Regionrat (2019) Movie Script

[boy narrating]
This is not my hometown. No.
When my parents got divorced,
I went to live with my mom
but she said she had some
problems with my behavior
and, since my dad was
now living in Florida
with his new wife,
I came to stay at my older
sister's place in Seattle.
This was six months ago,
which, to tell you the truth,
is five more months than
anyone thought I would last.
In exchange for living expenses,
I had promised my
dad two things.
One was to get good grades
and two was to get a job.
I failed in both,
but that was because I was
having a real hard time
adjusting to the time zone.
Dad, I gotta get out of here.
I don't have any money
and I need to finish out
my senior year back home.
[man] Where are
you going to stay?
I don't know.
-What about your mom's house?
-She hates me.
Just call her, your brothers
do it all the time.
-But, dad--
-Ray, look it.
I'm not giving you any money.
If you really want to move
back, it's up to you.
It's on you just
to figure it out.
-[woman] Hello?
-Mom, it's me, Ray.
[Ray narrating]
My mom was never dumb.
She's a mean and insensitive
woman, but not dumb.
[woman] You can't live here.
-Mom, what?
-I can't afford it, Ray.
I get no support from
your fucking dad.
And I have no room in here,
so just go up to my dad's.
Well, then I'll have
to go to Central.
What's wrong with that?
What's wrong? I'm
gonna get killed.
There are bigger problems
than being the only white
person in town, right?
But, mom!
Look, it was really
nice to hear from you,
but call me back later
if you need anything that's
not a place to live or money
and I'll be glad to help.
[funky music]
[Ray narrating] Eventually,
I called my dad back
and I begged him.
You know, the truth is that
he's kind of a pushover.
So I got him to let me stay
in his condo back home.
[plane taking off]
[funky music continues]
[Ray] Look at that
industrial orgy,
one of the largest industrial
complexes in North America,
a community that acts
like a clogged toilet.
This area is best described
as a spreading cancer.
They call this whole
area The Region
and all of its occupants are
in turn called the Regionrats
because we feed on just
about anything to survive
and we're hard to kill.
[funky music continues]
Don't underestimate me
Two years and you
will thank me
Don't think that I'm
too blind to see
How you decide
what I'm to be
There might be more to me
Oh, oh, oh
There might be more to me
Now walking on
someone like me
Could have a consequence
I can't just
keep lubricating
Why you left to
keep me waiting
I'm not here just
for the taking
Watch close, I'm
in the making
There might be more to me
Oh, oh, oh
Now walking on
someone like me
Could have a consequence
[music ends]
[soft playful music]
[phone ringing]
[Ray] Hello?
[man] What's happening?
-Hey, buddy!
Gabe, you're yelling at me.
Oh, shit. Sorry, dude.
Hey, do you still want me
to come by and get you?
If that's cool with you.
Killer, I'll see you.
[voices on the TV]
[Ray narrating] Around here,
it is way more important to
look tough than to look good.
Still I wanted to look good,
but not so good that everyone
know I did it on purpose.
I had developed an image
of not giving two shits
about school or my appearance,
and so I never wanted to
seem like a hypocrite.
She is a prep all the way.
Probably picking up Janine,
the girl who lived in my
building across from mine,
another prep.
One time, Jeanine asked
me to homecoming.
I said no,
mainly because she had
eyes like a fruit fly.
I couldn't get over it,
but it was just an
instinctive defense
mechanism on my part though
because, I mean, aside
from the bug eyes,
the girl wasn't all that bad.
But the girl hated me now.
I guess that's the price you
pay for upholding standards.
[Gabe] Hey, come on, let's go.
crayon above me
Venus right beside it
The landscape that
I wander knows
The secrets I confide in it
I don't remember
what I came to say
My mind drop by your lips
I lost the words...
[Ray] Lots of girls tend to
look nice at first sight,
and then, when you
keep looking at them,
they seem to deteriorate
right before your eyes.
But not her.
Nice to meet you.
[Ray] Hey, you too. Call me Ray.
All right, so here's the deal.
We're picking up this chick,
yo, but she don't smoke,
so I'm gonna cash this
before she gets in the car.
Here, bro, you take
the first hit.
So I hear you're from Seattle.
Yeah, I moved out there to
get away for a little while.
[girl] Why?
[Ray] Um, I knew a kid up
there and shit, you know.
Where are you from then-- here?
I'm from here, unfortunately.
[girl] Dude, I know
how that goes.
So don't resist
One last kiss
Ooh, ho, yeah
I'll be watching you
As I'm lighting
up the night sky
And you'll be
watching me as I fly
Take what you need...
My uncle, he used to be
the sheriff at Lake County
and he tells me everything
that goes on over there.
You're such a liar, Gabe.
-Believe whatever you want.
-Yeah, I will.
Okay, so, um, Ray,
she doesn't smoke, so don't
say anything about weed.
Oh, yeah, it doesn't smell
like pot in here or anything.
[Ray] I'm not supposed
to say anything.
Oh, really?
Listen, Milada, you want to
know what we're smoking?
-Jack shit, that's what.
You're just paranoid.
Milada this is my
new friend, Raymond.
Same here.
Are you really that stoned?
If I was, I wouldn't tell you.
[girl] Milada, let's
be nice to Ray, okay?
He's new and you're making
him feel unwelcome.
[Ray] Hey, I'm not new.
He's not new. He's
just been on vacation.
I've seen him before at school.
Last year.
[girl] You went to
Granite last year?
Whoa! Hold on, did you just
fucking roll your eyes at me?
What did you just say to me?
You heard me, tons of fun.
[girl] Whoa, dudes, can we
please just act like adults?
Raymond, I asked you a question.
Didn't we already cover that?
Yeah, I moved to
Granite last year,
but it was a huge
mistake on my part.
[girl] Why?
Because I didn't really
know what it was like
before I enrolled.
Because you're so cool.
Only by comparison, babe.
[girl] Milada.
Jesus Christ.
