Redeemed (2014) Movie Script

I'm sorry.
I hope I didn't
disturb you.
No, that's alright.
lt's just...
been a really long day.
What brings you to Brazil?
How long do you have?
About 14 hours.
Well, I guess...
I'm going to try
to save my life.
Twenty years ago,
I started this company
with two night watchmen
and a guard dog,
and now we have the chance
to turn it into one
of the largest
corporate security firms
in the country.
The bank wants
its money, Paul.
Jericho is bleeding
Tycor dry and you.
We shouldn't have invested all the
company's assets into one basket.
Project Jericho, utilizing
market-leading processing power,
this impenetrable, unified
threat management system
decrypts and inspects
data and traffic
throughout all
network layers.
Ten years ago I never would've
dreamed of anything this ambitious.
That's because you weren't
a careless dreamer.
You know what, James? I know you've
been with me since the beginning.
That's enough.
I know you don't like it;
I think it's worth the risk.
Yeah, SYS-Tek
will probably buy it,
so they won't have to
compete with us.
He'll make a fortune.
He's already borrowed
and spent a fortune, Ryan!
It's time to consider Brazil's
offer of a cash injection,
or share Tycor's proprietary
systems with SYS-Tek,
and offer a merger.
SYS-Tek plays dirty.
They can't be trusted.
And Ryan, if I take the BVCA's
money, they're gonna own me.
And if you don't,
you will own nothing.
They're our last hope.
If Jericho works, I can
sell it on the open market.
We won't even
need Brazil's money.
So does it work?
Let's go find out.
Okay, geniuses,
tell me something good.
Well, 500 Gray Hats
are about to tell us.
Gray Hats?
We've invited the world's
best computer hackers
to try and breach Jericho.
They're called "Gray Hats" because
they're neither good nor evil.
Just somewhere in between.
If they can't get in,
no one can.
Alright, everybody, heads up.
Jericho goes live in 5...
What? Are they already in?
Jericho's just telling us
someone's knocking at the door.
China is locked down,
and Russia's filtered.
UK denied, Germany as well.
I've got Mexico boxed in,
and Egypt is blocked.
It's working.
Each one of those chimes is
$1 million in your bank account.
Yeah, well, the first million
goes back to the bank.
Indeed, one way or another.
We are going worldwide.
I've got a straggler
in sector four.
A little late to the party,
aren't you, buddy?
I hate late crashers.
I can't quite pinpoint it.
It looks like he's using some
kind of malware, maybe a botnet?
China just went down.
Russia is out.
Where are you at?
Yeah, UK is down,
and so is Germany.
Mexico just disappeared,
and I can't see Egypt.
Security breach in sectors
four, three, seven.
Full breech.
System collapse.
We're entering safe mode.
Okay, what's happening?
Fail-safe protocol.
The system self-preserved by shutting
itself down and going offline.
Who is JOS620?
He's gloating, sir.
- Find out how he did it.
- Well, he's not gonna tell us.
It's a game
to these people.
Well, great,
maybe we should've hired him.
I'm sorry.
I know you've all
been working hard.
Just find him!
Call Brazil.
- Ah, hey hon.
- Hi, sweetie.
How many people
are you inviting?
We are inviting 20 of our
closest friends and relatives.
Alright, let me
just remind you
this is a wedding vow
renewal ceremony,
not a royal wedding
at the palace.
Have you worked
on your wedding vows?
No, not yet, but I will.
I promise.
I saw Liz today.
She said her and David
are separated.
What? Why?
She didn't go into it,
but I think it had
something to do with cheating.
David had an affair?
Oh, it seemed like they
had such a strong marriage.
I know.
You just never know.
Hey, Brenda.
- What you got for me?
- I'm not sure how to put it.
James contacted
the BVCA last night.
- Brazil?
- They're sending someone over
to evaluate the financial health
and well-being of Tycor.
Yeah, great, when?
N ow.
Tycor, we're here
to keep your secrets.
Your father was
a very handsome man.
Excuse me?
And you have his eyes.
Sorry, I'm Julia Santos.
I am with the Brazilian
Venture Capitalist Association,
and you must be Paul?
Yeah, you're the Brazilian?
Yes, I'm the Brazilian.
Why didn't the BVCA
tell us you were coming?
Uh, well...
I think they wanted to keep
my surprise visit a surprise.
Actually, the truth is
I was in the United States
doing other business,
and this seemed,
how do you say, prudent?
Interesting, I would think
it would be more, how do we say,
oh, remarkably convenient?
I'm staying at the Plaza,
and you can have the last year
and year-to-dates
financial reports sent there,
and we can prepare
over the weekend.
Financial reports?
We can reconvene on Monday.
And my cell phone number
is on the back of the card,
if you have any questions
or concerns.
Nice to meet you, Paul.
Did she catch you
with your pants down?
That's not funny.
It's not funny.
Oh, it's funny.
She is beautiful.
I hadn't noticed.
But why are you so uptight?
Look, if she decides that
our company is not a safe bet...
That is our last chance
at survival.
Relax, I've seen this happen
all the time.
