Remedy (2013) Movie Script

Do you know anyone who's ever done it?
You could never do it.
Do you know anyone who's ever done it?
You could never do it.
I'm afraid to even ask why.
Why are we even talking about this?
Did she ever say what it was like?
Hi, is this Astrid?
I just called...
Um, from the corner.
I'm here for my...
Just tell me what
you've got to say to me
I've been waiting for
so long to hear the truth
It comes as no surprise at all, you see
So cut the crap and tell
me that we're through
Now I know your heart,
I know your mind
You don't even know you're being unkind
So much for all your
highbrow marxist ways
Just use me up and then you walk away
Boy, you can't play me that way
- Oh, my god!
- Oh, you made it.
- Ladies, this is the new girl.
- Hi.
Well, I guess what you say is true
I could never be the
right kind of girl for you
I could never be your woman
So I think the light in your
hall blew or something.
Mercury must be in retrograde.
When I saw my best friend yesterday
She said she never
liked you from the start
Well, me, I wish
that I could claim the same
But you always knew you held my heart
And you're such a charming handsome man
And now I think I finally understand
Is it in your genes?
I don't know
But I'll soon find out,
that's for sure
Why did you play me this way?
I'm so glad you came.
You're going to love it here.
I mean it.
What the hell, Delphine?
It's not a race.
- You brought her in?
- Delphine.
- So what's she like?
- Nothing like you.
Well, I guess what they say is true
I could never spend my life
with a man like you
I could never be your woman
I could never be your woman
I could never be your woman
I could never be your woman
So Delphine met you at smack?
I barely remember it.
If I have a drink in my hand
I want it out of my hand,
- and so I drink the
drink as fast as I can,
- and I was trying to avoid the playrooms-
- as much as possible.
- People think you're a sub.
Opposite, actually.
Never figured that out.
So you've got some experience, then?
- Professionally, no.
- Lifestyle?
- More habitual?
- Sub.
I prefer masochistic.
We don't start people off as subs here.
- How's your bondage?
- I can't even wrap gifts.
Fewer bad habits to unlearn.
- We're gonna train you.
- This is our training cock.
No sex, no nudity,
refuse who makes you uncomfortable,
- what makes you uncomfortable.
If you don't do some things,
it cuts into your business,
- but you even try to give somebody
a hand job, and you're done.
You want to make a little
scrotum lasso, thusly.
They release themselves, if they can.
But there's nothing illegal
with talking them through it.
Now this is a little bit more
difficult when they're hard,
- because their little ball sack
sneaks up on in there, doesn't it?
You have the clean the room
after you use it, obviously...
Dildos, dicks,
and whatsoever needs bleaching.
And this is why
mr. Herman gets sticky.
And they should be put on the
shelf in some sort of tidy way.
Aw, st. Joseph's nuts!
Seriously, oh, it's damp!
For scratching and show.
No impaling!
We try not to draw blood.
Well, if we do,
there's some saran wrap in the lounge.
Here's where you would separate the balls.
You can get creative with it.
A lot of guys love this,
- especially around Christmas time.
Press it once for up...
But no higher than that.
You never want to take them-
- all the way off of their feet, okay?
I don't really honestly
know what I'm doing here.
Everything and nothing.
Unlimited possibilities
within the gray area.
Yes, mistress.
You're not going to make
me spank you, are you?
No, mistress.
You can sit in on sessions...
We should probably teach him some manners.
What do you say to your mistress-
- when she's caught you
behaving so badly, hmmm?
- I'm sorry, mistress?
- I can't hear you.
- I'm sorry, mistress!
- Aw.
Uh, yeah.
Sorry, it's for display only.
We should probably
either just get rid of it-
- or just nail that fucker to the wall.
What's involved in an average session?
An average session-
- is as much an oxymoron as normal person.
I think you need more training...
Even though I train you all the time.
You definitely need to be punished.
You never seem to remember what
I teach you when you come here.
Maybe these... oh, how many?
Fifty or so spikes will help you remember.
He's so scared!
You're too weak for that.
When can you come back?
I'm pretty open.
I just teach sometimes...
- Teach?
- Private tutor.
We need to teach her how
to do a proper spanking.
You want me to teach her on you?
I think I'm okay. I...
You got some prime retail here, all right?
You got this spot.
The other side...
You guys have a friendly reputation, so...
And then, of course,
you've got the sweet spot.
What's the sub rate for five minutes?
Where were we?
You were going to apologize-
- for being so rude, weren't you?
I'm going to let you breathe,
- just long enough-
- for you to say you're sorry.
- Say the magic words.
- I'm sorry, mistress.
Sorry for what?
I'm sorry for playing
with my winkie, mistress.
I guess I figured at the very least
I would be good at the corporal stuff,
- and I know what they want.
I think fifty spanks ought a do it.
Bend over.
I can't even talk dirty to people I like.
You don't actually think they give a fuck-
- about what you're saying, do you?
What they care about is if you're a blonde,
- or a redhead, or a fucking
6'5 amazon with a huge ass.
They don't even care if any
part of you is even real,
- much less what you're saying.
- But I care.
- You'll get over it.
Every movie ever made
has the same plot...
They don't get along.
The only difference is presentation.
I'm gonna run out of shit to say in,
like, one minute.
Then talk slow.
Have you picked out a name yet?
Oh, my god.
There's a lot here.
There's also an awful lot of nouns.
I figured if it was not a name,
- that it'd be more likely to be available.
Are you gonna switch?
What about "fix"?
You said what we do is
kinda like therapy right?
I was thinking,
why can't it be like therapy?
Potion, fix,
those are more drug-like,
- so not that, but maybe "cure"?
- Mistress cure.
- Yeah, that's awful.
Really the best one is "remedy."
But that's a noun!
Well, it's the most name-like noun.
Mistress remedy.
Good enough.
- How about pictures?
- Um...
If you don't put your pictures up,
- you might as well not be in business.
Picture's not the problem.
It's my face.
You don't have to show your face,
- but it's going to cut into your business.
Wouldn't be a problem if
I didn't work with children.
If one of your students'
dad is coming here,
- he's going to have to explain
to wifey-poo why he's firing you.
Yes. Herald square.
