Reign of Chaos (2022) Movie Script

[dark brooding music]
It began centuries ago.
He started as an entity,
gaining more power
with every infected soul.
The world thought it was the
next plague, but it was more.
He is the god Chaos,
self-proclaimed, of course,
escaping the realm of chaos,
a void between Heaven and Earth.
He defied
the gods of ancient Greece,
spreading diseases and
blasphemous ideas of revolution.
Olympus fell many centuries ago,
as Zeus and his fellow gods
faded like burnt stars.
With no gods to wreak
his vengeance upon,
Chaos sought those crafted
in Zeus's image, the humans.
With his herd, Erebus and Nyx,
-[joiner growls]
-he infects and destroys.
And those lost souls
become joiners.
Their roaming
has spread the plague further.
Slowly, the world is being
consumed of all human soul.
Most of the survivors
escape the cities and live.
Many fall when they return
-[joiner growls]
-to cities to scavenge.
[strangled groaning]
The only hope lies in the
bloodlines of the goddess Nike.
[weapons clanging]
[metallic sword scraping]
[Rhodri yells]
Only they can bring
an end to Chaos.
[weapons clang]
[muffled shouts and thuds]
For centuries,
the Phalanx Knights
were guardians.
I've read the scriptures
and heeded the warnings
that for millennia
the seers have predicted.
[muffled shouts and thuds]
[weapons clanging]
We have sought out
the Nike lineage,
prepared them and trained them,
waiting for the time
Chaos would return.
The time is now.
[people yelling]
[weapons clanging]
[deep intense dramatic music]
[slow dramatic music]
[deep rumbling echoes]
But slowly, he is seeking out
and eradicating the bloodline.
Only a few remain.
[screams echoing]
These three women
of the Nike bloodline
have been under my tutelage
for a while now.
[people yelling]
[weapons clanging]
It's not often
I come across a family,
but these three sisters
have trained for this moment.
Chaos does not wait until his
enemies are ready for him, no.
And the end of days
waits for no man.
[thud echoes]
[scream echoes]
[thud echoes]
[thud echoes]
[thud echoes]
[people yelling]
[weapons clanging]
You are too important to lose!
We go, now!
Your sisters are lost.
[tense ethereal music]
[wind blows]
[dramatic music]
[cans thud metallically]
[door creaking open]
[footstep scraping]
-Give it to me! Give it to me!
[dramatic music]
[sounds of struggling]
[breathing heavily]
[tense dramatic music]
[woman screams]
[flesh squelches]
[joiner growls ferociously]
[fist thuds]
[woman grunts painfully]
[footsteps scurrying away]
[breathes shakily]
[dark dramatic music]
[joiners growl and snarl]
[bag rustles]
[quick footsteps]
Lock her down.
I want to see her face.
[woman grunts and screams]
Your last breaths
will bear witness
to your blood escaping,
and I am one step closer
to ending your wretched
bloodline for good.
[woman hyperventilating]
My minions will drink it,
feast on it,
and I will bathe in it,
increasing my power
with every drop.
[woman screams and cries]
This is your legacy.
[knife slices]
[blood dripping]
[woman gags and coughs]
[breathing heavily]
[footsteps thud]
[wind blows]
[man breathing raggedly]
[quick footsteps]
-Are you okay?
-Dad said my name!
That's, that's good.
I don't want you
to get your hopes up.
He still isn't aware
of his surroundings.
Just please,
don't expect too much.
I know, Mom. It's okay.
It's just nice to hear,
that's all.
Besides, if we
can't get food soon,
none of us
will survive for long.
The nearby wood has
been picked clean
of everything that
wasn't rotted.
Sorry. Failed.
No, you did your best.
What else can we do?
Those things out there are
growing in number by the day.
I need to go back
into the city tomorrow.
Oh, no, please, no. Please.
We're gonna find a way.
We can check the lakes again.
We can't afford
more wasted days, Mom.
We need some food
and we need some medicine.
It's too dangerous!
I need to go further this time,
old industrial sites,
maybe raid a warehouse or two.
