Ren shan ren hai (2011) Movie Script

All people have their own destiny.
My younger brother died.
This was his fate.
To avenge him -
this is my destiny.
I'm going to Shitou.
Let's go.
This way.
This way.
Just a minute.
I need to pee.
Thanks, I have some.
I've paid 1500 last month.
Ask you sister-in-law.
Ask what?
My sister-in-law is crying.
She cries every time you pay.
What if it was your husband stuck in bed?
You have to pay her for last month.
And pay me for this.
For last two months, you've returned 2300.
Three years...
For three years not a damn thing back.
We signed. We'll pay you.
We have nothing left.
We're giving you everything.
Sounds like you're joking.
Don't mess with me. Listen.
I want to be paid!
Whether you like it or not.
Set its worth.
Come back in a month.
Lao Tie!
Lao Tie!
Theft and murder. Classic.
What happened to your brother is sad.
The Captain will take care of it.
We'll search everywhere.
Get out of here!
We've searched the mountain thoroughly...
Each village has been searched.
An arrest warrant has been issued.
A reward is waiting for
people bringing evidences.
5 days, and not a single clue.
Lao Tie.
You're an experienced man.
My little magic shop may
deceive the others, but not you.
I wouldn't dare do it elsewhere.
I'll live and die here, penniless.
I hope you're not relying on my magic...
to find the murderer.
I just want to know
if I must track him.
The cudgel knocks the tiger out,
the insect eats into the cudgel...
The chicken eats the insect...
To each his fate.
You have one, he has one.
Even if you can transform yourself...
you belong to your fate.
The suspect has been identified.
He lives here.
Xiao Qiand, 31.
He just got out of jail.
We found the bike and the knife.
Where is he?
Only his mother is here.
Don't play the fool.
We'll take care of him.
Go home.
My son ran away. He's a coward.
It's useless to wait for him.
I left the old woman.
It made no sense...
Xiao Qiang ran away...
...And never returned.
I'll catch him and come back.
I just did not know where to look.
First, I rushed to Chongqing.
I used to work there.
I had a couple of friends there.
A sea of people ...
And I have to find
a needle in this sea.
Wanted for murder: Xiao Qiang.
Men, Han.
Born in Guizhou the 18/01/1972.
A 10 000 reward for this bastard?
I hope I'm not bothering you.
"Bother" me?
You've become a hypocrite, son of a bitch.
Come on. Respect.
Respect? Come off it!
Lao Tie...
All these kilometers
to avenge your brother...
Tonight, enjoy the food and the drinks.
Tomorrow, I'll look for him with you.
Step aside!
Pass, please.
- You know this guy?
- No.
- Aunt, have you seen this man?
- No.
Have you seen him?
- What is it?
- Have you seen him?
Get out!
What do you want?
No trouble. I'm looking for a guy.
Come here.
Come here I said!
Is it you on the picture?
It's not me.
- Aren't you from Guizhou?
- No.
Why did you run?
They scared me.
It's not you but you're afraid?
Long manhunt.
I admire it.
But it's not the good place,
nor the good guy.
Call it quits.
Brother, we...
Sorry. I'm grateful.
What are you doing?
Lao Tie... don't despise me.
I have no choice.
I must deal to get some.
Lao Tie.
To find your guy...
you'll have to pay for information.
It's today's reality.
Do you have money?
I do.
I have some.
No, thanks.
What's wrong?
Do you need a doctor?
I'm fine.
This morning, some cops caught me.
I had a razor blade in my socks.
I swallowed it.
Cops hate it.
If I die, they'd have problems.
Lao Tie, it's okay, I shat it.
I can't take it anymore.
Do the delivery for me.
Shall I take you to the hospital?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You're shitting with your pants on!
We know this one.
Come on, you know the rule.
It's all I have.
You can go.
I felt that something was wrong.
And so it turned out as expected.
Both played a show in front of me.
What was the white powder?
Son of a bitch!
I regretted
that I slammed him.
And I feared, and panicked.
Otherwise ...
I definitely
would not have gone to Shuansichen.
5 years ago was the last time I went
to work it in Shuansichen.
I lived there with a woman.
Then she got pregnant.
She wanted to make a family with me.
And I came back.
I do not joke with it.
And she?
She gave birth to the child.
And started a family.
And the child is yours?
How do you know?
I'm his father.
It's obvious.
Let' go home.
When are you leaving?
Hello. Yes, it's Han.
Yes, I know.
We must deliver the tea.
I'm in the shop, I can't.
I know.
My husband is on the ferry.
I know you're doing this for me.
I'll send someone.
Thanks. See you.
Do you know where Danzishi is?
I don't know.
Watch your step.
Buy tickets!
Buy tickets!
Buy tickets.
- We don't need tickets.
- Why is that?
We're from the company.
You do need ticket.
You won't pay the trip back.
We're from here,
we don't need tickets.
You won't pay your trip back.
Talk to my mom.
I don't want to go to my aunt.
I'm fed up with all of them!
What do you want?
You come and go as you like.
Who do you think I am?
I left your son with someone else.
My second husband doesn't want him.
He would be mistreated here.
Eat on the table!
It's good you are here.
Your son ran away from his family.
Spend some time with him.
I'll take him back tomorrow.
