Red Rose of Normandy (2011) Movie Script

In memory of those who honored
fighting for their country
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Dear Klaus,
miss you more than
words can never show.
our loss is present,
and your love is still on my heart.
I hope this war will end soon and
we finally get together ...
can call my husband.
house next to us
was destroyed by a bomb last night ...
So we went to the field.
My father has been called
military service ...
now working at a hospital in
Flainsburg .
Klaus, why do not you sleep?
It was a beautiful night here in Russia.
Do you give all these letters?
Helm family was killed.
In the bombing.
I see.
So all that remains in the past.
We also heard part of
We live, we will draw in the morning.
Of course.
We heard that, 3 days.
3 days.
Maybe you should sleep.
Seems to go back tomorrow.
Do you think they come from?
against the fascist invaders.
should follow the instructions
Sergeant them,
officer and co .
also take into account orders
pressure, without taking a step back .
Never give up on anything
from our holy land .
Remember that the eye
workers, grows on you.
Remember mother, wife and
Brides depends on you.
Remember Mother Earth
expected to do their patriotic duty .
Even at the expense of his own life, too
remember ...
... You are part of a large
army ...
... and won the match .
We will continue to
to remove the invaders .
- Captain Lockman.
- Ready to attack?
Germany is surrounded,
kill them all!
I hate the music.
It's better than silence.
When they started playing,
can visit them.
How much longer can we expect?
I will not leave the wounded.
So we waited.
When the high command had let us down?
Russia attacked us
position at the hospital.
All ready!
Captain, if you are really a person in the
They come.
I had to take a step-
men as quickly as possible.
There were seriously injured.
If I could take them to the hospital
will have a chance but ...
Here ... I'm not so sure.
I know, I know.
It's time.
All right.
- We will not let you continue.
- Thank you captain.
Will get you out, I promise.
I think we need this.
I went home, to Bahala.
I do not see anyone, looking for you.
But if you go home.
Remember you have people here,
that depends on you.
Your banner is on the left.
Come with me.
Come with me, come with me!
You are also here!
That's what we pay.
Let's get back to our lines.
Come, come.
What happened?
We have one here.
There are others down the road.
Appear straight here.
I will be playing rabbit, entered
first shot.
- OK?
- Yes
You will have a good chance.
Yes, yes, yes.
Germany is
down the road.
Turn around and
took us out of here.
Faster, faster !
Take this Russian outside
need 3 more!
We waited as
one hour, where are they?
Come on!
He said we should
wait for 2 hours.
I've been waiting for two days.
I have more injuries
than I could flee.
I have a Russian in my trench.
Come on now!
We have to stop the enemy.
Wait a minute!
They're coming, they're here!
Wake up old friends.
They come.
- Did you see them?
- I've seen!
Have you seen them?
I have seen, they are here!
Madam ...
This may not be the safest place.
This is my country.
No luck with the young lady?
- The difference that is indescribable.
- It's a guess.
Quarterback is
defend our country.
We keep things as they are.
Generally, I need it
These segments in Normandy.
Quarterback ?
I assume that I am.
You can go.
- Send them.
- Heil Hitler.
- I see.
- Field Marshal?
You can relax, Captain Muhler.
I've heard a lot of you,
welcome to France.
Thank you sir.
I can say it was an honor to be here?
As you may have noticed,
This place is different from
Russian camp?? Captain.
Of course I noticed.
I'm happy.
Here in the midst of all this madness,
at least one soldier ...
... With combat experience,
taken into account.
Mother Earth has fewer
to offer these days.
- Captain?
- General!
Nice to see you again.
Are you sharing
right to the same land?
Yes, not an end
here as a general loose,
while he was on earth.
I'm sure you know the availability
Our strong, here in Normandy.
- They seem to be quite ready.
- Oh my God.
Half of the men here are,
or Russia, Ukraine and Poland.
End up like flies in the wind,
at the first sign of a rapprochement.
Not only that,
what we have nearly nothing.
Here's air force has been using supplements
cement half years.
Build a giant bunker.
To protect the radar?
This has nothing to do with protecting the radar.
I'm not sure ...
How can I help?
