Red Sundown (1956) Movie Script

Do not be a pig.
I don't no know how long I coulda held out.
You are Alec Longmire, ain't ya?
I'm Bud Purvis.
Heard they got ya at Mobeetie.
I'm a hard man to hold.
Where ya headed?
You tell me.
Good enough.
I've heard plenty about your kickaroo draw.
They say it's the fastest yet.
Just tricky.
When I was your age,
I thought of nothin' else.
Used to practice the
draw 2 or 3 hours a day.
So did my brother Mike.
He's dead.
It makes ya think.
Sure does.
Mike used to ride with McCormick, didn't he?
Yeah, a long time.
They got McCormick last week.
I was with him.
Hey.. uh, where we can wash up?
-Out there.
You go ahead.
Wow, there's nothing like it.
I'm kinda hungry.
How 'bout you?
I ain't eaten since I left Mobeetie last night
'It's about time then.
-I'm fresh outta cash.
Forget it.
Somebody's gettin' up steam for a big night.
Sounds like they got a head start...
Come on, set 'em up on him.
That's what he thinks.
This time it's on you!
Frank, should see your face!
You know I'll tell you something,
If he wasn't my brother I'd...
-Come on, what are you waiting for?
-We came all the way to St. Louis to get that deck boys.
Come on, cut 'em loss!
This table's taken mister.
Yeah, I took it. Okay?
I asked you if it was ok.
My brother asked you a question.
That's no kinda answer.
Come on, Alec.
Anybody home?
This is the end of the line..
These horses are beat and so am I.
I'll bet you got a sack of coffee in that bedroll.
They'd spot smoke
5 miles away.
I sure am hungry.
I got some bread and a jar of strawberry jam.
Well, what are you waiting for?
This place sure looks deserted.
I must be getting old.
I remember once I could take
all this and think nothin' of it.
I'm a little beat myself.
Naw, naw, I mean old inside.
Just think, last night I was waitin' my trial in Mobeetie.
Until you showed up, I wasn't sure, but
what I'd been better off stayin' there.
We're not in the clear yet. Here.
'Hmm', that sure is good.
There's nothing like strawberry.
Where were you goin', when you picked me up?
Just givin' the horse his head.
That what started me.
I took a job once.
Worked a while, got restless and then drifted.
I had a chance to pick up some easy dough with my gun.
I took that too.
You know what I'd do,
if I had it to do all over again?
I'd get me a real job and stick with it.
30 and keep?
I'd even work up for less.
I've hired my gun a lot of times
and made plenty with it.
And now I even got the
makin's to show for it.
No, sir...
not even the makin's.
Down there .
Spot! Wake up!
Get outta the door.
Hold this against ya. Tight!
You'll feel better stretched out on the bunk.
Maybe it's not as bad as you think.
- Do not kid me!
Do not waste lead.
We'll sweat them out..
I've been with a lot of men when they died...
I've heard 'em laugh at the end.
I've heard 'em curse and whine.
I was with Joe McCormick when he got his.
He shore went slow.
He kept lookin' back on his life and tying to
place the blame for the mess he'd made of it.
You know what I think?
- What Bud?
We ain't got no one to blame but ourselves.
Alec! I been thinking.
Dig yourself a grave.
Yeah, about 2 feet deep.
I'll cover ya up...
and leave an old tin can or a piece of
stove pipe stickin' out so you can breath.
When they rush us, I hold 'em off.
They'll think you got out some other way.
And I leave ya to them huh?
I ain't got a prayer and you know it.
Do what I tell ya!.
Why don't you get back on that bunk?
You never hear of anybody makin'
it with a bullet in his gut.
Come on.
I'm doing this to give you a chance.
All my life I've been at it.
A big hero, fast on the draw.
Kids taggin' after me in every town,
like I wore a medal.
Look what it's got me.
They sure weren't very considerate,
where they plugged me..
A guy warned me once...
like I'm tryin' to warn you now Alec...
but I wouldn't listen.
I was to big. Gimme your promise kid...
If you pull outta this, you'll quit livin' by the gun.
What do you say?
I promise.
Go on now and get the shovel. Hurry up.
About 2 feet deep.
Is a pretty neat job kid.
Maybe you missed your callin'.
Hurry up.
I ain't got much time.
This is for Frank.
What was that?
Now put that tin can over the end of the pipe.
