Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein (2001) Movie Script

Some relationships
are made forever, they say
This one too was
of that kind, perhaps
We met here, in this college,
for the first time
He was...
A class Computer Engineering student
A hot favourite among the girls
During exams, he was
much sought-after
For, everyone wanted
to pass with flying colours
He was my senior in college
In short, the hero
of decent students. Sam
Madhav Shastri?
- Yes, sir
Are you Madhav Shastri?
He is absent even today.
He is incorrigible
A Mechanical Engineering student
ought to have a fire inside him
Yes, what was he asking?
Why I don't attend class regularly?
Ask him if he goes home regularly
Rangeela Beer Bar, every night
Does he know what a spare gear is?
A Mechanical Engineering student
ought to have a fire inside him!
If I get a chance, I'll teach him and
his family fire and backfire as well
Of course you will,
Madhav Shastri
My objective is to enjoy life
as long as I'm in college
Once out of college,
you have to face the music anyway
I was a Mechanical
Engineering student
Hey! Are you a don?
I never said that.
All I'm saying is that...
our college is too congested. Two dons
can't survive in one college, right?
So my advice is... you seniors
be the bully outside the college
Let me open my little shop
inside the college
Acting smart, eh?
- Oh no...
Is that a threat?
- No, sir
You will hit us?
- Damn! How can I hit you guys?
Hit me.
- No, sir
You're a don here, right?
Hit me!
I was the college bully
Now limp all your life.
Wants to be a don!
With my help students passed
with flying colours...
on the condition that
I too must come up trumps
Why the hell do you
come to college?
No question papers for you.
Girls must study and pass. Move
I was a total celibate
Please adjust
I was a hero in college, too
Rats! How dare they talk like that
with the girls in our group?
What did you say about Priya?
- It's already in the newspapers, eh?
Trying saying it before me.
- Nothing, I only said...
that Priya is flat at the front
and from behind...
I don't know why from
the very first day itself...
a special relationship
was formed between me and Samra
I think the jail is the right place
for you, not the college
Why do you do all this?
And Sam, you? Why do you want
to become a gangster?
You are a brilliant
and an intelligent student
My family's not a refugee
Not at all!
The stubble...
the chain around your neck,
unbuttoned shirt...
traits of a decent family indeed!
At least don't misuse the money
that your father sends you
This is the last warning
for the two of you
If I happen to get a complaint again,
I'll suspend both of you
Have some shame
What are you staring at?
Don't think I'm going to spare you
because of the principal's warning
I'm scared
Know what?
I'm a simple and decent guy
However, I don't know why, everytime
I see you and your flunkeys...
I get really pissed off,
and I turn into a beast
You needn't. You were born beast
Don't abuse in English.
Try using your mother tongue
I hated him, he hated me
Please sit down
My friends are getting pretty bored,
growing weaker day by day
What I was thinking is that, if you
could provide them some tonic...
it'd be fun
Don't get it?
I mean...
Just like what you do
with Sam's friends
If you do that with these poor souls,
their lives will be made
Look, they have what Sam has...
except money,
which I'll provide
And you didn't give a thought
to what I will have to offer?
The messiah of the poor,
the big brother...
the guardian of girls, is here.
- He is here!
He is here!
You've got the wholesale agency
of the girls
If you could offer us some share...
The sister says no,
and the brother stops
This is what you call
the relationship of love
The relationship of love!
- Enough, stop
Don't flatter him so much
Let the casanova go with the girls
All he needs is a flute to play
the tunes, so let's buy him one
He tonsured us
Notjust the head...
- The chest too
He's incorrigible
Don't be afraid.
Give me the polythene bag
Turn away.
- Hurry up
It stinks.
- Shut up
The crackers, please
Notjust in the girls' hostel,
the sound of the crackers...
will also echo in Sam's life
Crackers? Urine?
Who was the other boy
with you, Manish?
If you give me his name,
I might spare you
Who was he?
- Samra, sir
Sir, I can't do such a thing.
You know me
I didn't expect this from you, either
I have done the enquiry.
Manish too has revealed your name
I will have to suspend you
for two months
On whose bidding
did you frame me?
Speak up!
He did it on my say-so.
Why hit a kid?
You're screwed
Suspended for two months
You cannot attend class
until my friends grow their hair back
How's the timing? Perfect, isn't it?
Enough of idiocy
You want to test
your strength, don't you?
I've been waiting for this!
Just tell me the place,
I'll be there, swear
Same rules?
Not on the face, punk!
Have you forgotten the rules?
See? I'm one up on you
Let me go!
Let go!
- You're saved!
But it's not over yet
The score's not settled yet.
- We're just off the mark
I'll bowl you out!
- Shut up!
Okay seniors,
let's have a group snap
Farewell party of the seniors
Let's mess things up
Know what? I've been waiting
for this day
Tonight you are celebrating,
tomorrow, I will
How about finishing off what we
left unfinished the other day?
Tonight I'm sparing you
You're going to America, I hear
What's the job?
You will certainly make it big.
For, you sweep well
Look, I will be doing that
in America
In two years, you will be doing
that right here
At least I'll be earning in dollars
Hey Sam, I have a small wish
Now that we've met here...
don't ever cross my path again
I have a wish too;...
to meet you again,
just once
To finish off what we left undone.
It'll be my turn
I thought it would be
our last meeting, but alas...
I'm Madhav Shastri,
and I'm your instructor
I'm a Mechanical Engineer, and...
I know well
how I completed my engineering
Notwithstanding, today
I'm teaching you software
One minute, Madhav
I don't want to go, sir
My lifeline is my dad, sir
He lives in Mumbai,
and I don't want to leave Mumbai
Sing a song
What the hell?
- Are you singing? Or are you begging?
That wasn't a song
to compliment the mood
What do you know about music?
- Maybe nothing...
but I know much about you.
- What do you know?
Oh really?
How far have you studied?
- A, B, C, D... MSC
Look at him. He passed matriculation
on his fourth attempt
And he forged the certificate,
turned SSC into MSC...
and tries to impress everyone
Notwithstanding, he taught Maths,
free of cost...
to the girl next door
That fatso?
