Reluctant Nanny (2015) Movie Script

[indistinct chatter]
I'll just call you as soon
as we land.
You ever tried cake pops?
It's cake on a stick.
Oh, I understand the concept.
Yeah, I was thinking
of serving those at my wedding
instead of a traditional cake.
Don't you have bridesmaids
you can ask this stuff to?
All units, attempt to locate two children
missing from their foster home.
First juvenile is Sam Anderson,
ten-year-old male, brown hair.
Second juvenile
is Hannah Anderson,
seven-year-old female, blond hair.
I bet they're at the park.
We ll see.
Hold on, you two.
Hey, kids.
It's a nice day to be outside.
You guys here with a grown-up?
We're waiting for our mother.
Well, I guess
Officer Moore and I
will keep you company
until she gets back.
That's okay.
She just went to get us a pretzel.
You wouldn't happen
to be Sam and Hannah Anderson?
How do you know our names?
Are we in trouble?
And you are?
Libby Prescott,
the new VP of Biz Dev.
I totally forgot to call you.
We have no more biz
for you to dev.
What does that mean?
Yesterday I sold the company to Yabble Corp.
They're absorbing us,
so everyone's been let go.
You're kidding me.
I just let go of my place
in Boston for this job.
As of today.
Are we allowed to keep
the corporate housing?
Sorry, no.
There she is.
Hi, Dan, Andrea.
Where are the kids?
They're in the car.
But we have a problem.
They don't want to go back
to their foster home.
Well, actually, Mrs. Burke
doesn't want them back.
She thinks that
they're too rowdy.
And she suddenly
has a heart condition.
Yeah, apparently,
she's missing one.
So where are these kids
supposed to go?
They ve run away
from three foster homes.
I don't have that many options.
Well, we can't keep them
in the patrol car.
I'm looking for
an emergency placement
for them for a day or two.
- Then what?
- New foster homes.
Homes, Louisa?
It's a really
overcrowded system.
I might have to separate them.
No. These kids have been
bouncing around foster care
because I put
their father in jail.
[phone beeps]
I just got a placement for them.
- Thanks for finding them.
- Yeah.
Sam, Hannah, let's go.
All right, see you guys later.
Bye, guys.
[phone ringing]
- Mom?
- Hey.
How was your first day?
Or should I say
[speaking French]
One good thing about going back
to school is, I'm taking French.
Yeah. Well, what's French
for it was also my last day?
You quit already?
The company got sold.
Everybody was laid off.
So what now?
I've got enough cash
for a few days.
I'll stay in a motel.
Now I'm worried.
Don't be.
I'll call you soon.
Yeah. Okay, great.
Yeah, I understand.
Okay, I'll talk to you then.
They really never let
you have a lunch break, do they?
Not with my caseload.
Well, sorry to add to it.
I just wanted to swing by
and see
how Sam and Hannah were doing.
They're still in
the emergency placement.
- Together?
- For now.
I think I found a
foster home for Hannah.
They can take her today.
Well, what about Sam?
Dan, I know you mean well,
but don't you think I would keep
them together if I could?
Well, cops can take temporary
custody of a child, right?
- Yeah, or two.
- So what would I need to do?
Not a lot, actually,
if they stayed with you
for a week or two.
Do you know
what you're getting into?
These kids have...
they have some issues.
Which would only get worse
if they were separated, right?
Okay, yeah.
But before I do anything,
you're gonna need
to get yourself a nanny.
I will get a nanny then.
Enjoy your lunch break.
Job placement for tech
executives is our specialty.
Very impressive.
I just wonder about this gap
in your employment history.
What were you doing
for the past 18 months?
I tried to launch my own
start-up, making a game.
I sunk all my savings
into it, hence the whole
needing a job thing right now.
Well, what are you looking for?
Actually, I am not that picky.
So anything
that starts tomorrow.
Listen, it's tough
out there right now.
So patience is a virtue.
Not one of mine.
I'm getting one decent resume from a live-in,
and she can't start for a month.
Oh? Well, you might have
to fork out more money.
The good ones make more than we do.
I don't know how it is
to pick up the kids, cook,
and keep the house clean.
Oh, you clearly
don't know any moms.
I just hope I'm not
making a mistake.
Oh, come on.
When you were with Lauren,
the only thing you talked
about was starting a family.
Yeah, she went from not wanting
kids right away
to not wanting them ever.
Don't look too much into this
whole foster thing, all right?
It's just for a couple of days,
until Louisa
can place them together.
Right. Get back to me about that in a month.
No. Seriously?
Come on.
Hey, that's my purse.
Hey, stop!
Someone get him!
He has my purse!
Slow down!
Stop it.
I flew across the country just
to get let go on my first day.
I am stranded in this city
with no place to live,
no friends and barely any cash,
which you just took.
Does that make you feel good
about yourself?
- No, not really.
- Police.
You too, ma am.
Keep your hands up.
So who's mugging who here?
I was just walking along,
and this criminal
grabbed my purse.
Okay, keep them up for me.
You got it, Andrea?
You know the drill.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can
and will be held against you
in a court of law.
You can put your hands down.
You okay?
Thank you.
What you did is very dangerous.
- I know.
- What if he had been armed?
I had a rough day.
This was the last straw.
So let me see
if I got this right.
Perpetrator grabbed your bag.
You pursued on foot,
then got your property back?
- Mm-hmm.
- Just need an address
and then we can make sure
you get on your way.
Funny thing about that.
I only have a Web address.
I'm currently in between places
until I find a new job, so...
- Gotcha.
- If you need me,
I'll be up at the Midtown Inn
for the next couple days.
I'll get another unit out here
to make sure you get back safe.
