Refuge (2023) Movie Script

...And we're only
able to do that
to do our mission safely
and effectively because
of the love and commitment
of those who support
us from home
May God be with you all.
This is like, actually so weird.
I used to play basketball
here in high school so it's
actually kind of crazy.
Half the guys played
basketball here a month ago.
You hurt yourself out there...
I'll kill you.
I love you.
You know that, right?
I promise you.
Come here, I love you.
Turn left.
Keep your fucking heads down!
God damn it.
Keep it in formation.
Oh fuck!
See a point!
Over here!
Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
Anybody got eyes?
Anybody got eyes on them?
I don't see them.
Something's wrong.
Lets move.
I don't see them.
I see them.
Don't move.
Don't you fucking move.
Get on the ground now.
On the ground.
Weapons down on the
ground right now.
There was more.
Where's the rest of them?
They're in the tunnels.
Heads up.
Ask him how many in.
He said that they don't
go in there.
Somebody's in that tunnel.
Ask him again.
Swears by it. Says there's
no way any of them
would go in there.
Well, boys we're
going to need a volunteer.
Come on you chicken
shits who's it going to be?
Somebody's got to go.
I got you, sir.
Joni, you're my guy.
Get on in there.
Look at me I'm hopeless
over here.
Come here.
So this side is longer
it goes...
...over and then through
the hole.
And then even up the
bunny's ears.
-The bunny's ears?
-That's how I remember it.
God knows how you're going
to get yourself situated
over there.
I'm sure
I'll figure it out, Pop.
Well you say that
but the sand, it
gets everywhere.
you'll be carrying
eighty pounds of gear
Come on Pop don't turn this
into another Gulf War
story, you know?
Besides, I'm going to
Afghanistan so it's
it's not really the
same you know?
You look better than I did.
Thanks, Pop.
You are my whole world.
You're my rock
my anchor, my port in the storm.
and I know whatever
happens as long as
we're together,
we'll handle it.
because you're my home.
Kate you're my best
friend, you know?
You're the best friend
I ever had
and I'm glad you hit
me with your car.
No seriously that's
actually how we met, you know?
But really Kate your
sweetness your strength
and your grace
that's enough to fill a
man for a dozen lifetimes
You're my rock.
You're the light
on the porch that
guides me home.
And I promise you
no matter how far out there I go
I'll always find my
way back to you.
Bless, oh Lord, these rings.
As a symbol of the vows
this man and this woman
are bound together forever.
Get over here.
Woo hoo!
Son what can I say man?
Come here. I'm proud of you.
I know Pop.
Guys, three, two, one.
I need you.
You know I love you
The best man, your Dad,
he's about to make his speech.
Thank you.
He did my communion. Oh my God.
You've corrupted me Kate.
What the fuck?
Hey, did you mean what you said?
Hm? About what?
about always coming home?
Yeah... yeah hey
hey I promise you, alright?
There's no way
I'm missing out on all this.
I promise.
Guys you're so nice.
Come on, get her home.
-My girls good night
-Take care
Don't want you to a
catch cold baby.
You sure you're okay to drive?
I'm fine I'm okay you don't--
Easy go
I just got to watch
out for this guy.
Hey Pop! Come on.
-Get in the car.
-I'm going to the
hotel up the road
-Leave the house to you
two for the night.
It's the king!
You know it.
Thanks, Pop.
He's going to be so
lost without you.
No way, he's got you.
It's going to be amazing.
Just as long as you
don't cook any of your
I'm sorry.
Put them up.
-Put them up.
-Oh, we're going here?
-I'll fight you
-Okay are you sure?
-Come on.
-Oh oh!
-And I'm in heels!
One, two.
I went for the uppercut.
Oh noo!
It's a KO!l
Pedroni keep your eyes peeled.
Don't trust these wackers.
I'm sending a squad to
the east side of the
cave network.
and I'll send in more
support from there.
Bring these motherfuckers down.
Pedroni do you copy?
There you go, you bastard.
David reports are
ready now from the ground
apparently the Taliban
are making progress. They're
taking over--
Hey, feet.
Why aren't the Afghan forces
up to it? What is
your prediction?
