Remo (2016) Movie Script

There is no human being in this world Fall in love.
If they didn't fall in love, they are not humans.
How we fall in love.
Look like stupid, named as "CUPID"
work of this cupid is make a love between humans.
If he throws a arrow to make a love between any country boy and M.P girl.
If we explain clearly about him, " He is the 'god' of Love".
His next project is this boy.This boy is our story "Hero".
His Name SK.He is "Excellent, Brilliant, Storng, Learner"also.
He watched "BaShaa" When he studied school, and he wanted to become like him.
He thought If he will study well, others torture him to become a Doctor or engineer. So, He Planned and fail in 10th Exam.
He chase act for life of cinema, and Cupid chase him for he did love. After Loss of 10Years
He didn't get a chance for cinema and also the cupid didn't finish his project.
He went to all companies, But he get a hero chance in a Drama Company only.
Become a Hero is very tough. And very very tough is you will be a Hero.
If his mother is talking nagatively,but SK didn't giveup his act.
SK as "Siva Karthikeyan"
Is he Arrambam Ajith?. Go..
Karthikeyan, Do you know what is the reason for your coming?.I know, you fear is "I adopted with you daughter".
Do you know what punishment for didn't obey the government?.
That is less than what they give punishment to stupid like you..
Karthikeya!!!.What??. Did You called king as "Stupid".
I called You also look like fired with kerosene.
I didn't Like you.I didn't Love you, if you daughter say that.
My Daughter obey my orders only,
Our Watsapp language is more power than your order.
He acted well. He acted well like kattabomman, Kabali.When he spoke love lyric, he got a current shock.
Tell Your daugter to come,I didn't any fear if anybody is here.
Darling.,Cupid make a love to him.That love gives gim all in the world.You can watch how could give...
"Vedhalam Movie Song"
Why are you turn off the TV?.You danced well.Yesterday, our neightbour gave a bulk amout for Funeral Dance.Do you join that group? Then You get a job.
You will see, I become a star and dance in screen and Tamil Nadu also dance with me..
I promised, didn't You act perfectly.
Why are you bark?, Wait i will feed you rasam prepared by my mom.
Who didn't act perfectly?. Come and Watch my Drama.Yesteraday, My act get What a "Garland, Respect,Whistle" and that remebered rajini ma.
Didn't she believe.If you want talk to brother mouli, I will make a call.
Yes, I will. Yesterday, i talk with him on the road,He cried.
If you studied, You would get a Job.If i Studied, I would get a job, but i act, i will get this world.
Beat You, this is a Punch Dialogue Mom.Go and Eat it.
Begger also get a Variety food for Daily,Only upma in this house. First of all we ban the Upma.
A super Kerala Girl coming to our area.Vallikanth Brother said me to fetch sk If he is Free.I will kill him, He is spoil my Son's Life..
I act in a Movie. Heroine Friend role is free in that movie.So, Give your ph.No.
I didn't have interest in that.I had interest.
How would he talk with girls?.Santhosh, What are You doing?.
I prepared for talk with that girl.SK,Vallikannan get the phone no for that girl.If i talk about that number,h didn't give that.
So, You will talk about that no and send me through watsapp.
Why are you talk about like this?.
SK please save me from this West Indies team.That Kattappa & This Kalakeyan beat me badly.Why bro?. You are all Look like Buffalo.wait, always make a corus like school student.
Who is that a captain for this team?.He is.You called him as Buffalo.Hey, Wait for me.
Before that a question for you, 100 crow in a tree and a Hunter shot a crow correctly.then how many crows in that tree after this?.
Ninty Nine, Sure.Bro, Come infornt of Me and say "Hey".Now you say, How many birds?.
That is only one and also you are that crow.Don't beat me uncle..
Beat me any part of my body, but don't beat in my face.Tomorrow Morning, I am going for a KS Ravikumar film Hero Selection.
Boss, Tomorrow Morning Hero selection for KS Film.Where & when?
Why are you talk about that?.
one of the man in our area become a Hero, that is proud to us.Hey, Is he look like hero?.Monkey circus is correct for him.
Tomorrow Morning, 7o clock in 7th floor in AVM.
Dei, Both of us tomorrow morning 7o clock going to AVM.ok.Mummy,Didn't mummy, one less for tomorrow audition.
Nattamai Movie is loved by me in his films.
He said "I had only face not a nose".They said correct.
