Reflect (2023) Movie Script

Did you find yourself?
Did you find yourself?
Did you find yourself?
Did you find yourself?
Did you find yourself?
Did you find yourself?
Did you find yourself?
Get it together,
you crazy bitch!
What are you looking at?
Um, I was just telling the girls
about a little
spiritual retreat.
You gonna go?
I mean, maybe.
I've been telling you,
I needed something like this.
Maybe it's a sign.
You want to bang or...?
Um, can we later? Actually,
I just want to call my friends
and ask them
if they want to come.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Of course.
I love you.
I love you too.
Time to get our chakras aligned,
Wait, does that mean you're in?
Let's see
what the pizza guy says.
Okay, $5 his name is Ted.
Come on.
Hey, how are you girls
doing tonight?
Quick question.
If you were offered $20,000
to go on a spiritual
obstacle course,
would you be weirded out?
I mean, I guess.
Of course, you're gonna
say that.
-Wait, wait.
Um, what's your name?
Oh, Chris.
Ugh, okay.
Argh, I owe you $5.
Chris, like, what?
Look, if, um, you don't want
to come or any of you guys,
I can go by myself.
Summer, of course,
I'm gonna come, okay?
Dude, what's been up with you?
I know. You're PMSing.
Why does everyone always
think I'm PMSing?
I just got off mine.
That would make sense.
We're syncing.
We hang out a lot.
We're syncing.
-We're not syncing.
-We're syncing.
-We're not syncing.
-We're syncing.
It might just be
your personality, actually.
Summer, as I've told you before,
dating is like basketball, okay?
There are starting team
and there are benchwarmers.
When a starting team
member fumbles,
you replace them
with a benchwarmer.
So now we have Dylan,
Jake, Sam, Matt, and...
Ethan's cut,
Judson's on the team.
Wait, Ethan,
I love his purple sweaters.
Ethan has fumbled. Okay?
He's dead to us.
He's gone. Rest in peace.
Judson's on the team.
That's how it works.
- What if I have one team member?
- Annie!
Dial 9-9-1 and go around.
So glad you could make it.
- I came for the cash.
- Oh.
And because my mom made me.
How's aunt Sheila?
How's her third marriage going?
She's great, you know?
She's all dosed up
on her happy pills,
so she's doing good.
-Well, this will be good
for you.
Fun, adventure.
I'm gonna go get a snack.
Wait, feel this stress pimple
that I have.
-Okay, I can see it though.
-No. It's like huge.
-No, just touch it.
Touch it, touch it.
-Okay, okay.
-Ew, ew, ew. Nasty.
-Oh, yeah, I do.
-I feel it.
-Can I have a chip?
Ugh. Okay. Whatever. Okay, look,
I broke up with Ethan
and I blocked him.
And now he's been
emailing me like,
- "Please unblock me.
- I miss you."
Hey, Nia.
-Hey, girls.
Summer, you're alive?
-Yes, I'm alive.
-She's the queen of ghosting.
Y'all don't know how bad
I need this trip, though.
This shit's so needed.
Which one of you invited Liz?
You guys know she's, like,
obsessed with my boyfriend.
- Not me.
-Correction, you don't trust your boyfriend,
and she's cute as fuck.
So relax, Summer.
-Be nice.
-Okay, here we go.
Okay. Liz!
- Hey, guys.
- Hey!
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm so excited for tomorrow.
Thank you guys so much
for inviting me.
I do not get to hang out
with girls that much,
so I'm so excited.
Oh, yeah.
It's gonna be fun, girl.
It's gonna be fun.
So we're going to pick you up
and around, like, 6:00, 6:30
we're gonna go pack
and hang out and--
6:00, 6:30 what?
- Okay.
- Summer, don't--
-Bye. See ya.
-Summer, 6:00, 6:30 what?
...before Texas are cross points
and energy fields.
-And most--
-Elementary version.
- Elementary version, please.
- Mm-hmm.
-We cannot.
-Okay. It's a place
you go to heal,
- meditate and explore
all parts of yourself.
- Katie.
- What?
- So you know I know you.
- Yes.
You ain't down
with your feelings, bitch.
