Relife (2017) Movie Script

When I was a child, I thought
I would go to college when I grow up,
look for a job and work normally,
and thought to get married
around when I'm 25 years old.
But where I am now...
I deeply apologize to say this but
it has been decided that your
employment has been terminated.
You are Mr Arata Kaizaki, right?
After two years in a university,
you went to graduate school.
You've got guts.
Yes! I have confidence in my perseverance!
Huh? Why is it that in the first company
you were hired at after you graduated,
you quit only after five months?
Well... Umm... You see...
You could say a difference in direction.
It's a resolution as I gaze toward the future.
Quick decisions and actions
are my strengths.
I'm 27 and unemployed.
It's me.
Oh... Takenaka.
Kaizaki, isn't it your payday today?
Wanna go out for a drink?
Ah, sure.
I think I'm going to get promoted soon.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Shall we go then?
Oh man, tomorrow's another work day, huh?
But then, who would have thought
that Takenaka would get married?
I know, right? Congratulations.
Give my regards to your wife.
You too, Kaizaki. Do your
best on your new job.
Will do.
Then, here's my share.
Thank you very much.
Why did
my life become like this?
There's nothing going on with me right now.
Not even work.
Not even dreams or goals.
Good evening. Nice to meet you,
Mr Arata Kaizaki.
Do you want to redo your life again?
You have been chosen
as a ReLIFE test subject.
Would you consider participating
in our experiment?
Um, you see...
But wait, who are you?
I'm sorry I forgot.
I am Ryo Yoake of ReLIFE laboratory.
ReLIFE laboratory?
We are searching for people
who dropped out of society
and are considered NEETs...
Hey, hold on there. I'm no NEET.
I'm currently job hunting and
sometimes I have a part time job.
I apologize for that.
But please consider this.
We have reviewed everything
in your background history.
Ah, please wait. Please
listen to what I have to say.
As if I'll listen to that!
The experiment will last for one year.
And after that, we promise
that you will have a new life.
And also, you will be fully
compensated for that year.
Fully compensated?
From rent to food and everything.
In addition, we will introduce and
refer you to a company after completion.
Isn't that a good deal?
Since you're currently unemployed and
there is no prospect of reemployment,
And it looks like you don't
have any savings left either.
Shut up.
But what do you mean by redoing my life?
It won't be that easy to change that.
It is easy.
Starting this spring, you will live
a life of a high school student.
What? A high school student?
I'm already 27, you know.
Do not worry.
This is a new drug developed by our company.
If you swallow this,
you will be rejuvenated
to a high school student.
Hmm? Have we caught your
attention by chance?
Of course you did.
What the hell is that drug?
Anyway, please think about it.
I told you, I don't need it.
The truth is it's too
painful that you want to quit?
Even pretending you're a company
employee and drinking with friends?
Don't you want to forget
your current self?
I will be waiting for
a favorable response.
Bye for now.
My head hurts.
I drank too much.
I can see?
I'm a bit different.
And the facial hair is thin.
Like when I was young.
I took it.
No way! What?!
Mr Kaizaki.
Why don't you try ReLIFE?
[ April ]
I'm the only old man in this
flock of high school students.
It's so scary!
But what I am hesitating for?
They are only bratty kids
who are ten years younger.
High school girls!
They're really high school girls!
I should just take a seat that
doesn't stand out for now.
That is my seat.
I'm sorry.
I just transferred.
The seating order is
posted on the blackboard.
Yes. Thank you very much.
Good morning!
Hmm.... I wonder where I will be sitting.
Why are you here?
Good morning!
Now that self introductions are done,
we will now start the customary test.
What? Test?
Isn't it surprising to have a test on
the first day of the term in our school?
I didn't hear about this!
I am not prepared for this at all!
Oh well.
I've already graduated once,
I might be unexpectedly good.
Okay, don't turn it over yet.
Wait, I don't have a pencil case!
What is that?
This? It's just my cigarettes.
Ah! No! You're getting the wrong idea!
It's something I always have!
Always have?!
Wait a moment there. You're only just...
We need to start the test.
Y-you're right.
Go to the teachers' room after school.
Everyone! Look forward.
You can start the test now.
Thank you.
Thank you. You saved me.
No worries. If you'd like, you can
keep it for the rest of the day.
Ah, are you alright?
It's better to take the day off if
you're sick, don't push yourself.
