Redline (2007) Movie Script

Los Angeles CA 9:35pm
their cars to get you from point A to point B
and then their cars to get you from point A to point B really fast
fast cars cost big money
and millions of dollars
there people who do anything to win in stake
there are people who take risks and never play safe
yeah infamous's here
the music moble
who can't resist to high stakes bad
hey it's Jerry who's you got overthere
the excentric who plays by zone rule
oh michael and his pockets driver
the dreamer not share where's going
but they all want to get fast
oh yeah put him on
he wants to listen up to you
hey Jerry hey michael
what's the deal what do you gotta for?
half a million dallors says that
my boy here gets there in 2 hours
now LA to michael in 2 hours already been done
the producer Jerry
you scratch his back
he will scratch yours
here you want
how about a million dollars
our 45
what do you say?
you still there?
im sending him chirsmas present
and be happy ok?
one hour 45
45? deal
deal good thing
jason the new record will be 1 hour and 45 minutes in vegas tonight
1 hour and 45 minutes michael it's four hours drive
think it's a school for the gods
you ready to graduate yet?
hey don't you take it for Jerry
come on
i got it
shut up
what your fuck is this?
this just maybe worth it
start in 10 minutes
round number 2 please
the war hero
he fights for whatever he believes in
performance training
that's me
the girl next door
if you let us know the race track
hey mom i'll see you at lunch ok?
where are you going
i'll go hursal i told you
play nice with other kids?
haha i always do
hi Larey Hi Natasha
how's going under there?
ok now
great you are in good hand just don't let her wash you around
that's the best part
you are so bad
i'll see you guys later
love you love babe
1 2 3 4
this's the spot?
that's what I said
look im telling you man if i
thing is over me
oh hey
they make arrival
come on guys let's say goodbye
go out
that beautiful boy and girl you are looking good young thing you got the looked look like money
let me show you cars this way
im gonna follow you whenever you go
Barles where's he?
nice ass
base man
babobabo like a bonce carlos around here
i like it
all right she is ready to go
that's good now babe
question is
will she go fast
no we reduce the formance to get the smart chak
haha funny
no seriouly depends on whoever drives the car
and it's total consult you 8000 even
wow then i stand
then you get which pay for
you got the top to net you know the net owns the spart
which up to the Mail
a beautiful employee
that's not gonna be possible
because the last time i checked i was all woman
wait a minute
to my friends
no just the grand
got it jumps to woman you got jokes
how could this blue baby go
she will go 20 to 25 tops
go 20 to 25
then you put some bug in it
may i put your money with your mouth
that's very high journey
then i will give you a tic tac
all right get in charmes
get a skip stake
be skip
who taught you drive like this
my father
take it in still a little body
you know you could spot the holl
that would be really
i am ordering the car
have somebody in the car
put the phone down
all right bye
you got to smash the guy i ask to stop now
let me out
let me out
this woman can drive
let me talk to you
girl i need your help seriously
well i just helped you i fixed your car
let us say that im involved in a little
racing organization you know about that?
no i don't
what do you want?
next races is outside vegas
you know it's like a flop crap gay
stakes are high you got pay bill to buy in
i don't race
but the stop you pull on the string
that will plow plow stuff
thank you
but the answer is still no
don't wanna play for
yeah you know to get your band in Barles garage
i was digging in that
you like a bad track on that
i cheaped up
we can get paid it's like a entertainment when they watched
you wanna us to be your own little music play girl
i'll think about it
don't think too long girl
study long study round man like me don't hang up too
ma'am thank you
i like your car
looks fast
who own this your boyfriend?
what did you say?
oh waa
woo take it easy man
what do you want then?
want your car man
give me the keys
you want pees young man
shove off
gatta go
that was blows
still in trouble huh?
something is never change
welcome home war hero
is this uncle michael's car?
look im not involed in the family business that's you to get it in
michael maybe blankly isn't the family
and whatever is up to now i can garantee it's no good
it's the cook okay you always has been
you always will be
he just destroyed our family
why can't you see that why you still be stupid still
now here we go
im not a kid anymore
4 years later and nothing's changed
up to you stupid hair cut
play num
1960-2003 Brett Martin
you were here honey?
so you only got to beg this thing and not race
you heard huh?
i wanna do it so badly but i can't
well sometimes i think we are afraid of
things we really want them most
did i say that i was afraid?