Dispatch, this is 227.
Can we get another unit
out to Main Street?
[phone beeps]
Libby, Scott Mays here.
I sent your resume
out to a few places
but no bites yet.
But stay in town.
Something might open up
next week.
Okay, bye.
If I have enough money
to last till next week.
Yes. I've tried every other agency.
I need a nanny
to start tomorrow.
I've told you, we just
don't have anyone available.
Okay, what about a manny?
Sir, have a good night.
[phone ringing]
- Scott?
- No.
This is Officer Dan Connor,
with your whole purse thing.
Oh. Hey, what's up?
Don't tell me
that that mugger escaped.
No. I was wondering,
have you ever worked with kids?
What does that have
to do with my mugging?
Absolutely nothing.
Look, I have
a proposition for you.
I see that you've worked
on lots of kids games.
- I need a nanny.
- Nanny?
You would really be
helping me out of a jam.
I'm taking in some foster kids
until they can find a home.
Well, that's really sweet.
But why me?
You seem responsible.
And your resume
is very impressive.
- How old are they?
- Sam's ten, and Hannah's seven.
Room and board is included.
Yeah, sure.
You know, we used to have kids
come over and focus group
our games all the time.
So yes,
I have watched kids before.
There would also be some
cooking and light housekeeping.
I can do that.
When do I start?
[doorbell rings]
- Hey.
- Hi.
Come in, come in.
No, allow me.
I got it.
Thank you.
So this is the place.
Thank you so much
for taking the nanny job.
The kids room is upstairs.
It's the guest room.
My room is also up there.
This is the living room.
The dining room over there.
Here's the kitchen,
as you can see.
And this is where you ll be staying,
my man cave.
The couch folds out into a bed.
So with the kids staying here,
are you still
able to have the guys over
and watch sports and eat nachos?
You ever tried to get
nacho cheese out of the carpet?
All right.
Well, Sam and Hannah
get here this afternoon,
so I am gonna
go on a grocery run.
If you want to just get settled
and wouldn't mind maybe
tidying up just a little bit,
- that would be...
- Of course.
Thank you.
[phone ringing]
- Hey.
- Emergency.
I can't access
my art history lecture notes.
It's not recognizing my password.
I hope you changed it from password.
Why would I?
That's so easy to remember.
I'll just send you the link.
Anyway, I got a new job.
It's only for a couple weeks.
I'm a nanny.
Is that some kind
of new tech slang, like a guru?
No, I'm watching
two actual children, cooking,
cleaning, taking them to school.
Oh, no, honey.
Mom, it's just for a couple weeks.
I need the extra cash,
and a headhunter
told me to stay in town.
Besides, I'll be working for a cop,
which is much safer
than that motel.
But you don't know anything
about children.
How hard can it be?
They're just like tiny people,
- right?
- Wrong.
Between you and the internet,
I can handle
any parenting problem.
[lively music]
All right.
[doorbell rings]
They're here.
Oh, great, you're here.
You can bring it on in.
Okay, thank you again so much.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Hey, so what is
all of this stuff?
I'm so sorry.
I should've told you.
This was all supposed
to go to my new apartment.
Okay. It's just that the kids
are on their way,
and I have no idea where we're
gonna put all this stuff.
No, I get it. Don't worry,
this can all go in my bedroom.
I don't mind living
with a little bit of clutter
for a week or two.
It's fine.
[doorbell rings]
- (Louisa) Hi.
- Hey.
You guys remember Dan.
Hi, guys.
Come on in.
It's good to see you again.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hi, kids.
- Are you the nanny?
- Hi, I'm Libby.
Well, if you have any questions, call me.
I'll be back in a week
and see how you guys are doing.
- I'll call you.
- All right.
Be good, you guys.
- Bye, nice to meet you.
- Bye.
Bye, Louisa.
So Libby is going to be
your nanny for a few weeks.
We are going
to have so much fun.
If we're still here.
Louisa is going
to find you a great home,
one where you get
to stay together.
Until our daddy
comes back for us.
I am gonna show
you guys to your room.
Does that sound great?
And then Libby
is gonna cook us some dinner.
- I hope you're hungry.
- I can do that.
Yeah. All right.
Right up the stairs.
You need any help?
Okay, you got it.
It's right through here.
This is it.
You each have your own bed.
Which one of you guys
wants the one
that's closest to the window?
We don't care.
Well, I got you guys backpacks
for when you start school.
There's binders and paper,
some pencils in there.
I'm not sure what else
you guys will need,
but we can get that.
I know this can't be
easy for you guys.
But let's try to have fun, okay?
What do you guys like to do?
After dinner,
we could watch a movie.
We could play a game,
maybe catch.
- What do you say?
- Can we just go to our room?
Sure, yeah.
Yeah, whatever you want.
Let me get that.
Let me.
If you change your mind,
let me know, okay?
Knock, knock, you guys.
Well, it's 8:00.
That means it's bedtime
around here.
We're not tired.
Well, you have a
very big day tomorrow.
Can we watch TV?
It's time to go to sleep.
We don't want to.
Just close your eyes
and lie down.
You ll fall asleep before
your head hits the pillow.
I know I will.
Come on, Sam.
All right.
Is that thing off, mister?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
There you go.
Good night.
Good night, Hannah.
I sleep with the light on.
Now the monsters won't get you.
There's monsters here?
No because I am
a police officer.
So no monster would dare
show its face around here.
Good night.
[blender running]
What's in that?
Spinach, avocado, and apple,
a healthy breakfast
for your first day of school.
I make them all the time.
They really get you
going in the morning.
Oh, come on, guys.
I'm sure it tastes better
than it looks.
It ll make you want to go.
