Redemption Day (2021) Movie Script

- Hoorah.
- Hoorah!
Over here!
Paxton, we need you in here.
On my way, sir.
Morning, sir!
Come on,
let's help load up.
Keep practicing.
There it is. Thanks, man.
Commander, sir!
- You sure?
- It's coming from the top.
Somebody's pet project
in Washington.
They negotiated passage with ISIS.
They won't be in your way.
This medical equipment
needs to get there soon.
Children are dying
as we speak.
Copy that, sir.
- Be safe.
- I'll try.
Let's rally up, guys.
We're headin' out.
Yes, sir.
- Pinto, could you grab my vest?
- Copy.
- Here you go, sir.
- Good lookin' out.
- Hey, Younes!
- Brother.
- Good to see you.
- Same here.
Good to have you
with us.
- How have you been?
- Good.
It's choppy waters
we're navigating today.
- No easy dame.
- No.
- Stay crispy, my friend, on the road.
- Stay safe.
Let's go, ladies!
Time to make the donuts!
Chop chop!
We need backup here!
Cover me!
Are you all right?
We're gonna
get you out of here.
Okay? We're gonna
get you out of here.
You ready? Let's go!
Brad. Hey.
Brad, it's Kate.
You're home, okay?
Brad. Brad.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Coffee?
- Mm.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
You wanna talk about it?
- Hey, kiddo.
- Good morning.
- Hey, baby girl.
- Good morning.
I missed you.
Missed you too, love bug.
I made your favorite breakfast
this morning.
- Pancakes.
- Pancake.
- Oh!
- Get your own!
Oh, my God, this is so good.
Dad, are you taking me
to school today?
Today and every day.
- Yeah, yeah, what's up?
- What's up?
Give me two.
Give me three.
- Ho!
- Not bad for an old man.
- Hey, son.
- Hey.
Come here.
Let me kick your baby ass.
What's up, champ?
- I'm good.
- You look good, man.
- Ooh. Let's do it.
- All right.
Come on, son,
show me what you got.
All right. Give me two.
What's going on with you?
You're hitting like a little girl.
I'm just warming up,
Pop, come on.
Son, jab cross. Come on.
There you go.
Listen, son, I'm your father.
Yeah, someone
told me that.
I also happen to know what I'm
talking about. Give me two.
Look, those nightmares
you're having?
They ain't going away,
all right?
You need to do something
about them. All right?
These things can
shut you down like that.
Deeper than you know. Okay?
And you need to let someone...
me, somebody... help you.
Can you do that? Huh?
I... I'm fine, okay?
All right,
give me two.
Give me two. Come on!
Okay, and anything
can trigger, all right?
- I won't let it happen.
- All right.
Give me two. Come on.
There you go. All right.
And another thing, son...
Hey, I'm not gonna come into
the ring and talk about my wife.
Give me two. Oh!
All right, look. Listen,
Kate, she's a great mother.
- She's taken a lot on.
- Come on, Pop.
And for her sake, trust me.
- Yeah.
- Respect her love for you.
Can you do that?
- Yeah.
- Okay. That's my boy.
- Yes, sir.
- All right, show me what you got! What you got!
Ho! Ho! That's my boy!
Give me two.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
What you got,
what you got, what you got?
Okay. And...
we saved the best for last.
In Morocco, on the edge
of the Sahara desert,
near what is now
the Algerian border,
a team of archaeologists
were exploring the depths
of an abandoned mine
when they came across
something incredible.
315,000-year-old human bones...
...which shake the foundation of human history to its core.
Because scientific research
has believed that human origins
started 200,000 years ago,
and in eastern Africa.
So it was believed
that humanity spread out
and then populated the world.
But this discovery in Morocco
is changing all of that.
It's making us examine
our belief of where and when
humans first walked on Earth.
I contacted my friends at NASA,
and I asked for their help.
And this is what we found.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it is without a doubt
that we have found
a large, ancient city
of unknown origin
under the desert.