-You're rich as fuck.
- I am.
- So why, why did you come?
- Honestly?
- Honestly.
Okay, one of the losers
I'm dating, that's on my roster,
he made me mad,
so I decided to come out here,
no service, make him sweat.
Guys like it when you're mean
to them. Sorry, Summer.
- No sorry needed.
- -I heard vortexes are where you get abducted.
-Like by aliens?
-Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my-- No, not by aliens.
- Okay.
This is my subject. Okay.
So aliens are basically higher
versions of ourselves, right?
So maybe these vortexes
are doorways to other
dimensions, like a wormhole.
So this is what
I've been talking about, guys.
What are you talking about?
This is boring.
-Hey, Daddy.
-Come in, son.
Sit down.
I want you to host the show
this week.
I don't think
that's such a good idea.
Beale, someone has
to take over...
...and you've been chosen.
I've told you this before.
You have to follow the girls...
...record and analyze them...
...and report... our investors
and our viewers.
You'll record and update
all data to this microphone...
...that will transmit directly
to all the dimensions.
You got that?
I don't think
I'm right for this.
Why can't they all win?
If they all won...
...we wouldn't get paid.
So the less they win,
the better.
It's all up to them.
We are not the bad guys.
Any of them could win.
All they have to do
is the one thing...
...that none of them ever do.
What's my job title?
Therapist In Training.
...I don't want you
warning the girls.
Record data, report.
And then announce the winner.
That's all you have to do.
Did you find yourself?
- I gotta pee.
- Did you find yourself?
-Like, now.
-Can you stop?
- Summer.
Earth to Summer.
- Oh, yes.
Sorry. I zoned out.
- Ew, who is this hobo?
- What is he wearing?
-Look at those pants.
-He's a gypsy.
Those are pretty nice pants
for a hobo--
- Be nice.
- A rich hobo?
- My God, he's rich.
- All right, whatever.
Tchk. They got you a Holy Bible.
Uh, can we just get some waters?
Hey, hot stuff.
What's your fine ass doing
on a day like this?
Hey, say anything
that vile again
and I'll rip your tongue out
by your ass, dickhead.
Take a chill pill, honey.
I don't swing that way.
Was I good?
What do you mean were you good?
I do impressions.
I just do this part-time
for my uncle.
I have my own show here in town.
Now, what else can I get you,
Have a magical day.
You can do anything
you set your mind to
if you believe.
Okay then.
All right.
I'm thirsty.
- Y'all, he was so sweet.
- Water?
- ...more like weird.
- What?
- Oh. Sorry.
- What the fuck?
I didn't mean to scare you.
One of you left your card.
That was me.
-Sorry. Thanks.
- Thank you.
- No stress.
So, what are y'all
doing here from the,
the big Los Angeles?
I'm sorry. How do you know
we're from Los Angeles?
Uh, um, the license plate,
and I figured.
Oh, yeah, um,
we are on a road trip
to Sedona to find ourselves.
-Well, that sounds
like loads of fun, doesn't it?
-I'm actually from Sedona.
Well, I'm, I moved there about
three years ago from Sumter.
-But I--
-I'm so sorry,
we have to go. Mm-hmm.
-Wait. Oh, uh--
-Bye. Bye.
- Wait, um...
- Bye.
- Okay, bye.
- Enjoy your trip.
- Drive fast.
- Shit.
What the fuck?
Hey. Uh...
- You know how fucked that is?
- Liz.
That's it.
- Hey, so, Summer.
- Mm-hmm?
Can we get some more info
on this trip?
So there's five obstacle courses
and they each
have different themes.
Forgiveness, love...
-It's gonna be fun.
-It'll be cool.
-It sounds fun.
-Yeah. So much fun.
-Oh, my God, Annie,
can you please just try
to have fun for once
and not be a negative loser?
Can you try to just,
like, maybe, I don't know,
date a guy your own age?
-Fuck you!
Todd was not that much old.
-Hey, you guys.
-Fifty is not that old.
-You guys, stop it. Stop.
Oh, I'm sensing
- such bad energy already.
- From you!
No, no, it's going to be
so good, you guys.
-I mean, what's the worst
that could happen?
