Redd Inc. (2012) Movie Script

The scene of a terrible
The serial killer and Decapitator
was finally captured.
Thomas was Reddmann
arrested this morning
the murder of director
Bloom Public Relations Inc.
The Decapitator is responsible
by cruel
Axe murders
six directors,
decapitating everyone.
Is your serial killer
and my favorite,
is guilty or not.
My gifts
foresight helped
police to arrest him
and indict it.
My father worked very
to move up the company.
He did not deserve to die like that.
I hope he
rot in jail.
This is a positive result.
Thomas Reddmann will be trapped
for the rest of his life
Clinic in Lansdale.
Mr. Reddmann is very sick.
But with the guidelines
Dr. Lansdale,
we know we can
make a difference.
In an attempt to
escape last night
Clinic Lansdale,
there was a fire
which caused the death
the prisoner Thomas Reddmann.
The circumstances of the attempt
escape are unclear.
However, it seems that Reddmann
was viciously attacked.
The good news is that
Thomas Reddmann,
The Decapitator is dead.
So, you were right
in High School
college and has what?
What can be well described
as history
odd jobs.
Nothing here suggests that you would
a good employee
the Forber Inc.
Nothing at all.
I'm really looking
an opportunity.
I do not see how this can
succeed, Annabelle.
Your resume is filed,
get in touch if
circumstances change.
No it will not.
Annabelle is the Less.
Her private shows
are a disgrace.
Do something that the customer likes.
Is your work.
Her breasts are beautiful,
but I hope your shows
improve or be waived.
Want to see them?
You like?
You like what you're doing?
Sure. Do not you realize?
But feels that he is
achieving something
this work?
This is not a job
old and boring, darling.
Where do you see
five years from now?
Sorry, what?
I would take the opportunity
to correct a terrible mistake?
I do not know what that means.
- I have a job for you.
- Later, weirdo.
A bunch of idiots.
You got the job.
What is this?
What the fuck?
Are you awake?
Listen, do not misunderstand me.
- I am also stuck.
- Who are you?
Can anyone tell me the
What is happening?
I do not know, but it is not good thing.
We have to leave. Seriously.
Stop. Stop all.
Hey, stop.
We are all connected to something.
So let's hurt us anymore.
Let's try the tables.
One, two, three.
He got you.
Took you all.
He's dead, and so are we.
We are dead.
We are all dead.
We are already dead.
I gotta get back to work.
I have to finish the pages.
I can not miss the deadline.
Guy, Guy Marr.
Jesus is himself.
He is gone
for over a month.
We are all connected.
The homicide
Reddmann the Decapitator.
I held Thomas Reddmann.
I led the defense.
I helped the police
with investigations.
You Sheena is the seer?
Who are you?
A psychic should not know?
- I was an eyewitness.
- Me too.
The stripper Internet.
How could I forget?
And that man
led the charge.
Shit, can not be.
Drink, please.
Some rules of the office.
Three breaks per day
for bathroom.
Two breaks for socializing.
Eat all food
that was served.
Complete all tasks.
Will begin transcribing
these manuals legal.
Start on the first page and
do not stop until I tell you.
My name is Redd.
I'm the new boss.
I identified the corpse.
So how is he still alive?
- Can not do it.
- Why?
I am without glasses. not
can not see without them.
Feel headaches.
Just do something.
Show him that
is doing something.
Seems to be very sore.
It is not so bad.
I do not believe that we are
trapped in a slaughterhouse.
A slaughterhouse?
This service office.
I have delayed too
time and now...
We'll be fine.
I do not know.
It just seemed the thing
right to say.
Come on, this is crazy.
- He's playing with us.
- No.
He is breaking us.
It seems that you are the
An incentive.
You can stop now.
Start again in the morning.
I did not tell you
could begin.
If you obey the rules,
you will eat tomorrow.
Fuck you.
Sorry, Redd. Sorry.
I'm sorry. Please.
Mr. Marr should know
I drive rigidly.
I am firm but fair.
- All right, Guy?
- Firm and fair.
