Relative Evil (2001) Movie Script

[lighter clicking]
I've never been so drunk
I couldn't drive.
I've been so drunk,
I couldn't climb stairs.
I've been so drunk,
I couldn't get my fly open,
and instead, I tried to pee
down my leg through the cuff.
but I've always been able
to drive home afterwards.
So I'm pretty
but it's
a freeway.
Who can fuck up
a freeway?
I mean, you get on the ramp,
and off you go.
But then the world's
full of assholes.
And sure enough,
about six miles
from my home,
I met one.
He was driving north
on the south road,
high-beams on,
screaming towards me.
I swerve left,
and this wing nut
swerves right.
We meet
at the guardrail.
I end up in a plaster suit,
and this sauced banker bastard
who guzzled down one too many
at his country club social
miraculously drives
ten miles the wrong way
without another car
in sight,
like he's looking
for me.
Sends me
through the windscreen
into the arms
of friendly Officer Waters
and my steppop.
I don't think the prick
even spilled his drink.
I got my fourth D-dub
and a six-month vacation
at Feather Lane
Juvenile Detention Center,
of the county court.
I think my steppop was looking
for a more permanent solution.
He kept telling my ma
I should be tried as an adult.
[whimsical music]
[buzzer buzzing]
[door opening]
[swallowing deeply]
Yeah, I-I think I am.
[woman over TV]
It may look
like spring outside,
but Mother Nature is
about to play
the cruelest of all
April Fools' jokes.
It's opening day.
Central Stadium
is already snowed out,
and winter is coming back.
A cold front
from the north
mixing with this
high-pressure system
is going to hold
the front above us
for the foreseeable future.
While the rest
of the country
can expect
springlike temperatures,
the Great Lakes area is looking
at 8 to 12 inches by midnight
and temperatures
well below freezing.
Skies are
already darkening,
and an accumulation of moisture
promises prolonged snow
Snow on opening day.
It's the owners,
They're afraid of the sun,
so they put stuff
in the clouds
so they get
their domes.
[whimsical music]
You misunderstand.
it's not "if."
"by all means if."
That's not even
a question.
It's just
I was wondering
if we shouldn't be
discussing when.
You know, I mean
it's his first day home and all.
you're thinkin'?
You're thinking
Today's the day.
[man over TV]
Wolves, God's little janitors,
feed on the sick,
the weak,
those unwilling
or unable--
Wow, this is it.
I just wanted
to thank you all,
and I could not
have done it without you.
You all were
right there for me.
And if
I can do it--
well, hell,
if I can do it--
JJ, time to go.
[ping-pong ball clicking]
[wolves snarling]
Is it him?
It can't be him.
It's too early
to be him.
It's them.
It's way too goddamn
early for them.
Please, Bull,
it's JJ's day.
It's a goddamn freak show
is what it is, Phyllis.
It's hard to believe
it's spring, huh?
Was driving
bad, Dot?
How are you?
The game on,
huh, Bull?
it's snowed out.
Ah, watching the game
with a nice cold one.
Nice chilly one.
Punch, Ernie?
You know, Phyllis,
to tell you the truth,
I'd rather have one
of Bull's chilly ones there.
Guava punch--
the guavas are from Vietnam.
With bits of orange--
Yes, sis?
Who the fuck
is drinking punch?
I just thought
with JJ coming home
from the rehabilitation center,
it might be nice
to try and offer some
nonalcoholic alternative.
Yes, yes, punch.
I think the boy
probably knows
there's such a thing as beer
in this world, Phyllis.
That's not really
the point, Bull.
I wonder what spring
is like in Vietnam.
I don't see the point
in punishing us
'cause the boy's
got a problem.
This is some fancy punch,
I'm not punishing you,
but for the next
couple of weeks,
Dr. Charlie at the center
urged me
to keep alcoholic beverages
out of the house.
This isn't easy
for him.
And whatever we can do
to help--
We could tie him to a stake
in the backyard
is what we could do.
He's been away
six months.
This is not the same child
who left here, Bull.
He was sick,
and now he's healing.
And after the healing
comes repentance,
and after repentance,
maybe, just maybe, forgiveness.
Where'd you read that?
It was in one of the brochures
they sent me.
Well, I'll tell you what,
I lost a $6,400 Monte Carlo
'cause of that boy,
but I ain't even
going to mention it.
I ain't going to mention
Monte Carlos
or seven years
of my working life
or the fact that the boy
was clinically dead
while driving my car
at 115 miles an hour.
But I'll be
if I'm going to lose
a $2 sixer of beer as well.
I should check
on the cake.
Dot, you want
to see the cake?
The boy made
this bed,
and he damn well
better learn to lie in it.
[whimsical music]
Don't you have another car
that doesn't say
"Drug Offender" on it?
It says
"Second Chance," JJ.
This is the chariot
of second chances.
Beats the hell
out of that police van
that brought you to us,
don't you think?
Or your wheelchair.
Anyway, it's
a good snow car.
It's a--
real road gripper.
Me and Dottie were talking
on the way over, Bull,
and, you know,
we just want you to know,
you know, everything
that you're doing for JJ--
this party, you know,
the punch--
you know, 'cause you get
a little gravy on your shirt,
you don't throw it away.
You send it to the professionals
to get cleaned.
Give it to the pros.
What do you want to bet
that sucker comes back
good as new?
Yes, sir.
Smelling like a rose.
Yep, it's funny.
I remembered the day the boy
cost me my job, you know,
at the post office.
Seeing him there
at 3:00 in the morning.
Driving in my postal truck
up and down the street, yelling,
"The British are coming;
the British are coming."
Police lined up
behind him.
It was like the goddamn
fourth of July parade.
Nine years and a pension
right down the drain.
Now I work
at Carpet Warehouse,
and yeah,
I could be
mad about it,
but you know,
now I just think it's--
[high-pitched tone]
Yep, funny.
(Dr. Charlie)
I got you the schedule
for the local AA meeting.
It's twice a week.
It's the basement
of the Y.
It's with people
like yourself, JJ,
people who are trying
to reassert
their rightful,
sober place
in a world wrought
with temptation.
Now, you know you shared
a long winter together
with everyone
at the center,
but it's going
to feel like spring.
It feels like--
well, it feels
like rebirth.
I can only stand
around the kitchen
looking at photo albums
for so long--
Now, Dot!
No smoking
in my house.
JJ at Little League,
JJ on a pony,
JJ doing whippets
on his 10th birthday party.
No smoking
in my house.
He was sick,
and now he's healing.