Hey, I'm a Christian and I
don't care for your language.
I don't need that crap, so
please don't swear around me.
Thank you very much.
[Ray] I'm sorry,
for Christ's sake.
[Gabe] Here we go again.
Oh, fuck.
That's a very
intelligent comment.
[girl] Wow, dudes, chill.
This is supposed to
be a peaceful car.
[Ray narrating]
My thesis, Erin was cool,
but Milada was a
stuck-up little bitch.
Ah, General Math class.
No smart kids here
and that's why it's
called General Math.
Once in a while, I felt
like writing short stories,
but I can never
write something good
because I always felt
like you need to have
a master's degree in
English to write something.
Plus, you needed to be
pretentious and faggy
and have lots of issues.
I had this idea
for a short story
about a concentration
camp for senior citizens.
Short story or business plan?
Time would tell.
[bell ringing]
[Ray] Fag or just friendly?
Identify yourself.
Oh, hey.
So, how's it going?
[Ray] Um, what is
going? What's this?
A note, dude.
Oh, from who?
From me, you dumbass.
And don't let anyone
see it, okay?
[Ray] Okay.
I gotta go.
[Erin] Bye.
[Ray] Bye.
-Hey, Ray!
-Oh, what's up, Gabe?
-[Gabe] What's up?
-Nothing much.
What up, biatch!
What's up?
Brian, Ray. Ray, Brian.
-What's up, Brian?
-What up, boss?
Brian's got the biggest car.
Pretty cool jacket, bro.
Thanks, man.
Hey, man, you want to do this?
Yeah. You guys ready?
[Jacob] Let's get fucked up.
All right, fellas, this
is the only one I got.
Brian, can you match me?
I got tomorrow, man.
How about you, Ray?
I'll dice, Jack.
[Ray narrating] Most
pot smokers here
are really into
equal contribution.
Basically, you have to give
a little to get a little
and they are really big
on matching each other.
I guess you could have just gone
and smoked your own
bowl by yourself,
but smoking by yourself
would be a sure sign
you had a problem.
Fuck. None of us are gonna get
high off this dinky doodle.
Yeah, I know a guy
where we can cop some.
Real, where to?
[Jacob] Steer driving,
right up there.
[Ray] It's next to impossible
to land any good kind of
skunk buds in The Region.
All we had to smoke was
this brown brick Mexi weed.
The seeds were especially
nasty to smoke
and it tasted horrible.
If you even pass around a
bowl with a seed in it,
it's considered
offensive and rude.
-[Brian] Ray, right?
I remember seeing you
around last year,
but not the year before that.
I spent freshman and
sophomore year at St. Mary's.
Hell, this homie's got
this here dime bags.
Man, what is this?
This home weed is old-school.
Man, he puts all his weed
in a blender and shit.
I mean, seed, stems and all.
That's fucking disgusting.
Man, you ain't gotta smoke
none if you don't want to.
Pass that fucking--
[playful music]
All right, so...
meet up after class?
I'm gonna skip.
Yeah, me too, man.
Man, I'll catch you
on the flip side.
I got a jam. I'm fixed. I'm
going to be late for class.
[Brian] Hey, hey, hey.
Don't slam the door.
-All right don't slam my--
Fucking douche.
All right, I'll call you
two cats when I get home.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know, boss.
I got RC Pro on
Nintendo. You down?
Where do you live?
[video game music]
Do you mind if I ask
you about something?
It's about Erin.
What about her?
She's fucking trouble.
That's what about her.
So? I saw that she
gave you a ride today.
Yeah, it's not like
I asked her to.
She was just with Gabe.
Did she tell you
that she likes you?
Yeah, why the fuck
would you ask that?
Because she likes new guys.
Well, I'm not new.
Well, you're new to her.
Can I let you in on something?
Go ahead.
She's been dating Colin Otteson.
And this guy Colin
is the toughest fuck
I've ever seen, all right?
He plays linebacker up
in Carthage, Wisconsin.
What else?
Do you need a fucking what else?
She's a fucking
scammer, all right?
They've been dating
for two years.
Last month, she played
my friend Daniel.
Got his fucking face kicked in.
Worst ass-kicking
I've seen all year.
[Brian] What the fuck? Why
you stopped the game?
Check this out.
-What the fuck is this?
-Just read it.
Well, don't fucking
call that whore.
Yeah, well, thanks for the info.
Well, I don't care how
tough you think you are.
This guy will bury
you if he finds out
that you're after her. Trust me.
What would you do if
you were in my shoes?
I've been in your shoes. I
fucked her in sophomore year.
What about this guy, Colin?
He wasn't even with
her back then.
[Ray narrating] I guess
it would have been smart
just to blow her off.
I knew the facts about her
or, at least, the evidence
that I got from the Brain.
She had a boyfriend, a
huge psychotic boyfriend.
Second, she had a
history of playing guys
and then there's the kicker,
the Brain already fucked her.
[playful music]
[man] Hello?
Lue, Lue the Jew,
what up? It's Ray.
Nothing dude.
Look, I got Christine
on the other line.
Oh, okay. Just give me a
call when you get a chance.
-I'm at my old man's place.
-All right.
No, this is Elle.
-Oh, where's Patrick?
-Oh, no.
My dad kicked his ass and he
ran out the door a while ago.
Oh, thanks.
Yo, wuzzup, Koslowski?
Just chilling, man.
What are you up to?
We got three roadies coming
by for some hot tub action.
You should cruise over soon.
Yeah, I'm gonna get
my old man's junk
and I'll be over there soon.
Wack. Cause we're
jumping in the hot tub
as soon as the whores get here.
All right, I'll see you later.
[rock music]
[Ray narrating] I met Ricky
and Patrick at St. Mary's,
a private Catholic school
I got expelled from
for some type of
fraudulent claim.
But that's not something
I like to talk about.
Even though Ricky was
well-spoken and book smart,
he always wanted to
lead people to believe
that he was some sort
of tough-talking thug
with broken English.
