Red Surf (1989) Movie Script

(soft piano music)
(waves rolling)
- [Radio Broadcaster]
Beautiful evening here
in the South Bay, Santa
Ana winds blowing in.
Hope you're cuddled with someone you love.
As far as tomorrow's surfing goes,
we're talking smooth and glassy
all the way down to Mexico,
with swells from one to two feet.
So you know what that means, dudes.
Let love close, stay out late and party.
(crickets chirping)
(soft rock and roll music)
- Check it out. There she is, that bitch.
(soft rock and roll music)
Did you see who she's with?
- Jason.
That's his car.
- Yeah, you know, she was with him
at Walker's Cafe last night.
- I should kick his ass.
- You wanna kick his ass?
- I should kick his ass.
- Let's kick his ass.
- No, wait.
Let's fuck with him.
- You wanna fuck with him?
- Yeah, let's fuck with him.
- Let's fuck with him.
- (chuckles) All right.
What the hell is she doing
with a guy like that?
- Well, she was with you.
- That guy's a fag.
- Actually, he's kinda a
nice guy. I kinda like him.
- What?
- I got no brakes.
- Son of a bitch.
- I got no brakes.
- Don't fuck with me.
- I'm not fucking with you.
- Hit the brakes, my God.
- Bail.
- What?
- Bail.
- Amber!
(cars crashing)
(car exploding)
(birds calling)
Amber, Amber, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry. Come here.
- You're my hero. Give us a kiss (laughs).
- Oh, my God.
- Hey, fag!
- I knew it. I had it.
No, no, I'm calling it.
- You totally bought it.
It was beautiful.
- I didn't buy it.
- I saw your face, you
thought you killed her.
- All right, all right, you had me.
All right, I bought it, okay?
But that looked just like the guy's car.
- It was his car!
- Oh, no!
- And his guitar was in the backseat!
- Give me that.
- Oh, for Rebecca?
- Yeah, let's go.
- Oh, my.
- Excuse me.
Hey, guys, what about my car?
- Well, pull it outta there.
- You pull it outta
there, it was your gag.
We could do it tomorrow. My
mom's gonna be so pissed.
(upbeat surf rock music)
(crowd chattering)
- Hey, wise guy, where's Attila?
- Um, didn't the hospital call you?
They're pulling a gerbil
out of his ass (laughs).
- Jerk. Very funny.
- No, I'm joking with that.
I think he went out with
one of those ex-strippers
that he used to like a
lot, Daphne (laughs).
Oh, come on, give us a Kiss.
- Ugh.
- Blue, Blue, have you seen Mark?
- He didn't call you?
- No.
- He went to jail.
- Serious to God, I believe
he went to jail (laughs).
I'm joking, I'm joking, I'm joking.
I think he's out with a girl,
he went out with a stripper.
Hey, baby, what's happening?
(shouting and laughing)
(upbeat rock music)
Wait 'til he finds his car.
Dude, I'm so wasted. Do
you have any coke on you?
I'll pay you back, I swear to God.
- Slow down, all right.
- Yeah.
- Okay, we're going on
a run tonight, okay?
- Right.
All right, I'm ready.
- (indistinct shouting)
(upbeat rock music)
- Do me like the dog I am.
- Anytime.
(soft guitar plucking)
- Yeah, but ...
Listen, yeah, I'll call you later, okay?
Okay, all right, bye.
- Hi, babe.
- You're late.
- (chuckles) I'm late.
- What's wrong?
You guys couldn't decide
what liquor store to hit?
- It's getting kinda chilly in here.
Who was that?
- Nobody.
- Nobody.
All right.
Well, I get any messages?
- Why don't you check the machine, Mark?
Oh, what's that?
- It's a guitar.
- Oh, I see, so you decided to knock off
a music store instead, huh?
- No, we were 100 busy burning
down a homeless shelter.
Listen, Rebecca, this
guy owed me money, okay?
So he gave me this guitar,
and I knew that you wanted a new guitar.
So this is my present to you.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- I've just been in a
really weird mood lately.
- So, did you miss me?
- Nope.
- Not even just like a little?
- Nope.
- So I guess a blowjob
would be outta the question.
- Yeah.
- Stella? Hey, Lou.
- Hey, hey.
- No?
Oh, ho ho.
- I'm going out on a run tonight
and I might not come back.
- What do you mean? You
think it's dangerous?
- No, I just may never come back.
- You.
- Come here.
I just got all this built-up tension.
- Tension?
- Yeah.
And I'm thinking I'd be
a lot safer out there
if I were relieved of that tension.
- You want a quaalude here?
Here, take a quaalude. Take
a whole bunch of them. Here.
- Oh.
- Go for it. (laughs)
I could never get a
girl to do that with me.
- I need to get away.
- Where do you wanna go?
You wanna go to Mexico?
We'll get one of those $40 a
night villas down on the beach.
- Yeah, anywhere, Mark.
Mark, I need -- I need
to be alone with you.
I just need to be alone,
because I need to talk
to you about some things.
It's not really important.
- Hey, hey, yeah.
Okay, yeah.
Got it.
Thank you.
Yes. Han!
Oh, man.
I'm sorry. Where do you wanna go?
- Forget it.
- I tell you what, you name it, all right,
and we'll go anywhere you want.
We'll go to Paris, we'll
go to Tahiti, just name it.
- Mark, forget it. Really, it's nothing.
We haven't been spending
enough time alone, that's it.
That's what's wrong.
- That's why you've been mad at me?
- Mark, listen, I --
- Hey, no, no, listen.
