Remedy for Riches (1940) Movie Script

Anybody heart?
- I guess not.
Exuse me. I gotta come in here.
What's the trouble?
It's alright Tim.
There's not much damage.
Looks like an accident.
Well I have to make a report.
That's my duty, you know?
Oh, well, could you hold this please?
Wow, guys looks like
your little Jam here, huh?
Oh I'm sorry, but I have
to make a report, you know.
Oh, let me have
that pencil will you?
Oh look a little piece of paper
anything to write on? Any old thing.
Here. - Thank you.
Oh, you're from Chicago, huh?
Hey Steve, they're all here but one.
The porcel make me pay for that.
I think we can settle
this without any difficulty.
Oh, look at that head of lettuce.
What about these broken
crates? They gotta be fixed.
There's $10. You think
that'll be enough? - Ten bucks!
Well I should say...
- Yes sir, it's alright with me boys.
Ten dollars?
- Water dripping?
Well, looks like I don't
have to make a report.
Hey. - Oh.
- Thanks very much captain.
Captain? Oh, that's all right son.
Thanks doc.
I guess the son got to it.
Well, I like to star show better anyway.
Hey, Tom!
I brought David.
- What are you doing around here?
We're just passing through
Meet dr. Christian. - Tom Stewart.
We went to college together doctor.
How do you do
- how do you do?
Say Tom, I haven't seen you in...
years satisfied. - Well I guess you
don't need to talk to around here.
I'm sorry doctor. I'll
try to do better next time.
Please, don't.
Well pal? - They certainly
gave that fender a sweet kiss.
for the sound of it
I thought I'd ripped it off.
I got a brother Charlie
with a garage
right down the street you
know fix it up for you like that.
Well, thanks. I think I better
wait till I get to Center City.
Center City? Oh, what's your hurry?
Why don't you stay a
while pay us a little visit.
Oh business.
I have an appointment
I'm late now.
- Well that's fine.
You can call him and
tell you be a couple of days late.
Couple of days? I couldn't.
Why not? Take a little
rest, Tom. It'll do you good.
Maybe you're right at
that. - Had a boy.
Fine, fine. I'll Drive this heap right
down to my brother Charlie's garage.
I think I better check
into the hotel first.
Hotel? Great. I'll
drop your bags off there.
Oh, you're gonna love
that little hotel, oh yes.
My aunt Tilly owns it.
That's the come on over to my store
Oh, what do you think,
you can run this outfit?
But this stay here? Why not.
My sister's husband, that's my
brother-in-law you know,
he owns the agency for
these things in Center City.
All right major. - Major?
Thanks pal thanks for the promotion.
Good guy
Oh, that's one of
those newfangled gear shifts.
Hej! Hej bud!
Keep moving. We're on
the back out of here.
Is that the same
medicine dr. Christian? - Yes.
Vitamin b1 is very
good for the nerves.
But you should know
this is your third bottle.
I hope you're taking it orally.
- Well I am getting it to the petunias.
- Not all of it.
Most of the doctor. She was taking
the medicine one day in the garden,
and some of it
spilled on the flowers.
And those petunias grew
bigger than any of the others.
Clothes, vitamin b1 is
very good for flowers too.
but you'd better take a little more the
medicine yourself quiet you monster but
this recipe just might have been the
prize-winning we are going in the
flowering without petunias
petunias well what do I do with this ah
when looks like it might make a very
tasty meal after ruining my cake
I wouldn't cook him well cause here you
take it
couldn't you cook it I'll come one here
if you need it
oh okay hej we'll make fried chicken for
lunch today you frightened happy Dale
thank you for the prescription you won't
need me for a couple of hours dr.
Christian will you won't I well you've
taken care of all the patients and I
didn't see your head beauty why is
probably telling you say out waiting for
you you know Laurie better than that
we're just going for a ride in the
country that dress looks everything you
like it very pretty
that's all it matters and if I do catch
cold maybe you can recommend a good
hey go 3296 a seven
mineral oil running interfering foot
something I can do for you mrs. gadelle
yes Roy a bar of chocolate I better run
along no no go away this chocolate mrs.