When he would get fucked up,
the broken English dominated,
and he was always fucked up.
-What's up, Ricky?
How's that Seattle
action going for you?
[Ray] Good, good.
Got a lot of fine
bitches over there?
[Ray] Tons, especially Asians.
Nice, it sounds like some
real good Asian action.
I'll have to make a Seattle
mission sometime in the future
so I can get some of that shit.
Where's your parents?
In Mazatln.
[man] think that
is not possible...
Where are the roadies?
I thought they were coming over.
Come on, babe,
let's gonna do the...
[Ricky] Not sure.
I hope this ain't gonna
be a sausage festival.
Pat's over there giving them a
piece of his mind right now.
-Fucked up!
-What's up, Pat?
Can't sneak out of
the house tonight.
Why do they have to sneak out?
Cos they're 16.
Isn't that illegal?
Not for Ricky.
Whatever, Patrick Fuckovski.
You're the one who
wants to screw Janice.
Fuck you, you fucking
Yo, quit with the
nigger shit, asshole.
Listen, you curry munching fuck,
I've already banged
Janice like 500 times.
Yeah, how have you
done it like 500 times
if she's only 16?
Because I've been banging
her since I was 15.
[Ray] Don't you
get tired of that?
Still gotta get her
in the pooper...
like your mom likes it.
Fuck you, Pat!
Hey, Ray, what about
them grant a roady?
[phone ringing]
Yo, Gabe, it's Ray.
[Ricky] Who the fuck is Gabe?
Hey, what are you doing tonight?
I'm at Ricky's place
in Twin Hills.
Feel like hanging?
Depends. What's going on?
They got coke over here.
I'll see you real quick
and I'll jet right over.
Wait, wait, wait. Not so fast.
We need some girls.
How many?
I don't care. Just no dogs.
I'll see what I can do.
You guys smoke too
much of that shit.
Yo, it's not too
much of cocaine.
Well, you suck too much
dick, you cracked out Apu.
Your mom sucks too much dick guy
and, if I'm one of the cracks,
she'd be the first
bitch I'd turn to.
[playful music]
[music ends]
[rock music]
[hitting billiard ball]
Ray, what's up, man?
How you doing?
Shit, beer.
And if you want it
If you want it
People think that
you are smart
You didn't call.
Hey, Ray.
Hey, Aleya-Aleya-Oda.
Am I saying your name right?
Nice to see you again.
Speak for yourself.
[Ray narrating] I knew
Jolene from Geometry class.
When she was a senior,
I was a junior.
She was two years older
than the other girls
and Ricky was a
year older than me
and the same age
as Patrick and...
She was 19.
That's Jolene's
best friend, Lisa.
Everywhere Jolene was,
Lisa was there too.
[Jolene] Which one of
you jerks is Raymond?
Hello, Jolene.
You know me?
Geometry class?
Remember? We had Geometry
class last year.
I don't remember you.
I set the fire and sat
behind your boyfriend James
last year in Geometry class?
[Ray] At least, I think
it was your boyfriend.
[playful music]
[Ray narrating] Those
two were now missing.
Gone to another
part of the house.
What were they doing?
The truth is that I had no idea,
but, as a child, I
ate lots of junk food
and watched lots of TV, so
I always assumed the worst.
So, Ray.
Do you like Erin?
No bullshit.
Oh, no, dog. Sounds
like they own your ass.
No, I do not like Erin.
Okay? I repeat, I
do not like Erin.
[Ray] Satisfied?
-[Ray] Why not?
-Because you're lying.
[Ray] Oh, how the
hell would you know?
Guys, just leave him
alone, all right?
Face it. You all know
about Erin, okay?
You know what?
I have school tomorrow,
so I'll see you later.
[Jolene] Nice to meet you, Ray.
[Ray] Mm-hmm.
Hey, will you please
give me a ride home?
I have to be home by midnight
and I don't know where Erin is.
Are you sure?
Why wouldn't I be?
I'm trying to figure out if
you're a pothead or not.
Erin's a pothead.
What's that gotta do with me?
She has a boyfriend, you know?
So I've heard.
Where did you hear that?
I know she didn't tell you.
-No, she didn't tell me.
-How'd you find out then?
Fuck Milada. I don't
mean to be fucking rude,
but it's really none
of your business.
It's just only certain kinds
of guys are good for Erin.
Mostly guys that only want
to have sex with her.
[Milada] Thank you.
[Ray narrating] I guess
I was wrong about her.
I mean, first I thought
she was this huge bitch,
but she was cool.
Most of the chicks that
you meet around here
are jealous, possessive
and think that they
can screw guys over
and apologize later.
Hi, what can I get you?
I want to get a slice
of cheese, please.
Hey, we're having a
lunch special today.
You can get two slices
and a drink for $5.25.
Yeah, let's do it. Yeah.
[girl] Ray?
Raymond, what are
you doing here?
Just grabbing some lunch.
What are you doing here?
I've been back a while.
Oh, I thought you loved Boston.
Uh, something happened
and I came home.
You work here?
Yeah, I'm the assistant manager.
-Assistant manager?
-[laughing] Yes.
Very cool.
[Ray narrating]
Last time I saw Ari Lopez,
we had gone out for a
meaningless movie date.
Meaningless for her because
I had a crush on her.
Then she moved to Boston
and was sending me
letters all the time.
After I started
dating another girl,
Ari started to freak me out
because her letters were
turning into hate mail.
So, I hear you
like Erin Watkins.
Are you okay?
-Where did you hear that?
Her boyfriend, Colin, is
friends with my brother
and I heard he's pretty pissed.
I don't know why cause
I haven't done anything
and, for once in my life,
I'm gonna get killed for
something I never did.
Can you like tell your
brother something for me?
Um, I could, but...
what are you gonna do for me?
Well, don't you think that
you should do something
for me, Raymond?
No, I don't think.
What kind of fucking
extortion is this?
Aren't we like friends?
Ray, I think I can help you.