Take the day off? Don't say
stupid things like that.
She said that bluntly to
someone older than her.
I would not take the day off
especially for this test.
Rena sure hates to lose.
You don't want anybody to take the
place of the class representative.
The class representative will be
chosen from the result of this test.
Kanriu had always been the class's best.
That's why she's class representative.
But this year....
the school's top student,
Hishiro is in our class.
Stop chattering so easily like that.
Now, could you start explaining to me.
Why are you in this school?!
I told you, didn't I?
It's my job to observe the test subject.
I kept to myself. I wanted to see your surprised face.
You super sadist!
Oh well. By the way, why is it that
of all the years, it's third year?
It's the time where the studies are hardest.
And everyone had been close
to each other already.
It's the time when it's the
hardest to get along with.
But then it doesn't matter
what year I'm admitted to.
I just got into this because of the
living expenses and job hunting.
In the first place, I will disappear
from everyone's memory, right?
Memories from the people
who got involved around you
will be erased after the ReLIFE period.
What about my memories?
Of course, your memories
will still remain.
If not, there is no point
in redoing your life.
And besides, you'll just
end up as a no good NEET.
It would be different if you
tell someone about ReLIFE,
or someone knew who you really are.
Your memory will also be wiped out and the
experiment will be terminated immediately.
If that's the case, I would
just be behind the shadows,
and smoothly let that one year pass as it is.
Go buy some meal tickets already!
Are you not done yet? Hurry it up.
Huh? What's wrong with her?
You're wasting time.
It's Hishiro. Looks like
she's having some dispute.
Ah. The cigarette guy.
That's a terrible way to remember me.
Ah, sorry. Maybe that was too mean.
Did something happen?
Looks like you were in trouble.
It's my fault that
I didn't bring any money.
Even though I said that I
was first, if they would let me eat,
and asked them a favor about
it but it was no good.
I don't really understand it but in
other words, you don't have money, right?
Okay, then I'll lend you some.
Here you go.
For you to lend me this much money,
it's like you're an adult.
Ah, well, you see... I don't
know what you will eat.
Anyway, just take it for now. Okay?
Well, taking it as you say.
Thank you very much.
So that kind of girl is your type.
N-no. What are you talking about?
Like a shadow and pass smoothly, huh?
Kaizaki, you should not be doing this.
If you're going to
smoke at such a young age,
you'll really regret it
when you become an adult.
Well, I know that you want
to act like an adult but...
Um... How old are you, Ms Amatsu?
I'm 25.
She's younger than me.
Ah, I got it wrong. You're still young.
What? If you're underestimating me
for being young, I'll knock you out.
No, no. That's not what I mean.
I'm thinking you're amazing.
Even though you're young,
you are fully employed.
And you're doing a
fine job as a teacher.
I really admire you.
What are you talking about?
You will still write a letter
of apology for stirring things up.
Yes, Ma'am.
- She's really...
- Then leave...
very different from me.
I can tell now.
It is hard work once you're out in society.
At the moment one becomes an adult,
and finally...
I'm so sorry.
Come on, Saiki. It's just a simple mistake.
I'll be more careful in the future.
The mistake in purchasing,
I'm sure it was not your fault, Ma'am Saiki.
I'm sure the others did it...
Thank you, Kaizaki.
I know.
But I'm alright.
Why are you so late at school?
Did you have any club activities and such?
No. There was something I didn't
know about the modern Japanese test.
So I asked a teacher.
I see.
You're really serious.
Am I so serious that I'm a boring girl?
It's normal that people say
that I'm hard to approach with.
It's a bit embarrassing to say
that I don't have any friends.
Thinking that I must change that,
I do not know what I should
do at all to resolve this.
Can you tell me for my reference?
What is the first impression
do you have of me?
Am I really that hard to approach?
Well, to be honest you
are hard to approach.
Ah, but...
I thought that you are interesting
once I get to talk to you.
Well, I think...
I think it would help if
you smiled once in a while.
Like this?
You just drew back, right?
No, sorry.
It's a bit different from what I thought.
I want to change.
From what I am now...
You don't have to rush into it.
This is my last year.
That's right.
We're third years.
Would you give me your phone number?
Extortion suddenly?!
Please let me clarify.
In other words...
I'm asking if you could
give me your phone number.
Since I don't have any friends,
I want to move forward as much as possible.
