it.
- Hi, pat.
- Have a nice trip?
Except for being late.
Uh, by the way, we have a pit
board with a yellow border
for your signals, and
you use the same old black one.
You think you fellas can
keep that straight?
Alright, papa-
all drivers report
to their cars immediately.
You better hurry. You
don't have much time.
You ready?
All set.
Shall we?
The cars are pulling
onto the track.
In a few moments, you're
going to see the start
of the annual Daytona 500,
40 of the fastest cars
in the country.
On the pole, Paul goldsmith
in a Plymouth.
His qualifying time
a new track record,
179.910 miles per hour.
On the outside, Richard petty
in car number 43.
Row two, on the pole,
car number 26, Bobby eisigs,
and on the outside,
Mike marsh in the 28 car.
All of the great ones.
Alright, the pace car is
leading the way.
It's near the end
of the pace lap.
They're starting to pick up
speed faster and faster.
We may see a start on
the first final round.
Watch the starter.
They're coming onto the straightaway.
The pace car is heading
for the apron.
Here they come.
The race is under way.
500 miles to go.
500 tough, grueling miles
for man and machine.
All 40 cars are taking
the green flag
and jamming into the first turn.
It's Mr. petty,
former national champion,
taking the lead.
On his tail is
Mike marsh in the 28 car.
Running third is Bobby eisigs.
Look at Jim loomis go!
Pat, Jim's going too fast.
Slow him down.
Loomis must be trying
to prove a point.
He's driving way over his head.
Loomis has blown his engine.
He's heading for car number 63,
rolling clear over
car number 63,
slamming into the wall,
sliding down the straightaway,
parts all over the racetrack.
And now he has
burst into flames.
There is confusion all over
the race track as 10 cars
try to avoid the crack up.
Race fans, this is one of the
worst fires we have ever seen.
At Daytona
international speedway.
Here's the driver
coming out of the car,
and the fire crews
are hurrying toward him.
Pat, I don't know.
All I know is
just before the race,
Jim was talking about this girl.
Expecting her here in a
couple of days, he said.
You know her name?
It might help.
No, no. No name, no address.
Did you go through his things?
Yep. Nothing.
- Not even a little black book?
- Yeah, sure.
You've called
every number in it.
You and every other
joker around here.
I guess we'll just have to
wait till she gets here.
Come on in.
Imagine that...
A girl gets on a plane, flies
clear across country
expects to marry a guy.
I hope she can take it.
4:30, fellas.
Jim will raise hell if
we're late to his funeral.
Let's go.
- Car out front?
- Yep.
Mike. Pat.
Boys, that girl you
told me about is here.
You know, Jim's girl.
She got in about an hour ago.
There wasn't anything
i could do.
I had to tell her that Jim was dead.
Oh, she got all...
Her face got white.
I asked her if I could help,
but she said she'd like a
drink, so I gave her one.
It seemed to do some good.
Then I told her you fellas
were at the funeral,
there was probably still time,
i could drive her over there.
She just got a funny look on
her face, she said that, well,
she didn't want to go. Says it
was her fault that Jim was dead.
I don't know what
she meant by that.
So, I took her over to your room,
Mike and found another drink for her.
She's over there now.
I, uh, I hope
that was o.K.
Oh, sure.
Thanks, pop.
Hey, Mike, I'm not too
good with crying women.
I think I'm gonna cut out.
What makes you think I'm an expert?
Come on. You, too.
What did you say
about crying women'?
Sometimes this kind of music is better
than a hymn to some people.
Anybody in there?
- Come on.
- No.
Uh, she's asleep.
Out cold.
Well, I guess
you can't blame her.
Suppose there's nothing
we can do until morning.
I'll see you then. Come on.
- Good night, Mike.
- Yeah.
Yeah? What is it?
Can I come in?
Ok, come on in.
Uh, I'm Mike marsh.
I was a friend of Jim's.
- This your room?
- Mm-hmm.
- Who put me to bed?
- Oh, uh, I did.
Where are my things?
Out here.
I took 'em.
I'd like to have them, please.
Here you go.
- There you go.
- Why'd you take them?
Um, I didn't want you to go before
i had a chance to talk to you.
Look, I'd feel more like talking if i
had a minute to pull myself together.
I'll, uh, fix you
some breakfast.
All I want is coffee.
Well, you look a little better.
- I don't feel better.
- Here.
I... I don't even
know your name.
Holly macgregor.
What did you want to
talk to me about?
Uh, a number of things.
One is that, uh...
Jim said he was in love with
you and wanted to marry you.
He told me that, too.
Well, then why is it your
fault that Jim is dead and
why weren't you at the funeral?
Why don't we just drop it.
No, we won't just drop it. I'd like
to know. He was a friend of mine.
Can't you just let it go?
Alright, I'll tell you.
He's dead because
he was in love with me,
because I'm bad luck.
That's why it was my fault.
That's crazy.
Is it? Are you so sure?
Twice before, the same
thing happened.
And, each time, I wound up going
to a funeral instead of a wedding.
Do you want to hear how
the other two died?
Uh, no, no. Not necessarily.
Well, anyway, I met Jim.
And we had fun.
A lot of fun.
And, when he asked me to marry
him, I thought why not?
Then I remembered,
and I said no,
and I told him why...
Because I was a
hoodoo and a jinx,
but he wouldn't believe
in my kind of luck.
That's why he died and that's
why I didn't go to the funeral.
Oh, damn it.
Why did he have to die?
Why did he have to run into me?
That's a lot of
damn nonsense, Holly.
Oh, I knew you'd say that.
I could have bet you'd say that.
Oh, I'm making a fool of myself. Excuse me.
Come on in.
Uh, coffee.
Help yourself.
No, no thanks.
I had mine.
How's the young lady
this morning?
That's a long St...
The young lady's making
a fool of herself again.
Oh? Well, maybe you
better tell me about it.
I'll, uh, tell you later, pat.
Pat kazarian, aren't you?
- Yes. Yes, I am.
- I'm Holly macgregor.
Jim said the only reason
he'd leave California
is to drive one of your cars.
Yeah, well maybe he should've
stayed in California.
Yeah, maybe he should have.
Well, uh,
wh-what's going on?
Um, I was just going to ask Holly
what she's going to do now.
Get a job.
Save enough money to
go back to California.
Well, maybe we can help.
Thanks just the same.
I think it would be better
if I got some work to do.
Maybe we know somebody.
Uh, who do we know?
- Well, I know you.
- And I know you.
I can see you're going to be
just what I need.
Look I don't think you have
to worry, Holly, about a job just yet
because I just talked to bill France at the
race track just before I came over here.
It seems that Jim loomis turned over
his insurance to you
- just before the race.
- Oh no.
In a couple days
you should get $10,000.
I couldn't take it.
Well, he had no family. You're all he had.
I can't take it.
You mind if I ask why not?
Because I didn't know whether i
loved Jim or I just needed him.
- And now I'll never know.
- Well, he loved you.
Do you get paid for being loved?
Well, uh, Jim would have said,
"hell, it's only money."
He would have wanted
you to have it.
