Redline (2009) Movie Script

The leading pack has entered the long, long, pass.
In the meantime, relay units have moved to the water stop.
Even after two interplanetary wars,
REDLINE's still popular amongst the public.
Instead of the mainstream anti-gravity engine
My money's on Sonoshee.
You really like her, huh?
I put mine on Deguon.
You're kidding!
I can't.
You stink!
You can squeeze in!
2358 teams entered. The preceding Blue Line has
Who did you bet on?
No way!
Pa! Where were you?
With 6 teams having already made it,
the battle for the last spot is raging here at Yellow Line.
Papa! This way! Hurry!
The venue for the REDLINE is still under wraps.
The fans are curious to see the result of the viewers' request.
Once the winner of Yellow Line is settled,
REDLINE's venue will be announced.
Get around to the right.
Our own relay unit Portal has just arrived at the final relay point.
Papa! A Portal is here!
It's a Portal! Look!
Now, let's get back to the race and see who's in the lead.
Pa! Get the camera, quick!
It's upside down, Papa!
Papa! The lens cap's on!
Did you see that?! Awesome!
Only 50 klicks left in the Planet Dorothy Yellow Line.
Against everyone's expectations,
"Cherry Boy Hunter" Sonoshee McLaren's hover jet is still in the lead.
She's heading straight for the finish line in Crab Sonoshee.
The very first REDLINE champion, Captain-2-Block's Captain the Classic is in second.
Followed by the REDLINE regulars,
Count Markdie and Spark, in their Snake Head.
Coming up fourth ls Lynchman's archenemy,
Psychoman & Lotten's Psycho Rod.
With these four leading the race,
the second group is coming up fourteen seconds behind them.
From planet Supergrass ruled by the Princess with magical powers
Deguon's Fire Bird is leading the group.
Right behind her is Planet Dorothy's own Bons Missile-EP4.
Sweet JP's Transam is seventh at the very end.
The other racers are left way behind.
Looks like it's down to these seven.
Though l have my doubts about JP.
Doubts, you say?
Just trying to make things interesting here.
What do you announcers know about racing?!
JP's uncorked the nitro on the final stretch!
He's making a break for it!
He broke away from the second group on a rocket boost!
Crab Sonoshee is still holding the lead.
Look out! JP's Transam has caught up!
Take this!
Look at JP's splendid move!
The heat is on!
The crowd must be going wild.
Captain the Classic is challenging Crab Sonoshee.
That punk!
He held back till the last quarter like you said.
He's the odds on favorite near the finish.
Everything's hunky-dory, huh, Frisbee?
JP's the only one who can pull off a fixed game like this.
None of these guys can beat him at the Yellow Line.
That's what you say.
You don't think JP would try to win this, do you?
Not a chance.
But if he wins, he qualifies for REDLINE.
You don't think he may just decide to go for it?
That won't happen. I can guarantee it.
You're starting to get annoying, Cherry Boy Hunter!
Crab Sonoshee's hover jet takes a chance by diving into the river.
You're not getting away!
I'll send you all to hell!
Here we go!
You know, Frisbee, if JP wins,
the syndicate's gonna take a big hit.
Look. He isn't called "Sweet JP" for nothing.
Besides, he wouldn't risk getting thrown back in the joint.
''Sweet JP'', huh? I hope you're right.
Bids are locked.
And our position on JP?
All unloaded.
Now we'll see how your friendship with JP plays out.
Hold it, hold it...
Overtaking Crab Sonoshee, JP finally takes the lead!
Nobody can catch him now.
He's charging toward the finish line on a nitro burst.
You amateurs are shitty racers!
You guys suck!
Let's go.
Thank you!
Sonoshee McLaren won the Planet Dorothy Yellow Line.
A new racing queen is born!
The ticket to REDLINE is hers.
Listen to the crowd!
This completes the lineup of racers for REDLINE.
The venue for the big race will be announced shortly.
You first.
No, you go.
After you.
After you.
That Transam must have cost a fortune.
You couldn't possibly put together a machine like that.
You knew exactly what you were getting into.
You're off the hook with your bondsman now.
That should cover your hospital bill and more.
I'd say it's a win-win.
Racers and mechanics gotta stick together.
You and I make a good team. Always have.
Call me when you wanna get in the game again.
We can make tons of money as a team, you know.
Hey, watch out! You crazy?
I changed my mind. It's all yours.
What's this? Principles got the better of you?
Your bondsman won't like it.
So I go back in. Probably better off.
What the heck is that?
Wait, wait!
JP! How do you feel about going to REDLINE?
Sweet JP! How about a big smile for our camera?
Don't get me in it!
Are you really going for the race? Will you drop out?
What are you talking about? I just blew the Yellow Line.
What, you didn't know?
the team of Miki & Todoroki - the winners of the Blue Line -
and JP, who had a brilliant run at the Yellow Line, were nominated.
The hell?!
