Red Sparrow (2018) Movie Script

This is an automated test
of your digital phone line.
Sorry for the interruption.
Charlie. Victor. Whiskey.
- Zero.
- Edward.
- X.
- Lincoln.
- Ida.
- Alpha.
- Frank.
- Alpha.
You're awake, Mama.
Morning, angel.
How did you sleep?
Not very well.
- I'm sorry.
- You ready?
How do you feel?
A little stiff.
Go slowly,
and I'll make some tea.
Squeeze mine.
- Hello.
- You're late.
Are you in a rush?
I'm a busy woman!
Toi toi,
my darling.
- I should be back at 10:00.
- Okay.
- Hello, Leni.
- Hello, my beauty.
Tonight, you are
the pride of Russia.
May I present my niece,
Dominika Egorova?
And Dmitri Ustinov,
a valued friend to the arts.
If there is ever
anything I can do for you,
don't hesitate to ask.
May we have a photo?
American! Don't shoot!
- American!
- Get on your knees!
Did you hear anything?
As far as we know,
he got away clean.
They'll be in your
apartment by now.
Anything sensitive?
No, no.
Of course not.
Okay, you'll fly to D.C.
in the morning.
It'll be a stink,
but we'll get you out.
Doesn't look like anyone
was actually killed...
but Washington
has questions.
So I gotta ask,
what the fuck were you thinking?
I was protecting my asset.
- How'd that work out?
- He got away, didn't he?
Well, I guess you should
hear it from me.
Those guys in the park?
Word is they were vice cops,
looking for Chechen dealers...
or some family guy getting
a blow job in the bushes.
They weren't there for Marble.
They just got lucky.
Chances are they would
have questioned you,
and let you go.
But you can bet your ass
they're looking for him now.
They are expecting you,
Deputy Director.
Thank you.
Terrible news
about your niece.
I trust she's recovering.
She's in surgery now.
But the prognosis
for her leg is not good.
Sorry to hear that. Drink?
That depends.
What's the occasion?
I think
you'll want one.
There was an incident
last night, at Gorky Park.
Undercover narcotics agents
saw what they thought...
was a drug deal in process.
When they moved in
to question this man...
the other man
fired his weapon.
A clear attempt
at distraction.
Now we know
his name is Nate Nash.
Officially, a commercial
counselor, but he's CIA.
He left the country
this morning
on a diplomatic
the man he was meeting...
doesn't panic, doesn't run.
He simply walks away.
My question is...
who is he?
Your Uncle Vanya has come
to visit the invalids.
You look well.
Doctor said you wouldn't
be walking for months.
Doctors don't know
No, they don't.
I'll make some tea.
Let me help.
I'm glad my brother
isn't here to see
what that clumsy fool
did to you.
It would have
broken his heart.
It was an accident.
Are you smoking?
I can smell it on you.
Why not?
I've heard they already
have a replacement
for you at the company.
This girl named Sonya.
she's good.
Not as good as you,
but with time she can learn.
Have you read
the reviews?
Competitive as you are.
Have you come
to commiserate, Uncle?
No, I've come to help.
Tell me, this apartment,
it belongs
to the Bolshoi, right?
How long do you think
they will let you stay here...
now that you are no longer
part of the company?
Three months, six months?
If they are generous.
And what about medical
coverage for your mother?
- They pay that as well, right?
- Yes.
Does she know?
She's not stupid.
Of course not.
And I know I haven't
been around as much
since my brother died.
But I'm here now.
And I want to help you.
So come see me
when you're ready. Please.
I have something
for you.
You know, Dominika...
there are no accidents.
We create our own fate.
How are you?
What is it?
I'm scared.
I went to see her
at the hospital.
The way she looked at me,
she knows.
She doesn't know.
What we have done is a sin.
They've always favored her.
No one else ever got a chance.
Is that fair?
Isn't that a sin?
Good! I think
it's enough for tonight.
Get some rest.
In three minutes.
There's been an accident
at the Bolshoi Theatre.
Women's locker room.
Please hurry.
What? What happened?
No one was here.
Where was Leni?
The Bolshoi said they
wouldn't pay her anymore.
I'm going to
take care of us.
I'm gonna take care
of us now.
Could have come
to my office.
It's cold outside.
Not yet.
You broke her jaw.
You always had a temper,
haven't you?
You said
you could help us.
If you help me.
So what do you
want me to do?
State security
is interested in
knowing more
about Dmitri Ustinov.
You met him at the Bolshoi.
He likes you.
A broken bird
that he could help.
Something his ego
won't be able to resist.
So in a few weeks,
when your leg is better...
I want you
to get to know him.
And get close to him.
And win his trust.
How do you propose
I win his trust?
You've always known how
to put on a show, Dominika.
Find someone else.
Have you ever seen
a state-run hospice?
Rats in the hallways,
patients lying in their own waste?
If you do this,
I will make sure your mother
can keep her doctors.
And I can make sure you can
stay in your apartment.
But only if I can show you
can be of value to the state.
It's one night.
That's all I ask.
Do this for your mother,
He has dinner
at the Hotel Andarja
every Friday at 9:00.
A car will arrive
at your apartment
to bring you to the hotel.
Now, you carry
nothing with you.
We will arrange a room
and something for you to wear.
Make yourself presentable.
And wear your hair
the way you wore it
that night at the Bolshoi.
And let him see you.
Just sit at the bar.
Now, he sits
at the same table,
overlooking the restaurant.
You will stand out
from the sort of women
who tend to go there.
I'm certain
he will initiate contact.
