Red Rock West (1994) Movie Script

There is a lot of uncontrolled
vocabulary in this movie!
"Red Rock West"
(Wyoming, 487)
Mighty glad to meet you, Mr. Johnson.
- Mr. Johnson?
- Back here.
This is the guy I was telling you about.
My friend from Texas.
Oh, yeah.
Howard, get him an application.
Sit anywhere you like.
I thought you said I already had the job.
Don't worry. It's just a formality.
- You want some coffee?
- Sure.
- Black, right?
- Right.
Jim, I don't need to tell you
how dangerous it is out there.
The guy's got a fucked-up leg.
If you were me, would you hire him?
Give the guy a break. He drove 1200 miles.
He's too big a risk.
I could lose my insurance.
Michael, wait!
Mike, why did you tell him about your leg?
He'd have found out sooner or later.
So what? By then you'd have had the job.
That wouldn't be right.
Shit, Mike.
Hey, man, I'm really sorry about this.
Don't worry about it, Jim. It's not your fault.
So, now what are you going to do?
I don't know. Maybe I'll rob a bank.
Hey, you need some money?
- That's okay.
- Look, let me spot you a couple of bucks.
Don't worry about me. I said I'd be all right.
Okay. You stay in touch.
Yeah, you, too.
(Ice for sale)
Anybody here?
Is anybody here?
I said, "Is anybody here?"
Can I help you?
I need some gas.
Fill her up?
No. Just give me $5 worth.
Texas, huh?
What the devil brings everybody here
to Wyoming?
I'm looking for work.
Just what kind of work you looking for?
I was hoping to get on a drilling crew.
Roughneck, huh?
Why don't you try Red Rock?
About 50 miles down the road.
There's a bar there called "The Red Rock".
Most all of the local crew,
they hang out there.
Hell, maybe somebody there
can head you in the right direction.
Mighty fine old car you got here.
You know...
they just don't make them that way anymore,
do they?
That'll be $5.
$5 it is.
Thank you.
(Welcome To Red Rock)
(Pop. 1523 Elev. 7027)
(Red Rock Bar)
You open?
- Got any coffee?
- Yeah.
I thought you were supposed to be here
last Friday.
I was beginning to think
I'd have to find somebody else.
You are here for the job, aren't you?
(Welcome To Wayne's Place)
(Now Sit And Shut Up!)
You must be Wayne?
And you're Lyle, from Dallas, right?
- Right.
- Good.
I just...
Why don't you take your coffee
and let's go back in the office?
There's the five like we agreed.
I'll have the other five ready for you...
when it's done.
Today is Tuesday,
so she'll be out riding most of the day.
I think the best way to do this
is to make it look like a simple burglary.
Just go out to the house...
break in...
mess the place up a little, you know?
Not too much...
just enough.
then when she...
comes in, you...
Well, you know what to do.
I figure the cops will spend
a couple of months looking for clues...
and once they come up empty-handed,
they'll get frustrated and eventually...
try to put the blame on some drifter,
some guy just passing through town.
It happens all the time, you know?
is she?
She's my wife.
(Private Property)
(No trespassing)
Your name Suzanne?
You're married
to a guy named Wayne, right?
I don't know how to tell you this.
But your husband, Wayne...
he plans to have you murdered.
This is a joke, right?
I'm afraid not.
He paid me to do it.
Well, what are you going to do?
I don't know.
I hate to see an innocent woman get hurt...
but it's an awful lot of money.
Can I fix you a drink?
You seem to be taking this a lot better
than I thought you would.
Have you ever been married?
What's your name?
Have you ever been married, Lyle?
Well, it does strange things to people.
Suppose I double his offer,
and you do something for me.
What do you have in mind?
Take care of Wayne.
(Total sale)
(Atlas and chevron
automotive products)
- Is that all?
- That'll do it.
How much gas you have?
- Got anything smaller?
- Not today.
(Mick's Auto Care, Chevron Service)
(102 N. Haskell, Red Rock, WY 82802)
(To the Sheriff of Red...)
(To the Sheriff of Red Rock,
Wayne Brown may have hired
a killer to murder his wife.)
(She is likely to do the same.
Please talk to them before...)
(Phone clicking)
(...someone gets hurt.
This is not a joke.)
(Sheriff's Dept.)
