Redeeming The Time (2019) Movie Script

I told you that
you need to get off that phone.
You're always on that
phone, now get to class.
Whoa, whoa, you straight?
- Yeah, man I'm good.
- You're good?
Yeah, I'm good, what's up?
What's up is
your medical bills.
Boy, you know you got
broke up in practice.
Man, here he go.
I know you ain't talking mister,
oh coach I can't see,
the sun in my eyes.
Man that happened
one time, you know me.
Aight, aight, about
two or three times.
Man, get off my back.
Yeah, two or three
times per practice
and we on two-a days.
Whatever man, what up Paul?
Nothin' much much.
Thinkin' about the
game tonight huh?
Not really, man.
I'm not even really
thinkin' about the game.
You ain't thinkin'
about the game?
Man, if we gonna make
it to the playoffs
you gotta be worried about
this game right here.
I mean you're one of
the best players we got.
Man, you should be focused.
Plus, I hear they're gonna have
scouts at the game tonight.
Man, you know Paul ain't
worried about them scouts
when he got a drawer full
of scholarship offers.
Boy you ain't
gon' never be nothing!
This boy has God
given talent he was put
on this earth to play ball.
Yeah you was an accident!
Man he ain't even listening.
Yo Paul, you listening?
Yeah man, I hear y'all.
He probably over there
thinking about Nina.
Speaking of y'all heard
about that party tonight?
Oh yeah I'ma be there.
I'ma see you man.
Aight bro.
What's up with ya boy man?
Man I don't even know.
Class can anybody
conjugate that for me?
Miss Nina.
Can you conjugate
Yes ma'am.
Are you paying attention?
Where's your book?
We're on page 548.
You have to study and read
if you want to do
perfect for those finals.
Are you even listening?
One more remark like that
and you'll be going
straight to detention.
All of my aggression is
taken out on the field.
Pain and hurt, oh I
know how it feels.
Tell me where's this peace,
that they claim is real?
Wish I was a clam, so I
could live in my shell.
I hate life, I hate it.
What's the point of all of this?
They say God is love but
this heart was missed.
Dismissed, off to hell I
think burning is better.
So God if you're real I hope
you're moved by this letter.
Aye Paul!
Yo what up bruh you
seem kinda off today.
Nothing much man I just
been having a lot on my mind.
Like what?
Too much.
A lot that I don't
even feel like
is worth talking
about right now.
You sure?
Well you know what's
going to help you
forget about all that right?
What's that?
That party they're throwing
tonight after the game!
Man I don't know.
You know my people was
tripping on the last party
that I went to.
Naw man see yo
people was tripping
more so on how late you came
in and how messed up you were,
rather than the fact
you went to a party.
How about this?
Go home after the game, wait
until your people's sleep,
shoot me a text and
I'll come scoop you up.
Hey bro!
Hey sis.
What up D?
What up?
Man I don't know.
Come on man it's
our last home game
and your senior
year in high school.
Hold on wait wait don't
tell me you're afraid
of your hypocriting Pastor.
It's not him
I'm worried about.
I just don't want to
disappoint my mama.
Okay I feel you, really.
I see where you're coming from,
but you're forgetting
the best part.
Hey Paul.
Hey Nina.
Are you coming to
my party tonight?
I'm thinking about it.
I'll be there.
So what's there to think about?
I don't know.
Well it'll make my
night better if you came.
We'll see.
For reasons I don't understand
you're attracted to her,
and y'all been locking eyes
ever since like freshman year
so you might as well make
the relationship official
tonight at the party.
I'ma think about it.
So I'll be waiting
on your text.
Let me get out of here man.
Alright bro.
So I'll see you tonight!
I said I'll think about it.
Hey ma!
Boy you better say something
before you walk in this house.
About to give me a heart attack.
Hey mom.
Hey baby.
So how was school today?
School was school.
That's it?
What'd you learn?
I learned how to
fail a chemistry test.
Fail Tatiyanna?
Not failed failed but I just
don't think I did that well.
You know she don't like me.
Always the teacher's fault.
Mm hmm.
Now you know I taught
you better than that.
I'm just playing mama.
But you look pretty today.
Thank you!
And I like that
make up on you.
It's Friday gotta
be ready for the game.
You plan on
wearing that all day?
Nina just re-did it.
But you know that make-up
is a little bit too dark
for your daddy.
You're gonna have
to take that off.
She just re-did it!
I'm sorry Tatiana
it's okay for me
but you know how your daddy is.
Go take that make-up off.
So Paul.
Yes mam.
How excited are you right now?
Over joyed.
All right, all right.
I know you've been
thinking about college
because I've been
thinking about it too.
Awe yes mam.
It's been on my mind.
So have you made
any decisions?
Not really I haven't came
to a sure decision yet.
I'm still undecided.
Okay, well there's
nothing wrong with that.
But you know I've been praying.
Oh yes, of course.
That God will lead and
guide you in the right path.
Yes mam.
And you know which
one that is right?
Yes ma'am I know I know.
Well I'ma be there, I'm going
to make sure I support you.
I'm your number one fan
you know that right?
Oh of course!
Hey are you and dad, y'all
coming to the game tonight?
I'ma have to call
your daddy and see.
Hey Adrian I'm not
going to keep you long
I know you're at
work and pretty busy.
But Paul has a game.
Do you think you'll be
able to make it tonight?
Woman I've been up since
3 o'clock this morning
I'm not going to no game.
You know that!
I understand.
He's not going to
be able to make it.
Yeah you're right I'm not
going to be able to make it!
I'm out here working
a 14 hour shift.
It seem like I'm the
only one worried about
putting the food in the
house, that you keep burning!