Kendall no laughs I sent bar uh what do
you not college you were going into the
bomb business I tried it for a while but
I quit
I don't hotel for a living now hotel
yeah anything else mrs. Gavin let me
think now
well that ought to be an interesting
business town keeps me on the move
I was on my way to Center City they say
there's a pretty good building site
there say we've got everything that
sounds gotten bored why don't you Philip
Rivers and might not be a bad idea have
you made up your mind miss gadelle Oh
could I borrow some wrapping paper
certainly flappy enough just a little
more fine anything else
I can't think of a thing that'll be 13
cents oh dear I've only got nine put the
rest on my bill Roy okay you sure made a
lot on that deal no kidding Tom this
would be an ideal place for a hotel I'd
like to take a look around ready to go
wrong Oh Judy here this is Miss Judy
Price Tom Stewart how do you do
very happened to meet you ins price
Thomas visiting us for a while
I thought we could take him with us this
afternoon show him saw the country
around here yes certainly well please I
I don't want to interfere with any of
your plan oh no not at all Tom oh we
were just going driving Judy won't mind
will you because not but watch the front
I'll be gone for a little while all
gosh I forgot I haven't gotten a car
mine's in the garage well I guess we can
use mine well that's fine Judy for
that's wonderful yeah marvelous just
the Kristin will be here any minute
does Seema she she such a cute little
thing isn't she
but you invited the doctor oh dear
I wonder if dr. Christian would
chloroform er she's a he are you sure
I heard her crow I wonder if he knows Oh
give me that seem like a very fat
chicken no very thin probably all bones
we couldn't give dr. Christian bones for
lunch that would be terrible
hello girls aren't you a little early
dr. Christian yeah about our luncheon
appointments I don't think I'll be able
to stay Oh can't you yeah I I have to
see a patient oh we're so sorry I tell
you what you fatten up that chicken and
we'll make it another time that'd be
fine goodbye goodbye let's call him
good morning darling
good morning mrs. gadelle anything I can
do for you this morning nice Apple yeah
20 cents a pound and strawberry is 15
cents a box two for a quarter I just got
him in fresh this morning
lovely I just love strawberry so I
noticed why don't you try the watermelon
Thank You mr. brown you know I really
don't think I need a thing this morning
have you any passing at the Browning
there's no charge for parsley I know
that mr. browning what string could I
borrow some string mr. round by the way
you know that young man that had the
accident this morning he's going to
build a hotel here we've got a hotel oh
it's going to be a resort a
million-dollar thing I heard him tell
here or any store oh thank you mr. Brown
he's looking for property oh he's gentle
you said he wanted to buy some property
definitely well I have property
Oh lots and lots of it you mean that ten
acres out for the city dump
oh whoa look miss Geller you haven't
told anybody about this have you just
between us two good oh whoa wait a
minute I got something for you
cattle you told a jar down to the secret
you know about the Union Hotel two pound
of sugar Gela a quart of milk
Judy I wouldn't say anything about the
hotel or anything you know how things
get around don't worry about that fact
I've got great it'll say all afternoon
how do you do lovely York I poke swell
guy isn't wonderful Oh what's the matter
Judy nothing nothing at all
I've got a simply marvelous afternoon
Oh Oh George
oho huh yeah am I surprised we are doing
here oh I'm just moseying around I got a
little date here with mr. Stuart Stuart
yeah what I wanna see Storyful why miss
gotto told me all about it am i glad I
met that girl yes sir you know if I
hadn't met her I would have been able to
sell my aunt Tilly's property said your
aunt Tilly's property distort oh no
you're not I'm gonna sell this property
a while is that so we'll see we'll see
yeah what do you think he's gonna do
with a million dollars up and that dump
heap of your aunt Tilly's to put a hotel
don't people my hand Tilly's is that so
what do you think you got here upon leah
lily pond is this a sunken garden
when he can't solitude who said I can't
I said I won't you let yourself you
won't know I won't let you southern you
had that property of your family for 200
years yes sir
212 years hundred twelve years just
thinking the Revolutionary War war of
1812 the Civil War they fought in a flat
part reaching out here in covered wagons
they got down on their hands on these
big prop Iraq it pulled out crushed
they fought the Indians yes sir late 41
so you and your aunt Tilly could have