Look at yourself. You are
a case in itself. Most Wanted
Every police station in the city
carries his photographs
Look at your shoes.
One size doesn't match the other
He has never been to a shoe-mart...
yet he gets a new pair of shoes
every week
How come?
- Every Tuesday...
he steals from the temples
And you? What did you do in front of
the Mahalaxmi temple for two years?
You tell us.
- This shameless character...
would throw a 25 paise coin
in some blind beggar's bowl...
and pick up 2 bucks from it.
- Bastard
Stop that clapping and laughing
What have I done?
- Sadly, you haven't done anything yet
You are all of 25 now.
Swear by Samanta Fox's eyes...
and tell us about something worthwhile
that have you done
Why should I?
I have my father
You think we are test-tube babies?
Damn you
Fink! You haven't seen enough
of Mumbai and you brag about America
You guys suck. If there's a decent
and handsome guy in our group...
it's me.
- Agreed
If there's someone who spends half of
his salary on your fags and beer...
That's a lie.
- All right, agreed
Agreed, okay? So can't you sing
a lovely song for me?
Now you are trying
to use our talent
Sing, will you?
- Hear, will you?
Mughal-e-Azam! The world's
most beautiful love-story
I have seen the movie 11 times.
Have you seen it?
Dilip Kumar and Madhubala starrer.
You must see it
If you are in love,
you'll get a 20 percent discount
Dad, I'm broke.
Can I get a grand?
A grand? What for?
- To watch a movie
Movie? All right
Here's 1000 bucks. Make sure
you get seats at the corner
Corner seats, Vicky
Why are you telling him?
- He's the one I'm going with
Bloody punk! Two idiots will sit
at the corner and watch a movie?
You ought to be ashamed!
- What for?
If a boy wants to watch a movie,
he should watch it only with a girl
Else, it'd be like embarrassing the
movie, the theatre and the audience
What easy?
C'mon, stand together
Put your hand over
his shoulders... smile
Look at each other, lovingly
You make a nice couple, but it
won't do here. It'll work in America
It's legal there... two boys
going around hugging each other
If you want to stay here in India
with your papa...
go outside, find a nice girl
and tell me that you like her...
that you love her...
and I'll give you 10,000 bucks
10,000 bucks? Sure?
- Sure
Would you go out for a movie with me?
Evening show, corner seats
We'll clap. It'll be fun.
- A movie? With you?
I do, every morning!
Not my fault though.
He asked me to do this
What's your problem?
Shall I take you to some doctor?
Doctor? What for?
- Why aren't there girls in your life?
Because I haven't yet come across
my kind of girl
Dad, pick up the phone
I'm Delhi talking to Mady
- Yes?
I have found her
- My kind of girl
Some meetings
leave behind memories...
and promises
Some meetings...
give you a feeling
of a new beginning
I saw her again
Something surely existed between us
But what was it?
Let's go and meet the groom
You just refused a while ago
I have changed my mind
I have a feeling that
my life is about to change
Who's that girl?
- My wife
Not her. The girl behind me
I see. She's Rina Malhotra
She's a chartered accountant.
Works at Delhi Fort
There was a time when
I was after her
What rubbish!
You're hopeless
Aren't you ashamed?
It's your wedding today
I know
Amazing beauty
Tell you a secret...
- What?
She's so pretty...
nobody is watching you and your wife
Everyone is watching her
Is that what you came here to say?
- Yes
I realised it in the morning itself.
You emptied an entire film roll on her
You saw that?
Now that you know,
why don't you introduce her?
Introduce a girl to you?
- Yes, yes
You are baptized
What do you guys take me for?
Did you guys think I was a?
- Right
C'mon, introduce me to her.
- Let go! It's my wedding
All right, I spare you for your
wedding's sake. Now introduce me
- Later?
Later, you are not going to listen
even to your father
It's your nuptial-night
You will vanish in thin air.
Don't laugh
If you don't introduce me later...
I'll sneak into your room in the night
and burst crackers. Remember
May I leave now?
Bye sister-in-law
- Bye
Hey wait...
What a babe!
What's her name?
- Rina
Did you talk to her?
- No
Did she talk to you?
- No
Did your eyes meet?
- No, man
She must've seen you at least.
- No
For all your flings, you are a
bloody loser! Total waste of time
You'd rather have gone for a girl
at the market. Want me to set it up?
Shut up
Have I ever discussed a girl?
- No, gentleman
There were so many girls in college.
Those sexy girls from Delhi...
- Everyone in college were after them
Not once did I cast a glance at them.
- You didn't
Who's that girl staying opposite?
- A good-looking Gujarati girl
- Patel
Namita Patel.
- Right, scoundrels
For her, the guys in the neighbourhood
have even altered their schedules
Did I ever say hi to her?
- Never
But this time I'm telling you...
this girl's very different
The small silver bindi
on her forehead!
That cute killing smile!
That stylish sari wrapped around her!
Those beautiful delicate legs!
Her flowing tresses!
- Stop it!
Stop barking! What's your problem?
- Not a word more
Why not?
- Because right here, another man...
will enter your love-story
I'm also beginning to like her
No jokes...
I can't believe it.
- If I say more...
you won't believe it at all.
- Mady...
tonight, even if you say that
Madonna gave you a massage...
I'm gonna believe it.
- Hands off
I'm not Madonna. Lay off
- The girl by Rina's side is amazing
She is out of focus.
- Then let's set the focus right
Damn, that's something invisible
Wonderful! It's amazing, Mady.
- Awesome!
I haven't shown you anything yet.
Hold on
I saw something up there
Don't tell me that
your days have turned so bad...
that you've resorted
to stealing cups from bars
Shut up
the mark of lipstick.
- So what?
Didn't get it?
- No
It's the same cup with which Rina...
- What?
Drank water
Show me
Shut up!
- Oh come on
You should've brought the plate too
with which she had her meals
We'd have made a photoframe
and hung it up the wall
It would've made a nice modern
abstract art, a symbol of love too
- Come off it
What matters is he finally
found a girl for himself
He hasn't found her yet.
- Hang on...
before this pretty woman
finds herself a beau, we must act
Mady, I can read your face
If you don't have this girl
in your life, your life will be ruined
All right,
but what am I to do?