-Um, we get abducted.
Oh, my God.
No, it's fine, it's fine,
it's fine, it's fine.
Seriously? Fuck--
Hey, guys, how'd it go?
It went.
Aye, girlies,
Hermes in the house.
What the fuck is he doing here?
He's the creepy ass psycho
from the dumb ass trinket shop.
No, but seriously...
I am here to guide you,
gals-- oh, women,
on a journey of your lifetime.
Yeah, I think
you said that wrong.
I'm guiding them--
gals-- women-- on a journey...
Nope. This is a journey
and the focus is your lifetime.
Past, present, and future.
I'm sorry, Hermes.
I sacrificed a lot to be here.
We all did.
That's perfect.
You don't get something
for nothing.
Okay. Well, is this
the real deal or not?
'Cause if not,
we'd like to get going.
Ladies, ladies...
...this is the real deal.
You have my word.
You guys,
we drove, like,
seven hours to get here.
I mean, I'm curious,
aren't y'all? Shit.
That's the spirit.
Each of you...
...go behind a cactus
or something
-and put these on.
- Ew. Why?
- It's symbolic.
Now, go.
We're losing light, ladies.
All right, girls.
Looking like a bunch
of semi-fresh daisies.
Cute little white lambs.
- What the fuck
is this peasant?
All right.
Follow me to course one,
- where I will explain more.
- Can we go home?
-Curiosity. Curi, curi...
-Come on,
let's follow him this way.
-Curi, curi, curiosity.
-So are you gonna tell her?
You okay?
I'm just smelling the sunlight.
You do that.
Absolutely not.
Uh! Oh, my God,
I forgot mine in the--
I, I forgot my backpack.
You'll get them back
at the end of the trip.
You won't have service anyway.
-Fuck, no.
I mean, we got proof that
we're out here on our phones.
-Nobody's gonna murder us--
-Don't you want the prize?
Girls, this is
more than just a prize.
These are gifts
from the universe
we're talking about here,
Whatever, I need the money.
All right.
Oh, and I also need your snacks.
You girls will be fasting
throughout this process.
-Oh, not my Cheetos.
-Uh, Annie gets low blood sugar.
She'll pass out.
- Uh-uh.
- Yeah, hell, no.
- Uh-uh.
- I need my snacks.
Don't look at me like that.
It's gonna be worth it.
This is the beginning
of Hot Girls Summer, Fall,
Spring and Winter, people.
All the famous models do this.
Come on, girls, it's Gepeto.
Come on, girls. Come on!
Faster! Gepeto!
Hello, my dear friend.
Hey, Gepeto.
Off to the course today?
Third time this week.
And who are these lovely ladies?
I'm Katie, and this is Summer,
Nia, Liz and Annie.
May I give a word of advice?
...follow your hearts.
And forgive.
Especially yourselves.
...I'm off to play my didge
on top of the hill.
Ah, each girl has made
their decision.
And now they're off
to course one.
There's no going back now.
You all have been lying
since the first moment
you stepped foot in this desert.
This exercise is called
"I Hate It When You."
Let's start with you.
Pick someone and tell them
what you hate about them.
Oh... and if you are not honest,
I will know.
I've read your files.
Let's just get
through this part, shall we?
Okay, um...
I hate when you act
like you're too cool.
Keep going.
I know that
you don't like me, but...
...I like you and it sucks
'cause we're a family
and I just...
...just wanna be friends
with you.
Can I go now?
Katie, I hate it when
you drag me along this filler
to your stupid activities
with you.
I know you don't actually
like me,
or know anything about me,
for that matter.
You can't do anything alone.
It's pathetic.
You're such a bitch.
I hate it
when you're not honest.
What are you talking about?
I think you know
what I'm talking about.
This is awkward. Um...
Me? What?
Summer, chill.
-No, what do you hate
about me, Liz?
I actually like you.
Um... I don't think
you see how beautiful you are.
Okay, but I do have something
that I need to tell you.
Last week, James,
he hit me up in my DMs
and he started
sending me hearts,
and I thought
he was just being nice
and it was super casual.
But then, I saw you guys
at that party
and, um, he grabbed my arm
when I was going to the bath--
Is this a fucking joke?