So no I ain't going to no
game that's out the question.
I know that Adrian.
Okay so if you know it
what you calling me for?
I just thought we should spend
some quality time as a family.
Quality time.
I think it would
be a good idea
if we just support
Paul as a family.
Is that so much to ask?
I'll tell you what I'm
going to support Paul
like you supported
me my senior year.
You remember when you
popped up and got pregnant?
Now you wanna go
and bring that up?
No you brought up.
You the one started
talking about support.
Now I'm talking about
my lack of support.
You know what if it
wouldn't have been for you
I would've been in the pros.
Adrian we never do anything
together as a family.
I just thought maybe we could
have that time together.
Here you go again
talking about time Leah.
I tell you what since you got
so much time on your hands
how about you go spend some
time in front of the TV
and watch one of
them cooking channels
so maybe they can show you
something about cooking.
Leah better yet just go
down to one of those gyms
and spend some time with them
since you then let yourself go
since we got married.
You got so much
time on your hands.
You know what Adrian?
I'm sorry I should've
never brought it up.
You being sorry is the
smartest thing you said all day.
Clean yourself up!
Go fix your hair Leah
look nice for a change!
I'll tell you what I'm
going to support Paul
like you supported
me my senior year.
You remember when you
popped up and got pregnant?
It seem like I'm
the only one worried
about putting the food in the
house, that you keep burning!
No you brought up.
You the one started
talking about support.
Now I'm talking about
my lack of support.
You know what if it
wouldn't have been for you
I would've been in the pros.
You being sorry is the smartest
thing you said all day!
I'm trying!
This is just too hard!
I can't take this anymore.
It would be Nina to rent out
one of the biggest
spots in the city!
Yeah she went all
out with this one!
I know it's the perfect
way to celebrate a win!
See man what I told you.
You had fun didn't you?
Yeah man I had
a real good time.
Thanks for the ride though.
No problem.
You know son.
When I was yo age I
learned that you couldn't
go back through a window that's
been locked from the inside.
And if you would've tried to
go back through that window.
You would've noticed
that I locked it.
Then, you wouldn't of
came through my front door
with that dumb
smile on your face.
Where you been?
Boy I said where you been?
I went to a party!
So I guess you ain't
learn from the last time
you just went to a party.
You think I'ma keep letting
you go out and come in my house
at three o'clock in the morning
and I ain't gon' to
tell you nothing?
Look I'm just trying
to enjoy my time here
before I go off to college!
What you said?
Before you go off to college?
We then already had
this conversation Paul.
You're not going off to college!
You're going to school in this
city to get your education!
You're already going out
partying you think I'm let you go
out of state and waste
my money partying?
I wouldn't be
wasting your money!
I got full ride scholarships
and you know that!
And besides don't you think
that should be my choice?
I mean it is my future!
But guess what?
I'm still your father, that
means I still got the final say
so you understand?
And for one, I'm not going
to have you disrespect me
in my house boy
so watch your tone
when you're talking to me.
I'm not trying to
hear this tonight.
Boy you gon' hear
everything I gotta tell you
don't you ever walk off when
I'm trying to talk to you.
Go sit down.
Boy I said go sit down!
I'm trying to be
patient with you Paul.
I really am man.
But you about to push me to
that level and I don't want
to take it there with
you, you understand me?
You gon' respect
me in my house boy!
Why are y'all always arguing?
I can't never sleep.
Tatiyanna, get back
in your room little girl
'cause right now this
don't even concern you.
Didn't you just preach
a message about love
and peace in the home?
You know we never see that.
You want to see love
and peace in this home?
You gon' rest in peace
if you don't get back
in that room like I told you.
That message anyway was
for my congregation.
So what you're
saying is it's okay
to live one way at church
and another way at home?
Woman, get back in that room!
Adrian these are our kids.
We're suppose to be
an example to them.
Be an example to your
daughter by being submissive
when I said get
back in that room!
Boy get your hands off me!
You thinking you this
big super star athlete!
You getting all kind of praise
from your little partners
and stuff like you're all
that but you're really not!
You understand?
I've been in that same
little spot you're in!
I've been in them shoes boy!
17 years old on my
way to the pros!
But I made one to the
dumbest mistakes of my life
and you remind me of that
every time I look at you!
You understand?
It's not even about that!
It's about the respect and
honor that you preach about!
Pastor Adrian!
That's right boy
I'm your Pastor!
Mmm hmm hypocrite.
Yes, hypocrite.
I'm tired of your
mouth little girl!
Boy this my last time telling
you not to put your hands
on me, you understand?
Don't you ever put your
hands on me again boy!
Woman didn't I just tell you
to get back in that room?
- Shut up!
- Mama?
- Put that gun.
- I said shut up!
- Mama what are you doing?
- Paul move!
- Mama no please.
- I said move!
Leah put that...
You don't know how hard
it is to live with someone
who's so controlling!
I'm so sick of this!
You don't know how hard
I've cried every night!
I can't keep nothing down!
My weight is up and down!
My hair is falling out!
I just can't take this anymore!
Leah okay.
Do you Adrian Vincent
take Leah Morris
to be your beloved wife?
To have and to hold from
this day forward for better
for worse for richer for poorer,
in sickness and in health
to love honor and cherish
for as long as you
both shall live?
Yeah I do.
Do you Leah Morris
take Adrian Vincent
to be your beloved husband?
To have and to hold
from this day forward
for better for worse
for richer or poorer,
in sickness and in health
to love honor and cherish
for as long as you
both shall live?
I do.
Don't do this
to us mama please!
911 what's your emergency?
Please oh my God please!
Ma'am, calm down
what's your emergency?