When it comes to ideas,
you remember D. D
So the idea is, friends;
pack your stuff, book your tickets...
leave for Delhi and find Rina.
- Let's go
No, dad
I hear that
when you fall in love...
only one channel is relayed
from the heart... Love
Only one face lingers
before your eyes... the lover's
It's happening to me,
albeit slowly
Because, I can still see
your rotten faces
In my opinion, I must wait
for a few more days...
to confirm whether it is infatuation
or true love
What say? Until then,
Delhi can wait
See that? Their dads blow up
their ill-gotten wealth in liquor
And these girls blow up their
dads' money in gas
Stop screaming. I'll overtake them.
- Don't be stupid
If they fall off their motorbikes
there will be people to pick them up
If you and I fall...
- We'll have pallbearers to pick us up
What good was all that smoke?
Finally, you are stuck up in traffic
For all the fun and frolic...
you girls have to finally halt
at the wedding signal
Are you tied up?
See? She spoke to me
We only smoke beedis.
- Beedis! It doesn't stink?
It does. A few swills of whiskey
takes care of the stink
It's her!
It's her!
Mady! The next seven generations
of yours will be born naked and bald
Your children will go begging
for combs and clothes!
Where's my specs?
Found it!
I can see now
Damn! Who hung the
trucker's picture here?
Moron! Did you find
only my truck to die?
Smartass! Take off your glasses
and look around
Did you find only my motorbike
to run over?
Why are you sucking the lemon?
Because my blood pressure dipped
Why the hell did you hang it there?
- For the truck to run properly
I see. How many organs
does your truck carry?
Organs? You mean spare parts?
If your truck cannot run properly
on 750 spare parts...
you think a lemon would help?
Trying to con me, eh? Pandey!
- That's me, sir
Not you... I called him.
Arrest him
One minute. Let go,
I'm not going to flee
Do you have 200 bucks?
- 200!
They won't agree on anything less.
- I gave all I had...
at the previous signal.
- Really? How about...
paying him back in the same coin?
- Stop murmuring, will you?
Hands off. Don't touch me
Prasad! Hands off
I know the Police Commissioner
He doesn't know me though
Is Shruti there? No?
When did she leave?
Okay, bye
What do you think you are doing?
- Mind your own business
I got drubbed because of you
Listen to me...
- Drop dead
You go your way, I go mine.
You are the malefic planet in my life
You are the malefic planet in my life!
What more do I say?
I hate you. I'm off.
- I'll buy you a beer
I love you. You are my best friend.
I go your way
You are a real gentleman.
- Look!
That's the Delhi girl. Rina
And the girl with her...
Your out-of-focus
Let's go and talk to them
Sure, but only I'll talk, okay?
- Sure
I'll have my eyeful.
- Come on...
Where did she go?
All because of you!
You aren't my friend
Drop dead!
You go your way, I go mine
Where did she go?
- Lost the beer!
I saw her again.
- Who?
The Delhi girl.
My kind of girl
I'm coming
I was with Vicky on the motorbike
when I saw her
- On the road
- I got off the bike and followed her
- She went into a shopping complex
How much for this cassette?
- Free of cost
I too went into the shopping complex.
- Then?
Then she vanished.
- Damn it!
That costs 530 bucks
I let go a golden opportunity.
- Damn
Tell you something... my heart
has been playing only programme
What programme?
- Rina
Only one face lingers before me...
- Whose face?
I think I'm in love.
- Gracious! My son is in love
Your cassette is free
I haven't yet found the girl.
- You will, now that you are in love
Don't bathe, just wear a perfume
and take off
Your love's working.
- What!
The girl is in the supermarket.
- Where?
Dumbo! Supermarket.
- I'll be right there
How much for this?
Is she the one?
I'll hit you
She's not the one,
but she is her friend
We can take her help and...
man, you are confusing me
Let me explain. Look boss,
it's simple
If you want to meet the boss,
woo the peon
If you want to enter a bungalow,
woo the watchman
Likewise, if you want
to reach Rina...
you must woo her
out-of-focus friend. Come on
I'm Vicky, I want to have
a word with you
I don't mean to bother you.
Just want a bit of information
Information? What kind?
- Mady is my solid friend
And Rina is your solid friend.
Mady, say something
Your friend, Rina...
we are family friends
Thick friends.
- I'm talking
Actually, for the last few years...
there has hardly been
a contact with them...
there's a bit of...
- A rift
Yesterday, we saw the two of you
inside the shopping complex
Okay, you do the talking.
- Actually...
I'm talking, aren't I?
- Go ahead
We saw you... and when we thought
of coming over and talking to you...
the two of you just vanished.
- In thin air!
My family is supposed to perform
and important ritual soon...
If we could only get Rina's
phone number in Delhi
Delhi number?
You are telling me that
you are Rina's close friends...
but I'm surprised that you don't know
that Rina has been posted in Mumbai
That's what I was saying
Of late Rina is posted in Mumbai
If I could get the phone number...
- 6223222
Are you really her friends? Or?
- To tell you the truth...
we lied to you, but you know,
my best friend...
wants to be your best friend's
best friend, that's why...
Forget that number right now!
Madam, listen to me.
Ever since my friend has seen her...
he has gone crazy.
- Stop it, stop it
See that? He doesn't eat,
he won't let us eat either
He gets dead drunk, but he won't...
- It's all right
He won't buy us a drop of liquor.
- You are maligning me
Bloody zombie!
- Shut up
If you don't help him, this man will...
- Idiot!
That's your father.
- How dare you?
Try calling her up, try meeting her,
try talking to her...
but she won't talk to you.
- Is she dumb?
Rina's wedding has been fixed
Her parents have found
a match for her
I tell you, stop this farce
and forget Rina
You are neither emptying the stones
nor filling up the sea
Your efforts are going in vain
I never imagined that
a girl would walk into my life
I never ever imagined that
she'd right away walk out of my life
She's gone?
You are raving. It's out of question
since she doesn't belong to you
Why don't you go and meet her?
- Meet her?
And tell her what? Want me
to sing a melancholy before her?
Her parents have fixed her wedding,
she wouldn't talk to a stranger...
what am I supposed to tell her?