Angle it under the wall
so you can breathe from the outside.
Here Alec.
This is all I got left from bein' a big man.
Do you think you'll be able to breath alright Alec?
Yeah Bud, it's okay.
Where are they?
They won't be long now.
Good luck to you kid.
Have a drink on me if you get outta here.
Where's the other one?
Are you comin' out?
He'll come out.
Well, where's the body?
Couldn't a been completely burned up.
Must've made it outta here.
Played us for chumps.
- What do we do now?
I do not know.
- What about this other guy?
-Leave 'im for the buzzards.
Come on. Let's get outta here.
Boy, you're gettin' good Lester.
Let me try one.
- Hughie!
- Yes, Mom?
If you keep that up you'll wake the baby
Okay, Mom.
Come on, Chuck.
Yes, sir.
That was good shootin'.
One of these days I'll buy me
a genuine sixgun.
They costs $ 17.
-Well... someday.
Let me carry it for awhile.
Pow. Got him!
Right between the eyes.
Do you think Jade Murphy really
shot it out with Wild Bill Hickock?
Everyone say so.
-But he's still alive.
Wild Bill musta missed.
Not him.
You hear lots of things.
Who's that?
Say, thats a nice rifle you got there.
How's the huntin' around here?
I do not know.
We just practice.
Did you see the way he walks?
Like a cat.
It's a sign he' plenty fast.
What's the matter?
Didn't you ever see a Gila monster before?
Yeah, but not in a saloon.
There's a case full of Rattlers
on the other side of the door.
Harry, give the man a drink.
Eddie Feltzer here is a good businessman.
If a drunk staggers in and leans
up against one of those cases...
9 out of 10 times he'll turn right
around and buy himself another drink.
My name is Murphy.
Jade Murphy.
I'm, uh, Alec Longmire, sheriff.
Alec Longmire huh??
I've heard about of you.
Now you'll go back to your office, go through
a pile of dodgers and see if I'm wanted huh.
Yeah, will I'll find ya?
Let's go see.
Finish your drink.
My Pop said he's tired of keepin' the
store and listening to women talk.
One of these days he's gonna take off.
I mean if Mom left him.
-Just across the street there.
-Hi, Mr. Murphy.
- How're you men? How ya doin'?
-Oh, just fine.
You don't suppose Jade's arresting 'im?
We don't have much trouble around here,
that is, from outsiders.
Trouble's the one thing I'm not lookin' for.
Well, you've got a reputation mister.
Call a man a dog, someone
throws a rock at 'im.
To save some time Sheriff I'm not wanted,
as far as I know, anywhere.
You're runnin' though.
Anybody likely to show up lookin' for ya?
If I knew that, I'd live a lot longer.
Wouldn't I?
No, I'm lookin' for a job.
Maybe Durango's the place.
Man's word's
good enough for me.
If I don't find a job, I'll move on.
Fair enough.
-I need a room.
Well, we got the Plains Hotel up on the corner.
Cheap and clean.
Besides, it's the only one we've got.
Come on, I'll introduce you.
'Hi ya, Mr. Murphy.
-Hello men.
Say, I just said hello to you.
What are ya up to?
Uh, who's your friend, Mr. Murphy?
Oh, sorry I didn't introduced myself gentlemen.
My name is Longmire.
You're not Mike Longmire?
No, I'm his brother, Alec.
I knew Mike's real fast,
Mr. Longmire?
Mike's dead.
When I grow up, I'm gonna
be the fastest draw in Texas.
Some of the best men I know
can't draw a lick...
and some of the worst can
outdraw me from here to Sunday.
Now, what do ya suppose
he mean by that?
Folks say a lot of things I do not understand.
-That was a nice thing you said to the boys.
-Aw, they probably didn't get it.
Some folks feel a man can't change
his ways, once the stamps on him
I am not one of them.
I thought you'd like to know.
What's all the wire for?
It's Ruf Henshaw's.
He uh, he owns the Triple X Ranch out here.
He's gonna try to fence in the squatters and
small cowmen. They're not gonna to like it.
You blame 'em?
- You taking sides already?
You see, the titles aren't clear on more
than half this land around here, 'n ...
Henshaw is trying to grab a lot
of acreage don't belong to him
or there's some question about.
On the other hand, Sam Baldwin, Bert
Flynn and some of the other squatters have...
registered brands to cover his, like...
