Red Post on Escher Street (2020) Movie Script

Cut the wind.
This is a take.
Got it.
On my command.
Mom, come on.
Hey, Eiko!
Glorify Me (Banner)
Put it up here.
Casting Call
for feature-film "Mask"
-Is that it?
Can we hand these out here?
Sure, go ahead.
Thank you so much.
Really, thank you.
I wonder if
you'd be interested?
-About what?
-An audition.
You should try.
- I know this director.
- Really?
Looks interesting.
You want to try out
for a part?
Maybe I will.
That's great!
That's an unusual title.
Would you like one?
It's a great film.
It'll blow you away.
- I'm sold.
- Great, thanks.
I'm definitely up for this.
That's great.
You'll fit right in.
Please remember me.
Okay, let's go.
See you at the audition.
Auditions for newcomers
are very rare.
I need to show
I can do it.
How could I not?
I'll do it, I have to.
They say they'll even
take newcomers.
It's a golden opportunity.
Don't tell the others.
This is for us only.
- Not even Kiko?
- No, that's just more competition.
Eliminate all rivals,
that's typical you!
How about I ask the guys?
They're not rivals.
Okay, sure.
But no other girls, okay?
-Got it.
-No, I'm serious.
- Okay.
- Promise me.
Break this promise
and we're screwed.
Please God!
Hey there Eiko,
what's up?
- What are you posting?
- Nothing.
- For the audition, right?
- How do you know?
Ami told me.
She promised me.
So I'm applying, too.
You, too?
Let's post them together.
I'll get the part.
They've all applied?
Of course.
I might as well
just give up now.
But I... I'm not...
I'm not giving up.
Then fuck it!
Me, too.
God help me!
"Life, prepare for the worst."
Please attend our show.
"Life, prepare for the worst."
Thank you.
Please come and see us.
Excuse me.
Can we put up
posters in here?
-Thank you.
Come see our performance.
I need to focus.
So cute!
The red looks good.
How come Natsume
looks better than me?
Is it the make-up?
But you're naturally beautiful.
Check out Azuki's pose.
Do I look bad?
You're so much cuter.
We all look good.
We have to
be a strong team.
We need to
make it tighter.
Can't you see this dagger?
Listen, girls.
Sorry, look.
Ladies, do you know
who I am?
The female boss
of the Portside Gang.
Cheeky buggers!
Will you be
my girl?
You gotta be
kidding me.
Don't push us.
Isn't she?
We were the top
girls gang in town.
You got that?
Do you get it?
Isn't this lovely?
Where did Machiko find it?
She forgot these, too.
- What is it?
- It's so cool.
Did she make
them herself?
How about we try out
for these roles?
This is director Kobayashi's
latest film!
The deadline is near.
"Send a photo and a written essay,"
"detailing why you want
to appear in the film."
"No email applications accepted."
No email?
In this day and age?
Yeah, so backward.
It sucks.
To be honest,
I love Kobayashi's work.
Is that right?
So now what?
Are you in, Natsume?
Shall we try?
We'd be crazy not to!
I'm the Boss of the
All-Girls Gang!
Do you know what
this tattoo means?
Is Ayumi in your play?
How are you two going?
So-so, you know.
She's my best friend.
Enough with the "so-so" crap!
Can I go there now?
I'm really beat.
You're my ex, okay?
Stay away, go see Kurumi.
She's not good
when I'm like this.
How convenient for you.
Isn't it?
Just this one time, just tonight.
I'll bring your favorite cake.
That German Baumkuchen?
That's the one.
"Can't you see
my tattoo?"
No, cut that out.
Don't you want to see
my naked back?
Stop it.
Come on, Natsume.
You know what this is?
You pushed me down.
I forgot. Both Kurumi and I are
auditioning for Kobayashi's new film.
Did you know
I'm working on that shoot?
- I don't think Kurumi does.
- But what if you get the part?
You'll have no choice.
You won't be able to
take your eyes off us.
The Red Post Box on Escher St.
I did it!
I'll be the female lead.
- You? The heroine?
- No, that's me.
I'll be a co-star.
And I'll be an extra!
One day you'll know the real me.
I'm the big, bad bitch!
But I'm the biggest
and worst bitch ever.
I'll show you all.
Can't you see this dagger?
Listen, girls.
Sorry, look ladies.
Do you know who I am?
The female boss
of the Portside Gang.
Cheeky buggers!
Will you be my girl?
You gotta be
kidding me.
Don't push us.
We were the top
girls gang at in town.
Do you get it?
You got that?
Yes, great!
I'm in!
They asked me to audition!
It's only an audition so far.
It's one step closer.
Kurumi speaking.
It's Fukumi.
Yes, Hinako speaking.
Yes, this is Natsume.
How can we audition
50 people in one day?
We have to.
Kobayashi said the more, the better.
And how many no-shows?
They'll all come.
Joe, I need your input.
I'm too busy.
-Promise me.
-Okay, sure.
Excuse me.
Where are you?
At Natsume's place.
Wanna come?
You're at her place now?
Come hang out, Joe.
Haven't seen you for ages.
Tomorrow, we'll be auditioning
for Kobayashi's new film.
Natsume and me.
Me, too.
Plus Azuki and Fukumi.
-We all got selected.
-It's a miracle!
Great, enjoy that Baumkuchen
and do your best.
Eat Baumkuchen and
do our best - okay.
You have Baumkuchen here?
Yeah, on the fridge.
Are you still
seeing Joe?
No way.
Why ask?
Look what I've got.
What just happened?
Street protests in Hong Kong
are continuing.
This is the 14th weekend
demo in a row.
- Sorry, road's closed.
- No passage.
But it's just there.
- You'll have to go around.
- Go on, bugger-off.
That's Kobayashi there.
We're so close.
Director Kobayashi.
Love your work!
You're very popular.
Here's the entrance.
Can't you get here?
It wasn't blocked earlier.
Closed from 9am
until 4pm.
We can't get through.
You can't cross?
But you're so close.
- They can't cross.
- No way.
- No, they can't.
- No access for anyone!
It's the quickest way in.
Right, Natsume?
I know how.
You want to see something
impossible? Watch!
Why not?
- What's with you guys?
- Go around.
Screw you!
Bad luck.
So hurry.
Okay, next group,
you're up.
You're Kobayashi's assistant?
Awkward, isn't it?
- Why not tell me?
- Talk to you later.
Just forget it.
- You knew, Natsume?
- Yeah, sure.
Catch you later.
I knew something
wasn't right.
Next group,
can you move up?
Next group but one,
take their seats.
Natsume just went in.
- You're still practicing your lines?
- Didn't you memorize them?
Get off my case,
I'm nervous enough already.
Look at the crowds.
Such a throng of humanity...
So many that I forget
my own face, my voice.