(Red Rock, Wyoming, 82802)
(Thunder rumbling)
(You are leaving
Red Rock)
(Alone in San Antone by Jeff Chance
playing on radio)
Hang in there, buddy, 'cause I'm going
to get you out of here, all right?
(Welcome To Red Rock)
(Pop. 1523 Elev. 7027)
(Red Rock
County Hospital)
- Get a doctor!
- What happened?
- Somebody get a fucking doctor!
- Wait here, sir.
Dr. Smoot, ER stat!
- What happened?
- I hit him with my car.
Bobby! When?
About 20 minutes ago.
- I've got a pulse. Get him into ER.
- Right away.
Wait here. I'm gonna need to
ask you some questions.
This way, sir.
Are you finished yet?
No. Have you heard anything?
Sorry. You'll have to wait for the doctor.
Hey, wait!
(Red Rock
County Hospital)
I was just gonna move my car.
How's he doing?
It's a good thing you brought him in
when you did. He's lost a lot of blood.
(Red Rock
County Hospital)
Hi, Doc. This the guy that brought him in?
Yeah. Matt, can I talk to you a minute?
(Phone ringing)
Going somewhere?
NURSE: Red Rock County Hospital...
Yeah, my car's out there and I was...
It's in a red zone and I was gonna move it.
- Matt.
- Yeah?
That was the Sheriff.
He says he's on his way over.
- You didn't call him, did you?
- What do you think?
- You got some ID on you?
- Yeah.
Is there a problem, Officer?
Looks like we have an attempted homicide
on our hands.
What are you talking about?
It was an accident.
Well, then how do you explain these?
He's been shot twice in the stomach.
(Red Rock County Hospital)
(Emergency entrance)
(No parking)
(Dr. on call)
What about Kurt? How's he doing?
He's pretty bad off
but the doctor says he's gonna make it.
Well, if there's any change in his condition,
you let me know.
Michael Williams.
Well, Michael, you're gonna be spending
some time with us...
until we can get to the bottom of this.
Wayne, can I talk to you for a minute?
- You really gonna hold this guy?
- Why? You got somebody else, Matt?
No, but it doesn't make much sense
he'd shoot him...
then bring him to the hospital, does it?
Yeah, well. Odessa, Texas, huh?
That's not too far. I guess we can always
just get him on the phone...
if we need to ask him any questions.
You and Russ impound the car.
I'll take him down to the station.
Yes, sir.
Get in.
(Red Rock
County Hospital)
All right, kid. Start talking...
'cause you got about two minutes
to tell me what the fuck is going on.
I just thought you needed
a stupid bartender or something.
- Don't fuck with me!
- I'm not.
Okay, who else knows about this?
- Nobody.
- I said, don't fuck with me!
I'm not.
(You are leaving
Red Rock)
What about the guy in the hospital?
What happened?
I don't know anything about that.
You don't have to worry about me.
I'm not gonna say anything to anyone.
- What about the money?
- It's in my car, in the glove compartment.
So what do you think?
Why don't you just drop me off?
We'll both forget about
the whole damn thing.
(Hey Porter by Johnny Cash
playing on radio)
What the fuck are you doing?
My car broke down.
Where? I don't see a car.
- It's just over that ridge.
- Over that ridge, huh?
You're one lucky son of a bitch, aren't you?
If I hadn't had my brakes just done...
I'd be picking your brains
out of my radiator.
Listen, I hate to ask you this,
but do you think you could give me a ride?
No, I don't know.
You aren't dangerous, are you?
I just...
I just need a ride.
You can drop me off
at the nearest gas station.
Okay, cowboy, you got yourself a ride.
Come on, get in.
Son of a bitch.
(Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash
playing on radio)
You banged it up pretty good,
how did you do that?
I was in the Marine Corps.
No shit?
First Force Recon.
Last unit to leave Vietnam.
April, '71.
I got the same one right here.
Where were you stationed?
I was with the 24th MAU in Lebanon.
- The truck bomb thing? You were there?
- Yeah.
Holy shit. You weren't in that building
they hit, were you?
- You're one lucky son of a bitch.
- I know.
And I know I'm lucky.
Two hundred and forty-one guys weren't.
- Thanks for the ride.
- Anytime, soldier.
(Welcome To Red Rock)
(Pop. 1523 Elev. 7027)
(Bar Red Rock)
(Package Goods)
You're not going in here, are you?
