Reed's Point (2022) Movie Script

A teen went missing
in Reed's Point yesterday.
The girl was camping in
the area with her family
when her mother reported
hearing strange noises
in the middle of the night.
And by morning, the girl
was gone from their tent.
Authorities have
arranged a search party
for the missing teen.
A group of
hunters spotted what they
believed was the Jersey Devil.
A deadly accident
on Reed's Point
stirs up old history for the
Reed and Franklin families.
The body of a teen was found
in the woods, discovered
by a tour group researching
the Jersey Devil legend.
The teen has been
identified as an ancestor
to the original Franklin family.
Animal attacks continue
to haunt Reed's Point as the
body of 20-year-old Cameron
Connor was found unrecognizable
in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
believe this is the work
of the legendary Jersey
Devil, while authorities
are sure a bear or wolf
is most likely what
killed Cameron Connor.
But strange tracks continue
to multiply and spread terror
among the locals of South
Another body was discovered
in the pinelands of Reed's
Point, the same location where
a dead man's body
was found last year.
Surrounding the mutilated body
were mysterious footprints
of a hoofed animal.
Investigators followed
the tracks for nearly 4 miles.
But the hoof
tracks suddenly disappeared.
New Jersey residents
fear it could
be yet another gruesome attack
of the mysterious Reeds Devil.
The Medical Examiner's Office
will conduct an
autopsy to determine
the exact cause of death.
Jersey residents
fear it could be...
A woman claiming
to have photographed
the mythical Reed's
Devil said she
caught the winged creature
on camera while hiking
on Monday night.
While hiking on
Monday night and described
the figure as half
human, half devil,
standing taller than the
average man, with matted fur.
A group of tourists
visiting Reed's Point claim
to have seen the Jersey Devil.
The legend of
the infamous creature
goes back centuries, and
many have come to the area
to capture a photograph or
find out if it really exists.
They believe it was silently
tracking them before it
mysteriously vanished.
Legend of the
infamous creature, the tourists
say it is indeed
the Jersey Devil.
I can't believe that was
our last day of school ever!
Finally, freedom!
Are you forgetting
about college?
This weekend is
going to be amazing!
Right, it's gonna be fire!
Hey, have a great weekend.
Oh, you too, man.
Ah, crap, we're so late!
Your dad's gonna kill us.
You'll be fine!
Your dad will
not be fine, Kelsey.
Sweet ride!
Can we move it?
After I drop
you kids off, I've
gotta take a client all the way
to Long Island in this thing.
Told you he'd be mad!
Hold on.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
Maybe I should drive?
What are you talking about?
This was your idea.
Besides, we can't
take your car.
It's OK.
My dad's not mad.
He's just in a hurry.
He's just in a hurry.
Come on, it's all right.
Hey, guys, happy graduation!
Thanks, Suzie!
I see dad's in a good mood.
He's just frustrated
he has to entertain one
of his high rollers tonight.
He would rather be
supervising you.
Hi, I'm Suzie, your server.
Hey, James!
Let me know if
you need anything.
Hey, buddy.
This is awesome!
Sorry, daddy.
Sorry, sir.
Sorry, Uncle Greg.
We were just saying
bye to our friends.
We'll probably never
see most of them again.
I get it!
I was young once.
You were?
Stop it.
Look, I just can't be late
picking up this client.
James, we're all here.
You got it, boss.
Alex, glad to see you
dressed for the occasion.
Oh, I am.
I came prepared.
Dad, if you're
the boss, why do you
have to entertain clients?
Don't you have someone
who can do that for you?
There are certain
things you can't pay
people to do for you, Kelsey.
You'll find that out
once you go to college.
We still have each other.
I'm not sure if that's a
good thing or a bad thing.
Hey, what about me?
Of course, you!
Would anyone like
anything to drink?
I'll take a vod...
I'll take a soda.
Thank you.
You passing out on me?
No, I'm not.
I'm just resting my eyes.
How do you expect me
to get through college
with that attitude?
I intend to actually go to
class, thank you very much.
That's boring.
Well, unfortunately,
I have to get a degree
if I want a future.
So does Kelsey.
Look, if you
think you're going
to live the rest of your life
on my money, you're mistaken.
You need to be more
like your cousin Sarah.
Don't worry, Uncle
G, I'll make sure
she goes to all her classes.
Me too.
What are you
majoring in, Sarah?
We need some honest
journalists again.
Good for you.