that gorgeous beautiful dull place up
there George
you got me
and you won't see anything distort about
it George I give you my word I won't
sell my aunt Tilly's property to anybody
good but if you sell your property I
want ten percent well your druggie
double-crossing away wait a minute
George wait a minute wait a minute you
better make up your mind here he comes
now what do you say anybody all right
mr. Stewart wait a minute wait a minute
wait a minute sir seven and a half tan
mr. Stewart tan okay Wow hello mr. Aiken
boy well I guess you had the first
appointment George hej wait a minute
what about me huh oh oh that's right yes
he did have the first appointment all
right this way mr. story yeah oh right
yes I'm mr. Stewart trees beautiful
trees thousands of them you can grow
anything on this land plenty of rain you
said it last winter we were almost
swamped ah I mean over the hill goodbye
aunt Tilly's property oh you mean a
smart Co ver there well not exactly
marshy but it is a little bit misty yeah
but not here this property is suitable
for anything Sun all day cool nights a
veritable paradise just what I've been
looking for how much do you want for it
what how much you want for it oh well
well I pay $50 an acre for it no I think
I'm entitled to a little profit that's
fair enough
we'll take 40 it's a deal
it's lovely isn't it please like that
will put rivers end on the map my
breaded your head the contact for all
the hardware they're spreading the
building business all over town bud
oh hello Judy
never mind bud uh about last night Judy
I'm sorry I had to break our date but
Tom wanted me to go over these bills for
him must be rather difficult acting his
agent for a building concern and running
a drugstore and everything
keeps me hopping all right but last
night I just couldn't make it jr. you
needn't worry about me I found something
else to do
Judy how about Wednesday night we could
go to the show oh I wouldn't think of
taking you away from your business Oh
Judy you know this is my big opportunity
I can't mess it up you've broken every
date we've had for the past three weeks
I can't help it Judy this is my only
chance to make some money Tom's giving
me a commission and with money I can I
can do a lot and anyway I've got a lot
to thank Tom for he's been swell I guess
you have been pretty busy and how about
Wednesday all right now if anything
happens that I mean business of course
I'll call you in the morning let's
forget all about Wednesday if you don't
know now you never will god Judy good
morning miss price good morning lovely
day isn't it he looked over all those
bills yeah it'll take about a half an
hour Tom fine I'll see you later they
tell me there's some great fishing
around these parts you ever go oh once
in a while with Roy
when dr. Christian can spare me I used
to do a lot of fishing back eat great
sport yes I liked it fine how about
making a date for tomorrow you could
show me all the good spots I thought you
were too busy working to take time out
all the details are arranged the actual
work starts tomorrow but they won't need
me hej well I've got the whole day
planned well fish for a couple of hours
in the morning we'll go over to Center
City for lunch in the afternoon we'll
take a drive in the evening we'll have
dinner go dancing wait a minute I
thought you wanted to go fishing you'd
better take dr. Christian all right I
wouldn't I look funny dancing with dr.
Christian or Roy
they're impossible well Roy can't go he
has to look at some specifications and
dr. Krishna will be busy well somebody
will get a sore throat or something
we've got everything all to get out
haven't you hi oh good morning mr.
Stuart good morning miss amazing we've
got the whole town all excited over that
new hotel of yours well I hope it lives
up to their expectation it's anything
like the picture it will tell me and mr.
and um how's the true teacher hotel the
food I hear it's perfectly dreadful I've
had better
you're like cake who doesn't will you
come inside with me and I'll let you
taste I'm a mom I'll be glad to
Wow that was delicious thank you we
having a bazaar next week and I'm
entering a baking contest your cake will
win in a walk I think I'm a pretty good
judge too you see my mother was
westchester county champion in 1916
really have another piece mrs. Hastings
out I'll make you a proposition if I can
walk as far as that door I'll accept
your offer
no sale oh good morning uh mrs. Hastings
noggin I know mrs. Hastings found a new
cake tester what you don't know what
you've been missing doctor ah that's
what you think
so you're the official cake tester now
and a job very much to my liking
you know cam used on that position clem
until he had a falling out with mrs.