Ma'am please calm down
what's your emergency?
God my mama just shot herself
I don't know what to do!
Okay is she still with us?
I don't know but
there's blood everywhere!
Ma'am please go check and
see if she's still breathing.
I can't, I can't!
Please just hurry, please!
Okay what's your address?
2014 Alamo Street please!
I have an ambulance,
I have a rescue
and police officers in route.
I need you to stay on the line
with me and try to stay calm.
Why mama, why?
God how could I have
been so blind God?
Why didn't show me that?
Why didn't you show me
this was on her mind God?
God no Lord no God, Leah!
Leah please baby!
Back up this is
all your fault!
I know I'm so, Lord I
know I'm sorry I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
God, how can I go on?
She was all I had!
She was my strength!
She was my encouragement!
She was the one
that I talked to!
I'm all alone now!
I'm all alone.
Well Mr. Vincent, due
to the extensive damage
on her head and face an open
casket really isn't an option.
However, you may proceed
with a closed casket.
I don't think I
want to use a casket.
I feel as though, people should
remember Leah as she was.
Maybe we can get some
of her best photos
and put them out on an easel
with some flowers all around.
You know, just, more
of her personality.
And about the program.
I want to make sure
I have everything correct.
Leah, is that
short for anything?
Mr. Vincent, is that
short for anything?
You gotta show me that.
You gotta show me that.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Say red don't I know you?
It's Leah.
I'm saying I know, I know you.
Vincent, I know.
We have algebra together.
Right. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.
But you ain't gotta to
be that formal with me.
They call me Vinny or you
can call me the great one.
- The great one?
- The great.
Do you hear this?
I'm definitely not
calling you that.
Okay, it's funny?
What ya mama call ya?
I don't really see what
my mama got to do with this
but she call me lil boy.
Lil boy?
You know, get out
my face lil boy.
You getting on my
nerves lil boy.
That's funny?
So Leah what's that
short for Ah-leah?
Is that short for anything?
No just Leah.
Mr. Vincent.
Is that short for anything?
No, just Leah.
Okay and since you're
opting out of the casket.
Are you considering cremation?
I think cremation
would be best.
So the abuse never ends huh?
Paul what are
you talking about?
You preach one way,
you live another,
you abuse your family.
You killed my mama and now
you plan on burning her!
What else you plan
on taking from me?
Taking from you?
Paul you think you the
only one hurting right now?
Boy I've lost just
as much as you have!
Shut up!
Everybody just shut up!
You didn't lose nothing.
You threw everything away!
Maybe you should come
back at another time.
Yes sir!
Everything was
laid out so nice.
Did you see those flowers?
Girl yeah they were
gorgeous I don't know why
they left them at the church
I was going to ask him
for that purple one.
Girl you silly.
Hey girl!
I thought you had to work today.
I did, but I cancelled,
I had to be here.
Well I'm glad
you could make it.
Mary this is Monique.
Hi Mary.
Hey nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Leah's sister in law.
Do you go to church with them?
Anyway, did y'all
see how Pastor Adrian
broke down during that eulogy?
Yes, you could just
see the pain in his eyes.
Girl that was guilt.
What you mean?
Come on now y'all.
Everything was not all holy
and righteous like
people thought.
Here she goes.
I'm serious, Leah use to
call me all the time crying.
Telling me stuff that was going
on. Y'all just don't know.
I know the Vincent's and
they wouldn't act that way.
You said the keyword
right there boo. Act.
That's all they ever
do is put on a show.
I'm telling you.
I don't know.
I know this.
She sure wouldn't
have killed herself
if everything was going good.
Something had to have
been going wrong.
Well I don't know, and
I don't want to know.
And I know too much.
Do you mind if I sit with you?
What's on your mind?
Just thinking about her.
I've been thinking
about her a lot too.
You know she really loved you.
I know it's a lot going
on with you right now.
It's a lot going
on in your mind.
But I want you to know
that I'm here with you.
And if it's anything you need
I want you to let me know.
Just save it.
It's okay you can talk to me.
I'ma be okay.
Paul is who you really
need to try to talk to.
You're right.
Have you seen him?
He's in the back with Damian.
Listen I'ma go
talk to your brother.
And if you need anything I
want you to let me know, okay?
I love you.
Tatiyanna I love you.
All right I'm gone.
Man I just want to
thank you for coming over.
Awe It's no problem man.
We're boys I wouldn't
leave you hanging.
Especially at a time like this.
Yeah man I feel so empty now.
My mom she was the one
who took me to the side
and had real talks with me.
I would feel nothing but
love coming from her.
Even when she corrected
me about things.
My dad on the other hand.
He always yelled at me.
He spoke at me and not to me.
That's why I've been
able to do so well
on the football field
all these years.
I learned how to
channel my aggression.
Man I can't believe this.
But then again I can.
Man he pushed her
too far this time.
It's crazy though, none
of this seems real.
When you're driving the speed
limit and your sure of it.
You see the police officer
then you are not afraid
but there's still
some reverence.
You still check him out you'll
watch him in your rearview
mirror, even if you were
driving the speed limit.
I'm telling you that because
we are worried about a ticket
that we can pay with money.
But I'm talking about a soul,
that can spend forever
in eternal hell fire.
And a soul that can have a
life where they never die.
The choice is yours to make.
God said you choose
whom you will serve.
God spoke of the earth will
be filled with violence.
This is what's happening today.
He talked about in
the end of time.
How that the mother would
turn against the daughter
and the daughter
against her mother.
The son would rise
up against his father
and the father against the son.
Now today whenever there's
a murder many times
that's unsolved, the prime
suspect is a relative.