The one with all the
merry Christmas lights.
Macy's! Yes.
Look, just call me from the
corner when you're there, okay?
All right.
Remy, when do you think you'll be ready?
Well, there's an open in a half an hour-
- and I want you in it.
- It's marathon man, right?
- It is decidedly so.
Yeah, he'll pick you.
He likes the new girls.
- He's kinda gross.
- Kinda gross?
Imagine bill Murray in
"little shop of horrors,"
- only Scottish,
and with grade-three syphilis.
Nadine likes to exaggerate.
Wait, you've all seen him?
Everyone in new york has seen this guy.
The first time I met him,
I think dinkins was in office.
He likes to play with your teeth.
While you shoot him up with novocaine.
- You're fucking with me right?
- Wish we were.
Then where the fuck
do we keep needles?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
He brings his own equipment.
Old, really gnarly equipment.
He likes it if you pretend
you're a dentist in training.
I've got a big white shirt.
You can borrow it.
It will be a little big,
but it should be fine.
And chanel's got those ugly-ass
infomercial cellulite buster sneakers?
Oh, they work.
None of you seem eager
to do this one, huh?
He was my first session, too.
He's not mean.
That's good.
He's has a nice smile.
Are you the dental assistant?
I am.
'Cause I'm in terrible trouble.
The Lady says you've
got a lot of experience.
Good, 'cause then you'll have
seen this before then, eh?
- Yes, I see it.
- You got a good look?
- Yeah?
- I see it, yeah.
So what do you think, nurse?
Do you think is has to come out?
I'll need to do an examination first-
- before I can determine that.
- Of course. Will it hurt?
- You won't feel a thing.
Oh, that's really great.
That's really...
Are you sure you know which tooth it is?
- Yes, I know.
- Come here.
I'll show you which one it is.
- Yes, I see it.
- Have a good look at it.
See? This.
It's this one right here.
I know where it is.
I thought that in dental school-
- they taught you how to recognize-
- where the tooth is in a healthy mouth.
Did they not, nurse?
Yes, that's correct.
So, come on then.
I'll show you then right now.
I'll show you.
Just come here and...
Yeah? See? Right there.
That one. That...
You have such a healthy mouth.
It's so nice.
Give me your hand, give me your hand.
Yeah, right?
Yeah? Is it loose?
Can you wiggle it?
- I'm not sure.
- Just try.
I'm sure you're aware
that it's standard procedure-
- in dentistry to wear gloves.
It seems we must be out of gloves.
If you'll excuse me for a second...
You know, you're not going to
catch anything from me, nurse.
The gloves are for your protection.
Does anyone know if there's gloves?
There were none in the supply room.
- Who's fucking shit is this?
- It's a renter.
What the fuck?
Aw, good. You're back.
Listen you gotta do something
about the pain here, nurse.
Well, the good thing is,
I can take care of that.
I suppose it's time to get the novocaine.
My stuff's right over there.
Oh, it's hurting me so much.
Let's see what I can do about that.
No! No!
No. Un-unh.
No, no, no, no.
No, I need more.
I need more.
Let me try injecting a different spot.
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
Just shut up and hold still.
Thank you. Thank you.
Let's see what's going on in there.
Uh, we haven't got a lot of time, right?
I mean, this is gonna wear off.
You gotta get these out
before it wears off right?
We'll get it out.
Calm down, sir.
Yeah, but, like, um, the pliers.
You should get the pliers, right?
They're over there.
You have to get the pliers, right?
Yeah, pliers.
I think I'll need to numb
you more before I can proceed.
I feel I would be a bit remiss-
- if I didn't try a method more advanced.
You see,
I've been trained in holistic dentistry.
We're trying to make
needles a thing of the past.
- No needles?
- All dental assistants are trained-
- in more natural methods now, you see.
Where we used to use needles,
we now use acupressure.
- Does it hurt?
- Not at all.
So just stay there and try and relax.
What is this?
It's called reflexology.
It's an ancient art.
It's been used for centuries.
Some say it's like hypnotism.
When you wake up,
you won't have felt a thing.
Your mouth should be relaxing now.
Soon you should feel
a state of tranquil bliss.
Everything will go soft...
White... Calm.
Your eyes become heavier...
I felt guilty, so I woke him
up after about a half an hour.
I wouldn't get in the habit
of screwing over clients.
She's a fucking champion!
You have no sense of humor.
You should have just given him the shot.
I could barely hold the needle.
I was like lobster boy.
If he had a disease,
he'd be dead already.
Okay, next time I'll shoot him up.
I hired you as a dominatrix,
- but you're not going to dominate me.
I'm going to give you this notebook.
Write down everything that I say.
And listen closely.
Sometimes I speak very quickly.
There's so much in here that
I've been dying to get out.
You're the perfect one to work
with me to remember it all.
Let's begin.
I have bullet points.
I've written some things down here-
- and we'll flesh them out...
Basic human needs.
We... what did I have?
What are the basic human needs?
If someone wants to control the world,
- they need to control food,
water, shelter, love.
Controlling food, water,
shelter, that's easy.
But how do we control the need to love?
The sense of security?
Can you ration affection?
Can you provide tokens for intimacy?
Is there a way to regulate
common decency as a commodity?
Every human being lives in
a socially stratified society.
- Are you getting this?
- Mm-hmm.
We have the brahmins
and the untouchables.
We have celebrities and wealth,
- people that are famous
for being famous,
- I find these distinctions hopelessly
corrupt and overly complex.
In our world, there will be two levels.
You and I at the top,
the rest of the world below.
But with me at the very very top.
Of course.
I'm not sure if you knew this,
but I'm a married man...
As far as marriage goes-
- in our current social
and cultural structure.
I love my wife,
I've always loved my wife,
- at some point she stopped loving me.
I don't know why.
I want to make unrequited love obsolete,
- or at the very least illegal.
And the power of words,
the power of language...
Every generation has its own lingo.
The beat generation...
Someone might say,
- "hey, you seem like a hep cat-
- and I'm a cool Charlie."
"Why don't you land over to
my pad for some espresso?"
Now, today we have "omg,"
"lol," "nom nom nom."
"I think this food is very tasty."