I don't know. I feel...
kind of weird after all those
angry letters you sent me.
I'm pregnant.
He won't talk to me and...
I don't want everyone
to know before him.
I mean, you don't
have to tell me...
I'm HIV positive.
Who is this guy?
He's in my grade.
You don't know him.
Tell me what to say.
Well, whatever you decide
to say say it before Tim.
What do I say to him?
Where do I find this guy?
There's this guy called Falco.
He's having a party tonight
and Tim will be there.
So, do you know how
you got the HIV?
I think I got it through
a blood transfusion
when I was 13.
I'll leave town in three days.
My grandfather has a
farm out in Alabama
and there's a really
good AIDS Center
in Birmingham and I'm
gonna get treatment...
[Ray] I can't imagine
how scary it must be
to find out you have AIDS
and here I am,
healthy and angry,
with a don't-give-a-fuck
I needed to change
into a better person.
[playful music]
[phone ringing]
Erin? Hey.
Why did you leave the
party early last night
and then you weren't
at school today?
I really wanted to talk to you.
I just slept in. Why? What's up?
Well, it's really nice
to talk to you again.
I didn't think that you
would talk to me again.
Why would you say that, dude?
I don't know, it just seemed
like you really liked Patrick
last night and you
ran off with him.
No, what the fuck? I don't
fucking like Patrick.
I don't care if you do.
Well, I don't,
and I'm sick of people
accusing me of shit
all the time, and now you're
accusing me of shit too?
Okay, let's just
forget it, okay?
[Ray narrating] Oh, she
had to be lying to me.
Patrick always scored. Always.
You couldn't bet
against this guy's luck
no matter what girl it was.
So, what are you doing tonight?
I'm thinking about stopping
by this house party later.
Oh, yeah, Falco's.
I was thinking of
going though...
I think I want to go
and get a tattoo.
Maybe we can hang out afterwards
like... around midnight.
Can I come over?
Yeah, yeah.
I could tell that
things weren't right
By the way you stared
into the night...
How the hell do you
afford a place like this?
It's actually my dad's place.
He's up in Florida right now
with his wife right now.
So he's letting me crash here.
It's just a hub.
It's a fatty deal.
How'd you get the beer?
Check this out.
I actually know this
guy. It's a real license.
Franco Peters?
Who do you guys think is going
to be the next president?
What? Who the fuck cares?
I do.
If you paid attention,
you'd know that the number of
people on welfare is down,
violent crime is down
and enrollment for
women in college is up.
Shit. You hear that Ray?
[Brian] Now what the hell are
we gonna do for a living?
Guys, you really need
to cut the lazy crap.
You need to go to college
if you want to give yourself
some opportunities.
I'm gonna fuck that shit.
I'm gonna start lifting,
get a football scholarship.
They do not give free
rides to the waterboy.
So, you going to that
party tonight or what?
[Jolene] No. Erin and I
are gonna go get tattoos.
Didn't you know?
[Ray] What?
Why would I know that?
-Give me that joint, man.
-[Jolene] Mm-hmm.
-Give me--
Man, thanks for
hogging this thing.
I've rolled this one,
roller's rights.
[Jolene laughs]
[loud rock music]
-[Guy] Hey, Ray!
-I have to talk to you.
-Like right now?
-Yes, now. Follow me.
What happened?
Some guys are
looking for Raymond.
They're Colin Otteson's friends.
So what? They ain't gonna
do shit to you, man.
Why are you freaking
him out for?
They want to jump him tonight.
Wait. Me?
Ray, you have to leave.
No, you guys just both need to
chill out a second, alright?
Those guys, like
Rodriguez and Mitchell,
all they do is talk shit.
They never actually
do anything about it.
Shut up. Raymond, will
you please leave?
Yeah, I'll leave after I
talk to someone first.
Some Tim McQuaid guy.
What? Why is that funny?
Ray, you can't talk to Tim.
Why can't I? What's
so funny about it?
He's the one looking for you.
He's Colin's best friend.
[Gabe] It ain't no
big deal, dude.
If you want to talk to him,
I say let's go talk to him.
-I got your back, man.
-Raymond, please.
[Ray] No, fuck, you know what?
I haven't even done anything
fucking wrong, okay?
I lived in East Chicago for
four years of my life, okay?
I saw people getting
shot there all the time.
Shit like that makes you tough.
You know those guys over there
are from fucking Candyland.
They really don't know
who they're messing with
by fucking with me.
I'm out of here.
Fucking awesome!
[Ray narrating] One of the
things I always wanted to see
was the Big Dipper.
I always wondered if it
was really up there.
But I have no idea how
to spot star patterns.
You by yourself?
Gabe says you want to
tell me something.
Yeah, listen, I know you want
to kick my ass right now,
but let me just say
what I need to say,
which may make you want
to kick my ass even more.
So can I just say this
and then we can deal with
the other issues later?
Go for it.
Can you like promise me
that you won't do anything
because it ain't easy what
I'm about to tell you
and chances are I might say
something that's pretty stupid.
[sirens wailing afar]
I promise.
It's about Ari.
-Are you sleeping with her?
-No. No, no, no.
Cause I don't care if you
are. She ain't my girl.
No, I'm not, I'm not. I swear.
She was warning me about Erin.
And I told her
nothing was going on.
And I asked her to
see if she can get
kind of your friend
off my back for me.
And she said that she would try,
but she asked me to do
something for her first.
Yeah, that sounds like her.
Last year she was the teacher's
A in my black history class.
Whatever that means.
[clearing throat]
So I needed to pass the
final in order to graduate.
She got me a copy of the test.
So I slept with her
and, when I tried to break it
off, she totally freaked out.
She told me she was
pregnant twice.
Both times I made her take
a test in front of me.
Both times were negative.
So keep on going.
It doesn't really matter.
No, no, no, no.
I want to hear it.
So, we were eating lunch
and she was telling
me some stuff and...
she said that she has AIDS
and that possibly you
might have AIDS too
and she said that
she's pregnant.