Do you always say
the right thing, Mike?
Mmm, no not always.
Now, do we have that settled?
Ok maybe we can
get some work done, huh?
Uh, listen uh...
Make yourself at home.
We'll be back about 7:00
to take you to dinner.
- Thanks.
- See you then.
Should have known it was you.
You have our reservations?
You didn't phone.
Well, I guess we better go someplace else.
If you get hungry, come back.
- I'm hungry.
- Maybe I can get you a table.
That's sweet.
Lindy, this is Holly macgregor.
Holly, Lindy Bonaparte
- hi.
- Hi.
- Bonaparte?
- Yeah, husband's name.
Only thing he left me.
And this watch. Come on.
- Hi, spike.
- Hello, Mike
- hi, spike.
- Hello, pat.
Hi, pat.
Here, Holly.
Thank you.
- By the way, pat.
- Hmm?
Last Friday night after you
left here,
I found this
lighter on your table.
- It's got Jim's initials on it.
Yeah, it was his.
- Here.
- You keep it.
No. I got all
the mementos I can use.
Maybe somebody could,
you know...
How about the girl he was going to marry?
The one he was expecting here.
Looked all around the funeral and
didn't see any strange faces.
I guess she didn't get here.
She got here. She just
didn't go to the funeral.
Oh, what kind of a girl would...
Me and my big mouth.
You're the girl, aren't you?
Yes, I am.
Well, you must be ok. Or you
wouldn't be here with them.
I spoke out of turn.
I'll see you later.
Mr. kazarian?
I wonder if we could talk
with you for a minute.
You guys don't waste any time, do you'?
Well, it's just that...
Yeah, I know, I know. Alright, let's
go right over here.
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
- Who are they?
- Uh, race drivers.
After Jim's job, aren't they?
Oh, sure.
I suppose somebody's
got to take his place.
I can't figure you.
Well, you said somebody's got
to take his place.
That makes sense.
This morning you said Jim died
because you were bad luck.
Well, that doesn't
make sense at all.
Jim died because he was running
too fast over the red line.
Engine blew, locked up,
and he lost control.
Well, that sounds to me like
it was his fault, not yours.
Mike, if what happened to me
happened to you,
how do you think you'd feel?
I can't answer that, but i
know somebody who could.
That girl you just met, Lindy,
the one who owns this place?
Well, she was married to a
driver and he was killed.
She fell for another guy. He was a
driver, too, and he was killed.
She didn't go around
crying it was her fault.
Damn you, Mike.
She just decided she fell in
love with the wrong profession.
Now she's got herself a nice man.
A bank teller. He sits all day in one
of those little wire cages and she's happy.
I'm glad. I just hope
nobody holds up the bank.
Well, if anybody does,
they'll get a lot of money.
I told him if a man comes in
with a stocking over his face
don't wait to be asked,
just give it to him.
- Right on time for a drink.
- You always do.
- Am I forgiven?
- Of course.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I thought you were a boy.
Well, I'm not.
Well, it's just that the way you
rode that thing I thought you were.
Don't you think a girl can ride one
of "those things" as you call them?
Not unless they're an
awful lot like a boy.
Well, anybody with half an eye can see...
- Hey, don't get mad.
- I'm not mad.
Alright, alright. I'm sorry.
- You're a female.
- Thanks.
Of course I am. You act like I'm a...
See? You're not even
sure yourself.
Yes, I am, 'cause if I were a
guy, I'd deck you right now.
There you go now thinking
like a boy again.
Look, mister, you're very
not funny, you know that?
Morning, Julie.
What's going on?
Hey, you're pat kazarian, aren't you?
- That's right.
- I'm ned arp.
How are you?
I, uh, see you met my sister.
- Yeah, we met.
- What are you arguing about?
Mr. kazarian, I'd
like to talk to you...
Yeah, I know what you'd
like to talk to me about
you'd like Jim loomis'
ride, right?
That's right.
Arp, you're about the 10th hotshot
that's been after me today. You know that?
Well, you're going to need somebody.
Well, how do you know I don't
have somebody in mind?
I don't know that that's
any of your business.
Well, it isn't exactly but I'll bet
everything I've got I can out drive him.
- You're that good, huh?
- I'm that good.
You know, if I believed every
story that was laid on me,
I'd wind up with a dozen a.J. Foyts,
Fred lorenzens, and parnelli joneses.
- Pat?
- What?
Why don't you let him
show what he can do?
Because I don't
really believe that...
You got a hunch, kitten?
Kind of.
Where you from'?
Where you from'?
Where'd you get your start?
Same way you did.
Midgets, jalopies, dirt tracks.
Been winning them all, huh?
No, I haven't, not a damn thing.
Oh. Why not'?
Well, I haven't been able to afford
anything that could win.
Now, you think if you had a car,
you could, uh, you could win?
That's right. That's why I came to you.
Because I want to win.
Joe, Mike and kato at the track'?
They left about a half hour ago.
- You know where the test track is?
- No.
You got anything you can follow me in?
Well, if you don't go too fast.
Alright. Let's go.
I suppose you're coming,
too, kitten.
Yeah. I'll take
my bike over.
- Hi, pat.
- Hi.
Hello, Julie.
Mike, I want to use your car.
Oh, sure, but kato and I were just...
Yeah, just for a of couple laps.
Well, we were gonna do a little work...
Yeah, I know, I know.
There's your car. Just get the feel
of it. Stroke it a couple of laps.
Don't set any world's records.
Pat, that front end is
pushing pretty bad.
Kato and I were going to just
Jack the weight around a little bit.
- Oh, really?
- Real bad.
Push him right up to the wall.
Well, why didn't somebody tell me?
Go on, Kate.
Are you gonna let him
take it like that?
I thought you wanted to
find out how good he was?
What about my car?
Your new one will be done soon.
Why don't you give him
one that's set up right?
Look kitten, if he's as good as
he thinks he is, he'll be ok.
If he isn't...
Well, if he isn't, he can find other work.
Like fixing the wall.
You've got lots of time. Remember that.
Pat, why don't you give him a chance?
Oh, c'mon, Julie, cut it out.
You're acting like a female.
What do you think I am, your brother?
Fire it up. Take it easy for a lap.
How many spins he make?
Three, but he ended up
going the right way.
Alright, let's see if he
can do better this time.
Only one spin this time.
The guys doing better.
I think he'll make it this time.
You'd better hire him.
Better bring him in
before he breaks his neck.
Kato, wave him in.
How'd you like it?
- This your car'?
- Yeah, it's mine.
Can you drive it
set up the way it is?
In a straight line.
- Huh?
- In a straight line.
I thought so.
And you give it to me.
You trying to make me
look like a squirrel?
Well, any half way decent chauffeur
can look pretty good
in a car that's set up right.
If it isn't, takes a lot of talent
to keep from hanging it on the wall.
You say you're from darlington?
Want to go back there next
week and drive for us?
Yeah. I'd like to.
Alright, you got yourself a ride
if you can qualify.
Now, what was she doing?
She was pushing pretty bad.
You heard him, kato. She
was pushing pretty bad.