I'm majoring in
journalism, too.
Gonna be a news anchor.
You actually need
to know what's going
on in the world for that, Alex.
You can't just sit
there and look pretty.
Oh, but he is pretty!
They're being mean to me.
Excuse me, I've
gotta take this.
Yeah, look, that land
has been in my family
for hundreds of years.
I'm not going to tie
it into this deal.
No way.
Can I get you anything
to drink, James?
God, I would love a coffee.
It's gonna be a long day.
Franklin has me
working a double shift.
Look out!
Shit, hold on!
Sarah, you're alive!
I pulled everyone else out,
but I think they're all dead.
We're not alone out here.
There's something else out here.
Hey, Sarah.
How's the Jersey
Devil article coming?
That good, huh?
It's mostly folklore nonsense.
I can't believe there so little
on Kelsey's disappearance
and what's really
in those woods.
Are you sure this isn't
too painful for you?
That's exactly why I
need to write this article.
It's been a year, and no
one wants to talk about it.
The police gave up.
I feel like I need
to do something.
I know you don't want to
hear this, but as a reporter,
you need to face the
possibility that Kelsey is gone.
She's alive.
I can feel it.
Something is in those woods, and
it's gonna hurt someone else.
I get it.
I'm just worried, that's all.
I don't think this is healthy,
and I should have never agree.
Hey, guys, look at this.
Did you know that
there's some kind
of feud between your
family and the Reeds?
And they live within
the Pine Barrens.
Maybe they know what
happened to Kelsey.
OK, Sarah, don't even start.
What if they found out
that Kelsey was a Franklin?
I mean, who knows that these
weirdos would have done.
We should never have
got on that dumb RV.
OK, I'm pulling this article.
Clearly this is too
much for both of you.
Maybe we reach out to
local law enforcement
with this information.
No, a 50-year-old article
about a family feud?
The Jersey Devil?
And how it's all linked to
the possible disappearance
of your cousin?
They never did find her
body, and I know what I saw.
I know it sounds crazy, but
bad blood never dies, Alex.
OK, Sarah, you're
talking crazy.
You think that your crash
and Kelsey's disappearance
have something to do
with some phony legend
and some ancient,
stupid family feud?
It's not that crazy.
Anyways, I just thought it'd be
good research for the article.
Did you not hear me?
I'm pulling the story.
Max, we can handle this!
Fine, but under no
circumstances do you guys go
into those woods.
But if I can...
Sarah, promise me.
I promise.
OK, Alex, I think you have
your own assignment to work on.
All right, copy that.
You still here?
It's all on this
Jersey Devil thing.
What's going on?
It just took her, that thing.
I was there, remember?
You had a concussion.
But Sarah, we've
talked about this.
It could have been an animal.
No way.
You're stuck.
Well, let's take a look at it.
I mean, this story
we're working on,
it doesn't exactly have
an ending now, does it?
I know what I saw, and
I know how crazy I sound.
As journalists, there's a lot
of things we just can't prove.
Kelsey survived.
I know she did.
I don't know what that means.
All I know is that sometimes,
people can manifest a tragedy
to help them cope.
And I don't know.
Maybe this is just
your way of coping.
So what are we
going to do about it?
Finish the story.
That's the last thing
she ever texted me.
Still haven't deleted it.
I probably never will.
I need to find out
what happened to her.
They ran search
parties for months
and, they never found her body.
If dozens of people with dogs,
cops couldn't find her body,
what makes you think
that you can't?
I know what I saw.
It might bring
closure to the story.
But this isn't just
about the story, then.
It never was.
It's about finding out
what happened to Kelsey.
I'm going with you.
I don't need a babysitter.
I have to do this on my own.
Well, call me.
Keep me updated.
You're still here.
How's it going, Max.
I was just finishing up.
I just saw Sarah walk past.
She doing OK?
Yeah, yeah.
Alex, what's up?
I'll see you tomorrow.
Don't get yourselves killed.
ALEX Are you there yet?
Yeah I just got to Devil's
Cafe out on Reed's Point.
Don't tell Max, but I
just spoke to the owner.
She said she might
know something.
Well, that's a good start.
Did she say anything
about the Jersey Devil?
Kind of laughed at
me when I mentioned it.
Are you following me?
I didn't want
you to come alone.
I can't believe you
drove all night.
Way to be a creeper!
Don't go
looking for the Devil!
Because he knows, he knows.
He's here.
