Rendel (2017) Movie Script

Listen to me, all you
who bully the weak
and intimidating the little ones.
I know there is only one
thing you really understand.
So, look better from now on.
Because I, I am...
After a long trial,
the mercenary Radek
sentenced to five life sentences by
the International Court of Justice.
Well domestic news.
The CEO of VALA, Pekka Erola...
It is a memorable day for
the Finnish economy.
Once the law comes into force,
the growth will be enormous.
The EU Commission approved by a majority
the delivery of the NH25 vaccine
to developing countries.
Pekka Erola, what does this
decision mean for VALA?
Finally, the years of
development work are paying off
from universities and our
research institutes.
Mikkeli and Varkaus do not
support vaccine sales.
Why Mikkeli and Varka do not
want to cooperate with VALA,
I'm still completely unclear.
And who is behind it,
that the pharmaceutical companies are
allowed to test their products on children?
Who says that?
Finland's export profits will
increase over the years.
So far, there is no evidence
of unwanted side effects
of the vaccine NH25.
However, the EU has so far prohibited
distribution in member states.
Niina Heikkinen from Mikkeli.
The world would be better off without
these stupid investigative journalists.
That's the freedom of speech, Dad.
-Keiner asked you.
And as long as you work for me,
do not call me father, boss.
That's disgusting.
Use this here.
Tell me, were we as
difficult as children?
Do not remember, but if
so, there was a beating.
-And see what has become of us.
-Komisch... You never listen to employees.
You have to make an impact first.
And you better start to
learn how it works here,
if you love your life.
And bring the
handkerchief clean again.
Happy Father's Day!
And here comes your favorite breakfast.
Many Thanks.
Good Morning.
What did I deserve?
Hey wait. What do we have here?
This one.
A biker jacket.
Can I assume that the associated
bike is waiting below?
There's no motorcycle.
-I thought so.
Well, Enni, will I look
good on the bus as well?
But clearly.
And what does the hero
of the day feel like?
May I choose something?
-Yes, you do everything for us too.
-Thats my job.
I think you want to invite
your family to the theme park.
After Visulahti?
Well then we go right away.
-I love you.
-I also you.
-What's called "yuck" here?
For that you will be tickled thoroughly.
So, Kurikka, where is the money?
I dont know.
Where is the money?
I really do not know it.
Kurikka, Kurikka...
Now tell me where the money is.
You know me, I would
never do that.
Please, Lahtaaja, stop it.
Please stop.
Two million
change a person
Where is the money now?
Let's take care of the delivery.
Come on, do not make such a face.
You two!
Take care of Kurikka in there.
You mean, take care of him?
I just said that.
It's already good.
-Oh you shit.
She was standing in the front corner.
Has definitely heard something.
Damn it, Kake.
I wanted a pizza and
not a cheap hooker.
Let me go.
Just think about it.
You get six for the price of one.
What's up, do you need a prelude?
Six times the pizza of the day.
Yes, Gorgonzola.
See you.
Is everything now packed and ready?
-Yes, almost.
-What is called "almost"?
Where is the problem?
What's now?
A power failure.
Damn, they really can
not do anything.
I want to know what
the hell is going on,
you stupid idiots!
Must be the shit-fuse.
Repe, take care of that.
If you've broken something,
then I rip your ass off,
rely on it!
What now?
Damned idiots!
-What did he do now?
-It's not right.
There is someone in here.
Who's there?
Come out...
We have an undesirable guest.
Hey! Hey!
That is not enough.
They have to fear you.
Will you help me now or not?
What was that?
Fucking whore!
Oh, shit.
What the hell does "Rendel" mean?
Maybe the letters
are misaligned.
Six times the daily offer...
It's a bit dirty
inside, clean up.
Does that mean he has to
go to the hospital again?
To the hospital?
Yes, just like Kurikka.
Are you totally stupid?
I thought you should
bury Kurikka somewhere.
I told you
You said we should
take care of him.
Shall we get Kurikka
out of the hospital?
Finally go in there.
First give unclear commands
and then freak out.
Mr. Kurikka?
Mr. Kurikka?
Open up nicely.
So is good.
Mr. Kurikka,
I am very sorry, but unfortunately
I have to reject your suggestion.
At Trust Capital we looked at
your calculations very closely.
And we came to the conclusion
that your forecasts are
not very realistic.
I do not understand what you mean.
The profit forecast is fantastic.
Maybe too fantastic.
We believe you are over
optimistic about the profits.