Remember, I don't want
to hear your excuses.
We're already dissolving
into the crowd.
I will pull you back.
You can do it.
And how about this
great body?
Same as always.
It's a test, act naturally,
concentrate on your lines.
I hope they notice
I have a better posture.
Who notices that?
Can we have
some quiet, please?
Refrain from banter.
Focus on the audition.
So sorry.
Excuse us.
Mr Director,
can we start?
Okay, you're on.
Start out with a self-introduction.
I'm Natsume Ogawa.
Ranko Kido.
Asaka Mochimura.
This is Koizumi, he's playing
male lead for the auditions.
Hi everyone.
Let's start with
scene 23.
Natsume, you play Hako,
Ranko as Kyoko. Asaka will be Sakako.
Okay, on your feet.
I'll play Hako.
When you're ready.
Okay, let's do it.
Ready. Camera.
Look at the crowds.
Such a throng of humanity.
So many people, flocking to shop the malls.
Faceless people, all wearing masks.
Flowing like an unceasing tide.
We all part of that crowd.
You, too.
I've forgotten my own face.
I can't remember my voice.
I don't even
remember you.
No, I don't want
to hear your excuses.
I'm starting to dissolve
into the crowd.
It's "I will..."
"I will pull you back."
I can pull you back.
Leave me alone.
Excuse me.
"He's the man..."
He's the man I love.
Kyoko! Sakako!
Where are you?
Hako, what's wrong?
Tell me.
"Yusuke has disappeared."
Yusuke has disappeared.
You left him by himself?
You idiot!
Don't you get it?
No, I do, but...
What the hell
were you thinking?
This is terrible.
Did you all hear that?
What happened, Sakako?
"Calm down."
Calm down, Sakako.
The world is going crazy!
I love you.
Okay, well done.
Thank you.
Please be seated.
She was brilliant,
wasn't she? Both of them.
The camera loves her, too.
Okay, Ms Natsume?
Tell us about yourself.
Well, you know...
You know...
Too many "wells" and
"you knows."
Don't overthink it,
just talk.
Frankly, I'm a bitch.
I'm a real, full-on, bitch.
My sex drive is powerful
and I have many casual affairs.
I was a bad student,
my parents gave up long ago.
They can't count on me.
Only my little brother believes that
one day I'll be successful.
Many times adults have
told me that I'm no good.
But when it comes to acting,
I have total confidence in myself.
I know that, in itself,
is meaningless.
Actually, today,
I'm feeling quite nervous.
Yes, that's an excuse.
Thank you.
What about you, Ranko?
I am madly in love,
obsessed with you.
My heart belongs to
director Kobayashi.
And I love you
just as much, Mr Kobayashi.
They beat me.
We're members of the
Kobayashi True Love Club.
Kobayashi True Love Club.
Let's go over the hill
while whistling
The sky is clear and blue
Heading to the meadow
Let's sing cheerfully
Another blockbuster by cinematic
genius Tadashi Kobayashi
Let's sing cheerfully
Holding hands with each other
Meh-eh-eh says the goat
Let's sing and walk in harmony
Today is a funny day
We did it!
The sky is clear and blue
Heading to the meadow
No entry.
The road's closed today.
No entry allowed.
Why not?
They're working,
so it's closed.
You can't walk through here.
It's forbidden.
Go the other way.
You guys are weird.
how about this girl?
from the last group?
She's good,
but not good enough.
I fully agree.
Talent aside, we want someone with
distinct and unique characteristics.
What about you?
I just film what you ask me to.
It's your decision.
Can we start
the next group?
Okay, let's do it.
All ready?
Introduce yourselves
one by one.
Natsume Ogawa.
Ranko Kido.
Asaka Mochimura.
Ready, start!
Look at the crowds.
Such a throng of humanity.
So many people,
flocking to shop the malls.
Faceless people, all wearing masks.
Flowing like an unceasing tide.
We all part of that crowd.
I've forgotten my own face.
Thank you.
Now sit down.
She was brilliant,
wasn't she? Both of them.
The camera loves her, too.
Ms Natsume.
Please tell us about yourself.
Well, you know...
Well... you know...
Too many "wells" and
"you knows."
I'm sorry.
Okay, Ms Ranko.
Above everything else,
I'm in love with you.
I truly love you.
My darling director Kobayashi.
I adore you, too.
We're members of the
Kobayashi True Love Club (TLC).
You two rock!
Ms Ranko,
tell us about yourself.
When I first saw your film, it made
me want to be in movies.
I'd never appear in
anyone else's film.
Asaka, too. Another founding member
of the Kobayashi TLC.
We have other members, too.
We watch your films each and
every single day. That's all we do.
I never imagined that one day
I would actually meet you.
I have never been happier
in my entire life.
Ranko has said it all
and I fully agree.
I'm Asaka, founding member of
the Kobayashi TLC.
I love you more than life itself.
I'd die for you!
Die, die!
No, don't die.
I see a ghost.
A ghost who's here
for someone.
She can see spirits.
I'm so thrilled to be in your presence.
Can we sing a theme song of your film?
Let's sing it, Ranko.
Okay, thank you.
I love you guys.
What about you, Natsume?
Anything to add?
Well, it's all good.
Yes, everything's fine.
It's all good.
Okay, thank you.
See yourselves out.
Thank you.
It was good.
Go for it,
True Love Club!
I'd love to film them.
Next group,
go inside.
That's us.
We'll talk later.
Hello there.
"Mask" A Tadashi Kobayashi Film
Casting Call
Kiriko, I think you're wrong.
You should rethink this.
I've already decided.
You, too.
Tell her to give up.
-Listen, Kiriko.
I've already decided
to take the audition.
-You, shut up.
I know you loved
your late husband.
But Makoto is dead.
You're not like him.
He wanted to act,
you never did.
It's already decided.
I'll follow in his footsteps.
I admire your spirit
and determination.
The thing is, becoming an actress
is not an easy thing to do.
-I know.
-If you do...
I know it will be
an uphill battle.
But my mind's made up.
And he'll watch over me.
If he was watching,
he'd stop you.
No, he wouldn't.
I know that he
is smiling now.
My dear, late husband.
He'd say, if it's my choice,
he'd fight alongside me.
What if you fail the audition?
That won't stop me.
I'd become an extra.
I'll keep auditioning.
Someday I'll get a role.
An extra, that's like being
Passerby A, or B, right?
That's a road to nowhere.
I'll start as an extra,
I'll do whatever it takes.
Now you've really
got me worried.
Should we go, too?
She's nervous,
so we'll audition, too.
Are you serious?
We'll be with you, Kiriko.
So give it your best shot.
- Kobayashi? The film director?
- Oh, yes.
I'm auditioning for you.
Thank you.
Someone's birthday?
Yes, but not mine.