That's funny.
Sure wasn't funny when
she was telling me.
She's got some serious
psychological issues.
Fucking nut.
Yeah, it fucking pisses me off
that like she wants
me to do this for her
and now I got all these people
wanting to kick my ass.
Yeah, but that's
because of Erin.
her boy Colin is
pretty sore at you.
I don't get it I've only
met Erin a couple of times.
Like she came and rode
me to school one time
and now all these rumors
are flying around
that we like each
other and shit.
I don't know if it's
her starting it or who,
but it's just fucking annoying.
Colin's a hothead.
He can't trust her.
She drives him fucking nuts.
So what should I do?
Stay away from her.
And maybe, if you're lucky,
everything will blow over.
I'll talk to Colin,
tell him there's
nothing going on there.
But, if I find out that
you're fucking lying to me,
I'll come find you and
I'll fucking kill you.
Yeah, sounds like a deal.
One more thing.
Oh, fuck man!
That's why people still think
they can't fuck with me
-and Colin will be satisfied.
You'll thank me later.
Yeah, no. I don't think I will.
Yeah, well I think
you should go now.
I'll tell the guys you
put up a good fight.
[phone ringing]
Hey, what the hell
happened, man?
I heard you got into a scrap
and then you guys ran off.
I was fucking walking home
and this guy basically beat
me up on the side walk.
You know, it's all
because that bitch Erin.
God, she's really
pissed me off now.
Damn, well is it cool if
Milada and I stop by?
Freak girl here
wants to see you.
I mean, who's all coming over?
Because I really don't want a
fucking post-fight conference
at my house tonight.
Oh, it's just the two
of us. Be right over.
[Ray narrating] I should
have stayed in Seattle.
[doorbell ringing]
[playful music]
Hey, Raymond.
You're here.
Can I have a beer?
I have to write a letter
for my uncle
because he's actually on
his plane right now...
Why is your uncle coming
over at midnight?
Well, my dad needs
to give him money
and I'm not supposed to be here.
So, I gotta run
downstairs real quick.
Wait, how did you even get here?
-Where did you park?
-Jolene dropped me off.
We went to get tattoos together,
but she didn't think
that you'd be here.
Where's Jolene?
Once you buzzed me in, she left.
Because I wanted to
be alone with you.
Hold on.
What did you get?
I got...
an evergreen tree
with the Sun behind it.
Right here on my heart.
Jesus, Raymond what happened?
You noticed, huh?
What the fuck happened, Ray?
Tim McQuaid kicked the shit
out of me at that party.
I don't know, I was hoping
that you can tell me.
Look, I'm-- I'm so sorry.
I tried to tell him
that it was over and...
he didn't listen to me.
He doesn't listen to me.
I tried to tell him the truth
Ray and he got so pissed off.
Well, what did you say to him?
The truth, that
there's someone else.
That's what I said, and he
wanted to know who and how.
What exactly did you tell him?
I told him--
I told him that I
was with you now.
Erin, we've only talked
a couple of times.
I know. I just--
I can't explain how
I feel around you.
This just feels
right to me and...
I'm so sorry that
this happened to you.
It's okay.
[Ray narrating] All my
angry feelings vanished
like money in my pocket.
I didn't want to
push the envelope
and go for the boob grab.
Instead, we just sat
there for hours.
I got a feeling from her hands
like the one I used to
get from my mother,
who was usually a
very mean woman,
but she would do this whenever
I was feeling really hurt.
And I remember thinking,
"So this is what
mothers are for."
[Ray] Now they do talk funny,
but there are some
solid differences
between The Region and Seattle.
[Gabe] Like what?
Well, people here have
poor fucking diets.
What did you have
for lunch today?
A greasy ass Polish sausage
and some French fries.
I had beef tacos.
Tacos are healthy.
[Ray] Not fucking
beef tacos, fat fuck.
Look, most people in
Seattle are vegetarians.
What's a vegetarian? They
don't eat greasy ass shit.
I mean, here there's
all this inbreeding.
I'm serious guys.
What's The Region populated
with? Fucking hillbillies.
What's a hillbilly?
People who fuck their
first-generation cousins.
Look at all these sunburns,
Polish sausages and inbreeding.
Fucking x-files-types shit
people equals this whole town.
Man, I think you are the
one that was inbred.
[Ray] I was born in Chicago,
okay? A fucking city.
Not only are my
parents not cousins,
they are so unlike each
other they basically hate
each other's fucking guts.
Where's Milada?
[Gabe] She might be
showing up later.
She was breaking up
with that asshole.
Oh, Gabe, I see a door opening?
Don't what me, you prick.
You know what I'm talking about.
Whatever man.
[loud music playing]
-[Erin] Come, come.
-What's up?
Smoke a joint with us, dude.
Oh, no, I'm fine.
Oh, come on, Ray, you
can't flake on me.
No, I'm just trying to
cut down, you know?
-For me.
Please, because we never
spend time together.
Erin, if he doesn't
want to, it's okay.
I guess, I'll smoke.
[Ray] It was nice of Jolene
to stick up for me,
but I felt like I was just
holding up a sign saying,
"Hey, I'm a freak.
Leave me the fuck alone."
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
[tires screeching]
Oh, shit.
-I'm gonna go see who it is.
Oh, shit, shit, shit.
-What's going on?
Um, like, get lost.
Leave. You need to go.
-It's them.
-Shit, shit, shit.
Ray, what the fuck are
you still doing here?
-Is it the cops?
Leave! Get the fuck out!
[Gabe] Shit!
Did you guys see who's here?
Quick, turn off the lights.
Colin, go home.
I ain't going anywhere.
You like my girl, big shot?
-Colin, please...
-Shut the fuck up.
You like this fucking guy?
What the fuck are
you crying for?
I can't fucking trust you.
Are you going to answer
the fucking question?
Do you like this
fucking asshole?
[playful music]
Colin, stop! Colin!