You know you can't
sleep in here.
I wasn't going to.
Sebastian I can't have
this conversation
with you again.
I don't need these.
haven't had nightmares
in two weeks
Yeah, that's because
of the pills.
Could you do
what the doctor asked you to do?
Look, I know what to do
Don't paw at me.
Not pawing at you. But
you sit and fall asleep in front
of this thing every night
We're trying to help
your anxiety, right?
Please tell me how
this crap helps
This is not crap
This is the news
Rick's there fighting
-This isn't the news it's
entertainment TV
We should have just
nuked the ragheads back in 91.
No no.
Kate, sorry, Kate.
I know it's not easy
looking after me.
it shouldn't be that hard.
You need to know
You've been amazing.
You know... Angie said
before she passed that
the time she had
while I was away ended up
being really important to her.
But she said she found
her own strength during
that time.
And then when I came back
she carried that
strength all the way to the end.
I know. I feel like
she carried us all to the end.
And she was the one with cancer.
I don't want to be a liability.
I'll get on the team, okay?
Then take your damn pills.
Oh, yes, ma'am.
Is that the doc?
OK, thank you.
So am I dying or what?
Rick's home.
-It's good to see you.
-You too.
Where's Rick?
Can we go inside?
The doctors in Afghanistan
stabilized him.
And he was flown
to Ramstein Air Force
Base in Germany.
And now he's back
at the VA hospital with us.
I wanted to come by to
personally prepare
the two of you
and give you this.
It's taken the day after
the incident.
I don't understand
what's happened.
He looks fine.
It's PTSD.
We don't have
the details of the
combat incident.
But this is my primary
field of expertise.
And I've seen
hundreds with injuries like this
Unfortunately this appears more
extreme than your
father-in-law's case.
When can we see him?
First thing tomorrow.
Thank you, Dr. Dahl.
Of course.
We're lucky to have you.
Did you hear that?
Yeah, I heard it.
Rick, oh my god, baby!
What the hell are
you doing here? What the hell?
What are you doing here?
Rick. Rick.
What's going on?
Damn it son I'm talking to you.
Call Dr. Dahl.
It don't even look like
America anymore.
-The whole place has gone to the
-Can we stop with that please?
Just focus, okay?
You can trust me Rick.
I'll be back.
Thank you for bringing him back.
He hasn't said a word to me.
He's just trying to process.
How do we help him?
Well, I'm looking into
a few options.
But if you want
you can take him home tonight.
He clearly wants to be there.
I can check him out with
you as a part of the treatment.
Just bring him back every
two days so I can
gauge progress.
Did I ever tell you
about my father?
He was a British colonel and he
killed himself when I
was seven years old.
They said it was untreated PTSD.
So that's why I do this.
So all these men and
women can go home
to their families
in as good condition
as they left
if not better.
And Rick...
he's a fighter.
You all are.
May God accept our prayers.
Go in peace.
Ma, salam.
Sorry, Jacob, would
you excuse me?
Officer Tarling.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
Why don't you ask him?
Go on tell you father.
Look me in the eyes.
Tell me what you've done.
I stood up for myself.
He started a fight with a
couple of seniors from
the football team.
It's a good thing
that I showed up when I did.
Look you need to put a leash on
your son before he gets
himself killed.
I appreciate you
bringing him back officer.
As-salamu alaykum.
Peace be with you.
Yeah, whatever.
Just don't forget what I said.
What an asshole.
What happened?
This is the second
time this month.
They called me a terrorist.
They said
You and mom should be
taken out into the
woods and shot.
So they're just words.
You're the one who acted poorly.
I want to know what you'll do
When they grab you and mom
drag you up the hill
and shoot you.
I imagine then son we'll die.
That is the dumbest
thing I've ever heard
in my life.
Son, I went through
this at your age.
Your grandfather was
from Syria I was
born in England.
We lived all over
the world before we came here.
And yet in all those years
In all those places
No one took us
out into the woods and shot us.
We haven't survived this long
by breaking the law every time
-someone said something
we didn't like.
I have just as much
right not to live in fear than
any of those white boys.