Apart from that, the public
criticism of your vaccine
not helpful either.
Yes... then I have to discuss
this with someone above.
For sure.
Only such decisions will
eventually come back to me.
As finance director, I
have the last word.
We both know that's not
going to work that way.
I beg your pardon?
There is still someone up there.
This applies to every
decision, also here.
Well, you know the decision,
mine and the company.
In order. Thank you.
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
I understand.
This Rm probably considers himself
as head of finance for a big number.
This head of finance
will not fare otherwise
as the other one.
That's what I thought. Very good.
But I did not do anything wrong.
How do I care for my family now?
You have something on the box.
You will find something new.
-Did you also ask at the port?
-Yes, they were not interested.
Is there no other job
in your company?
-Did you talk to this Timo?
No, and I will not.
What about the loan?
The bank gives us nothing.
I would not have done that either.
Hello you.
- His leg is broken.
-That is impossible.
Come over to me.
Then let me see... Auweia.
That seems to me to be a problem
that can make your dad out of the world.
Then Mommy will
read you a story.
Yes? Which one?
Maybe your father will read to you, he
does not have much to do otherwise.
He has yet to repair the leg.
How about that?
First a story from the book,
then I'll straighten my leg.
Let's go.
"She was shrouded in the
night, dancing like a shadow,
and like a whispering wind she
brought with it a spark of hope. "
Dad, are there really bad
people in the world?
No... that's just a fairytale.
In real life, only bad
things happen sometimes
but really bad people do not exist.
Where is the patient from this room?
Mr. Kurikka has just
left the hospital.
Without legs, or how?
Keep your mouth shut!
-Was in these boxes vaccine of VALA?
-What do I know?
Anyway, my effort was worth
a lot more than just 200.
I was almost raped and murdered.
How much?
Let's say, 500.
-And the 200th
If this guy had not appeared,
I would be dead now.
What type?
He wore a mask and black clothes.
He has done them all.
He alone?
Guess already.
It's hard to say, it was
dark and stuff like that.
-Did he say something?
He just threw the keys
to me and that was it.
- So he saved you?
-Looks like.
That was a lot of
info for 500 notes.
Was that really everything?
Did you hear or see
anything else?
No, except for the flying fists.
Oh yes.
You've talked about a cargo of
VALA leaving the port this week.
Sounded like something important.
What kind of cargo? Vaccine?
No idea, I can not eavesdrop
what is not said.
Listen carefully. We have the
approval for the next phase.
It's time to put 2-2-1 into circulation.
This is of the utmost importance.
If the files are publicized about it,
the whole operation is in danger.
Do not worry.
We rely on you, Mr. Erola.
So you've settled it, right?
A shame about the bed.
Someone steals from us
and kills our people.
As soon as I find him, I'll do it.
You mean, like Kurikka?
-I just need more time.
How many more years do you need?
I got the clock from my father,
when I was your age
The old man was very proud of me,
and on how I ran the business.
My father had her from his father,
and in turn she had hers.
This watch is an old family heirloom.
And in every generation, they kept
giving them the conviction that
that one's own son is worthy of her.
With you, I have my doubts that
you will ever get the watch.
I'll fix it.
What about 2-2-1?
Tonight we shift everything
to the other depot.
Let's wait outside.
What's going on there?
Do you have two sausages?
Sure, of course.
Hey, you bastard!
Why does the two sausages
and I have only one?
Such a complete idiot.
We have to go, come.
What's happening?
Someone found 2-2-1.
What the hell?
Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap!
Crap! Holy shit!
What do you think, how
many of 2-2-1 knew?
Not many.
-Then we have a problem.
-It is a traitor.
Who the hell is doing that?
We'll find out already.
If he knew about this van,
then he knows about
the other, damn it.
Let's put an end to this shit.
-Also another?
-Yeah, that's why I'm here.
Oh sorry.
Can you please give it out exactly?
Well, sir, head of the financial department.
I spend one.
I take the same.
Have a drink in the morning?
I have a slightly longer vacation.
Are you still interested in numbers?
Naturally. Why?
I need someone who
knows numbers.
Business numbers, I mean.
Is well paid.
Here is my card, think about it.
Keep the rest.
Listen carefully, you semi-monkeys.
Everything you load
belongs to the company.
If only one box is missing, or
if only one seal is damaged,
then that's it for you.
You are not talking about
your private life,
not about your friends,
hobbies or women.
As long as you are here,
you just kind of talk
about your work.
What a fagot.
