Remember You (2016) Movie Script

I want to file
a missing person's report.
Tell me the sex,
age and physical description
of the missing person.
Height's a little over 180cm.
The hair's slightly long.
What's your relation to
the missing person?
It's me.
I'm filing my own
missing person's report.
What's that?
It looks like a last will.
To whoever remembers me.
Find him, now.
- If he dies, it'll be a big problem.
- Yes, sir!
I really hope you get to
read this fetter,
but! don't remember you.
I'm so sorry.
The pieces in my head
just don't connect.
If this letter luckily finds you,
If you get to find me,
It'll mean that you're
someone really precious to me.
Kim Jin-young.
Kim Jin-young.
Kim Jin-young.
Kim Jin-young, please come to
reception. I repeat,
Kim Jin-young, please come to
Give me the completed form.
I'd like to make an appointment.
How long will I have to wait?
What's your name, sir?
Yeon Suk-won.
Just a moment.
They said I was hospitalized for
over 10 months from the accident.
I lost my memory, but
since I had to live,
I trained myself to return
to my normal life.
Everything else was fine,
but strangely enough,
cars were still difficult.
Aren't you getting in?
The only place I could return to
was my home
that I had no memory of.
APARTMENT 1203 was my home
that I had no memory of.
I guess I'm someone with
a complicated past.
Are you home?
Yeon! Are you there?
Yeon, what's going on?
Are you home?
Who is it?
I thought you were dead.
You scared me.
What were you up to?
Did you just get up?
Where' re your jacket?
Here it is.
I've never seen this man before.
Hey, did you eat?
This stranger's asking me
if I'd eaten.
It's basically empty.
Or maybe he's not a stranger?
Why haven't you called?
I don't have a phone.
What am I supposed to do when you
have no phone and you don't call?
Here it is, a phone.
Is this a phone?
Now, look.
Got it, right?
You always had a good memory.
Now I remember!
Oh Gwon-ho.
Shillim-dong rotten tofu.
Do you remember?
Why do you look so old?
It happens when you have three kids.
Let's go.
You'll get both of us late.
Where to?
Seocho-go, Seocho-dong.
58-1, Room 1301.
Law firm, 'Joongjung'.
Why do I have to be there?
Because you and I are partners.
I can take care of the trials
and consultations,
but we're losing client without you.
I don't get it.
We're not that different.
I've become a lawyer?
I was going to skip my bar exam
and get a job.
Why else would I be here?
So you know about it?
My condition?
What about your condition?
That 10 years of your memory's lost?
Get in.
It's your car.
I'm not getting in.
How will you get to work?
Anyway, I'm not getting in.
are you gonna walk?
Seoul has changed
in the past 10 years.
I was worried about
how I'd get about.
If I'm a lawyer,
I guess I should be relieved.
Mr. Yeon.
What a relief.
We really worried about you.
Welcome back, Mr. Yeon.
Everything okay now?
Mr. Yeon!
You're back.
How are you feeling?
Where are you going?
Come here.
This is your office.
Look around carefully.
You should get settled in soon.
Mr. Yeon!
Mrs. Kim Young-hee is here.
Should I let her in?
Who is she?
It's been a while.
She's glaring at me.
A strand of hair!
It must've been a serious accident.
Not really.
I'm okay.
Hello, Mrs. Kim.
How did you know Yeon's
back at work?
As you know, he had a long
leave of absence.
We have to clean the office.
So why don't you talk
with me today?
I've been doing
very well in anxiety.
Do I have to wait any longer?
Of course not!
You shouldn't be kept waiting.
Right, Yeon?
Your husband
is still missing, right?
You said it wasn't necessary
to find him
because it's the police's job.
I said that?
I was just wondering
- if his body might have been found.
- What do you mean by 'body'?
Just wondering if there's
anything new.
Kim Young-hee, suspected of murder.
You told me
not to consider him dead.
So that's what I said.
That it's a missing person's case,
not murder.
Don't you remember?
Of course I do.
It's a missing person's case,
not murder.
Mr. Yeon.
You are okay, aren't you?
Of course I am.
I'm absolutely fine.
If that's what you say, I'll
have to believe you.
But it's good to be legally sure.
I'll officially request
a doctor's note.
I need to know about
your exact condition.
Please take a seat,
and I'll call for you.
Park Myung-hee.
She's crying at me.
I'm at a psychiatric clinic.
Excuse me.
Do you know me?
Now I remember!
Is your name...
Kim Jin-young.
Kim Jin-young?
I heard your name being
called out last time.