As soon as you hook the client,
you woo her, you court her,
you tell her everything she wants
to hear until she feels safe.
Just, you know,
only let her see your good side.
My good side?
Your good side.
Stay focused.
I gotcha, thanks.
Your office is the other way.
Come on, slowpoke.
You're gonna miss the warm-ups.
Okay, that's tight enough.
Come on, Dad.
I gotta get out there.
People are looking.
Hey, safety first. You gotta
protect yourself at all times.
Alright, Coop,
be a good teammate!
Pass to your sister!
Oh, hey hon, thank you.
So, how are those marriage
renewal vows coming along?
Oh honey,
I've been so busy at work.
I'm so sorry.
I'm gonna get to it.
Let's go, Coop!
Let's go, Rube!
Quit kidding yourself.
We must understand
the tremendous capacity
of every human being
to deceive him or herself
when not connected to God.
You and I really don't
have the anchor in our lives
that we need
to overcome the temptations
that are shot our way
on a daily basis.
Know that once we start
making excuses for sin,
each excuse
seems more plausible,
and you'll sink deeper
and deeper into sin and ruin.
We must admit that we can't
trust ourselves apart from God.
Sure, sometimes God tests us,
but the choice is ours.
Will we choose to obey Him?
Oh, look honey,
there's Liz and David.
Let's go talk to them.
Come on.
I'll be there
in just a minute, okay?
Hey, Paul.
Listen, I haven't seen you
in study the last few weeks,
and we have two left.
Just hoping
you can join us this week.
Thank you.
I'd love to go,
I'm just so busy.
- I understand. Ok.
- I wanna go. I wanna go.
- Alright, it's good to see ya.
- Thank you. You too.
Liz! Liz!
I don't know
what you're going through,
but I'm here for you.
Do you wanna
tell me anything?
Just be there for me.
I made lunch reservations
for Friday
at that new restaurant
on Tucker Street.
You know, the one we're thinking
about catering our ceremony?
I thought we should try it
before we commit.
I'm so worried about Liz.
I wish she would just open up
to me and tell me what happened.
Earth to Paul.
Liz and David, I mean,
having an affair
is a humiliating thing
to open up about.
Has David said
anything to you?
There's a Brazilian
that's been threatening
to invest in our company
for the past
several months now.
They can't make up their minds,
so they sent a liaison, a spy,
really just to snoop around
to see if we have any
skeletons in our closet.
Well, will the man
find anything?
What man?
The liaison,
the man from Brazil.
You mean, he's not gonna
find anything, right?
No, of course not.
Morning, Brenda.
James left your report
on your desk.
Oh, and the bank called,
something about your
car payment not being sent.
Hey, do you think
my tie matches my shin?
Yeah, sure, looks great.
So what should I tell the bank?
Tell them my tie
matches my shin.
- This is Paul.
- Oh, hi honey.
I'm sorry.
What's all the racket?
Oh, just Cooper exercising
his right to be an 8-year-old,
and Ruby is...
Ruby, what are you doing?
Ruby, please stop.
Be careful with that.
Hi, you must be Julia.
- Yes, is Paul around?
- Yes.
- He's waiting for you in his office.
- Oh, perfect. Thank you.
So how's that?
Anyway, I was just calling
to see if you could pick up
Cooper's shinguards
before the game tomorrow morning.
We had to re-order.
Uh... yeah, right, okay.
I'll have to get back to you.
Miss Santos, good morn...
- Good morning.
- Oh, please call me Julia.
There's no need
for formalities.
- Your CFO, James, is it?
- Yeah.
Yes, he told me
that you wanted to go over
the financial reports
with me personally?
Yes, Julia.
I don't know, I guess I just
feel that I'm responsible
for the good
and the bad.
Oh, that's admirable,
and the BVCA believes
that when it comes to
making financial investments,
a man's character is
as important as his bottom line.
So, how was your weekend?
I'm lying.
I was actually bored to death.
I don't know anybody
in Los Angeles,
and I didn't have the first idea
of what to do or where to go.
Oh, come on.
It's the City of Angels.
We have millions
of tourists every year.
I mean, you could go to Disneyland,
you could go to the
Hollywood Walk of Fame,
you could go to the beach,
you could go to O.J. Simpson's house,
Marilyn Monroe's house, I mean...
Are you offering to be
my personal tour guide?
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna have Brenda
write up an itinerary for you.
Your wife?
No, Brenda's not my...
Oh, yeah,
that's my wife, Beth,
and my two kids.
The financial reports.
Oh, I'm sorry.
The financial reports
aren't ready.
Maybe if we just had
a little more advanced notice.
I understand.
When do you think
you will have them by?
Well, we're working
on them right now.
We should have them
by the end of the day.
Tomorrow morning then?
Tomorrow morning
my son has a soccer game,
and I never miss a game.
Well, then tonight it is.
I will come back
at the end of the day,
and we can work
on them together.
Do you have a problem
working late tonight?
Of course, it'll be fun.
I mean, that's fine.
Yeah, that's fine.
I'll see you then.
They're lovely, by the way.
Your family.
See you tonight.
Look, I don't know what
you're so worried about.