Yeah, I got to take care of a little business.
- And I wanna buy you a drink.
- Thanks, but I should get going.
I nearly greased your can back there.
Now, least I can do is buy you a beer.
- Thanks, but I should get my car.
- I'll tell you what.
Let me buy you a beer
and then I'll help you get your car.
That's okay. You've been awful kind.
You've done enough already.
Now, I said, I'd help you get your car.
Really, it's okay.
You don't wanna drink with me?
- I'm not good enough to buy you a beer?
- No, it's not that. I just...
Then what the fuck's your problem?
Us Marines, we got to stick together.
Come on.
Okay, soldier, you're right.
I can get my car later.
That's it. Now that's more like it.
All right. Come on.
(Lively country music playing)
What will you have?
I'd like a shot of Jim Beam
and a bottle of Bud.
How about you?
You know,
that never should have happened...
what happened to you
and our boys over there in Lebanon.
Yeah, well...
you get in there,
you just gotta give it your best shot, right?
- Semper Fi.
- Semper Fi.
That'll be $6.50.
Have you got a guy here named Wayne?
- You mean the owner?
- Yeah, that's him. Wayne Brown.
Sorry, he's out.
Damn. Probably out looking for me.
I was supposed to be here last week.
I can call him if it's important.
Would you? I'd appreciate that.
You tell him
Lyle from Dallas finally showed up.
- He'll know who you mean.
- Sure thing.
- You know, I never did catch your name.
- Michael.
- Well, it's nice meeting you, Michael.
- Likewise.
Listen, I gotta use the head
and I'll be right back.
Yeah, don't piss on the seat even if they did.
It's not lucky.
Did you just pick somebody up
just outside of town?
- Yeah, I did.
- Where is he?
Now, Wayne, why would you be inquiring?
(Red Rock Bar)
Look, why don't you check out back
that way. I'll go over here.
He can't have gotten too far.
(Red Rock Bar)
(Warfield Trucking)
You're not sending me
to Sheridan to see some bitch...
with a pissed-off husband. I'm not going.
- Can't get up to Sheridan till next week.
- $20.
MAN 1: I'll tell you something.
First sign of bullshit...
(Package Goods)
MAN 2: ...and in the middle of the night...
Give me the goddamn suitcase.
You weren't lying to me.
(Warfield Trucking)
(Houston, Texas)
(Lively country music playing on radio)
(Houston, Texas)
Does that tickle?
'Cause it won't if I pull the trigger.
What the hell are you doing on my truck?
Sorry, boss, I didn't mean to scare you.
Hey, do I look scared to you?
What the hell are you doing on my truck?
- Well, I was just trying to ditch my old lady.
- You were what?
Yeah, she caught me in the bar
and I wasn't supposed to be there...
- and she started sprouting horns and shit.
- Bullshit.
Look at that uncontrolled response
to bullshit.
- I hate when that happens.
- Yeah, I don't like it either...
but I just had to get the hell out of there.
So you come out
and climbed up on my truck?
That's kind of stupid, isn't it?
Yeah, it is, but you've never met my wife.
- She's spooky.
- Yeah? Yeah?
You're lying to me. Get off my truck.
Come on, get off the truck.
Oh, man.
(Houston, Texas)
I'm headed north if you want a ride.
There's a ranch just up the road.
You can drop me off there.
What's the deal, man?
Am I taking you back to your old lady...
or away from your old lady?
Well, neither, actually.
I just got a little business to take care of.
Is she pretty?
Yeah, she is pretty.
Good luck, Spiderman.
Thanks for the ride.
(Glass shattering)
It's okay.
It's all right.
I'm not who you think I am. I lied.
I'm just a guy who needed a job real bad.
And your husband offered me one
and I took it. Before I knew what it was.
- You're not a killer.
- That's right.
But the guy who I'm supposed to be
just drove into town.
So you gotta get out of here.
So, suddenly
my life's in danger again, right?
That's right.
You expect me to believe you?
What is this? Money, you want my money?
I don't have any more money!
Why don't you
get the fuck out of my house?
You're not listening to me.
Your friend the ranch hand, he's been shot!
- You mean Kurt?
- Yeah.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
He was lying in the road
and I took him to the hospital.
- Now pack your bags and get going.
- Is he alive?
- Yeah.
- They know who shot him?
No, he was unconscious.
