Red, White & Brass (2023) Movie Script

- Good afternoon, Wellington,
and malo e lelei.
All you crazy rugby fans, the wait is almost over.
Yes, that's right.
The Rugby World Cup 2011 is just around the corner.
- New Zealand's always been a rugby-mad nation,
but it's been really incredible to see Kiwis
from across the globe all getting behind
their favourite team.
- There's only six weeks till Tonga take on France
in what is sure to be a banger of a game.
- And I'll tell you what, mate. It's pretty amazing seeing
all the people out there putting flags up on their houses.
- Damn right. I was driving to work.
It's like the United Nations out in the city at the moment.
- Banzai. - Banzai!
- Rugby World Cup fever
has taken over the Windy City.
Hey. How you doing, Geoff?
- Gidday, Veni. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!
- Oi. Oi. Oi.
- Hey, Mr Semisi. How you doing? - Malo, Veni.
- Up the Manu! - Cha-hoo!
- Cha-hoo. Yeah.
Oh my God.
- Bro, put a flag over there. Where's Lotu?
Bring the box.
- Cover all the spots. - Maka!
What the hell are you doing?
- Surprise, my man! Oku ha, you like it?
- Cha-hoo!
- What have you done to my house?
- I knew you'd like it. Hee-hee!
Rugby World Cup fever's here, baby.
We gotta show our pride to the world!
- Cha-hoo!
- Bloody Tongans. - Cha-hoo!
- Cha-hoo!
Ah! Ah! Cha-hoo!
Hey, Siale!
Wait, wait, I'm just going to help Mum.
- Hi, Mum. Oua, you look nice. - Hey.
- Oh, ueh. Sorry. My hands are full.
But I'll come back soon.
Toko, take this inside, please.
- Yo, sweet. - The man.
- Oh, hi, Dad. - Maka!
- It's just a fundraiser for the youth group.
OK, coming. Mani.
- Welcome to our fundraiser, everyone.
For all of us gathered here today,
there are only two things that matter most in life -
and Tonga.
But on the sly,
rugby's pretty up there too.
And in just six weeks' time, our beloved Tongan team,
the beautiful Ikale Tahi,
will be playing France right here in Wellington.
And it's always been our dream to see Tonga play
at the Rugby World Cup -
live and in person.
And so God has blessed us
with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
so that we can support our team,
show our pride in Tonga and cheer our team on to victory!
Money is love in disguise,
and that love will get us tickets to the game.
So show this youth group all of your love
after this performance, eh?
That went pretty well, eh?
- Your parents look like they're gonna kill you.
- They'll change their minds once they see us perform.
Keep going.
- Yo, look at the olds.
- What are we gonna do? - Play the track.
- No. - Go to Plan B. Hurry up.
- Hurry up.
- Yeah, it is. - Ikai.
- Dad, don't worry. We'll raise enough funds
so the whole church can go to the game.
- Malo, Reverend Pita. - Malo, Reverend Hansell.
- You know, I have always had the greatest respect
for this little church.
So quaint and yet
always so honest.
Oh, malo, Reverend.
your son asking for money to go and watch a rugby match,
it's not a good look.
And his dancing...
Oh, this is my son Aleki.
- Malo, Reverend Pita. - Malo, Aleki.
- Aleki was about to graduate from med school.
But then, would you believe it,
he got called up for the development squad
- for the Hurricanes.
- We're very proud of you, Aleki.
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
Aleki, bring the car around.
I've heard there are a lot of troublemakers
hanging around outside this church.
- Nice dancing, Maka. Maybe if you keep practising,
- you'll make the Wiggles one day.
- Maka! Can you ma-rips to the kitchen
and come fetuku this stuff to the van?
- Hoi. Coming. - Hurry!
- ...three in a row.
Johnny got shot by the UFO!
- Aah! - Oh, sad guy.
Shut up, man.
- Kia ora. - Aargh!
Is Reverend Pita around?
- Hey, you kids, get lost. Hurry up.
Can I help you?
- I've got an appointment to see Reverend Pita.
- Oh, are you looking to join our church?
Cos we're open to all nationalities,
especially our lovely wahine of the whenua.
- Kia ora. I'm Reverend Pita. Ignore my son. He's an idiot.
- Kia ora. I'm Aroha. The city council is putting together
some pre-game entertainment for the Rugby World Cup.