If they've not
been picked clean.
I can argue,
but you won't listen, will you?
Sorry. I need to do it.
Leave me alone.
[wind blowing]
[papers rustling]
[tense brooding music]
[papers rustling]
[dad breathes weakly]
[gloves crinkling]
[dramatic music]
[gasps in horror]
What is it?
Don't touch me!
What on earth happened?
[door slams]
[tense dramatic music]
[lights flicker and buzz]
[footsteps scraping]
-I've got some food here.
-Really? What have you got?
Maybe I'm feeling generous.
You'll give me food out
of the kindness of your heart?
Maybe you'll do
something for me, too.
What have you got in mind?
Babe, we can see
the world's going to shit.
Might just take the two of us
to continue the human species.
You know, you're kind of ugly.
I think I can make a better
looking baby with someone else.
I'm all for saving humanity,
but you look
like joiner shit already.
[knife unsheathes]
Now, I was nice to you.
[dramatic music]
[kick thuds]
[knife clatters]
[punch lands]
[Lindsay grunts]
[muffled shouting]
Get the fuck out of here,
little boy.
[footsteps hurrying away]
[footsteps shuffling]
[cans clattering metallically]
-Who the hell are you?
Come with me and I'll tell you.
You know they teach
little kids not to run off
with strangers when they're
three years old, right?
Want to sit around here,
counting your beans?
Or you want
to come save the world?
I'm interested,
and don't get too close,
or I'll punch you in the face.
Well then, let's begin.
[tense brooding music]
[slow footsteps]
[quick footsteps]
[Nicole grunts]
[metal door rattles loudly]
[footsteps scraping]
[leaves rustle]
[wind blowing]
[tense music]
[footsteps shuffling]
[sudden dramatic music]
[joiner snarls]
[body thuds]
[weapon thuds]
[joiner grunts painfully]
[yells and grunts]
[grunting with exertion]
Your attack is crude and slow,
like that of a clumsy...
What do you want?
I want you, child
of Valeria, descendant of Nike.
Jesus, another med junkie.
Leave me alone!
[boot thuds]
[Nicole grunts]
Leave me alone, junkie.
Go get your next fix
and quit bugging me.
I am no junkie. I am a Guardian.
You've got a screw loose.
In case you didn't notice,
the whole world has
got a screw loose.
They've succumbed
to a virus, a plague.
I suppose you'll say
this is Biblical?
Not at all.
This is completely ungodly.
Wait! Hear me out.
[slow dramatic music]
-You've got two minutes.
-I only need one.
Where are we going?
Keep up.
We need to find shelter.
Darkness is falling.
[birds chirping]
[door clanking]
[door thudding closed]
[door cracks open]
[man panting]
[packet contents shaking]
You like coffee?
Chaos, the self-proclaimed god,
is slowly gaining more
power as he turns more souls
and ingests the essence of more
of goddess Nike's bloodline.
You are one
of only a few who remain.
I'm no descendant of a goddess.
My mother was
an office administrator
before the great plague.
Your family adopted you.
They knew nothing
of your true background.
That's not true.
Search inside yourself, Nicole.
You know this to be true.
You always felt different.
You have a strength
you can't control,
visions you can't comprehend.
I've been searching
for you for 20 years.
I knew your mother,
your birth mother.
What happened to her?
The descendants of Nike
all have their gifts,
but one line
of the blood from the seed
of Zeus himself
holds most power.
Within you is the power
of god and goddess,
enough to save the world.
If Chaos kills you
and bathes in your blood,
it will bring about
eternal darkness.
The world will succumb
to the plague.
The planet will slowly die.
Okay, so don't let him kill me.
I got you.
But what happened to my mother?
Your mother knew of her gifts,
knew what she needed to do,
but she was still a mother.
It came down
to her life or yours.
As Chaos destroyed her,
I escaped with you,
took you to an orphanage.
I have been tracking
your moves ever since,
and finally, we meet.
Why didn't you help her?
I have an obligation
to my own bloodline.
For centuries, we have
sought the bloodline,
to train them to face Chaos.