He's gonna find ya!
I ain't afraid!
No, I ain't afraid!
You been warned!
You been warned!
You been warned!
OK, so what's the plan?
What, exactly, are
you trying to find?
I don't know.
Maybe this is a stupid idea.
Well, we're here, so...
Let me get that for you.
You the kids that called?
Yeah, Sarah Franklin.
Well, Beth's in the back.
I'm not sure I can be
of much help to you.
I'm doing a report
from my college paper.
Mind if I ask you
a few questions?
I... don't bother me much.
What I'm looking
for is any information
on that big RV crash
from last year,
from a local's perspective.
Talking about that trailer
that went up in flames?
People got killed,
girl gone missing?
Yeah, that one.
I don't know much about it.
Sheriff did a search party.
Nothing turned up.
Any idea what happened to her?
No idea.
Animals got her.
Look, between you
and me, I don't even
think she was in the vehicle.
She totally was!
Excuse me?
Well, I'm pretty busy, so
sorry I can't be more helpful.
You know anyone who can
take us into those woods?
You two kids aren't trying
to track down the Jersey Devil,
are you?
Because we get so many people
in here looking for that thing.
Is it real?
I've lived here my whole life.
Only people ever seen it
are tourists and crazies.
This damn place
is called The Devil's Cafe.
But no, Jersey Devil ain't real.
We're not saying it is.
We just wanna head to the site.
And why would
you wanna go there?
Because we were
in the accident too,
and we want to
see for ourselves.
I see.
We really want some closure.
Look, I might not know much,
but sometimes it's better
to just let those things lie.
That's my advice to you.
I think she's right.
If you know anyone who
might know those words,
that would be helpful.
My shift's ending.
Sorry I can't help.
That's your second refill.
You're gonna have
to pay for this.
Late one was on the house.
Well, maybe we should bail.
Maybe this was a big waste.
You kids want
some more coffee?
Just the check, thank you.
Carla told me there
were some kids asking
about going to the woods.
Is that you two?
Yeah, why?
You know someone?
If anybody knows
these woods, it's Hank.
And he's probably done
with his last tour.
He can take you
where you want to go.
You want to go into those
woods with a complete stranger?
I'll be with you.
I'm sure you can protect me.
Is that sarcasm?
Yes, it's sarcasm, Alex.
I think that's him.
Don't look!
I don't know.
Just don't look.
Who'd you call about?
Kids are over there.
You kids looking for somebody
to take you into the woods?
Well, Beth called me.
She said someone needed
a guide to take them
into the Pine Barrens.
You know about that
big RV crash last year?
You know where it happened?
They've closed that
road now, you know.
That's where we want to go.
Well, you're in luck.
It's a short drive, and
then a 30-minute hike
to that side of the highway.
Can you take us?
It depends.
How much you got?
200 is all I got.
You pay for my BLT. I'm
gonna take that to go.
You can follow me.
Fresh blood.
He's gonna love you!
Come on, andale!
Let's go!
Get back, let's go!
That's Steve.
He's a little touched.
You two ready?
Follow me.
I still don't have a
good feeling about this.
He looks nice enough.
You ready?
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
Hey, Max, just a heads up.
I'm following Sarah out to the
Devil's Cafe on Reed's Point.
I've been driving all night.
Please don't be mad.
I mean, you know Sarah.
She just wants answers, OK?
So listen I'll send you a text
later when we're on our way
Come on, Alex!
ALEX Hey, this is Alex Williams.
SARAH Hi, this is Sarah.
Please leave a message.
CARLA Devil's Cafe.
Carla speaking.
I'm trying to get a
hold of my friends
who said that they
would be at your cafe.
CARLA I really can't help you.
I'm worried about them.
I haven't been able
to get a hold of them.
One of them is a girl,
and she has short hair.
The other's tall
and has long hair.
Have you seen two college
kids by that description?
CARLA Oh, yeah,
they left a little while ago.
Said they wanted to
see the closed road
where that RV crash happened.
Oh, OK.
Which road is that, exactly?
CARLA It's Pine Creek Road,
right near Route 561.
OK, thank you.
CARLA Mm-hmm.
You were in that
RV that crashed, huh?
We both were.
You must have a lot of guilt
being the only two survivors.
Well, they didn't
find my cousin, so...
What do you mean?
I mean she disappeared.
Disappeared, how?
I don't know.
All I know is that
something dragged her away.
You didn't tell me that.