None of you touch the vaccines.
They are not meant for white Europeans.
Well, nobody lets
go just a cannula.
So, after this motivating speech
Let's meet at the
entrance of the factory.
Not you, Rm. You can stay here.
Come with me.
Your workplace is inside and
a little more pleasant.
Well then, you can
start here first.
Receipts and bills
come in the safe,
everything else in the shredder.
-What's this?
-Don't touch it, this is Tarnit.
So we make the vaccine,
really nasty stuff.
And there's a lot of it around here.
Why do you get sick of it or something?
No, it only works on
contact with the skin.
-You do not think so anymore?
-No, never again.
It penetrates the cells and...
What do I know? Something like that.
But I know that when it's
solid, it's hard as stone.
Yes, well then...
Hey, Kurikka, wait.
Thanks again.
Oh, I have to thank you.
Without you, I would have
to do it all myself.
What did you say to your family?
That I work in the
junkyard next door.
Well, no one has to know.
-See you later.
So, should we go?
We do not have to.
Your nice family is
waiting for you.
Drink a glass of whiskey
and sit in the sauna.
Yes, you want that.
And tomorrow the spook is over.
Who the hell are you?
And, did we catch him?
Is he dead?
Are we going too?
That was certainly
such a military sign,
he held two fingers like this.
Real, two fingers?
The thing stinks me anyway.
How so? Sounds cool. Even pretty cool.
You want to fool me.
Look, we have cops now.
It's better than getting rid of corpses.
We belong to the executive suite.
Nonsense, they only need cannon fodder.
Sounds cool too.
-Did you hear that?
-Should we leave?
-Yes, get away from here.
Do not kill, please.
We did not do anything wrong.
Right. We only do what Rotikka says.
The man really has no home.
Always drive around in such an Ami
sled that no one can surprise him.
He eats elsewhere every day and
never sleeps in the same place.
-Or in the club.
-Yeah, he's in the club too.
And off.
No, you step on my foot...
Who's there?
Rotikka, that's nice to see you.
This guy spared us.
Did you really think you
could do it on your own?
-I left everywhere...
The name suits you. It's like a dung
beetle, shitting itself in shit all day.
Since I could have put
my sperm really better.
-I have a picture of him.
-A picture?
I wanted his body, not a portrait.
You have to do everything
yourself, damn it.
-I beg your pardon?
You're right.
You get support.
You only help the hounds to
take the track, nothing more.
That's all you have to do.
Did you understand that?
-I understand.
Wake up.
-Be quiet!
Roger that.
Hey, you little wanker.
I'll be there.
I wanted to go through it well.
This is medium.
You have to take the
next flight to Mikkeli.
Hurry up.
M traveling.
See you in Finland.
Jimmy, I can not right now.
I give flight lessons.
But I have a job for you.
I'll be there.
Lesson one: you need wings.
I'm sorry, it's been a while.
Hey, stranger.
Okay, I'll be there.
-Who was that?
-Do not worry.
It was not your wife.
-You wanted to read something to me.
Oh yes... I'll be right with you.
You know what? Just come here.
Look, I repaired that leg.
But it was white.
Already, but now it
will never break again.
Of course you can paint it
white again if you want.
-No, I like how it is.
-For sure?
Yes, black is nice too.
The heroine in the story
also wears black.
There you are. Are you two going before?
- I'll be back in a few minutes.
"She moved like a shadow,
and like a whispering wind
brought with it a spark of hope.
And so the dark forces of the
village finally got an adversary. "
The city thanks, once again.
Buzz off.
Let's get our first hero of
the evening on the stage:
And he sings a real classic
of PMMP, "Rusketusraidat".
Come on, good luck.
And have fun.
Everything under control?
Why, surely.
That's what they should be.
Jarno Erola.
So, we have a...
-Keep your mouth shut.
We have a problem.
A masked man.
He kills my people.
He calls himself Rendel.
He escapes into the shadows every time.
And he just dances the cartridges.
We can not find him.
I like to dance.
Time for you to do
something for your money.
That went well.
Yes... I have them fully under control.
Say, hang in your
car plush cubes?
There's nothing dangling about me.
-Are the shoeboxes?
Oh, shut up.
They deserved it.
It is a trap.
Get in.
Into the car.
-Come on.
-Okay I got it.
Do not be stupid.
The fucking radio is out.
'll fix it.
Do I look like someone
repairing radios?
Surprise me.
You know, behind every big man
there is a woman who wants to strangle him.