We have come
to the final impasse.
The line is almost ended.
So what do we do now?
We save humanity
or witness its end.
-I'm not ready.
-It's okay.
I'm here to train you.
But first, you must
meet your cousins.
This is strange.
[flesh squelching]
Joiners tend to stay
within the confines of the city.
Probably widening
their search for food.
There aren't
too many people left
to infect and feast on
in the city.
[joiner growls]
[joiner hisses]
It looks hungry.
[tense music]
I'll see if it wants
some iron in its diet.
[joiner hisses]
[blade whooshes]
[blood splashes]
[joiner moans]
Always be aware
of your surroundings.
Ensure a head or a heart shot.
[tense ethereal music]
These things
are getting tougher.
We have much
to do to get you ready.
[door clicks]
You have a boyfriend?
No, he's not my boyfriend.
You can do better, no offense.
This is Roderick
Sanchez Villalobos.
Call me Rhodri.
I'm Bijork, Nicole's mother.
Sit down.
We need to talk.
[blood gently splashes]
[tense brooding music]
[blood dripping]
Amazing how quickly
the blood goes.
It's been mere days since
we killed the evil witches.
But now,
one bowl of crimson remains.
I want more! Every last
drop of that cursed bloodline!
You may get your wish, Father.
We have tracked Villalobos
and his new recruits.
That makes two
that we know of then.
Including the bitch
that escaped us.
Keep our spies upon them.
I want to know
where they are housed
and how many
of the witches he has with him.
Then we will end it.
It will be done, Father.
In the meantime, scour London.
Scrape it clean.
I want more minions.
[slow footsteps]
What is going on?
Tail them.
We are going on a hunt.
[blood laps]
-For the Nike women?
-Not yet.
For rogue troglodytes.
-No fun.
-Consider it your training.
[footsteps leaving]
The world is within my grasp.
Why did you never tell me?
We were going to tell you.
We thought maybe we'd help
you find your birth parents.
But the plague happened.
Everything fell apart.
We didn't see
the point in upsetting you,
and to be honest,
I never expected us
to survive this long.
You know
I love you unconditionally,
as if you were mine.
I always have.
Henry, too.
I know.
You're both my parents, even if
our blood says differently.
[slow dramatic music]
[Bijork sniffles]
I always knew you were special.
Now I know why.
I don't feel special.
I told you you were special.
You are the one,
but we have little time.
We need to begin training.
It won't be long
before we must face Chaos.
Either we find him or he
finds us, but battle is near.
[slow dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping]
[door creaks open]
[scream echoing]
[body thuds]
-Bite me!
I'll break it.
[rapid footsteps]
Let her go. Alina,
let go of her arm.
Lindsay, just submit.
We don't have time
to fool around.
[Lindsay grunts]
You can't win this one.
Just submit and I'll let you go.
[Lindsay grunting]
I submit. I submit!
[Rhodri sighs]
Very mature.
What is this?
She thought she was
something special,
and I thought I'd
teach her she isn't.
All I've learned is
that you're a dickhead.
-Enough, Lindsay.
Go to your room.
My sisters were
far better than her,
and they both fell to Chaos.
You need
to bring me better, Rhodri,
if you want to save the world.
Another little princess, I see.
This is Nicole.
She won't last the week.
You don't look so tough.
Oh, sweetie, don't even try me.
I'm really not in the mood.
I was kind to Lindsay.
I won't give you the
chance to submit.
I'll just snap
your arm like a wishbone.
We'll see.
Enough, ladies!
There is work here to be done.
In case you have forgotten,
we have an apocalypse to stop.
You're cute when you get angry.
Come on, Nancy.
I'll show you the way.
-It's Nicole!
[soft dramatic music]
I know this is tough and so soon
after Crystal and Dominique
were lost to you.
But I can't give you
time to grieve.
We don't have that luxury.
You just need to accept
these new girls and move on,
if not for yourself,
but for humanity
and your sisters.
Don't let their deaths
be in vain.
I can't get close, Rhodri.
I'm not ready
to lose anyone else.