The Bible said the time
would come that a man's foes
would be, they of
his own household.
I never would've believed
that I would see that.
But I believed what
God said and I believed
we were in the end of time.
And I prepared myself
based on one occasion
where I would hear of a family
member fighting another.
I said that's what God said.
But now it's common place.
What am I telling you this for?
God as well as he's spoken
these things would happen,
he's also spoken of
a time of judgment.
That we will all stand
before him in that day.
The Bible has told us except
a man be born of water
and spirit that man cannot
see, the kingdom of God.
You will not luck
up and get to heaven
and the devil will tell
you, well I just believe
God's gonna, let me by some how.
I just you know I just
believe things gon' change.
You know I believe well
when that time comes.
He wants you holding back,
he wants you waiting,
he wants you trusting
in a fantasy.
He don't want you getting
up and doing something
and recognizing I see
the police out there
I better get of my gas.
I'm speeding!
I better check my life,
I may be speeding!
Contact us on line, at
Thank you and may God bless you!
Man that's exactly
what I needed!
What's wrong with you?
That man?
The man on the commercial.
Yeah, what about him?
That's my bishop.
What? What you mean?
I grew up at the church
he was preaching at.
When I was young
my dad got saved
and begin to dedicate
himself to the ministry.
After a few years my
mom ended up leaving him
because she felt like
he didn't love her.
But really it was because she
wasn't as dedicated as he was.
A few months after she moved out
she ended up getting
custody of me.
After only going to
service on the weekends
I was with my dad
and not connecting
to the body and the ministry.
I stopped wanting
to go completely.
Before I knew it I
started hanging out
with different groups at school.
And eventually I
started being influenced
rather than being the influence.
So you mean to tell
me after all this time
you had what I needed
and didn't say nothing?
I'm sorry man.
How could I tell you
what you should've
and could've been doing when
I wasn't doing it myself?
You could've at
least said something.
Man all my life
I lived wondering
what the solution
to my problem was.
Wondering if there was people
actually living the truth
and not just quoting it.
I always wondered if I could
actually find truth peace,
and the person who I
thought was my best friend
withheld all the answers
from me and made it seem
like I could find it in the
females, drugs and partying.
I'm sorry man.
Man get out my house.
I said I'm sorry.
I said get out my house.
There you go, there you go.
Lock out, lock out!
So the dynamic
duo then split huh?
Lightweight, Lightweight
So what's gon'
happen to the kids?
Come on man. Lighten up.
I'm just messing with you.
Coach want you man.
Close the door.
Have a seat.
I gotta talk to you
about your grades.
What about 'em?
I just got your
progress report man
and it's not looking good.
I'ma have to sit you down.
Now I talked to one
of your teachers.
She's willing to work with you.
She's willing to help you
and tutor you on the weekend
and after school if need be.
Vincent you hear
me talking to you?
Yeah I hear you!
Well you gon'
get with this lady
about getting your grades up?
I don't know.
What you mean you don't know?
I'm trying to help you out.
I'm trying to help you so
you can continue to play
despite the fact you ain't
even been playing well.
Yeah so I've been a little
bit off my game lately.
But at least I'm trying.
I don't need you to try.
I need you to do it.
Do it like you did
it in the past.
On and off the field.
Look man.
I understand that you're
going through some things.
I understand you
just lost your mom.
No you don't understand!
That's the problem everybody
thinks they understand!
Nobody gets what
I'm going through!
Well why don't you
help me to help you?
Look I don't need your
help or anybody else's help!
I tell you what,
get out my office
you're off the team
until further notice!
Man, whatever.
But he told the believers,
he told the ones
that believed in him.
Now, it's important for
you, to continue in my word!
Not just believe me and go
on about away from my word.
But if you continue in my word.
Then you are my disciple indeed.
And you shall know the truth.
And the truth shall
make you free.
It is only through you
continuing in God's word
that you truly start,
knowing the truth.
This word know does not
just mean you understand
what was spoken.
You can understand what I speak
and still not know the truth.
I can speak this
Bible all day long
and you can believe what it
says but until you continue
in the word and start
to know the truth
how do you know the truth?
We must understand this word
know used in this context.
This word know in this
context really meant
to become intimate with.
It is not the truth that
you hear Bishop preach
that frees you from your old
methods and your old ways.
Because you can walk around here
and say oh yeah he
preached the truth.
But it's only when you
will open up your mind,
your way of life and allow
the truth to take part
of your life and you exercise
it in your everyday doing.
That's the truth that'll
free you from lesbianism.
That's the truth that'll
free you from homosexuality.
That's the truth that'll
free you from whoremonging.
That's the truth that'll
free you from being drunken
or filled with drugs!
When you know the truth the
truth is in your reasoning.
When you reason to do something
and you're tempted
to do something.
The truth is in the
midst of your reasoning
and you are not led
away by how you feel
about doing something.
Oh so and so makes me feel
good but you are lead to do
what the truth of
God's word says
because you'll know the
truth you have opened up
and let it in you.
And that truth starts
to change a man
from one condition to another.
Hey, how you doing?
Good I guess.
Can I help you with anything?
Yeah, I'm looking for
Bishop Wendell Archie.
I saw him on TV today and I
want to ask him a few things.
Okay unfortunately
he's not here right now.
I'm actually about to lock
up and get out here myself
after I do a little
touch up cleaning here.
That's alright I'll just
come back another time.
Okay well look if you
need someone to talk to
I'll be here for about
another 30 minutes or so.
No offense but I
would rather get advice
from somebody that actually
comes to this church,
not the janitor.
Is that right?
Well I don't think
we formally met.
What's your name?
Paul my name is Eathan.
I'm a minister here.