Oh my god, conjuring Ghost is coming.I saw already their.Boss, Please put the zip in your jeans.
It's ok, You see.That is not like put powder to that.Go and try for Ghost movies that is correct for you & also save tha makeup cost.They didn't talk correctly.
Please selected you for this audition. and I will become a Comedian with you.
I didn't study well but act perfectly sir.
THis is an Hospital Concept.You said it to the parents.
Are you ready?.Who is the writer of this dialogue sir?.
Why?.That is english dialogue but much more comedy in that.That is not comedy, is an emotional scene.His son is not normal and take care for him.
Act like sad.
Sir, In this place we didn't tell any dialogue but convey a performance...
Hey, Take a cup of tea for me.Sir, I don't want tea please give me a chance for hero.
Do you love?. I said a love scene to you.In a summer evening,you are messaged and stand in the bus stop between many crowds.
You get a fresh air When you saw the heroine. And she turn and saw you, at that time a arrow hit you heart.Somebody tells you that "she is your life, Don't giveup her" near you ears.
was killed by you. Bose., Take him inside.
Throw a Arrow from that "Bahubali Movie" in to my Chest.That historical Arrow in this model Film.
Is that arrow gives you a Pain.I had that pain.
Bro, You had Comedy well but not only that for this.Now I take a Different film. Lady getup for Hero in that Film named as "Avvai Shanmugi - 2".
I looked like for that after my shave.Ok, You do one thing.You shaved and coming after 6months for "Avvaishanmugi -3".
You didn't have love, how did you act with blows?.
Yes, I didn't act perfectly in love scene.Why? A ugly face in Drama scene.That is feel.
I didn't see any girl like that.Hey, I said,What kind of girl you like?
When we see like that girl in our life?.At that time cool air smashed you face,You see love simtems where you see.
Somebody says "She is your life, Don't giveup her" near your ear.
Why he try to rip his pocket?.What?.Hey, Take this from me.Which?.this arrow.Which arrow?.You couldn't see this arrow?.
"SenJitaleY Song"
Esubs Maked by Rule Breaker @ TamilMv.Me
Is she didn't in her house?.THat is problem for you, if she is in, you will talk with her isn't it?.
Hey is she declined me after saw this car?.No, She declined you for your face.Hey, did you show your face.
Is she go. Yes, She gone. Come we are going to our house.
No one can go in spite of me
She is not set for you. You said that before you drunk.She is didn't like you thought.
She Obey his father's Words only.You didn't make a love to her.
You didn't Understand my words.I say one thing about that girl.Oh, is She get a Cancer?. What is the Matter, Explain me briefly.
His parents already search a Groom for her.You give us a information like Laddoo.
All works did by my mom only. I will take a marriage soon for my mom.
Yesterday, I saw a girl far on the road.But, She looked nice,Correct for our family & I loved her.
What is your qualification for Marriage?.Where did you work?.You asked to me,That is asked by your loved one's House.what did you answer to them?.
I didn't get the reason for Spoil her life.Didn't You come with me?.Oh, may you go?.
You will go with him.He will take care for this.Hey, are you joined me?.Are you mad.That watchman drunk and blabber.
Love is easy but married that loved is tough. Search for Groom in her house.They will like me after saw me,after what?.
Girls like jobless fellows, but their parents didn't.If you have a Sister."Very Beautiful", Hey, You will allow to marry a boy like you.
After all this, if You go their house, they will slap with sleepers.
You are going in Karthikai Theepam,They will give you, go and get that.
Hai, First time I stand infront of a Girl like this.I found you after 27Years.I can't wait after, I will said quikly,I am in love with you.
They are all in Top Floor.
Don't Feel come on.I didn't Feel, I am the Leader of "VPVS".Then Why are you crying?.I performed.
She didn't Know who i am.
In this Sathyam Theater ,A banner Like this after become a Hero. I am a Hero and you are a Comedian.Hey Super Da!!!.Come Down First.
I'll be lookig for her & Talk with her before few Days.I tell my love to her.I can't After this.All are done.But why I saw her?.
I love my father.But I cried less than this died of my father before 4 years.
I saw her last few days.She maked me cry.That is full time work for girls.
Our Work is important for us.Tomorrow I will go to KS office and Will be a Hero.You see only normal SK not a Getup Change SK.Wait for Tomorrow.
I sell my Chain, Watch and Kidney for this.If look he well?.If you see him, You will marry him.
I want a Hug from you.