I should explain clearly.
if you will explain it properly.
I don't think there is
anyone who could refuse you.
You did a good job explaining it.
Ah, you smiled.
You just smiled now.
What? Really?
What? Not that way!
Hmm, let's see. Try taking
a deep breath, a deep breath.
Inhale. Exhale.
Helping someone who is in trouble,
This day,
He has made quite a leap
in his interpersonal skills.
He is quite different from
failed subject number 001.
Subject number 002, Arata Kaizaki.
He will surely have a fulfilling ReLIFE.
Since the ones with the top
scores were Oga and Hishiro,
they will be the class representatives.
Certifying that, I will now
give them the silver pins.
Even though he looks flashy,
Oga is actually smart.
Now I will return all
the results of the test.
Yes, Ma'am.
Do your best.
Yes, Ma'am.
Were you surprised?
Yes, Ma'am.
Kanriu and I were always class
representatives since freshman.
This silver pin is awesome.
The cafeteria food is free, even
traveling expenses is also free.
There are many other benefits.
I see.
So that's why Hishiro didn't
bring any money that time.
How high did you got, Rena?
Ah... I'm sorry...
I told you that will make things worse!
Ah... This is the worst.
If you want, I can help you to study.
You failed in all of them.
Sorry, even I'm surprised at myself.
Really? You have time to help other people?
I have time because I'm the top?
I somewhat want a handicap.
See? He's like that. He might get
carried away so be careful.
I get carried away.
But Karui, you had bad luck this time.
But then, you had a cold so
there's no helping it.
Not really. My health is my responsibility so
I don't want to blame the results on a cold.
There's someone better than me. That's all.
Wow, you sure are stoic. Not cute at all.
I'm not cute from the start.
Good for you that I'm not the class
representative anymore.
Huh? I don't think like that at all.
What kind of delusion are you having?
Oga, think about it a bit.
Hm? What about?
What are you angry about?
I see. Kariu could actually like Oga...
Hm? Wait.
Then does that mean that, Hishiro
took the silver pin from Kariu to be with Oga?
What's wrong?
I told you that I will help you
with the remediation exams.
Wait for three minutes!
Thanks for having us!
Make yourselves comfortable. I'll serve some tea.
Kariu said she wants to
help you no matter what.
I didn't say that at all.
I thought that since you two were going,
I might as come along too.
Hm? Where's your family?
My parents are overseas for work,
so I live alone.
I envy you living alone. I want to do that too.
Why? It's obvious.
So that I can enjoy freedom.
But if I'm living alone,
I have to cook no matter what, right?
Of course you have to.
Nobody would do that for you.
You do it, Kariu.
I'm sorry for contacting you on a weekend.
Why so formal?
It seems like I have made a friend.
I am in good terms with Kariu.
Our eyes meet often and I smile.
How did you came up with that?
I think that's a misunderstanding.
Huh? It's Hishiro.
Ah, yeah.
Are you two close?
Well, it's like a business contact.
What's that?
Ah, invite her. Invite her here.
If you were to study with the top two,
your studies will be more effective.
Ah, no, no, no.
It seems like she's busy.
Hey, hey, hey. What is this?
What's that?
You don't know that? It's a MiniDisc player.
Oh, so this is a MD player.
Hey, have you seen this, Kariu?
Not really.
Hm? "Star Viewing"?
It's the first song I
bought with pocket money.
Isn't that a really old song?
We were around kindergarten?
Ah! No, I mean...
I was a mature child.
I want to listen to it,
would it be alright to borrow it?
Okay. Then I'll lend you the Walkman.
What? Walkman MD's?
Wow! MD Walkman! Amazing!
It's big!
First time I've seen one.
It doesn't fit though.
You're no good, give it. Like this...
I have something to discuss with you
regarding the next committee meeting.
Hey, Hishiro. The way you're
calling me doesn't sound good at all.
Call me Kazu.
Since my first name is Kazuomi.
Then, I'll call you Kazu.
That sounds better.
Hey, Kariu.
Are you going to your club?
What was that about?
Oh well.
And? What do you want to discuss?
Um, I think we should talk
with the rest of the class...
Here goes.
Excuse me.
What do you mean?
It is written here but...
Ah, Kariu. You're just leaving?
Huh? Isn't that Hishiro's bag?
Wait, wait, wait...