My friend.
Please wish them
a happy birthday.
To be perfectly honest,
I'd never seen any of your films.
But yesterday I watched
"The Demon's Neck."
I'll lie my ass off at the audition.
About how I'm your biggest fan.
If Kiriko passes the audition, let's
celebrate by finally getting married.
That's long overdue.
Makoto would've been so glad.
Would he?
-I'm home.
-Hello, dear.
Where were you?
The convenience store.
You didn't buy anything?
Kiriko, please.
If this fails,
I hope you'll give up.
Not a chance,
not her.
Are we okay?
Take it slowly.
More slowly.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
That's wonderful!
We got accepted
for the audition.
We did it.
I'm so glad.
Please remember.
It's my face,
not the crowd.
Now I...
I have my own face.
Go to bed, dear.
Please remember.
Please remember.
The road's closed today.
You can't pass here.
-No other choice?
No, you can't.
Go the other way.
Come on guys, please?
No means no.
Give us a break!
- No, can't do that.
- It's forbidden.
Through there's okay, right?
No, work in progress.
Too dangerous.
Under construction.
What are you doing?
It's closed.
You can't pass.
We're running late.
Who cares about
your business?
We could say the same.
I'm just doing my job.
And so are we!
I'm sorry.
It's the rule.
What's with all
these girls coming today?
For an audition.
A life-changing event.
Then you must have this.
It's for catching your dreams.
no, wait.
Good luck.
The best of luck.
Go for it!
Do your best!
Next group,
head inside, please.
It doesn't suit you.
Please come in.
Tadashi Kobayashi
Let's start with your names.
Kurumi Yoshiki.
Hinako Tanazawa.
Kiriko Saki.
Who's that in the back?
I'm Masumi,
Kiriko's mother.
I'm with Masumi.
My name is Ryuta.
So, are you a family?
Kiriko and I are
mother and daughter.
She and I are engaged.
I'm Kiriko's father-in-law
and stepfather-to-be.
Kiriko married his son.
I was a single mother.
My husband disappeared
when she was two.
After Kiriko's husband died,
we started dating.
One year ago.
One long, lonely
year has passed.
My late husband, Makoto,
died in a car accident.
That was a year ago.
He wanted to be an actor.
He was only 22 years old.
I was working at
a bank back then.
Then, about six months
after he died,
I dreamt we were both on stage,
acting together.
It was a sad story.
With a very sad ending.
But I felt so very happy.
It was a sign to follow his chosen path
and become an actress.
That's just your imagination.
Mr Director,
please set her straight.
No, I support her decision.
Don't encourage her.
Her decision inspired you
two to take up acting?
Not at all.
We're here to watch over her.
A question.
Can I become an actor?
What's with you?
What are you expecting?
Ryuta, stop being silly.
Please forget that.
We're here just to watch over Kiriko.
-She's right.
-We wish her luck.
We're just her chaperones.
Okay Kiriko,
shall we do it?
Okay, run her through.
Here we go.
We have professional for
you to audition against.
Okay, start from
scene 23.
Each of you girls will be
playing a part in this.
Please stand up.
Whenever you're ready.
Let's go.
Camera, action!
Look at the crowds.
Such a throng of humanity.
So many people,
flocking to shop the malls
Faceless people, all wearing masks.
Flowing like an unceasing tide.
We all part of that crowd.
You, too.
I've forgotten my own face.
I can't remember my voice.
I don't want to hear your excuses.
I'm already dissolving
into the crowd.
My face isn't a crowd.
I have my own face.
I will pull you back.
Shut up!
You two,
be quiet.
-Masumi, stop it.
Mr Director,
one more try, please.
You're making your
late husband jealous.
-Enough, Masumi.
Look lady, she's just acting.
No jealousy involved.
Kurumi, it's not your turn.
Oh dear,
did you get jealous?
I don't want to hear your excuses.
Im already dissolving
into the crowd.
I will pull you back.
Leave me alone.
I'm so in love with him.
What's wrong?
We've met before,
haven't we?
I'm just another face in the crowd.
But I'm thrilled you recognize me.
Yeah, okay.
You tried to date her?
Have I got this line correct?
- Can't you read it?
- Your handwriting is getting worse.
Yeah, I've got writer's cramp.
Let's finish up for today.
We're almost ready to shoot.
Everything will be fine.
You reckon?
See you at 1pm tomorrow.
Okay, good job.
Will everything be ready
by the time we start?
You know "Casablanca?"
Starring Bogart and Bergman?
Everybody knows that film.
Are you kidding me?
They started shooting
with a half-finished script.
That's the ultimate script.
We can finish it off
while filming.
I guess so.
It'll be fine.
-We'll be okay.
-It's cool.
- Good night.
- Okay, good night.
It won't be fine at all.
It's serious,
I'm worried.
Then why say that?
- I had to.
- There you go again.
You can't say that
just because we used to date.
That leaves out
a lot of women.
Is that you?
You shouldn't
make me worry.
Why are you worried?
Your script's
still not finished, right?
You shouldn't be
all on your own.
Any chance you'll ever catch
a suitable girl in the rye?
Come on,
let's go home.
Yes, speaking.
Is that right?
I'll drop around tomorrow.
Toei Studio, B1,
isn't it?
Great, thanks.
You're end-game terminal,
This script is terrible.
It goes nowhere.
That's the producer's input,
they made a mess of it.
Shall I finish it off?
Leave it to me.
I'll do the auditions tomorrow
and cast the ones I pick.
-Don't be silly.
-So tomorrow's okay?
No auditions tomorrow.
I'm visiting a movie set.
Who's film?
Forget that, look.
What's that?
Don't play dumb.
It's your birthday, Katako.
That was yesterday.
Today just turned
into tomorrow.
Forgive me.
Good morning.
Yo, Kobayashi.
-We're all set up.
How's my favorite lame director?
-Lame director.
I'm here to spy on you.
This lamer can't finish his script.
I've got writer's block.
You write your own scripts?
You know, it's been
a year since she died.
This time last year, right?
One year.
She was a good kid.
You're both so gloomy.
But I feel like
a new person now.
This is a take.
Watch and learn.
We're ready!
I'm nothing but myself.
I'm myself, but me.
- I'm more myself.
- I'm more myself than you.
- No, I'm far more.
- I'm more myself than you are.
That's enough!
No darling, wait.
-What the hell?
-That hurt.
Who are those idiots?
You extras.
Stop hogging the camera.
Normal facial expressions.
Don't overdo it.
No voices, either.
You dominated that shot.
Impressive performance.
I expect no less.
all bit-part players.
We'll do that again.
Return to your original positions.
One more try, okay.
Hey, you guys.
Facial expressions,
that's all we want.
You drowned out the actor.
The sound guy's furious.
But the actor didn't have lines.