- C'mon, let's look at it.
- Yes, sir.
Well, to start with, take two turns
off the right front.
Well, you got your job.
How come?
You're pretty good out there.
No, I mean how come you put in for me
with your brother?
I don't know.
Well, I didn't expect that. Thank you.
- I owe you for it.
- You don't owe me anything.
Well, the least I could
do is buy you dinner.
I'd like to do that.
I told you, you don't owe me a thing.
There you go now talking
like a boy again.
Have you got a date tonight?
Are you at the motel?
I'll pick you up
around 7:00.
Yes, Mr. Baldwin, a table for
four for 8:30. Yes. Thank you.
- Hi, Julie.
- Hi.
- You have a table for two?
- Sure, come on.
Hey, pat. Look.
You know I don't think I've never
seen Julie come in here alone with a man.
- No.
- It's about time. She's growing up.
Yeah, it started about 10:30
this morning when he showed up.
Who is he?
His name is arp. Ned arp.
Do I have to tell you what he does?
Is he good?
Well, he better be. He's driving for us
at darlington.
Are you two drinking up all the profits?
Hey, pat, meet my new partner.
- You're putting me on.
- No, I've bought in.
And, it's all because of you, Patrick.
You introduced us.
I see, and if it goes, I'm a champ.
If it doesn't, I'm a chump. Right?
Oh, it'll go, and when it
does we'll buy you a drink.
Well, you want to start practicing.
- Yeah, I guess.
- Hey, we've got plans.
I always wanted that place next door.
Couldn't afford it.
So, we're going to knock out that wall,
put in new tables, records,
and, um, Saturday night live music.
The works, huh?
Yeah, well, I can remember when this
place was just a joint.
It'll still be a joint,
only bigger.
It's scary.
It's so big and...
and tomorrow there will be
thousands and thousands of people.
And all that noise.
- Ned?
- Yeah?
What are you thinking about?
You're thinking about
the race, aren't you?
Does winning mean
that much to you?
You talk an awful lot.
You still trying
to prove you're a girl?
No, I mean...
That's all you
really care about.
You know what
my dad does all day?
He walks behind the plow all day
with my granddaddy
behind him planting seed.
Two or three cousins,
a couple of uncles...
The whole damn family's there,
and they haven't got
a nickel between them.
And I'm not going back to that.
If I win some races,
i get some money,
and I plan to win a few races.
- Let's go.
- Ned?
I don't want you to
go on thinking I'm a boy.
- Darling.
- Hmm?
- Ned?
- Hmm?
Tell me about the other girls.
Tell you what
about the other girls?
What are they like?
- What are they like?
- Don't look at me
Julie, what?
Just tell me.
Don't say anything,
just tell you'?
Want me to use sign language?
Tell you what?
Other girls, what are they like?
What do you mean,
what are they like?
They're like girls.
Tall, short.
- Sexy, not sexy.
- That's what I mean.
Sexy and not sexy.
Well, some are and some aren't
- depends.
- On what?
I don't know.
How can you tell?
If a girl's sexy or not?
Well, sometimes you can't.
Sometimes, uh...
You know.
You have to do
a little research, that's all.
I guess you've done
a lot of research.
Well, where I come from, at sundown
you either watch television...
That's what I want to know.
Tell me about how you can tell
if a girl is sexy or not.
What do you want me
to tell you about?
I just want to know
if I'm... sexy.
Don't laugh at me.
Just tell me...
Am I sexy?
Oh, honey.
I don't want you
to want anyone else.
I just want you to want me.
And as we enter the 119th lap of the
rebel 300 the terrific pace continues.
There's still 99 laps to go,
but the untold story today
how many of these cars and drivers
can stand the strain
of 132 more miles
of racing at these speeds?
Pat kazarian's new driver, ned
arp, is beginning to move up now in car 27
and has just passed car 45.
Now he's passing two more cars,
moving into third spot
and drafting the leaders.
This is arp's track.
He knows every groove,
and for the first time...
He's trying too hard.
He's going to lose it.
He wants to finish early.
Slow him down.
G.C. Spencer's fifth,
and buck Baker's holding
sixth position.
Ned arp is starting to drop back.
Yes, he's leaving the fight to the lead
to Richard petty and Mike marsh.
Petty's in the lead,
but marsh is just
a few car lengths behind.
And there goes marsh!
He's closing the gap.
Now he's almost wheel-to-wheel with
petty as they lap the slower car.
What a battle!
Marsh has tried
the inside, outside
in a desperate bid for the lead.
Petty's managed
to fight off each bid
and hangs on
to the number one spot.
Look at them go!
Both drivers flat-out now
in these closing laps
of the darlington rebel 300.
Look out.
Somebody's in trouble.
Car 47 is losing it.
It's Jack Smith.
He's up against the guard rail.
He's still sliding,
now toward the infield.
That was a close one.
The track is clear now,
and the green flag is out.
Uh-oh, there's another one.
Car 81 is losing it.
He's hitting the rail.
More cars are piling in.
Number 26 is losing it
on turn one.
Number 82 gets by on the inside.
Another car gets slammed
and heads for the wall.
Someone's on fire,
and another car's
spinning in the infield.
What a mess!
And now the yellow caution flag is out,
the field is slowing.
Drivers may take
advantage of this slow down
for their final refuel stop.
Here comes the first one now.
It's Richard petty.
Your leader is slowing down,
heading for his pit.
His crew swarms over the car,
checking every detail.
And here comes Mike marsh.
Both your leaders
are in the pits,
where races are won and lost.
Pit speed is
more important than ever now.
Tires are being changed out of both cars.
They're adding
a full load of fuel.
Hurry with that Jack!
That's enough gas.
Hey, c'mon! I can get better service
at a gas station!
Don't you want us to give
him just a little head start?
C'mon! Just a little.
That's all it'll be 'cause there he goes.
And here's another car taking
advantage of the yellow flag
and dropping down off the track
onto the apron,
heading for the pits.
It's ned arp,
your fourth place man in car 27.
He's a lap behind the leader,
but the kazarian crew is really
in action trying to get him out.
Arp's getting a load of fuel
and fresh tires.
He wants to make up
for time lost earlier.
20 laps to go,
and it's still petty and marsh.
Johns is now third,
and ned arp's a lap
behind the leader.
You're doing ok?
Come on.
Hurry it up.
Arp, take it easy.
It's just another race.
And there he goes.
Ned arp is still in fourth position,
but he's a full lap
behind the leaders.
The track is clear now.
There goes the green light.
And we're back to racing.
It's still petty in first,
with marsh close behind.
Both cars have enough fuel to go
all the way,
so it's still anybody's race.
Look at them go!
Wait a minute.
I think marsh
is going to pass petty.
Mike marsh has passed petty
and takes the lead
as they head down
the back straightaway.
Look at that battle!
Petty is slowing.
Looks like the flat-out
pace forced by marsh this afternoon
may have been too much
for petty's machine.
He's heading for his pit.
Well, that's a real tough break
for Richard petty,
a great champion.
And there's the white flag.
One lap to go for Mike marsh.