You know, I've been spending
too much time with the guys,
you know, and it's not fair to you.
And I'm gonna change that. All right?
It's just that things
are kinda hot right now.
I Know, you don't dig what I'm doing here,
but believe me, it's
gonna pay off so good.
- Let's stay in tonight.
Or go to the movies or
something like that.
Just you and I, alone.
- I'll tell you what
we'll do, okay? Listen.
Listen to me.
We'll go to that Italian restaurant.
You know, the one that you like.
All right, with those ...
- Violins.
- Right.
And we'll drink red wine and we'll get,
you know, totally shit-faced.
And we'll stay out all night, all right?
- Okay.
- Come here.
Now wait, listen to me. Okay, listen.
We're gonna do this tomorrow night, okay?
Hey, hey.
(soft music)
I gotta go.
You look beautiful.
I gotta go.
All right, all right, bye.
(soft piano music)
- So we're outta here, right?
- Yeah, the deal's on.
- All right.
- Amber looked good tonight.
- You should see her
without make up. Whoa.
- Well, at least she's a smart girl.
- We are going to hell.
- Hey, Doc.
- Doc!
- Hey, Doc.
- Doc.
- Yo, what's up, Doc?
- Hey, hey.
- Hey, don't even ask, okay?
- Nice houseboat, Doc.
You put a lounge on there
and it'll be the Love Boat,
with Doc, and Gopher, and Isaac.
- Let's go, come on.
- Hey! I ain't ready.
- [Mark] Come on, Doc, just
let me see it a minute.
- [Attila] Yeah, come on, man.
- [Doc] Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I said they're not going out tonight.
- Woo!
- Beautiful, Doc, when'd you get these?
- Yeah, well, these
babies just came in today,
but look, they haven't been pain'ted,
they haven't been tested.
The serial numbers are too
hot and they're too loud!
- Perfect, just the way I like it.
- Bullshit, perfect. I can't
fix these babies in a day.
Besides, I gotta get to work tonight.
- What are you talking about work?
It's volunteer. Nobody's paying you.
- Doc likes being a candy striper
back in the emergency room.
- Hey, look, I was a medic
back in the last war.
- Would that be Vietnam?
- Yeah, that would be Vietnam.
- Listen, Doc, Rudy said
midnight, so let's do this, huh?
- You haven't heard a
word I been saying, huh?
We're not going out tonight.
- Doc, we're gonna safe out
there. We're gonna be 100% safe.
- Oh yeah, we're gonna be safe.
- There shouldn't be any scuba gooks
out in the seaweed tonight.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Doc, let's do this, huh?
Let's do it.
- [Blue] This is funny,
seriously. This one's funny.
Come on, this guy is called
down to the hospital.
He thinks his wife is dead.
I'm not telling it now.
No one ever listens.
- You know exactly what to do, right?
I want three distinct groups.
- I know. I got Blue.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you got it.
- 1 got it all. I got
everything, all right.
- I want you to keep your
ass back in the seat.
Otherwise, you're gonna flip it over.
- I know. I got it, I got everything.
- Hey!
And I want you to keep
your ass wired shut.
- All right, what do you think?
- Dude, I don't get
paid to think. (laughs)
- That's right.
All right, let's go!
(upbeat rock music)
(engines racing)
(riders shouting)
(upbeat rock music)
(engines racing)
(upbeat rock music)
(soft music)
(water splashing)
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- All right.
We got it! (laughs)
Let's go take this back
and do some, man. (laughs)
(soft dramatic music)
- That's a cop.
- [Blue] Cop?
- Right there, that's a fucking cop.
- Holy shit!
Holy shit, what are the
fucking police doing out here?
Who called the fuck --
Now what? Now what do we do, brilliant?
- Get the fuck outta here.
- Get the fuck off me, I'm staying here.
Jesus Christ, we're fucked
now! Do you hear me?
- Shut the fuck up.
- Who the fuck called
the police? Fuck you!
Fuck you! The goddamn cops.
- No.
- Leave me the fuck alone.
I'm not going anywhere.
(soft dramatic music)
Holy shit! You're trying
to drown me, you mother --
(soft dramatic music)
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Are you fucked up in the head or what?
I was fine!
- Bring that. Come on.
Come on.
- Fuck! I was fine.
(upbeat rock music)
- Oh, yeah. Oh, God. (laughs)
Ah, ah!
- Ah! (laughs)
You promised you wouldn't
get it in my face, man.
- Leave it there, it looks good on you.
Calavera's gonna love to see
you wear his merchandise.
Here, finish this up.
Hey, Highway Patrol.
(horn honking)
- Oh, shit. (laughs)
That shit was not funny, man.
- Hey, it adds to the excitement.
(upbeat rock music)
- Nice neighborhood.
Uh-oh, look at this one.
Say, brother.
Oh, jeez. (laughs)
We're dead.
(upbeat rock music)
(group shouting)
(horn honking)
- Get outta here, man!
(upbeat rock music)
(engine racing)
(tires squealing)
(cars colliding)
- Come on, asshole, get outta the car.
Why don't you learn how to fucking drive?
You fucked up my car, asshole!
- I got this one. You get
the guy in the fucking car.
Fuck you.
- [Attila] No, it's cool. Hold on.
- Fuck you, asshole. Fuck you, it's cool.
Look what you fucking did to my car.
- No, no, no, no. Cool down, cool down.
- Fuck you, beef hole. Come on.
Come on, asshole, get outta the car!
- I'll get outta the fucking --
You wanna fuck with me? I'll get out.
- Shit!
- Hey!
Benny, Benny, get the shit, come on!
(tires squealing)
- God a mm it!