Firm and fair. me
sorry boss.
What the rest of you
need to understand
is that every act
comes a warning.
Sorry, Redd.
Depots of the fifth warning
check the value of the employee
for my company.
- Please.
- And that was the number 5.
Please Redd. Please.
Stop it, please.
How was your day?
Let's take a look
in their work.
I do not have my glasses,
I do not see well without them.
Does not have glasses?
Just a moment.
Try this. Come on.
- Is that better?
- Better, thanks.
So, no more excuses. has
much work to do.
Pause to go to the bathroom.
5 minutes.
I'll be waiting.
Focus on, Hale. Control yourself.
Is anyone there?
Time's up.
I said that the time is up.
I'm ready.
You have exceeded your time.
This is your first warning.
Understand, it's nothing personal.
What is there to?
- Any sign of where we are?
- You must have seen something.
- Holy shit.
- Nightmare?
Everything is a nightmare.
I thought this place
was a nightmare.
This place is a nightmare.
I do not need to go to the bathroom.
I do not need to go to the bathroom.
You'll be fine.
Are you the same Annabelle
Hale, eyewitness
the trial
Thomas Reddmann?
You said :
"I saw Thomas Reddmann
holding the ax. "
" He was covered in blood. "
" The body of Shelly Bloom
was on the floor of the elevator. "
- Okay, that's what I said.
- " Headless. "
I was wrong.
Said the decapitated body
was in the elevator. Correct?
Also acknowledged that there
saw the killer strike.
His words.
You have not seen me use
actually the ax.
No, I have not seen.
Very well, then.
This is your task.
This is your
work, Annabelle.
find the
real killer.
Because I am you
saying now...
I'm not the Decapitator.
The body of Mr
Demayer lay
against the table in
conference room.
The head had rolled
on the other side.
I heard a hiss behind me.
When I turned not
was no one there.
I walked in and...
Mr. Ketchup was
sitting there as always.
Edward, do not know what
should look here.
If we were
investigating a case
would be looking
patterns and inconsistencies.
But we are not
working on a case.
The killer is in
office right there.
What we need to do is
pretend that we are busy
- And stay alive.
- Thank you.
Patterns and inconsistencies.
Please do not! No!
- Marcus, you know what happens.
- Please do not!
Who is Marcus?
Wait a minute.
Marcus Conlon, the
judge in this case.
Has been missing for months.
Why would he want
Conlon hurt?
Conlon sent him
Clinic Lansdale.
Padded walls and all
benefits it can have.
- It is a hotel with medications.
- No it is not.
Clinic Lansdale,
the part you can see,
is exactly as Annabelle says.
But Lansdale...
have some ideas about
criminal minds.
Some procedures,
chemical and surgical, which
are not fully legal.
- And the results vary.
- Surgical?
He has scars on his head.
Guy noted that when the
hit, he even dropped?
- Yes
- He does not feel pain.
Whoever Thomas
Reddmann before Lansdale,
that person was.
We have to talk to him.
Making regains reason.
No, Sheena, not
I think a good idea.
Hello, workers.
You know what is
doing here is wrong.
It is, Thomas?
Can I call you Thomas?
You know my name.
Sheena O'Leary.
We are all people.
We all have friends and
family like you.
How do I?
You're not a man ma...
You do not really want
hurt people.
That man...
In the other room...
Also do not want to hurt him.
Maybe I want.
Maybe some people
deserve to receive a lot of pain.
I think we should
back to work.
And the guy? And friends
and his family?
His children?
You say innocent but killed
man, for God's sake!
Calm down. is troubling
their coworkers.
- Sheena, Redd is right.
- You're an assassin!
I said to calm down!
This is not a good way
to start the day!
Let's make this clear.
I'm not a murderer.
I am the Regional Manager.
Find the real killer
today and will go home today.
Linger six months,
will stay here six months.
Remember that for every
second wasted
one ruthless killer is loose
enjoying freedom
you do not have.
For the love of God.
Everything went well.
No, seriously. was
a very good idea.
Maybe I could have helped me.