I mean, owners
of large companies
work long hours
all the time,
especially when they got
visitors from foreign countries.
I know.
It's just something
about this woman.
She's driving me crazy.
I can see that,
and I don't blame you.
What is Beth gonna say?
About what? Who? Julia?
You don't tell her.
Ryan, I don't lie to my wife.
It's not lying
if you don't say anything.
Okay, I'm not that stupid.
You and Beth
are going camping, okay?
It's at night, and she's
asleep in a sleeping bag.
You zip up the tent, you spin
around, and what do you see?
You see a spider
crawling up the sleeping bag.
What do you do?
Do you yell all of a sudden,
"Hey, Beth, watch out!
"There's a spider! It's coming!
It's gonna get you!"
- No, and why not?
- Because she'd freak out.
Exactly, she would freak out
and in the process get bit.
Look, there's a saying, "What they
don't know won't hurt'em."
But my saying is,
"What they do know will hurt them
and bite them."
So no spider, no bite, easy.
Dude, relax.
I'm sure this woman sees you
for your true, inner potential.
I don't know.
Are you seeing somebody
about these issues?
- About what?
- Issues, you. You have issues.
- No, you have issues.
- And you should see a shrink.
You should, you know, somebody
to give you some meds,
get the edge off,
help you get through the day.
No, I don't believe in that.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
Look, I'm gonna do you a big favor.
I'm gonna give you my shrink
'cause he's good,
a little out there,
but he's good, okay?
You're gonna love him,
and you're gonna thank me.
You got this one.
See my shrink!
You need a new shrink!
I'm fine!
Thanks for helping out, Rose.
I've been so busy planning
the ceremony, I'm just...
l feel overwhelmed.
No problem, hon.
I thought
all this technology
was supposed to make
our lives easier.
I'm telling you, if you ask me,
the machines we have now
actually make our lives
harder to manage.
- Is this right?
- No, you doofus, it's B!
Hey, don't call
your brother a "doofus."
I mean, the computers,
the Internet...
and that thing.
Don't even get me
started on cell phones.
I got it, C.
You're right.
lam a doofus.
Is everything alright?
Oh, I'm sure it is.
Why didn't you give
the financial report to Julia?
I guess...
I told myself
I didn't want her to know
we're in default
with the banks,
that I was up to
my eyeballs in debt.
I was just trying to
keep my head above water.
But maybe the real reason?
I just wanted to be around her
as long as I could.
And that's why you lied to your wife
about who you were with?
Well, this is a good start.
Yeah, from the looks
of these reports,
everything seems
to be in order.
And you know the BVCA
recognizes the increased
and growing need
for corporate security,
which is why your company
is intriguing to us.
I'm in the business of
keeping people's secrets hidden.
I guess as the world gets bigger
and more complicated,
so do their secrets.
You know, my dad left
when I was a little girl,
and I don't remember
much about him.
That must have been hard...
Growing up without him.
A girl accepts
whatever the world
puts in front of her
without question.
I don't trust men
as a result.
I'm afraid to get close
to them in fear that
they will leave.
You're single?
I mean, I'm just...
I just assumed a woman
like you would,
be in a relationship.
I suppose I haven't met
the right man yet.
I want to know what
you are thinking right now.
Excuse me?
Let me guess.
You think these reports could
fool a young girl from Brazil?
I thought you just said
that the reports were in order.
- I'm kidding.
- Oh.
I'm kidding.
- Well, that's not funny.
- I'm kidding.
But they tell me
what you've done,
and I want to know
where you're going.
I want to know
what is not in the reports.
I want to know your secrets,
Paul Tyson.
I want to...
know what you are hiding.
Beth, honey, can you get that,
pretty please?
Hey, you still at home?
I called you over an hour ago.
- You're missing the game.
- Oh!
I must have
fallen back asleep.
Sorry, I was at the office
all night with Julia.
Honey, I can't hear.
Hold on.
What? Who's Julia?
She's the liaison from Brazil.
I thought I told you about her.
Oh yeah, you did.
You just never mentioned
she was a woman.
Didn't I?
No. Alright,
I'll see you soon, okay?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine, fine.
What's that all about?
You know, l thought
you might not have
been up for date night
Are you kidding?
Come on.
Oh, sorry.
Well, maybe we can
make it an earlier night.
Are you sure
every-thing's okay?
Yeah, every-thing's fine,
Beth, really.
You know, Matt said that you
missed men's Bible study again.
A lot going on
at work is all.
I'm just gonna
go ahead and say it.
It just, it seems like you've
been so busy at work lately
that you don't even answer
my phone calls anymore.
I'm sorry I missed
the soccer game.
It's just a game.
I've got a lot
going on at work.
You wouldn't understand.
So what do you hear
from Liz and David?
Liz has just basically
I'm so disappointed in David.
None of us can begin to
trust ourselves apart from God.
Isn't that what Pastor said?
Infidelity is
an outside threat, Beth.
It's like a common burglar.
A man should be able
to protect his family.
Jericho status report.
What's the rush?
Julia wants it.
I'm supposed to
meet her at noon.
I thought this was
for your eyes only.
There are things in here we may not
be ready to share with the outside.