(gun firing)
- Shit, where you going?
- Fuck you!
- Chill out, man.
(punches striking)
- Sorry about this little stupid fuck.
(punches striking)
(gun striking)
Get your fucking ass in the van.
- Let's go.
(foreboding music)
(punch striking)
(speaking Spanish)
- You just tell me...
whose idea it was
to steal from me.
(coins rattling)
- Okay, okay, I'll tell you.
Big vato named Geronimo.
He pulled me in a car.
He put a gun in my mouth
and he say he shoot me
if we don't steal this shit for him.
He say he kill me.
That is the truth, I swear to God.
I swear to God.
(footsteps approaching)
- Manuel, sit down.
(horn honking in distance)
Now, Flaco has just told
me what happened today.
Now you tell me what happened today.
Please, don't lie to me.
- Okay.
we found out that the boat...
that the boat was coming with coca.
We knew that the Jeep was coming today.
I'm the one who told Flaco.
- You see?
The truth is so simple.
- Flaco, what did he say?
- Shh.
Go, Eliseo, clean off your face.
Forgive me.
I'll leave you here with Bullet.
Hey, my friends! My friends!
Amigos! My friends!
Come on. (laughs) Oh, what
an unexpected pleasure.
So much bullshit for today, I apologize.
But don't think too much about it.
For you, the barrio is always safe.
Sit down.
To long life and good business.
(gun firing)
You know, stealing I understand.
But lying to me, I don't
know. Shows no respect.
That I can't forgive.
So let's see it.
- You got it.
- Looks good before I cut it.
After that, turn 10 kilos into 40 kilos.
Rock cocaine. Shit.
This stuff is very good.
The quality is nice.
We both make money and business is good.
- Listen, Cal, how do
you feel about taking
on a bigger load?
You know, upping the stakes a bit?
- Expand the business. How much?
- I was thinking around 50 kilo.
- 507
- Can you handle that?
- Better question is, can you handle that?
Let me think about it.
I trust you. You do good
work, you're honest.
Let me think about it.
Come with me, I'd like
to show you something.
- Let's go.
- Let me tell you a little story.
Flaco will play Little Red Riding Hood.
(wolves growling)
They'll play the Big, Bad Wolf.
(wolves growling)
Bullet's idea. But I don't
think he feeds them enough.
(soft dramatic music)
Goodbye, my friends.
Bullet, pay them.
For your troubles.
Bullet, (speaks Spanish).
- Wolves?
- Barrio business, man.
- Hey, this shit ain't
worth getting killed over.
- Hey, listen, you're not dead yet.
What do you wanna do? You wanna quit?
- Sounds good to me.
- All right, tell you what.
We do this one deal, all right?
- This last deal?
- Yeah, one last deal, okay.
We make a shitload of cash,
we get the fuck outta dodge.
- The last deal?
- Yeah, and we get the fuck
outta dodge. How you doing?
That's a nice net you got on you.
(guitar tuning)
- [Blue] Are you 217
- Yeah.
- You swear to God you're 21 years old?
- I swear.
- Hey, com padre, you got
a cigarette on you, man?
- Listen, do you see me
sitting here with somebody?
Do I look like I'm smoking?
Now there's 10,000 other
people around here smoking.
Find one of them.
- Hey, man, I'm sorry, man.
You know what I'm saying?
- Just get away from me.
Coming up to me asking me for a cigarette.
Are you here with somebody, you sure?
Swear to God you're not.
- Hey, just a cigarette, man. You got one?
I mean, you got a pack right there.
- This is the second
time I'm gonna tell you.
Next time, I'm gonna get up,
I'm gonna throw your ass outta here.
Now get away from me.
I'm sure he's here somewhere. Where is he?
I don't wanna get my ass
kicked, you understand.
I'm a businessman. Right?
I have some drugs in here.
Drugs and pretty girls go together.
- Sounds like fun.
- Want a drink? Another
vodka for me, please.
(guests chattering)
(orchestral music)
- [Attila] What do you
think this is worth?
- Ask her. No way to know unless you ask.
- How much is this?
- Attila, please, it's
art. It's expensive, Mark.
- It's art. It's expensive.
I'm kidding.
- Please, please, come here.
- No, no, no, come here, come here.
Let's get ourselves...
No, no champagne, that's not quite for me.
Becca, why don't you
have a little white wine?
- No, I really don't want any.
- Here, no, it's fine,
it's good. It's good stuff.
- I really don't. I'm
not in the mood tonight.
- Take the wine.
- Honey, I don't --
- Take the wine.
- All right, thank you.
- Now, you're just a -- you're
a boatload of laughs tonight.
- Oh, really?
I'm incredibly embarrassed
to be with you tonight.
Do you know that?
- I'm embarrassing you?
- Yes, you are.
- Do you know anywhere, maybe, we could
kinda go do some blow?
- Follow me, we can go upstairs.
Come on. Won't your girlfriend get mad?
- Yeah.
- I would.
(violin music)
- Hi.
You gonna drink that champagne all night?
Because I have a personal
friend named Johnnie Walker.
What's your name?
- Suzie.
- Hi, Suzie.
(rock music)
(singers shouting)
(rock music)
(cymbals crashing)
- I gotta go.
Dude, I have to tell you
something. That's a great --
- Do you want a beer?
- Yeah, please.
- Have some of mine.
- Jesus. You know, that's not funny.
I don't think that shit's funny at all.
And now I'm wet. That's
bullshit right there.
This is stupid. This is bullshit.
Now I'm wet, I'm wet --
- Just stop it. Where's the stuff?