If any appeal,
maybe he let us go.
- I know how he managed.
- Got what?
As Redd forged
death itself.
The remains found in fire
Clinic in Lansdale were not his.
Were someone else.
He must have cut
his arm
knowing that it was all we could
use for DNA analysis.
It was all set.
So as escaped
another patient
and used it as dead meat?
- And cut off his own arm?
- I said.
Clinic Lansdale
changes people.
- Damn!
- Jesus, William. Okay?
Can I help you with something?
It's okay. It's just a sliver.
Yes, start small, but
infection can spread.
And we do not want that.
Is prof undo.
Got it.
Now you have to
tear the nail.
But do not look for them.
They can not stop the infection.
Do it.
Now get back to work.
And remember,
My door is always open.
Damn, William.
Need to get out more.
Have more style.
There are many cheap perfumes
ties and horrible here.
Anyway, I'm at the airport now.
So, know what you have
to do, then do it.
Why are we stopping here?
There is not even...
End of messages.
Why are we stopping here?
There is not even...
End of messages.
're Having any progress?
Actually no. You?
That'll teach him
to be civilized.
I would smell the
her hair for the last time.
My wife.
Her hair smells good.
I hope someone's
feeding my dogs.
What are their names?
Reason and Doubt.
I regret not having focused
talking to my mother.
They years.
Did not get along well.
You know what really
Do not have told my
chief stupid
threading employment in the ass.
I honestly thought
had a boss hell.
I think there is a way out.
The women's bathroom. There is a grid
which may lead outward.
- You can open it?
- No, but I'm trying.
Anyone else feeling
a strange taste in the mouth?
- Yes, as a chemical taste.
- We are being drugged.
Do you think he will do
something while we sleep?
We must stay awake
at any cost.
I'm glad we do not need
to look at him.
Maybe you can
channel it later.
We will focus
to continue living.
There is no way to reason with him.
It is a psychopath.
Deduced this through
psychic powers, right?
We should start working.
While we continue to
tasks, we gain time.
This is not a game
Times and dates, detectives.
Seperate. Punctuality.
At this rate, we
killed within 2 days.
Sheena find anything?
Say this is not a
ideal working environment.
- I mean for someone like you?
- For any of us.
- What number just enter?
- Do not throw divination with you.
That's all you do.
You just assumed, and
hopes to get lucky.
I will not have this
conversation with you.
So talk to me.
Not sure
believe in what you do,
but if you can send a
message to someone,
need to do it now.
- Are you serious?
- Have a better idea?
It does not hurt, right?
I think you should try.
Please try.
The truth is
easily understood.
But it is very difficult
keep it with you.
Some people are
skeptical by nature.
It's part of the job
them question everything.
Many are easily
by what they see and hear.
" Seeing is believing. "
Others see the truth as
an accumulation of facts.
Evidence not
may be denied.
And depots, there are those
who see the truth as
a piece of clay
which can be modeled.
An art form.
Another form of lying.
Sheena O'Leary.
Renowned psychic and medium.
He helped the police
the case of homicide
the Decapitator.
One might ask :
" Why did you choose
lend their powers
for this particular case. "
I helped the police
in many cases.
You did well after
this case, is not it?
You have become renowned.
Helped identify
the big bad Decapitator.
Convinced almost everyone.
My gift is often
Dom? Calls it a gift?
Interesting, because I
correct if I'm wrong,
but a gift is something that is
usually given for free.
And you charge $ 5.95 per
minute for your gift.
You say you can see the future.
I can sometimes.
But you could not
predict it here, is not it?
You can not see anything, can you?
Then you will not need it.
That was not so hard, was it?
Redd, she suffered
Now she has suffered enough.
Back to work.
We will all die here.
As she.
We will all die here.
We will all die.
What girl she was messy.
- Shall I...?
- Yes, Mr. Tucker.
Well pretty clean.
Well squeaky clean!
This work is shit.
Good job, Mr. Tucker.
Very impressive.
I'm glad you're happy.
That's the attitude.
If only this attitude
show more evidence
in his other work.