There goes arp now. He's really
moved up after that last pit stop.
And he has marsh in sight
as they come out of turn two,
but arp's still
a full lap behind.
And it looks like time has run out
for the second dazarian car.
And there's the checkered flag
as they lap a slower car.
It's Mike marsh first,
Bobby Johns second,
and ned arp in third place.
Looked pretty good
your first time out.
Picked yourself up some money, too.
Why did you make me slow down?
Well, I guess I figured
you were going too fast.
Well, you didn't make marsh slow down.
When you get to be
marsh, you can squawk.
Until then, you listen.
Bobby Johns was second place,
and ned arp,
driving the team car
to marsh's Ford was third.
Right this way.
Hiya, skinny.
Hi. What are you two doing
so far from Carolina?
Came all the way just to
have a drink with you.
What are you doing all alone?
Can't you get some dates?
Well, we got one.
She'll be here any minute, we hope.
Which half do you get, Jake?
He gets the half...
Here she comes.
Hi, sugar.
Hi, Leroy.
Hi, Jake.
Mmm, ain't that something to see.
Why, thank you.
My. My pretty as a picture.
Thank you.
So glad you could come.
Well, I knew I had a date
with one of y'all,
but I didn't know which one.
Jake, we got to separate.
It's getting so people
can't tell us apart.
- Your date was with me, sugar.
- Are you sure?
My friend, Leroy, I hate
to disagree, with you...
Now, now, fellas, look here,
I can't stand
this violent arguing.
So while y'all make up y'all's
minds and come to some decision,
I'll go to the powder room.
You know, she, uh... she looks pretty good.
Sure does.
Ok, call it.
I'll call...
Oh ho.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, yes.
I would like one of those
uh... what do you call it'?
Vodka with the juice
of an orange.
Yes, thank you.
Oh. Excuse me.
But, which of these monies do
i put in the machine?
I would like to get some cigarettes.
Let's see now, uh,
you need a quarter and a nickel.
I'll get them for you.
- Oh, thank you.
- What kind do you smoke?
Any kind.
Care for one of mine?
Oh. Thank you.
Y'all sure have a funny
accent when you speak.
Are you French from France?
Oh, yes, I am.
I've just come.
Welcome to our shores.
Here you are.
How about a drink'?
- Well, I've just ordered one from the bar.
- I'll fetch it for you.
Do you have a drink for the lady?
Yes, sir.
You seem to be doing very well.
Only in the interest of
better foreign relations.
That's a new word for it.
- Here you are, ma'am.
- Oh.
Mademoiselle was just expressing
an interest in racing.
Is that right?
Yes. I love racing.
Are you a driver?
Yes, ma'am. My
name's Leroy eggers.
I'm Gabrielle queneau.
Tell me, what do you
people think of de gaulle?
- Oh, that would take a very long time.
- I'm very interested in foreign affairs.
Look, Leroy, that is a topic better
discussed some other place.
I think you're right, Jake. Over dinner.
Would you care to have dinner?
Leroy, you seem to be forgetting
you already have plans.
I think you're forgetting, Jake.
I just heard you a
moment ago making a date
with a very pretty girl.
That little black-haired
The one that preferred me to you?
Now, Leroy, you are carrying this too far.
Might I interrupt?
What's going on?
We're doing just fine, thank you.
These two nice gentlemen were
just asking me to dinner.
They were?
It's really none of your affair.
We don't mean to be unfriendly,
but you are intruding.
I am?
- Definitely.
- Without a doubt.
You're sure'?
Jake if he needs convincing...
I guess we'll have
to convince him.
Hello, boys.
- Hey, pat.
- Say, I didn't know you fellas met.
We haven't.
Oh, you haven't? This is Jake moffit
and Leroy eggers.
Two pretty good boys.
- Jake.
- Hi.
- Leroy.
- This is Dan McCall.
Dan McCall.
Just won the race
in Italy... monza?
That's one.
And, uh...
The week before that, that
big one in england?
That's two of 'em. He's here
to drive one of my cars.
Looks like we went a little wide
on that last turn there, Jake.
By the way we haven't met.
I'm pat kazarian.
Oh, Gabrielle queneau, pat.
This is the girl I told you about.
I've heard about you.
What about that dinner?
Dinner? Uh, we're late.
Oh, yeah, for an appointment. Sorry.
- Nice meeting you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Hi, pat. You ready?
Well, if you have some peanut butter
and jelly on raisin bread toast.
You ready to eat?
- Lead on.
- What's peanut butter?
Well, you'll find out. That's exactly
what he's going to get. C'mon.
Come on!
Let's go, 7!
About time you showed up.
I had to see what... I had
to see what was going on!
Hey, this place is reallyjumping.
Come on, take a look.
Come on.
Hey, come on.
This is alright.
Uh, who's that girl?
Mike, I see 8 or 10. Which
one are you talking about?
That one with the red
hair and the brown suit.
Oh, she came over from
Paris with Dan McCall.
Excuse me.
Uh, listen, I'm going to have a drink.
Do you want one?
No, thank you.
Well, you look like you're
having a good time.
It's fun.
Have a drink.
Worse than crossing the
track during race time.
- Hi. Want a lift?
- Yeah, sure do.
Watch it for me, will ya fellas?
Someone will be back
to pick her up.
You're kind of unusual going around
asking people you don't know
if they want a lift.
Bet you heard that's not
being done these days.
I've got a bad habit.
I usually pick up a famous race
driver sitting in a ditch.
Pretty good.
I oughta know you but I don't, do I?
Holly macgregor.
- You know Lindy's place?
- Yeah.
Well, I'm her partner.
I know you.
You're Dan McCall.
What were you doing down in that ditch?
A very small, spotted cat,
i think it was a female,
she couldn't make up her
mind which way to go.
Eventually, we went different ways.
She ran off and left me there.
And, you think that's a female trait?
Say, where am I taking you?
The holiday inn. You know where it is?
Sure. I've stayed
there for a while.
- Thanks for the lift.
- You're welcome.
Can I buy you a drink?
No, thanks.
Any particular reason why not?
Yeah, as a matter of fact.
You know, I might have you
mixed up with somebody else,
but I seem to remember you with a
pretty good looking French girl
no, you're not mixed up.
I used to wonder what
life would be like in a harem.
You know what?
I decided against it.
You know, maybe I'm wrong, but uh,
wasn't there a time
you could talk to a girl,
buy her a drink, just
because you liked her?
Not because you wanted to...
And that's the only reason
you asked me in, hmm?
No, not the only reason. I wanted
you to meet that French girl.
She doesn't know many people and I thought
she'd like you and you'd like her.
She thinks I'm a sex maniac,
too, but she humors me along.
I think some days she
thinks I'll snap out of it.
Dan. I'm sorry. I apologize.
Come on.
Well, she's supposed to be here.
I don't know why,
but, you know, I believe you.
Ah, that is good.
He promised me just yesterday
that he would not lie anymore.
So, what did he tell you?
That you're supposed to be here.
Well, he did not lie.
I'm Gabrielle queneau.
Holly macgregor.
I asked Holly in for a drink.