I want "nom nom nom" to mean
"what a lovely outfit you are wearing."
By the way, may I add, nom nom nom.
Because you have a
very lovely outfit today.
We can plant ideas into people's minds.
You and I are the ultimate power.
You and I are the ones that
people need to listen to.
Mostly me.
I know that I'm going to get stressed,
- so I'm going to need a harem.
All kinds of women in this harem.
I don't need cookie cutter women,
all of them looking the same.
You don't want to have pork chops
everyday, right? You need variety.
I want a redhead, I want a blonde,
- I want a brunette,
and people with olive skin that are...
That are not greasy.
And I want a greasy woman.
Enough women for each day of the month.
Maybe twins also?
What if one of the twins is
having her lady's time and...
...small breasts,
and I want a woman with large breasts-
- with a butt that's round and pear-shaped,
- but not a pear.
Some sort of fruit.
I like cheese.
I like all kinds of cheese.
I've always loved cheese.
This reminds me,
we're gonna need an island.
Statues on the island.
Statues of us...
But mostly me.
Our scientists can devise a hat,
- sort of like a magic science hat.
Just write "world is our servants."
That's part of the whole...
We're going to have to
have sad zones on the island.
And then we can keep
the sad people over there-
- during designated sad times.
I don't want miserable people in the world!
They can have teddy bears,
and hug them and love them,
- but not as much as they love us.
You look too happy.
She thinks she's getting somewhere.
- Who is it this week?
- Ralph.
Ralph? He's too old.
- He can still fuck.
- And buy you a Prada strap-on.
- Dangerous territory, d.
- Yeah, you should talk.
I have no ambition.
He's still coming here.
Even if she's not working, she's working.
I thought you guys didn't do sex.
- Off-campus.
- So she dates this guy?
Yeah, and then he dumps her,
- and then she goes on a bender.
So should I just reschedule?
No. It's...
You're here now.
Is there a... I just...
Mistress Delphine and I
had a thing, you know?
- Not a thing, a routine.
- Yes.
Have you ever had another mistress?
- No.
- There's a first time for everything.
- Yeah, I just...
- What do you normally do?
What are you interested in?
Standard corporal with a...
You have nothing to be worried about.
You're in great hands.
I believe you,
it's just Delphine was very...
- Energetic.
- Well, there's always room for new experiences-
- and, if you allow me to,
I'd love to show you what I can do.
We're very well equipped.
I promise that you'll walk
away completely satisfied-
- with your experience tonight.
- I...
- Yeah?
- Yeah, okay.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
So you stay still.
I'm going to wrap this
rope around your wrists.
You won't be able to use
these muscles anymore.
I don't know, I'm pretty strong.
Not when I'm done with you.
When was the last time
you were powerless?
Um, not in a while.
This is for you.
It's totally cool.
It's totally fine.
It's totally fine.
Look at you, it's fine.
You really love to be tied up, huh?
Uh-huh. Yeah.
How long have you been doing this?
It's always been a fascination of mine.
I guess you could put it that way.
How long have you been doing this?
Three times.
Make sure they're next to each other-
- and not on top of each other.
That's pretty good.
- Like that?
- Yeah, that works.
- Can I try again?
- Okay.
Take your time.
Hey, we've got a whole hour.
- That's right?
- That's, um...
Yeah, come through one more time...
The short end.
You want to pull this end towards me.
The shorter end.
You're almost done.
This is like the finishing...
This is the dismount.
You got this.
Now put one hand here.
Now just yank it.
Make it nice and tight.
That's why the one hand has to stay here.
I think I'd be able to explain it better-
- if I'm actually doing it.
- What do you mean?
- Is it okay if I do it on you?
I would actually really like that.
Technically, 'cause that's a switch,
- the tribute should be...
But, I mean, it doesn't...
- I don't...
- It's okay with me.
Okay, I don't want to get you...
No, no, no.
I mean, you're teaching me, so, it's...
- Okay? All right.
- Okay, yeah.
- How are you doing?
- Good. How are you?
I'm good.
Come on
Good morning
Welcome to that
burn inside your belly
Tell me it's all in your mind
You say you're lucky, baby
But you may be sorry next time
'Cause all those years
that you were lying, babe
You've been lying to yourself
I usually get the microwavable.
I don't cook.
Even if it's mac'n cheese, I don't cook.
- At all?
- No.
You can do this, but you can't cook?
I told you, told you
A hundred million times
You are not crazy
Or lazy
Or falling behind
You should see that, baby
Stop, adding salt to those tears
You may finally find the bottom
On your way up to the top
Are you gonna get more
Good night, sweetheart
The truth keeps burning on long after
All this meat starts rotting
And stinking sour with worms
They will eat you hollow
And grow to be butterflies
So don't be fooled by
what surrounds you, baby
Don't be fooled by your own lies
So do you prefer a thud?
Or maybe a nice sting?
Maybe not a sting at first.
Smart man.
I recommend warming up with this.
I will defer to your expertise.
I assume you're expert.
This may be your first time-
- actually working with instruments,
- but I'll take...
Well, that's one way to start.
- Nice, easy.
- Easy?
A little pedestrian.
Do I bore you?
I think you'd look good in this.
I don't know.
I think you might look
better in it than I would.
You know that this will cost you extra.
You either do it or you don't do it.
You'd better make up your mind-
- before we start losing clients.
She said I shouldn't
do it for a while here.
- You're a sub.
- At home.
Well, then you would know what to expect.
Does no one else do it?
Wherever the fuck she is.
Pays more, right?
I think you'd do all right.
- You have a boyfriend, right?
- Two.
Two. Right.
I think of one as a boyfriend,
- and one thinks of me as a girlfriend,
- and that adds up to two.
- Or one.
- They both have their uses.
- Right.
I had to narrow it down, actually.
I was getting into too many messes.
Figured I'd make a guy
make me a mix tape-
- before I'd let him fuck me.
Like, an actual tape?
Adam made me a really
fucking good mix tape.
What are they like?
Adam's small.
A small blond boy.
He's stuck around for a while.
He doesn't care about what you do?
If he does, he doesn't say anything.
- What about the other one?
- I met him here.
He's okay. Older.