- Well, you've come to the right place.
'Talent' is my middle name.
You need some dancers, we'll be there.
- Eh, Usher! Dance to the kitchen
before I krump on your back, eh!
- Can't you see I'm doing an audition?
- Can you do me a favour, please? Get outta here, man.
Sorry about my cousin.
We dropped him when he was a baby.
- Ka keetz, Aroha. - Go.
As you can see,
if you are looking for quality entertainment,
I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place.
- All right, so, there's us plus our families for tickets.
That's 36 tickets for $130 each.
- How much did your dance make us? - $24.
- Cash.
- Nice. All right, so if we just add that to today's ticket sales
for food, the meat raffle, the car wash
and last month's fundraising, we should have...
- And if we just take away the cost of the taro,
the drinks,
the pigs,
other food, other drinks and the decorations...
- We now owe $200.
- Are you sure we have to buy tickets for everyone?
- Eh! It's all of us or none of us, all right? And besides,
the tickets don't go on sale for another five days.
- Five days to make five grand?
Plus $200.
- Might as well get my own ticket.
We're going to the game, all right?
- You going to the Tonga-France game?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Far, pretty mean, eh?
Can't believe we're gonna go to the Rugby World Cup.
Ah, one dollar for tickets, though, man. Shucks.
Looks like it's noodles for dinner, eh, till the next pay.
- Wait, how many tickets are you getting?
- Man, only allowed 10 per person, so...
- 10. What about you? - Uh, just the one.
Eh? Are you going by yourself?
You sure you're Tongan?
Nah, just jokes.
Yo, I'm just saving this spot for my cousins.
Is it all good if they go in front of you?
- Uh, um... - Just so we can sit together.
- Yeah, yeah. - Is that all good?
- My man. Yo, let's go. - No worries.
- It's not many. It's just two. - All good. All good.
- It's just this lot. - Yeah, sweet as.
Oh, you guys too? Oh.
Bloody Tongans.
- Hello? - Hey, toko. Where you at?
You're supposed to be here helping.
- Um... I had to go into work early, bro. Sorry.
- Well, I got some good news.
- Are you at the ticket office? - No.
- Hey, the ticket office is about to open!
Oh, yeah.
I see how it is.
What a sad guy.
Man, I can't believe you didn't have any faith in your boy, eh.
- We got the money, dox! - Really?
Yo, actual. We made heaps.
Not even.
- OK, we're a little bit short. - By a whole lot.
I called a mate of mine. He's pulled some strings,
and he's gonna hook us up with tickets at mates rates.
- How many tickets are you getting?
- Enough for all of us. Even you, you annoying.
- Are you sure you can trust this guy?
Siana, why you even gonna ask that?
- Has your boy ever let you down? - Uh, constantly.
Eh, this guy's uncle is the manager of the Tongan team,
so it's all legit.
I got us. Trust me, dox. We're going to the game, all right?
See you at the game.
OK, fams. Thanks to yours truly,
we have tickets...
to the Tonga versus France game!
- Eh, eh, eh.
Eh, eh, eh, eh.
Da-da da-ba-ba.
What's this?
- What's what? - This isn't a real ticket.
What do you mean?
Dad, look.
'Rugby' is spelt wrong.
- You idiot!
Why you always gotta be a know-it-all for?
- Veni, how could you let this happen?
- I wasn't even- - Ok.
- Everyone, calm down, man. -
- There must've been a mistake at the ticket office
or something.
Let's go.
So, who's this 'mate' you got the tickets from?
- Terrance. - Terrance?
The wannabe gangster?
No. B.I.G. Terrance.
Yeah, the gangster.
- He ain't no gangsta. The dude's legit.
- He's in a gang; therefore, he's a gangster.
Hey, he ain't no gangster.
- What do you want? - Um...
Yo, is Terrance here, G?
- Yo, Terrance. You here? - No.
Nah. He ain't here.
- Dox, can you just tell him I need to talk to him, please?
- Siana, are you deaf? He just said I'm not here.
See. He ain't here.
- Yo, dox. It's me, Maka. Um, I think there's something wrong
with the tickets that you gave me.
For real?
- Yo, I think they're, like, fake, or something.
- Siana, they looked all goods to me, G.
Then again, didn't have my glasses on at the time, siana.
- Oh, nah. Don't worry about the tickets then, dox.
