Red Roses of Passion (1966) Movie Script

- Patience my tormented
little brother.
Your time with our
pretty little prospect
shall soon come.
These will soften your pain.
Ahh, you will soon
gain entrance to
a new and exciting world.
A world of exciting new faces.
A world of stimulating
new people.
- Will any of them be men?
- Oh yes, I should
say more precisely,
there will be a man.
The man.
Those who have been unjust
to you through the years.
- Aunt Julie and Tracey.
- You will shortly be
given an opportunity
to expose them for
what they really are.
- Those two are sanctimonious.
What can I do?
Expose them as virgins?
- No, you won't expose
them as virgins.
Ahh, the curtain card.
What has been is all
you're supposed to know.
Young woman, I hope you weren't
disappointed in the reading.
- Oh no, I'm only
disappointed that it's over.
I think you're so fascinating.
Well you told me
things about myself
that I never told anyone.
- My fee is $2.
- Oh, is that all?
- Enid, may I have
a word with you?
- Please wait for me outside,
she probably wants to talk to
me about the money I owe her.
- Okay-
- how was she?
- Transparent as glass.
- But did you like her?
- I'll let you know before
our next conversation.
- I didn't want her
to become suspicious
so I told her you
wanted to talk to me
about money I owe you.
- You're a very
bright girl enid.
Ahh, I see you liked my roses.
You may look at them more
closely at our next meeting.
Now see to your friend.
Good day.
- Well yes enid but,
she must be a witch.
How else would she
know so much about me?
- I'm glad you think you
got your money's worth.
- Oh I got my money's worth.
But you know, she scares me.
How often do you go to see her?
- Once a week.
Four times a month.
At different phases
of the moon we meet.
- We?
- Uh huh, you might say we,
the disciples of Martha kag.
But that's a long story.
When we have time I'll
tell you about it.
- Oh great.
Oh gosh, I've got to hurry enid.
Dick's picking me
up in half an hour.
- Bye, have fun.
- He had them alright.
The most evil eyes
I have ever seen.
- Who had those evil eyes?
- I don't know, some man who was
watching you come into
the house tonight.
- Well hardly I'd say
any man with evil eyes
watching me would be
one of my boyfriends.
But, I don't happen to have
any boyfriends at the moment.
- Thanks to me I suppose?
The kind you've been
running with lately my girl,
you're better off without.
- I'm not partial to tea,
but this brew's great!
- In this house, tea
is an evening ritual.
Gives us a chance to
get together and relax.
- Well I've got to
say it's a great idea.
- Now there is a nice boy.
Why don't you try to find
somebody like that and be happy?
- Now what's wrong?
You're not going
off on my already
are you dick?
- No, but I'm a little worried
with your aunt and
your cousin upstairs.
- Forget about them.
- I just feel...
- look, have you got
any better suggestions?
I'm sure your roommate
would love us busting in.
Positive he wouldn't
like letting
his goodnight sleep go away.
Alright, come on in.
Oh enid.
Oh I'm sorry.
I thought it was my
aunt with another
one of her lectures.
Well, it isn't much
but it's home to me.
- It's a palace compared
to the room I have.
- Well come sit down.
- I can only stay a moment.
Carla, I talked to Martha kag.
She suggested I invite you
to the conversation tonight.
Oh there's nothing
to be frightened of.
- Well, her place
is sort of scary.
- Only at the beginning.
Once you get into it.
Carla I used to be like
you in the beginning.
Now it's my whole life.
I used to drink, and
smoke, and run around,
and after I met Martha
kag I gave up everything
I used to think of as enjoyment.
- You don't date do you?
- Not any longer.
I don't have the time
nor the inclination.
- But why enid?
- I don't know.
I'm so caught up in
the conversations,
I just don't have the time.
Carla, the conversations,
and the meetings at Martha's
are my whole life.
- Well...
- Carla, come with me tonight.
- Alright.
What time will you pick me up?
8:30 here.
- Okay-
- tonight wear this
under your coat.
It's a costume for
the conversation.
And Carla, I'm
delighted you're coming.
You won't be sorry.
- What is she doing?
- She's preparing
the wine of delphi.
- Wine of delphi?
- It's a potion used to
make the ceremony of pan.
Don't worry, you won't
have to drink any.
You must want to
drink it before you
have the right to drink it.
- Listen, I don't wanna get
involved in anything spooky.
I've got enough trouble.
- Please Carla, stay.
Just watch.
- Carla.
I'm delighted you
decided to come.
You're about to
witness something
very few outsiders
have ever seen.
A conversation with pan.
- A deity from ancient times.
One that personified
the free unhampered
animal longings that
underlie the nature of man.