How old?
- 64, 65.
- Wow.
They both have their uses.
I don't know, I don't seem to be able-
- to make it past the exposition.
I don't get it.
With guys.
Like, I go out,
I get a drink, I drink the drink,
- I sell myself.
And then everything's perfect for a week,
- two weeks, maybe a month, even.
Sometimes I even actually
start to see a future.
Then, like, the ceiling dissolves-
- and I just don't want
anything to do with it.
I want to pretend that they never existed,
- and then I feel really fucking guilty.
- What for?
- 'Cause then they're disposable,
- and people shouldn't be disposable.
Maybe that's just the
way it's supposed to be-
- and I just throw it all away.
- You think too much about shit.
- Yeah.
Just have them make
you a fucking mix tape-
- before they fuck you.
Right. No bullshit.
Mother's brother's...
Ooh, moosehead.
- Whoa.
- CGI!
Did they put something in the coffee?
Did you see that?
I asked him and he went,
- "well, I don't know..."
- The open's in purple.
- Ooh! Hot damn!
He's been here a few times.
- Light sub.
- No way.
Oh, fine. Fine.
You know what?
What the hell.
Clearly my guy is not showing up-
- so I will do this one.
- What is it?
- Role-play.
He's an actor,
so he should be pretty good at it.
You would be surprised.
Ask him yourself.
Gotta make it hard.
I'm in my fucking Donna reed thing.
Can I at least like put on,
like, pastels or something?
Forward, like shark.
Fucking opens.
I'm gonna change my name.
Oh, yeah, to what?
- Monique.
- Monique?
I like it.
Mysterious Monique.
Maybe Chanel-Monique.
It has intrigue.
- Film noir star.
- Mystery.
Not Monique-Chanel?
No, that makes no sense.
Oh, okay. Excuse me.
- Obviously.
- Oh, my god. Oh, my god!
- What?
- Fuck you.
He is a regular and you didn't tell me?
- What happened?
- Unfair. Unfair!
Remedy. You. Go.
- Who is he?
- Could I get his autograph?
- Go.
- Hey, no!
- Is that unprofessional?
- Right now, go.
I gotta get my shoe on.
I'm going!
It's no fun around here.
Oh, man, that was cool.
- Go.
- I'm going!
Take my camera!
Take my camera!
Get a picture.
Get a picture.
I have a tiny, shitty phone.
All you have to do is press...
- Remedy? Now.
- I'm going. I'm going.
He looks just the same.
Should I be nervous or scared?
No! No.
Get him to sign your boob.
Aren't you going to tell me your name?
- Remedy.
- Remedy.
You don't talk much.
That's fine.
I don't want you to talk.
One second.
- It's yours.
- What?
One of chanel's clients
called from the corner.
You're the only one left.
Let me negotiate this.
- No argument?
- No, it's fine.
So it looks like I have no choice.
What do you want?
I thought you girls usually start
with what you do and don't do...
Emphasis on the don't do.
Should I assume there's
nothing you don't do?
I don't do humiliation.
Corporal, fine...
Medium to heavy.
I do... no gags, but...
It'll work.
Come closer.
You look unsteady.
Those shoes don't fit you.
You're innocent.
I've taken you back to our
apartment after a long dinner.
You've had wine.
You have trouble walking,
so you take off your shoes.
At first, you're too tipsy to notice-
- the group of men a
few feet ahead of you.
You smile at them,
even though you don't know who they are.
I'm standing right behind you.
I'm running my hands
down your arms like I do.
One of the strangers starts to laugh.
You keep smiling,
- even though you've missed the joke.
Another one of the strangers stands up,
- starts laughing.
His hands are on his belt.
He starts walking toward you...
Another one of the strangers-
- rubs his cock through his pants.
Even in the state you're in,
you know what they want.
You try to scream, but before you can-
- his hand is over your mouth.
His other hand is under your dress so fast,
- before you can squeeze
your legs together to stop him,
- his finger's inside of you.
Your legs, that your
instinct made you shut tight,
- are actually pushing his hand further.
He removes his hands.
He tears your dress down
your almost naked body.
A third man comes up and pulls
a switchblade out of his pocket.
He holds it to your throat.
I let your arms go...
And you watch as I sit on
the other side of the room,
- too far away to protect
you from these other men.
I don't want to protect you.
I love watching them abuse you.
The man with the knife orders
you to get on the ground.
Another man comes over
and spreads your legs open,
- takes the knife from the other man,
- and holds it to your throat.
Your eyes are closed,
- but you can hear the
sound of a belt unbuckling,
- fabric rustling,
pants falling to the floor.
You don't know where
the sounds are coming from,
- and you're too scared to find out,
- but you open your eyes
just long enough to look at me-
- and see me give a nod of approval.
Then in seconds,
one of the men is fucking you.
You want to struggle,
but the knife up against your throat-
- feels like it's an
ounce of pressure away-
- from breaking the skin.
I laugh.
I don't care if they cut you.
I want to see you drip.
I want to watch you cry.
I want to see them split you apart.
One of the men lifts you up in his arms.
You're limp, too weak to struggle,
- as one of the men picks you
up and puts you on a table-
- so they can all get at you more easily.
Two of the men hold your arms,
but there's no point,
- as they all take turns on you.
One to the next, to the next...
To the next, to the next...
To the next.
And you wonder if you can recognize-
- the same man by his smell-
- or the way he bends your
body when he's inside of you.
How many men are going to fuck you-
- before I make them stop?
And you wonder if it's ever going to stop.
Am I even in the same room as you?
It doesn't matter anymore.
Even if they let you go,
you wouldn't run now.
You feel my hand on your damp forehead.
You feel me gently stroking your hair,
- and you realize that
everything that has happened-
- and everything that will happen
excites me and pleases me.
And the thought of that relaxes you-
- and makes your body move with the men.
It's actually as if you're
beginning to enjoy it.
Where is everybody?
They split?
Some people canceled.
Don't worry about it.
- I've got another one for you.
- Really, what kind?
Sub session.
Your lucky day.
- When is it?
- Now.
- Hello, I'm remedy.
- Very nice to meet you.
Uh, what are you interested in tonight?
- What do you like to do?