Now, I've been working closely
with the Moroccan
antiquity authorities,
and I am proud to say that
myself and my team here
have been granted access
to excavate.
Hey. Stay with me!
Stay with me, come on!
Younes! Take him
and get back to the base.
They don't want us, they just want
the meds and the doctors, all right?
- I'm not leaving you here!
- Get back to the base and get me some backup!
The President awarded
the country's highest military honor...
- Hey, Clair. Come on.
- Marine Corps Captain Bradley Paxton,
who, while serving in Syria...
- Sit with your grandpa!
- ...held back a military ISIS ambush.
- You were lying on the ground...
- That's my son.
...half-dead. What then?
- I saw my wife...
- Kate, come. Come sit with us.
And I knew I'd be in trouble if
I didn't get myself back home...
Yeah. Yeah, just give me
one sec, okay? I hung in there.
It's good to see
you walking again, man.
I'll always be grateful.
You know, you saved my life.
Don't mention it.
You would've done the same for me.
Give me a minute
with my old lady.
Thanks, man.
- Hi, mama bear.
- Hiya.
Who are all these people
in my house?
They are all here for you.
You okay?
I just, um...
I don't know
if it's necessarily...
the right time for me
to leave, you know?
I mean, I... I...
I love my job.
I just love you more.
You gotta trust me here, okay?
Okay, but you have
to promise me...
that if you need me...
at all, for any reason...
that you tell me.
Because I will
drop everything,
and I will come home.
I promise.
Don't worry, okay?
And besides, I'm not gonna
let you drop this
so you can, what,
give the credit to someone else?
Come on.
This is gonna be great,
Yeah. Yeah,
it's gonna be good.
Yes! Of course!
And Morocco's beautiful.
You're gonna love it.
I know. I've always been so
close, but I never got to go.
Oh. You're gonna have
such a good time.
And look, Clair-bear and I,
we really need some
daddy-daughter time, you know?
Get these people out of my house.
The worst game
I've ever seen in my life.
He's in for the score. Oh...
Oh, come on!
What a bad play, man.
Your mom's calling.
Hey, babe.
- How's the trip going?
- Good, I, uh...
I'm just getting
everything unpacked now.
But you're right, it's...
- it's so beautiful here, it's insane.
- I told you.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hi, Kate!
Hey, kiddo! Hey, Ed.
How are you guys?
What are you guys doin'?
We're building an ancient
site with Grandpa.
- That sounds amazing.
- You okay?
What's it like over there?
It's beautiful. It is...
It's something I've never seen before.
It's just...
Okay, Mom, gotta go.
Bye. Love you.
Oh, she's busy.
She's only 11, and she doesn't
even care about me anymore.
That's not true.
She misses you.
We all miss you.
I miss you too.
Are you okay?
I'm good.
I'll call you before
I go to bed, okay?
- Okay, do that.
- I love you.
Love you more.
Miss Paxton.
I'm Jean Rashidi.
It's such a pleasure to finally meet you.
The pleasure is all mine,
Mr. Rashidi.
- Please. Call me Jean.
- Jean. I mean...
What a find. This is incredible.
Thank you.
My colleagues and I
haven't had this much
excitement in years.
We are honored
to be part of this.
I mean, the feeling is mutual.
I can't wait to get out there.
- Jean. Mrs. Paxton.
- Mr. Achour.
Thank you so much
for the hospitality.
- This is incredible.
- It's a pleasure.
Let me introduce you to
your Moroccan counterpart.
This is Amir Jadid.
He will be your scout leader.
Anything you need,
anywhere you want to go.
Oh. Thank you.
I'm of course at your disposal.
Just a phone call away.
- Mrs. Paxton?
- Yeah.
- Hakim Zaydane. Chief of Police.
- Nice to meet you, Chief.
Have we, uh, done
something wrong already?
No, no, of course not. No.
