Redemption Road (2010) Movie Script

MAN: Whoa, here we go now.
MAN: Hey!
MAN 1: Oh, come on.
MAN 2: He's scared.
WOMAN: Let's get out of here.
MAN 1: ...then they started havin' this debate about
who's the strongest species on Earth, pound for pound.
You know, a man, a ant, water buffalo.
Guess what it was?
I'll go with ant.
I don't know.
A dust mite.
For real? Yup.
Pound for pound, the baddest mofo on the planet.
Bailey, you can't blow on all these.
It not sanitary. All right?
You're... You're gonna get me fired.
I'm not gonna get you fired.
Hey, man, I got enough for this?
JIMBO: You're $17 short.
BAILEY: (SCOFFS) For a used harp?
It's brand new, Bailey.
That's bullshit, man. I just spat all over it. You said so yourself.
Come on, man. I need this.
Everybody knows you're too scared to get on stage.
It's not about that, man. Okay? I play for me.
Come on. Take it, Bailey.
Go. Take it.
You're a saint, Jimbo. I'm a sucker.
Oh, now get it, baby
This is all you get, baby
Elmo, my man. How you doin'?
You've seen Jackie?
Jackie's busy.
Jackie your girl?
You must be Bailey.
I'm Augy.
What happened to Leon?
Elmo, will you give my man here a drink?
He was in here earlier. He don't drink.
Yeah, no wonder I don't trust him.
Boyd usually sends Leon to put the fear of God in me.
Look, I don't know no Leon or no Boyd,
and I ain't here to put the fear of God in nobody. I'm just here to let you...
What if I told you I had a gun in my pocket, huh?
I'd pray for you.
Man needs to carry a gun everywhere he goes, must be in a lot of fear.
What's this?
Your grandfather passed. I'm sorry.
About six months ago.
How'd you find me? (SCOFFS)
Oh, these days, the cops put your mug shot on the World Wide Web.
Folks in the sticks can punch in "Jefferson Bailey" on their computer
and see that picture of you all lumped up.
They've been tryin' to settle the inheritance in Huntsville since April.
Great. What you got for me?
No idea. You've gotta be there in person to collect from the estate.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah. That's a good one. The estate, yeah.
Last time I checked, a double-wide ain't no estate.
Listen, man, I don't know what they paid you to find me.
Whatever it was, it was too much.
Whatever he left me, I don't want it.
And sure as hell ain't going to travel 900 miles to get it.
Just hold on a minute.
Let's go somewhere quiet and we can talk about the details.
No, man, stick around. Best blues in Austin.
Behind you. Oh, behind you.
Hey, why are you ignoring me?
Oh, you're drunk.
Nah, I'm not drunk. Not yet.
Thank you.
What? You are gonna get me fired.
I'm not gonna get you fired.
So, who's the cowboy?
That's the executor of my granddaddy's estate.
Wait, I didn't know your granddaddy died.
Yeah. Well, you haven't exactly been takin' my calls, have you?
(SIGHS) Wow, I'm really sorry. Was it sudden?
Yeah, I just found out tonight.
It was like a thief in the night.
You know, he was like my best friend.
Damn, Bailey, I'm really sorry.
Well, is there anything I could do for you?
Somebody asked me
What it really mean to be true
Somebody tell me
Tell me what it mean to you
You can't find it in a TV screen...
Elmo, what do I owe you?
On the house.
All right. See you next time.
No matter how hard you look y'all
You know, truth ain't hard to hide
You know truth sitting deep inside
And that truth can make you change your mind
And you don't have to go far
Truth is right where you are...
I can't see you anymore.
It's just... You say that every time.
Then we end up doin' it on a case of Grey Goose.
No, but I'm serious this time.
Do you realize that Boyd would kill you if he found out? Seriously.
I mean, shit, he's probably gonna kill you anyway if you don't pay him back.
Look, I'm gonna pay him back, okay?
I've got... I've got some things going.
You know, even if I wasn't married, I'd be ending things.
Why? Mmm-hmm.
Because you make me sad.
Don't let Elmo catch you again.
What the...
Well, hi there, handsome.
Did, um... Did we, uh...
Sweetie, I ain't like that.
Shit! I'm late for work. Damn it!
Hey, you want a quick little trim before you go?
We need to talk.
Look, I'm tired of you comin' in two hours late with puke on your boots.
I'm tired of smellin' the whiskey on you.
And I'm tired of you lyin' about it.
That's your pay through yesterday.
(SIGHS) That's what happens when we don't pay the rent.
We get locked out, don't we?
Oh, some... Some guy stopped by to see you.
Black dude. Big as the side of a barn.
Oh, and there was a girl who called, too. Left her number.
Yeah. Did I... Did I wake you?
Um... Sorta.
Yeah, I got a message from you and just...
You know, I figured that maybe you wanted me to call or somethin'.
I... I don't really know.