I'll just get my money back.
Look at me. I'm a G. This the streets.
Ain't no money back guarantee. Bars.
First rule of business, toko -
Pleasure doing business, toko!
- Oh, yeah. Nah, all good. Just take the Lord's money, then.
And you know what? If all those dudes weren't there,
I would've straight slapped him.
'Knock your fake gold tooth out. Later, bo.'
- So, how much money did you give him?
- A grand. - Huh?!
- You gave him a thousand dollars? - Gave who a thousand dollars?
- You know Terrance? - Terrance?
You give that fie wannabe gangster our church money?
You better hope that Mum and Dad don't find out.
- Mum!
What you yelling for?
- Maka and Veni gave Terrance a thousand dollars.
What? A thousand dollars?!
- Yeah. The money that we fundraised.
But the tickets they bought were fake,
and now we can't even go to the game.
- Hoi.
Why you do stupid things?
Yeah, man.
Sorry, mum.
Veni, I expected better from you.
Sorry, auntie.
'Io, mum.
Where does he live?
- Si'i
Yo, Terrance. Someone's here to see you.
Tell them I'm not here.
Uh, Lolo...
- Where's the money? - What money?
- The money my stupid son Maka gave you for fake rugby tickets.
- Ueh, 'io. That money.
Lolo, get the money. Get the money.
- Is it all? - 'Io.
It better be.
- Malo. Malo. - Malo.
- God bless.
What about you?
Samisoni Taulupe.
- Oh, shot, mum! That was mean. You know
- I could've taa'i'ed him, though. - Hey...
- You should've just left it to me.
Who's this?
He's going to live with us for a while.
- What?! Where's he gonna sleep? - In your room.
Uh, excuse me.
Can we get some tickets to the game, please?
- You really should've lined up yesterday, like everyone else.
- Kia ora, everyone. Only four sleeps to go.
And then on Friday,
the Rugby World Cup will kick off with an opening ceremony
at Eden Park, followed by the All Blacks playing Tonga.
- Look at this reception!
Look at this.
Damn. That's mean, hoi.
Mum, the Tongan team have arrived in New Zealand.
- Hoi. Ueh.
Oi. Eh.
- Toko, are you seeing what I'm seeing?
Looks like they just won the World Cup.
- I always like that John Campbell.
- The Tongan rugby team. And watch this!
Yeah, they're all happy
because they're gonna go see them live, eh?
Not like us.
- Tongan fans are reminding the rest of us
how to support your team.
And this marching band gets to be at the big game.
They have the honour of performing
in front of their heroes
at a sold-out Eden Park.
- Yo. - I got a plan.
- Are you at least gonna tell me the plan?
- All will be revealed, masi'i.
You'll see.
- We look like weirdos.
Yo, Aroha!
Kia ora.
- It's me, Maka. You came to my church the other day.
Oh, yeah.
- The dancer.
Hey, are you still looking for entertainment for the game?
Cos we've got a marching band,
and we could perform at the game.
- Really? You have a marching band?
Nah, a boy band.
Nah, jokes. Yes, a marching band.
You know, like the ones in the army
with trumpets and everything.
- Fully legit.
- You're too late, cos we're already
lining up a band from Auckland.
- Wait. I thought you'd want a local band.
- Well, yeah, but we couldn't find any in Wellington.
- (SCOFFS) Well, you obviously didn't look hard enough.
But we'd be more than happy to do our civic duty
for Wellington City and help you guys out.
For tickets, obviously.
For my whole church.
- Is this band of yours any good?
The best.
And that...
is all we need to do.
Veni's done a schedule. The game's only, like, a month away,
so we're gonna be practising every weeknight
and twice on Saturdays.
- Uh, hold up. Can we just rewind back to the bit about
- a marching band?
- You guys do know that no one here can play an instrument?
- And no way I'm going to be caught
wearing that tacky-as uniform.
- Greatness is in our DNA.
- Our ancestors once ruled the entire Pacific -
Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia -
and all we need to do is learn one song
and march in one straight line.
How hard can it be?
- I think I speak for everyone here when I say
no way, no how, are we going to be in a marching band.
- Shit.
- Um, can I just say one thing before you guys go?
Look, the game is sold out, right?
And none of us have any tickets.
So if you're wanting to go to the game,
you're gonna have to join the band.
- Sweet.
- Tsk. - Does Dad know about this?