I should fucking
kill you right now.
[Colin] You think someone else
is gonna love you the way I do?
Guess again, bitch.
[playful music continues]
[Erin crying]
[sirens wailing afar]
[officer] What do you mean?
I think they gave
me dog shampoo.
We don't use dog shampoo.
Pretty sure you guys do
because that definitely
smells like dog shampoo.
Kid, you've been charged with
assault with a deadly weapon.
The individual you assaulted
was taken to St.
Catherine's hospital,
where he's undergoing
surgery to repair his jaw,
which was shattered.
What did you hit him with?
-He's in the hospital?
My fist.
Witnesses say there
was a weapon.
Just my fist.
Now the stories
don't quite line up
and no weapon has been
recovered so far,
so it'll just come down
to your word against his.
Visiting hours are from
10:00 in the morning
until 2:00 in the afternoon
every day, except Sunday.
On Sunday, you get the whole
day from 7:00 in the morning
until 8:00 at night.
Any questions?
After you make your
one phone call,
I'll have those
injuries checked out.
Do you have a family attorney
that would normally represent
you in this kind of situation?
In that case, one will
be appointed to you
by the public defender's office.
[Ray narrating]
My family in particular
was not very personal.
We had a business-like
and my dad would never
bail me out of jail
or any of my brothers and
sisters for that matter.
There was no one to call.
I could die in jail before
anyone noticed I was missing.
I've been arrested
at least 10 times,
but I'd been pinched for
the usual kid stuff,
you know, underage
drinking, vandalism,
curfew violations and
petty stuff like that.
Then I was released to any
adult that knew me well enough
to pick me up at
some police station
in a narrow-minded town in the
middle of any given night.
[ball bouncing]
Yo, what the fuck man?
[man] Get up.
[playful music]
Move your head!
[alarm ringing]
[woman] Yeah, that's broken.
Are you wondering
what I'm in for?
I robbed a bank.
Must be a pretty
shitty bank robber.
Alright, let's have a look.
-Does this hurt?
[Ray] Sweet Jesus...
I take that as a yes.
Yeah, you're going
to need stitches.
It's nice to have such a
fine nurse working on me.
I was afraid I was gonna get
a bull dyke or something.
What are you doing
20 years from now?
That's about the time when I
get out of federal prison.
We should hang out, you know.
We should like go out to eat
or catch a movie or something.
Shut the fuck up.
[playful music]
[Ray narrating] The worst part
of jail is that it's so boring.
I don't know anything
about palm reading,
but I thought that maybe,
if I looked at my hand long enough,
I might start understanding.
I wonder if I was ugly or not.
I wonder if I have ugly feet?
Do I have ugly feet?
Do I have too much hair?
[playful music continues]
[officer] You made bail.
What's up, guys?
You look like a
rotten sack of shit.
Five hundred bucks
to bust you out.
I'll pay you guys back,
don't worry about it.
Forget about that
action, Mr. Raymond,
we don't need you
to pay us back,
but we do need your help today.
Okay, yeah, I'm just gonna
go home, shower real quick.
Man, I've been using dog
shampoo for the longest time.
Nah. No time for that.
[Ricky] You take a
shower in my place.
I can get you
some clean clothes.
Come on.
I mean, I can shower at my
place, really not a big deal.
Yo, Ricky.
Hey, Brain, it's Ray.
Wasn't too cool, man. I
don't plan on going back.
Man, I hear you, bro.
Guess what though,
I got your jacket.
Oh, thank you.
Shit wasn't easy either.
Fucking Erin did not want
to give that shit up.
Why wouldn't she
let you have it?
She was trying to accuse me of
stealing the fucking thing.
Did she sound pissed?
She actually sounded
kind of concerned.
I told her about how
you got dragged away by
the police and everything.
Oh, man!
Homeboy that you hit went home
with his mouth wired shut.
He's gonna be eating chicken
soup through a straw.
Well, hey, I need to come
get my lucky jacket,
so where are you located?
All right, I'll
see you soon. Bye.
Smells like fucking
bleach in here.
Oh, shit, I made you look good.
Good my ass. What the
fuck am I wearing?
Yeah, at least, you look
like you had a shower now.
I need to go get my jacket.
Right, but afterwards,
we need your help with
the ultimate mission.
What the hell is the
ultimate mission?
We're busting into the
country club in Shorewood.
Inside, cash box that might
have four grand in it.
It's supposed to
be light as fuck.
You guys do realize I just
got out of jail, right?
Come on, Ray. It'll
take five minutes.
Come on, y'all, you owe us, guy.
I just got out of jail.
Just stay in my mom's car.
We just need a watchdog.
[playful music]
Ricky, can you hear me?
Ricky, do you copy?
Fucking Ricky. God.
[police siren]
-Good afternoon.
License and
registration, please.
Of course.
Here you go.
What happened to your face?
Oh, it was just a
little accident.
So, what is your business
here today, Mr. Peters?
Yeah, I'm just waiting for my
girlfriend to get back, sir.
Where's your girlfriend?
She's out right running.
-Running here?
You know, we just drive up here,
and I park, read the news
and she just runs around.
She's training for like
a marathon or something.
Well, I've been here
all afternoon, son.
I haven't seen anyone
running around the park.
Well, it's a pretty
big park, sir.
Mr. Peters, stay inside
your car, please.
[playful music]
Your girlfriend, Mr.
Peters, who owns this car,
she's 50 years old?
Yes, but she looks 35 though.
And when is your girlfriend
supposed to be back again?
Um, not for like ten
minutes or is it two hours.
I mean, she's in the marathon,
so it really varies.
Alright, there's no
parking allowed here.
-So when I come back here
on my next round, I do not want
to see this car parked here.
-Do you understand?
-Yeah. I understand. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, you're gonna have to
go around the parking lot
to the main gate.
Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah.
-You have a good day.
-Hey, you too.
[officer] Take care.
[voices over radio]
[starting car]
[doors closing]
[car leaving]
[doorbell ringing]
-[Ray] Yeah?