I didn't know what to do. I was not expecting to hear from you.
I know. It's been a long time.
Yeah, it has.
I just... I wanted to say I'm sorry about your granddad.
Listen, I know that you and your granddad had your differences,
but he really did love you.
And he'd always talk about you,
and wonder what you were doin'.
So, did you ever find what you were lookin' for?
No. Um... No, I didn't.
What about you?
Yeah, I did.
Once I finally stopped lookin'.
Take care, Bailey.
Yeah, yeah. You do the same. Thanks.
Morning, Boyd.
Damn! Somebody open a window.
What the hell you got festerin' in here? (EXCLAIMS IN DISGUST)
What are you doin' here, man?
Ain't you got any white people?
Hell, you know, I remember the day you came to me askin' me for money.
White boy wants to start a blues band on my dime.
It gave me a good laugh.
But my wife, now she says, "Hey, give him a chance.
"That boy's chasin' a dream."
So what did I do? I gave you a chance.
And what did you do? Just drank it all up.
No, man, look, I'm gonna pay you every penny, all right?
So, now, I got to come and collect what is owed to me.
But my wife, she says, "Hey, he just needs a little more time."
So what did I do? I give you some more time.
Figured I'd deal with you when I got back from my trip.
Now, you ever been to Saint Louis?
No, sir.
It's like... Akron with a archway.
So I figured when I get back,
first thing I do is call Jackie and say,
"Honey, why didn't you answer that phone last night?"
And then Elmo at the bar tells me how you've been hangin' all...
We haven't been doin' that at all.
My wife don't say nothin'.
Bailey, it's Augy. I need to talk to you.
I'd say you're busy.
Look, I'm busy. All right?
Come on, man. Just give me five minutes.
I'm headed back to Huntsville.
Look, I'm not interested, man.
Five minutes, that's all I'm askin'.
(YELLS) I said no!
Now, you know what a cuckold is? Hmm?
It's a fella whose wife has been messin' around on him.
Shit, I know 'cause I looked it up.
See, the bad thing is, everybody knows except him.
And they're runnin' around behind his back.
Hey, look now... (MUTTERING) I didn't...
Back in the day...
Come on.
...only way for the fella to redeem himself
is to find that rotten son of a bitch that's been screwin' his wife
and cut his nut sack off. No, man.
Hey, relax, brother, it's me.
It's not like I'm some kind of animal. All right?
God! Disgusting!
(GRUNTS) It's a brand new pair of jeans, Bailey!
God! You know, bad judgment
sometimes just leads to bad consequences.
Are you all right?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm good. Let's go. Let's just go.
Go where? Huntsville, man. Huntsville.
(STUTTERING) You talked me into it, all right? Let's go, let's go.
AUGY: Wait a minute. Does this look like a Greyhound bus to you?
BAILEY: I got money, man. I can pay you, all right?
You on drugs?
No, I'm not on drugs. Please, man!
You want me to rush and go to Huntsville? Well, I don't rush...
BAILEY: Let's go! Go, baby, go!
AUGY: What is on your face?
What are you talkin' about?
There's some napkins right there in the glove box.
Wipe your face off
and don't you dare get your funk on my Charlene!
Who's Charlene?
Charlene, my truck. Charlene.
So, what kind of trouble are you in?
You know what a cuckold is?
That's some pretty nasty trouble to be in.
"O, beware, my Lord, of jealousy;
"It is the green-eyed monster
"that doth mock the meat it feeds on;
"that cuckold lives in bliss."
Everybody gets cuckolded in Shakespeare.
If you say so.
I read a lot of Shakespeare when I was in the penitentiary.
Brother knows how to tell a story.
What were you in the pen for?
Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute.
My truck, my music.
Don't pick your mom
Don't pick your dad
Kids come through you, and lovers can't turn back
As I travel this road
I don't need nobody fake
Pick your friends wisely
It's the only choice we make
Old folks say
That's how you grow...
AUGY: So, you any good?
At what?
Whatever it is you're trying to be good at.
I don't know.
Guess you never stay in one place long enough to find out.
I like my freedom.
You know what they say.
"Only love will set you free."
Man, you sound like some kinda fortune cookie or somethin'.
Yeah, I know.
You, uh, go to those double-A meetings?
Every now and again.
Yeah, my daddy went to those.
He got that look in his eye like you got.
Like he'd just seen angels in his oatmeal.
He'd say, "I'm sober today by the grace of God."
Four hours later, he was tanked and back in jail.
Okay, boys, here you go.
Miss, y'all have any of that Red Rooster?
I'll take a look.
I appreciate it.
Anybody ever told you you have beautiful eyes?
Thank you.
That's a big woman. Thick.
Now, that's what I'm talkin' about.
You put some Red Rooster on a piece of string,
and it'll make it taste all right.
AUGY: Yeah, I know.
He's ridin' in the truck with me.