You've got the wrong person.
Kim Jin-young.
Kim Jin-young!
Please go to the doctor's office.
Yeon Suk-won.
Yeon Suk-won.
You've taken almost every
test after the accident.
I see in your test papers,
most of the traffic-related answers
are marked incorrect.
Are you okay riding a car or a bus?
I'm okay.
I see no brain damage,
and your exercise, speech and
mathematical abilities are all normal.
You just can't remember a
specific period of your life.
The fear you felt from
the accident may have caused...
I just need a written opinion
that I'm fit for work.
I don't remember my life as a lawyer,
but I do remember studying law.
I understand that's what
you want to think
Do you recall everything
from the last 24 hrs?
Your memory can fade a bit,
but it doesn't affect your life.
So, just
write me a note that I'm okay.
Stick to the dosage.
Excuse me!
Ms. Kim Jin-young!
Aren't you getting in?
Hey, long time no see!
Hey, how's Bo-young?
So good to see you.
Hey, call me, okay?
An insurance guy?
Hey, it's so good to see you.
What? Should I also
be happy to see him?
Do you
- know me?
- Huh?
Hey, you haven't changed one bit.
Wait, wrong way.
I'm not trying to sell you insurance!
I'm just happy to see you!
So call me. Any time's okay.
Is this
just my memory or a dream?
Perhaps things I can't remember
need to be left alone?
One day, everything might
come back all at once.
Or maybe not, for good.
What's important
is what's to come.
- Hey.
- Ms. Kim Jin-young.
You have my medication, don't you?
Your medication?
I left it at home.
Why'd you leave it there?
Load your bike and get in.
So we can get my medication.
I don't ride cars.
Then, let's go like this.
Why are you seeing a psychiatrist?
Excuse me?
Why were you at the mental clinic?
I lost my memory!
Come on, that was close!
Just keep your eyes on the road!
I mean, how did you lose your memory?
I was in an accident,
and I lost the last 10 years
of my memory.
like a blackout?
I can't remember anything.
But it doesn't matter.
What's wrong?
What, are you okay?
Under the car,
I think somethings there.
I estimate the time of death,
48hrs from now.
We call this an 'impossible crime'.
Meaning you can't kill
what's already dead.
Want to check?
Are you okay?
What's wrong?
It's just a doll.
Just stay like this
for a moment.
We shouldn't be doing this here.
Then, let's try moving
towards the car like this.
At one, move your right foot,
and at two, your left.
One. No, no.
It's the right at one.
Uh, it is my right.
Oh, we should use opposite foots.
It's your right foot at one.
I'll use my left.
One, two.
One, two.
One, two.
One, two.
One, two.
You think you can drive?
Can you drive
for me?
Excuse me?
You are in a jaywalking
accident hazardous section.
Keep your eyes on the road.
Maintain a safe
following distance.
After all that reservation,
she asks, and it's no longer
a problem.
You have arrived at your destination.
This road guide will be terminated.
We're here.
Are you feeling better?
Want me to
drive you back?
Excuse me?
- Thank you for driving me here.
- Yes.
When you're drunk,
do you always run around
like that?
Who me?
Don't you remember?
Last night.
You got me to drink with you,
but you got drunk first.
And then you ran off with
a traffic barrier.
You ran at every chance.
I had a hard time chasing you.
You really don't remember?
do remember everything.
It's no big deal you don't
remember a night
when we've got plenty of days
ahead of us.
Suk-won, where's my medication?
Aren't you taking yours?
It's okay, I don't have to.
But I think you should.
A Korean won a gold medal
in figure skating?
Yeah, she almost won another one
in a row.
You'll be considered an alien
if you don't know Kim Yuna.
DO You know Ryu Hyun-jin?
Another figure skater?
No, a baseball player.
A woman plays baseball?
Play the guitar for me.
I don't remember, but my fingers
are doing their job.
Hurry HP!
Doesn't this place scare you?
Why should it?
Lie here.
But it's a grave site.
They're all lying down anyway.
It's not bad to be buried where
you can see the stars, right?
Wouldn't a closed charnel house
be better?
The temperature and humidity
will be under control.
You'll be out of the rain.
And your family won't worry.
Like an apartment?
Apartments are now popular in Korea.
Right, you're right,
apartments are better.
Then I guess you never saw
your husband leave for work.
I did.
But you just said you never
met your husband that day.
I thought you meant if I met him
again before he went missing.
Then you knew his whereabouts?
I definitely asked on the day
of his disappearance,
if you met your husband.
