Rendez-Vous (2015) Movie Script

6 months earlier
OK, suus, your turn.
My name is Suzanne.
-Je M'appelle Suzanne.
Very good.
You're moving to France,
so you should know how to say that.
Do we still have a long way to go?
How far are we?
-Another hour and a half.
An hour and a half.
This is it.
l think we have a really big garden...
...and then we can get a huge trampoline
that just fits in it.
We'll build a jetty.
-To jump down from.
We need a shark in the lake.
No, sharks are scary.
Let's have a dolphin.
OK, a dolphin.
Did we make it seem nicer than it is?
-Well, perhaps a little.
But l'm not disappointed.
You have to look beyond all this.
suus, Bas...
Help us unload, come on.
Gross me out.
There's no water.
Eric, there's no water.
Damn it.
l'm coming. Just a second.
And the list.
ls that all?
l couldn't make out
everything on the list.
You'll have to go
to a hardware store for the rest.
l have a question...
For our house we are looking...
Ah. l get it: handymen, builders.
ls that it?
Look in the Yellow Pages,
they are all listed in there.
What did he say?
The Yellow Pages.
l want a T-Rex.
-l want to go home.
And l want a goldfish and friendly shark.
Weren't we getting a trampoline
in France?
Yes, you're getting one.
Come on, we're almost done.
Can't we just skip all this shopping?
This one is not very good.
l recommend this one.
There you go.
You should taste it, it's delicious.
Bas, come on, you can't do that.
Damn it.
Where is your sister?
-l don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know?
suus? Come on.
Wait, mum.
-Come on, Bas.
sorry. l'm looking for my little daughter.
Blond, like this, but then...
Fuck. Come on.
suus? Suzanne?
suus? Jesus, damn it, where were you?
ln the toy department.
You'd gone.
-Come on, let's go back in.
Hey, Blondie. Always stay
close to your mum, you hear?
Mum, that man was also from Holland.
l've been working
on the plumbing all day...
...and now a fitting is leaking.
so we can't take showers yet?
Yes, you can.
Only cold ones.
sixteen plus eight?
-l don't know.
-Yes, that's right. Very good.
Do you want a turn?
Tomorrow we'll have hot water.
-l'll hold you to that. OK, one more.
Ten plus four?
Fourteen. Very good. You were
very good. Twenty plus eight?
Twenty plus eight is twenty-eight.
Too bad.
No, no, but...
Perhaps... know someone...
Hotdogs on buns.
l want tomato ketchup.
And you must spend your entire day
outdoors. How wonderful.
Yes, it's almost
like being on a permanent vacation.
And can Mr Workaholic himself manage
not to sink his teeth into anything...
...and finally spend some more time
with his family?
Go play with Mummy.
lt's your turn now. You are in your mother's
house now. That's bad enough.
OK, let's go.
Look, you're going to love it there.
Are you OK?
-Bas, come here.
My, you look so brave.
There will be lots of days
for me to take you to school.
l must finish the house first.
What's this?
Come on, monkeys, let's go.
-Bye, dad.
Au revoir.
-No cigar.
Good morning. Hurry on inside.
All right.
And here are the new pupils. Hello and
good morning, Suzanne and Bastian.
His name is Bas.
-Bas. Right.
Let me show you
where you can hang your schoolbag.
And you will pick them up
again at five sharp.
My French is not very good
and my children...
Don't speak it all.
lt won't be easy, but they'll learn.
Come on, children, let's go.
No, not you. You, madam, will come back
at five o'clock. Five o'clock. OK?
Go on.
Have a good time.
Good evening.
We would like to eat something,
if possible?
Yes, sure. Over there.
shall we get a bottle?
-Yes, that's nice.
You OK?
And you?
We're not getting anywhere, are we?
That's just how it goes, you know.
Madam, four steak tartare with fries,
However, you're mainly
solving problems.
lt's not like we're actually renovating.
Did you call the people
in the Yellow Pages?
All of them.
shall we get a Polish crew to come in
after all?
They won't like that.
The whole village will turn against us.
sir? Madam? Please.
People are having conversations here.
ln France the children obey their parents,
not the other way around.
lt's good, really. Come on.
Good evening.
Did you enjoy your meal?
l'm so glad to see you here.
l completely forgot to thank you.
Eric, this is the gentleman
who found suus.
Peter Meijer.
And still Dutch enough
to be on a first name basis.
Yes, do sit down.
-Yes, please.
Hi, Blondie.
Why aren't you playing pinball?