Let her finish.
She told me
to tell you right away.
I just didn't know how
and... know, I don't really
know you that well.
And I didn't want you
to hate me.
And I don't want to ruin
anything between you guys,
so I, I didn't know what to say.
-So what did you do?
Listen, I...
...I don't even like men.
- Wait, what?
- -And I'm so tired of hiding that from you guys.
And I'm so tired
of these guys who think
that they can do
that kind of shit.
And I'm really
fucking tired of girls
who hate me
for absolutely no reason.
You know, I just want to sleep
in the car tonight.
I don't even want to be
around you guys.
Just give me the keys.
Can I please have the keys?
...give the girl your keys.
-Liz, wait.
And don't follow her.
Great job, ladies.
Now that is
what I'm talking about.
- Awesome. I feel really closer
to you guys now.
The point of this exercise
was to show how you are
all mirrors of each other.
The easiest way to figure out
what we hate in ourselves,
it's to figure out
what we hate in others.
It's all a projection.
We see what we want
and what we are.
And we are all one.
What's that quote?
What's that quote?
"Each of us must turn inward
and destroy in himself
all that he thinks
he must destroy in others."
The law of the Lord is perfect.
As a Christian,
I believe in my Bible.
-Oh, praise him.
-Can I get an amen?
This is, this is good stuff
right here.
Leviticus 20:13
clearly states that
"If a man also lie with mankind
the way he lieth with a woman,
then they both have committed
an abomination.
They shall surely... put to death,
and their blood be upon them."
When I turn to my Bible,
-it tells me things
that I should be doing right...
...and it should be
telling you the same.
Oh, praise him. This is good.
One of my favorite chapters
in my Bible...
...states that the demons
inside of all of us
come out and try to make you
think impure thoughts.
Liz. I'm talking to you, Liz.
I've seen your impure thoughts
and so has He.
Leviticus 20:13.
"They shall surely
be put to death...
and their blood be upon them." abomination.
Abomination. Abomination.
Abomination. Abomination.
What does being connected
really feel like? Like...
...being really connected.
I don't know, Summer.
I need to tell you
something about Annie.
Um, last summer...
...she tried to kill herself.
Her mom walked in and...
I guess she had taken
too many pills
and she was laying on the floor
with foam coming
out of her mouth
and emo music blasting, and...
We still don't know why, but...
She annoys the shit out of me,
but I hope that she's one
of the ones who gets it.
She will.
I know.
Do you want to know
something else that's crazy?
I'm actually glad
James cheated on me.
So I can finally leave him.
He didn't actually
cheat on you, so.
Yeah, he did.
You know,
I never would've guessed it.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, she told me,
like, three weeks ago.
Fuck. I should probably
go look for her.
What were you girlies
talking about?
Secretive group, aren't we?
Monologue time.
Hmm. First a question.
What are we in right now?
Deep shit.
The dark.
Great, Summer.
We have been reflecting...
...looking outward... each other and ourselves.
Tomorrow, we turn inward.
This is where the magic lies.
To initiate this transition,
we will use the darkness
of the night.
Reflections create a barrier.
They prevent you from passing
through to the other side.
What's the other side?
Your new life.
A newer, brighter, lighter you.
Some people call it
Personally, I like
to call it inlightenment.
So why do we have to,
like, go through the dark
to get to this new side?
Did you girls know...
...that most plants
grow faster at night?
Darkness absorbs.
Without light,
there is no reflection.
If we absorb or listen,
we are able to find the truth
apart from our programming.
You need to be lost...
...unable to see yourselves...
...not able to think...
If there is light...
...there would be
an image or a barrier.
Making it impossible
for you to pass.
We can, figuratively speaking...
...walk right through...
...this darkness.
This not knowing... creates a portal...
...a gateway to the truth.
Once you girls
have these experiences... too will pass over
to the other side.
And now...
...get some sleep, my girls.
Have sweet dreams.
Goodbye... blossoming daisies... white little lambs.
Wake up!
Where is Hermes?
And Katie, why--
Who is this 12-year-old?
Young soul...
...I am as old as the dust
in the wind.