Yeah, of course.
He'll be fine.
I'll think about it.
I thought about it.
- What do you two idiots know about brass bands?
You'll embarrass us all in front of everyone.
- Come on, Mum. We just need a little bit of practice,
- and we'll be mean as. - Eh!
He said no.
Why can't you be more like Samisoni?
He's a good boy and does what he's told.
- Bro, that dude's an eat-arse, eh.
I should paa'i him all the way back to Tonga.
Yeah, yeah.
- I'm the All Blacks. - Uh, hold up.
I'm just texting everyone. Practice starts tomorrow, eh.
- Eh? Your parents just said no. - So?
Toko, if you wanna do something,
it's easier to ask for forgiveness
than to get permission.
- We don't even have any instruments, though.
- Yeah, well, we can get some tomorrow.
- You do know instruments cost, like,
thousands of dollars each, eh?
- Ueh, for real? - Yeah.
And even if we had them, who's gonna teach us how to play?
- Wait, didn't you play trumpet at school?
- Ah, it was a cornet, all right. Relax.
And we didn't do any marching.
- Your problem is that you have no faith.
The good Lord will provide.
- Hi, guys. - What do you want?
- Oh, bro, um, those- those are my shoes.
Oh, you play the cornet?
- Are you any good? - Yeah.
One time, man,
we played in front of the King.
Why didn't you say so earlier? You just saved the day.
Toko, you are now the teacher of our marching band.
- Oua. - Oh.
- We still don't have any instruments.
I know where to get some.
What the hell is this?
- Yeah, but is this supposed to be
a brass band or a plastic band?
- Siana, this is Tongan ingenuity at its finest.
- OK, B1, B2. Why don't you guys have one, then? Hm?
- I'm the band manager. - Oh.
And I'm the drum major.
- The what?
Drum major.
- OK, Sideshow Bob, then why are you doing it?
- Sorry. What was that, Macy Gray?
- Oh, look.
It's your twin.
- Sorry? - Like this.
He's good.
- Yeah, he's all right.
As the drum major,
you set the pace and the direction for everyone.
Left on four, eh?
One, two, three, four!
- Tsk.
One, two, three.
Out of my dad's sandals.
IN TONGAN: One, two, three.
- One, two, three. - Eh! Shh.
Oh, go! Ya, ya, ya, ya.
Eh! Boom!
- Ooh! - Whoo-hoo!
Learn to walk before you fly.
- Learn to wear undies with your tupenu, eh.
- OK, guys, we really need to start getting practical here.
Guys! Sam's trying to practise, guys!
- You're the dox. You're all good. You're all good.
You're all good. You're all good. You're all good.
- Welcome to everyone joining us tonight
for the opening match of the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
Let's go!
- Ooh! - Let's go.
Oh! Oh.
Let us get one try, just one try.
Si'i, have you forgotten?
I was always the best Moses, and you were Judas,
cos look at your face.
- Fraud. What?
- This guy used to always play Judas.
- I was Jesus, remember?
- Yes. You were the donkey Jesus sat on.
- Nah, siana. He was Mary Magdalene.
- Nah.
You're the one that stabbed Jesus.
- Wow.
- Yeah, nah. I would've been God.
Kidding. Um...
- Thumped from behind in a big tackle,
but the All Blacks have a real opportunity here.
- Come on, Tonga. - Come on. Come on. Come on.
Bro, keep the D up, man.
- Come on, Tonga. Come up, up, up, up.
- Hurry. - The D, man. Come on.
Tackle. Tackle.
Come on, Tonga.
Yeah, I know, right?
- Damn. Can you guys believe that that's gonna be us soon?
Bro, we're all gonna be watching the game in real life.
And performing, eh.
In front of all those people.
- With only three more weeks of practice.
Yo. Everyone's gonna go crazy
when they see us bring that stylah fakatonga, man.
- Left, left, right, left, left.
Left, left, right, left, left.
Left, left, right, left, left.
Two, three. Walk.
This looks boring.
Here. We'll switch it up. Follow me.
- Where are you going? - Hey!
- Frick, man!
- Ah, I'm sorry. - Yeah, my arm!
- Stop being such a show-off. - Shut up.
Just keep it simple.
- Oh.
You just sat on my trumpet.
- Well, you shouldn't have left it there in the first place,
- then, man. Far. - Si'i.