Well, the landlady didn't appreciate it.
Oh, really?
lf I say it's OK, then it's OK.
Marie, give the kids a few coins.
Go ahead.
Me first.
-No, me.
How do you like Le Petit Paradis?
Look, you moved to a village.
Everybody knows everything around here.
How are you related to Juliette?
A distant aunt?
Juliette was simone's mother.
l didn't know she had any children.
Thank you.
You two were not in touch?
And you?
How did you end up here?
Love. stayed on here.
Long story.
But happily alone again
for quite some time now.
How is the renovation coming along?
l bet it's quite a job, right?
We were just talking about that.
lt's going just fine.
But we could use
a few extra pairs of hands.
l spy with my little eye
something sitting in front of you.
Yes, this is what we Dutch call
living like God in France, eh?
Overdue maintenance.
Let's just leave it at that.
Light in the darkness.
lt doesn't look all that bad.
Replace a beam here and there. Dry rot.
Look at that stunning 19th century
staircase. We'll restore it all.
And l must say,
the metal work is not too bad.
We want to make guestrooms upstairs.
Why not.
The toughest job will be the wiring.
You are going to need permits.
lt's a hell of a job, leave it to me.
How large is the property?
-We have eight hectares.
That takes a lot of mowing.
You won't regret it.
starting today crank up the heat
to get the humidity out.
There is no natural gas here,
so you'll have to use wood.
A good way to clean up, eh?
lt heats the entire house. Very effective.
Keep the fire going and add wood
every six hours. Day and night.
Welcome to France.
You better give me that.
Can you give me a hand?
Are you OK?
When l used to think about my mother...
...l saw this exciting
and adventurous life before me.
At least something
more interesting than ours.
l never thought
that she might be lonely...
Oh shit.
-There's all kinds of things in there.
This must be heaven-sent for you.
Perhaps we should be more careful
about what we throw away.
Rptez apres Moi.
Chez le docteur.
Mon enfant est Malade
et a une forte fievre.
Good morning.
-Hello. Good morning.
Good morning. Antoine.
Can you manage?
Would you like me to help you?
Luckily it's just pizzas,
they can take it.
Enjoy your meal.
l order these?
-Yes, the numbers are inside.
How many cubic metres do you need?
-Cubic metres.
Do you have any wine?
-No, no wine here.
You're making progress, l see.
May l?
lt's not a question of strength.
lf you use the axe this way, you get hurt.
Don't go like this.
You swing the axe backwards
in a circle.
And gravity does the rest.
Move your hand forward.
French children are stupid.
-Really? Why is that?
They all say such stupid things.
-Like what?
How do l know, l don't speak French.
so for all you know
they could be saying:
l envy that cool Bastian.
All l am is a silly frog.
l don't think so.
Those clothes are really silly.
ls that you?
-No, that's her.
That's my mother.
And that baby?
l don't know. l wasn't there.
Who is that?
l don't know.
You don't know very much, do you.
No, l don't.
How come you don't know any of that?
she's your mother, isn't she?
she is my mother
because l came out of her tummy...
...but then again she isn't,
because she didn't raise me.
Didn't she like you?
Things don't always turn out
the way they're supposed to.
Look at that. You wrote that.
You wrote 'dear' with two E's,
that's not right.
What does this here say, mum?
My dear little girl...
see that, Bas. she did like mum.
Come on, kiddies.
Time for a shower.
Yes, l know, it's no fun.
But you have to. lt's a must.
Bas is being bullied at school.
That's normal.
lt doesn't make it all right.
No, but I don't think
we should overreact either.
The books say it will take a year before
they get used to it here. That's how it is.
We have to hang in there, all of us.
When the house is done,
it will be all right.
Live like God in France?
What shall we do? One more?
One more.
-The last one.
l know you didn't have a mother,
so l don't blame you for this...
...but pasta and pizza,
and badly prepared to boot...
...that's not done.
Yes, this is what we did it for:
a campfire, wine, good friends.
You want some more?
-No, no, thanks.
You two have got it made.
And two children as well,
so cute and so scrumptious.
And you? Do you have children?
But my ex's son
feels a bit like my own.
How did your mother end up here?
she fell in love with someone else.
That's what it boils down to.
Abandoning her family for a man?
simone was only six years old.
But she did leave us something
quite special. Don't you think?
Not only that: thanks to her simone now
has 200 grand on her bank account.
Lesson number one: never tell
a contractor how much money you have.
Peter is a friend.
-He is a contractor, Eric.
sometimes that doesn't matter,
we clicked.