You already have the wisdom,
the dynamics ...
... Combat and strategic defense.
I know you addressed
Stallingrado leave,
It's not an easy task.
I want to check out
Our defense here
and give me a report of
as could be improved.
I would be honored to assist them in
any way I can.
Gentlemen, Heil Hitler.
Field Marshal ?
- I have information for you
- Always have something for me.
But it never seems to be
something I can use.
Who is this guy?
He was captain Muhler,
Fresh from the battle front.
Have been taken to
check out our defense.
And how do you escape from the front?
I had an accident, I think the grenade
landed in my foxhole.
But I'm sure you know all about
fights, right?
I'll leave it to others.
- Very funny.
- Captain, General Frank ...
Show here ... field.
- Thank you sir.
- Captain!
I guess we'll meet again.
I found on the front.
Here I am.
You're in luck.
Muhler do not want to do that
This man is your enemy.
Is the head of Gestapo here.
I know!
I do not like people who spend more time
pursuit of the enemy.
Hell, Klaus!
More than once I heard that you have
killed in battle.
And when I learned that
injured at a local hospital,
I did everything I could to get you here.
And yes, I owe thanks for that.
And I owe some time
many things, my friend.
But all of this,
not doing well to say.
We have to make the high command,
use all resources to
repel invasion on the beach.
Why is it so difficult that,
so that your man?
Because of politics, Klaus.
Armed forces
run by politicians.
Everyone is afraid to give strength,
all hungry for more.
No one wants to admit,
that they may be wrong.
And loss of confidence before trying anything.
This is the same crap.
There is war carried out by the public
never pour
blood on the ground, ever.
- That's right.
- Of course.
That's why you and I, we have
reported more unbearable.
Field Marshal was,
to submit to Hitler himself.
I see.
- I understand.
- Good.
- It is a good idea.
- Thank you.
Then Klaus,
What is the shortest joke in the world?
We won the war!
Most war production,
go directly to the Russian front.
I understand, but I see here,
10 or 50 types of armor.
It was a logistical nightmare.
By necessity have
using additional equipment.
Certainly, at least we
some time before ...
Accommodation is equipped ... I hope so.
What I have for you is this.
Break dance division.
So, pay attention.
Most of the ammunition.
You ...
- Sorry general.
- Did you notice, Klaus?
Does anyone know who?
I think so.
This woman has
authorized to use penicillin.
Are you listening, Claudia?
Yes, doctor.
I have penicillin.
What is it?
When it was Klaus.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I was surprised to see a man
as healthy as you are here.
I was on the orders of Field Marshal.
I'm in the examination.
- If you can show me around.
- Good morning, Captain.
- Doctor.
- What are you doing here?
Another doctor inspection.
I'm here for a Field Marshal.
Do you think you could show me
around with ease?
Of course,
not a busy day.
Can you take care of this for me?
Doctor, I have not filled out a report.
I think Claudia could.
Yes, Doctor?
This man,
here at the inquest.
Show him around.
I'm glad to see you recovered.
I heard that the Russians kill.
I just hurt, I promise.
I just got this today.
Let a girl
I know you're safe.
Waiting at home.
This is very important.
Do you agree?
I wrote the most romantic in Russia.
I think not yet received it.
No. ..
I got nothing.
I guarantee you will
last thing you never do it.
Would cause concern
mind of the woman I love.
I'm sure he
would love to hear it.
Let me show you
inventory space, Captain.
That would be a good place
to start your inventory.
So ...
Is your dad see you still hate me?
Difficult for him.
Both are very different.
I understand,
but when we got married ...
And all this is over ...
He'll get used to it.
Can you imagine if you were
here under me?
Family life we ??want!
I think you know.
His season is here.
He was taken last year.
Is your dad here?
I'm afraid so.
You think I should go talk to him?
He is as stubborn as I am,
What do you think?
I think we should
you move from Normandy.
This is not a safe place.
- Why the invasion?
- Yes
Nobody can be used to stop here.
I do not want to miss.
I have been through bombings, evacuations ...
I never lost hope.
Condemn me if I have
have to move again.
I'm not going to lose.
I have decided:
If you live too.