about what well I think that clam tried
to tell mrs. Hastings how to make the
cakes oh I'd never make that mistake she
can bake them I'll eat them your
smarthinking I wouldn't go so far to say
that no how about that fishing trip all
right tomorrow morning at 7:00 fine
uh thanks very much was the safety
you're welcome
come back again goodbye doctor goodbye
see you the morning fishing eh huh huh
dr. Christian why don't you come along
mm-hmm everybody's pretty healthy this
oh good seems to me that for busy
executive young Stuart has plenty of
time on his hands
now don't go thinking things like that
he's a very nice young fellow and an
excellent judge of cake
I'm ringing him hej where's mr. Stewart
he's not in I'm sorry where is he I
gotta see him what do you think this is
television hej what's the matter with
oh it's you where's this des Stuart
don't yell I can hear you I don't know
where he is where can I look it's
s coy maybe he knows Hey we struck a
while on the hotel property oil Oh
sounds kind of funny to me I I never
heard of oil around here but I'm telling
you I had my hands full of the stuff hey
we gotta find mr. Stuart well come on
the maybes with drugs rally boy heavy
swell have an oil field around here
where's Tom how do I know where he is
we gotta see him they struck oil on a
hotel site what oil yeah globs of it
right on the ground
black a suit I think they went fishing
let's ask Miss Hasty Pudding a hunk
Olivia we'd paid me 40
here they are now we've been waiting for
you doc hej fixed record hold on George
I'll explain it what's the matter why
all the excitement they've been bouncing
up and down like a couple of crazy man
all afternoon they found oil in the
hotel site this morning they what it was
practically on top of the ground
well that's unbelievable uh don't go
playing games with me young fallout you
know who's there all the time uh in
river sand look I got samples of a down
in my store I won't gotta myself didn't
I yeah you knew there was oil there then
maybe we better go and take a look yeah
primed Sandia bottoms
I can't understand it well I can push to
find out what was on that property and
then you bought it you can't fool me
young fella now why don't you get away
with it let me assure you mr. brawny man
I bought that property because it was
well-suited to the type of building I
wanted to put up its beautiful land
that's the only reason I bought it
beautiful it's been a white elephant on
my hands for ten years
it's ugly and you know it is that right
judging by the speech you made when you
sold it to me you didn't think so
I'm sorry doctor but certainly looks
like oil man if it is it would be
foolish to build a resort on such
valuable land all right if you don't to
build a hotel out there I'll buy it back
and I'll dig a well on it it's not as
easy as all that don't forget the hotel
corporation owns that land there must be
some way to get around that if there's a
royal ladder people should have a chance
to make something out of it no no I'll
have to take that up with our president
mr. DB Vander he's a pretty tough
businessman why'd you get in touch with
him and find out well I could I could
talk to him right now he's probably
still in his office on come on she'd go
right yeah hej you all right is it
all ice call Chicago mr. Bali
hi Chicago Chicago yeah sure
Igor out of here hello hello long
distance please long distance I want to
call Chicago please Harrison eight four
six oh I'd like to let you folks in on
this but if he ever finds out there's
enough oil in that land to be discovered
from the topsoil you'll never share it
at all I want to speak to DB please this
is Tom Stewart just a minute please
telephone DB Tom Stewart oh thank you my
good man
I can't make up my mind between do it
and Stephen make it a dollar on Stephen
okay where's the buck okay - trust me
for a dollar now you know the rules of
the house
I owe you were dying watchkeeping Salone
this call has to go through about six
secretaries he's one of the wealthiest
men in Chicago under charge to the other
end could you I mean yeah hello hello DB
yes I'm in represent our all the suckers
up there come along very well
yes sir now as we go past holding
everything he banging on top love a
comeback his second of length Johnny boy
you start ahead and do it is coming up
on the rail he's taking it up with a
board of directors if Steve and lover
come back its lever come back yes sir
and a little comeback wins it
Steve aying is second and Johnny boy is
how do you like a dog like that leads
all the way and folds like an accordion
full-length shot of the wire don't worry
DB we won't lose anything on this deal
all right I'll call you tonight
goodbye he says yes
wait wait a minute yeah we're not going
to sell stock I'm gonna make this a real
partnership come on Gertrude let's
invest our dairy should see not suppose
we get a man love to get married someday
maybe it's a good investment
hold on folks I know this is the wrong
time to say anything new people are so
excited but don't you think we'd better
be sure to the S oil before making any
investments well how could you be any
more sure there it is right down the
table we don't know much about our long
day on maybe if you could get it your
ages to kind of checkup
we'd be saved all around certainly dr.
Christians perfectly right I was a fool
not to thought of it myself
I'll call a geologist tonight how does
it sound to you dr. Christian Oh fine
well guess that's all there is to that
boy sighs congratulations Tom don't
congratulate me I think we're all very
lucky oh it isn't all luck you're just
what this town needed someone energetic
enterprising enough to wake it up
oil occurs in sedimentary rocks of
shallow marine s tureen and don't take
origin ie I
beds formed along seashores in inland
bays and at river mouths you know Tom
this is quite interesting get rid of
that they're waiting for us
I fear peace ladies and gentlemen this
is mr. Emerson our geologist how do you
say how do you do Tom happy to meet you
I was extremely fortunate and being able
to make the train so busy you know yeah
I was interested in an organ layer I
hate to rush you mr. Emerson you want to
know what your findings are of course of
course let us proceed very promising I
must say but naturally I'm speaking
I brought my equipment along and I'll
Rome in which to make further
examinations I've already made
arrangements for that mr. Emerson I've
engaged one at the hotel for you I think
mr. Emerson forget to work right away
well yes sir why what's on the uplift
well of course you gentlemen realize
that if there is all here the sinking of
a well will require considerable capital
don't you worry about that we got plenty
of money in this town enough to sink six
wells once you say the good word mr.
