Red Sky (2014) Movie Script

Stop. Be quiet.
Okay, okay.
- Careful.
- Oh yeah.
Let's have a little fun here.
He will be surprised
if he's butt naked, alright?
He can asleep through
any damn thing.
- Let me do that.
- No. Cobra is the artist.
Keep it down.
There we go.
Sleep, sleep.
Meow, meow.
So pretty.
Jesus! Shit!
Suit up, ready to go.
- We're late.
- Thought you're in trouble.
See you up there, dawg.
We got 30 minutes.
You mess with me again, I'm gonna give you
an old fashion of ass-whooping, you hear me?
Alright, Cajun, it's cool.
Ignorant ass nougats.
Gentlemen, be seated.
Commander Kerry has some last minute
details before the mission.
Gentlemen, we have a pair of sections..
being launched for patrol
along the coastline.
Rodeo, you and Cobra will launch
as Viper 31.
Patroling south..
from the same coordinates.
ROl standard.
Keeping your feet wet
at all times.
No weapons released..
unless you are fire upon.
All with verified authentication codes.
Lieutenant Babbinaux,
Are you trying to be
a mouse or a rat?
Sir, I apologize for the
immaturity of my squad.
Apology accepted.
Nonetheless, Lieutenant Babbinaux, might want to wash your face
before you go up on the flight deck.
What did you do?
Time to mount your jets,
Strait of Hormuz
- Hey, Rodeo.
- Yo?
I will exact
my revenge.
We shall see, Cajun.
We shall see.
Yes, we shall indeed.
All right. Roger the wakeboard,
check harness..
Check harness locked.
Cobra is up and ready.
Alright, Cobra, let's see if you got it.
Take the lead.
Roger that, Rodeo.
Cobra has the lead.
What do you say fellas?
Let's have a little fun.
That's very impressive, Cobra.
You're learning,
my boy.
Am right, Rodeo.
Strike, Viper 31, Cobra has the lead.
Viper 31, Strike roger that.
Come right to heading 1-5-9.
Roger, 1-5-9, on the heavy.
Viper 31, this is Warlord 2.
Tick in progress.
Requesting immediate air.
Meet me on Purple 11.
Warlord 2, this is Viper 31-2, two F-18s,
2 by GBU-12, 2 by GBU-38..
500 rounds, 20 might-might.
Give me a. 38 air burst
on the following grid.
Wait, what?
Who is that?
Is that Strike Ops?
I don't know.
This is Cobra, dropping down
to Carefree.
Sir, Viper 31 went below radar
and a right turn.
Viper 31, are you over?
Confirm, 9-3-1-9.
Good handshake.
Zoom out,
shift left..
Shift left,
zoom in.
That's your target.
Roger that,
tally target.
Wow, wow, wow. Cobra.
I thought we're on
routine patrol.
Warlord 2, front Cobra,
requesting authentication.
Copy that, Viper.
Charlie Echo-9-Alpha-1. Repeat.
Charlie Echo-9-Alpha-1.
Authentication code confirmed.
Rodeo concurs,
authentication confirmed.
Suspected chemical
weapons plant.
We have a computer fail.
We can't release.
Cobra, we have a weapon system failure,
it's on you.
Copy that, Rodeo.
Weapon system is up and ready.
Target locked, pigs away.
- Get the light over here.
- Got it.
There you go.
we got something here.
- What do you got right there?
- What's this..
What does that say?
It's in Arabic, it says Rainmaker.
Come on, get out!
No! No! No!
Two away.
Everybody out of here!
Go go go!
Proceed as plan.
- We are moving in.
- Go.
Let's move, hurry.
As I said before,
we had no idea they were friendlies.
You had no idea they were friendlies,
I understand that..
but your ignorance
isn't the question here.
The fact is..
they were Inspectors from IAEA..
a soldier and a team of civilians.
And you fired on them.
I'd like to point out
that my client..
surrendered the lead
before he reached the target.
and he did not release
his weapons.
With all due respect, Your Honor,
we're in this together.
I take equal responsibility.
And what were your duties
during this mission?
I was the agent in charge of intelligence
for Operation Recovery.
Can you tell us what that was?
During the 80s we've heard
rumors that..
Saddam was developing a weapon..
and designed to take Iran down
in one fill swoop.
The weapon was dubbed
We'd narrowed the location of this weapon
down to a suspected chemical plant.
What happened?
We sent a team in.
And they were destroyed by..
what maybe
friendly fire.
By the time we had another team in there,
the building had been raised.
The bunkers below were empty.
If there ever was
a Rainmaker there..
there was no trace
of it left.
Warlord 2..
I did a little background
check on that.
and no one from Strike Operation
to the Pentagon..
has ever heard of this call sign.
Whoever it was,
had the confirmation codes.
We were ordered.
Everything is on the hut tapes,
you can check there.
You do have the hut tapes?
Defense knows
the tapes are missing..
which is very fortunate if you're
a pilot who've..
failed the call for authentication
codes and..
can't recognize this so called
Warlord's voice.
Any of these men could've
destroyed the hut tapes.
Pursuing to the Article 32 hearing..
Lieutenant Craig, Masters,
Babbinaux and Vasquez..
have been accused..
of negligent homicide.
But the prosecution..
it's inability
to produce Hut Tapes..
has led us
to a stalemate.
Excuse me, Your Honor,
But the errors of these defendants..
resulted in the loss
of a weapon of mass destruction..
called Rainmaker, which was a rare
opportunity of immense national interest.
But even more
significant than that..
their errors resulted in the loss
of a life of a soldier..
whose life was our
Whether these men ever see
the light of day again..
that's above my pay grade.
But God help the U.S. Navy if
they're allowed to remain in it.