- You can't believe in
the existence of pan
as a god.
- I believe in the existence
of the spirit of pan.
It exists in all
men and all women.
Even in your aunt Julie
and your cousin Tracey.
You may deduce before the end
of this conversation tonight
how the spirit of pan
could be exposed in your
aunt and your cousin.
- Alright, I'll stay.
What do you want me to do?
- Since you haven't been
initiated into your group yet,
you'll just sit and watch
from that chair over there.
- Okay-
- just let me take your coat.
Jean, I thought you
were in Cleveland
with your new husband?
- I was.
But I've left him.
- You didn't love him?
- Oh I loved him.
But, I couldn't stay away.
I had to come back.
- By taking a mate, you have
transgressed against pan.
Since you have come back to us,
I'm sure he'll open
his arms to you.
- I'll try to be worthy.
- I had intended making Ruth
the communicant of the
quarter moon tonight.
However, since you
have come back to us...
- Yeah.
- I think the honor
should fall to you.
~ oh!
I don't know what to say.
- Don't say anything.
When the time comes,
just show your love for pan.
- Oh thank you.
Thank you.
- Since you are to
be the communicant
of the quarter moon tonight,
you will be allowed
a second draft
from the wine of delphi.
Priestesses of pan,
bring the communicant
of the quarter moon to me.
Roses from the garden of pan.
Forbearance priestesses of pan.
Anoint the communicant
with the breath of roses.
Untie her.
Prepare yourselves for
the conversation with pan.
Arise, we are ready.
Restrain her.
Take her to the altar of pan.
I'm sorry, only the
priestesses of pan
are allowed beyond
these curtains.
- Oh I'll go.
- You may stay.
I wish you would.
After this conversation
I'd like to discuss
with you what might
be done about your
aunt and your cousin.
She is fine.
The pleasure of
her communication
was just too much for her.
- Carla, Carla wait up.
Are you mad at me?
- No.
- Then what's wrong?
You avoided me all
day in the shop.
- Last night enid,
what happened
behind that curtain?
- I can't tell you that Carla.
I'd break my vows if I did.
- What kind of beast
did you have back there?
- No beast.
Behind that curtain
was the most divine,
the most appealing...
- and those roses.
Enid what happens
when they touch you?
- Ecstasy.
Ecstasy like you've
- You're out of your mind.
All of you.
- Another one.
Carla, what am I
going to do about you?
You've been with us
for the past six years.
Ever since your
mother passed away.
And I promised her I'd try
to keep you out of trouble.
- I'm not in any trouble.
- This isn't trouble?
Can't you see he's just
like all the rest of them?
Can't you see this is
all he wants from you?
- I'd better go.
- Carla, why can't you try
to find a nice
young man like Jay?
- Maybe I'm just
not interested in a
nice young man like
Tracey's boyfriend.
- I'm sorry.
I mean the way mama
treated you last night
in front of that boy.
- Yeah that's another
guy I'll never see again.
- Why can't you find
yourself a decent guy?
- Listen, all the guys I've
known have been decent.
- (50w)'-
I didn't mean to start
any unpleasantness.
It's just that, I do
want you to be my friend.
- Ahh Ms. Holmes, come on in.
I was expecting you.
- You were expecting me?
- You might say it
was in the cards.
Besides, I've been picking
up your vibrations.
After you left us the last time,
the vibrations were negative.
Last night they were confused.
Today they're
decidedly positive.
You've made up your
mind to ask me for help
concerning your aunt
and your cousin right?
- Yes.
Well, last night
became intolerable.
And those, simpering...
- well let's do
something about bringing
them down from their
elevated positions.
First your aunt.
See that the contents
of this bottle
finds it's way into your
aunts tea Sunday afternoon.
After your cousin and
her gentlemen friend
leave for band concert.
- How do you know they're
going to a band concert?
- Don't worry, they'll go.
- And what about Tracey?
- Oh, her time will come.
Now go.
Do as I've instructed.
- Well I have very little money.
What will be the price I
must pay for your help?
- You need only give
what you want to give.
And when you want to give it.
- He's out there again.
That man with the evil eyes.
- Perhaps you'd rather we stay?
- And miss the concert?
I wouldn't have you do that.
- Well, it isn't often
that Jay comes up
with fourth row seat for
Marian culture concert.
- Fourth row.
How did you ever manage
fourth row seats?
That woman's concerts are
sold out months in advance.
- Somebody left me
some tickets in an
envelope at the office.
They neglected to put a note in
so I don't know who did it but,
why look a gift horse
in the mouth huh?
Mrs. Sanders if
you'd feel better,
you and Tracey can go.