You're right.
You do.
This is America,
but not everyone here
understands that.
You can't make them understand
by matching their hatred
with hatred of your own.
Blood cannot be washed
away with blood.
You have to show them
that you are better.
I don't want to be better.
I want it to stop.
Oh, come on.
You've got to remember that one.
That is where we
made out for the first time.
We never did find your pants.
We've been at this all day.
You must be starving.
What do you want to eat?
Lobster Thermidor?
Or I could make dinner
in just an apron...
You could stare at my
ass while I cook.
Would you like that?
Oh hey.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe you're home.
You up, baby?
Jesus Christ. Kid!
Come here come here.
Now, this is
this is going to
sting like hell.
Or not.
I forget you're a
you're a soldier, right?
Pain is just weakness
leaving the body.
...I know it's been tough.
Instincts are different there.
You do anything just to
survive get back
home I get that.
I know you blame yourself for
what happened over there,
but it was war.
-Rick! Rick!
Get off him Rick! Rick! Rick!
It's all right it's okay.
It's my fault. It's my fault.
I pushed him too far.
It's okay.
This isn't working.
High levels of anger
indicates a survival instinct
that is dangerously misfiring.
But I've been having
success with other patients
using a new kind of treatment.
It's called mask therapy.
What is that?
We've developed a method for
brain injury patients
to make masks.
so others can see
what they're going through
on the inside.
The fear the grief the anger.
The other day was
my sons' second birthday.
I wanted to be there.
Family was the only thing
that kept me going, really.
So when the day finally came
I just couldn't be
around my wife.
Couldn't be around
kids around my friends.
So I hid in the bedroom.
Put the mask on.
Felt right.
Felt safe.
My wife begged me
to go down the stairs so I did.
With the mask.
Everyone was terrified.
I've seen enough of this.
Wait wait wait hey hey huh
Look at Rick.
You look like you want
to say something.
Tell us.
It's hard it's hard you know.
To live in a place
where everyone is trying
to kill you
all the time.
No one understands that.
I was tense all the time.
I could sleep sometimes.
My mind would shut off but...
my soul?
You see I don't think a person
can live with that kind
of fear for long.
Because sooner or later
it's just going to turn to hate.
Just so you can survive.
For me the hate started
on a random day.
Another random patrol.
The woman came out of
nowhere with her bomb vest on
She tore us apart.
I was the only one
that survived.
After that I felt
hate circling me.
So come on, doctor.
Tell me how the hell I'm meant
to go back out there
and do my job?
You don't know, huh?
Because you've never
been out there.
You never had to make
that choice.
You never had to
choose between fear or hate.
But I have.
I chose to hate.
I want you to use
these things you see here
to pour out your
grief, your fear
your anger, and your rage, Rick.
Everything that's bubbling
up inside you.
on this canvas.
Show me what I can't see.
And let this be the words
you can't say.
I'll give you the night.
No no no no hey hey
hey hey come on.
Come on no no no
Come on, come on.
No no! No no Come on hey.
No no no no. No.
You will carry
the horror of war within you.
Okay. Slow down Rick slow.
Slow down Rick.
That hurts Rick. Rick!
You're moving slower
this morning.
When did you finally get home?
I was going to tell
you last night.
Our neighbor caught
his son smoking marijuana again.
He wants you to
put the fear of God in him.
What's this world coming to?
Good parents and still
the kid's on drugs.
You know we can teach
them everything we believe, but
it's up to them to live it.
The kid will find his way.
In time.
Now which kid are you
talking about?
You should not be here.
Go back.
I said 'go back'.
He's a shooter! He's a shooter!
What is going on?
What is going on?
Leave him!
Come here.
Come here. Come with me.
So what was that?
Who are you? What are
you doing here?
Is this some kind of prank?
You want to scare my
congregation half to death?
I like the smell in here.
It's sweet.
The jasmine?
We have it all around.
In my religion it symbolizes
Are you sick? Wounded?
I will
clense this place
It will be my refuge.
What did you say?
Okay, take it off.
Take it off.
I was there.
Khayr Kot.
What were you doing there?
Fighting for my life.