But I wouldn't be surprised...
to find out your gun-crazy husband
had something to do with it, would you?
Get dressed.
(Whispering) Okay, he's in the living room.
Now go to the balcony.
Come on.
(Toilet flushing)
- Is that him?
- Yeah.
- What should I do?
- If I were you, I'd get a divorce.
- Where you going?
- I don't wanna be here...
when Lyle from Dallas wakes up, do you?
There's a jeep behind the barn.
Let me grab a coat, I'll be right out.
Fucking story of my life.
What kind of mileage
do you get in this thing?
We're almost out of gas.
- Which way is the nearest town?
- Medicine Bow is about 40 miles that way.
Is there a sheriff there?
Yes. You're not thinking
about going to the police, are you?
Yeah, I wanna get this goddamn mess
cleaned up before anyone else gets hurt.
What are you gonna tell them?
The truth.
You sure about that?
- Yeah, I'm sure about that.
- Okay.
How are you gonna explain impersonating a
hired killer and taking $10000...
from my husband, the Sheriff?
Okay, what do you suggest?
I suggest we get as
far away from here as possible.
And that's it? You're just gonna leave.
What the hell do I have
that's worth coming back for?
Hey, Russ, give me the registration, will you?
(Red Rock
County Impound)
Hey, Wayne.
- The son of a bitch got away.
- What?
Yeah, he kicked me. Went berserk.
Want us to call in an APB?
An APB? No. Please,
let's just keep this amongst ourselves, huh?
- Bad enough. Did you guys find anything?
- No, we just started looking.
Well, look, find him tonight.
- I'll be in the bar, okay?
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Sure.
- Hey, Matt?
- What do you got, Russ?
You don't suppose
this has anything to do with anything?
(108 / 113)
(Total sale)
(Check your oil)
(Prepay Cashier)
(EC Premium)
You wouldn't happen
to have that money I gave you, would you?
No, it was in my car.
Wayne's deputies must have it by now.
Well, how were you planning
to pay for the gas?
I got about $80 left.
Can I see your wallet?
I like that better than Lyle.
- Where you going?
- Thirsty. I'll be in the bar.
(Country Girl)
(Cocktails, Food)
(Beer, Pool)
(Lively country music playing)
- Maybe we should get going.
- Maybe you should relax and have a drink.
- I thought you wanted to get out of here.
- What's one drink?
- What'll you have?
- Give me a beer.
(I Buy her Roses by Sammy Kershaw playing)
You know, Michael...
I realize you didn't have to
come back for me.
You could have just left.
But you didn't...
did you?
Thank you.
That'll be $1.25.
You must think I'm pretty awful, huh?
Why is that?
I did ask you to take care of Wayne.
Well, under the circumstances
I can't say as I blame you.
- You're a nice guy, aren't you, Michael?
- I try to be.
God, I love tequila.
Maybe that's what we should do.
Go to Mexico.
- Ever been there?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, what's it like?
- Hot.
Sounds perfect.
- Let me ask you something.
- Sure.
- Why did Wayne try to...
- Get rid of me?
- I'll have another shot. You want one?
- Tequila?
- Whisky.
- You got it.
It's all about money.
My parents died several years ago
in an accident...
and I received a fairly large
insurance settlement.
Wayne's just gotten used to spending it.
He probably figures if he divorced me
he'd end up with nothing.
If I'm 6 feet under the ground
with a bullet in my head...
he gets to keep everything.
- That's kind of hard to imagine.
- Yeah, well, that's my husband.
(Phone ringing)
WAYNE: Hello?
LYLE: Wayne?
She got away.
Cowboy surely got the jump on me.
- Do you know where they went?
- Hell no. How could I?
I've been staring at my damn eyelids
for the last hour and a half.
You can't let them get away.
Hey, I didn't come all the way up here
to play hide-and-seek.
You have got to find her.
Okay, I'll tell you what. I'll take a look
around but it's gonna cost you.
- And I want another five up front.
- Fine!
- Just find her.
- Okay. When do I get the money?
Tomorrow morning.
Just come to my office.
It's right behind the bar.
- Okay, what time?
- 9:30.
(Dial tone buzzing)
So, what do you say?
You wanna go to Mexico with me or what?
(Comfort Inn)
In our present condition
I don't think we'd get very far.
What do you think we should do?
- Get a cup of coffee.
- I got a better idea.