You are such a waste.
Look, I bunked college...
lied to my parents, bought
movie tickets in the black market...
What are you getting at?
- And took you to watch Titanic
What do you figure out?
What happens in Titanic?
Tell me, what happens in the movie?
A slink woos
an already engaged girl...
from right under her fiance's nose,
in just three days
Did anyone find out?
Okay, but what happens in the end?
Who drowned? The slink, right?
Not only Titanic, in real life too,
it is only the boys who drown
You dig?
- Get lost
Tells me Titanic's story
How do I explain?
It's the new law of the year 2001
Any boy who truly loves a girl...
will certainly find her
All right, give me her phone number
And your birth date?
Gotcha! You remember her phone number
but you don't remember your birth date
If not love, what is it, Mady?
Listen to me
Catch the love-wave signal
Pick up the phone
and dial the number
Her heart's gonna sing, I tell you
I'm calling from the exchange.
Is your line clear?
Yes, clear
Is the telephone working?
- Yes
Would you tell me your address?
So what's he saying?
- What do you mean?
Said, he wants to meet me,
he's coming next week
He'd want to meet me
before our parents fix the wedding
Flirting after the parents have
given their consent is so much fun
But this is more romantic;
you haven't even seen the man...
yet thinking of him and blushing...
But you must've approved of him, no?
When is this hero of yours coming?
I don't know. Before I could even
say something, it got disconnected
At least you should've told him
that you approve of him
Why didn't you say that you do?
Should be him
I'll handle this affair
One moment
Rajiv, this is Shruti.
Rina's best friend
I would like to tell you something
before Rina does
The two of you must meet
In fact, go around together,
get to understand each other
Rajiv, you have seen
Rina's latest photograph
But the last time she saw you was
when you were kids
She has no idea how you look
And all she knows is that you are
her papa's best friend's son...
and you are coming over next week
from Seattle, America
But why next week?
Wrong number, I guess
No good.
I know these type of girls
The father decides
which school she will study in
The mother decides the number
of plaits on her hair
And the entire family decides
on who she will marry
There! He's concluded the story
Moron! The conclusion could be
a new beginning too. Just shut up
Tell me honestly
Do you really love Rina dearly?
You said the she hasn't
seen the boy yet
She hasn't
Not after seven days,
Rajiv is arriving tomorrow
I mean, you will meet Rina
posing as Rajiv
And you'll tell her that you
flew down before schedule
Then, she's going to spend few days
with this Rajiv
And in this duration
you will have to win your game
You will tell her
what you feel about her
You will pour your heart
out to her
lmpress her. It should make her
love you the way you love her
True love never returns empty-handed
And once she
falls in love with you...
tell her that you are
not Rajiv but Mady
This is deceit
No. This is love
And in love, the person is important,
not the name
Now look; call me D. D or daddy...
call me Deen Dayal or Shiv Shankar,
hardly makes a difference
Once the relationship of love is built,
names and numbers cease to exist
One more thing.
You have no other way out
D. D, your brain
is still working. I admit
No wonder you've fixed
the missing link
However, just think...
in the interim,
if the real Rajiv...
calls up Rina from America
even once...
what would happen to the imposter?
That's not going to happen
Now that I have climbed up here,
will I find my way down? I'm scared
Cut the wire!
Else, I'll cut you up
I can't see a thing
Take of your glasses, switch on
the light, and you will see!
Sure. I'll meet you later and box
your ears for landing me in a soup
The phone's ringing
Could be the American.
Cut the line!
Now what?
Who's sending these?
At least tell me
who's sending these
Now what?
Don't you guys have a job to do?
Some idiot seems to be sending flowers
and you guys keep delivering it
The idiot is here
Love, romance and amour, eh?
Trying to express your love
by sending flowers, right?
By the way, how much did you spend?
132 dollars
- Yes
Please leave
But you were supposed
to arrive next week?
Right. The flights were
going empty, so I rushed here
May I come in?
Lovely flowers
I chose these flowers
exclusively for you
I like this style
You were to arrive next week, right?
- Yes
Do your parents know
about his surprise?
Yes... actually, Rina...
I wanted the two of us to meet
and get to know each other well...
and tell our parents. So I didn't
inform them about this trip
And, well...
I have five days to spare
And I wish to spend every moment
of it with you
So that we can get to know
each other well
I was wondering if it is possible
for you to take five days off
I'll try. I'll call my boss.
He might agree
Oh, I forgot. The phone's not been
working for two days now
And I haven't yet complained.
- Obviously, it won't work
I mean, phones in India
are always dead
But that's not the case in America.
Over there, people might die...
talking continuously over the phone,
but the lines never get disconnected
How about going out for lunch?
- Sure. Shall I go and change?
I'm a pure Brahmin.
Will I eat chicken? No way
Is that okay?
Any other chicken dish?
Why not order some vegetarian dish?
The vegetarian fare here is fantastic
But your dad said that you
like Chinese chicken...
that's why I ordered chicken
Bloody butcher!
Am I going to defy my faith
for the sake of a girl?
We have met before.
Do you remember?
At a wedding in Delhi
When I was eight years old
You and your friends had locked me up
inside a dark room. Remember?
Your dad then gave you a cool scolding.
- Of course, I remember
You and your friends used to
pull up such stupid pranks
That was long back.
- Lucy was my best friend then
You remember Lucy?
- Yes! Our Lucy...
Lucy was my dog
Exactly! The tall dog...
Sorry, my memory is very weak
I'm famished. Shall we eat?
No! No! Don't!
No! No!
Nice chicken, no?
Okay now! Round two
What took you so long?
Is everything okay?
No problem at all.
I'm fine
Rajiv, how far is
Chicago from Seattle?
How far is Chicago from Seattle?
Couldn't she have asked
an easy question?
You don't know?
You've never been to America?
It's very closeby
It takes me only one and a half hours
when I'm driving
All the cops out there know me.
No one stops me
An airplane reaches even faster
You land before you even take off,
even before you take a seat
Why are you asking?
- My friend is married...
and settled in Chicago.
- We'll go there
I'll take you there.
- No, I don't want to go
Why not?
- I want to stay here in Mumbai
Why? Don't want to go abroad?