- I've got the stuff. Don't
do that anymore, okay?
You hear me?
I wanna see some green. You
got some American green on you?
- You got the drugs, I got the money.
- There you go.
- That's okay. You talk loud.
Listen, there you go.
Jesus Christ. Give me that.
Jesus, what are you doing? I
don't need to advertise, okay?
If you don't learn how to do this right,
we ain't gonna do it, okay?
You got me?
You just shut up, you hear me.
Do you hear me?
- Just relax, dude, okay?
- You're too loud, you're loud.
Until you learn how to do this right,
we're not gonna do it, I swear to God.
- Hey, hey, hey, you got a cigarette, man?
- Listen, will you get the fuck
outta here for the last time?
(handcuffs clicking)
What's going on here?
What's -- ? Come on, stop with this shit.
- Come on, shithead. I'll read
you your rights in the car.
- You limey little
faggot! You motherfucker!
- You got it, right?
- Fuck you! Get your fucking hands off me!
Fuck you, fuck you!
(spits) Fuck you, you motherfucker!
Fuck off!
- That's it, I'm clear now, right?
- You motherfucker! Goddamn
you, son of a bitch!
I'll fucking --
(birds singing)
(dog barking in distance)
(soft music)
(dog barking in distance)
(soft music)
(dog barking in distance)
- Where have you been?
- I'm sorry.
I went to Carmen's and we
started talking, and it got late,
so I just spent the night.
- What were you talking about?
- I don't know. Nothing, everything.
- Were you talking about this?
Why didn't you tell me?
-I tried to. I ...
I don't know. I just found out.
- All right, okay, what are we gonna do?
- I want this baby, Mark.
I know that a child's
not in your future plans
and everything, but I cannot go through
what I went through before.
I just, I can't.
And I won't.
- Oh, uh.
No, I know.
You know, I just, I
wish you would a told me.
So, what are we gonna do?
- Well, I can't stay here.
- We'll get an apartment. You
know, we'll move someplace.
- No, I can't be with all the drugs.
I found a gun the other day, Mark.
I can't be with the drugs, I just can't.
Not with a baby. No, I won't.
- Well, what are you saying?
- I'm going to Portland.
- Oh, hey, all right. Great, you know.
You're gonna go to
Portland. What the fuck for?
- I have a friend there.
Jackie. She's got two kids.
- Great, okay, that's terrific.
What are you gonna do, send a postcard?
You know, say, hey, "Dear
Mark, rains a lot up here.
You know, your kid looks just like you.
Send money. Love, Rebecca.
I mean, come on, he's my kid, too.
- Yeah, but Mark, you know,
you're not gonna change.
It's just the same --
- Hey, hey, hey, things
are different, okay?
I mean, I'm not gonna
do this my whole life.
And I was talking to Attila
about that yesterday.
- About what?
- About, you know, getting the hell out.
You know, quitting, settling down.
The whole thing, just ending it.
(soft music)
Come here, come here.
I'm gonna talk to Doc, you know,
and I gotta straighten some stuff out.
And, you know, it's gonna take some time,
but I can do it.
(soft music)
(Mark giggling)
(soft music)
Wonder what he's doing in there.
- Excuse me. He?
How do you know it's gonna be a he? Huh?
- Because I'm such a man.
- Oh, I see.
(soft music)
I love you.
- I love you, too.
- I'm starving. You hungry?
- Yes.
- Good.
- Don't get fat or anything.
(soft music)
(soft music)
(Mark coughing)
- Hey.
- Yes?
- You got the file on this
kid I picked up at the club?
- Yeah, right here.
Not a whole lot. One small
thing from last year.
It isn't important.
(cell door slamming)
- Unbelievable.
- Oh, no, not again.
- Attila, it's bad enough
last night, you know,
he makes a big scene at the art gallery
and then this morning, at 7-00 AM,
he's just sitting there smoking rock.
- That's not new.
You pissed because he didn't
share with you or what?
- Attila, you don't
understand. I'm pregnant.
- You and Remar?
You're pregnant?
All right.
That is bitchin'. That is so cool.
All right, let's go get
some champagne and cigars,
and go find some fun.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
(horn honking)
You know...
Attila is a great name
for a kid, boy or a girl.
- You think so, huh?
- Yeah.
Even a hermaphrodite.
- What's the story here, man?
We just got paid for this junk.
You gonna take all day on it?
They want it done by
three. What's the story?
- Jerry! Jerry, you old dog.
When they bust you outta prison, man?
- Attila, how the hell are
you, man? How've you been?
- I've been great. Hey,
this here, this is Rebecca.
- Nice to meet you.
- Pretty lady. You always
had good taste in women.
- Oh, no.
- You're not looking too
bad your own damn self.
Come back to the old job and suck my dick.
- Man, I'm gonna finally
fix up that '67 I got.
- Oh no, why don't you just sell it to me?
- Bullshit.
- Hey, hey, Vickie, look
who's here. Check this out.
(soft country music)
- Maria. Tequila, please.
- [Maria] Coming.
(soft country music)
- Ah. You may have that.
Ah, and you may have that.
And you may bring me another one.
(soft country music)
- You gotta be kidding me.
- Okay, kid. I get off
work in half an hour.
Let's give it one more try.
(door opening)
(lighter clicking)
- Make any friends yet?
- I don't feel good.
I thought I was supposed to be able
to call a lawyer or something.
- Well, you're not here
to think, shithead.
Lawyer wouldn't do you any good, anyway.
You haven't been charged yet.
But you're gonna be charged.
For possession.
Almost half an ounce of
coke, a bag of fucking pills
and an unregistered handgun, asshole.