They just announced the next REDLINE's venue.
It'll be at Roboworld!
You shitting me?!
Beloved people of the M3 nebula!
I shall crush the REDLINE race that dares to enter our sector.
Shame on those criminals for disturbing our galaxy's order!
Roboworld is a symbol of humanity that exists for peace.
I can never allow REDLINE to enter this sacred place!
We will destroy any outsiders who enter our territory by any means necessary!
See? No chance.
The next REDLINE's gonna be held at Roboworld...
It was confirmed just a few minutes ago.
I can't believe they're allowing this.
That's just it. They're not.
Thought so.
That's why KURUKURU=DAZA and SHOTO=O-JIN dropped out.
I was gonna do it for fun, you know?
There's no way I'm gonna race while dodging bullets.
That's true.
I'm a racer now, not a soldier. I've had enough of that shit.
Not me.
Roboworld is an important client of my kingdom.
I'm not ready to give up my life just yet.
So after a popularity poll, two teams were picked.
I see...
Are you going...
Or will you drop out?
JP, please make a statement!
I take it back, Frisbee.
Fix the Transam, will you?
So you're going, then?
He won't.
Is that official, JP?
Think twice before you say something.
Give me the camera.
Please give us a comment, JP!
Watch out, Roboworld! Here comes JP!
That's the comment from JP, who has qualified for REDLINE.
Oh goody! It's time for the festival of fools again!
I like rough sports every now and then.
The ship is approaching
Roboworld's satellite, Europass.
Please prepare for landing in the designated pod.
The ship is approaching
Roboworld's satellite, Europass.
Please prepare for landing in the designated pod.
Wow! It's picking up speed.
Where's the switch for the flaps?
Is this a coffin or what?!
This is a blatant act of aggression!
Secretary Titan!
You must have something to report!
I just received a message from our scout vessels.
They have detected an unidentified group of ships on Europass's surface.
Oh, the planet we donated to those pathetic refugees.
It's demilitarized under our treaty with the M3 Nebula Federation.
That means our forces must tread very carefully there.
Besides, refugees from nearby sectors have drifted in
and set up slums all over the place.
It's an ideal hideout for REDLINE racers.
This is what we get for being so generous!
They have the audacity to claim it as being the viewers' request.
Don't they know we can't put our military secrets at risk?
We cannot allow a foolish race in such a sacred place!
Mr. President.
Are you all right, sir?
Mr. President!
You're not going to stand by and let them pass, are you?
I am the law!
All those affiliated are guilty and deserve to be hanged!
As the president, I'll take full responsibility, because I am justice.
The entire universe is in need of strong leadership,
and Roboworld's heroic authority is what it craves!
Colonel Volton!
Are you ready to shed your blood for justice?
More than ready, sir!
Excellent! Place your life on the line for it!
Thank you, sir!
Hey, you!
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Don't you ignore me! Buy the ticket, will ya?
Don't ignore me!
You have money, don't you?
How about I give you a discount?
What happened here?
Get off me.
What happened?
Stop it! Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not here to watch.
Useless! You're so fucking useless!
Ah, fuck.
One, two, three, four...
ls this it?
You're sure about the exchange rate?
It's just about right. Next!
Just about? What the hell?
You need to take money more seriously...
You're annoying!
Right here.
I need some smokes.
Got money?
Sure. I just cashed in.
Give me as many as this will get.
Huh? That's it?
It's already open.
This ain't right.
Money needs to be taken
Don't like it? Then leave it!
Just leave it and walk away!
Looks clear!
Good. Let's roll!
This anti-gravity engine's not bad!
Yeah...not bad at all!
Oh, it's you.
This planet is really something, huh?
What did you expect?
This place gets flotsam from all over the galaxy.
It's hard for the idea of good service to sink in.
How are you holding up?
Fine, I guess...
Yeah, I can see that.
I got the case from Frisbee. Stuffed with cash.
It's for the Transam.
He used to drop everything to work on your machine.
He sure has changed.
Like you, me and everything else.
Cigs cost more and good junk joints are harder to find.
So where's my wheels?
You really did it this time, ingrate.
What were you thinking using the nitro twice?
You have a death wish?
l need three caps for the REDLINE.
Hey, watch it!
I'm going up against the best.
I'm gonna need an edge, aren't I?
You want an edge? Then get your machine loaded up.
You know that anything goes at REDLINE.
l can get you armed up good.
This is a race, not a war.
I don't want any of this crap on my machine.
That's right, I forgot. You're ''Sweet JP.''
Don't call me that!
The red rules say you can do whatever the hell you want.
Playing fair isn't going to cut it.
It isn't, huh?
30 years in this business and I've still got it.
I clean up good with all the trades I get at the race.
A little fun on the side wouldn't hurt, either.
Listen, JP.
If you want a rig that'll stand up to three caps of juice, you're talking a total redesign.