After the healing
comes repentance,
and after repentance,
Aw, cut the shit, Ernie.
you gotta know
when to fold 'em.
Ship's sinking
and the lifeboat's full.
Right now there's room for you,
there's room for Phyllis,
and there's room
for Benji.
No more.
It's about
Seems to me
you and Ernie managed
to climb your way
aboard my boat too.
it's your boy
who cost my Ernie
his job.
Aw, Dot, let's not--
Been two years,
Uncle Ernie.
Two years you've been
sticking me,
but let me tell you
who else I got in my lifeboat.
I got Phyllis' own
Perry Mason in one pocket,
acting like he did me
some kind of favor
by getting the boy off
with juvenile detention
and a $15,000 fine.
I got the vice president
of Bloodsuckers,
suing me
for everything short
of the drink he spilled
all over himself
during the collision.
And to top it off,
I get a bill
from the county charging me
with $1,800 plus man-hours
to fix
the fucking guardrail.
I'll fix
the fucking guardrail.
My Monte Carlo would make
a good fucking guardrail.
But that's
just what I'm saying.
You think you got
a lot of troubles now?
Wait till
he kills somebody.
He may as well have
killed Ernie.
Once a proud,
government servant.
I had security, Bull.
We all did.
After two divorces, I finally
believed I found my brick house.
I found
my third little pig,
and his name was Ernie.
Aw, Dot.
But JJ huffed
and he puffed,
and look what's left:
The Carpet Warehouse.
We're too old
to be wondering
where our next meal
is coming from, Bull.
My poor little Ernie,
crawling home after
an eight-hour minimum-wage day,
covered with lint.
How many carpet-munching jokes
can one woman endure?
You said
you'd talk to him, Ernie.
Well, we--we did talk.
Yeah, we've been talking
about how supportive you
and Ernie are planning to be.
Now, what are you
talking about?
I'm talking about this.
You believe in me,
right, Doc?
Oh, it doesn't matter
what I believe, JJ.
Your faith
is what's important.
And just remember,
I'm just
a phone call away.
And then?
Oh, I've been in and out
of the lives of families
for 20 years, JJ,
and you've got some good people
playing on your side.
It's an insurance policy--
of JJ.
A life insurance policy
on my boy?
No, I just had one
drawn up.
I think it's important
for us to recognize
that these programs
are not always successful.
I always knew you liked
to pick at corpses, Dot.
Stealing watches
off dead soldiers, huh?
This isn't easy
to talk about, Bull.
I know.
Make yourself a drink.
Come on.
Fix one for Phyllis too.
I'm sure she'd like
to toast her sister-in-law.
This has nothing to do
with Phyllis.
Except that it's her boy
you wanna knock off.
Yeah, well, it's your ass
I'm covering.
It's your family's ass,
in case next time,
the boy ain't so lucky.
Everyone choose
hiding places, okay?
[fire alarm beeping]
JJ turns 18
in a month.
That means for the next
33 days,
you have absolute
power of attorney
over all matters
pertaining to JJ.
Once he turns 18,
his compliance is required,
but for now...
He doesn't
have to know.
I know;
I know.
That's right.
It's about
Think about Benji.
He's paid enough.
This whole
goddamn family's paid enough.
It's not like
we're out to get the boy.
It's--it's simply--
An investment.
Maybe we could drive
around the block a couple times?
Oh, JJ,
it's time to go home.
It's time
for the healing to begin.
[pensive music]
All right, all right,
$37,500 for you.
$37,500 for me--
and Ernie.
You wouldn't be
rigging the game now,
would you, Dot?
You don't think
I'd deliberately--
I want that boy playing
on an even field.
We're just watching
from the sidelines, right?
This is
just about JJ.
Say it!
This is just about JJ.
Now, for the family,
will you please sign
on the fucking dots?
What's the harm?
What's the harm?
What's the harm?
[footsteps rapidly
He's here!
Hide, hide!
Everybody hide!
Benji, Benji,
hide, okay?
[high-pitched squealing]
He's here!
JJ, sweetie!
Oh, did you get
the magazines?
I didn't know what kind
of magazines to get you.
I wasn't sure
what you like to do,
aside from drugs.
Would you like
some punch, sweetie?
Hey, Dot.
looking good, fella.
You were looking
like a mummy there earlier,
but now--
yes, sir, now...
Oh, you remember
Dr. Charlie from the clinic?
Mrs. White,
wonderful to see you again.
Oh, thank you,
Oh, this--this is
JJ's father, Bull.
and Ernie.
(Dr. Charlie)
Yes, yes, a pleasure.
And Dot.
Dot, good
to see you again.
You know each other?
Oh, yeah, well,
some of us visited
on visiting day.
Well, it's nice to finally
meet JJ's enablers.
It's a joke.
Mrs. White, I want to thank you
for the magazines.
JJ graciously donated them
to the center.
You said that we should try
to get him interested
in something
Like smoking pot?
I wish I could offer you
some cake,
but it's kind of
on fire.
Um, would you like
a bowl of cereal?
No, no.
It's easy.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
No, I really
just popped in
to deliver
the goods.
And with the weather
as it is...
You're not the same child
who left here, eh?
One day
at a time, JJ.
It just gets easier.
Nice to have met
all of you.
[wind whistling]
[car door shutting]
[engine starting]
Not a drink in six months.
That's inner strength.
That comes
from the inside.
Yes, sir.
You must miss it,
though, sweetheart.
It was such
a big part of your life,
all of our lives.
It's--it's okay.
You must think
about it, though.
Sure, but it--it's not really
a question anymore.
'Cause it was
fun, right?
It's okay.
Well, shoot, Dot,
we better be
motoring ourselves,
before it gets
too heavy out there.
Weather, huh?
Sure is funny.
It was good
to see you again, JJ.
Yep, bye, sport.
Can't tell you
how good you're looking, huh?
See you, sis.
Thanks for coming, guys.
Now, you be careful,
all right?
All right,
drive careful.
[door closing]
Did Lizzie call?
Uh, uh, no, honey,
but Bobby Raven's
been calling all week.
In fact, he was supposed
to be here for the party.
Bobby coming here?
You know,
he seemed real excited
to see you.
I bet.
You started
Ma, I spent
the last six months
detoxing in a ward
with 60 cocaine junkies
and a ping-pong
All right, you got
to understand,
it got a little tense
in there.
But I'm a nurse,
The magazines
weren't enough?
Ma, the magazines
were great.
There you go, Phyllis.
We gave the state
15 grand;
they send the boy back
a smokestack.