Actually, I just
remembered that Andrea
is bringing muffins to work.
You guys want some cereal?
Let's hurry. We don't want
to be late on our first day.
Your room is one forty...
Two. 142.
- Sam, you doing okay?
- Yeah.
- Here we are.
- Okay.
Kids, I have to run
to the front office
and fill out some paperwork.
But you are gonna
have a great first day, okay?
And Libby is gonna
pick you up this afternoon.
There it is.
It's gonna be great.
All right?
Come on, Sam, cheer up.
You're gonna make new friends
and learn really cool things.
Okay, I used to be
the new kid a lot too.
It can be fun.
You know, you could always
reinvent yourself.
Once, I pretended that I
had just moved back from London
and put on a British accent.
I wouldn't recommend that,
All right, go.
I think it's up there.
Second grade.
I'll go in with you, yeah?
[phone ringing]
- Hi, honey.
- So how's school going?
Well, this girl asked me
to join her study group.
You definitely should.
Libby, she was younger than you.
I told her I'm not
the study group kind of gal.
Speaking of kids, how are yours?
What do I do with them
after school?
You could help them
with their homework, you know,
unless Dan wants to do that.
How's it going with him?
He's good.
He's trying to be strict,
but he's sweet.
You can tell
that he cares about the kids.
Anyway, I've got to get
to the dry cleaner.
The little girl got crayon
stains all over my blouse.
You're in way
over your head, aren't you?
I'll figure it out.
They are, like,
a million parenting blogs.
But, Mom, I got to go.
- Okay.
- Hey.
So no emergency phone calls
from the school,
so I assume that they
are both still in class.
- Well, that's good.
- Sam didn't seem thrilled.
I felt like we were
dropping a rabbit
- off at a coyote convention.
- Can't blame him.
As soon as Louisa
finds them a new foster home,
they ll have to switch schools
all over again.
Yeah, my dad
was in the military,
so I was always
switching schools too.
It is not easy to consistently
be starting over.
I can imagine.
Maybe you could talk
to Sam about that.
Oh, I tried.
He has no desire
to hear what I want to say.
I'm sure
they're warming up to you.
Don't forget,
I'm working late tonight.
Be careful.
Thank you.
You too.
You're gonna have to put them
to bed by yourself.
Can you maybe
leave me your handcuffs?
All right, bedtime.
We're not tired.
Well, every time
you go to sleep on time,
you get a gold star.
What ll it take to get
the two of you to go to sleep?
We like chocolate milk
before bed.
We made you some too.
Did you put something
weird in mine?
[both laughing]
Hi, you've reached Scott.
Please leave a message.
Scott, hi.
It's Libby Prescott.
I'm just calling to see
if there was any news
on the job front.
I am open to anything.
Okay, call me back.
My shoes.
I was playing dress-up
outside, and I got mud on them.
I wanted to clean them up,
so you wouldn't get mad.
We ll replace them.
I can't even replace these.
These were $300.
Holy moly.
Do they have diamonds on them?
Rocket boosters?
You're sad about your shoes.
I'm really sorry.
So is Sam.
Don't worry about it.
It's just... I've... I've never
been bad at my job before.
What was your job?
Before this,
I used to make video games.
I love video games.
Now, if I win, you and Hannah go to bed.
And if I win, we get to watch
TV as long as we want.
You're so not gonna win.
Oh, I'm totally gonna beat you.
- Mm-hmm. Ready?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Hurry.
Come on, get ready for the turn.
- Around the corner.
- Come on, Sam, get her.
- It's right up there.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Yes.
- Argh!
- I won.
- How are you so good at this?
This was the first game
I ever worked on.
What other games have you done?
I have done a lot.
You know, there was one
that I created,
but it never made it out there
into the world.
So that's why I had to get
a regular-person job,
because being an adult
is expensive.
You should've
bought cheaper shoes.
You're probably right.
All right, bedtime.
All right.
Good night.
Good night.
Where are the kids?
And the mess?
Dinner was eaten
and all cleaned up.
And as a reward,
I'm going to go get a great
night of beauty sleep.
Good night.
And thank you.
You're welcome.
We shouldn't be mean to Libby.
She wants to be our friend.
She's not our friend.
As soon as we go
to the next foster house,
we ll never see her
or Dan again.
Slow down.
- Come on.
- Hurry.
Over here.
It's Sam, right?
The new kid.
- Yeah.
- I'm David.
I live across
the street from you.
You have a good arm.
My dad coaches little league.
They're having tryouts
next week.
I bet you d make the team.
No, thanks.
- Oh, there you are.
- Oh, hey.
- I got your message.
- You know, I thought
that I d found a home
for Sam and Hannah,
but it fell through.
I'm so sorry.
- Louisa.
- So I guess I should get
that license, right?
How do I get that going?
Well, we can start
the paperwork.
I can pop by for
an inspection and...
but hopefully, I'm gonna
find something before that.
Okay. All right.
No, um,
- I'll sit.
- Great.
- How do you like the sandwich?
- It's okay.
Maybe it could use
a little ketchup.
- Hey.
- What?
What's going on here?
The new kid's a messy eater.
Cameron squirted the ketchup,
so it would go all over Sam.
Cameron, Everett, Jackson,
you're all in detention
this afternoon.
Come with me, now.
But we didn't do anything.
I don't believe this.
This isn t the last
you've heard of me.
You got it?
What did you bring
a teacher for?
I could've handled it by myself.
But now if Cameron
bothers you again,
he ll really be in trouble.
And now I look like a loser
and a tattletale.
I was just trying to help.
I don't need your help.
Oh, Sam, what happened
to your shirt?
- Hey.
- Hi.