you never do
just like your father
i don't think he's ever afraid of anything
we had you for you know huh?
he was afraid
not to be head of the pack
not to be the man to beat
not to be the apple of this little girl's eye
but he was
i know
come here
it's here
so fast
come up there
too far away
why don't you put you in the back like the full man?
man don't matter a race like this
they get out of there first
we got no power to catch up to they don't
is it easy to
what if you don't make a deal
what happened to you unemployed man things are positive
i thought it's G was modified
for the race out side of vegas
you must believe i lost my mind
the ford of all i loved the cardily
is inexpensive car for the inexpensive race
we got break out horse power
with the big boys
we don't bring out the SL all for the race out of vegas
now stop distracting me
who's this
yeah money is in play
yeah there we are
day out!
move on move on
they're coming
that's what we we talked about
thank you
thanks baby
cop's here
get your fat ass into the car
come on go
right there
put your hands up
ahh great
we need him
don't sit right here
you gonna drive for me
it's been 3 million dallors you are crazy?
look i can drive
but i dont know i'm not on today
don't worry about
just play as SL in the track
i got a plan
nice raft
i was just about to say the same
i want you to come up here
and let me show you around a little bit
that will be great but first i gotta get my staff
you have time later
i hope so
baby yeah
be the chance to get your money back fellow
im not going man
real we don't say your boss is here
yo is this good
i should have a gluve out
'cause this's crime
i am stay with it is
crimes about the stuffs
here you go sir
yeah listen
why you try to bite a parfor man
i know you tell i why
no to the deal listen what i got here
i got 3 of Jacks
i got Aces over Kings baby
oh come on man
why? you cheated
im just not playing for years
this day is my day to shine
that i can't deal with this race
do you hear dear man
im gonna garantee otherwise i can go broke
it's a speak half me imagin you got broke am i?
no what're you talking about
i got 3 million on the first race
if i lose chrase
so blind
no shoes
3 million on one race?
yeah one race what's it baby?
oh baby?
so now it's baby
look i talked to you i don't think you've talked to me
oh you don't want to go public
i'm tired of your crap infamouse you need to pull this plane over right now
we're at 20000 feet
you stop it in 20000 feet
your ass will get so wild
i could get my hands around ya
go to hell
pull over right now!
get your stuff out of here
you're such a bastard
it's your right
don't forger your hat
it's hot out there
oh i know he is a bastard
go to hell
i don't wanna hear the crack
oh what's up
girls get to understand man's issues
The girl is getting a management issues,
She'll get her imbalanced
This is crazy.
I know.Look at this place.That building every five minutes goes up here looks like..
Where are we going,little brother?
where we are not going.I am taking you to the hottest club in Les Vegas.
Goog evening!
Hey,keep it close man.
Thank you.
-Jay!Hanfany, what's going on?
Come see my brother Carlo.
Just back from Iraq.I'm gonna show you a good time here,huh?
what are we doing outside here.
Get us inside.
Look at the girls who are checking you out.
Why don't you go and buy them a few drinks. Maybe you'll get lucky.
Ok, I'll get this round.
She is cute.
Hey, can I buy you a drink?
Hah, no, thanks.I've already had one.
Let's go for a dance.
No thanks. I'm just waiting for a friend.
Come. Don't worry about him.
-I said no.-Come on!
I said no!
Screw you!
Jason, get the car!
What's the hell are you doing?
Some guy grabbed me and another guy
Get him!
Hey, Carlo, get in the car!
What was that?
Nothing.Let's go.
Huh,over a girl, Carlo.You gotta to be kidding.
That's him!
We got a company
All right.Let's see what these guys can do.
Come on, come on!
Jay, Jay, Jay!
-You are not gonna make it! -I'll make it!
I told you you were not gonna make it.
Shut up!
What is more important to my movie. I'll talk to A.J,
you just get this guy in two weeks and three days
Just shoot him out, shoot him against the wall.
Shoot him through the swords.
You every single time a poker(..)
What's that you say?
Get off the phone,man.We get a poker to play.
-Get him on the set.-Guys, what do you think of this?
Nice shirt by the way
You get that from your girl friend?
No, I got it from yours.
Get it?Get it.Good.Ok, where are we?
One fifty.
I love ..
There are chips in the kitchen,
If you want some dip
Thank you. I appreciate it.You are a good guy. Thanks for taking my money.
I appreciate it.