[chuckling dryly]
[clearing throat]
as long as we're
clearing things up here,
you might have noticed
a Volkswagen Beetle
parked out there
next to that scrap heap
that says Monte Carlo
on its sides.
I can't begin
to tell you
how much I hate that Nazi whore.
I got my gut
hanging over the gearshift,
crunched up
like a veal.
And every time
I get in that car,
I think of you.
It's your face I see
in the rearview mirror, JJ.
Can't this
wait, Bull?
Boy, you're living
on tiptoes.
Now, once this little soiree
breaks up,
I suggest
that you tiptoe outside
and shovel a path
so we can get to work
in the morning.
Surprise, sweetie.
Bull managed to get you a job
at the steel mill.
Get you a little
pocket money,
a little
spending money.
Court money,
guardrail money.
Geez, Ma, I got these meetings
I got to go to.
at night, son.
Fortunately, work starts
in the morning.
What time
in the morning?
6:00 a.m.
Welcome home, son.
[wind whistling]
It's for veterans
wounded in battle.
They receive the Purple Heart,
and they get to go home.
Which program was it?
Bull says
you were on a program.
Which one was it?
No, I was in
a program.
It's something
that teaches--
you know,
like school.
But it's different,
'cause they taught me
not to do something.
Was it successful?
Who've you been
talking to, Benji?
Well, Bull says
that he needs an assurance--
you know, that the program
was successful,
because sometimes
it's not.
Bull says he needs
an assurance?
From who?
I don't know.
Are you okay, JJ?
Of course I am.
Look, you talk to me
from now on, okay?
Bull doesn't
know anything.
[door opening]
Is the driveway
It'll get better, honey,
I promise.
Good night, Mom.
Good night.
Come on, Benji.
JJ needs
to be alone.
[door creaking
and closing]
[pensive music]
There was this rumor
going around when we were kids
that if you ate a mouthful
of Pop Rocks
and washed it down with soda,
your stomach would explode.
It was supposed to have happened
to that kid Mikey
from the cereal commercial.
And we're shooting
the shit about him
in Bobby Raven's
tree house,
and before you know it,
I'm coming back from the store
with a sixer of RC
and a baggie of Pop Rocks.
So I'm up there
with my last fucking supper
and everybody's
looking at me,
kind of with their eyes
not sure if they really want
to see a stomach explode.
I make some half-assed
nine-year-old toast,
and down I go
with a full baggie of Pop Rocks
and half a can on soda.
It got really quiet.
Not a sound.
We waited.
We waited
like five minutes.
I guess in the end,
we all felt really gypped.
(Dr. Charlie)
Uh, did you think
your stomach
would explode?
I don't remember.
(Dr. Charlie)
Because if you thought
it would explode, then you were
committing suicide, JJ.
And that's a death wish.
I don't think
I thought that far ahead.
Oh, no, I don't think
you did either,
because in that moment,
you were quite satisfied
being the center of attention.
Nobody was
going anywhere, Doc.
No, see, you'd found a new way
to impress your friends.
You didn't need
to be good at T-ball.
You could just
kill yourself instead.
So you embarked on a nine-year
quest to do just that.
Um, tell me, was your father
a hard man to impress?
My father died
when I was three.
Wh-what do you
I remember he won
the Purple Heart.
He pinned it on me.
He told me
I was his soldier.
How was he wounded?
He saved his platoon.
Was he a drinking man?
I don't remember.
Your stepfather, Bull,
had his own child, right?
And so you had
to find a way
to make him
pay attention to you.
Didn't he?
You were the center
of attention in the hospital,
in the courtroom?
It wasn't my fault.
The cocksucker was
on the wrong side of the road.
Yeah, how fast
were you going?
115 miles an hour.
[group chuckling]
Why were you going
115 miles an hour?
You know, it's hard
to ignore a boy
with a rope
around his neck.
Hey, JJ,
let's go!
The whore's leaving.
[whimsical music]
So I'd pick
the kids up at 7:00,
drive them home at 3:00.
It was the time in between
that got a little complicated.
The PTA thought
that a 30-foot yellow school bus
parked in front of
the Sticky Kitty Bar and Lounge
was an eyesore.
So I soon worked out a plan
to buy my booze ahead of time.
Well, then the PTA
had a problem
with empty schnapps bottles
rolling under the bus seats
every time
I made a pickup.
There is just
no pleasing these people, huh?
[woman over TV]
Coke, root beer,
[man over TV]
No, ukulele.
[phone ringing]
ding, ding, ding!
Honey, do you mind?
I'll let
the cat in.
Can you close the door
after you?
Yeah, I'm alone.
[suspenseful music]
Oh, shit.
No, stop, stop!
Hey, it's the $6 million man.
JJ, it's Bobby.
I see.
You shouldn't
smoke, JJ.
Thank you, Bobby.
[Bobby laughing]
She's so great.
I mean, don't you think it's
hard enough, and you come here?
Well, it didn't make
much fiscal sense
to wait for you
to come to me.
I would've come.
Oh, sure, you would've come.
What, in another six months?
I've waited long enough.
Mom, sorry,
Bobby can't stay.
Sure he can stay.
No, he can't stay;
he forgot something.
Well, anything
that I've forgotten
certainly can stay forgotten
for a bowl of cereal.
How was the meeting?
Why don't you show me
your room, JJ?
So did you think
it was just going to go away?
Come on, Bobby--
you'll get your money.
'Cause you were gone
a long time, man.
Things change.
I mean, even out here
in Bumblefuckville,
things change.
Are you
threatening me, Bobby?
Don't become more trouble
than you're worth, all right?
And you're
only worth $3,500.
What did
you want me to do?
I was in rehab
for six months.
Where was I supposed
to get $3,500?
That was really clever,
that rehab stuff, man.
I gotta hand it to you.
It was that
or jail, Bobby.
It was no joke.
All right,
I'm finished.
I'm clean.
You're clean,
ha ha ha.
my favorite part.
Look, man, we used
to drink Sterno together.
I used to spray
air freshener in your face.
It's me.
It's Bobby Raven, man.
I'm not going
to tell anybody.
Really, Bobby,
I'm done.
I just got some FedExed
to me this morning, man.
It's fat, pure, fluffy.
Come on.
I haven't even stepped
on it yet, man.
Just you and me
and nobody else'll know.
I mean, we used to have
such good times together.
You'll get
your money.
No, you don't understand,
that's not--
Bobby, I used
to fuck up, all right?
I know I used
to fuck up,
but I'm better now,
all right?
I got a job
at the steel plant.
I can keep
a job.
You can work for me.
Just small stuff.