And just do what he asks.
And when he drops his guard,
I want you to replace
his phone with a duplicate.
I will make sure you are safe.
- Glass of champagne, please.
- Certainly.
Dominika Egorova.
What a pleasure.
May I join you?
I'm waiting for a friend.
Then let me keep you
company while you wait.
Terrible what happened
to you.
Just bad luck.
I don't think
you believe that.
My father
drank himself to death
by the age of 43
and left us with nothing.
Now, I could buy this place
and anyone in it.
Is that luck?
You think anyone
born in my situation
could have done the same?
There is
no such thing as luck.
Just like you being here.
There is no friend,
is there?
Tell me the real reason
you are here.
I came to see you.
And what is it
you want from me?
All I ever wanted
was to be a dancer.
Ever since I was
a small child...
when I would take the bus
to rehearsal after school...
and I would look out
of the windows
at the people
going about their lives...
going to work,
and I would
tell myself...
"I'm not like them...
"and I never will be...
"because I'm special."
I want to be
special again.
It's a beautiful room.
I'm surprised
you can afford it.
Will you excuse me,
for just a moment?
Of course.
Can we be alone?
Take off your dress.
Take off your dress.
Come here.
May I?
A crack in the vase.
True value comes
in the smallest imperfection.
A defining detail...
that makes it worthy
of collection.
Slow down.
Okay. Slow down.
No, no! Slowly!
Hey! Hey, you!
How did it happen?
Ustinov dismissed
his security,
so I saw an opportunity,
and I took it.
Why would he do that?
She asked him to.
She could be useful.
She's a witness.
Get rid of her.
I trust her discretion.
If I were you,
I would be very sure.
Who is she?
My niece.
The dancer?
You knew what would happen,
once I got him in that room,
didn't you?
You wouldn't have gone
if I had told you
what had to happen.
I would have had a choice.
You know what I do.
You came to me.
That was your choice.
You are my uncle.
I would never have
let him hurt you.
He was inside me.
I don't want to die.
You don't have to.
There's another life for you,
if you want it.
You have potential,
great potential.
Now, you did well
to get him alone.
What you said in that bar
was exactly right...
because you told him exactly
what he needed to hear.
There is a program
that can teach you
everything you need to know.
The training is very hard.
Only a few make it.
But you know how to survive.
That's why I chose you.
Unless if I'm wrong.
Perhaps you don't like
my line of work.
Perhaps you disapprove.
In that case...
your future
will be out of my hands.
I'm sorry.
Morning, Mama.
What is it?
I have to go away
for a while.
Leni will come stay.
It's something
your uncle has arranged.
I'll be able
to take care of us now.
You don't have to do this.
It's too late
for that now.
Oh, no.
What have you done?
I'm sorry.
I warned you about him.
The way he looked at you
as a child.
I tried
to keep him away.
I tried to protect you.
You hold
something back, hmm?
Don't give him all of you.
That is how you survive.
Yes, Mama.
Welcome to
State School Four.
You will know me as Matron.
Inside, you will find
the name
you will use
during your training.
Under no circumstances will
you reveal your true name...
or any other
personal information,
to a cadet
or member of staff.
- Is that understood?
- Yes.
Good. I'll show you
to your room.
You're not like
our usual recruits.
Most of them
come from the military
with some
training already.
You'll have to work hard
to catch up.
I will do
what is asked of me.
I'm sure you will.
But someone like you does
not end up here by choice.
A prima ballerina
with a uncle in the SVR.
What is your crime?
Well, I suppose
it doesn't matter.
If you cannot be
of service to the state,
I am to put a bullet
through your head.
The Cold War did not end.
It shattered into
a thousand dangerous pieces.
The West has grown weak.
Drunk on shopping
and social media.
Torn apart by hatred
between the races.
And as a result,
the world is in chaos.
Only Russia is willing
to make the sacrifices
required for victory.
For there to be peace...
we must once again
place ourselves
at the head of nations.
From this day forward,
you will become Sparrows.
Weapons in a global
struggle for power.
You have been selected
because of your beauty.
Because of your strength.
And in some cases because
of your vulnerability.
Katya, Viktor,
come here, please.
Here, we deal in
psychological manipulation.
You'll be trained to determine
a target's weakness...
to exploit that weakness
through seduction...
and to extract information.
Take off your clothes.
Your body
belongs to the state.
Since your birth,
the state nourished it.
Now the state asks
something in return.
You must learn to sacrifice
for a higher purpose.
To push yourself
beyond all limitation...
and forget
the sentimental morality
with which you were raised.
Or is it pride?
In my experience,
the proud
are the first to fall.
Viktor, put on your clothes.
They're ready for you.
It is the recommendation
of this panel...
that you be
suspended indefinitely
from foreign assignment.
You'll be staying here
in the States, Nate.
So who's gonna
handle Marble?
That's no longer
your concern.
I've been with this guy
for three years.
He is not going to
deal with anybody...
that he doesn't know,
and doesn't trust.
Like I said.
That is no longer your concern.
An invisible chemical compound
tailored to each subject.
Worn on the hands,
after intimate contact...
the subject will be traceable
for up to six weeks.
Every human being
is a puzzle of need.
You must learn
to intuit what is missing.
Become the missing piece...
and they will
give you anything.
This man is a diplomat
at the Dutch Embassy
with access to
NATO military planning.
Six years ago,
his marriage ended...
when the police were
called to his apartment
for a domestic
His wife accused him
of inappropriately
touching their daughter.
Several nights a week,
he hires girls.