In fact, I fear that
I have to express
my great dissatisfaction
with the work of
group in general.
A company that does not
get results
can not sustain itself.
And a company that does not
can sustain
should start to reassess
position of its employees.
It's time for an analysis
I want you to think about
day I saw...
Why was the building?
I had gone out and drunk
the night before.
I was hungover and late
for a job interview.
You said I was laughing.
That's how I remember.
And then I heard someone screaming.
And I realized it was me.
I had to make a delivery
a small publisher.
I remember seeing a girl
that seemed not to work there.
Now I know it was Annabelle.
Then the doors
elevator opened.
And you looked terrified.
As if in
I was tracking the
Decapitator for months.
He was sure of where and when
would be the next murder,
just did not know who it was.
I got to the lobby
and there you were.
I told you to put
the ax on the ground.
After a moment you accepted,
so I decided not to use the weapon.
And I busted.
I tried my best to
absolve him, Redd.
- You can be sure.
- Really?
The proof of the accusation
was overwhelming.
Guy Marr and police said
I beheaded Michelle
Bloom in the elevator.
- Correct?
- Correct.
And no one saw the murder,
because the camera
elevator was off.
- Correct?
- Yes
I think you forgot
an important test.
Know that the elevator in question
was custom?
But know the elevators
the Millo & Brand?
This black line is the height of the
Common lifts made by them.
But this red line
is the highest point of
lift Custom.
Our elevator.
You know how much pressure is needed
to decapitate someone?
No, I do not know.
Because when the killer
Masked beheaded Michelle,
prosecutors said
he used the ax
as a guillotine to cut
skin, tendons and bone,
using an immense force.
No, Redd, please.
Thank God.
What happened there?
Are you okay?
- Who is Peter Bava?
- What?
Is listed as
but he was never heard.
Maybe he 's gone.
I thought so too,
but his statement
listed as evidence
the document has been removed.
You know Peter Bava?
It's your signature
down here, right?
Edward is your signature?
- It seems, but...
- Or is or is not.
- What are you hiding?
- Nothing.
That was long ago.
Know in how many cases
worked since then?
Why should I care
in cases other than this?
Redd could not have
murdered Shelly Bloom.
No, I'm not saying that.
I just wanted to know
who Peter Bava.
There was not enough space
to move the ax.
What are you hiding?
Depots I hold Reddmann the
media all came after me.
" The detective Crandell
took the Decapitator. "
And Reddmann was so calm.
He had great faith in the system.
He had alibis for bad
other murders.
He was always working,
and when he was not in the office
had no evidence of where he was.
But, in the second death...
He had an alibi in the second.
The murder of the Decapitator
on October 14.
Redd was resigning
an employee
for having a bad attitude.
The employee was a
Bava guy named Peter.
I asked if he was sure
who was dismissed in the 14th.
- And he said...
- Yeah, man, look.
He gave me a
resignation letter.
Seriously, I took a picture.
The day I
resigned from that place
was the best day of my life.
Come on, Peter.
That guy is crazy.
Any detective
work on the streets
knows that has 80% proof
you can find the rest.
I had 80 % of
tests, even more.
I kept repeating to me that
had the right guy
Until then Peter Bava.
I always knew that there would be
a special place
in hell
me for what I did.
And I took a shot at work
and ended up in this chair.
I felt as if I had
paid my debt.
So we are all
here for you.
Because you incompetent
or because it is corrupt?
- Now call me corrupt?
- You hid evidence.
I'm no expert, but
seems to be corruption.
It was only a witness!
Just hid a witness.
It is very easy to judge me now.
But at that time, had
lot of pressure on me.
I had to arrest someone.
Is there something you wanna tell me?
We can talk about it.
With this new evidence,
I can get
a new trial.
But there is new evidence, is not it?
It is an evidence that was
deliberately concealed by you.
What is this?
What are you doing?
This is...
This is my blood?
This is my blood?
This is my leg?
That's my damn leg?
What 's the verdict, Judge Conlon?
- A leg or two?
- No!