If you don't want to deal with that, all I can do is to get you a new engine and parts.
I wish I could do more.
Hey, you listening?
Frisbee can handle the redesign and tune-up.
You're joking!
When was the last time you two worked as a team?
Stop it.
Frisbee's not legit anymore.
I said stop it!
He's sold out. He's no good!
Talking about the fix?
He's not the same man. You know that, right?
Helping an ingrate like you is no big deal,
but getting mixed up with that scum is another story.
Racers and mechanics gotta stick together.
You and I make a good team. Always have.
Hey, Frisbee. I was wondering when you'd show.
I may be scum, but l still got the touch, you know.
Don't judge a man's skill by his character.
So you've learned to sneak around, too, Frisbee?
Relax, old man.
If I didn't have the touch, I wouldn't still be here.
Nobody's worried about your skill.
The old man's on board.
I didn't agree to anything.
Hey, quit that!
I guess I'll leave it to the two of you now.
Hey! Where are you going?
The old man will get a new engine.
Frisbee takes care of the redesign and mods.
I'll do my job when I put my butt behind the wheel.
Until then, I'll leave everything to you pros.
Just like the old days.
He think he's cool or something?
What do you want?
This ain't your seat, punk!
You want some?!
Oh, a comb... Don't make me jump, you fool!
I see you have a full house today, waiter.
I'm the manager, you jerk!
And enough with the wisecracks! The place's deserted.
Just pick a table and settle down, will ya?
Sure, whatever.
Sorry about that, ma'am.
He won't bother you anymore, so don't worry.
Here's your soup spaghetti a la Europass lobster.
Wow, it looks great!
Bon appetit!
Thank you.
Watch what you're wearing!
Oh no! How embarrassing!
What are you doing?
No, seriously.
Excuse me. I'm JP.
Are you gonna eat that?
What's this?
Give me a break...
Mind if I join you?
I'm waiting for someone.
You're that guy from the Yellow Line.
I remember now!
You're going to REDLINE as a substitute, right?
What do you want?
I thought I'd check you out since you're going, too.
Come again?
She saw my underpants...
Winning the Yellow Line with a hover engine...
That's so sweet that I wanted to see what the deal was.
And the verdict?
Verdict? Well...
I see an engine nut with no interest in men.
Wheels are my only love. Racing's all I've ever known.
So you're one of those depressing types with no friends.
Why don't you get lost?
My Dad was a racer.
We owned a junk joint.
We used to build our own machines to enter races.
It was the most natural thing to do...
What's that?
Steamlight. Isn't it pretty?
My Dad gave it to me on my seventh birthday.
So this is a steamlight, huh? I've never seen one before.
They say when burned as fuel, it releases 100 times more energy than gold nitro.
No kidding.
It's my first time seeing it, too.
An energy source with unlimited capacity...
No man can handle that amount of power, though.
You know a lot, don't you?
Oh, pardon me. I'm Shinkai.
Pleased to meet you.
Aren't you gonna eat that hexagonal worm spaghetti?
It's very good.
You can have it, if you want.
Oh goody!
May I perhaps have you tonight, as well?
Yummy time!
She would have been mine if you hadn't interrupted.
Mr. Substitute.
You could just call me a reserve.
You guys are racers, right? I saw you on the news.
I'm a racer myself, you know.
Though I must say I'm more known as a mechanic.
I have a partner named Trava.
Let me go!
Stop trashing the place! Take it outside!
Your partner?
The one who's beaten up, yes.
Which one's beaten up?
What the hell did you do that for?
You started it.
Shit! Here he goes!
It's your fault, damn it.
You betrayed the army.
Is the tough guy crying?
That's Little Deyzuna.
He used to be in the army with us.
He becomes impossibly strong when he cries.
Having a race in Roboworld!
You're just doing that to make me suffer!
That's bullshit!
It's nothing personal and you know it!
Here comes more trouble.
Well, if it ain't Machine Head Tetsuzin himself.
For real?
He's Mr. REDLINE. The fastest man in the galaxy.
Outta my way.
What did you say?
I said, outta my way!
You think you can order me around?
I'm just telling you to move.
That's an order, you moron!
Fine. I'll just go around you then.
That's what you get when you mess with me!
The hell with the race!
This way!
Roboworld forces.
You're a hard man to find.
Co-Colonel Volton!
No one gave you an order to leave the base!
I told you to stay put, didn't I?
Look what you did!
Too bad you had to come all the way here to save his sorry ass.
Stay there!
This is a demilitarized zone. We won't stand for this.
So what?
I said, so what?
Are you hard of hearing or something?
Oh, I can hear you fine.
I just don't need your permission.
Doesn't matter. I got what I came for.
I have my orders to use force on the day of the race.
The meanest troops in the galaxy!
Our President has generously offered to show up at your silly race.
You should try to be good targets in return.
I suppose having your heads can wait.
Hey, you!
Don't try something stupid.