I'm not asking you
to be best buddies.
I'm asking you to work together.
It is the only way.
Fine. I'm a professional.
You better be right
about these girls.
Time will tell.
[heavy footsteps]
I apologize to you
both for my behavior.
Forget it.
Now that we have
settled our differences,
we can get to work.
But first,
I have something for you.
[tense dramatic music]
[boxing gloves thud]
No way.
[metal rattling]
[slow footsteps]
Ladies, the fight for your life
begins here and now.
Training, let's go.
[Nicole grunts]
[punch lands]
Keep centered.
[Nicole grunts]
[punches thudding]
[both grunt]
[women grunt]
[punch lands]
[body thuds]
[Lindsay grunts]
[breathes heavily]
You're off balance
when you strike with your right.

[mat rustles]
Try and stay
a little more centered.
Thanks, Alina.

[punches echo]

[ropes whoosh]
[slow intense music]
[jump rope slaps ground]
[feet thud]
[inhales sharply]
[jump rope slaps ground]
[women grunt]
[punches thud]
[screams in exertion]
[deep thud echoes]
[yells in exertion]
[thud echoes]
[kick echoes]
[punches thudding]
[Lindsay grunts]
[medicine ball thuds]
Are you sure they're ready?
It's now or never, Alina.
Are you ready? I need to see
you working together in unison.
It's the only way.
[tense music]
[footsteps shuffle]
[joiner hissing]
[joiner growling]
We've got no weapons!
[dramatic music]
Oy! Fuckhead!
[thuds into punching bag]
[joiner hisses]
[punching bag thuds]
[Alina grunts]
[Alina yells and grunts]
[joiner groans]
[joiner roars]
[Nicole grunts]
[punch thuds]
[grunts repeatedly]
[joiner roars]
[neck cracks]
[punch lands]
[neck cracks]
[joiner hisses and snarls]
[kick lands]
[body thuds]
[body thuds]
[kick lands]
[Nicole grunts]
[body thuds]
[tense brooding music]
[radio static pops]
[radio static hisses]
[joiner roars]
[punch thuds]
-What is it?
-It's an old radio.
[man on radio]
What is their current location?
Your master Chaos
demands confirmation.
How many bloodline remain?
Confirm location.
Confirm last known location.
10 clicks northwest of the city.
Is this still correct?
Hey, shit stick!
Never mind where we are.
10 clicks northwest of the city.
[man on radio]
-Who is this?
-Ask my sisters, you prick.
-10 clicks?
-10 clicks? What do you mean?
[man on radio laughs]
-Yeah, it's me.
We've got unfinished business.
[man on radio]
I know.
About nine pints of blood.
Join us and lose it
before we take it from you.
Your new friends are
invited to donate too.
[radio static hisses]
-What's going on?
-It's Chaos.
One of the minions were
calling him over the radio.
Those were no minions.
I do not doubt
it is Erebus and Nyx,
the sons of Chaos.
Where's Nicole?
-She was just here.
-I didn't see where she went.
She kept going on
about 10 clicks.
It's what Erebus said.
The last confirmed location
they had of us as 10 clicks,
northwest of the city.
Tool up! Tool up now!
[tense dramatic music]
[wind blows]
[rapid footsteps]
[footsteps on wet stone]
[tense ethereal music]
[leaves rustle in wind]
[door thuds shut]
[footsteps shuffle]
[running footsteps]
[whimpering and sniffling]
[tense dramatic music]
[static buzzes]
[gasps and whimpers]
Oh my God. I know that sound.
There's no greater
sound than heartbreak.
Let me go in alone.
What if there's more joiners?
Then I will deal
with the sock head.
I fear we are already too late.
This is the aftermath.
[breathing heavily]
[heavy footsteps]
[sonic boom thunders]
[Rhodri grunts]
[both pant]
You are the one.
[gasps and whimpers]
[Alina shushes]
It's okay. It's okay, I'm here.
-How are you feeling?
I know the feeling.
Why so quiet, Rhodri?
I've never seen you like this.
Just taking a moment,
the calm before the storm.