I'll get there early,
and I'll proof it.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
I'm meeting someone here
in about an hour or so.
I'll order then?
Thank you. Appreciate it.
You're early.
I respect a man
that's punctual.
Shows his attention
to detail.
I brought the R&D reports,
the projection analysis based
on the Project Jericho roll out.
I'm sure Tycor
has a very bright future.
Well, I have
worked very hard
to keep that company
in the forefront.
To think that you've
managed all of this
while raising a family
and being a devoted husband,
well, I've yet
to meet a man like you.
Thank you.
It's true, too many successful
men ignore their families,
and somehow
you found the balance.
Well, my wife...
Doesn't appreciate
everything that you do
to keep the machine running?
I mean, a guy can't go to
every soccer game, right?
I know exactly
what you mean.
Ooh, wow!
Can I be honest with you?
I'm not sure
if this report is accurate.
I haven't had
a chance to proofread it.
It's okay, Paul.
It's okay.
I know that you
are a very busy man.
Off the record here?
Of course.
Every friendship is
founded on trust, no?
I'm not sure that
Project Jericho is really ready.
Paul, may I admit something
to you, as you say,
off the record?
Oh, no!
It's alright, sorry,
I just... I'm sorry.
I wasn't paying attention
to what I was doing.
I just...
I'm sorry,
I spilled everything, and I...
Sit, please.
This is so embarrassing.
I'm sorry.
I brought the R&D reports,
the projection analysis based on...
Oh, whoo!
Ay, well, something tells me
that we are not going to be
getting much work done today,
so I do have to wrap this up,
and I'm afraid that I have to
be in Brazil by next week, so...
Why so soon?
Because it's home.
Of course, it's home.
Of course, yeah.
I'm gonna print out
another one of these for you.
Let me know.
I will.
I'd like to make
an appointment.
Mr. Tyson.
Dr. Howell, thanks for
seeing me at the last minute.
Well, we had a last-minute
You're lucky.
My last client of the night.
Thank you.
So you say here that you're
having feelings of anxiety.
What medications are you
currently taking?
None, I don't take any.
Well, then you've
come to the right place.
No, no,
I'm not here for that.
I need help.
For the last week or so
I've had difficulty...
How do I say this?
I have this issue
with my company,
but I've been so distracted
by this...
this other thing, yeah,
that I just haven't been able to
take care
of the work at hand.
Other thing?
I'm attracted to a woman
that I work with,
and I'm married.
Now I see.
So, how long have you
been having an affair?
Oh, no, it's not like that.
I don't even think she knows
that I think about her.
So, what you're saying is
that you haven't physically
consummated your attraction
to her in any way?
No, it's not like that.
Well, perhaps you've
shared videos, photographs,
and texts with provocative
No, like I said,
I think that she assumes
this is strictly
a business relationship.
Well, that's what it sounds
like to me, Mr. Tyson.
The feelings of
attraction to women is normal,
if not downright healthy.
I can't stop
thinking about her.
It's interfering
with my job
and my marriage.
I'm supposed to be renewing
my wedding vows in a few days.
Once again, you cannot control
your more base desires.
I mean, if every married man
that dreamt of sleeping
with another woman
sought my counsel,
I'd be a very rich
doctor indeed.
- The Bible says...
- Oh.
The Bible, oh, I see,
religious guilt,
not as profitable as fantasy,
but it's kept me
in good shape.
Paul, listen to me carefully.
You need to understand
the feelings that you're having
are no way a threat to your
relationship with your wife.
As a matter of fact,
if your wife had the right
attitude about the whole thing,
she could find it
actually enhance it.
I don't see myself
being able to convince her
of that anytime soon.
I bet the emotional
excitement you get
from flirting with this woman
just brings more vitality
and passion to your marriage.
You just mentioned you want
to renew your wedding vows.
Well, that kind of energy
is a renewal in and of itself.
So I'm not doing
anything wrong?
Wrong is not a word we like
to use in my profession.
You think for the time being
there is no wrong.
There is no wrong.
There is no wrong.
There is no wrong.
- Oh, good morning, Brenda.
- Good morning.
James is waiting for you
in your office.
Just the man I wanna see!
Ok, here's what I need.
I need a half an hour.
No interruptions,
no matter what.
And I also need another copy
of the Jericho report.
Okay, so the bank called again
about your car payment.
- What do you want me to do?
- I'll fix it, no worries.
- Paul, we need to talk.
- Yes, we do.
I heard from the bank
this morning.
Of course you did.
Were you able
to buy us some time?
- Yes, 5 days.
- That's good.
But that was 4 days ago.
Time's up, Paul.
If you've got
something up your sleeve,
now is the time
to pull it out.
We're gonna roll out
Project Jericho.
It isn't ready.
I just talked to Matt...
It's ready enough!
I'm gonna make
the announcement
at the next projections
meeting for the BVCA.
What projections meeting?
The one we're having
Monday morning.
Paul, if the BVCA
invests in Tycor
because you've intentionally
misrepresented yourself,
both they and the bank
can bring legal action.
You think you have problems now?
We're talking the SOC and the FBI.