The best thing you can do
for yourselves and for your services..
is to resign your commision..
turn in your wings first thing tomorrow
and receive a general discharge.
I believe the Prosecutor
will agree to a full dismissal.
Effected immediately.
Cajun told me, such bullshit
what happened to you guys.
Yeah, well..
Don't let me interrupt.
I know this feels like..
the worst thing that
could possibly happen, but..
maybe it just means..
this is the beginning of
the next phase in our lives.
Maybe after we got married,
we'll move to LA.
and I can finally put my journalism
degree to some good use.
You could be
an airline pilot.
You want to make me
a glorified bus driver?
Rainmaker, Warlord..
what the hell just happened to us?
We can fight this..
force an investigation,
get a lawyer or something.
With what money?
Nobody's gonna hire us..
not even the goddamn
There's no silver lining
on this shit, thank you.
It's over.
It's only over if we give up.
He's right.
He's right.
You know?
You two seem to be agreeing
on a lot of things lately.
Tom, I have stucked by you
through everything..
and we are gonna
get through this.
Stuck by me?
Or stuck by him?
Let me see this.
You know what?
She's all yours, Cobra.
And now, for more news
back to you, Bill.
In the news,
Sergeant Lee's widow is..
still not getting answers
about her husband's death.
Sergeant Lee was killed by
an apparently friendly fire.
It's been described as
human error.
The pilots responsible
from his death..
has still not
been named.
We're not getting
any answers.
My son's gonna grow up
without a father.
And I can't even tell him
what happened.
Turn that shit off.
He leaves behind a widow..
and a two year old son.
It's been 7 years..
and Sergeant Lee's widow
said the circumstances..
surrounding her husband's death..
still remain a mystery.
Rodeo, I'm gonna get you
You're deader than disco.
Ah, shit.
Let's head back to the ranch.
Viper Squad, Aerial Combat Training Facility
Fallon, NV.
In the real world, engaged
with the L-39 is what you're more..
likely to see,
so it's better..
you learn from me
what it can do..
rather than take a missile
up your six.
Are you finished, sir?
My job is to turn you into one of
the best fighter pilots in the world.
No, I'm not finished.
until you shoot me down,
you got that?
Typically if someone says they're
gonna give me two L-39er by Tuesday..
that means I'm gonna get
my planes on Tuesday.
Viper Squad!
Sink them deep, baby.
Okay, make it happen.
- Looking good.
- Alright.
- Nice work, buddy.
- Thanks, buddy.
Now, who wants a piece of me?
- Can I go shoot his ass down?
- He's all yours.
Hey, Cajun.
I got something personal
I need to deal with.
I need you to hold down the fort
for a few days, okay?
Cool, you're okay?
I'll see you in a few.
That was almost two months ago.
I haven't heard a word from him since.
Well, shit.
He's probably just hiding out
from some chick's husband.
He'll probably resurface...
fired up about some
get rich quick scheme.
Drag everyone back into
the Craigville.
Yeah, right.
Drag everyone back
except you.
You know. I just can't drink
the Koolaid anymore.
You know?
He'll show up eventually.
This time it's different.
The Feds are looking for him,
it's serious.
I got a feeling it may have to do
with that Rainmaker thing.
What makes you say that?
My tendency towards..
paranoia and conspiracy theories.
Until Captain Charisma comes back,
we're short a pilot if you..
want to come play with us
until your deal comes through?
Thank you, but no.
The money's decent.
Looks like
you could use some.
Shit I am three steps
from being a millionaire.
And one from being broke.
I might end up working for you.
In the meantime..
Get some air freshener
in that can.
- Will do.
- You stink.
Ah, come on.
I told pull them,
less throttle.
My girl says the same thing.
Hey guys!
What are we celebrating?
Rich boy's money
must be for real.
- You're going to Russia.
- No shit? Damn.
Be a good boy, too.
Leave the Russian honeys alone..
learn to fly that jet.
Cause this guy, he's gonna invest
in our future.
We get our own MIG,
we apply to fly and
before you know it...
- ... we got our own fleet.
- That's what I'm talking about.
To rich boy!
- Russia!
- Beginnings.
God, that's good.
Why am I here?
We did tests.
Lots of them.
My pilots only hit the target
30% of the time.
So this is about
more money.
We've waited centuries
for our homeland.
You are the one who told us
to wait all of these years..
until the Americans are gone.
We're doing this
for our freedom.
You and your friends at Geopetrol.
You're in this
for the money.
Well, Temir, I'm glad we
put that on the table.
So let's put something else
on the table.
If you and your people...
keep doing what
you've been doing...
you'll keep getting
what you got.
So what do you got?
No money,
No homeland.
And no freedom.
And that's why you'll do
exactly what I tell you.
I'll handle your little
pilot deficit.
but when I say it's time to jump,
you get out the trampoline.
Hey, little man.
Your father teaching you
about the price of freedom?
- Yes, sir.
- That's good.
Listen to him.
Most kids these days
have no idea.
Excuse me...
Excuse me...
Do you know the best place
to see the air show?
The air show?
The planes?
Air show?
You got that?
I'm sorry we were late.
That was my fault.
It will not happen again, okay?
But I think we should be okay.
Hi, is this good
for both of us?
This is me, this is my friend.
Is that okay?
Holy shit.
- Oh my God!
- Oh wow.
What are you doing here?
We need a better viewing angle.
Come with us.
I need a panoramic view and a close-up.
Got it.
Let's blow out the candles.
I'm flying to the bridge.
This guy is good.
He's good.
I'm interviewing him later,
do you want to meet him?
Uh, no.
Come on, it'll be great.
There will always be war,
it is part of our nature.
We can't rise above our nature?
I don't think so.
So tell me..
what does a warrior do..
when there's no war to be fought?
We do tricks.