Where are Sam and Hannah?
Or pretending to be.
They do okay at school today?
Hannah's having fun.
I'm a little worried
about Sam, though.
I've been the new kid a bunch,
and it's not always easy.
Where did you grow up?
Japan, Texas, San Diego.
You d get used to a place,
and then it d be time to leave.
That must ve been tough.
Especially when your parents
don't get along.
Did they stay together?
Till about three years ago.
My mom stayed
for my sister and I.
Are you close with your family?
I talk to my mom all the time,
my sister sometimes,
my Dad is stationed somewhere.
He usually pops up
around holidays and birthdays.
With all your jobs
and all your moving around,
you're kind of like your dad.
Not really.
What about you?
Enough about me.
Perfect family, right?
My parents have been happily
married for over 35 years.
I have six brothers and sisters.
We're all kind of scattered
about the country.
- Wow.
- We're very close,
though I don't see
them all that often anymore.
They all have little kids.
I guess I'm the only one
whose life
didn't work out that way.
That's a lot of perfect
to measure up to.
School lunch achievement
I'm impressed.
I made these for you
for work tomorrow.
These cookies are sugar-free and gluten-free.
Why did you ever decide
to go to grad school?
You took all those extra
midterms by choice.
Don't panic.
Drink coffee.
I don't know if there s
enough coffee in the world
to make calculus interesting.
How... how are you?
Hey, do you think I'm like Dad?
Well, you do move around
for work.
Why do you ask?
No reason.
Oh, how do I make
cookies less crunchy?
- Follow the recipe.
- So maybe I might, like,
so evenly and efficiently.
Okay, I really got to go.
Libby, I just
got off the phone with Louisa.
She's on her way
over to inspect the house.
We only have an hour.
If we don't pass the inspection,
the kids can't stay here.
We ll get it done.
Hey, calm down.
Louisa's your friend, right?
She is,
which is why I'm so nervous.
She always does everything
by the book.
Everything has been fine.
The only teeny, little thing
is that Hannah's not
sleeping so well.
We need to figure out how to get
to sleep with the lights out.
It's like...
Like she has stock
in the electric company?
I have never heard that before.
My mom used to say it when I
would sleep with the lights on.
Were you afraid of monsters
like Hannah?
When the lights were on,
they thought that we were awake.
And they only ever really fought
when they knew we were asleep.
If you need to leave the light
on here, that's okay with me.
I don't think I do.
What are you doing?
I heard Dan say the social
worker is coming to check on us.
- Everything has to be perfect.
- Why?
So we can stay with Dan and Libby.
It's nice here.
[doorbell rings]
Everybody ready?
- All right.
- Smile.
Hi, Louisa.
Thank you for fitting us in.
No problem.
How are you?
- I'm good.
- Hi.
- Good to see you again.
- How you guys doing?
They are enrolled in school,
and Libby has been helping them
with their homework.
They ve also got their own
room, which I can show you.
- We can start there. Perfect.
- Okay, let's go up there.
Hey, you.
Let's show her your room.
- Here it is.
- Wow. Nice, Dan.
Thank you.
It's great.
Well, I'm sure
there's no hazardous materials
in the kitchen.
Only my cooking.
[both chuckle]
And on nights when I
don't have to work too late,
we like to try and sit down
to dinner together as a family.
Did you do this?
No. I had a little accident
while making breakfast.
This is completely my fault.
I just didn't have any time
to clean it up.
I'm done here.
- I'll walk you out.
- Bye, Libby.
Bye, guys.
Why didn't you tell Dan on me?
You want to tell me
why you did it?
That's the problem.
I like it here.
Dan's strict,
but he's kind.
And you're...
getting better.
Oh, thank you.
Louisa is gonna take us away.
Better that she does it before
Hannah starts to like it
here too much.
I told you that
when I was younger,
I moved around a lot, right?
I d start to make friends, and
then I d never see them again.
That's why it's better
to be alone.
You miss out
on some special people
if you never let anybody in.
Even if they're only there
for a little bit?
Because if you never
give anyone a chance,
being alone
starts to feel normal.
And it shouldn't.
Maybe I can be friends
with David.
Now go on in the kitchen
and start cleaning up.
There might be some cookies
involved in it for you.
Hey, I need to call the
stationery store back.
My phone died.
Can I use yours?
Yeah, sure.
Call away.
Thank you.
Libby and the kids
as your screen saver.
Someone's enjoying
his new family.
It's just a picture.
So how is it coming along?
Oh, I've got my interview
at 9:00.
If I drop the kids off now,
I can make it in time.
Okay. Hey, before you go,
I got something for Hannah.
Oh, a night light.
She's gonna love this.
I got you one too.
Here we are.
Let me help you.
There you go.
- Bye, Libby.
- Bye. Have a good day.
Yeah, I'm gonna skip third period.
What's up,
you little tattletale?
No teachers are gonna
help you now.
Leave him alone.
Sam, it's okay.
It's not okay.
And what are you gonna
do about it, loser?
Don't call me that.
You are like your father, aren't you?
I mean, he is in jail, right?
Thank you for coming in, Libby.
We were all very impressed
with your resume.
Oh, thank you for having me.
I have to apologize.
I really haven t had much time
to research your company.
Oh, hang on.
Crafts projects.
I completely understand.
My wife and I are usually
covered in glitter or food
at least once a day.
So tell me a little bit
about this position.
It requires traveling
about 40% of the time.
That might be difficult
with kids.
Oh, I don't have kids.
I mean, I do right now,
but they're not mine.
I'm just... just helping
a friend out right now.
A few of your strong suits are
research and number-crunching?
[phone ringing]
I'm sorry.
It's the school.