Four Diamonds, fits right over Triple X.
The same old story huh.
-Yep, and in the same old way, men'll die.
Alec... I need some help.
Would you be interested?
I'm lookin' for a nice quite job.
- $ 150 a month?
Better than you can do wrestling cattle.
Yeah, but cows don't shoot at you.
Come on .
Whose side the Sheriff on?
Well, that's a good question.
If I said I'd stay with the side that was right,
it wouldn't be much of an answer...
because there's right on both sides.
The way I look at it, it's up to the court
to decide on the right and the wrong
'Til then, my job's to keep peace.
So... I'm in the middle.
-It's a good way to get run over.
if you really want a job around
here, you don't have much choice.
The little outfits can't afford you, and
all Henshaw'll want is your gun.
Not that he isn't pretty good with a gun himself...
he just doesn't like to get his hands dirty.
Why don't you come up to the house tonight for supper?
We'll talk about it.
Best invitation I had all day.
Who's he? Never seen him before.
I don't know.
Hello, Alec.
Am I early?
-No, right on the dot. Come on in.
Give me your hat.
Hey, you do alright for yourself.
-It's not bad, huh?
I don't blame you for likin' your job.
I haven't see a place like this since I was a kid.
Good evening!
Alec, this is my daughter, Caroline.
Honey, this is Alec Longmire.
-How do you do?
Well, I didn't expect this.
I had you down for an old bachelor.
Oh no, not me!
Dad tells me you may come to work for him.
Well, it's his idea.
What do you think about it?
Hm, deputies come and go.
-Hey now, you're a big help.
I've seen a lot of them.
Ready for supper?
I uh, really made an impression on her.
Didn't I?
She's a little touchy about gunfighters.
Oh no,I don't think you'll need those to eat with. Come on.
Well, there's nothing like home cooking
and this is the best.
Thank you.
No more for me.
- Uh, can I help you with anything?
No, I can manage.
I wipe dishes like no one you ever saw.
You're as handy with a towel
as you are with a gun huh?
Like a cigar??
-No, no thanks.
Excuse me, I'll get my pipe.
You uh, used your company dishes tonight, Didn't you?
Dad wants to impress you
with the virtues of home life.
I'm considered an added attraction.
I'm afraid I haven't done very well.
-Well, you about half scared me off.
Whats the matter?
Have I have two heads?
No, two guns.
So do half the men in town.
They don't use them as well as you do.
Look, I uh, came here looking
for a job with cattle.
Jade is trying to change my mind.
See, what I'm really out for is a place of my own.
I've heard that same speech from
every gunslinger who's come to town.
They don't last.
- Why not?
They pin on a star,
make a few sheriff like motions...
then sell their guns to Henshaw.
Man takes a job, he should stick with it.
And how do you know I won't?
If I take the job, I mean.
Because it a regular pattern.
You all perk up when you see a young girl.
Make a speech about home cooking
give me a fast whirl about how nice I look.
I haven't said that.
-But you'll get to it.
-Maybe some of it's your fault.
- Mine?
You look at gunslingers like they're
all peas outta the same pod.
It's time you realize that they're
as different as anyone else.
As different as people'll let 'em be.
Sure there some gunslingers
who are half crazy and like to kill...
but on the other hand, there are those that uh...
got a reputation they can't get away from.
Then there are those who'd like to settle
down, but the very people who should
be on their side won't give them a chance.
You mean me?
- Yes.
I didn't ask Jade for a job.
I do not want that kind.
But he need what I've got.
What do you want me to do, turn him down?
How do I know you'll stay with him?
Well, would you stay with us?
Oh, I don't know.
I figure if a man wants to get away
from guns, he should get away from them.
The way I look at is, we each gotta
use ourselves the best we can.
Now, you wouldn't say a man was outside
the law because he draw pictures, would you?
Well, the same man who draws pictures,
can use an engraving plate 'n counterfeit money.
You can use your gun to stick up a
bank or to keep peace and order.
It's the same gun, same bullets...
same hand pullin' the trigger.
You just got yourself a new boy Sheriff.
If my brother Mike could see this,
he'd roll over in his grave.
What's on your mind, Bert?
A man can take just so much. There maybe
2 or 3 hundred miles of fence in those wagons.
If it were up to me, it would
be at the bottom of the river.
Now you're talking, Sam...