Add to it that
every employee here
could be considered
an accomplice and face jail time.
It was a fluke.
This JOS character
just got lucky.
- Paul, this is a bad idea!
- James.
I'm the captain
of my own ship!
Paul, they're taking
your car away!
- What? Who is?
- The bank. They're repossessing it.
Why didn't you get me?!
You asked not to be disturbed,
and they just came,
and now they're towing it.
How long will it take you to put
together a full demo of Jericho?
- I take it it didn't go too well.
- How long?
Well, I mean, I'd have to
get all the data put together
on 3D histograms.
- If you want any kind of animation...
- Monday morning?
What happened?
Don't ask.
She's gonna leave
if I don't do something.
- Are you alright?
- Yes, I'm fine.
I'm just saying,
just be careful.
Hey, he used some variation
of a Trojan Horse
to bypass security protocol.
That's how he bypassed
security protocol.
What are you talking about?
- JOS620.
- Yeah?
He got in
through the back door.
Well, can we close it?
I'd really like to know
who left the door open.
The security breach
is on the inside?
Isn't it always?
I hope not.
Can I borrow your car?
I'm here to see Mrs. Santos.
- Would you mind dialing her up?
- No problem. One moment.
Thank you.
Sir, there she goes
right there.
David, how ya doing?
What are you doing here?
I've been staying here
since Liz and I split, you know,
until I can get my feet
on the ground and find my own place.
Yeah, I heard about that.
We saw you guys at church.
It came as a total shock
to Beth and I.
Me too.
Look, I know this
is none of my business,
but how did you
let this happen?
- Me?
- Yeah, your affair.
I didn't have an affair.
She did.
Yeah, she...
She fell in love with
some guy she met on the Internet.
I'm sorry, we just assumed...
- That it was the man.
- Yeah.
Yeah, not this time.
Can I buy you
a cup of coffee?
Actually, women
are more susceptible
to this kind of thing
than men are.
I know it sounds odd,
but they call it emotional adultery.
I'm not following.
It's the Internet age, man.
Where have you been?
Happily married.
So was I.
So was I.
It usually goes this way.
Maybe a woman is
unhappy in her marriage.
Maybe she's bored.
Maybe she's just going through
some kind of a mid-life crisis.
The point is there doesn't
necessarily have to be
anything wrong in her life.
The next thing you know
she starts talking to
somebody in her Zumba class,
or it could be a co-worker
in the next cubicle over.
It could be just
somebody she sees
at a school bus stop
every morning.
It can happen anywhere,
What could happen?
She met somebody
on an Internet chat room
intended for people
interested in investing
in the stock market.
- Liz?
- Yeah.
Come on, how did it happen?
They start off as friends,
you know?
At least that's how Liz told me
that it happened with her.
Next thing you know, they're
talking about common interests.
That leads to more personal
discussions about, you name it,
intimate struggles,
doubts, feelings, fears,
the kinda things
that should be intended
exclusively for
a marriage relationship.
When did they actually meet?
I don't even think
that they have in person.
The guy lives in Wyoming.
But how's it an affair?
She thinks, she...
that she's gonna have
a future with this guy,
one brighter than
the one she has with...
with me.
Hang on.
I guess I'm gonna have to
run back to the office.
You know what
the scary thing is?
Is that...
I had a good marriage.
Imagine what would happen
if someone's in a bad marriage.
Sorry I'm late.
What's up?
You've got company.
She's here?
Tycor, here to
keep your secrets.
Hi, Beth!
Don't look so disappointed.
Come on, don't be silly.
I'm just... I'm surprised.
- Surprised?
- Yeah.
Lunch today at that
new place on Tucker Street?
I'm so sorry.
Iran into David
at his hotel,
and I spent the better part
of the day talking to him.
How is he?
He's holding on.
I found the bills, Paul.
Were you ever
planning on telling me?
I'm sorry, honey.
I just didn't want you to worry.
I will fix it.
Hey, Beth.
What a pleasant surprise.
Hello, Ryan.
I see you two are busy,
so I'll just leave you two to it.
Wait, honey.
Look, I'm sorry.
Let me make it
up to you, okay?
I will, promise.
It's fine.
Good bye, Ryan.
Bye, Beth.
Did I interrupt?
No, no, every-thing's fine.
So what's going on?
You tell me.
Looks like we're closing
on Jericho Monday morning.
Big day for Tycor.
That means you found JOS.
Well, not exactly, but Matt thinks
he's got everything figured out.
It's gonna be fine.
The BVCA is gonna want it,
and in less than 24 hours
I'm gonna be at the bank
with a commitment letter.
That's what I'm talking about.
The crops are saved.
The crops are saved.
Oh, Monday on the rollout,
I wanna make sure I don't miss it.
When and where?
That's top secret, Ryan.
You know that.
Okay, whatever,
send me a doughnut.
Hey, Matt.
Oh, a visit from
the head of marketing.
- To what do we owe this honor?
- I hear you solved the JOS620 issue.
No, I mean, not entirely.
I found a hole in the security
protocol and closed it,
but hopefully
there aren't any more.
A hole, huh?