You okay?
What's your name?
I am smokeless fire.
Well sit tight I'm going to...
make us some tea.
Stay right here.
We can't even pray
in our mosques--
-You can't come in.
-Oh no I got a call from
Officer Tarling.
-My husband's in there.
-Follow me ma'am.
The perp's wife's here.
Good, because he isn't
saying much.
Misses Pedroni?
-I'm sorry would you mind
putting this on?
-Of course.
Can you please explain to me
why he was wearing that mask?
He's just got back from
Afghanistan. It's a
kind of therapy.
Think he wanted to
harm these people?
No, no, no, no, definitely not.
What was he doing here?
I don't know we've never
been here before.
All right, eh, look I can
charge him with anything
from disturbing the peace
to making terrorist threats.
It's up to you.
It's okay he didn't
hurt anybody.
First I bring in a perp
who happens to be a Muslim
and you act like I'm the enemy.
And then you act like I'm
the enemy when I try
to protect you.
I'll never be able
to figure you people out.
As far as I'm concerned
your husband is free
to go ma'am.
Thank you.
He won't bother you again.
Let's hope not.
All right, come on.
I'll show you out.
Thank you so much
for everything.
You're really kind.
This isn't Rick.
I know you don't know
him but he's been fighting
overseas and he has PTSD
Pretty bad.
Is that where he learned
to speak Arabic?
Yeah right okay.
Rick can barely speak English.
He spoke it to me.
No, are you sure?
It was a more archaic
form but he seemed to know it.
He mentioned a place
Khayr Kot.
Did he tell you anything
about what happened
to him there?
We're still trying to
piece that all together,
I hope he gets the
help he needs.
Keep a close eye on him.
There are still things in this
world that science has
yet to explain.
What does that mean?
Are you religious?
Yeah, we're Catholic.
Maybe start there.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
As-salamu alaykum.
Peace be with you.
And also with you.
Wa-alaykum as-salam.
Wa-alaykum as-salam.
-You got it.
Hey hey!
Hey you okay? What's going on?
-No no it's fine.
-Sorry I--
No it's fine, hey.
A nightmare?
-Oh my God.
It's just
so much worse than when
I first got back.
Do the breathing.
We'll call Dr. Dhal
in the morning sort
out these meds
-And you'll be okay. Okay?
-It's just--
-So real, you know?
-I know I'm sorry
I think I'm gonna go for a walk.
Okay. Yeah.
-I'll be back in a while
-It's fine.
See ya.
Rick! Oh my god!
You scared me.
What's going on?
Why don't you tell me?
It's me.
I know you're suffering.
I know you would
never want to hurt anyone.
All these things.
It's not you.
I know that.
Hey, come here.
I don't know what
this is but we'll work it out.
I know it's not you.
I, I did this research
online and I
I looked up the stuff
that was happening
in Khayr Kot and I
Rick. Rick. No.
So I understand there was
another incident at
home last night.
Can you tell me about it?
I think we're going to
keep you here for
a couple of days.
It can be difficult
sometimes with pain and
loss marring your vision.
Yeah my vision's
marred, sure but
This isn't Rick. None of it is.
He was in war.
That weighs on the soul.
It's more than that,
I'm telling you.
This is a difficult time.
But it seems Rick is in the
right place for the kind
of care he needs.
He's not though.
Kate, you need to
have faith here.
We can pray together
if you like.
Thank you. Thank you
for your help.
If you came for the
pilates class that was earlier.
You do pilates here?
That was a joke.
Actually, his mother does
pilates three times
a week, but...
something tells me you're not
here to talk about modifications
and body awareness.
I'm not.
Farid, make some tea
for our guest.
Go find some tea
in the back room and make it.
No way.
-Sorry about him he
has a lot going on.
-Oh no it's fine.
Hey, step away from the car.
-I was just looking
-Well, look with your
eyes not your hands.
Fuck you.
Oh that's nice.
-They teach you that
where you come from?
-I'm from Arlington you prick.
Yeah sure you are.
So I searched Khayr Kot online.
16,000 British troops
died there during the
Anglo-Afghan War.