I'm here on behalf of my
superior, Mr. Younes Laalej.
Is he our
government liaison?
No, no, but you're gonna
be meeting her shortly.
Mr. Laalej has been serving
with your husband,
and he asked me to watch over
you during the coming week.
So please don't hesitate to call
me at any time, day or night.
- Thank Mr. Laalej in Rabat for me.
- I will.
- Good luck, madam.
- Thank you.
- Mrs. Paxton?
- Yeah.
Hi. My name is
Dina Mansouri.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Shall we go?
- Yeah.
The ancient city
should be around here.
Okay. All right. Well, obviously,
safety is our first priority,
but let's get
as close as we can
so we can establish
our parameters
and compare them
against the sat imagery.
Okay. Follow me, guys.
We are very close to the border.
We have to be careful.
Okay. Just let me know.
This is as close
as we can get.
I think we should go back.
Kate, I agree. I think
we should start the dig
on the other side of the city
wall and work our way here.
It might take years
before we get here, anyway.
What's happening?
Hey. What's going on?
We're in Algeria.
What the fuck is going on?
- We have to go!
- Come on!
Come on!
We have to go! Now!
No! No!
- Don't move! Hands up!
- Please don't shoot! Please!
- Hands up!
- Please! Don't!
Don't shoot! Please.
Please don't shoot.
We didn't mean to cross
the border, okay?
- It was an accident.
- Shut up, woman!
Get back to the base and get me some backup!
We need backup.
We're getting hammered here.
Brad... I'm afraid
I have some bad news.
- She has been abducted.
- What?
- Just an hour ago.
- Where?
She's in Algeria.
Younes, how the fuck could this
have happened in less than 24 hours?
We had all eyes on them.
One of my men was even killed
trying to rescue her,
as well as her
government liaison.
Kate was seen taken alive
with two others.
I'm on the first flight out.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, baby girl.
Are you going
to work again?
But Pop Pop will
be here shortly, okay?
He'll take care
of everything.
I'll be back soon.
Welcome to Algeria.
What are you doing here?
We didn't mean
to cross the border.
I am on a dig
that is sanctioned
by the Moroccan government. I...
You are spy!
No. No, I am not a spy.
I... I am an archaeologist.
What's your name?
My name is Kate Paxton.
Kate Paxton.
- And you?
- Amir.
Speak up!
Amir Jadid.
And you.
Jean Rashidi, sir.
- Paxton, brother.
- Younes.
Tell me something
about these guys.
These people are
some fringe group,
just recently pledged
allegiance to ISIS.
We know very little
about them.
The Moroccan government liaison
must have missed
the borderline with Algeria.
It can easily happen
when you walk this river.
Then they show up out of nowhere the
minute Kate and her team crossed.
- Security breach.
- Most likely, yes.
- Any leads?
- The driver.
He was driving Kate's vehicle.
He's nowhere to be found.
Get in.
Put it there.
What's wrong with you?
Are you pregnant?
Answer my question!
No. No, I'm not.
Eat your food.
- I'll watch you.
- Hey.
Hey, you speak English?
I learned from
American movies.
What's your, uh...
What's your favorite
movie star?
Jackie Chan.
That's a good choice.
He's mine, too.
- What's your name?
- Uh, my name is Omar.
Omar, I'm Kate.
It's really nice to meet you.
Do you know where
my friends are?
In other rooms.
Are they okay?
Yes. For now.
Be quiet.
Hey, be quiet.
Don't bring attention
to you.
Okay? I'm gonna
bring you some water.
The age-old Sahara conflict
between Morocco and Algeria
is front and center,
especially now,
with a crucial vote in the UN
scheduled for next week.
What do we know about the vote
and this conflict?
For most of us, it's the first
we've heard of it.
Mr. Tom Fitzgerald
is here to see you, sir.
Send him in.
Come in, Fitzy.
It's good to see you.
Good to see you.
Smells good in here.
- State secret, really.