You do not change, right?
What makes you think
that someday I would be?
I hope and pray to God
every day, do not do it.
Go, the captain is busy.
- Are you there?
- Sorry.
They should immediately
at the central office.
Thank you, Cobra.
I came.
There can be many Russians.
It's really a disaster.
It is Stallingrado again.
We know we are, we are not ready,
we are preparing.
My friend enough, enough.
Listen to Klaus, the biggest Freeman ...
Show our position ...
Field Marshal today.
Now ...
Freeman also.
We have been in combat before.
But Field Marshal ...
I'm afraid ... more than lost.
So, do not bother
trying to convince you of anything.
It may be
I took over.
If my Field Marshal
Army Field.
- Yes, of course ...
- I will do my best.
I doubt you can not
do, my friend.
What are you doing?
I will send in
The first train to Russia!
No idiot, more Russians!
We have gone!
I'll shoot you,
or I'll shoot you myself!
may want to help with something.
- Schuler.
- Captain.
Been a long time.
I know, said Claudia
was in the grave.
We talked.
I'm sure.
I worry for you.
Listen, Captain ...
I know you mean well ...
But ... This war is lost, and not
I want you, or from your lot ...
Be close to my daughter.
Let me tell you this.
I love your daughter, indeed,
and I will marry her someday.
But I'd rather be there, not
rot in the Gestapo prison.
Is that all?
Sergeant Hoffman.
Good morning, Sgt.
- Captain Muhler.
- How do you shore?
- I can be honest with you?
- That's more like it.
We did not get the supplement you ask,
In particular we need to resolve.
- We are exposed here.
- So, as it always has been.
- Show that you have.
- Yes
- It's so romantic!
- I know, I'm very happy!
Tell me, have you heard of Heinz?
No. ..
But if I got a letter from his friend.
They are in a battle in stupid
Russian cities, separated.
Believe that maybe,
on a different drive.
It's just that, if returned,
I might as well Heinz.
Good morning, dear.
- Good morning, sir
- What is offered today, sir?
I can think of many things.
But first we have to ...
Do something ... not so authorized.
I came here to take care of.
Thank you, but I was well maintained.
It was nice.
Then join me,
for dinner tonight.
Thank you, but I have
plans for this evening.
You can change it.
Them with her fianc, Mr.
And who would have the kid?
We met before the war.
I'm pretty safe,
I can assure you.
You're still my favorite.
Good people, I think
when drinking by the Gestapo!
You are right!
When told that
Germany is boring.
I doubt he ever said that.
But even Hitler and his subordinates
can stop a fair exchange.
You're right, he did not say it, but
thank you for the extra.
And you Madam,
cigarettes and stockings.
We accept everything you bring,
we have a lot of needs here.
If you people
failed to block the road,
many more things can happen.
It's time, my friend.
Listen ...
I'm stupid.
Ae that something is happening.
And did not agree with Hitler, no more than you.
And there are many like me,
in the German army.
When I see him safe,
ask you to come.
Not all German bad, sir.
Most do not have a choice,
more are here.
While the finish ...
You can join us anytime.
How about your friends?
Get it here!
Is there anything else, Field Marshal?
I think that's okay,
Ms Godfrey, thank you very much.
- Field Marshal?
- Captain, good to see you again.
Thank you.
Are you
initial reaction, please.
It seems the western front
is very minimal.
If you forgive my honesty, Marshal.
I have little time for pleasantries
Captain, the Allies and Russia ...
On the edge ... waiting to attack us.
What do you recommend?
Many resources have been
invested here, but not well made.
There is a bunker in the middle of the day, no one was prepared,
do not ever attack.
Yes, I agree, it's terrible when
only half of them are German.
They are poorly trained.
And they have little desire to fight.
Well, we have to start
again when you return.
Are you sure, Marshal?
No, today is the birthday of my wife.
And we can not neglect the
our medium oranges, right?
Of course not.
And besides, we were told
there is a storm approaching.
The allies would be foolish to send
something in a situation like this.
- Are you married Captain?
- No.
We decided to wait
that the war was over.
Do you love him?
Of course.
Muhler, never left behind something so important.