So why have you arbitrarily
excluded the morning?
I don't know. I just thought
that was what you meant.
The late Park Gyung-joon
had breakfast at home that day.
But he's not dead!
He's missing.
That's what you're claiming.
He ate breakfast
like any other day.
Said he's off to work,
opened the door and left.
He just hasn't come home yet.
Do you people.
When you leave home
every morning,
imagine your family being
destroyed tomorrow
because you'll die today?
Defendant, please calm down.
Counsel, will there be
a cross-examination?
No further question, your honor.
Slight loss of personal memory
with no affects on certain daily
routines and work performance.
Can I trust your doctor's note?
Are you sure there's no problem?
No need to be so worried.
We're rejecting
circumstantial evidence
and focus on the fact
that there is no body.
When it's the lawyer's job to
reassure a wavering client,
how could you skip
the cross-examination?
Your statement was good enough.
Everything you said felt truthful.
And a cross-examination
seemed unnecessary.
You once said truthfulness in court
is like the icing on the cake.
You've really changed.
Next time,
I want you to behave like,
the lawyer I used to know.
What do you think? Is it the best?
You should've gone back to work,
but now you've opened
a cafe near his place?
What if things go wrong?
It's just a small place.
I don't like it covering the shoulders.
Then I'll pull it back a little.
What do you think?
Then I'll bring another veil.
I was taking a look,
and fell in love at first sight.
You're in no position to be
Slow down for crying out loud.
This time's different.
I'm absolutely sure.
It's not just about you.
He needs to be sure as well.
I'm just worried you'd suffer again.
You said you'd quit smoking.
You can't smoke here. Oh!
Sorry, she has this condition.
Where's your medication?
Didn't you bring it with you?
Here it is.
Don't take them all at once!
What's wrong?
They're stuck?
What is it?
What's wrong?
You'd love for me to
move in with you, right?
When you can't sleep,
I can play with you.
And since I never skip breakfast,
we'll eat together.
You won't have to come home
to an empty apartment.
Anyway, it'll be really good
for you, right?
I guess so.
What? No?
How come you're so wet?
Didn't you hear me?
I'm going to live here.
I heard you, Jin-young.
So just come in.
You'll catch cold.
If I go in now,
there's no turning back.
Yeah, okay.
Are you warm?
Want me to hold you?
It must've hurt.
It's okay.
I don't recall how I got it.
I'll make it disappear.
You're tickling me.
Don't cry anymore.
- Jin-young.
- Huh?
Should I move all your stuff
to the bookshelf?
No, just the books!
There's nothing there.
Just come out.
Suk-won, do you know
the light switch is broken?
Yeah, I'm gonna fix it later.
Ooh, how cute.
Come here.
Come on, Chichi.
Let's go.
What's wrong?
I forgot to buy something.
What's that?
Nail clippers.
I'll be back in a jiffy.
Why did you come all this way?
How have you been?
I'm fine,
so leave.
I heard you're staying with him.
Is that wrong?
I'm just worried about you, sis.
Your God must have
left me out of his thoughts as
the world's turning like usual.
The thought of it
makes me so mad
I wanna make things work.
So Father, I want you to
stop worrying about me.
Did you get the nail clippers?
How come?
Didn't feel like it.
Okay, no need for one.
Can you get some coffee?
- 2 americanos.
- Okay!
About the Mrs. Kim case.
is there a problem?
There's something about her
that keeps nagging at me.
She seems to be hinting
at something,
which I can't figure out.
Ever considered she might
have killed him?
Then what happens?
Nothing happens.
Just continue treating
her as a client,
Got anything else on you?
Well, I do smell something fishy.
Like what?
She reported her husband missing
through you
instead of going to the police first.
Strange she would report him
missing through her lawyer
when he didn't turn up for dinner.
She may have been just worried.
You're not the type
of lawyer to call
just when you're worried.
What kind of lawyer am I?
Too intimidating
to reach out for and lean on.
You hate being sucked into
other's emotional roller coaster.
I do?
I see.
You feel like a stranger to me.
Please come back to the
person I used to know.
And don't take too long.
Awe, darn. It's a foul.
Now, the next batter's Yeon.
He steps up to the plate.
The slugger steps up
to the plate.
You missed!
Move over.
I wanna hit this time.
- You can't just switch teams
- You made a foul.
Hurry and throw.
I won't be easy on you.
Home run!
Home run!
Home run!
Suk-won, I hit a home run!
- Mr. Yeon Suk-won?
- Speaking.