You're blocking the ventilation.
Beat it.
You've got seven guns pointed at you.
That'll solve my...
That hurts...
How's your head?
I'll live.
What were you thinking?
Those bastards were really trying my patience.
Couldn't help it.
They screwed up your plan, too.
I guess you're right.
Thanks for this. You really are sweet, aren't you?
It's a stupid nickname for the fans,
''Cherry Boy Hunter'' Sonoshee McLaren.
Cherry Boy? What's that?
Haven't you read the paper?
That nickname of yours made quite the headline.
That's stupid!
Don't look at me.
What did you do that for?
Why the sour face?
Cherry Boy Hunter...
Can I ask you something?
Why do you do it?
What about you?
Me? Not much to tell.
Then don't ask me.
C'mon! Out with it!
I mean...
It's really no big deal.
I see.
Suit yourself.
You need more muscles if you wanna take those bastards.
Good night now.
Hey, you dropped this!
Oh, well.
Go faster! Go!
All right! Go for it!
That was a close one!
Is she okay?
You did great! You drive like the wind!
You gave all you have. Just forget about it.
I'm gonna race in the REDLINE someday!
I've busted my ass for it everyday.
I can't afford to waste my time like this!
I'm not like you amateurs who're all talk.
Why don't you quit watching and get out here on the track with the rest of us?
I bet she doesn't remember.
I'm telling you, I can't work with this jerk.
Your pal here says he doesn't like the engine I got.
You sure about him?
We need something bigger. A lot bigger.
We're talking about the race here!
A man is driving!
This guy's talking about a goddamn TRZ Airmaster!
Go ahead, laugh!
It's a crapshoot! Sure it's got power, but it's unstable as hell.
A four-cycle TRZ Airmaster!
All it needs is a dose of Frisbee magic.
Like hell it does!
Besides, JP's driving it.
You think he doesn't have what it takes?
You're the one I'm not sure about.
Who the hell do you think you are?
Showing up with all that money, then you start ordering me around!
Just get him what he wants.
Not you too!
Get him what he needs.
You're getting yourself killed.
As far as the design goes, Frisbee's in charge.
We're a team, right?
Ha! That's all in the past.
You know how long it'll take to get one of those monsters?
It's your job to get what we need in time for the race.
You're in charge of getting us the engine.
Some things just can't be done.
Old man... please.
Let me race in his machine.
Fine, you fool... It's gonna cost you double though.
Thanks, old man. I owe you one.
Two days away
Pretty fast.
Not as many as I expected.
The ones with money don't come here.
They like using the private tracks.
I get it. This is the place for broke racers.
Don't worry. Looks like the engine will make it in time.
He'll get it. He always comes through.
That's our old man.
I talked to Inuki, by the way.
Same drill as last time.
Stay in the last till the third quarter to get your odds down.
Then make your move in the last quarter.
Once I'm behind the wheel, I'm the boss, right?
I'd rather find another way to pay for the engine.
You can get a spare engine, but not a spare life.
You really have no choice.
We're all in this together.
That includes falling hot sparks and chip crumbs.
An underground mine
That's it for today!
Let's go place our REDLINE bets.
An underground casino
Buy No.4. It's a sure thing. It's the current favorite.
Give me 100 on No.4.
How about you?
I'll take 150 on Gori Rider.
You sure? He always comes in fifth.
It won't hurt.
50 on No.2 please.
Don't be stingy. Bet hard!
50's good.
I'll take 300 on JP.
You're betting on a long shot, huh?
The odds'll be 25,000 to 1.
I know.
What the hell? What's this?!
Break up this gathering immediately!
Shut up!
Give me money!
This is a violation of law.
Next up is today's segment featuring Crab Sonoshee.
The new engine can dodge missiles by minimizing the heat source.
On an infrared camera, you can see it's much smaller.
Now the missiles' heat sensor...
My butt's on camera!
Looks like Crab Sonoshee's gearing up for the big race.
The man of sonic speed.
Since his first win at the fourth REDLINE,
this invincible king's been at the top for 20 years.
The machine linked racer who keeps altering himself along with his machine ''God Wing."
The irrefutable champion of REDLINE!
The king of kings, Mr. REDLINE: Machine Head Tetsuzin!
Good evening all. I'm Machine Head Tetsuzin.
Well, for me... how shall I put it?
I'd say I'm in a different league compared to the others.
'Cause in my case, I'm a part of my machine.
For the others, it's "Me and my wheels."
But in my case, It's "I am my wheels," you see?
He can't underestimate his rivals, though.
The royal family's Boiboi and Bosbos make their return,
with Princess Supergrass, the last heir to magical superpowers.
This time around, they've sealed off their magic.
The carefree beauty pair - Super Boins.
Hi there! I'm a super sexy and gorgeous racer, Boiboi.
I don't know about that, but oh well... I'm Bosbos.
We are Super Boins!
Wanna see my schtick?