Why are you running away?
Let me go!
They fell down. What should we do?
Are you alright, Kariu?
Are you sure there is nothing wrong?
I left your bags over there.
Then I'll be going back to the teachers' room.
Rest a bit and feel free to go home later.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
But it's you isn't it?
You're the one who made the mistake in
the purchasing order instead of Saeki.
Give it up already. It's her
fault for getting carried away.
Did you saw how furious
the director was?
I saw, I saw.
Director, Ma'am Saeki was
only framed by the others.
She's only being detested because
she's getting the top results.
Thank you for your valuable information.
Ma'am Saeki!
Why are you being transferred?
Isn't it weird?!
That's why, Kaisaki.
Be mature and grow up.
It's because I said unnecessary things.
It's because of me that Ma'am Saeki...
I made a resolution that
I won't do unnecessary things.
It would be better that I hide in the
shadows and let this one year pass smoothly.
Well, I'll go on ahead.
Do your best in studying.
Of course I will.
I've been the best until now.
What were you going to do
with Hishiro's bag?
Don't make that scary face.
Don't change the subject, Kariu.
Answer me.
I was going to...
embarrass her a little bit.
The act of hurting people is
in the end, only hurts yourself.
You're doing your best.
Do not stop with your efforts.
But I can't help it.
What do you know, Kaizaki?!
I'm doing my best! I'm doing my
very best but nothing comes of it.
Being made fun of when I can't fight.
I am this desperate...
Why am I the only one
who is getting it wrong?
No matter how hard I try,
I'm getting nowhere.
There's no point.
That's not true.
Comparing yourself to other
people isn't the goal.
The things you worked hard for...
will surely bear fruit in your growth.
That's why...
Don't stop working hard.
Well then, I'll be leaving.
Once you've calmed down,
take care and go home.
Hm? Hishiro.
Why did Kariu have my bag?
Why don't you ask her yourself?
If you don't listen to her, you will only
end up not understanding each other.
I've been waiting here for you.
This is becoming something serious.
Why are you here?!
Shh! They might notice us.
Why did you have my bag?
Because I hate you.
No matter how much I tried,
nothing good comes of it.
All the things I've wanted. Everything...
You took all of it.
You were always making a triumphant face.
I really hate you for always making fun of me.
I'm not making fun of you.
But you are! You are always
smiling whenever you see me.
That's because Kaizaki advised
that I should smile more.
Hey, Hishiro.
Could you try smiling.
How is that a smile?!
However you look at it, it's a
face where you're making fun of me.
I didn't know.
I just...
was smiling wholeheartedly
because I wanted to be your friend.
That is all.
How awkward can you be?
My strength is
being intelligent.
my weakness is not being
aware of my surroundings.
Even though there are many
points that I am incompetent,
I want to change my current self.
Even though I am like this...
Would you please become my friend?
I'm sorry...
for what I did.
Since when have you been watching?
Are you a stalker?
Observing is my work after all.
I got to hear your passionate words properly.
"Don't stop working hard", right?
Who am I to say things like that, huh?
Even though I am someone who
gave up on society as a NEET...
makes me laugh.
Not at all. You were magnificent.
I think those words
will remain with Kariu.
Even though she will forget you
after the completion of ReLIFE,
and even though she would
not remember who said it.
she will remember that
someone in her third year
had said that to her.
It's not what I said.
I didn't give up yet.
That's why you too,
don't stop working hard.
But Ma'am Saeki...
ended up quitting the company...
Saeki died?!
Heard she jumped on the railway tracks.
Heard it was suicide.
[ July ]
It's summer vacation!
Seems like you're really happy about it.
There are only few holidays in August.
You won't notice it when
you become a working adult.
Why are you behaving like one?
Nothing really.
Hey, shouldn't all of us go here?
Fireworks festival! Sounds great!
Let's wear yukatas and go!
What do you think of August 20th?
I might have some errands on that day.
What errand?
Well, it's kinda...
What is it?
Hey, Hishiro.
If it's alright with you, why don't
you join us in the fireworks festival.
Yeah, you should come too, Hishiron.
There will be remedial lessons
for you two during the summer vacation.
Wow, it's so refreshing here.
Really now.
Onoya sure is late.
I sure don't want to go to
school during summer vacation.
Where did that student preparing for exams go?
Since we're going to the fireworks festival,
you have to properly study.