I have a weakness for leather.
Black leather is totally out.
Hey, you crappy mask freak!
Now I'll cut you a
second asshole.
Hey! Do not turn my back on me!
Come on, make him cold.
Get out of your hiding place, Maskenmann.
That was fun.
But what is coming now...
will hurt.
You damn little bitch.
No shit.
You're just a stroke on my arm.
You go that way.
Here is someone else!
Useless Russian.
One is still missing.
The damn cocksucker has
stolen my favorite belt.
I saw...
It hangs around Stacy's neck.
-Over there.
-Yes Perfect.
What do you want here?
Is that why you are here?
Rm, Rm...
No! No! No!
Let her go!
Was something in your
employment contract unclear?
No, not at all. Please do not.
She's just a kid, let her go.
And what about her?
You will surely feel that too.
Shut up!
This is your fault.
You're pathetic.
How could you believe
you could do it?
A mask man?
Your excuses do not interest me.
You have broken your promise.
It was a very complicated...
Do you understand me?
Excuse me, my son is just coming in.
You and your son can do me.
He lets you greet.
This time the thing
really backfired.
I have heard that.
You know...
I too have done many
bad things in my life.
But it had to be done
if you wanted to stay alive.
Such experiences change one,
they make you into
another person.
But you...
You're a brash, mindless
and useless piece of shit
without the slightest hint
of honor or morality.
The only respectful thing in
your life is the name Erola,
my name!
To witness you
was the biggest mistake of my life.
Your mother would certainly agree with me.
That is, if she had
not died at birth.
Damned piece of shit.
My dear Pekka.
I always liked to work with you.
I also experienced a lot of shit.
But this one shoots the bird.
You really are a lousy asshole.
God dammit.
Watch how you get along.
Apparently good.
Daddy's little girl.
Do not lean on my car.
Get rid of my car immediately!
Now relax.
What's wrong with you?
Go on, get in.
Can I have the radio, please?
Turn it on.
Rotikka here.
You are now moving all your asses
to the factory, right now!
I could not get anything
out of Finland.
My contacts end here.
But even so I found a
lot, explosive stuff.
I will give that to the right people.
In the bag are two million.
As a thank you.
Well, well, almost two.
I will leave this city
as soon as possible.
Oh, what, this country.
I open a nice little
brothel somewhere.
Or a dog kennel. Yes.
Stay away from the factory.
I listen to the radio traffic from VALA.
Looks like Rotikka has
gathered all his people there.
They are just waiting for
you to show up there.
What is the bastard waiting for?
Do you know what "Rendel" means?
I mean the word.
That is what an order
is called in Hungarian.
So you mean...
like when a farmer orders his field?
No, the other kind order.
So if you get what
you requested.
Take it out, Sherlock.
Hey, look what I found.
Look who we got there?
You are this reporter.
Stupid bitch.
Do not you know that the
free press is already dead?
Come here.
Listen to me.
I have this pain.
And whatever I do, they
are getting worse.
Bind it to the forklift.
Your father only uses you.
No, that's the only thing
he would never do.
Tie the little bitch tight.
We both take a little spin now.
Why can not anything work here?
What are you staring at?
Does a reporter need eyes?
Do you still need yours?
What is it, damn it?
Hall 6 does not answer.
Hall 6 does not answer.
You're all in hall 6 now!
Hurry up! Come on!
Please come, make a message.
Get in touch.
You should report, you...
What a crap.
Do you have any news for me?
He is here.
-Kill him.
-Well finally.
Round two.
You must be aware
that this is a trap.
I found my belt.
He hung around Stacy's neck.
Is that your little one?
Eye to eye.
I want the ax back.
You just let me down.
Without a goodbye kiss.
But I like to bring things to an end.
I'll beat your damn skull!
Well then, come here!
Son of a bitch!
Damn, now make him cold!
Take him over!
Come on, kill him!
You think you're a
superhero, right?
Damn it.
You're pathetic.
How could you believe
you could do it?
Kick his head off!
Take him over!
So we do not get the files back?
I'm afraid not.
You know what that means.
My son will run the
business from now on.
VALA will achieve great things in Finland.
Our work will improve the world.
I hope your son is more capable than you.
A shame that it had
to come this far.
That's how I am.
There is a border between
good and evil in the world.
I will not stop or give
up because I am...
For real? With NH25 syringes?
So the son of Mr.
Erola is also dead.
Well, I did not expect anything else.
We start with phase two.
And I will take care
of this Rendel,