Red Rooms (2023) Movie Script

All rise, please.
The Superior Court of Quebec
is now in session,
presided by
the Honourable Marcel Godbout.
Please ensure that your cell phones
are turned off.
You may be seated.
Hello everyone.
I am Justice Godbout.
We'll be spending the next two months
here together.
Members of the jury.
Your responsibility,
today and until the end of the trial,
will be to decide whether
the defendant here today,
Mr. Ludovic Chevalier, is guilty or not guilty
of the charges laid against him,
basing the verdict only on the evidence
presented against him here in court.
It is the Crown's duty to prove
the defendant's guilt
beyond all reasonable doubt,
to prove that the crimes
have been committed
and that Ludovic Chevalier is the person
who committed them.
I must warn everyone present
that the evidence in this trial is exceptional
due to its extremely explicit
and violent nature.
If you feel you might not be able
to tolerate seeing it,
it's best to leave now, to avoid
causing a commotion in the courtroom.
Mr. Chevalier, please rise to hear
the accusations placed against you.
Mr. Chevalier, you are accused of
three counts of first degree murder,
abduction, confinement,
sexual assault causing bodily harm,
committing an indignity to a corpse,
and production and distribution
of obscene materials.
How do you plead to these charges?
My client pleads not guilty,
Your Honour.
You may be seated.
I invite the Crown
to make their opening statement.
Your Honour, members of the jury,
good day.
I am Yasmine Chedid,
Crown Prosecutor for this case.
Kim Leblanc,
Justine Roy
and Camille Beaulieu.
These three young girls
will never see their next birthday.
They will never graduate
from high school.
They won't go to grad,
or to college, or to university.
They won't achieve their dreams.
Kim was a hockey player.
She dedicated her life to it
from a young age.
She had the grit and the talent
to become a national-level player.
As for Justine, she liked pirouettes.
And making people laugh.
A real sunbeam.
And Camille.
A model student,
her class president.
Always smiling,
always getting involved in activities.
She was just starting junior high.
16 years old.
14 years old.
13 years old.
They had their whole lives
before them.
Lives that were drastically shortened,
torn away
by the defendant here.
That is what we will prove to you.
As for the case that you will hear
in the coming weeks,
unless you've been living
on a mountaintop or in a cave,
you'll surely have heard about it
in the past year.
What we will try to prove here
is that Ludovic Chevalier is the one
who committed these horrible murders.
And that he filmed them in his studio,
his garage,
for a private audience
willing to pay to see it live
in what is called a red room.
These grisly shows
have long been a myth of the dark web.
But today, we know that they do exist
in that grim world.
I've been in charge of this case
for several months now.
Eleven, to be precise.
Many times,
I almost walked away.
It's horrible, heinous.
In good French,
it's disgusting.
When I was assigned the case,
I took the videos
and I watched them.
I never looked at them again.
Once was enough.
Once was too much.
Genital mutilation.
Eyeballs slit with an exacto.
Intestines on display.
Bodies in pieces.
Limbs torn off.
And the screams of Kim and Justine,
I hear them every night
when I close my eyes.
And I think it may be a blessing
that we never found the video
of little Camille.
Because it would be
just another voice
in the horror chorus I hear every night.
I want to ask your forgiveness
for what I will inflict on you.
I have chosen the word inflict.
Because asking human beings
to watch these kinds of videos
is inflicting something on them.
But its nothing compared to what
those young girls suffered.
And what their families have suffered.
So in the next weeks,
we will show you that Ludovic Chevalier
committed the murder,
the abduction,
the confinement,
the mutilation,
and the sexual assault
causing bodily harm
to these three young girls.
Kim, Justine and Camille.
In addition, the investigator will speak
of how the crime scene was processed,
and we will hear
from the victims' parents,
who are in great psychological distress,
as you can well imagine.
We will then call in
several expert witnesses,
starting with the FBI agent who first found
the two videos on the dark web.
We'll hear from a tech crimes expert
tasked with looking after the files
since the case
came under Canadian jurisdiction.
A witness will explain the difference
between the deep web and the dark web,
how red rooms work,
and the concept of supply and demand.
Because you will quickly understand
that it's no coincidence
that the three victims are all minors,
all Caucasian, blond, blue-eyed
and from good families.
They are worth the most money
on this kind of black market.