What is going on here?.How dare you do like this on the road.Aunty, Don't Hit him,Go away from him.
Who is she?.Didn't You know her?.Didn't Who?.See her.
If SK has a Sister,She will like this.
Didn't Sister, I go away with him and marry him.
How's My mom.Now i found why your father died earlier.What a pain you know.She coundn't find me.
Today we will go and see RaviKumar, and blast that.
222 Runs, Not Out. Now I am Out.Maari Song.
Mr.SK we coming to Jurassik Park through our Talking.Don't Worry Vallikanth, We will manage this.See this PGM. See this Alien.Go away Big Nose.
What a big Button.It's time for my duty. He is free talk with him.
Hey, Take off your hand.Darling, you may go.Thanks Brother.Is she a girl from Iyer.She didn't a Girl.
Don't Call me once again brother.OK,Uncle.Uncle??.Just.
If you thought about this song, I will kill you.She is a sister.Yes, She look like sister.Hey, I said "is she your sister?".No, My friend.Hey, Take him for small enquiry.
You look like women.
Come and walk some steps.
You will be set this place like old Ambasster Car Diggy.Don't Do much more.
Walk straight like Neelambari in Bashaa and mix the look like SS Rajini's Movement
Will you said a dialogue with angry?.
You saw my hip. You didn't read a page within saw my hip for 10 times.You saw my hip and i saw that.
I didn't See that.What sir?.I said that " I didn't saw your act".
Do you dance?.Hmm.Did you dance like old Heroins?.
That's Enough.Now coming to our story.Is this a Super story?.I like this story.
Now "Love".Sir. First Love.Generally 99 Boys are failed in their first love.only one is won their first love.
That boy is our Hero.Hey, What is this i tell the story, you didn't tell anything.I thought is not here.Get out.
Why are you climbing the bus in running?.Sorry Driver. That is said by Conductor.Take Both of you divide that sorry.
You are look like milk in the morning and night look like silk.
Don't Mistaken me.Definetly i said that to you.
Before that i said one thing to you.I love you.Do you love me?.
Handover to police like this men.To say this for coming in bus.
Why you didn't Slap him for his behaviour?.
What is the hospital you are working?.I search for Job.I am Kavya.
What is Your Name?.
Hansika Motwani like Regina Mothwani.Regina Motwani.
Your Name is longer.I sort that" Regina as "RE" & Motwani as "Mo"- "REMO". I called you as "Remo".
Something is done for today.I thought you throat is damaged, a gence voice is leaked through that.
I already saw you.but i didn't remember where i saw You. So, We take selfie for didn't get that feel for next time ok.
Ok, Jobless is your problem right.give me your number.Oh,My stop is coming.This is my number.
Monday Morning, come to IM Hospital & call me.
She didn't called you for act, for nurse work.You didn't get a chance for acting like a nurse, then how did you get a job.
I didn't said to go for work, i said that going to act as work.
Didn't get married.That is arranged, She didn't Memorized him name.Ordered dosa by someone and luck that is come to our plate in kaiyendhi Pavan.I trust me.
So, Why are going like nurse.going to be SK.oh,yes ofcourse.
First of all, I going like nurse and find out what is in her heart.Then found that is She interested or not in her marriage.
Ok, If she interested in her marriage,going like a nurse and confused her.If she is not interested, Going like SK and Propose her.
If you caught that is converted into very big issue.
She is my problem.I thought that i removed her from my heart is easy but KS said love and I stand without respirable.
Didn't Your conscience said you to done all are illegal.
Why she is sit near me & talk to me? after i thought all finish.So, Something is between us right.THat is wrong or right i got the last chance from the god.I want her.
THis is crime.If you caught, You life will be spoil.
If we didn't try anything for love,after we didn't get the qualification of our love failure.
No matter what happens, I try Briefly for my love.
here! Our Loved one is here.
wait for few seconds mam.go and wait for her, She is going to round with Deen.
Why that Old lady stare at me?.
I said to Deen about you.One small interview for your Job wait here.You give me second chance in my life.Very Thank You.That's ok Sister.
You are looking Beautiful today than that day.
If we didn't give four injection per day,that impossible for operation in the end of the month.
She is the Nurse who is i talked about.
Why he is called me come to Room?.That is for Interview Sister.
I didn't Believe in this certificate.Sir, I used 5000Rs for make that certificates.what?.Didn't you thought that sir?.I get that after my Hard work Studies Sir.