A minister?
Like ordained and everything?
Yeah. The license, the
horn of oil, the whole nine.
I'm sorry I thought
cause of the broom and all.
No need to apologize
I'm not offended. At all.
You wouldn't catch
any of the ministers
at my father's church
sweeping floors.
Well Jesus is our
example and the Bible says
how he made himself
of no reputation.
But took upon himself
the form of a servant
and the thing about it the
way up is down in this life.
You know the Bible lets me know
that they that humble
themselves under the mighty hand
of God he said he'll
exalt them in due time.
See that's one thing I
noticed about the commercials
this church doesn't water
down or over look scriptures
they take them
for what they are.
And when I finally watched
one of his messages.
I knew that everything
that he was saying was true
because he said it like
he truly believed it.
He didn't make it seem like
God didn't mean what he said.
Right and God definitely
means what he says you know.
We don't add to and
we don't take away.
The Bible says man should
not live by bread alone,
but by every word that proceeds
out of the mouth of God.
And we actually believe in
applying those scriptures
to our lives every day.
Well maybe you
can help me then.
Okay maybe I can.
Let's take a seat over here.
All my life, I've been
abused by my father.
Mainly verbally.
But it's been going
on for so long that,
I've developed a hatred for him.
I never really
take it out on him.
I usually take it out
on the football field.
Which has worked out pretty
well for me in the past,
but, man now he's saying
I can't choose what school
I want to go to.
I mean it's so many
different things.
I ended up coming
home late from a party
and when I came home me
and my dad got into it.
One thing lead to another and
before the argument was over
with my mom she ended up,
she ended up killing herself!
I mean I'm I'm at the point
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to think.
At times I begin to think about
committing suicide myself.
But when I seen that commercial
it really did something for me.
It's like everything
he was preaching it was
what I've been searching
for my whole life.
I mean this is my last hope.
Wow, ummm, Look uhh I know,
I know it must be pretty tough
for you and your
family right now.
But I also do know that
God is able to bring us
through the toughest of times.
You know and in this
book called life.
There's a lot of different
chapters and different pressures
that come upon a man.
But the thing about God
he's given man a free will.
That man does what he wants,
in those times of pressure.
So we can't blame God and we
can't charge God foolishly
for things that
some one else does
when the pressure
comes upon them.
And we can't hold
unforgiveness in our heart
towards other people.
Because ultimately it
boils down to you and God.
You know I heard
you mention about
this being your last hope.
You know the Bible says how
God has called us in one hope
of his calling and many times
what God does is he uses
these situations that
we encounter in life
to get us to realize
that he is our only hope.
So why does God
have to draw people
by allowing things
to happen to him?
Well let me ask you this.
If everything was going
right in your life right now.
Would you be here talking to me?
Probably not.
You see many people.
They think they're
all right with God.
So God has to allow
things to happen
to get people to really see
where they put their trust
and where they put
their confidence at
and many people resort to
things that are not like God.
Women resort to men
to take care of them.
Men resort to women
for satisfaction.
Resort to alcohol, resort
to drugs, partying.
A life that does not
include God at all.
He's given us so many different
situations in that Bible.
That teaches us how we
should handle things
that we encounter.
The Bible says how Jesus he
said it was need be that he go.
He said if I don't go, he said
the comforter will not come.
He would give us another
comforter so we wouldn't have
to put our confidence and our
trust and try to find comfort
in things that do
not pertain to God.
Man well what do I have to do?
I mean I'm tired of my life
falling apart like this.
You need the spirit
of God in your life.
What is that?
The Holy Ghost which
is the spirit of God.
It is that comforter that
I'm telling you about.
And what happens when God
gives a man his spirit
he gives that man power
to say no to the things
that he always
wanted to say no to
but never could
really commit to.
It gives that man power
over sin in his life.
It gives that man a
conviction about things
that normally seemed okay.
But what it is the mind of
God it is his personality
that he puts inside of
man and he begins to feel
a conviction about things
that God says I don't like.
Without the spirit of God a
man can't really please God
because he doesn't know how
God really feels about things,
so he'll continue to do things
that he thinks God is okay with.
That God really
is not okay with.
I mean but my dad
told me if I accept
the Lord Jesus Christ
as my personal savior
if I confessed with my
mouth and I truly meant it
in my heart then I was saved
everything would be alright.
Right. But the Bible
goes on to tell us
in Romans chapter 10.
It says with the mouth
confession is made,
but with the heart
man believes onto righteousness.
As far as accepting the
Lord the Bible tells us
that we have to be
accepted of him.
We don't accept the
Lord he approves us.
But with the heart he said
you'll believe onto righteousness
you'll begin to do
something different.
When a man receives
the spirit of God
and begins to walk after
God there's a change
that takes place in his life.
He can't remain the same.
He can't remain around
the same old friends.
He can't remain around
the same influences
because they'll continue
to be an influence.
But when God gets a hold
of him and he begins to do
what's right to God, God becomes
the influence in his life.
Man they really don't teach
this at my dad's church.
And most churches don't
but it doesn't do away
with the fact that
it's still true.
The Bible says let God's word
be true and every man a liar.
So regardless if it's popular
or if it's not popular,
if the world agrees
or disagrees.
It's still true.
Man I'm really glad I came.
Look I'll tell you what.
I want to give you
my information here.
My phone number.
I want to stay in
touch with you.
So feel free to give
me a call anytime.
Okay man thank you I'll
definitely be using this.
I mean I'm starting to
feel better already.
That's how God does.
He knows what you need.
But before you leave here today
I would like to pray with
you if you don't mind.
You know the Bible
says when a man repents,
which means to turn
away from that lifestyle
that he use to living
the sinful life
he's use to chasing after.