The end is soon.
It's funny.
One way or another,
I don't see beyond tomorrow.
I've spent so much of my life
being a phalanx knight.
I never got to raise
a family of my own.
We're your family now, Rhodri.
-Even if you're victorious?
-Of course.
You've taken us all on
like three annoying nieces.
Very annoying.
[Lindsay laughs]
I've spent my life
running from pillar to post.
I spent most of the plague era
constantly running.
I've never been close to anyone,
but now I feel
like I finally belong.
Those girls might be a pain
in the ass, especially Alina,
but we're going
into battle together.
They're my sisters now.
Pain in the ass am I?
[girls chuckle]
I feel odd after yesterday.
I had visions.
I've had them before.
And the power.
I've felt a power within me,
but I felt it come out
yesterday for the first time.
I told you you were special.
You are the one.
I'm working on an old Sanskrit,
but I'm gonna need
some of your blood.
Not much, just about a pint,
but I'm gonna need it now.
-To give you time to recover.
I feel it in my bones,
battle is near.
You think we can defeat Chaos?
If this works, yes.
But it won't be easy where
Chaos can be destroyed.
If your sisters
fail to defeat Erebus and Nyx,
hope will be lost,
and we still have the
joiners to deal with.
Oh, we have a lot to do
-to harness your power.
-Whatever it takes.
First things first.
It stings.
How are you holding up?
Nothing's sunk in yet.
Trying to come
to terms with everything.
Suddenly I'm feeling
the weight of the world.
I can't grieve
for my parents yet.
You'll get your moment.
We'll all get
our chance for justice.
We need to make this right,
so the people we lost
haven't died in vain.
[syringe clicks]
[syringe sucks and hisses]
[vial clinks]
[blood trickles]
[vial clinks]
What the hell is that?
A potent mixture
of chemicals, blood,
and remnants of the Chaos realm.
Bright green?
Try injecting
something bright green
into yourself
and see how you feel.
This should destroy Chaos.
Think of it
like a junkie needing a fix
but massively overdosing.
One element alone
will not harm him,
but combined in concentrated
doses should destroy him.
The chromosomes
in your blood is the key.
You will need to inject
this into Chaos's bloodstream.
Through the back of the neck.
It's the only way.
Well, there is one other way.
Believe me,
you don't wanna know.
Go for the neck.
- Okay.
[tense brooding music]
What's up?
I want you to help me.
Help me harness
and control my power.
[footsteps rustling]
I'm confused. What are we doing?
-Knock me over.
From 20 feet away.
You want me to knock you
over from 20 feet away?
So how the hell
do I knock you over?
Focus on me.
Now close your eyes.
Picture your target.
Feel your energy grow.
Your Nike blood, do not fear it.
Embrace it.
Control it!
Send its energy to your hands.
[deep electric boom rumbles]
Now strike!
[blast zaps]
[sonic boom thunders]
Shit, Rhodri! Jesus.
Rhodri, are you okay?
[footsteps rustling]
[tense brooding music]
[leaves rustle]
[joiners growl and snarl]
[flesh squelches]
[joiners snarling and roaring]
[joiner growls]
[exhales sharply]
Enough games.
Ready yourselves.
Go to the city, await the enemy,
and lead them here.
Judgment day has arrived.
-Finally, brother.
-The world is ours.
-No! Mine!
[tense music]
So how do we feel, ladies?
We feel like saving
the world, Uncle Roddy.
Let's do this.
[up-tempo deep intense
electronic music]

Uncle Roddy?
Please don't call me
Uncle Roddy.
Uncle Rods, what will
happen to the joiners
and the earth when Chaos dies?
Will the crops grow again?
The truth is I don't know.
The prophecies say so,
but they are centuries old,
maybe more.
It's just I'm getting
tired of eating Spam.
It can't be good
for my guts, Uncle Rods.
Come on!
[up-tempo deep intense
electronic music]
Will you be watching over?
I will be right by your side.
If we fail, there will
be no more chances.
You girls, if Chaos
succeeds in becoming a god,
not even goddess Nike
could stop him.