This is the Haengbok Hospital.
Your mother collapsed.
Suk-won, what's up?
She keeps asking for he! son.
We 'd like you to visit her.
Excuse me,
but my mother died
when I was eleven.
Who called?
It was a prank call.
Did you hit a home run?
They say diamonds are
colorless, but take a look.
This one's yellow.
- The fusion of impurity-free carbon...
- I'll take this one.
Ah, of course!
You made the perfect choice.
Choosing by intuition isn't bad.
Hello? Is this Suk-won?
Who's speaking?
My mother?
My operation was successful.
I need a little cheering up from you.
Aren't you gonna
come see your mom?
Close your eyes
and count to 100.
Don't open them
until you're done.
I never had a mom-
You must be joking.
Why would I do it for the money?
We'll just consider each other
as dead.
Perhaps during the lost 10 years
of my life,
I might have reunited with mom,
and lived like any ordinary
mother and son.
Visiting he! at the hospital
from time to time.
should I be the son who's
forgiven his mother?
Why are you wearing that
on your finger?
What about your
precious diamond ring?
I gave it to my son's girlfriend.
Cause he loved her so much.
Is she senile?
My girlfriend?
Not you,
but my son's girlfriend.
What's her name?
It ended with 'young'.
Is it Ah-young?
Hey, how's Bo-young?
Yeah, Bo-young!
Yeah, that's right! Lee Bo-young!
She's got a feel-good face that
comes with a great personality.
- This is Yeon Suk-won.
- Who?
You know, we met at the Kyobo
underground passageway.
Oh, yeah.
Yeon Suk-won.
What's up?
You asked me
how Bo-young's doing, right?
Yeah, I guess. Why?
By any chance,
Bo-young, Bo-young.
Can you find out
anything about her?
Whatcha doing?
- Nothing.
- What is it?
Why aren't you sleeping?
I can't.
You can't sleep without me, right?
Let's go to sleep.
Let's go to sleep.
We're going to sleep.
Is this place open?
Change your mind,
and get back to work.
After all those years
of hard work.
It's okay. I like my
jet-lag-free life now.
If flying is a problem,
Then I'll move you
to ground service,
or even to an overseas office.
You can go to a place like that,
and take your mind off things.
It'll be good.
I really appreciate it,
but I couldn't get back
into that uniform again.
There's still too much guilt.
Suk-won, I'm home!
I brought us some 'chimaek'
(fried chicken and beer).
Do you know what 'chimaek' is?
Come out.
Come and eat.
Sorry, but eat without me.
But I'm hungry.
Let's eat first.
Can't you see I'm busy?
You said you'd fix this.
So why haven't you?!
Oh, that.
I'll fix it later.
Why can't you even
look up to say hello?
What do you mean?
I'm looking at you now.
You think this'll bring
your memory back?
You said the past doesn't matter,
was it all an act?
After acting all okay,
why are you being so weird now?!
- Kim Jin-young.
- What?!
I am trying to seem okay,
but I've never put on
an act in front of you.
What you're doing now,
- that's called acting.
- What's that?!
What are you doing there?
What are you doing over there?
Do you know a Kim Jin-young?
Mark! Come here.
Stop it!
Mark, stop it!
- My name's Yeon Suk-won!
- Mark! Listen to me!
Mark, come here!
Do something.
Ah, wait. Hey!
Come here!
I'm sorry.
Just a moment!
Excuse me!
Jin-young's not here.
Can I ask how you know her?
I'm a friend of hers.
Isn't this Jin-young's place?
I can tell you don't know
much about Jin-young.
Anyway, she's not here.
This is the Haengbok Hospital.
Your mother collapsed
from complications.
This way.
May I have the name?
Yeon Suk-won.
Not yours, but the deceased's.
Now for the body identification.
You should've just died!
Just look at you!
Just look at yourself!
She died again.
I always thought she was dead,
but then she appeared like
nothing happened, and died again.
Are you okay?
How could...
It's okay.
No it's not.
Will you marry me?
You're early.
But, I'm on time.
Care for some coffee?
Yes, please.
Are you
feeling better?
you're on my side, right?
If your only brother isn't,
then who is?
You're not on God's,
but my side, right?
What are you talking about?
Are you or not?
Answer me, quick! Huh?
what are you up to?
Why are you so late?
Ah, Oh was going on and on.
Sorry, Father.
I'm late.
My name's Yeon Suk-won.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Kim Dong-gun or
Father John.
I heard a lot about you
from Jin-young,
that her younger brother
became a catholic priest.