To impress the ladies,
of course.
It's about following the money
involves in an armed deals.
after the Cold War...
after Perestroika, who is trafficking
the arms where it's available to them.
I've interviewed ex-army officials,
ex pilots...
even some of the scientists who helped
developed the weaponry.
It's crazy some of these stuff
has only been just declassified.
What are you thinking about?
Have you talked to Tom lately?
No, I have not.
Why do you ask?
Cajun said,
he's missing.
He thinks it might had
something to do with that whole..
Rainmaker mess.
So maybe if you can,
I don't know..
find information, or anything new..
That wasn't the best time
in my life.
You know?
It took me a long time
to get passed it, but I did.
I know you did.
And I'm glad..
I haven't.
I can't.
I'll look into it.
Okay, thank you.
I'm so cold.
- When should we go flying?
Soon? - No.
Are you crazy?
No, let's do it,
you go it. So easy..
Yeah, I don't read Russian.
There it is, there it is.
One more.
And this place.
Try this hot soup.
It's so cold outside.
- I think it's borscht.
- Yes.
Thank you Volga.
Thank you,
thank you.
- She knows that I don't speak
Russian, right? - Right.
She's just messing with me?
She speaks Russian,
it's just the way it is.
- I can't believe I go
home tomorrow. - I know.
I think I'm going back
to the States soon, though.
I'm meeting with potential investor...
who's gonna see some
of my cut footage.
- It's good.
- Yeah.
This was nice.
That's not right.
All work and no play.
What about love?
Such a lovely couple.
And now, smile both of you.
I'll take off.
What did she say?
Not sure.
We are here to talk about
the Rainmaker.
Agents Davis and Cutter are from Langley
to tell us what the agency knows.
We believe that Saddam shelved and burried
Rainmaker before we arrived.
The project was born out of efforts to...
control the environmental effects of...
oil pipelines ruptures
and spills.
Scientists realized that...
certain micro-organisms could
biogenecally decompose petroleum.
Rainmaker uses a bunker buster technology..
to penetrate 300 feet below the surface
before detonates.
And with the help of thorium,
which is a radioactive isotope...
which acts as a catalyst...
the bacteria spreads throughout
the oil fields...
chemically altering
the crew.
In theory, once the chain
reaction starts...
it'd spread throughout
Iran's entire oil reserve.
Rendering it useless within
6-10 months.
Is it true that..
the oil eventually
into its pure form?
That's one theory
that's out there.
But Saddam's weapon
of mass destruction..
was a theory as well.
Forgive me for saying so, but..
the whole thing sounds
a bit James Bond.
There are a lot of people in Langley
that think it'll work.
Are you implying that
it could still be out there?
We have reason to believe it is.
Temir Ajar..
a Kurdish separatist with lots of
A degree in Organic Chemistry
from MIT...
and a resume which includes...
time spent with the
Mujahideen in Afghanistan.
Temir is an idealist.
He believes that if he destroyed the oil..
all us oil-thirsty imperialists
will go home..
and he and his people can eventually
live in peace.
Could this weapon to be used
against United States?
Anywhere there's
an oil field.
Use any other way, it would not be
a weapon of mass destruction.
We believe Ajar..
will exploit the device to pursue
his objectives directly.
Al Qaeda would have free reign over
everything south of the no-fly zone.
Leaving the Kurds free to break away
from the north.
Which would encite Turks
to invade the Kurds..
then all bets are off.
The world's third largest proven
oil reserves taken off land like that.
This could pull the globe into
an economic apocalypse.
What a goddamn mess.
As General Powell put it,
it's like Toys R Us.
You break it,
you buy it.
Do we know where
this thing is?
We believe it's still in the desert
in Northern Iran, sir.
Mr Secretary, we currently have
two aircraft carriers...
...operating in the Indian Ocean.
With two or three fighters,
we can take it out from the air.
Captain, we can't fly to Iran and
start dropping bombs.
Even the Israelis won't
risk that.
I understand the situation
is sensitive.
But it would be clean.
It'd be unmarked Sukhois..
Our pilots would fly over Azerbaijan...
We can't risk sending in
our soldiers.
Mr. Cutter, why is this
thing called Rainmaker?
Sir, we scoured the Koran..
the Torah and the Bible for clues..
And honestly we still don't know.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Captain Webster.
May I speak to you
for a minute?
Yes, sir.
The next time you make a suggestion,
you better have a plan.
And the next time you have a plan,
it had better work.
Unlike the last
two times.
Yes, sir.
How long is that flight?
Too long, man.
Good to have you back, man.
I can't wait to hear all about it.
Flight adversary, baby.
- You sure you don't want to
hang out? - No, man.
I need some sleep.
The jet lag's going on.
See you bright and early
in the morning.
- Sounds good.
- Russia!
Get that sleep, man.
What the hell?
So you work for Tom Craig now?
I already told you.
No, I do not.
You still feel like..
your government
screwed you over.
We were ordered to fire.
I killed an American soldier.
And that..
You tell me.
Was I screwed over?
- But you were innocent, right?
- Sorry?
You were a victim.
Just like they were..
- And now you want to get even.
- No!
I want answers!
I want to know what happened and
I want to know why!
What do you think?
We know for sure
Tom Craig's involved.
And these other guys guilty
by association?
I don't know.
Let him go.
I know what you're thinking.
But why risk it?
You don't know
what I'm thinking.
Can I have
one of those, please?
You could go deaf in here.
Thank you.
You just received an e-mail
with a name of a scientist.
The former weapons of
mass destruction's evil genius.
Biological shit.
He dropped out
after the Cold War.
Got into the green movement..
He's a professor now.
And he's connected to Rainmaker?
That word came out once.
In an article of his.
What about Tom Craig?
The American.
That was interesting.