That's not the point.
Just keep your mouths shut.
That's rude.
We get it.
We won't say a word.
Roger, A.O.K.
And no more moving closer
to the camera.
They're the main cast,
not you guys.
I told you this yesterday,
Yes, I'm very sorry.
I fully understand.
What's his problem?
Cheeky bugger.
No, that's his job.
He's still young.
Back off, guys.
You're so mature,
a real sage.
This time
extras please be quiet.
We'll go again.
Get ready.
Start moving.
You two,
first time on a movie set?
-I'm quite nervous.
Take your cue from me.
He's been doing this
for 40 years.
Just be natural.
Walk like you normally
do on the street.
Try to remember that.
And walk naturally.
Even extras need to have
the talent to act.
Learn from
The Master.
You're really something.
He's like the King
of the Extras.
Don't overdo it.
Have you been in
many movies?
I'm in almost all
movies made here.
Recently I did...
I know. Come to my place
after this shoot.
I'll show you my work.
We'd love to.
I'm home.
your father's home.
prepare 4 cups of tea.
Excuse us.
Thanks for looking after
my dad.
Hello, we're back again.
I assume you're all
staying for dinner?
Thank you.
We'd love that.
- How do you do.
- Nice to meet you.
You appeared in
every one of these films?
It's a list of
Japanese film masterpieces.
Tell them some
of your stories.
Anyway, sit down.
-That one, too.
We watched that together.
Too soon to be impressed.
Those films don't include anything
less than 5 seconds of screen time.
In every film here, he's up on
screen for 10 to 15 seconds.
15 seconds?
As an extra?
If you're on longer,
do you get a billing?
If we liken a movie to a hamburger,
extras are neither cheese, nor meat.
We're more like the onions.
Without them, something is missing.
No one pays attention to extras,
but without them, it's very sad.
I agree.
Extras melt into the scene
and transform into scenic elements.
It's akin to a humble flower,
blooming naturally.
We melt into the scene.
Wanna watch this?
-That's famous.
-I've seen it.
No, actually you haven't.
Because you didn't notice him.
Once you spot him, you can say
you've seen the movie.
-I know this scene.
-It's famous.
It's too dangerous here.
We'll survive
and meet again.
See you soon.
There he is.
And stop!
-14 seconds!
And so natural.
You really were
melting into the scene.
One of my best performances.
Without a doubt.
- Next one?
- For sure.
What's next?
See this.
That's a famous film.
That was pathetic.
What did you say?
I'm laughing at
how lame they were.
You're mocking them?
Don't they deserve it?
They're dedicated!
The worst actors
I've ever seen.
Forget them,
are you free tonight?
No way.
See you later.
-See you!
Will no one
listen to my song?
One second is enough.
Stop in your tracks
to hear my song!
Sing your heart out, girl!
Why did you
have to die?
Does anyone want
my car?
Someone, anyone!
Take my car.
Will someone take this car?
When I look back...
How does it go again?
I'm Yasuko,
I'm 20 years old.
"Yasu" means cheap, right?
What are the lyrics again?
When I look back...
I can't remember the words.
My name is Yasuko.
In the end...
even the blood under my nails
is washed away.
How do I put it?
You're already dead.
Isn't that right?
That's why I'm not nervous anymore.
You were good at pretending
to be dead.
Are you pretending now?
Or are you dead?
Okay, I get it.
This time you really are dead.
All because of me, right?
Did I kill you?
Isn't she something!
She'll nail the audition.
Mr Director, can we start?
Sure, let's go.
I picked up that chick
in Shibuya.
That was far out.
Totally awesome.
She was super-cute.
Yeah, she was
a real catch.
Can you shut
the fuck up?
You need to live life
on the edge.
Get used to the uncertainty.
If you can maintain that,
it becomes your normal.
You'll get used to
being nervous, on edge.
That's when you push it higher.
Listen up, you guys.
In terms of levels of attainment,
you're all here.
You will rise up to here.
Adapt to that
and the tension rises.
You'll advance to here.
When you're at your wits end,
you'll be here.
Only then can you say
you're awesome.
- Got it?
- Yes, Ma'am.
Let's start.
Camera, action!
Look at the crowds.
Such a throng of humanity.
So many people,
flocking to shop the malls.
Faceless people,
all wearing masks.
Flowing like an unceasing tide.
We all part of that crowd.
You, too.
I've forgotten my own face.
I can't remember my voice.
That hurt.
Get her off him!
- Can you explain that?
- I can!
I hate your work.
I don't want to be in it.
Drop dead!
All of you.
Oh, sorry about that.
Quite honestly, I'm actually
eager to pass this audition.
Such raw, murderous intent.
My father just died.
I feel fantastic
despite his death.
It's good for my acting.
I feel so refreshed.
My repulsive, repugnant,
revolting dad is dead.
He's actually dead?
Apparently, he stabbed
himself in the chest.
I wonder he killed himself?
Long, long ago, I fell in love
with my dad.
I was wearing these same clothes
the first time he raped me.
I fell madly
in love with him.
Not actually love, though.
Something like love.
I squashed that love with these hands,
just like killing a fly.
The room's awash
with blood and cum.
I cleaned up our love-mess.
I put our love away.
- Do you like love?
- No, I'm not good at love.
It's probably better that way.
Being into love is so cheap.
My name means cheap,
so I'm into cheap love.
Most likely, that's Karma.
My life has always been
cheap, anyway.
But you are in love, right?
During a storm,
or on a very windy day,
umbrellas and newspapers fly away.
Ending up, bunched up, in some park.
That's what my love is like.
It's all about getting stuck together,
to fuck, before I kill them.
That's my story.
Continue to entrust
your spirit to the wind.
It's not as noble as that.
Sexual desire drives me to loneliness.
That's all.
Now I must go cut up his body,
to dispose of it.
It's time I said
my goodbyes.
Thank you for coming.
-That was magnificent.
No way. Don't put
that lunatic on our set.
Maybe you're right.
Get her!
I want her.
I've got the perfect story.
What is it, Katako?
It opens as a girl with attitude
is walking by.
She's fighting her
inner demons...
Don't ignore me.
Don't do that.
It hurts.
Next group,
please go inside.
We met in the
coffee shop, remember?
-Did we?
-You gave me a flyer.
You said come,
so I came.
You said act,
so I'll act.
For the part, right?
I'm Eiko Onoda.
Nice to meet you.
Catch up later, girls.
Maybe have sex afterwards.
I feel lucky.
I'll get this part.
Let's go.
Why are you all
even here?
That's typical of you.
So selfish.
Now I have less chance
of being picked.
Don't be nasty.
Everyone, be quiet.
You haven't
a chance in Hell.
What's wrong with all of us doing our best?
What's your problem?
-No problem.
-The problem is these backstabbers.