- Well, what do you need me for?
- To make the drinks.
- Is that francais?
- Oui, vous parlez francais?
Hey, uh...
Uh, Gaby...
Hey, Gaby, what about the drinks?
Oh, yes. I would like the, uh,
I'd like one, too.
Uh, Gaby, uh...
Make the drinks.
Oh, yes.
Tout de suite.
Can I help?
- No. You stay here. I'll talk to you.
- Ok.
Operator, would you please give me
pat kazarian's place.
I'd like to talk to ed furness.
Hi, sparky. Dan McCall here.
Fine. Listen, the Daytona
coupe is parked in a ditch.
You know that back road in from the track,
oh about a mile and a half in from town?
No, no, but you're going to need a
hoist to get it back on the road.
Yeah, I... I know, I know. I'll
learn how to drive someday.
- Hi.
- Holly.
Gaby, Holly.
Hey, look,
this time... hey,
this time we're going to speak English
so I know what we're talking about.
What's going to happen?
That means I have to go to work.
See you later.
Oh, bye.
Hey, Carol, come on.
Sis, everybody.
It's groovy.
She's a nice girl,
isn't she, Dan?
Yes, she is.
Very nice.
What's funny'?
How do you know
which girl I mean?
Well, if you mean the girl
i was thinking about...
You're a mind reader.
You like her very much,
don't you, Dan?
I hadn't thought about that.
But you think about her.
Perhaps you love her.
That's crazy, Gabrielle. I don't even know
her. How could I be in love with her?
It doesn't make sense.
Once... once I read
in a book,
if love makes sense,
then it isn't love.
So maybe I'm not so crazy, huh?
Tonight when Holly sings...
I saw the way you looked at her.
You never look at me like that,
and I never
look at you like that.
So, this time, I...
I think you are in love.
And... I'm not a mind reader.
I know.
How do you know?
Ah, today at the beach,
on the sand...
When you were asleep,
you talked,
and you said her name.
It was a very nice dream.
This isn't fair to you, is it? I'm sorry.
You don't have to be sorry
for what you dream.
You know...
I think I'm jealous.
Well, if you were, you certainly
didn't show it tonight.
I'm not jealous of Holly.
I'm jealous of you..
Because you're in love.
Are you crying?
I remember once
when I was 8 years old...
And we were moving
to a new home.
As we were getting
in the car to go,
I turned around to look once
more at the old house...
And like now, I... I cried.
To say... to say
goodbye to someone
or something that has been
a happy time in your life...
That is not easy.
Dan, perhaps it will be difficult
for you if I stay here.
If you like, I shall
return to Paris.
Don't worry about me.
What do you want to do?
I like it here.
If you don't mind, I'd like
to stay a little while.
You stay as long as you like.
Are we still friends?
What are you doing for
dinner tomorrow night?
I'm having dinner...
With a friend.
See you tomorrow night.
Hello there.
Well, hello there.
Table for two, please.
Alright. Right this way.
- Best table in the house.
- Thank you.
Hey, Dan.
Pardon me, Gaby, I'll be right back.
Order me a drink.
- What would you like?
- A screwdriver and scotch and soda.
Please, do you have a light?
Oh, yeah.
The music's good, isn't it?
If you like that kind of music.
- Hi.
- Hi, pat.
What are you doing here all by yourself?
- Playing records.
- Are you really?
You're playing them for
the whole neighborhood.
Haven't you got
anything better to do?
What are you doing here all by yourself?
Why don't you get a date?
Call up a girl.
Why don't you call that one
you're always watching?
What girl?
You know, that French girl. The one
that came over with Dan.
What do you mean, always watching?
I don't...
Come on now. Don't tell me that.
I've seen you 3 or 4 times.
Go on, call her up.
She and Dan split up
10 days, 2 weeks ago.
Why did they split up?
I don't know. What
difference does it make?
I mean, it's funny. Guy brings a
girl 3,000 miles and drops her.
So he drops her.
Go on, call her.
I don't think so.
Why not?
Look, I'll fix her up with somebody else.
There are plenty of monkeys
don't get to meet her kind.
- Mike, what makes you so holy?
- Hey!
See this shirt? Hmm?
It's new.
Those shoes, they're new.
No one ever wore them but me.
Everything I got is new.
Second-hand just don't appeal to me. Ok?
Now, lay off.
Mike, see these eyeballs?
They're not new,
but they're good enough
to see through you.
Now, I'll tell you something...
I don't want to be around
when you eat those words.
I don't want to be
anywhere near.
Good night.
There's the green flag,
and the first lap is on
in the Atlanta 500.
There's a long, long way to go.
Biff Taylor in car 01
takes the lead.
Mike marsh is second in car number 28.
Dan McCall is third in car 17.
Ned arp in car 22
has just passed petty.
Car 25 is in 10th position.
That makes three cars
from the pat kazarian team
in the first 10 positions.
Wait a minute! Daryl derringer in
car number 16 is into the wall!
He's lost his front tire,
heading for the pit on
three wheels and a bumper.
No other cars involved.
All cars clear on the outside.
Looks like Darryl will
make it into the pit ok,
but will he
get back into the race?
We'll stay on the green flag
as we continue in the fourth lap
here in the Atlanta 500.
Records are still falling
as we go into the 172nd lap
with 242 rugged miles
still to go,
and Mike marsh in car number 28
and Bobby eisigs in car 26
running side by side.
Wait a minute!
Eggers is losing it.
Ned arp can't avoid him.
He's sliding down the track.
They're both against the rail.
Arp's holding his own.
He's steering his car
into the infield.
Leroy eggers in car 6
and ned arp
have both managed
to get into the infield.
There's Leroy eggers.
He's ok.
And there's ned arp.
Seems to be alright.
Uh oh. They're walking
toward each other.
There may be trouble.
No, no, no.
No trouble.
There's no hard feelings.
Just racing luck.
Alright, the track is clear,
and the green light is still on.
Oh, I don't know what happened,
but there's a car
sliding on its back.
A.J. Foyt is spinning
into the infield.
It's Paul goldsmith who's
upside down in car 25.
The yellow flag
will be up for this one.
What a race this has been.
With only 20 laps to go,
it's been a seesaw battle
between Mike marsh in 28
and Marvin panch in the 21 car.
Somebody else in in trouble.
I can't see the number
from here.
Wait a minute, it's
Dan McCall in car 17.
He's on the edge of the track.
A great job of control.
McCall's ok, but I'm
afraid he's out of the race
as it looks from here.
Well, the duel's still on,
and panch is trying desperately
to get ahead of marsh in car 28.
But, marsh is doing a fine
job of holding him off
as we go into the final
laps of this 500 mile race.
In third place is
Richard petty who is...
- Hi, kid. You ok?
- I'm ok.
What happened?
Well, Leroy eggers bounced off
the wall in front of me.
I couldn't miss him.
Well, you can't miss them all.
Well, that's two in a row. That's pretty
good for a start.
Uh-oh. Marsh
is falling back.
Something's wrong with Mike's car.
Pat, Mike's in trouble.