Darling, you should learn
to trust the world a little more.
Perfect. Good to see you, man.
Would you sign this?
6000 euros? What is it for?
-lt's that nonsense with permits.
Don't forget to throw in more wood.
Not bad, eh?
-Not bad?
lt's brilliant.
Look out.
-Jesus Christ.
What happened here?
Those permits take time,
so Peter suggested we do this.
You should see it from here.
A high ceiling makes this space
so much more alluring.
l thought we were putting
guest rooms up here.
Yes, but I thought
that was only temporary.
And we only want
to go through one renovation.
Dinner is almost ready.
l swear, she's going to love it here.
Trust me.
Let me help you.
l did my best.
Enjoy your meal.
so you think we can do that there?
No doubt about it.
What's wrong with you? You want to die?
-shut up.
Who am I?
-Mum, actually you should ask:
Who are you? And then you ask: Do you
have a moustache? Are you a blond?
Do you have a moustache?
l'm a woman, remember?
so l don't think l'd have a moustache.
Mum, look what I have.
-Where are you going?
l'm stopping by Peter.
He wants to discuss something with me.
-What? Hold on a second.
To Peter's? I thought the four of us
were going to do something together.
Come on, Eric.
We barely see you anymore.
Remember? France, slow down?
OK, let's do something fun.
Look at those puppies. They are so cute.
What do we have here? A little goat.
He really wanted to show this to us.
How could I say no to him?
Do you like them?
-They're beautiful.
Would you like some grapes, people?
Come. Mr Mayor, good morning.
-Good morning.
These are the new residents
of Le Petit Paradis: simone and Eric.
The lost daughter of Juliette.
Pleased to meet you. How are you?
Fine. And you?
You want to be connected
to the French power net, right?
We are having a few problems
with permits.
We have an appointment next week.
The bureaucracy.
Well, leave it to Peter.
You are in safe hands with him.
Thank you, thank you.
simone, Eric and l have been thinking
about your guest rooms.
Except for upstairs, which is gone now,
there is little room left in the house.
What about building outside?
Build little bungalows outside.
There's plenty of space.
Bungalows? l'll be thrilled if we survive
the renovation of our own house.
But it would be smart to keep going now.
ln every respect.
You understand that, don't you?
lt would be a pity
if you were to put a hold on it now.
Aren't you simone?
And Peter is working for you?
Be sure to keep your distance.
shall l buy you a dog?
The black one?
-No, Peter, we...
This white one?
Eric? Are you asleep?
l had a very strange conversation
with Peter today.
He was talking about bungalows.
We're not going to do that, are we?
Let's talk about it tomorrow.
Where is that hardware store?
-An hour and a half away.
An hour and a half?
We have a TomTom.
Just give me the list...
What we need is quite precise...
...and Peter says you need
someone with experience there.
so can't Michel do it by himself?
-Don't make a fuss.
l don't have an account there and I am
not giving that boy my debit card.
He is not going to eat you alive.
shall we go?
Take the next exit. There.
Two o'clock.
l'm going to show you something nice.
Here is the wine.
What's on the menu today?
A shellfish dish with snails,
prawns, oysters...
Great, we'll have two.
-Very well.
OK, you take the fork...
-And then just...
You don't know?
Did you swallow it in one gulp?
Didn't you...
-What, chew? l chewed.
No, l didn't chew.
-You swallowed it?
should l chew?
-Of course, it's alive.
lt's moving around inside you now.
What do you dream about?
-My dreams?
l don't know.
That the house is ready.
But that job is going to take months.
You can't wait all that time
to be happy.
What do you wish for now?
l wish for...
-ln French.
l hope...
Don't laugh at me.
-l'm not laughing at you.
l hope...
...that my children...
...are happy here.
You think about your children,
your house, your family...
...but not about yourself.
l mean, what about you?
You are beautiful.
simone, would you sign here?
Peter knows a man at the EDF,
he's waiting for it.
Eric, l want...
-The bungalows, yes.
We'll talk about that later, OK?
Here, sign this.
Thank you.
see you in a bit, man.
What did they say about your mother?
How serious is it?
she had a stroke, it could be anything.
shall l go with you?
Would you like that?
That's not possible?
-Yes, it is.
We pick up the children at school
and go.
The children need school
and the workers need food.
someone has to do it.
shall we ask your sister to come down?
That way you won't be alone.
What is the matter?
-l had a bad dream.
My dear little boy.
Everything is fine.
Don't go away.