Listen, there's just the drivers
left with those wagons...
- Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
- What are we waiting for?
How about Jade?
-I took care of him.
Come on.
- Who's there?
-Alec Longmire. Is Jade here?
Just a minute.
Sorry if I woke ya.
-That's alright.
- Where's Jade?
He rode out to the D-Cross.
Bert Flynn's boy stopped by. Said
Bert wanted to see him, it was important.
Hm-m, so that's what they meant.
- Who?
This Bert. Tall, rangy fellow
looks like he's, uh, ready to a boil?
Why, yes. How did you know?
The other fellow's about the same height,
same build. Has a big mustache, called Sam.
That's Sam Baldwin.
They're gonna jump Henshaw's wagons
tonight and tricked Jade outta town.
What're you gonna do?
-What I'm hired to do.
Stay where you are, mister.
Somethin' on your mind?
You know Bert Flynn and Sam Baldwin?
- What about 'em?
There might be trouble.
- Who are you?
Longmire, Murphy's new deputy.
Didn't know he had one.
How many guards you got?
-What's it to you?
I told you, there might be trouble.
-Theres a couple more at the Llano.
Better get 'em.
- Can't leave the wagons.
Alright, I'll get 'em, but don't go to sleep here,
they're liable to jump you any minute.
Burt! Sam!
Give it up!
I said, give it up!
Man, that shootin'!
Alright, break it up!
We pegged ya wrong mister.
Thanks for the tip.
It's alright.
I'd do the same for them.
We're headed for a showdown
and I think it's about time.
Henshaw strings that wire,
I'll be cut off from grass.
You're Right.
What'll it be, Deputy?
I see Jade got himself a new boy.
Yeah, where is Jade?
Not like 'im to be away at a time like this.
Wonder how long before this joker sells out?
Well now, maybe he's waiting for an offer.
Keep talkin' boys.
I'm a good listener.
Hey, you!
You stand with Henshaw?
- No, Murphy.
Then get over to his office, put your
feet on the desk, let things alone
Murphy wouldn't do that.
You keep stickin' your nose
in, you won't be around long.
Do not say you weren't warned.
You threatening me?
We ain't invitin' ya to tea.
I'm takin' Sam to jail, Bert.
You want the same thing or you goin' home?
You talk like a big man mister
- Make up your mind!
You better square yourself with Jade.
Let's not have any trouble, Sam.
Excuse us, gentlemen.
We're comin' through.
You just walk and everything will be alright.
Enjoy yourself while you can mister.
It won't be for long.
I'm not having any more fun than you are Sam.
Lamp's on the desk, Sam.
Light it.
Keep your back to me, take off
your gun belt and hand it over.
Go through that door to the jail.
Go on!
First one's good enough.
See ya in the morning, Sam.
-You're gonna see a lot of me!
Well, good evening again.
I heard the shooting.
I had a little run in with Sam Baldwin.
Do you shoot him?
I wanted to see how it felt to arrest a man.
And how does it feel?
Real strange.
First time a man ever threw
down on me I didn't call 'im.
You know, I think that Henshaw,
deliberately left those wagons there.
He's tricky enough to do it.
- Yeah.
I'd feel a lot better if you stayed at
home, 'til this simmered down. Alright?
You've shown hand now.
The whole town will be watching you.
You mean Henshaw?
- That's right.
He'll look you up the first thing in the morning.
- Be glad to see 'im.
Henshaw believes every man has his price.
He's Right!
Oh, and what's your price Mister Longmire?
Well, if he buys to cheap, he won't appreciate it.
And, if I come too high, he'll try and
get rid of me as fast as he safely can
It's something I have to think about.
- I'm sure you'll give it your best thoughts.
- May I talk with you a moment?
- Sure.
My name is Rufus Henshaw.
I want to thank you for
warning my men.
Where were you when Bert and Sam
tried to grab your wagons tonight?
Is that important?
-It is to me.
You really think it concerns you?
I was breaking no law.
You were by the river, waiting...
They'd have stepped into a
sweet little ambush, wouldn't they?
That's an assumption I don't like.
You accusing me
of bating a trap.
Yes, sir.
I like that:'' Yes sir''.
I like a man who speaks his mind.
That's fine, but you still haven't answered my question.
What was it, Deputy?
You were by the river, waiting.
Weren't you?