You remember your promise
to me, right?
You're supposed to conduct
our nuptial mass.
Does that mean
- you two are getting married?
- Yes!
I am rushing things a bit.
But she really wants you
to do our nuptial mass.
You will do it for us, right?
there are procedures
according to canon law.
I know I can rely on you.
Do it for me, okay?
It'll be a simple wedding,
no guests, just us.
If you're okay,
we're fine with anything.
But a nuptial mass isn't
so simple, you know.
You each need a witness.
I can ask Sun-hee,
how about you, Suk-won?
I do have one person to ask,
but he needs a little warming up.
What're you bribing me
with dinner for?
We could've just done it
at the office.
It's not work related.
Then what's this about?
Good evening.
Say hello.
This is Kim Jin-young.
We're getting married.
This is
Oh Gwon-ho.
I told you about him, right?
Thank you.
Now, let's sit and talk.
You two,
how long has it been?
Why didn't you tell me?
when are you getting married?
Whenever it's convenient for you.
Even better if you fix it
sometime next week.
When it's convenient for me?
- Yes.
- Why?
Because you have to be my witness.
Who me, a witness?
Yeah, but,
a witness
is a witness.
People like us can't just
go out and do it.
- Please.
- Right, please do it.
Business partners shouldn't have
legal ties to each other.
Please do it for me.
We can't do it during business hours.
How about next Saturday?
I have to play with my kids
on the weekends.
Then Friday evening.
If you insist.
Have some more.
What do you think?
Where is this place?
The Netherlands.
We're going to live there.
Is that what he wants?
I'll have to talk to him.
Not bad.
Living together where
there's water and a great view.
Why's he taking so long?
Have a seat.
Are you okay?
Was it okay for you?
It's just a waste of time.
The prosecution's run out of options.
There's no dead body.
We just have to stand our ground.
They've got nothing except
emotionally shaking you up.
- So why dance to their tune?
- Why shouldn't I?
I'm innocent anyway
without a dead body.
what's wrong with screaming
that I'm scared to death?
Isn't damage control
included in your lawyer's fee?
If I'm supposed to stay still
and do nothing,
why would I hire a lawyer?
Since you paid me,
your case, Mrs. Kim,
will totally be resolved by us.
But a human life
can't be an issue controlled
by money.
Whether it's yours
or someone else's.
Someone else's?
Are you saying I killed him?
Did you?
You told me to forget about everything,
but now you seem to have no clue.
What are you talking about?
Try to remember.
I want you to remember.
Kim Jin-young!
I was meaning to come earlier,
but Mrs. Kim...
Ah, this client, Mrs. Kim
who's a bit difficult to handle,
was suddenly hospitalized.
How about living here?
There's a lot of water,
and clouds.
I used to work at an airline company,
as a stewardess.
Why haven't you told me?
You never asked.
If I get reinstated,
we can go live there.
Wanna go?
Let me think
it over.
About what?
My job and stuff.
What about your job?
You can't even recall your bar exam,
so what's with the lawyer act?
You can go back to school
in the Netherlands.
So you don't have to pose
as someone else like now
and start over.
But I know nothing about
the Netherlands.
Want me to tell you what
you really need to know?
My birthdays Jan. 7th,
And my childhood neighborhood's
in Hupyong-dong, Chuncheon City.
I moved to Seoul when I was
in the 6th grade.
My class no. thru mid-school was 16,
21 in high school, 019347 in univ...
I'm allergic to cat hair,
book dust and peaches,
and my foot size is 240cm,
- but my right foot's a bit bigger.
- Jin-young.
You should know!
Cause we're getting married.
People who are getting married
should know these things!
- Kim Jin-young.
- Let go.
Are you alright?
Let me see.
Let go!
Look at us.
Get up.
Try to get UP-.
Does it really hurt?
Your birthday on Jan. 7th
has already passed.
Let's visit Chuncheon one day.
We'll visit your childhood place.
Your mid-school class no. is 16,
your high school one's 21,
your Univ. student no. is 019347.
I don't like peaches either.
I like cats,
but I won't adopt one.
I'll be careful of book dust, too.
You memorized everything?
I remembered,
everything about you.
Are you kidding me?
Do you even speak Dutch?
They all speak English there.
English? Gimme a break.
Do you speak English?
I've been such a
pain in the ass to you.
Stop dealing with a headache
like me and get a new lawyer.
You know I'm not talking about
business now.
really struggled through the bar exam
and worked hard.