You didn't ask.
OK, we gotta go back.
Come on!
Listen, because you two
are chasing the Devil.
We're just trying to find
out what happened to my cousin.
Are you talking
about the Jersey Devil?
Things go on in these woods
that will put the fear of God
in you.
I'm just kidding.
I do that to everybody
I bring out here.
It's fun.
Come on!
I mean, I want you to
get your money's worth.
That's why people come up here,
is to get the crap scared out
of them.
Do you even know where
the crash happened?
Yeah, it's right up here.
Come on.
So what's the story about
the Jersey Devil, anyway?
Well, there's
been lots of them.
Most of 'em go back
to the Reed family.
The who?
The Reeds.
The story goes,
they had 12 kids.
When she got pregnant with a
13th, she cursed it, right?
She didn't want to
have another kid.
When it was born, it had
hooves like a deer, big claws
for hands, forked tail.
Father took it out in
the woods to bury it.
The creature killed
him, and then went back
and killed everybody else.
Then, there's the feud.
You OK?
Yeah, never mind.
Come on!
We're right up here.
All right, this is my rest spot.
We're stopping?
Take a rest.
Maybe this wasn't a good idea.
You're probably right.
I thought he said
that we were close.
I don't understand
why we're stopping.
You know, when that RV
blew up, that was a big deal.
The entire town was out here
looking for your friend.
My cousin.
Hey, what do you
think happened to her?
I don't know.
It's tough to say.
Well, maybe it
was the Devil himself.
Hence, the Jersey Devil.
You believe in that?
I don't not believe in it.
You know, you spend enough
time in these woods,
and you see a lot
of strange things.
Here we go again.
Can we just get to the site?
All right, let's go.
It's fresh blood.
Did you do this?
This is probably hunters.
They hung their kill up to
come back and get it later.
No, this is not hunters here.
I'm telling you, I
got a bad feeling.
We should go.
Look, it's not a bad idea.
We gotta go.
Please, can we just go?
Alex, slow down!
Your bad leg!
Help us!
OK, hold on.
Sarah, I'm stuck.
Oh, Christ.
Oh my god, I can't look.
All right, well, then
don't look, all right?
Boy, you got yourself
in a pickle here, kid.
Just breathe.
Kid, don't look at it, breathe.
Let me see here if I can...
One, two, three.
Don't look!
OK, just hold on.
You got your leg
stuck in this thing.
I don't know how,
but you're stuck.
It's killing me,
Sarah, it's killing me.
We're trying.
We have to get it off him.
I can't.
I need a saw.
I have one in the truck.
Hey, I'm a hunter, kiddo.
I use the saw to trap wolves and
for situations just like this.
I'm gonna go back to the truck.
Shouldn't take me
more than 30 minutes.
I'll be back by dark.
Wait, by dark?
You can't leave us here!
Listen, it's either that,
or we stay here all night
and go back and get it
in the morning, which
I don't recommend.
You should go.
You're gonna wanna tie that
off, slow the bleeding.
Animals are gonna
smell the blood.
All right.
Hurry back.
I'll be back as
quick as I can.
I did not see
today ending like this.
OK, I'm supposed to take this
off, and tie it around my leg
to stop the bleeding.
I gotta tie this
around my leg, OK?
We've gotta tie it tight, OK?
We've gotta stop the bleeding.
Take this.
You ready?
It's gotta be tight.
OK, one, two, three.
How are you feeling?
Like crap.
I miss her.
So do I. She'd be here
today if it wasn't for me.
You can't blame yourself.
I didn't wanna drive my car.
You didn't crash that RV.
But I was the one pushing her.
Hey, don't do that!
Kelsey was lucky to have you as
a cousin and as a best friend.
We both are.
She's alive.
What the hell is that?
No idea.
He left over an hour ago.
He should be back any minute.
I don't think
he's coming back.
I don't think so either.
I'm gonna go
and look for help.
Well, you think
it's a good idea?
It's either that or
sitting here doing nothing.
I know, but what...
I mean, what if you get lost?
If I keep that
ridge line in sight,
I should make it
back to the car.
I don't know.
Trace our path back.
It's not like we have
much choice, Alex.
I know, but I don't
want you going out alone.
I don't see any
other option, do you?
You're hurt pretty bad.
If I don't get help soon,
your leg could get worse.
I'll be as quick as I can.
OK, I trust you.
Be careful.
I will.
God, I hope I'm not next.