And I got half a dozen
witnesses in that shithole
happy to go to court, because
they owe me their ass.
Just like you gonna owe me yours.
You wanna play? I can wait.
I'm back on in 14 hours.
Usually have dinner around midnight.
I'll look in on you then.
Son, you are in some
serious fucking trouble.
I can make you out to be whatever the fuck
I want to in court.
That handgun makes you a serious criminal,
not some petty drug dealer.
Any judge in this county would put
your white ass away for five to 10.
Probably Chino, not some work farm.
Pretty white boy like you,
hell, you'll be married in no time.
That's right, five to 10!
But who knows? You just may be a faggot.
And like three pounds of
nigger dick up your ass.
You ain't nothing but a street punk.
You're not smart enough
to really be a player.
And I don't want your candy ass in here
any more than you do, you understand?
Not as dumb as you look after all.
(fire crackling)
- Okay, all right. Would you rather...
- Would you rather?
- Have a spool of barbed
wire strung up your colon,
the whole spool. (laughs)
- All right.
- Would you rather slide down a banister
of razor blades, naked?
- Give me the barbed wire. (laughs)
Let me die with my dick. (laughs)
- Remar.
Dude, you're blowing it with Rebecca.
- Well, you know, I've done it before.
I'll get her another guitar.
- Hey, I'm serious, man.
She's pregnant.
- I don't know, hey.
I'm happy, and I'm excited, proud.
It's just that...
it's not something I planned,
you know, and, um,
and I don't feel like I'm
in control of my own life.
- I think it'll be cool,
man. Think about this.
You and Rebecca and the kid,
it'll be great, it'll be
just like family, man.
I always wanted a family, you know.
Closest thing I ever
got to a family is you.
- Well, Junior, let me
tell you about family.
All right, you get yourself a kid, right?
- Yeah.
- And the first year, you worry
if it's gonna live or not.
But it does.
And then something funny happens.
It starts to hate you.
And it hates you, and it hates
you until the day you die,
and there's nothing you can do about it.
- Hey, man, let me tell you about family.
- Go ahead.
- Coming from a guy who's
never had one, all right.
I had to make my own.
I mean, you know, you
and Rebecca and Blue.
I guaran-goddamn-tee
you, I'd be dead by now
if it weren't for that.
You're gonna be a great father.
I mean, it'll be cool.
Your kid's -- it'll be great.
Your Kid's gonna wanna party with you.
- Oh, yeah. "Hey, Junior,
get on out to the garage,
clean it up, I'll give you some blow.
You can sell it to your friends."
- What are you looking for?
- My shit. I got a gram somewhere.
- You're doing too much of that shit, man.
- Hey, fuck you.
All right, not from you.
Not you.
(wind whistling)
(waves crashing)
- Want a hit?
- Not from you.
- Release the kid.
Welcome home, home boys.
I been expecting you.
Your rooms are ready and everything.
You have the right to do
whatever the fuck I tell you
to do, when I tell you to do it.
Any questions?
- Hey, white boy.
- Shut up, fuckhead. I own your ass.
- Yeah, yeah, right. Five to
10 in Chino, right, Holmes?
Hey, this time, be the flower girl
at my wedding, man, all right?
- Get them outta here.
(soft music)
- Mark, honey?
Mark? A till a, have you seen Mark?
- No, not since last night.
- Goddammit, we were
supposed to leave by 8:30.
(soft music)
(waves crashing)
- Hey, come on, Becc. Give it a rest.
- Oh, give it a rest?
We have a nine o'clock
doctor's appointment
and now I have to go alone.
- Oh shit. The doctor?
- Yeah.
- Oh, no, no, Remar told me
to take you to the doctor.
I'm sorry, I'll just be a minute.
- No, it's not gonna work this time.
- I'm serious, I gotta
take you to the doctor.
He'll kill me.
- No, look, you're busy.
I'm just gonna take the bus.
- No, no, no, no, no, no,
you can't take the bus.
You ever seen the kinda
people who take the bus?
You'll scare the kid. Come
on, just give me a minute.
- Okay. Okay, thanks.
- Does this look all right?
Do I have to change or anything?
- No, you look fine.
(waves rolling)
I don't know why this
has to be so complicated.
- Come on, Becc. Remar just
likes to do things his own way.
- No, Remar likes to do
his drug deals his own way.
- Hey, he's not doing any more deals.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah. I got it all worked out.
I been talking to Doc.
We're all getting out.
- Just like that?
- Yeah. Swear to God.
- So what are you gonna do after?
- I'm taking my share and
investing in Jerry's bike shop.
Work on nothing but vintage Harleys.
I'll run off with Amber
and have a bunch a kids.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
- Why her?
- Amber?
- Yeah, Amber.
- She keeps her mouth shut most
of the time. Got nice tits.
She's not too bright, you
know, which is perfect for me.
- Yeah, she is too good for you.
(soft music)
- You remember Biker Jerry?
- Yeah.
- Well, he and I used to
bust into this drugstore
and steal Percodans, put about
a dozen of them in a bottle
of Wild Turkey and
guzzle that sucker down,
go up PCH and about Ventura,
race on the freeway.
Going the wrong way at night. (laughs)
Lights coming at you made
it a little more exciting.
- My God, I'm surprised
you're still alive.
- Yeah, me too.
Not the smartest thing I ever did.
That was about the time I met Remar.
Jesus, girl, we were crazy mothers.
I mean, we would do any
shit to get us high.
That shit's long gone, man. That's over.
It's over. No more.
(waves lapping)
- God.