Hermes is gone, for now.
My name is Inanna.
I will be leading you
through courses two and three.
All right, my little jade eggs.
Today, I am going to guide you
on a journey
of getting in touch
with your feminine side...
...this connection
with our bodies...
...with Mother Earth.
This is how we align
with nature's intelligence... create our own destinies.
First, let's stretch.
Let's stretch...
Stand up and get in a circle.
My eggs, please proceed.
There is no judgement.
You were hurt as a child. Yes?
I don't know.
Who told you not to dance?
I don't remember.
Dance as if you're
that little girl again.
Tell her she's safe.
You're safe.
I want you to be an animal!
Enough with this pretty shit.
Go in your heart, find her.
I see.
...please sit down.
Do you love your mother?
Yeah, of course, I do.
Then why do I sense there's
so much hatred in your heart
for other women?
You don't trust women.
Your mother betrayed herself...
...dropped all of her dreams
for you.
You heard this as a child,
I assume.
And now... don't want
to settle down.
But a part of you does.
Paradoxical, isn't it?
No, I don't follow.
My dear...
...once you make a decision
about what you want in life... will start
to trust yourself.
You'll let go
of this guilt.
...then and only then,
will you start to love
other women.
Your mother
did the best she could.
Come here, sweet thing.
Course two is in the bag.
As well as Liz.
Our decisions, folks...
...create new dimensions.
From darkness, from bitterness,
we open a path to new realities.
And from that, well...
...from that knowledge
comes a new light.
A brighter light.
Today is all about connecting
with our bodies.
We each have
an inner goddess within us.
Let's see if we can find her.
Is there a goddess
of the underworld?
'Cause I think that's mine.
Annie, I literally
cannot with you.
Girls, we will have
none of that here.
We need each other right now.
Us women have to stick together,
support each other.
There's too much hatred
in this world between us
and we are going to bring
the world together.
Feels a lot better
to love other women
than to hate other women.
Liz would have loved
this exercise.
What? We are all thinking it.
We are going to take
three Earth breaths.
In through the nose...
...taking in the sun
and the Earth,
and out through the mouth...
...back down into the ground.
Good, good.
Now, we are going
to say the word "Shira"
over and over
softly in our heads...
like a cloud.
That is all you will do.
Hey, can you hear me?
I can hear you.
They don't know, do they?
Come to me, Annie.
Don't you want me?
I hate you.
What? Annie, what?
It-- uh, it--
there was a, a dark figure
and it was loud and...
-You saw her.
Your goddess.
Wait, where the fuck are we?
This is the center of the Earth.
Welcome to Mother Nature's womb,
I gotta get out of here.
Just stay, at least for me.
Is this the course
where we get drugs?
I can really use
some drugs right now.
And money, but mainly drugs.
Oh, my God,
are you serious right now?
I mean, at this point,
I kind of need drugs too.
Oh, my-- if Liz is dead,
I'm blaming all of you.
-Why say that?
See ya, Liz
-Summer, that is so fucked up.
No, it's not. I'm just speaking
my truth for once. Let me live.
She's nice.
I thought it was funny.
-Mm. No, yeah,
that's super fucked up.
That sound like it's a horror
movie or anything.
If anything, it's a sci-fi.
Yeah. Why say that? Then we die.
I'll need you girls
to squeeze these
into your mouths.
What the fuck is this?
I thought we were getting drugs.
You don't need drugs
to see the truth.
Apparently, all you need
is lemons.
When life gives you lemons,
you don't make lemonade.
You accept the lemon as it is,
you squeeze it into your mouth
straight from the source.
This is lemon-aid.
It might burn....
...but it'll help.
Just drink it.
Trust it.
What you are about to see is,
in fact, the truth.
It can be ugly...
...creeps in from
the deepest caves of your soul.
It shows you what you fear most.
The darkest parts of yourself.
Wait, so the lemons
are the drugs?
No, my dear.
The lemons are the initiation.
We are in a vortex, a portal.
Anything can happen here.
As long as you are
on this course...
...the possibilities
are endless.
So are there any bagel shops
on this journey,
preferably ones
with vegan cream cheese?
-We're fine.
-I'm starving.