What mom and dad may have
taught what sister and brother
or grandfather may
have instilled in you
that was contrary to God.
When you repent God
looks at you and says
I want to fill that man
with the spirit of God.
So today when I pray with
you I want you to repent
and I want you to talk to God
so that God will fill
you with the Holy Ghost.
- Amen?
- Amen.
Remember you just talk
to God and you pray.
Father in the name of Jesus.
God I pray right now God
first and foremost oh God.
God that you would
help this young man
to forgive his father God
. God for you said if we do
not forgive that you will not
forgive us our trespasses God.
God teach him how to mend
the relationship between him
and his father God.
God I pray God that you
would help him to be strong
oh God for his family
at this time oh God.
That they would see your
power operating in him oh God.
That they would begin to
inquire at what this is
that is keeping him strong
in this hour oh God.
God I pray father that you
would give him wisdom God
to counter the influences of
the peer pressures oh God.
The things that he deals
with on the day to day basis
at his school God.
God help him to renounce and
to denounce God the lifestyle
that has kept him
bound for so long God.
To put aside the things oh God
that are keeping him
away from you Father.
God the iniquity that
is in his heart oh God.
The things God the sin in
his heart that is keeping him
away from you God.
God I pray father that
you would help him oh God.
Give him a heart and a
mind God to change oh God.
God help him to be free
today God by filling him
with your power oh God.
Which this is the only way
that a man can be free oh God.
God By receiving
your spirit oh God.
God and I pray today that
you would forgive him
of his sins oh God.
God wash him clean God.
God wash him white as snow as
your word has declared oh God.
God that he may walk
away today a new man God
that people might see him
with a different identity God.
They might see him manifesting
a different character
that comes only
from heaven oh God.
God that they might see Christ
and your word walking in him
and talking through him oh God.
But you have said in your word
oh God that if we come out
from among them oh God
and be separate God.
You said then will you
receive us unto you oh God.
And you will be a father unto us
and we would be your children.
We would be your people
and you would be our God.
And the alcohol and
the drugs and the lust.
I forgive my dad!
I release him from my heart!
I surrender to you Lord!
I'm done fighting I
give it all up to you!
Yeah they coming out good now.
You think these
brownies gon' come out
like mama use to make 'em?
Nobody can make 'em
like mama made 'em.
I know I would always tell her
that she could make a
fortune for making brownies.
And once I made it to the pros
she would have her own shop.
That's the only way
they would've got out
'cause mama wasn't giving
that recipe to nobody.
Man you sure got that right!
Tatiyanna what's this?
What's what?
Oh that's nothing!
It sure looked like
something to me!
Let me ask you something.
You've been going
by Rico's house?
That's none of your business.
None of my business?
I'm your brother and I'm
suppose to look out for you.
You said it right your
my brother. Not my daddy.
It's none of your business.
Tatiyanna you don't know Rico.
Don't let him fool you with
this silly lover boy act.
He can get pretty
aggressive and he goes
around school dating girls
with one goal in mind.
Yeah whatever.
I'm serious I know
Rico and I don't think
you should be dating him let
alone going to his house.
Tell me y'all
haven't been sleep...
And if we have?
Let me ask you something.
Do you think God would
be okay with you sleeping
with somebody, that
you're not married to?
God this. God that.
You act like you've been
an angel all your life!
I haven't but I've turned
away from my old ways
and I'm no longer living in sin.
And now you think you can
tell everybody what to do.
Look I'm just trying
to look out for you.
I know Rico and he's not
the person you think he is.
You and daddy need
to leave me alone
and let me live
life how I want to.
I need to call Damian
and get this right.
Hey man you busy?
On my way to Rico's house.
What's up?
I don't even know
where to start.
Well it's really good
to hear from you man.
After that last time we spoke
I was starting to wonder
if we'd ever talk again.
Yeah God really
started showing me myself
and I hated what I saw.
I'm so sorry for
blowing up on you
and for the person
that I've been.
I'm sorry for
taking my aggression
and my confusion out on you.
I realized now how hard
it must've been for you
to know the truth
and not be doing it.
I just want to apologize
for being so inconsiderate.
Hello, you still there?
Yeah man I'm here
I'm just speechless.
Did something happen?
Well honestly man I got
tired of being sick and tired
and I got fed up with my life.
I knew there had to
be something different
because if not I knew
all hope for me was gone.
I knew I couldn't go on
living the way I was living,
so I went to the
only place I figured
I can find out answers.
I literally was seeking
a place of refuge
and I found it at your church.
I went there and I met this man
who turned out to be a minister.
Wow I've been
thinking a lot lately
about getting my
life back together.
Hey Damian that's my dad.
Let me call you back.
Oh okay. Later.
You didn't have to
get off the phone.
I just came in to tell
you that I'm about
to go back to work.
Y'all take of the house tonight.
That's fine I'll text
Tatiyanna and let her know.
Text her?
Where she at?
She said something
about Allison's house.
Just make sure she
gets in this house
at a decent time, okay?
- Okay.
- Alright.
Why you not texting me back?
I'm busy.
Busy doing what?
Okay studying with who?
What does it matter?
Because I want to know!
Look I told you
I'm changing my life.
If I was studying with
anyone it would most likely
be one of my team mates.
You know? Somebody
who wouldn't tempt me.
What? I don't even know why
I'm explaining myself to you.
We're not even dating anymore.
So Paul we agreed to
be friends so as a friend
I text you to check upon
you but you're too busy
tied up with whoever,
you're not replying
to any of my messages.
I'm at home
studying by myself.
I'm not tied up
with nobody but God.