- Oh! - Hey, hey, hey!
- Yo. Come on. We can do way better than this.
- When are we going to get real instruments?
Uh, we're working on it.
- You think we can just pull instruments out of nowhere?
- Why not? You pulled this band out of nowhere.
- Oh my gosh. - What?
You expect us to follow you just cos your dad's the minister?
First of all,...
relax your forehead.
Out here looking like an ogre with those big eyeballs.
What's going on?
- Just recycling for church, Dad.
- What the hell are you fobs doing here?
- Um... Just a bit of marching.
- Yeah, you look like you need the exercise, feti.
- Hey, we're trying to practise here, bro.
- Plastic instruments for a plastic Tongan, eh?
Bro, you're just wasting your time - straight embarrassing.
Come on, guys. Let this be a lesson to you all -
- stay in school. - Yeah.
- On me.
Nah, man. I've had enough.
This band sucks.
I'm out.
Me too.
- Man...
We've got instruments!
- Great. And who's been practising?
- Wonderful. - Hey, Miss Armstrong.
- Hey, Laki. Come and grab a seat, darling.
- Um, you know how you said you had quite a few spaces left?
Brass band isn't quite as popular as it used to be.
- Well, I have some friends who wanna join the band.
- Oh, fantastic. New band members.
Well, where are they?
Just outside.
- Hi, miss. - Hi.
Excuse me.
Um, hi.
- Malo. Hi. - Oh, malo.
- My dad's here too. - Oh, that's nice.
- He wants to join as well. - Oh.
Now we're cooking.
Welcome, everyone.
- So, can we help ourselves to the instruments,
or are you gonna give them out?
This place is mean.
- It looks way bigger from down here.
Picture it, dox.
All those seats,
full of people.
Everyone watching us perform like a boss. (CHUCKLES)
- Shit. - Cheering for us hard out.
- 'Tonga! Tonga! Tonga!'
- Yo, and I'll be on the sideline as well, cheering,
- 'You suck! You suck!'
- We're not gonna suck.
That's not an option, all right?
- Well, even if you guys do suck,
at least we'll still get to watch the game.
- Dox, it's not just about getting tickets to the game.
It's about the whole world seeing what Tonga can do, man.
And you should be down here with us.
Uh, no, thanks.
Kia ora, guys.
- How's the rehearsals going? - Uh, yeah, way better
now that we've got instruments.
- What? You just got instruments?
- Um, he means since we got new instruments.
- Well, we've allocated you five minutes for the performance,
and then after that, you'll be free to watch the game.
- How's that sound? - Cool beans.
- Do you know where our seats are gonna be?
- Yup. Over there. Right on the halfway line - front row.
- Uh, thanks, Aroha. - All good.
Oh, one other thing. Before the game,
we just need you guys to do a technical rehearsal.
A what?
- It's just for execs from the council
so they can sign off on it.
I don't actually think we'll be able to get everyone there
on that week, uh, you know, scheduling and whatnot.
Yeah, nah, nah, nah.
We'll be there. We'll be all good.
Every time we talk about it,
you can tell everyone's straight mafana.
Mafana? What's that?
- Tongan energy. - Mm.
- Leave your brain at home. Follow your heart.
I love this Tongan energy.
I can't wait to see you guys perform, eh.
Everyone is gonna be mafana when they see you guys.
Huh? Ok.
Hm. Good.
- Bonnie, relax, all right? You think you can do better?
All right, thanks, Bonnie.
- Ok. Let's take it from the top, then,
but maybe with a couple of adjustments.
How about we give you this one here?
here we go.
- Now, that's what I'm talking about.
Ok. From the top.
One, two, three, four.
- We're gonna have to do way better than
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, eh? - It's Baa Baa Black Sheep.
- Whatever. It sucks.
And where is everyone?
We're gonna need way more numbers than this.
- Um, some people got family and work stuff.
- Cheers. - Siana...
You're gonna have to play. We don't have enough people.
I'm the manager.
The manager that plays.
Well, that was a good start.
You're in the band. Full stop.
Yay. Twinkle Little Star,
Baa Baa Black Sheep and ABC all the same?
Good boy.
- Well done, everyone.
- Whoo!
When I heard you guys had mean rhymes,
didn't think they meant nursery rhymes.
What are you doing here?
- Shh-shh-shh. Hear that?