Okay, what's that?
(Comfort Inn)
Comfort Inn.
(Comfort Inn)
(Enjoy Coke)
You wanna fix me a drink?
Whiskey okay?
Sounds nice.
Don't you like me?
Yeah, I like you.
Then what's the matter?
I just try to make a point of
staying away from married women.
Why? Marriage is just a state of mind.
Not in Texas.
We're not in Texas.
Tell me about Mexico.
When I was a kid,
my dad took me to Veracruz...
and he bought me a purple sombrero...
and a little guitar.
It was nice.
- I'll bet you were a cute little boy.
- I don't know.
We could go there together.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Get a little house by the ocean.
Drink margaritas all day.
Watch the sunset.
And take siestas together.
Morning, noon, and night.
(Comfort Inn)
(Canyon tire)
(Arco market)
You're up early.
- I've been thinking.
- About what?
About Mexico.
We're gonna need a lot more
than $80 to get there.
- We're going to Mexico?
- Yeah.
Wayne always keeps some cash
in his safe at the office.
Wait a minute.
You wanna go back to Red Rock?
You've a better idea?
You're just gonna walk into your
husband's bar and take his money?
It's my money.
Okay, your money.
You really think you can get away with that?
I can't let him have it all.
How much money
are you talking about anyway?
Are you coming?
Okay, I'll...
I'll go.
- You sure you have the right combination?
- Yes.
Is it possible he could have changed it?
Well it's possible? Would you like to try?
Right to 24.
Left to 87.
Right to 56.
Left to 12.
Right to 99.
- That's it?
- Yeah, let's go.
I don't believe it.
I don't believe it.
Oh, yeah.
(Knocking on door)
Come on in. Door's open.
Morning, Wayne.
Morning, fellas.
- What are you boys doing?
- I got a call from the hospital this morning.
One of the nurses was going
through Kurt's clothing, she found this.
How's he doing?
He's in critical condition
but the doctor says he's gonna make it.
- Talk to him?
- No, he's under heavy sedation.
I called the FBI. They're on their way.
$1.9 million.
Gotta hand it to you, Wayne,
or should I call you "Kevin"?
That's a hell of a lot of cash
to walk away with.
Russ, you got that letter?
Came in the mail this morning.
"Sheriff of Red Rock, Wayne Brown
may have... a killer to murder his wife".
"She is likely to do the same..."
"This is not a joke".
This is a joke. What's going on?
I don't know. Why don't you tell me?
Did you pay that guy from Texas
to murder Suzanne?
- This is ridiculous.
- What about Kurt?
- Was he trying to blackmail you?
- What?
Is that why you shot him?
Did you guys come over here to arrest me?
Kind of looks that way, Wayne.
Well, then go ahead, arrest me.
I have nothing more to say
until I talk to my lawyer.
Okay, Wayne.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
"Wanted for the theft of $1.9 million..."
- (Wanted by the FBI, grand theft; embezzlement; interstate flight)
- "from the Benton and Barnes Steel Mill".
- (Kevin and Ann McCord description)
- "Kevin and Ann McCord".
"May be armed and dangerous".
Looks like the only thing
you didn't lie about is your marriage.
It's not what you think.
I can explain. It was Wayne.
I had nothing to do with it.
One day he comes home and says,
"Pack your bags".
The next thing I know,
I'm on the FBI's most-wanted list.
What am I supposed to do, Michael?
He's my husband.
I was in love with him.
There's supposed to be
$500000 in that safe!
He must have moved it.
We can find it, Michael. We can be together.
- We can go to Mexico.
- Fuck Mexico!
Michael, please. Don't leave me.
We can be together.
Well, Miss Suzanne.
Well, you're as pretty as advertised.
You look pretty near good enough to eat.
That looks like my gun.
Afternoon, Mike.
Did you have a nice nap?
Did you know that these two...
were a couple of fucking crooks?
Now, Suzie here says...
that Wayne was a bookkeeper
in a steel mill in Illinois...
and he figured out how to walk out
of that plant with $2 million.
And she says that there's $500000
laying around somewhere...
but that Wayner is the only one
that knows where it is.
Now, is that true?
That's what she told me.
Well, if that's the case, why don't we all
just go pay Wayner a little visit...
and see if Suzie's story checks out. Okay?
- But he's in jail.
- Not for long, sweetie pie. Come on, get up.