Just little deliveries
until the debt's paid off, huh?
Well, fuck you,
then, man.
I wouldn't let you
wash my fucking car,
you little prick!
I just need
some time, Bobby.
Your birthday's coming up,
isn't it?
Remember those models
that I used to get you?
We sniffed the glue.
We fucking did.
We never built
one of those things, did we?
It was the glue.
Aw, man, but I missed
your last one.
I got you this little $20
bottle of scotch.
I figured that we'd get tossed
like we were friends
or something, you know?
And you came over,
and you didn't want
to hang out.
You just wanted to get
your 8-ball and be on your way.
It was all business
with you, man.
Just going off, doing my coke
with that fleabag Lizzie.
How is she, huh?
How is Lizzie?
I haven't seen her.
Yeah, but she must have
wrote, right?
Come down to the center
for some conjugal visits?
Ah! Ah!
Bake you
a little cake.
Put a little file inside
so you could break out
or something?
I mean, hey,
what do you need
a fleabag like Lizzie for
when you got a piece of ass
like Dot in the family?
That's disgusting.
Don't fucking judge me!
I'm going to give you
something really special
for your birthday
this year, JJ.
I'm going
to give you time.
You have till May 3
to give me my money.
That's your
18th birthday.
So don't
fuck it up, okay?
We're not little kids
anymore, JJ.
You know?
We have to learn how to handle
our problems like adults.
But that doesn't mean
we still can't be friends, okay?
So I need you to hold on
to this for me.
Take this.
It's not safe with me
right now.
For Christ's sakes,
I just got out of rehab.
I don't give a fuck.
It's yours.
You bought it.
don't leave this
with me.
Feels good
to help out a friend, huh?
You scared?
You scared
of being my friend?
You don't think it's going
to keep snowing forever,
do you?
Nah, it's spring.
You know,
it can't last forever.
Maybe, um, you can play catch
with me tomorrow--
if it ain't
Good night.
Good night, Benji.
There was this epidemic that hit
our school in the 10th grade.
Some miserable, prepubescent
chemistry lab rat
locked out of Daddy's
liquor cabinet figures out
that if you put a handkerchief
in front of your face
and spray the hankie with Glade,
you'd get high, all right?
Real high.
Pretty soon,
a quarter of the school's
got a bottle of air freshener
in their locker, right,
and kids are dropping
like flies.
I mean,
one kid goes blind.
A freshman manages
to sterilize himself.
And finally, they call
this big, huge assembly meeting,
and the principal's standing
in the middle of it all.
He's looking real tired
and embarrassed.
And the first thing
he says to us is,
"I can't believe
I have to tell you this,
"but spraying your face
with air freshener
can have
disastrous effects."
Now, it's sold out
all over town.
And we have to drive
20 miles into the next county
for air freshener.
You never worried
about going blind?
I knew what I was doing.
The other kids can run
a four-minute mile
or play the clarinet.
Yeah, and you were proficient
at drug abuse?
Where do you think
that was going to get you, JJ?
I didn't think
that way.
Oh, I know, yes--
that far ahead.
And everyone had to stop
what they were doing
and watch you
[clipboard clattering]
Tell us
about Benji.
Benji's going to be
a baseball player.
Going to be?
What, as in
Benji's got a chance.
Yeah, because Benji
allowed himself a future.
Benji was allowed
a future.
I was ran off
the day my daddy died.
So as long as you were dying,
you had an audience.
That's a pretty
horrible show, JJ.
Now, Benji
shouldn't even be
in a PG movie.
Do you think it's right
he should be made to watch you?
I don't want to talk
about Benji anymore.
Rise and shine,
It's whorin' time.
[upbeat rock music]
I woulda come around
if you had only been in.
You were not
as late as me.
You're trying
to fit in.
You gotta lose the halo
and climb out of your skin.
life's a bitch
when you're feeling
like a mouse
that the cat
dragged in.
The sun is up.
The day is wasting away.
Gotta make yourself right.
Gotta get yourself right.
Lighter than you
have ever been.
[metal clanking rapidly]
[Bull laughing]
Aw, come on, JJ.
Makes you look
like one of the boys.
To tell you
the truth,
some of them think you only
got that job 'cause of me.
Born with a silver spoon
in your mouth, so to speak.
Breeds resentment.
I'm embarrassed
of my royal lineage.
It comes off,
No, it wears off.
[snaps fingers]
What happened?
An accident.
Of course.
Bull, I got--
I got to talk to you.
[water running]
[decanter clinking]
[liquid splashing]
I think she brought
somebody else in.
She's a very
committed lady.
If JJ wants
to blow his own brains out,
that's one thing,
but if she thinks she's--
She's really
a good girl.
I suggest you put
your pants back on
and get control
of this situation, Uncle.
Whoa, look at you.
All dressed
to kill.
Yeah, you going out
on a big hunt?
Uh, Lizzie's
coming over.
We're supposed
to go out.
Uh, I-I can't
go out like this.
Tell her
it's leprosy.
Pop, you've got
to loan me 20 bucks.
You high again?
All right.
[quiet knocking]
I'll get it.
looking good, son.
You're batting 1,000
in my book.
Hey, you're minding
the store now,
right, Uncle?
Right on top
of the store.
to worry about.
Thank you, Ernie.
Oh, look at you.
[door closing]
What happened?
Oh, it was an accident
at the steel plant.
An accident?
Yeah, it's no big deal.
Let me get
your coat.
It's nice
that you're back.
Well, here you are.
Here I am.
[exhaling amusedly]
I thought maybe we could go
get a burger, you know, maybe,
or go to the arcade,
if you want.
How 'bout the Third Base?
You want to drink?
Well, sure, yeah.
We can--
we can do that.
I-I mean, you can--
you know,
drink, I mean.
You just kind of got to get me
home kind of early,
'cause I got this 6:00 a.m.
shift tomorrow.
Get you home?
I don't have a car.
Well, jeez, Lizzie,
we kind of got a problem,
'cause my license is,
like, beyond revoked.
Bobby's got a car.
I don't want to see you
saying hallelujah time.
Oh, ho, no.
doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo.
If anybody calls,
I'll be sitting--
Thanks, Bobby.
I'll call you.
Oh, ho, no.
doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo.
It only hurts me
when I...
(man #1)
What's up, JJ?
(man #2)
Hey, JJ.
Hey, welcome home, kid.
Stu, how are you?
Hey, I almost
went out of business
without you, JJ.
[chuckling uncomfortably]
Um, I'll get a, um--
a Long Island iced tea
and a--
No, no, no.