You look like very well studied & Brilliant.Is look like girl?.
Now i am going to Question.Questions?
That's Enough sir.Are You trust me as Nurse.
Owl Eyed Man started.I had another name & face.My loved one is here.A help from you to make her love and married her.
Dr.Sir.You are learnt and understand this.Did you help me or Not?.I entertained that childrens with my mimicry sir.
"Meesa Beauty Song"
Esubs by Rule Breaker @ TamilMv.Me
I thought that fuel is empty.
Do you like Love?.Why?.Because,You watched that movie with interest.
You smiled, So, Your Marriage is love Marriage.That's Enough Chance for that.
Who is this? look like Polar Bear in Cartoon. He is my Fiance.
Not a Love.He is a Doctor in Pune.My parents are like, I said ok for him.
Is this arrange marriage?.I wait for this, I am coming.Show me his photo.
Do you know what's Your range&style.See his face.I didn't said ok to him,how did you do that?.
Doctor is not set for you, Otherwise actor is set for you.Actor?.
Actor Means, Look like a Hero.He is also look like a Hero.
He is not set for you.Please reject him.I didn't show that photo to you before anything know about you is my fault.
Sister, I asking you last.Is he good or not?.
I said again and again he is not good for you.
Tough for control the girls but easy to confuse.
Please said correctly, Is he good?.What's You problem?.You called me 6th time, He is good.If you didn't want him, I will marriage him.
Who is Next?.This is not fine.
Where are you going?.I will attend the phone.Don't Getup infrong of Food, attend the call in here.
No, I will attend only this phone mom.
I know he is good, But, I asking to you, how is he?. He is the Demo for Groom.Remo is set for you.
What is this?.This is just a Regarcel mom.For which purpose?.For Going to Jail.
Wait., I will ask for Mask but you will give the Flask.Old lady find out that.Did you know the work?.
I watched you from when you are appointed.Did you act?.Did you act like work?. Now, I am going to test your work.
Go and Check that Patient.
What language she spoke?.Hey,Standup & Handsup.
Don't Fly, Take you bed.Sister, I check him briefly. He didn't has any money for pay the bill.
Act like as work is very tough.
I know and My Parents also Know. Who is set for me?.You do you own business.
I didn't know where the wig i throw?.
Something is missing.
Why didn't you like him?.Why did you like him?.
Why are you say it like in Saroja Devi's Duration,Come to Samantha's Duration.
Arrange Marriage only for Beatyless, Brainless.Why are you?.
Now, What are you saying.
Love is not a Change of Ring, That is change of Hearts.That is not done in your life.
Wait for sometime.Coming a boy for you and both of you get married.
See this girl.She is studing B.Com.She is 20only.Someone throw acid to her face do you know what is the reason?.She didn't accept his love.
He loved for see this face, How could he throw acid to this face?.
You asked me"Why are get arranged marriage?".Because this is love for boys.Only for this.
You asked for Job, and i will give you.That's Enough.Don't take more advantage in my personal life.
Why are you sitting with different thoughts?.Nothing.
Are you going to sleep?.You said to lie me I know.
My mom do like this when i am in sad, That sad are all gone.
This is Nancy.After this She is your friend ok.
My Dad do more Magic than this.
I know a big magic that is nobody can & know that.
Now are you going to do magic?.Nancy said to me after All of you get a close friend with nancy, I will do.
What's that magic?.is Elephant coming from that magic?.No, This magic is big than that.
When did you do that?.After nancy take foods,Medicine correctly.
Please Tell me what is the magic?.
Oh, Surely are you do that magic?Promise me.
If we are friends, You will show that magic to us.Not only you,You are all.Take care of Nancy.
I am very Happy.She is Cured 50% Now.
She is alright.But,They didn't know the name of who is throw the acid?.
Who are you?.I am the acid thrower. If anybody make noise,will kill her.Don't Make Problems Go away.
Condition No 1: This is Hospital, SO, Dont make noise when i hit you.
Condition No 2: After I hit you only admit in this hospital.
Condition No 3: Nobody Touch Me.
Where is his look?.Are you understand?.Then Ready.
Don't Underestimate all boys.Here They give soul for Love& also give their life.
I didn't see a boy like that so that is not my fault.
See my eyes.
You engagement is finish.If you see a boy like that,what is your opinion?
Come to my house tonight.Tomorrow is my birthday, so, i arranged small get to gether.