Sounds like I'm just in time to save your useless band.
You... wanna join us?
He only wants to join us
so he can get tickets to go to the game.
Look, we would let you in,
but we've been practising for weeks now,
- and you'd be too far behind. - 'You'd be too far behind.'
Bro... Shut your lips, Vanilla Ice.
It's you guys that'll have to catch up to me.
Sai, eh.
- Nice.
- Eh! Whoo-hoo!
- Hey. That was mean as, man!
Yeah, OK.
You're in.
You going to help us,
or are you just gonna sit there and play on your phone?
Oh! Yeah, yeah.
Just grab that knife.
- Oh, siana! Wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing? Making wedges or something?
Snoop Te'ekuli.
Dox, it's all good.
Just go like this.
Better to be a fie palangi
than a wannabe gangster like yourself, eh.
You know, that dude,
he's gonna be more trouble than he's worth.
But he's good.
And we gonna need our best players...
You got me.
So it's guaranteed fire, baby.
Eh, eh.
- It's OK, but I think we should add a few more steps in.
You know, just to spice things up a bit.
It's hard enough as it is without you complicating it.
- No offence, but your moves are low-key whack.
You think you can do better?
- All I'm saying is that if we want people to be mafana
when they watch us,
we need to bring that Tongan-ness in to it.
Dox, you know what I mean?
- I don't even care, dox. Just do the basics.
- Maka, they're all good, all right.
Just forget about it.
You should be stoked we're as good as we are.
OK, just think about the free tickets.
Free tickets to dry balls boulevard.
Shucks. She's mean as, eh.
- What in the returned missionary...
Where's your teunga?
- You specifically said 'church clothes'.
- Not your palangi church clothes.
- These are my only church clothes.
- No Tongan gears, eh, bud-bud?
- What are you doing here? - Picking up my free tickets.
One of the perks of playing for the Hurricanes.
Dox, you're in the development squad.
- Psh. Whatever. Good luck following her.
I'm sure youse guys will be awesome
- Excuse me. Excuse me. Thank you. Excuse me. Sorry.
Right. You guys are up, OK? Let's go. You're up.
- We haven't even done a prayer yet.
- The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Let's go. Move out.
- Au revoir, cuz. - Si'i.
- Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you
the Taulanga brass band. They will be showcasing the passion,
energy, and talent of the Tongan people.
One, two, three.
- Yo. I'm gonna freestyle. Follow my lead.
- Just keep doing what we're doing.
- Nah. We need to step it up. Cuz, follow me.
Do we still get our tickets?
- That's a penalty to Tonga.
And the Tongan players have nothing left to give.
They've left it all on the field,
and all they've gotta do now is kick it out
and the Kingdom of Tonga
- celebrates an historic victory. - Yay.
- One full of heart and full of character.
And this win will give the Tongan King some real confidence
as they head to Wellington for their upcoming game
against France.
What's up with you guys?
What do you think?
We all wanted to go to the game, and now we can't, thanks to you.
- Man, all we had to do was just stay in our lane,
do the routine, and we'd be going to the game.
But no.
You just had to go and ruin it for everyone.
I was trying to add some flair to the band.
- It's a marching band, not boy band, masi'i.
The band was whack, and you know it.
I was trying to lift our game, toko.
Take us to that next level.
Look around.
- We got bummed out in front of everyone,
and it's all thanks to you. Idiot.
Fine, then, you ta'eoli dudes.
At least Laki's got my back, eh, Laki?
Be like that, then.
I don't need youse anyway.
Good game, eh?
- I just can't believe that they're all trying
to put the blame on me.
- They're only blaming you cos it's all your fault.
Not you too.
- Why is it so hard for you guys to understand?
I was trying to do what's best for all of us.
There's no I in 'band', bro.
Bro, whatever, man.
- Look, I get what you were trying to do.
Ok, but when I went to go buy my own ticket,
do you remember what you told me?
You said it was all of us or none of us.
And you were right, bro.
That's how it should be with a band or a group or anything.
OK, but you went into business for yourself,
and you let the whole team down.
You know...
Jonah Lomu, he was the greatest rugby player ever.
But what made him really great
was that he knew how to be a team player.
Yo, dox.
I'll sort it all out so we can get to the game.
Has your boy ever let you down?
- Yo, you guys do that and we're just gonna do this.
- Yeah. - Left, right, left.