You never know what
the future may bring, and ...
There's nothing better than love.
- Claudia where you are, do you hear?
- Sorry for being late, Doctor.
I can explain it,
Your father, the Gestapo ...
Even worse, the Gestapo men
here to talk to you.
Are you sure
no Jewish blood?
Maybe we should re-evaluate their blood.
Personally, please.
It was a wonderful nurse.
Is time
talk to me, please?
Thank you.
You can imagine how I felt.
How beautiful specimen ...
Have a parent ... traitor.
I can imagine that ...
... Should feel very embarrassed.
- Yes
- Yes
- Of course.
- Of course.
But ...
Your father is a traitor!
It was a bad job.
I am willing to pass up.
If you ...
You really ...
different from your father ...
And much more willing,
if you collaborate.
And whatever you do.
To forgive your father ...
To ... betrayal.
Is it true?
- Am I right?
- Yes
Then you will dress you,
will gather today at 9 pm.
And meet with me.
Do I understand?
- I got it!
- Look!
It was your father, see.
That is your father.
- Yes?
- Yes
Overall there were prepared.
There is no ammunition ...
Yes ..
Is there anything you want to ask?
How the Eastern Front, Captain?
Not like here.
So, happily,
This is where we are.
Brother ...
do not hear much from him.
Service terrible message.
Last night I dreamed I had defeated Russia.
We may win Moscow
just see if they dare to come here.
The'll pull back the sea.
Are we all here, right?
Of course, we are in the best strong
that France can build.
God willing, all will be well.
And back home.
Klaus, he was arrested!
Is your dad?
He was taken,
I have to go with the night bronze.
No of course not, I'm going to get you out of here,
Normandy and you will leave this evening.
- Not!
- Yes
- I have to go to where my dad!
- Claudia, I'll handle this.
You have to trust me.
I will bring your father.
- Sorry ...
- Claudia!
Look at me.
Trust me, to do this.
I will bring your father.
I deal with this.
You will not be alone Gestapo.
For you, I can.
Sector seems to be covered with
resources that have, until now.
- But ...
- Yes?
- Common Sorry, got time?
- Of course, Captain.
Mayor, thank you!
Them from the Gestapo,
has captured my future father in law.
And the Bronze kind
back of my future wife.
Why, in the name of God?
Before the war, apparently
involved with Communists.
And as the stubborn ...
Can not help ... to the past in the past.
But I doubt they killed him, only for it.
- Really?
- I see, what do you suggest?
I have to improve passage
Ms. Schuler, outside Normandy.
- Tonight.
- Consider it done.
On your desktop, I am sure,
has the form of imprisonment.
Maybe somewhere in the office?
Maybe ...
General, has been
struddel opportunity to test that?
It is .. very well.
I was a military general,
and I have not had a chance to try ...
Each struddel ... my friend.
Who are the officers?
Small Captain, sir.
Yes sir.
What can I do for you?
Where's my prisoner?
Schuler, why not be ready?
I was told not to come.
Inform ?, I do not have the time or patience
because of your disability.
Bring me Schuler prisoners.
Where it leads, if
is that I can ask?
You could not ask for.
But if you want to call
Muhler, and ask yourself.
I suggest you bring
Schuler, now.
Yes sir.
Is bigger?
Bring prisoners asking now.
Yes sir.
- Put it in my car.
- Yes sir.
Thank you.
That was the end for me.
Is this the end for you?
What do you think?
- You heard me, a little ...
- Mr You listen to me!
Over the years
I waited patiently ...
To receive the ...
marriage between his daughter and me.
Now might not be proud,
of what my father did.
But I am proud of
are here in the front.
And at least I have not robbed the troops!
Makes me arrested.
- Why would he?
- I am very wise.
It is wisdom, which makes
that the Gestapo look!
Oh my god!
What have I done!
- I told you this would happen, right?
- I do not plan.
Of course not!
- Who is this guy?
- This is my son, okay.
- Now I'm his son.
- I do not know.
Okay Klaus
I was wrong, okay?
- I was wrong.
- I was wrong.
They are the future for you as well.
I will be back, and you better
disappeared for the rest of the war.