Didn't you see my parents.
THis is REMO Sister.
I remembered my Father.Same Look like this angry bird nose.
This is not Mine.This is give by A Boy from the end of the road.
FIrst time, I stand infront of a Girl like this.
27 Years for I found you.SO, Don't wait after that.I tell You quickly.
I Love You.Couldn't Tell you quickly like me?.Think for some time.
Oye, When you are said ok to Me?.
I don't know what is the mind set for her?.
You don't put that in your ear.So,She fall in love.
I see in your eyes.What do you see in my eyes.
I Thought that"You see him".He is coming for unwound you engagement ring.
is she don't know any other dialogue than this?.When you do that big magic?.Is siddharth get the friend with you?.No
I do that after his friendship.Ok
I see in your face what see in your eyes.
I thought You love him.
Oye Selfie, When you are said ok to Me?.
Don't DIstrub me in my duty.Come and Meet me at the bus stop in evening.
Is she come or not?.
What are you doing here?.My duty is over so i planned where would go?.Ok, I had some work, So, come with me through bus.
No, I had some work.Which work?.
How can i tell a lie quickly?.Watching Rahika's Vani Rani Dual Role Serial.
First you are going to bus, Then i will join you.
May i go?. Why?.For coming.Stop is coming.
You search for him.I will leave now.
Jesus, if Nobody in this world for help me.
Hey, Son of Bat, Thanks for caught as Valanteer.When i Caught?.For What?.
Hey Rajendran from Naan Kadavul, Plaese help me.Please come quickly.
Is he don't chase me?.We chase her.
When you are said ok to me?.GO and sit there.If i sit there, you will said ok to me.
i'm not saying this as a police officer., i'm
saying this as your well wisher. decision is yours.
Why are you follow me?.No girl like you in my area.
I am not single.My engagement is finish.
Now i know what is the reason for you avoit that reshma.
Anything do for avoit some girls,but also anything do for marry some girls.anything do for her.
This is not for good.I said that"fried rise is not for health".
What do you want?.If you want marry me?.Come get married.
Don't Be foolish.My engagement is finished, now you are come and said"when you are said ok to me".Why am i said ok to you?
She is in very angry in that day.
This is method acting.If we near to girls, they will go away and if we go away girl, they will come to near of us.
She is coming.How would she find this address?.
I give that original address in certificate because we changed name & City.
If we clear all datas?.Only one is missing.What?.She is.
Why are you didn't open the door?Going for open the door.
That is smell like leak of Gas go top floor and off the gas.For what purpose i go to top floor.
Please manage her.
"If we hit with wood, they will go to sleep" said by Sundar.C
You cheat that girl with the getup of Nurse.
Why are you said that?.Hey,i said that to we are going to hide.
What is he doing?.Is he washup his Face?.Go and Hide there.
Is remo sister in here?.Are you asking about my daughter?.She took bath.
What are you saying about my Daughter's Name?.
My mom also act very well. isn't it?.
She is very she ok for your love?.
Who is talking with you?.I am mad.I am talking alone.You say the true only.
What are you cooking?.
Who is he?.He is a Cylinder boy.
Why flour on his face?.Because, That flour change into dosa because of hot in outside.
I don't know anything about cooking aunty.That's ok.I'll manage that.
What is the name of this Dish aunty?.That is ladyfinger for brain development.
What are the other components you add for this dish?.
Who is that?.That is you friend.
When you are coming?.Just Now.Open the door.I open the door after dress changed.
Did you see him in anyplace?.Who?.That Whistle.You didn't love him so, Why are you talking about him.
You looking awesome in that pink sary.You said that"You didn't follow me"but you called me.That is for a arrow broke my heart so , did you thought that you think about me?.
So, You didn't think about me.
Marry didn't think this is too much for you.What?.Already You said that to engagemented girl.
What is the hope did you have to said like this?.
I like Bujji like how much i like that tree.
you didn't answer me.we finish with this.Don't say beutiful girls like this word.Say that tie like this.
Oye, What is your Name?.
"SirikatheY Video Song"
Esubs by Rule Breaker @ TamilMv.Me
At that time heavy rain in Pune.Why are you coming like this?.
Sun, When did you coming?.Don't get absent.
Pour the water to them.
A offer coming for me.
Next week, I am going to london.
So, I said to their"Cancell this Marriage".
I said to their for Arrange the marriage for tomorrow.