I can make all kinds of faces.
How about it? Impressive, huh?
I can make funny faces, too.
So cute!
Now you're creeping me out.
So? What do you say?
Princess! We are going to win for sure!
Planet Supergrass's racing, singing, super idol group.
Here's their new single, "'Zooming Gears''!
And how can we forget this amazing pair?
Heel hero of Alsatia.
The strongest, fastest bounty hunters!
The Mad Brothers - Lynchman and Johnny Boya!
We're Lynchman and Johnny Boya, the bounty hunters.
Don't tell me you haven't heard of us!
We've never failed to catch our targets,
'cause we're so fast.
That bastard Machine Head has beaten us in the past,
but with a new machine, it's gonna be different.
You'll see. I'll repay my debt from the last time in double.
Don't wet your pants, suckers!
Lynchman's Best Fight Series No.7 is now on sale!
What the hell?
Looking good.
A test car for training.
I installed an old TRZ Airmaster engine.
No kidding!
You should be able to get a feel for it with this.
Can I?
All yours.
This is great!
This'll do.
That's Sonoshee!
Hey, everyone!
After his dramatic crash in the Yellow Line,
JP's done it again during his latest test run.
Crashing at 300 km per hour, he was miraculously unhurt.
A showdown between rivals.
The day before the Yellow Line that Miki and Todoroki were qualified to race in,
a police vehicle relentlessly chased their speeding car.
It made a bull-charge at the Blue Line champs,
who made it to REDLINE on reserve.
Dirty policeman Hamesh Frini aka ''Gori Rider''!
The tape shows that you've overdone it this time.
I'll bust them cocky racers who dare to challenge me by any means necessary.
You got that?!
Could you explain something, Gori Rider?
A police officer that's supposed to be a moral example committing adultery?
Care to comment on your affair with Ms. Yang-Sue?
Shut up!
A vengeful wild pair from the shining blue planet,
Miki and Todoroki!
Charismatic racers who turn any road into a circuit swear revenge in the REDLINE.
Gori Rider! Motherfuckers!
It's finally here, JP!
Can't get any better than this baby.
An 80 mm thick cylinder block good for 35,000 horsepower.
It's the last Airmaster.
It's not a dream.
We finally got it...
Of course! Who the hell do you think I am?
It's a great engine with extraordinary power.
It's up to you now, Frisbee.
I'll have this in the Transam by morning.
With a beefed up stove, it's good for three loads.
Relax, old man.
I'm putting my reputation at stake here.
Must be a pre-race party going on at Roboworld.
A goddess may see those.
What're you up to at this hour?
Gotta go.
Where the hell is he going?
The big race is tomorrow.
No idea.
My job's done here.
An underground transmission station
The walls are 800 mm thick cosmo titanium.
Fire the shock-breaker!
Fuck it up!
Damn Robopolice!
Trespassers detected.
Stand down immediately.
You've got no business here! Get lost!
Hostile intent detected.
Cease your resistance and surrender.
Over my dead body!
Shoot the runner!
You bastard!
Stay the hell down!
What is it?
Coolie hires have attacked our main power station,
so we've switched to auxiliary power.
Large-scale weapons are disabled until power is restored.
Damn them!
Rest assured, Mr. President.
We have a secret weapon ready for anyone entering our atmosphere.
A giant A.I. we've been developing over the years.
Solar system integrated satellite weapon unit...
The hyper-disintegrator cannon!
Please take a look.
Hey, Lynchman.
Why did the Racing Commission put us up to this?
If the hyper-disintegrator was to blast everything to hell,
there wouldn't be any race. That means no betting.
I see.
Get in.
That wouldn't be good for the fat cats.
You know how much money is riding on this?
No idea.
Enough to buy out a couple of planets.
Besides, it'll be great publicity for them.
REDLINE's odds'll go up, and so will their margins.
Makes sense.
So this is our target for today?
Sure is!
The main power station's system was attacked
by pro-REDLINE guerrillas consisting of coolie hires.
As a result, the RED-RACERS are kept safe from anti-air strikes.
Roboworld officials are currently conducting repairs.
According to government sources,
the power station's system malfunctioned late last night.
When Robopolice arrived
Your name?
Where did you get that?
Weird name.
I'm Sonoshee.
With REDLINE just a day away,
we should keep our eyes on the racers trying to enter Roboworld.
For this non-stop road race on the military's exercise grounds,
each driver's chosen course will be the key.
We've been profiling the REDLINE racers every evening.
On the eve of the big race, we feature JP,
who only made the cut because another racer dropped out.
Like Lynchman who's notorious for his violent conduct,
JP has a dark past of his own.
According to our research,
this man nicknamed "Sweet JP"
was indeed a race-fixing specialist in the past.
No way!
The Racing Commission should seriously reconsider its
Lucky me. Nothing's busted.
The final day
What was that?
I think it's the Supergrass's scout vessel.