Great, no service!
What are you doing here?
Can I help you?
Sorry, I don't get a
lot of visitors here.
Sorry to bother you, but
my friend, he's injured.
The guy taking us into
the woods went to get help
and never came back.
What was his name?
I didn't get a last name.
Do you know him?
Pretty much everybody in
these woods knows each other,
but I've never heard
of a Hank before.
I need help.
No problem.
Just come inside.
We'll call the Sheriff,
and they'll send somebody
to look for him, OK?
Oh my god, I
thought you left us!
I got a little turned around.
These woods will do
that to you, no matter
how long you've been in 'em.
Where is Sarah?
She went to find you.
Did you see her?
Oh my god, no!
Oh, shit!
Let's get you out of here.
Take the flashlight
for me, would you?
OK, brace yourself.
Here we go.
Be careful.
Oh, all right, now
we just have to find Sarah.
Well, we're not
doing anything tonight.
Take this.
Take this.
Yeah, but she's here, so
we should just find her.
We will find her
in the morning.
Right now, we're
getting out of here.
Keep hoppin'.
Oh, yeah.
Are you ready?
OK, let's go.
Yeah, let's go.
Yeah, Sheriff, his name is
Alex Williams, 6'1", long hair.
Yeah, his leg's
busted up real bad.
OK, yeah.
Thank you, Sheriff.
OK, how are you feeling?
Any better?
They're gonna send
somebody to look for him.
They'll find him.
Last year, there was
an RV crash in the woods.
Yeah, I remember that.
I thought everybody died.
I survived.
So if you don't
mind me asking,
what brings you back here?
I'm doing an article
for my college newspaper.
I'm looking for
answers to questions
I can't seem to figure out.
My cousin Kelsey was also
in the crash with me.
No, I remember this.
There was a huge search.
But they never found her, right?
Oh, hey, Sarah, you don't
have to talk about this
if you don't want to.
No, it's OK.
They never found her body, but I
think she might still be alive.
What makes you think
she's still alive?
I don't know.
I just saw something
that dragged her away.
Jersey Devil.
Crazy, right?
No, no.
I've been telling people about
the Jersey Devil for years,
but they just think I'm nuts.
Is it real?
Oh, yeah, it's real.
I saw it once when I was a kid.
I'll never forget.
It's huge.
Hooves for feet, fangs,
but those horns...
I think that's what I saw.
Sarah, listen to me.
The Jersey Devil is
pure evil, and I've
been hunting it ever since.
Now who sounds crazy, right?
No, not at all.
In fact, I'm kind of relieved.
All right, all right.
All right, thank you.
All right, come on.
Hold it together.
Right here.
There you go!
You all right?
My leg is killing me.
I think I got some
aspirin over here.
You got anything stronger?
Yeah, whiskey.
That'll do.
All right.
Here, put this on if
you're gonna get cold.
I use your phone?
Give me a second here.
Should we call the station?
Shouldn't we have
heard something by now?
What was that?
What's what?
That sound.
Ah, it's an old house.
Probably just the
furnace or something.
Who knows?
I know you heard that.
Yep, that's the furnace.
It's the oil moving
through the pipes.
It knocks when it gets fired up.
Look, I'm really
worried about Alex.
The Sheriff will
call us, Sarah.
Maybe we should call them.
It's dead.
Look, phone lines go down
around here all the time,
all right?
The wind picked up.
It probably knocked some down.
Well, I can't wait here.
I have to go back out
there and look for Alex.
OK, well, hold
on a second, Sarah.
Slow down, all right?
I don't want you going
out there by yourself.
Just let me grab a couple of
things, and then we'll go,
all right?
Thank you.
With everything you know about
those woods, you're not scared?
I know these woods
like the back of my hand.
And no, I'm not scared
of the Jersey Devil.
I suggest that if and
when we find your friend,
you two get out of here.
You leave this place behind,
and you never come back.
I don't know if
I could do that.
You don't know what
you're dealing with here.
I thought you said you're
not afraid of any Jersey Devil.
I'm not.
You should be.
You, your friend, you're
something he'd like to possess.
You seem to know a
lot about this thing.
I should.
I've been studying the
folklore for the better
part of ten years.
Follow me.
Trust me, I just want
to show you something.
Then we'll go.
Come on!
I've been tracking the
Jersey Devil for years.
Is this what took your friend?
No, it was different.
If it was the Jersey
Devil who took her,
what does it want with her?