-[Jolene] Hey, Ray it's me.
Can I come up?
[door opening]
Jesus, Ray it's hot in here.
Why the hell are you sorry?
I don't know.
You don't know?
What are you doing?
[Ray narrating] There has to
be some reason she was there
and it was not because
she liked me or anything, you know.
She was too smart for me
or too real of a person,
not that I was stupid,
but I would only
date stupid girls
because it was the only type
of girl that would buy my act.
So, what's up with you?
Like, do you want something?
Hey, you don't have a
bag I can score, do you?
No. I don't have
anything right now.
You want to cruise around
and find something?
Right now?
Sure, yeah, keep me company.
-I'm in.
-Put a fucking shirt on.
[safety belt alarm beeping]
[Ray narrating] In The Region,
there is nothing to do,
especially, if you're under 21.
We were always so bored
that it was not so strange
for someone to just
not want to go home.
So we would just drive around
and seek out friend after friend
trying to find someone
to just hang out with
for a few hours.
So, Erin told me you
haven't called her yet.
Did she send you?
She wouldn't be too happy if she
knew I was in her territory.
Did you two sleep together?
I'm just curious.
You don't have to answer
if you don't want to.
[Ray] So what's your story?
[Jolene] My story?
[Ray] Yeah, you
know, personal life.
[Jolene] How about let's not?
[Ray] I'm sure you'd end up
boring me to death anyway.
[Jolene] What makes
you say that?
[Ray] This is The Region.
I know a lot of people
think this place is dull.
Trust me, I hate it too.
You'd be surprised what you
find out about people out here.
[Ray] Over the next
hour or so, Jolene and I
drove around the deserted
middle America's streets.
I told her about my childhood
and about my parents and
my brothers and sisters
and about my favorite things
and my least favorite things.
Jolene told me about
her childhood too
and how she and
her boyfriend met
and how she can
never love anyone
as much as she loved that boy,
which turned out was the
main reason for her visit.
She and her boyfriend,
James, had a fight
and she just wanted the
male point of view.
She told me about how
someone molested her
when she was little.
A secret that she made
me swore on my life
that I wouldn't tell anyone.
[soft music]
These are the best
days of our lives
These are the best
days of our lives
[music ends]
[car approaching]
Fucking asshole.
[tires screeching]
[car crashing and rolling over]
[sirens wailing afar]
[sirens coming nearer]
[suspense music]
[monitor beeping]
Mom, are you awake?
Mm, I am now...
-What's going on?
-How are you feeling?
I don't know.
Oh, well, your skull is
fractured in three places.
You can't feel it?
They want you to
have surgery. Um...
[laughing] It looks
like you've been hit
with a giant sledgehammer.
Where's my dad?
Your dad is still in Florida.
How'd you know I was here?
I got a phone call.
They asked if you were my son
and I thought they were
going to ask if I could...
come and identify your body.
And then the officer
on the phone,
a man called, um, Connor--
Conway, something like
that, I don't know,
he said you'd been
involved in an accident
and I just knew you were dead.
I swear... my heart
stopped beating
and I couldn't
breathe and then...
and then he said you were alive.
that's all he said
he could tell me.
[door opening and closing]
Hello, Mrs. Koslowski.
[woman] Carlson.
Uh, Carlson.
Raymond, how are you feeling?
Well, you've shattered
your cheekbone
and there's some damage
to your sinus cavities.
Have you been experiencing
some difficulty in breathing?
Okay, so that's gonna continue
until after the surgery.
Okay, let me tell you
what's gonna go on is
we are going to take
two small metal plates
and place them under your skin.
One is going to go on
your left eye cheek
and then the other
one is going to go
right above the eye socket,
right underneath the eyebrow.
And we are also going to have
to repair the sinus cavities
and that's going to be a
little bit more difficult
because we have to
insert a small balloon
for each cavity
so that we can piece
the shattered cavity
back together again.
Each balloon we inflate,
there's going to be a
hose connected to it
that is going to be running
through your nasal passage
and out through your nostrils.
You're going to have
to wear this for a while.
It's not going to
add to your pain.
It is going to obviously
make the breathing continue to
be difficult for a while, okay?
[Ray] Okay.
So don't play any sports.
Don't get into any fights.
Don't engage in any
kind of activities
that are going to require
physical contact.
How long do I have to wear
the balloons and tubes?
Until the sinus cavity
has had time to heal.
Probably a month or so.
And then we'll bring
you right back in here
and we'll cut those hoses
with some scissors.
We'll deflate the balloons
and then we will
discard all the rubber
that is living up
in the nasal cavity
and we'll just pull it
right through your nose.
[doctor] Alright.
Very well then.
In a little bit here I'll
have somebody come in
and escort you for a few
more x-rays, okay, Raymond?
-Mrs. Carlson.
-Thank you, doctor.
[door opening and closing]
I'm scared, mom. I'm
so fucking scared.
[Mrs. Carlson crying]
It's okay...
I'm scared.
[soft music]
[soft music continues]
[Brian] After Jolene died,
everybody gathered
at Sydney's house.
Everybody you know is there.
Even everybody you don't know.
Everybody was just so bummed
and some people
were even crying.
Leslie asked, "How do we
really know what happened?"
Everybody just grew silent.
Then, all of a sudden, Erin
had to open her fucking mouth.
"I know what
happened," she said.
Everybody was shocked.
How would she know
anything about that?
"He killed her," she
said. Just like that.
Just like it was a fucking
fact or something.
How would she know?
She said she saw
you driving around.
She said she was parked at a
red light and you drove by.
She said you were heading
east on Main Street.
Main Street?
She even said that you
were in Jolene's car.
We weren't even going
down Main Street.
We were going down
fucking Ridge Road.
Why the fuck would she say that?
She just said it out of nowhere.
And of course they're gonna
fucking believe the bitch.
And Gabe was talking about,
"Oh, Ray, he's always
fucking high."