- Oh nonsense.
I'll be alright.
Besides, Carla's here.
- Where is Carla?
I haven't seen her today.
- Oh she's being
very domestic today.
She spent the entire day
in the kitchen baking.
- Well I thought
it was very nice.
She's getting the tea ready now.
- Ready?
- I'm ready.
- Have a good time.
- Here we are aunt Julie.
- Well, he's not there anymore.
' Who?
- I don't know, that
evil looking man.
- Oh aunt Julie.
- Carla, this is
not my imagination.
There is something evil
looking about that man.
And what is he doing
hanging around here?
- Maybe he belongs around here.
I don't know.
- But I've never seen
him around here before.
You know, it's such
a lovely night out,
why don't you go for a walk?
- I just don't feel
like going for a walk.
- A brisk walk would
be good for you.
Exercise takes a girls
mind off the boys.
The wrong kind of boys.
- I know, an idle mind
is the devils workshop.
- There's a lot of truth
in that old proverb.
Mmm, a good cup of tea.
This is delicious Carla.
Pour another cup would you?
- Oh sure.
- Thank you.
And this, looks delectable.
Well, here goes another
1,000 calories on my hips.
Now who could that be?
- I don't know, would you
like for me to get it?
- Would you?
' Yes?
- Package for Mrs. Sanders.
- Who is it dear?
- Oh it's a delivery
boy with a package
for you aunt Julie.
- Could you take
it for me please?
- Sure.
- Mmm mmm, I can only deliver it
into the hands of Mrs. Sanders.
- Alright.
- Anything wrong ma'am?
- No, nothing's wrong.
- Are you Mrs. Sanders?
- Yes.
That'll be all.
- Oh, I forgot to tell you.
There's a message inside
that requires an answer.
Hold her, she might
do harm to herself.
Release her.
- Stop it.
Oh my body.
What did you do?
Beat me with a bat?
- Where's mother?
- In her room.
- There performance
was fantastic.
I must tell her all about it.
- I wouldn't do that
if I were you Tracey.
- Why?
- She has a friend.
- A friend?
- Aman.
- You're unspeakable.
Wake up.
It's Tracey.
Open the door, it's Tracey.
Do you hear me?!
- Go away!
Go away!
- Do you think I
should go to her?
- She's humiliated enough.
I think you would
just make it worse.
It isn't easy to
find out your mother
is that kind of woman.
- Oh you're revolting!
- Leave me alone.
- Mother.
- Leave me alone!
- It's been a whole week.
She hasn't even had
supper with us one night.
- Mrs. Sanders?
- I'm Mrs. Sanders.
Where's the other delivery man?
- There's no other delivery man.
- A big muscular man
with very evil eyes.
- There's no delivery
man like that works
for our company.
- Why Ms. Holmes, you
look quite satisfied.
I hope your satisfaction
is with my services.
- Oh Martha, I couldn't
be more satisfied.
- Now we've only got
your cousin to deal with.
This evening you will
see that your cousin
gets the contents of
this bottle in her tea.
It has been two
weeks since your aunt
received her first rose.
Tonight, another rose
will be delivered.
This one however will
be for your cousin.
- Well, her square boyfriend is
picking her up tonight at 8:30.
- Well he'll be treated
to quite a sight isn't he?
By 8:30 the rose would have
had some time to take effect.
Now go.
Carry out my instructions.
I saw you peaking.
Be patient.
Before long she'll belong to you
at each quarter of the moon.
These will take the
edge off for a time.
Please not again,
I'm your sister.
- Mother's in the living room
waiting for that foolish
rose to be delivered.
- There it is, right on time.
- I'll be right there.
- You know Tracey,
if I were you,
I would confront aunt Julie
about those roses right now.
After all, this
can't go on forever.
- Darling, where have you been?
Darling, don't you remember me?
- Oh I remember you.
But I have a delivery to make.
I have a box here
for a Ms. Sanders.
- You mean Mrs. Sanders,
I'm Mrs. Sanders.
- No, I mean Ms. Sanders.
Ms. Tracey Sanders.
Hold her!
You, get up!
Stop that sniveling!
Tonight your cherry flower.
There'll be no more!
Help us get undressed.
Tonight we shall share the rose.
You, fetch some pillows.
Release her, I can
handle her now.
- Well, I guess you had to
find out sooner or later.
This goes on all the
time with those two.
Oh enid, I'm afraid they're
gonna destroy each other.
- Isn't that what you want?
- No.
I only wanted to take them
down a peg, that's all.
I just didn't expect
anything like this.
For the last couple of weeks now
they've been acting like
a couple of mad women.
Tracey didn't go to work.