You are young man Longmire, new to
your job. I was hoping we could be friends.
Let me walk you to the hotel.
I admire a man like you,
a man who knows his duty.
Willing to risk his life to keep the peace.
After all, there's nothing
I want more than peace.
You got a mighty peculiar way
of showing it, Mr. Henshaw.
Got a sense of humor too.
Yes sir, there's no more
thankless job than a peace officer.
No one likes you.
Everyone's convinced
you're the other fellow's man.
Um huh, what do you think?
I've got big holdings Mr. Longmire
and they're going to get a lot bigger.
I need men around me that I can trust.
And I pay very well
to ensure their loyalty.
I wonder...
I wonder if you'd be interested?
How much?
- You'll name it.
Well, I'll tell ya Mr. Henshaw...
Soon as things settle down and Murphy
can spare me, I'll talk to you about it. Okay?
In the meantime, harness up
and get your wagons out of town.
I'm not very good at taking orders, Deputy.
Long as your wagons are in
town, we're liable to have trouble.
Get'em outta here.
A hot gun doesn't make a
soft pillow at night. Mr, Henshaw.
How right you are.
Give me half an hour.
You got it.
Evening gents.
Ruf, I see you've uh, you've
already met our new deputy.
How's everything?
-Couldn't be better.
I was just saying good night to Mr. Henshaw.
See you in the mornin', Jade.
Goodnight, Jade.
Bart! Palaski! Harness up, we're rolling
Morning, Alec.
Morning. Coffee?
-Uh no, Thanks.
-I hear you had yourself quite a time
last night, huh? - Oh, it wasn't to bad.
I just turned Sam Baldwin loose.
He's almost calmed down.
Yes sir, you came mighty close
to being a one day deputy..
Yeah. What's up?
If I were to tell you that uh, Henshaw has hired
the best gunslinger in the whole Southwest...
What would you say?
Chet Swann?
Nobody but.
How good is he?
There's nothing good about 'im.
He's a kid, but he's all killer..
Fast huh?
- The fastest. He's quick up here.
Uh huh, let's uh, stop in on brother
Henshaw and have a little talk.
If he's hired Swann, that's
a fact you can't argue about.
Well, I've got to try.
The thing to do is to stop Swann.
- Yeah well, how do you do that?
There's no price on his head,
but why there isn't I'll never know.
I know. Swann never draws first.
He doesn't have to.
This spread of Henshaw's looks
bigger than the whole state of Missouri.
You know, my father used to say
there's only three ways to get rich.
Having someone leave it to
you, work for it and to steal it.
What I hear, Henshaw's used all three of 'em.
Yeah, he's a man who
looks to the future alright.
He, he says once the ranch is
secure he's going back East...
To find himself a high-classed
Boston woman and live like a king.
This is the part I like.
You'd better let me do the talking.
You prod 'im and he may get his back up.
He's your baby.
I just came along for the ride.
Hello Maria. - So good to see you again...
Thank you, thank you. Maria, shake hands with my new... Alec! Maria.
You two know each other?
-Maria and I are old friends.
- Why did you come here Alec?
- What's the matter?
You must not stay Alec.
- That you, Sheriff?
Yes, Ruf.
Alec, there is much danger here.
- What are you doing out there, Maria?
Alec, be careful. Please!
Nice to see you, Jade.
Sit down.
Maria, the Sheriff may want a drink.
-No! No thank you maria, a little to early for that.
I remembered. You like 'em mild.
-You never forget anything, do you?
Ruf, there are a couple of things
that have cone up that uh...
I think we outta talk about.
- Huh, go ahead, talk.
Word's come to me that uh,
you've hired Chet Swann.
Chet Swann?
Who's he?
You know who he is.
'Yes, I do.
- Hiring a gunman's not the answer.
Violence is a last resort.
I'd like avoid it.
I lost 20 calves last month.
A week ago, twenty new calves turned up at Sam
Baldwin's with fresh Four Diamonds brands on them.
Two weeks ago, Bert Flynn turned
his herd into my North section.
Just yesterday somebody fouled
my waterhole in the West quarter.
Ruf, I don't blame you for gettin' sore.
For my part, I've done what I could to stop it...
and I'll continue to do so, but hiring
a killer is not going to solve anything.
Jade, I been thinking about you.
You been working hard
here for 5 or 6 years.
Occurred to me you might want a vacation.