Staying there, working there...
I'm not too keen
Nothing like our Mumbai
That's like it.
It opens up avenues for me
I've been waiting for an hour now
Last night we had a party...
I just slept away...
the alarm didn't buzz,
the bike didn't start...
I kept on kicking...
I think I was expecting
too much from you
Don't be so serious.
I'm late, that's it
I have to go. Bye.
- Sure. On my motorbike
It has five gears...
not an autorickshaw!
Rina, come out please.
We'll go on our bike
It's a really good bike.
Soft, and imported
Look, it's so nice
Stop, man!
Don't you have a girlfriend?
So what's the plan?
Don't touch the meter.
- I know it's made of gold
Don't touch the meter, he says!
Good Lord! It's so hot
I mean, I'm sweating. How do
you guys manage such a hot weather?
You got mineral water, boss?
I drink only mineral water
in America
I drink only mineral water
in America
Okay, turn on the air-conditioner.
- Are you from the asylum?
What? You don't have an
air-conditioner in the autorickshaw?
No air-conditioner!
Know what? All the autorickshaws
in America are air-conditioned
They also have a mini fridge,
which has a mini door
Open the door and you find
miniature beer bottles
Drink the beer, and...
I was expecting that smile.
Now watch. Our day is made
Pull over. My friend is here
Where did he go?
- Took to his heels, ma'am
Allow me
If you have to carry baggage
when men like me are around...
then it's an insult to us.
- Yes
But to abandon a girl in the middle
of the road is not an insult, is it?
It is. Still thinking of that?
Actually, I suddenly saw
a childhood friend...
and I went to meet him...
- Look Rajiv...
I'm a simple Indian girl
And we Indians still
prefer pani-puris than pizzas
Even today, before switching on
a brand new computer...
we offer a prayer
and perform a ritual
Same with me
And I would advice you to give up
your American style
We're supposed to go out tonight
Don't waste the evening, Rina
In short, your evening turns out
to be a dud, and you are screwed
No, it's difficult for me
to understand this girl
Let alone this one,
it is not only difficult...
but it is impossible
to understand any woman
The day a man understands a woman,
the world will turn into a paradise
Try to understand
the psyche of women
Until they are flattered,
they act as if they know nothing
Pamper and flatter them a little
and they turn into Miss India-Pacific
Right you are.
That's how it is
I tell you, after today's happenings,
I don't think I can woo this girl
She's going to call up her mother and
tell her she doesn't approve of me
That's your plus point.
- She takes you for Rajiv, right?
Which means, whatever happens,
Rajiv is screwed
What you will do now is,
change your identity and woo her
Damn you! How many identities
do you want me to change?
Keep trying. If you manage
to woo her, marry her...
if you don't,
you will make a good politician
Always pulling my leg
What's the date today?
- 17th September
It's all set. His love affair
is going to take off
Talk to me.
- It's her birthday today
Take a look
But she didn't tell me.
- Girls don't go screaming...
like we asses do, "Hee-haw-hee-haw,
today is my happy birthday"
I think she intentionally
left her diary behind
She wants you to know
about her birthday
It's like, open your mouth
and it rains beer
It's not over yet.
Look, before her friend Shruti...
Before Shruti takes her out, seize
your chance and hit bullseye, buddy
How's the setting?
Know why I chose this car?
Because you like indigenous things
For your sake,
I'm driving a classic Fiat car
What's your problem?
Why are you so serious?
Where are we going?
What's the suspense?
If things go wrong this time,
you are going to be very sorry
Wrong? No chance.
You don't know who did the planning
I did. Nothing will go wrong
Damn it!
Vicky, you are dead!
You asked me to drive this swine!
Bloody dog!
Is that a new way to start a car?
Oh no
The air-conditioner
cooled the inside...
but the radiator heated up
and burst
I got to call the garage.
It'll be repaired
Know what? It's such a place where
we can't even get an autorickshaw
We have to spend
the whole night here
Sit inside, I'll fix it. Go on
Hey, where are you taking my bicycle?
As long as I'm with you,
you will have no problems in life
I have solutions to every problem
Well, have you ever had champagne
at the Taj's rooftop?
I don't drink champagne
- Rina, you make me look so silly
It's 12. Bye.
- No
It's not yet 12
Still two minutes to go
And I need only two minutes
To begin with, some special effects
You didn't tell me.
You thought I wouldn't find out?
I know everything
But I don't know why you
didn't tell me about your birthday
I didn't tell you because
it's not my birthday at all
It's Shruti's birthday
Shruti's birthday?
Vicky, you are dead!
- What?
I see. So you did all this because
you thought it's my birthday today
Not at all
Well, I'll buy Shruti a present
on your birthday
I can't take it back with me
Look... it was tough
finding this gift for you
Know what it is?
This is you
A girl who takes care of herself
When you are alone
and lost in thoughts...
you will look exactly like this
I was confused over choosing
a gift for you. So I closed my eyes...
and this is the Rina I saw.
So I bought it
This is you
A girl who takes care of herself
When you are alone
and lost in thoughts...
you will look exactly like this
When I closed my eyes,
this is the Rina I saw
So I bought it
Is the breakfast served?
Hi Rajiv. How are you?
When are you coming?
I'm fine, dad.
- Let me talk to him
When are you coming, son?
- I'm leaving right now, mom
Mom, you got to do something.
- Tell me, son
I've been trying in vain to contact
Rina on the phone for the last few days
I don't know what's wrong.
- Shall I inform her?
She knows.
- I see
So you've been flirting
over the phone
Tell her that I'll be going
to Delhi first
We'll all go to Mumbai together
All right, son. Come soon
Such a lovely place...
that too in Mumbai!
But there's not a soul in sight.
- Yes
Nobody comes here
Every time I'm happy,
I come here
I love this place
I know
You know lots about me
and this city
But I hardly know
anything about you
What about me!
Anyone can read me
But if you really wish to know
about me, I can tell you something
There is something
You will have to listen to it very
carefully and with lots of patience
This is the right time...
to tell her the truth
I saw a girl...
she was lightning
One flash...
and I lost my heart
I think I'm
deeply in love with her
All I wish now is...
to live in her heart
What am I doing?