Hey, I wonder what the girls will wear
at the fireworks festival.
I can't imagine what Hishiro
will wear at all.
Ah, Kariu said she bought a new yukata.
Don't you have a girlfriend?
Huh? What's that all of a sudden?
That's because it's already summer.
It's the last summer of school.
At least one romantic story. Okay?
I don't have one though.
What the hell. Such a waste for being a stud.
It'll just be a big trouble.
Don't you have one?
Don't mind me.
I see.
Then, is there a girl you like?
I like all of them.
What kind of answer is that?
Are you stupid?
I just don't want to tell you.
Then how about someone who
you notice is always there?
Then how about someone who
you enjoy talking with you?
Then how about you want to kiss
her and go further than that?
What? There's no one I see like that.
Come on.
Studying is important,
but I think love is also important.
There are times when a certain someone can
suddenly disappear before your eyes.
You should cherish her more now.
It seems like you are an old man, Arata.
You should confess to Kariu!
Huh? What're you talking about?
- Shut up.
- Sorry, sorry.
You're late.
Are you also studying?
Ah, let's all study together.
- Okay? Okay?
- That sounds great.
There are plenty of stalls.
Ah, Hishiro.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Wow! You look so cute, Hishiron!
Thank you very much.
Looks good on you.
I know, right?
Kaizaki is late.
He said he had some errands to do.
I wonder if he'll come.
Well, let's wait for him a little bit more.
Are you really not coming today?
I have gotten better because of you.
I wish to see the fireworks with you.
I guess Kaizaki can't come.
Oga! Oga!
Sorry for keeping you waiting.
So you came after all.
We were all waiting for you.
Hey, hey. Look, look.
What do you think? Ain't she cute?
Okay, let's go. Over there.
Let's go, let's go.
Tatami mat complete.
Let's buy some takoyaki before it begins.
Oh, sounds great.
Huh? It should be yakisoba.
Ah, geez.
Okay, okay, okay.
Let's just go buy some.
How is it?
Oh, you already bought them.
I also bought one.
Looks delicious!
Is it alright if I eat already?
Wait for us.
Kazu, you're not eating corn?
Corn? Should I buy some?
There's one over there, I think.
Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!
Rain, rain, rain!
Ah, excuse us.
No way!
This can't be real.
Our things!
Oh no!
It's raining pretty hard.
I guess it will be canceled.
Too bad.
We'll just have to come next year again.
Even if we become college students.
Let's all go see again.
Yeah, yeah.
That's right. Fireworks isn't just for this year.
Not really.
This summer is the only time.
The last summer of high school
will never come back.
Even if you say that...
One time only, huh?
I love you!
Please go out with me!
What is this all of a sudden?!
What's with the timing?!
Then when would be the best time?!
Whenever is fine!
It's because I've been waiting for you.
What did you say?
You fool!
What? Kariu?
Arata, it's your fault!
So from now on we'll start
studying for entrance exams.
The school festival is what
we're looking forward to.
Ah, right.
We have decided what we
would perform as a band.
It's the song I've borrowed from
Arata and it's really a good song.
Let me hear it.
Wait, which reminds me where is Arata?
Maybe he ran away because we have a test.
He's playing hooky.
Um. I thought of enrolling in an open campus.
Are you alright?
Thank you.
Looks like you have a fever.
Please open your mouth.
I'm sorry.
Um, when I googled,
it is harmful to nurse a man.
Thank you.
Please get better soon.
By the way, have the entrance exams started?
Which university are you applying for?
could be...
studying abroad.
I see.
School festival's serious business you know.
Help here a bit.
Hey, come on, Onoya!
Is there anything better for the
picture in the leaflets?
What? I think it should be fine.
What is it?
So Onoya, have you decided what
you'll play in the band?
What? I didn't tell you?
Please wait...
Wait, this song!
Yeah, we'll play this in the school festival.
It's really a good song.
Isn't it?
Thanks for telling me about it, Arata.
Good luck.
Thank you.
An! Look, look!
What is it?
This will be used to excite the
audience during your live performance.
Thank you!
Also, we also thought of a dance
to accompany your performance.
~Even if the next day was calling to us~
~We never gave it a proper response~
~I chased after the comet we call~
~"the present" together with you~
~Oh yeah. Ah, ah~
Let's all liven up Onoya's band!
The part where there is a telescope,
the left hand is in front.