-Good luck.Good luck.
Yeah, tell Jerry the Enzo's windshield is shattered.
It's gonna take three days to order a new one.
I'll tell him.
Two hundred.
Now, what is it?
The windshield of the Enzo is broken.
Oh, come on. I need that car for the race.How much the Farrari Enzo will cost again?
How much is in the (..)?
About 1.5.
I'm all in.
My call. I get three aces.
The river is two of hearts.
Oh, my god!
You'd better get those aces fixed.
I'll my flush(?)
Hey, guess what gamble before(?)
which reminds me I got to go my race.
Start the engine,man.
Walk it up, walk it into the field man!
What plan is it?
This, my big brother,
is where fortunes are won
and lost.
Now promise me you'll be cool,
especially around uncle Michael.
Come on.
What's up man?
-Hi,mate!-Got (..)
-Yeah,of course.-Good luck (..)
After we get this fortune, we can more..
Uncle Michael.
Look who's coming on to us.
Ah,ladies,let me just introduce you to
emm, this is my nephew,Carlo.
He is a war hero,back from Iraq.
And I'm gonna give him a big big hug,
to war hero.
Good to see you!
You haven't changed.
Hmm, what do you want, my brother?
We can just hang out these days.
One for the (..)
another one to the win(..)
Listen,I can see the pain you are in.
And I know you must have walked through
some crazy,crazy (Charlie-you-don't shef)shit
over there.
What crap!
Wow,wow,wow,let me talk to the guy.
Yeah, I know,I know.
But you got to remember that the universe can us to inspire all the experience
to a learning proess,kid.
Our days are numbered,
my friend.
So aren't there fun?
And that is worth doing.
Don't you see that?
Oh,shit! This guy is tough.
Carlo, I love you.
Don't be a stranger.
I'll be right back.
Going outside.
Hi there!
-Hey!-How are you doing?
-Good. How are you doing?-Very well. Have you seen this?
-(these in.)You see these radars?-Yes, she is.
what are you doing here?
My little brother's racing today.
So, i just came to watch.
Yeah. What are you doing here?
Oh, my band is gonna run the performance in few minutes.
Cool. I cann't wait to see it.
if you want to stick around afterwards,
I'd love to buy you a drink as a thank you for saving me in the club.
Emm, I thought the drinks were for free.
Oh, even better.
Emm, great. Ok.
I guess I'll see you later.
Thank you. How are you?
-What do you think?-Sell me that car.
It's only 1.2 million dollars.
I'll pay in cash.
There you go.
I'm going inside.
Roger, I need to speak to you a little bit.
If Mr. Braken doesn't show up before the band's perforance,
are you gonna be able to go on your race with Mr.Branken running away?
-Yeah.-Then beautiful,baby.
Ladies and gentlemen.
It is my pleasure
to introduce you to my latest acquisition.
Now you know Infamous always brings you the hottest stuff.
Now put your hands together,
and if you don't get hands, stamp your feet,
for Movin', violation!
I want to be your car tonight,
so you can take me for a ride.
And you can grip me like a steer,when we
just fall in that
tough like steel.
-Moving.-I gotta the bumper that you like
I get that kind of rings that shine. if you like,
give it fast,'cause I...
She is going to be my wife.
Thank you!
That's what I call Rock&Roll,baby!
This J.Branken,
I don't know where he is.
So what we're gonna have to do..
Where is the dramma beat on time!
There is Jerry,baby!
And at this corner, Mr. Suchan.
This is here for Mr.Chan now.
What do you want to bet?
I will bet 1 milion dollars!
1 million dollars!
Oh, my god!I can't believe it!
Do you want to see what 1 million dollars looks like?
I accept it.
That's great!
There's two million dollars,baby!
The drivers,
there they are!
Come on!
Come on!
Yeah!There's a bloody win!
Come on,baby!
Want some champaign in ice?
I'll be back in a minute,all right?
I hurt my anckle.
Dude.Need I help you?
No,I'm fine.
No,don't touch me.Please don't touch me.
Oh,man!Is he gonna drive like that?
-We'll work that out.-Well you'd better take care of it fast man.
You want some ice?
No,man,we stay ice-stone.We are cool.
-How about a minic?-We cool.
-A (hoggy-do)?-..
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
How's you gonna drive when you can't walk?
If I don't get a damn driver, I'm cooked.
I'll give you 50,000 thousand.