Please do not!
Why are not you sleeping?
I was. I need
go to the bathroom.
People need to learn
to have a little
Really need to go.
Always have something.
Five minutes.
Come on!
My God!
It was not for you to die.
You have to suffer.
Not tortured enough?
You do not understand, do you?
I am an innocent man.
The only thing we had to
was doing your duty.
Pay a little attention
when eyewitness.
Investigate a little
when someone calls.
Do not hide evidence.
If you, idiots, had
done it, there...
I'm for it.
Wake up, wake up.
Wake up, wake up, shit!
Yes, we're out of here.
- What?
- We're out of here.
Where is Redd?
I knocked him down.
- Wake up.
- Okay, I'm awake.
Thank you.
For God's sake, let's go.
Well.. Back to work!
Bring everyone!
I'll leave the phone
is the hook.
They are coming.
We need weapons.
We will even kill
face with this stuff?
Let's try.
- Where is he?
- I do not know.
Come on.
- Ali
- Go, go!
I was an innocent man
when Dr. Lansdale
I turned it.
Tell me, Miss Hale,
what would you do in my place?
Alright, Redd.
It is not just what
done to you.
Just wanted people
do their work.
What do your duties.
Except that it does not
is our duty.
Any of us.
Then tuck your
employment in the ass!
- Damn!
- I'll hold you up. Go!
Do not take another step.
Come on.
- And Rudy?
- You are dead.
My God.
Shit, what a waste.
I'm afraid I'll have to fire him.
Annabelle, you
have to understand.
It's nothing personal.
If you think about it, who am
the real villain here?
I got rid of executives
corrupt and I'm wrong?
I made the world a better place.
A head each time.
Do you know? The plan for
Bloom was not
more complicated than normal.
Expect the executive bitch
enter the elevator
depots pick her up
Then everything got complicated.
Why are we stopping here?
Not the...
And Redd had to ruin it
by being in the same elevator.
Sometimes you learn
to improvise.
Escape was the easy part.
You know, strangely we
Redd thank for many things.
He introduced us to each other.
A shame that in cases
Work really work.
Hands up!
- Hands up!
- Get down!
Lie on the floor! Hands up!
Lie down on the fucking ground!
- Lower now!
- Lower now!
- Lower!
- Lower now!
Raise your hands and lay on the floor!
The pressure is falling.
Okay, I got this.
- She lost consciousness.
- Good.
- See what was back there?
- Yes, I have not seen.
There were bodies everywhere.
This excites you?
No, but it makes me want
back to work.
Annabelle. ready
for tonight?
I must be the best
agent in the world.
Everyone is me
looking, judging me...
I'm not in the mood.
Honey, is inconvenient.
An hour will have to leave
his apartment
and face it.
I know that. I'll call you later.
Straighten up. My way.
You can do this
because it is a tough bitch.
- Hello?
- I am, dear.
You can climb.
- Hi
- Close the door.
Close the fucking door.
I'm sorry, honey.
Look what you force me to do.
Poor Annabelle.
What a disappointment.
I thought we
we understood.
I really liked you.
We would of mouth
closed, and then..
Suddenly you write
damn book about us?
What were you thinking?
What happened to discretion?
I packed a copy
their work
in a very reluctant publisher.
" Dr. Lansdale
transformed Redd.
He created the boss from hell. "
This is my favorite :
" William, on the other hand, "
was born a psychopath.
" Arrogant and deluded. "
Now, Annabelle,
do not know if you heard,
but there are many people who receam
to believe in gibberish
a stripper.
Then I'll do
one last favor.
I'll kill her.
Will wonder why you
was not to launch
of his book,
come to see her body
decapitated and summer,
in fact, you were right!
Help! Help me!
He's trying to kill me!
Help me...
Stay behind me.
Please do not.
Stay away from me.
Job well done,
Miss Hale.
You need new shoes.
have an urgent appointment
with Dr. Landsdale.
Keep in touch.
Here she is.
The author, Annabelle Hale.
I want you to know
William Tucker.
The real Decapitator.