A former fiance of yours,
am I right?
He's been a busy boy.
He likes fast things,
fast boats...
- fast cars, fast planes.
- Yeah.
And stocks.
Naval Air Station
Fallon, NV.
- Hello?
- Hey, it's me.
I am coming back to
the States tomorrow, and I would..
really like to talk to you.
- Do you miss me?
- Not at all.
Just name the time and place.
- Let me call you back, okay?
- Yeah.
Mr. Masters.
JAG Prosecutor, Captain Webster.
Now counsel for the Joint Chiefs.
It's a long way from
hatchet, man.
You came for the event?
I want to talk to you
for a minute.
So let me get this straight.
You want us to fly to Iran...
and take out Rainmaker.
Strickly off the books.
Mark your planes with
Iranian colors..
so you can infiltrate
their airspace, and then..
no passports or IDs.
No support, I get it.
Still, why me?
You just trained in
Russian Sukhoi.
and you are still a pretty good pilot,
according to Lieutenant Babbinaux.
Cajun, wow, you got him involved?
I thought you might be interested
in clearing your name.
You trust us now?
Which probably makes us even.
Look, we've been tracking this
a Kurdish separatists, named..
Temir Ajar, ever since we knew
he bought 4 Russian fighters.
We knew he had recruited
these squadron of Iraqi pilots but.. of our Kurdish asset told us...
...that he recently hired an American
to lead them, and I..
believed it's Tom Craig.
Why would he do that?
I imagine it's pretty good money.
It better be,
because if it's true..
he could lose a lot more
than his citizenship.
Tom put his life on the line
for our country.
He was a patriot..
until you guys crucify him.
It's not the shit we face
that defines us.
It's how we react to it.
Forward and let's sign.
Are you the angel?
The one that's always put money
in our mailbox.
Mom says we have guardian angel.
What do you got there?
A Special Force, like my dad.
He must be a very
brave man.
He's pretty brave.
You want to meet my mom?
No, thanks.
Gotta run.
Do you really think
Webster can fix our records?
Expunging of adverse, commence..
or contents.
That's how it's put.
What do we have to do?
All I can say is..
We'll be doing what we're trained
to do in a hostile situation.
And those guys who
choose to stay...
will be fully briefed tomorrow.
Webster, that same put to that
nailed our coffin.
If it means to clear our name..
I'm in.
I get it, that's fine for you three.
Hey look, guys.
Some of us have history
with this thing here, so..
I just don't see any point you're
taking any unnecessary risks.
And let's be honest,
the money is bullshit.
In there wait a minute.
Not if we pull it.
It's not about money for me.
I got kerosene in my blood.
I'm a fighter pilot.
Uh, Rizzo.
Look man..
I've lost too many friends
already, so..
I'm out.
I am a weekend warrior
who flies cargo.
I'll leave the shooting up to you
and the rest of the cowboys,...
...this isn't for me.
I'm out.
You're good, man.
Yeah, I'll go tomorrow.
I'll listen.
Oh, sorry.
You gotta be in or out.
Details will follow.
Oh, hell. Amanda's gonna have
a fit, Cob.
Get your balls back, man.
I'm in. At least we don't have to
the rich boys.
Welcome to SS Dumbass.
There she is.
- And you live in it?
- Yes.
You know, it's ecofriendly..
it's recycled..
and above all..
cheap, which I love.
Come on,
come on.
I like.
I like.
Welcome to my humble abode.
Oh my God!
Candles, wow.
Are you expecting company?
Yeah, just some crazy director
who narrates my thoughts.
Maybe it's her defense.
From what?
Well, directors don't like
rewrites, you know?
You don't like it when old characters
sneak back into the script.
It gets really messy.
But then you're familiar with them..
you know what makes them tick
and it's new again.
A drama can be exciting.
And dangerous.
I live in Russia.
I live in a plane.
No, no..
I did come here cause I want
to talk to you about something.
Alright, shoot.
I asked around about Rainmaker..
and Tom.
Tom's got a real dark side..
you should know that.
He also owns a significant amount of stock
in a company called Geopetrol.
So what?
He should be investing in solar
not oil?
This stock..
Is almost completely worthless.
Its trading is only few dollars
of share, Tom..
not a stock kind of guy.
- What about Rainmaker?
- I'm meeting with a scientist,...
...I'm gonna go back to Russia
about that, but..
...don't get your hopes up.
When do you go back?
St. Petersburg and then
I'm actually going to Syria.
Dayr Ar Zawr.
There's this show and tell airshow they're
peddling planes and old weapons and..
somehow Colonel Grachov got me
of all people, permission to film it.
Wow, that's great.
Is that jealousy?
No, it's not.
Cause if it is,
you're invited.
By who? Him?
If I'm in the near Syria anytime,
I will definitely pop by.
Thank you for the invite.
You should do that.
What's that?
- Oh yeah, my old boots.
- Oh, no!
Gentlemen, this is Anna Zhukova,
she's our weapons and software specialist.
This is my long-time agency partner,
Agent Davis.
And some of you might remember
Special Agent Cutter.
He's our on the ground expert in covert
operations for Middle East hot spots.
Cutter, go ahead.
Two days you'll be flying commercial
to Athens and Cyprus.
You'll meet with the naval detachment.
You'll surrender your passports.
and fly in unmark transport plane
to Turkey.
Five miles off the eastern border.
At around 10,000 feet
you'll perform a HAHO jump.
Excuse me, sir?
HAHO, that's parachute term, isn't it?
It's a High Altitude High Opening drop.
It'll take about 45 minutes to glide
the 20 miles over the border...
...across the Zangezur Mountains
to Azerbaijan.
Excuse me, sir.
I don't jump out of planes, I fly them.
You've all had jump training, right?
Yes, sir, but I was not
very good at it.