He's out of the turn,
dropping down to the apron.
Here comes Mike marsh now,
heading for the pit.
We don't know
what the trouble is,
but it's not a scheduled stop.
Looks like marsh may be
out of this race.
Even if they can repair the car,
it looks like marsh has lost
his chance to win.
What a bad break for Mike marsh.
He dominated this race,
but it now it looks like panch
will be the winner.
This is a tough one for marsh.
He needed this win to keep
him in contention...
The header on this side's leaking.
We can weld it.
Put him down over here.
Get some oxygen. C'mon.
Get that frame off his head.
Don't break his neck.
Don't hit me.
I'm on your team.
We're losing time.
Alright, arp. Here's
your chance to win one.
Go on, get in there.
Here's a flash from marsh's pit.
The car is ok,
and kazarian is sending in
ned arp to finish the race.
Ned arp is in car 28
and is 32 seconds behind.
There goes arp. Out of the pit
in second place,
and he'll have to catch
Marvin panch, the leader, in car 21.
Arp has a long way to go, though,
if he's going to catch panch
in the laps remaining.
Arp has a slim chance,
and he's pulling all the
stops in an effort to win..
Here comes panch now and...
Hold it!
Panch is in trouble.
Your leader's slowing down,
heading for his pit.
Marvin panch is coming
down the pit road,
swerving from side to side.
Apparently he's lost his brakes
and has came in rather
than risk an accident.
How about that
for a twist of fate?
Just a few laps left. Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
Biff Taylor in the
01 car is sliding.
The green flag is still on,
and there goes ned arp
in the lead.
He's pouring it on.
Ned arp is out in front,
and it looks
like the kazarian car
is going to win after all.
There's no stopping ned arp now
as he continues to pour it on.
He's heading around
toward the white flag.
And there's the checkered flag.
Ned arp wins.
Right. Go ahead, Joe.
Hi, pat.
Good race, pat.
Thanks. Thanks a lot.
Lindy, has Julie been
in here this evening?
I don't think so.
I haven't seen her.
- Thanks.
- This way, please.
Come in, pat.
Hello, kitten.
What are you doing?
I'm just waiting.
You might have to
wait a long time.
He was still at Lindy's
when I left there.
He wasn't alone, was he?
No, he wasn't alone.
Going to let this go to waste?
All the bubbles are gone.
Like to scramble some eggs?
I just want to wait.
Good night, kitten.
Good night.
Arp, you in there?
Yeah, yeah.
It's unlocked.
You no good... couldn't keep
your hands off her, could you?
Always trying to prove
you're some big shot.
No car you can't handle,
no girl you can't spoil.
Sure, she was ready,
just waiting for a man.
If you were a man, maybe,
but you're not a man.
You're just a rotten little kid.
You don't care what
you do, just grab...
Grab what you want,
grab who you want.
Never mind what it
might do to her.
Well, it's done.
She'll get over it.
But I tell you this, arp.
If you touch her again...
Now you listen to me.
You won't do a damn thing.
That's right.
Not a thing...
Not as long as I keep
winning races for you.
See how you think?
I feel sorry for you.
You're right, though.
You're right.
I won't do anything.
But winning races has nothing
to do with it.
The only reason I don't
go after you is Julie.
She's the reason. The only reason.
You think you're big
enough to handle me?
Ever see a tire iron
split a man's skull?
Every once in a while I need a little help.
I don't worry
about handling you.
I'll tell you this, the minute
she gets you out of her system,
the minute she's through with you,
look for me because
I'll be looking for you.
Now, do I make myself clear?
Is there any doubt in your
mind what I'm saying?
No matter what happens, it
won't come as a surprise.
And I hope it doesn't
happen, for your sake.
Now, look, mister.
Will you please!
Look, it's Sunday morning.
Yes, Sunday.
No, we're not open,
and we won't be open until
tomorrow afternoon at 4:00.
No, I don't know where
you can get a drink.
Where were we?
We need 8-10 dozen more
glasses... highball, cocktail.
Highball, cocktail.
And the peach Brandy's all gone.
I didn't know peach Brandy
was so popular down here.
That's because of art nadell.
He gets to brooding
about his fourth wife.
I'll get it.
If that's that fella who
wants a drink, just hang up.
Alcoholics unanimous.
Can we help?
Pat? Hi. Holly.
No, she hasn't
been in. Why?
Oh, no.
Well, we could use her.
Forget it.
Yeah, I'll call.
Well, that does it.
Does what?
That was pat.
Ned arp left this morning.
- What?
- What?
Just walked out. He's going
to drive for Ted eubank.
- But Ted runs in California.
- I know.
Well, what about Julie?
I guess she's part of what
he walked out on.
Oh, no.
Oh, that isn't right.
Pat says she's on her way over.
He's been trying to get us on that
phone, but the line's been busy.
Darn drunk.
He said she's going to ask us for a job.
Will we give it to her?
Poor kid.
If it was anybody but her,
i could understand.
Why does it always happen
to somebody like Julie?
I guess that's her.
- Hi, Julie.
- Hi.
Hi, Julie.
Hi, Lindy.
Hello, Julie.
Well, I thought I'd...
I can tell by
your faces you heard.
Look, Julie, sometime in a girl's life,
she's going to lose someone.
Somebody's going to walk out
or somethings going to happen, and
the first time's always the roughest.
No, no.
You don't understand.
He didn't walk out on me.
He walked out on pat.
He... he left a note
for pat, and he went.
He didn't leave me a note.
He didn't even say goodbye.
Because it's not goodbye.
It can't be.
Come on, honey, take it easy.
I'm not crying for me.
It's for him.
Because he's going to need me.
And he'll be sorry, and he'll
want me, and I won't be there.
He'll be back.
I know he will.
It's really hot, isn't it?
Ooh... it's
good to be warm
and to be cool inside,
isn't it, Mike?
Sure, I know your name.
Mike marsh.
Very good.
Very apropos.
Your name.
Mike marsh.
It, uh, fits you.
Short, curt.
It makes a picture.
Names often match the, uh...
How do you say...
Do you not think so?
I wonder if one's entire
future is not shaped
by the name one's
parents give one.
Take Napoleon Bonaparte.
He had to be emperor.
George Washington
had to be president.
Oscar wilde had to be, uh...
Excuse me.
What's your name?
Gabrielle queneau.
You may call me Gaby.
It figures.
I know I talk too much.
That music's nice, isn't it?
Why didn't you say
if you liked that kind
of music before. Hmm?
Well, it could be that I didn't
want to say it, hmm?
Then why don't you run away from
me like you did before?
Because I trap you here?
You're not much of a trap.
Why don't you run away?
It could be that i
don't want to run.
What are you doing?
Just sitting here.
I can see that. Well, you're supposed
to be a partner here.
Look, I'm sorry. I just didn't
feel like going out there tonight.
No, nor last night, nor four
or five nights before that.
What's the matter?
Tell me.
It's nothing, Lindy.
Is it Dan McCall?
Why do you say that?
Well, because you've just
been moping around and
brooding ever since you
went out together.
- Did he make a pass?
- No!