How 'bout a, um,
something real fun, you know?
How 'bout a Coke
and orange soda mixed?
Feels funny
drinking here alone.
I can't now, Lizzie.
I mean, you understand.
Yeah, yeah,
I understand.
You know, it wasn't easy
being in there,
watching one day
lead into the next
for six
fucking months.
They treat us
like six-year-olds.
And I thought of you.
I mean,
I thought you'd visit,
and I thought you'd
write me a letter.
Yeah, I just--
I've been busy.
Wh-What were you doing?
Um, I got a job
after graduation.
There's the job,
and I got no car,
and you know that.
And you don't have
a stamp either, huh?
Or an envelope?
Or any common
fucking decency?
Look, I came here
tonight, didn't I?
Hey, babies,
good to see you.
I'm doing all right.
Um, can I get, uh--
let me get, uh,
three tequilas.
Were you running around
with somebody?
Were you running around
with Bobby?
He's dangerous,
all right?
You have no idea.
Are you going
to give him his money?
He's your friend, JJ.
My friend says
he's going to break my legs.
What do you
You run out of town
for six months
and leave him holding
a $3,500 fuck you.
He's got people
to answer to,
you know?
I mean, people who aren't
quite as understanding as he is.
Friends don't do that
to each other.
Are you collecting
for him now?
Hey, uh,
I'm not interrupting,
am I?
Actually, Bobby--
Well, fuck it.
Oh, man.
We were actually
just talking about you.
Oh, I bet you were.
Hey, a toast, huh?
and his big birthday.
To old times, huh?
You know, JJ,
I'm really happy
for you.
I mean, you found
your path,
and I wish
you all the luck in the world
sticking to it.
It just--
it looks like your path
ends at the plant.
[Bobby snorting
and laughing]
You don't have to send her
around anymore, all right?
You'll get
your money.
Wait, JJ.
Look, J,
I'm really sorry, man.
I didn't mean
for the money to get
in the way of our friendship.
Hey, JJ.
What do you do?
What do you say?
What the fuck?
Uh, Pops,
did you pick up my paycheck
for this week?
Yeah, sure,
it's on the table.
246 bucks?
Ah--I worked 50 hours.
Yeah, well,
what'd you expect?
It ain't exactly
rocket science.
This isn't
going to do it.
90 bucks in taxes!
to the free world.
This isn't
going to do it.
Pop, you got
to get me something else.
Like what?
Like anything else.
[cheerful music]
Hup, plus one.
I'm going crazy,
I got to get out
of here.
But you didn't
get cap?
No, you're not
listening to me.
I'm listening.
They're your family.
My family is
the best reason I can think
to drink myself
into a coma.
Did I say
it was going to be easy?
Did I say you weren't going
to doubt yourself every day?
No, you're not listening.
It was right there.
JJ, you can't
live in the clinic.
begins at home.
Besides, your mother
deserves a son,
and your brother
deserves a brother.
So what did you find?
I found LSD.
Uh, I'm not sure
you can use abbreviations.
It's in
the dictionary.
Okay, fine, fine.
That's one.
I found morphine.
(Dr. Charlie)
JJ, morphine's not there.
Sure it is.
It's seven letters;
it's extra.
That's eight letters,
and there are no Ms
or Os or Hs.
I could've sworn
I saw them there.
Look, they're mixed!
They're mixed.
And how are my
living-room gladiators?
We're not
in the living room.
We're not?
We're in
the Colosseum!
[laughing shrilly]
The Colosseum.
Okay, let me guess:
which one of you is the lion?
you can't tell?
[Phyllis roaring]
Tall glass of vodka
for my gladiator.
Don't turn your back
on this one.
Oh, I should say not.
I've learned
a thing or two
about counting
What did you say?
I've learned
a thing or two--
No, Mom,
what did you say?
I said a tall glass
of lemonade for my gladiator.
Okay, JJ,
the secret is suffixes.
You find a suffix
like, um--
Yeah, "ent,"
Take a suffix
like "ent"
and then you can start
to build words like relent,
sent, bent--
Rock cocaine.
Wait, stop.
Fat long lines
of Bolivian marching powder
hidden away in the speaker?
Beauty, there's another one.
I gotta go use
the can.
Okay, sure.
[sighing happily]
How's he doing,
Oh, stronger--
stronger every day.
You don't suppose you could talk
to him about smoking?
It's just so--
Okay, I'll talk to him.
Well, I have to go
to the hospital, Doctor, so...
as far
as I'm concerned,
you're one of the family.
Thank you, Phyllis.
Thank you.
[cheery music]
After a couple years
of daily cocaine abuse,
I could run a Kleenex up
one nostril and out the other.
I did it for my son's
fifth birthday party.
Kids loved it.
You know, what the hell?
It was cheaper than a clown.
I didn't have a lot of money
to spend on clowns
for my five-year-old
back then.
I needed every cent just to get
out of bed in the morning.
Hey, hon,
you going somewhere?
I told you
I was.
That's right,
of course.
I remember.
Um, where?
Spanish class.
Oh, si, si, seora.
It means
"yes, yes, honey."
I'm late, Ernie.
Dot, we need to talk.
About what?
About JJ.
somebody else,
isn't there?
[rock music]
Get in.
I can walk.
Come on;
you can get in.
What's wrong, huh?
What, are you mad
at me?
Or is it just you don't want
to get in my car?
No, hold on.
No, come here,
come here!
Why are you
doing this?
Because I can.
I need my money,
Officer Waters.
Higher power.
Everything all right?
Yeah, we're good.
I'm good, yeah.
I got 2 1/2 weeks.
You got 16 days.
Call me, okay?
You know, Dot, if there's
somebody else involved,
it's okay.
Are you
questioning me, Ernie?
I--you got a little
enthusiastic, that's all.
Now, you just break it off,
that's all.
It's my fault.
I'm gullible.
I think
with my heart
of my head.
And now you,
my knight in shining armor,
turns into a suspicious
little stock boy
accusing me of conspiring
against my nephew.
I'm late.
Just stop it, Dot.
That's all.
Whatever you started,
just stop it now!
Sure, Ernie.
Whatever you say.
[door closing]
[melancholy music]
She's learning Spanish now.
Ain't that something?
My little seorita.
Good night,
Well, yeah, sure,
people talk,
but you know, I-I-I think
they're just jealous,
what me and Dot got.
Hey, Bobby.
Whaddya know,
whaddya say?