Let's stay.
Who are you?
Uh, I don't know.
This way,
my sweet emerald chicklets.
This tree is part of a family,
you know?
Trees are connected
by neural networks of fungi...
...the same fungi
that only exists
to feed off of dead matter.
Isn't it funny how...'s death
that brings us together?
The world is changing.
Pluto is in Capricorn
until 2023.
This means that Pluto is forcing
an upsurge of awareness
of the current
patriarchal ruling
that uses control, fear,
and destructive practices
of the industrial world.
It is time for a triune society.
There is a possibility
for a spike in consciousness.
I hope
and expect that you little eggs
take what you learned today,
and share it with the world.
The greatest gift
we can give to this Earth... the gift of being
the truest forms of ourselves.
I love you.
No, I love you.
Hey, girls.
Are you guys here for
the spiritual obstacle course?
Spiritual obstacle course?
No, I didn't know
they are still doing those.
- We just signed up on an email,
and now we're here.
They also gave us half a lemon.
-Nice people.
-Oh, we prefer to do
those sorts of things
on our own.
It's actually our anniversary.
Nine years.
- Oh.
How, how did you guys do that?
Tell me your secret.
Okay. Wait.
I have a question.
So, what if your friend
slept with your boyfriend,
then what would you do?
Oh, snap.
Well, then I'd say
they did you a favor, sweetie.
- Well, we should
get going on a bit.
Oh, we found a little detour,
uh, while we were lost.
That way into the left,
you'll find a river.
Enjoy, girls.
Hey, hey,
do you have any snacks?
Oh, gosh, no.
We survive on the Earth.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
- Okay, fine--
- Katie, let's go.
-Already? You're no fun.
-Bitch, Liz. Remember?
I still don't understand why
we haven't looked for her yet.
Bring your ass! Let's go!
Sayonara, bitches.
I'm so thirsty.
Maybe it'll rain.
- It's definitely
not gonna rain, Nia.
-You are right...
...because it's not. But...
...I can feel everything...
...and it feels so good.
I can see colors
and I can see little...
Katie. Katie!
Hey, help! Help!
- It's okay.
- Are you okay?
-No. Do you have water?
-Here, drink this.
Thank you, guys.
I'm Nia. This is Katie.
What are y'all doing out here?
What are you doing out here?
We're finding ourselves.
Actually, we're getting paid
to do this, like,
uh, course thingy.
The fuck...
Oh, my God, look,
she's bleeding.
It's happening.
-What's happening?
-You're all going to die...
-That's enough, Moon.
-...a bloody death.
I apologize.
-We must be on our way.
-Wait, wait.
Can you all help us
get out of here?
Um, we're looking
for our friend.
We think she might be,
like, in danger or something.
I'm sorry.
I cannot.
Come on.
I think this tree is alive.
I wish I was a tree.
No worries in the world.
Yeah, until a machine comes
and kills you.
Calm down, Bummer.
-My name is Summer.
I just wish
I didn't need anyone.
You know, like...
...I only want to need myself.
That's scary.
Yeah, let's go.
-You wanna go?
Goodbye, my children.
Remember... listen.
Can I tell you something?
Yeah, shoot.
Summer shouldn't be mad at Liz.
She'll get over it.
She should be mad at me.
She's just mad
'cause y'all didn't tell her
right when it happened.
I'd be mad, too.
I slept with James.
You're joking.
No, I'm serious.
It's been, like,
three months now.
And I mean, Liz told her
what happened anyway.
So she's gonna leave him.
And, I mean,
we could be together.
Nia, why would you do that
to Summer?
What the hell? She's like
one of our best friends.
I mean, he's just gonna cheat
on you, too. James is--
- No, he's, he's actually
a really good guy.
He feels bad
about leaving her alone.
-I mean, she's fucking crazy.
-No, she's--
I mean, Liz told her, she--
He, he tells me everything.
Okay, seriously, why James?
Come on.
You could do so much better.
Literally, all of you could.
You, you think
I did this on purpose?
I didn't, Katie.
She knew I loved him
and went for him anyway.
So who's really in the wrong?
Oh, my God.
Mom, wh-- why are you here?