I know what I'm doing. Just let me do it.
Let me do it. Okay. Bye.
Pick your friends wisely
It's the only choice we make
So who was that on the phone?
A friend.
Everything cool? Mmm-hmm.
Do you mind if I smoke?
No. I mean I love it. Who wants to prolong life anyway?
You need a pencil?
Thank you.
"Do you turn to lower companions
"and inferior environment when drinking?"
Man, that's the only way you can do it.
That's gonna be a yes.
"Have you ever felt remorse after drinking?"
Oh, yes. Yes, I've felt remorse.
"Have you ever had a complete loss of memory as a result of drinking?"
I don't remember.
Look at this, man, I passed the test! Let's celebrate.
Brother, you must weigh about 500 pounds.
What the hell are you talkin' about?
All that shit you're carryin' around with you.
Weighin' you down.
Makin' you smug and surly, more-or-less.
All around bad company.
You heavy right now, dude. Real heavy.
Whatever it is, you need to let it go.
Yeah. Kinda like how you let go of the idea of askin' for directions?
What are you talkin' about, man?
How many times do you think we're gonna pass
a pink elephant on the way to Huntsville?
Three times?
We're lost, man. We're goin' in circles.
Just pull over and let's ask somebody. This is silly.
No, no, no, no, no, no. See, wrong period of time. That's Driving Miss Daisy.
BAILEY: All right, let's just keep goin' in circles.
That's a great idea.
AUGY: We're not goin' in circles.
This is great plan.
Better yet, take a nap.
Yeah. Why don't you take a nap?
Yeah. I will, then I can wake up and I can be in the same spot.
That's what I'm talkin' about, partner. That's awesome.
Oh, shoot. That ain't nothin', son.
I tell you, man. I'm sorry to bother you.
You don't know how to get back to Highway 71, do you?
(CHUCKLES) Bein' blind, folk don't usual aks me no direction.
But I think it's about five miles down the road near Mammer Jammers.
Mammer Jammers?
Mammer Jammers.
Son, get the marbles out your mouth.
It's a blues club outside Shreveport.
Ain't but right down the road.
Oh, no, no. Ain't no way, man.
We're goin' straight. We're just barely out of Texas.
Sir, thank you for the directions. No!
Thank you, man. Obliged.
BAILEY: Hey, no, no, no. We're goin' to Mammer Jammer's.
Come on, man, my dad played there.
It's legendary. Listen to me.
It's gonna change your life.
AUGY: Where the hell you takin' me?
Right here.
Nothin' better happen to Charlene out here.
Relax, man. It's your peeps, bro.
I got the blues
From my head down to my feet
I don't know what to do
I'm walkin' out here in the cold, cold street
I lost my job yesterday...
Are you sure I'm not temptin' you?
My higher power, he's got my back.
All right then. To your higher power.
So what got you into the blues?
My dad.
What about you, man? I know nothin' about you.
I ain't got no family to speak of, except Santa.
(LAUGHS) What, like Claus?
Yeah. He made a mistake, did his time,
managed to turn his life around.
That's when he found me. Helped me right the wrongs in my life.
Oh, so he's like your sponsor or somethin'?
Now I mentor others when I can.
Got to make a call.
(SIGHS) Hello?
Hey, it's me.
Do you realize that Boyd would kill me if he knew I was talking to you?
Look, I was just, uh... I was just thinkin' about you.
You've been drinkin'? No.
All right, yeah, maybe...maybe a little.
So... What happened to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
Well, I'm headed to Huntsville Mutual, Monday mornin'.
You might be talking to a very wealthy man.
Well, then I suggest you pay Boyd back.
You know, I did...
You know, I just want to make sure that you're all right and everything, you know.
Bailey, you seriously have to quit calling here all the time.
I've told you that now.
BAILEY: Actually, just hold on a sec...
JACKIE: Oh, shush! You know that Boyd is a jealous maniac.
BAILEY: Did you have fun?
JACKIE: Yes, I had fun. You know we had fun. But don't...
Crippled and blind
The mighty flood
That happened way down in New Orleans
I said a mighty flood that happened down in New Orleans
Will always be my mind
I got me a country-western bias and it sure sounds good to me.
It's all right.
Why don't you go on up there?
It's open mike.
If you're such a bad ass, go on, prove yourself.
Oh, I see.
You're more of a talker than a doer.
Just what I was lookin' for.
MAN 1 OVER MIC: All right, y'all at Mammer Jammer's, this is open mike night .
So anybody wanna play, come on up.
Y'all see the big guy back there, the cowboy?
Yeah, man. He wants me to play a song.
Come on, tear it down, man. All right.
Thank you. Get the roof off.
How y'all doin'?
MAN 2: Come on, young man, bring it! Let's see what you've got!
MAN 3: Go on out of here.
MAN 4: What you doin' up there?
What the hell are you lookin' at?
(WHISPERING) Oh, my God.