Because yes,
in the eyes of these sadists,
our lives and our deaths
have a price.
A witness will come and explain
how they were able to find the accused.
Another will tell you
about the weeks before the arrest.
The surveillance he was under.
A facial recognition expert
will explain that through data extraction,
we can identify the eyes in the video
as those of Chevalier.
And another witness will analyze
the biomechanics
and physiognomy of Chevalier
that is so similar,
if not identical,
to that of the torturer
in the murder videos.
After all of this testimony,
we think you will be convinced
of the guilt of the accused.
That you will be unable
to look him in the eye
when his monstrous, greedy
and calculating nature is revealed.
I told you that I almost walked away
from this case several times.
So why am I here before you today?
Because I owe it to the victims.
And to the families of the victims.
I ask you to allow them
a tiny bit of peace of mind
by coming to the only possible
conclusion to this trial.
Thank you.
Thanks. Excuse me.
Thanks, Attorney Chedid.
I now invite Attorney Fortin
for the defence.
Thanks, Your Honour.
And hello to the members of the jury.
I'm Richard Fortin,
defence lawyer for Mr. Chevalier.
The next weeks will be hard.
What happened to these young girls
is abominable and hideous.
Nothing will bring them back.
But what I request of you,
ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
is to keep an open mind.
You must not have the sensationalist
and populist reflex
to devour the prey
placed here before you like cannibals.
Because with all due respect to the police,
the investigator
and the Crown Prosecutor,
it's easy to pounce on a person,
to point all the proof
in the same direction
and to say, "It was him!"
But can you be certain,
once you are alone with your conscience,
that you can say
beyond a reasonable doubt
that these crimes
were committed by this man?
You see, the Crown will call forward
a stable of witnesses.
They will show you horrible videos
that strike at your soul.
And it will be easy to say that
the human on trial is truly heinous.
But in the end,
all you will have is a horrible crime,
which is undeniable,
and the assumption
that it was Mr. Chevalier.
They will lead you
towards Mr. Chevalier.
But if you look at the facts,
can you be sure?
Can you be absolutely certain
that this is the man who committed them?
The answer is no.
It will be impossible
for the Crown to prove it,
because they don't have proof
beyond a reasonable doubt.
And that's why,
ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
the Crown will try to portray my client
as a murderer
straight out of an insane fantasy.
A bloodthirsty serial killer,
barbaric, inhuman.
But in fact,
nothing in my client's past indicates
that he's capable of such atrocities.
My client has no criminal record.
He's never been involved
with the justice system.
On paper, Ludovic Chevalier
is a model citizen.
He's never harmed anyone.
He's never even gotten
a parking ticket.
The Crown's witnesses will try to identify
the masked man in the videos as Chevalier.
It's true.
The man in the videos
has blue eyes like Ludovic.
The man in the videos has a stance
and a body type similar to Ludovic's.
Do you know how many men in Montreal
share that same description?
One of my witnesses will spell it out,
but let me give you a hint:
it's in the thousands.
Look, even you, sir.
You could fit that description.
The Crown will tell you
that the videos were found
on my clients computer,
which would incriminate him
beyond all doubt.
But my expert witnesses will show you
how the videos might appear
on his computer without his knowledge.
His computer could have been hacked,
and the videos placed there
without his consent.
His router could have been compromised
and used to navigate
to unsavoury sites
without his knowledge.
It's a possibility
that is quite plausible.
And then,
there's another very important point
that the Crown has never resolved,
because it can't.
If the videos of Mr. Chevalier
are as lucrative as they claim,
where's the money?
My client hasn't done any extravagant
spending in the past few years.
No new sports cars,
no cruises in the Caribbean.
His lifestyle and status
has remained the same.
No money, no motive.
So I want to warn you,
ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
not to be influenced or corrupted
by what you will hear.
The evidence must be analyzed
with regards to its quality,
not its quantity,
nor the number of witnesses called.
What I mean is, it's not because
there are a hundred witnesses
all claiming that it's him
that we can be sure of his guilt.
No, it will take only one person
who can say, with absolute certainty,
that he's the one who did it.
In this case, we don't have
a witness who can say that.
That person does not exist.
You were at the Chevalier trial today?
Why did you want to go?
What motivated you to attend
the trial of the Demon of Rosemont?
-I was curious.
-You were curious?
I wanted to see him in person.
When did you arrive this morning?
Thank you.