- Uh-huh.
that UN vote next week,
if it favors Morocco,
the American and British oil companies
will be able to keep
drilling in Moroccan Sahara.
And considering
what just happened
and the fact that it happened
in Algerian territory,
the majority of the vote
is gonna favor Morocco,
which in effect
will create a...
what you might call
an epic win for Big Oil.
Quite the coincidence?
Hmm. Indeed.
So, they're here.
We should discuss our approach?
Our approach.
- Would you like a drink?
- No, thank you.
More for me.
You know, when my wife
and I transferred here,
we were very excited...
...once we left Pakistan.
We were looking for a quieter,
more peaceful place
and perhaps some weekends
in Marrakech.
And instead...
we got a different part
of the same jungle.
So, Captain Paxton.
He's very concerned.
He also works for
Globe Security Group.
- He's a hostage negotiator.
- One of the best.
He was responsible for the release
of those students in Nigeria,
and that was no small feat.
We can't have him involved
in this, Earl.
Under no circumstances.
I've read
the rule book, Fitzy.
Nevertheless, I'm excited
to meet him, so...
I suggest...
I just won't let him in.
Of course.
- Elizabeth.
- Sir?
Show, uh, Captain Paxton
and the others in, please.
Yes, sir.
- Chief Sekkat.
- Ambassador.
Ah, Captain Paxton.
What an honor it is to meet you, sir.
Honor is mine, Ambassador.
I'm truly sorry that it's under
these terrible circumstances.
Thank you, sir.
- Younes.
- Ambassador.
Honor to meet you, Captain.
Tom Fitzgerald.
- Section chief.
- Honor, sir.
- Younes.
- Fitz.
Our government has allowed
Captain Paxton to join in.
He will be included
in all our joint meetings.
Sorry, Captain and Younes,
but, uh, there's
a matter of clearance.
I'll have to speak
to Washington.
Captain Paxton has been granted
clearance on our side.
Uh, Chief. Ma'am.
You know that US government
policy does not allow
relatives or friends
to participate...
Mr. Fitzgerald.
We expect full cooperation
between our governments.
Captain Paxton is now
a part of our task force.
Let's get
this briefing going.
I agree.
Please, have a seat.
Well, we know
that the hostages
are in Algeria,
we just don't know where.
We also know
that the Algerians
are as pissed off
about this as we are,
and I see as a first step
that we give 'em the time
to get intel on the ground.
We all agree negotiation
is out of the question.
The leader's name
is Jaafar El Hadi.
He's been on Interpol's radar
for a couple of years now.
Fitz, brief us.
What do we know about him?
Well, El Hadi is French,
of Algerian origins,
he's a wealthy businessman.
He likes money.
He likes his picture
in the paper.
He was radicalized
two years ago,
bankrolled two attacks
in Paris.
He has the means to have
a self-sufficient operation,
gather followers
and buy weapons.
We think he's ISIS-inspired.
He wants their attention.
Captain, thoughts?
It's been 24 hours.
We have not heard from El Hadi.
That is alarming.
We need intel
on the ground now, sir,
and not just
from the Algerians.
Once we find him,
we can extract them.
- A rescue mission.
- Yes, sir.
They were taken to be beheaded.
They'll be dead within days.
Well, the Algerians
are looking,
and they're trying to gather
the intel that we need,
because right now, I must
confess, we're operating blind.
With all due respect,
Mr. Ambassador, sir...
besides the Algerians, we have intel
superpowers right here at this table.
We should be able
to find them.
We should.
Yes, sir.
Okay, let's get on it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
- Can I get a spoon, please?
- Of course.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
There you go.
Your local news.
Kate Paxton went to
Morocco to study this amazing discovery
of human bones dating back
over 300,000 years
- recently found in Morocco...
- Hey, that's Mom!
...and it all happened
when her team
accidentally crossed
the Algerian border.
Is she okay? What happened?