PREACHER: Oh, happy day
CHOIR: Oh, happy day
Oh, happy day
Oh, happy day
When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed
He washed my sins away
Oh, happy day
Oh, happy day
PREACHER: Well, come on, give God praise, everybody.
Come on, God's been good.
And we want to praise the Lord.
Now, we come in God's house every week
and we want God to forgive us.
Now get up on your feet and I want you to find somebody,
put your arms around him and tell him, "I forgive you and I love you."
But we've got to start forgivin' ourselves,
and we got to sure enough forgive others.
So come on, everybody. Amen!
That's wonderful.
And I want everybody on your feet because Jesus is on the main line.
We gonna tell Him what we want.
PREACHER: Jesus is on the mainline ALL: Tell Him what you want
Jesus is on the mainline
Tell Him what you want
Jesus is on the mainline
Tell Him what you want
Come on
Call Him up and tell Him what you want
Come on, baby, sing.
Jesus is on the mainline
Tell Him what you want
PREACHER: You got to
Call Him up and tell Him what you want
You can call Him up, call Him up
Tell Him what you want
Call Him up, call Him up tell Him what you want
Oh, call Him up, call Him up
Tell Him what you want
You just
Call Him up and tell Him what you want
BAILEY: Charlene looks good.
Yeah, got to take care of your baby.
Let me take a look at that eye.
Oh, that ain't nothin'.
My grandmamma, God rest her soul, slaps harder than that.
Ain't no slap.
It sounded like a slap.
Well, you obviously didn't see it then.
Then dude need to learn how to throw a punch.
You hit a person right, you can hear the bass.
Well, I guess you need to give dude a few pointers.
AUGY: So how was church?
Eh, it was an experience.
Look, man, I was just lookin' for you. All right?
So this is the safety deposit box?
But you don't know what's in there? Mmm-mmm.
Probably couple hundred bucks, some beer money.
If that's how you wanna spend it.
So he did leave me money.
Listen, man, like I don't know what your granddaddy left you.
Shit, with my luck, man, probably end up owin' money.
Poor me, poor me, pour me a drink.
How long you been off the sauce?
Oh, about 22 years.
You must smoke a lot of weed.
All on the account that you found God.
No, all on the account I stopped trying to play God.
Stopped tryin' to run the show.
BAILEY: Yeah, I don't really understand what you're talkin' about.
All you needs to understand
is that something's in charge of that beautiful sunset,
and it ain't you.
You hungry?
I'm starvin'.
You like ribs? I love ribs.
Come on. I know just the place.
Baby, do you think these boots make my legs look fat?
Honey, your legs look as good as a bucket of fried chicken.
When in Mississippi...
Man, you gotta be kiddin' me.
(LAUGHING) Is this for real?
Said we were just getting food.
Ooh, now that's a big girl.
Got to have a strong back to carry a full rack like that. Yes, sir!
Easy, big guy.
Don't want you pissin' off your higher power now.
Hey, our sex powers are God-given and therefore okay.
So my higher power's down with me hittin' that bootie.
Man, listen to that music. You like that?
What you goin' and get all uppity about, man?
You know what?
Truth be told, blues and country music,
they come from the exact same place.
Well, Santa says blues and country music
ain't as different as you might think.
(LAUGHS) Oh, wait a second. Santa, your mentor?
Gonna tell me about the blues now, huh?
Yeah, Santa owns a blues bar.
I stay there sometime.
I was goin' to put you up there until Monday, when the bank opens.
Wait a minute. We're gonna be stayin' in a blues club?
Yeah, unless you got money for a hotel.
Now, are you gonna be quiet, and stop flapping your gums and let me tell my story?
Okay, Big Earl done pulled a double at the steel mill.
So he's drivin' home tired,
pushes the door open, expectin' to see his wife and guess what?
His place is empty. It's cleaned out.
But there's a note on the wall from his old lady.
She up and left him.
Took everything. Even took his dog.
So Big Earl gets drunk. You see, that's sad.
But that's country, you followin' me?
Go on. Okay, let's take the second dude.
This is Little Willy. He done worked his double, he's off, finally,
he goes home, comes out to his truck, his truck is gone.
He has to walk 10 miles in the pourin' rain.
Goes home, puts the light on, guess what?
His old lady done up and left him, too.
And killed his dog.
Took his truck.
Now, see, that's tragic.
And that's the blues.
Well, I guess that's one way you can look at it.
You want another way of lookin' at it? Hmm.
Blues and country music take pain and make music.
What are you doin' with yours?
Too deep, ain't it? (BOTH LAUGHING)
You don't know what to say.
You can learn somethin' from me, man, I'm tellin' you.
Let's stop talkin' and let's eat.
Give me that Red Rooster, girl.
Sprinkle some of that on you, you don't get outta here.
Oh, come on!
Hell, no!
It's just your basic eight-count.
No, man, I draw the line at line dancin', all right?