Okay, kids...
don't you go anywhere. I'll be right back.
Michael, I'm really sorry.
You were right,
we shouldn't have come back here.
What do you say we put a cap on
the horseshit, and figure a way out of this.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Can you get your hands free?
- No.
The cord's so tight,
my hands are going numb.
Just keep moving them.
- Do you still have my car keys?
- I think so. Why?
There's a pocket-knife on the key chain.
Well, voila.
(Red Rock Bar)
Sheriff's office.
(Deputy Graytack)
Okay, yeah, we'll be right there. Hey, Matt?
(Deputy Graytack)
That was Bob Pfennigs.
He said the old Duncan place is on fire.
Call the volunteers.
I'll get Russ on the radio.
(...n Smith)
- Hey, Matt, do you want me to go?
- No, you stay put.
- (Wyoming game birds)
- I'll call you if I need you.
(...n Smith)
Jeff, hey, it's Ted. Listen,
the old Duncan place is on fire. We need...
all the volunteers to go over there.
Okay, well, hurry. All right. Bye.
(Red Rock County Sheriff)
Hey, it's Ted.
Listen, the old Duncan place is on fire.
- (Wayne Brown, John)
- Yeah, we need all the volunteers to go over there. Okay.
(Wyoming game birds)
Grady, hey, it's Ted.
Listen, the old Duncan place is on fire.
Yup. Yeah, we need some help.
(Deputy Graytack)
I'll be right with you.
Well, everyone else is already on the way.
Yeah. I'm sure. Okay.
(Wayne Brown)
All right. Okay. Bye.
(Deputy Graytack)
Can I help you?
Jesus! No!
- What happened?
- Nobody knows.
- Anybody inside?
- No.
Wind's not too bad.
We should have this out in no time.
- Does anybody know how it started?
- Not that I know about.
It's turkey. One of my favourites.
I understand that you're in possession
of over $500000. Is that right?
Okay, here's the deal.
You can stay here and go back to Illinois...
or I can get you out of here, right now...
in exchange for half of that money.
Now what's it going to be, Wayner?
All right.
- Half the money, right?
- Right.
Just get me out of here.
Ted, come in, Ted.
Ted, pick up if you read me.
You stay by your radio,
I'm going back to the office.
All right, you put these on.
- What for?
- It's part of the deal.
Come on, Wayner, we don't got all day.
Come on, take it or leave it.
- Michael.
- (Texas, DLW-9S5)
What is this?
Thank you, John Wayne.
Put her back in the car.
Take Wayne, I'll get Lyle.
You drive.
Smart cop.
(Wyoming game birds)
(Bell ringing)
- (Train whistle blowing)
- (Southern Pacific, 9723)
Just keep it on the road.
(The united / Diers commercial)
(Southern Pacific, 9723)
(Diers commercial / Stop)
(SP, SP9723)
(Kenworth 62 / SP)
(SP, 9723, Southern Pacific)
(IP 91 08 29 DIPI)
All right! All right!
Nice driving, Mike. Way to go.
Feels good, don't it?
That old V-8 just purrs like a cat.
How does it feel?
Happy couple back together again.
You two got enough legroom, do you?
So, where's the money, Wayne?
Just stay on this road,
I'll tell you when to turn.
Okay, boss.
Hey, Wayne, I just wanna ask you one thing.
- How did you ever get to be sheriff?
- I was elected.
No shit, you were elected?
How did you rig that?
It wasn't hard,
he bought every voter in the county a drink.
No shit. Damn.
Maybe I ought to do that, you know?
Run for sheriff.
Buy a bar.
What do you think, Mike?
- You want a drink?
- No, thanks.
Scotch ain't good enough?
I knew a guy like you once.
Thought he was better than everybody else.
That's it, ain't it, Mike?
You think you're better than me, don't you?
Why don't you just blow me?
You think you're a real hot shit,
don't you, Mike?
Hey, cowboy, who's got the gun?
(Tires screeching)
You keep your foot on the gas.
Choose life.
We having a good time yet?
You see all these buttons up here?
Just forget about them.
All you gotta do is push that down to talk,
let go to listen. Got it?
Good. Don't worry, Len's on his way.
And remember, don't touch anything here
until I get back.
- And, Jane, thanks.
- Yeah.
- Russ.
- What happened?
I don't know. I just missed them. Come on.