The army of that wicked wizard princess, huh?
So they've teamed up with the REDLINE now, have they?
Keep going, keep going...
A bit more...
Too bad you have to race without a test run.
I'll be fine.
You know the drill, right?
What I know is that it's my show now.
What's that red smoke?
Nice work, Princess.
That's a piece of cake.
Planet Supergrass Grass Hall
Planet Supergrass Grass Hall
Now, all we can do is to wait.
We're going there to win, okay?
I have just received information that Supergrass's Red Angels
have successfully marked the finish line by the Roboworld Tower.
That's our princess!
I guess she made it.
Of course.
She's the only one who can use remote magic.
We have to make her proud.
Morning, Sonoshee!
Looks like you're mad at me.
Not really.
We're rivals now anyway.
Once we're on the race track, friendship doesn't mean anything.
I guess you're right.
Uh huh.
The ship will enter the drop zone in three minutes.
Good luck, then.
You see the transport ship?
Yes, Mr. President.
Let's say the line marked by our HQ is the finish line.
800 km west above the expected start line: the Knockout Tower.
We detected an energy reading from a hyperdimensional drive.
Hyperdimensional drive?
How dare they violate our airspace using navigation that's supposed to be theoretical!
I'll teach those RED-RACERS a lesson!
Titan! Arm the hyper-disintegrator cannons!
Yes, sir!
Bought your ticket yet?
Hey! You put everything on Sonoshee.
Yeah, Sonoshee's my girl.
You're the man!
Give me those pork buns!
Only three left.
That's fine.
Hey, you! You betting or not?
Not yet. I'm waiting for the final odds.
What a mess! You're supposed to eat it in one bite.
Okay guys, it's the last call!
Anyone who wants to buy in, step up now.
One minute to the start! I'm closing now!
Give me JP!
One minute until we reach the target point.
All racers, please prepare for the drop.
Hyper-disintegrator cannons arming.
95% energy level. Initiate firing sequence.
Please put on your light shield, sir.
We're entering the drop zone.
We have an energy reading from the transport ship.
It's exiting hyperdimensional space.
Get it on the monitor.
Open fire on visual contact.
Aye-aye, sir.
Fire the cannons!
What's wrong? Why aren't they firing?
We have a malfunction.
What?! That's unacceptable!
Good morning, all you lucky fans gathered here today.
Five long years of waiting is finally over!
The machines have been dropped from the sky to start the race!
They're heading straight toward the Knockout Tower.
If you're looking for a long shot, he's your man!
JP with his trademark ducktail.
His odds are a whopping 25,000 to 1!
What's up with that hair?
But his machine's just as impressive.
You see every kind of design imaginable in this race,
but I don't think anyone's ever modified a car like JP.
That sure is unique. I have to love his dedication.
Dedication? Maybe. Or maybe his hair is screwing with his brain.
I'm your announcer, the rattle-king Void Do.
Our other commentator is the former REDLINE champ, Mr. Minerva Hanness.
Stay tuned!
Mr. President, let my troops take over from here.
All right. Give them hell!
All you brave soldiers.
Our time has come!
They'll approach from three directions.
Split into 3 groups to counter them!
Volton troops, move out!
I'm hit! I'm going down!
Here comes God Wing followed by Busties!
Speed Master and Semimaru are right behind.
God Wing made a splash landing.
He's immediately going for a counterattack!
What will you do now, Super Boins?
Holy cow! They're blazing away!
You won't stand a chance unless you make a swift landing.
Lynchman's chasing after Sonoshee. Will he catch up?
Johnny! Shoot the sidewinder into Crab Sonoshee.
Damn, I'm burning! Those jerks!
What the hell?!
Take this, you fools!
No way!
Oh no!
Not bad, Colonel Volton.
Thank you, sir.
I see.
Sir, I've just been informed. We have another problem.
What now?
It's the broadcast ratings.
82% of broadcast satellites in the M3 Nebula are now
beaming live coverage of the REDLINE to the entire galaxy.
In other words,
every secret military asset and facility on Roboworld
Smash those racers before they reach Zone XXXXXXX, where Funky Boy is sleeping.
Funky Boy must not be awakened.
He's still a baby fresh from the womb.
He needs more time to learn to listen...
Payback time!
Good job, No.3 engine!
Get a hold of this!
Crab Sonoshee's charging up the slope.
Bold move!
She may be able to take the shortcut,
but Lynchcar and Transam have to go around.
Johnny! l see the dam!
Here we go!
I see you, Lynchman!
You finally caught up, huh? I thought you retired.
You wish!
I'll show you!
Yes! Now we're even!
You wanna play, Sonoshee? I'm game!
Regret leaving me behind in the army?
Captain Deyzuna!
We've spotted a moving target 5 km west of here.
Looks like a RED-RACER.
Okay. All vehicles, move to the target!
This one's mine. I'm gonna rip his head off!