A bunch of guys were talking
about killing you afterwards.
I don't know how serious they
were, but they did say it.
Who? What guys?
Colin Oddsop and his boys.
Who the fuck do you think?
I need to call Gabe.
Yo, fuck Gabe!
I can't trust that fuck as
far as I could throw him.
He tries to play
the friend bullshit
when there's girls around
and wants to pull a bunk move
when the boyfriend is away.
[soft music]
[Ray] I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
You really shouldn't be here.
I can only tell you this once.
It doesn't matter to me
whether or not you were
driving Jolene's car.
I just want you to know
that I'm a Christian
and I'm not gonna judge you,
but people have.
I can't risk my friends
to continue to be a
part of your world.
So, from now on, we
can't talk anymore.
And I don't want you to think
it's because I don't
care about you. I do.
It's just...
I can't spend my life
campaigning for your innocence.
I'm so sorry, Ray.
[steps going away]
[rock music]
Hey, hey
It's what you feeling
on the inside
You're really lonely
on the inside...
[Patrick] Holy fucking shits!
You look like shit, dude.
I almost thought about
calling the exterminator
when I saw you.
Tell me about it.
So, she's dead?
The girl who came
to Ricky's party?
We should go now.
All right, Ray,
let's go to Saints.
Yo, Singh has some of
that propellant 70 shit.
Ricky is gonna huff it.
Let's go watch this retard
brain-damage himself.
Are you down?
Yo, come on, I know you're down.
Yeah, I'm done.
[Patrick] Yo, Ray,
where you going?
I'm going to run to
my car real quick.
[phone ringing]
-[Mrs. Carlson] How'd it go?
Yeah, I went this
morning with the Brain.
"With the Brain"?
-My friends.
What time's the service?
It's at 10:00 in the morning,
but I'm not gonna go.
Why the hell not?
-Why not?
Because everyone thinks
I fucking killed her.
Well. Did you?
Did you?
How can you even ask me that?
Then you got nothing
to be ashamed of.
If they don't like it,
they can shove it.
Okay, I'm not going.
Ray, you need to stop
acting like a fucking baby
and start being a man--
[doorbell ringing]
[Mrs. Carlson] It's me.
Open the fucking door.
[soft dramatic music]
[Brian] Fuck.
I got something for you.
[soft rock music]
Everybody wants
to meet you there
Time stands still
Your last breath
is what you'll hear
Warm light bathes
your face tonight
Planet earth, I say goodbye
This is the best
day of my life
This is the best
day of my life...
[Ray] If I learned anything,
it was that this place
was what it was.
But I knew now that
it wasn't the place
but the people that I
wanted to run away from.
The rumors, the put down
artists, the backstabbers
were all mixed up in my life.
It was me against the world.
But it was time to make my move.
Only this time I would
seek some warmer lands.
This is the best
day of my life
This is the best
day of my life
My memories fade
through my eyes
[music fading]
Hey, hi how are you?
I'm good. Thanks.
Uh, can I get the
prosciutto panini
and a white coconut cream?
[Ray narrating] I've
seen her in here before
and I thought about
asking her out.
But I dated a long line of decent
looking brainless girls,
you know, the kind
that you wonder,
"How did she even get
dressed in the morning."
Hey, girl.
Is that supposed
to be pepperoni?
Oh, crap, did I
leave my fly down?
Wait a minute.
Aren't you that greasy boy
that's always staring at me
when I'm eating?
I'm so hungry. Everything
here looks so good.
How about a salad?
Ha, no. I want real food.
I'm starving. I am not
eating a fucking salad.
[Ray] And that's
when I fell in love.
After I waited the mandatory
month to take action,
I asked her out
and all she wanted to
do is go to a matine.
But it was there that a whole
new world opened up for me.
[man] We had two bags of grass,
75 pellets of mescaline,
five sheets of
high-powered blotter acid,
a salt shaker half
full of cocaine,
a whole galaxy of
multicolored uppers,
downers, screamers, laughers.
Also, a quart of
tequila, a quart of rum,
a case of beer,
pint of raw ether
and two dozen amyls.
Not that we needed all
that for the trip,
but, once you get locked into
a serious drug collection,
the tendency is to push
it as far as you can...
[Ray] Not all writers were
eggheads from universities.
Some were just guys
telling stories
without a bunch of
fluff and big words.
So I'm starting to think
that I want to try to write,
but I'm not really sure what
being a writer feels like.
I guess a real writer would
start by doing some research,
but I really don't have time
in my life for that shit.
And I have a very
limited vocabulary,
but... I guess I'll try it
and keep an eye out for my
writers badge in the mail.
[triumphal music]
[music ends]
[rock music]
From the peaches of the dooms
to downtown on the square
You can see the
pollution everywhere
You might think it's gross
and it smells like shit
But we don't give a damn
cos we're used to it
From the hardware
to the US steel
Hammond has such a cozy feel
From Broadway
and Fifth Avenue
The people of
Gary welcome you
We are NWI
It's where we live
and it's where we die
You can run for cover,
but we will never hide
Cos we are NWI
We like to drink and smoke
more than normal folk
We're hip to the fun,
we were born to run
We are NWI
It's where we live
and it's where we die
You can run for cover,
but we will never hide
Cos we are NWI
We're hard to kill and
we're ready to fight
Cruising down the boulevards
and out all night
Diversity in style,
yeah, we got some
Cos we are the
kids of The Region
We are the kids
of The Region
We are the kids
of The Region
We are the kids
of The Region
We are the kids
of The Region
We are NWI
It's where we live
and it's where we die
You can run for cover,
but we will never hide
Cos we are NWI
We are NWI
It's where we live
and it's where we die
You can run for cover,
but we will never hide
Cos we are NWI
We are NWI
It's where we live
and it's where we die
You can run for cover,
but we will never hide
Cos we are NWI
We are the kids
of The Region
We are the kids
of The Region
We are the kids
of The Region
We are the kids
of The Region
[music ends]