[woman calling eerily]
[exhaling slowly]
[breathing continues]
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
[brakes screeching]
Uh, Uncle Ernie--he was
walking back from the bar,
and it seems a car must have--
must have lost control
and a hit-and-run
or something,
and they found him
in the snowbank.
He's in a coma.
[Dot sobbing]
Do you think I don't know that
everybody's talking about me?
Like I go
in the bank,
and everybody suddenly
shuts up.
I never have
to wait in line.
It was like I had foam coming
out of my mouth or something.
It ain't contagious.
It's just
bad luck.
Uncle Ernie seems to have
caught a mild case of it.
Yeah, well, that don't
keep him from talking.
Oh, no, they just--
How is Ernie?
the freezing cold
slowed the bleeding,
you know,
and the doctor seemed to feel
he could be all right
when he
wakes up.
If he
wakes up.
Poor little Ernie.
JJ, run out
and get your aunt's suitcase,
sweetie, okay?
[whispering gruffly]
She's staying here?
Well, she certainly
can't stay alone now.
[Dot sobbing]
Oh, no,
it's all right,
I'll be perfectly fine
at home.
See, she'll be fine.
Absolutely not, Dot.
This family
might not have a lot,
but we have each other.
You were here
for JJ;
we're going to be
here for you.
Be nice.
[Dot sobbing]
Here, sweetie.
Here's Mr. Bear, okay?
Thank you.
I'm going to make sure
we have clean towels.
Let me ask you something,
there, Dot.
[sighing whinily]
Did Ernie have
life insurance?
It's just
bad luck, Bull.
You know Ernie.
He was probably
a little tipsy.
He was stumbling home
from the bar.
He fell.
Somebody gave him
a little bump.
That ain't bad luck;
that's manslaughter.
Where was your car
last night, Dot?
The police already
checked it out.
It's fine.
No dents, no pings.
Well, you know,
hospital's expensive.
Like I said,
it's just bad luck.
Besides, I have
other investments.
Not anymore.
[door opening]
What in the world do you think
you're talking about?
Deal's off
is what I'm talking about.
Oh, I'm sorry, Bull,
but it doesn't work that way.
The month's paid for,
so there is still
13 days left
in this ball game.
There were rules, Dot,
and you broke 'em.
You brought
somebody else in.
Foul, Dot.
You fouled out!
I wonder what Phyllis'll
think about all this.
She'll understand.
Oh, she won't understand
about this.
You ought to take a look
at that contract again.
Funny--you won't find my name
anywhere on it.
I'll explain it
to her.
I'm sorry, Bull.
We can't afford
to be selfish now.
I tried to explain that
to Ernie.
[door slamming]
Look, I'll give you
your fucking 2 grand back.
You just call it off.
Oh, that's real
sweet of you, Bull.
Don't got the stomach
for it?
Thank God I do.
Thank God I know
what's best for this family.
What's best is
you keep away from JJ.
I'm warning you.
Sure, Bull.
Anything you say.
[machine beeping]
Why'd you take me
out of group?
I thought you enjoyed
having an audience too much.
What's the matter?
No more
funny anecdotes?
I think I should be
back in group.
I think
we should be alone
until you recognize
that you are a very real person.
I don't think you ever
truly believe you existed.
Don't get nutty
on me, Doc.
But you exist.
I have proof:
hospital records,
court records.
People are
paying attention.
Hey, kid,
you're late.
Here you go, ma'am.
All right,
here you go.
It's all there.
Uh, your receipt.
[sniffing and humming]
[door opening]
Are you okay?
How was work?
It was fine.
Where's Mom and Pop?
It's just
you and me, JJ.
JJ, freshen me up.
Thanks, sweetheart.
[swallowing deeply]
I didn't say when.
Warms me up.
I'm sorry.
How long's
it been, JJ?
Six months.
16 days.
Doesn't seem fair,
does it?
Working hard
like you do,
no Miller Time
for you.
I guess I've had
enough Miller Time
for the entire
NASCAR circuit.
[Dot chuckling]
Sit down, JJ.
Let me ask you
How long are you supposed
to keep this up?
Is there a test
or something?
it's really not
about proving
anything, all right?
This is just me now.
Just you?
it's not you, JJ.
It's not you
at all.
Hey, remember when
I caught you stealing my pills?
Ernie was off
at work,
and I was in the next room
with the holy Father,
sneaking him down
to his skivvies.
He was moaning away
in Latin.
You were singing He's Got
the Whole World in His Hands.
And then I caught you lying
at the bottom of the bathtub,
trying to hide,
and you were zonked out
on half a bottle of Valium.
I learned a lot
about the Bible
in that bathroom.
We're all people,
We're all
just weak people.
Sit over here.
Come on, honey.
Sit with
your Aunt Dot.
I want to show you
What is it?
Read it.
It's an insurance policy.
Yeah, I found it
in the glove compartment
of the Beetle.
It's an awful lot
of money.
Bull's careful.
I'm sure
we all have insurance.
Yeah, yeah,
of course we do.
It's for, what,
Well, you're certainly
worth $75,000.
Insurance is
for everybody.
It's just in case.
Bull is very--
Bull's being careful;
yeah, you said.
You liked
listening to us?
Me and the deacon?
Shit, Dot, I mean--
You can tell me, JJ.
It ain't like
we're related or anything.
I'll bet you couldn't wait
to tell all your friends.
I didn't tell
It was your secret?
Our secret.
Well, I ain't
such an old woman
that we can't have
more secrets, JJ.
Why don't you have
a drink with me?
Come on.
Share mine
with me.
[footsteps approaching]
It isn't snowing!
You promised
to play baseball with me
when it ain't
And it's not!
Yeah, I did.
I did.
You know, I did.
I promised Benji,
and, you know,
I'd love to talk to you, Dot,
and, um, thank you,
but, you know,
tryouts are coming up,
and, um, and the weather
being like it is.
And damn, you know?
Isn't weather
Button up.
[door closing]
[man over TV]
Good evening.
A freak winter storm watch
as we expect an addition
6 to 10 inches of snow
through the night.
Schools and most businesses
remain closed,
the highways blocked
from the Parkway north,
and road crews are
doing everything they can
to keep
emergency routes open.
Is there spring
in sight, Cindi?
You know
what I think, Bob?
What's that,
Seems to me that spring
took a cruise to Aruba.
[guitar music]
(The Busy Signals)
Watch it, watch it.
Watch it, watch it.
Watch it, watch it.
It's so nice
to finally feel
the times changing on.
Happy to say
that everything new
is old again.
Everything old
has been retired.
Remember that show
In Search Of, Cindi?
Yep, sure do,
Seems to me like maybe
Mr. Spock ought to go
in search
of spring.