I'm not suggesting you go
German base for tonight.
- Why not?
- I do not know.
- What is it?
- Marie and Udeth, is dead.
at the control point.
They killed my brother!
Madam, I shot him
women, or children.
If sent to women
Gunmen attacked.
If they think that they shoot
will bring them back ...
Then ... do it.
Because going back to
get my fiance from the Gestapo.
Sorry about your brother, but
I do not want to lose my daughter.
This person does not
one of them, I assure you.
Sorry for your loss, madam.
Where do you think they will?
Klaus did not!
It's a bit late for a romantic stroll.
June 6
The smell of a good prisoner.
Why always
I am surrounded by traitors?
The last time I played someone,
end in the grave.
Good captain.
Human weakness is women.
've Had the misfortune
of all the major companies.
I swear if you do not take
hands of him, I'll kill you.
Captain was not in a position to respond
a ... Gestapo officers.
Get rid of this bitch back to his cell.
Do not think,
You can get away with it!
- Claudia?
- Klaus?
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Hey, the good lord will take care everyone.
- Why is it, Father?
Gestapo shot
the resistance.
And I am going to give them their last rights.
What I think, because it's so civilized?
Do you think that any coming back?
This is the closest we can get,
Another ship was too far away!
is right on the beach, Captain .
I will put on the beach, and you
You are responsible for the Germans!
When I ask you to stay with me,
You have to be ready.
And we begin!
First team ready?
Both team are ready ?
Oh, God!
Get off me!
Put me in the area!
I passed the headquarters
- Get away from there!
- Here we go !
Get in position
It is time.
Friend out!
Good luck !
Go, go, go!
Get out of my boat, now !
Give me more ammunition now
Moving , walked
around here, buddy !
Our sergeant, moving, moving!
Oh, God!
Sergeant, kill us!
- What's going on in there!
- Do not know!
Come back, come on!
We have people on,
we must do something!
General, we can not take any more time,
getting close to my bunker.
There is no room, go, go, go.
I want to cover that part, now!
The 42 is right!
Assistance, open fire, fire!
- What do we do now?!
- Survive.
What if we move?
We must stop!
Do you know how many people were killed,
if not go to the beach?
Now go.
Come on, come on, come on.
Ok, now, this place is guaranteed,
we run, go, go, move!
Get to the cabin.
Raise your hands against the floor!
Come on!
Do something, kill them!
- What do we do now, sir?
- We had to leave the beach.
Get out of here.
My god, they kill us
throughout the day.
Count the dead ...
Is it more than 44.
Yes .. And why are you here?
What is that noise?
I think it's time.
Father, I can give my confession?
I'm not Catholic, but I will
happy to take your treasure.
Do not mention it.
I do not know what else to do.
I have to marry,
I should not have expected.
When we go from here promises,
I will marry you.
Yes, I will marry you.
With the first parent to see.
What are their names?
Claudia and Klaus Schuler Muhler.
It's weird but ...
I think if you get married, it would be something like:
Claudia, that you take as your husband Klaus ...
Partner ... your life ...
And ... your true love?
What about love today and tomorrow, forever ...
Will ... trust him and respect ...
Worship ... and in the same size ...
'D se ... good times ...
And ... poor, health and
disease ...
... Until death do you part?
I would.
And Klaus, do you take for Claudia
is your wife?
Your spouse, and only you
and true love ...
You will love ... friendship ...
Love ... and today,
morning, and forever ...
Will ... trust him, and honor ...
Will try too ... that ...
Faithful ... in good times ...
And ... bad ...
In ... sickness and in health ...
... Until death do you part?
I would.
I have a small ring here
Can you take it?
Accept this.
Thank you father.
Now you are,
husband and wife.
I love you!
I love you!
We have contacted Mr. coast.
Is the situation the army?
I understand.
Thank you.
Is advancing rapidly,
and down to the beach.
The war is lost.
Mayor, come here!
Them in the alley, we must protect
the road will be in prison!
Submit papers and
kill all prisoners.
They forgot a few things.
And they're trying to do,
but have not been successful.
You have chosen to put
one to stand.
I was with that I loved.