It was taken by the
Soviets in the 70s
To torture rape and
murder people in the local area.
A site of war crimes
and human rights violations.
Rumored supernatural
activity unexplained
lights noises even apparitions.
I'm not sure.
Weird stuff happened here.
Stuff that could have
affected Rick not just
You said it yourself.
I did?
I know you think
he found something out there.
Or something found him.
Could you talk to him?
Please, just really talk to him.
-This is not my area
of expertise.
-Well it's not mine!
It's not my doctor's.
It's not the priest's.
I'm beginning to feel
like I'm running out of options
here and I am terrified
that I'm losing my
husband forever.
I can't take that.
I won't take that.
This is my number.
Please help us, Imam.
So I was in a convoy that
run over an IED.
I don't remember a damn
thing really, all I can remember
is that my ears couldn't
stop ringing for like
three weeks.
All I wanted was some
morphine or some fucking pills.
When they handed me the
paper mache mask
I just told them to
go fuck themselves.
Eventually I put it on,
and it felt right.
Hey wait a sec.
That one's awesome.
Dude you know it doesn't
have to be doom and gloom
for the rest of your life.
It's just a thing.
It helps for a time
but honestly I can
get to a place where I can
actually enjoy new things.
like photography.
Beats being angry
about all the shit we did.
Take your mask off for a second.
What's the matter?
Let me see your--
What the fuck?
Fuck away from me man.
Fuck off, man.
OK, you two. What is it?
Ask Dad.
I'm asking you.
Farid answer your mother.
A young woman came to
the mosque today
Asking for help.
She thinks her husband
may be possessed.
People are so superstitious.
Which family?
You don't know them.
They're not from the mosque.
They're not our people.
Who are they?
A family of an American
Are you actually thinking
of helping them?
I don't know.
The woman's pretty desperate.
She's asked me to
spend some time with
her husband.
I don't think you should
get involved.
These people walk
around doing whatever they want
and then they show up
and we bow and scream and serve?
-Farid don't speak to
your father that way!
He lets everyone else do it.
The only person who spoke to me
with any disrespect
today was you son.
How can you be so defiant
to your own father in front
of strangers so rude to
people who come to
our mosque asking for help?
-You see? See what I
have to deal with?
I saw this serviceman Rasha.
I saw something in his eyes
something I've never
seen before.
These people...
don't care about us.
They're asking for our help.
I'm out of here.
I can't do this anymore.
He just needs time.
Your family is your priority
not these people. This
isn't worth it.
That's nice Sarah.
Where's your partner?
Corporal Mitchell.
Are you all right?
It's good to see
you again, Rick.
Do you remember me?
He's a friend.
He just wants to help.
Can you tell me about
Where you, eh, pointed
on that map for me?
It's, um...
it's not just a place.
It's the home of horror.
Sound of children screaming
in pain.
And the taste of it all.
That's sounds terrible Rick.
When the suicide bomber exploded
a piece of my Captains face it
it, uh, landed in my mouth.
I got home I...
I brushed my teeth for
hours and hours
but it never went away I...
I still taste it now.
I'm sorry.
I can't begin to pretend to
understand what you've
been through.
Yes you can.
What do you mean I can?
Well you remember you can still
feel your father's hands
around your neck.
You can hear your
mother sobbing on the floor.
-Bloody by his hands.
And you can see the black eyes
the broken bones and
you're afraid yes!
Yes you are.
You know your mother was weak
and your father's only
spine came from his temper.
Your husband's gone Kate
And he's never coming back.
-Leave her!
-You are the progeny
of weaklings.
Descended from
weaklings I can smell your fear.
I am power.
I am strength.
I am death.
Stay away holy man
Or I will destroy this vessel
and take her body for mine.
Whatever this is please
let my husband go, please.
This body is mine now.
For a second, I thought
I saw him.
I thought I saw Rick
but what the hell was that?
Something very old
and very powerful.
A malevolent spirit.
A djinn.
They sometimes try to
punish humans for our sins.
but they're also totally
What does it want with Rick?
You know what? Never mind
I'm past that. How
do we kill it?
Can we kill it?
Without killing Rick?
I'm not sure.