This trial is a joke!
How did they get the videos,
the so-called solid evidence?
They used hacking methods
that aren't legally allowed.
They didn't use due process,
it shouldn't be allowed.
And the man in the video
is wearing a mask,
so how can they be sure
that it's Ludovic?
All that circumstantial evidence
isn't enough.
It shows how crooked
the prosecutor is.
She'll do anything to pin it
on that innocent man.
-You think Chevalier is innocent?
-Yes he is!
-What about the evidence?
-What evidence?
-The bodies by his old appartment...
-It's just chance.
Maybe the murderer
is trying to frame him.
Why don't they try to find the murderer,
instead of pinning it on Ludovic?
-He's the real victim here.
-The victim?
You think Chevalier is the victim?
Everything is set up against him.
He's never hurt a fly!
He's just an unhappy man,
and he's suffered so much.
They invented a crime
and called him guilty.
They fabricated these videos,
which they hide from the public...
-You think the videos are fabricated?
-Why not? Anything is possible.
With technology,
they can change the eyes...
Infos for Saturdays photoshoot
Hello Kelly-Anne,
I hope you're well.
The photoshoot on Saturday
will be at Modal Studio
on 90 rue de la Commune East.
The closest metro is Place-d'Armes,
but it's a bit of a walk from there.
Hair and makeup at 9.
You'll have four outfits.
It should be done by mid-afternoon.
Let me know how it goes.
Also, check out
the DressToDare website.
Your image is featured
on the main page.
See you soon, sweetie.
Signed, Lucie.
Got it, Lucie. Thanks.
Got it, Lucie. Thanks.
Arming complete.
Leave now.
Sorry. I didn't want to wake you, but...
I was just passing by and I saw you.
They messed up
and put sugar in my coffee.
Do you like coffee with sugar?
Sorry, that was dumb.
I should've let you sleep.
But it's warm now.
No, it's just that I don't drink coffee.
Yeah, sorry. That was dumb of me.
I saw you yesterday
and you weren't drinking any.
Sorry, I should have let you sleep.
No, it's okay. No big deal.
Thanks anyway.
You know, you can bring it back
and they'll fix your order.
Really, it's no big deal.
Well, it's kind of a big deal.
It's their job not to be wrong.
Go if you want.
I'll save your place in line.
Well, okay.
Okay, I'll go.
Be right back.
Here's Ludovic's horoscope for today.
Libra: your health is good,
but you're feeling a bit nervous.
Try to lighten up a bit.
Love: Happiness reigns inside of you.
Your beloved is trying to get closer.
That's funny, eh?
You know it's his birthday soon?
October 3, in three weeks.
Are you going to get him a present?
You'll still be here in three weeks?
Of course. You will too, right?
Ms. Beaulieu, when was this photo
of your daughter taken?
October 13, 2020.
The day she disappeared.
It's the last photo of her alive.
I know this is hard, Ms. Beaulieu.
I'm going to ask a question,
and I want you to answer it.
What is your daughter wearing
in this photo?
Her school uniform
from Marie-Jsus High School.
Can you describe it to the jury?
There are six articles in the uniform.
There's the red and navy plaid skirt.
Navy tights.
Sometimes in summer
she'd wear knee-highs...
Ms. Beaulieu, please stick
to what she's wearing in the photo.
Navy tights.
A white polo shirt.
A burgundy cardigan
with the school crest.
And she was wearing black shoes,
but you can't see them in the photo.
Thank you.
Does this resemble
your daughter's uniform?
Yes, it's hers.
From the same school?
Yes, you can tell
by the crest on the cardigan.
I have one last photo to show you,
but I want to ask you a question first.
Was there something particular
about your daughter's teeth?
She wore braces.
Like these?
I withdraw my question, Your Honour.
Please disregard the last question.
Are you ready to go on,
Ms. Beaulieu?
-Can we take a break, please?
-Of course.
Your Honour,
I think it's a good time for a break.
All right, we'll continue at 2PM
instead of 2:30.
She's trying to manipulate
the jury with her schoolteacher tone.
Jeez, what a bitch.
Seriously, showing a photo
of the decomposing jaw to the jury,
and in front of Camille's mom!
Sure, the judge can tell them to ignore it,
but the harm is done.
They've seen Ludovic in the box
and a decomposing jaw right next to him.
Of course they're going to want
to say he's guilty.