Starting out from the bottom with me,
swallowing leering comments from
classmates in major law firms,
doing the legwork and
getting yelled at,
even getting smacked on the job.
And through this all,
our name slowly got out.
But now you want to
throw it all away?
- Oh.
- Yeah.
You know I don't remember
everything you just said.
They mean nothing to me.
Aw shit. Then try to make them
mean something.
Try to remember, for Christ's sake!
Don't turn it into waste!
Sorry, but I'm out when I'm
done with Mrs. Kim's case.
As for the rest,
there's not much to follow up on.
You're still
- going to be my witness, right?
- Absolutely not!
Witness my ass!
What is your problem!
Wake up for crying out loud!
Mr. Yeon!
You have a call from prosecutor,
Jo Gwang-chul's office.
Regarding the Mrs. Kim case,
he wants you to come
to his office right now.
Well look who's here?
What's with the stranger treatment
in court?
You think I'd ask you to go easy
cause we're classmates?
Of course not.
Now explain.
What's with the condescending tone?
About what?
Why'd you hide that your client
was at the scene?
Can you vouch for that?
Do you have proof?
Why are you holding out?
I just don't get you.
I asked you to come in
to show you proof.
Follow me.
Now, are you still going to hold out?
Mr. Park Gyung-joon?
Who's this?
Your wife's lawyer. He's come
to confirm you're still alive.
Ah, right.
I'm sorry.
Why'd you do it?
Well I just,
because I was scared of my wife.
And the business is
my wife's family's.
And there's debt she doesn't know of.
And she's complicating things
even more.
Stop it. We haven't done
anything wrong.
Calm down. It's okay.
So I thought
I would be better off
being dead to everyone.
Yeah, something like that.
Didn't you think about
how your family would feel?
I know.
I never thought it would
get to this.
Why did you hide that your client
saw them together?
If you just told me, it would have
saved us all the trouble.
He says
he came back out of guilt
for you.
If you had just told me
from the start,
things would've been much easier.
Listen, Mr. son-of-a-bitch.
Excuse me?
I told you I did.
I already told you everything!
Watch for the left curve.
What's wrong, Mrs. Kim?
My husband's not home.
He just disappeared.
Mrs. Kim!
I went to his office today,
and it was covered in blood.
He must've been murdered!
Mrs. Kim!
Listen carefully to what I'm
going to say to you now.
I'm going to the police to report
your husband's missing.
So don't tell anyone
you went to his office today.
You never went to the office,
so you never saw anything
or killed anyone.
Do you
think I killed him?
It doesn't matter.
The past fades anyway,
and once forgotten,
it becomes nothing.
Do you still believe that?
That the past becomes nothing
once forgotten?
There was a triple collision accident.
Bye. bye!
You're here.
Put this on.
What's all this?
We're going camping!
- Now?
- Yeah.
I'm really tired today.
Can we go some other time?
Let's go. You'll feel much better.
Come on out!
- Wow.
- Nice, isn't it?
Did you prepare this all?
Yeah, neat, isn't it?
Come over here.
Don't just stand there!
- Who, me?
- Relax.
- Well, I'm just...
One, two, three.
One, two, wait! Oil's dripping.
Oil, oil, oil!
Push it to the right.
The right.
One, two, three.
Wow, nice!
Is it good?
It's good.
You must have cooked it well.
Wow, this is fascinating.
Why didn't I know about this?
There's no line...
You're so outdated.
Wow, this is fascinating.
How does it work?
When we get married, I want you
to cook at least once a week.
It'll prep you to cook for our
kids when I'm not around.
No problem.
The weather's amazing.
If we have a child,
it'll be beautiful.
It's so high up here.
It's scary.
Good bye.
Good bye!
You're early.
I just arrived. Like you.
I'm sure you know
why I asked to meet.
It doesn't concern you, Mr. Oh.
This won't take long.
Tell Yeon everything.
I carefully,
and seriously thought it over,
and it's rarely my style to
contemplate without being paid,
but this is wrong.
Stop saying it won't work.
Can't you just consider it
a good thing for him too?
Yeon has a right to know
and choose for himself.
Why should he go
to the Netherlands?
Don't you think it might be
a selfish decision?
You tell him yourself,
or else I will.
It means upon death, the insurance
will be paid like a pension,
with the spouse as the recipient.
Just sign the marked blanks.
I'll return them signed
after I go over them.
Hey, don't you trust me?
It's all in the explanation
I've just given you.
I should still take a look.
Wow, you lawyers are really tough.
Yeah, okay. Then read
and return them, signed.