Emerson and the people of rivers then
become financially interested I'm going
to catch the first train to Chicago and
arrange for drilling operators and
competent engineers to handle it a very
good plan if I may say so mr. Stewart
but then again we've got to be sure
there is oil here don't we shall we take
you back now so thank you
I don't even know some circle needs are
they rock all right mrs. s please enjoy
don't forget to tell mr. Stewart that
I've saved up $80.00 and I don't want to
be left out I won't forget mistake
everybody is certainly getting excited
alone here even mrs. Hastings
well I'd say we've got something to get
excited about I know but they're going
to invest their life savings
worried about dr. Tom's not taking any
money until the geologist says it's
long distance please
uh mr. Harvey Manning 22 walk Street
send a city yes please connect me with
his number
you know ROI to a town like ours this
could be a very serious thing it's like
a snowball getting bigger and bigger as
it rolls downhill hello
hello Harvey this is Paul question I
know you know no this is a professional
call I like to come here and make some
tests on some land they say there's our
as soon as you possibly can it's it's
quite important your drive down fine
morning thanks Harvey you're certainly a
real friend goodbye
another geologist what for then a doctor
diagnoses a case he isn't positive he
calls in a specialist doesn't and I
guess so
two geologists will make more or less a
sure thing of it if they agree but
anyway don't invest your money until we
find out all right
well I got a big order Julia Ron no she
went to was a good purchase delivering
some more medicine I know clay I'm back
oh there's my man Roy I've been looking
all over town for you it's about the oil
wells you know I got a cousin Chester in
Milwaukee and he makes drills he makes
little drills big drills all kinds of
drills now listen if you're gonna drill
for oil you got to use drills so I
thought you might use the drills that
are made by my cousin Chester the best
drills in Milwaukee
I'll speak to Tom about it well look it
isn't it my cousin needs the business
but after all you know Chester is my
cousin I won't forget huh doc I got I
had a tough day yes you have been on
duty all day long my dogs are killing me
yeah gotta go home and get some DEET now
and boy how I dread it mmm
you know my wife best little woman in
the world was oh she's a terrible cook a
terrible cook
yesterday I brought home a juicy tender
loin steak about that thick you know
what she did with it she boiled it no I
haven't had a square meal for about a
week well wife certainly is a pretty
tough cook well well see you later doc
come on claim I'm a little hungry myself
let's raid the icebox you're not kidding
my up
no fuss doc you know any old thing will
do just a little snack
you know da who kept do you see what I
see it certainly looks good mrs.
Hastings must have left this out for me
for us the weight like a dnieper cover
plate plate stove all of our plate doc
we're going to eat this one right out of
the trough oh boy oh yeah say that
you're sure it's alright if we eat this
now you're not expecting company or
anything like that I oh no no no don't
worry you can eat the whole thing say if
you want to please mrs. Hastings eat ha
did you know that woman has a heart of
gold yes sir hmm no doc that's about the
best cavitation my life maybe mrs.