Of course she is,
Give Grandpa
a moment, okay?
We've just
learned that the Islamic State
has praised
the kidnapping today,
citing it as a glorious
example of action,
and reiterated
their call to arms
by what they describe as
their "global army at large."
The United States and Morocco
in separate statements
they will not negotiate
with terrorists.
Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck!
- Pop.
- Son.
How's everything going?
It's going.
I know you're probably
up to something stupid.
Yeah, you know me.
- Maybe I should come.
- No, Pop, stay with Clair.
She really needs you.
It's the best you can do.
Keep your eyes open,
your mind sharp.
Bring our Kate home.
Okay, son?
Yes, sir.
The Algerian Security Services
are on the ground,
trying to find the location
of the hostages
and their captors.
Get in.
The woman who was killed,
Mrs. Mansouri,
cleared Kate's driver.
She was probably threatened.
I don't think she knew anything.
We're questioning
the family.
I need to get into Algeria,
and you're gonna help me.
Paxton, brother, you're out of your mind.
Where will you go?
El Hadi must be hiding in a place
where the Algerians aren't looking.
They'll never find him.
They'll kill Kate soon
if they haven't already.
We have proof of life.
I am Younes
Laalej, Senior Officer
of His Majesty's
Bureau of Investigations.
This is my superior,
Chief Sekkat.
We are authorized
to speak with you.
The hostages are alive.
Okay, Amir, it is very important
that you listen to me now.
How long was the drive
until they dropped you off?
I don't remember. Uh...
Think. Did it feel
like ten hours?
Or three hours?
Did you make any stops
along the way?
Maybe one. Yeah.
May... May I speak
with my family now?
Your family
will be waiting for you
when you arrive here in Rabat.
It is a long drive
to get here, Amir.
so I want you
to take that time
and try to think of
anything you can remember.
Come with us!
Please. Please. Please, I...
- Hey! Shh!
- Please, I have a daughter.
Look at me. Look at me!
If you don't shut up,
he hits you. Okay?
- You understand?
- Yeah.
- No. No.
- Get down. Sit!
Please, no.
Please, I have a daughter.
I have a family...
Please, please, please!
Please don't do this.
Please don't do this.
You didn't have
to do that.
I would have gone if
you had just asked me to.
You're a liar.
You said to my colleague...
you were not pregnant.
And here...
we don't like lies.
Especially from women.
I didn't know.
What do you want from me?
I want you to speak
to your government...
and let them know
if they don't pay the ransom,
Saturday night
after the evening prayer,
you and your child
are going to die.
Can I ask how much
I'm worth?
Ten million dollars.
What goes through your mind when you
kill a woman and her unborn child?
I think of... all the kids,
all the women,
all the innocent men,
that your government
has killed.
Oh, God.
What's happening, Younes?
We have yet
to debrief him.
He was dropped off.
Or rather, thrown off
a pickup truck.
Tied up and gagged at a checkpoint
near our side of the border.
He was instructed
to deliver proof of life.
My guys drove him to Rabat,
and here we are.
El Hadi wants a show.
He wants mainstream
video coverage.
There's no online videos yet?
No, nothing yet.
I mean, sending proof of life
with a hostage is so old school.
It's like a fuckin' movie.
They started
a livestream.
It is therefore...
we ask our respective
to pay the sum
of $10 million cash
for our safe release.
Otherwise, we will
meet our death
this Saturday after
the evening prayer.
I would like
the US government to consider
that if they cause
my death...
that it is also the death
of my unborn child,
as I am pregnant.
The hostage
said they drove him
less than ten hours
to the border.
They made one stop
along the way,
probably to refuel.
El Hadi's mother is from
Abadla, in Algeria.
Small town.
Not very populated.
Villages all around.
How far is that town from the
border point where Kate was taken?
I'd say at least
a seven-hour drive.
Close enough.
This is how
it looks from above.
The image may be old.
Are there any cell towers in that
area, any unusual activity?