I... excuse me.
Libby Prescott.
He what?
Okay, I'll be right there.
One of the kids
has an emergency.
Oh, I thought
they weren t your kids.
They're not.
But it's... it's complicated.
I have to go.
Oh, we're meeting
with other candidates today.
If you can't see the CTO
this morning,
the job goes to someone else.
I understand.
I'm sorry.
I got here as fast as I could.
Principal Carter was just
filling us in on Sam's incident.
We have a zero-tolerance policy
for fighting in this school.
Sam has to be suspended.
He punched a boy in the nose.
I see.
Can we please hear
Sam's side of the story?
Cameron was gonna
hurt my friend David.
You have a friend?
He's really nice.
Sam was sticking up for his friend,
who was obviously about to get
pummeled by the actual bully.
So if you really
do have an anti-bullying policy
here, don't you feel
it would be better to focus
less on the words
and more about the actions?
If you were to punish Sam
and leave the real bully
roaming the halls,
torturing innocent children,
what kind of message
would that send?
I suppose since Sam
was defending David,
we could let him off
with a warning.
And he has to apologize
to Cameron.
- But... but he...
- Sam...
you will apologize.
All right.
How did the interview go?
- I left to come here.
- Wait a second.
You left the job interview
to come talk to the principal?
Can you go back?
No, I lost that one.
But it sounded boring anyway.
Well, you were
pretty impressive in there.
Sam would've been suspended
if it weren t for you.
Well, I had a really big
If Sam and I were to be
left alone in the house
together all day, we
would drive each other insane.
Give me a break.
You guys are best buds.
I wish I had that kind
of relationship with the kids.
You just need to figure out
what you have in common.
Sam and I play
video games together.
So you just need to find out
what you both like.
The kids are lucky
they found you.
Well, they're very lucky
to have you too.
You're not getting
attached to us now, are you?
You know, I got to go to the
grocery store before it closes.
You know, it's open 24 hours.
- Good night.
- Good night.
So we will start with snacks,
and then we
will do your homework.
Do you guys have a lot?
I have a lot of math.
Hey, guys.
How was everybody's day?
Hannah got a 95
on her reading test.
Did you?
That's amazing.
You want to read me a story?
No. I have to make cupcakes
for the bake sale tomorrow.
- Bake sale?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
There's a bake sale tomorrow?
Yeah, for my class,
so we can get art supplies.
Why didn't you tell me?
We need to make them today,
and I don't have
any of the ingredients.
If you make them,
they might not taste good.
But there are no rules
that we can't go to the store
and buy some.
Dan, can you watch Sam?
All right, come on.
So, Sam, you need any help
with your homework?
No. Libby will help me.
So you've never held
a bat before?
All right. Well, Dan's gonna
give you some pointers.
First, you want to line up
your knuckles like this.
That way, when you swing,
you ll roll right
through that strike zone, okay?
I want you to take this.
Also, you want to use
your hips, okay?
So when you swing, you ll twist,
because your power actually
comes from your lower body,
not really too much
from your arms.
Sounds good?
You ready to try one?
- Yeah.
- You got this.
Batter up.
Why don't you grab up
a little higher on the bat.
We call that choking up.
Perfect. And we ll get you one
that's the right size, okay?
Not too tight.
Use the hips.
Here it comes.
- I stink.
- No, no, no, no.
Hey, nobody ever hits
on their first try.
You got to practice.
How many days till your tryouts?
Two days.
That is plenty of time.
We ll work together.
You ll be hitting homers
by then.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
Hannah and I are making
cupcakes from scratch.
We could use some helpers.
I want frosting.
Oh, yeah. I could be enticed
into helping out.
Let me get the door.
Thank you.
(Libby) Okay.
All right,
the first batch is ready.
That doesn't look
like the picture.
Oh, but, honey, we haven t
decorated them yet.
- Second batch?
- Second batch.
[doorbell rings]
- Sam, will you grab the door?
- Yeah.
Thanks, bud.
Oh, honey, you are way too
young to be frosting your hair.
And you are also too young
to understand that joke.
That was a nice try, though.
Hey, do you want
to practice for tryouts?
Let me ask Dan.
- Hi, Mr. Connor.
- Oh, hey, David.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Dan, can we go
and practice on the lawn?
Yeah, of course.
- Get out there.
- Cool.
Hey, Hannah,
why don't you go out there
and show those guys a thing
or two about baseball, huh?
There's extra mitts
in the closet.
I should've stuck
with the store-bought cupcakes.
[both chuckle]
Why is that so funny?
I mean, it is funny.
But you are also hard
to take seriously...
with frosting on your nose.
[phone ringing]
No, let the machine get it.
Hello, this is Evelyn.
My job ended, and are you still
looking for a nanny?
I can start on Monday.
I look forward
to hearing from you. Bye.
I should probably call her back.
And tell her...
It's a good thing.
I could have a new job
by next week,
so you should definitely
call her
and tell her to start on Monday.
Of course.
All right, just remember,
it's a posted 35 through here.
There you go.
Drive safe.
So why did you hire
a new nanny if you like Libby?
It was her decision.
Well, just because she's not
living in your house
doesn't mean you can't see her.
Okay, well, let's say
for argument's sake
that I do have feelings
for Libby.
How do I know
if she feels the same way?
It's called a date.
A man asks a woman out,
and they get to know each other
while eating food.
Wear something nice,
ask her about herself,
and pick up the check.
It's pretty easy.
[phone ringing]
- Hold up.
- Hey, Dan,
- I've got good news.
- I could use some.
- Your foster license is ready.
- Oh, that's great news.
And also, I found
a permanent home, I think,
for Sam and Hannah.