(soft music)
Hey, put your seat belt on.
- Oh, God, please, give me a break.
- No, I'm serious. That kid's
just forming itself right now.
Some asshole comes
through here and hits us,
you know, you can kiss little A goodbye.
- God, why is it all you guys
think it's gonna be a boy?
Huh? I mean, what if it's a little girl?
- And so what if it is?
What if it is, what, are you gonna be,
like, a difficult mother?
Not gonna let her play ball?
- Okay, okay, I will.
But you have to put yours on, too.
- No, no, no, no.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- This rule doesn't go for uncles.
- I think it does, Attila.
- No.
- Well, what if something
happens to Uncle Attila?
I mean, who's gonna take
her to practice, hm?
- All right, okay, fair is fair.
Don't tell anybody, all right?
- All right.
- Jesus.
- So what are you saying?
What do you want me to do?
- Get a job. What's the big deal, huh?
- Rebecca wants to go to Portland.
All right, that takes money.
I can't make that kinda money
swinging a fucking hammer.
(hammer pounding)
- Get back on the circuit.
You're better than these fucking kids.
You can wipe the floor with them.
- Doc, I just wiped out
on a fucking pussy wave!
All right, now, I got a commitment
and I'm gonna stick to it.
- You know, you're not listening to me.
I didn't say don't do the deal.
Let Attila and the others get out there.
- No, I need the money, okay?
I guarantee you they would fuck it up.
This is my ticket outta here.
- Rebecca and that kid is
your ticket outta here.
(waves rolling)
Hey, besides, lots a folks raise families
without dealing drugs.
- What's up?
- Nothing.
- All right, I got up before
you did. What's the problem?
- And you went surfing.
- Right.
- That's the problem, Mark.
You know, we had a doctor's
appointment this morning
and you go surfing.
I mean, how am I supposed to feel?
- That was today.
I'm, sh -- God, I'm sorry.
- Don't I at least get an
excuse? I don't get that much?
I mean, come on, you're
the master of excuses.
Give me your best shot.
- You know, I guess I
thought it was tomorrow.
- Well, it wasn't. It was today.
(soft music)
- And you had to go by yourself.
- No, I didn't. Attila took me.
- I'm surprised he was even awake.
at least he was there.
- Yeah.
Lot more than you were.
(soft music)
(group laughing)
(country music)
- She's right here.
Now, the marine band radio
and the police band radio,
we won't have that Coast
Guard bullshit this time.
We got all that stuff easy,
without the bullshit, man,
and I'm talking $100,000.
- Maria, two more of these
and two more of these, please.
- [Attila] Not for me.
- Fuck it, then bring me two of each.
- Did you hear me? You hear what I said?
I said $100,000.
(country music)
- $100,0007
- [Attila] $100,000.
- Woo!
All right, I gotta talk to Calavera.
We gotta set this thing up.
I gotta get a hold of Doc.
He's gotta get Rudy.
- Nope, nope, done deal. It's done.
And the beauty of this
is that you get $75,000
for you, you and Rebecca.
- What do you mean? What do
you mean it's a done deal?
You talked to Calavera?
- [Attila] Yeah.
- What the fuck's going on?
- You didn't fucking hear me.
Did you hear me? You didn't hear me.
I just said you get $75,000.
- Yeah I know, it's just, I mean,
what am I supposed to do,
drive the fucking getaway car?
- [Attila] No, Doc's
gonna drive the Jeep, man.
- You got this all figured out, huh?
- Yeah.
- Doc's in on this, too?
- Everybody, Remar.
Everybody's fucking in on this.
What's your problem, man?
Life working out too good for you or what?
- No, see, it's just that, you know,
I don't know what the fuck's going on.
I'm the one who fucking
put this fucking deal
together in the first place.
- Okay, calm down, Remar.
You can't be going out
on runs anymore, man.
What if you get busted, huh?
What about Rebecca? What's
she gonna do, right?
No, like you said, one last deal.
You don't wanna be out there, Remar.
- Let me tell you something.
Not you, okay? And not
Doc and not Rebecca.
Nobody's gonna fucking tell me what to do.
All right? I am in charge
of my own fucking life!
Nobody's gonna fucking tell me what to do!
- Nobody's telling you.
- I am fucking serious!
- Okay.
Come on, let's go.
- Yeah.
- All right, let's go.
- Let's go, buddy. Come on, friend.
You talk to fucking Calavera,
and you talk to Rudy,
you talk to Doc, you been
doing a lotta fucking talking.
I'm surprised you didn't have
a conversation with Rebecca, too.
- Slow down, Remar!
- No, man, speed up, all right!
Now stay with me here, okay.
You put together a $100,000
deal with people that I set up,
and I'm supposed to stay
home and watch fucking TV?
Fuck you!
You have no fucking idea how hard it was
for me to put this together.
- Yeah, but this was a gift to you!
- Aw, thanks, man. Thank you.
Now you're giving me fucking gifts?
- Fuck you. I ain't fucking listening.
- Yeah, well it's a good thing you're here
to save my sorry ass, huh?
- You're really starting to piss me off.
I was doing this for you.
- Fuck you! Fuck -- fuck you, man!
(opera music)
- Hey, fuck off!
- Get him over here!
(dramatic music)
(opera music)
- Get your fucking hands off of me!
What the fuck is going on?
- Sit down!
If you walk outta here,
it's because I let you.
All business between us is finished.
(shouting in Spanish)
You fucked with my barrio.
Today, I lose a safe house, $250,000 cash
and three men in jail because of you.
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- Don't play bullshit with me!
You're in my house.