Pasta salad and a coffee, please.
And really, finding that buried uniform
means nothing.
A uniform is, by definition, uniform.
Everyone at that school has one.
But they found her blood
on the uniform.
Okay, but it could be blood
from anything.
From a cut,
from her period.
We don't know.
Maybe the uniform was buried
weeks before her murder.
She's 13, gets her first period,
gets embarrassed,
wants to get rid of her clothes.
And she'd get rid of her braces too?
Seriously, having braces
at that age is really awful.
When I was 14, I had a retainer.
You know, the kind you can take off.
Everyone was so mean about it.
My mom didn't understand
why my teeth weren't improving,
but it was because
when I got to school, I'd take it off.
So of course at that age,
you really don't want braces.
Yeah, but her braces were found
still on her teeth.
And for all of their DNA testing,
we have to take their experts at their word,
but anyone can pay an expert
to present false evidence in court.
Even choosing a woman to be prosecutor,
that's so political.
It's just to make him look bad.
It's all a big show.
The prosecutor
is with Crown Attorney Services.
She's won four murder trials
since 2018.
I don't think you should underestimate
your opponents.
This is good,
but it's expensive for what you get, eh?
-What are you playing?
-Not playing, I'm working.
I just won enough
to pay for our lunch. Here.
No, it's okay.
No, it's like new money.
Take it, it's okay.
It's weird, but thanks.
You think avocados are gross.
That's funny.
As for me, I think lawyers are gross!
Take that, shitty Crown Prosecutor!
You'd never seen my client
before his arrest, right?
Not in person?
Not on TV, either?
You didn't know him?
He didn't live in your neighbourhood?
Not to my knowledge.
And your daughter never mentioned him?
So to your knowledge,
she'd never met him
before the alleged event?
Yes, alleged.
Answer the question.
Had your daughter met this man
before the event?
Not to my knowledge.
Are you sure?
Ms. Beaulieu, any comments?
I'll admit that it's been
a very hard afternoon.
The defence is doing his job,
but it's really hard on the families.
Fortunately, we parents are able
to support each other,
but I'll say it again,
we won't find peace
until Chevalier is found guilty
and convicted.
We want him to rot in prison
for the rest of his life.
It won't bring our girls back,
but it will be a good start.
Because we have to remember
our daughters,
our little girls,
Kim Leblanc, Justine Roy
and my little Camille,
Camille Beaulieu.
We have to remember them.
He's garbage.
He's a parasite.
But our daughters had
their whole lives to live.
He has to burn in hell.
What's it like to see Chevalier
every day?
How would you feel sitting next to
the man who killed your child?
And let me send a message
to his groupies,
the women who support him online,
the women who send him
love letters,
and especially those showing up
in the courtroom every day.
We see you,
and you are obscene!
I can't believe you're allowed
to attend the trial
alongside the families
of the murdered girls.
You're a plague on our lives.
You're spitting
on our daughters' graves.
You should be ashamed.
...that the remains
of 13-year-old Camille Beaulieu
were finally found
after eight months of searching.
But she wasn't alone.
...two other young girls,
Kim Leblanc, age 16,
and Justine Roy, age 14,
were found next to her in the yard
of the former home of Ludovic Chevalier,
the suspect arrested
in relation to these crimes.
The new tenant had no idea
that his yard was the resting place
of the three murdered girls.
It's appalling.
We feel terrible.
It's appalling, it's unimaginable.
Seriously, I find it repulsive.
And so stressful, too.
But you, at no point did you see
or hear anything?
Well, people often come from the woods
to squat here.
It would have to be very loud.
Because people are in the woods
making a lot of noise,
and there are train tracks
not far away, too.
There's no shortage of noise here.
So I can't say
I heard anything specific.
Do you plan to move
after all that?
Well, the killer was found,
and I doubt there'll be another killer
burying people in my yard.
The rent here is cheap,
it's a nice neighbourhood,
it's a good price for the area.
So no, I'm not moving,
I'll stay here.
And Francine Beaulieu, who searched
inexhaustibly for her daughter,
this is what she had to say.
I can't imagine that my daughter's life
was ended by that monster.
Just imagining her screams of pain,
her cries for help...
It chills my blood.
I can't sleep at night.
Please, I beg you.
If anyone has any information,
please go to the police.
I need answers.
I just need to know.