That's where I stand elected.
And look what has brought this problem.
Today I feel that you
have bigger problems than me.
Well, we got here.
Yes .. yes, I do not want to
I killed on the bridge.
The whole place is full.
We have to help them take it.
So come on, let's continue.
Come on guys, come on.
Let's go to the tower!
Base is under attack!
Oh my God!
I'm sorry dad,
but I can not help you.
Let's go.
- Please, please.
- Go back to the station.
I'm not your enemy, go, go!
What is this place?
Where is that they lead,
We will help, come on!
Let's move, come on!
What do you do?
Come on, stand up!
Get out of there now!
Do not shoot, do not shoot!
There are a lot of children, sergeant.
Yes I know,
I have children who like their age.
What a pity.
Here I have a priest you!
Are you afraid of death?
Father, I wish you peace.
I'm doing well, take care.
It was a good girl.
You need to fight for it.
Come on, come on!
Move, move, move!
out there !
Sergeant, you better
catch that bastard!
Someone kill that stupid!
It's a nice night for a walk.
I think so.
It was a full moon.
What is it?
One day ends
this war for us?
Yes, it will happen.
Remember my uncle, Switzerland.
I remember quite well.
Can we get to where he is?
Get them out!
Put them there.
We seem to have a guest.
- Klaus!
- Kurt!
- You do.
- Yes
- Who is she?
- Claudia Schuler, Kurt.
- Nice.
- A pleasure.
I remember manejabas
something bigger than that.
Yes, I lost my tank, Klaus.
- What are ignored.
- Thank you.
- Sorry.
- Of course.
Klaus, you are in a lot of trouble,
has advanced along the coast,
We lost many men.
And might be coming,
3 or maybe 4 tanks.
- Good but ...
- What should we do?
They have everything covered so far.
Let's see what we can do.
Passed morphine.
- What happened?
- We are lost.
I'm sure there will be more.
Come on out!
Under the tree!
Under the tree, now!
- Are you okay?
- Yes
Keep devil moving, keep going!
You, you and you.
Come with me.
Come on, come on, come on!
- Move now!
- Come on!
America Army on the road!
- Are you sure you okay?
- Klaus Want to come?
I would dare to
mountains, see you!
Here, here!
Write it on the road, come on!
Claudia, I need you
got into the car and go.
Do not want you here!
Take care of them,
puts wounded in the house.
Yes ..
Karen, come with me.
Keep looking,
and when you see, let me know.
General, is in the water,
is the station.
- Been a long time, Captain.
- Nice to see you again, sir.
- Good.
- Let's see, there.
Public, you know?
Can you see the arm
General, please?
Quick! I do not want to take
time for men.
Please, and they see it.
I understand ... I swear.
Come sit down.
What is news?
All right, Captain.
Not that it used to be.
- Of course not.
- Is sentence.
Both have been tried
So in general with respect,
I can take this,
before they get involved.
Thank you sir
Where are you going?
I'll be back, sorry to say,
but I am very good at this.
Our children need to know how,
What did you find?
Well generally, in the city from here,
I saw many pieces of armory Germany.
- Manda, where Kurt?
- You are on the other side.
Of course there is, no tank
Americans down the road.
Behind the forest, I will lead.
I just drove me there.
At the top of the hill.
Okay, we have
get the armor and infantry.
Tell them to take their goods,
and put some fire there.
Go, go.
Together, with me!
down the street, come on!
Come on!
- Go, go!
- You, generally leads to a safe place.
He's out of here!
Go, go.
Take the hurt to heal, now!
Remove the wounded here.
You're coming with me!
That tank out of commission.
Is the left.
Not anymore, America
which came on the road.
We need to make sure this part.
Do not let them go.
Go, go!
Do not let anyone come closed!
We Americans in the city.
Go, go here!
Get out, get out!
- What happened?
- You did a terrible job, c'mon.
Get in the car!
Get in the car, now!
Take the wounded, now!
Get in the car and go!
Go, go, go!
Kurt, take them out of here!
- Not!
- Come on, get in the car now!
Claudia, Claudia!
Come on, come on!
I went ...
No, no!
Stay with me!
I am with you!