You mad because he didn't
make a pass at you?
Look, Lindy, I think this
is none of your business.
You're in love with Dan, aren't you?
Why don't you just let it go!
Aren't you?
Listen to me, I've had it.
No more love, no more
funerals, nothing.
I'm not going to have
anything happen to Dan.
It's not going to be my fault.
You understand that?
So, you're going to spend the rest of your
life just feeling sorry for yourself.
You think it's easier that way?
Believe me it isn't. I tried it.
I'm not you!
No, you're not.
You're something special.
You think you can get people
killed by just saying hello to them.
A man kisses you, and right away
he's got a ticket to St. Peter.
Makes you feel
important, doesn't it?
You think that's funny, don't you?
Yes, I do, because I always thought it
was god who decided who lived or died,
and you don't look a
bit like god to me.
I saw you from out there.
You shouldn't cry in public.
- What do you want?
- You.
But, in the meantime, I just thought
I'd tell you I'm still alive.
What's that supposed to mean?
I'm not supposed to be alive because
I'm in love with you.
Isn't that what you think?
I think you'd better go.
Holly, hey, just listen
to me for a minute.
This afternoon in the race
i was running in traffic
and a piece of paper
flew up in the grill.
I started to overheat and
had to pull into the pits.
As I was coming in,
pat saw my right front tire.
It was cut wide open.
Another lap, and I'd
have hit the wall.
But I didn't hit the wall,
and I was in love with
you this afternoon.
And last week, two cars right
in front of me lost it.
They started to spin.
I was too close to do anything
but to go straight ahead.
But a hole opened up.
I went through.
And the hole closed, and some
boys behind me got it pretty bad.
I was in love with you then.
So if you think you're some kind a jinx,
you just stick around, kid.
Well, that's all.
I just want you to know I love
you, and I'm still alive.
I'll see you.
Oh, it's been a lovely day.
No? It was
not a lovely day?
It was ok.
Then why did you
not say so before?
I just said so.
It was ok.
Ok, ok. That's a big
speech for you.
Why don't you talk to me?
Or ask me some questions?
Well, you're usually
doing the talking.
I know I talk too much.
So, I'll be still, and you talk.
It has been a lovely day.
Oh, I said that already.
Ask me some questions.
Well, I'd like to
know more about you,
your dreams and desires.
What do you want to do?
Oh, what a question.
You know what I would
really like to do?
Something tells me
i shouldn't have talked.
I want to go
to the practice track,
where you try the cars out.
What do you want to go there for?
I want to do something
I've never done before.
I want to drive the car...
Fast, very fast.
And not on the road,
but on the track.
Please, Mike.
That's getting off easy.
- Now you think you can slide over?
- Sure.
Hey, you forget something?
No. Oh, the seat belt.
Let me get mine on.
Alright. Now, take it easy
the first time around.
Leave it in third.
That's good.
Alright, now punch it. Punch it hard.
Alright, now, hit it!
Alright, now. Easy, easy.
That's good.
Well, I think that's enough.
Is there anything else
you'd like to do?
Oh, Mike, don't say anything
for a moment, please.
Oh, that was wonderful.
It was something I've
never felt before,
something new.
You know, to me, the racing car
is like some kind
of a great animal.
Like a lion that roars as though
it were proud of its speed.
And you were the lion tamer, huh?
That's what I was.
I wasn't driving a car. I was taming a lion
well, this lion almost got
out of hand for a moment.
What's the difference?
You know this is something I've
always wanted to do,
and Dan would never
let me do it.
I remember once we were
in nuremberg, Germany.
Dan was the winner,
and I asked him if...
- Move over.
- What's the matter?
Move over.
But what did I do?
What did I do wrong?
I rang the bell. I guess
your music drowned me out.
I didn't know you painted. You're good.
I think everybody ought to
have a hobby, you know?
It keeps you from thinking about
things you don't want to think about.
Or does it?
No, it doesn't.
I asked you here...
Well, because...
Well, because I wanted to tell you
I'm in love with you.
No, wait a minute. Let me
finish the whole thing.
Maybe I've been wrong
about my thinking.
Do you still want to take
a chance on my luck?
Hey. I don't think I'm
taking any chance.
Oh, Dan.
You're going to have to help me.
You're going to have to help
me because I'm still afraid.
I must have fallen asleep.
Is it late?
Yeah. It's after 3:00.
Oh, Dan, I'm sorry,
but... I must
talk with you.
What's the matter, kitten.
You got troubles?
Yes, I have troubles.
It's with Mike.
Tell me about it.
Dan, I love this man.
I love him,
and I... I know
he's strange, but...
But I've never known a
man like him before. And...
Maybe that's why I love him.
Gaby, is Mike in love with you?
Sometimes I think he hates me.
Tonight I... I found
out what it is.
He's ashamed.
He's ashamed of me.
And you know why he's ashamed?
Because before him
there was you,
and everybody knows it.
And he wants a girl no
one ever touched before,
and so he's ashamed.
And he knows it's
all over between us, but he hates you.
He's crazy, you know?
So please watch out for him.
I'll be careful.
That's what I came to tell you.
Thank you, Gaby.
How are things
with you and Holly?
They're just fine.
I'm very happy for you both.
- Please tell her.
- You tell her.
She'd like it.
What were you doing in there?
What were you doing
in there with him?
Can't you talk?
Hey, now tell me. Tell me what it was.
I was telling him to be careful.
You were telling him
to be careful?
Careful of what?
To be careful of you.
Well, are you...
Are you that afraid I'd
find out about you and him?
Is that it?
You told me it was all over. You...
You told me you were
through with him.
Didn't you?
Didn't you?
Hmm? Didn't you!
You're a liar.
You're a liar.
You're a slut!
Room number 11, please.
Dan, when I just left your room,
Mike was outside waiting,
and he's crazy, Dan.
He might...
He might do anything.
He just might do anything.
What the hell is
Mike trying to do?
What a battle between
Mike marsh in car number 28
and Dan McCall in the 21 car.
They're both flat out...
Full bore. These motors must be talking...
What is he doing?
I think he's trying to kill him.
Their lead over the field
is almost a full lap.
Look at these two go!
They're passing the slower car.
That's marsh
who's right beside McCall.
What a race. They're running
closer and closer.
Now they're going through turn 4,
coming out on the straightaway.
Now they're only inches apart.
Don't, Mike. Please!
Someone has to give way.
They can't get through
the turn together.
See which one gives way.
Watch it now. The turn's
coming up. Watch it.
Oh, no!
McCall is completely airborne.
Oh, god, no!
He's rolling
down the embankment.
This could be a bad one.
The car has burst into flames.
We can't see anything because
of the smoke and flames.
The fire trucks
and emergency crews
are rushing to the scene
of the accident.
Everything possible will be done.
We can't see anything from here,
but just remember,
drivers have walked away
from crashes worse than this.
We'll try and get you...
Wait a minute!
Yes, come on in, Fred.
This is Fred Regan
at the north turn.
Dan McCall is alright.
He got out of the car, and ambulance
men are looking him over.
They say he's only shaken up.