Don't mention it. I should be
thanking you. Thanks, buddy.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I heard some news about Bo-young.
Yeah, Lee Bo-young.
A short time ago, you called me
out of the blue, asking about her.
She's a secretary at the Public
Prosecutor's Office,
working for Jo Gwang-chul
Have you heard of him?
Everything you said felt truthful.
Yeah, okay. Hey!
Call for any questions!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
May I help you?
I'm here for prosecutor,
Jo Gwang-chul in Criminal Affairs.
Thank you.
Excuse me!
You know me, don't you?
Of course.
You're Mrs. Kim Young-hee's lawyer.
I need to ask you something.
There's nothing I can help you with.
You should talk to the prosecutor.
Lee Bo-young.
That's you, right?
I was in a car accident,
and lost ten years of my memory.
The last thing I can remember
is you.
That's why I really wanted to
meet you.
To ask how we knew each other,
and what happened between us.
Your last memory,
what's it about?
At the end of a dark hallway,
my eyes blinded by the sunlight.
You're holding my hand,
and we're walking into the light.
Then there's a brilliant light.
And that's it.
Nothing more after that.
About what happened that day,
you really don't remember?
What did you mean to me, Bo-young?
Did I make any mistakes to you?
Is that why you're pretending
not to know me?
That's the wrong question.
What do you mean?
If the last thing you remember
is me walking ahead of you,
Then shouldn't you be asking
what happened after that?
What happened next,
that's what you should be asking.
Jin-young, you're early.
- Yeah.
- Did you get the seats I asked?
Two, right?
Let's go!
Hey, It's Cha Dong-min!
Go, Cha Dong-min, go!
Hey! Hey!
Higher. Higher.
Are you okay?
name is,
Kim Jin-young.
She's a senior in the
English Literature Dept.
But I don't have any news on her.
Excuse me!
Do you know me?
You'd love for me to move in
with you, right?
Kim Jin-young!
Want me to
drive you back?
Excuse me?
We're here.
Want me to
walk you back?
Thank you.
You really don't remember?
remember everything.
Yeon Suk-won!
Give it back!
Want me to tell you what
you really should know?
My birthdays Jan. 7th
You should know!
Cause we're getting married.
What you're doing now,
- that's called acting.
- What's that?!
My little brother is
a real priest now.
Stop, you're embarrassing me.
Let's get a photo of you two.
Stand there, I'll take it for you.
One, two, three.
You should've just died!
Just look at you!
- You should've just died!
- Suk-won, stop it!
- Goddamn it!
- Suk-won.
What's the matter with you?
You finally met your mom!
My mom's dead.
You're really going to
regret this one day.
At least you've got a mom to hate.
I don't.
I'm so sorry your parents
passed away so early.
But that gives you no right to act
like your pain's bigger than others.
It's not something you can compare.
did you marry me?
What's going on?
Suk-won stopped by.
He did?
He seems to be looking for you.
just tell him everything.
But I'm scared.
When he gets all his memory back,
I wonder if he'll still
want to find me.
Before he does,
you should go find him first.
Sorry for not telling you in person.
Wow, congratulations.
You're so pretty.
One more time!
One more time!
Mommy! How much have I grown?
Not one bit!
You've grown this much.
But, can't you just stay like this?
Mommy doesn't want you to
grow up so fast.
No! I wanna grow bigger than daddy.
Say hi to him.
- Hi.
- Hi! It's your friend, Dong-woon.
What a nice surprise.
What should we call him?
What should his name be?
Hey, Mark.
Suk-won, stop it!
They're Dong-woon's things!
Stop it.
Why'd you lie to me?
Why'd you play me like
you didn't know me?
You stop it, Suk-won.
You remember everything now,
don't you?
Yeah, I do.
Why'd you hide everything
from me?
I didn't.
You just erased everything.
Me and Dong-woon.
You erased everything.
Don't you get it?
Where's Dong-woon?
Bring him to me.
Stop it, Suk-won!
I want him back, too.
So get your memory back, please!
What am I not remembering?!
I can remember everything!
Why are you so late?
Are you really coming straight home
from work?
Where's Dong-woon?
He's so used to your absence,
he doesn't even ask for you now.
Stop imposing your anger towards
your mother on Dong-woon.
Watch your mouth.
What do you know?!
You really know how to
leave someone speechless.
Just spell it out for me.
You want this?
Why can't daddy see what mommy
wants when I can see what you do?
Don't lose any puzzle pieces
like last time, okay?
Okay, don't worry.
Where are we going?
I said, the office.