Can we just fly
commercial to Azerbaijan?
Technically, you're not even
in the country.
You'll use GPS to guide you
to the airfield...
where our contact, Mamed Zade...
provides you with 3 SU-27,
painted in Iranian color...
fully fueled and ready to go.
You will take off
flying south...
breaking Mach 1 as you cross
Iranian border.
That should give you plenty of time
to hit the target, and get back...
before the Iranian Air Force is alerted.
All in all, from the time
you get your planes...
to the time
you complete your mission..
should be about one hour.
Can't we just send a drone in
and be done?
I'm afraid drones are not
an option.
- So we only get one shot at this.
- Right.
Then we have to be
pretty damn accurate.
You will be.
Miss Zhukova?
This is the latest
bunker-busting weapon...
the B-183M, smart bomb.
It is a third generation laser-guided BVR
ammunition splat...
developed by Russians.
Once you drop it,
target is destroyed.
Sir, we've all had trainings in...
the US version of smart-bombing.
It's too risky with US ammunition...
too much traced evidence.
Tracking profile is tricky...
even on the latest
NAVY stuff.
That's why Ms. Zhukova is
going in with you.
She's one of the developers
of the B-183M.
She's gonna ride with Lieutenant Cruz...
and she'll be responsible for
handling all the software...
and weapons delivery.
Critical placement is within 30 km
and about 8,000 feet.
The weapon will deliver
with an accuracy of...
plus or minus 10 m.
It's quite a toy.
We're gonna airdrop it
with you guys into Azerbaijan.
You should be able to load it
on the SU-27 within about...
20 minutes.
Get in fast.
- Get your load off.
- Get out faster.
And these are the tasks
for the next week.
And do not forget about the test.
Professor Dymov.
I'm Karen Brooks.
Ah, I know. Sit down.
Leonid told me about you.
So, what does a pretty girl...
want to know about
such mess thing?
I'm writing a memorandum
on Rainmaker for my employer.
What does your employer do?
He buys oil fields
in the Middle East..
Mostly Iraq.
Many of them were developed
by Russian.
So, you know about...
the technology, biogenetic stuff?
biogenic oil,
decomposition technology?
No, I don't.
Not really.
Ms. Brooks,
I have been teaching for a long time.
Many students have tried
to convince me..
they've done their homework.
If this is about money..
I can assure you..
we can make this worth your while,
we want to protect our investment..
I have no intention of money.
In the 1980s,
we try to implement... of our military technologies
to clean up oil spills.
We never imagined,
the Iraqis...
Would turn that technology
into a weapon.
Into a weapon?
Did your government sell
that technology to Saddam?
No, the Soviet Union
didn't allow it.
Who did give them
the information?
I see you know them?
I'm glad I was here. Otherwise,
he would've frozen outside.
- Who?
- Who? Your Friend!
I'm going now.
See you tomorrow.
It's funny how your
loved ones betray.
It's histerical.
So I get this call.
It seems that my ex..
has been nosing around
in my financial affairs.
I was worried about you.
Your friends were worried about you.
Everybody's worried about
poor old Tom?
My wing man, finally get
to my left door.
- Go to hell!
- That's my girl.
There she is.
That's the girl that I remember
and admire.
I always admire your spunk,
your ambition..
It's that nosy thing that always
got us in trouble, remember?
I like the old babushka.
She reminds me a lot of your mother.
I'd hate to see her
get hurt to.
Leave me alone.
Leave Masters alone.
Cause you got no idea
who you're playing with.
Or who might get hurt.
How did it go with your ex?
- Where are you?
- Everywhere.
Get back on the program.
I'm leaving the country
tomorrow afternoon, but..
I could meet you at your office
in the morning.
Absolutely, St. Isaacs Square.
10 o'clock.
Thank you.
See you tomorrow.
I'm a little late.
Again, no reception.
We will be late to the airport.
Let's take a taxi.
- We have no more time to wait.
- I think he's coming.
The next plane is in
another two days.
Drop zone, 60 seconds.
Is it true that the Russians do not allow
women to be pilots?
Is that why you're here?
You're looking for a few good men?
You got the wrong plumbing?
Or you just want to join the mile high club
with the best pilot in the west?
We got a right to know
who we're risking our lives with.
I was married to
the best pilot in the East.
It did not work out.
I'm here because they pay me.
A lot.
God bless America!
- You're alright?
- My ankle.
Stop butching.
It's bitching, baby.
Don't touch my ass, man.
Stupid Americans!
She's not so little.
Shut up!
You screamed all the way down
like a little bitch.
Kiss my ass, Puto.
Here's our boy.
You gotta be kidding me.
I'm sorry I'm late.
No need for such formalities.
- You got our planes ready?
- Of course.
They're being fueled
as we speak.
Come on.
Come on!
Come on!
- Hi!
- Hello!
Welcome. Sit down, my friend
sit down.
A little tea for our guests, please.
Enjoy it.
Actually thank you, but..
...we really have to
get back to work, so...
put that back, Vasquez.
I'm afraid there's been
a change of plan.
We're going to have to
detain you for a while.
Detain us?
No, that's not gonna..
- What do you see?
- You gotta keep your voice down.
Hey, Russian.
- You want to earn that money?
Get on top. - No.
You wanted to be one of the boys,
we need your help.
I got a grip,
I got a good grip.
Hey, hey.
Watch the ass grab, dude.
Now pull up your pants, man.
Can somebody pull
my drawers up?
Pull my trouser up.
Seriously, we need some help here.
We need somebody up.
Let's do it.
Try this again.
Come on.
Get up on top,
see if you can see anything that flies.
Okay. ready?
You look good up there.
There you go.
Come on, keep it steady.
Okay. Come on girl, let's go.