- Um, what I like?
- Mm-hmm.
- Corporal, mostly... Medium to heavy,
- no gags, no extreme humiliation.
What do you mean extreme?
You mentioned humiliation.
What do you consider extreme humiliation?
I won't lick a dirty dog
bowl or anything like that.
Okay. We won't do any humiliation-
- if that makes you uncomfortable.
We'll do a light session.
I think we'll have a lot of fun together.
Do you have a dress you could wear?
- Yeah.
- Is it easily removed?
Yeah, but I only do topless.
- Did you get the tribute?
- Yeah, here.
- Did you count it?
- No.
Always count it.
I just honestly feel a
little nervous about this guy.
I'm just not sure he knows what I do.
He asked for a light session.
Are you comfortable with a light session?
I'm not sure I know what a
light session entails, exactly.
- It's the opposite of a heavy session.
- Thanks.
- He's already paid.
- Yeah.
Stand there.
You said you would wear something I liked.
- You said...
- You look cheap.
Take it off.
Take it off!
Leave it.
I want to see you.
Dance for me.
Side... side.
Put your arms up.
Play with your hair.
Do it...
Turn. Face the wall.
Now you're a zombie.
Dance like you're dancing...
Like a dancer.
Now you look drunk.
Just dance.
In fact, forget it.
Come over here.
I want to see you close.
Stand up straight.
Pinch my nipple.
Now lick the other one.
I didn't say stop.
Lick it.
This makes you uncomfortable, huh?
Who are you kidding?
You're a whore.
Now lick it.
Lick it.
Lick it.
Now, look at me while
you're licking it, whore.
I can't.
- I can't.
- Quiet.
Go back over there.
What did we talk about?
Back and forth.
Back and forth.
Do that.
You can't do that?
Go on around, around, around.
Like we talked about it.
No? You don't do this?
Stop moving.
Turn to me.
Pinch it.
- I can't.
- With your teeth.
Say you want it.
Go ahead.
I can't. I cant.
How'd it go?
I definitely earned my stripes.
Didn't you learn?
It's supposed to burn
Time is traced
When I look at your face
And it's no surprise
He doesn't have your eyes
It's no surprise
They shine green
So green
It's no surprise
They shine green
So green
They shine green
So green
Angelina says you've been
doing a lot of sub sessions.
Fifty-fifty maybe.
It's good money.
Do you like 'em?
It's easier sometimes when
you don't have to think.
We'll take "mistress" off your name.
It's easier on the clients.
What are you gonna call me?
- Just your name.
- Okay.
Oh, I've been meaning to say,
- there's been a client
that's calling for you.
Dom or sub?
Sub. He says he saw you a while ago-
- when he was in town on business.
- I think he likes you.
- Oh?
Yeah, he said next time he's in town...
Let's see, how'd he put it?
He can't wait to slow dance.
Well, like a kid in a candy store.
It's a normal session.
Normal session, so...
Where would you like me?
Right there.
So, if you're in a t-shirt,
- do I still have to call you "mistress?"
No, you can just call me remedy.
Oh, okay.
And you can call me Jack.
Jack. Mister Jack.
Because they are both our real names.
- My turn.
- Are you okay with this?
- Sorry, did that hurt?
- No.
- Oh, you're fine?
- Oh! Yeah.
Is this all right?
You think my hits are wussy.
Well, I think they are.
I don't like to lose.
- Oh, you're gonna lose.
- Oh, you think so?
I do think so, mistress.
- So I'm winning now.
- How are you winning?
'Cause you wanted to quit.
You couldn't take it.
Oh, that's what this is.
I thought I was winning because...
Because nothing.
So what do you do for fun?
What do you do for fun?
You know.
Ride a boat, ride bikes.
That's okay.
Breathe through it.
- Jaywalk, things like that.
- Jaywalk?
- Lion tame.
- Lion tame?
- Lion tame.
- That's exciting.
- Push children down hills.
- That's not very nice.
I am a bad, bad man.
Oh? Really?
Did you just say that?
Did you just say that?
Are you serious?
I thought you were my breath of fresh air.
All right, I'm bored.
I'm bored.
All about you?
All the weight, all the weight
Love - love.
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
I don't quit that easy.
All the weight
- Is that too much?
- No.
Keep going.
If you would only
Take a look inside those eyes
You'd know they'd seen
The same
As you
That's it?
You want more, huh?
- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.
You sure you're all right?
You've got nothing.
Are you done?
I'm not done.
It's just your turn.
It's supposed to burn
It's supposed to burn
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Of course, I'm all right.
Come on.
It's supposed to burn
Stay there.
My favorite session is cocks and balls.
It's not something you, like,
ask your boyfriend for...
Oh, please. I bet you've asked
your boyfriend plenty of times.
"Honey, would you please
stretch your ball sack-
- as far as it can go for me,
- so I can use it as a punching bag?"
Actually... Actually, I did.
He'd do anything for me.
It's so much fun.
I mean, you are there,
with this little ball...
Actually, two of them...
A little something,
and you can do anything.
Squeeze it and stretch it,
- it's like a Christmas bag!
"What is in the bag?
What's my present?"
And you can start to pick the little hairs,
- and kick them, and stretch them,
- and then stomp on them,
and they're enjoying it.
Pure torture.
It's just so... Good.
How the fuck did you end up here?
- Oh, this one.
- No, no, no, no.
Why did you decide to do it?
Well, a long, long time ago,
- someone said that I couldn't.
So, you went dom on a dare?
Yeah, more or less.
Nedra. Nedra.
Truth or dare?
Fuck you.
What about you?
How long you been doing this, Nadine?
Oh, shit.
Ten years off and on.
Wow. Long time.
I want to know what you,
after ten years,
- remember as your favorite session.
- Mine?
- Yours, right now.
Well, it must be your birthday-
- because I will give it to you.
Are you ready?
I'm excited.
I am totally ready.
Don't interrupt me, Delphine.
I know you've heard this one.
So, this guy comes in-
- and he wants straight corporal, right?
Which is awesome, I didn't have to be...
Yeah, it's like a Christmas bag.
- What?
- Anyway, so, I didn't have to be, like,
- a naughty mommy
or anything, you know?