Despite the tragedy
of this macabre discovery,
and despite
all the unanswered questions,
we hope that it will allow
Francine Beaulieu to grieve,
and to turn the page
after all her months of worry.
I almost didn't recognize you!
You're so pretty!
And so tall in your heels!
I'm like a dwarf.
It's crazy how pretty you are.
If you were blond with blue eyes
and a few years younger,
you'd be exactly
the killer's type.
Look out!
What are you doing here?
It doesn't resume till Monday.
Yeah, but I don't have
a lot of money left,
and Montreal hotels cost
an arm and a leg.
Have you eaten today?
Yeah, a bit.
They give out food at a shelter
close to here, it's not bad.
And I still have a bit of cash.
I still have that 20 you gave me.
Are you sleeping outside again tonight?
Yeah, but I'm used to camping.
I'll be fine.
It's supposed to be really cold.
Yeah, but I'll dress warm.
Well, I won't keep you.
What a view!
I had a friend who loved D&D
and LARPing and all that.
You like dressing up too, eh?
Admit it!
Okay, but are you, like,
a famous model?
Or a super-rich poker pro?
No. But money is just numbers
inside a computer.
I'm not bad with numbers.
What's that noise?
The wind.
Oh yeah?
Okay, so you live here,
but you spend all week sleeping
in a back alley?
Couldn't you hop a cab
first thing in the morning...
Hey, should we order some food?
I bet you don't drink alcohol either.
I don't really like the taste of beer.
You just haven't found the right one.
Me too, I didn't used to like beer,
but then a guy in my town
opened a brew pub.
It makes a huge difference.
If you come to visit,
you can try some different kinds.
We'll find one that you like!
And where's your town?
I'm from Thetford.
Know where that is?
Yeah. But how did you get here?
I hitchhiked to Quebec City,
and I was lucky, the guy dropped me off
right at the bus station.
And then I took the bus
to Montreal.
Eh? You have that?
Say something, she will answer you.
Her name is Guenivre?
You didn't pick an easy name
to pronounce!
You just say "Guenivre"
and then you ask what you want
in English.
In English?
I'm not great at English.
No, it's okay. I don't need to.
But really,
she hears everything, your Guenivre?
Yeah, she hears everything
and sees everything.
I have no secrets from her.
Okay, but isn't it a bit sketchy
to have that?
Don't those things spy on you?
Yeah, it would be dumb to let it run
on the default cloud settings.
And that's what everyone does.
But mine is custom-programmed.
The AI was trained on sites like
Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, all that,
but I did a lot of feedback work
to improve her personality.
For example, if you were to ask...
At the start, she said that I should.
And she said loads of racist shit,
because that's what happens when you let
an AI wander around the internet.
So yeah, mine is intelligent,
and it functions off-site on servers
powered by my computer GPU.
That means she's really impenetrable.
And you don't like wine either?
It's okay. I like champagne better,
it has fewer calories.
I won't drink anything
other than champagne!
Can she tell a joke?
I dunno. Probably.
Hello ladies and gents
and everyone in between!
Welcome to
More Catholic Than The Pope!
Your late night show with no filters,
where no subject is taboo.
This is where we discuss
current hot topics,
and as always, we're here live
with our amazing audience!
And this week, everyone knows
what we're going to talk about.
It's the hottest topic of the moment:
the start
of the Ludovic Chevalier trial.
Oh! I loved his last album!
We're talking about the murderer.
Wait, so he's not going on tour?
Okay, it's gonna go well tonight.
Because unless you live under a rock,
it's impossible to avoid it.
On the one hand,
Montreal's making a name for itself!
On the other hand, we'd rather be famous
for our hockey team than for this.
But let's get started!
We'll start with you.
We invited you because you're
a beautiful, young blond with blue eyes.
Just like our Demon of Rosemont
likes them.
Yeah, it's true.
It's not a comfortable type to embody.
I don't walk around alone at night.
You want to spend
the whole show on this,
but where's the debate?
I know the trial is just starting,
but Chevalier is guilty.
I don't know why the defence
is trying to say it wasn't him.
He's crazy, he's guilty, he got caught.
That's it, life in prison!
What I find the most fascinating
and morbid
is the whole dark web thing.
That's really disgusting.
Getting off on filming himself
doing that
is already pretty messed in the head.
But even worse,
there are people watching,
signing up and paying to see it.