Hastings should have entered that won
the contest oh my goodness what man
listen to this
hmm this is the contest cake please
don't touch mrs. Hastings
contest cake oh it's a no shape for a
contest now I gave it an awful beating
oh this is terrible
he's been baking cakes for weeks getting
ready for the contest he's been waiting
15 years and this had to happen
mmm doc I think in you and me better
join the Foreign Legion if be confined
to a subpoena will beg another cake to
replace it that's it that way sure we'll
make another one do you know how no but
I can scramble eggs well I make a pretty
good stew myself Oh the best chefs are
men aren't they at least we can follow
the recipe why sure you know doc I come
from a long line of chefs why my old man
was a chef for years doc will make a
prize-winner I don't know about a price
went on
oh there we are
butter eggs milk cream there's the whole
works everything but the bacon float oh
well I'll tell you I'll look around
through this side of the room and you
look through the drawers oh we did that
once let's working two baguettes that
part of the recipe no what does it say
first no I mean I see no boy this
writing is terrible
you know he writes worse than my wife
let me see
cream in a half a cup of butter have a
fun alright let's have a bubble bottom
but how do we Queen this manner now wait
a minute wait a minute doc maybe that's
wrong maybe it's cream and a half a cup
of butter no no I don't think so let's
let's meant to borrow with the file why
I'll mill what comes next a cup of sugar
yeah da now what do we do with it well
maybe you better drop it in here with
the bottom hej Doc you know you're a
yeah we'll melt them both together that
saves time yeah are we doing whoever
said this cake Meghan was hard ha
there's only one thing that worries me
mrs. Hastings wanted to win this contest
oh don't worry she will say doc I've got
a pretty good idea now let's make this
cake just for the other judges how do
you mean well I hope George and Putin's
bene like sweet stuff don't they so
we'll just put in another cup of sugar
all right we'll make this cake just for
them we'll put in two cups but I hope
you know what you're doing don't worry
now doc don't worry
now let me see now chocolate three
chunks yeah yeah they are
that's it you know doc I love chocolate
uh doc something wrong with this
yeah it's bitter taste it this isn't it
Maisie I'd make a very very good cook I
can tell just by the taste that must be
spoiled throw it away
mmm yeah but we're gonna use ah now
don't worry don't worry
here they aren't huh the chocolate bar
sure thing and a dandy well they're not
spent wait a minute
better take the tinfoil off first that's
good idea now now it says the yolks of
two eggs well beaten only the yolks what
happens to the whites
no no you know these silly women wasting
money like that cuz right down here it
says the whites of two eggs well beaten
I don't see why we shouldn't beat him to
get on save time why sure absolutely
isn't that just like a woman trying to
make a mystery out of the symbolism
thing that's eaten up to wig yeah hey
Doc wait a minute
peace a shower ma'am not very sanitary
perhaps but efficient doc you know those
two eggs worry me
they're all right no no no no not that I
mean I I don't see how anybody can make
a good cake with just two eggs
no cake Westby says that that well never
mind about the recipe whoever made up
that recipe certainly was cheap
yes sir but it's not going to be
anything cheap about this I'm just going
to bust in a couple of more eggs well
everything is hitting out with the baton
prod oh wow
I surrender I can't find it I'll look
over let's give it up we don't need any
baking powder oh but the cake won't rise
um oh oh hej Doc my father didn't work
in a bakery shop but nothing look what I
yeast I don't think anybody puts cheese
and cake why not
yeast makes bread rise why not cake
we've just put in a little just to give
it a little a little heat now put in the
slow oven and bake for 30 minutes
doctor I'm afraid the operation is a
huge success mother and child both doing
nicely hej you are done a masterpiece
it's pretty all right I wonder how it
will taste
don't worry about that doc we have made
a cake that's going to make history
that's what I'm afraid of
certainly nice of your hobby to drop all
your work and come out here just for a
not at all Paul I can understand how you
feel I don't you think you take to make
your analysis nerd I've got this
I should have through it three o'clock
I'll meet you at the bazaar thanks a lot
oil occurs and sedimentary rocks a
shallow marine Astorino and they'll take
Arjun ie
beds farm along seashores an Inlander
don't preset it
it isn't mary had a little lamb now tom
you're talking to an old-time baka it'll
come out slicker than the oil we're
trying to Oh what time is it Jack 2:15
yes mr. Anderson
oh hello Roy all set for the bazaar mr.
Emerson is ready I think I have
everything here good
I'm mr. Manning dr. Kristen reserved a
room that must be the geologist dr.
Christian sent for oh I'm sorry did you
say geologists yes he called him last
night well you know how dr. Christian is
he wants to be absolutely certain before
the people invest their money he's an
old friend of his see uh Roy I think
you'd better go on for the bazaar I have
a couple of things I want to talk over
with mr. Emerson yes I think you'd
better there's just one thing more I
wanted to you know to be absolutely sure
beg your pardon ugly stupid ugly sorry
oh I'm so sorry so so sorry I'm sorry
that we can't all go together but we
won't be late pardon me could you tell
me the time I never carry a ward mm-hmm
having any trouble with pickpockets
around here no that is not until now my
mother gave me that watch come along you
why this is ridiculous
I know thief I'm a friend of dr.