Or, like, fucking cop suit,
any of that shit.
Yeah, you said it... "Christmas bag."
I don't know what it means.
I don't know what it means.
So, I've never met this guy.
Nobody's ever met this guy.
He's new.
So the manager tells him to strip down-
- and I come in,
and I figure I am ready for this.
Yeah, how many dicks have
you seen over the past decade?
Uh, fifty million, give or take.
You know, plus or minus.
Yeah, plus or minus, like, ten or fifteen.
Most of them tiny and
limper than a deli pickle-
- or a boneless chicken wing.
So I go in...
I know it's your favorite.
She loves the boneless chicken wings.
So I go in, and he's laying on this table.
And I fuck you not,
- this guy has a testicle
bigger than my head.
And he smells like kidney failure!
And he's got fingernails-
- that are, like, five inches long.
I thought this was going
to be an easy night,
- and now I'm like the Indian
when he sees the trash.
You know, like, just the one little tear,
- pan flutes and shit.
So I'm trying to make this a little better.
Listen up, remedy.
It's not gonna get any easier.
So I ask him what he wants.
And what does he want?
Of course, over the knee.
Yeah, you know, you try and steer him.
"Wouldn't you like a light
flogging or something like that?"
No. He is insistent.
And he's getting all,
like, ornery about it,
- "I paid my money. I want my spanking."
You know, whatever.
So, I go to get the puppy pads.
I'm resigned to this.
I'm a professional.
And there are no puppy pads.
I find this, like,
tube of plastic wrap in the corner.
And I'm like, "okay, stand up,
- and I'm just gonna...
I'm gonna wrap you."
- And he stands...
- Like a suitcase at the airport?
What the fuck do you know from "suitcase?"
They don't let you out of the country.
They would never let you back in.
So he stands up, and it's like-
- the bell clapper at notre dame.
You know what I mean?
Dude, the ball is trying
to escape from his body.
It's like when you go down the shore-
- and there are those bungee jumpers,
- and you're convinced
they're gonna go off this thing-
- and they're just gonna,
like, smash on the ground,
- but then they come right back up?
He literally got off the table-
- and it was like slow motion.
And like caught itself, you know?
So I spin him and wrap him in this stuff,
- and then I put him over my knee.
The smell is bad, and I'm
breathing through my mouth-
- until I realize that the
pissy smell molecules-
- are then entering my mouth.
So I just breathe
through my nose instead-
- because the holes are smaller.
But I get used to it,
- and I've taped his arms in,
- so I don't have to deal
with the long fingernails.
But this elephant it is nut-
- is just like jammed up against my thigh.
And I just keep going and going and going,
- and then he decides he wants to be caned.
So, I lay him on the table.
And this guy is not fucking giving up.
I'm twenty minutes...
To the point where
I'm holding the other arm,
- and I'm not really paying attention,
- and I hit him in the wrong spot.
Now I don't know if I
hit elephant it is ball.
I'm not sure what I hit,
- but all I know is that
he starts flipping out.
And he's, like, wriggling, right?
A fucking bacon-wrapped
hors d'oeuvre, you know?
And he, like, knocks the cane,
- and wriggles an arm out and grabs it.
And then he heaves himself off the table.
But on the way off the table,
- he hits his face on the side-
- of the steel thing, right?
So there's blood everywhere,
- and I'm the asshole that's, like,
- totally dropping character, and I'm like,
- "oh, my god. Oh, my god.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?"
And then he comes up and
he fucking headbutts me.
The motherfucker headbutts me.
So I have blood fucking everywhere...
My blood, his blood,
all over the fucking place.
And so then he rises up,
- while I'm trying to get the
blood out of my face, right?
And he's in between me and the door.
And he's got the cane, and he's like,
- fucking Zorro-ing with it, you know?
And then all of a sudden
he just goes, "aah!"
And he throws the cane at me.
And then he hops out the door!
Out the door into the hallway!
- In the cellophane?
- Yeah, in the cellophane,
- fucking hopping through
where other people-
- are doing other sessions, you know?
And he fucking...
He only gets a few feet,
- and then he loses consciousness-
- and he fucking falls on the ground,
- bloody, in plastic wrap,
- elephant it is nut,
- and we just end up
fucking putting him...
Well, long story short,
we put him in a wheelchair-
- that one of the other clients had-
- and we just wheel him outside.
Farewell! Mwah!
And we just leave him
a couple blocks away,
- and that, my friend,
is the best night ever.
- Where was this?
- Oh, this was here.
Here? When was this?
Oh, what? Two years ago?
They were here.
You left someone bleeding on the street?
We did call 911, though.
You know, courtesy.
That fucking guy.
Never came back.
- I don't know why.
- I know, right?
Have you ever been addicted to a person?
I've been addicted to a lot of things.
I mean, has there ever been a guy-
- whose effect on you
made absolutely no sense...
Do guys ever make sense?
I mean, you see him,
- and you're like, no.
But then you're a few feet from him-
- and you just go completely retarded.
Has that ever happened to you?
There is a way to do damage control.
That makes no sense.
By definition, it's out of your control.
That's what makes it an addiction.
If it was within your control,
- it would be a choice.
You are such a bottom.
- Sorry.
- Dude, it's all chemical.
There's this bullshit chemical-
- that is released in your brain-
- when you're just a few
inches from somebody.
It's called Oxytocin or
Dopamine or whatever.
Anyway, it's the same chemical-
- that is released in the mother's brain-
- when she's breastfeeding-
- so that she doesn't
tear the kid off of her tit-
- and throw it into a wall.
So what you do when you are within-
- a few inches of this man
who knocks your socks off...
Danger, danger, danger, whatever...
You do this.
You pinch your nipple and
you look the other way.
Just that easy.
People like to make things
way more complicated-
- than they need to be.
I should have been a doctor.
So, which one are you?
- Mistress remedy.
- Remedy, I'm David.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
What are you looking for tonight?
Just a simple role-play,
nothing physical.
I'm not going to take my clothes off,
- which I'm sure will
come as a relief to you.
Unless, of course, you command me to.
- What kind of role-play?
- I want you to abuse me.
- I see. How?
- Why?
Because I need you to
be a little more specific.