We gotta hunt them down
and lock them up with him.
He's starting up a training ground
for future killers in Quebec!
But that's what makes it so fascinating.
This guy was working alone
and he was able to build up
a profitable virtual network.
It was super planned,
very calculated.
Well, a lot of people start businesses
out of their garage.
I'm just saying!
Yuck, yuck, yuck.
That's my cue to invite you to call in!
If you want to be heard
on the subject,
the number is on the screen.
And what about our studio audience here?
Does anyone have a comment?
Yes ma'am, go ahead.
I have a 15-year-old daughter,
so I'm reeling.
What kind of world do we live in?
We've lost our morals.
I almost want to reinstate
the death penalty in cases like this.
He shouldn't spend his life in prison,
like at a hotel on the taxpayers' dime.
You've got some nuance there!
Some serious grey area.
Let's see if our listeners at home
are also in the grey area.
What are you doing?
Hello, your name and your comment?
Hello, I'm Clementine.
I really disagree
with what they're saying.
Will you hold please?
-Clementine, hang up.
-I'm on hold.
-Clementine, you're up next.
You're live in three seconds...
Our second voice from the heavens.
Who's there?
Clem, hang up!
Hello, I'm Clementine.
Hello Clementine.
What do you want to tell us?
Are you there?
Yeah. I think...
You think you're there?
I think you should all be ashamed
to talk about Ludovic like that.
You weren't at the trial,
you don't know what you're talking about.
You're just spouting bullshit.
What exactly are you trying to say?
In Canada, a suspect is innocent
until proven guilty, as far as I know.
According to Section 11-D
of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,
anyone has the right to be
presumed innocent until proven guilty
by an independent
and impartial tribunal in a fair trial.
And that trial is happening
at the courthouse,
not on your shitty show
with your brainwashed guests.
You'll see, in the end,
justice will be served
and Ludovic will be found not guilty!
You mean she's into that lunatic,
and I'm the one who's still single?
Hold on a sec, everyone.
Clementine, you truly believe
that Ludovic Chevalier is innocent.
But did you see the images in the media
taken from the snuff videos?
Under the mask, we can clearly tell
that it's Ludovic,
we can see his blue eyes...
You mean the images taken from a video
that no one has seen,
that just appeared one day,
that anyone with basic competence
in Photoshop can fake?
Yeah, I've seen them.
Hold on a sec. Clementine.
Message me privately, okay?
I can see that you need to talk...
I don't need your pity!
You're having your one-sided debate,
and I say it's bullshit!
You're just spouting nonsense
to boost your viewership,
and it's bullshit!
That was weird.
I think she has several pharmacists
working with her!
Tomorrow, that girl will be a meme.
I can see it already.
But really, poor girl.
Clementine, I truly hope
that you're able to spend
a lot of time with your therapist.
Call us back
when you're back on earth, okay?
We're back after the break!
That little shop down on the first floor
had everything I wanted!
Here. It's not much,
but it's my contribution.
To thank you for letting me stay here.
You don't drink coffee,
so I got some juice, okay?
It's not just sugar, it contains
all the Vitamin C you need in a day.
But don't worry if you don't want it,
I can go get...
No, it's fine.
It's perfect, thanks.
I'm not an amazing cook,
but I can make eggs pretty good.
I'll make you some, okay?
You know,
I'm not crazy.
You and me,
we're not crazy, right?
But it's pretty heavy, anyway.
It's his eyes.
His eyes don't lie.
Thanks, Kelly-Anne.
I'm lucky you're here.
I'm all messed up,
always crying like this.
I'm an idiot.
Do you cry sometimes?
When I'm feeling unstable,
you know what helps?
Don't be scared. When it's coming,
hit it before it drops.
And hold your racket up high.
Okay, I'm sending it.
Go on!
Seriously, I suck at this.
You'd have more fun alone.
I'm not alone,
I'm with you and it's nice.
So watch the ball,
and stay parallel with the wall.
-Not bad.
-I suck at this kind of thing.
No, it's okay. It's fine, Clem.
Look, hold up your racket like this.
I can't believe you bought me a racket.
I wanted to! And that's the point,
we're playing together!
Keep your wrist straight,
so it's firm here.
Watch the ball.
And go for it!
But don't bend down.
Stand tall.
Okay, here we go.
Right there.
It's okay!
And... now!
And now!