He's a lucky man.
I'd say he's lucky.
We're still in the green flag
as we're back to racing.
What are you thinking about?
Oh, today, and all the things
that can happen in one day,
and how your life can be
changed just like that.
You know, when you went
over the wall today,
it could have been
the end of you.
And me, too.
When it all happened...
And all I could see was smoke...
I thought I did it,
it's my fault.
And when that voice said
you were alright
and he could see you
when you were walking away
and you weren't dead.
You were alive because you had
all the luck in the world.
It was like...
It was like somebody
squeezing my stomach,
squeezing all the poison out.
I stopped being scared.
Dan, I don't think
I'll ever be scared again.
Well, we're racing
in Charlotte next week.
I think you'd better
win one for a change.
Dan, I want to ask you something.
Come on in.
I've looked everywhere for him.
No one has
seen him. Nobody.
Dan, you've got to find him.
After what he did,
he's going to need help.
He's going to need
a lot of help, and...
I'm afraid he's
going to do something.
Come on in.
What do you want?
Just wanted to know if you were hurt bad'?
Will you race next week?
You want another chance at me?
Think you'll do
a better job next time?
There won't be any next time.
I'm through driving.
Um... I tried
to kill you.
You got two witnesses. You go
tell the contest board I said it.
That I tried to kill you.
I won't be doing
any more racing.
I don't really care what you do.
Dan, don't.
Alright, get the hell out of here.
But first I got to say this.
I never did that
to a man before...
Run him off and try to kill him.
Really, I tried
to kill somebody.
When it happened,
when you were, uh...
Going over the wall,
I remember I said to myself,
who did that to McCall?
Not you.
You couldn't do that.
You wouldn't kill somebody.
But I knew it was me.
You see a girl, and, uh...
Gosh, just looking at her
makes you feel better.
When you touch her,
she feels like nothing
else you ever felt before.
She says she wants
to be my girl.
That's not enough.
She can't look at anybody else,
can't talk to anybody else, she
she can't think
about anybody else but me.
And, uh...
When I started seeing
pictures in my mind,
pictures of, uh...
You and her...
I was a fool.
It's not because of this
girl, but because of...
Something in me, something...
I, uh, I don't understand.
It's not in me anymore.
I lost her, and, uh...
I lost my ride.
And, uh...
Well, uh...
I'm just glad you're
alive, McCall, that's all.
I, uh...
Well, that's...
That's what I came to say.
I wouldn't blame you if you knocked
the hell out of me. No kidding.
Go ahead.
Come on.
Well, uh...
That's what I came for.
Oh, darling, darling.
Thank you.
You're crazy.
I know...
'Cause I love you.
I've been, you know,
I've been...
I know. Don't say it, darling.
Don't talk about anything
you did or what I did, ok?
From now on, we start
all over again,
just you and me, ok?
The only thing we don't change
is that we love each other, ok?
As we near the end of lap
160 of the Charlotte 400
here's your Mike marsh
in the 28 car.
Dan McCall in car number 21,
holding down second place.
Hold it!
Ned arp in car number 3 has
just passed Dan McCall
in car number 21 to take over second place.
Arp is really pushing.
This could be the beginning of a
duel between the former teammates
of the pat kazarian team.
Arp has come a long way
in the past few months
having won two races in California
and the top race in Oregon.
Marsh still has almost a lap lead
and less than 40 laps to go.
And listen to this!
That last lap was run
in 36 seconds!
That means drivers
are reaching speeds
of nearly 175 miles an hour
on the back straightaway.
Ned arp is gaining on marsh
in the 28 car.
He just lapped two more cars.
Arp seems to be
pushing too hard.
This might turn into a battle
between the former rookie, ned arp,
and the master smoothie, Mike marsh.
But I don't think so, because marsh
knows every trick in the book
to hold off the driver
on the charge.
We'll just have to wait and see.
How's it going?
He's running second.
Keep your eye on ned arp in the 3 car.
He's really charging,
doing a fine job of driving
as he moves down
through the pack.
You can bet marsh is
watching him all the way.
Here's trouble.
Car number 39 lost control.
Ned arp has lost control.
He's end over end
down the straightaway.
Emergency crews are moving in.
This is the most
spectacular crash
I have ever seen
at Charlotte raceway.
- I gotta go now.
- Julie, there's no point.
I have to go.
Find out when there's a plane
leaving and get me a ticket.
We can only hope ned arp
isn't seriously injured.
I told them I didn't
want to see anybody.
I know.
They told me,
and I waited a week.
But you had to make sure.
Alright. Take a good look.
That's right.
It's gone!
It went out with the rest
of the hospital garbage.
Coffee grounds, egg shells, an old
lady's kidney. Are you satisfied?
You can tell pat you saw
for yourself. Go on, tell him.
Pat said to tell you...
Oh, I know.
He's sorry?
Sure, he's sorry.
He said to tell you
if you need anything...
Oh, isn't that nice.
Generous old pat.
He's generous and he's
kind and he's sorry.
Julie, you sorry, too?
That's one of the
reasons why I came...
To tell you that I'm sorry.
And, uh...
I was going to ask you to let me stay.
But I'm not going to.
You're going to have to ask me.
You can say that
after what I've done?
How can I ask you with this?
You're going to have to.
Don't go, please.
I won't go.
I promise.
I won't ever go.
Oh, I made a fool out of myself.
A damn fool.
Oh, no, no, no, don't talk about it.
I have to. What
am I going to do?
You can do exactly
what you want to do.
You're crazy. How can I drive like this?
You can drive. I know you can.
I know you can.
I know you can.
We're in lap number 48
and well on our way
to a new record
here at riverside raceway.
It's Dan gurney in
the 121 car in first place.
And ned arp in the 27 car,
running second.
A great job of driving by ned
arp going through turn 6.
Here's Mike marsh
in the 28 car running fourth.
And here's Dan McCall
in the red 21 car
holding down fifth place,
slowly working his way
through the pack
after getting off to a real slow start.
Uh-oh! Sam Stanley in car
number 17 has started to spin.
Sam is going completely around,
partly up the bank and
taking off the track markers.
There goes gene Davis
in car number 5,
off the track
and into the outfield.
A beautiful job of control.
All other cars
through the turn ok.
Uh-oh! A.J. Foyt's losing it
in turn number 7,
spinning halfway around,
traffic going by...
And there he goes,
heading down the back straightaway.
A really beautiful save
on any man's race course.
Out of turn 9, Billy cantrell in the 53 car
down the main straightaway
here in front of the tower.
Into turn 1,
he's going too fast.
He's lost it.
The crowd is moving back.
He's up on the bank.
He's ok.
Rod Tyler off the course and
lost in a cloud of dust.
Your attention, please.
Today's race is the first
of the season.
The next nascar
championship race
will be
at Daytona beach, Florida.
And the week after
that, Watkins Glen.
And then the 500 at Daytona.
Not to mention
tire testing in between.
It's a hell of a way
to make a living.
Look out. A.J. Foyt is going
too fast for turn 9.
Looks like he's lost his brakes.
Look out! He's heading
for the infield.