Who knows.
We should get going.
Huh, that's dead.
Can we use it to
charge my phone?
Sure, sure.
Have a go.
Now, how do you have
the keys to this place?
I'm the local handyman.
I have keys to all
these businesses.
That way, when I
repair something,
I don't have to
disturb the owners.
Yeah, OK.
Don't worry.
We're gonna find your friend.
Looks like the wood's cut.
I think it's safe to
say he's been rescued.
We should head back, and we'll
figure this out in the morning,
Come on.
Hey, my phone's
got some juice.
No service.
Yeah, it's
spotty, like I said.
So what do we do now?
I'm going to drive over
to the Sheriff's Office
and see if we can pull together
a search party for your friend.
Hey, what's happening to me?
No, you're all right, son.
You're all right.
Ease into it.
You'll be all right, son.
There ya go.
Hey, I got him.
Yeah, we'll meet you there.
You almost screwed this up!
It's not my fault this
kid fell and broke his leg.
We don't have much time!
Tell me about it!
The girl!
Nah, he's got her.
Dumbass kids.
What were they thinking?
They were gonna go into the
woods with a total stranger,
and nothing would happen.
I don't...
What do they call
them, "millennials?"
Come on, there.
Gen Z'ers?
Something like that.
Oof, milleniyears?
All right, let's go.
Hey, how you doing?
This is all my fault!
Oh, whoa, whoa, Sarah!
No, this is not your fault.
Yeah, what you're
doing is really brave.
Searching for your cousin
like this, that's brave.
Look, we will find
Alex in the morning.
I promise, OK?
Just for now, just
try to get some rest.
Oh, Hank, I don't feel good.
Hank, I'm gonna throw up.
Hank, I'm gonna throw up!
Hank, I don't feel good!
Hank, I'm gonna throw up!
Hey, you better not
throw up in there, kid.
I'll make ya eat it.
Where are you going?
You idiot!
Well, come on.
It's not like he's
gonna get very far.
Go get him!
You're gonna get
yourself killed in there.
No, no, no.
Oh my god, what
are you doing here?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey...
You've turned into a
right pain in my butt.
You think you can
outrun a bullet?
Go for it.
I missed you.
Did you have a good nap?
Eric said you needed to rest.
I knew you were alive.
I told everybody you were
alive, and no one believed me.
You look pretty.
How did you get here?
I don't remember
much from the crash.
This guy's crazy?
Who, Eric?
No, he's nice.
Kels, he's been
holding you hostage,
and he has me hostage now.
He took care of me.
It's not his fault!
Then whose fault is it?
It was going to kill me.
Jersey Devil.
Doesn't exist.
It's a costume.
I saw.
What costume?
Kels, this is a bad person.
Look at you, your face!
Eric said I looked beautiful.
You do look beautiful.
He said I was as
beautiful as a flower.
He said we're family.
I'm your family, remember?
I'm your cousin.
Well, I'm here now.
I'm so scared.
That's OK.
We have to get you out of here.
Stay here.
I'm not getting in there.
You better get in that truck,
or your leg ain't gonna be
the only thing that's hurtin'.
Where's Sarah?
Come quick!
Kelsey, what's...
She won't wake up.
What happened to her?
Come on, you know me!
Kelsey, what are you doing?
I can't leave.
Eric is good to me.
He's my brother.
No, he's not.
Kelsey, we have to go.
I can't leave my
brother like that.
What are you saying?
This is my home.
I can't leave.
Evening, Reeds.
Oh, you found her.
Nah, she found us.
All right, let's
get her inside.
I have another one.
Be careful with that one.
Oh, look you
survive the woods.
Sarah's been awfully
worried about you!
Hey, shut up, or I'll
knock you out again.
Eric, shut him up!
I thought you were dead.
I thought you were dead.
What the hell is going on?
I found Kelsey.
I found her.
She's alive.
She's here.
Where are we?
I don't know.
Some place in the Pine Barrens.
I think this has something
to do with the land dispute
between us and the Reed family.
We have to get out of here.
What... where is Kelsey?
In the basement.
But we have a bigger problem.
She doesn't wanna leave.
How could you lose her?
I was here alone.
Hank took forever.
Where were you?
What do you mean,
you were here alone?
What was your problem?
You had one...
How was it...
You had one...
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
They could hear us!
This has become a much bigger
problem than we anticipated.
Let's get rid of 'em.