Shut up.
Traitors are among us.
We met at the coffee shop.
Camera, action!
Do you realize
the world will stop?
Camera, action!
Do you realize the world will stop?
Do you realize
it will stop?
Stop? No.
But I know it'll end.
- I know it'll end.
- I know it'll end.
- I know it'll end.
- I know it'll end.
- No, it'll stop.
- No, it'll stop.
No, it'll stop.
Everything will stop.
Everything will stop.
All memories will stop.
Everything will stop.
Everything, including bonds,
relationships, friendships and love.
What are you saying?
Has lack of sleep
sent you crazy?
No way am I crazy!
You went insane
over lack of sleep?
I'm sane,
I told you.
Like when the train next to yours
starts moving, you think you're moving.
Same thing.
I'm sane, but the world's gone mad.
That's right.
Shut the fuck up!
You do realize
the world will stop?
Everything will just
cease to exist.
What are you saying?
It will all stop,
love, friendships, everything
What are you saying?
Shut up!
Thank you.
That was good.
See you.
-I want that kid.
-Which kid?
-That kid over there.
-Be more specific.
Let's talk about it.
Let's do it!
I've got an idea.
I'll write a script.
Throw away this boring script.
The girls are out walking together,
Yasuko throws green paint over them.
Then she shouts.
They all resume walking,
when Kiriko appears.
She throws mauve paint,
then she jeers.
A wave of girls appears,
throwing pink paint and jeering.
Finally, I appear and throw
white paint on them.
I laugh out loud and
make an announcement.
This entire world is ruled
by concrete roads.
But they're not good, or evil.
Only man controls other men.
Hello, it's Muto.
Good evening.
- Kobayashi's asleep.
- Is that right?
Who are you?
How's the script going?
I'm a scriptwriter.
He hired me.
Wake him up.
No, deal with me.
Can you stop bringing him
these weird projects?
This was commissioned
by a senior executive.
-It still sucks.
-Tell Kobayashi I called.
-Muto, okay?
Bye then.
You're hurting me.
Don't, I'm ticklish.
- What about down here?
- Naughty man.
Look, Mr Muto.
Cast me in a movie.
-You want to act?
-Yes, definitely.
-What kind of part?
-The heroine.
Mr Muto,
it's the Big Guy.
Don't let me drop it.
Give us a moment.
Where are you going?
Sorry, this is super-important.
Forgive us.
Listen up, Muto.
Make a light, frothy, film next time.
Nothing too heavy.
You got that?
I want Kobayashi
to direct.
He's not light and frothy.
He's a pain in the ass.
It's your job to make it work
with him.
Keep him on track.
Are you with me?
I'm counting on you.
Okay, I get it.
So get a different director?
That's my point.
Don't you get it?
If Kobayashi's on board,
we'll get into film festivals.
I really need that
kind of option.
I know, sir, but...
I'm relying on you, Muto.
No Boss, please.
That hurts!
-Produce my fucking film!
-The pain...
Have you got
his contact details?
I do.
No, I don't.
Well, which it is?
I know it,
I just don't have it now.
I can get it for
you right away.
Okay, that's good.
Can you do it?
With this script?
You confirm it, okay?
You can, right?
Can I change it a little?
I can't use it as-is.
I thought so.
It's too light, is it?
- Is it?
- Yes, it is.
I'll leave that to you.
Also, the budget is tiny, okay?
Tell him.
He's right.
It's barely this big.
Yes, that's doable.
Why did you accept such a
low-budget project?
I find it hard to believe.
Ask him about that.
Can you give us a reason?
There's this woman...
How can I best put this?
Anyway, 10 years ago, on my first
self-production, I cast her.
I want to go back those days
when she was my heroine.
Will you audition amateurs
to form your main cast?
Ask him that.
Will you cast amateurs?
Yes, I want to start from zero.
To regain the passion I had
when I first started.
Like when I first met that girl.
I get it.
Tsutomu, say something.
I got it.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Muto, that's not
going to work.
A full cast of amateurs?
You see the pitfalls?
Yes, obviously.
But he's already setting up
auditions for amateur players.
Why not trick him?
Feed him actresses we want
to be auditioned.
Skillfully maneuver to cast
only the people we choose.
That way, we'll end up with
the cast we want.
You got that?
We can't do that.
Listen, Muto.
I know you can do it.
You know what's at stake?
I understand.
Listen, Muto.
You're a fully-grown man.
No need to go along with
a young director's naivety.
I want to cast two actresses.
Two famous actresses.
Who's good for it?
Ririka Sena.
Or Hirona Matsumoto.
For the rest of the cast,
he can choose whoever he wants.
But we've already put out ads
for the amateur auditions.
If we cast either of the
two stars you prefer,
I doubt the crew
will accept it.
Muto, that's totally up to you.
That's where you come into play.
Use your skillful techniques.
Got it?
How about we ask your two choices
to come audition for the part?
That's it!
That works!
You've impressed me.
You're good.
Someone wants
to meet you.
This kid is destined
to be a big star.
I'm Anon.
Long time no see,
Mr Muto.
Cast her into something
real soon, okay?
Don't tell me you two already
know each other?
Yeah, kind of.
Our paths have crossed.
-Is that right?
-Long ago.
- It was fun, right?
- No, not like that.
It was purely business.
Purely business, eh?
Is that right?
So you know him,
do you?
Yes, I do.
You make a great couple.
Your coffee, sir.
Too bloody hot!
Are you okay?
Move, boy.
Did you see this?
Ririka and Hirona have
applied for the audition.
That's amazing.
Big stars like them?
Rumor has it that both of them
are your super-fans.
But I never imagined they'd actually
apply for an audition.
I'll call their agencies
to confirm.
They're stars.
Why would they apply?
Well, we should be
celebrating it.
Anyway, I'll talk
to their agents.
What a surprise.
This is almost unheard of.
- He's faking it.
- I thought so.
You need to tell the director.
- That's where you're wrong.
- Why?
He struggles to make films.
If we cast famous actresses,
our budget will increase.
That makes sense.
Don't you get it?
It's just another
obstacle to overcome.
-No, it's not.
He has my total support to finally
create his cinematic masterpiece.
You're surprisingly passionate.
When it comes to
making movies, yes I am.
Didn't you know?
He's so annoying.
You know how I feel.
No, never.
Please understand.
I refuse.
But I really do prefer
you, Natsume.
It's too late.
Think of Kurume.
Forget about her.
What do you think about
Ririka and Hirona?
It's just lame-game
scam, right?
This project could be a hit,
but not with those two.
Without an all-amateur cast,
it will fail.
You think it sounds lame?
So what do we do?
Can we restart the interview?
Whenever you want.
I've heard you like to read.
Yes, lately I'm heavily
into Dostoyevsky.
Which novel?