Why am I not telling her?
Why aren't you saying anything?
This is Aarti, this is Shanti,
this is Sukanya...
and this is...
- Shruti
How do you know?
You told me... you have
a childhood friend in Mumbai
You were supposed to tell me...
This is my mummy.
- My respects
Who this is? Tell me.
- Yes, I'll tell you
This is... could you give me
four options?
Hey, we're not playing
"Who wants to be a millionaire?"
C'mon, he must be your dad.
- Yes. This is my dad
And this is your dad.
- I told you. My respects
This one was taken when I modelled.
Unfortunately it was not used
But this one...
- I can't see anything
Everything seems out of focus.
- Why?
you are sitting so close to me
Power failure!
Is something happening to you?
- I mean...
it's nighttime... the darkness...
the candle lights...
a tall, dark, handsome,
smart boy...
and a not so bad, so-so girl...
sitting all by themselves
in such a spacious house
Don't you feel anything?
- Hey mister!
This isn't America.
This is India
Besides, I don't see
any handsome boy in this room
Really? Look ma'am,
you don't know me
One smile from me sends
a thousand beauties into a tizzy
Really? I don't find it special
I'm talking about beautiful girls
- You won't believe it
- The lines on your palm says...
you won't ever settle down abroad.
You'll never travel out of the country
What are you talking?
- I'm serious. You don't believe me?
Your palm doesn't have
crooked lines
All the lines run parallel,
like the railway tracks
See... this is Delhi
This is Jumritalia
And here is our Mumbai
What I read is, you will marry
and settle down right here in Mumbai
You are fooling me.
- Seriously. In fact...
you will marry...
a brahmin boy.
- A brahmin?
I mean, the brahmin who is
a strict vegetarian at home...
but goes the whole hog on nothing
but mutton and chicken in hotels
Look, I can't bear
this suspense anymore
At least tell me
what you feel about me
When it comes to you...
I get very confused
Confused? Why?
Here's what we'll do
Let me help you rid
this confusion
Use my style. Shut your eyes
for ten seconds...
and tell me if you see me
Is it?
Let me try
Do you see me?
Smiling? What does that mean?
Please say something, else I'll die
I'm asking you something
Which place do you like in Mumbai?
- That's not the answer to my question
I don't like this place
Let's go someplace where there
will be only you and me
Where, I'll talk
and you will listen
Tell me... what do you want to hear?
This is my most favourite place
in Mumbai
Make it my most favourite place
in the world
I hardly speak to boys
In fact, you are the first boy
to whom I've spoken so much
These five days passed
even before I knew
These days are memorable for me
Shall I say it?
I like you
You have changed my life
When are you marrying me?
When are you marrying me?
What are you doing?
- Looking for the wedding necklace
Honestly, had I a wedding necklace
and a wedding music cassette...
I would've married you
right here, right now
I'll cook something.
- No, don't bother
It won't take much time.
- I'm not hungry
Like to drink something?
Fresh juice?
I shall never forget this day
I wish to tell you something
No, maybe...
I repeat, Rina...
I shall never be able
to forget this day
I must leave now
The mother and daughter are chatting
as if we've come here from Delhi...
on a picnic. It's eleven and
we've to go over to Rajiv's
Else, I'm done for.
Come on, let's go
Where's Rajiv?
I'll call him
Hi Rajiv. How are you?
Be happy, son
Be seated
You too look very fit, uncle
My wife's taken all my weight
My dear, he arrived yesterday
It was his idea
to meet you today
He called all of us over.
And he's going to Delhi tomorrow
Last five days I tried
to contact you on the phone
But I failed.
Maybe something wrong in the line
Not the right place to talk, son.
Take her outside
Shall we?
Go on
Good you sent them away
So, shall we prepare for the wedding?
- Absolutely
The wedding will take place
in Mumbai itself
All our relatives stay here
What did he look like?
What's important is,
what he did to me
I mean, few days back
I met two guys
Vicky and Madhav
They asked me your telephone number.
- What are you saying?
I gave it to them,
but it was a mistake
But how did they know that Rajiv
was supposed to arrive from America?
If we lodge a complaint, the two
of them will go straight to jail
Rina, don't you think we should
tell uncle about this?
What do I tell papa?
That, I roamed the streets of Mumbai
hand-in-hand with a complete stranger?
Or that, with a complete stranger
I spent five days...
that felt like
precious moments?
Or like...
five lifetimes?
I hope he didn't do
anything untoward with you?
What can be more outrageous
than the man himself, Shruti?
He broke my heart,
betrayed my trust on him
Why have you come here?
Rina has found everything out
How could you do this?
Aren't you ashamed?
I need to talk to Rina
Shruti, I don't want
to talk to anyone. Come on
Rina, listen to me
Who are you?
Do I know you?
I don't want to talk to you
Go away
Listen to me, Rina.
Trust me...
I was going
to tell you the truth
Unfortunately, you found out
before I could tell you
Mady, don't mess things up anymore.
Go away
Just let me talk.
It's between me and Rina
Who do you think you are?
Shruti, call Ashok
No need to call him... listen...
Get out of here!
- No need to call anyone, Rina
What's this?
Who do you intend to con now?
I say, get out of here!
Rina, is he troubling you?
What's your problem?
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
- Mind your own business
Are you telling me?
Get out of here!
I said, mind your own business!
Damn you!
Let him go, Ashok
Get out of here quietly, okay?
"How do I explain?"
"I wish to stay in your heart"
Try to understand his feelings...
- Oh! So only you guys can feel?
Others don't feel, eh?
I told you not to call up Rina,
still you called her up and...
He lied to her, he conned her,
I know
Look Shruti, we called you here
because we need your help
Please don't rub salts
into his wounds
Friendship is what brings me here
But, Rajiv has arrived from America
Rina and Rajiv are now in Delhi
with their parents
Their wedding date
is almost fixed
It's too late to understand
and sort things out
What did you say?
The wedding date is fixed
How is it possible?
You think they'd wait for you
to fix an auspicious date?
No good taking it out on me
You can change your name,
but not someone's destiny
So don't call me or Rina again
regarding this matter
All right...