50,000 thousand for you and your boys.
It's not about the money.
-Baby,everybody's got a price.-I'm sorry.But the answer is no.
All right.150,000 thousand and we call it a contract.
If you want to do this,
don't do for the money;
don't do for us,
do because what you are born to do.
300,000 thousand.
You said it's not about the money.
Everyone has a price.
Damn.All right fine.
-We got a deal or what?-Done.
Kiss some ass!
You want see me race today?
Ahuh,I'm gonna win,win,win!
The car is filthy.
I want you to pay attention when I'm talking to you.
Well,you like that.It makes you happy,huh?
That makes you happy.
How are you gonna make me happy?
-I'm gonna win.-Are you gonna make me happy?
I'm gonna win for you.
Ok,how are you gonna do that,um?
You are all messed up.Your focus is all over the place.
I want you to focus.
Wake up!
-Ok.-I care about you,ok?
I just, want you to be beautiful.
I love you.
We are family.
Do you understand?
Don't get distracted,ok?
Now clean up this car.
Come on girls.
Let's go.
This is the bitch you should be paying attention to.
Oh,it's hurt.
-It really hurts.-The pain is over though.
Uh-hah,it hurts.It really hurts!
It was, right?
Yes,I'm gonna give you a job of acting 'cause that show is ()!
Talk about this.
Son,you don't get it.
Everything ok?
Yep,just ittle excitement for the race.
You don't look so excited.
I was just thinking,
maybe you are right,
maybe uncle Micheal is not a good guy after all.
What did you say?
Just for the race.
He likes these pep talks. He likes to win.
I need to win.
You will.
Listen,I get to get going,right?
..finish bro?
Be safe bro!
Hey,what's wrong?
Nothing,nothing,baby,I'm cool.
Uh,you gonna win this race,right?
Please,I'll smoke them.
-You sure about it?-Yeah,I am.
All right.That's my girl.
That's my girl!
All right. Be cool.
Hey,big man,
-Congradulations on the race!-Oh yeah,I knocked them to the start.
Oh, yeah.
You know I think my driver would be pretty much unbeatable than your sexy little red Enzo.
Unbeatable?What is unbeatable?
I tell you what, I would bet that sexy little red Enzo,
your driver loses this race.
I like ..
Not like..
Two!Come on!
plentium bars.Deal?
deal. okay, you are going down
This is Rario,how are you?
i want your attentions up on the street right now
the drivers are about to take the max
that your driver?
that one Natasha?
Matasha? Fist,I am going over to the Mr.Razio.
Mr razio
what is your wager? what?
the bet,man,
what's the wager.i bet for plentium bars
what's that worth?
1.3 million dollars each. and there's four of them,what does that up to,man,
that's 5.2!
5.2 million dollars for the bet!
okay,now,Mr maharichi,
what do you wage?Oh,hold on.what about one second out?
I will bet that 3 millions.Ok,so good.
So,what do you play,men.
okay, i would give your 4 bars if you win
I bet its genius.
it's gonna be better from lose
all i want is 3 million
and your driver.
the driver?that's my intation,Natasha.
make a deal?
you wanna shake?
Then shake on.ok
Nervous.i'm good .
i'm taking his three million
So thats 8.2 million dollars,man.
That is pretty gift.start the race.
Ok,everybody,Let is rock and roll.
drive on, man,drive!
come on!girl.
haha, yeap!
that's mine.
razio win.
i won, bro
ahhh, jason!No.
Get him off the car.
Get him off the car
Get off me
someone get an ambulance!
is she breathing?yeah come on!
get a medic, come on!
Ill kill you.
ahhh,get off me!
Get the hell out of here.
gel,i want you to get the plentium and money
and get what is mine,okay?
i have my man pick up,because later...
You know,you got your lucky twice,
I will find the way to get that money back.
Where are you taking her?
we are taking her to los angelesshould i go with her,man?
No,there is no room?what is mean there is no room?
which hospital?
hi,sally,it's mike.mike
how's the show going?
Look down,there's been an accident
yeah,she is unconcious.
which hospital do they take her to?i'm not sure.
I can take this again.
Oh,no,this is gona be OK.I promise.
I will go to see anything I could do.
Ok,bye daring.
what's wrong?
what is wrong?natasha
pack has been,delieve to the house.
Hold on
Collo,buddy,long time
So good,it is still in business?
Of course,still in business.