-I'm not too bad!
And now! Yes!
That's great.
-Why do you always fold?
-It's a question of probability.
See, there are still three people in,
but statistically, with my hand,
chances were slim that I'd win it.
So I minimize my losses
by folding as soon as possible.
But it must piss you off
when the card you needed comes up.
Yeah, but it's part of the game.
It happens.
When you play a lot,
you learn not to count on luck.
That's for casual players.
Playing pro,
you learn that poker isn't about luck.
And you can't use your emotions either.
You have to find emotional players
and exploit them.
You take your time, you're patient,
and you bleed them dry.
That's what I love,
seeing them lose everything.
Shit, you're evil.
That's the game!
Good night, Kelly-Anne.
It's the 12th day
of the Chevalier trial,
and today we'll see the troubling videos
seized by the FBI,
the main evidence
that led to Ludovic Chevalier's arrest.
We'll see the masked suspect
wearing surgical gloves
to torture the young victims,
Kim Leblanc and Justine Roy,
before ending their lives
and dismembering their bodies.
The jury was warned that they'd see
the videos in the third week.
That is now.
We learned only minutes ago
that this morning,
the two videos will be shown
in their entirety.
The first is 28 minutes long,
the second one will last 31 minutes.
You can imagine that this will be
a hard day at the Montreal Courthouse.
During the jury selection process,
care was taken to ascertain
whether each candidate would be able
to absorb these kinds of images.
They all stated that they were,
but what of the families of the victims
in the courtroom today?
Your Honour,
due to the extremely sensitive nature
of the evidence presented today,
both parties have agreed in advance
to request a closed viewing.
Except for any of the victim's parents
who wish to stay.
Request granted, Attorney Chedid.
Anyone who is not directly involved
in this case
is asked to leave the room
We will start with the video
of Kim Leblanc...
Clem, come on, let's go.
My god, it's horrible.
-I hope they find who really did it.
Come on, let's go.
Hold on, I wanna know
if we hear his voice.
No, we don't hear it.
Come on, Clem.
How do you know?
How do you know?
What the fuck, Kelly-Anne!
Trust me, you shouldn't see them, okay?
That's all.
After all this time,
you'd already seen them?
Why didn't you tell me?
I dunno.
The subject never came up.
The subject never came up?
This is the subject, Kelly-Anne!
It's not your world.
You shouldn't see them. That's all.
How did you see them?
I know where to look.
-Even Camille's?
-No, no.
It's not accessible. No.
But you have the other two?
Who are you? You can't do that!
It's illegal, you can be arrested.
Exactly. You shouldn't...
Move away!
I want to see them.
Kelly-Anne, it's important.
I have to see them.
You sure?
You can see his eyes there.
See how he walks?
The way he moves,
with his long arms.
Here he's going to look
right at the camera.
Right now.
-The second one...
-Hold on.
Um, Kelly-Anne...
I don't think I'll sleep here tonight.
I'm going back to the bus station and
I'm going home.
I'm sorry.
Say something.
It's your life.
I really don't know
why you were so nice to me,
but thanks, I'll pay you back.
Keep it, it's yours.
But Kelly-Anne,
there's a thing I don't understand.
Why are you here?
Bye Kelly-Anne...
...Tor is an acronym,
T-O-R for The Onion Router.
The onion is a symbol used to refer
to the networks infrastructure,
built as a network of successive layers
that protect our anonymity online.
Some of the sites are only accessible
via the Tor network, which are called
"hidden services".
These sites can be identified
by their web address,
which ends in .onion
rather than .org or .net.
So these .onion sites belong
to the dark web
and are only accessible
through the Tor network.
And are these tools accessible
and free for all to use?
Yeah, it's a tool that's legal
in most countries, including Canada,
and it can be easily downloaded for free
on the Tor website.
And do they harbour illegal activities?
Yes, illegal activities happen
on the Tor network,
but they also happen all over the internet.
It's not exclusive to Tor.
The fact is that Tor doesn't exist
to facilitate illegal activities,
it exists to protect the privacy
of its users.
There's a global community of hackers,
journalists, dissidents and activists
that really need Tor
to protect their basic freedoms,
and to access information in countries
where information is strictly monitored.
And what about red rooms?
Firstly, are they technically possible
in the dark web environment?
Yes, a red room is technically possible
on the Tor network.