If people know that
they were coming here,
people will come looking
for them, all right?
And we don't know if
they sent an email
to a friend, or the newspaper.
You're right.
She did come here to do a story.
Jersey Devil got 'em.
That's what I'm thinking.
The story worked for us before.
There's two of 'em this time.
We take 'em out one at a time.
And Kelsey?
She's with us.
She's one of us now.
It's not like she
remembers anything anyways.
I say we end them now.
You know what?
I am sick of the Franklins.
They have caused
us so much pain!
We end them Jersey Devil
style, leave their bodies
in the woods.
The cops don't
even care anymore.
So true.
They're so eager to
pin this on animals.
They don't want to go
searching the Devil territory.
Are we in agreement?
All right.
All right, I'm going to go back.
I gotta cover some tracks.
Get this done.
We have to find Kelsey fast.
Sarah, I have to be honest.
My leg isn't doing very good.
I mean, I might be able to
make it out of the house,
but I don't think I can
make it through the woods.
We have to get to their car.
Lay down.
Lay down.
Lay down right here.
It's time for the Jersey Devil
to wreak havoc on these kids.
Hey, where's Alex?
I'll go to the car.
You find Kelsey.
Let's go.
Keys, keys, keys.
Oh my god, Kelsey?
I can't believe it's you.
Oh my god!
Who are you?
Kelsey, it's me, Alex.
I'm your boyfriend.
I don't have a boyfriend.
I don't know who you are.
It's OK.
Sarah came out here to find you.
But we have to find her,
and we have to leave, OK?
I missed you.
Look out!
I have had enough of you!
You people have ruined
our lives for centuries.
Drop the pipe!
Let us go!
This isn't our fight.
Your family has lied
for years, taken our land,
taken everything
that is sacred to us.
Not anymore.
Drop the pipe!
Where's Kelsey?
Where is Kelsey?
Where's Kelsey?
You crazy bitch, I'll kill you.
What are you gonna do
with that, little girl?
Don't move.
I swear.
Hell of a night, huh?
Hold on.
You tell her, Kelsey, tell her.
I'm so sorry.
We have to leave.
But I can't leave my brother.
Eric is not your
brother, Kelsey.
You don't have a brother.
Yes, I do!
We were in an accident.
And Eric saved me!
No, he dragged you off.
We're cousins, remember?
I don't.
We need to get out of here.
You two aren't going anywhere.
You're both gonna die tonight.
You don't have the balls.
Just did.
Come on, let's go!
Go without me!
Come on, we're right here!
Don't shoot, don't shoot!
Stay back!
I can explain
everything, all right?
It's not my fault.
They made me do it.
The Reeds, they're nuts.
They told me if I didn't help
them, they were gonna kill me.
They were gonna kill Kelsey.
You're not my brother.
It was you that
took me from the RV.
It wasn't for me, you'd
be dead, all right?
The Reeds have wanted this
land back in their family
for as long as I can remember.
Kelsey, your dad
just wouldn't budge.
I never meant for any
of this to happen.
Why the costume?
To keep the folklore alive.
People want to believe in the
Jersey Devil, so we let them.
It's good for business.
I never wanted for
anyone to die, OK?
I'm sorry about Alex.
No, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait!
Run, Sarah, run!
The Devil's gonna get you.
He's real.
He's gonna snatch your soul.
I'll show him.
He's gonna snatch your soul.
Show him.
Gonna snatch your soul.
Show him.
He's real.
Devil's gonna get you.
He's real.
He's gonna snatch your soul.
I'll show him.
You OK?
Young lady, we need to ask
you some questions about what
happened last night.
Are you hurt?
Devil's gonna get you.
If you let it, gonna
snatch your soul.
Slow down.
Don't touch me!
You're in on it.
You both are.
You're one of them.
Honey, I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm the one who
called the Sheriff.
I was looking for
you and your friend.
He left his car at the cafe.
We just need to
get you to the car
so we can get you some help.
All right.
Come on.
Devil's gonna get you.
It's OK.
Gonna get you.
He's gonna snatch your soul.
Devil's gonna get you.
He's real.
He's gonna snatch your soul.
Gonna get you Gonna
snatch your soul.
Devil's gonna get you.
Great, now we got
another loony in this town.
Devil's gonna get you.
Gonna snatch your soul.
Poor thing.
Yeah, we're code 4.
We're ready for transport.
Hey, Sarah, how
you doing back there?