- Hey, Little Red Riding Hood, can you start, please? Si'i.
Yo. Up to?
What's it look like?
The landlord saw the house and wanted to kick this guy out.
- What do you think you're doing?
- I'm helping tidy up.
- Hard. I should take a photo.
Hey, Samisoni.
I'm sorry I said I didn't like your marching.
- You actually said that his marching was, um, low-key whack.
Whatever... I said...
Yeah, I'm sorry, dox.
You're actually a really good teacher, and we would never
have got to where we were if it wasn't for you.
Thanks, toko.
- Um, who are you, and what did you do with Maka?
- Look... I'm sorry to all of you guys, ok?
I mucked up.
And it's my fault we don't have tickets to the game any more.
- Mm. - But there's still a way
- we can get them back. - Whatever.
That waka has sailed long into the sunset, thanks to you. Tsk.
- Well, the main reason why the council wanted us to perform
in the first place is because they needed a group to represent
Tonga in front of all those fans. So if we can go back
to them with a brand new marching routine
with some real Tongan flair,
then I'm sure they'll have to let us perform at the game.
- Here we go again, eh. You always gotta be the flash guy.
Same old song on repeat.
- Maka, we don't have enough time
to learn a new routine before the game.
Why not?
Look how far we came already.
Siale, a few weeks ago, you were literally practising
- with a plastic milk bottle.
Now look at you.
- You can play the tuba, masi'i.
- Samisoni, who's your favourite rugby player?
Jonah Lomu.
- Why? - Because he's the best
- Tongan player in the world. - Exactly.
Irene. Be honest,
how many of your things have you put a Tongan flag on?
My house.
desk at work.
- My phone.
And Rob, you couldn't fit another flag on your car
- even if you tried, right?
- And you think you're so cool with your fobalina red speakers
- on your car. Why?
Because you're Tongan!
You don't care about what anyone thinks about you.
- We never do. - That's cool.
- And who here has the most decorated house on their street?
You see?
No one can level up like we can.
If we're gonna go up there and march,
then we need to do it the way we do everything else -
Tongan stylah.
1000% mafana.
So, what? Youse wanna go out there and be boring
and march like everyone else?
do youse wanna represent Tonga
the way that we were born to?
- Masi'i!
- Tonga! Tonga! Tonga! - Che-hee!
- Tonga! Tonga! Tonga! Tonga! Tonga! Tonga!
- Whoo! Cha-hoo! - Cha-hoo!
- Whee! - Whoo!
So, we're doing what now?
- We're gonna come up with a whole new jam,
one that's so mean Aroha has to let us perform at the game.
Ah, yes.
- Aroha, can we talk? - No. Go away.
- (SIGHS) Please. We really wanna perform at the game.
- You've gotta be kidding.
Look, I'll admit that we had some problems,
but we were just having a bad day.
It's all been sorted now, and if you'll just give us a chance-
- Sorry, Maka. You guys had your chance, and you blew it.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a meeting to attend.
- Please. Just give us a shot. - You lied to me.
You never had a band.
You made a fool out of yourself, and you made a fool out of me.
- I reckon you don't want us to perform cos you're just jealous
Tongans are way better than Moris.
I didn't mean that about Moris. I love everyone equally,
but now that I've got your attention,
if you could just face this way.
Perfect. Just stay right there.
- Aroha,
what we want from you is just to sit back,
relax and enjoy the show.
We're hoping for a slow and easy yes.
Not a hard and fast no.
Let's go.
- Yeah!
- So, Aroha, I know I let you down,
but if you can just give me...
and us...
another chance, I promise you we'll make it up to you.
Come on, Aroha. Don't be sad.
It was this guy's fault, not ours.
So don't punish us for his mistakes.
So what do you say?
All right.
I'll get it over the line.
- Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!
We've only got one more week to get ourselves sorted.
Not much time, eh?
- Nah. And we still don't have uniforms.
- Well, we've got the top half sorted. Just need the bottom.
When will we get those?
- Tsk. The good Lord will provide, man.
Mum and dad!
- Eh! I thought I told you no band.
- Band? What band?
- OK, yeah, we have a band, but the city council's gonna
give us free tickets so we can perform at the game, Dad.
- And Maka swung it so we get extra tickets
so not only the youth can go, but the whole congregation.
You should see us perform. We're tika as.
You think this band will be good enough?