Runaways. Addicts.
What does he want?
He wants
something rough.
He goes to runaways because
they cannot call the police.
- No.
- You disagree?
He wants a daughter...
someone to take care of,
and he'll pay for it.
Very good, Katya.
He never touches
the girls.
He buys them dinner.
This man represented
Chuvashia in Parliament.
He was a leading critic
of the president,
until he was arrested
for indecency.
What did he want?
He looks like a degenerate.
By a degenerate,
you mean a homosexual?
- Yes.
- Correct.
Though, we mustn't
be so judgmental.
We all have our passions.
His happen to be rather young.
Anya, come here
for a moment.
Here he is.
Give him what he wants.
What do you mean?
You called him
a degenerate?
Therefore, he doesn't want
what's between your legs.
So, be a boy.
On your knees.
Not the first time,
I'm sure.
Must have been some boy
in a field behind your house.
A girl in a rainy bus stop?
We'd like to think
it makes a difference.
But it doesn't.
It's just flesh.
I can't!
Yes, you can.
you'll try again.
And again
the day after that.
You must inure yourself
to what you find repellant.
Find beauty
in the human delusion...
that the pleasures
of the flesh
will make us whole again.
Even when
the subject is repellant,
the body can be tricked.
A graze of the fingers
to the thigh...
brings blood to the groin.
of the nipple...
leads to arousal.
Audio cues trigger...
sexual desire.
But physical manipulation
is not enough.
You must learn
to love on command.
What is it to be loved?
To be seen.
To be recognized.
To feel no longer alone.
Wall will handle from
the top of the key,
right side.
Goes down low to Smith.
Double team coming,
swings it back out to Wall.
Fifteen-footjump shot
from the left wing...
Too strong off the back iron.
Rebound, fought for and
controlled there by Sellers...
The big man, ninth year
out of Colorado State...
When did you
first notice the tail?
Week ago.
And what do you
make of that?
If the Russians
are still following me,
it means they're
looking for him.
It means that Marble's still
out there. He's still alive.
As far as we know.
You're not talking to him.
Marble's refused all
attempts at communication...
over the last
four and a half months.
He will come out for me.
I know you can't get me into Russia,
but somewhere close.
Somewhere in
Eastern Europe.
And SVR will be
on me right away.
Marble will get word.
He's gonna surface.
Otherwise, I guarantee you,
he's just gonna stay silent.
Simon, you gotta
send me back.
All right.
But you got one assignment.
You make contact,
and you convince him to
work with another officer.
That'd be me.
We'll be coming with you.
Would you have
a problem with that?
No. No problem.
These soldiers
have been deployed overseas
for almost a year.
Welcome them home.
- Turn out the lights.
- No rush.
What's your name?
You have someone at home?
Someone you think about?
Close your eyes.
Think of her face.
Remember her smell,
her touch...
What can we say
about this?
Sweet, sentimental,
maintaining control.
But you chose
a boy, Katya.
And you chose a boy
so you would
not have to give yourself.
Won't always be that easy.
Three days ago,
Nash was reassigned to Budapest.
I believe it is an attempt
to re-establish
contact with the mole.
We have friends
in Budapest.
Have them pick him up,
and extract
the information directly.
That means we have to
explain to President...
why every officer
we have in Western Europe
is snatched
in retaliation.
Vanya's correct.
The president will
not condone anything
that antagonizes
the Americans unnecessarily.
Not yet.
What do you
propose, Ivan?
Nash is
a skilled officer.
That night, in the park,
he made a mistake.
He reacted emotionally...
which tells me
he cares about the man.
I propose we give him
someone else to care about.
You're accused of
assaulting a fellow cadet.
He tried to rape me.
And your honor
is worth depriving Russia
of a promising cadet.
It was never my intention to
deprive Russia of anything.
And yet here we are.
Matron, what is
your opinion?
It's only
been three months...
but I believe
Katya still has potential.
I would like a moment alone
with the accused.
You did well
with Ustinov in Moscow.
That is why you were
given this chance.
You were told
what would happen to you,
if you fail here?
- Yes.
- So why not let him have you?
I serve the state.
I serve our president.
I serve you, General.
But I owe him nothing.
What sort of man
would send his niece
to State School Four?
A patriot.
My wife and I saw you
dance once.
That was a different life.
There are so many.
Don't you find?
You may go.
Sparrows must
harden themselves
against the weak
and sentimental...
and see these things
for what they are.
Tell me, Katya...
what does he want?
Come forward.
For the deception
to be complete,
you must
hold nothing back.
Nothing. Understand?
Give him what he wants.
Turn around.
- No.
- I said, turn around!
Don't look at her.
I want to watch you do it.
Look at me!
Look at me.
I said look at me!
What are you waiting for?
I'm ready.
Are you going
to fuck me or not?
That's what he wants.
Get dressed.
There is a car waiting
to take you to Moscow.
I have done everything
you've asked of me.
On the contrary.
You have done
nothing I asked.
But my superiors
think otherwise.
I suppose we'll find out.
Hello, Mama.
It's you.
I'm home.
My baby...
He'll never let you go.
I'll find a way.
Welcome home.
How are you?
Have a seat.
- What can I get you?
- I'm not hungry.
Oh, come on.
You used to love this place
when you were little.
You were always so serious
with your big, grown-up eyes
in your child's face.
What do you want,
There is a traitor highly
placed in the government.
Probably in one of
the intelligence agencies.
A mole.
His last known
is an American
now in Budapest.
What I want from you
is to get close to him.