Alright, well,
I just wanna make sure
we're definitely on
for Monday morning.
Yeah, we're good to go.
Alright, thanks.
Oh, and what time
is the rollout?
I got a press release
I gotta put together.
That's on a
need-to-know basis.
I mean, you're gonna
have to ask Paul.
I know, but he's been
acting a little funny lately.
Between you and me, I think
there's issues going on at home.
I walked in on him and Beth, and
it was like World War Ill in there.
Yeah, I was
worried about that.
So, considering all
that he's got going on,
I don't wanna bother the guy.
Come on, hook a brother up.
Alright, 9:38 a.m.,
but you didn't hear it from me.
Got it.
Thanks, Buddy.
Paul, are you about done?
I have to pick up
flowers for service early.
We'll just meet you there, okay?
Okay, I'll see you
in a little bit.
What is faithfulness?
The world has one definition.
God has another.
This can be a problem when
it comes to marital fidelity.
We try to rationalize
what faithfulness is.
Jesus made
a powerful statement.
He said if you look on
a woman with lust in your heart,
you've already
committed adultery.
You see, we try to rationalize
with thoughts like,
"Well, it's okay.
Everybody's doing it,"
and, "It's okay as long
as you don't get caught."
When we innocently facilitate
arrangements, for instance,
to be with people
of the opposite sex
who are not our spouse
and we put it under the guise of
a business meeting, that's sin.
We're headed
in the wrong direction.
When we rationalize our thoughts
about another person,
we're diluting ourselves.
If we find ourselves fantasizing
or manipulating events,
it's time to make
a very fast U-turn.
See, that same mind
that leads us down the road of sin
can lead us back to God
and our spouse.
We need to daydream
about our spouse.
We need to remember
our wedding vows.
We need to ask ourselves,
is there something
that we can do today, this week,
right now to remind our spouse
of the intimate relationship
that we were called
to have together?
We need to daydream about
what attracted us to our spouse
in the first place.
See, God tells us specifically
about how to think.
He says, "Finally, brothers,
whatever is true,
whatever is noble,
whatever is right,
whatever is pure
and lovely and admirable,
if there's anything
excellent or praiseworthy,
think about such things."
What are they doing here?
The bank has a lot at stake.
I hope you know
what you're doing.
Me too.
I'd like to thank you
all for being here.
Today marks a threshold
in information technology.
No longer will companies,
governments, individuals
need to fear for the safety
and the protection of their data.
Now, in exactly 10 seconds
Project Jericho will go live.
After we demonstrate
its effectiveness,
it will be for sale.
Okay, we obviously
have a minor glitch.
Do something right away.
Thank you.
there is a mistake.
Don't leave.
Julia, please!
Please, don't go!
Julia, please.
Please, I can explain everything.
No, Paul, there's no time.
You're just like
all the other men.
No, I'm not.
I'm not. I'm not!
- Time's up!
- Julia, please don't go!
Julia, please don't go.
Julia, please don't go.
Paul, Paul.
Paul, wake up!
Who is Julia?
You were calling
her name in your sleep.
- Is that the woman from Brazil
- No!
That you've been spending
-so much time with?
- No!
Yes, her name is Julia,
but nothing is going on.
Why were you
at David's hotel?
- Beth, please don't overreact.
- And why do you have all those
-pictures of her on your cell phone?
- Will you please let me explain?
No, Paul! I've been asking you
to explain for weeks now!
I never touched the woman.
It doesn't make that much
of a difference, Paul!
Don't you see that?
You need to get
your priorities straight.
You need to figure out what's going
on between you and this woman.
You need to figure out
what you want, Paul!
What do you want?
Julia, just not...
Seriously? Julia?
Let me do something.
You wanna do something?
Go talk to somebody,
and in the meantime
you're gonna stay at a hotel
until you can figure this thing out!
You're either in this marriage,
Paul, or you're not!
I think I'm just
overthinking this.
I mean, he said nothing happened
between the two of them,
and the strangest thing is
that I actually believe him.
Beth, please,
don't kid yourself.
From what you've told me
this sounds like...
It sounds like infidelity.
The experts might have
a fancy word for it now,
but where I come from, they call it
unfaithfulness of the heart.
But men are
gonna be men, right?
I just...
I feel like I'm making
too big of a deal of this.
It's probably
just harmless flirtation.
You know, that's what's
wrong with our generation now.
One of the biggest things
in the way of marital fidelity
these days is rationalization.
I mean, there's
more to honesty
than, "It's okay as long
as you don't get caught,"
or, "It's not that bad.
Everybody's doing it."
Listen, Satan loses
a major battle
when we stop asking what's
wrong with certain choices
but instead we start asking
what's right with them.
What do I do?
Trust the Lord.
He is faithful.
Excuse me, could you ring up
Ms. Santos' room, please?
Certainly, sir.
Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
It appears Ms. Santos
has checked out of the hotel.
No, that's not possible.
She would have told me
she was leaving.
Maybe she checked in
to another hotel?
Did she take
her luggage with her?
I'm afraid I can't reveal
that kind of personal...
Did she take
her luggage with her?
I'm sorry.