Yeah, Mum.
- You actually do look good. - Yeah.
And Mum,
you should come down with us on the field.
- Yeah, Mum. - Hey.
I can't play an instrument.
You can laka out the front and wave the Tongan flag
- ke sio mai ae kakai. - Yeah.
What should I wear?
So can we do the band?
- Also, we'd have the best seats on the halfway line.
You can do the band.
- Yes!
you cannot look like muppets in front of everyone.
- 'Io. - 'Io.
- Yeah.
- 'Io.
- Amen. - Amen.
- Ooh.
Thank you for the food.
- Oh, go grab the phone.
- Please. Dox, go hard. - Hurry up. The phone's ringing.
Dad, it's for you.
Toko, who was that?
Oh, Reverend Hansell.
- This is very embarrassing for the church.
- And the video's gone viral. Everyone's watching it.
And now...
I hear that they'll be marching at the big game.
- But they have improved a lot since then.
Have they?
- This video has also gone viral.
You see? They are much better.
And people watching are enjoying it.
- Is this how you want to be representing the church,
representing Tonga?
It's one thing to let your son dance like a fool
in your own church,
but you can't let him do it in front of the whole world.
I believe...
he and his band...
can make us all proud.
I'm sorry, Reverend Pita,
but we do not share your faith in your son,
and we will not be embarrassed in front of everyone.
Our decision
is that Maka's band will not perform at the World Cup.
- Eh?! Nah, we can't do that. Dad...
Come on. We're gonna be amazing.
Man, this sucks.
Who wants to go to a rugby game and listen to hymns?
At least we get to watch the game, dox.
- Cha-hoo!
- Far. These are the kind of buses that the All Blacks use.
Thanks, Mum.
You OK?
Yeah, I'm all good.
- Welcome to Wellington Regional Stadium
for the sold-out match between Tonga and France.
- There's a large contingent of French fans
that have made the journey here,
but it's the Tongan fans that have been the real standout
of this World Cup.
- Yeah, I think they bring more passion
and energy than all the other countries combined.
The red and white colours of Tonga have been everywhere,
and it's certainly been a joyous few weeks
leading into this match.
Eh, faifekau. Malo e tau lava.
Man, can you believe it?
This is like a dream come true, eh?
Oh, look at the beauty of our people, eh.
It's a beautiful thing.
How are you feeling?
Yeah, good.
It's a full house.
I can't wait for those Tongan fans to see you guys.
Me too.
- OK! We need you guys on standby in five minutes.
Five minutes.
Good luck.
- OK. Bring it in, guys. That's us.
- ALL: 'Io. 'Io. - 'Io, cuz.
- My sons.
- Mum. - I'm so proud of you.
- Mm. - Aw.
So proud of you, son.
- Terrance. - Ueh.
Haue. Look at you.
- Yeah, all day, all day, all day.
- Dox, I don't know how you did it,...
...but we're gonna be performing at the World Cup, thanks to you.
- Has your boy ever let you down? - Constantly.
Hey, Dad.
I'm very proud of you.
You heard what your father said. Hurry up and do it.
- Yeah. - Yes.
- OK, everyone. Hey. This is your time. Let's go.
- You can do it.
PA: Ladies and gentlemen,
please put your hands together for our pre-game entertainment -
...Wellington's very own brass band, Taulanga .
- This band is from Wesley Church
right here in Wellington.
- Well, if they're anything like their fans,
then we should be in for a real treat.
- Jesus Karaiti, please don't let them mess up this time.
Amene. Yeah. Amen.
- What an opportunity for this band
to showcase their talent
not only in front of a packed stadium
but to the millions of people watching around the world.
Taulanga !
- Whoo-hoo!
The crowd are loving it.
- Cha-hoo!
- That's my son's band.
- Let's go, Tonga! Let's go!
Let's go, Tonga! Let's go!
Let's go, Tonga! Let's go!
Let's go, Tonga! Let's go!
- As Ma'afu delivers the pass,
a Frenchman is down.
Here's the kick across field.
Oh, it's a pretty good one. How's the bounce?
The bounce is good.
And the try is scored by Hufanga.
- We have seen one of the great upsets
in Rugby World Cup history.
Tonga has beaten France.
Well, without any doubt,
the greatest day in Tongan rugby history.
- And they deserved their victory.
- Che-hee-hee!