-No, l'm not going anywhere.
l will always stay with you.
l promise.
l think l should have worn my clogs.
l'm so glad you came.
-so am l.
Here. Come and see.
Jesus, simone.
What did you get yourself into?
Oh, my God.
Oh, him? He's not bad.
Not bad?
Thank you, goodbye.
Come on, so you can get changed.
Let me put on an overall
and l'll go and give them a hand.
Hey, where did you get this?
l found it.
-l don't remember her being this pretty.
You look like mum.
-Well, in looks only, l hope.
Yes. l'll just put her back upside down.
Children, it's bedtime.
-Lian, will you read us a story?
Of course I will.
And you can have some time to yourself.
Good night, monkeys.
-Good night, mum.
slide under the covers.
And what book do you want me to read?
Lower your hands?
Your hands...
someone this magnificent
should not be covered up.
Hey, monkey. What's wrong?
-l didn't know where you were.
Come on.
l do want to bring something.
simone, wait. We forgot something.
We need to go to the hardware store,
you remember?
We still need to buy
those aluminium strips.
And she has to pay, so...
You don't mind if I tag along?
Me? No, no problem at all.
l think he likes me.
sorry, Lian.
l completely forgot about this.
Don't be silly, it's quite all right.
Don't drive too fast,
so we can enjoy this a bit longer.
We're going to the school first and then
we will all go to the hardware store.
Hey, perhaps it's a good idea
if you wait here for them...
...while we make a quick stop
at the hardware store.
And maybe you can take them to the place
around the corner to have crepes.
The hardware store is awful,
the children hate it.
Yes, of course, no problem.
Yes, sure. Well, then...
l'll pick you up in a little while. OK?
simone, don't you have any normal vases?
Do l put the flowers in this?
We'll just do it this way. OK?
l didn't scare you, did I?
No, no. I wasn't expecting you here.
No. Eric asked me to keep an eye
on things.
Everything OK?
Has Eric told you
that I am throwing a party soon?
Buy yourself a nice dress.
lt's going to be quite an event.
sweet dreams.
Well, go on then.
she's coming.
...chocolate spread, lollies...
-There's no liquorice in France.
What happened?
A big fire.
l was there.
A beam collapsed on me.
My mother suffered from depression.
she died in that accident,
when l was little.
How old were you?
l was six.
You don't want more?
-A little bit.
A little bit? You can serve yourself.
Can I have some more?
-Yes, sure. Will you do it yourself?
ls it good?
l'm going to miss you.
Bye, sweetie.
-l'm going to miss you.
Will you be nice to your little brother
and your mother?
l am not blind, simone.
And l don't think Eric is either.
We have to stop this.
Let me go, please.
stay away from the house. OK?
Please, please.
Ask Peter for anotherjob.
Promise me.
What really happened to granny?
Granny had a stroke
and she was in hospital for a little while.
she looks funny when she talks,
but the doctor says it will be fine.
l like granny a lot.
-Granny is very nice.
And you are very nice too. And Lian?
-Yes, very nice.
Did she help mum a lot?
she was reading to us,
when l lost mum.
Oh? Where was mum?
-she was in the bathroom with Michel.
He fixed the geyser. How about that?
We have hot water.
Why don't you have a nice shower
and we will clear up, OK, kiddies?
Come and help me.
-l'm not a kiddie, I am a girl.
You always say that to her.
Who'll do the washing up?
l'll dry.
What are you doing here?
l'm working on it,
l'm doing the best l can.
What is so difficult about it?
simply ask for another position.
l'm not the boss around here.
Do you understand?
simone, Peter and I would like
to talk to you.
Go on, get back to work.
We thought about it carefully
and we really feel it's more practical... build the bungalows now.
The crew is a team.
lt would be a shame to stop now.
And it takes a new crew at least six months
to get used to your cooking.
Wait, can we...
What are your objections?
What are you afraid of?
Your only investment is the land,
l build the bungalows.
And we share the profit.
lt's a win-win situation.
-l don't know.
Forget it.
What do you really mean?
-Forget it.
What is the problem? l don't get it.
Give me a good reason, because
you are obstructing construction.
lt wasn't me who changed the plans.
You did that, you and Peter.
Yes, because this opportunity
is too good.
Do you realise the potential of it?
We will never get another offer like this.
Think about it.
This is more than enough, Eric. Really.
We came here because you wanted to,
Everything would be different.
We would spend more time together.
Well, excuse me, but this is
no bloody different from home.
That is a bitchy thing to say.