Can we at least get
it out, like...
an exorcism, or...
It's not unheard of.
I've never performed one
but we could in theory.
But once it's out if
we can get it out
a djinn is an elemental
demon and it feeds on trauma
Rick's trauma all our
trauma, and it can
be very strong.
I'll need some time to prepare
but I'll do everything I can
to help you get your
family back.
You have my word.
Doctor, you have to see this.
I am cleansing them.
What have you done with them?
These sheep are no longer
your concern.
I am their shepherd now.
Holy shit!
Wait! Everybody just calm down.
Rick look at me
I need to help these people.
Help me help these people.
Take them to the infirmary.
Full CT scans. Now.
Nothing with patient number one.
No lesions, no clots.
Same thing with
patients two through eight.
-If anything, they
seem healthier.
-And their blood work is clean.
We're missing something.
But the scans don't lie.
Physically these
people are fine.
Then why are they
having seizures?
Ahh... I think that's
all of them.
I've never seen
so many rats in all my life.
-What's attracting them?
-Who knows?
Maybe they want to be Muslim.
A little late night reading.
You help me with the bookcase?
Yeah sure.
You sure have very
interesting taste
in artwork, Imam.
What do you mean?
What is it?
A djinn.
I'm going to reset the traps.
Make sure we got them all.
I could really use
some peanut butter
if you have some.
I think so.
Corporal Pedroni?
What are you doing?
What happened?
give me the gun.
Remember the therapy.
Remember my voice.
This isn't you.
I know you didn't mean
to hurt anybody.
Listen to me.
You're Justin Mitchell.
You're a husband.
You're a father.
You're a good man.
That's it Justin.
Whatever it is we
can work it out.
I'm a good man.
If it is not precise
and executed flawlessly
with the correct intention
it won't work.
I will be focused.
It will do
everything it can
to distract you.
Call me when you're ready
to do this Imam.
I will bring others to pray.
Where will you send it?
I'm not sure.
Wherever you put it
you must use fire.
As-salamu alaykum.
Wa alaykumu s-salam.
you almost gave me
a heart attack.
This is your last warning,
holy man.
Release my son.
Leave this place.
He has
much violence. Much fear.
I can use him.
What do you want with us?
We've done nothing to you.
I will show this land
the same violence, death
that ravaged my homeland
for 2,000 years.
and if you interfere
I will come back and I will kill
this boy.
Should we take him
to the hospital?
There's nothing they can
do for him. He's been cursed.
The djinn is trying
to get at me.
No matter how much he
screams stay strong.
Can you save him?
I'm going to try.
Then go, go.
Allah be with us.
You know...
I never asked him
to join the army.
-I never put any
pressure on him.
-I know.
All he ever wanted was
to make us proud.
You know, me and Angie.
And he did...
a hundred times over.
Meet me at the hospital.
It's time.
So, wait a minute.
you're saying that my son Rick
is possessed by some Arab demon?
I mean you might
have mentioned that before.
You wouldn't have believed me
I didn't even know for
sure until now.
If Rick is possessed
then he needs a priest.
-Not some voodoo rag-head
-This isn't witchcraft!
Okay my husband
is possessed by some
evil spirit.
And that Imam is the
only one who can get it out
of him, so I need you onboard.
-I'm just saying
Shut up, asshole!
Not you.
Well yeah kind of you too.
Okay, I'm in.
No, no, no, you can't
be here now.
There's been an incident.
Is it Rick?
No, it's not Rick.
What happened?
Just follow me.
Okay, listen.
There's something
seriously wrong with your--
--I know.
Okay we've got to
get Rick and do an exorcism.
I know it sounds fucking
crazy but you've
got to trust me.
Something happened
in Afghanistan.
Something got inside of him
This evil spirit called a djinn.
This is Ibrahim.
He's the only one who
can help us now and
if we don't--
--Is this it?
Thats it.
Holly shit.
Can you help us get
him out of here?
Is that for Rick?
Yeah this should knock
him out for hours.
I left him in the canteen.
Tried to separate him
from the others.
What kind of effect
does he have on the others?
It's like he's controlling them.