Christians he'll explain everything all
right you can call her from the station
my bags all right come on come on come
he'll watch gag
don't forget we have to pick up the 30
systems on you and you will drive
carefully won't you doctor
yes very carefully no answer yes he left
with the desire but you have to reach
him I can't be kept here like this what
am I supposed to do about it the charge
is robbery but I didn't do it find out
the Christian he'll explain everything
yeah I know
go ahead Jack Sean suite number one come
on my bag my specimens oh let him have a
microscope dirt chemical hi uncle Jeb
well did you take over now the wife's
waiting for me yes Derek you're leaving
it in safe hands sure there's a prisoner
number one but don't let him bother you
don't worry
haha he ain't gonna bother me and clear
huh oh I don't want you playing around
with that radio equipment remember who
oh why uncle Jeb honest I wouldn't touch
the thing
you think this will be big enough for
the petunias there - certainly we're
only taking four or five of the very
nicest look what he's done before all
our work I ruined oh dear and all that
medicine what are we going to do now
what we should have done weeks ago you
bad thing oh shoot
I'll show killer
IRA petunias I'll show him after all my
word please got you'd think it over
Oscar's a pet my dear sister oh come
back to me Abby
we are am i you're still in drivers hand
what happened she shot at the chicken
and the gun knocked her over
is she really all right doctor of course
I'm all right where's that gun
now hold on cursor looks old it's Robert
trouble us create all opportunities it's
such a terrible thing that's so terrible
I were gonna win the prize with them say
he certainly turned out of your
beautiful specimen why don't you enter
him in the polls or show course then we
won't have to kill him and we win a
we like oh are you kind of losing that
vision or dream or to be inviting the
boys here we go what you was in the
kitchen don't get excited one day oh
what a pity what a kitchen get off hi oh
one small boys you can't lose three four
guys come on
well here we are
we better take Oscar to the Bonefish
thanks everyone is good dog
hey dark times are going to wish me like
to doctor here I go
I put that I honor Boyett gold once
again once aboard watch it he's winding
up there you go there you go boy
it's a big day dr. Christian a big day
for everybody Tom and mr. Emerson will
be along any minute now
as Maeby's analysis given boy thanks
always said he'd be right out
hello duty come on why don't you two
take a walk around
yeah how about it let's take a look at
the exhibit
hey come on hello mr. Stewart what's the
good word
well I'm afraid we'll have to let mr.
Emerson tell you is the gusher are we
going to make a million dollars
just be patient ladies now if we can get
them all together I'll make a little
announcement sure I'm right over here
I'll get George over there boys your
prize big boy something for the little
lady come on who's next people tonight
come on in boys
having fun do you bet doc
I've seen the fertilizers the farm
implements in the heart very interesting
to our dear friend mr. Stewart has a
very important announcement to make
famous demanding his late he said he'd
be here three there's nothing to worry
about dr. Christian is mr. Emerson is a
pretty smart fella I'd still like it
much better I for knew the outcome of
Harvey's analysis why don't you get them
to postpone the announcement till mr.
Manning coming can't do it Tom's going
to try to catch the four o'clock train
to Chicago he's going through the drills
and things
four o'clock train yeah I know you'll
all be interested in what he has to say
and after you hear his report that you
would care to participate in this
venture you'll find me wedding right
down there and now mr. Everson
ladies and gentlemen my dear friends it
is with extreme pleasure that I address
you happy happy people hej this looks
bad boy oh I supposed to get all that
money they'll be getting out of town you
wouldn't say that doc if you knew Tom
like I do when I told him about mr.