I won't call you or Rina again
But you must convince me
of something;...
that Rina doesn't love me
You know her since childhood, right?
I have known her
for only five days
Yet I can bet that she loves me
You can't believe it, right?
So go, look into her eyes
and ask herjust once
One can change his decisions
in a fit of rage...
but not his feelings
I had composed this song
during my college days
It was just another song then...
but today I realise
the its true meaning
He loves you from
the bottom of his heart
Are you trying to defend him?
No, Rina. I had gone
to give him a befitting reply
However, I had no answers
to the questions he put
- He says, "I'll forget everything..."
"but can Rina forget me
and my love?"
Know what, Rina?
No doubt, his ways were wrong...
but the boy is not evil
Come on
You hit me at the wrong place,
wrong time and for wrong reasons
Next time, think over and over
before hitting someone who's hurt
Listen to me, Rina.
We need to talk
I don't want to talk to you.
Please stop phoning me
Don't hang up, please.
Please don't...
Talking straight with girls
is pointless
They ought to be...
What are you looking at? Pick it up!
- Sure, don't scream
Hi Shruti
Go and tell Mady
not to call here again
Did you explain?
No good.
Besides, you guys are no less
You broke poor Ashok's arm. Finally,
you guys have shown where you belong
Look, he started it. He was trying
to be a hero in front of you
Look, Rina is going to marry
in a few weeks
So I request you... if only you
understand what a request means...
from now on, don't ever
call me or Rina again
Let her live in peace, please
What was she saying?
- The same thing! It's all over
All over? Because she says so?
Listen to me.
Enough of this farce!
Forget Shruti, your papa
and Rina for now
Let's get the main villain,
the American, and make him see reason
Tell him about
your affair with her...
and ask him to pack up and take the
first flight back to America. Dig?
If he agrees, he's wise.
If he doesn't...
we'll break the furnitures first
then his limbs
Where's room 106?
- Who do you want?
Move it!
- Listen...
Who's from America?
Mr America!
Where are you? Come out!
- Come on out!
Mr America! Mr New York! Come out!
Who are you?
- Indian
Why are you here?
- To marry your sister. You agree?
Are you the guy? What's the name?
- Rajiv!
Are you Rajiv?
- Rajiv!
Oh! So it's you.
Rajiv, from America
Bless you, honey.
You are a rich man
My, my! Two bedrooms,
attached toilet and kitchen
Let's get inside, switch on
the air-conditioner and talk
Just shut up
Are you insane?
Tell me
Don't look at him, look here
What's your problem?
We've already discussed this
First the furnitures, then his limbs.
- Sam
- Rajiv Samra
What do you want?
- We're here to renovate your house
I asked, what do you want?
- Enough of decency. Now get this
The girl you have come to marry,
Rina Malhotra, is your sister-in-law
Because Mady is your brother
No need to touch his feet,
you won't get his blessings
I never thought we'd meet again
But now that we have met...
Sam, this is no college game
Rina Malhotra
I'm in love with her
She loves me too
Your intrusion has created
a bit of confusion
Don't think that since you got
a green card and some dollars...
you can impress her
lt'd be sensible for you
to pack up your stuff...
and vanish
I won't say it again
Here come the hero and heroine
Who were they?
Nobody can save you, Mady
Now that God Himself has taken up
the task of destroying you...
who can save you?
Count me out of Mumbai
I'm leaving town
I have two choices.
Mathura and Manhattan
Come on, be serious. Look Mady,
the way we threatened him...
I think he's going to go back
to America with his folks
He's not going to stay back.
- No
He's not going anywhere
I know Sam too well
He'll go and meet Rina first
Everything depends on what Rina says
Yes, I know him
I know Madhav Shastri too well.
- Since when?
He had come home a few days back...
posing as Rajiv, from America
One second
He used my identity?
I thought it was you,
so I spent some time with him...
spoke to him... but when
saw through him...
To begin with, he uses my identity
to get to you...
then he barges into my house
and threatens me
Rajiv, I don't want
to talk about him
Say that again
He means nothing to me.
- He won't trouble you ever again
Fast trains are great because
they don't halt at every station
But they stop at every signal.
- Now come on, smile
How long will you be serious?
So you are Rajiv? From America?
Have you at least seen America
in the maps?
And you! Bloody cheapskate!
French-cut, shorty.
You were quite active that day
Break the furnitures,
break his limbs!
Try entering my house again
Forget entering,
even if you imagine doing it...
I'll turn you into a dwarf
Damn it!
Talk to me
I wished to meet you again just once
I never thought my wish would be done
so soon. And what a way to meet!
But this time, no blood,
no violence from my side
Because this is not a college game.
It's my life
I'll hit you there,
where it hurts the most
My wedding invitation
You are the first person I'm inviting.
You are my brother, after all
Don't drop in
Any phonecalls?
- No. Your friend is waiting for you
Please go away
Rina, listen to me
Don't create a scene. Just leave.
- Listen to me, Rina
Just give me a minute
Look, I'll tell you the whole truth
I saw you in Delhi
for the first time and I was floored
Then I saw you at Rakesh's wedding
And two weeks later
when I saw you in Mumbai...
I really lost my mind
I got your telephone number
from Shruti
And I also got to know that...
someone called Rajiv was coming
to see you from America
So I posed as Rajiv.
Look Rina...
I didn't mean to con you
or trouble you...
I just wanted you
Look Rina...
I certainly changed my identity
to meet you
But those five days... it was me
I thought I'd tell you the truth
once you fall in love with me
In fact I had even
set out to tell you
However, you got to know beforehand
Listen to me, Rina
What the hell!
Have I done a grave wrong?
Five days...
you were with me
Had I wished, I could've done
anything with you in those five days
You wouldn't have stopped me either
Because, you had fallen
in love with me
What the hell!
You still don't get it?
I love you
Just tell me once that
you love me
Who do you think you are?
The way you talk...
it shows your real character
What did you say?
You could've done anything to me
in those five days...
and I wouldn't have stopped you?
So that's what
you regret, don't you?
Roaming around in autorickshaws,
thrashing people up, bullying around
That's you
No wonder your thoughts stink
Let alone meeting you, from now on
I wouldn't even like to see your face
What the hell!