And establish trust.
And then you bring me
the name of the mole.
You follow the trail
wherever it leads you...
you sacrifice whatever
needs to be sacrificed.
You understand?
Yes, Uncle.
This is for you.
What is it?
New passport.
New name.
Katerina Zubkova.
And what reward
will they give you?
A promotion?
I understand
you are angry with me.
You sent me
to whore school.
I made you special again.
You have a gift.
Like me.
You see through people.
You see them
for what they really are.
And you always stay
one step ahead.
You do this for me,
and I'll let you go
if that's what you want.
But I feel you won't.
This is what
you were meant to do.
Yes, Uncle.
Let's eat.
Excuse me.
- We'll have two of everything.
- Yes, sir.
How does that sound?
Welcome to Budapest.
You must be Katerina.
You're pretty.
I'll show you to your room.
Bathroom is down the hall.
I'm in there.
And you're through here.
I keep my door locked.
If I were you,
I'd do the same.
Stay out of my way,
and I stay out of yours,
and we should
get along fine.
- Is that clear?
- Yes.
I imagine tomorrow you'll
meet our station chief.
A warning.
Chief Volontov
never met an idea
he didn't want
to take credit for.
And he likes to try it on
with the new girls...
when he's not
drooling after strippers.
He's going to like you.
Tell me about the American.
He's not exactly
He swims
every afternoon.
Logs his time.
But he drinks too much.
He looks
at pornography.
Nothing out of
the ordinary.
Anal. Threesomes.
Usually two men on a girl.
No relationships
to speak of.
A few girls he's paid,
couple of times...
but then he feels guilty
and over-tips.
Perhaps we'd have
more success
if we knew
what we were looking for.
I'm offering the complete
cooperation of my office.
And in exchange,
I hope that you will...
keep us informed
of your progress.
Of course.
Need a hand?
No, it's all right.
Want it to be good?
Let me help you.
Come on, give it to me.
Every human being
is a puzzle of need.
Learn how to be
the missing piece,
and they will
give you everything.
You thought
you were the only one?
We'll always be their whores.
Unless, of course,
we have something they want.
If I were you,
I'd find something.
The pool is open
from 6:00 in the morning...
until 10:00 at night
from Monday through Friday.
From 6:00 to 8:00
on weekends.
No personal belongings are
allowed on the pool deck.
I made a mistake.
Hand in your membership
card here for a locker key.
You get your card back
when you return the key.
Any questions?
How did you know
I was Russian?
It was just a guess.
You speak well.
I used to live
in Moscow.
Do you miss it?
You know, food, people.
So what do you do
in Budapest?
I'm a translator
at the Embassy. You?
Commercial counselor.
Medical supplies.
I've never seen you at any
of the Embassy events.
I haven't been here long.
Excuse me.
Blonde suits you,
by the way.
Have we met?
I thought I saw you
in the pool yesterday,
and on the tram,
I think.
You're mistaken.
Would you like to get
something to eat with me?
I know a Turkish place
at the station.
It's a shithole,
but the food's pretty good.
Maybe you know it.
I'm not hungry.
Perhaps another time?
I'll see you
at the pool, I guess.
Your ID is missing.
Are you sure?
Yeah. I put it
there myself.
Sorry, I'll have to
make you a new one.
I've got your picture
on file.
Take your time.
She came in under
the name Katerina Zubkova.
Registered as a translator
for the Embassy.
But her real name
is Dominika Egorova.
She used to dance
with the Bolshoi.
There's officially no record
of her being SVR...
but that's bullshit.
She's here for Marble. I know it.
- Stay away from her.
- I think she's valuable.
And now you think
she's recruitable?
Okay, that's not
what you're here for.
Just keep doing
what you're doing.
Play dead.
Put the ticks to sleep
and pray Marble
sticks his head out again...
so we can get him back into play.
That's the priority.
She's Ivan Egorov's niece.
Deputy director of the SVR?
I have nieces.
Spend most of their time
exposing themselves
on the Internet.
Why would she use
her real name?
she's an innocent.
Or because
it's a provocation.
Both of which are very good
reasons to stay away from her.
I think there's
something about this girl.
She's gold. I know it.
Okay. See what
you can find out.
- Thanks.
- Just go slow, all right?
All right.
- Nate?
- Mmm-hmm?
If she does let you fuck her,
she's definitely SVR...
because she's
way out of your league.
I need you
to get me on the list
for an event
at the American Embassy.
I could do that.
- Thank you.
- If...
you give me
a progress report in return.
I've established contact.
I thought you'd be
on your back by now.
You know...
there were always stories
about Sparrows.
Capable of performing
tricks on a man's mind.
Not to mention,
the rest of him.
A magic pussy.
That's what they say.
Perhaps I will find out.
Just a bit of fun.
But the offer stands.
If you need help,
don't hesitate to ask.
After all,
everyone needs a friend.
The success
of these efforts...
will be critical for securing
Hungary's economic ties
with its neighbors.
This is clearly a moment of
rapid change in the world...
making it imperative for each
region to stay competitive.
Thanks to the Hungarian
President for hosting us...
and to the American Ambassador
for co-hosting.
Lastly, I would
like to thank
my chief of staff,
Stephanie Boucher...
without whose hard work we
would not be here tonight.
Dominika Egorova.
You know my name?
You told me.
You stole my ID
from the pool.
That would be illegal.
Were you just
looking for me?
I'd know where
to find you if I was.
Listen, I'm curious,
did you want me to know that
you were following me...
or are you just real clumsy?