It's too quiet.
[tense eerie music]
Something doesn't feel right.
[footsteps thud]
[joiner growls]
What's the plan, guys?
We need to conserve our
energy for the final battle.
More joiners
will descend here soon.
[joiner roars]
Yeah, definitely. Run!
[tense dramatic music]
[footsteps thud]
[women panting]
Shit! We got cornered.
What did we do? We're trapped.
Stand and fight.
Get in! Now! Come on! Now!
-Come on!
-Come on!
[tense dramatic music]
[footsteps shuffle]
[door slams]
[joiners snarl and hiss]
[footsteps thudding]
[joiners growl]
What on earth are you lot doing
out in the open at this time?
We are here to stop Chaos.
No, no one can stop him.
I've heard
nonsense of bloodlines.
Unless you've found yourself
descendants of a goddess,
then I suggest you steer well
clear of these dark forces.
What is it?
Have I got
something in my teeth?
These ladies are
descendants of goddess Nike
and humanity's last
hope of salvation.
Oh, right.
Hi, I'm Gavin.
I'm a pub landlord.
Oh my hero, Gavin.
I'm dying for a pint.
I'll get you some
refreshments, shall I?
We have to stay down here.
We can't go upstairs
into the pub until nighttime.
I'll introduce you to me wife.
Three goddesses in my basement.
How will I explain
this to the missus?
-Something's not right.
-I agree. He's a little odd.
Not him, the joiners.
Their numbers
are larger than before.
Chaos must have combed the city
for survivors and turned them.
Then we'll fight our way
through more, but we fight.
We need more than this.
[footsteps shuffle]
We can help.
You? No offense.
Oh, well, not just us two.
We're part of a wider
group of survivors.
We searched
for fellow survivors,
opening up lines
of communication,
helping each other
with supply runs.
It's been a slow process, yeah?
So we have an army?
-Not quite, no.
-How many are there?
Just us two and our friend John.
He'll fight.
[deep discordant booming
instrument echoes]
What is it?
[deep discordant booming
instrument echoes]
Rhodri, what the hell is it?
It is the war horn of Abraxas.
The what?
Chaos is calling us out.
We must follow the horn.
The final battle awaits.
Well, sorry, Chaos, old buddy,
but we've got ravenous
joiners to get through first.
I'll gather the others.
Let us help. We can help!
If this is to be
the final stand,
then we will give
our lives to stop Chaos.
If we sit by, there'd
be no world left anyway.
Either way, we're gonna die.
We might as well fight.
I have a plan.
I will join the survivors.
Lead the charge, clear the path
to the Chaos lair.
What is it, Alina?
It's a suicide mission.
It is the only way.
Alina, our mission
isn't exactly a picnic.
We haven't got time
for debating.
-[horn sounds]
-We're ready.
[deep discordant booming
instrument echoes]
[clears throat]
This is Night Hawk, over.
This is John, over.
-Code names, over.
-Robin, over.
Hi, John, it's Kathy.
You guys good to go?
Yes, Kathy.
Great. We're coming out now.
-We'll storm them.
-See you there.
Good luck. God speed.
Sorry, darling.
No time for formalities.
[hat thuds]
Forget it.
We're about to go to war.
You remember what I told you?
You have the vials ready?
Yes. I got this, two spares.
You only have
three shots at this.
Make them count.
[slow dramatic music]
It's been my honor
to watch over you.
Time to kick ass.
Just make sure you're back
at the house for dinner tonight.
Ladies, give us five minutes
to clear the streets.
-And goodbye.
Let's tool up and head
for the city edge, girls.
[belt clicks]
[tense brooding music]
[belt clicks]
We might have time
for a little nip of this, girls.
-Really? You sure?
-Oh, come on.
It might be
your last chance, Nicole.
[bottle unscrewing]
I love you guys.
You're like family to me.
All I have left.
[cap being screwed on]
All right, let's not go
in pissed, ladies.
[cap unscrews]
[liquor sloshes]
[exhales sharply]
I was gagging for that.