Pretty much all of them.
Name at least one
you like.
As he's about to be executed,
he notices his buttons are done up wrong.
Even in his last moments,
he still cares about that.
Okay, who is it?
Oh, Hirona!
Will you quit showbiz?
No, I'll never do that.
But we can't keep
this up forever.
We can do
whenever we want.
Like politicians
suck out our taxes?
Exactly. Even without talent,
you can just pretend.
But isn't acting
just pretending?
Of course.
If that's the case,
my sugar-daddy's an actor.
Ms Ririka Sena and
Ms Hirona Matsumoto?
The auditions are in here.
Who's your sugar-daddy?
Actually, he's a
prominent politician.
-He's a genius.
-This way.
In you go.
You're Ririka Sena, right?
Why did you apply?
Is this the place?
Just be quiet.
-Don't touch me.
-Let's go.
I found you!
They're waiting.
This way, please.
We were assaulted
by a strange girl.
We'd better hurry.
Please introduce yourselves.
Is that really necessary?
How absurd.
They're both big stars,
do we need to do this?
Every applicant does it,
so can they.
No problem,
Mr Muto.
It's natural, isn't it?
I'm Ririka Sena.
How do you do.
Nice to meet you.
Hirona Matsumoto,
pleased to meet you.
How do you do.
I'm Anon.
Pleased to meet you.
Can you tell us why you
applied for this audition?
That's too obvious.
I'll start blushing.
I'm a big fan of
Kobayashi's work.
So you chose to be
Of course.
Isn't that just amazing?
Any chance I can get
some questions over here?
The audition went well.
Yes, see you later.
How could you be so stupid?
He could have died.
I got mad at him.
The thought of you
in his arms...
Don't ruin it for me.
You understand?
I have to respect
my own rules.
Give me a minute.
Yes, I understand.
Is it that bastard?
Was that him?
Come back, Anon!
Are you okay?
Sorry about your mother.
She was fine until yesterday.
Please fill this in
to complete her records.
She seemed like
such a good mother.
Audition Application Form
I'm gathering my courage
to apply for an audition.
I've always wanted
to be an actress.
But I had to
look after you.
Time for her drip.
No more pain, please.
I hate pain.
Please hold her arm
for me.
It won't take long.
Sorry this is hurting.
It'll soon be over.
Sorry, Mom.
I know it hurts.
Forgive me.
Father: Unknown Mother: Yoko
Self: Kanna Tsunoda
Audition Application Form
I'll go post my application.
I'll go do it now.
Where's the stamp?
I didn't forget.
It never was.
Maybe it's some
kind of sign.
I'm missing something
A stamp, please.
That's 82 yen.
I forgot my purse.
Is anything wrong?
Give me an 82 yen stamp.
Hands up.
It's all fantasy, anyway.
Give me the stamp.
Here's your stamp, dear.
All fantasy situations
need a friend.
A fiction film directed by
Tadashi Kobayashi.
"Mask" A Tadashi Kobayashi Film
Casting Call
21 years old
Your picture
Three, two, one.
Glue stick
You know what this
tattoo means?
Was it done by an amateur?
If you want to piss me off,
try harder, kid.
- What did you say?
- What's your problem?
-Wanna fight?
-Stop it.
Both of you.
It's stupid.
We're all members of girls gang.
Let's all team up.
You see this dagger?
Hey, girls.
We're the strongest
girls gang in town.
Do you get it?
You got it?
Show me.
Auditions for Kobayashi's
latest movie.
You should all apply.
Have you, Machiko?
No, I haven't.
Life is like running
continuous laps of an oval.
What do you mean?
Like breaking up with that bastard Joe,
only to meet a man just like him.
Which was first?
Chicken or egg?
Who was first,
me or Natsume?
Can you two stop
talking about that Joe guy?
That's like running
around an oval.
Going round and round
in circles.
My life is
going in circles.
Life is so full of
Diametrically opposed!
The dots and lines
don't match up.
Nothing fits together.
That's because you're Natsume.
Me, too.
I'm stuck in the same place.
Anyway, check out this flyer.
See you again.
Take care.
Come back soon.
We should have
applauded her.
Next Morning
Hello, Natsume?
Go check your mailbox.
The thing is...
I've just heard back
from them.
I haven't opened mine yet.
Yours will be there, go get it.
Oh, yes.
I got one.
I knew it.
Don't open it yet.
Let's do that together.
Maybe in 30 minutes?
I failed.
I didn't pass.
-Me, neither.
-Same here.
We stood up for that director!
-She's right.
-Only we could do that.
Only us.
What went wrong?
What did we do wrong?
Okay, vocal training.
We all got rejected.
What about you?
I didn't apply.
Why not?
You'd get in.
I guess we all share
the same fate now.
She's right.
We'll apply to be extras.
You should come.
We're so mad,
we want to watch.
Machiko, come with us.
Here we go!
This girl, definitely.
Kiriko, a call for you.
-Who's calling you?
-Hello, Kiriko speaking.
Thank you.
Come on, tell us.
I passed the audition,
I'm the female lead.
You did it!
We'll go with you.
We'll be extras.
We'll be with you.
We'll be there,
alongside you.
I'm so happy.
You did great.
I'm really glad.
Who else?
This girl, too.
Ms Yasuko?
This is for
the crime-lab.
Good man.
If you remember anything else,
please call.
We're done for today.
Ms Yasuko Yabuki?
You passed our audition.
Please come
for a costume fitting.
I will.
Come to Toei Studios...
She looks good.
She's cute.
How about Kiriko?
It suits her.
Right, Mr Muto?
Yes, very cute.
How about Yasuko?
Wow, she looks great.
It really suits her.
I think she looks brilliant.
This needs adjusting.
What about the pendant?
It works on that dress.
The other one?
I must have her.
Where's Kanna?
Ms Kanna?
Try these on.
That'll suit her.
Very nice.
That get-up makes
her even cuter.
How's her hair?
Hair back.
Who's she?
The director's pick
for female lead.
I don't think she's
our heroine.
I think she is.
Listen, Muto.
Do you remember a girl
named Anon?
Apparently, you two
endured much together.
Something bad happened to
her boyfriend, right?
Scandals are a
killer in showbiz.
No, please.
You're hurting me.
You get my meaning?
Say yes.
Don't mind us.
I think she's a good choice.
But we've already
chosen Kiriko.
Is she here?
Yes, she's getting
changed right now.
You saw her earlier, right?
It's too late to change now.
Invent something.
We have to.
We need to change some
others, too.
I can't tell him
that at this point.
We really do need to cast
some professional actresses.
Are you serious?
Show some respect.
Mr Muto, no...
You look good.
Getting buttons wrong
can change a life.
Be careful.
Thank you.
She really looks good.
So sweet.
Totally cute.