For a long time,
we didn't believe it was,
simply because navigation speeds
on Tor are much slower
due to the strategies it uses
to ensure anonymity.
But in the last few years,
speeds have increased to the point
that live-streaming has become possible,
with certain constraints.
The money transfers can be done
with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.
They don't even need the Tor network
to transfer those funds.
But it's important to note
that the Chevalier case
is the first documented red room
offered as a hidden service
on the Tor network.
Of course, it is highly illegal
to either produce or consume
this kind of material.
How do the authorities intercept
illegal activities on the dark web?
When you navigate on the Tor network,
you're anonymous.
But the agents investigating cyber crimes
are also basically hackers.
They employ very sophisticated
digital technology
and spend a lot of time
trying to find out user identities.
So if you use the Tor network
for illegal purposes,
there's a good chance
that someone's on your tail
and that any digital security error
you make will be used against you.
And to err is human.
Everyone ends up making them.
- Hold on a minute.
- Step back, ma'am.
Have a good day.
Where's your friend?
We want to ask her a few questions.
Or maybe you'd make a statement for us?
Hi Lucie. You good?
Hi lovely. You okay?
Yeah, I'm just getting ready.
I'll be there at 1PM as planned.
You didn't get the email
from this morning?
No. I've been unplugging a bit lately,
I didn't see it.
What's up?
Yeah, well, the shoot is off.
-You there?
What do you mean, it's off?
It's been rescheduled?
No, there's a shoot this afternoon,
but they cancelled you.
They found a replacement.
I'm sorry.
I don't get it.
Are they allowed to do that?
Why did you let them do that?
Kelly-Anne, I stood up for you,
youre always professional,
never a problem. But people talk.
They found out some stuff
that made them skittish.
I know that your brand is edgy,
but there's edgy, and then there's edgy,
you know?
Okay, but tell them I'll do it pro bono.
I'm okay with that, I'll do it.
Would that work?
Kelly-Anne, forget it!
I know it's your private life,
but it's pretty weird.
These companies don't take risks.
In doubt, they kick you out.
It's serious, Kelly-Anne.
They told me they took you down
off their website.
Sorry, babe.
-But you know, maybe you should...
-Took me down?
Take some time, okay?
Talk soon.
Ciao, bella.
Tomorrow is the start of week four
of the Chevalier trial.
And tomorrow, October 3,
will be a very particular day,
one that many have been dreading
since the trial began.
It's the birthday of the man
called the Demon of Rosemont.
Ludovic Chevalier, born on
October 3, 1982, will turn 40 tomorrow.
It's a notable day that threatens
to destabilize the families involved.
Can you empty your pocket?
It's okay.
All rise, please.
The Superior Court of Quebec
is now in session,
presided by the Honourable
Marcel Godbout.
Please ensure that your cell phones
are turned off.
You may be seated.
Ma'am, follow me please.
Hello Kelly-Anne.
Look, you've crossed the line.
The media has been calling you crazy.
We have no choice
but to break our contract with you.
We can't be associated with that.
Maybe you should talk to someone.
Anyway, we're thinking of you.
I won't stop fighting.
I'm asking anyone who has any
information to contact the authorities.
It's been months since
I was able to sleep soundly at night.
I won't sleep until I know
what happened to my daughter.
Today, the fate of Ludovic Chevalier
will be decided.
In a completely unexpected
turn of events,
the accused ended up pleading guilty
to the charges laid against him.
This after the initial trial
was aborted part-way through
when striking new evidence
was given anonymously to the police.
Among the evidence were cryptocurrency
trails directly linked to Chevalier,
along with the murder video
of 13-year-old Camille Beaulieu,
in which experts were able to identify
Chevalier with even more certainty.
It's over for the defendant,
who has just pleaded guilty.
Ludovic Chevalier
is going to prison,
which may bring some peace of mind
to the families of the victims.
I'm Virginie Rivard for TVN
at the Montreal Courthouse.
After the break,
a never-seen-before interview
with a former groupie
of Ludovic Chevalier,
a woman who claims to have been
totally in love with him.
It's fairly disturbing.
Here's a taste.
Stay with us.
I saw something soft
in his gaze.
Something beautiful.
There was a sadness in him
that maybe touched me.
It's been really tough.
But I'm really trying
to get Ludovic out of my head.
my thoughts are now
with the victims.
Rest in peace.