And I want you buisness.
You mean,yeap, I need guns,
Different business.This way
Anything good?being good.
Are we talk about this?
No.Ok,what do you need?
I need guns,animals,D4,lots of D4.(?)
Lots of d4,enough c4 to burn down a house.
I dont know what is going sure no to talk about this?
You gonna help me or not?
Sure,I am.
In fact,help yourself.come on.
This is pretty.
And this.
I think you really need this.
I pack this.yeap,you pack that.
How about this.sure you can.
And for you,
This is important.
Yeap,pack that.
And that is yours,sure.go for it,yeap.
That is back.all right,my man.
You don't want to talk about,right?
Ok,look yourself.
you too.make sure anything about the hair.
Wise that,I mean.
Looks good.thank you.
He want a nice thing,right.
Hi,you safe.
You have a moment unconsciou from the car accident,
remember the accident?
It is a tragedy.
My nephew died.
Where it is,its hospital.
No,it is my house.
Wow,it is all yours now.
Excuse me?
Because you look brillant with those eyes.
And everything just change,just like that.
You understand what I sai?
Everything is so meanless.
I was so boring with all these money.
It is yours now.
Why am I here?
Make a bet.
You are the, I dont belong to him.ok.
I belong to you.
It is the first day our life together.
Rest of our life
I mean,it is gonna to be such a beautiful story.
We are going to tell gandkids
So just relax,you safe.
Just change close in the wardrobe,
Calm down.
Whatever you want,it is free of them.
Ok.this is panic food.
I did my reserch.I know you right here.(?)
But that isnt happen.
We dont eat things,change faces.
I believe animal are the same creatrues
Just like you and me,though.
I have been disappointed by..many women.
Being mad
You dont gona dispointed me.
Are you?
Look past the judgement.see you downstairs.
We are about here.(?)
There are.kind of money.
The print on the float,they won't accepet it.
So fixed it.
You don't have enough time here.
The good news is Currency was protected.
Thoes principle Are not accepetable.
that is why I burnt it all.
Ei,just give me a bit more time.
It is gona prefect,I dont want to give you more time.
You deal to have a 8 million in possibile currency.
You can creat and give me the real thing.
I dont have 8 million in real currency.
I just dont have it.give me a bit more time.that is all.
Dead line is it.
You gonna go for the money.
Or I come for you.
It is break it,I can't hear you.
Do you hear me?
Your dinner gets to surprise,sir.
It is past you field.
Go back to your room...ok.
No one use to get hurt.
Hey,hey,just calm down.
Relex,let me go.
Get off me.
Get something for the door.come on,come on.go.
Oh my god,wait a minute.
What?trust me.
What the hell are you doing there?
What?what are you doing there?
I don't know how I was there,ok?
Trust me,that wasnt by choice.
I was kidnap.
By my uncle.
The guy is your uncle?
He killed my brother and he need to pay him back.
Thanks for saving me again.
You go to find a place to get rid off the car.
It is a quick flu jack.
They can trace us.
Go up here.
They said you gona.(?).what is up?
They sell people staff they don't need.
Like guns,cars,sex,I mean,some people got them.
You gona sell people what gona inside.
Michael.that is definitely inside.
Wait a minute,I just to finish my points.
The point is this,
What is the meaning of life.michael.the meaning of life if let him go.
Your nephew broke in and help the girl to escape.
He stole our money.
It is
I go to take a shower
Hey,you can...
Mom,it is me.
Thank god,honey,are you all right?
Im fine,just being a little carzy.
what is going on?
Mom,its a long story,trust me.
I felling home torrow morning,just tell the boys I am ok.
Mom,I love you.
I love you too,honey.
She is ok.
All right.
Sounds good.
Thank you.
Im very sorry about your brother.
I know sorry doesnt help.
My father died in the same way.
I was sitting in the stand when I was up.
Jason is a good kid,you know.
He was a good kid.
You know his first kid play is on a little bottle
He love the girls and the cars.
Just a kid.
An,action.oh,my coffee.yes,sir.
Yeap,dont cut.
Hold,hold,we save for one.hi,michael.
Hey,michael.listen.hey jerry.
I got a cool desert out off like somewhere in Russia.(?)
Beautiful area and boys want a major show down.
Are you in?
Im a little busy,jerry.
You dont want to miss it,men.I am telling you reasons,four cars.and winner take out,big date.
Yeap,how big?