Ever been to New Orleans?
Well, why you and Caroline
take the trip as my guests?
Do ya a world of good.
A little obvious, aren't you?
Then, when I came back, you would have
everything here under control. Wouldn't ya?
Things might work themselves out.
But I've waited a year for the
court to hand down its decision.
I know you have.
I'm going back East as soon as things straighten out.
I'll need someone to run Triple X.
Not a bad job.
The ranch is growing.
One of these days,
I'm gonna try purebred.
'It's a great opportunity.
-I'm sure of that Ruf, but...
I'll pay you double what you're getting now.
And, a share of the profits.
Let's face it Jade, you're
not getting any younger.
You're so right about that, but...
When folks elected me to office,
they figured I'd stay on the job.
That's up to you, Jade.
Think about it and 'do' something.
I don't want my hand forced.
Henshaw told me what happened last night
You'd better leave Durango,
because if you stay here I sure...
Hello, Mr. Henshaw.
Get into the house.
Maria's an old friend of mine.
I see!
But surely the gentleman
will excuse you, Maria.
You must visit me again, Mr. Longmire.
It'll be a pleasure.
Think it over, Jade.
Not much to think about is there?.
Peace on your terms or else, huh?
Won't work.
- We'll see.
Come on, Alec.
Lord, we thank you for the
blessings of this day, bless this...
You got enough stew for callers?
Not if you want seconds.
- Come in, come in.
Thank you.
Oh, I didn't mean to disturb your meal.
- Quite alright, what can we do for you?
I was parched. I was wondering if I could...
- Of course. Just bring in your canteen.
Oh, that'd be to much trouble uh,
a cup full would be fine.
Well, go right over and help yourself.
Thank you maam.
Sam. I think you ought to
ask the gentleman to join us.
- Oh, sure. Here, I'll get another chair.
No, don't please.
Now, we don't have company very often.
No, since the children married
Now, please sit down.
Our name is Baldwin.
You just passin' through?
No, sir.
Oh! You're uh, lookin'
for a job in these parts?
No, sir. I got a job.
This is delicious.
- Thank you.
See ya got nice linen.
Yes. isn't it. It's been
in our family a long time.
Who you workin' for?
- Man name of Henshaw.
As a cow puncher, of course.
No, ma'am.
I got more talent than that.
If I have to, I use my gun.
That's where my talent lies.
What does Henshaw want?
Oh, he just asked me to drop over
and say goodbye to you nice people.
We're not leaving.
Oh!. Stay as long as you like,
24 hours at least.
You know, I'm real sorry you gotta leave.
You such a fine cook.
Please, stop it!
It's nice, real nice.
Goodbye, Mrs. Baldwin.
Thanks you for a wonderful dinner.
Goodbye, Mr. Baldwin.
It's been a pleasure.
Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, didn't I?
My name is Swann.
Chet Swann.
It's that Chet Swan. He...
Get your breath, Sam.
What about him?
He came to see me.
He's given me 24 hours to clear out.
If you can't handle him,
Bert and I know what to do.
Where's he now?
- Comin' here, I guess.
No one is runnin' anyone out.
Go on home now Sam
and forget about it.
The rest of you fellows,
clear outta here.
Maria, what are you doing here?
Where've you been? I've been
waiting for you for a very long time.
Swann's coming, to kill you and Jade.
Why you tellin' me this?
We're old friends.
I can not forget the old days.
The old days are over Maria.
You don't trust me. You think
maybe it's a trick, don't you?
Believe me, this is no trick.
I've had enough.
Never were lucky with men were you.
- Isn't it always this way.
But please, don't let trouble find you.
You thinkin' of stayin' town?
-Only until morning. Then I will take the stagecoach.
Come with me Alec, please!
Please come with me.
It's no good, Maria.
What will you do?
Stay here and die in the dust?
Alec, I... I'm sorry. I...
- What is it?
Swann's on his way into town.
Jade needs you.
If you can spare the time?
- I'll be right there.
Your girl, she did
not like what she saw.
It's not my girl.
If she was not your girl, she
would not have minded that I am here.
It's all I've got Maria.
Good luck.
You gonna shoot it out with Swann?
- Not if I can help it.
How you gonna help it?
Why don't you boys go home
until things calm down, huh?
Go home? Ha!
- Boy, the sun shines today!
Morning, Alec.