Like this. Put together your fists.
Hishiro, would you like to try doing it with me?
Ah. Okay.
"Several voices which cut through"
"the silence were born then"
Ah! Sorry.
Excuse me.
Please let's do it one more time.
Ah, umm... Hishiro.
We start from the right side here.
From the right. Right.
Let's leave them be and
let's just get back to work.
Okay. I'll go teach them.
Wait, stop.
You help us here too.
Ah! Ouch!
I tried to practice by myself.
What do you think?
Hm? What are you watching?
Ah, wait, wait...
Ah! It's Hishiro.
She's super cute.
Confess to her.
What? What for? This has nothing to do with it.
What? But you like Hishiro, right?
Kariu and Onoya said so too.
It's so obvious.
No. That's not true at all.
If this past summer was the last time,
this autumn is only the last time as well.
Spend the current time wisely. The current time.
Shut up.
Okay, okay...
Okay, confiscated.
Okay, focus, focus.
If I can, I would like to.
Memories from the people
who got involved around you
will be erased after the ReLIFE period.
Sir Nakajima! Please buy some yakisoba.
Lady, here, here.
Could you tell me your phone number?
There are a lot of people in the audience.
Good luck, Onoya.
Good luck.
Strengthen your shoulder.
Next up is the performance from the
light music club, the "Bread Rolls"!
~2:00am, at the railroad crossing,~
~carrying a telescope on my shoulders,~
~The radio tied to my belt~
~tells me it shouldn't rain today~
Maid! Hey, maid!
Hey, hey. You look great.
Your hips are sexy!
Hey, hey, hey!
What do you think of this?
Awesome! Hey, more!
Maid! Yeah!
From below, from below.
Come on, show it. show it.
Please stop!
Go! Go! Hey!
Please leave. Go there.
Hold it punk!
Let go! Come right here! Right now!
It's alright, okay?
Let go.
What is it?!
Let go!
No, no! Are you alright?
Sorry, sorry.
Stop it, you guys!
I said stop it!
What the hell!
Calm down, Arata!
Let's go, Hishiro.
Stop it you guys! Stop it!
What the hell did I do?
That was so immature...
Hishiro, sorry. I'll leave it to you.
I think violence is wrong.
I guess so.
It's not like you, Kaizaki.
Why did you do that?
That's because...
Well, basically...
Because I love you...
Ah, no, well...
That's because you were
so bothered by them.
Does that mean...
you want me to be your girlfriend?
Yes... that's right...
can't do it.
I refuse.
You confessed?
But you got dumped?!
No way!
That's strange.
I thought she felt the same...
But well...
This is better.
What? I don't like that.
But maybe Hishiro is bothered
by studying abroad.
Don't be so down. Confess once more.
Say, can ReLIFE
be suddenly stopped?
It is possible.
But what's wrong?
Seems like...
I've lost my will to continue.
Is it because of Hishiro?
There is also that...
I've caused trouble for everyone
in the school festival too.
To think I should not go overboard with things.
And just suddenly, I...
Will you stop?
Come to think of it, the day of the fireworks
festival was the first anniversary, right?
It's Ma'am Saeki's death anniversary.
The truth is on that day,
you wanted to be alone.
you chose to spend it with everyone.
Don't you have an answer already there?
Oh right, Kaizaki.
Are you free this weekend?
Excuse me...
Who might you be?
I was in the same company as Ma'am Saeki...
Ah, I mean...
His younger brother.
My brother asked to come on his behalf.
Oh, I see.
There were people in the company
who also took care of my sister.
My brother....
said that he was really indebted to her.
My sister also thought it's regrettable.
Because of that incident...
Even though she had decided on another
company and was in high spirits.
Since it was foreign company, and she would
have to use English, it would be hard but
she said it was fulfilling and
she was looking forward to it.
I see.
Which reminds me, my sister said something.
There was a junior in the company
that was really having a hard time.
She said he's passionate,
troublesome but serious.
Looks like she was saved by him.
She was always thankful for him.
Don't give up working hard.
Yes, Ma'am.
What should I do tomorrow?
Will you continue
to go to school?
Of course I will.
So I can leave something with everyone.
I'll do my best!
School trip?
Well, it's more like a graduation trip.
When the exams are over, let's go with everyone.
So you mean it's a school trip just for us?
Yeah, sounds great.