Nah, nothing unusual. We didn't
set up a proper comm surveillance.
Can I get a copy of that?
Roger that.
Let's move out.
Fall back, fall back!
Fall back, guys!
You all right?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
I want to thank you
for looking out for me.
Of course.
There's not a lot of people
I trust around here, you know?
I really wanted to stay
that day back in Syria.
Oh, man, don't...
Yeah, not now.
Ancient history.
That mission was doomed
from the start.
Tell me about it.
Don't beat yourself up
about it, man.
Just part of the job, okay?
This one's off the books.
Wait a minute.
I'm going in there
with you, Brad.
That was not the deal.
I owe you my life.
I prefer to keep it
that way.
You will never
make it alone.
You need me.
Are you all right?
Can you handle
what's coming?
I love this woman more than
anything in this world.
I'll do whatever it takes.
Allahu Akbar.
Allahu Akbar.
Allahu Akbar.
Why do you tell me this?
What do you want from me?
El Hadi is demanding a $10
million ransom to release some hostages.
We don't think he needs
all of that money.
His army's
not big enough.
There are brothers all around the
world that can use some of that.
We want to
negotiate with him...
I have nothing
to do with this.
Who are you?
I am brother Abdur Raheem
Williams from Detroit, Michigan.
How come I've never heard
about a brother from Detroit?
I've traveled all around the
world in the name of our cause,
but in America,
we operate quietly, as we must.
Who sent you?
The less you know,
the better.
I'll make sure you
and your people
are compensated
for your assistance.
We need to send El Hadi
a message of our arrival,
and we'd appreciate
transportation to get there.
Come with me, please.
I'm not helping you because you say
that you're Abdur Raheem Williams.
I'll help you because
God gave you the gift
to make
the difference...
between the good
and the bad.
You have our gratitude.
Your help will always
be remembered.
Please, um...
Please accept this
for the mosque.
For the car, at least.
Mr. Williams...
be careful.
Those people have
nothing to do with Islam.
I may very well be
sending you to your death.
My cause is worthy
of my death.
It should be
behind that tree.
Got it!
You were right.
About what?
You don't need me.
You can do just fine
on your own.
Well, we're not there yet.
We're being followed.
Or escorted.
We should have no trouble
finding El Hadi now.
- How do you figure?
- Despite what the imam says,
those men must work
for El Hadi.
I'm sure they're trying to give him
a heads-up that we're on our way.
Once we get to Abadla,
let's lose 'em...
then we follow them.
Well, hello, hello, hello.
- That was almost too easy.
- Yeah.
Thanks for the escort, guys.
Let's get this party started.
Earl, I know
I'm stating the obvious,
but we have exactly
two hours...
two hours before
the execution
of a pregnant, innocent American
woman and a French citizen.
We have not
been able to get the Algerians
to agree to anything.
They want our support in the UN
vote, but we cannot allow...
Madam Secretary. Please.
I don't mean to interrupt,
but the gentleman that we are
dealing with is batshit crazy.
All he wants is for the US
to be on its knees
and to get ISIS cred.
And he has both,
so I suggest
that we send in
the SEALs immediately.
Uh, well, I'd give you
90% probability
the Algerians
would try to stop us.
Of course they will.
Mr. President,
we're nowhere near ready
for a Title 50 operation.
- We don't have the intel.
- Yes, we do.
Rogue assets?
Who are they?
What are they doing?
One of Morocco's
top secret agents
and one of our own
have entered Algerian territory
to rescue the hostages.
One of our own? Who?
Captain Brad Paxton.
Captain Paxton? The marine.
Yes. Kate Paxton
is his wife.
Do we know
where they are?
They have located
the terrorist compound.
And how do we
know this?
They're communicating
with Moroccan authorities.
Mr. President,
there's not enough time here for
any kind of military response...
Find out. Bring me
all tactical options.
What do we got?
I'd say 300 meters.