Come on, there you go.
Step on my leg.
On my leg.
Come on.
Come on.
A little bit more.
There is a God.
Come on man,
are you serious?
Come on.
What do you see?
I see a Sukhoi.
A Sukhoi? Anything that can fly?
A ton of biplane.
And some radar.
Any guards?
No. No guards.
We're all gonna die,
hypothermia anyway.
Okay, come on down.
Slowly, okay.
Perhaps you have a cigarette?
You can speak Russian?
It's so cold in here.
There are so many rats, I'm afraid.
Thank you.
Grab the AK.
I need to see it.
Let's blast this bitch.
You bastard!
I had to kill you,
but I didn't.
Close your mouth.
Webster ain't picking up.
Wait, stop stop.
We may need him
as a hostage.
Quiet, be quiet.
Alright, let's move.
Let's go!
Profile, right there.
Cover us.
B, you check that.
I got cover.
Let's get this bird in the air.
I can see the first one,
let's go.
Shit! The tire is flat!
What about the battery?
We got power?
Yeah, battery's good.
The goddamn battery is dead.
- We got power.
- Come on, come on.
There is no fuel, no battery!
- This whole ops is bullshit.
- I can't get Wesbter.
Get you down, down!
Get me armed.
Let's go, let's go.
- You're on, baby.
- Keep down, down!
Here they come!
Put your weapons down!
Put your guns down!
Shoot them and save me!
Get down!
- Anna.
- What?
What do you know about
Russian biplane?
- My father used to fly them.
- Can you?
Skids, you can make it?
Can you get there?
What are you talking about?
Nobody move!
Profile! On three.
One, two, three...
Go, go!
Profile, cover!
Give me a 2 o'clock.
Light them up!
That's good, that's good.
Move it!
Come on!
You guys gotta move now!
You guys gotta go,
you gotta go!
Let's go, Cajun!
Come on now!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Come on!
Come on!
You gotta slow down,
he's not gonna make it!
Come on!
- We're getting lit up.
- What about the bomb?
Forget about the bomb.
Come on!
You damned assholes.
- We're not gonna make it.
- They're ripping the plane to shred.
We're not gonna make it.
Come on, come on.
- Come on!
- English, English!
Just a moment.
Still no intel
on Masters.
But what intel can tell..
Temir's schedule had been
moved up.
Their estimation,
four hours max.
Listen to this, it's from the trial
7 years ago.
"what happened next?"
"we locked target on the building.. "
"Warlord 2 instructed us
to give an air-bust".
"then Lt. Craig's weapons jammed.. "
"and I delivered ordinance
per order".
You still focus on Warlord?
No, the Air Burst.
Why would you want bomb to explode
before it hit the ground?
To destroy the building.
Exactly, but the bunker where we thought
Rainmaker was hidden..
would've been four stories down.
Warlord didn't want
to destroy it.
You need to find us
a safe corridor out of here now.
- Are you in the Sukhoi?
- No, nothing is as you promised.
I have two soilders wounded,
and a man is dead.
We can't extract you,
you know that.
Rainmaker's gonna be on the move
in four hours.
No! We're done with that.
Masters, you're in this!
Shit! The battery is dead.
Yes. We'll fly across the border
and stay low.
Below radar, let's go.
You'll be okay, brother.
We'll get you blankets.
We'll be okay.
Skids, Skids!
Profile's dead, man.
You know I thought the black guys
were the good guys these days.
No, he's busy in the
White House.
He sent me to fill in.
I want my money.
What's your grandfather's name?
Humor me, your grandad,
what was his name?
- Edward.
- Edward.
What about your great-grandfather?
I don't know.
You don't know? Was he a rich man
or poor man?
He was a poor man.
You can't remember your
great-grandfather's name..
But you can remember whether
the man had money.
100 years for now,
mankind might not even be here.
And if they were,
all they'd remember...
...would not be our name, but whether or not
we had money.
The biggest decision you are
about to make right now...
is are you gonna be a rich man..
or a poor man?
No, I know you've been patient,
I know this is hard.
But in a year when that oil
reconstitute in its pure form...
...your Geopetrol's stock will soar.
You are this close
to quadrupling your wealth.
My advice, don't cash out now.
You know..
I'm sick and tired
of your bullshit.
I want my million in cash,
right now.
What could you possibly
threatening me with now?
I know you could shoot me.
But you wouldn't have anyone to fly
your little plane over there.
Right here, a million dollars.
Used bills non sequential,
as requested.
And, and...
It'll be right there
waiting for you.
When the job is done.
Excuse me for a minute.
- Yes.
- We have a problem.
Masters and his men had to
divert to Syria.
I want you to do
what you can for them.
Of course.
The higher ups are gonna
expect the full breifing..
- on what exactly went wrong.
- I'm sure they will.
A bullet must have
cracked the pan.
If we're bleed out,
we're dead.
How much farther to Dayr?
Or whatever the hell.
20 km!
Everybody strap in.
Let's get into 5k before
the engines quit.
Hopefully with a little bit of wind,
we'll glide in the rest of the way.
Roger that.
We just change the plan.
Why wake a sleeping bear?
Why don't we just drop Rainmaker
and be done with it?
They'd never had the chance.
You kill the bear
in its sleep.
Intels said the Russians
are gonna help the Americans.
Tom Craig taught a lot of
these men to fly.
What if he gets his loyalty confused?
You want to take that chance?
I don't.
This is the moment
we were talking about.
And what about my son?
Your son is gonna be here
safe with me.
What's more, your boy is gonna watch
his father fight for freedom.
What other kid would get
such a chance?
You think about that.
this weapon I have here in my hand,
differs in some small
things from a stinger.
The biggest difference is that
you can not hide from her,
even if one really wants.
So do not direct them at me.