Get out of your comfort zone! Try somethin' new.
To be free, I'll have to drown your memory
I drink all night to forget you, girl
But there ain't enough whiskey in this world
No, there ain't enough whiskey
To ever get me over you
No, there ain't enough whiskey
So why, oh, why would I even try to?
HANNAH: Hello?
BAILEY: You prayin' or meditating?
AUGY: I was meditating.
Maybe you can teach me sometime.
Yeah, okay. Now get some sleep.
Hey, Augy.
For what?
You know, for the ride.
BAILEY: My man Augy
He's sober, it's true
He likes his Red Rooster
To put in his stew
And only love
Will set you free
Said the brother
Like a fortune cookie
He likes his women thick
They should be riding his...
Damn! What the...
Stop the car!
VICTOR: You was tailgatin'!
What? What are you... What are you talkin' about?
You've been ridin' our ass. Off and on since the state line!
Damn! Radiator's cracked!
Damn, damn, damn, damn!
Bailey, I got it!
Look, man, it ain't my fault.
Tell me you got insurance!
We can pay you soon as we get to Pensacola.
Victor got hired on a job.
VICTOR: Don't tell the man our business.
WOMAN: Mister, it was just an accident, I swear.
We'll pay you back every single penny.
I'm sorry.
We have kids in the car.
Well, you gonna watch or you gonna help?
VICTOR: Come on, boys, out of the car, right now!
Come on, help me out.
I can't believe you let 'em go.
Look, they broke and they ain't got no insurance.
What do you want me to do? Hold the boy hostage?
Maybe the wife.
Go and help me push.
They said they're gonna send some money as soon as they could.
I don't believe they're gonna pay you.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Where did you learn to play?
So, okay, you're not speakin' to me now?
Man, it's a long story.
Hey, we got time.
The dude say the truck ain't gonna be ready no time soon.
My old man was a amazing musician
and a shitty father.
What about your mom?
She was some kind of groupie.
Had bit of a drug problem.
She bailed when I was three.
I tried to find her.
After a while it just seemed like she didn't wanna be found.
So me and my old man.
One day he came home from rehab,
I think I was just 14.
And somethin' was different.
Not what he said, that was, you know, the same shit.
But what he did.
Taught me how to play guitar.
He had this old guitar that he use to pawn when he'd go on a run.
Somehow he managed to get it out of hock.
We'd go down to this little barn,
he'd teach me chords,
how to play slide.
He stuck around, stayed clean.
Man, he even started takin' me to school.
Lasted for about two years.
One night he didn't come home.
I remember I went outside and waited.
Waited till it got dark,
waited till we got the call.
He was on his way home from a gig and his car broke down.
They found him in a corn field,
about 100 feet from the road.
He had been hit by a drunk driver.
Guy by the name of Eugene Harris.
Son of a bitch must been doin' about 80 to knock him that far.
Doesn't that take the cake?
My old man finally gets clean, gets killed by a drunk.
I'm sorry.
That's a lot to carry.
Well, maybe you should let it go now.
Thanks, man.
Well, well, well, well, if a frog (CHUCKLES) had side pockets,
he would carry a sidearm.
Now, look at you. Look at you.
Oh, yes. And who have we got here?
Jefferson Bailey.
Jefferson Bailey.
Well, why don't you come on in here, Jefferson Bailey?
Get on in there.
I remember this place.
Yeah, I bought it 12 years ago.
Built that stage up there.
I'll show you around tomorrow.
Come on back. Freshen up, huh?
If I had listened
To what Mama said
I'd be at home today
Been so young and foolish
Poor boy...
We are gonna have a nice concert tomorrow night.
Benefit concert for education, some goodly musicians.
You get on up there and we'll see you tomorrow mornin', all right?
All right. Don't use that tub, it's plugged up there.
I don't know what Augy did to it that last time.
Good night to you. Good night.
Now, you and I need to talk.
I called you. I asked you if you knew what you are doing.
And you said, "I don't know what I am doing."
That was some days ago.
And you suddenly drive up here?
Let a rambler
Lead me astray
Sounds good.
How'd you sleep last night?
I slept all right.
Nice being clean again.
It's been a while. You look pretty.
(LAUGHS) Go out in the world there.
Hear you play the harp.
Just... Just learnin' the harp.
I'm really more of a guitar player.
Really? Well, we gotta get you up here sometime.
No, no, that's all right. I...
I don't play for people.
Well, who do you play for?
Animals? You like Dr. Dolittle?
No, sir.
What's her name?
Whose name?
Oh, stop it. There oughta only be one name.
One answer to a question like that.
It's Hannah.
(PLAYING SOFTLY) Well, oh, hard-hearted Hannah.
What happened?
I left.
You love her?
Of course you love her.
Man walks away from his lady love,
starts drinkin' hisself to death.
You got a dog? No.
Dog dies...