Is it good for them
to move again so soon?
Oh, why? Are you considering
keeping them longer?
I don't know.
Dan, you've done a really good
thing, keeping these kids.
It's okay to let them go.
I mean, think about it
and get back to me.
- Yeah.
- Okay, bye.
1912 Lake. 11-99, code 33.
Hannah, what did I tell you
about eating the inventory?
Nobody wants them.
I don't know why.
They're yummy.
That's not bad.
How cute.
You let Hannah make all the
cupcakes by herself?
No, Libby made them.
Grandma's recipe.
I guess Grandma really
liked the color beige.
Hannah, why don't you
go join your friends.
Robin, you got a minute?
Oh, yeah.
These bake sales
are quite the production, huh?
What are you doing here?
And I'm not going to make
a cop-and-doughnut joke.
Thank you.
I just wanted to see
how our cupcakes were selling.
Well, we ve got a few on hold.
I d buy one.
Evelyn is all ready
to start on Monday.
Do you have somewhere to go?
Yeah, I'll just put
my stuff in storage
and go back to that motel.
I'll be fine there.
I was wondering if I could...
if we could go out to dinner.
Aww. Yeah.
I'll find a place
with a good kids menu.
I was thinking just us.
I would ask Evelyn
to watch the kids.
You know, that way
she gets a chance
to know them
before she moves in.
Of course.
Yeah, of course.
I guess I'll pick you up.
I will meet you
on the front porch.
Don't tell the cops.
Our new nanny is going to be Evelyn.
- What? Why?
- I don't want a new nanny.
I know.
I don't like it either.
But, look, Libby
has a different career.
She makes games.
It's not fair of us to keep her.
Guys, she's not moving very far.
And we will still see her.
We can probably even have
her over.
We could do a family dinner
on Sundays.
That would be good, right?
Are you guys okay?
I guess.
I need you both to be
on your best behavior.
I promise.
I promise too.
Thank you.
[doorbell rings]
That is probably her.
- You must be Evelyn.
- Yes, I am.
Please, come in.
And this must be Sam and Hannah.
- Yeah.
- So adorable.
They are.
Libby, you look so pretty.
Evelyn, it's great to meet you.
We must chat when I get back.
Yes. But now go out
and have a nice time.
We will.
Oh, Hannah likes to read
before she goes to sleep.
And Sam will request
the wool blanket,
but it makes him itchy,
so I wouldn't give that to him.
- I think she ll be fine.
- Right.
Our numbers are on the fridge,
the closest hospital.
If anything goes wrong,
just give us a call.
Will do.
- You ready?
- Mm-hmm.
You two be good.
- Bye, you guys.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Libby lets us watch TV
before homework.
And she always lets us
have juice before bedtime.
Well, things are gonna
change around here.
So why did you become a cop?
To get the bad guys
off of the streets.
I think it's because
you want to help people,
like how you tried
to save me from that mugger.
You were hardly
the damsel in distress.
Seriously, if I remember,
I'm pretty sure
I saved that guy from you.
No, my dad was a cop.
And I don't know,
something would just happen
when he put on that uniform.
Everyone in the whole
neighborhood just
felt safer when he was around.
So that's why I do it.
I want people to feel safe.
Like Sam and Hannah,
who I think...
I think we are finally starting
to bond, which is nice.
You have been so great
with them.
I mean, I know this might
be a crazy idea, but...
why don't you just keep them?
I guess I am just worried that...
I don't think I could
raise kids on my own.
Of course you can.
You risk your life
every single day on the job.
Anything after that
should be easy.
We need to get rid of Evelyn.
If we do anything bad,
Dan will get mad at us.
Libby's leaving.
You want her to stay, right?
Then just do what I say.
Yeah, that's pretty much it.
This will be fun.
I mean, I think it ll be fun.
I like music.
Who doesn't?
So there's this new jazz club
that's opening up across town.
I was thinking that maybe
we could check that out
next weekend,
if you're not too busy.
Those children are monsters.
I quit.
I will stay,
till I get another job.
- Understood.
- Now,
I think we have some
lecturing to do.
How did your date go?
Does she love you
or love you not?
We had a nice dinner.
And the kids made the new nanny
quit, so Libby's staying.
Ah, loves you.
I thought we had a great time.
We really connected.
Just anytime it
starts to get serious,
she cracks a joke.
So I don't know.
- Hmm.
- Loves me not.
Well, it certainly sounds
like you're into her.
I'm crazy, right?
Nope. This is the most sane
I've seen you.
Watch him.
See? See? Good contact.
All right, you're up.
Now, just remember everything
we worked on, okay?
You got it.
Get out there.
All right, Sam. Come on.
- Come on, bud. You got it.
- Come on, Sam.
All right, Sam.
Come on, bud. You got this.
Oh, Sam looks so nervous.
Did he practice?
A few times, with Dan.
I took Cody to the batting
cages every afternoon.
That's him right there,
in the yellow.
Babe, you look good.
All right, Sam.
You got this.
You know, the team
does need water boys.
Sam, you keep your eye
on that ball.
You got this.
[all cheering]
Oh, superstar.
Come here.
- Nice.
- So good.
Sam, my dad
said that you made the team.
- That is amazing news.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- So good.
You were a rock star out there.
You were practicing
without me. I saw that.
You just...
Hey, Libby.
What's this?
Oh, that was that game
that I created.
Is it hard to make a game?
It's hard
to make a successful one.
But even kids
your age can make one.
It's 8:00, bedtime.
But Libby was just about
to show us how to make a game.
Oh, well,
then this I have to see.
So if you could be anything
in the world,
what would it be?
A dragon.
A dragon, okay.