- Can I get a second?
- What now?
I can't say, not here.
- What hairstyle?
- Down is better.
I'm so sorry, Kiriko.
We're all sorry.
Forgive us.
I'm so sorry.
Truly sorry.
We got the buttons wrong.
I was expecting that
instantaneous burst of happiness.
But it never happened.
Shall we go home?
I'm sorry, Katako.
I really blew it.
So you're running away again.
- Run? To where?
- At least do it properly.
But you're always
so half-assed.
-What do you mean?
-You know.
When I died,
you ran away.
Now you're running away by
bowing to their orders.
You'll give in, again,
and make their movie.
Stick up for yourself.
How do I do that?
You know how.
Stop making excuses.
Mr Director.
Mr Director.
Mr Director.
Let's go.
Here we go.
Get up.
How do I look, Mr Muto?
You look gorgeous.
But I don't like this bit.
It really should be tighter.
Hello there.
The newcomer?
So you're Anon?
- Yes. Pleased to meet you.
- Same here.
You can come through now.
Another audition?
What's with her?
Is she crazy?
A TV crew is here.
It's a real scandal.
I want you to move out.
Because of you, we have
TV crews out front.
Shooting starts today.
No point sitting here, waiting.
We'll support Kobayashi
whatever it takes.
We can do that
by becoming extras.
Support him with our love
and presence.
Stand behind him,
bolster him with our love.
Our love is immortal.
Unto death we are the
Kobayashi True Love Club!
The Kobayashi
True Love Club!
Yasuko Yabuki
of Kunitachi City, Tokyo.
She spent a week with her father's
body, after he killed himself.
Cause of death was massive
internal bleeding and it's believed
he stabbed himself to death.
A visiting housekeeper raised the
alarm and called the police.
An investigating officer
later found the body.
Come on, cheer up.
There'll be other chances.
Here she comes now.
Any comment for us, Yasuko?
What did I do wrong?
I just wanted to be with him.
I loved him.
Is that a crime?
Even if it is,
I don't care.
My life is more precious than
what justice calls a crime.
You're filming the wrong thing.
Aim your camera
at the ones you love.
Don't you love anyone?
She was supposed to be
in the film with me.
Why didn't you call the police?
No, please...
Stop that.
Please, Yasuko.
How many times must I tell you?
I'll be in that movie,
whatever it takes.
But how?
I'll work as an extra.
That's pointless.
I will go.
Wait, dear.
Makoto is calling to me.
Makoto, wait for me.
You'll never be a star
by playing an extra in a crowd.
It goes nowhere.
Did you expect to fail?
I never expected
to pass the audition.
That's life.
That's for sure.
That's what it is
to be an actress.
It's just like the lottery.
We can never win.
Forget about it.
Thanks for this.
I'm a big fan of Kobayashi.
I get to see him at work.
I'm so excited.
All thanks to me.
I'll never forget
your generosity.
It's starting up.
Camera, action!
Look at the crowds.
Such a throng of humanity
I just failed the audition,
gimme a break!
I wanted that role.
Flowing like an unceasing tide.
We all part of that crowd.
You, too.
I've forgotten my own face.
I can't remember my voice.
I don't remember your face, either.
I don't want to hear your excuses.
Are you here to audition
as an extra?
Is that an offer?
I'm free.
I'm an extra, the definition of free.
-Leave me alone.
-No way!
Leave me alone!
I couldn't care less.
You're strangely enthusiastic.
Okay, take me too.
I'm sorry.
So what's next?
I love you!
Shall we go into showbiz?
What are you murmuring?
Prepare for the worst.
Live boldly.
Yeah, live boldly.
Look at that beautiful blue sky.
It makes me want to
shoot off fireworks.
Is it okay to display
our poster here?
Of course, no problem.
Can we talk
while they're shooting?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Wasn't she your choice?
Long ago, there was a
French poet, Henri Michaux.
At the movies, he'd only ever
look at the extras, never the stars.
He was far more
interested in extras.
It's not too late.
Make her your heroine.
-Let's do it!
-Be quiet.
Where are you?
What's going on here?
Is she a good actress?
Kiriko would be much better.
She took Kiriko's role?
Not her.
She's on next.
She got my part.
Her acting sucks.
Kiriko is much better.
She sure is.
I love you.
More feeling!
More depth!
I'll never let you go.
Same here.
No looking at the camera.
Be patient.
When you hear screaming,
look back, in surprise.
It's too late for that.
No, it isn't.
Which one?
Tell me.
Does anyone know?
Does anyone know?
We must find out.
Hey there, Machiko!
Excuse me.
I'll have this one.
Yes, thank you.
-How may I help you?
I mean...
Just say anything at all.
In that case...
I'll have that one, too.
That's 2000 yen.
Just pretend you're paying.
Thank you.
Clapper board!
What's going on
over there?
I'll walk to there.
Let's pretend we eloped here.
Or maybe we're both
planning to die?
It's so hot.
-Are you hungry?
Will they give us
They're just props.
But aren't they gorgeous?
They're real shoes.
Are they for sale?
No, they're props,
for the movie.
Quieten down, girls.
It's those old fart
security guards.
How come you're here?
We're working as extras.
She was at the audition, too.
I sense a ghost.
The one from the audition.
She's the heroine from
Kobayashi's first movie.
And his ex-girlfriend.
So hungry.
-Are you?
-I'm starving.
My friend runs a bar nearby.
Let's grab a drink after this.
We're working, get real.
Don't hit on the extras.
I'm sorry.
If you're not dedicated,
don't even audition.
Listen pal, go back to pretending
to be a shoe salesman.
Anyone want shoes?
First time in a movie?
I've no time for amateurs.
Piss off.
Okay, that's cool.
Shoes, anyone?
Yes, I need shoes.
Extras, that was great.
Keep up that vibe.
You don't get what I'm
trying to accomplish here.
You're the worst actress.
-You're hopeless.
Go do your job.
No, you're right, Mr Director.
-Not you again.
-Everything okay?
-You're great, Ken.
Listen, never look
at the camera.
I'm sorry.
-So sorry.
What's your name?
Extras don't have names.
Not in the script,
I know.
Sometimes we're designated
passerby A, B or C.
Okay then, I'm A.
I'm B.
And I'm C.
No one asked you.
Do you guys
ever stop talking?
-No talk.
-Be professional.
So sorry.
You, come with me.
It's Kiriko, right?
You take her position, okay.
-Hi there.
-How do you do.
-Well done.
-Kiriko, go for it!
Go for it!
I didn't like that.
Play it back.
What's wrong?
Show me.
-That extra's hogging the scene.
-Which one?
Extras should blend-in, not stick out.
Look, he's kissing her.
It's too distracting.
The bastards.
All extras, do exactly as instructed.
Do not ad lib, or move around.