No. I mean,
I want you to ask me why.
- Why?
- Because I'm a dirty jew.
I'm going to send another mistress in.
Am I making you uncomfortable?
Does my asking you to call me a filthy jew-
- make you uncomfortable?
I just don't believe that I'm
the right mistress for you.
I think you're perfectly capable-
- of indulging my little fantasy.
I understand.
You want me to lie to you.
But I assure you,
I'm just not that convincing of an actress.
But it's not about acting.
I see the hate in your eyes.
You're disgusted by me.
- I am not disgusted by you.
- By my kind then.
I don't feel like being
jerked around, David.
I'm pushing.
I'm sorry, remedy.
Truly, I am.
I just can't help myself.
You should tell me off...
Pushy, fucking, little kike bastard.
It's okay, remedy.
I'm giving you permission.
You can say all of the things you feel.
It will be therapeutic for both of us.
I'm not lying to you.
It takes one to know one.
Your mouth is smiling,
- but your eyes say I'm a waste of flesh.
- Listen.
- David.
Listen, I'm really not interested-
- in accommodating you tonight.
I suggest you see someone else.
No matter how much you
think you know about me,
- this is not going to happen.
You've seen Jews before.
- What?
- Oh come on.
Oh, come on,
they come into this building-
- all the time, supposedly for work.
Then they get selective about
the teachings of the Torah,
- so they can fuck over their wives-
- and come in their own mouths,
- meanwhile maintaining
the facade of faith.
It's grotesque, isn't it?
I don't care who comes in
here as long as they pay me.
Do they tip?
Some people tip and some people don't.
But the Jews don't tip, do they?
So I tell you what,
I'll make you a little deal.
- Don't bother.
- Smart girl.
Okay, then let's call it
a gesture of good faith,
- or maybe better yet, good will.
I'll tip you in advance.
All you have to do is call
me a dirty fucking jew.
Please, let me go.
I won't make you smell me.
I won't make you complicit in my sin.
This is not going to happen.
Say you're on an island.
- Excuse me?
- You're on an island.
There's only one other
person on this island with you.
He's impotent,
so there's no sexual threat.
But you know before
he even utters one word-
- or makes one gesture,
you know he is a jew.
- Stop, okay?
- Now, of course,
- there's only enough food for one of you.
I will not be manipulated into abusing you.
You feel manipulated?
That is what you are
trying to accomplish.
Do you feel that Jews are inherently-
- more manipulative than other people?
Right now I feel that
you are pretty lousy at it.
You expect more from
me because I'm a jew.
Are you satisfied yet?
Or do I need to do something else-
- in order to show you
that someone else is...
- I'm not satisfied.
- I know.
And that is why I will
personally find someone...
Do you think there are
more Jewish psychologists-
- than non-Jewish psychologists?
Given our inherently manipulative natures,
- do you think that Jews are
more suited than others...
- Sir?
- David.
Do you want me to dominate you?
Or would you like to dominate me?
Because based on what I see here,
- the tribute will be another $25,
- and I am sure that the manager-
- will be pleased to set that up with you,
- and I really hope you
find what you're looking for.
Don't worry about it.
- I won't be staying.
- What?
You are exactly what I
was looking for, remedy.
Now, would you like
to walk me to the door?
He's new right?
- Is he new?
- He's new.
- What?
- He's not naked, you know?
He's just standing there fully clothed.
- Standing there.
- It's a sub session.
He can wear whatever he wants.
But he is new right?
I have his money already.
- I have no one else.
- Yeah, I guess not.
Good evening.
May I help you?
Yes, of course.
I can confirm that for you.
What time did you say?
9:00 pm. Tomorrow.
Yes, I have you down.
You have a good night.
Just do me a favor and check in.
It's just after the last one...
- After the last what, Remy?
- We bought radios.
The little white baby monitors.
The white fucking baby monitors.
You want me to put
a fucking baby monitor-
- in a room without the client noticing?
We bought them for a reason.
You want to throw the session?
You've got about 30 seconds
to make up your mind-
- whether you want to walk
in there and take the session-
- or let someone else have it.
No, wait, there is no one else.
In fact, it's been a really quiet shift.
That may be the only client-
- to walk through the
doors this entire night.
By all means, throw the fucking session.
Why not just wait?
He'll walk,
- and you won't have to
make any decision at all.
- I'm going.
- But of course,
- we don't ask you to do anything-
- you don't want to do.
- Start me now.
- It's your choice.
- I'm going!
Me know no bird'll sing to me
Me know it
Me know no fishes in the sea
Me know it
We have their bones to comb our hair
So shiny
Me know no bird'll pull the strings
Untie me
Me know no bird'll pull the strings
Me know it
Me know no fishes in the sea
Me know it
We have their bones to comb our hair
So shiny
Me know no bird'll pull the strings
Untie me
Untie me
Untie me
Untie me
Untie me
That was fun.
So, uh, do we start right
in after we discuss or...
Just tell us what you want.
You know you ladies
seem like the type-
- to tell me what it is I need.
- You are getting distracted.
- Indeed, I am.
You hit hard.
You're getting even better.
Once we get the tribute,
then we'll get started.
Sure you don't wanna do me again?
- Oh, yeah.
- I'm a bad boy.
I just don't know how to treat a Lady,
- and I think you two can teach me.
You know, say we've
been on a couple of dates...
You know, both of you.
And, uh, you know,
- I've stuck you with the check,
- I didn't pull out your chair.
I can't seem to keep my
hands to myself, you know?
And when I look at the two of you,
- I just seem to have
one thing on my mind.
So, later you see me on the street,
- the two of you together.
And, you know, you corner me,
- and take me some place private-
- and, uh, teach me a lesson.
You pull down my pants,
- and use this on me.
You know,
I don't know what women want-
- because no one ever taught me.
You know,
all women want to be treated-
- like princesses for a little while.
- Ken.
- But what they really want-
- is to be dominated by a strong...
- My name's ken.
- man.
You know,
you wanted me to just take you...
- Hi.
- ...and to make you submit to me.
You just get so turned on
by my power that you just...
Wait, which one of you is the switch?
- Rem?
- What?
Rem, did you hear what he wants?