Let's do this.
Let's go save the world.
[dark brooding music]
What's going on?
They took the bait.
A group of rebels
have found their way in.
And what of the Nike whores?
No news yet, but it looks to me
like they're sacrificing
themselves to clear a path.
Brave cattle.
They'll get
an even bigger surprise
when they find our new breed
of joiner.
[tense dramatic music]
[group screams]
[joiners roar]
[everyone screams]
[punches land]
[flesh squelches]
[Kathy screams]
[Rhodri grunts]
[punches land]
[staff clatters to floor]
[gags and coughs]
We've made it, girls.
Let's make sure this counts.
I wonder what happened
to the others.
[deep rumble echoes]
We'll take care of these two.
You go inside
and you find Chaos.
Let's do this.
[dark brooding music]
[footsteps thudding]
[footsteps scraping]
[growl and laugh echo]
[footsteps shuffling]
[whistle blows]
[tense dramatic music]
[punch lands]
[kick lands]
[women grunt]
[punch lands]
[women grunt]
[punch lands]
[whistle blows]
[punch lands]
[women grunt]
[punch lands]
-God, these joiners are tough.
-Tell me about it.
[knife unsheathes]
[knife thuds into joiner]
[joiner roars]
[knife slices]
[footsteps shuffle]
All alone? I'm impressed.
This is the end, Chaos.
How true, descendant of Nike.
[Nicole cries out]
[tense dramatic music]
[punch lands]
[fist whooshes]
[Alina grunts]
[fist whooshes]
[Alina grunts]
[punch lands]
[kick lands]
[punch lands]
[Lindsay grunts]
[kick lands]
[Lindsay grunts]
Seems we have
a new breed of joiner here,
tougher to kill
but twice the fun.
[tense dramatic music]
[punch lands]
[Alina grunts]
[punch lands]
[Alina grunts]
[punch lands]
[Rhodri grunts]
[staff thuds]
[punch lands]
[Alina grunts]
[slap lands]
[Erebus breathes heavily]
[Rhodri cries out]
[knife slices]
[flesh squelches]
[Alina grunts]
[both grunt]
[punches landing]
[kick lands]
[Alina cries out]
[Alina grunts]
[Lindsay breathes erratically]
[both scuffle]
[swords unsheathe]
[Rhodri grunts]
[weapons clang]
[flesh squelches]
[Rhodri grunts]
[knife slices]
[flesh squelches]
[Rhodri grunts in pain]
[breathes erratically]
[both cry out]
[dramatic music]
[explosion booms and whooshes]
[knife rings]
[punch lands]
[Alina grunts]
[knife slices]
[man grunts]
[both breathe erratically]
[both cry out]
[knife slices]
[punch lands]
[punch lands]
[fist whooshes]
[Nicole cries out]
[Nicole cries in pain]
You have power, but you're
no match for me, girl.
[punch lands]
[man gags]
[neck cracks]
As your friends fall
and I bring about an end
to your wretched bloodline,
know this, wench.
As the world fades to black
and everything
the gods held dear dies
as my minions flourish.
And as you die,
so will I be reborn.
This is reign of Chaos!
[Nicole cries out]
[explosion booms]
[body thuds]
[dramatic music]
[screams in rage]
[needle stabs]
[skin bubbles and hisses]
[Chaos cries out]
Goddess power, bitch.
[footsteps shuffle]
[door creaks open]
[slow dramatic music]
[Lindsay whimpers]
[breathes erratically
and groans]
[women cry]
Did we, did we win?
We won.
[music swells and wanes]
[sniffling and whimpering]
[slow emotional music]
[music fades out]
[footsteps shuffle]
Hey. I got food.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Just thinking
about Alina and Rhodri.
Me too. Picked some flowers.
We can visit their graves.
Did you sleep okay?
More nightmares?
[tense brooding music]
They're just nightmares.
[dramatic music]
[flesh squelches]
[Nicole screams]
What is it?
[Nicole pants]
[footsteps shuffle slowly]
[joiner roars]
[up-tempo dark intense music]

[music fades out]