You Americans
always think the rest of us
are so interested in you,
don't you?
So what made you wanna
become a translator?
I'm sure if you know
my name,
you found out
other things about me.
I have wondered
what it would be like
to pursue somethin'
your whole life...
and then have it
ripped away from you.
What's it like?
Yeah, how does it
make you feel?
What does it matter?
My mother is unwell.
If I work
for the government,
the state helps me
take care of her.
My uncle
helped me get the job.
Your uncle is
a very powerful man.
In my country,
if you don't matter
to the men in power,
you do not matter.
Is it so different
in your country?
It's supposed to be, but...
Are you a patriot?
Then why do you do
what you do?
Beats selling tires.
Have you ever sold tires?
Then you can't know,
can you?
Good point.
Hey, I'd like
to see you again.
Why, are we going
to become friends?
Is that what you want?
I don't have any.
There's a Russian restaurant
right by the opera.
Have dinner with me there.
Tomorrow at 8:00.
You're home.
That was him at the Embassy.
It was.
Playing hard to get,
are you?
No substitute
for a good old-fashioned
blow job in my experience.
He's not like that.
What's this?
A copy of the report
Volontov sent to Moscow
three days ago.
you've made an enemy.
Good evening, sir.
This is a coincidence?
You were right.
I do need a friend.
Everyone needs a friend.
I need you to
send a report...
that you are impressed
with the progress
I've made with Nash.
I need more time.
And I would owe you.
How do I know
you pay your debts?
You were right
about Sparrows.
We are special.
Do you know
what they teach us?
How to determine
what a lover needs.
And I knew what you needed
from the first time
I ever saw you.
Someone not to laugh
at your microscopic prick.
Get your hands off me.
Look at the camera
over my left shoulder.
Tomorrow you will write
a favorable report,
or I'll have you
arrested for assault.
You'll be recalled to Moscow,
and your career will be over.
Good night.
This is an automated test
of your digital phone line.
Sorry for the interruption.
- Alpha.
- Charlie.
- Zero.
- Whiskey.
It's Dominika.
Uh, come on up.
- Hey.
- Can I have a drink?
Come in.
Thank you.
So do you wanna tell me
what happened?
My pig boss is insulted
I don't want
to sleep with him.
What's his name?
Maxim Volontov.
I've heard of him.
How did you know
where I live?
Why did you leave Russia?
I screwed up at work.
Why would a CIA officer fire
his gun in a public park?
I did it for a friend.
Because I knew what they would do to him.
So do you.
What do you want,
I think you should probably
go home and figure it out.
See you tomorrow.
You know where to find me.
You changed your hair.
I will leave you.
Nice to meet you.
Would you prefer a drink?
Sure. But I don't
have much time.
I didn't know you were coming.
What's the occasion?
Do I need one?
I'm on my way to Vienna
for a meeting...
and I thought
I'd look in on you.
What happened to your eye?
I bumped it at the pool.
You have any news about
our American friend?
He's begun to lower
his guard around me.
He told me about
what happened at the park
after I established trust.
- So how was he?
- Unmemorable.
But he's handsome, right?
Is he?
Is there anything
out of the ordinary
that you would
like to report?
If you lose contact...
or if he goes missing
for a day or more...
you need to let me know,
because our superiors
are getting impatient.
I have something for you.
Something new.
A case
with great potential.
I thought I made it very clear
you only have one mission.
A Russian agent inside
the American government...
is always of value,
is it not?
Marta and I are developing
the asset together.
A senator's
chief of staff.
And she is willing
to cooperate?
She's compromised.
She has no choice.
- When do you see her again?
- In London.
In a week's time.
But we need more money.
Blackmail will
not be enough
to establish
long-term exchange.
What did you have in mind?
That is a lot of money.
But you can get it.
I have to leave.
Oh, I forgot my coat.
I'll get it.
Thank you.
I've waited a lifetime
for something like Swan.
I worked a year
developing her.
She's not yours to trade.
Now you have the money
to make the exchange.
I will make sure
you get the credit.
I just need
more time. Please.
What do they have on you?
I saw something
I was not supposed to.
What did you see?
You don't get Swan
for free.
I was there the night
they killed Dmitri Ustinov.
For telling you that,
they would cut my throat.
Will you help me?
I don't have
a fucking choice.
What would you give me
if I told you how to
get rid of Katerina?
What do you want?
Oh, am I too late?
Sorry, we're closed.
You can come back in the morning.
We open at 9:00.
I'm not going
to be here tomorrow.
Is there any way
you can make an exception?
Please. I wanted
to open an account
for a family member...
in case anything
happens to me.
I can't let you in.
Well, maybe you could
get the form,
and I could buy you
a coffee?
We could
fill them out together.
Do you have your passport,
and all the information?
Yes. Yes,
I have it all here.
- Okay. Excellent.
- Oh, thank you.
Ever been on a farm?
That's what it smells like,
when you butcher an animal.
I took my time with her.
So you would see what happens
when you tell secrets.
Please, please, please.
This is your only warning.
call the police.
Where the fuck
have you been?
Close your door.
So, Marble surfaced.
Jesus Christ. Here?
You don't say anything?
What is that?
It's a warning.
She is a fucking Sparrow.
Told you she was
way out of your league.
I think
she's still recruitable.
Now that we know
what we're dealing with,
maybe even more so.
If she's a Sparrow...
we can't trust a fucking word
that comes out of her mouth.
And you came home
to find her like this?
This wasn't
just a break-in.
This was torture,
Any idea why someone
would do this to her?