It's harrowing to have him here.
I'm here because I have something to do.
A tragedy happened.
I'm looking for someone.
What does it have to do with my son.
Take care of your son.
Get off the bike!
I don't want to!
- Hurry up!
- I don't want to!
I'll stay on the bike.
I'll stay on the bike.
- Get off!
- No!
- Get off!
- No!
I don't want to!
All those who had to leave - left.
I did not leave anyone.
And was not left by anyone either.
I was looking for two more months.
And all in vain.
I went to Inner Mongolia.
This - the thread to unravel,
which I've found for money.
And unraveling this thread
was only possible with money.
I haven't seen him.
I don't know where he is.
Weren't you roommates in jail?
Even if I knew
I would not tell you.
Buying motorcycles?
Yes. Is this your bike?
Name the price.
This bike of yours is good for nothing...
The repair will take 120.
Really? For this price?
That much I can give.
You lived there with your father.
Why did you come back here again?
I will not leave!
I divorced your father.
You're as good with him there.
I don't have enough money.
I can help you with your work!
This business of mine goes really badly.
I have no money to raise you.
Do you hear? Tetou!
Tomorrow I will send you back.
Go to your father.
Do not forget to ask him for money.
Get up, I need to change the sheets!
This father of yours
does not behave like a human being.
You can not ask him for money -
he does not even think to give them.
Hear Tetou? Come back tomorrow!
I will not leave!
You will not go, then he will come!
When you're here, I can not afford
to look after you!
Do not you pay for the night already?
Leave the kid at home.
You're back!
Back for good?
Or will you leave again?
Wait, I have magic to do.
It must have been tough.
Lao Tie.
I know you think we're incompetent.
Suspects, leads...
Resources... We tried everything.
An inter-regional investigation
is a brain-teaser.
Forget it.
Don't worry,
the investigation will pay off.
The trip must have been hard.
We collected money from the office.
Take it.
It's not much.
Think it over.
If something comes to your mind, call me.
Someone said Xiao Qiang is
in an illegal mine in the North.
However, this information
is not yet confirmed.
Get off.
Can I borrow your bike?
Back then, you were back here.
And why did you start the chase again?
I could not sleep.
Felt confused.
Like ants on a hot pan.
How long have you been looking?
Six months.
And how did you manage
to find the illegal mine?
I got an information.
It said that he was there.
I do not know myself,
it started from this illegal mine...
I find myself there - and then learn.
And I was just afraid,
that this life could soon be over.
I deemed the information reliable.
Xiao Qiang was definitely here.
Once I get there -
I immediately recognize him.
But I can not grab him and go away.
Neither me nor him hides.
The owner of the mine - a private person.
A black mine.
Get to work!
Hurry up!
Faster, faster!
He will not get away from here.
And I must deal with him here.
But I just do not get the chance.
Go there! Go there!
Go there, go there!
Now blow up!
I did not expect that Xiao Qiang...
...will in the end flee from the dispensary.
Truly, I bow down before him.
He really escaped.
And he has not still been caught.
Who else would be so unlucky.
What are you doing?
Should have run faster! Come on!
It is mine!
At this time everything
got completely extinct in my heart.
Who is it?!
Who did it? Show yourself!
What do you want? Who hit me?
It hurts so much!
Who is it?
Why did you hit me?
Someone hit me,
someone hit me!
Who did it? Show yourself!
Come on rise up!
Tell me, what have I done?
What did I do? Why?
Someone hit me in the arm!
I did not see who it was!
Oy hurts!
- I was hit in the left hand!
- Open the door! Open the door!
Don't touch my arm, it hurts!
Open the door! Hurry, open the door!
Someone's injured! Open the door!
Something bad has happened!
Do not touch my hand! It hurts!
Open the door! Hurry, open the door!
Open the door!
Then I could not swallow the blade.
And now I was able to swallow a lighter.
You did not swallow...
I do not know how to explain it to you
what this feeling is...
I just wanted to
carry out my plan.
I'll die or stay alive - all the same.
But I did not want to kill anyone.
They are desperately struggling not for life.
Especially Siantsy.
He is still young.
So I injured his hand.
So that he was not able to go down into the mine.
For him, a place like mine -
most deaf and most hidden.
It was necessary to carry out my plan,
only this way I could save everyone.
Will it succeed or not - especially for my plan.
First, go to sleep a bit. Do not worry.
All are rescued.
They captured everyone.
No one escaped.
Xiao Qiang... Xiao Qiang... escaped.
Do not worry.
No one escaped.
Brother Tie! It is well...
It is well, that you did not
catch Xiao Qiang yourself.
If you did
and do something to him...
Even hit him with a stick...
You could not sit here quietly today.
Do not do anything stupid anymore.
Especially any illegal nonsense.
New unsolvable problems can be solved
by the authorities for you.
Look, sooner or later,
we will catch Xiao Qiang.
He's wanted. He will not escape.
A few bullets may have to be fired.
It won't be worse than if you
had bitten him once.
See, now you went after him twice.
A long and hard way.
A sea of people.
An ocean of misery and deprivation.
Do not worry, I'm not going anywhere.
All the formalities
for the work in the quarry are done.
You will not be going
after people any more?
No matter what -
you need to comply with the law.