I ain't got a dog.
You never had a dog?
When I was little I did.
What happen to it?
He is dead. Dog dies.
Can't hold a job.
Pissin' all your God-given talent away.
That's the blues.
She still around?
Yeah. Ah.
Well, you think you can make it right for her?
I don't know.
I don't know.
What about you?
What about me what?
What's her name?
Sounds like a good woman to me.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Oh, my God. Bailey?
Well, look at you with your scruff.
What do you think?
I like it. Yeah?
When did you get in town?
I got here last night. Hmm.
You need help with your stuff?
I would love some help.
Just down to the car, it would be great.
Oh, don't tell me you got rid of the Mustang now.
Oh, please! I got so tired of these old boys
pullin' up next to me at every stoplight wantin' to drag race.
So you here to sort out your granddad's business?
Yeah, yeah, I am gonna go to the bank,
Monday, and see what he left me.
And then back to Austin?
I don't know. There' not really much left for me there.
Hey, guys, whoa. Why don't you say hi to Bailey?
Hey, guys. Hi.
This is my son, Scooter,
and this is my nephew, Weston.
Is Bailey going to play T-ball with us?
No, he is not gonna play T-ball with you guys.
He is really busy.
Um, you guys ready for T-ball?
Yeah? Well, I don't see any gloves here.
Yeah, why don't you go back and get 'em?
Go on. My God, you're a mom.
I know.
My mom had five of us kids and I have no idea how she did it.
Who is the, um... Who is the dad?
Harold. Harold Goggins?
Or Charlie.
You're talkin' about the barbecue place guy?
Yeah, Johnson's Barbeque.
Yeah, I mean, they make a great pulled-pork sandwich.
Yeah, not anymore, not since old man Johnson died,
they changed the rub.
It hasn't been the same.
Although, I thought for a while it might be Preston.
Preston Willis?
Ew! No.
But it turns out he's sterile,
so it couldn't have been him.
I'm just messing with you!
His daddy's a lawyer down in Tuscaloosa.
We broke up a couple of years ago and moved back home.
He's not a bad guy. Just wasn't the right guy.
Do you know Santa's off of 565?
Well, they are doin' a benefit show tonight.
And there's gonna be some great bands there.
It's gonna be for really good cause.
I think you... Got 'em.
Great. Let's go.
I think you should come.
Yeah, I don't think so. It's to support education.
Supports T-ball. Lots of T-ball stuff goin' on.
I am out of T-ball support.
It's gonna be great.
Get on in there.
Yeah, I don't think I would be able to find a sitter.
I just... I don't think it'd be a good idea.
It was nice seein' you, Bailey.
You, too.
Hey, you guys play good, all right?
SANTA: Did you talk to him?
I'm tryin'.
Don't tell me you're tryin'. I am holdin' this.
That's doin' somethin'.
Don't try to do it, do it.
Oh, Mr. Bailey, how you doin'?
How'd it go?
Not so good.
I'm gonna go get the room ready for tonight.
Yeah, you ain't off the hook.
But she didn't kick you out, did she?
'Cause she never even let me in.
Takes a little time, you know.
A little while to open up.
Yeah, I don't really think she's interested.
Oh, I ain't talkin' about her. I'm talkin' about you.
(STAMMERING) What did I do now?
You've been closed a long time, mister.
Ain't gonna change overnight.
You know, what you ought to do is cry.
You want me to cry?
Tears is...
Letting it all just flow on out.
And blues is like that.
Blues is like letting your tears flow.
Now, how you gonna face an audience if you can't face what's inside you?
You hear?
Do you mind puttin' that back, please?
Don't call me on the telephone
Don't send no mail
We've said it all now, girl
Nothin' more to say
Just a little peace and quiet
Some time to rest my bones...
Just give it some time, Jefferson Bailey. Give it some time.
I just need some time alone
So much talkin', honey
Nothin' more to say
I think that Webster may just
Come back from the grave...
WOMAN: Yeah, over that mountain top
Boy, you speak your mind
Don't come around here with that jive
Climb over that mountain
Whether you're up or down
We all walk the same ground
You must be the designated drinker.
Hey. Hey.
What is this?
That is the good stuff.
Ooh, I know what this is.
Look at you. Mmm.
It's been a long time.
But you still got it. Hmm.
So the girl down the street said that she'd watch Scooter for time and a half.
Really? What is that?
I don't know but you must think I'm really worth that.
Oh, um, I came because it's a benefit show.
Oh, sure.
I'm so sorry. Yeah.
But, um, nice try. Mmm-hmm.
Yeah. Yeah.
It's a good one.
It really is. Yeah.
It sounds great.
Oh, oh, oh, me-oh-my! Yeah, we're gonna have fun here tonight.
Brother, preach. Go ahead.
We'll talk a little love here for a moment.
You know, apart from the love of a woman,
there are three loves a man needs.