- (General Merchandise)
- I called HP, they're sending back-up from Rawlins and Laramie.
- You take 487 East, I'm going to go west.
- Matt.
- What are we looking for?
- A black Buick with Texas plates.
- All right. Now turn off your lights.
- What?
Just turn off your lights
and make the next right up there.
What are we doing, Wayne?
See this house here?
It belongs to the caretaker.
I don't want him to know we're here.
What is this?
This is the last place
anybody would think to look.
Oh, no.
Not bad, Wayner. Not bad.
- You got a shovel?
- In the trunk.
When do I get these cuffs off?
When I get the money.
- Come on, Mike. Time for a little exercise.
- Where you going to dig?
- What do you mean?
- It's a big graveyard.
What are you saying, Wayne?
Take these cuffs off
and I'll point you in the right direction.
(Lyle singing) I've been workin'
on the railroad All the live long day
Come on, can't you dig any faster?
You're probably thinking to yourself...
"How did I end up out here
with this bunch of losers"? Right?
Well, I'll tell you how.
Because you're a thief, Mike.
You wouldn't be here if you weren't, right?
Hey, Wayne...
what do you wanna do with these two?
We're going to let them go.
Are you sure about that?
There's no point killing them now, is there?
I don't know. I don't like loose ends.
Well, I hope you remember
the combinations.
Oh, yeah, I do.
But I'm not going to open that box
until you get rid of the gun.
- You don't trust me?
- I trust you.
But like you said, we're partners, right?
But you have a gun, I don't.
That's my deal, take it or leave it.
What's to keep me from just shooting
the locks off this box?
Or better yet...
I shoot you...
and throw the box in the trunk.
Yeah, you could do that.
What about the caretaker, though?
He might hear the shot.
He might call the deputies.
Might get a little messy, even for you, Lyle.
You know, Wayne,
I think you got me all wrong.
I'm not greedy.
- Fair is fair, right, partner?
- Right.
All right.
There you go.
Open the box.
you're making a mistake.
Do you really think
he's going to let you keep half that money?
Mike, that hurt.
Don't worry about me, Mike.
I think he's going to let me keep it all.
Now, Wayne, does this mean
that we ain't partners?
- Just get away from the car.
- Come on.
Come on, move it.
- Move it!
- All right, all right, all right.
Go on, get over there.
Get back. Move back.
Now, come on, you aren't going to
leave me out here, are you?
Come on, after all I've done for you.
I got you out of jail and everything.
I tell you, human nature.
All right, who's got the keys?
- I've got them right here, partner.
- Give them to me.
Okay, I'll tell you. I'll drive.
You just tell me where we're...
Look, stop moving!
Just slow down, you son of a bitch,
just stay right there!
Now give me the fucking keys!
Okay, here. I was just kidding. I mean...
Stop moving!
- Now give me the keys, come on.
- Okay, now.
Easy does it.
(Gun firing)
It sounded like a gun.
- Let me help you, okay?
- Stay away.
- It's okay.
- No.
Why don't you give me the gun?
Better call the Sheriff.
Where the fuck are the keys, Wayne?
Where the fuck are the keys, Wayne!
What the fuck did you do with the keys?
All right, I'll let him know. Thanks.
Hello, Matt?
- Come in, Matt.
- Go ahead, Jane.
Mrs. Hornaday just called.
Out at the cemetery. She said there's
some people out there shooting guns.
What should I do?
Call them back, tell them to stay put.
We'll be right there.
Come back here.
I'm not finished with you.
You know what? I am better than you.
(Gun firing)
(Police car siren wailing)
(SP, 7127)
The train.
- Drop the bag!
- No!
Then give it to me.
I guess this means,
you'll be going to Mexico by yourself, huh?
There's the door. I suggest you use it.
Is that what you said to the ranch hand?
- You shot him, didn't you?
- Yeah.
Obviously I didn't do a very good job.
Next time I'll be a little more thorough.
Why? He found out about me.
He wanted my money.
That's what it's all about, isn't it?
Stay away from the bag.
I kind of like you. Don't make me shoot you.
That's right. No bullets.
Michael, please.
We can work something out.
There's enough money for both of us.
I'm really sorry.
I'll give you half. I'll give you half.
You stupid son of a bitch!
You want it?
Go get it.
You son of a bitch!
(Police car siren wailing)
Adios, Red Rock.
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