Now you care?
You used to be so happy
when your father came home.
Daddy's little girl.
You just run
and jump into his arms.
I was there every day.
I gave everything I had.
Your father...
...never cooked your dinner.
Or bought your clothes.
I was.
And now you hate me?
Mom, I, I needed you.
I needed you, actually here,
and you weren't.
You are my blood.
I birthed you.
And you will see
it's not possible being perfect.
I smiled.
I smiled so wide
until it ripped open my brain.
And made me crazy.
Ooh, and that's why I'm here.
Why don't you call me?
I miss you.
I miss you.
I miss you. I miss you.
So, I feel like I can trust you
with this information.
So I was creeping around
on some of those online forums,
and I was reading about people
who come to Sedona
for a spiritual journey.
And most of them
don't have good ones.
- Wait, I thought you didn't know
anything about this stuff.
Well, so one,
the word desert means forsaken.
And forsaken means to leave
without intending to return.
And two, they talk
about seeing shadow people
and crazed mental hospital
patients running around and...
some even go missing.
- Did I say anything
about middle-earth?
I've always loved middle-earth.
But look, I'm down
for being abducted.
I'm not down for being killed
by shadow people.
Do you feel that?
That was weird.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, look.
It's spinning.
- Oh, my gosh.
- My God.
Do you hear that?
I think so.
Hey, are we on an ant hill?
I don't know.
I don't know either.
What are you thinking about?
- There is one.
- Oh, hello.
-It's right there.
-Oh, no.
It's gonna get us.
Why'd you really come
on this trip?
My mom actually made me.
She said if I didn't,
she would literally kick me out.
And I can't really survive alone
on a pet store salary, so.
She wants me
to get out more, but...
...I don't know,
I like being alone.
No one likes being alone
all the time.
Yeah, I don't know.
You remind me of an ant.
Okay, so these ants...
...they'll follow each other
in a straight line all day,
looking for food, shelter...
...and then you have outliers.
They'll go off the beaten path.
They won't follow
these stupid ants.
Looking for their own food
and shelter.
But then,
the ants in the line get lost...
...they'll starve to death.
And then the outliers,
they'll come in,
and they'll save the day,
bringing back food,
telling them of their travels.
- These outcasts...
- Night-night.
...they save
the whole fucking community.
You're an outlier.
That's you.
...there's no prize, is there?
Howdy, y'all?
So, we have lost
Liz and Nia now.
They didn't make it.
But, Katie is coming up
on course four,
so we'll see how she does.
Uh, maybe the rest of them will,
will all make it to the end.
Let's stay grateful out there,
It doesn't taste right.
Oh, fuck.
What the fuck is this?
-We can explain.
-Where is Nia?
I saw one of your freaks
take her.
-Wait, what?
-Where are Nia and Liz,
you loser vampires?
Vampires don't exist, bitch.
One, we are not vampires.
And two,
we did not take your friends.
I mean, I know this looks weird.
It looks a little more
than weird.
Yes, you're right.
Let me explain.
I mean, hey, if we did do that
to your friends,
-we could probably
catch you, too, couldn't we?
Kai, hand me your cup.
-Are you crazy?
Sniff it, then drink.
Corn syrup, water,
food coloring.
Listen, I am sure
your friends are fine.
Have hallucinated
some weird shit too out here.
Why are you out here
drinking fake blood?
It's a ritual.
We're preparing
our physical bodies
to enter the Etheric realm.
The Age of Aquarius.
We're resurrecting our spirits
for this new age.
Do you ever feel a shift
in your life?
You're driving in your car
and you're just like,
"Today feels like the start
of a new period."
You can even smell it.
We felt that earlier
when we saw you.
We share our deepest sins
and then feeling
the gravity of that,
we experience a spiritual death,
- from which we're cleared to enter a new age of harmony.
- -Mm.
Let's make it easy.
Tell us something
that really causes you pain.
Yes, tell us.
Really feel
what that feels like.
And then it'll go away forever.
And then we'll let you go.
Just kidding.
- Eating.
- Eating?
I always wanted to be perfect.
Look perfect, act perfect.
So, controlling my eating
was an outlet for me.