I'm afraid I can't reveal
that kind of personal information.
Come on, please.
Oh, look.
It appears the hotel shuttle
brought her to the airport
early this morning.
Thank you.
- Julia?
- The bank is here, Paul!
I've been trying
to get a hold of you.
They've got a court order saying
we need to vacate the premises.
Where are you?
Okay, Brenda, I will take care
of everything.
Just put Ryan on the phone.
I don't know where Ryan is.
People are jumping ship, Paul,
and James is in his office right now
-with the FBI or SOC!
-Look, I will fix this!
Just one second.
You'd better stop it!
Now earlier another CEO,
Frank Devlin, from SYS-Tek,
which, of course, is a giant
in the field
of information security,
he suddenly unleashed
a whole barrage of...
Guys, hush!
I can't hear!
Cooper, you and your sister,
go outside and play!
We've got a couple of clips
of that we wanna show you,
and then we'll talk about it
when we come back. Watch this.
- Hello?
- Beth, is that you? It's Matt.
I really need to speak to your
husband. Do you know where he is?
Is Paul in trouble?
It's not over yet.
One thing Paul knew
how to do is lock it down.
I don't understand.
What's going on?
Just find Paul.
Tell him I found JOS620.
- Paul?
- David, hey, thanks for coming.
- I really appreciate it.
- Yeah, man. You alright?
No, I'm good.
Everything's good.
I just, I was thinking
about Liz, you know and...
her thing.
Her affair?
Yeah, I mean,
that's just silly.
Why is it an affair?
What have you done?
I haven't done anything.
Well, who is she?
She works for...
She represents a company
I've been doing business with,
and I need them.
I could lose everything.
I need her.
Does Beth know?
Look, l wasn't looking
for anything, okay?
I didn't mean for
any of this to happen.
I have a happy marriage.
You know what happens
when you play with fire?
There's a reason why Jesus said,
"if you even look at a woman..."
Nobody takes
that seriously.
You think Jesus just
liked to hear himself talk?
Think it's meant
to just be good advice?
It's a warning, Paul.
You really wanna
leave Beth like me?
It's complicated.
Not really.
You're either in
or you're out.
Yeah, that's what she said.
I haven't done
anything wrong.
I know what I'm doing.
Do you?
Do you?
You think I'm insane,
don't you?
Not at all.
I mean, your situation is
more common than you might think,
but you haven't told me
why you come to Brazil.
I gotta get to the BVCA
before Julia gives her report.
I gotta convince them
I'm a safe bet.
Shouldn't you be at home taking
care of your wife and kids?
If I can straighten this
out in Brazil,
the rest will
take care of itself.
I see.
I'll tell you what,
my friend,
you should come
to the church tonight
when we land
at Rio de Janeiro.
Do you have
something that I...
Like a card,
like a business card,
something that I can
write down the address?
Can you just
write on the back of that?
You're gonna love it.
I mean,
the music is great,
and the company's even better.
- Maybe.
- Come on, man, please.
Allow me to introduce you
to some of the Brazilian
Christian hospitality.
We'll see.
Where are you going, mister?
I'm sorry, English.
- G Gringo?
- Yes.
Where you going, sir?
Sir, where you going?
Oh, Lord, I just give you
this whole situation.
I give you my husband.
I give you my marriage.
Father, do a miracle.
Strengthen me
to walk by faith.
Give Paul wisdom.
Help him to go
the right way, Father.
I trust that you'll
do this, Father.
I know you will.
Make our marriage stronger
than it's ever been before.
I thank you, Father.
In Jesus' name I pray.
There is no wrong.
You're either in it,
or you're not.
I have yet to meet
a man like you.
Sometimes God tests us,
but the choice is ours.
Will we choose to obey him?
I'm sorry.
Here we are, sir.
- American money okay?
- Yes.
Thank you.
- Have a good night.
- Good luck.
Please forgive me.
I choose you, Lord.
I choose you.
Please give me the strength
to be the man
you want me to be.
it's me.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
In fact, I've never been
better in my whole life.
I love you, Beth.
I love you, too.
I'll see you soon?
I wanna thank you
for seeing me.
I originally
came here to explain,
to ask for another chance,
to beg for another chance,
but I think what I really
must do here is just apologize.
I promised full
and yet I concealed
damaging information.
I lied about the progress
of our flagship product,
and I allowed myself to become
distracted by Ms. Santos,
to the point where I ignored my
responsibilities to my company,
to my wife, and my family.
Are you saying Julia Santos
acted inappropriately?
No, no, not at all.
The problem...
The problem was all mine,
and I apologize,
and I ask
for your forgiveness.
Thank you for your time.
I heard what you did,
and I would like to thank you
for your honesty.
I would like to offer you
my personal services
as a tour guide
if you'd like.
Thank you, Julia, but...
I need to get home
to my family.
Hope you can understand that.
She's a lucky woman, Paul.
I'm the lucky one.
I wanna see a different me
I wanna change my dream
I wanna feel again
Like it's supposed to be
I wanna change my mind
I wanna fix my heart
Open up my window
Just to scare off the dark
Who cares?