Yeah, sounds fun. Let's go with everyone.
Yeah, yeah, let's go.
Then it's decided!
I've talked about this with everyone earlier.
After the exams, why don't
we all go to a school trip?
School trip?
Let's make our last memories with everyone.
Let's do our best with the
remaining school days, Hishiro.
Then I'll see you tomorrow.
[ December ]
It's finally the last stretch.
Face what's in front of you
and do your very best!
Yes, Ma'am!
You punk... take that, and that.
I prayed that you two will graduate.
It all depends on you.
Why? You should just study!
Wow! 83 points! You actually
can do it if you tried, Arata!
Alright! 100 points isn't just a dream anymore.
I cannot aim for 100 points.
Yes, you can.
Hey, what will you do, Kaizaki?
I thought we could all
go to the same university.
Ah... I have something else I wanted to do.
Let's do this.
Well then, the exam will begin.
Good morning.
What's with the serious face?
I've been thinking that when the
cherry blossoms blooms, we'll be graduating.
Hm... that's right.
Everyone will become college students.
I wanted to become an adult
with everyone.
Ah right.
Why don't you come with
us in our trip, Yoake.
But I'm...
Were you and Yoake close?
We are a good pair, right?
It's also your last time to be a
high schooler so come with us!
Okay, it's decided!
Let's all of us have fun!
Yeah! Yeah!
I'm looking forward!
I'm thinking of the best trip.
That is a secret!
A secret?
It's a secret!
What's wrong?
This is the first time...
that I got involved with others.
You changed with the
second year ReLIFE it seems.
Would you please extend my ReLIFE?
I finally
have an opportunity.
to change for the better.
If this continues...
I can't return like this.
You really want to change, right?
Please give me a chance
for just one more year.
I want to do my best.
I want to change.
I'm sorry.
What is this?
Even when I study...
Even when I eat...
Whatever I do...
I always think about him...
I always have him in my mind...
It's hard...
But I want to know more about him...
Is this...
Should it have been better
if you didn't have that feeling?
I'm glad I have it.
glad that I met Kaizaki.
We will be apart come spring, right?
I will disappear
from Kaizaki's memories, right?
If by chance if either of them
is really a high schooler,
even if they forget, the subject's
memories will still remain.
one can find find themselves in
memories and see them again.
But if they are both subjects,
both of their memories will disappear.
They can't remember each other.
Do not get too involved.
Subjects are only for observing.
Yes, Sir.
Next to Kaizaki
is not a subject.
I'm just a normal 17 year old girl.
I'm sorry.
I'm late.
Anyway, to start things off,
congratulations everyone for passing!
Thank goodness.
Anyway, where should we go?
Please wait.
It's a "Guidebook of Travel"
So you made something like this.
Wow. It's so detailed.
It's too crammed.
It's a day trip, right?
Ah, it's past five minutes.
Let's go everyone. Let's go!
No way!
Wait for a moment!
Feels great, isn't it?
On your mark, ready...
Do it!
Oga! Do it properly!
Do it!
Great! Go!
Okay, here.
Okay. Tasty?
Ah hey. Don't you want
to give one too, Hashiro.
I don't have any.
Um... I don't have any.
This is interesting.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
Be sure to follow the schedule.
That goes for everyone.
Everyone should go check the centerpiece.
Okay, there are the fishes!
Okay, next.
I want to look more carefully.
Wait! It's pointless.
Just follow the schedule. Okay, birds!
Who the hell made that schedule!
Me! Okay, let's go to the next one!
Wait, Arata!
He's really a kid, isn't he?
Let's switch, switch.
See! See! See!
Go! Go! Go!
Yay! Yay!
Bye, bye!
Wait, wait!
They passed them. Go!
Go! Go! Go!
It's fun, isn't it?
Spending time with everyone like this.
glad I came.
That's good to hear.
Me too.
What are you doing!
Oga! Kariu!
Behind you! They're coming, they're coming!
Are you alright, Yoake?
What are you doing, geez!
Next is...
There, there!
I made this so that everyone could eat.
We won't make it here.
We can't go here either.
Whatever happens,
we'll definitely go here!
Guys, guys, guys!
We don't have time, hurry and eat up!
Watch it! It's dangerous!
Ah! There it is!
Wait! We'll ride!
Ah, wait!
Alright! I'm the first!