You think women are meat, don't you?
Yes, mistress.
I'm going to treat you like meat-
- and see how you like it.
Ooh, teach me how to behave.
Rem, hold him as tight as you can.
- Got him.
- Where's the hairbrush?
Dangerously close to his left hand.
Now, you're going to give
me a good hard spank-
- every time you call out a rule.
Rule number one.
Don't give a woman orders-
- when she has you with your pants down.
Hit him!
Rule number two.
Don't help us unless we ask for it.
Rule number three.
We know you only care about fucking us.
It would be helpful if
you were a clever liar.
You're assuming he's
capable of being clever.
So lie to us.
- Do it!
- Do what, mistress?
Tell us what we want to hear.
Tell us that you care about how we feel.
I care about how you feel, mistress.
Tell us that you feel an
intense mental connection.
I feel very connected to you, mistress.
Tell us you've been a bad, bad boy.
I've been so bad, mistress.
Tell me that I make you nervous.
You make me so nervous, mistress.
Tell us that you're sorry.
I'm so sorry, mistress.
Tell us that you're hurting for us.
I am hurting for you, mistress.
Tell me that I'm strong.
Uh, you're strong, mistress.
Tell us you want to be treated like a dog.
Treat me like a dog, mistress.
Tell me that you believe in me.
- What?
- Tell me.
- Say it!
- I believe in you.
Tell me that I'm powerful.
Tell me that I'm powerful!
- You're power...
- Tell me that I'm beautiful.
Okay, you're hurting my arms.
Sometimes sweet talk gets a bit tiresome.
What do you mean, mistress?
Women don't always want to be in control.
What do you mean, mistress?
Sometimes we like it
when you overpower us.
Sometimes we do.
I thought so.
Hey, whoa.
Whoa, stop!
Ow. Ow!
You didn't listen to me?
You didn't listen to me.
You didn't listen to me
you fucking bastard!
Is that what you want
you motherfucker?
Is that what you want?
You fucking bad boy?
Remedy, stop it, honey.
No, rem, honey, stop.
What the fuck just happened?
Whitley told me you just flipped-
- the fuck out on a client.
I don't know.
- Where is he?
- He's out.
If he'd asked for his money back,
you'd be out with him.
Get out of there.
Whitley needs to clean the room.
- So
- Give me one good reason
Something to believe in
'Cause all I see is reaching
Onto things to sink my teeth in
In your eyes I'm seeing
Got that sinking feeling
And now you're going under
It's your thunder that I'm stealing
- So give me
- One good reason
- Just
- Something to believe in
- Cause
- Cause all I see is reaching
Onto things to sink my teeth in
In your eyes I'm seeing
Got that sinking feeling
And now you're going under
It's your thunder that I'm stealing
High five, up high
Down low, oh, too slow
No, really, though,
you're having a go
At the business of show, so way to go
But I don't know about your work
Maybe some day
you will make it better
Not bad for an amateur
You gave it a shot, "a" for effort
Take a letter,
and this bitter pill for swallowing
And break a leg, but I hear
It's awfully hard to follow me
And opening up for me
It ain't no picnic neither
Either you get booed
Or you play to an empty room
Because no one will be there
Alert, emergency,
you need rehearsal urgently
You're paying your dues,
but using third world currency
I recall those days
in hazy memories
You know, you kind of remind me of me
Minus eloquence and energy
And everybody knows it
And you're probably getting sick of it
I haven't slept in days, I'm drunk
But still I'm more articulate
Go on and hit me with your best shot
Come on, do your worst
And then just watch me win an Oscar
For pretending it hurts, but it won't
Nice try, little buddy, high five
Why don't you hit the sidelines?
'Cause it's my time, bye-bye
I'm a thunder thief, a cunning sneak
I'm coming up from underneath
To undermine, I'm undefined
But I might have to blow your mind
So, nice try, little buddy, high five
Why don't you hit the sidelines?
'Cause it's my time, bye-bye
I'm a thunder thief, a cunning sneak
I'm coming up from underneath
To undermine, I'm undefined
But I might have to blow your mind
Oh, my, every time you speak
I think you're finally fine
But then I'm reminded
Your fatal flaws are underlined
And underscored, and I've ignored
It feels so long intentionally
I'd sing your praises
Were there enough to mention me
- A little in common
- So very little
There is nothing wrong in
feeding from the bottom
I've done it, too, just not as often
Once you've get your fire
And you've climbed a little higher
Then admire me as the goal
to which you will aspire
All right, all night,
as I caught your sight
I saw that you got white
But it's all right,
don't be frightened by it
It's just called a spotlight,
and it won't bite
Obscurity can be a safe place
Never embarrassed means
you'll never have to save face
So if you quit while you're behind
And now it's time to retire
I'd say you made a fine attempt
Because I'm kind of liar
And should you get inspired
for another try, reminder
Like DMC advised,
you and your kind can call me sire
So, nice try, little buddy, high five
Why don't you hit the sidelines?
'Cause it's my time, bye-bye
I'm a thunder thief, a cunning sneak
I'm coming up from underneath
To undermine, I'm undefined
But I might have to blow your mind
So, nice try, little buddy, high five
Why don't you hit the sidelines?
'Cause it's my time, bye-bye
I'm a thunder thief, a cunning sneak
I'm coming up from underneath
To undermine, I'm undefined
But I might have to blow your mind
- So, nice try
- One good reason
- High five
- Someone to believe in
Sideline, my time, bye-bye
- I'm a thunder thief
- In your eyes I'm seeing
I'm coming up from underneath,
a thunder thief
I'm a thunder thief
- Nice try, high five
- One good reason
- Sidelines
- Someone to believe in
My time, bye-bye
- I'm a thunder thief
- In your eyes I'm seeing
I'm coming up from underneath,
a thunder thief
And I'm a thunder thief
It's your thunder that I'm stealing
It's your time
Fill the space now
It's your place now
Make your own way
Move in your own direction
All connections to fall in place
Do what you do
It's all right, it's all right
Do what you do
Just do what you do
Falling into place now
It's your space now
Made your own way
Clear now, thoughts collected
Dots connected in your own way
Do what you do
It's all right, it's all right