She lost herjob and
she didn't even care.
And every other night
when the delivery
of that rose is expected,
the two of them, they put
on their best lingerie
and they go stand by
that door and wait
like a couple of caged animals.
And then when the
delivery of the rose
finally gets here,
they go into this frenzy.
They fight and they
tear at each other
until they drop from exhaustion.
And when there's nothing
left but these petals,
they scramble around
to pick them up.
Then they put on their
coats and they go out
just to find any kind of men.
Oh, I can only imagine the kind.
And of course the neighbors,
they think we're all tramps.
- Why don't you just move out?
- Oh enid I can't.
I've got to be here to stop them
when the delivery
of the rose comes.
Otherwise they'd
kill each other.
Enid, please talk to
Martha Kay for me.
I want her to stop the
delivery of those roses.
- I have no right
to ask her that.
Why don't you?
- Oh I've tried, I've tried
to see her every night.
But the place is
always locked up.
I thought maybe you might...
- well tonight is
the conversation
of the three quarter moon.
If you go to Martha's
at 8:30 I'm sure
you may see her there.
- Oh I'll be there.
- Good.
Wear the costumes we wear.
- Oh, yes I will.
- Yes.
- Enid, those roses,
what do they do to you?
- The roses.
I told you once before.
Their touch produces
the sweetest torment
you can imagine.
The sweetest.
I'd better go,
it's getting late.
- Oh gosh, that blasted rose
will be here any moment.
And I've got to
prepare myself to keep
Tracey and aunt
Julie from tearing
each others throats out.
- I'll go outside the side
door so I don't run into them.
Don't forget, I'll
see you at 8:30.
- Okay-
- tonight I'm sure
he'll be here to see me.
- To see you?!
You mean to see me.
- You'll find out
when he gets here.
Now we'll see who he's here for.
- Ms. Holmes, you look
so very perplexed.
- I'd like you to
stop the delivery
of those roses to where I live.
- Take off your coat
and sit over there.
We'll discuss it
after the ceremony.
- Can't we discuss it now?
- The moon waits for no one.
Since you are to be the
principle communicant tonight...
Arise priestesses
of pan and join me
with the communicant of
the three quarter moon.
Anoint the communicant
with the breath of pan's roses.
Untie her.
Prepare yourselves for
the conversation with pan.
We are ready.
Take her to the altar of pan.
If you'll wait we'll
discuss your problem
after this sacred ceremony.
We were talking about the
deliveries of the roses.
- Yes.
I want you to stop them.
- Oh, it's not that simple.
It's not for me to
stop those deliveries.
But I might be
able to find a way.
I can only prevail
upon the sender
to stop those deliveries.
At the petition of a priestess,
one who has been granted the
favor in the first place.
- But that means...
- that means you
must take the vows
of a priestess of
pan in order to
be granted your petition
for stopping the roses.
There is still time,
until midnight.
- Well.
She's alive.
Maybe you'd better call
some of your friends.
We'll make an all night party of it.
On second thought,
you'd better call
some of your acquaintances too.
Let's go.
You come too.
- Carla, why don't you join us?
- What have I done?
What have I done?
- Step forward Carla.
You've decided I assume to
become priestess of pan.
- The delivery of the
roses, will they stop?
- The deliveries will stop.
- And then Tracey and Julie,
what will happen to them?
- Awedge has already
been driven between them.
They've lost all
respect for each other
and for themselves.
They will go their separate
ways to find new lives.
- But they will find new lives.
- They will.
- And what about
the after effects?
- Once the roses
have been stopped,
the power of the
potion will wear off.
But there will be
other after effects.
Emotional ones.
Those will take a little
longer to wear off.
There is one other
thing I must tell you.
Once you have tasted
the wine of delphi
and held a rose from the
garden of pan to your breast
you will forever be
a priestess of pan.
At times we have had
priestesses like Jean
who have broken the vows of pan,
but they have always
returned for a taste
of the wine and a
caress of the rose.
- Then I will be addicted,
but you said...
- I said once the
roses are withheld,
the power of the
potion will wear off.
Your aunt and your
cousin did not know
the source of the
disturbance within them,
you will.
This flagan and the rose.
You'll know they give
incomparable pleasure.
Doing without them
will drive you mad.
In this knowledge, are you
prepared to take these vows?
- Lam.
- Then kneel.
Repeat after me.
By the sacred
pillars of pan I vow.
- By the sacred
pillar of pan I vow.
- To devote to the pleasures
of the great god pan.
- To devote to the pleasures
of the great god pan.
- My entire being,
my body,
and my soul.
- My entire being,
my body,
and my soul.
- You are now the
priestess of pan.