Love what you do,
love the people you do it with
and love what you leave behind.
ALL: Amen.
By the way, now when we get down to that,
I want to point out that my son, Augy, is back in town.
Yeah. Most of you know who he is.
And he's brought a friend with him,
who, I understand, really is an undercover blues man.
And I happen to know that his daddy was one of the best blues men I ever heard.
So, look out, 'cause Jefferson Bailey is coming up here.
Come on, Jefferson.
No. Go on.
Get up here now!
Bring him up here. Encourage him, come on.
Go. You do not want me to do that.
SANTA: Yes, sir.
No, no, no, no, you do not want me to do this.
SANTA: Come on, Jefferson, get up here.
You can do this.
SANTA: Yes, sir.
All right, all right.
It's about time everybody heard you anyway.
(WHISTLES) Yes, sir!
Yes, sir. Come on, Jefferson, get up here.
These stumbling footsteps
That I follow
These wayward shoes
Of my father's
They just won't land
Where they're supposed to
We're dealt the same hand
Me and you
But every time I hear that bottleneck sing
I'm right back on the front porch
Listening to Muddy
Every time I hear that bottleneck sing
We're right back at the crossroads
Me and my old man
Yeah, when that bottleneck sings
Bluer than blue
You broke my heart...
Your dad would be proud.
Yeah, it was all right.
Yeah. Yeah.
No, don't. Yeah.
I told the sitter I'd be home by midnight.
To match the truest feelings
Yeah, baby
Of a love gone cold
Am I real?
BAILEY: My lady. Thank you.
Hey, thanks for...
Thanks for comin'.
Of course, that was really nice.
No, I mean, it really...
It really meant a lot to me, you know.
Whoa! Easy there...
What? ...cowboy!
I mean, I may be friendly, but I'm not stupid.
You know what, I'm stupid.
Oh, yeah.
I'm stupid for letting you go
and walking away from you...
You have got some nerve!
You think you can just waltz in and we just pick up where we left off?
Well, I've got news for you.
Where we left off isn't anyplace I want to be.
Good night.
Just... Just hold on. Just hold on a second, okay?
There's something I want to say.
Well, I'm not gonna say it for you.
I'm sorry. You're sorry?
Yes. For what?
For that time that you wrecked my car?
Or for those times that you'd just kind of like disappear
and me not knowing if you're alive or dead?
Is that what you're sorry for?
Come on, help me out here!
Oh! I know!
You're sorry for that time that you left me stranded,
in Memphis, at a truck stop.
No! No?
Yes, yes. Okay, yes. I am sorry for that.
I am sorry for every shitty thing I did to you.
Okay? Look, I'm... I think I was...
I was really heavy.
Heavy? Yeah.
Like there was nothin' light about me.
I feel like I dragged you down.
I'm sorry.
Good night, Bailey.
Oh, man.
Well, Mr. Undercover Blues Man hisself.
What are you doing?
Oh, stuff I hate. Ooh!
I thought you were the guy who loves everything you do.
Not this bookkeeping crap.
I just... I'm gettin' too old for it, I guess, I don't know.
Well, don't shoot anybody over it.
That's Santa's Homeland Security.
You seen Augy around?
Oh, he's probably out with one of them honeys.
Maybe both of 'em, huh? (CHUCKLES) Ought to be ashamed of himself.
Augy, Augy.
Was that hard-hearted Hannah you was dancin' with out there?
That pretty little girl with all that wonderful energy?
Don't walk away again, you hear me?
Hey, Santa, can I ask you a question?
What made you quit drinking?
I killed somebody.
We were doing some concert north of here,
I was drunk as a skunk as usual.
Sally's probably sittin' out there in that audience
wonderin' what she's doin' this man.
Tells me not to drive, 'cause I'm too drunk.
But I knew better, you know.
I wasn't very easy to get along with in those days.
And I must have fallen asleep behind that wheel,
'cause the next thing I remember was Sally screamin' at me,
and I look out there, and I see we're headin' right for some man
walking alongside the road.
Sally pulls the wheel around, turns it,
and we miss the fella.
But the car goes off the road and hits this big oak tree.
Sally didn't have a mark on her,
but her insides was all messed up real good.
She looks at me real serious and she says,
"Well, I guess you're gonna have to borrow Marlon's car tomorrow
"to get up to Mooresville."
And passed.
(EXHALES) Well, I did some time for that,
and I noticed a lot of other fellows like me,
lack self esteem.
So I thought maybe I could help them.
Teach 'em to read. Teach 'em music. They liked that.
Music makes you feel good, don't it?
You want some chamomile tea?
Sure. All right.
(SOFTLY) Who are those boys?
I didn't know you played with Big Mama Thornton.
Long time ago.
I like the groovy mustache.
(CHUCKLING) It's a good look.
(SOFTLY) Eugene Harris.
I use agave for sweetener.
WOMAN: Good night, Augy.