One of your men talked.
Talked to the police.
They came looking for me.
Knew my name. Busted the house.
Threw my men in jail.
Now my brother is with them in jail.
- How the fuck do you
know it was one of my men?
- He's your man. You call him True Blue.
True Blue. That's a stupid name.
But I'll take care of him.
And our deal is off.
- Wait a fucking minute.
- Come on.
- Shut up!
- I'll kill you, man.
- Get that gun outta my face!
- Stay out of it, Bullet!
Stay out of it!
- All right, all right,
now where are you gonna
find shit as good as what I get you?
No place. All right, nobody is dead yet.
You lost some cash and your
brother's in jail. Fuck it.
He'll be out tomorrow.
But as far as my men go, I'll take care
of my business and you take care of yours.
- This is my barrio. This is my business.
- See, this is my business
and this is my deal.
- He's dead. That's justice.
- Bullshit! He's one of my
men and I take care of him.
- I want him dead!
- You'll get him fucking dead, all right?
But we still have a deal!
I wanna hear it from his mouth, all right.
I wanna hear him say it.
And then I will fucking kill him myself,
but we still do business.
And it's a lotta money.
It's business, man.
(soft dramatic music)
- Okay.
But I want justice by morning,
or else no more deals.
I come looking for you and I
don't fuck around next time.
(soft dramatic music)
- All right, he fucked up and that's it.
It's strictly business.
- Strictly business? And who the hell
are you, the Godfather?
- Hey, why don't we wait
and ask Blue what happened?
- I know what happened.
He almost got us fucking busted
and he almost got us killed.
- Jesus Christ, Remar,
this guy's our friend.
- Bullshit.
- Are you hearing yourself?
Did you hear what you're saying?
- What I'm saying is that
he is a born fuck-up,
and I am not, I am not gonna
let him fuck this deal up!
(door opening)
- Jesus, what the fuck did I do now?
- Why don't you tell us what you did?
- Mark, you're not gonna believe this.
Cops picked me up in
front of the club, right?
- Yeah.
- They take me down to the
station, they sit me there,
I'm there all night, you
know, they hit me and shit.
- They hit you, huh?
- They're asking me
questions and everything,
but they let me go because
I wouldn't say anything.
- Didn't say anything?
- They just let me walk, just because
I wouldn't say anything.
Of course, that's why I'm here.
- Didn't say a word?
- Swear to God.
- I'll tell you something,
you son of a fucking bitch!
- I swear to --
- Fucking hell, you son of a bitch!
I'm gonna break your goddamn face!
I'll fucking knock your head off!
You son of a bitch!
I'll fucking kick your fucking ass!
It's my deal! It's my deal!
- There's a better way.
- I can handle this.
I can handle it.
(brakes squealing)
(soft dramatic music)
(car door closing)
- Calavera?
(soft dramatic music)
I got a little something for your wolves.
(gun firing)
There's your fucking justice.
- Bring him in.
(engine revving)
- Hey, dudes, you're my
best friends. That was --
- Shut up.
(brakes squealing)
- Mark.
Come on, man, I didn't say anything.
Mark, come on, I'm going now.
This isn't gonna work.
I mean, someone's gonna miss that body.
- Don't worry.
Doc's got a friend down
at the morgue, all right?
Here, come on. Take this.
Give us a call when you
get to Miami, all right?
- Yeah.
Look, uh, thanks a lot for,
uh, the money. Everything.
- Hey, you're gonna be okay.
- I'm gonna miss you guys.
(soft music)
- Get high?
Got some weed, some rock?
(traffic passing)
(waves crashing)
- Listen, I got a long way
to go to try and fix this.
I'm not asking you to forgive me.
I think I probably used up my quota.
I wish I could blame it on the drugs.
I can't.
Not completely. I got no excuses.
(waves crashing)
I love you.
And if someplace in you,
you see something about me that
you might think I'd make a
good father, a good husband,
I'd give anything in the
world for another shot.
(waves crashing)
(siren blaring in distance)
- Hey, look what I found, huh?
- Okay, I'm sorry. This is
a big fucking mistake, man.
I didn't say anything. I'm sorry.
- No guns.
All I wanted was justice.
- Whatever you fucking
want. What do you want?
I know where the fucking guys
are. Fucking bastards, man.
I'm sorry. I didn't say a fucking word.
I'll catch those fuckers.
- I know, I know.
(Blue coughing)
(dramatic music)
(soft music)
I'll give you money, baby
(match striking)
(phone dialing)
- You get him yet?
- [Attila] No, he's not there.
- [Doc] Come on, I need this guy.
- I know. I tried both numbers.
- [Doc] Yeah, 962 --
- 8803.
I'll try it again.
- I don't like this.
One pick-up point, that's just not right.
(phone dialing)
(soft music)
- [Mark] Hi, baby.
- Hi.
(soft music)
- Wow, this is terrific.
What's for dinner?
- Oh, a little chicken.
- Mm-hm.
- A little red wine.
Little salad.
Little candlelight.
- Okay, I'll tell you what.
Save those candles, all right.
We'll be back in a couple
hours. Where's Attila?
- He's with Doc, why? Where are you going?
- We're going out.
- You're going on a run.
- Listen, Rebecca, don't kid yourself.
This isn't all gonna happen overnight.
- Bullshit. That's just an excuse.
Yeah, yeah, you hurt your
leg so you can't surf.
The money's too good and you
can't stop your drug dealing,
and your friends need you, and you can't
even get a damn job.
- Rebecca, I'm doing this for you, too.
You wanna go to Portland,
that takes money.
- That has nothing to do with me.