That weasel! He thinks he can beat me?
I've been waiting for this a long time, Trava!
What the hell do you want?
My sand-bike's gonna whip your sorry ass!
In your dreams, you pathetic little shit!
Come get me!
Now let's check out what JP's up to.
He's finally approaching the dam way behind the others.
I think it's time for JP to retire.
Yeah, really.
Everything's out of balance! Friggin' Frisbee...
What's wrong, JP?
Get her up to speed and you're in the clear.
Don't be afraid to use the gold nitro.
Never thought I'd need this so soon.
He's skimming across! Did you see that?
I don't believe it!
He made it!
You gotta give it to him. That was impressive.
He's still way behind the rest, though.
You're late, Frisbee.
How's your friend doing so far?
JP's still in last like we planned, so his odds will stay low.
He'll make his move in the last quarter,
get his odds up, then he loses.
Same as the last time. No problem.
I'm still worried that he may wanna win the race.
That will cost me a great deal, you know.
There's no guarantee, is there?
You can relax.
There won't be any surprises.
Stop picking on us!
Oh no!
I've had it!
Let's roll!
What's going on, Big Deyzuna?!
Two planes were shot down before I knew it.
So you lost a couple of planes. No big deal.
Use your head!
Dr. Sabose! Quit playing around with those pervs and their tits!
Wipe out the racers in the southern sector already!
Little Deyzuna! Who told you you could break formation?
Sorry, sir! I'll do my best.
Get back in formation and force them into Zone XXXXXXX!
Are you listening to me?
Colonel Volton, please!
Don't let this punk make a fool of me!
Stop raving and get a hold of yourself!
I repeat,
get back in formation and chase them to Zone XXXXXXX!
That is an order!
I'm afraid I can't obey that order, sir.
I'm entering the race.
Have you lost your mind?
You'll be court-martialed and executed!
Colonel... I know the risk, but I have to do this.
I guarantee victory!
No! I can't allow that! Deyz...
Colonel Volton! Will you just stand by and watch?
What do you think?
Attention, all soldiers of Roboworld!
Attack with everything we have!
Intercept the racers in Zone XXXXXXX!
Everything, Colonel?
You heard me! EVERYTHING!
All racers are converging at the minefield in Zone XXXXXXX.
God Wing is in the lead in the northern sector,
followed by Super Boins.
From the southern sector, Crab Sonoshee's coming on strong!
Trava's Speed Master's coming from the central sector,
with Little Deyzuna right on his tail.
Speed Master's faster than those mines' detonators!
We have new footage.
Gori Rider is burrowing underground.
The Miki/Todoroki team is right behind him.
It may be a shortcut, but who knows if its faster?
Ouch! You think we've cleared XXXXXXX by now?
Probably. Let's get out of here and take them down!
All right!
Let's do this, Miki!
Go get them!
You sure about waking it up?
(Zone XXXXXXX) Underground
Yeah. The bioweapon sleeping in the most heavily protected area,
''Funky Boy.''
We have to use him to fight Volton's troops.
Let's go!
Miki and Todoroki are making their move.
They took the lead!
Yes, Miki! We're in the lead!
Land mine!
Looks like JP's made it to Zone XXXXXXX somehow.
What do you mean "somehow"?
You do know this is business?
Of course I do.
Look, it's a carrier!
I see they decided to send the Air-Destroyer.
Colonel Volton's getting serious.
He kicked me!
I have to end this!
Johnny, come close to me.
Time to use the thunderbolt!
Rotate 120 degrees!
On it!
Shit, I missed!
We did it!
Launch flares!
That should teach them a lesson.
Those racers are as good as dead.
There's no need for any further attack.
Mr. President, did you think I'd stop now?
You can't afford to take pity on scum like them.
Very well, then.
Damn, I can't break them.
Yes, you can! Just trust yourself!
What's this place?
I'll get you out of there, Sonoshee.
That's a bioweapon.
Isn't it violating the peace treaty?
I have a feeling we're not supposed to be seeing this.
How is this possible?
This is a nightmare.
Mr. President, we can't let Funky Boy destroy Roboworld.
It will be considered a breach of the peace treaty.
We must take measures immediately.
You must make a decision, sir!
Mr. President!
We have the hyper-disintegrator cannons back on line.
They'll be ready to fire as soon as charging completes.
Hail the President!
Target Funky Boy. He's out of control!
Yes, sir.
Target's set. We're ready to fire.
Take him down in one shot!
Okay, give the command.
Fire the cannons!
Excellent! We've wiped them out.
Energy discharge complete.
We're recharging.
This can't be happening.
Are they really dead?
I don't believe this.
They actually used the hyper-disintegrator cannon.
It looks like everyone's been wiped out.
That bastard planted something!
Sonoshee, you all right?
You okay, Captain Sabose?
I'm fine.
How many planes are left?
18, including the ones that are damaged.
16 sand-bikers left in another unit.