We need all four
in four shots.
Can you make it?
I've been practicing
on the weekends.
Allahu Akbar.
Allahu Akbar!
Keep your head down!
Hey. Come on.
Stay with me!
Don't die on me!
Are you okay?
Okay, okay.
Don't shoot.
I shoot.
Take me to the American woman.
She's here.
- Hey.
- Get off me! Please, stop!
- Get off me! Get off me!
- It's me. It's me.
I got you.
It's me. It's okay.
- Oh, my God!
- It's okay.
- You came.
- Did they hurt you?
- Can you walk?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I can walk.
- All right.
You remember
how to use this?
That's my girl.
Look at me, all right?
We're gonna get out of here.
We're going home.
- Yeah.
- Stay right behind me.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
It's okay.
It's okay.
All right now.
All right now.
Stay with me.
Stay with me. Okay?
You got this.
Yeah. Yeah.
I need you to stay
in this room.
I need you
to stay quiet.
- Yeah.
- I will be back for you.
Sorry. Please.
Don't shoot. Please.
Our thoughts and prayers
are with the family of
Mr. Jean Rashidi in Paris.
This is a heartbreaking day.
There is evil in this world.
But when we look it in the eye,
when there's a knife
to our throats,
we must remember
our own goodness
and that of those
who have come before us.
We must not,
and we will not,
give up on our humanity.
Mr. President, how do you feel
about a pregnant American woman
being executed in two hours?
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are doing everything we can
to work every diplomatic
channel known to us
to save the lives of Mrs.
Paxton and her unborn child.
That is all I can say
at this time.
God bless
the United States of America,
and God bless us all.
Oil exports
from Afghanistan...
Looks like we're
going in for a rescue.
How do you figure that?
I know my president.
Well, that's
highly risky.
Not enough time.
You don't have any real
recon, no real intel...
We got what we need
from the Moroccans.
You need to get up to speed.
You kept me out
of that loop.
That I did.
Excuse me.
The Algerian ambassador
is here waiting to see you.
Thank you.
The diplomacy clusterfuck
we are buying time,
but you need to make sure that
Kate Paxton gets home safe.
I'll do my best.
Ah, Ambassador, welcome.
Send the SEALs.
Shoot to kill, and get
Kate Paxton out of there.
Yes, sir.
Take me to El Hadi.
Better than yours.
If you shoot me,
he will shoot you...
and we all die together.
Is that what you want?
You want $10 million.
We're here to
negotiate that for you.
Then why are you here,
killing my men?
Who are you?
I'm Captain Brad Paxton.
Kate is my wife.
We know you have
a bank account in Panama.
We also know the code.
It can be transferred in a second.
Then do it!
Go! Go! Go!
Go, go, go!
Go, you guys, move!
Captain Paxton?
- Yeah.
- Captain Brody.
What do you say we get
you and your family home?
Damn skippy, Captain.
Let's go.
Kate, baby,
our ride is here.
Let's go, let's go,
let's go!
- Watch your flank!
- Go!
Go, go, go! I'm right behind you!
- Brad!
- Take her and go!
- Go, go, go, go!
- Brad!
Okay, let's go.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- Brad! Brad!
- Come on!
- Brad!
- Go, go, go!
Brad! No!
- Good to see you, Amir.
- Mr. Fitz.
Mr. Jadid.
Can I offer you some tea?
- No, thank you.
- Have a seat.
I was not supposed
to be taken.
That was not the deal.
You were never
in any danger.
And you handled it
very well,
Amir, very well.
Your rookie fear
You're now an American citizen
and a CIA asset.
You should be very,
very proud.
Thank you.
I do love seeing
good old-fashioned CIA work
in action.
There's nothin' like it.
Two SEALs died
last night.
Cost of American freedom.
The ambassador.
What about him?
They suspect something.
The Moroccans do too.
There are matters...
kings, presidents...
and ambassadors
better not...
Let's make sure of that.