As big as you want.
25 million,
Oh,you are so crazy.I like it.
Ok,make it happen.
Hey,what's not gamble if you dont gamble.
Hey,come on,people,time is my money.
Michael,Jasons machine is broken,we cant put more money in,you dont have $25 million to bet.
You have to sell everything.
So sell it.
It is boring of the money.
I dont like to spend.
We dont get the driver.
Jasons died.
would you shut up.
We need somebody to win,michael.
I know,just a bitch.
Good morning.
You think theyre follow us?
Well,I think your uncle may have a big problem.
I mean,I overheard them talking on the phone.
He owned somebody a lot of money.
More than he can cover.
Ok,get dress.
And I get a car, 290
we get some food.
Good luck,(?)
Dont forget the windows this time.
I wont.
Good morning,men.
What the hell there.
It is cool down.
Hey,it is ok.we can talk.
Whats the deal?
Stop,what do you want?
Guys,what happen?
Where is mom?
He took her.
Whos Michael.
A luntaic.
Why they took sally,she does not do anything
Where is my mother,you bitch.
Take care of her for me.all right.
We not gona to kill her.
No,men,dont get rid off her.
Just make sure no that happen too.
I got you.
Michael,she is secure,all right.
You give a nap about natashas mom,
now let you know what we will do.
Hey,tasha.thanks for coming.
Do you believe in luck.
I dont need luck.
Do you believe destiny.
Me too.
When you across that finish line, first,
Your mother is gonna be so safe.
that's a promise.
You promise?
Go get them,ok.
Kick their ass.
I love you.
Hey,let me explain whats happen last time.
I dont want to hearing.
I just hope you bet everything on the race.
Because you gonna to lose your ass.
That is cool.
if miss put everything into this.
Think this guy to win?
Can he win?
This guy was world running champipion
five years in a row
He can drive.
See who he is.
Her telling the man to roll all the men.
(?)she walking mailes.
See the old mans oddish.make me out of patience.
Yeap.let go for $25 million.
It was cute,if you found funny when I see you walking home.
Remember,I broke you one leg.
We got you $100 million in this case.
Dont let it down.give me something special.
Who is that guy?
Thats the guy killed nats father.
Are you ok?
Yeap.Im good.
i am gonna win the race,ok?
Mind if I take a look?
Let her go.
Ladies and gentlemen
the pot for this race is $100 million.
Come on,go.go
You bitch.
You are out.
all your baby..
You bitch.How much money did I pay for this dance.
Did you pay him?
Let go.
So about let him go.
Prefect timing.
Come on,go.
Have a nice rest.
You and me.yeap.
Yeap, I bet to win.
Come on,come on.
Come on,come on.
What she doing?
Get out here.let is go.
what is going on?
Hahaha,oh.let go.
Just wanna to let go.
What the hell happen.Why just stop?
My mom safe.
That is great.
Now,michael,he is so screwed.
that is worthy
Yeap,take care of her mother.
I already did.
she is fine.
Hey,pay back. Bitch.
This bitch,let him died.
He let you leave,he will died.
I got 100 million reasons to say thank you.
Oh,you are welcome.
Let is just see somewhere to return your favour.
It is why I dont need the luck.
See what am i through ,dont you?
Yeap,yes,I do.
Guess is not much to say.
There is it.
pack that for one minute.
The deadlines past.and I still dont have my money.
Listen,just give me
Yeap, a little
You tested my patient to the limit.
It is over.
Yeap,it is to late.
Yeap,I suppose it is.
Some of my guys is outside to take you a little a ride.
Ok,great,thank you for much.
I think you will like this.
Yeap,danny said something on line.
Hey,danny,jerry,you dont walk me.
Two monthes ago,I don't know anything about music either.
And today,I have a couple of rear.
It is beautiful.
So that is why you bough those cars.
Um-hum,it is beautiful.
It is very.
So you really think CCA is faster.
It is definitely.
It fast will be a kind of
Yeap,but I dhought,like the way you said,it depend on the driver.
I did said that.
But you remember,I am the driver.
Oh,we can make a friendily little wager.
Seriously. you think you can kick my ass?
All right.
When there are just a big kiss.
You mean.
Something like this.
Yeap,of course.
You know what,I am so gonna kick your ass.
I am good.
Come on.
I will test it
Good car, can get you from point a to point b
And great,those of them to get you in trouble.