- All right.
Well, listen, this'll all
be over in a couple hours.
Well'll talk about it then. I love you.
- What are you doing here, man?
- Going out.
- No, man, nobody wants you to go.
- Everybody wants me to go.
- Oh.
- Hey, boys. Baby needs new shoes, woo!
- Remar, only take one tonight, okay.
- We'll take care of it.
We don't need more than
one, anyway. Thank you.
So, dude, what's happening?
- Remar?
(rock music)
- Excuse me, I gotta talk to my mom.
(group laughing)
- Come on, you guys, you
heard him. Let's get to work.
(rock music)
- Remar, I'm not letting
you go out there, man.
- Listen, all right, I know
what you're trying to do, okay,
and I appreciate it.
Hey, man, I love you. All right?
It's just, I'm going out
there, okay. It's a done deal.
- What do you have to prove out there?
- I got nothing to prove.
Come on, let's go do this.
One last time, all
right? It's gonna be fun.
I guarantee you. Come on, let's go.
- Oh, man.
(engines racing)
(dramatic music)
- $100,000.
- [Mark] Get it out.
- Don't go blind, man. Stay with us.
- Holy shit, fuck!
- Go!
(dramatic music)
(engines racing)
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
(engine racing)
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
- Come on!
I'll kill you!
(dramatic music)
(engine racing)
(dramatic music)
- Come on, man.
Get up.
- I'm okay, man.
- You were right to go
after I, it's okay, man.
You got it?
(engine sputtering)
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
(engine racing)
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
- Remar!
(gun firing)
(engine racing)
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
Come on, let's go! He's getting away!
Let's move it!
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
(boat exploding)
(engine racing)
(soft dramatic music)
(hard breathing)
(soft music)
(waves crashing)
(soft music)
(flames crackling)
(soft music)
(crying softly)
- There's one door here, by this side.
And there's these stairs
that go up the back.
These are just windows
here that are, like,
boarded up right here.
Calavera's office is
here on the second floor.
Right there.
(gun clicking)
- Boys and girls, this is the Russian-made
AK-47 assault rifle.
Shoots single rounds
or full rock and roll.
Thing of beauty.
No bullshit, all right?
(opera music playing)
- All right, listen, the
important thing when we get
in there, if you get hit, take it.
You got it? I'll find you.
Come on.
(operatic singing)
(gun clicking)
(dramatic music)
(soft operatic singing)
(soft operatic singing)
(soft dramatic music)
(soft operatic singing)
(wolves growling)
(soft dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(operatic singing)
(gun clicking)
- Come on.
Taking a siesta, amigo?
(gun firing)
- Siesta's over, you fucking puto.
(dramatic music)
(wolves snarling)
(soft operatic singing)
(soft dramatic music)
(operatic singing)
(dramatic music)
(bones breaking)
(operatic singing)
(gun firing)
(dramatic piano music)
(traffic passing in distance)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(traffic passing in distance)
(footsteps moving)
(door creaking)
(punches striking)
(intense dramatic music)
(intense dramatic music)
(punches striking)
(dramatic music)
(gun clicking)
(wolf growling)
- No.
Not the wolves.
Shoot me?
Go ahead, shoot me.
Go ahead, shoot me.
Hey, we're partners, huh?
Partners, partners.
Kill me!
(wolves growling)
- Look out!
(guns firing)
(wolves growling)
(waves crashing)
(case banging)
- [Attila] Where you going?
- Oh, south. Mexico.
You know, build that houseboat.
She's at the station. Alone.
(waves crashing)
(door opening)
(horn honking in distance)
- [PA] Now boarding for Portland.
(soft music)
- My, um, my train's
leaving. I have to go.
- I know. I just wanted...
It's, uh...
It's all over.
this is for you.
(soft music)
- If this is money, I don't want it.
- You need it.
It's for the kid.
You know, I was thinking.
I don't know.
If you wanted some help
getting to Portland, you know,
just so that you get there safe, you know,
until you're settled,
just for a little while.
-1, um...
I didn't wanna stick around, you know.
I didn't wanna be there
if he didn't come back.
(soft music)
What are you doing?
- I don't want you missing your train.
- Well, aren't we gonna drive?
- To Portland?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we can drive.
Is this all you got?
- Yep.
That's it.
- I got it.
- I can carry it.
- No, you gotta be careful.
You know, you shouldn't
even ride on the bike.
It's dangerous.
- I'll be careful. Let's go.
- All right, but I'm
gonna drive really slow.
- Don't worry, I'll hold on.
(soft music)
(engine revving)
(soft music)
Oh wherever you are
It's a better place than this
Because I left here alone
Betrayed by your Judas Kiss
("Judas Kiss" by the Del-Lords)
It's been a long hot summer
Still waiting on a breeze
I got nothing in my pockets
I got holes in my jeans
The radio kept playing
Those same old rotten songs
Every single tune reminded me of you
All summer long
And the roses in the closet
All summer I've watched them fade
Now they crumble to the touch
Like the promises you made
When I close my eyes
I can still taste your lips
Because I'm left here alone
Betrayed by your Judas Kiss
(upbeat rock music)
You left me hanging at the altar
Well, it might as well have been
For as sure as I'm standing here
There is sin, and you have sinned
It don't matter if we like it
There is right, and there is wrong
And when you look
that hard for trouble
It surely won't take long
You remember our favorite picture?
It's collecting dust under the bed
My bed of fire and nails
A jagged stone for my weary head
When I close my eyes
I can still taste your lips
Because I'm left here alone
Betrayed by your Judas Kiss
(upbeat rock music)