Thought you'd be loading
your shotgun by now.
Why would I load a shotgun for?
If I were Sheriff and Swann was on the prowl
for me, I'd be up on the roof with a shotgun.
Sometimes you don't make good sense, son.
There's nothing in the rules says the
sheriff has to be a hero, just keep the peace.
If I was the sheriff and I wanted to keep the peace,
I'd go up on the roof and let him have it the legs..
But you'd rather take him prisoner, wouldn't ya?
If I was to use a shotgun, I wouldn't have a friend in
town. I'd be worse than stabbing a man in the back
You would if your life depended on it.
Jade, you will not like
what I'm gonna say to you.
You try and shoot it out
with Swann, you're dead.
You get old fast with a gun.
Day comes when you slow down.
When all your skill 'n
experience doesn't mean a thing.
And if you're smart, you
know what'll happen if you miss.
Because if you're old, you'll
value what's left of your life.
A kid like Swann doesn't know what
it is to be afraid. I've seen him work.
He'll gun you down
before you clear the holster.
You haven't got a prayer.
I'm tellin' you like I'd tell my own father.
I wouldn't be able to hold my
head up if I used a shotgun.
Well, alright.
Be a hero.
Shoot it out with 'im. See if it
makes any difference to me.
Go ahead, and put on a show for a bunch
of gutless fools who take cover when it starts.
Give the drunks somethin'
to talk about in the winter.
Present the town with
a first-class funeral.
Maybe your good friend
Henshaw will deliver the eulogy.
Will you stop it.
- Make your play.
Don't think about Caroline.
-I've thought of her, and you.
I thought of everything.
There are ways to do
things and that's not one of 'em.
He's here.
That's Swann, I betcha.
Oh, Dad!
-Caroline, you shouldn't have come back here.
Oh, Dad, please.
- I'll be alright.
No you won't. You know you won't!
You haven't a chance.
Let me go, dear.
- Alright, Jade. I'll take him on.
You want folks to think I was yellow
and siced you on 'im? No, thanks.
I'm telling you you can't go out there.
Look son, no one to tell me
what I can't do, not even you.
He'll be alright.
You gonna use a shotgun?
- You couldn't miss nothing with that.
I do not intend to miss.
I'd crawl before I'd use a shotgun.
- Get inside. Both of you. Go on!.
Chet Swann!
Get outta town.
Well, Alec Longmire!
I almost didn't recognize you
with that cannon in your hands!
Mount up, before I blast
ya all over the street.
Aw... ain't near as friendly as he used to be.
Aren't you even gonna let me
buy you a little drink for old times?
You're wasting your
time. Now, get goin'.
You know, I wouldn't
have believed it. A tin star!
A tin star on Alec Longmire.
Get goin'!
I guess you ain't the
Alec I used to know.
So long, Alec.
I'll see you around.
Go on home.
The show's over.
What show?
Come on, Chuck.
- Want your star back?
No, Alec, you can keep it.
I was wrong, dead wrong
Isn't over. Henshaw
hasn't stopped yet.
He'll try somethin'.
Come on. I'll buy ya
a drink. You need it.
Drop it, Alec.
It's a nice chair ya got
here. Real comfortable.
I thought I told you to get out of town.
-That was your cannon talkin'.
I should've let you
have it with, both barrels.
Now what a way to talk to a
guest, an old friend at that.
You can save the auld lang syne.
We never were friends.
Weren't we?
I got a job, Alec.
Well, don't tell me
about it. I'm not interested.
You mean you're
not interested in living?
Must be kinda dull,
being a lawman
Yes, especially when
I have to listen to you.
Be social. You're makin' me sorry I didn't
squeeze the trigger when you came through the door.
What stopped you?
I do not know.
Call it friendship.
I hate to repeat myself, but I don't
like any part of you and I never did.
You can't change by
pinnin' a tin star on your shirt.
You and me,
were two of a kind.
If that's so, you better put that
six shooter to work right now.
You know, I don't get you.
Here I keep tellin' myself, there's
no sense doin' in a fellow gunfighter...
especially since I already
been paid for the job.
And here you are, askin'
me for a ticket to Boot Hill.
Alec, get smart.
Move on with me.
I'm not going anywhere yet.
This is a nice town with nice people.
This bunch of fat bellies?
I happen to like it enough
to stick around for a while.