You two.
You ruined that take.
You kissed her,
didn't you?
What were you thinking?
I'm sorry.
Don't draw attention
to yourselves.
I thought it would
look good.
- Who do you think you are?
- He's just having fun.
Not on my set!
Those stars over there
are the center of attention.
You're like a haze,
drifting across the screen.
Never stick out.
Even haze has
a reason for being.
I'm so sorry.
But you guys
did a brilliant job.
Thanks for that.
You were great.
-I wish this would end.
We're extras, it's too easy.
No responsibilities.
Let the stars do the hard work.
That's not our gig.
All we have to do is pretend to be
doing the roles we're assigned.
Pretending, eh?
Sounds like my entire life.
What's that?
You live life as an extra.
I'm the heroine in my life.
Don't start.
Good for you.
Okay, no fighting, girls.
What's the problem?
Get ready to go again.
Attention, extras.
I shout "camera action."
Start at "camera," not "action."
You lot shut up, concentrate.
Stop annoying me.
All passersby...
Joe's starting to get angry.
He's upset.
Just like Kobayashi.
Yell if you hear me!
Here we go!
We're ready, Mr Director.
Get into the groove,
feel the vibe!
Sound rolling.
Be natural.
-How do you do.
-Nice to meet you.
I'm busted and broken.
What's that crap?
We're going around
in circles.
Who cares?
You all skip from
topic to topic.
We're pretending to
go round and round.
I told you to
cut that out.
I'm sorry.
But I'm so in love with him.
Big bad news!
How many times must I tell you?
You need to show it,
act it, not read it.
If you can't do it ,
I'll get an extra who can.
Every single one of them
wants to be a star.
Raise your hand
if you want stardom.
Who wants to take
Anon's role?
Should I choose one of them?
You're hopeless.
-I'll try harder!
-Okay, do it again.
Joe, hurry up!
Back to your original positions,
right now.
Here we go.
She should quit!
Anon, quit acting.
It's rolling.
-Excuse me.
-May I help you?
Im already dissolving
into the crowd.
That one, please.
Thank you, Miss A.
Are you free after this?
Maybe a date?
Mr B, no hitting on girls
on the set.
Mr C, mind your own business.
Ms A wants to be
an actress, right?
She has no time for you.
She must concentrate on her art.
If you were a professional,
you'd know we're not in frame.
In my mind, I'm always in frame.
Always ready to be filmed.
-You're no professional.
-Shut up!
But I'm determined
to be an actress.
Can you be quiet?
I'm serious.
What's your real job?
You pretend that you're not
wearing a mask.
Look, they're filming
the opposite side.
Shut up.
I once looked back to check
and ruined a shot. Never again.
Such an amateur.
Those boring words
aren't your truth.
I've just started,
I have a future here.
I want you to live life
I know, but...
What will you do?
That is terrible.
Anon, you just don't get it!
Show your emotion
with your voice.
-We'll do it again.
Everyone, back in place.
We'll do it again.
Kiriko, back to
being a passerby.
You can stay here.
We're free.
You and I will be free.
Who are you?
Follow the rule.
You shut up!
Is this a joke?
I get it.
You're the "necessary evil."
That's just a smug excuse.
I don't care if it's good or bad.
I come when needed.
Let's assume
the leading roles.
- What?
- Make up your mind.
- It's my decision?
- Yes, so decide!
I understand.
Then let's take over, now.
Sorry about all the re-takes.
We're almost there.
You reckon?
You want to act?
I do.
Becoming famous
is a long, hard road.
Not for us.
Very soon.
Right away.
That's ridiculous.
Just relax.
What happened?
Extras start moving
when I say "camera."
No milling around.
Follow all orders.
Here we go.
I can't hear you.
Let's do it.
Start walking.
We're taking over,
you got it?
Aye aye, sir.
Hold it.
Those two...
I quit!
I'm out of here!
I'm going home!
Come back!
Joe, do something.
Director Kobayashi!
Somebody, do something!
- You, do something.
- It's your fault.
- How dare you?
- You fucked it, you fix it!
You two,
stop that.
Let's run away together.
Mr Director!
Come back!
I bust my ass for you every time.
But I've had enough.
Do whatever
the hell you want.
Mr Director!
I totally respect the
aesthetics of your work.
I'm just a no-talent bum.
But I've given you
everything I have.
Farewell forever!
I'm here for you!
Look at me.
Who the hell are you?
We're yours.
Leave me alone!
Let's all work together.
I'll be your heroine.
What's going on?
No idea,
but we must keep walking.
With our heads held high.
With our heads held high.
Fix it,
do something.
Fuck you, I quit!
What happened?
This is terrible...
Don't do that!
So you two are
still dating?
Yeah, you're right.
I'm a bastard.
We're still in a relationship.
I'm a scumbag, right?
What do you mean?
Leave her, get mad at me.
I'm the fool, the loser, the scumbag.
Listen everyone!
He is the worst guy ever!
-He is!
-And me, too.
Not you.
He's to blame.
-I'll beat you up!
-Go on.
You, bastard!
Don't underestimate
We're the meanest, toughest,
girl-gang ever!
You got that?
You got that?
Yo u're totally awesome.
What's with you?
I don't care anymore.
Pull yourself together!
Let's take it to the limit!
You stole my girlfriend away.
You stole my girl!
What the hell is
going on here?
For a movie, this is crazy.
But I love it.
You need to quit.
- You're no good.
- What?
- Do I need to teach you?
- Are you serious?
Weirdo over here.
Can someone come
and take her away?
Now fuck off!
This is filmmaking
at its best!
Let's run with it, okay?
Kiriko, let's do it.
Where are you?
I'm here.
Where are you, Kyoko?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who the hell are you?
I'm here!
You're not Kyoko.
You're not the star.
Yes, I am!
Who are you?
Where are you?
I'm here!
I'm here.
I'll be a lead actress, too.
Me, too.
-Me, too.
-Me, too.
Keep it rolling!
Don't stop!
Let's keep going till
we reach the horizon!
Okay everyone, listen.
Do it!
Do as he says!
Go for it!
Go for it!
If we stand idly by,
freedom will disappear forever.
Everyone, rise!
Are you happy
being faceless extras?
Face up to the reality
of life as an extra.
It's broken me.
What's wrong with that?
Farewell, passersby!
What's wrong with
being broken?
Kiriko's leaving.
She's leaving us.
Marry me!
Oh, go away!
Freedom is disappearing
from our world.
Everyone, rise up!
Are you happy
being faceless extras?
Face up to the reality
of life as an extra.
Face your reality!
Fight against your reality!
Hey, what's going on?
You two, stop now!
Stop filming.
Stop the camera.
Do as I say.
Written, Directed & Edited by
Sion Sono
The Red Post Box on Escher St.