What happened
to your eye?
Did you
get along with her?
- You seem upset.
- Of course I'm fucking upset!
You know something,
don't you?
Whoever it is
you're shielding...
whoever you are
scared of...
- we can protect you.
- May I go?
I'm assuming
you guys were pretty close.
You must be pretty scared.
For yourself.
When I was in Moscow,
they talked about a program
that Khrushchev had set up.
Young officers. Trained to
seduce and manipulate.
They called 'em Sparrows.
That is what
she was, right?
The thing I just cannot
wrap my head around...
is why a man
would put his niece
through somethin'
like that.
I was told
to take a man to a hotel.
To get information.
They said he was
an enemy of the state.
And in exchange,
my mother would get
the doctor she needed.
Instead, they cut his throat,
and he died on top of me.
There could be no witnesses,
so my uncle gave me a choice.
Die, or become a Sparrow.
What they did to Marta
was a message.
They cut her open to show me
what they'll do to me...
if I don't give them
what they want.
- What do they want?
- A name.
They think you're
running an agent.
What do you think?
I don't care.
I just want
my mother to be safe.
The men that you work for,
men like your uncle...
they'll never let you go
no matter what you give them.
It's how they function.
You only matter because of
what you can do for them.
You don't exist
unless they say so.
And not just now. I mean,
when you were dancing...
you were dancing for them.
Because they were
lettin' you.
I mean,
you see it now, right?
You belonged to them,
pretty much your whole life.
So, Dominika, work with me.
Make this something
that you own
for the first time
in your life.
And make them
fucking pay.
What is it
you want from me?
Whatever you can give us.
But if I had my choice...
access to your uncle.
Be your spy?
Is that any different
from being his?
Yeah, because I would never
ask you to do what he did.
Nothing's worth that.
I need to sleep.
Why don't you
take my room?
You know,
you asked me why I fired the gun in Moscow?
Well, the man I was protecting
had everything to lose.
He was benefiting
from the system...
but when he saw what was
happening in his name...
he didn't just say
that he didn't know.
He risked his life.
He risked everything.
He didn't deserve to die
in a cellar somewhere.
If you do this...
I'll do everything in my
power to protect you.
Can I trust you?
I promise you can.
Wait. Wait, don't.
Thank you.
I danced
my first solo to this.
It's Grieg.
I was so nervous the night before,
I couldn't sleep.
And I played this music
in my room...
and, after I fell asleep,
I dreamed that...
the music was color,
and I could paint...
over all the audiences'
faces with my hands.
I'm sorry about
what happened to you.
But I'm really very glad
that you're here.
Me too.
Are you sure about this?
Okay. Well, listen.
This is what
I want you to do.
Go back to your
normal routine.
Go into work,
and write a report about me.
About the time we spent,
and how close we've gotten.
Say that I'm a fool,
and you've got me on the hook.
Tell them that I'm ambitious,
but that I drink.
And that I have something
to prove to my father...
which means
I will make a mistake.
Then I need you to go home.
Police will be finished
with your apartment
by this evening.
Then just wait for my signal.
I'm just gonna
ask you some
routine questions to begin.
Dominika Egorova.
Did you eat breakfast
this morning?
Are you an officer
of the Russian
Intelligence Service?
Are you here because
CIA Officer Nate Nash
recruited you?
Are you willing to work for
the American government?
And you intend to
give us genuine information?
Yes or no?
Why would you
do that?
I thought it was
just yes or no?
I'm just curious.
I know the nature
of the men I work for.
So why work for them?
- They gave me no choice.
- I have a question.
You only spike
when Nate's name comes up.
Did you engage in sexual
intercourse with him?
Hey, that's...
Take it easy.
Because that's
what you do, right?
Marty? Marty.
That's what
you're trained for.
Anybody ever
tell you that...
Why do you need
to know, bratok?
Big brother?
Please answer the question.
We'd need to know if
you're emotionally involved.
The answer is no.
So, are you satisfied?
- Yeah.
- If I am to work for you...
I will need money transferred
to a bank account in Vienna.
$30,000 to start.
I don't know
what you and Nate discussed...
but I think we're getting
a little ahead of ourselves.
We'd have to see
what you brought us.
If it's significant...
What about a senator's
chief of staff?
Excuse me?
A chief of staff
run by the SVR?
She's agreed
to sell information
on a satellite
defense system.
I'm to fly to London on
Friday to meet with her.
Shall I provide you with
the account information?
Oh, there she is.
It's to the left.
We'll get it.
We're good.
What are you doing here?
Thought you might
need some help
after what happened
to poor Marta.
Of course, you were lucky
not to be harmed yourself.
I appreciate your concern.
Though I do wonder how
Swan would react
if she saw me with you.
Do you really
want to be the one
to blow
this whole operation?
Director Egorov would be
very displeased.
Go upstairs, room 624.
I'll call you if I need you.
- Who the hell is that?
- He's got a key.
Did she say anybody else
was gonna be in that room?
No. I think that's...
Yeah, it's Volontov.
That's her boss.
Do I know you?
We have a friend
in common.
Where is she?
Unfortunately, Marta
wasn't able to make it.
So she sent me.
I'll just be leaving.
You really think
I care if people know
who I'm meeting with?
I think in this case,
you might.
Marta's a known
intelligence officer.
If photographs
of your relationship
were to go public...
you would lose your security
clearance, and your job.
But I don't think
that any of that is necessary.
You're here for business,
as am I.
$250,000 was the figure
that you agreed upon.
Your daughter's tuition
payments are coming up.