Hannah, this dragon
is searching for something.
What would it be searching for?
Maybe gold?
Flip-flops, okay.
So in your game, the dragon is
on a quest to find flip-flops.
But he must avoid
the dangerous...
Okay then.
There's your game.
So is that what your game
was like?
Mine was an educational game.
It was about penguins
teaching you how to do math.
Did they slide down
big ice slides and splash
- under the water?
- No.
If your penguins
did stuff like that,
your game wouldn't be such a...
- yawn.
- Oh. Well, then.
It's a great thing
that I quit making kids games.
I was really bad at baseball.
But I didn't quit.
I kept practicing with Dan,
and now I'm a lot better.
Yes, you are.
And I hate to interrupt
all of this creativity,
but even game developers
need their sleep.
Well, we don't, actually.
But kid game developers do.
[phone ringing]
Hang on.
Hey, Louisa.
What's up?
Hey, Dan.
I've got bad news.
The home that I wanted for
the two kids filled those slots.
I don't know
what to do with them.
I do.
It's still gonna be a while yet
until your dad can come get you.
So I thought,
if it's okay with you,
that maybe I could be
your official foster dad.
And we wouldn't have
to move again?
You could stay right here,
with your new friend David
and your little league team.
We get to stay
with you and Libby.
That sound okay?
But it is still your bedtime.
So lights out.
Just in case.
But I think if the monsters
were gonna come out,
they would've by now.
Good night.
Hey, what are you doing up?
You have school tomorrow.
Dan's gonna be our real foster dad.
Sam, that's great.
I guess.
I belong with my dad.
He said to wait for him.
He's gonna get out and take us
horseback riding
at the Brand Canyon.
It's a stable
not too far from here.
That sounds like a lot of fun.
You do know that it might be a
while till that happens, right?
I know.
But Dan's not my real dad.
He could give us away like
the other foster parents did.
Sometimes your real family
can disappoint you too.
I know.
But you still love them.
Sam told me
you're keeping him and Hannah.
It looks like our chat
had quite the effect on you.
Did it have any effect on you?
You know, I should go
make their lunches for tomorrow.
Empty paper bags are no good
for anything but hiccups.
Anthony, good job.
We have a game next Sunday,
so maybe Libby
can make those cupcakes.
Libby's gonna be gone.
She has a big
job interview today.
And she's gonna get it
cause she's super smart.
Dan was really sad today.
I think he like-likes her.
After my parents got divorced,
my dad like-liked our neighbor.
She was divorced too.
She was going to move away,
so he married her.
Now she's my step-mom,
and she's super nice.
We have to get
Dan to marry Libby.
- How?
- My dad made Daphne
a romantic dinner,
then gave her a ring in a box.
He was her finance for a while,
then they got married.
I think you mean fiance.
[both chuckling]
- You guys ready to go?
- Yeah.
- You get all your gear?
- Yeah.
Bye, Sam. See you at school.
- See you, David.
- Thanks, man.
See you.
Well, you're certainly qualified.
Oh, my daughter's school
had a water main break,
and my wife s
on a business trip.
We can reschedule.
Oh, no.
I'm fine with kids.
I want to call Mom.
As soon as I'm done
talking to Libby, Gemma.
Now just be quiet
or you ll get a time out.
So tell me a little bit more
about this position.
My headhunter really
wasn t that specific.
We're a virtual
currency platform
that lets games
monetize microtransactions.
- Mm-hmm.
- So basically,
you d be giving presentations
to potential clients, you know,
competitive landscape analysis
and research,
some project management too.
Love it.
Honey, put down
Daddy's starfish.
Thank you.
Hold on.
It's Gemma?
Hey, Gemma.
Come here.
I had made this app
for my friend Sam.
But you can be the first
to play it.
- Do you like dragons?
- Yeah.
So you need to see
how many flip-flops the dragon
can find without getting hit
by any hamburgers.
- That's a game?
- Mm-hmm.
You know, we ve had
some pretty impressive
candidates here today,
but your resume stacks up.
And if Gemma likes you,
I'm sure you can handle
our toughest clients.
So if you want the job,
it's yours.
I'm in.
Oh, just one more thing.
What's going on?
We wanted to make you food
that grown-ups like,
so we asked Dan
for your favorite: sushi.
- Hi.
- Hi. Oh, thank you.
The kids have cooked up
some kind of scheme.
Let's just play along.
You got the sushi?
What's this?
Sushi is fish and rice
that's not cooked.
Actually, the fish is raw,
and the rice is cooked.
No way.
That's gross.
We forgot something.
Thank you.
They actually want us
to have a double wedding
with Andrea
and Luke this summer.
- Oh.
- But don't worry.
I told them
that we d go camping instead.
Including me?
I should've known
that camping wasn t your thing.
No, it's just...
I'm not gonna be
their nanny this summer.
I know.
But I think they have
the right idea about us dating.
There's something between us.
And you are smart.
And you are beautiful.
And the kids love you.
And I am complete...
Dan, I took that job today.
I mean, that's good.
The job is in Portland.
I'm moving next week.
I'm sorry.
Everyone's so quiet.
Are you all shocked that I made
something edible for breakfast?
Dan told us you're moving away.
Yes, next week.
Are you still gonna come
to my little league games?
And help me
with my art projects?
We can video chat,
and we can email.
I knew you weren t our friend.
They knew
this was going to happen.
I should...
I should move out tomorrow.
They just want the best for you.
Oh, honey.
I'll take it.
Everyone, this is Libby Prescott.
She's gonna be heading
up business development
in our Portland office
starting next week.
Before she heads up,
I thought she might be
able to help with our little
brainstorming session.
I'm very excited to be on board.