You father said that"tomorrow is not a good day, so he said day after tomorrow is correct for marriage".So, I accept that.
You do a great job in your life.You are a actor..
I worked hard for this.That is very happy feeling.
But, I can't.I has the feeling of I cheat her.because of her love.
I had guilt feeling for i am a selfish.
Are you alright?.You didn't talk with them correctly.
You put this ring on table.If they see this, they had a guilt feel about you.
If i get her,I promised you, i didn't tell a small lie in my life.
You didn't Cheat love her that much.You understand what is the wrong done by you.So said to her, she will understand that.
My mother asked me to "when our marriage".you tell me when we get married.
I didn't bring from you.
I wouldn't talk to you.
I wouldn't meet you.
I think about that, and that is not correct.
My marriage not in next month , tomorrow in register office.
Don't Play with me Kavya. Tomorrow is your marriage.
It's not my goal to Listen to people's pain and collecting change by reparing vehicles.i've more Dreams..
I said again " i didn't giveup you easily".
I asked you lostly, didn't you love me?.
If anybody in sad, they are going to Bar. But, he is coming to banner.
Your Mother is coming, so give me the bottle.
What is the reason for you drink alcohol?.
What is not done in Man's Life in this world, That is done here.
you Give me kesadi, But she give me halwa.Tomorrow is her marriage.
What is he saying?.He said that tomorrow is her loved one's Marriage.I am not a deaf.
Boy's are not allowed for cry.Go and said to her "don't allwed boy's to cry".
I don't know what to do?.so, I drunk.
"Liquor drinking is injurious to health" said by Cinema didn't you know.
To said their, "Love is injurious to life" when love scenes are coming in films.Don't Be foolish.
Did you sing?.
"Daavuya Song"
Esubs by Rule Breaker @ TamilMv.Me
I trust you deeply.You cheat me.
I said that is a Kerosene.
JANATHA GARAGE.. Who are they..?
If i see you here next time, I will bury you where i see.After that sands will cling you face.
She is my daughter-in-law, i trust that.If we trust anything,that will.
She is called me.Attend that.
Why are you torture me for doing love.Why he is coming to my life?.
He changed all within 10 days.
If i didn't see you and him, I said ok for my parents selection.
What is the problem Now.
She is said loves someone to Laws house.
You collapse all in one phone.Then why are you crying?.
I don't know what to do.I try hard to didn't love him.But, I can't.
I didn't believe this.You said your love to me once.
When you are saying this to him?.I said to him with see his face.
I had also said a true to you.But you don't get angry with me.
you think you are a King of Love,You love only engagmented girls.
Groom and his friends are out of condition.So, now are you said ok to Me?.
is this the remo sister mobile?.What is happened to her?.She is safe,but she missed her mobile.
Please come here quickly.
Why are you leave me?.
Promised me you don't leave me after this.
Siddharth is my friend now.You say that "If siddharth get my friendship, i performed a Big magic".Didn't you?.
Me changed like a man in that magic.
I do that in another day.If you didn't perform that magic, i will stop this operation.
I do that magic after your coming.Isn't coming?.
Didn't you do that magic?.
Don't coming infront of Me.
Do you know which i trust you? & What is i declined for you?.I throw my parents for you.
You cheat me.This is your love.
Otherwise what is love?.
Giveup our loved one is a love.
I married who i loved.One day i saw you on the road.
Your engagement is going when i found you for tell my love.
I cried for you more than my father's dead.
Didn't get all opportunities like me.We made that.
When are you said ok to me?.Why torture me like this.I do not said ok to you.
Did you see this girl anywhere?.Please understand that, this is not a girl.
Yes,ofcourse. She is not a girl, she is my angel.
Why are you didn't come to hospital today?.
What is the problem?.Is he come again.
No,He called me.I changed phone number for 46times.
I don't know.How he find my number?.
Will you show him?. I will unwound his leather.
If you change your, will give me.Good Girl.
I had one doubt.please tell the truth, you didn't love him?.
I do this all for , he didn't cheat me again.
When you are said love to him?.
I proposed him like how he proposed me in my birthday.
Why are you crying?.
Why are you cheat me?.YOu thought i look like mad.
Aalia Bhatt is my next movie heroine.And i will correct & marry her.
Vijay TV Telecast that again again.You crying for see that.
But, i am a Frod, Lier, Actor.
i am infront of my fiance like this.6 months for said you to ok.I can't wait, so , i said quickly.Did you marry me?.
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