When the romance is gone
Removed it from my song
Touch my lips with a kiss
The Great Wall of China
is 2500 miles long,
too tall to climb,
too thick to knock down,
too long to go around,
and yet China
was invaded 3 times,
3 times in the first 100 years
of the Wall's existence.
H ow?
Their enemies bribed a guard,
and they simply walked on
through an open gate.
They spent so much effort
in the building of the Wall
but not enough in the building
of the character
of the gatekeeper.
I'm the gatekeeper,
and my lack of character
in recent weeks
allowed an enemy in.
I would like you to meet
Well, actually, it's not JOS.
It's Joshua, as in Joshua,
chapter 6, verse 20.
He hacked Jericho.
Yeah, I used a horn...
Actually, it was
supposed to be a clue.
I left a bunch of clues.
In the Bible,
Joshua invaded Jericho
when the surrounding
walls of the city collapsed,
but before that he had help.
He had someone on the inside.
- Rahab.
- Yeah.
Why are you
telling us this, Alex?
Paul, can we get on with it?
This kid is disrupting
our meeting.
I'd like to hear what
he has to say, please.
Go on, Alex.
Well, at first the guy said
that you always invite hackers
to test the system
and I'd be
helping you guys out,
but after a while I figured
something was wrong.
Okay, so, are you telling me
that someone in my own company
hacked our own system?
I don't know.
We never met.
I only talked to him
over the phone.
Paul, honestly,
this is ridiculous.
We are wasting
these people's time.
Go on.
What does this prove?
It proves nothing!
My ringer was left on?
Get off me!
Let go!
I should've seen it.
I should've done my job,
but I was distracted.
For that I'm sorry.
Sometimes the greatest
enemy to combat
is the one within.
No fortress,
no lock, no wall
can keep you from yourself.
I'm sorry to all of you.
Again, I apologize.
I will do better
in the future.
Alex, thank you.
I appreciate you being here.
Why'd he do it?
He was working with SYS-Tek.
They paid him a lot of money
to convince us
that Jericho didn't work,
so we'd abandon it.
After that, he was probably
gonna sell it to them.
Matt, you wanna tell him?
Well, my friend,
I don't know what you did,
but you made quite
an impression over in Brazil.
What are you talking about?
The BVCA wants to
give us another shot.
No way.
- Yeah, and our wonder boy, Alex...
- Yeah?
Apparently, he's figuring out
the missing element to our system.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Oh, this is gonna be amazing.
Operator, I'd like to
place an overseas call, please,
to Rio de Janeiro.
That's right.
We gather here today
to celebrate the love
that Paul and Beth
share together
as they renew their vows
before God.
I'm sorry, can you hang on?
Marcos, come here.
Come here.
Come here! Hurry up.
- I couldn't miss it.
- Thank you so much for being here.
Hey everybody,
this is Pastor Marcos,
a very good friend of mine.
He came all the way from Brazil
to be here with us today.
It means so much to me.
I'll explain it to you later.
Thank you for being here.
I appreciate it.
When two people renew
their vows before the Lord,
it's a holy
and a profound moment.
It's profound because of the
day and age in which we live.
Certain things
don't happen often.
These two people right now have
declared before Mighty God
that, first of all,
they made it.
They defied the odds.
Twenty years is a milestone.
My prayer
for each one of you
is that your love would
continue to grow and blossom,
that you'll rely
on God's strength
and the support
of family and friends
and your commitment that you
make towards one another today.
Pastor Marcos, would you
like to say a few words?
I understand you two
have written your own vows
and provided copies
to all those here to read along.
Thank you.
Sweetheart, 20 years ago
I was asked to say, "I do",
and I did.
At our wedding ceremony,
l chose
you to be my wife.
I promised to live with you
according to God's holy Word.
I swore to stand by you
for better or worse,
in sickness and health,
to renounce all others,
and give myself to only you
for all the days
of our lives,
and I did that.
again, I choose you
to be my wife,
and I stand here today
with you
for better or worse,
in sickness and health,
and today and every day
I renounce all others.
I'll give myself to you
and only you,
and every day
that we share by God's grace
I will always promise
to always love,
to always honor,
to always comfort and keep you.
David, I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you, David.
I love you, too, Liz.
I love you, too.
Beth Tyson,
I love you so much.
Will you again
be my wife and say, "I do"?
I did,
I do,
and I always will.
We now pronounce you...
Hold it.
Re-pronounce you
Mr. and Mrs. Tyson.
I tried to find my worth
In things that didn't work
My confidence was broken
I was hopeless
But God,
you have made me new
You've restored my heart
And turned
these ashes into life
Oh God, you have
pulled me through
And everything I was is gone
It washed away for good
I'm a new man in you
I'm trying
to walk as a new man
I want you to show me
who I am in you
When I forget that I'm yours
Now I've found my worth
It is set in stone
and in stone for good
'Cause God,
you have pulled me through
And everything
I was is gone
It washed away for good
I'm a new man in you
Oh God, you have made me new
You've restored my heart
And turned
these ashes into life
Oh God, you have
pulled me through
And everything I was is gone
It washed away for good
And everything I was is gone
It washed away for good
I'm a new man in you