Close up to the General,
ask him if he cared..
where these things
might really be going.
General, I have to ask,
in whose hands will the weapons be?
My job is not to question that,
my job is to fly.
Leonid, hi, it's Karen.
I can not find professor Dymov.
Karen, the professor is dead.
He's dead.
One message from
the command center for you.
But I think I found
what he wanted to tell you.
So the reason it's called Rainmaker...
Rumor has it..
you put the Rainmaker
in a two-seater?
Why is that?
Well, you play American football, right?
I'm listening.
You're like the man
with the ball..
And that over there..
Those are like your blockers.
It's 30 minutes.
I'm coming with you.
What, you're my Rizzo now?
More like an insurance policy.
Mayday! Mayday!
I need to speak with
Colonel Grachov immediately!
Cobra, this is Blackbird!
- Blackbird, we are requesting
clearance to land. - That's a negative.
We have engine failure and
we may have to glide in.
You can not land here!
You have no permission
to land to Syria!
We got a bogey at 3:00 clock.
I got no tally on 2:00.
Cobra, there's nothing I can do!
Step in brakes.
Oh, shit.
Wait, now.
Friendly... friendly
It's de ja vu all over again.
Wow, wow, wow!
Put down the guns!
What? Do you know her?
Yes sir, I know her.
That's her ex-husband?
Excuse me, may I speak?
Put down your guns!
There is a device
out there called Rainmaker.
It could potentially kill
millions of people.
No, no. Rainmaker destroys oil fields.
Yes, but the byproduct is that
it's a mist clouds...
of radioactive toxins that gather
in the lower atmosphere.
And then when there's enough moisture,
it comes back down and it'd kill..
everything it touches.
That's why it's called Rainmaker.
Webster said they were gonna launch it
in four hours, and that was..
that was two hours ago.
- Do you understand?
- Grachov.
Are those your Sukhois?
What the hell
are you thinking?
What the hell are you talking about?
Ask him if we can borrow the planes,
they do not have to be involved.
General, a lot of people will die,
if this bomb is not stopped.
We have tried to destroy them,
but were lured into a trap.
One man has already died.
Please, your planes are
our last hope!
Who would do that?
Do you hear that?
We have just received
invitation to participate.
I understand.
Hey man, you have to come out
of there immediately.
Stay down!
- What are you doing here?
- To help, what else?
Thank you!
Go, go, go, go, go!
- That ought to slow them down.
- Good.
You're alright?
We got it.
General, all planes are destroyed,
except for two.
If we do nothing, soon the whole
base is destroyed.
We need to help the Americans.
Who knew we were landing here?
Webster. Who else did he tell?
Fly with the Americans and
kill those bastards!
Yes, sir!
Listen, Cobra.
Take the fuels to Sukhoi, go.
- Okay?
- Yes!
Listen man..
If that's Rodeo up there
flying for them..
he's better than all of us,
ain't no shame in that.
Maybe I should fly with you.
Good idea.
Rodeo is dangerous in the sky.
If anyone knows his moves..
It's you two.
Skids and I handle the leftovers.
With the Russia.
Let's do this.
Let's do it, baby.
Is that true?
Tom is flying Rainmaker?
- We're not sure who's up there.
- But you will be.
You are better than
you realize.
Tom always said about you.
And it's been seven years.
So come back to me.
We got to bug out.
Get inside one of those bunkers.
Stay close to the wall.
I'll see you soon.
- In quick..
- Get your load off..
- Get out quick.
- Amen.
Asim, you see the planes? Destroy them.
Ya Allah!
We gotta get off the ground.
He's coming for us.
- Shit.
- Over there.
We're good to go.
Let's go.
Alright, we're out.
I'll help you.
- Keep your eyes open! - Where
is he? - We gotta go, Skids.
We're sitting ducks here.
Let's go, come on.
Come on.
He's coming,
you gotta get in the air.
I can see him.
He may start soon.
Take him down now.
He's on six,
we're not gonna make it.
I have target,
I'm taking care of it.
Yeah, Cobra..
To the moon, Cobra!
You take the one on the ground.
Ya Allah!
You and I will take the ones
in the air, now go!
12:00 clock, coming right at us.
Two of them.
Make that three,
make that three. Shit!
We have target at 4:30 clock.
Let's blow them
out of the sky.
- Asim, fire!
- Got it!
- We got two missiles breaking
our way. - Breaking right.
Breaking left!
- Skids, you got a heat on your 6:00.
- Copy that.
He's still tracking us.
I can't find them.
- Get him away from us.
- I'm trying.
Skids, get that shit off our ass.
What are you doing?
What are you doing, man?
Hang on, Vasquez.
- Skids, pull up!
- Not yet!
Pull up, man!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Hang on, Vasquez!
Skidmore's in the house.
Let's go back and
join the fight.
- Everything okay, Skids?
- I can not see!
I got you.
Consider that a warning,
I could've blown your assout of the sky.
Rodeo, what the hell
are you doing, man?
What the hell are you doing
is the question.
Fly do west as far as you can
before ejecting.
With any luck, you'll end up in Syria.
The rest of you, turn back now.
That's not gonna happen, Tom.
We're not turning back.
Judas, first after my girl
now me?
That's bullshit.
You're the traitor, Tom, not me.
You and your friend Warlord
that screwed everybody over.
Weapons' malfunction
forced my hand.
You all weren't supposed
to be involved.
But we were, and you've got enough
money surviving yor life...
and we were left with nothing.
And how would you take all didn't I?
You would have own shit without me.
- Bullshit.
- Now, get out of my airspace.
This Rainmaker thing is bad news, man.
If you stayed back at the ranch
like I told you...
you wouldn't find yourselves
in this predicament.
Holy shit, they got us
in roll of scissors.