BAILEY: What's your name?
What is it?
Eugene Harris.
Eugene Augustus Harris.
Yeah. When were you plannin' on tellin' me that?
(SHOUTS) When?
When we first met.
Bunch of places in between, I don't know.
Yeah. Yeah, I bet you were. But you know what?
You didn't have the balls, did you?
You know why?
You're a coward!
I wanted to tell you.
But I figured the best way to make amends was to help you.
Help me?
What, by showin' me you can do whatever the hell you want
and not pay any consequences?
Is that how you're gonna help me?
I spent nine years in prison, Bailey.
Yeah, I've spent my whole life there, partner, all right.
So, why don't you shut up?
I'm not sayin' what I did was right,
in fact, (STUTTERS) it's far from it.
You know what, Augy?
You're the one who's heavy.
To kill an innocent man like that.
Run him over.
Knock him into a field,
while I waited there.
Waited for him by the damn roadside!
Waited for him all night long to come home.
What, were you passed out while I sat there on the curb? Is that...
Is that what you're sorry for?
I'm sorry.
From the bottom of my heart,
I'm sorry.
You took everything from me, you know that?
Hey there. Can I help you?
Yeah, I got this ticket.
Do you know what it's for?
No. No idea.
Could it be a big, flat box?
I don't know.
(GRUNTS) You need help?
If you want it today.
Just don't kill yourself. Excuse me.
WOMAN: Hello?
So, what ya got?
Ah, something my granddad left me.
Oh, I remember that one.
Big fella left it a while ago.
Said the rightful owner would claim it.
Wait, like a big, black guy?
You got any scissors or anything?
What's that?
It's my dad's guitar.
That's him teachin' me how to play.
Must be my mom.
Oh, my God!
What? What?
(GASPING) That's me.
What? That's me and Jeff.
And... This is his guitar.
You're my mom?
You don't know how many times I tried to find you.
Please don't hate me.
How could you... How could you leave me like that?
I was young and selfish and scared.
But that's no reason to do what I did.
But I'm a different person now.
Do you believe that a person can change?
Don't do this to me.
(SOBBING) Please...
So I'll call you later.
You take care now.
Santa around?
No, just us.
You know, after...
After last night, I just wanted to get the hell out of here.
Collect whatever was mine and get the first bus back to Austin.
Now I... Now I don't know what to do.
You, um, you led me
to someone that I...
I need...
I need to thank you for that.
(SOFTLY) Do you know I've been...
I've been hatin' you
as long as... As long as I can remember, man.
You're not the guy I've been hating.
And I can't hate you anymore, man, because you're not...
You're not who I thought you were.
Boyd, please, man.
Save it for the judge, asshole!
Ooh! You are a big fella.
Jesus Christ in a car seat!
Look, this has nothing to do with him, all right? This is you and me.
I heard you come into some money.
No, you heard wrong, man. I didn't come into any money.
I was sittin' outside the bank. I saw you come out.
Cut the shit. No, it's just...
All I got was a guitar, man. That's it.
He ain't lyin'. Shut up!
How much?
I swear, man, I got nothin'.
Oh, you swear? Yes.
Like you swore you was gonna pay me back?
Like you swore you wasn't screwin' my wife?
Just calm down, all right? Will you just calm down?
I am calm!
You see how calm I am?
Now I am gonna calmly ask you one more time.
Where's my money?
Look, I don't have any money. I'm sorry, man.
Too bad. (GUN COCKS)
Augy! Augy!
You hear that bass?
That's how you throw a punch.
MAN: You guys okay?
Call an ambulance!
Thank you, man.
For what?
Hell, I ruined your life.
No, man.
What I wanted... What I wanted to tell you is,
I forgive you. Okay? I forgive you.
All right?
You did it, didn't you?
Did what?
Like a baby.
Look at you, gettin' all sentimental on me and shit.
You know what I was thinkin'? I was thinking maybe,
you know, when you're patched up and you're feelin' better
that we could help Santa out a bit.
You know, we kind of do some of the business stuff.
You know, give him a break or somethin'.
Old fool, he needs one.
We could have some Country-Western nights, you know?
Yeah, as long as you get me
big chicks.
I like some big chicks.
I know you do. I know you do. I know you do.
Come on, big guy, look at me, look at me. Look at me. Look at me.
Augy, stay with me. Augy! Augy! No!
Augy? Augy, look at me.
Come on, man!
Don't know if you've ever had a friend who's taught you a lesson,
but this friend taught me how to appreciate a sunset.
Augy, this is for you.
Only love
Can set you free
There's so many roads
There's so many deeds
Start with forgiveness for you and me
Only love
Only love
Can set you free
CHORUS: Only love
Can set you free
Only love
ALL: Only love
Can set you free
There is a house
In New Orleans
They call the Risin' Sun
It's been the ruin
Of many poor boy
And me
Oh, God
For one
Way down in New Orleans