Oh you're by yourself?
Well I'm on my way.
Man why did I say that?
Do you believe in God?
I guess, never really
think about it though.
Why you ask?
I was just wondering.
You ever thought
about getting saved?
Man I don't know.
Why you asking all
these questions?
I just been thinking
about it a lot lately.
Okay you say that like it's
going to change something.
Well if I did it
would change a lot
but it would be for the best.
What you mean by that?
We're gonna have to
stop sleeping together.
I don't think God's
okay with that.
We've been together
all this time
and you ain't never have
a problem with that.
Even beyond that
what if I get pregnant
or what if we get caught?
Get caught?
Girl we ain't get caught yet.
But you don't know
what's gon' happen
if we keep taking chances.
Man I see you really buggin.
Look I just think
it's time for a change.
I love you but we just need
some space for right now.
I don't want to keep
disappointing God.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, let me get this straight.
You love me, but don't
want to be with me
and why all of a sudden you
care about what God thinks?
Look all I'm trying to say...
Man listen!
We together and always will be.
You ain't going nowhere
and I ain't either.
Ain't no giving
each other space.
I like things the way they
is and you gon' like it too!
Man I knew this was
gon' happen I'm leaving.
Didn't I say you
ain't going nowhere!
Wait what'd you just say?
I said you ain't
going nowhere!
I said.
Let me go. Stop let me go.
God how did I get here?
Come on Bae you know
how much I care about you.
I mean I just got
caught in the moment
I ain't trying to lose you.
Come on at least talk to me.
Look I just got a lot
I need to think about
and I'd rather be alone.
At least take your phone.
Rico stop! What are you doing?
Let me go!
Get back in the house.
I know that's not Tatiyanna.
Go! Stop! Let me go! Stop!
Man what you doing?
Man Damian get back in the car
this ain't got nothing
to do with you!
It's got everything to do
with me she's like my sister!
Tatiyanna get in the car!
Don't even look at her!
Lord please don't
let this be Nina.
Where's your key?
Tatiyanna what's wrong?
What are you talking about?
Everything you said was right!
It'll be alright sis.
Now God want you to front
slide so you can bring
some of them other back
sliders back to sliding back!
Get on back in the church!
Get on back where you use to be!
Stop feeling sorry for yourself!
Get your Bible in your hand
and walk in Jesus name!
Let nobody stop you
or turn you around.
Stand up on your feet everybody!
Alright man I'm starving.
I'm about to go.
About to get out of here.
We'll catch up with you later.
Okay. Alright T.
Bless Him preach!
Bless Him.
How you doing?
Good. I want to
introduce you to my sister.
Tatiyanna this is
minister Eathan.
Hello. How you doing?
Hello. Finally
get to meet you.
Mmm hmm.
Did you enjoy yourself today?
I did it was real nice.
Everything he said
I needed to hear.
Especially when he was talking
about forgiving everybody
and letting go of the past.
And it's not just okay to
just to come to church.
You gotta build a
relationship with God.
It was nice.
That's good. That's good
and you know a relationship
is not just about coming to God
only when you need something
and it's not just about a
verbal confession with the mouth
but a relationship
with God is action.
You know the Bible says
if you love me he said
you'll keep my commandments
and that's what it's all about.
Dad! You decided to come?
Minister Eathan
this is my dad.
How you doing?
I'm doing good Adrian Vincent.
Adrian. It's nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you I've
heard a lot of about you.
Hopefully good things.
All good things.
All good things.
I've seen the affect
that you've had on my son
and it's caused me to make some
changes in my life as well.
In fact, if you have a moment
maybe I can speak
with you in private.
For just a minute.
Yeah we can go in the
back, excuse me guys.
We invite you in
We invite you in
We invite you in
In this place
We We We invite you in Jesus
Oh Lord We invite you in.
Come and rest
This place
Holy Spirit
Holy spirit
You are welcome
You are welcome
Come and rest
In this place
In this place
Holy spirit
Holy Spirit
You are welcome
You are welcome
In this place
In In In this place
We invite you in
We, We invite you in Jesus
We invite you in
Oh Lord we invite you in
We invite you in
In this place
In this place
We invite you in
We invite you in
Thank you Jesus
Thank you Jesus
Rest In this place
Come and rest Jesus
Come and rest Jesus
Oh Lord
Rest In this place
Come and rest in this place
Come and rest
In this place
This place
Hallelujah! Glory to God!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Oh God I feel you
in this place Lord!
I feel your presence Jesus!
Hallelujah Lord!
Glory to your name!
Thank you Jesus!
Hallelujah Lord!
Thank you Jesus!
And now I present to you
at this time your pastor.
Pastor Adrian.
Amen give God some praise
for this wonderful choir.
Refuge Temple Ministries
Deliverance Choir.
I know many of you might
be wondering as to why
we've been collaborating
with this other ministry.
And I will get to that.
But first off I
want to do something
that I don't normally do.
This morning I would
like to speak to you all
from my heart is that alright?
Saints I stand before you all,
today full of Godly sorrow.
As many of you know, that this
past year for my family and I
has been a very tragic one
with the lost of my wife Leah.
For this tragic incident I
hold myself completely guilty
for it because as the head of
my household I'm responsible
for everyone in my household,
as well as their actions.
Saints with that guilt I'm
also guilty of preaching to you
all only half of
the word of God.
The half that was
convenient for me
and was comfortable
for most of you.
Saints with that guilt
I'm also guilty of
verbally abusing my family.
I would tell them exactly
what was on my mind
and expect for them to deal
with it the best way they could.
I've let my children down.
I've driven my wife to a point,
I now understand
clearer than ever
the scripture that tells
us that there is death
and there's life in the
power of your tongue.