Let's go home. We'll talk at home.
Weren't you listening yesterday?
I said I want to leave you.
It makes sense to get a divorce
if one side wants it strongly.
But the other position
needs to be respected, too.
I've never really considered
a divorce yet.
You're still not getting
what I'm saying.
You think I'm really talking
about a divorce?
Have you ever thought
you might be too emotional?
Yeon Dong-woon, what're you doing?
Close the window and sit straight!
Don't pick on him!
- Take your anger out at me.
- Can't you see it's dangerous?!
- Dong-woon, hand inside!
- I said stop yelling at him!
Dong-woon, are you okay?
I dropped this.
It's okay, you don't need it.
Whew, be careful.
Yeon Dong-woon!
Dong-woon, Dong-woon!
Try again.
Are you really postponing
Dong-woon's funeral?
He'll come back soon.
So let's wait a little longer.
We can't send Dong-woon off
without his daddy.
Dong-woon's now by God's side.
You need to brace yourself
to let him go.
That way, Suk-won can
return in peace.
He's by who's side?
Dong-woon's my child.
Not God's, my child!
I refuse to send him off
like this.
It's too unfathomable to let him go.
Why did it have to be my child?!
No, you go ask God,
why it had to be my child?!
I don't understand at all!
I refuse to let him go.
I don't understand.
Why? Why for Christ's sake?!
Our Dong-woon,
we need to let him go now.
What do you mean?
He's my son.
I can't let him go.
As hard as you try,
Dong-woon's not coming back.
Our Dong-woon's
He was the light of my life.
So how can I let him go?
It was all because of him.
I can't believe it!
Dong-woon, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, Dong-woon.
Yeon Dong-woon.
Who are you?
Once again,
we're back in the same place.
His body's refusing food.
He can't even remember who he is.
For the time being,
don't incite the patient.
Anything triggering the accident
can worsen the patients condition.
Will he be able to get better?
- Let's see how things go.
- While he had to forget everything
in order to find a way to live,
I had to pretend nothing happened,
and go on with my life
in order to
make it through the day.
What have you done?!
Don't leave me like this!
I had to check him back
into the hospital.
And when I came back
from a flight,
except for our 10 years together,
he recovered his memory.
Afterwards they said
he was able to eat,
and was much better.
Once again, for the time being,
wasn't supposed to be incited.
Hey. wait!
He shouldn't be
incited again.
I was supposed to get out
of his life.
In the name of the Father, of the
Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.
Accept Yeon Dong-woon whom
you have taken from this place,
and let him enjoy eternal happiness.
Let him praise you Lord
alongside the saints.
I see my Dong-woon's
new house has a doorplate.
isn't here cause he's mad at mommy.
Daddy wanted you to live
in an apartment,
but mommy said
that you
had to see the stars.
I insisted.
so sorry for holding you back
for so long.
I'm so sorry, Dong-woon.
Mommy's so sorry.
I want to file a
missing person's report.
The name of the person missing.
Kim Jin-young.
What's the last time and place
of the missing person?
I don't know.
You need to be specific.
What's your relation to
the missing person?
It's me.
I'm filing my own
missing person's report.
IF is known for its compact design.
So learn it thoroughly
to efficiently respond to
any client inquiries.
Is this Kim Jin-young?
Do you live at Hillstate Apt.
In Bangbae-dong?
Yes, what's this about?
I'm calling from the
Bangbae Police Station.
We received
a missing person's report.
Missing person's report?
Yes, ma 'am.
Someone reported a
Kim Jin-young missing.
To whoever remembers me.
I really hope you get to
read this fetter,
but! don't remember you.
I'm so sorry.
The pieces in my head
just don't connect.
I want to ask for help,
but for now
I can only go to the police.
If this letter luckily finds you,
if you get to find me,
it'll mean that you're
someone really precious to me.
Kim Jin-young.
Whether it's a name that
means something to me,
or is my own name,
everything's just a big foggy mess.
If you are someone who
means to me,
or even if you're someone
who just passed by,
please can you help me?
Who I am,
who you are,
please tell me.
find me.
Even if it's just in your memory,
I want to be alive.
Excuse me.
Kim Jin-young!
Do you
know me?
Yeon Suk-won.
Born March 14th, 1977
in Sadang-dong, Seoul.
Moved to Bangbae-dong
when you were in the 3rd grade.
You're class numbers in mid-school
were 46, 44, 49.
Do you remember?
It's okay.
You don't have to remember now.
Tell you again every day.
I'll tell you again and again.
Remember you.