I believe your ex-husband
is about to lose another job.
Don't you think
you would be
more comfortable
in a private room?
Where do they find you?
Follow me.
- All right, here we go.
- Mmm-hmm.
Let's get this show
on the road.
This is Colonel
Maxim Volontov.
He's the chief of
the Budapest rezidentura.
Make me a drink,
would you, Boris?
Let's get on with it.
You heard her.
Make her a drink.
Shall we proceed?
I just want to be clear.
I'm here in a strictly
exploratory manner.
As long as what you have
to offer is of value...
I'm sure we will have
no difficulty.
I'm chief of staff
to a United States senator.
Last person that had my job's
head of the fucking CIA.
Being in the room with me.
Fucking value.
Oh, I think
she's drunk.
- You think?
- She's drunk.
And I'm sure that
if you are as important
as you say you are...
then you don't
want to waste any time.
So, do you have
anything to sell?
I have the first
set of discs with me.
I just want to be clear
that I'm not doing this...
'cause I'm an ideologue
or pacifist
or something, you know.
Where are the discs,
Where's my money?
$250,000 per delivery
as agreed.
Oh, sorry.
I just need
to authenticate them.
Why don't you give me
a real pour, huh, Boris?
Why don't you
get it yourself?
Don't mind if I do.
Everything all right?
I just have to wait
for them to load.
Tell me, Boris.
You got a little babushka
back in Moscow?
'Course you do.
Never ceases
to amaze me.
Why are Russian women
so sexy?
All the men
look like toads.
No, no, no.
No. Don't you.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go buy her
some time.
- Why is it taking so long?
- Just one more minute.
who the fuck is that?
Just checking.
Is everything all right
with your room, sir?
Shall I
check the minibar?
There's no need.
Sorry to disturb you.
It's finished. Everything
seems to be in order.
Good. Because if I have to spend
another minute with this cunt...
I'm going to shoot her
in the face.
Did she get 'em?
She did.
Nice accent.
We'll leave now.
You wait an hour
and then you go.
We'll be in touch
for the next delivery.
Sure thing.
Fuck it.
Oh. Oh. Oh.
She took the money.
She took the money!
There you go.
Go get the discs, take
them back to the field office.
I will follow as soon as
I get this squared away.
Make the necessary
Change of plans.
We go directly to Heathrow.
Moscow wants to
congratulate us in person.
I'll call Director Egorov.
No need.
Director Egorov
gave the order himself.
The discs
and your passport.
Turn the car around.
Boucheris dead.
What are you
talking about?
Our guys outside went after
the money too early.
She panicked. Stepped in
front of a fucking truck.
What the fuck?
You think they had somebody
in the hotel?
I would've.
If they think
she tipped us off,
they're gonna kill her.
And Nate, the tail said
her car changed direction.
Looks like they're
headed to Heathrow.
Fuck, Trish. We fucked her.
We have fucked her!
You look nervous.
They're entering
terminal two.
Looks like Aeroflot.
This is
a boarding announcement.
British European Airways
Flight 422 to Amsterdam...
will begin boarding shortly.
Will all passengers please
proceed to Gate B-42.
Enjoy your flight.
I always had my doubts
about her.
She's my niece.
My brother's daughter.
Give me the discs.
Of course.
Thank you.
Take him away.
Did you give Ms. Boucher
to the Americans?
Who did?
I don't know.
You can start.
Let's start again.
Did you give Boucher
to the Americans?
Did you give Boucher
to the Americans?
Are you working
for the Americans?
I love my country.
You gave Boucher
to the Americans.
For money?
Or for the handsome American?
Did you tell
the Americans about Boucher?
Last time.
Did you tell the Americans
about Boucher?
Last time.
Did you give Boucher
to the Americans?
Make it stop.
You made a mistake.
It's not your fault.
But you have to tell them
what they want to know.
I can only protect you
if you tell me the truth.
The truth?
There is no other mission
but this one.
Follow the trail
wherever it leads.
Sacrifice whatever
has to be sacrificed.
If they have
my real name...
if they have Swan...
if you torture me...
they will trust me.
How could they not?
You don't want
to give up now.
Send me back.
Let me finish
what we started.
Didn't I do well, Uncle?
Didn't I?
Oh, my child.
What happened to you?
I was questioned
by Security Services.
But they let you go?
Of course. I'm innocent.
Chief Zakharov is expecting
you, Deputy Director.
The president is furious
about the loss of Boucher.
The mole would have
got her anyway.
Now we get something
in return.
His patience with your niece
has grown thin.
The Americans
will trust her.
So you say.
I think Dominika
has had her chance.
It is my opinion
she has developed
feelings for the American.
She has made
a fool of you, Ivan.
Send her back to Nash.
Have Matorin shadow her.
If she is compromised,
he will find out.
The Americans
will respond.
Nothing we can't weather.
And what of Dominika?
I leave that
decision to her uncle.
Shall we tell the president
you prioritized...
the safety of your niece
over the mission?
If she's compromised...
I promise you,
she will be eliminated.
Thank you, Ivan.
You're welcome,
Chief Zakharov.
Enjoy your night.
I'd ask you
how you got in,
but this is what
we taught you, isn't it?
Did they grant my request?
Yes, they did.
You were right.
I am like you, Uncle.
Oh, God.
Oh, thank God.
You know
what this looks like, right?
They just let you go?
Why would they do that?
Because I told them
that you would trust me now.
Enough to give me
the name of the mole.
But you know
that I can't do that.
Of course I do.
So what next, then?