Holy Christ.
Is this for real?
It doesn't matter.
I'm not afraid of you.
Yes. You. Are.
He should be out
for three hours.
You okay?
He's out.
Let's get him to the mosque.
You got him?
-Yeah, I got him.
-Take him inside.
What the fuck are
they doing here?
They'll make sure
we can finish this thing.
Thank you.
Stay out here.
Whatever you hear you
don't come in.
Pray for us.
Put him down there.
Careful careful careful.
All those guys
outside they're here for my son?
But we're the enemy.
You're not their enemy.
They're not your enemy.
Your only enemy here
is yourself.
And the djinn in your son.
Maybe worry about
yourself later.
Kate leave the mask.
We need that on.
Jasmine flower.
What's that for?
Hopefully it will make
the mask irresistible
to the djinn.
And since it made the mask--
He's waking up.
Put him down again.
He needs another dose.
I have more in the car.
In the car?
I can't hold him down.
Your jewellery. Kate
take off your ring.
His, too.
Come on come on come on.
What's happening?
What's happening?
It's working.
Everybody move!
I thought you said
this was working.
I did.
I have to perform the
ritual three times.
Let's go get him.
We need to protect the djinn.
-I'm okay
-Are you sure?
You didn't hurt your head?
Let's get inside.
Over here!
Do not let them inside!
Oh God!
Go go! We'll handle them!
There is nowhere to turn.
Your petty tricks
are as ineffective
as your therapy.
You can't ease suffering.
Your father is screaming
in hell.
Allahu Akbar
Let's get him back to
the prayer hall.
Get them back. Don't
let them inside.
It's moving to the mask.
They're trying to burn it down.
I told you your husband
was dead.
You're killing him!
Hail Mary full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women.
and blessed is
the fruit of thy womb Jesus.
Yes. Yes pray.
Pray to your gods you fools.
Pray until the worms
eat your face
and your bones turn to dust.
He has abandoned you.
He has abandoned you.
Your son is mine too
and I won't stop with him, no.
No, I will make sure
your wife takes a hundred men
before I throw her off a cliff.
I made a promise
to the man that you're holding.
So if you've got him
and you won't let him go...
take me too.
No, Kate, no.
-Take me too!
I meant every word
of my wedding vow.
I promised I would follow him
wherever he went no
matter what because
he is my home
And right now where he is
it's dark and he's alone
and he needs me.
So Rick
If you can hear me at all
I'm coming home.
Toss it into the fire Kate!
Toss it into the fire!
Oh, hey hey hey
Oh! Oh!
Ah ah!
Oh hehe.
Hey, baby.
Yeah, thanks.
Kate I need you to listen
to me, okay?
We're okay.
-Stop stop
Kate stop.
There was a child
over there Kate.
A young child.
I killed him Kate.
Kate I killed him.
No you didn't.
He was in the cave.
I didn't realize he was a child.
It's okay.
Kate it's not okay.
-No it's going to be fine.
-You know I killed him Kate.
-I didn't mean to kill him Kate
-Shh shh
We're home.
You're safe.
You're with me.
We're together.
We can get through anything.
Welcome home Rick.
Hey, kid.
This guy
saved your life.
and I owe him mine.
Hey doctor.
What the hell are you
doing here, huh?
working the longest
day of my life.
I think I'm clocking out now.
See you all on Monday.
I need a drink.
No offense.
None taken.
Good to have you smiling.
Ow fu--
God forgive me.
Sorry Imam.
-It's okay
-I'm done now.
Are you OK?
Well don't just stand
there and give me a hug.
I love you, my son.
I love you too.
It's from over there.
You know you knocked
me across the room?
You did.
Punk ass kid.
And you...
she's as strong as they come.
Never. Go. Away. Again.
Hey, kid.
Hey, yo, man.
It's okay.
You're ahh, Ibrahim's son right?
Look I--
I can be a pain in the ass
and I'm wrong about a lot.
I just wanted to say
I'm sorry for what I said.
thanks... I guess.
I wish all your people
were like that.
My people?
I'm from Arlington,
too, you know?
Thank you.
Thank him.
Remember these?