They are right behind me.
I have a target.
- Use the flares.
- I can not see them.
See that right there?
That's him.
Your father's in that plane.
It's better than video games.
You gotta get us out of here, Cobra!
I'm trying!
Viper, where the hell are you, man?
We're on our way.
Anna, is Grachov with you?
I'm here, Cobra!
Rodeo, you got company at 6:00 clock.
Break out, break out!
I see a target in front of us.
- Tell me.
- Confirm target.
- What should I do?
- Get the target system on.
- Target system is turned on.
- Confirm.
We have it on the right.
He's trying to escape.
Shall I fire?
- No, you have to wait!
- I'm waiting.
- Now?
- Yes, now!
- We did it!
- Yes!
- That was wonderful!
- There's another one!
We have to move!
Anna, he's coming down
behind you.
Yura, what about you?
Anna, you guys gotta punch out!
You gotta punch out!
Punch out!
What are you doing?
Finish them off.
They're already done.
Anna, punch out!
What happened?
What just happened?
Russians bailed,
we got bogey 4:00.
Asim, you have to shoot him!
- Bring us to our right!
- I'm breaking right.
- He wants to play chicken.
- Alright, let's play.
They're on to me.
Do not dodge, do not move!
You're getting closer!
There they are!
Shit my pants!
I taught you everything you know,
not everything I know.
Are you hit?
A scratch. My arm,
just a scratch.
Going up.
Hey, Rodeo!
You know how many people
this Rainmaker's gonna kill?
The oil fields it lands on,
it works underground.
No, you're wrong, Tom.
The toxic rain is gonna kill
They're using you man.
Is he telling the truth?
They're not your people,
it's not your concern.
I'm making it my concern.
This is not a negotiation!
Do your job!
You got the wrong guy.
There's no bailing out this time.
I've prepared my whole life
for this.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
I climb to 12,000 feet.
15,000 feet.
20,000 feet.
We should pull it man,
we're gonna stall.
Can you do that, man.
25,000 feet.
They're still with us.
Hold on, Cajun!
What the hell did you do?
Nice move, Cobra.
Something I didn't teach you.
Give it up, Tom.
It's over.
The Rainmaker is disarmed.
Are you crazy?
You're gonna kill us both.
Cajun, write this down,
30 Left, 60 Right, 1-9-64.
- Copy that.
- What's that?
Where you'll find Warlord,
but you better hurry, he's listening.
Tom, are you crazy?
Pull up Tom!
I'm giving you the chance to punch out, man.
- Pull it up.
- Temir, your son is watching.
Pull this plane up!
I said, pull this plane up!
Your son is watching you.
There's nothing I can do.
Get out, Rodeo!
Get out, Rodeo!
Rodeo, what are you
doing man talk?
Rodeo, you gotta get out of there.
You gotta punch out.
Be good to her.
Punch out, Tom!
Damn it, punch out!
My son, we'll meet again.
I promise you that.
Latik! Allahu akbar!
Jesus, Tom.
Give me the coordinates.
We are in Iran.
This is no good.
Give me the coordinates.
Okay, there's Warlord,
1:00 on clock below us.
We got two missiles remaining.
Hold on, hold on.
- Something's not right, here.
- Shit!
- It's a trap.
- Pull up!
Don't worry, let's gonna cut you lose.
You did a good job.
Put your hand up.
All right.
Good, listen.
I lost my father when I was your age.
Look at me. If it don't kill you,
it'll make you tougher.
Take this, alright?
You got it?
Go on right up there,
they'll come to you.
Right up there at the top
of the mountain, go.
Keep on running!
The same freaking ankle.
No passport,
no ID.
Oh, shit.
For a job well done?
He's got a plan
for everything, right?
If we didn't interfere,
Rodeo would've come back for his money.
They would've had a plan
a way out.
Why don't you finish me off,
huh Cobra?
I thought you were good
at killing your own people.
We're about 17 miles
from the Iraqi border.
I'm thinking someone's expecting
two Americans to cross it soon.
Let's not disappoint.
Good morning.
These are long overdue.
Your mission is acomplished.
You stopped Rainmaker and
neutralized Warlord.
We're very grateful.
The reality is, that you've all been
away from the stick too long...
to get you back on the carrier.
But your discharges will be converted
from "general" to "honorable".
And we'll put you in fleet reserve as
Lieutenant Commanders.
But there is one place
where we can use you.
Mr. Craig has left us without
a contractor to fly advesaries.
If you are interested,
we've got some impounded MiGs
that we can sell to you for a buck a piece.
Yeah, yeah..
Shit, we got some coins.
What about the money from the jeep?
Looks like it's going to
the widow, like you asked.
Yura is out of his coma,
he wants to talk to you.
Blackbird, are you okay?
No! I'm not okay!
- The General wants his money,
and he wants it now! - Okay.
Excuse me, he wants to talk to you.
My planes are destroyed!
I need that money right away!
I don't understand,
what does he want?
for his planes.
You speak Russian.
Mandarin and Armenian, no Russian.
It's not the shit we face
that defines us..
- It's how we deal with it.
- Exactly.
What is the problem?
I need money right away.
Is your government out of
money again?
- I need that money right away.
- Of course.
Yes, I know.
Hello ma'am.
My name is Butch Masters,
and I'd like to talk to you
about your husband if I could.
- I was gonna leave without you.
- There's no turning back now.
- I'm doing it.
- You're doing it.
I can do this!
So, watch your...
Watch your fingers
when you shut the canopy.
Do you see the joystick
between your leg?
Yes, I do..
I'm sorry. I don't know
where my mind went just then.
Now gently pull it towards you.
Oh my God, I'm flying this plane.
Allright, now whack it.
Is that a real term?
Yes, it is.
Slam it at your knee, fast.