You think they'll forget,
what you were?
Why should they?
I won't.
You know, I don't know what
you got against gunfighters.
You gotta have gunfighters,
wouldn't be right not to
Be like not havin' rattlers in the desert.
Now, doesn't that make real sense?
Get up.
That's a nice soft bed you got there.
But you better not be
sleeping on it from here on.
Just in case any of you can't
read or have poor eyesight...
I'll read the notice to you.
Triple X will fence tomorrow.
Interference will be met with gunfire.
Is that a legal notice you're posting, Mr. Henshaw?
You can take it anyway you like.
We don't like it 'n we're not gonna take it.
- Exactly my sentiments.
We'll be waiting for you.
- He's got that wrong, hadn't he?.
What Mr. Henshaw means
is, we'll be waiting on him...
while he cools off in our comfortable jail.
Open your eyes.
Those are rifle barrels
breathing down your neck.
Take your blinders off
Henshaw and look around.
Alright, get their guns. All of 'em.
I think you'll find our jail a
little more peaceful, Mr. Henshaw.
What is the charge?
- Disturbing the peace. Least that'll do for a start.
In that case, neither of you
will be around for the finish.
Why don't you stop talking so big?
Let him talk.
Go ahead and talk.
- He'll be back.
- Swann?
And this time he'll put
a bullet in your back
You rat. You're the
kind that breeds gunslingers.
Never dirty your own hands,
never fight your own battles,
never stick your own neck out.
I fight fire with fire,
gunslinger with gunslinger.
Now, let's lock 'im up.
Ruf... Here's your drink of water.
Anything else you'd like?
Yes, a seat by the window...
So I can watch you
and Longmire get yours.
That's not Swann.
What's going on here?
- Stick around.
Your liable to see something you
can tell your grandchildren about.
- Yeah? Yep.
You better get inside somewhere.
-I have to talk to you.
This is hardly the place.
Please Alec.
I want to apologize.
I'm sorry for believing
you couldn't change.
Sorry for thinking what I thought
when I saw you with that girl.
Did you talked to Maria?
- No.
She couldn't tell me
anything I don't know about you.
What do you know?
- That I'm afraid for you.
Oh Alec, must you wait for Swann.
What do you want me to do, run away and hide?
- If it would keep you alive, yes.
But I wanna stay alive.
So please Caroline, go away.
I gotta keep my eyes open and
my mind on nothin' else but Swann.
Isn't there any another way?
I made a promise to a man before he died.
I promised him I would quit livin' by the gun...
And here I am, with
a gun still in hands
Then why stay?
Because I'm wearin' this badge.
The only place I've got a
right to wear it, is in this town.
That's why I've got to wait
for Swann to show up again.
So please Caroline, go
inside somewhere. Will you?
Alec, I'm gonna get up a posse.
Swann'll smell a posse a mile away.
- Well, at least we'll scare off.
Yeah, and I'll be livin'
scared, jumpin' at shadows.
Why don't you
let me do it my way?
Come on, Caroline.
Come on, honey.
Where's Jade going?
- Not far, I betcha .
Dad, I can take care of myself.
Now, do not argue about it. You're
gonna stay at Mrs. Blake's 'til it's over.
Are you going to get up a posse?
- I tried.
Hold it Jade!
Move this way.
Both of you!
Come on.
Oh Dad!
Let me go! Let me go!
This ain't like us, Alec.
Splash the shotgun, and I'll
let the lady go about her business.
Then we can go about ours.
One sound outta
you and it's your last.
Alec! Look out!
He got 'im!
- He did it! He did it!
Hey Alec, you going away?
You leavin' town?
I am.
- No! Why?
Why Alec?
- You wouldn't understand man.
Morning, Alec.
Morning Jade. How you feelin'?
- Better, thank you.
Well uh, you
might be needin' this.
I'm here to say goodbye.
- Where you going?
Well, it's like Jade said, there's not
much in the way of jobs around here...
might take the courts a year or more to
decide what they wanna do.
You must have
something in mind Alec.
My Dad used to say it's
wasn't enough for a man...
to bring his wife his heart 'n his head.
Had to offer offer her
the fruit of his hands.
The way things stand,
is not much to offer.
See ya Jade. Take
care of yourself, hear.
I'll be back.
I'll be seein' you men.
Hey, where's your rifle today?
- We don't need it anymore.