Ha, in search of spring.
(The Busy Signals)
No one's falling for it.
No one's falling
for the new you.
No one's falling for
not a peep out of you.
Don't peek.
You're going to freak out
when you see how I can
make you dream
like a slot machine.
This is even worse
than the one in '99, isn't it?
You can drag it
out of me,
but just drive away.
Pale wind.
Still not falling
for the new you.
[glass shattering]
Watch it.
[woman over TV]
You're never going to let me
forget that.
I remember.
I put a little OT
that night.
Well, Bob...
That ain't so bad.
Hey, minus
the $20 you owe me,
plus the $20,
let's say, for food.
I'm sorry.
I'm--I'm--I'm tired.
It's nothing.
Just tired.
Hey, look, the $20,
you know--
forget about the $20.
I have your money,
You said they needed
for night maintenance?
Yeah, sure.
I'll check.
Maybe you should just
take it easy for a few weeks.
What do you care?
Just ask, huh, Bull?
I got to check out
early tonight.
Where are you going?
I'm going out.
That okay?
Yeah, sure, JJ.
[door closing]
[woman over TV]
Well, just when you thought
it was safe
to put away the snowsuit,
here comes mountains
of white powder,
mountains and mountains
of the flaky stuff,
numbing your face
and nose.
[TV shuts off]
[melancholy music]
[footsteps approaching]
Shouldn't you be
in school?
It's, um, snowed out.
Lot of snow days.
You know, you're just
going to have to make them up
at the end
of the year.
Fuck off, Benji.
a girlfriend behind?
Uh, no, sir.
You have had
a girlfriend in the past,
haven't you?
Ye-Yes, sir.
And you liked
having a girlfriend?
It was okay.
I'm not gay, sir,
if that's what you're
trying not to ask.
We'll see you
when you're 18, son.
I'm such
a selfish bastard, Doc.
I'm so sorry.
Well, nobody wants
your apologies.
And see, what you're
going through
is a process
of meeting yourself,
and it's not going
to be easy.
You're not going
to like everything you learn,
but you can face it,
sober and aware.
What if I can't
stand myself?
Well, it's natural
to be afraid.
Fear is a--
is a necessary doorway.
[breathing shakily]
I've never felt afraid.
Well, see,
what's growing inside of you
is a feeling, caring person,
and if you weren't afraid
to lose that,
then you really would
be dead.
[man over TV]
With tremendous
underwater thrusts,
the bull tunnels his way
inside the narrow--
The act is a painful,
[TV shuts off]
Who is it?
Come here.
Shh, shh!
What the--
[muffled shouting]
We're going to go
for a ride.
No, we're going to go
right now.
Put your fucking coat on.
[driving rock music]
I need
my fucking money, JJ.
You said my birthday,
You know what?
Fuck that, man.
that's seven days away.
I need it now.
I need it
right the fuck now.
I just picked up
some extra shifts.
Some guy wants me
to look after his mother, see?
I'm shoveling snow.
How much you got, huh?
It's not what I thought
I'd be making
at the plant.
How much do you have?
I don't know,
I'm trying, all right?
What the fuck
were you going to do, huh?
Like it really
fucking matters anyway, huh?
[speaking indistinctly]
Oh, fuck, I'm dead!
I'm fucking dead!
They're going to ki--
They're going
to kill me!
Who is?
These fucking guys.
[inhaling sharply
and whimpering]
They came all the way
from Florida.
What do they want?
my head in a box.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, you got a gun?
You got to get
out of here, Bobby.
Bull has a gun.
I know Bull has
a fucking gun.
There's no gun,
Bobby, all right?
Look, you got
to get out of here.
Where the fuck
am I going to go?
You could stay
at my house, all right?
You just got to be out
of here by the morning.
You'll let me stay
at your house
after all the shit
that we've been through?
We grew up together;
of course.
That's real
fucking white of you, man.
Man, if we had
a fucking gun--
We could show some Cubans
what a couple of hicks could do
with some teamwork
and a shotgun, huh?
We'd fucking blast them.
Fuck the gun, Bobby,
all right?
Go to the cops.
Fuck the cops, man.
We have to think,
all right?
You got my stash?
[tires squealing]
[engine accelerating rapidly]
Held out that long,
That's really great, man;
that's really fucking great.
you know?
I want you to know that I wasn't
going to hurt you really.
You know?
I just--
I mean,
you know that,
You know that
I wasn't going to hurt you.
We never stopped
being friends.
We both said some shit,
but it was bullshit.
Sure, Bobby,
we're still friends.
I just wanted it
to be the same, man.
you got to run.
I mean, Bull might have
some money.
He keeps his wallet
on the dresser.
It's going
to be different, man.
You know, if I could
just figure out a way
to walk away
from all of this.
It's going to be
so different.
I just need some time
to think
of how I can make this right,
you know?
[inhaling deeply]
The only thing I have
is 16 bucks, man.
I figure this way
you have some gas money.
[intense music]
These things,
I've found.
This girl,
these sounds.
These days
are all right.
These days
and these nights.
These things
almost make me smile.
These things
almost make me smile.
These things
almost make me smile.
[deep breathing sounds
and synthesized music]
[woman vocalizing]
JJ, let's go.
I'm not going.
What's the matter?
You sick?
What--you didn't
stay up all night
watching them
whales hump, did you?
I'm not going.
Well, what do you want me
to tell them?
Tell them
I'm not going.
Oh, honey,
are you all right?
Get out.
Get the fuck out!
[driving rock music]
I can tell you were wrong.
The sky opened wide.
Out of the storm.
Where will you hide?
The king is a despot;
the queen is a liar.
The king is a despot;
his sisters are thieves.
The king is a despot;
his sons are diseased.
I'm--I'm just going to leave
the tray right here, okay?
He's been in his room
three days.
He doesn't eat;
he doesn't wash.
We're out
of bourbon again.
How can we be out
of bourbon again?
Well, I guess you and Bull
must have been drinking
more than you thought.
Yeah, I guess.
[sobbing quietly]
Bobby's funeral is scheduled
for JJ's birthday.
Why is it so hard?
Why is everything
so goddamn hard?
Did the autopsy
come back?
he had taken some drugs,
but it wasn't
just drugs.
Somebody had mixed in
a large quantity
of something
called white arsenic.
I guess Bobby had
some rough friends.
come in, come in.
Oh, sweetie.
[quiet knocking]
I'm busy!
It's me, JJ.
Can I come in?
What do you want?
It happens like this, Benji.