I want to go
to America...
where I can be safe.
- All right.
- And my mother?
It'll take some time,
but we can get her out, yeah.
And the money
that I was promised?
You'll get it.
$30,000 in a bank in Vienna.
We couldn't release payment
while you were in custody.
It's not enough.
How much do you want?
I need $250,000.
For resettlement.
You're helping me.
For no obvious advantage.
It's not what I expected.
If I hadn't waved you off
at the airport,
what would you have done?
I would've killed him
for you.
Do you know
what this is?
They use it
for skin grafting.
Burn victims.
A blade so fine,
you barely bleed.
Do you know
how long it takes
to peel the skin
from a human being?
Hours. Even if you are
very good at it.
And I...
I take my time with it.
Layer by layer.
Until I see
the white of the bone.
You know
what we want to know...
but I won't stop until long
after you're ready to talk.
If you pass out,
I will inject you
with a stimulant.
You'll stay conscious
until we're finished.
What's the name,
What's the name?
You want more?
No. Please.
So we go deeper.
- Come on, Nate.
- The name.
What's the name?
Give it to me.
Let me try.
Wait, wait.
Oh, God!
Call the Embassy.
The Embassy.
It was you who killed Matorin,
wasn't it?
I can explain.
I'm sure you can.
My wife had dreams
of being a dancer.
Long before I met her.
Of course
she was nothing on you...
but she used to dance for me
in our living room.
When she fell ill...
the Russian Embassy
in New York...
refused to let an American
doctor operate on her.
Some petty bureaucrat
I had offended...
sentenced her to death.
What passes for power.
I know you gave
the Americans Boucher.
Only so they
would trust me.
And now we
must trust you?
I was born three days after
Stalin was laid in state.
My father fought for him
during the war.
He was a party member,
we were privileged.
It took me years to realize
I had been born in a prison.
Prison makes a beast
out of a man.
I learned to cheat,
to lie...
to do to others
before they do to me.
To survive,
by any means.
So I had to decide.
Die in the prison
where I was born...
or choose another side.
Our clumsy
American friends...
for whom individual freedom
is at least an aspiration.
So now you know.
I am the mole.
I am the man
you are looking for.
You're free to hand me over
to your uncle...
give the men
who did this to you
what they want
and go home.
Of course,
there is another path.
What would that be?
After you turn me in,
you will be a hero...
beyond suspicion.
The ideal position
to take my place
and continue my work
with the Americans.
Make your uncle
and his kind pay
for what they have done
to our country.
They'll kill you.
will slay us all.
You have the power to decide
whether or not I die in vain.
You are better at this
than any of us.
This is the only way for you
to return to your mother.
You sent Matorin,
didn't you?
So I wouldn't
have a choice.
So that you would see.
You never did.
Face the wall.
I want to speak
with the Russian ambassador.
My name is Mikhail Sergev.
I am the ambassador
here in Budapest.
the Hungarians
are waiving
diplomatic immunity.
Call Zakharov.
Tell him
I have what he wants.
I have the name
of the mole.
Why don't you tell me?
And I'll pass it along.
Listen to me
very carefully.
You are an errand boy.
I have an errand.
You will call Zakharov.
You will tell him
to make a trade.
Me for the mole.
Once it is arranged,
I will give the name
to Zakharov personally.
Do this right,
Mr. Ambassador,
and I might even tell them
it was your idea.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you, Director Zakharov.
Speak of this
to no one else.
Yes, sir.
No loose ends.
Nothing that can come back
on the president.
And the girl?
You can uncuff her.
All right,
this is how this is gonna go.
Nate will escort you
part of the way.
Once he confirms
the identity of our mole,
you go on alone.
You pass at the midpoint.
Don't stop.
Don't exchange a word.
Don't look back.
Anything goes wrong,
we abort.
You try to run,
we are authorized to shoot.
We won't hesitate,
you understand?
All right, Nate,
it's time.
Your uncle
will be very proud.
He might be.
Are you gonna tell me
how you found out his name?
Is it going
to make a difference?
There is
an investigation.
They think it's me.
I guess that was the play
all along, huh?
Stop here.
I got him back for you.
You think
they're just gonna let him
make it across alive?
You realize you might have
just got him killed?
I think one day
you will understand.
No, I don't think I will.
Some things
can't be sacrificed.
We don't throw
people away.
Show us his face!
What the hell
is going on?
What is the delay?
Confirm the identity
of your agent!
That's our man!
She fucked them.
Goodbye, Nate.
Good morning.
Please, sit.
You were right
about your niece.
She did very well.
She called from Budapest.
Gave us the name of the mole.
Wonderful news.
I've had
a security detail
search the mole's office.
His apartment.
The apartment
was covered in metka.
Attributed to Nash.
This is a statement...
for an account opened
in a private bank in Vienna...
into which the Americans
have recently made payments...
of $250,000.
Sort of money
paid to a defector.
The account is in your name
with your passport number.
- Oh, I forgot my coat.
- I'll get it.
You recently made a trip
to Vienna, did you not?
You know
this is my niece, right?
She's angry with me.
This is one of the disks
Boucher gave us.
The disks you passed on
to the president.
Your personal victory.
It's supposed to have
come from the DOD.
But at the request
of your niece,
we examined it
more closely.
The encryption signature
it was written in Langley.
It's a fake.
You are special.
You have a gift. Like me.
You see through people.
You see them
for what they really are.
And you always
stay one step ahead.
Great family I have.
You killed me.
Didn't I do well, Uncle?
Target is in range.