Manning he was very very happy
you told you sure I know now I know
something's wrong
come on be better find Benny I tell
y'all great I'll go ahead
that is Oh take us half an hour to get
it out come on doctor we can take my
motorcycle well if I must I must
just think what oil is used for lighting
heating cooking salad dressing
oil is liquid gold black gold the man in
the street would be lost without it the
lady in the home finds it almost as
necessary as electricity
yes sir folks oil is absolutely
indispensable and what's more we can't
do without it I'm extremely pleased to
announce there is oil in rivers in
demanding in oh hello dr. Christian how
does it bizarre Oh fine fine but where's
mr. Manning or see it says 164 come on
excuse me but I I wish via Paranal that
$2.000 one come on get in line get in
where's the chief the chief I'll achieve
that is I am the acting chief someone's
gotta send out a broadcast and sighing
okay I'll be manning broadcast yes it's
important you think you can do it me uh
who broadcast fly doc did you come to
the right man to the right job at the
right place yes sir now I'll find a boy
you just tell me what he looks like uh
he say he's about five feet six five
foot sir $2.000 I wish I had more
seventy-eight dollars there we are now
da I'm going to show you how the police
department really works
wait'll I look at these directions move
plug a down plug B up but hurry Kim holy
joy dock sure sure move dial four to
seven then wait five seconds yeah one
two three four five now that we really
go to town calling all cars calling all
cars rivers and police department
calling be on the lookout for Harvey
Manning five foot six dark hair dark
glasses wearing a brown suit he's
telling a bag I think let's do it but
it's our dowry it's a great opportunity
he'll make millions
probably Oh could we haven't any money
with us and yes we have I took it out of
the hiding place this morning all right
we will how much is one hundred and
seventy four dollars and fifty cents
wait a minute you why don't you wait
your turn
yeah get on the end of the line hej you
are da I always get my man hello doc
hello Jerry i arrested a man this
morning says he knows you
what was he arrested for he stole my
watch Oh Dino that do such a thing
well you know how these crooks are they
get hold of a name in the town and say
they know him anything for a stall yeah
well I think I'll take a look at the
bazaar maybe you'd better try it again
trim all right I represent police
department calling B I've got the Harvey
Manning about 50th say this man you
arrested what'd he look like he looked
like a professor a funny little guy with
glasses had a bag where is he in the
cell well that's mr. Manning I'll vouch
for him get him out Oh Harvey poor
all mistake move it up open it up hurry
did you find anything
another lubricating oil that have been
planted whoever claims the soil and that
property is a swindler that land has
been salted you mean there isn't any oil
are you sure mr. Manning couldn't you be
mistaken certainly not I total come on
the tour's back holy old cars calling
all cars sending out a call for Harvey
Manning five foot six wearing glasses in
a brown suit and carrying a bag take the
three dollars April next thank you how
much myself for you know after we strike
oil a great deal more than you paid mrs.
Castle a great deal never on a fairly
odd me do mrs. Gertrude and a be pretty
and I thought he was my friend just a
crook that's all
that's all right how much one hundred
and seventy four dollars and fifty cents
I think it's one hundred and forty seven
dollars and fifty seconds by Abby we
counted it three days ago and that's
what it was I don't think you're right
I'm sure the four comes before the
seventh will count it now to me in an
open hurry boys everything's under
yeah go ahead now wait a minute there's
the guy we got the call about listen
everything can be explained later I'll
take the food responsibility
certainly doctor give us a hand sure
6465166 and 50 cents
we were both wrong way to get you all
right that's all right ladies oh just a
moment mr. Stewart and we'd like to ask
you a few questions about the shares who
is the party of the second part I think
that to us really ladies I'm in an awful
hurry well then mr. Stewart there's
party of the first time how say late
isn't it you can keep it with my
don't come here no no your dog now you
come in well steal my walk
get that back it's got the money in did
I get my shoulder into that tackle try
the old coach should be proud of you
people of rivers in certainly have a lot
to thank you for doc I know I appreciate
don't thank me Royce as much responsible
far as I am I wish we had more fellows
like Roy in River send he's just what
this town needs energetic and
enterprising enough to wake it up come
on Julie let's take a look at the
exhibits no I'd love to
well it is time let's get the livestock
read it Ben doctor you're holding up the
whole words and you're one of the judges
of baking contest
come on if I didn't we fought back well
here's the big boy once again the great
picture the big shop come on Raymond
wave right in this before dying help
yourself up in one dime Seifer dime
take six here we go shoot off there
what's that I letting all watch out oh
don't get excited to tease
and last but not least as the entry of
mezes hasty mum doctor he's where the
first Easter I've tasted those the
others and they'll open pretty good I
don't think I'd be a very good judge
well let's get it over with everybody's
waiting oh so this is the best one of a
lot it's delicious
what do you think doctor it is good
hmm take these take it easy
hey olive oil big picture takes it easy
and slow take your time take your time
boys not those bubbles down and get them
ding fries oh here we go again lamb in
that quiet quiet please attention the
judges of this contest have been dr.
Christian an expense
penny will now award the prize the
winner of this contest is mrs. Hastings
you best married well let me know about
come on let's congratulate mrs. Hastings
congratulation I didn't think I rented
really I did miss her I don't that cake
this morning almost all have been
happens when I went into the kitchen the
one I baked yesterday was blown to
smithereens I must have used groaning
aah turns to the bigger problem
mr. Lumm I'm so excited take these you
can't take the evening of our Terrace
boys come on
when you take for this joy oh my
goodness mrs. Hastings