Your friends are all
playing T-ball one day,
and the next day,
they're joining marijuana clubs.
You be careful.
I'll be careful, Mom.
You want a drink?
Yeah, if you got one.
You're at
the Whites'.
There's always
something to drink
at the Whites'.
[can hissing]
[tab popping]
Your mom was real happy
to see me.
Yeah, well,
she has a weak heart.
I'm sorry
about Bobby.
We screwed up.
What do you want me
to say?
That you miss him?
That you loved him?
You left me
for him.
Right when I needed you.
I know that.
I'm sorry.
But you have
to understand--
Understand what?
That I didn't want it
all to end.
That I don't want
to grow old here like my mom.
That you came back,
and suddenly,
it was all over for you.
Is there more
you had in mind, Lizzie?
Is this all right?
Is this what you expected?
It's, um,
your birthday soon.
It's us.
Bobby's luau.
I'm so sorry, JJ.
Thank you, Lizzie.
There's something
I have to ask you.
Do you still
have Bobby's stash?
Come on, now, JJ.
I mean, it's not right
that you should get
all of it now.
I mean,
you don't even
do the stuff, right?
Get out.
Wait, no, I mean,
there is just nothing
without Bobby here.
I mean, there is nothing
with him gone.
We can share, JJ.
Get out!
Please, wait, wait.
Just don't throw
everything away.
I can still remember
what you like.
Get out!
Get the fuck out!
You're making
a big mistake, JJ!
Get out!
When are you going to get
another chance like this?
Get out!
One day, you're going
to be out there
pitching touchdowns and making
your loving aunt proud of you.
and clattering]
[glass shattering]
[clattering continues]
Hey, Sasquatch,
it's all gone.
apple strudel schnapps.
Where is this from?
All right!
That's enough,
Bull, that such some
really great tough love.
Thank you.
All's that I ask is that
you keep it from your mother.
Don't--don't talk
to me about my mother.
You owe it to her.
You owe it to her
to be sober on your birthday.
She can't
take it.
She's no match
for you, JJ.
I'm a real handful,
huh, Bull?
I can imagine
it'd be a lot easier
if I was just
out of the way.
What are you
talking about?
Does Mom know?
Know what?
You stop it.
Stop it, all right?
You bet against me now!
Now, please,
please just tell me, was--
did Phyllis know?
She has no idea.
I only wanted
what was best, JJ.
And at the time,
I believed it was for the best.
Yeah, well, I'm going
into the army tomorrow.
They want me.
Just like your father.
You don't have
any idea, JJ.
You were only three years old
when it happened.
What do you remember?
Remember him bouncing you
on his knee, hmm?
Remember him
changing your diapers
or taking you out
to the Dairy Queen?
Didn't happen.
You want to know
who your old man was?
Finish off that bottle and go
take a good look in the mirror.
Why are you doing this?
You want to know where
that Purple Heart came from?
His still blew up
and shot glass through his leg.
So they sent him home
to wage his own war
against his wife and his son.
I was
his best friend, JJ,
so I stayed around
to watch the carnage
for as much
as I could stand.
Your old man--
standing over your bed,
armed with a bottle,
screaming down
at you,
"Quit your crying!
Soldiers don't cry!"
You're lying.
"Only flatfoots and fairies
and Section 8s cry."
And he'd cry
right along with you,
and your mother
would cry,
and we'd gather around
and watch him drink.
Please stop!
There was no car accident.
We just told you that
to spare you.
Your father bled to death
in his own bedroom,
pissing the bed
blood red on purpose
because he knew your mother
would have to clean it up.
It was the cruelest suicide
ever imagined.
He took
as much of your mother with him
as he could,
and he would've
gotten you, too,
if she hadn't been there
to protect you.
Please stop.
You're fucking lying.
You want
to kill yourself?
Don't do it
so all of us can see.
Is that what you want, Bull?
Look, I know
it's been rough.
I know it's been unfair.
Be good to her.
I'm begging you.
[melancholy music]
[liquid sloshing]
Are you ready?
Where are you going?
The hospital--
Ernie woke up, remember?
I'm not feeling
so hot, Mom.
Are you sick,
Have you been
eating strudel?
Why can't we go
visit Ernie tomorrow?
Tomorrow's a busy day, honey.
We got the funeral
and then your birthday party.
at the Ponderosa.
Hear that, Dot?
Nine short hours
from now.
We can go visit him
tomorrow morning, Mom.
Just go.
I'll stay
with him, Phyllis.
No, you won't.
All of you,
just go.
What do you mean,
no, I won't?
Your husband just
came out of a coma.
Don't you think
it'd be nice if you were there?
Go, all right!
Just go! Go!
Oh, sweet Jesus.
Now what?
I can't imagine.
(Dr. Charlie)
Hello, Phyllis.
How are you,
What a nice
I understand
that JJ lost a friend.
I know;
I'll go.
Hello, JJ.
It's been hard,
Caring doesn't just happen
in a hospital, Phyllis.
I'll stay too,
if it'll help.
You're coming.
Uh, that's all right, Dot.
It's probably
if we're left alone.
All right, Bull,
I'm coming.
Just start the car
without me.
I have to put on
my coat.
[door opening
and closing]
It's over, Dot.
8 hours and 50 minutes.
All that money, Bull--
tell me
you ain't disappointed.
I ain't disappointed.
It ain't over yet.
The fat lady
hasn't sung.
rapidly approaching]
JJ, snow's gone!
It ain't snowing.
So you're going
to go outside and play.
Um, JJ said
that I could play with JJ.
You can
play alone, Benji.
I can play with JJ.
No, JJ's
all grown up now.
Time to play
by yourself, Benji.
See you later.
Is that you?
What are you
doing here?
Just trying to help you
get what you want.
Apple strudel schnapps.
[chuckling dryly]
It's a hard way
to go.
Probably less painful
to cut your wrists.
Happy birthday, JJ.
Let's talk.
We've been talking
for seven months, Doc.
that wasn't talking.
That was just rhetoric, JJ.
Not much fun anymore,
is it?
Wasn't much fun
being sober,
and now it's not much fun
being drunk.
These past seven months--
almost like
they never happened.
Why don't you let
yourself out?
Quite a piece of ass,
isn't she?
Your aunt?
What do you want?
I want to tell you
the truth, JJ,
and I want you
to tell me the truth.
You said it yourself,
I'm right back
where I started.
I'm older.
You know how many
actually make it, JJ?
That's 3 out of 100.
Sometimes it takes a year,
sometimes a week,
sometimes just a day
before you end up drunk, high,
What's your point?