Go, go, go!
Where is it?!
There, there!
What? I can't anymore.
[ Nitto Bus Hoshiman ]
Ah, there it is. Let's go, let's go.
If we miss this, we'll have to wait an hour more.
Huh? My handkerchief.
Could it be in the bench?
I'll go look for it a bit.
Thank you.
I've lost my pen too...
I'll go look for it.
Thank you.
Sir driver, please go.
It's alright.
There's nothing here.
What? What?
You punks! Hey!
Wait! Wait!
Be grateful!
It's on purpose?!
Don't come back!
Good luck!
Bye bye!
Those punks.
That Kaizaki. He's desperate
for help after all.
Even though he's meddling
too much with people.
I know. He's really
meddling with everyone.
He's acting like an old man.
He saved us from things.
Bus isn't coming, huh.
It sure isn't.
You know...
What do you think about memories?
Well, it's like this...
they're pictures and stuff like that,
I have a feeling that's not what's important.
I also think so.
Even if there are blurry
memories that you had fun,
people can live through them.
That's true.
will be studying abroad overseas in the spring.
And I don't think I will be back in Japan...
I'm glad I spent the time together with everyone.
Me too.
It was a meaningful year.
I'm sorry I bothered you
during the school festival.
But I don't regret it.
Until now, I am...
in love with you, Hishiro.
It's alright.
I understand
how you feel.
we'll soon be going on our separate ways.
I want to tell you
what I feel for the last time.
am never going to forget you, Hishiro.
Me too...
I will not forget you.
I also...
love you, Kaizaki.
Thank you for everything, Ma'am.
Thank you.
All of you did your best.
Hey, hey. Let's all get
a picture of us together.
Oh, sounds good.
Here, here.
Hurry, hurry.
It was really a fun year.
I'm glad that I met everyone.
And the things I have said.
Even though those memories will be gone,
those moments really happened.
It will continue on.
Everything that happened
is not something that will disappear.
There are still things that will remain.
Wow, it's a good picture.
It's scattered all over, geez.
Yeah, it's a good picture. It's cute.
Hey guys.
Let me say this for the last time.
Cherish the present, right?
I thought so.
You're still saying it.
You guys
were really the best!
Thank you for this year.
Why are you crying?
No, this is...
He said it's sweat.
From now on,
you'll become adults and find work,
and there might be times when you'll trip but...
Everything will be well.
But wait, I talk like an old man!
I know right. It seems like
we won't see each other again.
Even Hishiro's crying...
Oh no, I'm about to cry too.
Hey, Rena!
You're crying.
It's your fault! Hey!
Let go.
Thank you.
You've done well in your ReLIFE.
Have you decided on what you
will do in your new life?
I've found it.
It's a job that perfectly fits me.
Then as promised, we will provide
you with a recommendation...
No, it's alright.
I intend to
use my own strength for what's ahead.
You'll be 28 when you go back.
I intend to fully do what
I can to the 28 year old me.
Cherish the present.
Congratulations on graduating.
Thank you for everything.
Subject number 001, Chizuru Hishiro.
Number 002, Arata Kaizaki.
ReLIFE ended on schedule.
Considering the life the
two will resume in the future,
I think it would be fruitful.
those two will have a
perfect future ahead of them.
Okay, I'll hold on to it.
Why not work for us?
Ah, I'm sorry. There's something I want to do.
Oh no, I overslept.
I skipped first period.
"Cherish the present", right?
The present.
Huh? Who said that again?
Who was it again?
I have a feeling it was told to us recently.
[ Recruitment Plan Notification ]
We will soon start the test.
Don't tell me there is someone
who forgot their pencil case.
There's no one who's
stupid enough to do that.
There was someone who
forgot a long time ago.
No way.
I noticed something
after I finished my ReLIFE.
There are too many people I
can't just neglect in this world.
Okay, let's start the test.
From now on as a teacher,
I will take care of the students
to the point of annoyance.
How was it?
I've gotten used to it.
Good luck.
Thank you very much.
That is my seat.
I'm sorry.
I was asked to just wait in this area.
Nice to meet you.
I was asked to be a temporary instructor.
I am Hishiro.
Nice to meet you. I'm Kaizaki.
Is this your first day?
Yes, I am in charge of the next class.
What section?
It's first year, section six.
I will show you around.
Thank you very much.
- Um...
- Um...