I thought that
if I didn't look a certain way,
then no one would love me.
Sometimes there was this...
...this monster inside of me.
This, this, like, ugly,
disgusting monster...
Fuck, I can see it.
Keep going.
Sometimes I would lose control.
I'd open the door and make sure
that my mom wasn't looking.
Then I'd tiptoe to the kitchen
as quiet as I could be.
Open the fridge.
I eat as many cookies
as I could.
Then I would feel so guilty...
...I'd rush to the bathroom...
...and make myself sick.
What are you doing, Katie?
Sugar gives you acne.
A whole plate of cookies?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Control yourself.
I would sit in the bathroom
all night worrying
and cry myself to sleep.
It's okay.
It's all gonna be okay.
So-- sorry, guys.
That was, that was TMI.
What would you say to
that younger version of you now?
That you're perfect how you are
and I love you.
On what?
For completing course four.
And now, please go that way
where you will find a clearing
for course five,
your final course.
And it is there where you
will find your true treasure.
Wait, where are Liz and Nia?
Oh, I'm sure you'll see them
at the end.
It's been real.
Thought it was real blood.
It is.
What? What?
You scared the shit out of me.
Do you feel that?
I think I'm gonna go.
See ya.
I know your secret.
Come on, Annie.
Annie, do you see me?
Come to me.
Hello, Annie.
Do you want some, Annie?
Who are you?
I hate you.
Come closer.
I won't tell anyone.
-I hate you.
...I can't do this no more.
It's too hard.
Beale, get your shit together
and finish the show.
With pride, I say sometimes
I wish you were never born.
Get your ass up
and finish the show!
Yes, Daddy.
Howdy, folks?
All right, Annie is a goner.
So, who will make it?
Katie? Summer?
Only time will tell.
Good job, son.
Good job.
Now go, get ready
for the finale.
Katie, come here.
This way.
Come on.
Katie, what have you done?
Look at you. You're huge.
Sugar gives you acne.
A whole plate of cookies?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Fuck you.
There's nothing wrong with me.
Why'd you give me away?
Why'd you have to do that?
I needed you.
I needed someone like me.
Someone who tell me
how to brush my hair,
how to dress... to talk to guys.
I felt like an alien
my entire life.
And you don't know
what it feels like.
I felt alone
the moment I gave you away.
You're the only part of me
that I loved.
Do you think
that was easy for me?
Are these the stories
you tell yourself
so you can stay in the exact
same place you're in now...
...that I'm the reason
you can't move forward?
Forgive yourself.
Live the way you want to live.
That's all I was trying to do
when I gave you away.
Can you understand it now?
Go out there...
...and live.
That's what I named you.
I like that name.
Did you find yourself?
You can come out now.
I know what this is.
Did you find yourself?
I think so.
Aren't you scared?
Go on, run.
Come closer.
I'll stay right here.
What do you want?
I'm dying.
Why can I only hear you
in my head?
I don't speak your language
on this physical plane,
but I can communicate
with you telepathically.
I have to kill you.
Both of us can't stay
in this world.
Can't you go back
to where you came from?
My world is collapsing.
It's dark, full of machinery,
violence, control.
No sensory perception.
They drowned out nature's voice
a long time ago.
You see, they discovered
something on our plane.
The soul and the body
are not one in the same.
You can transfer the soul
into anybody
or a machine
with the right know-how.
I need to be here.
You are the one
that needs to leave.
You create your world here,
you have God inside of you.
Yeah, I definitely
didn't create this world.
But you did.
Well, something happened to me
when I was younger.
I barely had control of that.
I didn't create that. I know it.
I still feel it every day.
Pulling in my throat,
in my stomach, in my womb.
And the worst part is,
I don't even know what it is.
All I know is that
it drives me insane.
And I, I know...
...more than anyone
that there's more to life.
But it doesn't matter.
I still feel this...
...pressure, this...
...darkness over me.
Like, every time
life gets exciting... pulls me back.
Do you want it to stop?
Yes, that's all I want.
I can give that to you.
All your suffering will end.
We are happy to announce Summer
as our newest winner.
All right, guys. Thank you
for having me as your host.
Tune in again next week.