I once heard a man of God say
that anger itself is not sin,
But it's when you use that
anger in the wrong way
or for the wrong purpose
it becomes of evil.
Let me ask you a
question how many fools
do I have in the house tonight?
The Bible says that anger
rests in the bosom of a fool.
And if you have any anger
if you have the temper
or the frustration
as I've once had.
Then who are you really?
Because of my anger I've
lost something valuable.
And because of my foolishness
I've thrown away
something irreplaceable.
You see, everything
that grows has a root.
And because I nurtured
and watered one tiny seed
of inconsistency, It has
grown into a great vine
and I've allowed it to choke
the life out of my family.
Because of me, I won't ever
get back the warm embrace
of sister Leah.
Because of my foolishness.
Often times I just sit
down and I just ask God
and I would just cry.
God just one more time God!
If I could just hold her
hand just one more time!
God if I can just hold one
more conversation with her.
What would I tell her how
would I make it different?
Saints, are your eyes
still closed this morning?
How much will it take?
Does blood have to be
shed on your carpet also
for your eyes to be open today?
My prayer this morning is that,
is that your eyes will be open.
That you will see clearly
before another loved ones eyes
will be permanently closed.
Saints I feel as though,
I feel unworthy to be
before you this morning.
In fact I feel as though it
would be unfair to you all
if I were to continue
to Shepard this church.
With that being said
from this moment forth
I relinquish my rights as
the pastor of this church
and I will bring
to you a man of God
that actually lives the
life that he preaches about.
A man of God that has
helped my children
with their unbelief and
with their hatred towards me
and through their change
my eyes have been open.
He's no stranger to you all.
You've seen him in our retreats,
you've seen him in
our camp meetings.
I want you all to welcome with
me your minister and mine,
Refuge Temple Ministries own
minister Eathan Williams.
Come on give Jesus
a big hand praise.
You know It takes true
humility for someone to do
what Pastor Adrian just did.
And the Bible teaches us
that we should be
clothed with humility.
It goes on to speak about
those that humble themselves
he said they will be
exalted in due time.
You know I'm humbled and I
respect Pastor Adrian so much
for the decision he's
made of his own will.
The Bible teaches us
that in the last days
he said perilous
times would come.
He said how men would
be lovers of themselves
more than lovers of God
seeking to do what they desire
what makes them feel good
rather than seeking the one
that created us for
his own pleasure.
God almighty.
It goes on to tell us they'll
have a form of godliness,
look just like the church,
but deny the power thereof.
The power that causes
a man to change
from one creation to another.
The Bible says it like
this in second Corinthians
chapter five.
It says how a man can
be a new creature.
He said old things would
be past away and all things
would become new and all
things would be of God.
But it takes something in
order to become a new creature.
Today I want to talk to
you about that something
that it's going to take
for a man to change.
Ask yourself this question.
The truth that you have
believed all the way
up until this point.
Has it made you free?
Are you still lying?
Still cursing?
Still full of deceit
and unforgiveness?
Still drinking?
You can be free today.
I want to talk to you today
about receiving the Holy Ghost.
Oh yeah I remember that.
Hey you remember my
first football game?
Man I was so happy
when I caught that ball.
I just knew everybody
would be excited
if I could make a touch down.
And so I ran as hard as I could.
Man I felt so untouchable.
And I can remember them
screaming out my name.
Paul. Paul.
Then you realized it
was cause you were running
the wrong way.
Oh so now you decided
to get off the phone?
Naw I'm playing
man I'm just excited.
That was my mom on the phone.
She said her and my dad
are getting remarried.
Man look at God!
You see what can happen if you
give your life over to him?
He'll cause everything
else to fall into place.
That's right.
You know I felt like I was
having to give up everything
when I came back to this
ministry but I didn't realize
he was just giving me
so much more in return.
I know exactly what you mean.
For me giving up my church
was the hardest thing
I ever had to do.
I guess because I tried to
build it up into something
that I wanted to my
expectations but I realized
it was never mine to begin with.
Ever since I gave it back over
to God put it in his hands
he made it into something that
I could never do on my own.
He did the same thing
for me with football.
Man I was running my little
football career in the ground.
Going off on my coach.
Getting suspended from the team.
Man I was losing it.
But after I gave
everything to God
he turned it all
around for my good.
Took a lot of apologizing
but it all was worth it.
So now you then went
from running the wrong way
to running God's way right?
Speaking of football.
I know by now you
decided which college
you're gonna play for right?
I got one in mind.
So you decided
to stay home huh?
Yeah I really wanted to
stay connected to the ministry
and I believe God has
a work for me here.
Hey guys look over here!
To God be the glory
To God be the glory
To God be the glory
For the things you have done
You have done
If y'all don't mind before I
bring up the speaker tonight
I just want to give a
brief testimony about him.
As you may or may not know he's
my brother and if it wasn't
for him I would not be
standing before you tonight.
I can honestly say that he
practices what he preaches
and his life truly lines
up with the word of God.
And because of the
example that he set
I'm here before you today.
After watching him I
begin looking at myself
and seeing how much I
needed to be changed
and I started seeking
God and just repenting
of everything that I
knew wasn't like him
and he finally filled
me with the Holy Ghost.
And none of that would've
happened if it wasn't
for my brother and the
example that he set before me.
So without further ado I
present to you the speaker
for the night my
brother Paul Vincent.
Can you all give Jesus
Christ a great big hand clap?
I see a lot of you brought
your notebooks and your Bibles,
that's good.
If you will can you please
turn with me to Ephesians
chapter five verses 15 and 16.
The title of tonight's
message is Redeeming The Time.