The crow jet unit's totally wiped out.
I see...
The RED-RACERS are in equally bad shape.
Wait for Colonel Volton's order.
Roger out.
You came all this way to win REDLINE, right?
I'm only halfway there.
I didn't get to see the finish line.
I'll show you. Not much room, but you don't mind, right?
It'll be too heavy. You can't win.
Yes, l will!
We'll win this together.
That's sweet, JP, but I have to ask something.
Ask me later. We've got a race to run.
No. I need to ask you now.
Okay, shoot.
Have you been arrested for fixing a race?
What happened?
It was the Yellow MAX series eight years ago.
Our team was on a hot winning streak.
Frisbee decided to hook up with the mafia,
so he could get a better engine and parts.
I entered the race with his life on the line...
and I lost.
After that, he desperately needed the money.
But there was a sting operation against the Inuki gang.
Frisbee was trapped.
That friggin' Frisbee's gonna get JP killed!
So you went to prison for him.
He believed in me and risked his life so I could race.
I'll always owe him for that.
Then we'll just have to pay him back with this race!
You're gonna help me?
If you'll help me make my dream come true.
It's a deal!
He can regenerate.
There must have been some pieces of him left.
Secretary Titan!
Fire the hyper-disintegrator cannon again!
Negative. We need another two hours to recharge it.
Where's Volton now?
I never thought I'd see the day. Is it ready?
Yes, it's ready!
Can we control it?
With your skill, no problem.
You just like the idea of getting new data, don't you?
Very well. Proceed.
Oh, no!
This feels great! Wonderful!
I can feel the power!
Let's get out of here, Shinkai!
All right! Gori-police custom rider!
You morons! The RED-RACERS are on the move again.
Go after them!
Yes, sir!
We should get going.
This is the machine your friend built...
You ready?
With the beefed up stove you gave me,
Sonoshee and I will blast to the top!
Your friend has done well.
It's about time we wrapped this up.
We're in third. The odds are looking up.
That should give us enough.
No reason to be greedy and end up in the hole.
It's time for Plan B.
Wait until JP grabs the lead, please.
You promised me!
Then here's a check!
I'll double your pay this time. Take it!
We're running out of time.
I'm paying both you and JP more than enough money.
So why are you complaining? Give me the detonator!
I just gotta see this race to the end. Please.
We, no...
I wanna see him win!
Sorry, buddy.
You know I'm just doing my job, right?
I don't wanna hurt you. Just hand me the damn thing.
Over my dead body!
Suit yourself!
Old man, what are you doing here?
I'll keep this with me for now.
I didn't come here to save you, you know!
It's just that the team mechanic's gotta see the race through.
The driver, the mechanic, and the junk dealer...
Those three make a team, right?
In the lead, God Wing is struggling to stay in control.
This time around, he's sustained quite a bit of damage.
Hey! Move your ass!
Damn! Don't you care about the road?
This is awesome!
The outside is clear!
Can't do that at this speed.
Go for it!
You're here.
I've got you now.
Are you bold enough to use the steamlight, Sonoshee?
Huh? That's the same as yours...
As a courtesy to stubborn racers like you,
I'm trying to make this interesting.
Bring it on!
Behold the platinum nitro charge!
Platinum nitro charge by Machine Head!
The only man to master the steamlight.
Looks like the king's gonna win again!
Hey, Sonoshee!
We made a deal. Make my dream come true, JP!
Second place is mine!
Think you can get me?!
That fool! Steamlight?!
No man can handle that!
You can do it, JP!
You serious?
Funny guy, huh? Let's see what he's got.
Let's roll, Todoroki!
Sorry, Deyzuna. Time's up.
Let's go, Shinkai!
Here we come!
Don't leave me!
Too hard to follow.
No way we'll catch up.
Hold on a minute!
The finish line is on top of the Dest Tower.
No one can climb up the wall to reach the line!
What's gonna happen?
What's the plan?
You'll see. Just watch.
Oh my!
The REDLINE committee's mothership came out of hyperdimensional space under the Dest Tower
and became the final straightaway!
You see?
The final straightaway has connected to the finish line!
You ready?
JP's moving up like a bullet! What's going on?
Holy cow! Unbelievable!
I'm gonna win!
I'm the king of kings! You know what that means?
It means the victory belongs to me!
I'm gonna win!
I've got the goddess on my side!
Look at that! JP and Sonoshee are coming!
I see it.
JP! You need the edge to win REDLINE!
You don't deserve to win this race!
Goddamn it! I need something to spark this thing up...
Frisbee, got anything?!
You used it all!
Whoa! JP's engine got blown off!
But wait... he's picking up speed somehow!
Victory's mine, JP!
It's JP and Sonoshee! They win!
JP and Sonoshee are first across the line!
Sonoshee! Sonoshee!
He's done it!
Aw, that's beautiful.
I love you.
Cool. I love you too, JP.