As if l am only being selfish.
ls that what you think?
You think l work so fucking hard
because l like it, enjoy it?
sure, why not?
Back home all you did was work.
OK, l was never home,
but now I am here all the time.
Everything l do is for my family.
All l am trying to do is make things
as good as possible for you.
Please, I don't need...
-Don't need what?
Don't need a bathroom?
You don't mind washing your bum
in the loo? Is that it?
How do you see your life here?
Go to sleep, OK?
Work and spend money
that's not coming in?
l had 200 grand, Eric.
lf we had taken it easy, we'd be all right.
Jesus, do you blame me for that?
Did l screw that up too?
You know, l would appreciate
your support once in a while.
All you do is criticize, but you're
not here. At least not with us.
Hello, welcome. Good morning.
Remember that in France we think very
differently about it than in your country.
Your pregnancy is a gift from God.
Be grateful.
A gift from God, do you understand?
What shall we call him?
No, Tosser is not a fun name.
What about Pup?
Mum, look what Peter gave us.
How sweet.
Come on, kiddies, we're going.
ls it true that you put things on hold
after all?
Too bad.
Did you know that rabbits belong to
the happiest animals?
You give them a toy...
...and they are entertained for weeks.
Damn it, simone, think about it.
Eric is a very good man.
All he wants is to make you
and the children happy.
Did simone tell you we cleared things up
this morning?
About the bungalows.
We are going through with it.
l'm glad we are all on the same page.
That is crucial in this phase.
Are you sure?
Well, sant.
Thank you.
The food is delicious.
We will stay as long as it's fun, OK?
You look beautiful.
Bernard, how nice to see you.
still like the house?
-Great. Marieke, thank you for coming.
At the end of the hall, last door.
Enjoy yourselves.
The happy people.
You all look stunning.
Big man.
simone, what a beautiful dress.
Your party is in there. Go ahead.
Can you come with me? The mayor
is here, I need you for a moment.
see you in a bit.
-Come with us, mum.
simone, may l introduce you
to some new clients of mine?
Hello. Helena.
l am very curious to hear your story.
sorry, l...
There are countless stories about it.
lt's what makes construction exciting.
You start...
Good evening.
A red wine and a glass of water, please.
Do you have children?
But my ex's son
feels a bit like my own.
My mother suffered from depression.
she died in an accident.
A big fire. I was there.
How old were you?
I was six.
He looked so innocent as a child,
don't you think?
You probably thought
you were really special.
l know l did.
simone. Wait.
Who are you? What kind of games
are you playing with me?
l am not playing games with you.
-No? That is your father.
That is not my father.
-Don't lie to me.
He's not...
You made me pregnant.
l am pregnant.
l'm going to get rid of it.
Damn it.
Damn it. sorry.
Bye, mum.
Friday, 5:58 p.m.
simone, it's me.
Things are not always what they seem.
Please do not get rid of the baby.
l beg you, OK?
simone, it's Peter.
l have to talk to you, now.
l'm on my way over,
l'll be there in ten minutes.
Are you OK?
Don't touch me.
l'm telling Eric everything.
-Really? About the pregnancy, too?
l told you, there are no secrets
in this village.
Let go of me.
Eric, please, listen to me.
He's blackmailing me.
They are using us.
You shouldn't get so worked up
in your condition.
What is he talking about?
-Eric, no, don't listen to him...
Don't be like that. What's going on?
-You're asking for it, yeah?
Let me tell you: you are going
to become a member of the family.
You don't get it, do you?
Take your time and think about it.
You and l will be linked to each other
for some time.
lt's my grandchild.
Don't let anyone see you.
Right, we can go.
-Did he see you?
What are you doing?
Antoine was there.
He saw me at Peter's house.
Don't worry.
Just don't panic, OK?
Don't come back to the house just yet
and make sure that people see you.
l'm taking care of everything.
But tell them that they can't stroke Pup...
...otherwise Pup won't know who his owners
are and that would be sad.
Well... OK.
Come here, you little witch.
We found the body of Peter Meijer.
There were photos of you
on his phone.
We have an eyewitness
placing you at the house.
OK, we finally found an interpreter.
As soon as he gets here,
we will start questioning you.
simone, do you hear me?
Don't say anything, OK?
Don't say anything.
Will you follow me, please?
You can go home.
We have new clues, but you must
remain available to the police.
You must stay in the district.
This man turned himself in this morning.
He confessed.
Mum, look.
The trampoline arrived.
l'm going much higher.
-No, you're not.