The other day you said,
you like me
That, you want to marry me
What's wrong all of a sudden?
Don't you like me anymore?
I don't like you.
- Why? You like him, do you?
Yes, I love him
Hold the swine!
Hold his legs!
Come on, hit me now!
Try moving... come on
Try playing hero
You like to be a hero
before girls, don't you?
We tried to reason with you.
Told you to go back to America
But your brains failed to gather it
When your brains blow up,
you will realise things
C'mon, break his jaw
Hit him, Mady
Hit him!
We've got him tonight.
Don't spare him
Break his face!
- C'mon Mady, hit him
Hit him, Mady
Don't spare him, Mady.
- Break his jaw!
If you get him out of the way,
Rina is yours, Mady
Run away
Are you crazy, Mady?
Run off
What's the problem with you, Mady?
Why didn't I hit him?
Because Rina doesn't love me
She loves him
Don't talk about understanding.
You could've thrashed him
We'd have faced the consequences.
- You guys have sacrificed a lot for me
You've been a great help.
I'm sorry
You must admit one thing. You know
that we've committed a mistake
It's a grave mistake
I used someone else's identity,
conned a girl, and tried to woo her
The truth has been sifted now
And what were we going to do tonight?
Four guys were holding one guy,
and I was supposed to thrash him
I'm crazy
A brahmin?
I want to stay in her heart
How long will you stand there?
I'm waiting for Vicky.
- He's been waiting downstairs...
since 45 minutes
Vicky was telling me that
you are going to San Francisco
You've told your boss you are going
and your tickets have arrived too
Dad, I was about to tell you...
- You used to say that...
you can't leave your dad alone.
Because your dad is your lifeline
Have you used up your lifeline?
What rubbish
Look, if you think you can
get over Rina by going far away...
then you are wrong
Nothing of that sort.
There's no connection between...
going to San Francisco
and that girl
6000 dollars a month!
One year contract!
I'll send you a ticket within a month,
and you are coming over
Look... look into my eyes
Do you even see a wee bit of pain?
Do I look sad?
Then? Come on
Let's go and chew Vicky's brains
So you are Rajiv from America?
Please be seated
I'm Mady's father
I want to talk to you
about Mady and Rina
What is it?
They are in love with each other.
- That's not true
I've asked Rina. She told me that
she has nothing to do with your son
She is annoyed, she is angry...
because Mady had lied to her
Anger is also a part of love
Love? Sorry, but your son
hardly knows anything about love
Dam! Someone who never respected women
talks about love now!
He's doing all this
because I'm involved
Look, my parents
have arranged this wedding
And Rina and I are very happy
over this decision
You are happy,
your parents are happy...
and the wedding is fixed
on Sunday the 31st...
but has anyone spared
a thought for Rina? Is she happy?
Maybe Rina will marry you
But, she is in love with my son
So why do you want
to marry a girl...
who will belong to you
yet she cannot be yours?
Thanks for the empathy
But please save it for your son.
He will need it after my wedding
You know the way out
- What is it?
Let's go and kidnap Rina
She will not marry him, I guarantee!
- Shut up
You are leaving tomorrow, aren't you?
I tell you, fly tonight itself
But remember, you have not
forgotten her, nor will you ever
I can't forget her?
I will get over her!
I will forget her
The flight is at eight.
I must at least reach by 5:30
Mady, don't go
Oh come on, Vicky.
Give it to me
Think it over, Mady, please
Oh come on. I'm going for work
I'll call you guys over
"How do I tell you?"
"I want to stay in your heart"
To see you winning
had become a habit
Which is why
I can't take this loss
What's important in life is...
Always keep up the fight
Losses and wins
are part of life
I hear, the air-hostesses of the
San Francisco flights are quite pretty
Give me your hand
You, too
Stand up, please
My child, complete the third circle
around the holy fire
My child...
One moment, uncle
Before doing it,
I need to talk to Rina for a moment
What's wrong?
It's our wedding
But I can't see the bride in you
A wedding is where man and woman
hold each other's hands...
to stand by each other
for a lifetime
In our case, I'm the only one
who's holding it
You are present, yet you are not
I thought you had given the consent
to this wedding
I think I was wrong
I came from America
only to marry you
For you and me,
I have spun lots of dreams
I want to spend
an entire lifetime with you
So it is imperative for me to know...
are you as happy as I am
with this alliance?
Your silence is killing me, Rina.
Tell me
Say something
All right
Let me put it in your words
Remember? You had told me once that
whenever you are confused...
you choose the first thing that
you see with eyes shut
Today, once again, shut
your eyes, Rina, and tell me...
who you see. Me?
Or Mady?
No Rajiv
You must do it, Rina
Shut your eyes.
- No!
It's a matter of our lives.
- No Rajiv, no!
Shut your eyes and tell me...
who it is. Me? Or Mady?
I don't wish to shut my eyes
and decide on anything anymore
Where's Rajiv?
Is everything all right?
Why is she weeping?
You want me to talk to her?
No need, uncle
Everything is fine now
All clear
Leaving for San Francisco?
Finally ended up
with a janitor's job?
Or are you trying to hide from me?
What say, Mady?
How about a bout?
One last bout?
Let's see.
It's either you or me
No, Sam
Today, I spare you
I'm getting late. Bye.
- Sure, but remember;...
the game is not over yet
I have yet to use my trump card
I have taken
the marital vows with Rina
I put the wedding necklace around
her neck. She belongs to me now
You are leaving, and you won't ever
know Rina's whereabouts
And that's my last and best shot
Don't listen to him.
Whack him!
One second
Why were you listening
to his rubbish?
How dare you go away from such a
beautiful girl?
You'd have broke my face on that day
in the parking lot!
And today I'd have broke your heart... marrying Reena,
But I didn't do that!
I haven't married her
Do you know why?
Because she loves you
Five days...
you beat me by only five days!
Reena's yours
And I always want you two to be
happy together
We can't ever have friendship between us!
You are not my kind of guy...
...but still I am crazy about you!
You are too arrogant...
...but still you make me laugh!
I hate you
Because even after all this,
you thought you can get me?
But when I closed my eyes...
My name is Mady
I love you
Will you marry me?