Now, going
into the next quarter,
we're looking
to expand our business
beyond virtual currency.
Got any thoughts?
there are no bad ideas.
Since we're already
in the gaming space
with our virtual currency,
why don't we develop a game?
What kind of game?
Children's educational games
are really big right now,
especially for mobile.
We're not looking to take
the company in that direction.
You said no idea was a bad idea.
Except that one.
Lamont, what you got?
Yeah, you can take a look
at my proposal right here.
Hey, you want to catch
some speeders?
Give some tickets?
If you want to.
What's up with you?
You're awfully quiet.
I'm just tired.
You're upset
because Libby's leaving, huh?
She's already gone,
left yesterday.
And you're just telling me now?
You got a lot on your plate
with the wedding.
I didn't want to bother you.
Luke and I have decided
that we're gonna elope.
- Am I still invited?
- Yep.
And you still
have to get me a present.
So what's up with you and Libby?
Well, it doesn't matter now.
She's gone.
Well, only if you give up.
Wasn t that nice of David s
parents to watch you guys today?
The agency is sending
over someone tomorrow.
I don't want a new nanny.
She ll pretend to like us
and then leave.
Our dad's the only one
who really loves us.
That is not true.
I love you.
And Libby does too.
She just...
had to take a different job.
She told me that I shouldn't
be alone,
that I need people.
But everybody leaves.
No, Sam.
[doorbell rings]
Libby's back.
I will go check that.
But you two, teeth,
jammies, bed.
And I will come up
to tuck you in, okay?
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
It's a little late
for a surprise inspection.
There's something
I need to talk to you about.
Come on in.
I'll get you a cup of coffee.
Oh, you don't sound happy.
You didn't get laid off again,
did you?
I hate my new job.
So quit.
You had your last job
for one day.
You know that
that wasn t my choice.
[horn honking]
Oh, sweetheart, I got to go.
My study group's here.
I thought
that you blew them off.
Yeah, well,
I couldn't do this alone.
Sometimes you can't be afraid
to let people in.
I got to go, baby.
[phone beeps]
What's going on?
I wanted you to be
the first to know.
Sam and Hannah's dad
was released on parole today.
Well, that's good news.
The thing is, he
terminated his parental rights.
He doesn't want his own kids?
Dad doesn't want us?
Sam and Hannah
are gonna go up for adoption.
I wanted you to be
the first to know.
They're very happy here.
You've made a really
great home for them.
The whole thing
is just so strange.
You know?
I'm the one
who put the father in jail,
and I d be taking his kids.
It's a really big
We lost Dad because of Dan.
And now he doesn't
want us either.
He took us
because he felt guilty.
Let's go.
Think you can handle it?
Of course I want them.
Those are my kids.
Can we go tell them?
- Yeah, we can tell them.
- Okay.
Hey, you guys,
I've got some news.
[phone ringing]
- Dan?
- The kids are gone.
- They ve run away.
- What?
Have they contacted you?
I had Andrea
send the kids photos
to all the units in the area.
Louisa's calling
their old foster homes.
We're gonna find them.
They're on foot.
They couldn't have gone too far.
They run fast, remember?
Did you check the park?
We ve got
units checking everywhere.
I feel like this is my fault.
No, it's actually mine.
They must ve overheard
me talking with Louisa.
Their dad is our on parole, but
he doesn't want them anymore.
No wonder they're so upset.
They were convinced
he was coming back for them.
Yeah, I know.
Sam showed me a picture of him
and Hannah and their dad of...
Wait, Dan.
I know where they are.
You really think they
walked this whole way?
They're here.
Be quiet.
Someone will hear us.
Dad will.
Hey, kids.
It's Dan.
It's Dan.
We got to go.
- Wait, Sam.
- Ah!
Are you okay?
Go, go.
Sam, are you okay?
My ankle.
We have to go back and get help.
It's scary here.
We have to wait for Dad.
You were right.
We know you're here.
Why did you guys run away?
Because you're a liar.
When did I lie to you, buddy?
You pretended to care.
And you took Dad away from us.
And now you're giving us away,
like everyone else.
You didn't hear everything, Sam.
I want to adopt you.
I don't believe you.
You're a liar, just like Libby.
I'm not going anywhere.
You can't tell them
that if you don't mean it.
I do.
Sam, you're hurt.
- Are you really back?
- I am.
Sam, you all right, buddy?
Just hurt my ankle.
Well, let's get you off of it.
Come here, come here.
[both grunting]
You had me so worried.
You guys cannot keep
doing this running away thing.
- All right.
- I'm serious, buddy.
I was terrified.
I guess we know how to get
the kids to sleep,
chase them through the woods.
It was actually easier than
chasing them through the house.
I'm really happy
that you're keeping them.
I am too.
Did you mean what you said
about staying?
I did.
I hate my new job.
I don't want to carry out
someone else's vision.
You are amazing
at everything that you do.
So you just need to believe
in yourself this time.
I have to believe
in other people too.
And like Sam, I was so scared
to care about anyone
because I d lose them.
But I don't want to miss out on
having someone great in my life.
I'm not afraid anymore.
[doorbell rings]
Hey, I'm sorry I'm so late.
My refrigerator broke,
and I needed to chase down
my landlord,
and then I was late for my
investors meeting, and...
- How did it go?
- Well,
thanks to the changes
that Sam and Hannah made,
they're going
to fund my company.
That's great.
That's great.
What's going on?
Where's the nanny?
Gave her the night off.
Whatever that is.
- Eel.
- Yuck.
Yeah, they still won't eat it.
But they know
it's your favorite.
Oh, honey, you didn't need
to replace my shoes.
Will you marry us?
[both chuckling]